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Tura New Music

Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool Photo by Edify Media

Tura acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this Country. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and we say thank you. We have the privilege and pleasure of working with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and language groups and value the opportunity to learn from and with them.

Tura was founded in 1987 in Boorloo/Perth. We acknowledge that this is the unceded land of the Whadjuk Noongar people and that their enduring connection to this place is of great benefit to us all. With solidarity and friendship, Tura says thanks to Whadjuk Elders and to the Boodjar that speaks all languages.

In 2022 over 7000 people engaged with Tura’s live programs. Our online and broadcast programs reached over 150,000.

There were 4 major regional and remote community engagement programs in the Kimberley and Pilbara, which included 153 school workshops and over 600 participants, 90% being Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander.

We commissioned 15 new works. We produced 29 performances and presented 51 live works, of which 34 were new Australian works.

Over the year Tura engaged 65 principal creatives of which 16 were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Tura partnered with 42 organisations across the year, maintaining relationships with communities around regional and remote Australia while creating new connections nationally and internationally.

1 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report

Tura creates cultural experiences that connect us all in meaningful and surprising ways. We celebrate First Nations people and culture by working with and for Indigenous artists and communities within intercultural learning and collaboration frameworks. We facilitate opportunities and collaborations for artists and composers across the national landscape to produce resonant and impactful works. Through the art of sound – in its many forms and crossovers within a universe of old and new practice – we explore Australian identity and push the boundaries of expression.

2 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report


It has been a great privilege to watch the growth and development of Tura since its inception and for the past 15 years having a direct experience through board membership and being Chair for much of this time. Arts organisations with the ability, resolve and flexibility to adapt and take artistic risk alongside authentic community engagement are rare. In following this course, Tura has enabled many talented and committed artists to present their work to an appreciative public. That Tura has been doing that for almost 35 years is an incredible accomplishment of national significance.

We were fortunate in WA during the pandemic years to be able to produce a significant program, but we did endure a dent in our momentum, especially around our national and international ambitions.

However, as this report shows, 2022 was still a year full of wonderful artistic and community programs. The results of this work will roll out for many years to come. It’s Tura’s adaptability, resilience and authenticity which has enabled its long-term success and achievements.

I congratulate everyone that made 2022 the success it has been and on behalf of my fellow Board members thank you all for your generosity, commitment, and collaborative spirit.


As we emerged from Covid isolations and restrictions 2022 was, for Tura, a celebration of the value of longevity. With projects like Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool, now in its sixth year since it began in Warmun, flowing into The Journey Down tour and the development of a major new intercultural work; the ongoing Sound FX community engagement program in the Fitzroy Valley; the fourth year of the Kulininpalaju field-recording program in the East Pilbara and the second iteration over four years of the Summers Night female and non-binary composer mentoring program, amongst a growing list of large scale ongoing projects - the value of that longevity is apparent.

Indeed, all these programs have an even longer provenance considering the preceding years of community and artist consultation and planning. They really have come about from 20 years (sometimes more) of relationship building. Critically they all have at their core the process of collaboration, cultural exchange and two-way learning.

So in celebrating our longevity and what it has enabled, we thank everyone that has made that possible – our artists, our community partners, our funders, sponsors and donors along with all the many people that have been part of the Tura Team and Tura Board.

As we enter our 35th year of existence we look forward to expanding opportunities of engagement. I trust you will be inspired by the work of so many in the pages that follow and join us in our future journeys.

3 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report


Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool

23 September–10 October Kununurra

Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool (Gija for old car) is a powerful cultural object full of sound, story, intercultural collaboration and reconciliation.

In 2017 an old car wreck was converted into a sonic sculpture and instrument by composer and sound artist Jon Rose and was subsequently painted by Gija artists depicting stories of Country and cars. In 2020 the WA Museum acquired Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool, and in 2023 Tura will present The Journey Down, an epic tour and performance of Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool from its home in Kununurra to its new home at the WA Museum Boola Bardip in Perth, where it will be experienced by visitors from all over the world.

