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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Only 50 cents

Rough designs Here’s a list of upcoming meetings and events for area nonprofit community and governmental organizations:


Polk County Mobile Recycling Unit, Thursdays, 7 a.m. - noon, old Searcy Mill parking lot, Hwy. 108, Columbus. Thursday Men's Prayer Breakfast will meet Thursday, Jan. 27 at 8 a.m. at TJ's Cafe, 456 S. Trade Street, Tryon. Saluda Center, Thursday activities: knitting group, 9:30 a.m.; gentle Yin Yoga 5:30 p.m., Saluda Center. 828-7499245. The Meeting Place Senior Center, Thursday activities include ceramics, 9:30 a.m. 828-894-0001. Landrum Library, Lap Babies, Thursdays, 10 a.m.; storytime, 10:30 a.m. Polk County Historical Association Museum open Thursdays, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., 60 Walker St., Columbus, lower level. Free. Saluda Public Library, Bouncing Babies and Toddlers in Tow, Thursdays, 10 a.m. Green Creek Community Center, Zumba exercise class, Thursdays 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., in gym. Rotary Club of Tryon meets every Thursday at noon (Continued on page 2)

Handcrafted wearable art by local artist Chris Baschon by Robin A. Edgar

Local artist Chris Rough Baschon, appears to have finally found her creative niche. Moving to Tryon three years ago, the former art teacher offered private art lessons and taught mandala workshops (see until this past fall, when she took a wearable art design workshop with Christine Mariotti. Learning how to employ a mild bleaching technique that pulls the color out of previously dyed fabric, bringing out a design in the lighter tones, she made a few samples. The (Continued on page 3)

A wizard, one of Chris Baschon’s T-shirt designs. Baschon uses a mild bleaching technique to bring out a design in previously dyed fabric. (photo by Robin Edgar)

Columbus to seek state loan, grant for wastewater treatment plant upgrades by Leah Justice

The Town of Columbus is considering seeking a state loan and grant to complete upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant. The town previously considered seeking a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loan and grant, which could take a couple of years to secure.

Columbus council members have expressed some concern over the terms of the USDA loan, which would be paid back over 40 years. The state option would be a 20year loan. The town can still apply for the USDA option if it does not secure state funding. Columbus council toured the town’s wastewater treatment

Serving Polk County and Upper Spartanburg and Greenville Counties

plant facility last October and returned saying upgrades are urgent. The plant is now 40 years old and has well surpassed its expected life. “After seeing the plant, I don’t think we have a choice,” said Columbus Mayor Eric McIntyre. “I think if the citizens saw the (Continued on page 4)

2 Tryon Daily Bulletin  / The World’s Smallest Daily Newspaper Thursday, January 27, 2011 Bingo, Thursdays, 7-9 p.m. (year round). 828-894-5098. Local Weather Moon AA's Sobriety and Beyond, (continued from page 1) Forecast: Today Tomorrow Phase Thursdays, 8-9 p.m., Immaculate at Tryon Presbyterian Church on Conception Roman Catholic Today: Mostly sunny, with Harmon Field Road. 10 percent chance of preChurch, 1024 W. Main St., Forest Landrum Library home City. 828-863-1313. cipitation. High 50, low 30. school program Thursday, Jan. Alcoholics Anonymous, Mostly sunny Partly cloudy 27 at 2 p.m. First through sixth Thursdays, 8 p.m., CooperRiis, Friday: Partly cloudy, grade children will enjoy the Mill Spring. 828-859-7099. with 10 percent chance of precipitation. High 54, low 33. program “Color Me Green” preAlcoholics Anonymous, Tuesday’s weather was: High 39, low 31, 0.62 inches of rain. sented by FENCE, which will Thursdays, 8 p.m., Holy Cross focus on green, edible plants. For Episcopal Church, 150 Melrose more info. call 864-457-2118. Ave., Tryon. Community Agri-Business OBITUARIES Alliance (CABA) will meet on Friday Thursday, Jan. 27 at 6 p.m. at the Saluda Center, Friday events: Philip D. Anderson, p. 8 Mill Spring Agricultural Center, chair exercise, 10 a.m.; Trash Evelyn Covil Chapman, p. 8 Dr. William Eugene Froemming, p. 10 located at 156 School House train, 10 a.m. Road in Mill Spring. Guest The Meeting Place Senior speaker Lynn Sprague, Polk Center, Friday activities include The Meeting Place Senior Polk County Transportation County Agricultural Economic Movie Matinee, 10 a.m. Bingo, Center, Monday activities include Authority makes a regular trip Development Director, will lead 12:30 p.m. 828-894-0001. senior fitness, 11 a.m., Bingo or to Hendersonville on the first a discussion on the new state food Upstairs Artspace exhibit of bead class, 12:30 p.m. 828-894- and third Tuesday of each month. safety act and how it will affect art students from Polk and Lan- 0001. 894-8203. small farmers. drum High Schools runs through Christian Fellowship LunHospice of the Carolina FootExplore the Arts, River Guer- Feb. 5. cheon, TJ’s Cafe, Tryon, Mondays hills, “We Care” is a weekly inforguerian and John Vorus perform Seniors on Sobriety (SOS) except holidays, noon - 1 p.m.; mal social group open to women world music on instruments from AA Meeting, Fridays at noon, food, fellowship and discussion the Himalayas and Australia Polk County Chamber of Com- of relevant issues; interdenomina- coping with loss. The group meets Thursday, Jan. 27 at 6:30 p.m. merce Building, 2753 Lynn Rd. tional.859-5051. at 9 a.m. at TJ’s Café in Tryon and at Tryon Fine Arts Center. More (Hwy 108), Tryon. 828-894Chess Club, Mondays, 12:30 is open to newcomers. For more information at 828-859-8322. p.m., recreation room, Laurel Hurst information, contact Shannon 0293. Refreshments will be served. Tryon Toy Makers Museum Apartments, Columbus. Open to Slater at 894-7000 or800-617Al-Anon: Foothills Come to 7132 or open Friday 2 - 6 p.m., 43 E. anyone in community. 894-3336. Believe Thursdays, 7 p.m., Polk Saluda Center, Monday activiSaluda Center, Tuesdays, Wellness Center, 801 W. Mills Howard St., Tryon. 828-290- ties include Line Dancing at 12:30 chair exercise, 9 a.m. Bridge, 10 6600. St., Suite A, Columbus. p.m. For more information visit a.m., 828-749-9245. For more American Legion Post 250, Green Creek Community activities, e-mail saludacenter@ Center, Zumba exercise class, weekly Bingo games, Fridays, 7 Al Anon: Green Creek meets or visit www.saluda. p.m., 43 Depot St., Tryon. Doors Thursdays 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., at the Green Creek Community open 5:30 p.m. Smoke-free. com. in gym. Center Mondays, 6 p.m., 828-817The Meeting Place Senior Mill Spring VFW Post 10349 Saturday 6675. Center, Tuesday activities inIndoor Farmers’ Market, Male Anger Management/ clude ceramics, 9:30 a.m.; art Mill Spring Ag Center, Sat., Jan. Domestic Abuse Intervention class, 10 a.m., Bingo or movie, 29, 8 a.m - 2 p.m. Local produce, Program, Mondays, 6 - 7:30 p.m., How To Reach Us Main number, classifieds and 12:30 p.m. 828-894-0001. meats, cheese, crafts and value- Steps to HOPE. 894-2340. subscriptions: 828-859-9151 added. Call Lynn Sprague at 919Polk County Historical AssoGreek Community Center FAX: 828-859-5575 414-7840 for vendor sign-up. e-mail: Christian Wisdom Circle, for ciation Museum open Tuesdays, Tryon Toy Makers Museum friends and families of alcoholics/ 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., 60 Walker St., Founded Jan. 31, 1928 by Seth M. Vining. (Consolidated with the Polk open Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. addicts, Monday 7:15 p.m. 828- Columbus, lower level. Free. County News 1955) 43 E. Howard St., Tryon. 828- 817-6675. Polk County Library PreBetty Ramsey, Publisher 290-6600. Thermal Belt Stamp Club, first school Storytime, Tuesdays at THE TRYON DAILY BULLETIN and third Mondays of each month, 10:30 a.m. Free. All area children Monday (USPS 643-360) is published 7:30 p.m., Tryon Federal Bank, daily except Saturdays and and caregivers welcome. CarePolk County Mobile Recy- Columbus. Visitors welcome. Sundays for $60 per year by cling Unit, Mondays, Harmon Tryon Newsmedia LLC, 16 N. Alcoholics Anonymous, Mon- giver must remain with child. Trade St., Tryon, NC 28782Field/Tryon, 7 a.m. - noon. Please submit Curb Reporter days, 8 p.m., Columbus Presbyte6656. Periodicals postage paid Democratic Women’s Club items in writing at least two days at Tryon, North Carolina 28782 rian Church. and additional mailing offices. will hold their monthly meeting prior to publication. Items must POSTMASTER: Send address Tuesday on Monday, Jan. 31 at 11 a.m. at include a name and telephone changes to Tryon Newsmedia the Democratic headquarters in Polk County Mobile Recy- number of a contact person. LLC., 16 N Trade St., Tryon, NC 28782-6656. Columbus. Everyone welcome. cling Unit, Tuesdays, Ozone Items will be printed in order by 828-894-3219. Drive and Hwy. 176, Saluda. date of event, as space allows. page

