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Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


TREND REPORT HOW YOUR VENUE CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THE SUSTAINABILITY MOVEMENT Let’s talk about one very important restaurant and events industry trend that is actually home to a handful of smaller trends — I’m talking about sustainability. If you’re currently asking yourself, "What is sustainability?" My question to you would have to be, "Have you been living under a rock?" Kidding — but really, sustainability is a rapidly growing and exceedingly important trend in the hospitality industry. In a world where issues like hunger, pollution and social responsibility take center stage, it’s no wonder the sustainability movement is a prevalent one. Whether it be through food waste or energy and water consumption, the hospitality industry has famously been associated with having a dramatic environmental impact. So where do you begin? Well first off, don’t panic, there’s absolutely no need to rewrite your entire business plan. Here are a few small-step sustainability trend examples that can jumpstart your journey into a world of green bliss.




Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Source Locally

Smarten Up Your Bar Program

First off, let’s discuss taking advantage of local and seasonal

Let’s talk about your cocktail and wine menus. Food

foods. Simply revise your current food menus so that they

waste may be heavily dependent on your kitchen, but the

only contain locally-sourced items — easy, right? Well, not

same scrutiny should be applied to your bar program.

exactly. A lot goes into a menu and not all venue types can

Do your bartenders often find themselves throwing out

source all that they need from local growers and retailers.

lemons and limes not pretty enough to use as garnish

Not to mention that sourcing locally really puts your busi-

or bushels of mint slightly past their prime? It’s time to

ness in the hands of the weather gods.

tighten up the cocktail menu.

So, my advice is to start small. Add a few locally-sourced

Your bar staff should work closely with chefs to choose

dishes to compliment your menu’s standard, signature

locally-sourced ingredients and garnishes that the kitch-

items. Or even easier, add a few locally-sourced ingre-

en is already planning to order. If one part of the restau-

dients to your current menu items. Ordering locally can

rant doesn’t use them, the other certainly will. In addi-

also help counter waste. When not shopping from big

tion, stop ditching fruit past its prime — instead use it to

box companies, we tend to take a deeper look at how

concoct a delicious, seasonal sangria or have the kitchen

much of each ingredient we’ll really need. Any waste you

staff use the juices for their dishes. When it comes to your

do accumulate, send directly back to the farmers to use

wine list, ask your reps to suggest producers offering bio-

as compost. Supporting local farmers and small business-

dynamic, carbon-neutral and organic options. You may

es benefits your community as a whole and that could

be surprised at how many of your go-to vineyards offer

help to grow your regular and private dining market. The

these alternatives. Just don’t forget to recycle that wine

more you give, the more you get.

bottle once your guests are done enjoying it.


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


Green Power

Do Your Research

Think you have your food waste situation under control?

Before any of these changes are implemented, your first

Then it’s time to move past the menus and start to tidy up

step should be to do your research. Sure, ordering local-

your energy and water usage. A lot of easy improvements

ly is great, but you have to make sure first that the cost

can be made by simply training your staff to be smarter.

aligns with your budget. Don’t be afraid to reach out to

Turn lights off in rooms not being used such as storage

more than one farm or local supplier to price shop. The

areas or offices. Turn faucets off as soon as you’re done

local folks work the same way as the larger companies

using them. I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked

do. Share price differences and barter to get the end

into a kitchen during service to find a wash sink with the

result you need to make these changes. A business is a

water running for literally no reason whatsoever.

business and running your business in a more environ-

If you’d like to make an even bigger impact, then look into commissioning a local energy company that uses an Ener-

mentally sound way shouldn’t cause you to go bankrupt and close your doors.

gy Management System (EMS) to do real-time tracking of

The same goes for updating your appliances. If your state

your venue’s energy use and pinpoint where you’d benefit

doesn’t currently offer rebate programs, ask them why.

from making changes. Some examples of energy efficien-

It doesn’t hurt to fight for a cause you believe in. If they

cy upgrades in the restaurant industry include LED lighting,

won’t budge, then hold off on these upgrades until they

low-waste appliances, and motion sensors to name a few.

do. Being aware and resourceful of the choices you’re

Afraid of cost? Many states now offer rebates to business-

making is the first step.

es that install energy efficient equipment. This can help to heighten your ROI and make the upgrades feel more beneficial from a monetary standpoint.



Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Start small to make a big impact My last bit of advice here is to start small. Sustainability is a vast concern with many different pieces. Putting the entirety of its weight on your shoulders will only cause you to collapse. Talk to your colleagues to figure out what works for your venue. Decide where you can easily make changes and start there. Building your business took time and so will your quest for green bliss. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, manager, chef, server or all of the above your mission should always be the same, to provide your customers with the best food, service and overall experience that you can. All of this sustainability stuff, although important, should be the icing on an already delicious cake.


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


Tripleseat in the News

Top Website Redesigns of October 2018 Crayon via Medium, Nov. 1, 2018 Marketing and intelligence company Crayon put the spotlight on Tripleseat’s new website design, noting that the updates were a

This past fall and winter, industry

better showcase of our product suite.

and business publications recog-

“These changes allow them to show off all of their capabilities

nized Tripleseat’s expertise and in-

in chunks, making the information easier to consume and sort

sight into the hospitality and events

who cater to many different industries or have multiple target

through. This is a great design element for those companies audiences.

industries. We were quoted and cited in a number of articles. Here’s a roundup of the top news items.

Jonathan Morse goes Off Site! Off Site: The Meeting Planner Podcast, Oct. 1, 2018 Podcast host Bryan Plofsky interviewed Tripleseat Founder and CEO Jonathan Morse about what inspired him to create Tripleseat, what restaurants need to do to create a great experience for guests, and the top food trends in the events industry.

How Alamo Drafthouse Drives Event Bookings

“Alamo Drafthouse has been working with Tripleseat for just under a year and has been blown away by the software’s ease of use and robust reporting capabilities. The ability to fully customize the software to suit each venue’s needs has been a real game changer for us and we are excited to explore all of Tripleseat’s potential.”

Hospitality Technology, Oct. 8, 2018 This article highlights Alamo Drafthouse and how the cinema-eatery chain uses Tripleseat to increase and manage its pri-

How to Use Technology to Build Better Events

vate event bookings.

Successful Meetings, Nov. 4, 2018

Kimberly Sandel, Manager of Private and Community Events, Al-

Tripleseat Founder and CEO Jonathan Morse shared how

amo Drafthouse Austin, was quoted in the article:

getting smart about how you use and protect data can elevate your conference or meeting in this piece published on

“Alamo Drafthouse has been working with Tripleseat for just un-

the Successful Meetings blog.

der a year and has been blown away by the software’s ease of use and robust reporting capabilities. The ability to fully customize

He outlined best practices that event professionals should

the software to suit each venue’s needs has been a real game

use, including how to focus on data to increase sales, how

changer for us and we are excited to explore all of Tripleseat’s

to get more from your marketing efforts, and how to protect

potential,” she said.

your business’ and clients’ information.


