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2021 PROGRAM REPORT Tura New Music

Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool Photo Jess Wyld


Tura acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this Country. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and we say thank you. We have the privilege and pleasure of working with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and language groups and value the opportunity to learn from and with them.

Tura was founded in 1987 in Boorloo/Perth. We acknowledge that this is the unceded land of the Whadjuk Noongar people and that their enduring connection to this place is of great benefit to us all. With solidarity and friendship, Tura says thanks to Whadjuk Elders and to the Boodjar that speaks all languages.

We commissioned 28 new works. We produced 26 performances and presented 38 live and 20 online works, of which 28 were new Australian works. Tura produced a major regional WA tour travelling to 10 regional and remote communities in the Kimberley. Over the year Tura engaged 45 principal creatives of which 25 were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. There were 3 major regional and remote community engagement programs and 14 school presentations/workshops with over 1500 participants, 80% being Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Tura partnered with 47 organisations across the year, maintaining relationships with communities around regional and remote Australia while creating new connections nationally and internationally.

In 2021 over 10,000 people engaged with Tura New Music’s live programs. Our online and Broadcast programs reached over 300,000.

Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

Tura creates cultural experiences that connect us all in meaningful and surprising ways. We celebrate First Nations people and culture by working with and for Indigenous artists and communities within intercultural learning and collaboration frameworks. We facilitate opportunities and collaborations for artists and composers across the national landscape to produce resonant and impactful works. Through the art of sound – in its many forms and crossovers within a universe of old and new practice – we explore Australian identity and push the boundaries of expression.

2 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

Tos Mahoney OF


In 2021, Tura continued to show its adaptability and versatility. Despite ongoing challenges all arts organisations faced in a continued pandemic, it was nevertheless a remarkable year for Tura as you can see in this report. Our ability to respond to the limitations imposed due to COVID-19 and to find opportunities to maintain an incredible and exciting program across the city and in the regions has received much praise. Our solid and sustainable position is a result of the dogged determination of the Artistic Director/CEO and the Tura team, as well as the strong recognition by State and Federal Government bodies that we are a responsive and facilitative organisation, and as such have acknowledged the importance of the momentum and legacy that our approach Ascreates.wehave demonstrated, this approach provides a powerful model to generate creativity with positive social and community Aschange.someone who has been associated with Tura for over twenty years, I want to thank the staff, artists, collaborators, funding bodies and donor partners who have had a similar faith in Tura and its programs, knowing the impact it would create across Australia as well as the reach it would have with our international collaborations. In this vein, I want to acknowledge the legacy of the last thirty-four years of Tura in facilitating experimentation and artistic risk as well as being a vehicle for collaboration, innovation, excellence and opportunities over that time, for many artists as well as audiences and Oncommunities.behalfofTura’s Board of Directors, I thank everyone who has helped to make 2021 the success it has been.


Seeing Gija Elder, artist and songman Patrick Mung Mung playing Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool (the old car) on Country near Warmun last year – and hearing him comment that it ‘… sounds like my country to me’ – was a moment that epitomised the essence of what Tura now stands for. It was also a moment that highlighted what good fortune we in the west of Australia, in our bubble of pandemic safety, continued to have across 2021. Though there had to be much reshuffling and reshaping across the year – including some very quick responses to state lockdowns that affected our projects around Australia with interstate artists – 2021 ended up being a meaningful and productive year for Tura. As you will read in the pages that follow, we saw the deepening of our cultural programs across the Kimberley, at last started our Pilbara sounds project on Martu country, commenced the delayed Mungangga Garlagula project at Ukaria in South Australia and commissioned female-identifying composers nationally for the Summers Night program. And so much more… Tura is proudly agile and adaptive: that in the matter of ten weeks we were able to curate and produce a three-week tour across the Kimberley featuring the music and dance collaboration with Marrugeku is an outstanding testament to that agility. That we could commission five new collaborative works with the communities made it an even more significant achievement. For that and all the program outcomes of 2021, I thank everyone who worked with us to make them possible; without your wisdom, expertise, generosity and support they simply wouldn’t have happened and the world would have been so much the poorer for it.


