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Rethink. Research. Resolve.

The Best Competence in Wireless Communications Research in Europe Turku UAS has a long history of performing cutting-edge research in wireless communications. Radio spectrum is a finite natural resource, which creates a demand for new technological solutions because of the explosive growth in mobile data use. Our 5G Test Network is a key enabler of innovations in this field. The test network was a core part of a collaborative spectrum sharing application that was awarded a top EU prize. Our work on improving the capabilities of wireless communications continues to attract wide international interest. In the age of digital societies and increasing cyber threats, our RDI activities focus on reinforcing cybersecurity relating to the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as more generally as a built-in feature at all levels of society. Our Cyber Test Lab is a significant collaboration platform for IoT businesses and the manufacturing industry to test their products and add to the critical knowledge base of cybersecurity.

”Turku UAS and its 5G testbed have provided valuable information for spectrum management related to future mobile networks in Finland.” – Heidi Himmanen, chief adviser, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom

Promoting Mental Health in Global Partnership Promoting mental health is one of the main goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We are actively contributing to achieving this goal with vast experience and expertise in mental health issues. In recent years, our RDI activities in mental health promotion have focused on leading large-scale international projects that aim to modernise and develop mental health education and services, especially in developing countries. Examples of our project results include a mobile application to screen mental health problems and increase healthcare professionals’ competence in South Africa and Zambia. Mental health nursing in Mongolia was revised by developing a postgraduate diploma and training the trainers. In addition to the local impact, the openly shared project materials can be adopted in any other country with similar needs.

“We have excellent RDI collaboration with Turku UAS: the Mental Health Promotion team is always very professional, up-to-date and we have learned a lot about international research projects.” – Ronelle Jansen, Lecturer, University of the Free State

Trailblazing Biomaterials and Additive Manufacturing

”Our cooperation with Turku UAS has been very flexible and rewarding. Via MMAM, I see a bright future ahead of us in the field of multi-materials and bioprinting.” – Tomi Kalpio, CEO, Brinter Ltd

The advent of additive manufacturing – generally known as 3D printing – demands novel technical and design competences. The Multicomponent Materials Centre of Expertise for Additive Manufacturing (MMAM) establishes and defines Turku UAS and its partners as forerunners in the field of biomaterials science and its application in additive manufacturing. We combine traditional manufacturing skills with additive manufacturing, chemical engineering and dental technology. Our investments in equipment, research and innovation will also increase the national and international competitiveness of our partner companies.

Our focus is on multicomponent materials for drug delivery, dental applications and tissue engineering. Additionally, we focus on multicomponent metals, functionalised or reinforced composites of polymers, as well as fibres and multicomponent polymers.

Better Health Through Arts and Creative Activities The arts and creative activities help us promote good health and wellbeing. The arts can prevent a range of mental and physical health conditions, as well as treat and manage acute and chronic conditions over the course of one’s life. There are several complex challenges for which there are no current healthcare solutions, but which can be mitigated with creative activities. Music can be used in hospitals and in elderly care to support recovery and help manage daily routines. Drama can be a powerful tool for changing hierarchies and group dynamics in schools. Participating in arts and culture has huge potential to play a bigger role in our society as part of a good and meaningful life. We develop innovative, people-centred ways to embed the arts and creative activities as integral parts of holistic wellbeing. Multi-professional collaboration – between professional artists, healthcare and social workers as well as teachers – is at the core of our work. In national and international networks, we co-create and reform arts and health practices, knowledge and education across all societal sectors.

“Turku UAS represents strong regional and national expertise in the field of creative wellbeing. Our local collaboration has been very rich, and we are also pleased to co-develop our services with a multifaceted network of arts & health experts.” – Liisa Hämäläinen, Cultural Coordinator, City of Turku

Cleaner Water with Science-Based Practical Solutions Clean water is a necessity for humans and ecosystems. It is of the utmost importance to increase the climate resilience of our water management practices and develop cost-effective scalable solutions to safeguard the quality of our water resources. We develop scientifically based practical solutions for water and environmental protection and conservation. In training environmental engineers for the challenges of the future, we work in close collaboration with the authorities, municipalities, companies, research institutes and universities, acting as a link between scientific theory and grassroot realities. We have more than ten years’ experience in the application of continuous water quality monitoring devices in challenging conditions, from the open sea to small ditches and wastewater processes. Our current research topics include the quality management of stormwater and agricultural runoff, the protection of sea habitats as well as the management of hazardous substances in cities and company sites.

“Our collaboration in creating a new business model for professional reed harvesting has been really fruitful.” – Markku Järvinen, CEO, RH-Harvesting

Alternative Approaches to the Energy Field We respond to the topical need for solutions in energy production, energy systems and energy storage. Our key interests include electric mobility and the distributed generation of solar, wind and bioenergy. Combining mathematical modelling and ComputerAided Engineering methods with modern testing laboratories and research makes us a strong partner in several ongoing energy projects. At the heart of our expertise is the testing of cells, small batteries and battery modules, as well as the hardware-in-the-loop testing of BMS systems. Simulating the thermal economy of batteries and the development of battery production technology are also among our research interests.

”The testing facilities at Turku UAS are a great asset for us when developing new products related to the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles.” – Jyri Kylä-Kaila, Managing Director, EPEC OY

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Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS) is one of Finland’s leading universities of applied sciences, a regional powerhouse of fresh ideas and deep insight.

Our versatile funding base provides us and our partners with a stable and safe environment to generate, polish and share excellence together. Achieving our common goals is ensured by our renewed infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories and equipment.

Every day, our Research, Development and Innovation activities are tailored to the needs of Turku and its surroundings. We also operate actively at the national and international levels, with a wide network of collaborators around the world, making us a natural gateway between the regional and the global.

As a university of applied sciences, Turku UAS employs a handson approach to problem solving and innovation. Drawing on our students as a huge source of expertise and inspiration, our teachers and project professionals make us a key partner for any organisation operating in the Turku region.