HR Dive, Nov. 21, 2018

Office Envy: Inside the Concord Office of Tripleseat — Home to Foodies BostInno, Jan. 16, 2019

Tripleseat’s Vice President of Marketing, Latha Youngren, was quoted in this article about company holiday party trends in the

Tripleseat’s Concord, Mass., headquarters was featured in Bos-

wake of the #MeToo movement:

tInno’s Office Envy series. The piece included eight photos of the Tripleseat office, as well as the story behind the space from

Employees also have shown more interest in experience-focused

Founder and CEO Jonathan Morse.

parties than parties that feature drinking as the central activity, Latha Youngren, VP of Marketing at Tripleseat said. "People are

“Tripleseat’s team of 35 employees can relax thanks to training

drawn to experiences, so they want to be doing something

rooms with huge murals of food painted by Morse’s daughter

more. That's a trend we're seeing beyond the holiday party," she

Sophie, a full bar and kitchen, bean bags, couches, outdoor fur-

said. "People don't just want food and beverages. They want

niture, basketball hoops, video games and tabletop shuffleboard.

something else."

Plus, the workplace is dog-friendly, so there are always a few pups around to play with.”

Tripleseat Releases 2018's Most Booked Venues in Top Cities Across the Country New York Business Journal, Dec. 19, 2018 Tripleseat announced the year’s most-booked venues in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. The New York Business Journal shared the list and our look at the trends we’ve noticed among the top-booked locations: Lucky Strike, Planet Hollywood, WhirlyBall and Pinstripes were among the most booked venues across the cities listed, proving that customers are interested in more than only food, and prefer an experience.

“We found that the top booked venues this year were ones that offered an experience, or hosted or corporate events. It's apparent that party-goers want to have an enjoyable experience overall that doesn't just include food and beverages.”

"We found that the trend among the top booked venues this year were ones that offered an experience, or hosted corporate or networking events. It's apparent that party goers want to have an enjoyable experience overall that doesn't just include food and beverages," said Tripleseat Founder and CEO Jonathan Morse.

Want To Curb Food Waste In Your Restaurant? Start Making More Cocktails

What Trends Do You Think Will Impact the Restaurant Industry in 2019?

Forbes, Jan. 29, 2019

Modern Restaurant Management, Dec. 20, 2018

Tripleseat’s Vice President of Marketing, Latha Youngren, on

Food waste and sustainability are topics that the restaurant industry is watching carefully in 2019. Forbes magazine quoted how our customers are making them a priority.

The magazine asked restaurant and hospitality industry insiders about the top trends they thought would impact the industry in

"The common thread [I've seen] is that there's a little more open

2019. Tripleseat’s Vice President of Marketing, Latha Youngren,

communication with all areas of the restaurant when every-

was quoted. Youngren listed Instagrammable spaces, big data,

one's on the same page about being

and sustainability efforts as three big trends to pay attention to

can be more efficient in your ordering and produce less waste,”

in the new year.

she said.

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

#MeToo Has Businesses Rethinking the Holiday Party


Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let's party.” ROBIN WILLIAMS

Your hub for learning all things Tripleseat.

Register today.

All the training you need on your own schedule. Visit to register and start learning today.


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Customer Anniversaries A toast to those celebrating 10 years with Tripleseat!


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019 22



Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Event Pros Tell Seated:

What’s in Your Bag? KATE KENNEDY

WHO: Michelle O'Hala, Director of Restaurant Group Sales for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. O'Hala oversees all event sales and private bookings for the luxury casino-resort’s 20 awardwinning culinary and bar and lounge concepts. A veteran of the sales industry, O’Hala possesses decades of experience in multiple domestic markets and prides herself on helping guests create lasting memories. Beginning her career in West Palm Beach, Fla., with Morton’s Steakhouse, O’Hala led her team in several capacities from sales to operation, training, events, and more. During her 19-year tenure with the company, she transferred to other locations within the portfolio including Atlanta and Las Vegas. While at Morton’s in Las Vegas, she also worked as a corporate coach for an organization called Soaring Eagle Enterprises where she taught customer service, leadership, and success skills. In 2012, O’Hala assumed a corporate events role at hospitality and nightlife force TAO Group before joining the sales team at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in 2015. When she is not creating memories for her clients, you can find her teaching yoga, taking a yoga class or spending time with her family.

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


THE BAG: TORY BURCH Perry Leather 13-Inch Laptop Tote

THE ESSENTIALS: Tape measure: I’m always measuring floors, walls, mirrors, and tables around The Cosmopolitan as a means to redesign or add decor or branding. Smartphone: During the planning process, accessing Tripleseat from my phone is critical. I have venue availability at my fingertips, and I can also send an event order contract from my phone. Charging cord: Working here at The Cosmopolitan, it’s essential to anticipate guests' needs. My clients can always use an extra cord to get an additional charge on their phones so keeping one close always seems to come in handy. Emergen-C: The hustle and bustle can take a lot out of you. I keep a few packets on me for an extra boost of vitamin C. Defuse Lavender Spray: If I’m having a busy day, the notes of lavender are great for relaxation and focus.



Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


How Do You Combat Jill Granger, Jamsan Hotel Management

Lila Sommier, Moana Restaurant Group

I plan for success! Knowing what needs to be done is the first step. Then I create a plan and make sure every planning detail is touched on. Number one rule is to work with vendors that are wonderful; they make the planning so much easier. I always take one day to make sure I take care of myself during this busy time of the year and also

Get a drink at the end of the

make sure I am getting enough sleep.

day with your feet up.

Nicole Ortega, TAO Group

Abigail Stevenson, Earl Enterprises

Michelle Cheng, Le Colonial

Organize a list of everything we Color coding and whiskey :)

have to take into account so that

I step outside and remove myself

we do not forget anything and

for several minutes and then come

work in a calm and effective way.

back in with a clearer mind.

Courtney Lowe-Waggoner, AliCart Restaurant Group

Emma Weinstein, ARK Restaurant Group

My biggest thing is to take every event one day at a time and focus on the details before moving to the next one. And I always plan a little trip after the craziness is over!

I try and make sure I can get in two to three workouts a week, and make the time to catch up with friends or family over dinner.



Randi Kittle, RW Events

Ali Saladin, Lasco Enterprises


Take Monday to recoup! Planning

everything one day at a time then go home and

every detail as much as possible ahead of time helps but we all know things will pop up, so just try to roll with the punches and know we will


make it to tomorrow!

Lauren Rullo, Weber Grill Restaurants

Andrea Leventhal, Hakkasan Group

Plan as much as you possibly can, remember that not everything goes according to plan, and when all else fails, try after work cocktails or a long session of hot yoga. Keep calm and just remember that the bride is just as stressed and excited all at the same time.