Simon Dawkins

Madeline Purdie Gija Cultural Advisor, Artist and Storyteller


18–24 October, East Kimberley

Following an ongoing interest, WA Museum acquired the work and its documentation in 2020. Since then, several residencies gathering further documentation of story and sound for both the Museum and a planned tour of the work from Kununurra to Perth have taken place. One of these took place in October 2021 when Tura creatives gathered in Warmun and Kununurra for project development and community consultation. Destined for permanent installation in the WA Museum Boola Bardip, the 3-week performance and exhibition tour is scheduled for May–June 2023. It will be an epic journey bringing Kimberley Aboriginal artists together with artists from around Australia, to create a dynamic fusion of art practices and expression.

Owen Thomas Performer and Storyteller

The Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool (Old Car in Gija) project commenced in 2017 when a car wreck was converted into a sonic sculpture and instrument by composer and sound artist Jon Rose in collaboration with the Warmun Community, and presented as part of Tura’s Regional Residency Program. The following year, Tura commissioned nine Gija artists to paint various sections of Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool.

Cecil Mosquito Performer and Storyteller

| Creative Producer

Jessica Wyld Photographer Parr Sound Project Australian Local Government, Cultural Arts & Cultural

Laure Bernard

Tos Mahoney


4 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report OUR NgoorrngoorroolWarnarralPROJECTS

Patrick Mung Mung | Performer and Storyteller

Jon Tarry Visual Sculptor Consultant Videographer

October 2021 Creative Team Shirley Purdie Gija Cultural Advisor, Artist and Storyteller

Composer and Cellist Genevieve Wilkins Percussionist Guy Smith | Production Manager and

Sport and

Government through the Department of

Investment program’s Made in WA Fund

Funding Partner The Western

engineer Claudia Rayne Producer Production Guy Smith Partners Warmun Community Inc WA NgalangangpumMuseum School 2021

Industries, Regional

Warnarral Ngoorrngoorrool Development 2021 Photo by Jess Wyld

Outlook from Twin Peaks accommodation, Ukaria Photo T. Mahoney

2021 Creative Team Mark Atkins Erkki Veltheim Tos Mahoney Partners Ukaria Cultural Centre

Translating to ‘sitting by the fire at night’ in Yamatji, Mungangga Garlagula is a work from poet and musician Mark Atkins and composer and performer Erkki Veltheim. The program celebrates Mark Atkins’ unique gifts as a poet, storyteller, singer-songwriter and didgeridoo virtuoso, collaborating with some of Australia’s leading musicians to create a full-length program imagined as a gathering around a campfire.

– Mark Atkins




In March 2021, a week-long residency was held at Ukaria Cultural Centre in South Australia to develop the work, with further development in 2022 towards the work’s premiere.

Project Funding Partners Klein Family Foundation

It will feature poems drawn from Mark’s life, stories inspired by the Australian natural and cultural landscape, and tall tales of bushmen, travellers and other colourful characters.

The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me to celebrate and honour my Yamatji heritage through my contemporary experience. The best moments happen around the fire late at night under the stars… I’m inspired to tell stories real and imagined.”

Tura Music 2021 Program Report

15–21 March | Ukaria Cultural Centre, South Australia

8 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report Hymns For End Times Rachael Dease, Katherine Potter, Alice Humphries and Mia Brine 18 February | His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth Tura and Perth Festival, with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and Voyces, partnered to present the world premiere of Rachael Dease’s captivating Hymns for End Times. Created during the 2019–2020 Australian bushfires, Hymns for End Times presented a series of musical vignettes imagining apocalyptic scenarios juxtaposed with yearning for hope and love. A deeply personal work full of fragility and fortitude, it is both a powerful protest against a bleak future and a poetic lullaby to help soothe our fears. Artists Rachael Dease Composer and Vocals Mia Brine | Musical Director and Vocal Arranger Alice Humphries Arranger Kathy Potter | Arranger Featuring The West Australian Symphony Orchestra & Voyces Choir Production Bruce McKinven | Set and Costume Designer Mick Rippon Lighting Designer Jeremy Turner | FOH Engineer Anna Kosky Producer for Perth Festival Tristen Parr Music Producer for Tura Presenting Partner Perth Festival Project Funding Partners The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries *Recorded album made possible through the Minderoo Artist Fund

