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Empowered to Rise


Message from the Governor-General

I extend greetings to delegates attending the 32nd Sales Congress of the Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARAIFA) and offer a special welcome to those who have journeyed to Jamaica for this occasion. Financial security and independence are long-term goals which are best achieved through careful planning and strategic management of assets and resources, including the earning potential of cultural resources, skills and talents. A key component in this process is financial literacy which, if applied correctly, will ensure that dreams do not remain elusive but are attained in a manner that is sustainable. Since inception in 1977, CARAIFA

building a cadre of professionals

I, therefore, welcome the focus

in the insurance sector who are

which CARAIFA, through its

certified to offer a broad range

foundation, is placing on the

of advice, products and services

health and wellness of Caribbean

in financial management. The

nationals. With high incidences

guidance provided by financial

of non-communicable diseases

advisers in areas such as insurance,

predicted to be the next wave of

investment and estate management

disaster for the region, every effort

is paramount to financial health and

must be made to reduce the risk

augurs well not only for individuals,

through public information and

but the overall gross national

awareness and research funding.

product of member countries.

This initiative is, therefore, a step in the right direction.

At a time when the region is closely linked to the global financial market,

I applaud the work of CARAIFA

the guidance provided by your

in its pursuit of excellence in the

members is even more important to

financial sector, and wish the

achieving individual and corporate

association a successful conference


and anniversary celebration.

As past experiences have taught

His Exellency The Most Hon. Sir

us here in the Caribbean, any

Patrick Allen ON, GCMG, CD,

fallout in the global financial


market could transmit to serious setbacks for the region. The size of our economies and their vulnerability to natural disasters must also be given consideration in any financial planning endeavour, so that countries can establish a base from which to grow their way out of disasters rather than depend heavily on aid and grants. Simply put, the region must be ‘Empowered to Rise’ as your theme for this conference states.

has been at the vanguard of 4

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Message from the Prime Minister protect them against vulnerabilities.

The celebration of 40 years, as well

Several factors, including economic

as the extensive coverage created

downturns - whether personal or

by CARAIFA advisors, encourages

business related, can significantly

all of us as Jamaicans to join our

reduce or compromise the ability

regional families in attaining the

to provide a buffer or safety net

best for our people. Let us work

for the most adversely affected.

assiduously to ensure we are all

It is, therefore, key that measures

‘Empowered to Rise’ in 2018 and

be implemented to ensure the


protection of both the insurer and the insured.

I wish CARAIFA all the very best as you celebrate 40 years and spur

‘Empowered to Rise’ is a noble and timely theme which seeks to call on aspirations to excel and succeed. I commend and congratulate the Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARAIFA) on your 40th Anniversary Celebrations and 32nd Annual Sales Congress, and for choosing a theme which calls your professionals to greater action. I have no doubt that with the vast and extensive human resource, skills and competence, CARAIFA is equal to the task, giving the highest standard of service to clients and membership alike. The insurance industry is crucial and persons rely on it particularly during times of accidents, extraordinary events or catastrophes. How these disasters and risks are strategically and financially planned for will build

My administration is keen on

your partners, internal and external

continuing dialogue on issues

stakeholders to aspire to excel and

such as climate change and

produce the best they can.

global warming with our regional partners, highlighting the present

The Most Hon. Andrew Holness,

and future ominous threat to the


Caribbean and, ultimately, the

Prime Minister

extensive operational elements of the insurance industry, especially within the ambit of CARAIFA. There is also need to refocus efforts on priorities engaging the use of technology within a pricing and marketing mechanism which reflect the nuances of the vulnerabilities specific to the region. Indeed, there is also need for a partnership approach to public education about the insurance industry while, at the same time, promoting best practices for healthier lifestyles, environmental care and preservation of life in times of disaster.

confidence in the wider society to Empowered to Rise


Message from the Leader of the Opposition to empower those Jamaicans who have been left behind and provide them with the motivation to grasp all opportunities for a better life. Over the years, volunteerism has provided a major plank for Jamaica’s development and the work of the CARAIFA Foundation to provide critical health care to members of the Caribbean community is an effort worthy of emulation. Let me add my congratulations to the Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARAIFA) as they celebrate their 40th anniversary and welcome the Caribbean delegates to the 32nd Annual Sales Congress.

Let me wish for you a successful congress and the continued progress of your association. Dr. The Hon. Peter Phillips President of the People’s National Party & Leader of the Opposition

Let me also commend JAIFA on your sustained programme of education and orientation for life underwriters and financial advisors which is indispensable to the growth of public confidence in the services offered by the members of JAIFA. Simultaneously, your efforts to facilitate interaction and cooperation of the membership will go a long way to the building of cohesion with your organization. I note with interest the theme you have chosen, ‘Empowered to Rise’, which could very well be the theme for a national campaign as we seek 6

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Message from the Congress Director Dear colleagues, I am delighted to be leading the team charged with the responsibility of executing the 32nd CARAIFA Congress to commemorate the 40th anniversary of our beloved organization. This congress is very nostalgic for me as


I was around when CALU was formed, and I knew a number of the architects personally. Our team is leaving no stones unturned in delivering to all who are in attendance, an experience they

As we celebrate CARAIFA’s 40th and 32nd Annual Sales

will remember and cherish for many years to come.

Congress, our aim is to ensure that we sharpen your

The congress offers professional development

skills, get you motivated, inspired and rejuvenated, and,

opportunities from high calibre presentations from

at the same time, guarantee a congress full of fun and

the outstanding line-up of individuals who will share


regional and international best practices with you all. We will also have a mix of personal development

This year’s congress will assist you in realising your full

sessions, along with a level of motivation that will leave

potential and abilities. Our theme, ‘Empowered to Rise’,

you feeling ten feet tall, and ready to take on the world

urges each member to rise, while lifting others. It is

as ‘we empower you to rise’.

also a reminder that we all have the potential to rise. I commend each member for making a conscious effort to

Let us not forget that you will be in, arguably, the

surround yourself with positive, nourishing and uplifting

entertainment mecca of the Caribbean, Montego Bay,

people. By attending this congress, it is quite evident

and a full range of authentic Jamaican and Caribbean

that you are ready to have a life-changing experience.

entertainment to suit your every taste awaits you, along with the delectable treats from the Hilton Rose

I must also express my appreciation and commendation

Hall’s repertoire of fine dining.

to the hard- working committee and the administrative staff who have ensured that this congress lives up to

We have gone all out to ensure that the congress is

your expectations. It was truly a great experience

worth your investment of time and money, so at the

working with them all.

end of it all we can say with one accord, it was good for us to be here - “One Love, One Heart”.

Let’s celebrate and get ready to rise! Orville Johnson, OD,BSc. FLMI Carla Ashley-Grant LUTCF, MFA, SLU

Congress Director

Congress Magazine Director

Empowered to Rise


Meet the Congress Committee

From left: President of JAIFA - Monica Robotham, Speakers, Topics, Programme, Workshop Co-chairman – Melia McKitty Plummer, Magazine Chairman – Carla Ashley Grant, JAIFA’s Secretariat – Yonique Folkes, Aleathea Davis, Registration & Tokens Chairman – Valerie Farquharson, Hospitality Chairman – Grace Martin, JAIFA’s Secretariat – Dannett Knight, Ceremonies, Operations & Protocol- Ann Green–Davis, Mall Chairman – Joel Dixon, CARAIFA’s Secretary General Marcelle Fenton, Technical Consultant – Thomas “Tommy” James, JAIFA’s Secretariat – Patrick Worghs, Technical – Randolph McLean, Finance Chairman- Richard Thelwell , Marketing, Sales & Public Relations Chairman – Nehemiah Perry, Speakers, Topics, Programme, Workshop Chairman – Leroy Dallas and Congress Director – Orville Johnson. (Missing from photo) Hotel Logistics/Guest Experience - Marcia Richards, Entertainment Chair - Otis Hamilton

JAIFA’s Secretariat

From left: Yonique Folkes, Patrick Worghs, Aleathea Davis and Dannett Knight


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Meet the current CARAIFA Executives

Wynthorp Catwell

Alicia Birch


Vice President

Immediate Past President

Marcelle Fenton

William “Nat� Wiltshire

Pauline McKenzie-Fairclough

Secretary General

Education Council Chairman

Foundation Chair

Maxim Marquez

Hugh Meredith

Andre Boyde

Gloria King-Kirton

Public Relations & Communications

Marketing Director

Regional Congress Coordinator

Empowered to Rise


Message from CARAIFA’s President

‘‘If a man is called a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven played music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.” - Martin Luther King Jr. My fellow Caribbean Colleagues, Delegates, Honourable Hall of Fame Inductees, Distinguished Speakers and Presenters, Fraternal Friends and Associates, on this very historic occasion as we come together for the 32nd Annual Sales Congress, ‘Empowered to Rise’, sponsored by CALU/ CARAIFA who will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year as well, it gives me great pleasure and it is my great privilege as the current President of CARAIFA to welcome you to what should be a memorable and life-enhancing experience.