Samantha Able, Weber Grill Restaurants

Write EVERYTHING down. Every little detail is important and when you think you've forgotten something, it's easy to go straight down the list instead of panicking (which will certainly not help you remember anyway!).

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Wedding Season Stress?


Five Questions AZURE COLLIER



Since its debut in 2002, Zuma restaurants have grown in popularity and in numbers. The Zuma brand, a sophisticated twist on Japanese Izakaya dining co-founded by Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney, is on its way to world domination. It has a presence in the United States, and locations in the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Hong Kong. We spoke to Marisa Colangelo, Zuma’s Director of Private Events, about how their global team coordinates event management, and how they’ve maintained their modern Japanese style while adapting the operation to new markets.

Tell us about Zuma — how is it different from other Japanese restaurants, and where are your venues located?


Zuma boasts 11 locations globally including London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Rome, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and we’ll open our 12th location in Boston this spring. At Zuma, our priority is the complete experience: food, drinks, music, service, and lighting. Each element is equally important and serves the same purpose: to complement the taste and flavor of the food. At Zuma, we serve contemporary Japanese cuisine in a sophisticated yet relaxed environment. Our menu is authentic, but the dishes are not traditional, although we do draw from old, classic techniques and the ancient food culture. This, along with our three distinctive kitchens, is what sets Zuma apart from any other Japanese restaurant you may have visited. We have our principal (main) kitchen, the sushi kitchen, and the robata grill all serving a variety of different dishes, flavor profiles, and textures to compliment your dining experience. All of the restaurants also have a vibrant bar and lounge, with amazing drinks and music, which provides guests alternative ambiance.



On average, how many events do your locations host each year, and do the types of events vary from country to country? Our larger Zuma locations, such as Zuma New York, host more than 1,100 events annually. Yes, the types of events do vary from country to country but also city to city. The physical space somewhat dictates the type of event we can accommodate as well. Globally we have accommodated everything from Japanese tea ceremonies, sushi classes, sake and Japanese whiskey tastings, weddings, rehearsal dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, to listening parties, live performances, movie screenings, product launches, brunches and so much more. Zuma New York, Rome, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi all have two floors that allow us a variety of event setups and dining experiences. Zuma Rome is located in the iconic Palazzo Fendi with a beautiful roof terrace and breathtaking views overlooking the Eternal City — a perfect location for a red carpet event or after party. Zuma Hong Kong is located in the prestigious The Landmark, an office and shopping development and features a garden terrace area perfect for a rehearsal dinner. Zuma Bangkok is located in the St. Regis and boasts a verdant garden and air-conditioned outdoor terrace as ideal locations for wedding ceremonies and much more. Zuma New York allows for so much versatility in the space with six private dining rooms, multiple semi-private areas, and two floors with state of the art offerings that allow for listening parties, movie screenings, and more.








What are some of the services, amenities, or design features you’ve implemented across the Zuma locations to capture the Zuma atmosphere and accommodate the particular needs of customers in each city? Our private rooms are always an extension of the restaurant, this is in terms of the design, experience, and food offering. Glass dividers and partitions are sometimes used opposed to solid walls, enabling guests to see into the kitchen or dining room, or to still be able to hear the buzz of the restaurant within a more secluded setting. Our Dantai and Omakase menus feature a selection of our most famous and favored signature dishes so parties really get to experience the true essence of Zuma. With regards to the services we offer in all the different locations, Miami is a good illustration as we offer private yacht catering. We are located on the Miami River so we have a unique opportunity to bring Zuma from land to the sea! We also offer private penthouse catering for exclusive at-home dining experiences, as there is a large demand for it in Miami.


Why did Zuma start using Tripleseat to plan its events and how has it helped with event management? We understood that Tripleseat was the foremost event planning platform on the market and our aim was that it would allow our sales teams to maximize their revenue and time with guests. It has certainly delivered on this and all while recording and creating historical data for Zuma to build its private dining customer base.


Your team is spread out among a number of different countries and time zones. What Tripleseat features do they use the most to help them to communicate and streamline event management among locations? There are a variety of features offered by Tripleseat that allow multiple locations to track activity. We use the Tripleseat lead emails and RFP forms to create an easy standard for all our private dining inquiries, as well as customized lead sources to track all incoming business. We also maximize the calendar to allow our corporate chefs, executives, and managers traveling to different locations to be able to view all restaurants. The most important Tripleseat feature we use across the properties are the reports we custom created to track and monitor our growth and improve on any weaknesses or missed opportunities — these include pace reports, leads reports, bookings by source, highest spending accounts, and clients and lost bookings. Having one form across the venues allows us to review all data as a whole.

Tripleseat has helped in a variety of ways, beginning with the platform being a live portal that our clients can interact with easily. The customizable options that Tripleseat offers their venues are without limit, This allows us to create new forms and documentation simply. A feature that has really helped our business practices and profit margins is the online payment portal. The days of billing mistakes are a thing of the past with the use of the online payment options through the Tripleseat platform.

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019






You’re already aware of the benefits Tripleseat’s software has on your events business, but are you a member of our online community of event professionals? Imagine a place where you can comfortably ask those difficult questions only other industry insiders would understand. A place where you can share your knowledge and vent your concerns or even air your dirty event laundry without judgment. Tripleseat Party People is all that and so much more. It’s an online support group of industry professionals who are bound together with one common cause — to make this crazy, exciting, go-go-go career path a little more fun and rewarding. P.S. you can earn Party People points from helping out your event comrades and you can turn these points in for rewards like gift cards and swag. What’s better than that? But wait there’s more! Every month the Tripleseat team heads out on the road to take our Party People out on the town. You can mix and mingle with your fellow event professionals and ask those hard questions in person while enjoying cocktails and appetizers on Tripleseat. Check out our events page regularly at to find out if we’re coming to your city next. If you’re not already a Party People member, sign up online at For more information on this and all of our other customer perks, contact Customer Marketing Manager, Kate Kennedy, at Here’s a look at recent Party People events!


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



What Event Planners are Looking for in Your Venue LATHA YOUNGREN

Getting corporate event planners to notice your venue can mean a huge boost in revenue. No matter the size of your space, spreading the word about your venue should be one of your main business priorities. Implementing marketing strategies that work can help you draw in small local businesses, but it can also attract corporate event planners who tend to have a much bigger budget and host events more regularly. Here are some tips for marketing your event venue so you can increase exposure, attract corporate event planners, and boost your business revenue.

1. Make a good first impression You only get one chance to make a first impression, and whether that is digitally or physically, make sure you are presenting your venue in the best light. You should be easily searchable online, so make sure your website has the most up-to-date information. If you include photos of your space online, they should be high resolution and show a variety of different event setups to appeal to all types of event planners’ needs. Also, if someone comes to your venue announced or unannounced, it should be ready for visitors. Even if the space isn’t used during the day, make sure staff drinks and miscellaneous items aren’t strewn about. Potential customers should be able to visualize their event taking place there.

