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TSU Wesley leaders ran an exciting campaign before an eager-to-vote student body this spring semester. Outstanding leaders served as candidates for student body government roles and served on amazing campaign teams. TSU Wesley leader, Derrick Sanders, was elected by his peers as the 81st President of TSU’s Student Government Association. Derrick has a vast history of campus leadership and brings a strong vision to his position as president. He says that his position is not a moment but a movement.

Dominique Wallace, a Wesley leader, is TSU’s newly elected Senior Class Secretary, who is using leadership, community involvement and investment in education to inspire the students of TSU. Dominique says,

Derrick states: “Thank you Rev. Morton of the Tennessee State University Wesley Foundation who prayed for me endlessly and gave me hope through troubling times. TSU and the Wesley Foundation have produced many leaders who came before us. We are our ancestor's wildest dreams! Together, we can continue the legacies of those before us and create leadership for those to come. This not a moment, this is a movement.”


Newly elected Senior Class President, Jayden Perry, wants to ensure that every senior is equipped with the tools to be successful in life post-graduation. Jayden says, “The Wesley Foundation was a big help during my campaign! They provided me with constant prayer and motivation and even donated inspirational materials for me to pass out to students.”

Mark states,

All of these leaders have participated in the TSU Wesley Foundation PURPOSE program, where young adults can dream, discern, and become equipped to lead and serve. Mark Davis, newly elected as Mr. TSU, hopes to inspire the young men of TSU to be strong role models for the younger community and to create their own definition of manhood. He plans to do this through hosting events centered around sexual assault awareness, mental health awareness, campus engagement and more. Mark reflects on how the partnership between TSU Wesley Foundation and Collegiate 100 developed community TSU Wesley looks forward to supporting service projects to enhance and positively these leaders as they change the world! influence the community.


The Elijah Project was conceived by the Rev. Marilyn E. Thornton, Director/Campus Minister of the Wesley Foundation at Fisk University, as a vehicle to equip black and white young adults in collegiate ministry to take leadership in recognizing the impact of racism and white supremacist ideology on society. For the 2020/2021 academic year, it was executed in collaboration with the TSU Wesley (Rev. Michele Morton), Belmont Wesley Fellowship (Rev. David Hollis) and Austin-Peay Wesley Foundation (Rev. Katie Woodard/Hannah Burnett) with twelve students, three from each ministry. One of the primary purposes of the project is to build relationships founded on the Christian ethics of justice and love, treating others as you wish to be treated. In its first year, participants attended six workshops on a virtual platform, which included anti-racism consultant-led informational and visual presentations, experiential break-out group conversations, and roleplays. The virtual platform provided a safe, neutral space for students to discuss and process a common terminology, difficult concepts, and new ways of thinking in a non-judgmental setting. Students concluded that to say white supremacy and racism do not exist is an evil deception that prevents people from seeing how these twin elements work in various structures, including school, jobs, community, and church. Participants appreciated the opportunity to be in the Elijah Project and to claim ownership for beginning to connect the dots between awareness, empowerment, empathy, personal responsibility, and transformation. Belmont Wesley Fellowship Pastor and workshop participant, David Hollis, says, “By participating in these workshops, everyone was able to know and learn from each other in a safe, loving space where we could share our different ideas and contexts. When we know each other, we discover that we are actually not all that different. The ways we are different can be places of celebration and learning rather than sources of fear.” Rev. Hollis states, "I continue to be in awe of the way students from different backgrounds share and build relationships! I love when we focus on building bigger tables and bringing more people into a common community. Anytime we can share resources and gifts, blessings flow.” “We are grateful to be a part of such a resourceful and informative workshop and we look forward to continuing this partnership created within the Wesley community," says Rev. Morton. “Thank you to Rev. Marilyn Thornton of Fisk University Wesley Foundation for creating much needed awareness through the Elijah Project.”



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