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2020 PROGRAM REPORT Tura New Music

Tura acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures, and to their Elders past, present and emerging. In 2020 over 15,000 people experienced or participated live in some part of Tura New Music’s program. Our Broadcast reach was to over 450,000. We produced 16 performances and presented 49 live and 42 online works of which all were world premieres and 80 were new Australian works. Tura produced a regional WA tour travelling to 11 regional and remote communities in the Kimberley. Over the year Tura engaged 139 artists of which 18 were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and 76 were women or non-binary composers and artists. There were 3 regional and remote residencies and 14 school presentations/workshops with over 1200 participants, 80% being Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Internationally, four major new media commissions for online and theatrical release. Tura partnered with 35 organisations across the year, maintaining relationships with communities around regional and remote Australia, while creating new connections nationally and internationally. We continued the groundbreaking Tura Tracks research project that created a unique evaluation framework around our programs in regional and remote Australia.


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Tura, 2020 CHAIR OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS As we continue into our 4th decade of facilitating cultural development across an ever expanding geographic, demographic and arts practice horizon we found ourselves yet again having to rise to the challenge of adaptability and flexibility. In the face of the COVID 19 pandemic, we did just that. Through our online commissioning and eventual live city programs combined with what was in the end a major regional program – we produced a major year, even with the many challenges that confronted the arts sector. The disruption may have been new but the extent of the potential opportunity was not. When an organisation sets out in the late 80’s with a focus on experimentation and artistic risk, inevitably across time it will confront the challenges associated with that risk taking and unexpected changes in policy, arts funding and public interest. However, Tura has developed a resilience and adaptability that has steered us through these times and led to greater sustainability and new opportunities. On behalf of the Board and team, I take this moment to thank the Commonwealth and State Government for their support through the various agencies as well as all of our generous funders, donors and sponsors. As we head towards our 35th year I want to thank Tura founder Tos Mahoney for creating a vehicle that has enabled audiences across Australia and internationally to access artistic innovation and excellence through providing creative artists with commissioning and performance opportunities and facilitating their engagement with other artists and communities. On behalf of Tura’s Board of Directors, I thank everyone who has helped to make 2020 the success it has been. Simon Dawkins Chair, Tura New Music

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Arts organisations across the world must be reporting on how their previous plans, hopes and ambitions hit an unforeseen COVID-19 wall last March. It was a cataclysm, culturally, as well as socially and politically. And so, in the face of the race to “go online”, we took our time to assess what we could best do for our community of practitioners and audiences. This resulted in a series of new online commissioning programs that produced 16 permanently web-based viewable works and created 25 financially supported opportunities for artists. Regional Western Australia thankfully opened up by August, allowing us to proceed with planned and new programs, which we took advantage of with glee. While subsequent live programs that were unimaginable earlier in the year were presented to audiences in Perth, including major collaborations with STRUT Dance and Revelation VR Festival. In 2020 we were successful in being awarded Australia Council Multi Year funding (21–25), Indigenous Language and Arts Program Multi Year funding (21–22) and new Playing Australia and Playing WA funding. In addition Tura was awarded the 2020 AMCOS APRA AMCA Art Music Award for Excellence in a Regional Area. I take this moment to acknowledge the contribution of the immediate past Chair Gavin Ryan for his herculean efforts since 2014. I likewise thank the Tura team across 2020 for their great work in the changing times. 2020 and all its challenges and difficulties has brought a new understanding of the vital importance of cultural practice to life in Australia. Likewise, I have renewed understanding of the essential capacity for organisations such as Tura to support artists and communities at precarious moments. I hope you enjoy and are inspired reading about our 2020 activities. Tos Mahoney Founder and Artistic Director, Tura New Music