In 2022, a creative team of indigenous performers and cultural advisors, as well as leading non-indigenous musicians, animators and key creatives travelled to Kununurra for a two week development ahead of The Journey Down tour in 2023. The development weaved together dance, music, storytelling and projection, centred around Warnarral Ngoorngoorrool and our collective experiences of cars, wrecks and how they connect us.

2022 Creative Team

Madeline Purdie Gija Cultural Advisor, Artist and Storyteller

Chris Griffiths Miriwoong Cultural Advisor and Performer

Andrew (Pelican) Daylight | Gija Performer

Dion Jamin Miriwoong Performer

Eddie Nulgit Gija Performer

Tos Mahoney | Creative Producer

Victoria Hunt | Dramaturge

Vanessa Tomlinson Composer/performer

Tristen Parr Composer/performer

Aviva Endean | Composer/performer

Sohan Hayes Screen and Animation

Jon Tarry 3D Consultant

Project Management and Production

Melanie Naumoff Project Coordination

Guy Smith | Production Manager


Warmun Community Inc

Western Australian Museum

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

2022 Project Funding Partner

The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Regional Arts & Cultural Investment program Made in WA Fund

4 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool Photo by Edify Media

Sound FX

10 August–2 September, 3–30 October Fitzroy Crossing, Kimberley

Sound FX commenced in 2017 by Tura and award-winning community music facilitator, researcher and educator Dr Gillian Howell. Exploring music, story, cultural knowledge, and language through long term collaborations with education and community partners in the Fitzroy Valley, the project aims to strengthen and diversify the ways that music-making can support community goals around language knowledge, wellbeing, and healing.

Sound FX supports the revitalisation of local Aboriginal languages whilst developing new cultural works for performance, education and wider distribution, and creates new opportunities for community members to develop their musicianship and make music together in diverse ways. We look to support and enhance locally-grown creative projects through the annual visits of Tura and its artists.

Two residencies were held across 2022, with program director Dr Gillian Howell and a team of supporting facilitators specialising in music writing and recording, youth community theatre, clay-making, video, shadow puppetry and dance. This gave participants an opportunity to connect their learnings in music and storytelling with other audiovisual and physical modalities. Primary work was done with Fitzroy Valley District High School (FVDHS), Baya Gawiy Early Childhood Education Centre (BG) and Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre (Marnin), while performances engaged the full breadth of the community.

6 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
Natalie Davey, Sound FX Photo by Edify Media

2022 Creative Team

Gillian Howell Program Director

Natalie Davey Local Producer and Facilitator

Annika Moses Workshop Facilitator

Tara Gower | Dance Workshop Facilitator

Rebecca Russell Workshop Facilitator

Elena Nees Workshop Facilitator

Edify Media Photography and Videography

Project Donors

Irene Lawson & Brendan Kissane

Project Funding Partners

Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message

Minderoo Foundation

The Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts Program

The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ Creative Communities Recovery Program

Local Partners

Fitzroy Valley District High School

Baya Gawiy Children and Family Centre

Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency


Tura and the artists thank the communities that have partnered with us and the First Nations people who call Fitzroy Crossing home, including the Walmajarri, Gooniyandi, Wangkatjungka Nyikina and Bunuba people. We thank these peoples for their ongoing care, custodianship and connection to the land. Thank you to the Elders and community members who have welcomed us onto Country.

7 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report
Fitzroy Valley District High School students sing with Gillian Howell and Annika Moses, Sound FX Photo by Edify Media Shamicka Sampi and Annika Moses as part of Kulininpalaju Photo by Zoe Martyn


2–30 September | Newman, Parnngurr, East Pilbara

Kulininpalaju is a long-term creative program partnership between Tura, Martumili Artists (MMA) and supported by BHP. The program provides Martu artists with a series of creative collaborations facilitated by leading Australian sound artists, which will culminate in a sound composition for the Warrarnku Ninti Light Show, presented as part of Martumili and Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ)’s yearly programming.

