Seated Magazine: Spring 2024, The Art of Experiential Hospitality

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The Art of Experiential Hospitality

How the industry is revolutionizing service through interactive elements and immersive experiences.



This issue of Seated is not just a read, it’s a call to action for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues to drive forward those unforgettable, one-ofa-kind experiences. To remain competitive in this market, your hospitality business needs to go beyond just food on a plate or a bed to sleep in. Experiential hospitality is key to building more success. And Tripleseat continues to develop the tools to get you there.

Our mission at Tripleseat is not only to make things easier for you but also to improve your guest experience and facilitate the experience you deliver. You asked for it, and we delivered! Introducing Tripleseat Tickets, a powerful event registration and ticketing solution designed specifically for your restaurant or venue for added revenue from any experience you can imagine. From educational wine tastings to lively chef classes, it’s time to brainstorm on ticketed event opportunities and crank your experiences up!

Another exciting product advancement from Tripleseat is Large Party Reservation with TripleseatDirect. This will change the way you provide hospitality! Make it easy for you to leverage the business demand of large groups of 6-15 guests. You know, the parties that are too big for traditional dining but too small for a typical event? Organize, plan, and prep for these large parties like a pro and tap into this gold mine.

In this issue of Seated, you will find inspirational and actionable topics all around creating experiences. We spoke to Colorado restaurant and entertainment company, Chasing Rabbits on ways they ensure their guests are having fun. We also feature Maine’s Allagash Brewing Company about their private events and what they do to keep guests involved and excited. Several hotels are featured that are adopting unique and unconventional services. Explore articles on so much more, including event trends, event pro advice, experiential tips, and a fun look into competitive socializing from Toca Social, an immersive London venue.

So dive into this issue to be inspired and step it up to create those genuine guest experiences. You will leave a lasting impression, build unwavering loyalty, and grow your hospitality business. I hope this issue of Seated lights a fire under you and gets you as excited as I am for a prosperous experiential year ahead.



















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Tripleseat in the News

Tripleseat Acquires Meeting and Event Platform Attendease

FSR Magazine, Oct. 2, 2023

Exciting news as shared by many in the industry including FSR Magazine: Tripleseat has acquired Attendease, a top-notch event and meeting software company, mainly used by corporate and enterprise event organizers. This move is great for Tripleseat as they’re going to blend the Attendease event planner app into their own sales and event management platform. The result will be a smoother, more integrated planning experience for everyone involved. It’s a big step forward for Tripleseat in becoming a go-to name for all-in-one event management solutions.

“With this acquisition [of Attendease], we will expand our offerings with specialized and flexible event planning and management tools – for social and corporate event planners. Tripleseat will now be the one-stop shop for people to locate the perfect venue and manage and market their event,” Jonathan Morse, Tripleseat CEO, speaks about this exciting news.

Tripleseat’s 2023

Data Insights Reveal Remarkable Growth Trend with $7.3 Billion in Event Booking Revenue for Restaurant and Unique Venue Customers

SalesTech Star, Jan. 29, 2024

Tripleseat’s striking 2023 software data for event booking and revenue was highlighted by SalesTech Star Check out the amazing increase in growth, fueled by a rising demand for private events at restaurants and unique venues.

Tripleseat’s user-friendly software, which is made specifically to simplify event planning for restaurants, hotels, and distinctive venues, enabled more than 3.5 million event bookings in 2023. This marks a significant 16% rise from the previous year! The powerhouse platform handled an impressive $7.3 billion in event revenue for its clients, demonstrating an exceptional 21% growth compared to 2022.

“We’re thrilled to see this significant revenue growth and increased event bookings for our Tripleseat customers and shed light on compelling trends for the events industry,” said Jonathan Morse, CEO of Tripleseat. “We aim to help our customers achieve success by providing the tools they need to maximize their profits and create successful engaging events for their clients.”

10 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue BRIEFINGS

Tripleseat Introduces PartyPay to Streamline Payments for Event Managers in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Technology, Oct. 12, 2023

Hospitality Technology as well as many other industry publications, shared that Tripleseat rolled out a fantastic new feature called PartyPay. It’s all about making event payment processing super easy and totally integrated. The best part is that PartyPay is big on security with PCI-compliance, and they also have amazing customer support ready to help you out. It’s a game-changer for sure!

Here’s what Tripleseat CEO Jonathan Morse has to say about it: “Tripleseat PartyPay revolutionizes how event professionals manage payments. This latest Tripleseat product will eliminate the hassle of chasing payments and allow event managers to dedicate more time to doing what they do best — crafting unforgettable events for their guests. With many incredible features and benefits, PartyPay is an essential tool for elevating event businesses of all sizes.”

Experience Simplicity and Efficiency at its Best with the Latest Offering from Tripleseat! Here Comes Large Party Reservations!

Everybody’s talking about the gamechanging launch of the newest innovation from Tripleseat - Large Party Reservations ! This fantastic new feature is for TripleseatDirect customers and is designed to give you a competitive edge like never before. Imagine eliminating multiple steps in the booking process for those parties of 6-20 guests and saving hours of valuable time — that’s exactly what this new feature promises. Built on the powerful and reliable Tripleseat engine, Large Party Reservations streamlines everything, making it a breeze to handle those big bookings.

You Asked For It! Announcing Tripleseat Tickets

Check out Tripleseat Tickets! This new innovative addition takes your venue’s events to the next level and makes the registration and ticketing process a breeze! With Tripleseat Tickets, you’ll discover a hassle-free approach to creating and managing ticketed events. It’s all about providing your customers with an exceptional experience minus the stress. Tripleseat Tickets ensures smooth sailing from start to finish, enhancing your events while keeping everything simple and streamlined for you and your guests.

11 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue IN THE NEWS

into 2024 After a Blockbuster 2023!


As a hospitality software with over 16,000 restaurant, hotel, and unique venue customers, Tripleseat is thrilled to share some incredibly exciting insights from our platform’s 2023 Tripleseat user trends. This data confirms what we’ve all been seeing anecdotally — events are back and stronger than ever! In 2023, Tripleseat customers saw more event revenue than ever before. Last year was filled with parties and extravaganzas in cities across the globe.

Take a look at some key takeaways, and use this information to inform your current strategy.

In 2023, Tripleseat managed $7.3B in event revenue for our customers, a 21% increase from 2022.

This represents a significant growth trend in the demand for private events in restaurants and unique venues. Corporate business is back with 190k

The resurgence of corporate events suggests a return to business-related meetings and events in person. events in 2023.

Top 5 event types hosted by Tripleseat customers in terms of revenue: 1. Wedding reception/ceremony 2. Corporate events 3. Cocktail receptions 4. Birthdays 5. Holiday parties 5 4 3 2 1 Tripleseat customers booked 3.5M+ events. This is
a 16% increase from

The average event for our customers was worth


You will see a return on investment in just two events hosted using Tripleseat.

Tripleseat consistently helps customers drive profitable events.

On average, a restaurant makes $614K

annually in event revenue and hosts 24 events a month.

The financial significance of Tripleseat should not be underestimated. Restaurants are frequently leveraging events for revenue generation and should take advantage of days without events to fill their private dining spaces.

Wedding receptions are the top money maker, with $862M in revenue.

Weddings are no longer just a one-day affair! Tripleseat customers hosted 29K rehearsal dinners for wedding celebrations, creating opportunities for restaurants outside of the normal wedding day.

The Most Popular Events

as reported by Tripleseat customers, are Corporate Meetings and Birthdays, showcasing a diverse range of events hosted by Tripleseat customers.

Tripleseat customers generated 7.7M+ event leads. A 12% increase from 2022

The highest month for leads was Jan 2023, followed by Oct 2023. October leads correlate to a lead up to the holiday season events and January leads represent planning for the year ahead with weddings and corporate event planning.

Tripleseat events had an average of 42 guests per event. Our customers generated over $411M

in catering, and drop-off and pickup orders.

This highlights the diverse revenue streams for customers using Tripleseat and potential opportunities to expand their existing on-premise only business.




The world of dining, hospitality, and private events is undergoing a turbocharged evolution. Fueled by shifting tastes, a green insurgence, and cutting-edge tech, this year will revolutionize how people dine and gather. Let’s explore six trends rewriting the rulebook for the industry’s future.




The era of one-size-fits-all dining has come to an end. In 2024, restaurants and event managers will continue to leverage data analytics, AI, and intentional communication to offer hyper-personalized experiences to their guests. From customized menus based on dietary preferences and past ordering history to personalized event themes, the aim is to make every guest feel uniquely catered to. This trend is one that is here to stay, and it is not just about knowing your guests’ preferences but about being one or two steps ahead of them.



Sustainability is less of a trend today and more of a permanent piece of hospitality fundamentals. Restaurants are now so eco-friendly that you might find yourself dining in a reclaimed shipping container, using utensils made from biodegradable cornstarch while sitting on a chair that swears it was a bicycle in its past life. And the menu? It’s so local and organic that you might be introduced to the produce before choosing your meal. No, but seriously, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; in 2024, it’s a full-on business model.



Remember when dining out was just about eating? Now, it’s an escape room with flavors. In 2024, virtual and hybrid events serve up experiences that teleport you to Paris for a croissant or Tokyo for sushi with the click of a button. And if you’re attending a wedding via VR, you can cry at the beauty of the ceremony without worrying about your mascara. For the hospitality industry, this means reimagining spaces to accommodate hybrid events, investing in high-quality streaming technology, and offering virtual reality experiences that can transport guests to exotic locations or immersive environments in a minute’s time.



The experiential dining trend has restaurants turning meals into Broadway shows. Venues are using storytelling, incorporating elements of performance, and engaging all five senses to create unforgettable dining experiences. From chef’s table events where diners can watch their meals being prepared to themed dinners transporting guests to another time or place, experiential dining creates a memorable event beyond the plate.



As health consciousness continues to rise, so does the demand for menus that cater to wellness without compromising on taste. In 2024, the focus is on nutritious, whole-food options, emphasizing mental and physical well-being. This includes offering dishes that are not only healthy but also designed to boost mood and energy levels. Offering delicious, nonalcoholic beverages is now more important than ever. Integrating wellness activities, such as yoga or meditation, into private events is also on the rise. 2024 is officially the year to incorporate health and wellness into your offerings.


