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Tapping into the Fountain of Youth



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Comprehensive care for joint pain can get you moving again.

A COMMUNITY BUILT ON SUPPORT Life can be so much better with less joint pain. At Emanuel Medical Center and Doctors Hospital of Manteca, we have treatment options from pain management and physical therapy to minimally invasive surgery. Our caring teams are here to help get you back in motion for the life you want to live.

Find an Orthopedist EmanuelMedicalCenter.org (833) 330-7398 DoctorsManteca.com (888) 901-0858 FEBRUARY 2021




Tap into the Fountain of Youth


long with a balanced diet, exercise may be a key to the fountain of youth for seniors.

According to the American Association of Retired Persons, physical activity helps maintain healthy blood vessels that provide good circulation to the body and brain. Committing to practicing an active lifestyle is a beneficial way to sharpen both your mind and overall health. If you’re ready to take control of your fitness but are hesitant to join a gym, you may find several types of exercise to perform at home. From walking around your neighborhood to incorporating physical challenges into your daily routine, seniors gain immense health benefits from small changes. The Center for Disease

Control and Prevention recommends that older adults follow these guidelines to keep their bodies fit and working efficiently. • T hree hundred minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. •V igorous aerobic exercise should be performed for 150 minutes per week. Suppose you have lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle. In that case, it’s essential to speak with your medical provider before beginning a new exercise routine. They can monitor your fitness levels and advise you toward exercises that you can perform safely. FEBRUARY 2021

Check out how exercise may be the secret to tapping into the fountain of youth.


One of the many changes that come with age includes a faltered skin appearance. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this occurs as the outer skin layer thins, even though the number of cell layers remains unchanged. An active lifestyle promotes increased blood flow, which sends more oxygen and eliminates waste, enhancing skin cells, keeping them healthy and vital. Additionally, sweating allows our pores to open to 5


stop waste and toxins from becoming clogged.

BOOSTS METABOLISM The Mayo Clinic defines metabolism as the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. As we age, the amount of muscle tends to decrease, and fat becomes more prevalent. Weight gains and high-body fat can result in serious health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Exercise is key to maintaining a healthy weight and regulating metabolism during the senior years.


Volunteer safely during the pandemic Volunteers are vital to the survival of many charitable organizations. Without people willing to offer their time and expertise free of charge, many nonprofits would find it difficult, if not impossible, to meet their missions. The global pandemic that begin in late 2019 and continued into 2020 changed many aspects of life as the world knew it, and that includes volunteering. Social distancing measures and stay-at-home mandates from state and local governments discouraged people from leaving their homes, while various health organizations warned aging men and women to stay home as much as possible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that the risk for severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age. In recognition of that threat, many retirees who were heavily involved in volunteering prior to the pandemic were forced to cease working as volunteers, which could have a negative effect on their mental health as the pandemic continues. A report from the Mayo Clinic Health System noted that adults over age 60 experienced greater life satisfaction and greater positive changes in their perceived health as a result of volunteering. Many people have continued to volunteer during the pandemic, and those that want to do so can take these steps to make sure their efforts to give back are as safe as possible. • Speak with your physician first. Anyone, but especially seniors, who wants to volunteer during the pandemic should discuss those aspirations with their physicians prior to offering their services to charitable organizations. Doctors can discuss the acute and chronic threats posed by the COVID-19 virus and examine each individual’s medical history to help

potential volunteers decide if working with a local charity is safe. In addition, doctors can check patients for COVID19 symptoms and even have them tested to make sure they won’t be putting anyone in danger should they decide to volunteer. • Contact the organization prior to volunteering. Some organizations may not be allowing potentially at-risk volunteers to perform in-person tasks. Contact the organization you hope to work with prior to signing up to confirm your eligibility, but also to discuss the safety protocols they’ve put in place to protect the health of their volunteers. • Monitor your own health. If you’ve signed up to volunteer, it’s vital that you FEBRUARY 2021

monitor your own health. Health officials believe the COVID-19 virus has spread so rapidly for a number of reasons, including the likelihood that many people have had the virus but shown no symptoms. Charitable organizations will no doubt assess the health of each volunteer when they show up to work, but volunteers also should make such assessments on their own. Check your temperature each day and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of COVID-19. If you suspect you are unwell or are even slightly under the weather, contact the charity and tell them you won’t be showing up that day. Operating with an abundance of caution during the pandemic can save lives. 6


• Consider virtual volunteering. Virtual volunteering is a safe way to give back that won’t expose volunteers or others to the COVID-19 virus. Charitable organizations need behindthe-scenes help just as much as they need volunteers with their boots on the ground. Virtual volunteers can help with fund-raising efforts and event planning, but also help charities overcome the logistical challenges of operating and meeting their missions during the pandemic. Prior to volunteering during the pandemic, prospective volunteers can follow numerous steps to ensure volunteering is safe, both for them and the people they’re trying to help.