Some 40 years ago when the visionary and indeed legendary members of the various associations came together to lay the foundation for this regional body, I believe that their thoughts, like those of the late Martin Luther King Jr. quoted, were to ensure that each and every one who had the opportunity to be chosen by this career would become equipped to sell his/her products and services as “Michelangelo painted, Beethoven played music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry”. Indeed, some 40 years later, without question, many of our founding members and those who have graced this industry with their presence have been hailed by all the “Hosts of Heaven and Earth” for a job exceptionally well done. It is more than fitting, therefore, that we converge on this very special occasion in the beautiful island of Jamaica, the land of wood and water and home to the trailblazing Jamaica Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (JAIFA), to celebrate this milestone. It is said that “life begins at 40”, and as we reflect on the past 40 years, I am reminded of the theme which I chose when I became president two years ago, ‘Bridging the Past, Enabling the Future, Pathways to Success’. Our 40th anniversary celebration provides us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the significant things

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

we have accomplished and those who have been in the fore front of our growth and development. They have been instrumental in delivering to us a “maturing Child” as it were, whose future we must now enable and ensure that the pathways to future accomplishments are secure. This 32nd Annual Sales Congress, hosted by President Monica Robotham JAIFA and facilitated by Congress Director Orville Johnson and his committee, is but the first step in the coming of age of CARAIFA. The theme, ‘Empowered to Rise’, is a microcosm of JAIFA’S theme for 2017-2018, ‘Find Your Passion, Brand Your Life’, and is designed to take us on a nostalgic and life-enriching experience that will be forever etched in our minds and hearts. I am delighted, therefore, to welcome you to Congress 2018 and the 40th Anniversary celebration of CARAIFA. I am especially happy to welcome all first-time attendees and those who may be with us from beyond our region. May all of us endeavor to fully enjoy the wonderful Jamaican hospitality, people and culture, and all that Congress 2018 has to offer while we are here, and do whatever it takes to rise up, and find or renew our passion and brand our Life. Wynthrop A.D. Catwell CARAIFA President

Message from the CARAIFA Secretary General President Monica Robotham and Congress Director Orville Johnson have orchestrated a schedule of events and activities that are guaranteed to leave you feeling ‘Empowered to Rise’. A highlight of this year’s congress will be the celebration of CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary. For 40 years CARAIFA has served as a beacon for insurance and financial advisors in the region, facilitating their growth and development through education, comradeship and vision. As CARAIFA enters its 41st year, we will continue to be committed to viability, continuous growth and development, improving the image of our members and upholding the industry’s high ethical standards. We are steadfast in our commitment to carry out our mission as we are It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to our second city, Montego Bay, in this great land of wood, water and sunshine, the land of my birth, Jamaica. “She have a rich history, A beautiful woman with the sweetest gifts, Beautiful sunrise and an evening kiss, Of a nice sunset in the evening seas” says reggae artiste Chronixx, and you will definitely experience this while you are here. As we come together for our annual rejuvenation and fellowship, we are reminded that although we have travelled from across the Caribbean Sea to gather on this island, we are, in fact, one nation, proud and indivisible, as together we stand and divided we fall.

‘Empowered to Rise’ to see beyond our vision to a future that holds new challenges and greater opportunities for our insurance and financial professionals in the region. It is said, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together’ (anonymous), and that is how we will make it through the next 40 years, united, together as one. I encourage you to make the most of this congress; take away critical lessons that, when integrated into your personal and professional lives, will empower you to rise to the next level of success, and when you face an obstacle, as you will, remember what Winston Churchill said: “It’s continuous effort - not strength or intelligence – that is the key to unlocking our potential.” Michael Jordon puts it this way: ‘If you’re trying to achieve, there will be road blocks ... obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.’ Colleagues and friends, the stage is set for the 32nd Annual Congress. It’s time to take your seats and fasten your seatbelts as JAIFA and CARAIFA roll out the red carpet and take you on an uplifting journey: Congress 2018 - ‘Empowered to Rise’. Marcelle Fenton, MBA, BA (Hons.), CLU Ch.F.C., FLMI, FSCP

The hard-working members of the Jamaica Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (JAIFA) under the stewardship of Empowered to Rise


Message from the President of JAIFA To all our cherished association

As we relish what the congress has

presidents, delegates, speakers,

to offer, let us not forget that we

participants, colleagues, families

are a model regional organization.

and friends - first—time or returning

We have been able to work

visitors - we are indeed blessed

productively together over the last

that you have come from across

40 years - not without our ups and

the Caribbean, the United States

downs - but with recognition that

of America, and as far as Dubai to

as a Caribbean people we are more

join us on our beautiful island of

alike than different, bearing in mind

Jamaica, where the sun shineth, the

the words of that great Caribbean

land is green and the people are

icon, Sir Shridath Ramphal: “We

strong and creative.

must either swim together or sink separately.”

Jamaica is more than a country; it is an extraordinary experience.

As I reflect on my theme ‘Find Your

Over the next few days you will get

Passion, Brand Your Life’, and as

a special taste of our hospitality as

we are ‘Empowered to Rise’, let us

you sharpen your skills, share ideas,

encourage each other, striving to

reignite the fire and connect with

grow personally and professionally,

visionaries, movers and leaders

and choosing to guide and cultivate

who are seeking to create a better

our personal brand. What do you


wish for people to associate you with? What do you stand for? What

It is with absolute joy, humility of spirit, and a grateful heart that I, as the 65th President of Jamaica Association of Insurance and Financial (JAIFA), and on behalf of the Board of Directors, roll out the welcome mat to you to CARAIFA’s 32nd Annual Sales Congress and 40th anniversary celebrations. We are truly delighted to be the host of

Congress 2018, its theme,

separates you from everyone else?

‘Empowered to Rise’, has been

What will you be remembered

planned with you in mind. Congress

for? At the end of the day, what

Director Orville Johnson, O.D.,

matters most is what we shared,

and his exceptional, reliable and

what we taught, our significance,

passionate planning committee,

our integrity, our courage, and the

along with members of the

sacrifice we make to empower

secretariat, have worked tirelessly


to present a programme of activities that is scintillating,

It is our sincere wish that everyone

educational, fun-filled, and is

of you will have a rewarding and

guaranteed to challenge you to rise

most memorable congress.

to the next level.

this historic sales congress. 12

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Monica Robotham, CLU, Ch.F.C, SLU

Message from MDRT Zone Chair should be a strong spirit of kinship

professional you can be.

and service, in appreciation of our role in this volatile and disruptive

On behalf of the Executive

time in history! That is a great place

Committee of MDRT, Meila

to start. Rise towards what? These

McKitty Plummer, region chair, and

can be defined by our own personal

MDRT members worldwide, I do

goals and altruistic desires. At the

wish CARAIFA many more years

end of each month, quarter and

of wonderful experiences and

year, we only arrive at what we set

professional development on this

out to do if we have served well.

their ruby anniversary.

A great part of our progress as

Yours in service,

a people in the journey from Dear Fellow Advisors,

colonialism has been our desire to

Gregg Mannette,

rise above challenges in pursuit of

MDRT Zone Chair, Caribbean

Our Pan-Caribbean region is

our own nationalistic and regional

blessed with an abundance of

identities. As a body of financial

resources, both natural and human.

professionals, we play an integral

Specific to the latter, some of our

part in the welfare of our regional

well-known global contributions

citizenry. May we always be

lie in the field of sport, athletics,

empowered to rise to new personal

beauty and music and the arts.

professional highs so that as the

Often unsung, though, is the

tide rises in our profession, we raise

reality that over the 40 years of

all boats in the harbour.

CARAIFA’s existence, we have also provided world-class financial

The Million Dollar Round Table

advisors. This noble profession

(MDRT) remains committed

will seldom gain the attention of

to the development of the

mainstream media the world over.

professionalism of all financial

I however, humbly submit, the part

advisors who dare to rise to a

we play in the equilibrium of life is

new level of service. I encourage

note-worthy of proper credit.

you to have a conversation with MDRT members in your company

‘Empowered to Rise’! A bold

or region, and find out more about

statement of great responsibility is

how this great organisation can

the theme of this year’s congress.

raise your standard of performance

What are we empowered by? It

and empower you to be the best

Empowered to Rise


Retirement Planning Don’t Wait until it’s too late Financial Services Commission (FSC)

Ideally, retirement is the time in your life to indulge in hobbies, travel,

and comfort on retirement and a

spend time with loved ones and engage in activities which had been

marginal existence during these

deferred while you were too busy working, raising/educating children and


advancing careers. Achieving these retirement goals cannot happen by chance or wishful thinking. They are attainable by conscious and realistic

Individuals can save towards their

planning which must begin as early as possible. The earlier this planning

retirement through superannuation

is effected, the less burdensome and more attainable the retirement goals

funds and retirement schemes. A

will be. Adequate retirement planning ensures that the basic needs such

superannuation fund is a pension

as food, shelter and increased health-care costs are provided for, and

plan established by an employer

there is also sufficient financial capacity to allow the retiree to indulge

for the benefit of his employees.

in some of the fun-filled activities which were deferred during his/her

On the other hand, retirement

working life.

schemes facilitate self-employed persons and those persons who are

Planning for retirement is made easier by the availability of various pension

not members of a superannuation

savings options. These savings options aim to assist the saver to achieve

fund and are not employed in

retirement goals by utilizing available tax benefits. Segregating pension

pensionable posts.

savings by compulsory savings being deducted directly from one’s salary prevents the saver from diverting the funds to short-term consumption,

However, saving for retirement

and ensures that funds are used for building retirement assets.

is not limited to these pension

Pension savings should constitute a significant portion of the net worth

arrangements. If an employee

of the average employed/self-employed person. With life expectancy

believes that his/her pension

increasing, the retirement years are also increasing and a well-organised

funds will not be adequate to meet

retirement plan represents the difference between financial security

lifestyle needs on retirement, he/ Empowered to Rise


she should investigate and invest in other investment arrangements which are available from financial institutions. Whether you are in the early stages of working life or you are nearing the retirement phase, planning for retirement is a very important and necessary activity. There are some basic principles with regard to planning for retirement that should not be ignored. In particular, members of pension plans and all persons planning for retirement should: • Conduct research and gather information regarding the retirement products available in the market; knowledge and financial security go hand in hand. • If you contribute to a pension fund, keep abreast of the performance of the pension fund, communicate with the trustees of the plan, and ensure that the pension fund is operating in keeping with the Trust Deed and Rules and the Pensions Act. Read the reports provided by the pension fund. This will keep you aware of the performance of the fund and ensure that upon retirement there will be no surprises regarding your savings in the fund. Seek expert advice. • Act promptly - retirement planning should not be delayed; an early start is advisable. • Ensure that the financial institution in which you are placing your savings is registered and licensed with the Financial Services Commission (FSC). Visit the FSC website which provides lists of all companies registered and licensed by them. 18



Top Insurance Agents Q What moment in time changed your perspective and made you the success you are?


The moment in time that would have changed my perspective was the birth of my son, Carlos, 28 years ago. I was determined to provide a better life for him. This gave me the drive to do well in the insurance industry. He was two years old when I came into the business.

- Wayne Alleyne Q What drives your success?


I have always had a hunger for excellence and the need to be the best at my practice. These, coupled with the provisions I am required to make for my retirement savings and my passion for ensuring that my three sons have a much better start in life than I did, have been enough to keep me going. In addition to all of the above, I am wired to win. I don’t know how to do anything else, and for those who know me, they will understand that it is the only outcome I can relate to.

