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o o o Test Your Mates Here are a few questions to test your knowledge of nautical distances and speed.: n How deep is a fathom? n How far is a nautical mile? n One degree of latitude equals how many nautical miles? n When you say the yacht traveled at 10 knots, what does that mean? What is a knot? ANSWERS on page 2.

Sun & Moon Sunset: 6:14 pm; Sunrise (Tuesday): 6:55 am Moonrise: 12:17 pm High tides: 3:38 pm; 4:33 am (Tuesday) Low tides: 10:34 pm; 11:06 am (Tuesday)

Weather Today: Partly cloudy, winds ENE 15-20 mph, shifting N this afternoon. High of 73. Tonight: Partly cloudy, breezy, low of 63. Tuesday AM: Winds 10-15 mph. High of 81.

Where to be Triton networking Feb 20. The Triton’s monthly networking event (the first Wednesday of every month from 6-8 p.m.) with Tess Electric in Ft. Lauderdale.

Palm Beach Show March 21-24. 28th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, Palm Beach, Fla. In-water portion of the show is along Flagler Drive. Free shuttle buses. Adult tickets $16, save $2 online.

Triton Expo April 10. Triton Expo, Ft. Lauderdale. Join The Triton, 30 display tables of marine industry professionals and captains and crew at Lauderdale Marine Center. Stay tuned for details at

SO MUCH TO SEE: Stew Whitney Fair of M/Y Current Issue rode her bicycle more than 4,200 miles last summer in an adventure that changed her life. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Stew takes her mettle out for a ride By Lucy Chabot Reed Stew Whitney Fair used to drink. Living in the art and entertainment scene in New York and Los Angeles, partying was a big part of her life. When she got into yachting a few years ago, she fit right in, always ready for a night out with her mates. One night camping in Utah with her best friend, they decided to ride bicycles across the United States. Never mind that neither one of them owned a bike or that her friend, Promise, had never even learned how to ride one. “It was nothing more than beers at a campfire and my friend said let’s do this,” said Fair, a tall, slender woman

with bright eyes and a quick smile. “I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it. It wasn’t ‘why?’; it was ‘why not?’.” Then in October of 2011, freshly 30 and with this adventure looming in her future, she stopped drinking. “With my free time, I was always going out,” she said. “It wasn’t fun anymore, drinking, cutting loose. I needed a lifestyle change.” In yachting just a year, she left the 88-foot Westport M/Y Seas the Moment and flew to Las Vegas the following May. Two weeks of training with Promise and they flew to Oregon to begin a summer on two wheels, riding the TransAmerica

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Sudukos Calm


Try these puzzles based on numbers. There is only one rule for these number puzzles: Every row, every column and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 only once. You don’t need arithmetic. Nothing has to add up to anything else. All you need is reasoning and logic.

Puzzle Answer Stormy

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Answers to the quiz on page 1: n A fathom is about 6 feet deep. n A nautical mile is one 60th of 1 degree, or 6,076.1 feet, or basically 6,000 feet. A mile over land is 5,280 feet. n One degree of latitude equals 60 nautical miles. n One knot is one nautical mile per hour., about 1.15 statute miles per hour. 10 knots is 10 nautical miles in one hour. (On inland bodies of fresh water, vessels travel in miles per hour.)

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Bike trip proved ‘I can do anything’ RIDE, from page 1