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response to her work has been so positive, she decided to devote her artistic and entrepreneurial talents to making wearable art and has been up to her neck – in T-shirts, that is – ever since. “I am working in the negative and getting positive results,” said Baschon, who named her new business Rough Designs: Uniquely Handcrafted Wearable Art. Born in Columbia, S.C., Baschon grew up in Spartanburg. She attended Spartanburg public schools, where her high school art teacher, Macarthur Goodwin, encouraged her to continue pursuing her art. Graduating from the University of South Carolina (U.S.C.) with a bachelor’s degree in art in 1977, she earned a degree in art education 20 years later from Lander University in Greenwood, S.C. She went on to teach art in Greenwood for 13



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This U.S.C. Gamecock is one of Chris Baschon's more popular designs. (photo by Robin Edgar)

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All daily Types to Carpentry Drive Gastonia. Additions, Decks, Remodeling, $24,300. 828-859-3028. Custom Built Cabinets,

years and was awarded the South 828-863Carolina Middle School Art Teacher T-shirt, avoiding Call the areas that are 4444 for morethe of 1998. to remain dark. As she lightens information “My parents always encouraged design area, she controls the appearmy artistic talents, so I enjoy help- ance of the image with the amount of ing others find their creative spirit, product she applies. For an area that 0tfn3tueis- almost page 2white, several “layers” are too,” said Baschon. Not new to wearable art design, applied and allowed to dry and she Baschon started designing art for then applies more until the desired T-shirts 33 years ago. To her de- value or lightness is achieved. light, after making a few designs Drawing some designs freewith the bleaching method, she was hand, Baschon creates others using inundated with dozens of orders. transfer paper as a template, creatMany of her customers came ing a range of images of animals back for more when they realized and inanimate objects. So far, the what a great gift a specialized artist says her most popular designs T-shirt can be for friends and are dragons and the U.S.C. Gamefamily. Local Tryon resident Bill cock logo. It appears, however, the Crowell commissioned Baschon to possibilities are endless. do a giant shrimp to wear when he “Chris is extremely talented,” goes shrimp fishing every October. said Crowell. “You give her an idea He liked the way it turned out so and she creates a masterpiece.” much, he had her make a shirt with For more information about a shrimp and the South Carolina Rough Designs: Uniquely Handstate flag logo for his nephew, too. crafted Wearable Art, phone 864Using the technique that is more 337-2845 or email chris.baschon@ or less reverse dying, Baschon ap-

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Thursday, January 27,

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could qualify for a HUD (High Unit Cost) grant, also state fund(continued from page 1) ed, for part of the project. Tripp condition (the plant) is in, they’d said the town has all needed understand the decisions we’re documentation to apply for the loan and grant without any making.” According to W.K. Dickson further funding. Columbus has Engineers, needed wastewater paid $10,000 for a preliminary treatment plant upgrades will engineering report for the projcost an estimated $2,139,113. ect and needs another $10,000 In applying for funding, the to complete the report. “I think in town is includthe short term, ing a total of it’s the best $3,632,000 to “After seeing the plant, funding source also upgrade I don’t think we have t h a t ’s c o m e the town’s St. about,” said a choice. I think if Luke’s HospiBrian Tripp, tal pump sta- the citizens saw the w i t h W. K . tion and install condition (the plant) is Dickson, who a new potable attended last in, they’d understand water well. week’s meetT h e t o w n the decisions we’re ing. agreed Jan. 20 Tripp said to place on the making.” the town should -Columbus Mayor Eric McIntyre February agenhave a better da a resolution chance of obtaining funding more to apply for the loan and grant. quickly with the state option than The loan and grant is from the federal option, because the the N.C. Clean Water State ReUSDA currently has a backlog volving Fund, which is funded by the N.C. Department of of projects. Tripp said the town may be looking at two to three Environment and Natural Refiscal years before the USDA sources (DENR). Columbus could provide funding. Both the state and federal options include funding partially through a loan Polk County and partially through a grant. notiCe of Current and Columbus has also considered uPComing volunteer board vaCanCies other options for wastewater treatment in the past couple of Appearance Commission -1 Reguyears, including transferring its lar Vacancy sewage to Tryon for treatment. Council on Aging - 4 Regular Upgrading Columbus’ existing Vacancies facility seems to be the least Equalization & Review - 5 Regular costly option, according to engiVacancies neer estimates. Economic Development Commission - 1 Regular Vacancy Upgrades to Columbus’ wasteLibrary Board of Trustees - 2 Reguwater treatment plant are estilar Vacancies mated at $2,139,113, compared Nursing Home Community Advisoto $3,883,866 for capital costs to ry Committtee - 2 Regular Vacancies treat the town’s sewage in Tryon * Region C Workforce Developand $5,922,000 to construct a ment Board - 1 Regular Vacancy new plant. Annual operating and Senior Tar Heel Delegate - 2 Regumaintenance costs are estimated lar Vacancies to be $217,768 at an updated Zoning Board of Adjustments - 2 Alternate Vacancies plant, compared to $670,660 to *Must be from the private-for-profit treat the town’s sewage at Tryon business sector. and $212,797 at a new plant. If interested, please pick up an Columbus council will make application at the County Manager's its final decision next month Office, Womack Building, Columbus, whether to apply for the state NC or call 894-3301, ext. 7 for on-line loan and grant. The application access instructions. deadline is March 1. adv. 1/25,27,31;2/2