Following the approach of Martumili painters when producing visual art works for wider Australian and international audiences, the program explores the extensive possibilities of sound art in sharing Country, supporting intergenerational knowledge transfer, and providing fulfilling cultural experiences for Martu mob.

The 2022 residency took place in Newman at the Martumili Art Centre. Facilitated by sound artist’s Philip Samartzis, Annika Moses and Martumili staff member Zoe Martyn, Martu artists were mentored in various field-recording techniques, editing and composition as well as the development of new conceptual work, guided by Elders and input from community members.


Tura and the artists thank the communities that have partnered with us and the Martu and Nyiyaparli people for their ongoing care, custodianship and connection to the land. Thank you to the Elders and community members who have welcomed us onto Country.

2022 Tura Team

Philip Samartzis | Sound Artist

Annika Moses Sound Artist

2022 Community Artists

Anya Samson

Bethany Wumi

Timera Frank

Dale Samson

Marlene Anderson

Owen John Bilijabu

Sheylene Taylor

Derrick Butt

Jenny Butt

Thelma Judson

Brianna Booth

Tionne Gibson

Local Partners

Martumili Artists

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ Rangers)

Parnggurr Community

Project Funding Partners


9 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me to celebrate and honour my Yamatji heritage through my contemporary experience. The best moments happen around the fire late at night under the stars… I’m inspired to tell stories real and imagined.”

Mungangga Garlagula

Mark Atkins and Erkki Veltheim

24–30 July, 17–22 October

Ukaria Cultural Centre, South Australia

Mungangga Garlagula is a collaboration in music, sound and story by legendary musicians Mark Atkins and Erkki Veltheim.

Together with a company of exceptional Australian musicians who have created a shifting bed of sound for the work, Mark and Erkki lead us into a nocturnal world of memories, echoes, spirits and dreams, conjuring Country through words and breath, the snapping of branches and the play of shadows between the listener by the fire and the impenetrable darkness beyond.

In 2022 two week-long creative developments of the work took place at Ukaria Cultural Centre in South Australia, developing the work for presentation in 2023.

Key Creatives

Mark Atkins

Erkki Veltheim


Genevieve Lacey

Stephen Magnusson

Anthony Pateras

Scott Tinkler

Vanessa Tomlinson

Creative Team

Niklas Pajanti | Lighting Design

Ruth Little | Dramaturg


Commissioned by Tura with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body and Ulrike Klein AO.

10 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
Mark Atkins and Erkki Veltheim in development for Mungangga Garlagula Photo by Matt Byrne


17–22 October Ukaria Cultural Centre, South Australia

Nightfalls was a development showing of Mungangga Garlagula.

Presented and filmed at Ukaria Cultural Centre in South Australia, the program was presented in association with Ukaria as part of Finding Our Voice Festival. The filmed showing will be digitally available in 2023.

Key Creatives

Mark Atkins

Erkki Veltheim


Genevieve Lacey

Stephen Magnusson

Anthony Pateras

Scott Tinkler

Vanessa Tomlinson

Creative Team

Ruth Little Dramaturg

Niklas Pajanti Lighting Designer


Finding Our Voice is supported by UKARIA, Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative – and the following individuals and foundations: Ulrike Klein AO, Berg Family Foundation, The Yulgilbar Foundation, The Aranday Foundation, Playking Foundation and Julie Kantor AO.

11 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report
Mark Atkins in the studio at Ukaria Photo by Matt Byrne
12 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
The Milk Carton Confessions Workshop Photo by Sian Murphy

The Milk Carton Confessions

Thea Rossen, Michael Sollis and Jesse Vivante

October–November | Ellenbrook, City of Swan

Across four weeks, Thea Rossen, Michael Sollis and Jesse Vivante worked with Ellenbrook community members to create a bespoke version of The Milk Carton Confessions. The participants made percussion instruments out of recycled materials which appear in the show. They worked with Thea and Jesse to learn sections of the work culminating in a public performance that questioned our understanding of recycling, and invited audiences to consider their own recycling confessions.