Carditj (The Wreck) 8–18 October

Following on from past stages of development, the Tura team returned to Warmun in September for a residency week documenting stories with Gija artists and Elders and planning the future. From the initial residency in 2017 with Jon Rose and the community, Carditj (The Wreck) is a Tura project centred around an abandoned car turned into a collaborative instrument/installation featuring Gija paintings commissioned during phase two in 2018. 2020 saw stories recorded, capturing the Warmun region’s Gija artists and Elders’ relationship to the “wreck” and memories of other cars on country. A key project goal is to continue to engage with regional and remote communities through Carditj (The Wreck) as a deep, lasting cultural project. This aim has been strengthened by the WA Museum Boola Bardip’s acquisition of the vehicle-come-instrument in 2020. Carditj (The Wreck) is due to be installed in the Museum in 2022 as an interactive installation where it will be shared in the future with Australian and international audiences. A current project-in-development is The Journey Down, a touring performance as Carditj (The Wreck) makes its epic journey from the Kimberley to Perth. Artists Shirley Purdie Gordon Barney Nancy Nodea Lindsay Malay Gabriel Nodea Mark Nodea Eddie Nulgit April Nulgit Charlene Carrington Jon Rose Producer Jessica Wraight


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Filmmaker Mark Jones Program Partners Warmun Arts Centre Warmun Aboriginal Corporation Ngalangangpum School East Kimberley Job Networks Warmun Art Centre WA Museum Boola Bardip Project Sponsors Healthway Ian Potter Foundation Rowley Foundation

Gija Elder Shirley Purdie with Filmaker Mark Jones

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


Topography of Dreams, Sounds of Lake Kununurra. Photo: Madelynne Cornish


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


Topography of Dreams Philip Samartzis, Madelynne Cornish 2010–2012 | Tura Regional Residency Program August 2020–onward | National Gallery of Victoria, online presentation (ngv.vic.gov.au/channel/the-kimberley/)

In 2020, the National Gallery of Victoria commenced the online presentation of a digital collage of works created by Philip Samartzis in collaboration with Tura. Topography of Dreams is a culmination of three durational residencies facilitated by Tura’s Regional Residency Program (2010–2012) in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. These compositions were produced from raw material to afford new encounters with the Kimberley through the deep listening practices of Indigenous people in communities of the Dampier Peninsula, Warmun and Kununurra. During the residencies Samartzis engaged with local communities through a series of cultural activities, including in school demonstrations, workshops, mentoring and public performances. The full works are due to be published online through Tura’s new website in 2021, with accompanying essays and curatorial critiques. Acknowledgements In carrying out these projects with Indigenous communities, Tura and the artists acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands visited respectively being the Bardi, Gija and Miriwoong people, their ongoing connection to and care of the land and honour their Elders past, present and emerging. For these residency projects, Tura partnered with, and thanks, the Djarindjin, Lombadina, and Ardyaloon Aboriginal Corporations, Warmun Art Centre, Warmun Community Inc, and Waringarri Aboriginal Arts. Artists Philip Samartzis Madelynne Cornish Partners Department of Local Government, Sport and Culture Australia Council Healthway

Presentation Partners The National Gallery of Victoria Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Warmun Art Centre The Bogong Centre for Sound Culture Warmun Community Inc Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation Ardyaloon Aboriginal Corporations

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


International A DIFFERENT VIEW Devised by Tura New Music in collaboration with curator and author Jack Sargeant, A Different View consists of a quartet of film and sound partnerships that explore the theme of the Anthropocene. The selection of composers and filmmakers was an organic process. Pairing together composers and experimental filmmakers around the world, A Different View sought to produce new and previously unconsidered creative allegiances that would challenge and inspire both artists and audiences. Each work acts to stand alone but are segments in a larger work that seek to challenge and inspire audiences. Eventually the film and sound works will be produced into theatrical pieces. Composers and Filmmakers Sonya Holowell with Dan Browne Rachael Dease with James Newitt Lawrence English with Emma Northey Julian Day with Lori Felker


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Dream of April

Look Down and Find it

James Newitt and Sonya Holowell, with Jonathan Holowell

Julian Day and Lori Felker

Shifting between vague memories, apartment blocks in barren scrub landscapes, the country encroaching on the city, communities locked down, and images of unrest. The camera travels into small allotments and what could be overgrown city fields. Amongst the detritus of humanity, small flowers are growing. A haunted diary, ghosts of recent experiences and echoes of past events, the silent landscapes under vast skies. The soundtrack, like the visuals, shifting between voices, buzzing sounds, echoing keyboard tones, and whispers. The vastness of time and location rendered as intimate through whispered sounds and closeup hand-held shots, creating the uncanny intimacy of a dream.