Five reasons to consider a family-owned funeral home

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We work harder to earn your business. We can’t afford to provide anything less than impeccable service, or to leave you with less than the best impression possible. You’re not just our client, you’re our boss. We don’t lose sight of who we’re working for. After all, you’re the one we answer to. We arrange funerals, we don’t sell them. It is our responsibility to honor your wishes and respect your budget. We like meeting families, not goals. Like you, we are a part of this community. We strive to support our neighbors when they need us. We spend time with you. Arranging a fitting tribute is important to you, and you don’t deserve to be rushed.

Thank you for your votes

Turlock’s only family-owned funeral home

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Finding Fitness Motivation


ou probably already know about the numerous benefits that exercise produces for both the mind and body. Still, while some people want to get involved in a physical regimen, finding the motivation to continue can prove challenging.

It’s crucial to keep yourself active, especially as you age, even if it’s difficult to find the energy to fit in a workout. One way to remain engaged is to track your progress and share it with your peers. Use smart device apps to log your meals, exercise routines and weight loss successes. As you navigate the path to better physical fitness, set goals and celebrate milestones by treating yourself to trips or coveted items. Follow these tips from the National Institute on Aging to get motivated and keep moving.

fitness. Invite your children, friends and grandchildren for walks, swimming lessons, jumping rope or playing catch. Applying your loved ones creates a wholesome way to enjoy spending time together while benefitting your health.

MAKE EXERCISE FUN Sticking to a dedicated routine with the same exercises will get tiresome after a few attempts. Make it your commitment to keeping your workouts fresh while sprinkling in some fun during the action. For instance, switch up the types of movements you do and on what days. Don’t forget to incorporate the four essential categories for seniors — endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. You can also try to get your family involved in your commitment to better FEBRUARY 2021

INCORPORATE EXERCISE INTO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE You don’t need a gym or dedicated time set aside to make room for exercise in your schedule. Instead, think of your daily routine. Are there instances where you can include physical fitness into your plans? 8


If you walk your dog, consider picking up the pace by speed walking, jogging or simply extending the amount of time you enjoy the activity. When visiting the grocery store, park far away from the entrance for extra cardio and a little strength training when you push the loaded cart back to your car.


Treat yourself to new workout clothes, exercise gadgets or equipment once you reach a fitness milestone. You will look forward to trying out your new belongings the next time you work out.

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Incredible Offer at O’Connor Woods You could save up to $35,000!* O’Connor Woods, the only Life Plan Community in the San Joaquin Valley, is now offering 10-15% off their entrance fee.

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209-278-0656 | oconnorwoods.org Proud member of the

family License #390314809 COA #283

*Offer valid on eligible floor plans only. Actual savings can range from $17,000 to $35,000. This offer is available to new residents who provide a deposit and begin paying monthly fees effective April 1, 2021. Additional terms, exclusions and conditions may apply.

A Life Plan Community Independent Living with Services • Assisted Living • Memory Care • Rehabilitation • Skilled Nursing FEBRUARY 2021




Read more books for better health The availability of digital content has made it easy to forget how pleasurable it can be to pick up a good book and get lost in a story. In fact, a 2015 Huffington Post/ YouGov poll of 1,000 adults in the United States found that 28 percent hadn’t read a single book in the previous 12 months. Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health analyzed 12 years of data from the University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study concerning reading habits. Among the 3,600 participants over the age of 50, those who read books for as little as 30 minutes per day over several years were living an average of two years longer than those who didn’t read. Studies have shown that reading improves fluency and story retention while providing a host of additional benefits to young children. However, the perks do not end with the passing of adolescence. Data published in the journal Neurology found reading regularly improves memory function by working out the brain. This can help slow a decline in memory and other brain functions. Frequent brain exercise can lower mental decline by 32 percent, according to research published in The Huffington Post. Studies even suggest that reading can help a person be more empathetic to others’ feelings. Research published in the journal Science showed that reading literary works (not popular fiction) cultivates a skill known as “theory of mind,” which is the “ability to ‘read’ the