Q Describe a typical day in your work life, outlining the specific actions you believe contribute to


your success. My responsibilities encompass that of an agent and agency manager. I manage an agency with sixty eight (68) agents, and this requires some skillful time-management on my part to be able to achieve my personal sales targets while ensuring that my management functions are executed. I am a firm believer in delegation and, as such, I literally delegate everything that does not require my personal involvement. This allows me to focus on the things that really matter. I try to fit in, on average, two interviews per day and, wherever possible, I try to arrange for these meetings to take place at my office so as to make the best use of my time. I believe, though, that the other primary factor that contributes to my success is my mastery of networking, combined with exceptional customer service. I am an avid fitness enthusiast and this requires me to leave my office between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. To many, this may seem extreme, but it is what I do, as I believe that maintaining peak health and fitness contributes, in a significant way, to sustaining the highest performance.

- Dale Mcleod Q What drives your success?


• Innate overachiever spirit. • My faith is my compass in daily life. • I am very focused on my goals to the point where this single-mindedness has led to me being labelled as antisocial. However, in reality all my energies and efforts are concentrated on my goals which span beyond Sagicor. This allows for an extraordinary type of result in my life.

- Loeri Robinson 20

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Q What moment in time changed your perspective and made the success you are?


Becoming a mother made it even more serious. My children became my biggest inspiration. They changed my outlook on life on a whole.

Q Describe a typical day in your work life, outlining the specific actions you believe Q & A Top Insurance Agents


contribute to your success. My day is structured with daily ‘must dos’ which include: Praying and spending time in devotion - this is the first order of business Getting a minimum of three new names each day. Conducting at least one new interview plus an existing client review. Making sure I take a few minutes in-between for persistent checks and balances. By doing these ‘must dos’ repeatedly, they are now great work habits that keep me focused and in order.

- Janice Mullin-Sargeant

Q What drives your success?


some habits which Albert Gray,

I would answer that question by referring to Albert E.N.

mentioned earlier, refers to as

Gray’s powerful quote: “Successful people do the things that

the four success habits in the life

failures don’t like to do.” it goes on to say that the same people

insurance business:

do not like doing them either necessarily, but their disliking

1. prospecting habits (cultivating

is subordinated to the strength of their purpose. This very

new persons every day)

statement is critical to my success because there are many

2. calling habits - which means

days when things go wrong, as they sometimes will, and I do

calling on people who don’t

not feel like doing the things that are critical to my success,

want to see you

but by constantly focusing on my purpose, my goals are almost always accomplished.

3. selling habits - trying to sell them something they don’t want to buy

Another important factor to my success is that of tithing,

4. working habits - putting

which is that tenth of my income that I give to God, which

yourself on the line trying to

enables him to move on my behalf in the area of blessings.

convince persons on a daily

He owns everything and I am simply a steward of what I have

basis of the importance of the

been entrusted with. The principle is this: “He gives unto us,

various products that cover

we give back to Him one-tenth of all He has blessed us with.”

family protection, critical illness, savings, etc., even when

Q Describe a typical day in your work life, outlining the specific


actions you believe contribute to your success? I would describe a typical day by describing a typical month

you don’t feel like it.

- Marcia Wright

or a typical year, which entails showing up for work every day, Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.M. In addition, I have formed

Empowered to Rise


Vision Accomplished

It’s not just about the numbers. It’s about hearing what the numbers are saying PENSIONS THE PRINCIPALS COMBINED 70 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

Valuations & Reporting (Funding, IFRS and GAAP accounting) Plan Documentation – Trust Deed & Rules Plan Design and Costing Mergers, Conversions and Wind-Up/Termination Specialized Projects

• • • • •


Education Seminars Trustee and Administrator Training Members’ Handbooks and Benefit Statements

• • •


Plan design – insured and self-insured Competitive benchmarking Contract negotiations- initial placement and renewal Cost sharing arrangements IFRS and GAAP accounting valuations & reporting

• • • • • Phillip Whittaker, FIA, ASA

LIFE, PROPERTY & CASUALTY INSURANCE Individual Life Property & Casualty – Evaluation of Tenders Valuation, Solvency and Source of Earnings Stochastic and Dynamic Projections Financial and other reporting Mergers and acquisitions Product Design, Development and Pricing Independent review Annuity Pricing

• • • • • • • • •


Public Sector Benefits Social Security – Insurance and Pensions Executive Benefits Surveys (Employee Benefits, etc.)

• • • • Constance Dalmadge Hall FSA, FCA, MAAA



• •

8 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10 Tel: (876) 908-1203; 754-7695 Fax: (876) 754-87-83

• •




• • •




THANK YOU JAIFA would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in the success of the CARAIFA’s 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018. Thank you to the hard working committee members, subcommittees, Secretariat, sponsors and contributors.

Positive Printing


Webster Campbell




To be an impartial, credible and relevant regulator, effectively engaging stakeholders to support a robust financial services sector.





MISSION To regulate and supervise the securities, insurance and pensions industries for the protection of their users thereby enhancing public confidence through the efforts of a competent workforce.


ROLE The Financial Services Commission (FSC) - supervisor of the Securities, Insurance and private Pensions industries in Jamaica. 39 - 43 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I. Tel: (876) 906-3010 -2 | Fax: (876) 906-3018

Email: Website:

Main Platform Speakers Alicia P. Hussey

Bonnie Godsman


Chief Executive Officer GAMA International

Management Advisory Board of the Companies Office of Jamaica. She is currently a member of the Best Practices Committee of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, where she is also a member of the Corporate Alicia P. Hussey is an Attorney-at-

Governance sub-committee and

Law and Principal at the law firm,

chairs the Corporate Disclosure and

Hussey Legal.

Investor Relations sub-committee. Ms Hussey enjoys teaching and

Bonnie Godsman is Chief Executive

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree,

currently serves as tutor of Probate

Officer at GAMA International in

a Bachelor of Laws degree awarded

Practice and Procedure at the

Falls Church, Virginia. Godsman

by the University of the West Indies

Norman Manley Law School.

joined GAMA International 16 years ago, where she rose

and a Legal Education Certificate awarded by the Norman Manley Law

She enjoys mentoring youth, and

through the ranks to become


on a weekly basis, engages with and

Vice-President for corporate and

plays an active role in the positive

business development. In this

Ms Hussey has been a practising

and rounded development of young

role, she oversaw all revenue

Attorney since 2002 and has

people. She founded and currently is

departments at the association,

gathered a wealth of experience

a director of the First Baptist Church

including Membership, LAMP,

in the fields of corporate and

Mentorship Programme. She also

Communications and PMG

commercial law, corporate

leads her church’s Youth Group,

Corporate Relations. Since her

governance, corporate compliance,

teaches Sunday school for 16-22

promotion to that position in

real estate development,

year-olds and mentors young men in

2012, GAMA has seen dramatic

conveyancing, estate planning and

her church community through her

growth in revenue, membership,

administration, probate and family

training and management of the First

membership retention and


Baptist Church Football Club.

LAMP attendance. In June 2014, Godsman took the helm as GAMA’s

She has served as a member of the

She is a Christian, enjoys spiritual

first and youngest female CEO.

Corporate Governance Committee

activities and spends her spare

Before joining GAMA, Godsman

of the Private Sector Organisation

time reading, watching football and

held political appointments under

of Jamaica and Secretary of the


the administrations of Suffolk


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Main Platform Speakers cont’d Robert J. Gaffney as liaison

Dr. Sanjay Tolani

Damion Crawford

Sanja Tolani is a 15-year member

Damion Crawford is an educator,

of the Million Dollar Round Table –

an entrepreneur, an advocate

the premier association of financial

and an overall leader. He has

professionals, with two Court of

lecturered in tourism management

the Table and eleven Top of the

at the University of the West

Table honours. He became the

Indies, Mona, and is currently

youngest member in 2003, at the

the managing director of Crafton

age of 19, and then qualified as the

Holdings Limited, a company which

Youngest Life Member in 2012 at

manufactures liquid eggs supplied

the age of 28. He has also become

from his large poultry farm. This

the youngest managing director

liquid egg facility is the only one

of an insurance brokerage in the

of its kind in the Caribbean. Now

Middle East.

in the final year of reading for his

NamePlatform Main of section Speakers here

County (N.Y.) Executive to the offices of both New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and President George W. Bush. She is also founder of Bliss, LLC, a restaurant group based in New York City. In addition, Godsman is a member of the American Society of Association Executive and the National Association of Professional Women and will sit for the prestigious Certified Association Executive (CAE) this coming May. Born and raised on the south shore of Long Island, Godsman is a proud New York native. Having been bitten by the political bug at a young age, she attended the American University in Washington, D.C., receiving a B.A. in political science. Godsman divides her professional and personal living in both Washington, D.C., weekly, and enjoying her weekends in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, with her husband

doctoral degree, Damion has also served as government senator and opposition spokesperson on youth and culture.

Mike and their yorkie poo, Lincoln.

Empowered to Rise


Main Platform Speakers cont’d Belinda Frederica Morrison Urologist/Senior Lecturer

Marcus T. Henderson, Sr., RFP®

Marcus T. Henderson, Sr., RFP®, MRFC of Franklin, Tennessee, is President and CEO of Henderson Financial Group, Inc. He is a 26-year consecutive member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a benchmark of excellence in the financial services arena. Currently, Marcus is a six-year qualifying member of MDRT’s Top of the Table (TOT). Belinda Frederica Morrison is a senior lecturer and head of the Division of Urology at the University

He is a past president of the Nashville Association

of the West Indies, Mona, in Kingston. She is also a

of Insurance and Financial Advisors - 1999/2000,

surgery consultant. She holds an MB.BS. (Hons) and a

and also a past president of the National Association

DM (Urology) from the University of the West Indies,

of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) –

with academic specialization in urology and a general

Tennessee - 2004/2005. He was the recipient of the

interest in prostate cancer and andrology - the study

NAIFA Nashville Todd A. Baker Extraordinary Award

of male sexual dysfunction. She has also written

- 2014, and was also named the NAIFA TN Insurance

extensively on the topic.

Professional of the Year – 2013.