Technology is revolutionizing the way restaurants and events operate. The future is here, from AI-powered chatbots for seamless booking software to robots assisting in food preparation and delivery. These technological advancements are not replacing the human touch but enhancing service, allowing staff to focus more on guest interaction and personalization.

The trends of 2024 reflect a dynamic shift in the restaurant, hospitality, and events industry towards more personalized, sustainable, and technologically integrated experiences. As we navigate these changes, one thing remains clear: the future of dining and entertainment is bright, innovative, and bound to exceed expectations. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, event manager, or hospitality professional, staying abreast of these trends is key to creating memorable experiences that resonate with the discerning tastes of today’s consumers.

5. 6. 16 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue

Supercharge Your Hospitality Tech Stack to Ramp Up Customer Experience in 2024

The role that hospitality technology plays in our industry to meet customer demand is becoming vital for a successful business. Consumers are extremely discerning with how they spend their money now more than ever, and they are looking for experiences that are elevated beyond the normal night out. They desire unique access to interesting dining experiences and group celebrations for all sorts of milestones and occasions! Finding tech solutions that help you successfully execute these experiential components into your offerings is crucial.

As you look to scale and continue to drive revenue, thoughtful attention needs to be put towards software that will simplify this component without increasing the workload for existing staff. Let’s explore three innovative ways to supercharge your hospitality tech stack in order to help elevate the customer experience while enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing revenue.

Transforming Your Venue with Ticketed Experiences and Smart Technology

While many restaurants and venues have already seen the value of private events for increasing revenue, there is another aspect of event management that still has room for revenue growth: ticketed events. Extensive market research shows that creating the allure of exclusivity and offering ticketed events will facilitate a new era of event experiences and lucrative revenue streams. Built on the Tripleseat engine, Tripleseat Tickets is more than just ticketing software; it’s a comprehensive platform that facilitates seamless event creation, attendee registration, and ticket management. What sets Tripleseat Tickets apart is its ability to drive event conversions effortlessly, catering to a wide range of event types — from intimate chef’s tastings to beer flights and paired wine dinners.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface with Tripleseat Tickets

Tripleseat Tickets distinguishes itself with its harmonious integration with the existing Tripleseat platform. While you can opt to use Tripleseat Tickets as a standalone product, the powerful integration with Tripleseat allows event organizers to easily create events that automatically pre-populate event fields in Tripleseat Tickets, significantly reducing the administrative workload and potential for error. Moreover, the userfriendly interface ensures that setting up an event and managing ticket sales is straightforward, even for those with minimal technical expertise.

Understanding that no two events are the same, Tripleseat Tickets offers the flexibility of various ticket types to cater to different audience segments and event formats. Whether offering special VIP tickets, early bird prices, or general admission, organizers can customize ticket offerings to match each event’s unique needs. Additionally, the ability to promote ticket sales through customizable branded landing pages enhances marketing efforts, providing a professional and cohesive look that aligns with the event’s branding.

17 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue

The Future of Event Management

Access to real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions in the fast-paced world of events and hospitality. Tripleseat Tickets excels in this area by offering real-time sales and attendee data, allowing organizers to monitor ticket sales, adjust marketing strategies on the fly, and ultimately maximize revenue. Coupled with secure payment processing, attendees can rest assured that their transactions are safe, enhancing trust and credibility for the event organizers. By harnessing the power of Tripleseat Tickets, event professionals can elevate the experience, ensuring a seamless process for all parties involved and setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Solving the Large Party Reservation Problem for Restaurants and Guests

In today’s digital world, absolutely no one wants to pick up the phone to book a flight or reserve a hotel room, so why would anyone want to call a restaurant to book dinner out with friends? Unfortunately, as soon as someone decides to go out with more than 6 people and tries to book it online, they are faced with that everdreaded message, “PLEASE CALL THE RESTAURANT TO BOOK.” Until now, there was no solution to help restaurants and consumers reserve tables for large parties, and Tripleseat has launched a one-of-a-kind solution to handle those bookings.

Embracing the Gold Mine of Large Group Dining

The introduction of TripleseatDirect’s Large Party Reservation feature shines a spotlight on the TripleseatDirect platform, shines a spotlight on an untapped gold mine: large group dining. This niche, hovering between regular dining and event-scale gatherings, typically encompasses groups of 6-20 guests — the perfect size for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings. Booking a reservation of 6+ people is a challenge for consumers looking to book a table, as well as the restaurants trying to accommodate them. For restaurants, large parties can be difficult to manage, and they turnover much slower than a 2-top or 4-top does, frequently resulting in lost revenue. With TripleseatDirect Large Party Reservations, venues can significantly amplify their average check sizes. It’s not just about serving more customers; it’s about indulging them in a way that transforms each celebration into a revenue opportunity.

How TripleseatDirect Elevates the Experience

The new TripleseatDirect Large Party Reservation feature solves the headaches of reserving and servicing large reservations by enabling the restaurant to offer online table availability, pre-ordering, and up-front payment. Armed with all the details for the reservation, the kitchen has time to prepare in advance, and the venue can staff appropriately, resulting in a positive and profitable experience for everyone.

TripleseatDirect simplifies the booking process and allows customers to effortlessly select dates, times, and locations, browse menu options, and complete payments—all within a user-friendly online platform. The result? A stress-free planning experience that empowers customers and positions your venue as their first choice for hosting memorable gatherings.

18 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue

The process doesn’t end with the booking. Once a reservation request lands on your Tripleseat dashboard, you’re in full control. Approve the event and handle the details easily within Tripleseat or engage with the customer as needed to fine-tune their experience. It’s this flexibility and direct line of communication that sets TripleseatDirect apart, ensuring each event is as unique as your guests.

The TripleseatDirect’s Large Party Reservation feature heralds a new era for restaurants and venues. Turning tables into profit centers has never been easier—or more enjoyable. Managing reservations for large groups no longer needs to create stress for venues. Use TripleseatDirect to transform the approach of event management, making your establishment the go-to destination for large parties and substantial profits.

Resolving the Headache of Event Payments

When it comes to event experience for your clients, convenience is king. From start to finish, you’ll want to think about making all parts of the event straightforward and easy — during the booking process, the actual hosting of the event, all the way to the last interaction between your venue and the guest. An important element of the “event close” is a fast, simple, and secure payment transaction to finalize the event bill. Tripleseat PartyPay was created with this convenience goal in mind. If you’re an event professional looking to simplify payment collection, supercharge event sales, and boost your revenue, PartyPay should be your go-to online payment solution.

Seamless and Secure Transactions

With Tripleseat PartyPay, event businesses can turn their backs on convoluted payment processes, ushering in easy transactions. This solution offers a secure payment experience, accepting major credit/debit cards and ACH bank transfers effortlessly. Your clients enjoy the same frictionless experience and simple payment transaction. Centralized in one intuitive platform, PartyPay ensures no revenue opportunities are missed. Moreover, the platform allows for flexible final payments via QR codes on BEOs, adding convenience and versatility to the process. PartyPay prioritizes security, adhering to PCI compliance and industry standards to safeguard sensitive payment information, instilling trust and confidence for everyone. PartyPay provides awardwinning support to Tripleseat customers, ensuring assistance is readily available whenever needed and removing the need to speak with a third party, further enhancing the user experience.

Leverage the Convenience of QR Codes

The days of chasing down customers for their final payment are over. Customers desire easy solutions. The QR Codes feature of Tripleseat PartyPay is a simple and real-time solution to closing out an event. Event managers can swiftly review all charges, allow for realtime additions, and enable guests to make immediate final payments, enhancing the closure experience for all parties involved. By providing QR code-enabled digital documents for payment, Tripleseat enhances customer experience, allowing guests to settle bills swiftly and focus on enjoying the event, potentially fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty.

The Future is Bright and Profitable

These innovative tools are designed to improve customer experience and increase revenue by introducing ticketed events, optimizing venues for largeparty reservations, and making event payments easy. By embracing Tripleseat Tickets, TripleseatDirect Large Party Reservations, and Tripleseat PartyPay with QR codes, hospitality industry professionals can unlock new levels of success, ensuring their events and venues not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of their guests in 2024 and beyond.

19 Supercharge Your Hospitality Tech Stack to Ramp Up Customer Experience in 2024

Elevate Your Venue


In the dynamic world of hospitality, event managers at venues continually strive to exceed guest expectations and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. While some venues may not brand themselves as “experiential,” there’s a wealth of opportunity to elevate private dining by adding personalized touches, culinary creativity, and immersive elements that transport guests beyond the ordinary. Let’s explore how these can be integrated seamlessly to enhance the private dining experience.

Personalized Experiences: Tailoring Every Detail

Creating truly memorable private dining experiences begins with personalization. From the moment a guest makes an inquiry to the final farewell, every touchpoint should be tailored to their preferences and desires. Event managers should take the time to understand each guest’s unique requirements, whether crafting a bespoke menu that caters to dietary restrictions or incorporating special touches like personalized menus adorned with the guest’s name or occasion. By anticipating and fulfilling individual needs, venues can create a sense of exclusivity and luxury that resonates deeply with guests.

Ambiance: Setting the Stage for Magic

Ambiance plays a pivotal role in shaping the private dining experience, setting the stage for moments of connection and celebration. Thoughtful attention to lighting, music, and decor can transform a space, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and immersive. Fresh flowers, flickering candles, and carefully curated playlists can evoke a sense of romance and sophistication, while themed decorations can transport guests to another time or place. By harnessing the power of ambiance, venues can evoke emotion and create lasting memories long after the meal ends.

20 Features

Culinary Creativity: A Feast for the Senses

At the heart of any exceptional private dining experience lies the food. Collaborating closely with talented chefs, event managers can craft menus that showcase the venue’s culinary prowess and delight the palate. There are myriad ways to engage guests and stimulate their senses, from innovative tasting menus to interactive chef’s tables. Consider incorporating unexpected flavor pairings, locally sourced ingredients, or signature dishes that tell a story. By elevating the culinary experience, venues can leave a lasting impression on guests and earn a reputation for excellence in dining.

Seamless Service: Anticipating Every Need

Exceptional service is the cornerstone of any successful private dining experience. From the moment guests arrive to when they depart, every interaction should be characterized by warmth, professionalism, and attention to detail. Well-trained staff should anticipate guests’ needs before they arise, ensuring that every aspect of the event runs seamlessly. Clear communication, prompt responses, and a genuine desire to exceed expectations can elevate the service experience and leave guests feeling pampered and cared for.

