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Sun & Moon Sunset: 19:25 Moonrise: 19:27; 99.5% illuminated Sunrise (Saturday): 07:21

Friday • Sept. 24, 2010

Weather Today: Patchy clouds, high 19C Tonight: A few showers, low 11C Tomorrow: Showers, more sun, high 16C

1. What are port and starboard? 2. Why are they called that? Yesterday’s answers; 1. Bravo Zulu means well done. BZ was the final signal in the administrative page of the Allied Naval Signal Book and stood for well done. When the international phonetic alphabet in use today (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, etc) was adopted in 1956, BZ became Bravo Zulu. 2. A dogwatch is between 16:00 and 18:00, the first dogwatch, or between 18:00 and 20:00, the second dog watch.

Things to See/Do All-in-One Control When: Anytime Where: Palladium Technologies, Darse Sud, QS103 Palladium has launched an iPad app that lets users monitor and, in some cases, control everything onboard without a computer, including lights, cameras, alarms, and more.

Cocktail reception When: Every day, starting at 11:00 Where: Nautical Structures, Darse Sud, QS72 The davit and crane manufacturer opens the bar each midday, serving Spanish wine and beer.

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THE UNOFFICIAL SHOW: While the weather was nice, dozens of megayachts filled the harbor off the 20th annual Monaco Yacht Show. PHOTO/LUCY REED

Harbor offers second yacht show By Lucy Chabot Reed

Dozens of multimillion-dollar megayachts are anchored in the harbor just outside the Monaco Yacht Show, many of them are seeing clients as if on exhibit in the show. Captains and brokers were hesitant to talk on the record about the yachts because they were unsure if it was permitted. But organizers of the Monaco show don’t seem to mind them being there, simply shrugging and suggesting that “they are allowed” to anchor. In fact, one woman with the show said it was good that all those yachts were anchored out because they likely brought more people into the show, all paying the 60-euro per person per day ticket prices. The yachts are there for various reasons. One captain said he is not

seeing clients but visits the show each day by tender for the events and networking. Another captain was told by the boss to anchor out, in the hopes that a potential buyer would see the yacht there. Several captains and crew said the owners wanted their yachts in the show, but simply couldn’t get in, either because there was no space or because they had been in the show last year. Yachts cannot exhibit at the Monaco show two years in a row, according to several captains. One broker noted that it was more convenient to have yachts anchored nearby than moored in a marina since it is easier to travel by tender to see them than by car or even helicopter, at least as long as the weather stays nice. Lucy Chabot Reed is editor of The Triton. Comments are welcome at lucy@

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ALL DRESSED UP: Beyond the yachtie white and khaki

sea the world Train at MPT

Not all yacht uniforms are the traditional white shirt (with epaulettes) and khaki shorts. Crew around the Monaco Yacht Show sported an assortment of uniforms, from a garden of colors – some, such as the crew aboard Lurssen yachts and M/Y Four Aces, at bottom, changed color every day – to a simple but powerful twist on the traditional look. What will today hold? PHOTOS/LUCY REED

Fri d ay • S e p t. 2 4 , 2 0 1 0 | 3


TRITON SURVEY: Next yard period

Yachts make time for refits, work in fall With all these yachts so busy this summer, we were curious to learn when and where they would have their next yard period. Naturally, the newest vessels are ready to set sail, so they are happy not to see the inside of a shipyard again for a while. But the majority of the crew we talked to said they were heading there later this fall, some in the Med, but more in the United States. I wonder if those numbers would be different if I spoke better French or even some Italian. In any case, here’s what we know. – Lucy Reed

When’s your next yard period? Nothing planned Not til spring 11.1% This fall in U.S. 11.1% 33.3% This fall in Med 22.2% Just had one 22.2%

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CAPTAIN OF THE YEAR: Fraser’s annual charter awards

1200 Ton Syncrolift l 2800 Ton Drydock 1112 1200 Ton Syncrolift UÊ2800 Ton Drydock ®

Eric Haberli l Phone: 912-313-6010 CONTACT E-mail: ÀˆVÊ>LiÀˆÊUÊ*…œ˜i\ʙ£Ó‡Î£Î‡Èä£äÊ ‡“>ˆ\Êi…>LiÀˆJL>އň«°Vœ“


1200 Ton Syncrolift UÊ®2800 Ton Drydock ®

1200 Ton Syncrolift UÊ2800 Ton Drydock CONTACT

THE WINNERS ARE: From left, Capt. Andrew Law of M/Y Touch, the captain of M/Y South, and Capt. Butch Vogelsang of M/Y Dream, Fraser’s Charter Captain of the Year. To see more photos from last night’s event, visit PHOTO/LUCY REED

Fraser honors top charter captains, crews By Lucy Chabot Reed Capt. Butch Vogelsang, a veteran American captain still a little sunburned from a busy summer of charter, was selected Fraser Yachts’ Best Charter Captain of the Year last night. Three years now aboard the 170foot Feadship M/Y Dream, Vogelsang accepted the honor with grace. “I’m really honored because the competition is so good,” he said. “I’m touched to be considered, let alone win. But I’m going to need 11 more of these” because it was the whole crew who made the charters a success, he said. Fraser picks the winner of this annual award based on comments from charter guests aboard its yachts. Guests said of Vogelsang “nothing is too much trouble” and “exceeds our expectations.”

“I don’t know how to say no,” he joked after accepting the award. Fraser also honored the Best Charter Crew on two classes of yachts. For yachts larger than 40m, the firm honored the 12-member crew of the 52m M/Y South. The crew completed six weeks of charter this summer, including one that was a month long. For yachts smaller than 40m, Fraser honored the seven-member crew of M/Y Touch, which had 63 days of charter since May, and also attended both the Genoa and Monaco boat shows. Honorees received a silver platter noting their achievement and dockage at Vilanova Grand Marina in Barcelona. Vogelsang also received a Hublot watch. Lucy Chabot Reed is editor of The Triton. Comments are welcome at

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ÀˆVÊ>LiÀˆÊUÊ*…œ˜i\ʙ£Ó‡Î£Î‡Èä£äÊ ‡“>ˆ\Êi…>LiÀˆJL>އň«°Vœ“

A fine car goes into the shop for service. Shouldn’t a fine yacht?


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The Triton Today, Monaco, Day 3  

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