The valedictorian of her 2000 graduating class has

Marcus is an avid supporter of MDRT’s committee

been the recipient of many awards and scholarships,

system and the MDRT Foundation, of which he is

including the Prime Minister’s Award for Academic

a Gold Knight. Quite accomplished within media

Excellence in 2001, and the Commonwealth

and print, Marcus has been featured in Advisor

Scholarship in 2005. An active volunteer at the Jamaica

Today in 2005, NAIFA’s national publication, and is a

Cancer Society’s monthly prostate cancer screening

frequent columnist in many national financial planning

clinics, Belinda also serves on the board of the Jamaica

magazines and periodicals. He was most recently

Cancer Society, and has served as president of the

highlighted in February 2015 by Signator in Financial

Jamaica Urological Society and medical advisor on the

Planning magazine for his exemplary independent firm

National Health Fund Pharmaceutical Committee.

building achievements.


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Main Platform Speakers cont’d

Carla Dunbar was born in Kingston

resident marriage officer and family

but relocated to the parish of

and sex therapist.

Portland when she was eleven years old. She has been happily

She has authored two books,

married to Canute Dunbar for

CHANGED … The Journey and

39 years, and their union has

SEXCRIPTION: A Prescription for

produced four children and eight

Sex, and her passion for marriage

grandchildren. The current senior

and the family continues to

pastor for the Church of God of

propel her to fulfil her mantra of

Prophecy in Cavaliers, St. Andrew,

‘Rebuilding Jamaica, One Marriage

she has also served as senior pastor of both the Buff Bay and Orange Bay

at a Time’. She loves the Lord


passionately and humbly enjoys helping persons resolve life’s issues.

The name Carla Dunbar has gained considerable popularity as Jamaica’s

Her philosophy is that “Anyone

leading marriage, family and sex therapist. She is a certified professional

can create an impression, but not

life coach, and sex and family counselling therapist, and her counselling

anyone can create an impact” and

service is extended to the diaspora in Japan, UK, USA and Caribbean

she seeks always to impact by

countries via Skype and social media. She is also a motivational speaker


who has addressed audiences in the private and public sectors of Jamaica. Her reputation has gained for her international recognition and she has, upon invitation, addressed conferences in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA) and in other Caribbean countries. Reverend Dr. Dunbar was conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humane Letters and awarded Fellow of the Most Excellent Order of International Expert in the field of Marriage and Family Counselling at the 2017 graduation of CICA International University and Seminary in New York, and was commissioned with Ambassadorial Status in the United States. She is an archive media consultant for Jamaica Media Houses and CEO of Carla Dunbar Ministries and Counselling Care, with its main office at Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa in St. Andrew. There she serves as Empowered to Rise


Main Platform Speakers

Rev. Dr. Carla Dunbar B.Th. L.H.D, FOIE. JP

Main Platform Speakers cont’d Fritz Hire Augustus Pinnock, Ph.D., JP, FCILT, FCMI, CD

He was the Jamaica Association

Bahamas, Barbados, St. Kitts, Guyana

for Administrative Professionals

and many regional ports. He has

(JAAP) All-Island Boss of the

served as a Board Member for both

year for 2013-2014 and is an

public and private sectors: these

Honorary Advisor of Shanghai

include the HEART Trust/NTA and

Cruise Ship & Yacht Association.

the National Apprenticeship Board.

Professor Pinnock is an advocate

Professor Fritz Pinnock is the President of the Caribbean Maritime University and holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainable Cruise Tourism from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. He also has an MSc. in International Shipping and Logistics from the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, and a BSc. (Hons.) in Economics and Accounting (Management Studies) from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport, UK (FCILT), and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, UK (FCMI), and has been a Fellow of the British Institute of Management (MBIM) since 1991, and the Institute of Logistics and Distribution Management (MILDM).

for educational transformation

Besides being a consultant, he

through TVET and he chairs the

is a special advisor, regionally

National Logistics Hub Education

and internationally to various

and Training Sub Committee. He is

agencies (governmental and non-

the recipient of the Prime Minister’s

governmental) and sits on several

Medal of Appreciation 2015

institutional, community and

service to education. In 2017, he

sports-related boards including

was conferred the honour of the

the President of the Jamaica

Order of Distinction in the Rank

Rowing Federation and Chairman

of Commander (CD) in recognition

of the Associates Committee, Port

to his contribution in the field

Management Association of the

of Education, in particular, the

Caribbean (PMAC).

Caribbean Maritime University. He is also an Honorary Professor for the

He is the author of several books

Academic Union, Oxford.

which include: •

He is an International Maritime

& Management”, published in

and Logistics Consultant who has

Canada, and currently being

worked on numerous projects, in

used at the Caribbean Maritime

collaboration with the Government


of Canada, the International

“Caribbean Cruise Tourism: Power

Development Bank (IDB), CARICOM,

Relations Among Stakeholders”

World Bank, French Government,

(Paperback), 2012, LAP Lambert

British Virgin Islands, Organization of

Academic Publishing, Germany.

American States, Eastern Caribbean States, Suriname, United Kingdom,


“Marine Terminal Operations

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Main Platform Speakers cont’d academic peer review and

Sandra Ramjit

Main Platform Speakers

He has published numerous

Sales Representative

industry articles, magazines and journals worldwide in multiple languages, including French, German, and Spanish and is a contributing writer and columnist (the Human Factor) of the Caribbean Maritime and Port Side Magazines; the leading shipping magazines published by the Caribbean Shipping Association. In addition, he has developed numerous course manuals. Among his lifetime accolades, he is the recipient of the Socrates 2016 Award. This award means he is considered ONE of the WORLD’S 20 BEST PROFESSIONALS FROM ALL CONTINENTS for his “outstanding achievements in professional activities and contribution to intellectual development in government management, business and the economy of today’s society.” Professor Pinnock is a Justice of the Peace for Kingston, a counselor and advisor to various charities. He also enjoys reading, fishing, and power boating. He is married and has two beautiful daughters.

Sandra Ramjit took a leap of faith

she attended her first congress in

and joined the financial services

Barbados and on her first attempt

business in 2016, after 30 years

at Speakers’ Forum, she walked

in the accounting and auditing

away with first place.

field. She has spent 12 years as Caribbean Finance Manager of

She is a budding Toastmaster and

GlaxoSmithKline Caribbean Limited,

also continues to give back to the

an international pharmaceutical

community by being a volunteer

company, and, prior to that, she

tutor with Adult Literacy Tutors

worked for 6 years as assistant

Association. She feels confident

audit manager at Ernst & Young.

that her professional and personal experience will give her the edge

She is a qualified accountant with

in the insurance industry. Her

the FCCA designation and the

road to FSCP designation has

holder of an MBA with speciality in

already started, which will enhance

strategic planning.

her ability to better serve her clients. Sandra is very resilient and

In her first year in the business she

passionate, and has set her eyes

doubled the company’s quota and

on qualifying for the prestigious

is well on her way to achieving the

Million Dollar Round Table.

company’s highest awards. In 2017, Empowered to Rise




Sunday, April 29, 2018

11:10 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.


4:00 p.m.

11:20 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.

Dr. Belinda Morrison Effects of Cancer; Sexual Dysfunction

Orientation for First Time Participants

Chairperson - Mr. Winston Bennett, BSc.CLU, Ch.F.C 6: 00 p.m.

CARAIFA President’s Cocktail

6:45 p.m.

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary Celebration & Hall of Fame Ceremony

Welcome Address Ms. Monica Robotham, CLU, Ch.F.C, SLU JAIFA’s President Greetings Mr. Wynthrop Catwell CARAIFA’s President Dr. The Honourable Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP Guest Speaker - Minister of Finance & Public Service

Monday, April 30, 2018 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Mr. Oliver Tomlinson, JP Chairperson Opening & Flag Ceremony Invocation Congress Director Address Mr. Orville Johnson, OD, BSc., FLMI 9:30 a.m. - 9:50 a.m. Bishop The Honourable Conrad Pitkin, JP Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of St.James MAIN PLATFORM 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Dr. Sanjay Tolani,

BBA (Fin.), MIB (Dist.), FLMI (Dist.), ACS

(Hons.), MAFB (Dist.), AFSI, CFP

Sales Selling Skills

10:35 a.m. - 11:05 a.m. Dr. Damien King Economic Overview, Opportunities across the Caribbean


11:55 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Mr. Damian Crawford Empowered to Rise LUNCH 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. WORKSHOPS 1. Mrs. Alicia Hussey My Will, My Estate 2. Mr. Marcus Henderson Guard your Financial Health 3. Mr. Alan Lurty, MBA,RICP® FLMI Value of Professional Designation & Education from the American College What’s next after FSCP? 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. WORKSHOPS 1. Mrs. Alicia Hussey My Will, My Estate 2. Mr. Marcus Henderson Guard your Financial Health 3. Mr. Joseph Sidaros, BA,CIAM,CMFA Building the Agents 8:00 p.m. Karaoke, Games Night

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. Speakers’ Forum Competition 8:30 a.m. - 8:40 a.m. Mr. Wayne Alleyne, LUTCF Agency Manager Chairperson Mr. Leslie Francis, JP Branch Manager Caribbean Praise

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

C O N G R E S S Ms. Sara Estrella Membership & External Relations Strategist MDRT Greetings MAIN PLATFORM CONTINUES 8:50a.m. – 9:15 a.m. Mr. Marcus Henderson – Empowered for Success The Agent as a Business/Sales Ideas 9:20 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Mr. Oliver Townsend Creation of a Dream

9:50 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Ms. Bonnie Godsman Knowledge Equals Power, Wealth and Happiness

10:15 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. Mr. Everard Smith Entertainment 10:20a.m. – 10:35 a.m. Ms. Sandra Ramjit 2017 Speakers’ Forum Winner 10:40a.m. – 11:05 a.m.

Dr. Maolynne Miller CARAIFA Foundation Kidney Disease

11:10 a.m. – 11:35 a.m. Ms. Loeri Robinson – Rise - Higher Heights 11:40 – 12:05 p.m.

Mrs. Alicia Hussey The Value of Estate Planning

P R O G R A M M E 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. WORKSHOPS 1. Dr. Sanjay Tolani Double Your Income 2. Ms. Nicholene Taylor Mind of the Agent 3. Mr. Joseph Sidaros, MBA,CIAM,CMFA Empowered to Lead (Managers) 8:00 p.m.