Partnering with Experts: Curating Unique Experiences

One way to add an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to private dining experiences is by partnering with local experts and artisans. Whether it’s a wine tasting led by a knowledgeable sommelier, a cocktail-making class with a seasoned mixologist, or a dessert workshop with a master pastry chef, these collaborative experiences can add depth and dimension to the dining experience. By curating a menu of experiential offerings, venues can allow guests to engage all their senses and embark on a journey of discovery within the walls of their space.

Thoughtful Additions: Surprises That Delight

Finally, it’s the thoughtful touches and surprises that truly elevate the private dining experience. Welcome drinks, amuse-bouches, or parting gifts can add an element of surprise and delight, tantalizing the taste buds and sparking joy. Consider incorporating interactive elements like tableside presentations or live entertainment to create moments of excitement and wonder. By infusing the experience with moments of unexpected delight, venues can leave a lasting impression and ensure that guests depart with fond memories and a desire to return.

21 Elevate Your Venue

Discovering Your Unique Selling Proposition: Unveiling the Essence of Your Venue

Last but probably most important, the most powerful tool at a venue’s disposal is its unique selling proposition (USP). Every space possesses distinctive qualities that set it apart from the competition, and uncovering these attributes can be the key to creating truly exceptional experiences for guests.

Event managers should invest time and effort in exploring what makes their venue special, whether it’s a historic building with architectural charm, a stunning outdoor terrace with panoramic views, or a cozy dining room with a fireplace and intimate ambiance. By identifying these unique features, venues can leverage them to create memorable moments that resonate with guests on a deeper level.

Once the USP has been identified, it’s essential to incorporate it into every aspect of the private dining experience. Whether through thematic decor that celebrates the venue’s history and heritage or signature dishes that showcase locally sourced ingredients, every detail should highlight what makes the space truly oneof-a-kind.

Event managers can collaborate with their teams to brainstorm creative ways to amplify the venue’s unique attributes. This could involve hosting themed events that capitalize on the venue’s distinct character or partnering with local artisans and craftsmen to create bespoke elements that reflect the venue’s personality.

By embracing and celebrating their unique selling proposition, venues can create private dining experiences that are not only memorable but also authentic and unforgettable. Whether it’s the ambiance, culinary offerings, or service excellence, guests will be drawn to spaces that offer something truly special and distinctive. In a world where authenticity reigns supreme, showcasing what makes your venue shine is the key to standing out and leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Features 22

For Hospitality. By Hospitality.


Streamlining and simplifying the event management process for hospitality professionals is at the core of everything we do.

Whether it’s providing a solution to host ticketed events at your venue or removing the speed bump of accepting large party reservations, we’ll keep innovating to give you the industry-leading tools you need to grow your business and increase revenue.

hotels tickets + direct restaurants

Where Wonderland Meets Reality


Nestled amidst the majestic peaks of Vail, CO lies a whimsical wonderland waiting to be explored. Welcome to Chasing Rabbits, an experiential restaurant and venue that defies the ordinary and beckons guests into a world of enchantment. The team behind this extraordinary establishment shares a bit about the magic that makes Chasing Rabbits a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

24 Features

Unveiling the Magic

As you step through the doors of Chasing Rabbits, you are immediately transported into a realm of imagination and delight. “We want them to feel like anything is possible.” Miranda Crews, Director of Events and Sales, said of their guests. And indeed, the possibilities are endless.

The venue, originally a movie theater, was ingeniously transformed into a 13,000-square-foot playground for the senses. Designed by the acclaimed Rockwell Group, each area within Chasing Rabbits boasts its own distinct ambiance and allure. From the sleek sophistication of The Restaurant to the clandestine charm of Moon Rabbit (Chasing Rabbits’ speakeasy bar), every corner invites exploration.

An Ode to Wonderland

The inspiration behind Chasing Rabbits is as enchanting as the venue itself. Drawing from the whimsical tale of Alice in Wonderland, guests are invited to lose themselves in the unexpected. “We want our guests to enjoy a different experience every time they step through our doors,” Miranda explained. And indeed, with spaces like The Library, Rabbit Hole, and Moon Rabbit, the adventure never ends.

25 Where Wonderland Meets Reality

Experiences in Wonderland and Beyond

Chasing Rabbits offers various experiences to suit every taste and inclination. The Restaurant beckons with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that tantalizes the palate, while The Library offers a cozy retreat for intimate gatherings and pre-dinner cocktails. Meanwhile, Moon Rabbit entices with its opulent speakeasy atmosphere, where Asian-inspired libations await. Rabbit Hole is for those seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, with its arcade games and retro cocktails. As Miranda remarked, “Each room caters to a different experience.” Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a lively night out with friends, Chasing Rabbits offers something for everyone. “We strive to ensure our guests are having fun,” she emphasized. And indeed, fun is at the heart of everything they do. By collaborating with external partners and vendors, Chasing Rabbits enhances its offerings and provides guests with unique and engaging experiences. Whether it’s a Super Bowl watch party with local beer tastings or a wine-tasting soirée with exclusive member perks, the possibilities are endless.

26 Features

Measuring Success of the Event Experience

But Chasing Rabbits is more than just a feast for the senses—it’s a vibrant hub of community and creativity. With a revolving door of public events and promotions, the venue exudes energy and excitement. “Each event offers an opportunity for our team to really shine and show who we are,” explained Miranda. “We measure the success of each event through reviews, referrals, repeat bookings, and ultimately exposure.”

Balancing Value with Profitability

When it comes to pricing for experience-focused events, Chasing Rabbits takes a strategic approach to balance profitability with value for customers. “We balance profitability through trust and knowledge,” Miranda elaborated. “This begins with seeking to understand the ‘wants’ of each client as no experience-related event is ever ’cookie-cutter’.”

Depending on Efficient Event Management

To streamline event management for its various spaces, Chasing Rabbits relies on Tripleseat. “We use Tripleseat to not only book more events but to ultimately keep the team organized!” Miranda exclaimed. “This includes our department leads, staff, and our general seasonal calendar. We run programming each week, on top of offering our space for private events which ultimately leads to an exciting lineup of… a lot!”

In a town known for its natural beauty and outdoor adventures, Chasing Rabbits stands out as a beacon of creativity and imagination. Whether a local is looking for a new hangout spot or a tourist is seeking an unforgettable experience, Chasing Rabbits promises to captivate the senses of its guests and leaves them longing for more. After all, in the words of Alice herself, “It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” And indeed, at Chasing Rabbits, every visit is a journey into the unknown, where the only limit is your imagination.

Visit Chasing Rabbits in Vail, CO

Drink: the Cosmonaut from Moon Rabbit, an interactive and Instagrammable cocktail that is always served on an astronaut rabbit

Eat: whatever looks good! The food menus change seasonally to feature the freshest ingredients available.

27 Where Wonderland Meets Reality
Play: Pacman, Skee-Ball, and Twister

Dear Event Pro


Meet Taylor Duncan, our very own hospitality event professional and superhero! Taylor is the Lead Account Manager here at Tripleseat, but in her former life, she was a Sales Director, Event Manager, Server, Hostess, and pretty much everything in between! With stints at companies such as Front Burner Society and Darden Restaurants, Taylor’s been steeped in the art of hospitality for a whopping 18 years. You can see why we thought Taylor would be the perfect person to answer some of your questions. Whether you’re puzzling over seating arrangements or grappling with catering catastrophes, Taylor’s your go-to gal for all things event management. Think of her as your hospitality guardian angel, here to swoop in and save the day with wisdom, wit, and a healthy dose of charm!

28 Features
Taylor Duncan Tripleseat Lead Account Manager

I would love to know how to create lasting leads and relationships with attendees at events. We hosted a community-wide trivia night for National Agricultural Day last year. I passed out a lot of business cards to people who had never previously been introduced to our space, but none became future events. I would appreciate tips to make in-person connections last and come to fruition when people express interest.

Take THEIR information. Send them a personal gift. What did you learn about them at the event? Take them out for coffee. Get to understand their wants/needs. How can YOU bring THEM value? Not the other way around.

How do you best set boundaries with a client that is draining you of your time?

You found my Achilles heel! This is something I have ALWAYS struggled with (and still do). I am a “yes girl,” and I have a hard time shutting off. As a peoplepleaser, I never want to leave someone hanging, so I end up working late, answering my phone on the weekends, etc. I completely feel for you here and I don’t know that I have the exact answer, but let’s make a promise to work on this together. A few things I have been taught recently by those around me:

1. Schedule-send your emails. If you ARE working late, make it seem like you got to it the next day, but you will feel better knowing you answered it and it’s scheduled to go out at 9 am the next day.

2. If someone texts you when they should be emailing you, answer their question via email. It sets the boundary that all work-related items need to go through email.

3. Leave them on read. I have noticed that if I don’t answer a question right away, then by the time I do get to them a few hours later, they’ve already found the answer on their own (this is also empowering them, so you are actually doing them a favor).

4. Remind yourself that you are allowed to protect your time (and your sanity).

What do you do when there are multiple points of contact, and they aren’t on the same page?

Been there, and heard that (literally, from the multiple phone calls of them screaming at each other). The biggest thing here is to make it known what your role is in their booking process. Stick to that role. You may want to play therapist, but your job is to bring their event to life, so until they can agree on what that looks like, your best bet is to offer them options to try and accommodate all parties. Let them hash it out and provide you with the final resolution. A free glass of wine always helps as well.

What is the best way to create a high-value and catered experience for a higher price point in a venue that feels rustic and outdoorsy?

Let’s be honest, it’s all about the food! if you have a great chef or sommelier in your corner and an awesome team behind you, you can easily charge a higher price point for the experience. You can make any venue something spectacular. I’ve had some of the best meals in little “hole-in-the-wall” places, and I’d pay for them again and again.

29 Dear Event Pro

Mastering Experiential Marketing


Whether you are an event pro or new on the marketing scene, you are constantly on the hunt for fresh tactics to dazzle attendees, boost engagement, and skyrocket revenue. Enter the game-changing world of experiential marketing, where the goal is to craft immersive experiences that hit home with your audience. Ready to dive into innovative sales and marketing strategies that will elevate your events and fatten your bottom line? Let’s get started.

30 Features

The Rise of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing transcends traditional advertising by inviting audiences to interact with brands in realworld settings, creating memorable experiences that foster emotional connections. For event professionals like you, this means designing events that are not just occasions but immersive experiences that engage guests in a profound and personal way.