Memories, introductions, friendships, biographies, all told through twin psychogeographical explorations, map-less searches that uncover the two artists’ experiences of their city habitats. The native and the foreigner, the familiar and unfamiliar, ghosts of routes, and the potentials of crafting new experiences. The voices of each artist switch from the authoritative to the quizzical, their anecdotes ranging from history to experiences with doctors, plans for art works, embarrassing experiences, doubts, and discussions on the nature of the project itself.

Asynchronous View

A haunting, hypnotic exploration of the overlooked spaces in the forest: lichen, bark, leaves, moss, grasses, stones on the bottom of a riverbed, thin branches in treetops, and dancing campfire flames. A series of echoes, memories of long forgotten camping trips, and family journeys into the wilderness. Reciprocity is a film in which perspective becomes transformed and our long-severed relationship with nature is explored through a dream of reciprocity and transformation. The almost-ambient soundtrack, haunting, poignant, yet sometimes almost playful, counters the images, shifting between the epic and the microscopic, an aural equivalent to our relation to nature.

Lawrence English and Emma Northey A challenging soundtrack by Lawrence English that combines swooping drones with high-pitched electronic tones, feedback style ringing, and buzzes of radio noises—all creating an unsettling accompaniment to Emma Northey’s visual manipulations. Slow moving shapes, abstracted forms rendered as bursts of coloured static, memories of signals lost in the ether. When everything has been destroyed, when the sun transforms into a supernova and the solar system is annihilated, all that will remain are the broadcasts, getting increasingly weaker as they flow further into the universe, joining the background static. The beauty of electronic decay.

Reciprocity Rachael Dease and Dan Browne

Image: A Different View, Asynchronous View by Lawrence English and Emma Northey


Composers Dr Hollis Taylor Jon Rose

Dr Hollis Taylor

Whistling in the Dark is a work embracing musicians performing sonic constructs of a different species: birds. Dr Hollis Taylor’s recordings of various pied butcherbirds were combined with Australian ‘human’ musicians in forced lockdown. The result is melodious, beautiful, and mesmerising, a work that has been created at the highest artistic level. tura.com.au/whistling-in-the-dark

Performers Claire Edwardes Cathy Milliken Brett Dean Ben Ward Lamorna Nightingale Jason Noble Simone de Haan Joanne Cannon Zubin Kanga James Nightingale Alexander Garsden Chloe Higgins Hollis Taylor

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


Regional Programs THE SONUS2 TOUR Olive Knight, Stephen Pigram, Esfandiar Shahmir, Tristen Parr, Tos Mahoney and Guests 23 August–6 September | Kununurra, Warmun, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Kooljaman, Djarindjin, Lombadina, One Arm Point, Beagle Bay, Broome

Tura New Music presented the 2020 installment of the multi-award-winning Regional Touring Program, the Sonus2 Tour with a program speaking directly with the places and communities of the Kimberley. Traveling through 10 communities, the tour enabled unique cultural and musical combinations through on Country concerts, school workshops and two-way exchange. As the first project post-lockdown, these place building events engaged a sense of local community as locals and non-locals gathered at the celebrations and workshops. Partners Healthway Lotterywest Presentation Partners Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Warmun Art Centre Warmun Community Inc

Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation Beagle Bay School Sun Pictures Shinju Matsuri

“Tura captured the crowd with their auditions of exquisite performances as it mellowed throughout the ancient building of sun pictures and the special dreaming place of gujiragun buru Where the spirit of the two young men connected to the jila a water place of Yawuru people. This is bugarrigarra story for that place. I was honoured to be a part of your opening in Broome to feel Mabu Liyan. Please keep bringing those amazing sounds to our shores. As the spirit of this wide rugged and sun burnt country greets you. Galiya mabu.” — Di Appleby (Yawuru Elder)