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Thursday, January 27, 2011 Tryon Daily Bulletin  / The World’s Smallest Daily Newspaper









6 Tryon Daily Bulletin  / The World’s Smallest Daily Newspaper Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tryon may go paperless for town meeting agendas

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by Leah Justice

The Town of Tryon is considering going as “paperless” as possible for town meeting information packets. Tryon Town Council discussed Tuesday, Jan. 18 council members receiving monthly packets via e-mail instead of picking up printed packets. The town is considering purchasing either laptops or a device such as an iPad to receive and view monthly packets for meetings. Tryon Town Manager Justin Hembree said he estimates that with printing and employee time, the town probably spends between $4,000 and $5,000 per year on monthly packets, not including large budget packets.

Polk sheriff's office arrests three men for B&E, larceny the suspects allegedly went to The Polk County Sheriff’s the grading/landscaping busiOffice arrested three men this ness on A.R. Thompson Road week suspected of breaking in Mill Spring and stole sevinto Manuel Wood Workers eral tools, including two drills, Transportation. three grinders, one band saw, Andrew Steven McDow- one sledge hammer, four weed ell, 22, of 260 East McGuinn eaters and one tool box with Drive, Mill Spring; Randy miscellaneous tools. The items William Nelon II, 21, of 1778 were taken from a vehicle, barn Owl Hollow Road, Mill Spring and storage trailer on the propare reading this adBurgess, confirms ourerty, claim to be a closely-read according to Hitch. and Brandon Clarence newspaper – and illustrates the old motto multum parvo Hitch said twoin of the sus21, of 2638 Hwy. 9 North, – much in little. The next time you have something to sell, pects, McDowell and Nelon, Mill Spring were arrested and remember the quickest, surest and most welcome way to are former employees of the charged with breaking and enreach buyers is through their favorite newspaper. tering, larceny after breaking business. All stolen property has been recovered and reand entering The and damage TryontoDaily Bulletin property, to sheriff’s turned to the owner. All three suspects were aroffice reports. Investigator Chuck Hitch rested on Jan. 18 and were said around 9 p.m. on Jan. 17, released on $4,000 bonds. by Leah Justice

The facT ThaT you

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Council members said they are in favor of the idea and hope that going paperless for meetings could set an example for the rest of town employees. Hembree said other local governments that receive data through a laptop or other device are given the option at the end of their elected terms to either turn in the device or purchase it at its depreciated value. Town officials said if the town goes paperless for agenda packets, copies will still be available for residents who request them at town hall. Residents may also opt to request agendas via e-mail. Hembree plans to research costs of devices for council.


are ou re ill mu in ha re su wa th ne Th

Thursday, January 27, 2011 Tryon Daily Bulletin  / The World’s Smallest Daily Newspaper



Water line break spills almost 100k gallons in Tryon by Leah Justice

A main water line break in Tryon Tuesday afternoon spilled just under 100,000 gallons and shut off water to a block of downtown businesses and residents for about four hours. The break occurred at the top of School Street, near Tryon Elementary School, around 1:45 p.m. Public works employees and police officers rerouted school traffic at 3 p.m. Town public works crews completed repairs to the line by 8:30 p.m., with water restored to businesses by 6:30 p.m. Tryon Public Works Director Joel Burrell said the total water loss, including flushing the line, is estimated between 200,000 and 250,000 gallons. The cause, he said, was weather related, from changing temperatures and aged infrastructure.

Above and below right: Tryon public work crews worked Tuesday afternoon repairing a water line break that occurred at the top of School Street. The break caused the area surrounding School Street to be without water for about four hours. (photo by Leah Justice)

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fense he 7th being cation ailure ervice urt for





creditor's notice Having qualified on the 6th day of January, 2010, as Limited Personal Representative of the Estate of Austin mArvin pAce, deceased, late of Polk County, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the decedent to exhibit the same to the undersigned on or before the 20th day of April, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to the estate should make immediate payment. This the 20th day of January, 2011. Estate of Austin Marvin Pace Joseph Scott Pace, Limited Personal Representative P.O. Box 633 Saluda, NC 28773 adv. 1/20,27;2/3,10 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF BUNCOMBE IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE 1x3 DISTRICT COURT DIVISION adv. 1/20,27;2/3,10 FILE NUMBER: 11 CVD 396 X221-034265 COUNTY OF BUNCOMBE, A BODY CORPORATE AND POLITIC, PLAINTIFF, VS. DUSTIN M. BEACH , OWNER; JANE DOE, UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF DUSTIN M. BEACH, OWNER; ET AL., DEFENDANTS. NOTICE OF SERVICE OF PROCESS BY PUBLICATION TO: DUSTIN M. BEACH AND JANE DOE, UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF DUSTIN M. BEACH Take notice that a pleading seeking relief against you has been filed in the above-entitled action, and notice of service of process by publication began on January 27, 2011. The nature of the relief being sought is as follows: foreclosure sale to satisfy unpaid ad valorem property taxes on your interest in the property described as PIN# 9648-70-7896-C000F which is more completely described in the complaint. Plaintiff seeks to extinguish any and all claim or interest that you may have in the property. You are required to defend such pleading not later than March 9, 2011, and upon your failure to do so, the party seeking service of process by publication will apply to the court for the relief sought. Norman C. Riddle Norman C. Riddle, FOR THE FIRM Norman C. Riddle, P.A., Attorney for Plaintiff 5 Blueberry Ridge Asheville, NC 28804 828/658-0077 NC Bar # 18392 adv.1/27

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Philip Douglas Anderson Sr. Philip Douglas Anderson Sr., 84, of Baltimore, Md., formerly of Saluda, passed away Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011 in Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Born in Madison County, N.C., he was the son of the late Edward L. and Sarah Victoria Owen Anderson and husband of the late Evelyn Davis Anderson, who died in 2007. He was a veteran of World War II, having served in the U.S. Navy. Surviving are two sons, Doug Anderson and Joe Anderson, both of Saluda; one daughter, Cindy Jacobson of Baltimore, Md.; two brothers, Gene Anderson of Saluda and Paul Anderson of Darlington, S.C. Also surviving are seven grandchildren and four greatgrandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011 in the McFarland Funeral Chapel, Tryon, with Rev. Brian Caudle officiating. Burial will be in Polk Memorial Gardens, Columbus. The family will receive friends prior to the service Saturday at the funeral chapel. An online guest register is available at McFarland Funeral Chapel, Tryon.