Leveraging Tentpole Moments

Tentpole moments are significant events or time periods that capture widespread public attention, such as major holidays, cultural events, or industry conferences. By aligning your events with these points of high performance, you can tap into the heightened interest and engagement levels of your target audience. Here’s how:

• Strategic Planning: Identify tentpole moments relevant to your target audience and industry. Planning events around these times can amplify your reach and relevance.

• Thematic Integration: Craft your event’s theme to complement the tentpole moment, creating a seamless experience that resonates with the theme.

• Partnership Opportunities: Collaborate with brands or influencers associated with the tentpole moment to extend your event’s visibility and appeal.

Calendar as Gated Content: A Novel Approach

The concept of using your calendar as gated content is a strategic move to build anticipation and exclusivity around your events. This involves creating a comprehensive calendar of your upcoming events and offering access to it as gated content — accessible only after potential attendees take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a ticket. This strategy helps not only build a database of interested attendees but also upsell future events. Here’s how to implement it effectively:

• Create Value: Ensure your event calendar is packed with valuable information, exclusive events, and special offers that incentivize people to gain access.

• Promote Wisely: Use your social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and website to promote the exclusive benefits of accessing your event calendar.

• Easy Access: While the content is gated, the process to access it should be straightforward. A simple sign-up form or ticket purchase should unlock the calendar.

31 Mastering Experiential Marketing

Upselling Events: Beyond the Ticket Sale

Upselling is a crucial strategy to maximize revenue and enhance the guest experience. Here are innovative ways to upsell your events:

• Exclusive Experiences: Offer VIP packages, backstage passes, or meet-and-greet opportunities that increase engagement.

• Add-on Services: From premium seating options to special dining experiences, add-ons can significantly enhance the guest experience and increase revenue.

• Early Access and Discounts: Reward early birds with exclusive discounts or advanced access to parts of the event, encouraging early commitment and spreading word-of-mouth.

Final Thoughts

Diving deep into experiential strategies can be the secret sauce to crafting unforgettable events that mesmerize and hook your audience. By capitalizing on key moments and turning the calendar into exclusive content, you can skyrocket visibility and hype for your events. Plus, with clever upselling tactics, that initial spark of interest can quickly turn into solid revenue gains. Looking ahead, the blend of creativity, tech, and savvy marketing is set to revolutionize event experiences, opening up a world of opportunities to engage with audiences on a deeper level.

32 Features

We’ve eliminated the biggest hurdle in booking large parties: picking up the phone .

Introducing the first online reservation system for groups of any size, turning a task that can take hours into one that’s completed in minutes. This is the ultimate competitive edge for large group bookings, and we’re including it free for all TripleseatDirect customers.

ANYMORE! Please call for groups of 8 or more. + direct
*we don’t
demos sensational
one’s definitely up there. SCHEDULE YOUR DEMO * TODAY
, but this

Five questions with Allagash Brewery

When you think about Allagash Brewing Company, located in Portland, Maine, what comes to mind is not only their award-winning beer but also the experiences they create. Allagash Brewing Company leverages its expansive brewery space, its picturesque mountain surroundings, and its genuine connections within their local community in order to create many memorable events.

Maya Atlas, Events Manager at Allagash Brewing Company, has worked in hospitality her whole career, weaving between small business development, food systems, and event management. We spoke with Maya, who started working with Allagash in 2023 to help build their new private event program, about their unstuffy and beer-forward private events in the Tasting Room and The Cellars.


1Tell us about Allagash Brewing Company — what makes it different from other breweries? What is the overall vibe upon entering the brewery?

The biggest compliment I’ve gotten as an event manager was when a potential client called before we had even launched our events program to tell us they had just been to the brewery for the first time and felt so at ease and welcome they wanted their whole wedding party to experience that as well.

As a B Corp, our mission is brewing for the good of our employees, community, and environment. We take that mission to heart and work, in every interaction, to advocate for people and the planet. As a result, the feeling at the brewery is one of comradery and passion. We pour some of the most highly awarded Belgian beers in an unfussy environment. We hold doors, we cheers to friendship, and welcome every opportunity to connect, educate, and advocate. Our employees have also voted us as one of the best places to work in Maine for 10 years running. This is all to say that there’s just a general vibe of positivity around the brewery.

2Can you tell me more about your private events business? How many events do you host a month? What are the common event types?

Private events are a newer venture for us. For years, our tasting room was just a place to welcome and introduce people to new flavor experiences with beer. We didn’t charge people for beer in our Tasting Room until 2017, let alone charge for usage of the space. Our top priority has been to remove every barrier between our customers and their ability to have a beer with us. It wasn’t until recently that we built spaces adjacent to our Tasting Room where we could host intimate gatherings and celebrations without closing or impacting our Tasting Room experience. We launched private events in October of 2023. In our maiden year, our aim is to host an average of 2-5 events a month, ranging from corporate events to life celebrations. So far, we have been successful, and projections (and the reporting features in Tripleseat) confirm that!

35 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue FIVE QUESTIONS


How has Tripleseat helped you manage your private events at Allagash? What has been the most helpful feature?

We have a mighty team at Allagash supporting our private events world; our work touches the Hospitality, Production, Packaging, Engineering, and Accounting Teams. The most helpful feature of Tripleseat has been the “Documents” feature that allows us to build BEOs and other reports that support our team in understanding how an event involves or impacts their area of work. Templatizing offerings and allowing us to share reports quickly and easily allows this new program to effectively communicate with the many inputs that make it successful!


Event guests’ expectations have increased over the last few years; what are you doing at Allagash to keep guests involved and excited?

We offer a high-touch event service. Our goal is to want to have a beer with each of our clients after their events. As such, we’re a part of their events; we bring ourselves into the planning and make sure that all ideas, both possible and not, are part of the planning process. As Gloria Steinem said, “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” That’s very much my philosophy.


6 5What local non-profits do you collaborate with? How are you involved with the local community?

This is one of my favorite aspects of selling events and beer. We’ve built an extensive network of nonprofit partners whose missions we support with our work— both by directing donations to them through our tasting room, donating 1% of proceeds as a brewery, and by welcoming businesses into our space to promote their work. As a starting point, our clients will not find gratuity listed on their proposals because all of our employees—in the hospitality department and throughout the brewery—are paid well in excess of minimum wage and receive robust benefits year-round. We take pay and the ability of our employees to make a livable wage extremely seriously. As a result, we don’t use a tipping system and have no expectation that guests leave a tip. Anything additional left on their final tab or invoice will be donated to our charitable partner of the month.

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite Allagash beer to enjoy on the weekends?

Right now, it’s our Cellars #8. With a base of Tripel (also a real winner!) aged in Gamay wine barrels, then fresh bourbon barrels, and last but not least on fresh cherries, sounds like a lot, but it’s juuuuuust right.

Our Cellars series are made and aged in the same space we use to host our private events. It is a series of beers made by our team so they can play with new, wildfermented ideas. They are made in very small batches, and, fortunately for me, we only serve them at The Cellars, so to try it, you’ll have to come visit us!

39 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue FIVE QUESTIONS

We Asked Hospitality Pro Katie Freeman:

What’s in Your Bag?

Katie Freeman is in a unique position — she is the third generation to work in her family’s business, where she is the People Operations Manager at Glynn Hospitality Group. To say she wears many hats is an understatement.

Katie acts as a liaison between ownership and staff. She is an experienced professional who is passionate about creating positive and productive hospitality work environments. In her role, she manages the end-toend talent acquisition process, develops and implements employee engagement initiatives, and spearheads innovation strategies for the Glynn Hospitality portfolio of restaurants. She oversees many departments in her organization, including the private event department. In this capacity, she is responsible for setting her employees’ monthly goals and acting as a resource when they have questions or need help with a specific event.

Katie prides herself on being a resource for employees at every level and upholds the tradition and legacy of her family business. She is especially passionate about bringing people together over delicious food and drinks and providing terrific service!

Photo credit: Brit Perkins


I switch between a black leather tote and a Dagne Dover Green backpack. The backpack is much easier for lugging in the winter and easier to fling over my shoulder with a heavy coat!


Business Cards: I never know who I am going to meet or run into. And when I do, I keep these in an easy-to-reach pocket of my bag.

My New Reading Glasses: Because I’m getting old! I now need them for reading over BEOs, various schedules and forms, performance reports, and everything really.

Beekeepers Natural Propolis Spray: It’s immunity support during Boston winters when everyone is sick. I’m in restaurants all the time, and I interact with tons of people every day.

Pen and Mini Notepad: I find writing out my to-do list really helps me focus on the most important tasks of the day. I love physically crossing items off my list!

Snacks and Hydration: Sometimes I’m traveling to a few different venues throughout the day, so I always have snacks on hand, GoMacro Protein Bars, CHOMPS snack sticks, LMNT to add electrolytes to my water bottle, and my Stanley water bottle.

Tide to Go Stain Remover: Working in restaurants means stepping in when things get busy, so it’s always good to have a tide stick in hand for when spills occur to ensure I stay presentable!

Mini Makeup Bag: I love getting mini versions of my make-up products or using my points at Sephora for mini mascara. It really helps to have backup makeup products to swipe on if and when something comes up after work! Also, I love getting mini variety sets of perfume to swap out for different scents.

41 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue

Setting the Scene for Experiential Events

42 Features

Tripleseat customer, Fogo de Chão, is a renowned international restaurant group that beautifully executes experiential events for large groups and private dining. With well-thought-out use of their space, Fogo de Chão goes beyond simply dining and offers a warm, lively atmosphere that immerses guests in Brazilian cuisine and culture.

Transforming Your Venue’s Space into a Vibrant Experience


Experiential events are not just a fleeting trend in our industry. They have become the new standard. Your venue’s space and the emotion that it conveys contribute a lot to creating unforgettable parties. From restaurants and hotels to unique venues and event spaces, the race is on to host events that leave a lasting impression. And what about your venue space? Is it perfectly designed to captivate event planners and guests alike, creating moments they’ll keep coming back for? Let’s make every inch of your venue’s space count!

Experiential Events: The New Frontier for Hospitality

Picture this: Every room, hallway, and outdoor area in your venue’s space buzzing with guest excitement and unique, memorable experiences. The key to mastering memorable event experiences lies in your ability to use your space creatively.