PRO TIP: Professional photos with your venue staged for various types of events with actual people in it will help to show your venue’s flexibility and your creativity to corporate planners.

What Planners are Looking For


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

2. Communication is key During a past session, titled “What Event Planners are Looking for in Your Venue,” at Tripleseat’s EventCamp, we asked corporate event planners what they found most frustrating when working with various venues. The number one response we got from them was the lag time or even the absence of a response when requesting information or submitting a lead. Even just taking a few days to return a call or email is simply bad business. Make sure to have a good system in place, like Tripleseat, to be able to respond quickly to leads, whether they come in from your website, the phone, a host stand, email marketing, or Facebook. A good system will capture leads and enable you to respond immediately to the inquiry. Corporate planners are typically reaching out to multiple venues at the same time so the quicker you respond, the more likely you are to get the business.

PRO TIP: If you succeed in getting the business, don’t forget to send a thank you note! It’s a simple but important touch that will go a long way in setting you apart from the competition and getting you repeat business


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


3. Get creative and start networking You want to make sure that people know about your venue. Whether you have been around for years or just opened, you want to ensure that new potential corporate planners are getting exposed to your space and keeping you top of mind. One way to reach members of the corporate community is to tap into their networking events and offer to host one free of charge. Often, they default to the same spaces over and over, so putting yourself in the mix might be a welcome change and get more new eyes on your venue.

PRO TIP: Make sure to hook up with your city or area’s venue or restaurant networking group. This is a great way to start building up a referral network and they will send business your way!

Another tactic is to host an event for the corporate planners in your neighborhood or immediate vicinity so that they are no longer curious about your space but feel like they should be supporting the neighborhood.

4. Get listed! Get listed on partner venue listing sites like Venues by Tripleseat. You'll want to set aside some time to fill out your profile, making it accurate and robust with plenty of details so that consumers and corporate planners can learn as much about your venue and your private dining or event offerings. The advantage of a third party listing is that they are putting marketing dollars behind these sites with keywords and search terms so that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is working in your favor. This means you will appear in more organic traffic and ultimately have more ways to drive leads to your venue. It’s a no-brainer to take advantage of this offering by spending just a little time updating your listing.

By following these four actionable steps, you are exposing your venue and event space to a whole new crowd of corporate planners while helping them expedite their search and book more business at your venue. In addition to these tips, you should also be fully set up on all social media platforms and have a lead form linked in several places and posts so that the corporate planner doesn’t even have to leave the social site to book with you. Stay active on these channels and make sure to engage with your followers. Your venue will be filled with new corporate business in no time with a boost in revenue.

Searching for the perfect venue will never be the same.

Discover and book the perfect venue for your next event at

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

40 Features

Customer Spotlight


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



We spoke to Casey O’Brien, Director of Events for both venues and veteran of more than 100 events, about what it’s like to work for the team, how they approach event management, and the origin story of The Caramel Room, Lumen, and their catering business, 23 City Blocks.

Tell us about the history of The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s, Lumen, and 23 City Blocks Catering. How did each of them start? The Caramel Room was our first venture, an opportunity that came about when a historic chocolate company, Bissinger’s, was moving into a new location in downtown St. Louis and had an unplanned fourth floor just waiting to be turned into something incredible. While designing and building The Caramel Room, Lumen’s previous ownership had decided to move on to other projects. Our managing partners had experience with the architecturally stunning venue, and we decided to add it to our arsenal. Now our two private event spaces are situated just 23 city blocks apart from each other, hence the name of our catering company, because we are clever like that. It wasn’t until a year or so in that we took the jump into off-property catering, mainly at the repeated request of our clients. From there, we’ve continued to expand, including opening our first restaurant this past fall. We do food and beverage a bit differently than most, and the growth that we’ve seen goes to show that there isn’t a substitute for originality and passion.

Why did your team start using Tripleseat to manage its events? In comparing Tripleseat to other systems, we really liked the streamlined process that it offers. Having everything on a web-based portal was important, and its visual appearance is clean, concise, and user-friendly. To be candid, we hit the ground running extremely hard when our venues opened, which left little time to really engage with all the features. The past six months, our team has been diving in, learning and working to fully utilize the capabilities that Tripleseat has to offer. From this, I can also say the customer service is second to none. The tutorials, Tripleseat University, and the chat availability have all been instrumental in getting us up to speed. From that, the increase of efficiency and communication that our entire company has seen is remarkable.

How many events do you manage every year between the venues? This past year, we produced just over 500 events. Shout out to the reporting capabilities for that stat!

A Decade Customer withSpotlight Davio's


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

What types of events do you host? You name it, we probably do it. We’ve done everything from weddings under tents in the middle-of-nowhere fields, to themed corporate bashes on our own turf. We’ve done intimate anniversary dinners for two and holiday celebrations for 600. We have a passion for food, beverage, and service, so if it involves those three things, we are usually on board for whatever may be thrown at us.

What Tripleseat features have made event management easier for your team? Honestly, it’s hard to narrow down what the most beneficial aspects are. I’d say the two components we couldn’t live without are the ability to create automatic tasks and the in-system staff discussion. Having a to-do list generated as soon as you convert an event from tentative to definite or an immediate notification sent to pertinent parties when there is a short-term booking enables us to always be ahead of the curve.

What would you do if Tripleseat was taken away from you? At the risk of sounding dramatic, we wouldn’t be able to function. In any hospitality group, sales relies on operations, who relies on culinary, who relies on sales. It’s a never-ending wheel. Tripleseat is one of the main cogs of that wheel enabling us to be successful.


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


Why do customers choose your venues and catering? What makes you stand out?

What kind of experience does your team provide for your events?

23 City Blocks is different. We have a restau-

I think one of the attributes that our clients are

rant-style approach where we’ve prepped ahead

most surprised by is our flexibility. Of course, there

of time, but cooking is done on-site no matter

are always going to be those times where we have

where that may be, where entrées aren’t fired until

to say, no you cannot bring a baby elephant up-

the first course is on the floor, where our standard

stairs to the rooftop (true story!), but this no is al-

of synchronized service gets everyone at the table

ways going to be accompanied with an alternate

their meal at the same time. We source as locally

suggestion and solution.

as we can and work within the season as much as a client allows.