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Artists Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight) | vocals & guitar Stephen Pigram | vocals, guitar & ukulele Esfandiar Shahmir | ney and daf Tristen Parr | cello and electronics Tos Mahoney | flute & electronics Patrick Davies | vocals & guitar Mick Manolis | vocals & guitar Program All songs arranged by Sonus Ensemble Why? | Olive Knight Guitar Story | Olive Knight Bunuba Walmatjarri Song | Olive Knight Wangkatjungka | Olive Knight Walganyagarra | Olive Knight Kurungal Kurungal | Olive Knight Everysong | Stephen Pigram Raindance | Stephen Pigram Mimi | Stephen Pigram Crocodile River | Stephen Pigram Wind Of Freedom | Stephen Pigram Johnny Walker Shoes | Stephen Pigram World is Turning | Stephen Pigram Mil-Ea | Esfandiar Shahmir, Tos Mahoney & Tristen Parr Wet Season Again | Patrick Davies Rocky Road | Patrick Davies Heal The World | Mick Manolis Martuwarra | Tristen Parr Cop This | Esfandiar Shahmir

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report



Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

FITZROY VALLEY NEW MUSIC PROJECT Cecile Williams and Peter Keelan 7–24 September | Fitzroy Crossing

Beginning its second phase in 2020, the Fitzroy Valley New Music Project (FVNMP) is a series of facilitated art residencies for school students and community groups, designed to build collaborative foundations and relationships through the exchange of ideas. The initial phase of the FVNMP ran from 2017 to 2019 with music educator, composer, and performer Gillian Howell at the helm. With border restrictions limiting Howell’s travel in 2020, Tura was fortunate to secure renowned Western Australian cross-platform artists Cecile Williams and Peter Keelan to fulfil the program. As the sixth workshop in the FVNMP series, Williams’ and Keelan’s involvement resulted in two simultaneous residencies being held during the pandemic. Utilising repurposed objects to make instruments, the children of Fitzroy Valley District High School explored music-making and devised and performed their own compositions under the direction of Keelan. With Williams facilitating, the students also embarked on life drawing classes, with the drawings scaled up to create the design for two gigantic props, forming the backdrop for the final music presentations to the school and wider community. Partners Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message Rowley Foundation Local Partners Fitzroy Valley District High School Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency Mara Wora Wora Aboriginal Corporation Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre

Fitzroy Valley New Music Project

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


Wild Violins of Warmun

WILD VIOLINS OF WARMUN October | Warmun, East Kimberley

Beginning in 2018 and continuing in 2020, the Wild Violins of Warmun program was initiated by renowned composer, performer, and teacher Dr Hollis Taylor. Students at Ngalangangpum School created new sound worlds and storylines on 40 violins brought to the community for the project. The 2020 iteration of The Wild Violins was facilitated by Tura Artistic Director Tos Mahoney. Partners Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message Ian Potter Foundation Rowley Foundation Local Partners Ngalangangpum School Warmun Community Inc


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

“An inspiring week of connection, provocation and pushing the boundaries – I can’t wait for more.” –Dalisa Pigram

Marrugeku Collaboration


Long anticipated, Tura has commenced an ongoing music and dance collaboration with Broome and Sydney based company Marrugeku Dance Theatre. This research and development project begins as an exploration in cross-cultural connections and differences, with a diverse cultural mix of artists joining the project from around Australia and abroad. Marrugeku and Tura share a deep commitment to providing opportunities for local and regional artists throughout northern Australia. This strategic alignment has the view towards an ongoing partnership in developing future performance outcomes within Tura’s regional and remote community programs. Musicians / Sound Artists Tristen Parr | cello & electronics Esfandiar Shamir | ney, daf & vocals Tos Mahoney | flute & electronics

Dancers Eric Avery of Yuin (and violin) Annejanette Phillips Tara Gower Dalisa Pigram (Marrugeku co-artistic director)

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report



Tura Adapts As both a response to isolation and long-term planning Tura is adapting to support new creative projects delivered in the online space. Part of that process is the commissioning of twenty new works across three programs of sound art, and music and film partnerships: @TheRoots; No Borders; and A Different View (see International on page 6). The purpose has been to create new content, and in a small way support new music and sound art practitioners locally and across Australia. @THEROOTS Tura honoured its geographic roots in creating a format for Perth underground and experimental artists to reflect and explore their time spent in isolation. Through eight commissions — four curated and four by way of expression of interest — a poignant and provocative series of new works were created and publish online at tura.com.au/ tura-program/tura-adapts-2020commissioning. Corridor by Erasers Rebecca Orchard and Rupert Thomas Blending field recordings from Perth wetlands and coast with sounds from the home, synthesiser drones, and vocal loops, this work captures the essence of time in isolation. Amazing Blissful Moment (Fearful Receiver) Annika Moses A poetic walk through the 'Northern ‘burbs of Boorloo'. Blissful moments are found alongside many fearful ones. Feelings of uncertainty, and of trepidation, afraid that things may indeed return to business as usual. Automata C Tsang Combining automated sequencers with aspects of nature, Automata invites viewers to imagine themselves on the banks of the Warren River, watching small organisms moving under the surface.