Hymns For End Times Photo by Dan Grant “Dease’s spellbinding voice and magnetic stage presence will take you through intimate lullabies to orchestral heights in this captivating one-off music event.” – Around the Sound “a requiem for humanity” – Simon Collins, The West Australian

Still from Reciprocity by Dan Brown and Rachael Dease

Devised by Tura in collaboration with curator and author Jack Sargeant, these works were commissioned in 2020 specifically for online delivery and consist of a quartet collaboration of film and sound that explore the theme of the anthropocene.

The special event screening titled A Different View Plus also included an additional film, Folding City, directed by Tyler Hubby.

Dream of April by James Newitt and Sonya Holowell (with Jonathan Holowell, keyboard)


Curator Jack Sargeant Partner Revelation Perth International Film Festival

Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

4 & 11 July Revelation Film Festival, Perth and Online

Reciprocity by Rachael Dease and Dan Browne

Comprising four commissioned films from filmmaker and sound artist pairings from around the globe, A Different View was selected as part of the 2021 Revelation Perth International Film Festival program.

A Different View

Asynchronous View by Lawrence English and Emma Northey Look Down and Find It by Julian Day and Lori Felker

Howell’s specialist area of practice is in leading community music work in settings ruptured by political violence and displacement to facilitate voice, connection, and healing. This work has taken her as a practitioner and a researcher to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Kosovo and Timor-Leste – all with documented social impact leading to her PhD on this area of practice. Howell is currently Dean’s Research Fellow, at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne and Co-Chair of the International Society for Music Education’s Community Music Activity

TheCommission.albumFlow, recorded in 2019, with songs written by students and elders in Bunuba, Gooniyandi and Walmajarri languages, was launched in October 2021.

1–30 June, 17–30 October | Fitzroy Crossing, Kimberley Sound FX commenced in 2017 and is led by award-winning community music facilitator, researcher and educator Dr Gillian Howell. Sound FX explores music, story, cultural knowledge, and language through long term collaborations with education and community partners in the Fitzroy Valley. The project aims to strengthen and diversify the ways that music-making can support community goals around language knowledge, wellbeing and healing. The co-creation of new music is at the core of our approach.

12 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

Tura’s creative collaborations support the revitalisation of local Aboriginal languages whilst developing new cultural works for performance, education and wider distribution, and create new opportunities for community members to develop their musicianship and make music together in diverse ways. We look to support and enhance locally-grown creative projects through the annual visits of Tura and its artists.

In June 2021, program director Dr Gillian Howell returned to Fitzroy Valley once again to work with students and language teachers from Fitzroy Valley District High School, educators at the Baya Gawiy Children and Family Centre and various other organisations across community.


A major milestone of the project was the appointment of Bunuba Educator, artist and broadcaster Natalie Davey as Sound FX Local Producer.

The second residency of 2021 was facilitated by WA sound artist Sam Newman and Yawuru dancer Tara Gower. The residency included field recording, song writing, choreography, movement and improvisation, all inspired by experience of Country and showcased to the community in a finale performance by the students at Fitzroy Valley District High School.

