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Seated | Fall 2018

TREND REPORT SIX HOLIDAY EVENT TRENDS THAT NEED TO DIE (AND HOW TO GET RID OF THEM) Whether or not you celebrate the religious aspects of Christmas, you will undoubtedly be involved in the workings of a holiday event this season. As an orchestrator, attendee, or innocent bystander, we all experience at least one seasonally-themed soiree with the culmination of each year. And while there are certainly some festive event trends that, in my opinion will never grow old like twinkling string lights, cozy decorations, and soul-warming cocktails, there are a few that even the most Santa-crazed enthusiasts could probably do without. Here I give you my top six most-hated holiday event traditions and some suggestions on how to give them a 2018-worthy makeover.



Seated | Fall 2018


No more ugly sweaters

Stop the swap

The first trend to lose this year is actually more of a plea

Next on my list of grievances is the bane of holiday shoppers worldwide. This traditional holiday gift exchange comes in many variations and goes by a myriad of names: Yankee Swap, White Elephant, or Dirty Santa. Yet, no matter what you call it, the outcome is always the same; an abundance of greed and disillusionment during a time that is supposed to be filled with selflessness and joy.

to event professionals everywhere: please, I am begging you, stop with the ugly Christmas sweater parties. Let me begin my appeal with a confession — I too am guilty of planning, not one but several of these tiresome events. And not just for a private event, but as themed occasions for a 300-person capacity venue. Can you imagine it? Three hundred mostly drunk young adults dancing to top 40 music dressed in sweaters typically sold to grandmothers watching QVC. Oh, the horror! In my defense, this was 10 years ago and that fact alone is reason enough to stop planning them. Ten years is sufficient. Furthermore, the quality of the ugly sweater has diminished in the last decade. What once was an excuse to don your elderly relative’s authentic holiday attire has turned into heading to your neighborhood Target the morning of the event to purchase an overpriced,

As an event professional, I would recommend that you sway clients against this frightful tradition. It can turn happy family members into enemies and once office besties into behind-your-back-talking colleagues. What traditionally ensues is a fight to the death for the only gift anyone actually wants — a bottle of red wine that is probably worth less than the time spent arguing over who will go home with it.

mass-produced kitschy sweater made specifically for these parties. Where’s the fun in that? Why not switch it up and have guests dress as their favorite holiday movie character? Think Buddy the Elf from "Elf" or Cousin Eddie from "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation." This way guests can show their creativity and personality without wearing an ugly sweater.

I say let’s remove the fighting from holiday events and replace it with the spirit of giving. Instead of asking guests to bring a $20 gift, recommend that your client ask them to make a $20 donation towards a specific charity. With this option, they won’t have to waste time executing a tradition that no one really wants to participate in. Guests will leave the event knowing they’ve done something worthwhile for a deserving cause. That’s what I call a holiday miracle.



Seated | Fall 2018

Remix your playlist

Toss the tinsel

As event professionals, we know that the execution of every great party begins with the atmosphere, which includes lighting, decor, and music. Music plays a tremendous part in the mood of your event. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a wedding with more than 200 guests, the music can make or break the outcome.

Since we’re on the subject of atmosphere, let’s talk decor. More specifically, let’s talk about one popular piece of holiday decoration that needs to be buried immediately: tinsel. You know, that sparkly, stringy, disastrous hair-like chaos that for some reason we like to spread across a perfectly good tree, turning it into more of a fire hazard than it already was. And it never looks good. You need a degree in tree trimming just to get the stuff to look kind-of OK. Admit it, you’ve never seen a tree adorned with tinsel that didn’t look like a hot mess.

Holiday events are no different. Of course, we all expect to hear a few Christmas classics at these events, but we don’t need to hear the soundtrack to Bing Crosby’s "White Christmas" on repeat for three straight hours. Instead of having your clients create a playlist sprinkled with holiday classics, recommend a local DJ that offers Christmas karaoke. Because who doesn’t want to belt out Mariah Carey’s "All I Want for Christmas is You" in front of an audience? It’s the 2018 version of Christmas caroling.

