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o o o Nautical Trivia 1. The running lights of a boat at night tell you three things about the vessel. What are they? 2. The modern luxury yacht market could be said to have started when?



Sun & Moon Sunset: 19:25 Moonrise: 04:45 (Sunday morning); 6.5% illuminated Sunrise tomorrow: 07:20

S at u rd ay • S e p t. 24, 2011


Today: Mostly sunny, high 26C Tonight: Partly cloudy; overnight low 18C Tomorrow AM: Scattered thunderstoms, warming to 26C; 40% chance of rain

(Hint: One of today’s top builders launched this vessel on spec for the U.S. market.) (Find today’s answers on the back cover.) Yesterday’s answers: 1. The yacht that beat the N.Y. Yacht Club was the 12m S/Y Australia II, Alan Bond’s syndicate. 2. A dogwatch is between 16:00 and 18:00 (the first dogwatch) or between 18:00 and 20:00 (the second).

Things to See/Do Networking When: Today, 16:00-on Where: E3 Systems booth, QS89 E3 Systems and its partners in the Darse Sud tent offer Mallorcan red wine each afternoon.

Networking When: 16:30-on Where: Antigua & Barbuda/AYSS booth, QSE6 Promoting the 50th Antigua Charter Yacht Show, the groups are serving rum punch til the rum runs out.

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GIVING BACK: First Officer Chris Lang, left, and Capt. Aaron Abramowitz of S/Y Perseus help promote yachting’s dedicated charity. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Yacht helps spread YAG mission By Lucy Chabot Reed First Officer Chris Lang of S/Y Perseus has been on a mission during the Monaco Yacht Show to give every exhibiting yacht a brochure about YachtAid Global. YAG is a San Diego-based charity started by Capt. Mark Drewelow who left M/Y Dorothea to raise his family. During a career traveling the world, he realized how often yachts stop near or sail past communities that need help. He started YAG in 2006 to use yachts to transport humanitarian and development aid such as school supplies, medical supplies and even basic playground equipment to children in villages around the world. Three dozen yachts have already

participated, including M/Y Big Fish (in the show on the Quai Chicane). Perseus hasn’t yet participated, but that doesn’t make it any less important to Lang. “We used Mark in a two-year trip in the Pacific,” Lang said. “He’s helped us so much, you can’t say no to him.” So Lang volunteered to help educate fellow crew, some of whom were put off initially, thinking he was looking for money. But YAG is funded by donors and grants; it wants yacht crew just to do what they do best: help with deliveries. “Our access to small villages and getting ashore, that’s part of our job,” Lang said. “A lot of boats said, ‘What can we do? We’re stuck in the Med.’ I just want them to be aware, so when they go

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SCENES FROM THE HARBOR: Crew on the hook get presents, too The Triton and GMTISS delivered rugby balls to crew on the hook yesterday. Many thanks to Capt. Craig Lines of M/Y Two Kay for the lift.


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CHECKING THE TIDE: Triton Today’s Question of the Day:

Who do you think will win the Rugby World Cup? Asking today’s survey question was great fun. New Zealand (NZ; All Blacks) is atop the world rankings as the Rugby World Cup began this month, but it also has a reputation of not performing well in this tournament. Kiwis and non-Kiwis alike seemed ready for that to end. – Data compiled by Lucy Reed Bosun William Park M/Y Numptia 70m Rossinavi “NZ. We’re the team of the time, really.”

Deckhand Kaj Smith M/Y Ex cellence III 57m Abeking & Rasmussen “I have to say the All Blacks. I’m not a rugby fan, so I’m going with what the chief mate likes. I don’t really understand it. I’d rather watch soccer.” Chef Kerie Land S/Y Zefrira 50m Fitzroy Yachts “I have to say the All Blacks. We’re going to get it.”

Dayworker Franz Heymann ““NZ’s going to win. They’re hosting it and they only play well at home.”

No idea/won’t say – 11.6% Other – 10.1% New Zealand – France – 4.3% 34.8% England – 10.1% S. Africa Australia – 17.4% – 11.6%

Deckhand Nicolas Mathieu M/Y Sunrise 53m Oceanco “I want to say Canada, but we’re not that good. I thought NZ, but after yesterday [87-0 South Africa over Namibia] I’ll say South Africa.”

2d Eng. Brandon Matley M/Y Shooting Star 38m Danish Yachts “South Africa is definitely going to win. I hope they win. It won’t be easy, but I believe they can do it.”

Captain who would not say “I have a British passport and I’m South African. How do you think that’s going to work?”

Deckhand Tosh Wilmott M/Y Drizzle 56m Feadship “Like he said, the home advantage. They are ranked No. 1 at the moment. If they don’t win, I’m not watching rugby anymore.”

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PioneerLinens-2.375x2.375_Layout 1 9/17/11 12:12 P Zest Restaurant - Darse Sud

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OFF THE DOCK: Away from the bustle of the show

@ Griffin Yacht Club Away from the bustle and noise of the show, the new Griffin Yacht Club offered breakfast and lunch to crew every day. Sponsoring companies, plus more, have already planned to return next year.


c h i l l m y b o a t . c o m

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Lang: ‘We’d all like to be a hero’ YAG, from page 1 VISIT US! Darse Nord Booth QD46

somewhere that needs help, they’ll think about it and contact Mark.” The impact of a yacht’s delivery of supplies can make a huge difference in the lives of people in remote villages. “We tend to donate and spend money all over but it doesn’t make the difference it should,” said Capt. Aaron Abramowitz, referring to the administrative costs so many charities keep. “This is one of the better causes in yachting. And it gives the public a different view of what yachting is all about.” Lang remembered a recent chance when he was able to help another human being and said it felt good. 3:50:28 PM “In Thailand, we saved a guy,” he said.

sea the world

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Train at MPT

A moment to pause It was a year ago tonight that a 28-year-old crew member went missing in a tender accident in the harbor. British Bosun William Black of the 56m S/Y Burrasca hit a reportedly unmanned and unlit 31m vessel at anchor in the crowded harbor at about 22:50 on the Saturday night of last year’s show. His body was never found.

“In the middle of the night in the middle of the ocean, the crew on watch heard a guy screaming. They raised the alarm and we all came on deck. In about three minutes, we found him. He had jumped off a tanker. “We felt good about that, that our man-overboard drills worked and we saved a guy,” he said. “We’d all like to be a hero.” And that’s what YAG can do for yachties, he said. “It may be vain to want to do something good, but it’s a vain industry,” he said. “This cause gives me more cause to stay in the industry.” Lucy Chabot Reed is editor of Triton Today. Comments are welcome at lucy@

Nautical Trivia Today’s answers: 1. The lights on a boat at night tell you the direction the vessel is traveling, her size and what she is doing. 2. Industry veterans suggest that Feadship’s debut of the 55-foot steelhulled M/Y Capri at the New York Boat Show in 1953 effectively launched the modern luxury yacht market.

The Triton Today Day 4  

Monaco Yacht Show Day 4.

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