13Tura New Music 2021 Program Report Sound FX Photo by Sam Newman Photo by Sam Newman Photo by Gillian Howell2021 Creative Team Gillian Howell | Program Director Samuel Newman Music Workshop Facilitator Tara Gower Dance Workshop Facilitator Mark Jones | Videographer Natalie Davey Local Producer Project Donors Irene Lawson & Brendan Kissane Project Funding Partners Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message The Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts Program The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ Creative Communities Recovery Program Local Partners Fitzroy Valley District High School Baya Gawiy Children and Family Centre Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency Mara Wora Wora Aboriginal Corporation

Anya Samson and Annika Moses for Pilbara Sounds | Photo by Zoe Martyn


2021 Community Artists Hamzah Ignatious Taylor McKenzie Whyoulter Gladys Kuru Bidu

TheBHPWestern Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ Creative Communities Recovery Program

Kirk MorikaMcLeanClaytonGibbsBundabarWilliamsBunjibu

In partnership with Martumili Artists, and supported by BHP, Tura has embarked on a three-year sound art and field recording project on Martu Country in the remote East Pilbara region.

Sammy Anya Judith Samson Lawrence Whyoulter

For the 2021 residency project, Tura partnered with, and thanks, Martumili Artists, Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ Rangers), Punmu Community, Rawa School (both Punmu and Kunawarritji campuses), Kunawarritji Community and Newman Women's Shelter.

Tura and the artists thanks the communities that have partnered with us and the Martu and Nyiyaparli people for their ongoing care, custodianship and connection to the land. Thank you to the Elders and community members who have welcomed us onto Country.

2021 Tura Team Annika Moses


Project Funding Partners

Principal sound artist Philip Samartzis was unable to visit Western Australia in 2021 due to border closures, however the project was able to commence with WA sound artist Annika Moses and producer Tim Pearn working with the remote communities of Punmu and TheKunawarritji.projectaspires to record the diversity of sounds specific to place, Martu ngurra – both the manmade and natural environment. Throughout the project the raw material of sound will be composed into new works, shared and celebrated with the community and audiences around Australia.

Newman, Punmu, Kunawarritji, East Pilbara

Troy Pollyu

15Tura New Music 2021 Program Report Pilbara Sounds | Photo by Tim Pearn Pilbara Sounds Photo by Tim Pearn Pilbara Sounds 19 July–14 August |

Tim Pearn


16 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report The Sonus3 Tour 11–23 September Kununurra, Warmun, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Broome, Kooljaman, One Arm Point, Djarindjin/ Lombadina, Beagle Bay, Kimberley Tura’s annual Regional Touring Program featured the collaboration with internationally renowned Indigenous dance and movement company Marrugeku on the Sonus3 Kimberley Tour. Along with the Sonus3 Ensemble, Yawuru dancers Tara Gower and Dalisa Pigram presented school workshops and concerts that enabled unique cultural and musical combinations through two-way exchange. Production Team Guy Smith Production Manager Rhanre Lee Production Assistant Claudia Rayne Producer Katrina Sparkes | Documentation Presenting Partner Marrugeku Project Funding Partners Healthway, promoting the Act Belong Commit message The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Playing WA Fund Community Partners Waringarri Aboriginal Arts East Kimberley College Warmun Community Inc Warmun Arts HallsNgalangangpumCentreSchoolCreekDistrictHigh School Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre Fitzroy Valley District High School Shire of Derby West Kimberley Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation One Arm Point Remote Community School Lombadina Aboriginal SunBeagleKooljamanDjiarindjin/LombadinaCorporationSchoolBaySchoolPictures Artists Stephen Pigram | Vocals, Guitar and Ukulele Esfandiar Shamir Vocals, Ney and Daf Tristen Parr | Cello and Electronics Tos Mahoney Flute and Electronics Genevieve Wilkins | Percussion Dalisa Pigram | Dance Tara Gower | Dance Program All songs arranged by the Sonus ensemble All choreography by Dalisa Pigram and Tara Gower The Persian Chant | Esfandiar Shahmir and Tristen Parr Flutian Esfandiar Shahmir, Tos Mahoney and Tristen Parr Dear Alistair Stephen Pigram Everysong Stephen Pigram and Tristen Parr Duoplicity 1 Tristen Parr and Dalisa Pigram, Duoplicity 2 Esfandiar Shahmir and Tara Gower Walganyagarra Buru Stephen Pigram Willy Willy Quintet | Esfandiar Shahmir, Tos Mahoney, Tristen Parr, Dalisa Pigram and Tara Gower Mojo | Stephen Pigram Mimi | Stephen Pigram Sonus3 Concert Photo by Michael Jalaru Torres Sonus3 workshop Photo by K. Sparkes