Creative Team

Michael Sollis | Composer

Thea Rossen | Lead Artist and Percussion

Jesse Vivante | Associate Artist and Percussion


Ellenbrook Community Performers


Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries’ Outer Metropolitan Arts Grant Program, City of Swan, Ellenbrook Arts, Bullsbrook Recycling Facility, Swan Home School Network

“The Milk Carton Confessions show is designed to connect with each community that hosts a performance and we were blown away by the welcome we received and the diversity of connections we were able to make with the support of Tura and Ellenbrook Arts during the project.”

13 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report

Alluvial Gold

Louise Devenish, Stuart James and Erin Coates

20–22 June | Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

After premiering to a restricted audience at the 2021 Perth Festival, and a further development period, Alluvial Gold returned in 2022 to bring a visceral drama to the oftenforgotten worlds below the surface of the river. Sculptural percussion instruments modelled on dolphin bones, native oyster shells and marine ecology are paired with vibraphone and electronics in this theatrical performance installation.

Artistic Team

Louise Devenish | Creative Direction and Performance

Stuart James | Creative Direction and Composer

Erin Coates Video and Sculptural Instruments

Mia Holton Projection Design

Bruce McKinven | Set Design

Peter Young | Lighting Design


Co-presented with PICA and generously supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Dr Louise Devenish is the recipient of an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DE200100555) funded by the Australian Government.

14 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report

“Alluvial Gold is not so much a performance as it is a journey through a densely rich world”

Louise Devenish in Alluvial Gold, PICA Photo by Edify Media
“A fine example of Australian eco-artistry”
— Kate Milliga, Australian Music Centre
– Stephanie Reisch, Arts Hub
Summers Night Mentees | Photo by Olivia Davies Summers Night Photo by Olivia Davies

Summers Night Mentoring Project

18–24 March Melbourne

Following a covid delayed 2020/21, the Summers Night Women’s Mentoring Project for female and non-binary composers took place in Melbourne as a four day workshop at The Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music, Monash University where the five mentee composers worked intensively with the mentorship team to realise their works. The workshop period allowed for group professional development sessions alongside networking opportunities. The five premiere works were recorded at the ABC studios in Melbourne followed by an enthusiastically received performance at the Primrose Potter Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre.


Cat Hope

Vanessa Tomlinson

Gabriella Smart

Erik Griswold

Damien Ricketson

Olivia Davies

Aaron Wyatt

Blair Harris

Composer mentees

Aviva Endean (VIC)

Bree van Reyk (NSW)

Frankie Dyson Reilly (QLD)

Kate Milligan (WA)

Hilary Kleinig (SA)



Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music, Music Monash University


QLD Conservatorium, Griffith University

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Decibel New Music Ensemble

Clocked Out

ABC Classic

Philanthropic Partners

Sydney Community Foundation’s Women Composers Fund and its associated donors


Soundstream have been funded for this project by The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body.

17 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report

While You Sleep

Kate Neal & Sal Cooper

29–30 April The Street Theatre, Canberra

13–16 July PICA, Perth Cultural Centre

After a development period in January with a focus on lighting, video design and dramaturgy, Tura produced seasons of While You Sleep in Canberra and Perth. String quartet, piano, electronics, gesture, design, light, video and animation in a surreal counterpoint of music, movement and image took audiences on a journey through uncertain landscapes, exploring borders between grief and identity, reality and illusion, flight, escape, memory and dissociation.

Creative Directors

Kate Neal Music

Sal Cooper Screen-Based Media

Creative Team

Jackson Castiglione Dramaturg and Co-Director

Jacob Abela | Keyboards

Isabel Hede Violin

Zachary Johnston Violin

Phoebe Green | Viola

David Moran Cello

Additive Design | Lighting and AV Design

James Savage AX and Audio Systems Design


The Australia Council Contemporary Touring Fund

The Street Theatre Canberra

Canberra International Music Festival


18 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
19 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report
While You Sleep performance, PICA Photo by Edify Media While You Sleep performance, PICA Photo by Edify Media

Wild Violins of Warmun

30 October–5 November Warmun, East Kimberley

In 2018, the Wild Violins of Warmun program was initiated by renowned composer, performer, and teacher Dr Hollis Taylor. Students at Ngalangangpum School created new sound worlds and storylines on forty violins brought to the community for the project.