43 Setting the Scene for Experiential Events

Take a look at the entrance of this Fogo de Chão location. It truly sets the stage for a vibrant and immersive experience as you step into their restaurant. While not every entrance for this restaurant group is the same, they all make a grand impression as guests are welcomed inside.

Here are some innovative strategies to infuse emotion into your venue’s surroundings:

Welcome Guests with an Immersive Entrance

The moment your guests arrive is golden — your chance to dazzle them right from the start. Think of your venue’s entrance as the opening scene of a great story. It’s where you set the mood, spark curiosity, and promise an unforgettable journey.

Imagine welcoming guests with grand archways or structures, bathing them in dramatic lighting, serenading them with live musicians, and enveloping them in sensory experiences. Or how about some interactive features to get everyone involved? Each element in this area of your event space can beautifully align with your event’s theme, making your guests feel not just welcomed but truly part of something special. Let’s make that first impression not just good but absolutely amazing!

Divide Your Space and Conquer

Breaking up your event space into unique, themed areas is a fantastic way to transform any gathering into a series of captivating experiences. This approach not only makes the most of your space but also caters to the diverse interests of your guests and the variety of events you manage.

Move away from traditional, static setups and instead use strategic, movable furniture or room dividers to shape your space. Use open shelving or bespoke storage units as chic room dividers. If you have a large open area, you might add some couches in different configurations to foster cozy, intimate conversation zones. Cocktail tables aren’t just functional but perfect for encouraging guests to mingle and move around. And don’t forget to add touches like interspersed greenery and small carpets to define these unique spaces clearly. You can even use small rooms for “pop-up” or breakout rooms within your venue. Segmenting your event area with its own distinct theme or goal will help set your venue apart and contribute to successful events!


Lighting helps Fogo de Chão create a warm atmosphere with dimmable lights that allow guests to fully control the lighting at their event. They also use uplighting which is particularly elegant for wedding receptions and corporate events.

Light Up Your Space

Lighting is like magic when it comes to setting the mood of your space — it can transform the ordinary room into the extraordinary! Incorporating more natural lighting and dynamic lighting options will help you create amazing spaces and spotlight special areas.

Imagine making your space feel more expansive and energetic with just the flick of a switch! Floor projections? Oh, they’re not just for direction. They can switch up themes or add a delightful element of surprise for your guests. And chandeliers — they’re not just for elegance, they also bring an intriguing twist to the ambiance. How about stringing up some lights to create playful shapes? Or using spotlights, custom LED panels, and dramatic uplighting to really show off the best features of your venue? We can’t forget the warm, inviting glow of candles and lanterns. Let’s light it up and make it unforgettable!

Unconventional, Beautiful Space Transformations

Looking to give your space a creative twist? Think beyond the ordinary with materials, props, and artwork! Your guests will love the visual feast — from elegant drapes and fabrics that carve out cozy nooks in larger areas to rustic or antique pieces that tell a story all their own. How about bringing a touch of nature indoors with vertical hanging gardens? And don’t forget to look up — using the height of your rooms can create delightful surprises at every turn.

Artwork is also a fabulous way to add a splash of color and intrigue. Imagine a large, vibrant backdrop that not only beautifies your space but also becomes the perfect spot for guest selfies and group photos. It’s all about creating an environment that invites guests to explore and connect with each part of your venue. Let’s make your space a canvas of unforgettable experiences!

We love how Fogo de Chão can fully customize their event spaces through the use of dividers. They offer personalized setups, including flexible furniture configuration, movable drapery, and even hedge walls to redefine areas specific to the event experience.

45 Setting the Scene for Experiential Events

Outdoors is a Whole New World

When looking at your venue’s space, don’t overlook the potential of your outdoors. With the rise of outdoor events, you have an additional revenue stream just by using this part of your property.

If you have access to a rooftop, patio, or other outside area, transform it into a lush garden party or even bring the inside out and make a homey atmosphere just with the added benefit of some fresh air. Add comfortable outdoor furniture, lighting, and heating options to make your outdoor space more appealing and comfortable for guests. Use creativity when designing the space outside.

Change Perception of Space with Immersive Activities

Your venue is not just a space; it’s a gateway to extraordinary experiences, thanks to immersive technologies. Embrace the limitless potential of Virtual Reality to transport your guests to different worlds. Imagine setting up VR zones where they can stroll along a peaceful beach or scream with delight on a virtual roller coaster. And that’s just the beginning! Dive into the world of VR gaming and escape rooms for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

But why stop there? Transform your venue into an interactive art wonderland. Guests can become part of a living canvas, creating and engaging with art in ways they never imagined. And for capturing those special moments, introduce 360-degree video and photography. This isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about capturing memories in a whole new dimension. Your venue is now a place where every corner offers a new discovery, and every experience leaves a lasting impression. Let’s make your space the place where unforgettable memories are made!

Responding to an uptick in outdoor event requests, Fogo de Chão makes the most of their outdoor spaces and uses bistro lights and patio fire pits to create natural, intimate gathering areas their guests love for events.

Interactive Culinary Adventure

When transforming your event space, consider where and how you will serve food and beverages. Sure, food and drink stations are becoming more common and aren’t just places for guests to grab a bite or a sip; they’re vibrant social hubs and engaging experiences. But think about untraditional ways of presentation and creating more fun in this part of your event space. Imagine besides tables, bars, and carts that you think about furniture that is a bit bespoke or untraditional or provides a vibrant splash of color. Use different levels to display your menu or perhaps you creatively arrange your displays so that your guests mix and mingle as they personalize their treats. It’s an opportunity to turn every bite and beverage into a conversation starter, encouraging guests to explore and connect with the space and each other.

Experiential events are your canvas to create something truly magical — spaces that dazzle the eyes and invite interaction at every turn. With these innovative ideas, you’re well on your way to transforming your event into an unforgettable adventure. Think of it as a journey where every inch of your space is a delightful surprise, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by your guests. The goal? To craft an environment brimming with wonder, where each corner unveils a new experience, urging guests to explore, engage, and have an absolute blast. Let’s turn your event into a story everyone loves to tell!

46 Features

Fogo de Chão uses its space to the fullest when it comes to presenting its food. They want every event attendee to be fully immersed in their culinary art, and they accomplish this through strategic food and beverage placements at various restaurant touch points. This includes their Market Table as well as chef carving stations, made-to-order stations, and social media-worthy seafood, fruit, and dessert displays. Their interactive Caipirinha Cart and Indulgent Cart feature sizzling indulgent cuts are additional examples of how sensoryoriented the dining experience is at Fogo.

47 Setting the Scene for Experiential Events

A New Era of Hotel Luxury


Hotels are transforming from places to rest your head and host a basic board meeting to vibrant, all-encompassing experiences that cater to every facet of guest enjoyment and convenience. Hotels are no longer places where the quality of your stay is measured solely by the comfort of your bed and the breakfast buffet. Now, hotels are stepping up, offering an array of amenities, activities, and unique experiences designed to elevate your time onsite from ordinary to unforgettable. This evolution reflects a broader trend in the industry: the desire to provide guests with a place to remember. From educational activities to enhanced event bookings and beyond, the modern hotel experience is about offering something for everyone. In this article, we delve into some innovative and non-traditional offerings that hotels are integrating to enhance guest experiences, proving that the possibilities are as limitless as the destinations themselves.

48 Features
49 A New Era of Hotel Luxury
Pullman Melbourne City Centre Melbourne, Australia
50 Features

Olema House Point Reyes California, USA

On a warm, clear night, nothing is more serene than looking up at a sky full of stars. And if you find yourself at Olema House Point Reyes, in Olema, CA, you can expect more than just a twilight viewing. Guests staying at this Marin County property are invited to partake in a unique nighttime experience — joining a knowledgeable guide after dark to not only view the stunning stars, but to learn a bit more about the cosmos above. This celestial adventure offers more than just a view; it creates lasting memories beneath the vast, starlit sky. What a way to cap off an evening!

51 A New Era of Hotel Luxury

Pullman Melbourne City Centre

Melbourne, Australia

Recognizing that offsite meetings can sometimes slip into monotony, Pullman Melbourne City Centre offers an innovative twist to energize and delight attendees. Planners who choose this venue are treated to a complimentary happy hour, seamlessly integrated at the start or conclusion of their event. This special offering combines stunning panoramic views of Melbourne’s skyline with a selection of canapés, beers, wines, and bubbles, ensuring guests experience both relaxation and a bit of fun. It’s a refreshing way to either kick-start a productive session or wind down after a day of meetings, promising an atmosphere where camaraderie can flourish.

52 Features
53 A New Era of Hotel Luxury

Shashi Hotel Mountain View California, USA

Some travelers consider hotels their home away from home, which isn’t always easy to manage. From going through the check-in process to figuring out the Wi-Fi to just simply missing home, it can feel much more like a hassle than a luxury to be spending time at a hotel. But if you are staying at the Shashi Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley, all of these worries can disappear. This team understands the burden that can come with being away from home, so they have developed an application that is all about your onsite experience. Do you prefer your room to be a precise 68 degrees all day? Go ahead and set it up before you even arrive. Want a photo to display in your hotel room of your kids, dog, or partner, but don’t want to take up the luggage space? With the Shashi App, you can pre-load any photo you want to be displayed in your room. Using your phone as your room key, auto-connecting to wifi, casting your favorite show to the TV and more will all be options at your fingertips through the app. When you stay at the Shashi Hotel, your home away from home just got a lot more homey!

54 Features
55 A New Era of Hotel Luxury

Looking Forward

It’s clear that the future of hospitality lies in creating memorable, engaging, and personalized stays for every customer. From the serene stargazing adventures at Olema House Point Reyes to the lively happy hours at Pullman Melbourne City Centre, and the home-like convenience offered by the Shashi Hotel Mountain View, hotels are redefining what it means to travel. These establishments are not just places to stay and gather; they are destinations offering a journey into new experiences, learning opportunities, and the chance to create lasting memories. By integrating such unique features and amenities, hotels are ensuring that guests leave with stories to tell and a desire to return. The modern hotel is no longer just a backdrop to your travels and meetings, but a pivotal part of the experience, proving that with the right approach, every visit can be transformed into an extraordinary adventure.

56 Features
Pullman Melbourne City Centre Melbourne, Australia

We didn't think up a brilliant software for ticketed did.

Introducing tickets

The intuitive, standalone event ticketing software built on the Tripleseat engine.