Our willingness to work with our clients, whether that be on a unique style of service that we haven’t done

For the client, it means higher quality food and ex-

before like Churrascaria, or having your grandmother

ceptional service, while for us truthfully, it allows

come in the kitchen to make sure we are getting the

our team to fully embrace our passions, which is

curry spices to her liking, or executing a meal that

why we’re in this crazy event world in the first place.

you didn’t think was possible on your limited bud-

Our approach to teamwork, our dedication to the

get but your guests continue to rave about long af-

highest quality ingredients, our amiable service staff,

ter your event, are the repeated praises that we re-

and our ability to connect a culinary experience to

ceive. Honestly, the culinary and service experience

all five senses sets us apart from our competitors

we produce are unparalleled, but what it really boils

within the industry.

down to is that our people care and care a lot about our clients, so we are willing to do whatever we can to ensure your event is like nothing else.

Customer Love & Barbecue Spotlight


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



What is your formula for a successful wedding? Passion. Every single member of our team throws their whole self into a wedding, treating it as if it was our own. From our event managers who go far above and beyond the scope of their work, to our culinary team who crafts a menu tailored to the couple’s specific requests, to our service staff who wear a smile not because they have to but because they are happy to play a role in someone’s significant day.

If you look at photos on your website and social media, it seems like just about every wedding couple has a gorgeous portrait in front of the Bissinger’s sign! How did the Bissinger’s sign become such an icon for wedding photos at The Caramel Room? Completely and utterly by accident! We hosted back-to-back grand openings for our building — one more corporate-focused and the other more wedding industry-focused, though both totaling around 500 guests each. Two days later, we hosted our first wedding. Our team was on such a high about what we had achieved, and it was actually Amanda Bradham-Little, our Vice President of Marketing, who suggested the couple go out on the rooftop to capture the moment, kind of like a mark to show the world that we had arrived. Since then, it’s been a sought after keepsake for couples and a dream shot for photographers alike.


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

48 Features

Customer Spotlight


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

In any hospitality group, sales relies on operations, who relies on culinary, who relies on sales. It’s a never-ending wheel. Tripleseat is one of the main cogs of that wheel enabling us to be successful.



Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


Venues in Bloom No matter what part of the country you live in, spring is a welcome change of the year: warmer weather, beautiful blooms, and bright colors everywhere you look. That’s why we chose to feature these seven Tripleseat customers in our spring issue. Their indoor and outdoor spaces, decor, use of color, floral features, menus, and atmosphere appeal to all of the senses and get you in the right mood to kick off the season. Enjoy these photos and use them for inspiration to make your venue ready for spring.


Venues in Bloom


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Bryant Park Grill

Bryant Park Grill, New York City You might think you’ve stepped into a little slice of Paris when you wander into the Bryant Park Grill overlooking the always-bustling Bryant Park. There are a variety of private spaces, both indoor and outdoor, to serve every type of event from galas and weddings to corporate luncheons. The menu, which is contemporary American cuisine, has something for everyone and their cocktails are the perfect accompaniment.

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



The Montage, Beverly Hills Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve The Montage Beverly Hills offers guests an array of culinary experiences to celebrate the holidays, such as rooftop meals, brunches, four-course prix fixe menu dinners with wine pairings, and a New Year's Eve gala. The cuisine and decor make it a great destination to celebrate. Plus they have fun promotions like The Mistletoe at Montage social media program which invites guests and locals to step under the mistletoe, snap a photo with friends and family and share on social media using the hashtags #MontageMistletoe and #MontageMemory.

The Montage, Beverly Hills

Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve The Montage Beverly Hills offers guests an array of culinary experiences to celebrate the holidays, such as rooftop meals, brunches, four-course prix fixe menu dinners with wine pairings, and a New Year's Eve gala. The cuisine and decor make it a great destination to celebrate. Plus they have fun promotions like The Mistletoe at Montage social media program which invites guests and locals to step under the mistletoe, snap a photo with friends and family and share on social media using the hashtags #MontageMistletoe and #MontageMemory.

Venues in Bloom

Located in the heart of South Beach, Juvia has unparalleled views of Miami from its rooftop vantage point. The ambiance is modern and cool with lots of purple accents sprinkled throughout. Events can be hosted inside or outside, both offering that spectacular view. The innovative French, Japanese, and Peruvian dishes will satisfy any palate while sipping on specialty cocktails. This spot is not to be missed!

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Juvia, Miami



Sequoia, Washington D.C. Sequoia, located on the banks of the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., is the ultimate combination of contemporary art, spectacular views, and fine dining. Whether you are stopping in for dinner for two or looking for a unique space for your wedding, you will not be disappointed by the exquisite setting and finest of American cuisine all with views of the Virginia skyline, the Kennedy Center, and the Watergate Hotel, as well as the gentle Potomac River and its iconic bridges.


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



Puesto, San Diego It’s hard to walk into Puesto’s San Diego location at The Headquarters and not feel happy. The venue captures San Diego’s vibrancy with its large colorful murals from artist Chor Boogie, bright orange umbrellas and furniture on the patio, and huge open spaces with natural light that combine the indoors and outdoors. Puesto’s private dining spaces allow guests to hold intimate dinners in a contemporary loft space, or large, lively events in their semi-private rooms and patio spaces.


Robert, New York City The classic modern American restaurant Robert is a feast for the eyes. First, there’s the location: Robert sits atop The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City’s iconic Columbus Circle, which means diners have incredible views of city life and the beauty of Central Park. Then, there’s the inside: bright pink, orange, and red chairs and artistic accents pop against the backdrop of white walls and tablecloths. At night, the lighting turns Robert into an elegant, sexy and romantic setting and a nightlife hotspot.


El Tucan, Miami Yearning for an event venue that whisks you away to a tropical paradise? Well then look no further because El Tucan has got you covered. Step into its high-energy atmosphere and feel the rhythm of their resident DJ's sexy and diverse soundtrack while enjoying Asian-inspired cuisine and modern cocktails. El Tucan's warm, tropical vibes will have you and your guests dancing the night away while immersing yourself in the ultimate Miami nightlife experience.



Side Bar, San Diego If you want a completely unique and wild night on the town, Side Bar is the sexy spot to go. From glitter bombs to champagne showers to bottle service, Side Bar can customize your event to match your wildest dreams. Sit back and relax under the LED lights, lounge on the velvet couches with some shareable bites, and choose some sassy drinks to match your mood. This is one unique boutique nightclub you don't want to miss.

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


Mocktails & Marketing


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Do what you love, and you’ll find the way to get it out to the world. JUDY COLLINS

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



Part 1: Marketing with Video How To Create Videos On Your Smartphone: 4 Steps For Event Professionals AZURE COLLIER

You’ve seen them, and you’ve probably been one of them: People sitting, standing, or walking on the street, in your restaurant, or just about anywhere else with their faces fixated on the smartphone in front of them. What could possibly be so interesting that it takes up that much time and attention? Video. According to a study by marketing firm Wyzowl, a typical user views one-and-a-half hours of video per day, and 15% of people watch three hours of video on average during the day. What this means for your restaurant, hotel, or venue is that by taking advantage of video marketing, your content can be a part of someone’s regular video viewing. You’ll be more likely to be noticed by using video, and that awareness can lead to more bookings and more revenue. And the good news is that you can do a lot of this yourself, without having to spend money on a professional videographer. Digital Marketing Phillippines reports that only 24 percent of small businesses used external agencies to create videos.