thoughts and feelings of others.” Reading also can be calming, helping to reduce stress as a result. By losing oneself in a book, worries and stress can melt away, says research conducted in 2009 at the University of Sussex. Measuring heart rate and muscle tension, researchers discovered that study participants needed just six minutes to relax once they began reading. There are many other reasons why reading is good for the mind and body. The following tips can help men and women find more time to read. • F ind small minutes to read. Busy people may think they don’t have the time to devote to reading, but if they read in small intervals, the amount of time will add up. Read during commutes (if you’re not driving), while in physicians’ waiting rooms or during a lunch hour. • It’s okay to quit. If you’re a few chapters into a book and it’s not striking your fancy, it’s okay to trade up for a more interesting tale. Don’t feel obligated to finish a book if you are not engaged. • R ead paper books. Reading printed books can be a welcome, relaxing change from looking at screens all day. This may inspire you to read more and for longer periods of time. • J oin a book club. A book club in which you engage with fellow readers can motivate you to read more often.

Finding time to read more can improve cognition, reduce stress and increase intelligence

FEBRUARY 2021 10

With pre-planning, you will help minimize your family's financial and emotional burdens.

Ashley Vella, Managing Partner, FDR 3639, Jack and Joanne Deegan, Ambassadors

Ripon (FD987) 111 S. Palm Ave. 209-599-3413

Escalon (FD932) 1441 San Joaquin St. 209-838-7321

www.deeganfuneralchapels.com SENIOR LIVING

Hospice of San Joaquin is inviting you to a virtual walk the week of May 16th through the 22nd Hospice of San Joaquin invites you to our Butterfly Walk! Get active in the community and support Hospice of San Joaquin, the oldest not for-profit hospice agency serving San Joaquin County. Every dollar raised through the Butterfly Walk allows Hospice of San Joaquin patients to live life to the fullest through high-level hospice services that include comprehensive and compassionate medical care, counseling and support with state-of-the-art pain control and symptom management. It is our mission to honor life by ensuring Patients and their Caregivers are the focus of everything we do, and our vision to be the leader in ensuring quality of the journey, from serious illness through end of the life. This walk will be hosted virtually, which means walkers can create their own path and walk when they choose.




May 16 - 22, 2021

Our virtual fundraiser is a real walk, but on your terms. Choose your course, what time to start, and who walks next to you!

PLEDGE: $25, $50, $75, $100 IN MEMORY OF PLEDGE $40

You will also have the option to receive a printable custom bib number to use on your walk/run and also a bib for “I walk In Memory Of” pledges.

(in honor of our 40 years). In Memory of names will be posted on our website. hospicesj.org/events/butterfly-walk

Make sure to use and follow

#HSJButterflyWalk to share your walk!

To learn more,

visit www.hospiceSJ.org

or call (209) 957-3888

Help support Hospice of San Joaquin, a not for profit agency serving San Joaquin County and the surrounding area for 40 years.

3888 Pacific Ave. • Stockton, CA 95204 • (209) 957-3888 • hospicesj.org •

When you need need to to choose a Medicare Medicare plan, plan, Humana can help can help Talking it through, through, helping helpingyou youchoose, choose,getting getting answers, finding finding resources—human resources—humancare. care.

Call a licensed Humana Humana sales salesagent agent Call consultation* a licensed Humana sales agent for a free consultation*

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LIZ DONEGAN DONEGAN LIZ 209-281-1442 (TTY: 711) LIZ DONEGAN 209-281-1442 (TTY: 711) Monday – Friday, 55 p.m. Monday – Friday, 88 a.m. a.m. ––(TTY: p.m.711) 209-281-1442 LDONEGAN@HUMANA.COM LDONEGAN@HUMANA.COM Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. humana.com/ldonegan humana.com/ldonegan

LDONEGAN@HUMANA.COM humana.com/ldonegan


Welcoming New Residents 60+ 24/7 Quality Care, including Hospice in Oakdale Home Setting www.serenityhillcarehome.com

209.534.1824 *No obligation to enroll. *No obligation to enroll.