The 2022 iteration of The Wild Violins saw the introduction of dance and music workshops by Yawuru woman and former Bangarra dancer Tara Gower and sound artist Annika Moses. Students aged 4–13 years old were engaged in creating their own contemporary dance inspired by themes of family and fire, a strong presence in Gija culture. The middle and high school groups wrote their own songs showcasing school pride, confidence, and healthy living, including the songs Warmun! and Gija Girls. Tura facilitators had the privilege of travelling to Winiper Springs with local Elder and artist Evelyn Malgil, community members, and Ngalangangpum students to be blessed and swim in the waters that hold a significant creation story for the area.

In a culmination of the residency’s activities, the students performed in a whole school and community show, sharing artwork and drawings, newly learned violin techniques, songs performed by the school band, and contemporary dance pieces that they had created across the week.


Annika Moses | Facilitator

Tara Gower Facilitator

Community Partners

Ngalangangpum School

Warmun Community Inc.

Warmun Art Centre

Project Funding Partners

Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message


Tura and the artists thank the communities that have partnered with us, and the Gija people for their ongoing care, custodianship and connection to the land. Thank you to the Elders and community members who have smoked and blessed us, welcoming us onto their Country.

20 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
Wild Violins, painted by students Photo by Annika Moses

Inner Cities

Gabriella Smart

22 January WA Museum Boola Bardip

Beginning in 1991 as a single innocent piano piece, Inner Cities evolved into a musical cycle of twelve pieces performed in its sixhour entirety. Described by Alex Ross of the New Yorker as “vast and all-consuming”, Inner Cities celebrates the great cities Alvin Curran has inhabited through a series of pieces comprising the piano cycle. Audiences experienced a six-hour celebration of space, light, meditation and transcendence of time beyond normal conception within the walls of the WA Museum Boola Bardip Hackett Hall.


Gabriella Smart Piano

Alvin Curran | Music


21 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report
The WA Museum Boola Bardip Australian Piano Warehouse Inner Cities, Gabriella Smart Photo by Eduardo Cossio


Night Songs

26–28 October Carriageworks, Sydney

Presented as part of Performance Space

Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art and created by Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor, Night Songs was a remarkable sonic experience: an interspecies engagement between the thirteen million year old music of a uniquely Australian songbird – The Pied Butcherbird and contemporary human musicians.

Performed by Ensemble Offspring under the direction of Claire Edwardes, audiences experienced the Pied Butcherbirds long form songs, recorded over a twenty-four hour period in spring, in a one hour concentrated audio-visual encounter.

Creative team

Jon Rose | Composer

Hollis Taylor Co-composer and Musicologist

Ensemble Offspring | Performers

Claire Edwardes Conductor, Percussion and Artistic Director

Jason Noble | Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

Lamorna Nightingale Flutes

Benjamin Ward | Double Bass

Callum G’Froerer Trumpet

Rhys Little | Trombone

Ben Hoadley Bassoon

Ben Opie Oboe


Presented by Performance Space, Ensemble Offspring and Tura. Night Songs was presented as part of Performance Space Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, and with the support of the City of Sydney and APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund.

22 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report


Site specific dance and sound works

STRUT Dance and SITU-8 team

1–11 November | Liberty Theatre

After a successful season in 2020 and 2021, eight new site specific dance and sound works filled the newly reopened Liberty Cinema, Perth’s oldest arthouse cinema as part of SITU8:City. Situ-8 continues to be a unique opportunity for independent artists to explore an exciting model of presenting independent choreography and sound in enticing and unexpected locations.



Sofie Burgoyne and Timothy Green with assistance from Ashleigh White.