Whether it's in your home or at your venue, tinsel is the antichrist of holiday decorating. So what do you use instead? Why not try ribbon? It’s inexpensive, reusable, and easy to remove. You can use wired ribbon to create the perfect flow or tie small pieces of ribbon into bows to adorn the ends of branches. Yes, it takes a bit more effort, but believe me, your guests will thank you when they leave their private event without tinsel stuck to the bottom of their shoes like toilet paper.


Seated | Fall 2018


Nix the 'nog

Take a break from imbibing

I’m all about a delicious holiday-inspired cocktail but I've got to be honest, I’m not all about eggnog and I don’t think I’m alone. Before you argue that your venue has the most delicious eggnog that is made fresh with quality ingredients every day and sells like wildfire, let me tell you that I believe you. I know it can be popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s not overdone and disgusting. Did you know that eggnog is mainly composed of milk and raw eggs? Did you also know that most venues don’t make it in-house every day but instead purchase the base in bulk and let it sit in a walk-in for God only knows how long? Sounding a bit more disgusting to you now? Eggnog at a venue known for the freshest ingredients and the most amazing cocktails, maybe. But drinking eggnog practically everywhere else, no thanks. Beyond the fact that it’s repulsive on so many levels is the certainty that it’s been done too many times for too long.

Lastly, I’d like to discuss a topic that is more often tied to corporate holiday occasions. Most companies want to offer their employees an enjoyable holiday celebration and of course, food and alcohol are on the list of items people expect. But as workplace rules become stricter, so do the fundamentals behind planning a corporate event. Simply offering dinner and a chance to get drunk on the company’s dime is no longer deemed appropriate behavior. Taking shots of tequila with co-workers may sound like a fantastic idea, but chances are they’ll wake up the next morning with a pounding headache and looming sense of regret.

Why not create a more innovative cocktail for your guests to enjoy during the holiday season? Something new and exciting that will have them coming back in droves. If you need some cocktail inspiration, check out our drink feature from the Holiday Event Guide in this issue.

In order to take the attention off of the open bar, many corporate event planners are scheduling activities into their holiday parties. If your holiday event calendar is packed full with corporate shindigs, you might want to start building relationships with outside vendors who specialize in party experiences especially if your venue doesn’t offer built-in activities like bowling or arcade games. Several notable suggestions are companies that specialize in casino nights, trivia parties, or murder mystery adventures. Start searching and making connections with local merchants or vendors and add their information to your holiday event packages. This will not only keep your clients happy, but it may also even help to grow your event business.



Seated | Fall 2018

Be bold, not boring. Once you take these six tired trends out of rotation, feel free to create your own holiday event traditions. Your clients will appreciate a new, exciting experience, and their word-of-mouth will make you the in-demand event professional for the holiday season.

Seated | Fall 2018



Tripleseat in the News As Tripleseat continued to grow in 2018, so did its presence in industry and business media publications. This is what they had to say about the company and its impact on restaurants, hotels, and unique venues. Grow Profits with Your Next Event with Tripleseat The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast, March 12, 2018

Morse shared that Tripleseat is building up its core market in the U.S. and continuing growth in other locations such as Australia, Europe, and Canada.

A 30% increase in event and catering sales with Jonathan Morse Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast, June 15, 2018 Restaurant Unstoppable Host Eric Cacciatore talked with Tripleseat CEO Jonathan Morse about the story behind Tripleseat, the pitfalls that come with the old way of managing events, the benefits of using software to manage events, how Tripleseat helps you increase booking and sales, and more.

“Our goal with the new features is to rescue hotel event and sale managers from software that was developed over 25 years ago.”

Podcast hosts Ryan Williams and Jeremy Julian interviewed Tripleseat CEO Jonathan Morse on how he founded Tripleseat, why Tripleseat’s features are the top tools to help streamline event planning, and how restaurants can grow their event bookings revenue.