Club Party – All White

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 Mr. Winston Bennett BSc., CLU, CH.F.C Chairperson 8: 45 a.m. - 9: 25

View from top

9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Rapping with Dr. The Honourable R. Danvers Williams, OJ,CD., Hon.L.L.D., JP, CLU 10:35 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Announcement of 2018 Speakers’ Forum Winner 11:05 a.m - 11:35 a.m. Mr. Everard Smith Entertainment 11:40 a.m. - 12: 05 p.m. Changing of the Guards

12:10 p.m. – 12:35 p.m. Rev. Dr. Carla Dunbar Balancing the Wheel

12: 10 p.m. - 12: 40 p.m. Professor Fritz H.A. Pinnock Caribbean Maritime University



2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. WORKSHOPS 1. Dr. Sanjay Tolani Double Your Income 2. Ms. Cheryl Rolle Down but not Out – Rise

12:50 p.m.


8:00 p,m.

Dinner & Caribbean Night with FAB 5 on the Beach

3. Ms. Bonnie Godsman Empowered by Knowledge

11:00 a.m.

Thursday, May 3, 2018 Checking out / Departures

Empowered to Rise


Main Platform Speakers cont’d R. Danvers Williams, OJ, CD, JP, Hon. LL.D.(UTECH), Hon. LL.D.(UWI), CLU

as the nucleus for Life of Jamaica Limited, which he founded in 1970. He built the company that is today a respected and dynamic financial institution.

R. Danvers (Danny) Williams has had a distinguished career in the life insurance industry spanning some 65 years. He is the Founder and Past President and Chief Executive Officer of Life of Jamaica Limited (now Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited), one of the largest life insurance companies in the West Indies. His involvement with the industry dates back to 1953, when at the age of 18 years 9 months he joined North American Life Assurance Company, NALACO, as a salesman. Within 7 years, he was appointed Branch Manager for Jamaica and over the next decade, he guided the branch to the number one position in the company’s international network. A dedicated professional committed to the development of his country and with a zest for challenges, Danny Williams molded the branch 32

R. Danvers Williams is noted for his considerable service to the wider Jamaican community which has earned him the national honours of Commander of the Order of Distinction (1972) and the Order of Jamaica (1993). He served the Government of Jamaica for three years from 1977 to 1979 as a Senator, Minister of State and Minister of Industry and Commerce respectively. He was conferred twice with the degree of Doctor of Laws (Hon) by the University of Technology in 2005 and by the University of the West Indies (Mona) in 2013. He has received many other honours and awards including the Observer Lifetime Achievement Award, induction into the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) Hall of Fame, the Caribbean Luminary Award by the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies (AFUWI), the Gleaner Honour Award for Voluntary Service, induction into the Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARIFA) Hall of Fame, the YEA Entrepreneurial Spirit Award by the

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Young Entrepreneurs Association and One of the 50 Living Legacy Award by the Caribbean Community for Retired Persons (CCRP). He was President of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf for 10 years. He was also Chairman of the Jamaica Association for the Advancement of Literacy, JAMAL and the National Development Foundation of Jamaica as well as Vice President of the Jaycees of Jamaica and the West Indies Jaycees. He was Chairman of the Jamaica College Board from 2005 to 2011 and Chairman of the Jamaica College Foundation from 2005 to 2016. In December 2008 Mr. Williams was appointed Director Emeritus of the Jamaica Broilers Group Limited. He currently serves on the boards of several major Jamaican Companies, Organizations and Foundations, including Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited and UWI Private Wing Ltd. He is the Chairman of Ravers Limited and Virginia Dare (Jamaica) Limited. He resigned as Chairman of Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited effective June 1, 2017 and was conferred the title of Director Emeritus.

Workshop Speakers Joseph Sidaros,

Principal Representative- Sagicor Life, Dominica

Workshop Speakers

Cheryl Lander-Rolle

MBA,CIAM,CMFA Senior Strategic Consultant Executive Coach

the top producer for Sagicor Life Inc., formerly known as Life of Barbados, for five consecutive years. Cheryl has also been the President of Dominica Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (DAIFA) and has successfully hosted three CARAIFA Conferences

Joseph Sidaros is a professional

in Dominica, the last one being held Cheryl Lander-Rolle is of Creole

management consultant and

in 2013, with over 150 participants

descent and was born and raised

executive coach with extensive

from the Caribbean. Cheryl is the

in the island of the Commonwealth

years of experience in the financial

Principal Representative of Sagicor

of Dominica, also known as the

security industry. He has been

Life Inc. in Dominica and the only

Nature Island of the Caribbean. She

in the field of management and

female one in the Caribbean. She

considers herself to be an unofficial

business development for over 35

has been a deputy chairman of

ambassador of her country and

years, and the last 30 plus years

Invest Dominica and has served

also is the mother of five wonderful

have been focused in management

on the executive for three years.


development, coaching and training,

At present, she is a director

including recruiting and selection,

on Dominica’s National Health

budgeting, staffing, forecasting,


business planning, marketing,

She has been a financial advisor for Sagicor Life Inc. for 30 years

promotions, human relations, and

and has won several awards in

She considers the islands one

Dominica and the OECS as a top

sales and distribution within the

people dropped in different shores

female financial advisor. In doing

financial security and planning

from ships, and believes that the

so, she has become a multiple

industry. Joseph has received the

value of an insurance advisor is

qualifier for the Million Dollar

prestigious Chairman’s Trophy in

unmeasurable in times of greatest

Round Table, recipient of numerous

recognition of his outstanding project

sorrow and financial challenges.

management and performance

Caribbean awards as top producer in the entire Eastern Caribbean, and holds the record of being

excellence. He has also received the highest level of recognition for commitment to excellence in

Empowered to Rise


Workshop Speakers cont’d the professionalism of Effective Field Management in the Financial Security Industry.

Alan S. Lurty, MBA, RICP®, FLMI Vice-President, Education & Business Development The American College of Financial Services

In his endless pursuit of helping people

Alan Lurty is a senior leader

achieve excellence through balanced

in the insurance and financial

personal and professional lives, Joseph

services sector with a passion

established his own management

for building companies into

consulting and development company

profitable industry leaders.

called Performance Management Plus.

In his role at The American

There, his main responsibilities are

College, Alan is responsible for all

to deliver and facilitate management

international operations, and also

and executive coaching, training and

has responsibility for marketing

development mandates to associates and

the college’s programmes

leaders within a wide variety of industries

through banks, broker-dealers

around the world. His mission is to pave

and independent distribution.

the way to a better future by empowering people within a highly competitive and demanding marketplace, to develop the full potential of people while creating harmony within a highly productive workplace and to achieve increased productivity and effectiveness through activity management and behavioral modification. Over the years, and on his own initiatives, Joseph has associated himself with the best research, training and management firms to help deliver the ultimate in executive leadership coaching and management skill development. His passion for helping people to impact their performance, productivity and operational effectiveness through behavioral change has contributed to the success and growth of numerous organizations.


Before joining the college, Alan was senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for SCOR Global Life Americas, the largest life reinsurer in the United States. Prior to SCOR, Alan headed business and product development for ING/Voya Financial, and was chief operating officer for Annuities at CNA Life. His significant experience includes developing and launching the industry’s first modern guaranteed level term plans, the first product with wellness features, and other new programmes in the individual life, annuity and employee benefits markets, as well as having P&L responsibility for Voya’s Affinity Markets. Alan has also built a distribution channel at ING to $45 million of sales from a standing start within three years. Alan holds an MBA in Finance and Strategic Planning from The Ohio State University, and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Kent State University. He is an active community volunteer, including serving on the executive committee and chair of the Finance Committee for Big Brothers Big Sisters in the Philadelphia region, and enjoys spending time with his family, music, skiing, golf and travel.

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

7 Habits of Highly Effective Insurance Agents Why are some insurance agents successful while others flounder?

1 Hungry

2 Available

First and foremost, highly effective

We no longer live in a world where we, as

insurance agents are hungry. When

insurance agents, can dictate the terms

times get tough, the unsuccessful want

of communication with our prospects and

Their habits.

to circle the wagons and hunker down


It’s the little

into the safe and cozy “Way it’s always

idiosyncratic routines,


Highly effective insurance agents make themselves available, not when it is most

methodology and philosophies which

Unfortunately, life isn’t designed to

convenient for themselves but, rather, for

dictate their daily

be cozy or safe. Times change, people

those they would meet with.

activities that create

change, the marketplace changes,

highly effective

methodology changes.

Being available takes many different shapes. It could mean hiring a call centre

insurance agents. Life rewards those who take risks and

for after hours or allowing for text

Best-selling author and

venture forth in hustle mode. Highly

message communication. Being available

motivational speaker

effective insurance agents have a sense

could mean chatting with prospects

Jim Rohn is famously

of urgency about them. They know

and clients via Facebook Messenger

quoted as saying:

how to embrace hustle mode when it is

or Snapchat or Twitter. Maybe being


available is as simple as getting rid of your

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 36

phone tree and having a human being Highly effective insurance agents are

pick up every phone call.

hungry. What being available looks like is going to Being a ‘Hungry’ insurance agent means

be different for every agency, but the fact

never looking back at work not done

remains, highly effective insurance agents

with regret for unachieved goals.

are available. The simple act of returning

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

a phone call can set you apart.

It’s easy to make excuses and find reasons why you do not have time to be available for prospects and clients. Highly effective insurance agents find time to be available.

4 Willing to Fail Albert Einstein once said, “Failure is success in progress.” Fear is paralyzing. When our mistakes stare us in the face, we often find it so upsetting we miss

embrace digital communication.

out on the primary benefit of failing: the chance to come back bigger, stronger, faster and smarter. Many

3 Value Driven Highly effective insurance agents seek to genuinely help and care about their clients and community. Rather than pushing the hard sell, they sit with clients and understand their needs. Because of the relentless pressure to drive revenue and close business, insurance agents are very familiar with the temptation to relent on price in exchange for bound policies. Highly effective insurance agents do reach for the dangling deal carrot. They understand that their success (and that of their agency) relies on a quality

of us avoid the prospect of failure. In fact, we are so focused on not failing, that we don’t aim for success, settling instead for a life of mediocrity. Highly effective insurance agents believe failure is another step on the road to success. Instead of shying away from failure, they embrace their misses, learn, adapt and try again. Highly effective insurance agents are committed to achieving their goals, regardless of how many times they fail along the way. Highly effective insurance agents are not afraid of bold moves. Highly effective insurance agents know the world is not all sunshine and rainbows.There are going to be

brand reputation in the marketplace.

days when things are not working out.