Ready to get started? We’ve gathered tips and best practices to create this four-step guide for event professionals on how to create great videos with your smartphone.

1. PURCHASE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT First, let’s talk about your gear. The smartphone in your pocket or purse is actually a very sophisticated video camera. If you want to make a quick video on the fly, you can typically get good footage and audio. But if you are interested in shooting quality video, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment to take your recording to the next level.

SUGGESTED TOOLS Here’s some recommendations from social media marketing expert Mari Smith:

Lighting • Bidafun Clip on Selfie Led O Ring Light, $8.99 • Lume Cube, $69.95 • Rotolight from iOgrapher, $145.99 Microphone • iRig Mic Lav, clip on lavalier/lapel microphone, various brands starting at $9.35 • Audio-Technica AT2005USB, $59 • Sennheiser MKE600, $329.95 Stabilization • Mini tripod, various brands starting at $13.59 • Smartphone cases from iOgrapher, $59.99

Don’t buy all of this equipment at once and try everything at the same time to see what works. Smith suggests starting with lighting, then audio, then stabilization equipment.

Mocktails & Marketing

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

2. USE EDITING APPS It’s very rare to capture the perfect video on the first try. You might have to film a couple of times or record a few different clips to get the footage that you want. That’s OK. Make your video look and sound exactly the way you want it to by using editing apps. Edit your videos directly on your smartphone with your phone’s built-in apps. iPhone users have access to iMovie and Clips. Android phones come with editing features within the device’s default video player. Looking for more options? Download these suggested apps for iPhone or Android: Adobe Premiere Rush for the power of Adobe Premiere’s desktop version, downsized for your phone, plus multitrack timelines and easy resizing options Boomerang from Instagram to create a short video loop Magisto to add effects and music, and create your own reusable video templates Quik from GoPro for basic editing tools and to combine photos, videos, music, and text Videohance to mix and match HD effects, control color, adjust speed, and edit clips and transitions

Pro tip: Are you posting directly to social media? The Facebook and Instagram apps have built-in features to help you edit your video’s length, add text or stickers, apply filters, and more.


3. CREATE VIDEOS THAT WORK Let’s talk about the types of videos you can create to promote your restaurant and your events program. Explainer video: This type of video typically includes someone on your team explaining the types of services your venue offers and can include footage or images that visually tell that story. Video sales letter: Similar to the explainer video, but shorter and embedded into or linked from an email you send to prospects. Interview: Sit down with someone on your staff and ask them questions to show their expertise to customers and prospects. Behind the scenes: Show your staff doing what they do best! Show off your chef’s skills in the kitchen, follow your staff as they set up for an event, or do a walkthrough of your venue to allow viewers to feel like they’re coming along on the journey. Timelapse or slow motion: Most smartphones have the ability to play with time with your videos. Set your phone up to record a timelapse of your staff getting a private dining room ready, or do a slow motion take of food being prepared in the kitchen. Livestream: Broadcast live from your venue through the Facebook or Instagram apps. This video could be an explainer, an interview, or behind the scenes video. The difference is that it’s live, not edited, and you can see your audiences views and reactions in real time on social media.

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



4. SHARE YOUR VIDEOS IN THE RIGHT PLACES Post your videos in the places you’re most visible online, including your website, your social media networks, video publishing sites like YouTube or Vimeo, and your email marketing. Choose the places online that your prospects or customers are most likely to find out information about you. And don’t post just once! In most cases, you can use these videos multiple times across your marketing channels. Just make sure you’re creating several different types of posts so you’re not sharing the same thing every time.

Just push the button.

The hardest part about creating videos for your venue is getting started. But once you push the record button, and give it a try, you’re one step closer to creating content that will get your business noticed. The more you create video, the easier it will be to create and build a library that shows the best aspects of your events business and attract new customers.

Increase your event sales + streamline the planning process.

Capture every event lead

Check event space availability

Create documents that get results

Capture leads from your website, Facebook, VENUES by Tripleseat directory, and even the phone.

See events from one venue or hundreds. View by status, room, or venue to know what spaces are available.

Quickly build banquet event orders, contracts, proposals, invoices, and more with our SmartDocs tool.

Get paid faster

Manage relationships

Intelligence reporting

Online payments have never been easier. Customers can pay with any credit card knowing their information is secure.

Our CRM system organizes and manages all of your contacts in one central database — accessible to everyone online.

Report on every aspect of your event business. View reports for upcoming events, financials, leads, payments, and more.

“I love and embrace Tripleseat and have learned how to use it to work smarter and not harder. It really translates into my sales exponentially increasing. And that’s the bottom line of everybody’s day in this event world.”

Marisa Colangelo | Director of Private Events, Zuma NYC

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



Part 2: Mocktails KATE KENNEDY

Mocktails are more popular than ever this year and they’re popping up all over on bar and restaurant menus. The Dry January fad, health concerns, and a culture shift have certainly had an influence on creating specific menus catering to those looking to forgo the buzz, which means that skimming the children’s menu for non-alcoholic libations is not your only option anymore. Mocktails are not only favorable for your customers, but they can also have a positive influence on your bottom line as well. As long as you’re using quality ingredients and your mocktail list consists of more than just lemonade and soda you can charge almost as much if not just as much as you do for drinks containing alcohol. It’s a simple way to satisfy your non-alcohol drinking patrons, increase your employees’ tabs and tips, while also making your venue more money. Let’s be honest, a lot of bartenders became bartenders because they enjoy working with alcohol, but if you challenge them to create innovative mocktails that trick the taste buds, I’m sure they’ll jump on the bandwagon. Utilizing ingredients your bartenders already use in traditional cocktails is a great way to ensure you won’t lose money in the process. The capacity to offer and sell drinks to non-drinkers can have a surprisingly strong impact on your venue. If you put real effort into the creation of your non-boozy offerings you’re bound to excite customers who might have otherwise brought down check averages. Don’t know where to start when creating a mocktail menu? Why not give these three options a whirl:

Mocktails & Marketing


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

HIBISCUS FIZZ INGREDIENTS: ¼ cup hibiscus tea, chilled (stronger tea works best) 1 tablespoon honey ½ tablespoon unfiltered apple cider vinegar (use more or less depending on your taste preference) ¼ cup lemon seltzer (use more or less depending on your taste preference) Slice of lemon for garnish INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Combine hibiscus tea, honey and apple cider vinegar in a cocktail shaker 2. Cover and shake, shake, shake 3. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass filled with ice 4. Top with lemon seltzer 5. Garnish with lemon slice


