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Innovation as a tradition Discover the most entrepreneurial hightech region of the Netherlands

Twente is a strong brand, a cultural entity, an innovative ecosystem. Or a SMART region, as this enterprising region is called in Brussels. It is an incredible area, with a DNA traditionally determined by the manufacturing industry. Twente distinguishes itself in the current economic development of the Netherlands as an enterprising, technological and innovative region.


With over 700 innovative hightech companies, Twente is the most entrepreneurial hightech Region. Page 3 London


With over 9,000 students from the University of Twente and 24,000 from Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Page 4



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In Twente you will find the innovation campus with the most businesses in the Netherlands. Page 5

275 million


Since 2006, 275 million euros have been invested in 80 innovation projects in Twente. Page 6

Companies, education and government in Twente take the lead through connections. Page 7

700+ innovative high-tech companies

Enterprising region Innovations and major changes mainly stem from resilient knowledge regions and enterprising regions. Twente is such an enterprising region. With innovative hightech SMEs, excellent knowledge institutes and market leaders in hightech systems and materials. According to the ‘Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor’ (2013), the Twente hightech SMEs score high marks for innovative strength. The region is charac­terised by ‘a relatively high degree of enterprising behaviour and the ability to act quickly’. Recognising and grasping opportunities; that is the conviction of the Twente entrepreneur. According to Scienceworks (2013), the University of Twente is the most enter­ prising university in the Netherlands. This innovative educational institution has produced over 800 start-ups in the past 30 years. Saxion University of Applied Sciences is just as enterprising. This university of applied sciences was the breeding ground for over 400 student entrepreneurs and hundreds of spin-offs.


33.000+ highly educated students

Enterprising education Saxion University of Applied Sciences Saxion is daring, decisive and dynamic. From the Twente region, it is one of the main institutes for higher vocational education in the Netherlands with over 24,000 students. From the branches in Deventer, Enschede, Apeldoorn and Hengelo, Saxion offers a wide range of study programmes at various levels, including a number of international pro足 grammes. With these programmes, Saxion accommodates over 2,500 international students of 55 nationalities.


The University of Twente The University of Twente is the best place for budding talent. Students and staff are the point of focus. Together, 3,300 scientists and professionals take care of pioneering research, relevant innovation and inspiring education for over 9,000 students. Entrepreneurship is in their genes. On the only university campus in the Netherlands around 100 (student) businesses are established. Furthermore, the University of Twente has produced over 700 successful spin-off companies.

From Kennispark Twente to open innovation centers Kennispark Twente provides ambitious entrepreneurs tools to grow their businesses. The innovative ecosystem of Kennispark Twente offers: • all kinds of funding for innovative entrepreneurs with a good business case. • a strong regional innovation network with a focus on matchmaking and joint business cases. • several locations, including the Best Dutch Business Park (2013) • top-quality facilities shared by both industry and science. • start-up support, for entrepreneurs who want to translate their ideas into business cases. Twente has several open Innovation Centers where business and knowledge institutes work together on accelerating inno­vations and where Kennispark Twente supports innovation.

Open Innovation Center Advanced Materials (OICAM) consolidates research, building demon­ strators and trial production in one location. The OICAM specialises in materials with unique properties (e.g. structural, intelligence, sustainability). Thermoplastic Composites Research Center serves as a catalyst for thermo­ plastic composites. The center serves a wide range of user markets, including wind power, aerospace engineering, automotive and medical. This initiative was launched by TenCate, StorkFokker, University of Twente en Boeing. High Tech Factory is a joint production facility for businesses that specialise in micro and nano technology. It is associated with the MESA+ Institute for Nano Technology at the University of Twente and offers businesses the opportunity to start their production and to scale it up. The Center for Medical Imaging North East Netherlands (CMINEN) aims to secure a global leading position in innovative medical imaging. By means of frontier research and develop­ ment, education and valorisation. Texperium is an open innovation center with equipment for specialised tests with textile. They bring together sorters and re-users. Texperium develops technologies for recycling and re-using textile.


Investing in innovation Twente is an enterprising region. Whether it is matchmaking to accelerate your own innovation, or opening up a business premises for the further development of your product. Some of the companies that preceded you: Apollo Global R&D Centre In 2013, Apollo Tyres Ltd. opened its new Global R&D Centre in Enschede, on Kennispark Twente. The centre is responsi足 ble for the development and testing of all passenger car and delivery van tyres for all brands carried by the Apollo Tyres Ltd. company.

Foseco Foseco is an international supplier for foundries. It has chosen Kennispark Twente in Enschede as the location for its international R&D center. The presence of the University of Twente, an international school and suitable business premises were the reason for Foseco to establish its business in Twente.

Concept to Volume This company from Enschede was acquired by the American multinational Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2009. Concept to Volume makes small, inexpensive and fast mini gas chromato足graphs. As a result of the acquisition, Concept to Volume can now serve more customers.

Xsens The spin-off Xsens of the University of Twente was acquired by Fairchild Semiconductor in March 2014. Fairchild is considered the founder of the semiconductor industry and of Silicon Valley. The acquisition strengthens the position of Xsens, the market leader in 3D motion tracking technology.

275.000.000 invested in 80 innovation projects


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Get Connected Under the flag of ‘Get Connected’, Twente Branding connects entrepreneurs, starters, students and talents with the region. Twente Branding encourages them to come to Twente to be entrepreneurs, study, work and, above all, to establish themselves. The Twente Branding Foundation is a collaboration between business, education and knowledge institutes and the government.

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Connecting Pioneers. You earn the lead by making a difference. The essential difference between average and excellent. Between run-of-the-mill and tomorrow’s innovations. Twente makes the difference. It has done so for years. Every day. We use our Twente ingenuity when collaborating to take the lead in knowledge and skills by using world-class solutions. For a full and active life. Now and in the future. For tomorrow’s generations. Twente is proud. Proud of its lead in the field of hightech systems and materials. Proud of its inspirational thinkers and decisive doers. With the enterprising pioneering mentality in every fibre which is traditional to Twente. Pioneers that spot opportunities, have guts and take the first step to discovering new paths. The pragmatic power and the open connective power enables Twente to switch effortlessly with pioneers all over the world. The unique mentality to work toward the lead together. After all, achieving a full and active life is always the work of human beings. Get Connected


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