17Tura New Music 2021 Program Report Sonus3 Concert at Sun Pictures, Broome, 2021 Photo by Michael Jalaru Torres Sonus at Karijini 7–11 April Karijini National Park, Pilbara An outreach of the 2019 Sonus2 Tour was featured at the 2021 Karijini Experience. This five-day celebration of country and culture in the Pilbara brought together artists from across WA to perform in outstanding locations. Artists Stephen Pigram | Vocals, Guitar Tristen Parr | Cello Tos Mahoney Flute Genevieve Wilkins | Percussion Production Guy Smith Partners 2021 Karijini Experience Tura ImpactTracks:Research

The exciting new Participatory Action Research with early childhood education partner in Fitzroy Crossing Baya Gawiy Buga yani Jandu Yani was developed across 2021 and will roll out in 2022.

This ongoing research project tracks the role Tura plays in stimulating and inspiring creative ideas and opening up new possibilities for music and sound art in the communities.

The research initiative funded by the Ian Potter Foundation that Dr Gillian Howell carried out for Griffith University developed a bespoke evaluation framework for Tura’s Regional Programs, and the findings from the first application of that framework in the Kimberley were released in 2021.

Credits Professor Brydie-Leigh Bartleet Principal Investigator Dr Gillian Howell Lead Author and Researcher Partners Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre Griffith MelbourneUniversityUniversity


Lydia Gardiner Composer Rebecca Erin Smith Composer Shaun Lee-Chen Violin Sarah Macliver Voice St George’s Cathedral Consort Directed by Dr Joseph Nolan Wind Quartet Plus Partners Perth Festival WA Museum Boola Bardip




18 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

6–7 February, 26–28 February | Hackett Hall, WA Museum Boola Bardip, Perth Tura’s collaboration with Perth Festival saw the commission of two new works by WA composers Lydia Gardiner and Rebecca Erin Smith in response to Otto, the blue whale whose immense skeleton hangs in WA Museum Boola Bardip. Lydia Gardiner’s work The Whale and I captured the majesty of this beautiful creature, but also reflected on the sadness of its status as an endangered animal. Rebecca Erin Smith’s Black Giants explored the immensity of the skeleton in reference to a text by Edith Södergran. Smith’s music layered relatively simple melodic lines to create incidental harmony in a rhythmically ambiguous environment.

19Tura New Music 2021 Program Report Alluvial Gold 10–13 February | Goolugatup Heathcote, Perth Alluvial Gold is a visceral drama exploring the often-forgotten worlds below the surface of the river. Sculptural percussion instruments modelled on dolphin bones, native oyster shells and marine ecology were paired with vibraphone and electronics in this premiere performance at Goolugatup Heathcote for Perth Festival 2021. This project has been developed into further performances in 2022. Creative Team Louise Devenish | Performance and Direction Stuart James | Composition and Dound Design Erin Coates Video and Sculptural Instruments Mia Holton Projection Design Peter Young | Production Manager Tristen Parr Producer for Tura Gemma Weston Producer for Perth Festival Jana Braddock Producer for Goolugatup Heathcote Partners Perth AustralianMonashGoolugatupFestivalHeathcoteUniversityGovernment (Australian Research Council) The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Louise Devenish, Alluvial Gold Photo by Nik Babic

of Local Government, Sport and

Visual Dramaturge Partners The kdmindustriesRechabite Project Funding Partner The Western Australian Government through the



and Visuals James





7 May | The

Mark Haslam and James Luscombe Rechabite, Co-presented with kdmindustries The Rechabite, All I Ever Am explored the rise of data as the most valuable reource in the world. featured stunning visuals and a powerfully immersive soundtrack from Mark Haslam and James Luscombe, who created a sensory mash of real-time web scrapes, generative video and modular sound exploring 40 trillion gigabytes of information circulating in our world. Haslam Concept, Design Luscombe Composition Hetherington Department Cultural

Artists Mark

20 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report All I Ever Am


“Technology is often viewed as an opposing element to humanity, but through this production explore just how human it is – how all those 1s and 0s are testament to the human need to build and connect.” Mark Haslam by Fionn Mulholland


All I Ever Am Photo


“It has its core in ceremonial marches. It centres around the bull shark and the brackish water where the saltwater meets the river; a place-based performance work with hope, that starts at twilight.”