Tripleseat Announces New Features Specifically For Hotels Hospitality Upgrade, June 19, 2018

Restaurant Event Startup Tripleseat Is Hungry for Growth

Hospitality Upgrade shared the news of Tripleseat’s

BostonInno, June 11, 2018

the booking process and increase sales. These

new features designed for hotels to streamline features include:

Tripleseat CEO Jonathan Morse was profiled in this

• Guest Room Control (GRC): a way for hotel

feature, which shared how Tripleseat was founded

sales managers to seamlessly manage sleeping

and discussed the company’s growth.

room blocks in one or many hotels. • Extensive reporting: generate custom reports,

“We manage all the logistics,” Morse told Boston-

discover top revenue-generating customers,

Inno, “We get down to the fork. What sized tables

get deeper insights into event business, and

you should have… where it’s going to be, the tim-

create sales and financial reports

ing of it … all that information is what we help the restaurants manage.”

• An all-in-one web-based platform: track everything with clients and staff without having to use

Tripleseat in the News

and book on the go, using any web-enabled device like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet “Our goal with the new features is to rescue hotel event and sale managers from software that was developed over 25 years ago,” said Jonathan Morse, founder and CEO of Tripleseat. “When it comes to selling and managing group business, hotels do things differently than our restaurant customers. We developed these new features specifically with hotels in mind. Tripleseat is a complete webbased sales and event management application that is simple to use and will help hotels increase their group business sales.”

Tripleseat wants to streamline the planning process for your next event Built In Boston, July 24, 2018 This piece features how Tripleseat CEO Jonathan Morse started Tripleseat, the features that allow for a “more streamlined planning process that takes place all in one spot,” and Tripleseat’s growth. “The market is enormous so we’re trying to grow the company,” Morse said. “We want to get into every single venue there is.”

“Restaurants that book private dining events generally prefer to use an automated system to manage private dining rather than managing it in a paper book. Out of all systems, Tripleseat is likely favored for its ability to integrate with the restaurant’s main reservations book.” — SevenRooms

Seated | Fall 2018

different software products or web applications,


Seated | Fall 2018



Skift Table's Top Restaurant Startups to Watch 2018 Skift Table, July 24, 2018 Restaurant industry news website Skift Table named Tripleseat as one of its 13 impressive new or little-known startups in restaurant tech. Here’s their take on Tripleseat: “The incumbent player in hospitality event management software is Delphi, first coded in 1985 on Microsoft’s DOS operating system. It has a new owner, Amadeus, which has been rebuilding it on the widely

his own experience in the hospitality business and the application’s continuous updates as the driving forces behind Tripleseat’s success,” VentureFizz wrote. “Now, the Concord-based company is looking over to another market in the hospitality space: hotels. Morse wants to add features that cater exclusively to that market, such as the ability to book rooms. While he couldn’t go into detail with the other features, Morse and the team at Tripleseat are hoping to provide hotels with the same level of customer satisfaction.”

used internet-based platform Salesforce. It’s a decent product. But there’s room for competition. Six years ago, former event managers built Tripleseat software using the latest internet-based programming languages and software design best practices from the first lines of code. Potential patrons use its white-labeled form to request a proposal. Then your event manager uses Tripleseat’s software to build proposals, event orders, contracts, and invoices. The

“Since its founding a little under ten years ago, Tripleseat has remained a dominant player in the hospitality event management space.”

software tracks bookings in a calendar and keeps all contacts and chat-based conversations in one place. Tripleseat claims 95 percent of customers stick with cent this year. Its venues search engine drives leads

Restaurant Marketing in 2018: What You Need to Know

to its customers and its partnerships with corporate

SevenRooms, Aug. 22, 2018

it annually and that it expects to grow about 40 per-

events startups like Bizly and social networks like Facebook also bring in leads to restaurants.”

The SevenRooms blog released a study that showed Tripleseat is the number one software that restaurants are using to book events and private dining.