American Society of Dowsers host lecture Feb. 19

Thursday, January 27, 2011

St. Luke’s honors volunteers

The St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary recently recognized volunteers reaching milestones of service. Those honored for 2,750 hours of service were Barbara Belthoff (above, right), Jennie Bradshaw, Gayle Cook (above, left) and Jan Green. (photo submitted)


Evelyn Covil Chapman Evelyn Covil Chapman, 96, of Howard Gap Rd., Tryon, died Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011 in St. Luke’s Hospital in Columbus. Born in Lynn, she was the daughter of the late Richard Earl and Odessa Newman Covil. She was the wife of Demus Chapman, who died in 1997. She was a member of the Eastern Star and Tryon First Baptist Church. Surviving are two daughters, Ann C. Murphey and Jane C. Strong, both of Evans, Ga.; one son, Austin E. Chapman of Tryon; one brother, Carrol

The Appalachian Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers will host a lecture by Susan Hale ( titled “Exploring Sacred Space and Sacred The following local stuSound” at Unity Center, 2041 Old dents have been named to UNC Fanning Bridge Road in Mills River, N.C., on Saturday, Feb. Asheville’s fall chancellor’s list 19, from 1 - 4-30 p.m. For more and dean’s list. • Robin Marie Turner of Codetails and directions, go to the “Chapter Events” page at www. lumbus - dean’s list; • Noah Proudfoot Stockdale of Tryon - chancellor’s list. – article submitted LegaLs 2011- page 10

Covil of Charlotte, N.C.; three half-brothers, Charles, Arthur Earl and Hugh Covil. She leaves six grandchildren and nine greatgrandchildren. She was preceded in death by three brothers, Paul, Ned and Francis Covil and two sisters, Myrtle and Alma Covil. Graveside services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011 in Polk Memorial Gardens, with Dr. Darryl E. Maxwell officiating. Memorials may be made to Tryon First Baptist Church, P. O. Box 1287, Tryon, N.C. 28782. An online guest register may be signed at McFarland Funeral Chapel, Tryon.

Students named to UNC-A deans, chancellor’s list The chancellor’s list is made up of full-time students who have achieved a 4.0 grade point average. The dean’s list is made up of full-time students who have achieved between 3.5 and 3.99 grade point average. – article submitted

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Sunny View Fire & Rescue names 2010 Firefighters of the Year



• Lifting, Trimming, Thinning, and Removal • Stump Grinding • Bobcat Services • Bucket Truck • Free Estimates

"Professional Work at the best prices guaranteed!"

Brannon Poore, Owner • Landrum, SC • 864-497-8511 •

2x1 Job Advertisement C, Planning Consultant for town of Columbus jbtr-035353 Do you have a planning degree or background? Are you effective 3/9/10 in which you live interested in helping the community

during a period of growth and transition? the town of columbus is looking for local residents who may have a background in community planning and are willing to work with the Town on an as-needed basis. A very flexible work schedule is available. Please contact columbus town Hall for more information at (828) 894-8236 or in person at 95 walker Street, columbus n.c.

Sunny View Fire & Rescue recently named its 2010 Firefighters of the Year. Captain T.J. Ledbetter (left) and Neil Williams (right) were both named Firefighters of the Year. Williams was also promoted to the rank of lieutenant for 2011. (photo submitted)

Workshop for siblings of those on autism spectrum held Feb. 1 On Tuesday, Feb. 1, the Polk Parents will meet in a separate County/Foothills Area Parent location at the library to talk and Support Group will host a special network and to allow for the event for siblings of those on the siblings to express themselves autism spectrum. The program freely. will take place at the Polk County The Polk County/Foothills Public Library in Columbus at Area Parent Support Group is 6 p.m. sponsored by the Autism Society Jean Alvarez from the North of North Carolina. Each meeting Carolina Autism Society in offers an educational focus in adAsheville will present a program dition to support for one another. discussing the basics of autism Local educators are also atand aspergers to siblings ages tending the meetings to get tips Glass Service Center, Inc. 7 and up. Each sibling will also and strategies they can use in their be givenPeggy an opportunity to share Davenport, classrooms andowners school environand Ralph their experiences with living ments. he DavenporT family has been a leaDer in with T someone on the autism The group meets the first The glass business for over 50 years spectrum… both the challenges Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at and the joys. Polk County Public Library. •  Panic & emergencythe Hardware for doors The goal of the program is to Future topics include •  BaTH & Shower enclosures by alamax summer give siblings the opportunity to camp, disability rights and social •  Door Mirrors, Beveled and non-beveled have a greater understanding of group options for children ages •  LicenseD Glazing contractors,  autism and let them know they 18 and up.     standard & custom Fabricated are not alone. They, too, have a For information regarding voiceresiDenTiaL • coMMerciaL • inDusTriaL and their own challenges in the parent support group or the living with someone on the autism sibling workshop (registration is We Service What We Sell spectrum. not required, but is suggested), Alvarez will be& on hand to give contact Tracey Daniels at tracey@ Insured Bonded 864-814-0070 tips and9091 asheville Hwy • spartanburg, sc 29316 strategies they might want Put “support to incorporate while communicat- group” in the subject line. ing with their family members. – article submitted




Foothills humane society


• 2x2 et of the


Foothills HUMANE Society

Candy is a beautiful Calico Cat that will need an in1/27, TH tfn door forever home. She is blind. Candy has no problem finding the food and water, the litter box, her cat TCOL friends in our open cat room or your lap. She loves to find a little ray of sun coming thru the window and take a nap in its warmth. She is very gentle and sweet and we want her to have a wonderful home. Candy is spayed, vaccinated and has a micro chip. We test all our cats for Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS and Heartworms before they are available for adoption and Candy is negative.