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Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, Lic #507003678


Adopting a dog or cat later in life Companion animals bring great joy to their owners. The unconditional love cats and dogs provide appeals to people of all ages. While many people associate pets with kids who can’t wait to welcome the first cat or dog into their homes, pets can benefit aging men and women as well. It’s not uncommon for seniors to feel lonely or depressed when they retire, their children move away or they lose a spouse or close friend or friends. The American Humane Society states that studies show pets help seniors overcome loneliness and depression by providing affection, company and entertainment. Pets also provide much-needed mental stimulation, and many pet owners find their pets help them become more

physically active as well. Seniors who adopt pets may also feel a sense of purpose when helping animals who may not have anywhere to live. This is particularly true of older companion animals, which many young families are understandably hesitant to adopt. Mature pets might be an ideal fit for seniors. When seniors are looking to adopt a pet, there are various reasons why older pets or particular animals might be the perfect fit for them. • Adult pets may already be house trained, saving seniors the trouble and effort of training them. • Seniors may find cats fit their lifestyles more than dogs, as cats are less active and do not need to be walked or played with as much as dogs. Cats also

A community of professionals dedicated to helping you and the ones you love.

are small and easily maneuverable, meaning even seniors who have arthritis or other physical limitations can easily care for cats. Many cats are also content to spend long periods of time sleeping on their owners’ laps. • Small dogs that can be active within the house might be a good idea as well, especially for seniors with mobility issues. They’re also easily transported to and from vet

appointments. It’s important that seniors carefully weigh the benefits of adopting a pet against any limitations they may have. Having a backup plan for care is advantageous as well. Seniors should not adopt a pet if they anticipate frequent travel or medical care that requires they be away from home for long periods of time.

ST. JUDE CARE CENTER Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

“Care with Dignity”

• Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy • Skilled Nursing Services • Secure Memory Care Unit 5 out of 5 Stars Rated Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

209.846.9488 | www.sevahospice.com locally owned & operated

FEBRUARY 2021 12

Call and schedule a tour Today! 209-823-1788 469 E. North St., Manteca, CA 95336 • stjudecarecenter.com SENIOR LIVING


Learn Chair Yoga


ooking for a unique way to stay in shape? How about yoga?

The American Osteopathic Association states that yoga is a relevant exercise that builds strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. However, for seniors with limited mobility, many of the movements can be dangerous or impossible. Fortunately, fitness experts developed a form of workout conducted from the safety of a chair. Chair yoga is an excellent way for older Americans to gain many of the traditional style’s same health benefits. In addition to pain management, the exercises stretch muscles, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation and reduce stress and anxiety. One factor to keep in mind is that your yoga routine should not cause pain or discomfort.

If you find yourself unable to reach the range of motion as recommended, complete the movement only to where you are comfortable. As you improve your flexibility, these motions will become easier to achieve. Check out how to gain the health benefits from your living room with these impactful workouts.


This pose will engage your core but requires perfect posture and a focus on breathing. First, take a deep breath while sitting up straight and extending your spine. You want to keep your legs at a 90-degree angle, with your knees directly over your ankle.

As you exhale, push down in the chair with the lowest part of your tailbone and roll your shoulders down your back. Suck your stomach in while breathing out and lift your toes to firmly drive the four corners of your feet into the floor.

EAGLE ARMS If you suffer from sore joints, this exercise is a great way to create relaxation

as it stabilizes your shoulders. From your chair, stretch your arms out to your sides as you inhale. While you breathe out, bring them in front of you and swing your right arm under your left. Grab your shoulders to mimic that you’re hugging yourself. Next, lift your elbows higher and exhale. Then, roll your shoulders down, relaxing them away from your ears and take a few breaths while holding this pose.

Serving the community since 1979 General Dentistry Dr. Bonnie Morehead Dr. Ron Joseph Dr. Rudy Ciccareli

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Valley Oak Dental Group is a multi-specialty group practice committed to excellence. Our Pediatric Department provides a comfortable, caring atmosphere for your children. We provide the latest General Dentistry procedures in a state-of-the-art dental suite. Our Oral Surgery Department provides general anethesia and I.V. sedation in a safe, professional environment. Members of • California Dental Association • American Dental Association • San Joaquin P.P.A.

1507 W. Yosemite, Manteca • Between Airport and Union FEBRUARY 2021 13


FEBRUARY 2021 14



Take on an Exercise Challenge


lder adults must remain active to promote better health and lessen their risks of developing severe disease.

Physical activity can also help seniors remain independent longer, improve their balance and ensure they can enjoy activities with their families. Fortunately, numerous programs exist that provide senior citizens with exercise plans and provide encouragement to set and achieve physical milestones. Whether you’re a senior yourself or know someone who could benefit from increased mobility, there are multiple plans to consider. Check out some of the most effective programs, proven by their evidence-based physical activity programs, as recommended by the National Council on Aging.