Tripleseat Simplifies Planning For Events in Restaurants...No Notebooks Required! VentureFizz, Aug. 7, 2018 This profile shares Tripleseat CEO Jonathan Morse’s story of how Tripleseat was founded and also looks at the company’s future. “Since its founding a little under ten years ago, Tripleseat has remained a dominant player in the hospitality event management space. Morse credits

“Restaurants that book private dining events generally prefer to use an automated system to manage private dining rather than managing it in a paper book. Out of all systems, Tripleseat is likely favored for its ability to integrate with the restaurant’s main reservations book,” SevenRooms said.

Tripleseat in the News

Seated | Fall 2018


Tripleseat wins Gold Stevie Award in Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Event Management Solution

Tripleseat Listed on Inc. Magazine’s 37th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000

Tripleseat, the fastest growing event sales and man-

Inc. magazine revealed that Tripleseat is No. 1744 on

agement platform, was named winner of the Gold

its 37th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious rank-

Stevie Award in the category of Best New Product or

ing of the nation’s fastest-growing private compa-

Service of the Year, winning for best event manage-

nies. The list represents a unique look at the most

ment solution software, in The 15th Annual Interna-

successful companies within the American econ-

tional Business Awards.

omy’s most dynamic segment — its independent small businesses. Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza,

Tripleseat emerges from a pool of more than 3,900

Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, and

other nominees stemming from virtually every indus-

many other well-known names gained their first

try. The judges shared praises for Tripleseat, stating,

national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

“it’s a well-considered product that certainly address-

in this feature, which shared how Tripleseat was

es a number of current frustrations within the event

founded and discussed the company’s growth.

hospitality setting.” “Since establishing Tripleseat over a decade ago, The International Business Awards are the world’s

our team of hospitality experts has worked hard to

premier business awards program. All individuals

solve the everyday issues event sales managers face

and organizations worldwide — public and private,

and it’s an honor to be recognized by Inc. as one of

for-profit and non-profit, large and small — were eli-

America’s fastest-growing private companies,” said

gible to submit nominations. The 2018 IBAs received

Jonathan Morse, CEO and founder. “Events come in

entries from 74 nations and territories.

all shapes and sizes, whether a business meeting or wedding, however, in order to keep customers hap-

“It’s great to see Tripleseat being recognized with

py, the planning and managing processes need to be

such a prestigious award,” said CEO and Founder

as streamlined as possible. We look forward to con-

Jonathan Morse. “Our web app has made booking

tinuing to improve our technology while partnering

and planning events for event sales managers easier

with leading companies in the business and expand-

and helped restaurants, hotels and unique venues

ing into other markets.”

increase their sales — we’re proud to be recognized as leaders in this industry.”


Improve table turn by


Pull reports for any location anywhere.

What if your restaurant point of sale system could... Increase sales 10% weekly.

Streamline back-of-house operations.

Deliver amazing guest experiences.

Monitor your restaurant from anywhere.

With Toast Go™ handhelds, servers spend less time at the terminal and more time on the floor, firing orders and taking payments from anywhere.

With powerful reporting capabilities, you can oversee restaurant sales, labor costs, food costs, and more in real time, at home, and on the go.

Optimize your entire operation.

Continue to grow with Toast.

Products like Toast Kitchen Display Systems, online ordering, and best-in-class integrations allow you to streamline every aspect of your restaurant.

From our first conversation to implementation and beyond, Toast restaurant experts are there for you every step of the way with free 24/7/365 support.