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


HONEY, BLACKBERRY, + MINT COOLER INGREDIENTS: 4 blackberries (plus one more for garnish) 1 oz honey About 5 fresh mint leaves (plus one more for garnish) Juice of ½ a lemon ¼ cup water ½ cup lemon seltzer INSTRUCTIONS: 1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle together the blackberries, honey, and mint until well blended 2. Add the lemon juice and water, cover and shake, shake, shake 3. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass filled with ice 4. Top the glass with ½ cup of lemon seltzer 5. Garnish with blackberry and mint leaf

Mocktails & Marketing


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

CUCUMBER GINGER MOCKTINI INGREDIENTS FOR BATCHED VERSION: 1 medium sized cucumber, sliced 10 slices of fresh ginger 2 cups of sugar 2 cups of water Soda water for serving Slices of cucumber for garnish INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Bring sugar and water to a boil, stirring until sugar is completely dissolved (this makes simple syrup) 2. Place sliced cucumber and ginger in a large heat-proof container 3. Pour simple syrup over the cucumber and ginger and let it stand for 2 hours 4. Strain mixture into a bottle and chill 5. To prepare cocktail, pour 2 ounces of syrup and 4 ounces of water into a shaker with ice and shake, shake, shake 6. Strain into a martini or coupe glass and top with a spritz of soda water 7. Garnish with a cucumber slice

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



Part 3: Become an Email Marketing Pro

1. CREATE A COMPELLING SUBJECT LINE AND PREVIEW TEXT This is the first thing a reader will see in regards to your email. A well thought out subject line should provide enough information so the reader knows exactly what to expect when they open an email, yet make them want more so they’ll take the time to open the email. This is a lot to ask of about 50 characters. Updating the preview text is a newer strategy, but shouldn't be ignored. The preview text is basically an extension of the subject line, that will appear in the email inbox. If left untouched, the preview text pulls in the first line of text in the email, which is typically,


“Having trouble viewing this email? Click here to view as a web page.” You don't want to start off on a nega-

If you’re doing any kind of marketing on behalf of your restaurant, hotel, or venue, you know that email marketing is still a very relevant and very effective marketing tool. And that means that you also know that your customers and prospects are not only getting emails from you. Their inbox is filled on a daily basis with information and offers from all of the businesses they like. So what can you do to stand out in the inbox and get attention and action from your audience? We’ve put together a list of 10 email best practices that will get you results.

tive note; the preview text is 50-100 characters of free real estate that allows you to extend your subject line or give a short description of the email.

HOW TO CREATE A COMPELLING SUBJECT LINE AND PREVIEW TEXT: Send emails from a real person, with their name as the sender and the from email. If the email’s coming from Tom Jones, the email should be something like Keep it short, simple and to the point. If the text is too long, it’s going to get cut off and your readers might not be motivated to open the email and learn more. Attract the reader's eye by including numbers, questions, or emojis Avoid using these spam trigger words: cash, quote, save, free, buy, or click. Use verbs to help readers picture the action you want them to take. Create a sense of urgency by including deadlines, or phrases like “limited time offer.”


Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

2. INCLUDE A VALUE PROPOSITION This is the big "why." Why are you sending this email to this group of people? Why do those people want to read the email? Say it in words and include a call to action, as well as a way to take that action, such as a link or a button — an example would be something like encouraging your readers to schedule an event. Use words like “Click Here to Book Now” in a text link or a button that links to your lead form. Your value proposition should be located at the top of the email. It should be short and to the point. If the main message is unclear to the reader or too far down the email, they will stop reading and just delete it. Or even worse — hit the spam button.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO VISUAL DESIGN How your email looks is just as important as the content, and it’s one of the first things your audience notices when they open your message because people process visual design faster than text.

KEEP THESE VISUAL DESIGN TIPS IN MIND: Brand Colors: Create branded emails that use your company logo and color, and be consistent with the design. Your emails should look like they are from you, and spark an instant visual recognition from your customers. Images: Include visually interesting, relevant images that represent your topic and catch your reader’s eye. Your emails are being sent to people who are busy and receive a million emails a day. A good image will make them stop scrolling and start reading and clicking. White Space: Use white space wisely. White space is a great way to separate different sections of your email, but don’t overdo it. Too much white space will make your email longer, and your readers might get tired of scrolling. Bullet Points: Break up your information with bullet points. Sharing three to five high-level points makes the email easier to scan, and can tease the reader enough to make them want to learn more and take action. Personalization: Connect with your readers on a personal level when you can. Use features like a custom greeting that pulls in names from your database and addresses your email to the individual. Create lists for people interested in different topics or services and send them emails with news or offers for their interests. Consider mentioning a recent visit or download, or customize landing pages based on content offers.

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



4. MAINTAIN A CLEAN DATABASE Before you even sit down to write that next email, your database of names needs to be clean. By clean, I mean get rid of the following types of contacts that aren’t going to open your emails and will do nothing to increase your open rates: • Contacts with fake or false data

Short or long text? Do emojis in the subject line work? The data on your opens, clicks, popular links, and more will give you the answers to these questions and reveal trends and preferences. Look for peaks and valleys in your data to guide you on how to make improvements to your email marketing and create successful emails. You should spend just as much time analyzing the data of past emails as you do crafting your next one.

• Unengaged contacts — people who never open your emails


• Unsubscribed contacts — this is actually a mandate

Create tests that compare one slight difference between two different emails. Send one email to a portion of your list, and the second email to the rest, and then check your reports to see which email got the best results. This is called an A/B test. You can test colors, images, writing styles, subject lines, or email templates. The possibilities are endless. Emails that look and sound the same month after month become stale and will only be ignored and deleted. What worked last year, last month, or even yesterday may not work tomorrow. Trends evolve and change and you need to stay up to date on what your audience resonates and connects with. Test, test, test and analyze the results.

of the federal CAN-SPAM Act. Businesses must honor recipients’ wishes to unsubscribe from their email list, and must include an opt-out link in their emails. Scrubbing these names from your email list, or even deleting these names from your database altogether will improve your overall deliverability rates, open rates, and click rates.

5. CREATE SEGMENTED EMAIL LISTS Not only does your database need to be clean, but you also need to make sure your database has been organized into groups of like people, or segments, so that you can properly send the right message to the right people. Some basic segments can include customers, prospects, geography, different types of marketing efforts, and interests.

6. BUILD A CONTENT CALENDAR Having an up-to-date calendar that shows your email schedule and the topics that you want to cover sets you up to be proactive versus reactive. A calendar is also a great way to make sure you’re sending emails at the right frequency and planning the perfect timing to allow readers to take advantage of offers or information you share. Creating emails that relate to upcoming holidays, seasons, popular sporting functions, or even pop culture can boost your open rates and your revenue. Use these themes to your advantage by promoting your venue’s specials or offers. And don’t forget to include it in your subject line to keep it timely. An example like “Start the Year Off Right” in January will make readers think about their plans for the new year.