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Inverted Harmonic Environment – Boorloo

An Extension of Self Gabbi Fusco An extension of self is a digital manipulation of sounds from the real world and reflects the ways in which we manipulate our world for the benefit of our ego. As we project our insecurities into an unspoken competition of “productivity”, we are becoming more stressed by working harder than we ever have before. Baigup Learning Josten Myburgh & Adam Pultz-Melbye Melding field recordings from Western Australian wetlands with double bass recordings from Victoria, Baigup Learning questions how the future of art across time zones will start to look after a global pandemic. Street Scene – Lockdown 002 Nick Stark Evoking feelings of calm that cut through the angst and the confusion that permeate the street below. The white noise of the traffic, the randomness of the day, over time, slowly give way to layered rhythms. Inverted Harmonic Environment – Boorloo Steven Alyian Five sounds, locations, and photographs captured in the Boorloo region, exploring the natural process of decay and deletion. Void Tao Issaro and Timbo Roberts A cross-country collaboration between composer Tao Issaro and vocalist Timbo Roberts created in Balingup, Western Australia and Kerala, India, Void is an exploration into the psyche of isolation and how we choose to fill our time. Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


Dream of April

NO BORDERS No Borders was an Australia-wide opportunity for composers and sound artists to create new work exploring and celebrating the connections between music, sound art and the world. From two curated commissioned works and six expressions of interest, each piece addresses the reality of isolation in a world where even intra-state borders were closed. Little Requiem in the Form of 3 Antique Dances for Toy Piano Anthony Moles & Carmen Morales | NSW / Spain Dedicated to the friends and families of those who were taken too soon, Little Requiem explores the limits of the so-called “globalised world”. Still Dylan Crismani; with performer Gabriella Smart | SA Still attempts to reproduce the experience of losing track of points in time. To be listened to on repeat while the listener is engaged in some other quiet and solitary activity.


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Upstream, Down River Hilary Geddes | NSW Using the notion of Slow TV, popularised in Norway, Upstream, Down River is a multimedia work for music and film. As intra-state travel is restricted, rivers act as tangible connectors between and throughout towns and cities, providing an essential passage for life. Sentiment Logistics Kate Neal and Sal Cooper | VIC Sentiment Logistics follows a series of short, composited video clips outlining various modes of transport and logistics. Reflecting on a fanciful extrapolation of the current conditions of isolation, the work presents new and large-scale modes of mass communication and delivery of sentiment. Übervespa Leon Ewing | WA

Inverted Harmonic Environment – Boorloo

Take a wild ride through the deserted city and suburbs of Perth and Fremantle during the lockdown in March and April of 2020. An archival snapshot of the city as a ghost town devoid of people in isolation, capturing the mood of uncertainty and anxiety early in the massive global social disruption from a local perspective. Adaptive Memory Nat Grant and Jutta Pryor | VIC A digital collage of film and sound made from field recordings and household objects. In a time of increased borders, our minds are still reaching out; creating from what we have and what we find. Chronotope – Situation No. 1 Pedro Alvarez | WA

Adaptive Memory

This work is made up of sounds and images from the artist’s immediate domestic environment. Reflecting on aspects of everyday life and local suburban routine, Chronotope-Situation No.1 provides new meaning to Alvarez’s ‘situational approach' applied to his compositions over the past ten years. Disposable Thea Rossen and Michael Sollis | VIC / ACT An interrogation of recycling and human connections, this three-part work features Rossen’s solo percussion progressing from machine to a human expression of change, loss, grief, and rebirth through song.