Antonio Rinaldi and Celina Hage, Bobby Russell, Daisy Sanders, Olivia Hendry and Kimberly Parkin, Sam Coren, Sarah Aiken, Talitha Maslin, and Tom Mullane.


Alice Humphries, David Stewart and Nonie Trainor, Em Burrows, Eduardo Cossio, Felicity Groom, Louis Frere-Harvey, Peter McAvan, and Randa Khamis.


Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative, the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts – its arts and funding advisory body, the City of Perth, and the State of Western Australia though the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

23 Tura New Music | 2022 Program Report
SITU8:CITY at the Liberty Theatre Photo by Jed Lyall

Decibel UK Tour

Decibel New Music Ensemble

November 2022 United Kingdom

Tura supported Decibel New Music Ensemble to participate in the UK/Australia Season 2021–22, a landmark cultural exchange celebrating the diverse and innovative artist communities and cultural sectors of each nation. Decibel toured five concert programs across six venues in November, with highlights including appearances at the prestigious Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Café Oto in London.

Decibel New Music Ensemble

Cat Hope | Artistic Director and Flutes

Tristen Parr | Cello

Aaron Wyatt Violin, Viola and Ipad Programming

Lindsay Vickery | Reeds

Louise Devenish Percussion


Decibel in the UK|Australia Season is supported by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries. Monash University, Edith Cowan University

2 Minutes from Home

Decibel New Music Ensemble

11 July | Luna Leederville

The world premiere live performance of Decibel’s 2 Minutes from Home commissioning project. Commissioned during Covid and for digital presentation the twenty one, two minute works were reinterpreted for live performance accompanied by the score videos on the big screen.


Decibel New Music Ensemble

Michael Terren | Guest Artist


Revelation Perth International Film Festival

Decibel New Music Ensemble Monash University

24 Tura
New Music 2022
2 Minutes from Home Photo by Edify Media


Jonathan Fitzgerald (WA)

New works for electric guitar, electronics, and visual projections

19 January Lyric’s Underground

An immersive multimedia concert of works for electric guitar, electronics, and visual projections, performed by head of Guitar at the University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music for one night only. Entitled Electroluminescence, the program featured world premiere performances of three new commissions from Australian and international composers, including two-time Aria Award-winning composer James Ledger (WA), Gulli Bjornsson (Iceland), and emerging composer Victor Arul (WA), alongside the Australian premiere of works by Eve Beglarian (USA) and Alison Isadora (NZ).

Key Creative

Jonathan Fitzgerald Composer and Guitar



University of WA Conservatorium of Music

Dance Film Sound Lab

Dance Film + Sound workshop

23 May–3 June

An immersive film, choreography and sound workshop for dancers, dance makers and composers, in which participants explored filming dance and creating choreography and sound for the camera. Beginning with improvisation and ways of looking at movement and sound through the camera lens, the process gave essential filming and editing skills and encouraged imaginative and innovative ways of making and capturing movement, considering light, sound, space, time and location/environment.

Lead Artists

Deborah May

Adelina Larrson

Dance Artists

Briannah Davis

Aisha Samat

Jessica Pettitt

Tessa Redman

Xin Ong

Zakayyah MacLean

Sound Artists

Izzy French

Moses Kington-Walberg

Ozlem Kesik

Sophia Hansen Knarhoi

Matthew Cole

Partners STRUT Dance

2 Minutes from Home Photo
by Edify Media



In 2022, Composer and Photographer

Olivia Davies, Trumpeter Callum

G’Froerer and Media Designer Nick Roux undertook further development of Gradient at the Liberty Theatre.

Gradient is an exploration of digital saturation, compulsive modern behaviours and the ways we digitally represent ourselves and our experiences. The artists worked with large scale projection, live photography, digital software design and double-bell improvisations as part of the development.

Gradient will premiere as part of Perth Festival in 2023.