Game On


From London to Liverpool and from coast to coast all over the UK, the landscape of social interaction has been reshaped as we know it. The post-pandemic world, changing consumer behaviours, and rising inflation have reshaped the hospitality industry. With the headwinds facing UK hospitality, there has been a need to diversify the offering, better utilise space, and open up to a broader appeal. Add into the mix the competitive spirit of the Brits along with the need to be entertained, and competitive socialising venues are born.

So what exactly are these venues, what do they look like, and what do they offer? Competitive socialising venues offer activities ranging from cricket to golf to classic arcade games — there’s something for everyone, and they’re gaining popularity. Competitive socialising venues build on concepts that have long been exciting, think bowling alleys or go-karting — they’ve upped their offering and brought in tech and higher-quality food and drink options. Tripleseat customer Sixes Social Cricket, is unmatched in the UK with their Cricket experience. They’ve blended technology with fun and top-notch food and drink offerings to draw in crowds of social goers and corporate groups. Another Tripleseat customer, Oche, operating across the UK and Europe, offers traditional darts in an elevated atmosphere. Oche has captured the growing corporate market, bringing teams together for engaging and fun experiences in a hybrid working world. Social opportunities and gatherings have been key for

many businesses in remote and hybrid environments, and competitive socialising venues are able to tap into this need.

A 2023 UK-wide survey by KAM Insight & Research shows that 39% of UK adults have visited a competitive socialising venue, up 12% from 2022. KAM’s survey showed that consumers crave better “value” during choppy economic times and are willing to spend on experiences that are hard to replicate outside such venues. The rise of events and “shareable experience” came through in KAM’s survey findings. Competitive socialising venues tap into Gen Z’s social media behaviour by providing a unique backdrop for shareable social media moments. The research also found that pubs are leaning into this trend too as it is something their patrons are wanting, an encouraging sign that any venue, even traditional ones, can participate in this trend.

58 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue Features


2023 UK-wide survey by KAM Insight

Research shows that 39% of UK adults have visited a competitive socialising venue, up 12% from 2022.

59 Cheers to the HappyGameCouple On


We sat down with Laurence Stevenson, Director of Sales for TOCA Social, the world’s first and only immersive football and dining experience in London.

Why do you feel Competitive Socialising venues have gained such popularity?

Guest are always on the hunt to elevate their social interactions, and what better way than with an activitybased bar and restaurant? This can also be broken down by the different demographics.

Corporates: Since the pandemic, a lot of corporations have a flexible working arrangement, meaning they are not always in the office together. This can make social work parties a little awkward for people. Coming to a great venue like TOCA Social is a great way of breaking the ice — what’s more fun than playing games, laughing all while indulging in great food and drinks?

Families: What better way to keep your kids entertained by going to a competitive socialising concept, whether it’s a family day out or a kid’s birthday party, we have you covered. We have five different games, which are all completely different, and a mouth-watering kids menu.

With the rise of social media and IG stories/TikTok, we have a lot of guests who go mad for the interactive games and Instagrammable food and drinks.

60 Features

How do venues such as yours at TOCA compete and cater to all people and not just those Football inclined?

We are not just offering football, we are offering FUN, and an experience. This experience will then turn into a lasting memory. We match that fun with fantastic hospitality. Who wouldn’t want to come to TOCA social?


important are themed

events and days for venues like


We focus on big sporting events for our themed nights, such as the Super Bowl and the 2024 Euros. We like to hone in on the concept and create an environment for people to come together to show their support for their beloved games. It’s important not to stay complacent, and we are always challenging our way of thinking to bring new nights to our guests.

What do you see as the next big trends in the space?

With the launch of our new food menu and our partnerships with some of the biggest names in the sports industry, we are excited for 2024. We have massive expansion plans this year, with our Birmingham site opening in May and Shepherds Bush at the later part of the year. With global expansion, we are excited to reach more people and continue to thrive, providing the ultimate gaming experience.

In a world where connection is more valuable than ever, competitive socialising venues have emerged as the ultimate playgrounds for adults and families alike. From immersive football experiences to traditional darts in elevated atmospheres, these venues offer a fusion of entertainment, technology, and delectable dining options. As the landscape continues to evolve, these venues are not just offering activities but creating lasting memories, catering to diverse demographics and embracing themed events to keep the excitement alive. The future of competitive socialising shines brightly, promising even more immersive and engaging experiences for all. Get ready to level up, because in this game, everyone’s a winner.

61 Game On

Venues that Go Viral on TikTok


It’s the year 2024, and if your restaurant, bar, winery, event space, or other hospitality business has yet to try out TikTok — it’s time to make a change. TikTok’s organic opportunity is unlike any other social media platform because of its unique search capabilities. When it comes to the hospitality industry, consumers are using TikTok instead of Google to search for recommendations on restaurants, cocktails, venues for special occasions, event experiences, rooftop spaces, new venue openings, and much more. If a hospitality business like yours posts about any of these topics, the TikTok algorithm will serve your videos to the right audience!

Whether you are bringing your venue to TikTok for the first time or looking to revamp your current TikTok content, we will help you by inspiring you with venues sharing award-winning content.

62 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue Features

Whiskey Cake @whiskeycake

Whiskey Cake, a restaurant group serving craft cocktails and comfort food across 10 locations, brings its personality, incredible dishes, and unique offerings to the TikTok feed. As the experts in all things whiskey, the team at Whiskey Cake highlights the various types of whiskey found on their bar shelves, the food items on the menu that pair best with different types of whiskey, and other educational tidbits that whiskey enthusiasts would appreciate. By honing in on what they know best, Whiskey Cake’s videos are likely to be found by those who love and appreciate whiskey just as much as they do.

Along with posting valuable and educational content, the Whiskey Cake team has fun with trends and making them apply to the brand, menu, and team members. For example, one of their videos asks Whiskey Cake employees to choose “this or that” between a series of

two items from the Whiskey Cake menu. This was a trend that blew up all over TikTok, and Whiskey Cake found a fun way to make the trend work for their business. They also tap into popular songs and sounds while showing off a long list of Whiskey Cake offerings and promotions — from their Build Your Own Bloody Mary bar, honeylemon pepper glazed ribs for sports viewing, and the $7 Social Hour

As fans of Whiskey Cake, we appreciate the personality that comes through in their TikToks. As viewers, you begin to recognize the servers and bartenders represented throughout the clips. This can help build community and brand loyalty as customers grow to know servers and favorite dishes from social media. In a time when community building should be a core part of every venue’s business model, this is a valuable approach.

63 Venues that Go Viral on TikTok

Craig’s Restaurant @craigsla

Craig’s Restaurant, a celeb hotspot serving American food in West Hollywood, taps into relatable moments, social media influencers, and its employees when creating videos and developing a social media strategy. The content on Craig’s feed does not specifically dive into the ins and outs of how the dishes are made, but it does listen to its community and respond accordingly.

Kylie Jenner once said the only thing she craved during the labor of her daughter was the bread from Craig’s. The bread basket made a reputation of its own, with everyone wanting to try it, and therefore, takes up real estate in a few fun videos on Craig’s TikTok feed. One video, with over 58,000 views, shows Craig himself referencing the bread basket through a funny trending voiceover. Another video shows Craig acting out the “POV: they put the bread down on the table at Craig’s.” Who knew so much content could be created around a complimentary bread basket?

Some of these buzz-worthy moments come with a little bit of luck, as not every restaurant will get celebrity recognition like Craig’s, but if the moment is there,

TikTok is a great place to capitalize. Speaking of another area where Craig’s uses celebrity recognition and social media collaboration — social media influencer Tinx was once just a fan of Craig’s as a restaurant and a dessert enthusiast, but then, through a partnership with Craig’s, created her own Tinx Hot Girl Sundae for the menu. The sundae is served in an oversized martini glass dipped in sprinkles and comes to the table with a lit sparkler sticking out of the ice cream — the perfect social media-worthy moment. While Tinx shared the partnership with her own 1.5 million followers on TikTok, guest-posted clips of the sundae can be found all over TikTok. Craig’s has garnered endless recognition from user-generated content filming the sundae that has undeniably brought Tinx fans through Craig’s doors just to get a taste of the sundae.

What can other restaurants take from this success story? Tap into the social media influencers within your own community. Micro-influencers — influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers — can be even more influential than those with the largest of followings. Take a page out of Craig’s book with a collaborative, unique and visually appealing menu item, utilize usergenerated content, and reference these buzz-worthy moments within TikTok videos.

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Mercantile Hall @mercantilehall

Mercantile Hall, an industrial wedding and event venue in Burlington, WI, shares wedding inspiration, decor tips, and behind-the-scenes clips of their venue to their wedding community. Wedding planning content is a common theme found on TikTok, and Mercantile Hall taps into the conversation with its own recommendations. A pinned video at the top of Mercantile Hall’s TikTok feed with over 30,000 views shows a Mercantile Hall team member describing a “non-traditional wedding trend” where wedding clients are leaving thank you notes at the table instead of sending them after the ceremony. Another pinned video with over 100,000 views shares a wedding tip advising brides to “drop their bouquet” down by their side during the walk down the aisle for a perfect photo opp. While these tips and tricks may not be specific to Mercantile Hall, they are relevant to the wedding industry as a whole, and potential brides searching through TikTok for wedding inspiration could stumble across these wedding ideas.

Another popular series on the Mercantile Hall TikTok feed called “Wedding Terms to Know” dives into various wedding vocabulary that couples should be aware of as they go through the planning process. Similar to the tips videos, these videos highlight Mercantile Hall’s wedding industry knowledge. The various videos cover table decor terms, first look terms, wedding party terms, and more throughout the thirteen-part series. Each of the videos has a high number of “Saves”, one of the most important forms of engagement to show that viewers want to return back to the content in the future.

Mercantile Hall also posts videos showing the behindthe-scenes moments that go into planning a wedding at the rustic venue. A video posted in February shows the Mercantile Hall calligrapher creating wedding signage that would be used at the venue. Other videos highlight the various elements of the venue — from the unique lighting to the brick walls to the floor plans and various rooms at the venue. A couple interested in learning more about wedding planning and booking with Mercantile Hall could find extreme value through the Mercantile Hall TikTok account.

It’s time to get started on TikTok!

While each of these three venues creates successful TikTok content in slightly different ways, they follow strategies that can be recreated by any hospitality business looking to grow on TikTok. The venues always hone in on their subject matter expertise, whether that’s an industry or an item; they provide value in the video content through tips and inspiration, and they get creative with marketing by tapping into trends and influencer partnerships. TikTok will only continue to grow and bring new opportunities to those on the platform, so go ahead and jump in!