Visit our website: or visit the Shelter at: 989 Little Mountain Rd., Columbus • 863-4444 Mon-Wed - 11am - 5pm • Thurs. 11am-6pm • Fri & Sat- 11am - 4pm • Sun 1-4pm

Sponsored by: Sally, Zoe & Louie

Davenport 2x2.5 1/27

Glass Service Center, Inc. Peggy and Ralph Davenport, owners

The DavenporT

family has been a leaDer in

The glass business for over



•  aLuMinuM storefronts & entrances •  aLuMinuM curtain Walls •  insuLaTinG Glass units •  coMPLeTe Line of Door closers and      parts for most doors resiDenTiaL • coMMerciaL • inDusTriaL

We Service What We Sell

Insured & Bonded


9091 asheville Hwy • spartanburg, sc 29316

2x2.5 1/12 tDBB


jbtrees - page



g 5:

e f




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CITY OF SALUDA NOTICE OF PUbLIC HEARINg CITY bOARD OF COmmISSIONERS SALUDA PUbLIC LIbRARY COmmISSIONERS’ mEETINg ROOm mONDAY, FEbRUARY 14, 2011, AT 7:00 P.m. The Saluda Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Monday, February 14, 2011, at 7:00 p.m., to consider proposed changes to the City’s Zoning Ordinance regarding electronic gaming operations. The Zoning Ordinance can be viewed at and the proposed amendment thereto can be viewed at the office of the City Clerk Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. All interested individuals are invited to attend the public hearing and present their comments to the Board of Commissioners. Please call Doris Marion at 828-749-2581 if you have questions or need special accommodations for the meeting. Doris T. Marion, CMC City Clerk adv.1/27;2/2

All AreA Clubs & OrgAnizAtiOns 1x4 1/27;2/2 We want to include CSAL- all area clubs and

organizations in the 2011 Come See Us almanac. Please provide the following information by Feb. 25: Organization name brief description of its purpose Operating hours (if applicable) Club address email and/or website Contact person Phone e-mail it: samantha.hurst@ Drop it off: 16 N. Trade St., Tryon Mail it: TDB, 16 N. Trade St., Tryon, N.C. 28782 Fax it: 828-859-5575

datown - page 38 clubs filler

use until feb. 23


Dr. William Eugene Froemming Dr. William Eugene Froemming, 91, died Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011 at the Tryon Estates Medical Facility. Born in Sioux Falls, S.D., he was the son of the late Rudolph and Elvina Monger Froemming. A graduate of the University of Chicago with a medical degree, Dr. Froemming was a urologist, later practicing nuclear medicine and working in the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office. A veteran of the U.S. Army, he served 30 years, retiring as a full colonel. He was a member of the Tryon Presbyterian Church. Surviving are his wife, Emily Butler Froemming; one daughter, Martha Foley (Ray), and their children, Anne and David; one son, William E. Froemming Jr. (Whitney). Two grandchildren, Austin and Kendall Froemming. Graveside services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday in Polk Memorial Gardens, with Dr. Dent C. Davis III officiating. Memorials may be made to Hospice of the Carolina Foothills, 130 Forest Glen Drive, Columbus, N.C. 28722 or to the Tryon Presbyterian Church, 430 Harmon Field Rd., Tryon, N.C. 28782. An online guest register may be signed at McFarland Funeral Chapel, Tryon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

TBOM celebrates 20th anniversary with tea Feb. 13 Tea honors founder Eloise Thwing

After five years of studying and researching poverty in Polk County in the late 1980s, the Church Women United, founders of the 20-year-old Thermal Belt Outreach Ministries, saw a real need. Before they could begin addressing that need, they first had to convince their neighbors that poverty was a problem. Average citizens in Polk County “still did not believe we had the amount of poverty reported by this research team,” according to the history of Thermal Belt Outreach Ministries. “An invitation was given to the community to join these women on field trips out into the low income areas of Polk County.” Polk County Transportation Department buses were loaded up, and eyes were opened. Now, after 20 years of helping in a growing, changing ministry to the disadvantaged, the men and women of Thermal Belt Outreach Ministries are inviting the community to a very different occasion. Thermal Belt Outreach will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a Valentine High Tea to be held in honor of Outreach’s founder and executive director Eloise Thwing. The tea will be held Sunday, Feb. 13, from 4 - 6 p.m. at Tryon Estates, and will feature five gourmet teas, coffee, punch, scones, pinwheel sandwiches, fruits, cheeses and chocolate Western Highlands macaroons. A slide show on multiple Area Authority screens will play back the 20-year history in pictures, and former meeting Feb. 4 chairman and Columbus United The next regular meeting of Methodist pastor, the Rev. Tony the Western Highlands Area Sayer, will be on hand to offer a Authority Board of Directors will tribute to Thwing. be Friday, Feb. 4 at 9:30 a.m. at Tickets are on sale at area the Polk County Public Library in banks and at Vera’s of Landrum. Columbus. This is a change from It was the honoree of this the regular location. high tea, Eloise Thwing, who in – article submitted 1986 began working with Church

Eloise Thwing at her desk in the early days of Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry. (photo submitted)

Women United to do something about area poverty. They had just learned from the National Church Women United headquarters that they were living in one of America’s top 200 counties by the measure of poverty per capita. The national Church Women headquarters agreed to fund a study, and for five years the women made trips to Atlanta twice a year to learn how to research poverty and set up a non-profit to assist those in need. When the time came to stop studying and do something, Thwing was fortunate to find a friend in the newly appointed pastor of Columbus United Methodist Church, Tony Sayer. With his recommendation, the church agreed to offer the new organization a Sunday School room and free utilities. Dick Thwing paid for the installation of a telephone and on Feb. 2, 1991 Thermal Belt Outreach opened its doors for business. Eloise Thwing was chairman of the board, and within months would become executive director. Since that time, Thermal Belt Outreach has added programs, helped to establish a dental clinic and apartment complex and moved into its own buildings. Highlights of that history will be told in a series of articles to follow. – article submitted

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Dr. Viar joins St. Luke’s Hospital’s physician network St. Luke’s Hospital announces that Dr. Jeffrey Viar has joined the St. Luke’s Physician Network (SLPN). SLPN, a subsidiary of St. Luke’s Healthcare Inc, was created in 2008 to ensure local access to general and specialized medical services. The network now includes family practice, general surgery and orthopaedic services. Dr. Viar joins Dr. Jim Holleman and Dr. Augustus “Gus” Dozier of Holleman Surgical and Dr. Brian Rosenberg of Rosenberg Bone and Joint. Originally from Florida and no stranger to Polk County, Dr. Viar has served patients in his Columbus office, Foothills Medical Associates, for 11 years. “I love being a family physician,” said Dr. Viar. “I had one day where I treated a one-week old baby that morning and ended my day with a 100-year-old

patient. I love the variety and being able to help all people. By joining the St. Luke’s Physician Network, I will be able to continue to serve my patients just as I have been doing.” Dr. Viar, his staff and physician assistant Janet Howell assure patients that they will not see any differences. He will also remain very involved in the Polk Wellness Center as the medical director and physician for the center. Polk Wellness Center provides a holistic approach, using an integrated model offering primary care and mental health care for those in need with no insurance or inadequate insurance. Dr. Viar is board certified in family medicine. He’s a member of the American Osteopathic Association, the American Academy of Family Practice and the American Medical Association. Receiving his undergraduate

degree from the Southern College in Tennessee, he attended the University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kansas City, Mo., where he obtained a doctorate of osteopathy. He completed his family medicine residency at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. “As the medical community comes together to ensure healthcare remains accessible, St. Luke’s Physician Network will allow for improved capabilities, resources, efficiencies and quality through clinical integration and coordination of care,” said Ken Shull, president/chief executive officer of St. Luke’s Hospital. “This affiliation will better prepare our physicians and our hospital for impending reform in healthcare delivery and reimbursement.” When Dr. Viar is not seeing patients in the office, he enjoys