Creative Team

Olivia Davies | Composer and Photographer

Callum G’Froerer | Co-composer and Double-bell Trumpet

Nick Roux | System Design

Joshua Pether | Dramaturge and Movement Consultant


The Liberty Theatre

Project Funding Partners

Minderoo Foundation

The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body

The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

26 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
Gradient Development Photo by Edify Media



Sonus3 Program and Tour with Marrugeku

Tura Artistic Director Tos Mahoney along with Tura Producer Tristen Parr were in Melbourne in August at the Art Music Awards to accept the award for Excellence in a Regional Area for the Sonus3 program and tour, reaching communities across the Kimberley.

Sonus3 was a meeting of cultural forces, ancient and contemporary, through song, music and dance reflecting the breadth of Australia. The Sonus3 Tour was presented with a program that spoke directly to the places and communities of the Kimberley. Tura and Marrugeku artists collaborated for over two years and Sonus3 was a celebration and first presentation of this collaboration.


In October 2022 Marninwarntikura Women's Resource Centre and its early childhood education and care program Baya Gawiy were invited to present at this significant gathering in partnership with Tura and the University of Melbourne. The presentation described Baya Gawiy’s groundbreaking approach to language revitalisation through storytelling and songwriting in early childhood education. Tura’s Sound FX Program, facilitated by Dr Gillian Howell, is closely entwined with this work, having facilitated and collaborated on the development of new songs and musical resources in heritage languages at Baya Gawiy over the last four years.

Purrumpa was convened by the Australia Council for the Arts and was the largest national gathering of First Nations arts and culture in 50 years. It was an incredible privilege to be a part of this event, and to continue our work in the Fitzroy Valley with Baya Gawiy in 2023.

Sonus3 Concert at Sun Pictures, Broome, 2021 Photo by Michael Jalaru Torres



Simon Dawkins (Chair)

Rod Campbell

Heather Zampatti

Julian Tompkin

Vanessa Elliott

Dominique Monteleone

Zelinda Bafile

Alison Gaines



Tura is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body and the Western Australia State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in association with Lotterywest.


The Western Australia Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries

The Australian government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body

The Australian Government Office for the Arts, Indigenous Languages and Arts program REGIONAL PROGRAM SPONSORS


Healthway promoting the Act Belong Commit message

Minderoo Foundation


Irene Lawson and Brendan Kissane

Charmaine and Bruce Cameron

Helen Symon and Ian Lulham

Katrina Chisholm

Philip Yetton and Joan Spiller

Vanya Cullen

Elizabeth Fong


The Minderoo Foundation

The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Foundation

The Feilman Foundation

The Bux Foundation

The Mietta Foundation

2022 TEAM

Tos Mahoney | Artistic Director/CEO

Dunja Rmandic General Manager

Tristen Parr Producer

Tara Gower | Regional Producer

Sian Murphy Communications Coordinator

Jane House Business Administration

Annika Moses Regional Project Coordinator

Pauline Sikweti Finance Officer

Niki Davison Project Officer

Jo Malone | Development


Baya Gawiy Buga Yani Jandu Yani U

Fitzroy Valley District High School

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa Rangers, Newman

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency

Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre

Martumili Artists

Ngalangangpum School

Parnngurr Community

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Warmun Community Inc



Australian Music Centre

Clocked Out

Decibel New Music Ensemble

Ellenbrook Arts

Griffith University

Monash University

Outcome Unknown

Performance Space


Queensland Conservatorium

Revelation Perth International Film Festival



Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The Canberra International Music Festival

The City of Perth

The City of Swan

The Liberty Theatre

Tone List

The Street

Ukaria Cultural Centre

Western Australian Museum

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University

Tura gratefully acknowledges the support of Cullen Wines across its metropolitan and national programs

28 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
Recording for Sound FX in the Fitzroy Valley Photo by Edify Media

Tura New Music Ltd.

180 Hamersley Road

Subiaco Western Australia 6008

E: info@tura.com.au


ABN: 25 009 362 225

Published June 2023

30 Tura New Music 2022 Program Report
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