65 Venues that Go Viral on TikTok

Creating Memorable Experiences for Your Customer


In today’s competitive hospitality industry, providing a stellar guest experience is key to success. From restaurants to hotels to unique venues, all hospitality businesses must continuously innovate to meet evolving customer expectations. With the rise of experiential preferences, understanding your customers and tailoring experiences to their needs has become more crucial than ever.

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Customer Persona: a fictional character based on your research that you can use to help determine this person, couple, or group’s expectations. A couple celebrating their anniversary, a corporate dinner, and a family of 6 will all have very different expectations and desires for the experience.

Understanding Your Customer

Before delving into creating exceptional experiences, it’s essential to understand your customer base. Conducting surveys, analyzing feedback, and developing customer personas are fundamental steps. These personas will help you discern the diverse motivations and expectations of different groups of customers. Whether you are considering a couple celebrating an anniversary, a corporate team seeking a professional yet enjoyable outing, or a family looking for a memorable gathering, the first step is understanding who your customers are before you can create amazing experiences for them.

Catering to Experiential Preferences

Once you’ve gained insight into your customer base, you can tailor an experience that truly stands out. Crafting a memorable and meaningful encounter doesn’t require a total revamp of your establishment. Rather, it’s about harnessing creativity and resourcefulness to enhance the guest journey without straining your budget. By identifying and implementing thoughtful details, you can elevate the overall experience and leave a lasting impression on your patrons.

67 Creating Memorable Experiences for Your Customer

Implementing Strategies for Success

Several strategies can ensure consistent delivery of exceptional experiences:

Personalization: Utilize data to customize interactions and offerings based on individual preferences.

Proactive Problem-Solving: Anticipate and address issues before they even happen or certainly before they escalate, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Exceeding Expectations: Go above and beyond by surprising customers with unexpected perks or gestures, leaving a lasting impression.

Feedback Loop: Actively seek and act upon customer feedback to continually improve and refine your offerings.

Here are some specific examples of customer-focused delights across various hospitality sectors:


• Host themed events aligned with popular trends to attract enthusiastic patrons. For instance, City Tap Boston’s Taylor Swift-themed brunch to celebrate the release of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Film.

• Lend your venue to unique pop-up bars or restaurants to attract new customers and generate media attention.

• Give small, branded Teddy Bears to children at the end of a meal for behaving the entire time.

• Write cute notes on desserts for special occasions, like ’Happy Birthday’ with the name of the customer or ’Happy Date Night’

• Create a hot chocolate or s’mores cart that you can wheel right up to the table with fun options to choose from.

• Have a section for community dining with shared tables. This section can also be used for larger groups that don’t want a private space. TripleseatDirect’s Large Party Reservations feature can be used to manage these reservations.

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• Dog-friendly hotels, personalized bowls, dog beds, and custom dog treats.

• Pass out fresh beverages (alcohol and non-alcohol options) at the reception desk to welcome guests.

• Arrange fresh flowers in the rooms for guests to see upon arrival and enjoy throughout their stay.

• Remember guest names (this goes a long way) and drink orders to make them feel special.

For international destinations, use WhatsApp to communicate with guests.

Unique Venues:

• Have large, comfortable couches and stacks of kid or family-friendly games to play.

• Place water bowls around picnic tables for furry guests to enjoy and offer to watch them if a patron needs to step away to use the bathroom.

• Create a membership, like Chasing Rabbits in Vail, for a VIP experience with perks, including discounts, secret menu items, early access to popular reservation days, discounts to ticketed events, etc.

Creating memorable experiences for guests requires a deep understanding of their preferences and a commitment to innovation. By tailoring experiences to cater to experiential preferences, businesses can distinguish themselves in a competitive market landscape. Whether through themed events, strategic collaborations, or leveraging unique venue features, the goal remains the same: to exceed customer expectations and foster lasting loyalty. Embrace the challenge of understanding your customers, and let creativity guide you in delivering unforgettable experiences that keep them coming back for more.

69 Creating Memorable Experiences for Your Customer

Authentic Events in A Digital World


In the fast-paced world of event management, technology has emerged as a crucial ally that has really revolutionized our approach to creating unforgettable experiences. From streamlining processes to boosting efficiency, digital tools are the force propelling our industry forward. However, don’t lose sight of the heart and soul of events: the authentic, meaningful connections that happen when people gather to celebrate. Prioritizing genuine human interaction is the secret sauce to creating successful events that leave a lasting impact.

70 Features
71 Authentic Events in A Digital World

Prioritize Human Connections

Unsurprisingly, most of us spend most of our day-to-day time online and plugged in. According to recent data, the average person spends 6 hours and 58 minutes per day on screens connected to the internet. Gathering together for special events is a small percentage of time spent where people make genuine, real connections offline. Now more than ever, people are craving those human connections. As hospitality professionals, you get to provide that experience to people. Creating meaningful moments like dining, playing, conversing, learning, or simply gathering together is the ultimate privilege of being in the event industry.

The Real Deal Brings Engagement

It probably goes without saying, but digital tools like social media platforms that create anticipation and drive engagement are huge assets for venues. A combination of organic and paid promotion for venues creates awareness and excitement for what is in store. But the world of social media is moving away from polished, picture-perfect imagery and messaging and toward authenticity. People crave genuineness - and there is no exception for the hospitality industry. Technology facilitates connection on a digital level, but it’s the genuine, face-to-face interactions that matter most.

It’s All About the People

Make the people at the event your priority. Incorporate specially designed seating arrangements, icebreaker activities, fun happy hours, and more. Facilitate your space so people can mingle organically and have genuine connections beyond virtual platforms. An experience your guests have in person is so much more impactful than anything they might see online. Let’s lead with honesty and show your customers that you and your venue are as real as the content you post.

Harness Technology for More Personalization

Simplifying the event planning process is a no-brainer. Event management platforms like Tripleseat organize schedules, manage menus, and coordinate logistics seamlessly. Tools like this automate manual work and can save you so much time, allowing you to focus more on creating authentic, memorable experiences.

Ultimately, the personal touch leaves a lasting impression on your event guests. While technology undoubtedly enhances the efficiency of event management and planning, it should always serve to enhance the experience. It should allow hospitality professionals to spend more time being creative in order to wow event guests. After all, when people go home after a successful party, event, or experience, they will remember how it made them feel, and that is as authentic as it gets.

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A Journey of Choice and Flavor


A finely crafted beverage captivates not just the palate of your guests but also creates an experience unto itself. Your beverage offerings lend themselves to creating a memorable experience through the senses, both by taste and visually. Consider how your cocktails and mocktails are presented, starting with a creative name and then employing sophisticated glassware, artistic garnishes, and innovative methods such as rimming glasses with salt or sugar. Whether it’s a timeless martini garnished with a precisely positioned olive or a vibrant tropical concoction embellished with a whimsical umbrella and some dramatic dry ice smoke, add some aesthetic allure to elevate the entire drinking experience for your guests.

Step into a world where the sun-kissed flavors of the tropics meet the sophistication of craft mixology with the Buko Gimlet duo. Crafted by the inventive mind of Matthew Belanger of Death & Co., these libations offer a tantalizing blend of ingredients that transport your senses to sandy shores and swaying palms. Whether you’re indulging in the spirited kick of the cocktail version or savoring the refreshing twist of its alcoholfree counterpart, both iterations promise a journey of flavor and finesse. Join us as we delve into these irresistible concoctions that celebrate the fusion of tradition and innovation.

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Buko Gimlet


1 oz Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin

0.75 oz Novo Fogo Cachaca

0.25 oz Kalani Coconut liqueur

0.75 oz Lime juice

0.5 oz Pandan syrup

0.5 oz Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Method: Shake/strain

Glassware: Double old fashioned/large cube

Garnish: Grated lime zest

Origin: Matthew Belanger, D&C LA 2019


Gimlet (zero-proof version)


1.5 oz Seedlip Garden

1 oz Lime juice

0.75 oz Pandan syrup

0.75 oz Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Method: Shake/strain

Glassware: Double old fashioned/large cube

Garnish: Grated lime zest

Origin: Matthew Belanger, D&C LA 2019

75 A Journey of Choice and Flavor

Behind the Scenes Buzz


“We’ve seen a lot of requests for the mobile oyster shucking station! We love it! We have a shucker who shucks oysters during the event — it’s such a moment, and guests go BANANAS for it!”


The Mermaid Inn

“Themed community events have hit their stride within the hospitality industry, and we couldn’t be happier. From Taylor Swift-themed dinners to Chili-inspired pop-ups — the planning and execution of these hyper-focused events is new, fun, and exciting.”

Rachel Change to Lockwood Distilling Co.

“We’ve seen an increase in influencer dinners. We will lower the minimums for these groups in exchange for mentions in their stories or posts. We also create a fun and welcoming atmosphere, greeting the influencers with bubbles the moment they walk into our private dining room.”

“Intimate gatherings with smaller guest lists have gained popularity due to the desire for more personalized and meaningful experiences. Micro-events allow for deeper connections, highly curated details, and a heightened focus on quality.”

Events Team

Proper 21

“Color is a trend with enormous momentum — specifically using a signature color or color palette to showcase the personality of the company or couple.”


The Wellsley

76 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue

“Guests have taken to singular commitments for the entire evening. The stamina for bar crawls and destination-to-destination evenings has been simmering down, and we’re seeing a huge shift in guests wanting to find one venue that satisfies all of their needs.”


The Stand Comedy Club

“Guests now place a premium on events that effortlessly translate into visually captivating Instagram posts. This shift has catalyzed a heightened focus on intricate details, with meticulous attention being dedicated to decorative elements, food displays, and overall aesthetics.”


Vera Cocina and Bar

“As a concert and wedding venue, we change our concert marquee to say “Now Presenting [names of couple]...” for weddings. Our event leads take a picture first thing in the morning, and send it to the couple. It’s such a small thing, but one that we get so many compliments on. It shows they they are a priority.”


The Newberry

“We’ve seen a spike in the community and industry’s cocktail culture, with more guests opting for a more premium beverage package for their events, rather than a standard beer and wine bar. We’ve also seen a trend toward guests looking for non-alcoholic options to sip on.”


Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila

“Guests aren’t looking to go and spend money, they’re looking to find a place that’s worth spending money at.”