Active Choices is a six-month

physical activity program designed to incorporate beneficial exercise into a daily routine. The plan is advantageous to those with hectic schedules, as most advice is given through telephone briefings. After an initial video meeting, seniors are met with a realistic, individualized activity plan based on their health status. Look into this program if you’re able to take on a new physical activity that could improve your overall health, and as always, check with your physician before starting a new program.


This program’s prerogative aims to educate seniors about innovative, FEBRUARY 2021 15

informative products that lead to healthier and more active lives. In addition to focusing on better health’s physical aspect, the experts encourage beneficial foods through their Healthy Eating Every Day program.


This is a low-cost, physical activity program developed to increase awareness of health and fall prevention. Mature participants receive a customized workout plan focused on four key categories: • Low-impact cardio. • Dynamic and static balance. • Strength training. • Stretching. Traditionally, classes meet three times SENIOR LIVING

per week to go over goals and train, providing social stimulation.

HEALTHY MOVES FOR AGING WELL Seniors with limited mobility benefit from this in-home exercise program. The routines are specifically designed to maximize independence by building strength, increasing flexibility and reducing the risk of falling. For those who cannot perform the physical activity safely, the plan includes managers who assist their clients from the comfort of home. Over time, the workouts are assessed and adjusted to meet new goals as a senior shows progress.


7 ways to dine ‘out’ when staying in It’s still possible to enjoy the offerings of your favorite restaurants

As restaurants, bars and taverns have closed their doors voluntarily or under government orders amid the public health crisis surrounding COVID-19, a population accustomed to the freedom of dining out for special occasions or as part of daily life has found they must make an assortment of changes. However, it’s still possible to enjoy the offerings of your favorite restaurants. Restaurants

Restaurants have made some dramatic changes in an effort to meet the needs of their customers have made some dramatic changes in an effort to meet the needs of their customers.

• Oven-ready meals:

Some restaurants are offering ovenready meals that fully prepared dishes that customers need only heat up at home. • Deep discounts: Certain businesses are cutting prices on menu items in order to generate revenue. The Los Angeles-based Morrison Pub recently slashed prices to $10 or less for items that typically cost more than that. Other restaurants are shuttering dining rooms and providing discounts on take-out as incentives to customers.

• Prepaid options: The reservation service Resy has opened up its service to restaurant owners to offer take-out meals restaurant guests can book and pay for online. Other reservation businesses may soon follow suit. • Delivered spirits: Businesses with on-premise liquor licenses might be able to deliver alcohol and offer it for takeout. Rules depend on where you live, but the FEBRUARY 2021 16

New York State Liquor Authority temporarily allowed alcohol takeout beginning in March 2020. • To-go party plans: CEC Entertainment, the parent company of the Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza restaurants, said the concepts would launch new family and birthday packages that included takeout pizza, birthday cake and goodie bags, in addition to two game apps for Chuck E. Cheese that provided virtual tickets redeemable at SENIOR LIVING

a later date when restaurants reopen. • Pre-packaged favorites: Certain chain restaurants have long offered frozen selections of their popular appetizers and other dishes. When at the supermarket, check the freezer section for items from restaurants like TGI Fridays™ and PF Chang’s™. Takeout has become the new norm as people are urged to stay home instead of dining out in crowds.

Time for a change. Your local news source.

What We Offer: Assisted Living Memory Care Dementia Care Post-rehab Care Hospice Care

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In a highly-staffed, family-like environment SCHEDULE A TOUR TODAY! 209-595-1028 www.assistedlivingmodesto.com

Locations in Modesto, Riverbank and Oakdale

Assisted Living • Fine Dining & Inroom Dining • Fitness Programs • Activity Programs • Transportation Assistance with Daily Living • Person Centered Memory Care • Customized Personal Care Plans and So much More!

Come for a visit to tour our beautiful community spaces and to learn more about senior living, including Connections for Living by MBK, our memory care program.

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Memory care as distinctive as she is. Serving those with a form of alzheimer’s or dementia isn’t an afterthought—it’s the only thought.

Find out why stand-alone memory care matters.

(209) 885-1025 / elriomodesto.com 2828 Health Care Way / Modesto, CA


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For all of you luxury seeking, party-hosting, raise-your-glass high, ladies and gentlemen.

This place is for you. Reserve your suite today and let us help cover your moving expenses. / (209) 867-6209

FEBRUARY 2021 19

theparkatmodesto.com 2832 Health Care Way / Modesto, CA


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Mohammad Pathan, M.D.

Krishna Patel, O.D.

209-239-3880 Over 55 years of Vision Care FEBRUARY 2021 20