This means, on occasion, deals will be lost to price-

This is when the best insurance agents shine.

focused, coverage-poor competition. However, highly effective insurance agents know the clients willing to pay for the coverage they need, will return that value tenfold over time.

5 Measured Highly effective insurance agents have a sales pipeline fuelled by activity, not hope.

You can’t fake a desire to add value to other people’s lives. It’s almost as if prospects and clients can smell

These agents define their activities within the larger

authenticity. When you have it, when you believe deep

lead generation process. They know the metrics

down in delivering value before ever asking for it in

required to achieve their sales goals.

return, an entire new world of opportunity opens up. Not enough of the right kind of business in the top of the sales funnel guarantees there will not be enough of the right kind of business coming out the bottom.The average insurance agent cannot handle the truth.

Empowered to Rise


7 Habits of Highly Effective Insurance Agents

Highly effective insurance agents have begun to

They are uncomfortable with sales pipeline reviews and evaluation sessions because results are sporadic and unpredictable. Highly effective insurance agents understand that the secret to success is in the numbers – good or bad – because those numbers always have something to teach us. Highly effective insurance agents measure everything, not just the value of the closed business at the end of the month. Quantifying and evaluating every sales activity with every customer will help uncover the truth and point the way to more success in a way that simply counting the money can never do

6 Focused

a big customer – it can be downright depressing. However, even in the worst of times, success is often right around the corner.Rather than give up, highly effective insurance agents concentrate on all the reasons they can succeed. And they find a way to win. Luck has a funny way of shining on those who persist through the hard times. Business coach and international speaker Brian Tracy has this to say about luck:

The most successful independent insurance agents on this planet are highly focused.

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show

They pay attention to the present moment and present

up more often.” Show up more. Be more persistent

tasks. They do not allow distractions to become

in pursuit of your goals. Sitting in the office making

excuses for low productivity.

phone calls and excuses is the easy way to get through another day as an insurance agent. Highly effective

This habit ensures they are fully engaged in activities,

insurance agents go beyond what is expected, forming

get more done and deal with challenges efficiently.

new success-producing habits in order to reach their

Highly focused people are simply mindful. Focus takes


work. Highly effective insurance agents don’t make excuses for the distractions they will inevitably be

These are just 7 habits of highly effective insurance

faced with every single day.

agents. There are many. There is no perfect combination of habits that will work for all agents. You

Highly effective insurance agents are focused on

must go out into the world and find the habits that

the task at hand. They do not allow distractions

lead to your success. The 7 habits listed above are a

to undermine productivity. They delegate work to

great place to start. My hope is that hearing the words

support staff in order to stay focused on relationship

of fellow agents, highly effective and successful agents,

and revenue-generating activities.

will motivate you to seek out your habits.

7 Persistence

Now go find the habits that make you a highly effective insurance agent. Thank you,

Building a successful insurance career is not always easy. Sometimes – like when you lose a big sale or


Ryan Hanley - www.

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

CARAIFA ‘The paramount provider of professional education for Life Insurance and Financial Advisors in the Caribbean.’

WHAT IS CARAIFA? The Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARAIFA) is an umbrella organization of regional Life Underwriting associations whose members are engaged primarily in the sale of the products of Life Insurance and Financial Services companies. The name of the association was changed in July 2000 from the Caribbean Association of Life Underwriters (CALU) to CARAIFA.


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Member Territories include Antigua

CARAIFA is in the process of

an increasing number of deaths from

& Barbuda, Barbados, Belize,

bringing on stream new courses and

kidney complications in our region.

Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada,

programmes to further develop its

Many territories do not have the

Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The


capacity to treat kidney failure and

Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago and

many of our friends, relatives and CARAIFA has also established three

clients have to watch helplessly as

Curacao, Guyana, St. Kitts & Nevis,

industry production awards. These

their relatives slowly and painfully die

St. Maarten and Turks & Caicos.

are the CARAIFA Activity Award –

from kidney complications. Among

in which the emphasis is on activity

the most common persons who fall

CARAIFA’s Mission/Purpose is

that is cases settled, the CARAIFA

victim to kidney failures, according to

to stimulate the educational and

Quality Award – in which the

medical sources, are those suffering

professional development of the

emphasis is on good quality business,

from diabetes, hypertension and/or

Life Underwriter /Financial Advisor

and the CARAIFA President Award

heart ailments.

and foster a spirit of co-operation,

- in which emphasis is placed on

togetherness and unity among

premium income. You can visit our

As the first step in CARAIFA’s

the territories of the region while

website at to

long-term plan in aiding in the

ensuring the upholding of high

download the application form.

fight against kidney disease in the

ethical industry standards.

CARAIFA is also in the process of

Caribbean, CARAIFA launched

recognizing top sales agents from its

its kidney awareness website on

member associations on its website.

October 31, 2003, in Barbados.

Educational and Professional Development: CARAIFA is

Today, information on the

continually exploring new avenues


foundation and kidney disease can

and programmes to improve the


be viewed at http://www.caraifa.

educational standing and level of the

Every year CARAIFA focuses

com/caraifa-foundation.html. The

life underwriter/financial advisors

on a health condition where we

website disseminates information

throughout the region. To this end,

highlight the importance of health

re prevention and early detection

we offer educational courses as well

awareness and prevention; in

of kidney disease. The site also

as Caribbean Insurance Industry

the past we focused on diabetes

provides valuable information about

Awards. Throughout the years

and hypertension. On October

treatment. It is our ultimate intention

CARAIFA has been adjusting and

31 of each year, our membership

to have a facility on this site where

upgrading its education programme.

throughout the region joins its

kidney donors and patients may be

At this time, the following

efforts with other health groups to


programmes are being offered by

highlight a health condition, seeking


to educate the public at large. We

• The Financial Services

call this day ‘The Day of Common

Certified Professional (FSCP), a

Concern’ and in 2003 CARAIFA

designation programme.

started to devote resources to

• The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), a designation programme. • The Chartered Financial Consultant (Ch.F.C.), a designation programme.

creating a CARAIFA Foundation. The focus of the foundation is on kidney complications, as we believe that more needs to be known about this disease, as figures are showing Empowered to Rise



our associate member territories are

The Genesis of CARAIFA In 1976 the National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU), which is based in the USA, and with whom


LUAJ was affiliated as associate member, increased its

To be the regional unifying organization that

membership dues significantly. LUAJ’s President Earle

continuously and effectively anticipates and satisfies

Anglin and a board member, the late Owen Thompson,

the needs of its members and customers through the

visited NALU headquarters to protest the increase in

harmonious process of profitable relationships among

the dues but NALU was unbending. Consequently, the

all shareholders in the Insurance and Financial Services

board of the LUAJ took the decision in August 1976

Sectors for their mutually sustainable growth and

to withdraw its membership from NALU and seek the


formation of a regional association. CARAIFA may, however, very well trace its conception to a very passionate appeal for Caribbean unity made by the late Samial Jadoonanan of Trinidad and Tobago to about 400 underwriters who were attending LUAJ’s Biannual Sales Congress in Ocho Rios in May, 1977. During the congress, a small group of representatives from Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago met to discuss some of the points that were made by Samial Jadoonanan and they resolved to continue their discussions after the congress, incorporating representation from the Life Underwriters Association of Barbados.

The Mission CARAIFA fosters: cooperation, interaction, togetherness and unity among members of the Life Insurance and Financial Service industry in the Caribbean; through its educational courses, annual congresses, meetings and programmes. We are committed to viability, continuous growth and development, as well as improving the public image of our members and industry’s high ethical standards, monitoring marketing practices and pursuing this mission with competence and integrity, to provide maximum service to our membership.

The first annual general meeting became a reality on October 31, 1977, in Guyana, and present were representatives from Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago.

CARAIFA Sales Congresses CARAIFA hosts an annual conference of the Life Underwriters/Financial Advisors throughout the region in April/ May each year. Sales congresses have been held in Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago, and in May 2018 it will be held in Jamaica. These congresses feature motivational and inspiring speakers from our region and international community.


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

CARAIFA Past Congresses YEAR





Aruba (Netherland

“Today, Tomorrow and You”

Jamie Ballentine



“Soar Beyond the Clouds”

Mark Norville



“The Power of Movement”

Mark Norville



“A New Day Dawning”

Lionell Diage



“Overcoming the challenges”

R.M. “Jim” Parkes



“For the love of Life”

Mark Norville



“Strengthening the Stakes”

Anne Pratt Curry



“Pursue Excellence”

Chester John




Robert Robinson



“The Joys of Life”

Mark Norville


Trinidad & Tobago

“Seize the Day”

Assad Mohammed



“Vision 2000, The Challenge – The

Sandra McKay



Commitment” 1999


“Exalt Life – Hose Voye Moute”

Raleigh Steve Mellow



“Picture the Possibilities”

Courtney Golding


Trinidad & Tobago

“The Undiscovered Country”

Garth Thomas



“The Challenge continues.... above &

Anna Romero

beyond” 2003


“The Spice of Life”

Emond Lewis Mitchell



“Open the Door”

Novelle Williams



“A New Horizon...A Whole New World”

Wayne Alleyne



“Will Power – Unite and Show the Power”

Pauline McKenzie- Fairclough


St. Lucia

“Building Dreams...Changing Lives”

Leo Harrigan



“Creating Synergies – Maximize Effort

Wayne Alleyne

(CSME)” 2009

Trinidad and Tobago

“Linked by Water”

Louis McMayo



“The Passage of Time…The Power of Love”

Pauline McKenzie- Fairclough



“Legacy of Love”

Robert Whyte



“Today’s Excellence, Tomorrow’s Legacy”

Harrison Pilgrim



“Life’s Blessings”

Cheryl Rolle



“Embrace the Future”

Earl Moore


Trinidad & Tobago

“The Pursuit Continues”

Alicia Birch


Antigua & Barbuda

“Capture the Vision”

Joshua Fabian



“Power of Imagination”