Events Team

Haswell Green & Winnies

“The trend of self-care and non-alcoholic events is not going anywhere. As a brewery, we are leaning into this and have options for everyone.”


Threes Brewing

“We see catering teams working with rental companies to create beautiful, individualized table scapes with interactive food elements of food displays such as torching crème brulée in front of the guests.”


Martinson Hall at Buck and Honeys

77 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue


Jonathan Morse


Jonathan has been involved in the restaurant and hotel business for 30+ years, ranging from a busboy at Abadessa’s in Hingham, MA, to line cook at Atlantic Café in Nantucket, to Floor Manager at Backbay Restaurant Group, to New England Regional Sales Manager for Starwood Hotels. Before starting and becoming CEO of Tripleseat, Jonathan was a VP of Sales for a web startup that delivered business intelligence reporting to the restaurant industry. When not working on making Tripleseat more awesome, Jonathan spends his time with his wife Lisa, twin girls Eliza and Sophie, and son Owen.

Latha Youngren


Latha (pronounced Lay-ta) had an interest in hospitality at a young age, which led her to waitress throughout her high school years in Providence, R.I. After graduating from Barnard College with a degree in History and working in publishing for several years in New York City, she moved to Paris where she tended bar and worked at a magazine. After a brief stint in San Francisco, she made her way back to New York City, where she worked in marketing and events for a variety of publishing and tech companies. She landed at Tripleseat full-time in 2014, where she is the Chief Community Officer focused on creating connections, building networks, and fostering trust within our community. Latha resides in Maplewood, N.J., with her husband and three kids. She enjoys traveling and discovering new places and trying new experiences — like surf camp in Spain!

Dana Yerid


Dana’s road to Tripleseat is winding. She graduated from Bates College with a BS in Chemistry and then worked in engineering at a computer company, where her passion for marketing was ignited. After graduating with an MBA from Babson College, Dana set her sights on NYC, where she began working at several well-known advertising agencies before jumping to client-side marketing. Returning to her hometown in Greater Boston, she joined Tripleseat in 2023, excited to apply her years of marketing experience working on iconic trademarks in B2B and B2C, spirits, hospitality, pet food, spirits, beauty, and telecommunications. Outside of work, spending time with her twin teenage sons brings her the greatest joy. She also loves running, practicing Taekwondo, and vacationing at the beach and on the ski slopes.

Matt Dionne


Matt, a graduate of Stonehill College with a marketing degree, started his career in sales before pursuing graphic design. His journey led him to a leading New England credit union, where he evolved from a marketer and designer to a team manager overseeing the design and campaign execution of hundreds of campaigns. After completing his MBA from Fitchburg State University, Matt advanced to work with the team at one of the tech industry’s leading fault-tolerant services organizations. He led major branding evolutions and product launches and owned the creative direction of global marketing campaigns. As part of the Tripleseat family, he aims to enhance the hospitality industry through creative content, events, and innovations. Matt lives in Westminster, MA, with his wife, three children, and puppy and performs with several local musical acts throughout New England.

Jeff Valois


Jeff caught the creative bug early on thanks to a 28.8 Kbps modem, pirated Photoshop software, and his mom’s Nikon film camera. He graduated from Clark University with a Master’s in professional communications and marketing before beginning his marketing career at New England’s largest credit union. Jeff advanced from Marketing Specialist to Brand Strategy Manager and played an integral role in growing the department from 12 to more than 50 team members. He joined the Tripleseat team in 2022 to combine his love for all things creative to help tell the Tripleseat story. Jeff lives in West Boylston with his wife, son, and their Boston Terrier. You will probably find him with a camera or mouse in hand when he’s not with his family or on the golf course. Sometimes both.

78 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue

Venice Sacco


Venice’s journey in hospitality began at her family-owned inn, where she immersed herself in every aspect of guest service. After graduating from UMass with a degree in communications, she ventured into the world of marketing and communications, where she honed her skills for over a decade. With a diverse portfolio spanning industries from trucking to luxury wellness to commercial real estate, Venice’s expertise and interest shine brightest in the hospitality sector. She has crafted marketing strategies for esteemed brands like Onefinestay and Canyon Ranch and joined Tripleseat in 2023 to explore the software side of the industry. Venice spends most of her free time catching up on her favorite Bravo shows, but she also enjoys traveling and finding new places to explore with her two dogs.

Heather Apse


Heather has been a storyteller all her life and was elated to join Tripleseat in early 2022. In her college years, she hustled as a hostess, busser, and waitress for several restaurants and venues in order to support her education at UMASS Amherst. With an English degree, she began her career and love of tech, working in customer support for pioneer Internet Search giant Lycos. Since then, her passion and career have always centered on writing and helping others. When she isn’t researching or creating content for Tripleseat, you can find her with her three extremely fun boys and a large, boisterous dog enjoying the outdoors.

Sydney Burla


Sydney has worked in marketing for nearly her entire career, primarily in digital marketing and demand generation. She received her bachelor’s degree from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI. She specializes in business-to-business SEO and PPC tactics and keeps up with news and trends within the digital marketing industry. Sydney grew up in northern Michigan and now resides on the west side of the state in Grand Rapids, MI. She loves to check out new restaurants and coffee shops in the area. She also enjoys spending time outside with her dog, Mila, whether it be snowshoeing in the winter or spending time out at Lake Michigan in the summertime.

Rachel Calkins


Rachel graduated from the University of Delaware in June 2019 with a degree in marketing. Previously she was part of the Tripleseat team as a marketing intern and loved her experience so much that she returned to begin her professional career with Tripleseat, currently as the Social Media & Content Specialist. You can find Rachel co-hosting the Tripleseat podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, and posting about our amazing Tripleseat customers on Instagram. In her free time, she enjoys watching and playing sports, traveling, cooking, drinking dirty martinis on the weekend with friends, and exploring her new home: New York City.

Nicole Catatao


Nicole has been in the marketing field for more than 14 years. After graduating from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire with a degree in English, she moved to Massachusetts, where she started her career at International Data Group (IDG). While there, she managed online marketing campaigns for high-tech clients for seven years. After IDG, she spent four years at MathWorks managing events. Nicole joined the Tripleseat family in 2018 and is currently the Director of Marketing, EventUp and Attendease. When she isn’t connecting event planners with the perfect venue, you can find her dancing in the kitchen.

Taylor Duncan


Taylor fell in love with the hospitality industry while working for a beach resort in West Palm Beach, FL, during her undergrad. After college, Taylor played professional basketball overseas in Sweden and loved learning about hospitality in other cultures. Returning to the U.S., she continued her career in restaurants, working for established companies such as Darden Restaurants and Front Burner Society. From her early days as a Hostess to her dynamic role as a Sales Director, Taylor has experienced every facet of event planning and service and has 18 years of experience in the industry. Taylor is now the Lead Account Manager at Tripleseat and loves being on the other side of events. Taylor was born in Boston to a big Italian family, so food and wine are ingrained in her! She earned her MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and now resides in San Francisco with her husband, two gorgeous baby girls, and her fur baby named Grizzy. She loves anything to do with sports, traveling, and fine wine (I’ll take a Cab, please)!

79 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue

Maddie Gross


Maddie attended Boston College, where she participated in every intramural sport possible and first fell in love with the French language while studying abroad in Paris. She spent three years living and working in Paris and the south of France, where a typical dinner usually consisted of a delicious baguette, a hunk of cheese, and some charcuterie. She spent the next nine years in Philadelphia, working in marketing in the consumer products industry and attending as many concerts as possible. She resides on Cape Cod with her husband and can be found spending time with her friends and family, including 25 first cousins. Currently working as the Product and Customer Marketing Manager, Maddie joined the team in 2021 and loves working at the intersection of hospitality and technology at Tripleseat.

John Karemy


Hailing from the southernmost island state of Tasmania, Australia, John has lived in London, UK, for the past eight years. Upon finishing University in Tasmania, majoring in History and Politics, John embarked on the Business Development program at Australia’s largest Grocery brand, Coles, in Melbourne. After many years working across retail, telecommunications, and fintech, John headed to London (like every other Aussie) and hasn’t looked back, now having a husband and puppy. Thriving in a fast-paced metropolis where there’s always something to see and taste, John manages the marketing efforts for Tripleseat in the UK. Spreading the brand across the Isles has seen John head all over, from tradeshows in Oxford to networking efforts in Edinburgh. Currently studying a short course at the London School of Economics, he is excited about business strategy and the modern workplace!

Kate Kennedy


Kate has worked in the hospitality industry since she was 15 years old. From bussing tables in high school to bartending in college and grad school, where she majored in global fashion marketing and merchandising. After college, she moved on to a career as a private events and marketing manager because she loved hospitality a little more than she loved fashion. Kate started working at the best company on the planet, aka, Tripleseat in 2015. Currently holding the position of Director of Growth Marketing, she loves being able to use her vast knowledge of the industry. Kate resides on the New Hampshire seacoast with her husband and two crazy (but wonderful) children. In addition to her family and friends, Kate’s loves include bourbon, fashion, old-school hip-hop, oysters, IPA, and hockey (enjoyed on their own or all together).

Rachel Mazzola


Rachel (who goes by Mazz) is the Sr. Corporate Events Manager at Tripleseat and a certified meeting professional (CMP). She received her degree in sports, entertainment, and event management from Johnson & Wales University, with hopes to one day plan the Super Bowl. In an unexpected turn of events, she ended up in the exciting world of corporate event planning and never looked back. Mazz has planned events and conferences for companies in the information security, audit, and energy and commodities industries but, luckily, has landed at Tripleseat, where she is happy to finally be planning events for an industry that aligns with her interests: eating and drinking. If she’s not running to catch a flight or trying to get her seat upgraded, you can find her on a spontaneous weekend trip, enjoying nights out with friends, or being lazy and binging Netflix.

Elizabeth Smith



Elizabeth graduated from Boston University with a degree in hospitality management and started her career in hospitality at the front desk of a luxury hotel in Boston. After a few years in hotels, followed by some time in the event planning world, she shifted gears, worked at a construction company for eight years, and found her way to marketing. She joined the Tripleseat team as the Hotel Marketing Manager in 2022 and couldn’t be more excited to bring her two professional passions together in one role. Elizabeth lives in a seacoast town in MA . with her husband and rescue pup named Moakley. In her free time, you can find her with family and friends or scouting out a new donut shop.

80 Seated | The Spring 2024 Issue


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