While the extreme bike-riding adventure fits her personality, having Bicycle Trail from Astoria, Ore., to done it has given her back much more Yorktown, Va., 4,233 miles. It took them than it cost in blisters and sores. 90 days. “This trip changed my life,” she said, Fair said she faced a lot of resistance tears welling in her eyes. “I proved to from family and friends. Though her myself that I can do anything I set my parents supported the ride, others told mind to. … Why waste time thinking her she was crazy. “You’re not a cyclist,” about it? If you have a goal, put it in they’d say. “You’re not an athlete. What your mind, visualize it and make it makes you think you can do this?” happen. It’s just that simple.” “I kept thinking ‘I’m going to do And coupled with her decision to this; you’re just adding fuel to the fire’,” stop drinking, it’s also powerful stuff. she said. “It might take us five or six “I don’t think I would have done this months, but we’re going to do it.” trip if I hadn’t stopped drinking.” Fair kept a detailed journal of her trip, complete with photos and videos. She shared her funny, often irreverent blog posts with family and friends at She has recently made her posts live, sharing one a day with followers of the site, where it is the featured blog this week. Back in yachting now and solo stew on the 90-foot Burger M/Y Current Issue in the Yacht & Brokerage Show, she’s not sure what the future holds. And she likes it that way. “I’ve had a storage unit in New York for the past 10 years while I’ve been NO SECOND THOUGHTS: Fair and her friend set off on traveling,” she said. “People their ride without wondering why. The adventure say how can you do that? empowered her to follow her dream. PHOTO/LUCY REED But to me, I see them and say how can you do that?” Finally, she asked a guy in her bike She plans to visit Australia and wants shop in New York if he thought she was to hike the Appalachian Trail. This fall, crazy. she hopes to take acting classes in New “Absolutely not,” he told her. “Anyone York, improv and comedy. Her dream in can do it. Maybe you only ride 20 miles life is to work on Saturday Night Live. or 40 miles a day, but you can do it.” “Why not?” she said with a smile. After that, the trip was a go. “Every palm reader and psychic and “I’m an extremist,” Fair admitted. fortune teller I’ve ever talked to told me “If I’m going to ride my bike, I’m not I’ll probably figure it out later in life, but going to do it across one state, I’m going that’s OK because I’m really enjoying across the country. Either I drink or I the ride.” don’t drink. Lucy Chabot Reed is editor of The “Sometimes I wish I had more Triton. Comments are welcome at balance, but if I did, I wouldn’t have done some amazing things.”

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CHECKING THE TIDE: Triton Today’s Question of the Day: PRESENTS

Join us for the 5th annual Spin-A-Thon and help us raise money for children and families in our communities!



Where are you taking the boat this spring? After the show ends today, most of the captains and crew surveyed yesterday said they were heading to their South Florida homeport or a Ft. Lauderdale shipyard. We’ve done this survey several years now and that tends to be the answer after South Florida boat shows. So this year I asked where the yacht was headed after that, especially for the rest of the spring. The largest group of yachts is staying put in South Florida, waiting for the call there’s been an offer. But almost as many are heading to the Bahamas, either for charters or the owner’s private use. Here’s hoping there are more owners and buyers wanting to go have fun this spring. – Photos and data Lucy Chabot Reed Stew Mariana Cecato M/Y Shalimar 118-foot Benetti “We’re going to Ft. Lauderdale to do some work and then heading to the Bahamas for a charter.”

Capt. David Marks M/Y Cassiopeia 105-foot HJB “We may possibly take the family to the Bahamas, or we may be in the Palm Beach show. We’re standing by to stand by to stand by.” Capt. Kay Marschke M/Y Dancing Milly III 92-foot Argors “The owner passed away so we’ll be staying here in case it sells. We may go to the Palm Beach show next month.”

Don’t know - 11%

Palm Beach show - 11%

Bahamas - 32%

Caribbean -5% Yard - 5% Homeport - 37%

Chief Stew/ Massage Therapist Nedra Walker M/Y Monte Carlo 132-foot Amels “We’re going to Jamaica and then for charter in the Caribbean.”

Mate Caleb Wade M/Y Cortina 114-foot Newcastle “We’re staying here in Miami for a while, I think. It depends on the weather. Then we’re cruising in the Bahamas.”

Capt. Paul Warner M/Y Believe 130-foot Westport “There’s new hope that we won’t sell and the owner will decide to use it again.”

Capt. Ennalls Berl M/Y My Colors 130-foot Westport “We’re going to the Bahamas for charter this spring.”

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Do I look familiar?


an you tell which yachts are pictured here given just a hint of their names? All the yachts are in the show on the docks off Collins Avenue. Perhaps you know them from your travels. If not, go stretch your legs and see if you can find them. Give us your guesses on our Facebook page:



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DOING THE CREW THING: Keeping warm and smiling


ith overnight lows in the 40s, crew at the Yacht and Brokerage Show yesterday pulled out their nice yacht jackets and warm beverages. Crystal clear skies and blustery winds made for an interesting day, but at least the chamois weren’t needed. PHOTOS/DAVID and LUCY REED, TOM SERIO

M on d ay • Fe b. 1 8 , 2013 | 7

And yesterday finally felt like a boat show, with people on the docks, and no clouds or rain to remind us that Mother Nature can be difficult.“We need five days like this,” one business owner said.“The boat show needs it, the industry needs it, the owners need it, and the boats need it.” PHOTO/LUCY REED

Though he smiles, Capt. Jason Tellinghuisen of M/Y Carpe Diem II was pretty bummed when he awoke Friday morning to find his bicycle had been stolen off the dock. The thieves left just his snipped cable behind. PHOTO/TOM SERIO

Triton Today MIBS day 5  

The Triton today at the miami boatshow.

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