Dr. Jeffrey Viar

spending time with his wife, Angela, and their children, 12-yearold Christopher and 10-year-old Nicholas. They enjoy anything outdoors, including hiking and camping. Dr. Viar also enjoys photography. Foothills Medical Associates is located at 801 W. Mills St. in Columbus. – article submitted



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Buy, Sell, Trade, Work … With Your Neighbors! VEHICLES

FOR SALE: 1998 Ford Ranger, runs great, $2800. 828-859-6874 after 6pm. FOR SALE: 1999 Dodge Caravan, white, auto, good tires, needs some work, $1,000 firm. Call 828-894-0402 or 828-817-2785. FOR SALE: 2000 Lexus RX 300 SUV|V6 automatic. 2WD traction control, tow package. New tires brakes, water pump timing belt, serpentine belt. 4-wheel alignment, turned rotors, mass air flow sensor. Needs nothing, drive anywhere. 170k miles. $7500 OBO. Call 828-8170706 any time. FOR SALE: 2004 Lincoln LS V8, harvest red, gray leather, sun roof, 95,000 miles, recent tires and brakes, $7500. 864457-3650.

EQUESTRIAN FOR SALE: Horse hay. Never been wet. Round bales and square bales. Can deliver on large loads. 828-243-0554, HAY -from Ohio. Orchard, Timothy and Alfalfa. $8.50 delivered. Call 828-8171336 or 828-863-4424.

EMPLOYMENT HAIRDRESSER OPPORTUNITY. Booth rental available at Salon Rachelle, 158 N. Trade, Tryon. Call 864-468-5255 for appointment. HELP WANTED: Part-time Assistant Manager needed at Habitat for Humanity in Landrum. We are looking for an honest, hard-working individual. Pick up application at 132 N. Trade Ave. in Landrum. Mail applications to 8019 Hwy 11, Campobello, SC 29322, attn. Catina Gray.

LOST/FOUND LOST CAT: Yellow, domestic male, 4 white feet, white bib, answers to name “Tiger”. Last seen in Saluda near Atkins Apple Barn. Call 828-894-0710.

MISCELLANEOUS 100 ANTIQUE OAK BEAMS. 12 ft long. 2x4, 2x6, 1x6, $15 each or $1000 for lot. Call 704-277-5622. FOR SALE: Pond Prowler 12’ fishing boat, $300; Minn Kota electric trolling motor, $100; Honda 2HP 4-stroke outboard motor, $700; Package price, $1,000. Sole separately or as a package. Call Gerry, 781-929-0002, Campobello.

DB Let T d Ads sifie ! Clas for you k wor



FOR RENT: 2 BR apartment. All appliances, lots of storage, $450/month. 828-817-0801.

BACK IN BUSINESS - S TEXTILES FABRIC OUTLET. Now open in Mill Spring at 250 Silver Creek Rd. Almost everything 1/2 price of our old prices. We will be open for business every Friday from 9-5 and every Saturday from 9-3. Come in and see what you can make someone for Christmas. Questions? Call 828-894-2381.

IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY ASHLEY MEADOWS IN COLUMBUS is now taking applications for immediate occupancy on 2 and 3BRs. Rent based on income. Background check required. Income restrictions apply. Come by our office Monday through Friday to apply. Application fee $19. Please call Ann at 828-894-2671. Equal Housing Opportunity; Handicap accessible on some units. RESIDENTIAL LEASE Wooded one acre lot with 3BR 2BA home. $630/mo. 4BR $650. Private decked area near Columbus with restrictions. 828-894-2313.

REAL ESTATE SALES FOR SALE BY OWNER: 6,000 sq.ft. warehouse w/2 loading docks and drive-thru. Insulated, well-lit, concrete floor, steel building on 2+ acres. 784 sq.ft. office building included. Must see! Campobello, 864-978-6186. LAND FOR SALE: Stoneybrook, 6.59 contiguous, gently rolling improved pasture w/majestic oaks. CETA trails on property. Partially fenced, long driveway cut in from Bent Oak Rd. or can have shorter driveway from SPring Lane. This is 2 separate buildable lots w/ utilities. $20,000/acre. 828-290-3579. NICE OLDER RANCH-STYLE home, move-in condition, 2BR/1BA, large mature lot quiet setting, close to town. $85,000. By appointment, 828863-2415.

YARD/GARAGE/ESTATE/TAG SALE HEATED GARAGE SALE. Sat., Jan. 29, 9am-12 noon. Good clothing, ladies shoes and good variety of around the house items. Location: 3259 Silver Creek Rd., Mill Spring, NC. Brick house beside Silver Creek Campground. 3 mi. from Mill Spring. MOVING SALE: Friday & Saturday, 8am2pm, 204 N. Poplar Ave., Landrum. Some furniture, rocking chair, pictures, frames, toys, card table, tools, electric hedger, Snapper mower, some knickknacks and jewelry.

TDB Classifieds—

FREE FIREWOOD! Oak taken down - you Your best source for local Sales, services, jobs, rentals, homes, saw and haul. Peniel community. Call 894-2188 for directions and details.

Placing an ad? Call 828-859-9151

Cabin in the woods Large or small, we have a plan for you. Give us a look at www.seayhomes. com. Call 828-817-6287 or 864-9780439. Licensed general contractor, offering Market Adjusted Pricing. Made to order. CONLON TREE CARE Quality tree work at reasonable prices. Pruning, removals, chipping, log splitting. Free estimates, references. INSURED, EXPERIENCED AND RELIABLE. Call Tom at 828-863-4011. CRAFTSMAN SERVICES 864-978-2283. Custom Builders, Repairs, Kitchens & Baths, Decks, Roofing, Plumbing. GILBERT’S TAX SERVICE. Daytime/evening hours by appointment. Authorized IRS E-file. 828-289-9300. RELOCATED: Julie, formerly of Salon Rachelle, now at ARTISTRY SALON, 915 Hwy 108, Columbus. 828-817-2174. SOUTHERN FRIED COMPUTER REPAIR & SALES. Home or office. Very reasonable, dependable, fast and affordable. 864-457-2267. Steep Slope Construction Site? Cliffside, mountainside, lake front, etc.... foundations and basements and/or turnkey construction. See our work at Click on “Steep Slope Construction” page 1 or call 828817-6287 or 864-978-0439. Licensed general contractor offering “Market Adjusted Pricing”.