9. DO YOUR RESEARCH Don’t do your marketing in a bubble by focusing only on your department or venue. Ask these questions: What's going on in your organization that your contacts or future customers would care about? What are other organizations in your industry talking about, should you join that conversation? What are your competitors doing, and do you do it better? What are other industries doing that could be incorporated and tested in your emails? Inspiration is all around you.

10. KNOW THE LEGAL GUIDELINES Yes, there are rules and regulations that must be followed (and even expensive penalties) when businesses send marketing emails, and they are part of the CAN-SPAM Act we mentioned earlier. This list does not cover everything, and it is always best to consult your legal team for compliance guidelines for your specific situation, but here some basic must-dos: • Your business’ physical address must be present in the footer of the email. • A link to manage email preferences or to

Pay attention to your email reports for every email that

unsubscribe from your emails must be provided in

you send. There’s no better way of finding out what

the footer of the email and adhered to.

works and what doesn’t for your emails, without calling

• Your business should gain consent from contacts

each person on your sent list and asking them directly

prior to sending them an email, which means the

what they thought. Does your audience prefer CTA but-

contact knows that they will be receiving emails from

tons or hyperlinks? Do they like images or mostly text?

your organization.

Mocktails & Marketing

When you’re creating and sending emails, it’s important to have fun and love what you do. If you don't love what you are writing about and promoting, why should anyone else? Email marketing is a creative way to share and connect with other people who can benefit from and enjoy what you are sending them! Try one of these tips at a time until you get the hang of them. As you apply these best practices to your email marketing, you’ll begin to notice what helps you boost your results and your revenue. If you keep implementing what works and stop focusing on what doesn’t, you’ll become an email pro!

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019



Have fun

Love what you do

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019


Contributors LATHA YOUNGREN EDITOR IN CHIEF, HEAD OF PROPHECY FULFILLMENT Latha’s (pronounced Lay-ta) interest in hospitality began at a young age, which led her to waitress throughout her high school years in Providence, RI. After graduating from Barnard College and working in publishing for a couple of years, she moved to Paris where she tended bar and worked at a magazine. After a brief stint in San Francisco, she made her way back to New York City where she worked in marketing and events for a variety of companies. She is thrilled to have landed at Tripleseat, where she heads up Marketing. Latha currently resides in Maplewood, NJ with her husband and 3 kids. She enjoys the summer most because Rosé All Day is a real thing!

MATTHEW POLLOCK CREATIVE DIRECTOR, ADMIRAL OF ARTISTRY Matt’s been working as a designer since 2009, but has always been fascinated by user experiences and identity. Matt came into Tripleseat in 2016, gears turning, ready to create a fresh, functional, and friendly identity that would give Tripleseat the beautiful look and feel that our design-savvy industry demands. Living on a vintage sailboat in Boston Harbor, Matt’s passionate about bringing people together. He follows his love for public art, events, live music, and of course, sailing; always dreaming of the cruising life he hopes to find in his future. Matt designed many of these pages while pulling all-nighters in the office, so don't question the awkward layout.

NICOLE CATATAO PRODUCTION MANAGER, OUTBOUND GATEKEEPER Nicole has been in the marketing field for over 10 years. After graduating from Plymouth State University in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with a degree in English, she moved to Massachusetts where she started her career at International Data Group (IDG). While there she managed online marketing campaigns for high-tech clients for seven years. After IDG, she spent four years at MathWorks managing events. Nicole joined the Tripleseat family in October of 2018 as the Outbound Marketing Manager. When she isn't crafting the next email campaign, you can find her dancing in the kitchen to '80s pop music with her hubby and two daughters while baking and eating cupcakes.




AZURE COLLIER EXECUTIVE EDITOR, AMBASSADOR OF BUZZ Azure joined Tripleseat as the Content Marketing Manager after working as the Social Media Marketing and Community Manager for Constant Contact. She also worked in marketing for higher education at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Fitchburg State University. She started her career as a print journalist in the Midwest at the Times of Northwest Indiana in Valparaiso, IN, and at the Journal and Courier in Lafayette, IN. She received a BA in communications and journalism from Purdue University, and an MS in applied communication from Fitchburg State University, where she completed thesis research on social media and young adults. She currently resides in Brooklyn, where there's always a restaurant open or delivering whatever you want whenever you want it!

KATE KENNEDY MANAGING EDITOR, DIRECTOR OF ENTERTAINMENT FULFILLMENT Kate has worked in the hospitality industry since she was 15. From bussing tables in high school to bartending in college and grad school where she majored in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. Following school she moved on to a career as a private events and marketing manager because she loved hospitality a little more than she loved fashion. Kate started working at the best company on the planet, aka, Tripleseat in 2016. Currently holding the position of Customer Marketing Manager (and Director of Entertainment Fulfillment), she loves being able to use her vast knowledge of the industry in a non restaurant setting. Kate resides just north of Boston with her husband, toddler son and come July 2019, infant daughter. Besides her family and friends, Kate’s loves include bourbon, fashion, old school hip-hop, oysters, IPA and hockey (enjoyed on their own or all together).

Photography Cover photo: L Photographie. Keenan Barber, Tim Bennett, Marten Bjork, Bryant Park Grill, Kelsey Chance, Chameleon Imagery, Clary Pfeiffer Photography, Kara Eads, Heather Roth Fine Art Photography, Alex Holyoake, L Photographie, Lauza Loistl, ShenGeng Lin, Nik MacMillan, Jakob Owens, Pineapple Supply Co., Shadow + Light Photography, Anna Shepulova, Annie Spratt, Sweet Ice Cream Photography, The Rowlands, Thomas Russell, Jez Timms, White-Klump Photography, Deva Williamson, Charles Wollertz, Kevin Xue, Anna Yeroshenko

Seated | Spring + Summer 2019

Jonathan has been involved in the restaurant and hotel business for 30+ years with roles ranging from a busboy at Abadessa’s in Hingham, MA, to line cook at Atlantic Café in Nantucket, to Floor Manager at Backbay Restaurant Group, to New England Regional Sales Manager for Starwood Hotels. Before starting Tripleseat, Jonathan was a VP of Sales for a web startup that delivered Business Intelligence reporting to the restaurant industry. When not working on making Tripleseat more awesome, Jonathan spends his time with his wife Lisa, twin girls, Eliza and Sophie and son Owen.

Profile for tripleseat

Seated Spring/Summer 2019  

In this issue, we'll take you to seven gorgeous venues whose use of color, decor, and greenery make them the perfect spots to celebrate the...

Seated Spring/Summer 2019  

In this issue, we'll take you to seven gorgeous venues whose use of color, decor, and greenery make them the perfect spots to celebrate the...

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