ClintBullhornBracknell,TrevorRyan G’Froerer November Walyalup/Fremantle with the Fremantle Biennale and commissioned for CROSSING 21, Bullhorn was a powerful promenade work for 15 brass players and dancers created by composers Clint Bracknell and Callum G’Froerer, and choreographer Trevor Ryan.

& Callum


21Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

Artists Callum G’Froerer Composer Clint Bracknell | Composer Trevor Ryan Choreography Players Carlton O’Connor Golds Will JonathonFredrickPethickJohnstone-HorstmanBrittain Partners Fremantle Biennale Project Funding Partners Australian Government’s RISE Fund The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries





Drawing on the Noongar bull shark song developed by Bracknell, a contemporary bull shark dance by Ryan and the brass textures of G’Froerer, Bullhorn was a collaboration of Noongar and contemporary forms of music, dance, song and experimental performance creating an electric experience for audiences.


Tom Muller - Fremantle Biennale Artistic Director Bullhorn, CROSSING 21 (Fremantle Biennale) Photo by Duncan Wright

Rob BlakeFelixBreannaJennyTahliaJackColemanCollinsonDennBylundEvangelistaTorralbo-StratonArmstrong Jonah


Curatorial team Geordie Crawley and Serena Chalker Program


26–28 August The Alex Hotel, Perth In partnership with Strut Dance and LINK Dance Company, Situ-8:Hotel took over the rooms, hallways and rooftops of the Alex Hotel in Northbridge. Curated by Geordie Crawley and Serena Chalker, eight artists – four choreographers and four composers – collaborated to produce four new dance and sound works which explored ideas of home, transience and mixed realities.


ROOM Rhiana Katz Rachael Dease Kimberley Parkin, Montserrat Heras, Elliot Dunn, Keisha Cheuk Tung Lau, Francesca Fenton, Allain Gumapon, Dior Maddalena, Anna Milburn, Bianca Perrone, Asher Simkins and Lachlan


22 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report




Choreography:PLACE Mitchell Aldridge Azariah Felton Mitchell Aldridge, Cameron Park, Sez Pleasent, Sabrina Madaffari, Jessica Petitt and Nadia Priolo

Performance: Sam Coren, Scott Gailbraith, Macon Riley and Zachary Wilson

Presenting Partners Strut Dance LINK Dance Company Project Partners The Alex Hotel Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University “…this season shows the vibrancy of WA’s independent performance scene, and emphasises what a gift it is to enjoy live performance right now – when so much of the country is locked-down.”

Mitchell Aldridge and Cameron Park in Situ8:Hotel


SOFT ENCOUNTERS, BOILED DREAMS Celina Hage, Nikki Tarling and Georgia van Gils Stephen de Filippo and Kane Tenadii-Hay Celina Hage, Georgia van Gils and Luther Wilson




Photo by Anthony Tran


– Jo Pickup, Arts Hub

23Tura New Music 2021 Program Report PRIMORDIAL Photo by Emma Fishwick GabriellaPrimordialSmart,ConstantineKoukias 26 November Hackett Hall, WA Museum Boola Bardip, Perth Composed by Constantine Koukias for performance by Gabriella Smart, PRIMORDIAL was a 60-minute soundscape for piano and electronic media inspired by the Ediacara Fossils at Nilpena Station, South Australia. The work’s sonic world reflected the immense landscape of the Ediacara Fossil field on the edge of the Australian desert. Artists Constantine Koukias Composition Gabriella Smart Piano Design Team Mischa Duncan te Pas Tape Sound Design Guy Smith | Sound Engineer Peter Young | Lighting Designer Ben Taaffe | WA Museum Presentation Partners WA Museum Boola Bardip Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University Soundstream


The Summers Night Project is a biennial national mentoring project established to support emerging female and non-binary composers to create new composition with the aim of growing the gender diversity of composers in music programs Australia-wide.