Luncheon held Jan. 30 in Columbus Renewal Point Church, located across from the fire department in Columbus, will hold a covered dish luncheon on Sunday, Jan. 30. The luncheon will be held following the Sunday morning service. Seth Whitaker is the pastor. – article submitted

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fish fry fundraiser for mission trip to Africa Jan. 27 You don’t have to travel across the big blue to make an impact on someone’s life in a foreign country. A fish fry dinner sponsored by Foothills Community Chapel will be held this Thursday, Jan. 27. The dinner is on a donation basis and all the proceeds will go toward an upcoming mission trip to Uganda, Africa. The mission team will include a mixed group of youth and adults from Foothills Community Chapel, and trained medical workers, construction workers and missionaries will perform a variety of tasks. These tasks will include prison ministry, building clinics, teaching classes for the children of the Amazing Grace Orphanage and one-on-one ministering to meet the people’s personal needs. The fish fry will be this Thursday, Jan. 27 from 4 - 7:30 p.m., and will be held at the Foothills Community Chapel, located at 2720 Landrum Rd. in Columbus. For more information, call 828817-2679. – article submitted

Catlin Tierce to perform Feb. 1 Christ Community Baptist Church of the Foothills presents Catlin Tierce in concert on Tuesday, Feb. 1 at 6 p.m. Tierce will sing a selection from her latest CD, “Mama’s Prayers.” Christ Community Baptist Church of the Foothills is located on Hwy. 14 at the N.C. state line in the old Brannon’s restaurant building. The program is sponsored by the church’s new youth program, Ground Work. Refreshments provided by the church. For more information, e-mail Tierce at eaglecatlin@ – article submitted

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Ruff honored for 20 years of service

Assistant Chief Glenn Ruff was honored recently for 20 years of service to Sunny View Fire and Rescue. (photo submitted)

Candlemas concert Jan. 30 St. James Episcopal Church in Hendersonville will hold its 21st - annual Candlemas concert at 4 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 30. The program will consist of piano trios performed by a new WNC chamber music organization, Classicopia. The concert will feature works by Mendelssohn and Brahms, performed by Daniel Weiser on piano, Kara Poorbaugh, violin/viola, and Franklin Keel, cello. The yearly benefit concert for outreach celebrates the ancient Christian holiday of “Candlemas,” commemorating Mary’s return to the temple at Jerusalem to present her son to God. Weiser is the artistic director of Classicopia, an organization he co-founded in 2001 in New Hampshire dedicated to performing high-quality chamber music in intimate settings using talented local musicians. The organization is expanding into this region with Weiser’s move to Asheville last year. Weiser has a doctorate in piano performance from Peabody Conservatory and has performed around the world as a U.S. Artistic Ambassador of Music. Until recently he was on the music faculties of Dartmouth College

and St. Paul’s School, in Concord, N.H. Poorbaugh and Keel, both graduates of the Eastman School of Music, have been active performers in this area for several years as members of the Opal String Quartet and as principals in the Asheville and Hendersonville symphonies. Keel now teaches music in the Hendersonville schools. In addition to Mendelssohn’s “D Minor Trio” and the Brahm’s “A Minor Trio,” the ensemble anticipates playing a couple of short trios by Astor Piazzolla. Proceeds from this year’s concert have been designated for local hunger and poverty relief and will be divided equally between Interfaith Assistance Ministry and The Storehouse. The price of admission includes a catered candlelight reception in the parish hall following the concert. Tickets are available at the St. James receptionist desk, the Henderson County Visitor Information Center, Hand in Hand Gallery in Flat Rock and Diamond Rush Jewelry in Laurel Park Village. Any remaining tickets will be available at the door. – article submitted

Extra copiEs availablE hErE

CoLuMBuS Bi-Lo Hwy. 108 Columbus exxon Hwy 108 Columbus Post Office Ward Street road runner #158 Hwy. 108 road runner / Burger King #157 Hwy. 108 Food Lion & aBC Store Mills St. Texaco Quick pantry #5 Hwy. 108 Mountain View Barbecue Hwy. 108 goWenSViLLe Spinx Intersection Hwy. 14 & 11 green CreeK a.p. Williams Deli Hwy. 9 Deb's Sandy plains Hwy. 9 LanDruM ayers & Son Market 323 S. Howard St. Crossroads Quick Stop Hwys. 14 & 176 road runner/Burger King #159 Hwy. 14 The Hay rack Hwy. 14 Hot Spot Hwy. 176 Kent's Hwy 176 Land Mart Bomar & Rutherford St. Landrum Post Office E. Rutherford St.

Lil' Cricket Hwy. 176 Lynn Lynn Post Office Hwy. 108, Lynn MiLL Spring Deb's Mini Mart Hwy. 9 Deb's #4 Hwys. 108 & Rt. 9 SaLuDa Thompson's Store/Ward's grill Main Street Triangle Stop 2020 Asheville Hwy. Sunny VieW Mcguinn grocery Hwy. 9 Tryon Book Shelf Pacolet St. La Bouteille 10 N. Trade St. nana's Kitchen S. Trade St. nature’s Storehouse 415 S. Trade St. owens pharmacy 118 N. Trade St. Texaco royalty Food Shop Hwys. 108 & 176 TJ's Cafe S. Trade St. Tryon iga S. Trade St. Trade St. gallery & Coffee Shop 90 N. Trade St. Tryon pharmacy 620 S. Trade St.


2x8 3/30



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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polk County 4-H’s Helen Clark assists a student in Mrs. Bowman’s PCHS teen living class. (photo submitted)

4-H teaches PCHS students to sew The end of the 2010 fall semester, students in Mrs. Bowman’s teen living classes at Polk County High School (PCHS) learned sewing basics from Polk County 4-H Program Assistant Helen Clark. Clark, who also helps oversee the county 4-H sewing program, has been helping with the PCHS class for the past three years. “This is a great opportunity for our students to learn sew-

ing through a terrific resource like Mrs. Clark,” said Bowman, teacher at PCHS. “Our students always learn a great deal and have a lot of fun while learning to sew. Without Mrs. Clark and 4-H, we could not provide this educational opportunity.” This year 37 students ranging from ninth to 11th grade participated in this special project. – article submitted

Area movie theater locations Local Independent Cinemas • Flat Rock Cinema 2700-D Greenville Hwy, Flat Rock. 828-697-2463. • Tryon Theater Trade Street, Tryon. 828-859-6811. Regional Cinemas • Epic Theaters Hendersonville 200 Thompson Street. 828-693-1146. • Regal Cinemas Biltmore Grande I-26 & Long Shoals Rd., Asheville. 828-684-4726. • Westgate Mall Cinema 8 (call to confirm times) 205 W. Blackstock Rd #6, Spartanburg. 864-574-0299. • Spartan Stadium 16 855 Spartan Blvd, Spartanburg. 864-574-3022 • For complete listing of movie show times and theaters in your zip code area, visit and enter your zip code.