Keith King

Empowered to Rise


Meet our Past Presidents


Lincoln Morrison 1977-1978 Jamaica

Owen Thompson 1979-1982 & 1984 - 1985 Jamaica

Roy Sydney 1983 Trinidad & Tobago

Mark Norville 1986 – 1989 Barbados

Keith King 1990 – 1993 Barbados

Delton Phillips 1993- 1994 Jamaica

Alvin Alexander 1994 – 1996 Trinidad & Tobago

Livingston Carter 1996 – 1998 Barbados

Marcelle Fenton 1998 – 2000 Jamaica

William Wiltshire 2000 – 2002 Trinidad & Tobago

Marilyn Rice- Bowen 2002 – 2004 Barbados

Amado Marcano 2004 – 2006 Trinidad & Tobago

Rudolph Jackson 2006 – 2008 Jamaica

Maxim Marquez 2008 – 2010 & 2014 – 2016 Trinidad & Tobago

Emond Lewis Mitchell 2010 – 2012 Grenada

Pauline McKenzie- Fairclough 2012 – 2014 Jamaica

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

CARAIFA Hall of Famers



Earl Moore

Chester John




Marcelle Fenton Jamaica

Alvin Alexander (Deceased) Trinidad & Tobago


Gladstone Pottinger (Deceased) Jamaica

2007 Dominica


(Deceased) Barbados

Dwight Anthony “Tony” Williamson (Deceased) Jamaica

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018



Michael Fraser

Curtis Tonge


Antoinette Thompson



Shirley Clarke




Oliver Jones Jamaica


William “Nat” Wiltshire Trinidad & Tobago

CARAIFA’s Hall of Famers


Kieth King Barbados


Owen Thompson (Deceased) Jamaica


Roy Sydney

Trinidad & Tobago


R. Danvers “ Danny” Williams

Trinidad & Tobago



Edward “Eddie” Balderamos Belize


G.A. Harrison Pilgrim Belize


Amando Marcano


Frank Willimson Odle


Thomas “Tommy” James Jamaica


Patricia M. Gilding Barbados



Winston Basil Bennett Jamaica

Empowered to Rise


CARAIFA’s Hall of Fame nominee for 2018 is Mark Norville. Mark entered the life insurance business in 1975 with Barbados Mutual, now, Sagicor Life. His previous employments after attending Harrison College 1956- 1963 include being Reservation Control Clerk with BWIA, Chief Reservations Officer with British Airways, Reservation Manager Head Office Antigua for LIAT and Sales Manager (Barbados) for National Continental Corporation. While being a Sales Agent with Sagicor, he served as Director and Chairman of Fundraising (Life Underwriters Association of Barbados) 1977-1978, Director and Chairman of Membership (Life Underwriters Association of Barbados) 1978-1979, and President of Barbados Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors 1982-1983.




A versatile individual, he is a former Division One Hockey Player, Past President of the Lions Club and Rotary Club of Barbados, Past Member of the Empire Cricket Club, Active member of the St. George Anglican Church, Member of the Church Council, Past Member of the National Cultural Foundation Board, The Barbados Youth Service, represented Barbados at various football, hockey and athletics Meets, Member of the Barbados Masters and Senior Athletic Club, represented Barbados at the World Seniors Game and won two gold medals.

He has qualified for most of the industry’s top awards including :1976-1979 Barbados Production Award, 1977- 1978 Barbados Quality Award, 1978 Barbados Star Award Barbados Mutual and 1975-1983 Persistency Award (over 90%). He completed the Life Underwriters Training Course in 1977 and in 1981 qualified for the Chartered Life Underwriter degree (CLU). In 1983, Mark took the innovative step of becoming, Co-Founder and Director of Insurance and General Services Ltd, the first Life Insurance Brokerage in Barbados. The Brokerage Firm started with BDS$100.00 and one staff member and is now thirtythree years old and has a staff of fourteen and a very appreciative net worth. Mark served as President of Caribbean Association of Life Underwriters (now CARAIFA) 1986-1989 and during this period, worked with Governments of


God-fearing family man, Mark Norville is a skilled and experienced insurance professional, well versed in the art of organizing and is committed to providing quality service to clients. A Successful entrepreneur, he is a member of the Small Business Association of Barbados.

some Territories to establish a regulatory body to oversee the Life Insurance Industry. From 2005 to 2006 he served as President of the Barbados Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. An excellent Manager and Organizer, Mark has served as Barbados Congress Director for four Congresses: 1986 “Soar Beyond the Clouds”, 1988 “The Power of Movement”, 1992 “For the Love of Life” and 1996 “The Joys of Life”.

CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

He is an author of “Group Benefit Plans and the contract” one of the modules in Introduction to Life Underwriting Course manual. He was the Association’s representative on the committee that was responsible for reviewing the Barbados Pension Act. He was also instrumental in the development of a Personal Accident Plan which is used by the Barbados Community. His outstanding involvement in the insurance industry, his service to the Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial advisors along with his involvement in activities that have served to enhance the image of insurance advisors in the Caribbean, CARAIFA is delighted to approve to its HALL OF FAME.


region needs to improve its capacity

The icon in the logo communicates a

to pursue such right now. Among

movement towards better health and

the needs would be infrastructure,

healthy living. With reference to the foundation’s aim, the logo depicts that the result of health education is a return to a healthier lifestyle.

trained medical specialists and 5. To fund research and

facilities and the appropriate

regional experiences

harvesting procedures for available

What makes the situation urgent is


the fact that the prevalence of kidney

To improve the quality of life of

disease in the region is certain to

the sick and disadvantaged in the

increase. PAHO, in reporting on its

Caribbean community through

Meeting of Expert Working Group

wellness initiatives, education and

for Non-Communicable Disease

charitable funding.

Prevention and Control in the Caribbean, identified diabetes and

VISION To be recognized globally as the Caribbean’ s leading foundation, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and philanthropy. The Aim 1. To intensify all efforts to alert the population in all territories on the need to prevent kidney disease 2. To identify and pursue methods to strengthen the delivery of renal heath care in member states 3. To actively pursue and encourage transplantation as a

hypertension as among the leading causes of death in the region, and that the instances of these diseases were increasing. Among the main causes of kidney failure are diabetes and hypertension – these bedfellows account for 60% of kidney failure. The reality, then, is that the greater the incidences of these two silent killers, the more prevalent will be kidney complications and, subsequently, death. Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARAIFA) felt compelled to lend our support to efforts towards regional kidney

and their families throughout the region

organs. Regional Financial Capacity The cost to help kidney sufferers alive has been cited as being extremely high. In Barbados, the annual cost to keep one patient on dialysis treatment is US$25,000.00. For the 100 persons or so on dialysis treatment, that figure stands at US$2.5 million. How many of our small Caribbean economies can afford to provide this level of support for a small segment of their population? What is the cost for a large territory like Jamaica with a proportionate population percentage on dialysis treatment? Is there any wonder, then, that governments do not give this ailing sector much priority? The Value of Life The cost will be high but the value of a life cannot be measured by dollars


and cents. It is our hope that persons

Transplant Priority

international, will join our efforts

method of kidney care 4. To improve the lives of patients

supporting staff, adequate operating

disseminate information on our

Priority should be given to a transplant programme and the

and institutions, both regional and and give generous support of ideas, funds and facilities.

Empowered to Rise


CARAIFA FOUNDATION: A Journey Through Time The CARAIFA Foundation has an

social initiatives. So strong were BARAIFA’s ties with that association that

interesting history.

they were able to take CARAIFA on board as a sponsor. As a member of the CARAIFA executive, Amado would have had some experience of

Amado Francisco Marcano recalls:

the benefits of that linkage. During this period, a Pan-American Health

“The history of The CARAIFA

Organization (PAHO) publication informed that “Kidney failure caused by

Foundation was born in 2003 at

hypertension and diabetes had been on the increase in the Caribbean.”

the ‘Spice of Life’ Congress held

All of this formed the catalyst that directed CARAIFA’s focus on persons

in Grenada during the presidency

with kidney disorders. Hence, the foundation’s first logo was in the shape

of Marilyn Rice-Bowen. The

of a kidney.

motivation which started it was one of my good friends, who was

In 2004, Amado (now CARAIFA’s president) proposed the formation of a

also the manager of Trinidad and

foundation to bring to the attention of the Caribbean the need to prevent

Tobago’s football team - ‘The

critical illnesses through health education, as well as to assist with the care

Strike Squad’, Richard Abraham,

of persons living with these illnesses.

got diagnosed with renal failure, and I realized the massive cost

Tyrone Lowe, the then BARAIFA president, was asked to provide the

for treatment. So, at that Annual

template for the foundation. He tackled the task of information gathering

General Meeting we started the

from each territory with fervor, and “did a massive amount of research

process of creating the foundation

work throughout the Caribbean to get all the facts in each territory and

specifically for kidney disease,

we developed tactics and action plans to bring it to life” (Amado). Lowe

because the world governments

became the foundation’s first chairperson.

and Caribbean governments could not support the population

The CARAIFA Foundation became a legal entity in 2005 when it was

of kidney patients. The budget

incorporated under the Companies Act of Jamaica on September 8 of that

was 1% so we had to find a way


to assist. We also found out at that congress that there were

The Board of Directors convened its first meeting in Montego Bay,

many persons in our CARAIFA

Jamaica, at Congress 2006, hosted by the Jamaica Association of

community and/or family members

Insurance and Financial Advisors (JAIFA). In attendance were the founding

who had renal failure; so it was well

directors: Amado Marcano, Tyrone Lowe, Marcelle Fenton and Marilyn


Rice-Bowen. Also in attendance were the new Foundation Chair Doneth Brown-Reid, Rudolph Jackson (CARAIFA’s VP), Pauline Channer (JAIFA’s

Prior to this, the Barbados

president) and Dr. L. Lawson Douglas, a leading Jamaican urologist.

Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BARAIFA)

The foundation has benefitted from the leadership of several individuals.

had partnered with the Barbados

The persons who have had the responsibility for chairing this body since

Kidney Association on several

inception must be commended for the yeoman service they have given.