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report




Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Tura in the City SITU-8 STRUT Dance and State Theatre Centre of WA 26–28 November | State Theatre Centre of WA

In partnership with STRUT Dance and the State Theatre Centre, Situ-8 provides an opportunity for independent artists working with creative site-based practices. Creating lasting connections amongst the independent sector, SITU-8 is an exploration of often unseen and unknown spaces, and a celebration of the locations in and around the State Theatre Centre. Composers and Sound Artists David Stewart Felicity Groom Matthew Jones Rebecca Riggs/Bennett (Elsewhere/Rebecca) Simon Charles Louis Frere-Harvey Tess Stephenson (Cr0nes) Alexander Turner

Presentation Partners Strut Dance State Theatre Centre WA Co3 Contemporary Dance

Choreographers James Vu Ahn Pham Sally Richardson May Greenberg Talitha Maslin Ellen-Hope Thomson Joshua Pether Mitchell Harvey Ashleigh White


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


FOURBYFOUR 3–6 December | State Library of Western Australia, PICA and online

FourByFour was a unique COVID-19 response, commission and collaboration between WA movement artists, choreographers, composers, arts organisations and VR (virtual reality) producers. Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Co3 Contemporary Dance Australia and Tura New Music collectively commissioned four virtual reality works with four composers, four choreographers, four dancers and four VR producers. The 360° film works interpret our unique state assets of Western Australia State Library, Art Gallery of Western Australia, State Theatre Centre, and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. These films are now available for viewing online. FourByFour created new employment opportunities between sectors. The commission encouraged professional development by exposing composers, choreographers, and filmmakers to new forms, whilst also exposing audiences to hidden corners of buildings, collections, architecture, histories, and people. FourByFour premiered as part of the XR:WA virtual Reality conference. Works PublicReading (II) Serena Chalker (Choreographer) Storm Helmore (Dancer) Alice Humphries (Composer) Justin McArdle (VR Director) Gareth Lockett (Tech Director) Prospecting for Concrete Emma Fischwick (Choreographer) Mitchell Aldridge (Dancer) Ned Beckley & Josh Hogan (Composer) Brodie May Rowlands (VR Director) Gareth Lockett (Tech Director) Sophia Vertannes (Producer) Fleeting Claudia Alessi (Choreographer) Jo Omodei (Dancer) Lachlan Skipworth (Composer) Stephanie Senior (VR Director) Mahmudul (Raz) Raz (VR Coordinator)


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

Stagecraft Scott Elstermann (Choreographer) Scott Galbraith (Dancer) Rebecca Erin Smith (Composer) Lauren Brunswick (VR Director) Mahmudul (Raz) Raz (VR Coordinator) Kaela Halatau (Coordinator) Presentation Partners Revelation International Film Festival Co3 Contemporary Dance Art Gallery of WA PICA State Theatre Centre WA State Library XR:WA


SOUP NIGHTS 6 March | Lyric’s Underground, Maylands We got one night of underground experimental music in before Covid put an end to that. Our last international event with Ariana van Gelder (CU/USA), Samarobryn (AU) and Filth Goddess (AU).


Anthony Pateras

5 December | WAAPA’s Spectrum Project Space In a series of fortunate events for Perth audiences, composer, pianist and electro-acoustic musician Anthony Pateras found himself in Perth after returning from a European tour performing a concert length improvised piano work on the day of release from hotel quarantine. Performer Anthony Pateras | Piano Partners Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Edith Cowan University

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


2020 In development PILBARA SOUNDS Through ongoing dialogue with Martumili Arts and Parnngurr Community in East Pilbara, Tura New Music has secured a working relationship, through the Pilbara Sounds project, currently aiming at a residency in 2021. This inaugural component begins a three year program for which a partnership with BHP has been secured.

KIMBERLEY INDONESIA PROJECT The first two phases of the Kimberley Indonesia Project (2018 and 2019) were highly successful. The projects have facilitated the creation of new music works and performances, with the aim to develop a greater crosscultural understanding. 2020’s instalment of the project was to include an Indonesian artist’s residency in The Kimberley which, due to COVID-19 was postponed. However, the Australian Embassy in Jakarta has approached Tura to produce an online work to be actualised at the end of 2021. The proposed commission from the Embassy is an exciting development for Tura as well as the ongoing cross-cultural exchange between Indonesia and Australia for whose cultural relationship Tura is grateful to be brokering.