The 2021 project, initially intended to commence mid-June, was unfortunately postponed due to the evolving COVID situation in the eastern states and was rescheduled to March 2022.

The project aligns composition and performance mentors from around Australia to work with composer mentees for development workshops, followed by concert performances. During 2021 the mentees were selected and started the composition process, working towards a set of performances in 2023.


Centre Philanthropic Partner Sydney


24 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report IN DEVELOPMENTSummersNightProject


Aviva Endean, Hilary Kleinig, Bree van Ryk, Kate Milligan and Frankie Dyson Reilly Mentors Cat Hope, Gabriella Smart, Erik Griswold, Damien Ricketson, Vanessa Tomlinson, Olivia Davies, Tristen Parr, Aaron Wyatt and Blair Harris Project Partners

associated donors Project Funding Partner

The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body Media ABC Classic

Partner Melbourne

Presentation Recital Community Foundation’s Women Composers and its

Gradient In 2021, Olivia Davies, Callum G’Froerer and Nick Roux commenced the first stage development both in person and remotely of Gradient, a 6-hour collaborative installationperformance work.


Credits Callum G’Froerer Double Bell Trumpet Olivia Davies | Composition and Photography Nick Roux Programming and Audio Visuals

Project Funding Partners Minderoo Foundation

Tura Music Program

The work enters final stage development in early 2022 before premiering in WA a standalone audio-visual version of the project.


The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Gradient Photo by Olivia Davies

The Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body



The work explores the digital saturation of human life, specifically our compulsive relationship with smartphone photography, smartphone photography and digital lives.

Creative Directors

Project Creatives Sal Cooper and Kate Neal

Jacob Abela Piano Grischa Lichtenberger Electronics Emily Barrie Costume Stage Design Additive Lighting and AV Design

While You Sleep

Photo by Briony Jackson

The process brought sound artist and programmer James Luscombe and video artist and programmer Mark Haslam into the studio, once again, to develop a multimedia drum work for solo performer.

Produced by Tura, Drum Hacker entered into a stage one creative development at the Subiaco Arts Centre. This innovative solo drum kit project devised by drummer Daniel Susnjar involves real-time interaction with digital audio and visual devices using a hybrid acoustic and electronic drum kit setup.

While You Sleep


Zachary Johnston; Isabel Hede; Phoebe Green and David Moran String Quartet

Music and Sound Design Sal Cooper Screen-based Media Jackson Castiglione Dramaturge and Co-director


Samuel Kreusler Production Assistant

An aural and visual excursion into both the musical fugue and the psychological ‘fugue state’, While You Sleep unites string quartet, piano, electronics, video and animation in a surreal counterpoint of music, movement and image where nothing is quite as it seems.

26 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

Drum Hacker

Credits: Daniel Susnjar Drums and Key Creative Mark Haslam Video Design and Programming James Luscombe Audio Design and Programming

Dan Susnjar

In 2021 Tura worked closely with lead artists Kate Neal and Sal Cooper to streamline the work ahead of a national tour in Exploring2022. flight, memory and dissociation, While You Sleep is an escape from the present. Embracing the elaborate complexity of the musical fugue – where a phrase is introduced by one instrument and then taken up by others – the work weaves gesture, design, light and immersive visuals. Hand-drawn animation, live action, video and stopmotion are choreographed alongside the musicians on stage.

Kate Neal |


Funding: The Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries



27Tura New Music 2021 Program Report

Photo by Emma Fishwick

Across 2021, research commenced on a planned publication Tura: A History.