Power Your Entire Operation with Toast Sign up for Toast and get 15% off hardware. To redeem, visit


Seated | Fall 2018

Customer Anniversaries Celebrating 10 years with Tripleseat! A special thanks to our customers that are as old as we are:

Seated | Fall 2018



Event Pros Tell Seated:

What’s in Your Holiday Events Survival Bag? KATE KENNEDY

WHO: Lisa Flores, Founder + President of SERV (Society for Event Planners: Restaurant Venues) National Board, Director of Sales + Marketing at Columbus Hospitality Group A Texas native, Lisa Flores moved to Boston to attend Boston University, where she graduated with a bachelor of science in business management. In 2001, she was hired as a hostess at Mistral, quickly working her way up to reservations manager and then to special events manager after impressing Chef/Owner Jamie Mammano. In 2008, Flores was promoted to director of sales and marketing, and spearheaded marketing campaigns for the opening of all additional businesses in the Columbus Hospitality Group. This includes Mistral, Teatro, Sorellina, Mooo, L’Andana, and Ostra restaurants, as well as the Inn at St. Botolph and XV Beacon Hotel. She continues to plan private functions and restaurant buyouts for Mistral, Ostra, Teatro, and Sorellina while managing all marketing campaigns, media relations, and branding for the company. Recognizing the need for a more formal network within the hospitality community, Flores founded the Society for Event Planners: Restaurant Venues (SERV). SERV is an organization of private event managers that hosts quarterly panels focusing on topics such as the value of private events in the restaurant’s bottom line, hospitality marketing, and public relations. SERV aims to provide a network for people in the industry to learn from each other and grow sales at their restaurants.


Seated | Fall 2018

THE BAG: MISELA’S Edna At Anatolia THE ESSENTIALS: Columbus Hospitality Group gift card: I like to keep an extra gift in my bag because there is always someone who deserves an extra thank you, especially during the holiday season!

SERV notebook: The holidays are typically a time when you are meeting new people, and having a notebook on hand ensures that I can keep track of new event planners to add to the SERV community. A motivational book: It’s easy to get caught up with distractions during the holiday chaos and it’s good to take some time for yourself to get focused.

Riccardi lighter: It’s a super durable lighter from one of my favorite stores in Boston. It’s always helpful when I need to light several sternos or candles during events. Sparkly earrings to take you from day to night: I am always working long hours in the office during the holidays and I like having a little something sparkly on hand when running to holiday parties.

Seated | Fall 2018 24 Briefings


Seated | Fall 2018

Helping Restaurants Grow

Imagine if you could manage your restaurant efficiently with accounting, operations and reporting software that all spoke to each other. What are you going to do with all that extra time? Invest it back into your passion:

growing your restaurant business.

Complete Restaurant Management Software: - Accounting - Financial Reporting - Labor Scheduling - Manager Logbook - Inventory Management



Comprehensive Event Management, Accounting and Reporting. Visit to learn more about our seamless integration.

Seated | Fall 2018



What’s your biggest holiday event mishap? Joscelyn Runnells, Earl Enterprises

Lindsey Walsh, Luigi's Restaurant

Blowing the fuse before an in-office holiday party when setting up lighting and a band after 5 p.m. when the building staff had gone home for the day! Someone was able to get it back on literally two Our tree was a bit top heavy and

minutes before everyone walked in the

crashed to the floor one day!

doors for the party.

Thankfully it didn't hit anyone, but it was quite the mess!

Nicole Ortega, TAO Group

Kylie Little, Ocean Prime

Joel Alvarado, Whirlyball

We have a four-season room with Snow blast for a corporate holiday

walls that roll up and down. During

Booked a 150 person event on the

party that ended up looking like a

a particularly bad winter storm,

wrong day in the middle of our

really sad bubble rave mistake … we

one of the walls blew in during a

holiday season.

do not offer snow blasts anymore.

holiday party.

Tricia Sperier, Orpheum Theater

Sarah Diab, Armandos

The ice sculpture — the centerpiece for the entire 500 person event — never materialized. The vendor dropped it on the way to the venue and just gave up and went back home.

I had a wreath fall off of a wall in the middle of the host’s welcome speech.

Holiday Mishaps


Seated | Fall 2018

Michelle Papandrea, Casey Moran's

Monica Orr, Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar

The Santa we hired took off his beard in front of

The Christmas tree fell onto the buffet table and caught on fire from the sternos.

the kids!