MOONG-UNG-GARH GARLA-GULA With support from Ulrike Klein AO and the Australia Council Tura has commissioned Mark Atkins and Erkki Veltheim to commence work on Moongung-garh garla-gula (sitting by the fire at night) a major new work for spoken word, didgeridoo and ensemble The work will celebrate Yamatji artist Mark Atkins' unique gifts as a poet, storyteller, singer-songwriter and didgeridoo virtuoso collaborating with some of Australia's leading musicians to create a full-length program imagined as a gathering around a campfire. It will feature poems drawn from Mark's life, stories inspired by the Australian natural and cultural landscape, and tall tales of bushmen, travellers and other colourful characters. Development workshops will take place across 2021 at UKARIA Cultural Centre with premiere performances in 2022.


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

2020 Actions AWARDS APRA AMCOS/AMC Art Music Award Excellence in a Regional Area Tura New Music and Gillian Howell for the Fitzroy Valley New Music Project Performing Arts WA Award Best New Work Sunset Maxine Doyle & STRUT Dance in association with TURA New Music

WE ACTIVELY SUPPORT Outcome Unknown Outcome Unknown hosts monthly experimental music concerts and workshops in Perth and regional centres. Tone List Tone List is a Perth-based label for experimental and exploratory music.

Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report


2020 TURA PEOPLE PATRON Wayne Martin AC QC BOARD OF DIRECTORS Simon Dawkins, Chair Zelinda Bafile Rod Campbell Vanessa Elliot Alison Gaines Dominique Monteleone Julian Tompkin Heather Zampatti Gavin Ryan (Chair, resigned) Robyn Johnston (resigned) TURA TEAM Tos Mahoney – Artistic Director/CEO Tristen Parr – Program Manager Jane House – Administration Manager Jameson Feakes – Archive Annalisa Oxenburgh – Executive Director (resigned) Anna Sparkes – Marketing, Development and Communications (resigned) CONSULTANTS Chil3 – Design Rachel Davison – Social Media Delwyn Everard - Legal Liesbeth Goedhart – Development John Patterson – ICT Richards and Co – Accounting Guy Smith – Regional and Touring Production Sarah Tompkin – Philanthropy Drew Wootton – Development


Tura New Music | 2020 Program Report

2020 PARTNERS TURA NEW MUSIC PARTNERS Tura New Music’s ongoing program of projects and events and its support and advocacy role for New Music in Western Australia is made possible by generous Government, Corporate, Business and private individuals’ support. GOVERNMENT FUNDING PARTNERS Tura New Music’s annual program is supported by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, in association with Lotterywest, and The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body. MAJOR PARTNERS Healthway Rowley Foundation GOVERNMENT PROJECT PARTNERS Lotterywest SUPPORTING SPONSORS Kooljaman Cape Leveque Sun Pictures NATIONAL PRESENTING PARTNERS Monash University Soundstream Griffith University Sydney Conservatorium of Music REGIONAL COMMUNITY PARTNERS Ardyaloon Inc Baya Giwiy Beagle Bay Community Inc Christ the King Catholic School Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation Fitzroy Valley District High School Kununurra District High School Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre Marrugeku Ngalangangpum School Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd One Arm Point Remote Community School Sacred Heart School Shinju Matsuri Shire of Halls Creek St Joseph’s School Wangki Radio Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Warmun Art Centre Wyndham District High School

METROPOLITAN PROJECT PARTNERS Co3 Contemporary Dance Revelation Film Festival Outcome Unknown In-Situ STRUT Dance Tone List Western Australian Museum Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Edith Cowan University University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music

2020 DONORS LEADERSHIP Jason Catlett Irene Lawson and Brendan Kissane Rowley Foundation Helen Symon and Ian Lulham CHAMPIONS Katrina Chisholm Feilman Foundation Bux Foundation Michael Beder Anonymous (4)

Tura New Music Ltd. 180 Hamersley Road Subiaco Western Australia 6008 E: info@tura.com.au www.tura.com.au ABN: 25 009 362 225 Published May 2021

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