Partner Lotterywest

Kelly Fliedner Editor Funding

2021 Archive Team

Tos Mahoney Tura Artistic Director Project Funding Partner

Publication will be launched in 2023 to celebrate the organisation’s 35th year.

Credits Kelly Fliedner

The publication will examine the history of the organisation under the initial banner of Evos (established in 1987) and then Tura (from Through1997).photographs, interviews and essays, this publication will illustrate how Tura was part of a broader shift in Australian artistic culture from modernism to postmodernism, from artist-run-initiative culture to institutionalism. New, reflective interviews will support the presentation of the archive, and enable contemporary audiences to access this inspiring creative and social history.

Archive, Here Now reflects on Tura’s 35-year history to present significant documents from our extensive archive in the context of commissioned essays, conversations and artist profiles.

Keeping Culture Archive


Tura: A History

| Associate

Jameson Feakes

| Associate Editor & Essayist

It includes ephemera and recordings from Tura’s own catalogue as well as items from our previous incarnation, Evos. This is a space for us to share not only our own history but also holdings from other collectives, groups, events, festivals and projects as they connect, celebrate and present new music in Western Australia and nationally. With annotated commentary on the archive, we will share key digitised resources from events and exhibitions, artist interviews, catalogue essays, and other important materials to give context to Tura’s continuing commitment to music and experimental arts practice up until today. Suzanne Jess Archivist


Lotterywest Drumhacker

28 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report TURA PEOPLE 2021 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Simon Dawkins (Chair) Zelinda Bafile Rod HeatherJulianDominiqueAlisonVanessaCampbellElliottGainesMonteleoneTompkinZampatti 2021 TEAM Tos Mahoney | Artistic Director/CEO Tristen Parr Program Manager Jane House Business Administration Pauline Sikweti | Finance Officer Katrina Sparkes | Communications Kelly Fliedner Associate Editor Jo Malone | Development Niki Davison Project Officer Claudia Rayne | Regional Producer Jessica Wraight Regional Producer Suzanne Jess | Archivist Rachel Davison Social Media 2021 GOVERNMENTPARTNERSFUNDING PARTNERS Tura is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body and the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in association with Lotterywest GOVERNMENT PROJECT FUNDING PARTNERS The Western Australian Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries TheLotterywestAustralian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body. REGIONAL PROGRAM SPONSORS HealthwayBHP promoting the Act Belong Commit message 2021 PRINCIPAL DONORS Irene Lawson & Brendan Kissane Charmaine & Bruce Cameron Helen Symon & Ian Lulham The Bux Foundation Jason GraemeCatlett&Lorraine Rowley Katrina Chisholm Holly PhilipMastermanYetton&Joan Spiller Vanya Cullen Mark JanTheElizabethCarolineClaphamDeMoriFongMiettaFoundation&AlanStewart REGIONAL PARTNERS Baya BeagleGawiyBay Community Inc Djarindjin and Lombadina School Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation Fitzroy Valley District High School KJ Rangers, Kooljaman Cape Leveque Kununurra District High School Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation Martumili OneNgalangangpumArtistsSchoolArmPointRemote Community School Beagle Bay School Shire of Halls Creek Sun WaringarriWangkiPicturesRadioAboriginal Arts Warmun Community Inc METROPOLITAN PROJECT PARTNERS The Alex Hotel The Bird The City of Perth The Fremantle Biennale Hale School Link Dance Company Liquid WesternWestToneSTRUTTheSITU-8RevelationThePICAPerthOutcomeArchitectureUnknownFestivalRechabiteFilmFestivalStreetDanceListAustralianMuseumAustralianAcademy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University University of Western Australia Conservatorium of Music Tura gratefully acknowledges the support of Cullen Wines across its metropolitan and national programs

Tura at Karijini | Photo T. Parr

30 Tura New Music 2021 Program Report Tura New Music Ltd. 180 Hamersley Road Subiaco Western Australia 6008 E: info@tura.com.au www.tura.com.au ABN: 25 009 362 225 Published July 2022

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