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Caraifa Foundation

CORPORATE CONTRIBUTION: FOUNDER US$10,000+ annually for 5 years LEADER US$5,000 annually for 5 years PARTNER US$3,000 annually for 5 years PATRON US$ 2,000 annually for 5 years One time gift of $_____________ Recognition Awards will be given at annual CARAIFA Congresses. Contributions are tax deductible. First Name _________________________ Last Name _________________________ Title __________ Company _________________________ Address_________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ City _________________________ Country_________________________

PAYMENT INFORMATION Check or Money Order (made payable to CARAIFA FOUNDATION) Charge to Visa/ MasterCard/Discover Total amount $_____________ Name on card__________________________ Card Number_________________________ Expiration Date_____________ Signature______________________________________ Date______________

Email address _______________________ _____________________________________

CARAIFA is, indeed, indebted to these chairpersons for their contribution to the growth of its social arm. They are: Tyrone Lowe (Barbados), Doneth Brown-Reid (Jamaica), Emond Lewis Mitchell (Grenada), Wayne Alleyne (Barbados), Raziah Ahmed (Trinidad & Tobago), Fabian Carew (Trinidad & Tobago), Jacqueline McDonald (Jamaica), Curtis Dass (Trinidad & Tobago), Gerald Cruickshank (Trinidad & Tobago), and Pauline McKenzie-Fairclough (Jamaica). Foundation’s Logo Under the chairmanship of Wayne Alleyne, the logo was changed to what currently exists.

Empowered to Rise


The formative years of the

‘Gift of Life’ Recipients

foundation experienced slow

The name has seen a change from a ‘Gift of Love Sponsor’ to a ‘Gift

growth, both in the acquisition of

of Life’ but, regardless, it reflects the same ideal. The first ‘Gift of Life’

funds and regional recognition.

recipient was a young girl from Grenada in 2007. Since then, seven

At the onset, funding was raised

other recipients have been assisted. Recently, we decided to track these

mainly through the sale of ‘kidney

individuals and we came up with the following:

pins’ – 500 were ordered initially and donations. The amount raised was supplemented by proceeds from events put on by member associations to mark the Day of Common Concern (DOCC). Of note were the contributions made by Trinidad & Tobago and Belize from their 2004 DOCC fundraiser. The introduction of the ‘RAFFLE’ in 2007 as a fundraiser has become a calendar event. The drawing takes place annually at CARAIFA’s congresses, and is recognized as the

1. Zedina Bristol from Grenada received the ‘Gift of Life’ donation in March, 2007. She passed away on March 3, 2009. 2. Henrietta John accepted her donation at Congress 2007 held in St. Lucia. Her main platform delivery won the hearts of the congress attendees, resulting in added considerations for her. Her condition has worsened and she now has to seek medical care outside of St. Lucia. 3. Nashali Malara, our third recipient, received her ‘Gift of Life’ eleven (11) years ago. She continues to live with her parents in a remote area in Belize and has to travel 116 miles for her treatment. She would love to get a job, but the 348 miles travelled weekly for dialysis takes its toll on her. 4. Leebourne Reid received his donation in May 2010, in Jamaica. He

main fundraiser. This, coupled with

currently resides in the United States of America and is experiencing

pledges, has helped significantly in

eyesight failure.

boosting the foundation’s bottom line. We extend a hand of gratitude to all who have honoured their pledges, especially the platinum donors: Mark Chisholm (courtesy of Sagicor Jamaica), Maxim Marquez (Trinidad & Tobago), Harrison ‘Harry’ Pilgrim (Belize), and Edward ‘Eddie’ Balderamos (Cayman Islands), who

5. Victor Prime from Grenada was the January 2013 recipient. He died on September 21, 2016. 6. Cleveland ‘Livy’ Carter, a Barbadian, in February, 2013, was the 6th recipient. He died in July, 2014. 7. Jyoti Bann is a Trinidadian. Reports are that her condition has improved. 8. Creton Bourne is the April, 2017, recipient. He is awaiting a kidney transplant.

has the special honour of being a double donor. The presidents of the member associations were tasked with spreading the word about the foundation and identifying individuals suffering from kidney disorders who were in need of financial assistance for medical care.

The Day of Common Concern (DOCC) The Day of Common Concern (DOCC), October 31, is highlighted on our calendar each year. October 31, 1977, is the most significant day in the life of CARAIFA and, therefore, that date is celebrated annually as our DOCC. This day has been celebrated annually by member territories. Some celebrations have been vibrant and fulsome while others have been low-keyed, but there has always been a celebration. It, however, must be noted that often the planned events have had to be rescheduled for a day close to the exact date because, otherwise, it would just not have been convenient.


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

Porres Church. During the week, they participated in radio talk shows

Anniversary celebration on

and television programmes which exposed them to quite a bit of media

October 31, 2017. The year-long

coverage. The Liberty Children’s Home benefitted from a food drive, and

commemoration will culminate at

the association hosted both an appreciation day and a health fair. The

Congress 2018. The foundation

week culminated in a major fundraiser with the staging of their Ninth

was instrumental in this initial

Annual Red Night Gala! WOW!! Congratulations Belize and many, many

stage. Each member association


was asked to plan a series of events during the week of October 31.

CARAIFA is justly proud that the foundation, notwithstanding its humble

The events identified were:

beginnings, is now firmly rooted in the region, to the extent that our

• Religious service

assistance is being sought. Persons are reaching out to us for assistance

• Fundraising

to have kidney transplants. This dialogue has forced the pitching of

• Health fair

fundraising to a different level.

• Media coverage The foundation continues to sponsor a main platform speaker at All associations indicated that they

CARAIFA’s annual congresses and 2018 will be no different. The

were on board, then, along came

foundation booth in the mall will have on sale raffle tickets, kidney pins

mister ‘Harvey’ and misses ‘Irma

and foundation souvenirs. The successful sale of these items will certainly

and ‘Maria’, and all hell broke loose.

increase our coffers.

The aftermath of devastation was to be seen in some of our member

Once again, I say thank you to our members and well-wishers who have

territories such as Dominica

contributed so generously over the past several years. I am confident

and Barbuda. The territories in

that that support will continue as we pursue our vision ‘To be recognized

the region that escaped or were

globally as the Caribbean’s leading foundation promoting healthy lifestyle

not badly damaged, started

choices and philanthropy.’

humanitarian drives to assist those in need. Consequently, only a few

As we open our hearts to giving, please consider this:

associations were able to enact any of the plans. Commendations are

“Chronic illness is hard,

due to BARAIFA (Barbados), TTAIFA

Pain is hard.

(Trinidad & Tobago), VINAIFA (St.

Isolation is hard

Vincent & the Grenadines) and

The financial cost is hard.

JAIFA (Jamaica) for hosting an

Grieving is hard and necessary and sometimes takes longer than we ever

event to mark the day.


‘Saving the best for last’ is

(Cindee Snider Re)

absolutely true in this case. Belize went all out. That association held

Pauline McKenzie-Fairclough

a ‘kick off’ celebration that made

CARAIFA Foundation Chair

the CARAIFA Foundation proud! It had an ‘Insurance Awareness Week’ of activities. It started with a church service at St. Martin de Empowered to Rise


Caraifa Foundation

CARAIFA kicked off its 40th

Advertisers must protect, support traditional media Desmond Allen - Founding Editor

Jamaica Observer founding Editor Desmond Allen addressing the Jamaica Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (JAIFA) at the Inauguration of it’s 65th President, Monica Robotham at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston on Tuesday, December 5, 2018

Veteran journalist suggests social media can’t be relied on for credible information Friday, December 08, 2017 Tweet Veteran journalist Desmond Allen has urged Jamaicans, in particular advertisers, not to abandon the traditional media sector in favour of social media, until the latter can be relied on for credible information. Allen, founding editor of the Jamaica Observer, argued that with all its benefits in promoting unprecedented people-to-people contact across various networks, social media was still “an information jungle which often makes it difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction”. This was one critical area in which social media differed from the traditional news media, which he described as largely the newspaper, radio and television, saying that their very survival is being threatened by serious financial pressure. “Anybody can upload just about anything on social media sites,” Allen, the current executive editor – special assignment at the newspaper, complained


CARAIFA’s 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress 2018

“Anybody can upload just about anything on social media sites,”...

- Desmond Allen

your traditional media. Most of all,

“You don’t have to give us all that

Insurance and Financial Advisors

protect yourselves by checking your

blood and filth and perversion and

(JAIFA) at an inauguration

sources of information. Don’t be

the sewage of human degradation.

ceremony for its 65th president

too gullible,” the 44-year veteran

We need to know it exists, but

at the Knutsford Court Hotel in

cautioned. Acknowledging that

we don’t need to feed on it. “This

Kingston. “On the other hand, the

there were many people in society

is a challenge to us. It is not an

traditional media is constrained to

complaining that too much of the

easy idea, because once you

take each news item or allegation

information being fed to the public

raise the spectre of censorship,

through a cleaning process —

by the media is negative, Allen

the question that arises is where

checking all the facts, verifying the

suggested, “… Some want us to

do you draw the line? Whose

source, getting the other sides and

pretend that the negative is not

information do we hide? Whose

ensuring the balance, fair play and

there. Just imagine if we did that,

story do we not tell? “It takes

the other elements of professional

what would happen. Just imagine

great skill and understanding of

journalism - before the story is

the dark cloud of ignorance which

the social mix and dynamics to

published or aired,” he said.

would smite our society and leave

know how to dispose of the trash

it open to ambush. The one thing

of daily existence, without leaving

“There is a maxim in journalism that

we can’t afford is to not know. “And

a society to become a victim of its

says: ‘When in doubt, check it out;

there are those who really want the

own ignorance. We must face that

still in doubt? Leave it out.’ This is

media to expose the wrongs of the

challenge as journalists. We can do

much too often the exception on

other side, but not theirs. There are

no less.”

social media sites ... at a time when

those who would hijack the media

information is one of the most

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to the news media, we want you

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to exercise choice more skilfully on

your local television broadcasts.

our behalf.

“Advertisers, continue to support

Jamaica Observer Friday, December 8, 2017

Empowered to Rise


Advertisers must protect, support traditional media

to the Jamaica Association of

CARAIFA Magazine Empowered To Rise  

CARAIFA's 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress Magazine.

CARAIFA Magazine Empowered To Rise  

CARAIFA's 40th Anniversary and 32nd Annual Sales Congress Magazine.