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tryon Daily Bulletin  /  The World’s 4/30 Smallest Daily Newspaper REMA-036393

Breathe a bit easier living life outside four walls Life Outside Four Walls is munity all my life. I have a more than just a title for a bi- deep sense of value and interest weekly column, for me it’s a in the western North Carolina way of life. mountains. I realize not everyone is an While others head to the outdoor enthusiast, but I have coast or elsewhere for vacaseen many people, who nor- tion, I find that I plan all my mally spend very little of their time off heading to a new or time outdoors, get lost in the favorite destination in the scenery and “happenings” that mountains. go along with the outdoors. There is something very Time has a way of melting intriguing to me about seeing away when you take the chance what’s around the next turn to be a participant in nature. in a newly explored creek or I make part of my living in what’s over the next hill on the outdoors. the many trails that wander I have been a guide on Lake their way through our precious Lure and Lake Jocassee since public lands. 2002. My plan for this I have been fishcolumn is to inform Life ing, hunting and readers about the exploring this area Outside “goings on” in the ever since I was old outdoors. I plan to enough to hold a fish- Four Walls cover fishing, hunting pole. ing, hiking and even by Rob I have had the some sight-seeing McComas privilege of taking destinations. clients fishing from Hopefully, you all parts of the country and may learn about a new area to even the world, and from all visit, or be reminded of places walks of life. you have all but forgotten. If It amazes me when some of you have anything you’d like them tell me how blessed I am to see covered from time to to be doing this for a living. time in this column, please feel Really? free to email me. I know their standard of livTake advantage of the freeing is much higher than mine, dom we have to enjoy the outas well as their salaries and door world, and realize there bank accounts. Being a guide is are many who would love to not as glamorous as one might be outdoors but due to health think, (trust me on this one), its or other circumstances simply simply being outdoors in God’s can’t, and teach your children wonderful creation away from about the care and enjoyment the cares of the world. of this area we call home. Even when the fish don’t cooperate, most folks seem to Rob McComas is a licensed be well pleased with their in- North Carolina fishing guide valuable time spent outdoors. on Lake Lure and Lake JoI think that maybe God cassee in S.C. He has been a intended for us to be a little guide for 11 years and fishing more involved in the wonderful for more than 30. McComas things He created. lives with his wife, Amanda, Although I was born a little in Sunny View and runs Robs further north up the Appala- Guide Service. He can be chian mountain chain, I have reached at robsguideservice@ lived in the Sunny View com-



Reduced: chaRming Stone home

2x5 5/2

Superb location in Gillette Woods with privacy, spacious rooms, hardwood floors, French doors, deck and screened porches. Charming finished attic with sleeping area/studio space, new eat-in kitchen, large living room, master suite with sitting area and new bath with soaking tub. Downstairs is an attractive one-bedroom in-law apartment with lots of storage, full kitchen, bath, living/dining, bedroom and another delightful screened porch. Reduced – now asking only $239,000.

RE/MAX Advantage Realty 828-859-5454 • 800-894-0859


Jean Skelcy Richard Yurko

828-859-1369 828-859-1368

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Photo, seated: Esteban Tafoya, Big Sister (BS) Lynne Parsons. Standing, from left: BS Lynn Montgomery, Little Brother (LB) Don’tae, Big Brother (BB) Bob Montgomery, BB Allen Burdett, Paul Long, BB John Fischer, BS Becky Green, BB Ernie Giannini, BB Francis Frank, BS Patty Slater, Little Sister (LS) Mary Boone, BS Amy Brucksch, BS Beth Laughridge, LS Elizabeth, LS Nicole, LS Sydney, BS Linda Long, LS Hai’lee, LB Ricky, BB Bruce Heckelman, LB Russell, LB Nolen, BB Dan Ferebee, LB Josh, BS Carolyn Ashburn, BB Dale McEntire, LS Belen, LB Isaias, LB Matias, council member Gaye Johnson, LS Alishia, LS Amber, BS Ally Moore, LS Jenifer and BS Sharon Kolbye. (photo by Karen Dacey, BBBS program coordinator)

Big Brothers Big Sisters hold holiday gathering

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Big Brothers Big Sisters, call 828-859-9230. – article submitted

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homes with a traditional family. Big Brothers Big Sisters also has volunteers who serve as mentors for elementary school students who need a little extra attention in school. Many citizens don’t realize there is such a need for mentors for area children, but BBBS always has a list of children, especially boys, waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister, and area schools request more volunteers than are enrolled. According to BBBS, youth matched with an adult mentor have increased self-confidence, better relationships with others, improved school performance and are less likely to engage in risky behavior. BBBS is supported solely through the generosity of the community, whether through grants, business sponsorships for fundraising events, bequests or private contributions. All gifts are welcome. For more information about

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council that saw the need for a mentoring program in Polk County. Parsons was first matched with her Little Brother in a school match when he was in first grade and needed a little extra attention at school. The match eventually transitioned to a communitybased match, and then Giannini got involved too. Now in middle school, Russell consistently makes the honor roll. Giannini and Parsons provide experiences to help broaden their Little Brother’s horizons in life, including holding a chess club at their Morning Glory Farm. Russell has been taking guitar lessons for several years and also went to beekeeping class with his Big Sister. Most of the children in the Big Brothers Big Sisters communitybased program are from singleparent homes. Some live with a grandparent or other relatives, some have a parent who has died or is in prison and very few live in

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Big Brothers Big Sisters held its annual holiday party at Morning Glory Farm in Mill Spring. The party was sponsored by a grant from Walmart of Forest City that helped with expenses and provided gifts for all the volunteers attending the event. A Seasonal Assistance Grant, awarded to BBBS by the Polk County Community Foundation, was also used to purchase supplies for the party and gifts for the children, but primarily supplied Bi-Lo grocery gift cards for the families of each Little matched in the Big Brothers Big Sisters community and school programs. This grant ensured that the children served by Big Brothers Big Sisters had food during the holiday season. This year’s Big Brothers Big Sisters holiday party was again hosted by Big Couple Lynne Parsons and Ernie Giannini. Giannini also serves on the current BBBS Advisory Council, while Parsons served on the original

Bulletin 1-27-11  

Bulletin 1-27-11