Karen Arends, Guggenheim Investments

Ashley Wilson, Portland Yacht Club

I failed to put hors There was a party crasher at our event. He

d'oeuvres on the

came in like he belonged there, sat down,

BEO for my chef,

ate and drank until finally, someone noticed

and the guests

he didn't belong.

at the corporate party were wasted by dinner.

Lauren Rullo, Weber Grill Restaurant

We were hosting this VIP dinner for a smaller group, and I was so excited to go a little over the top with the elegant decorations for the private dining space. I brought in a piano and piano player to create the ambiance and got this really pretty candelabra for on top of the piano. The room looked spectacular. I was so proud. Then, just as the guests had sat down to have their order taken, one of the candles tipped over and started a fire. Thank goodness someone saw it and acted fast by grabbing their water glass and threw the water to extinguish the fire. Needless to say that no one lets me live that down, and every time we talk about doing something special or decorating for the holidays, the cautionary tale is told.


Five Questions AZURE COLLIER



The game of ping-pong has moved out of the basement and into the nightlife scenes of eight major cities, thanks to a pair of best friends and a dream. SPIN is a network of ping-pong social clubs — and a Tripleseat customer — located in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Philadelphia, Seattle, Austin, and Washington, D.C. We spoke to Lou Canakes II, SPIN’s National Sales Director for Events, about SPIN’s origin story, how they approach event management, and what makes each location a popular hot spot.



2. Why did SPIN start using Tripleseat to manage its events? SPIN started to manage all event sales activities with Tripleseat about four-and-a-half years ago, and what attracted us to using the platform is the ease-of-use, affordability, software support, and ability for us to integrate with our SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms necessary for our business. I also appreciate Tripleseat’s desire to always strive to be innovative and constantly look for new ways for the platform to expand its capabilities, functions, and reporting features to meet the demands of our ever-changing events industry. It’s necessary for us to stay cutting-edge and meet the expectations of our customers.



In 2007, two best friends — Jonathan Bricklin and Franck Raharinosy — had a crazy idea, to get so good at ping-pong that they could compete in the Olympics. So they did what any future Olympian would obviously do — they threw parties in their Tribeca loft. The two became known for hosting legendary “Naked Ping-Pong” parties. Each Friday night centered around the “Dirty Dozen” – where 12 players would battle it out in the dirtiest, filthiest, cage-match-to-the-death-style ping-pong tournament (cocktail in hand, of course). The parties drew in an eccentric range of people from all walks of life, including Jimmy Buffet, Owen Wilson, 50 Cent, and Salman Rushdie. The diversity of the crowd fueled the fun and vibrant energy that remains the essence of SPIN. While Jonathan and Franck never quite made it to the Olympics, their crazy idea has turned into the global brand in which we proudly call SPIN today.


1. For those who aren’t familiar with SPIN, how did the ping-pong club start?



3.What types of events does SPIN host at its locations, and how often do your venues hold events? SPIN offers corporate holiday parties, team building events, employee engagement events, social events, and other kinds of events that haven’t been invented yet! We’ll typically host roughly over 1,200 events per venue every year. 4. What is it about SPIN that keeps people coming back? Ping-pong is an incredibly social and silly game, but also an Olympic sport. We welcome diversity, and we embrace the unconventional and surprise with creativity. We encourage all guests to participate and pick up a paddle! We book all types of events, offer ping-pong pros to support team building or tournament play for those that have a more competitive desire, and operate as a full-service event venue offering onsite catering, bar packages, and an attraction activity component in ping-pong. Of course, I have to mention that our clients love that we offer a seamless booking process with our Tripleseat platform and have also integrated with BluePay for management of online payment processing and invoicing, making it a breeze to book events with us as a result! 5. Your locations are so visual! Is that part of the fun vibe, or are things like the ball pit, colorful design, and graffiti influenced by the Instagrammable, social world we live in?


Thank you! Yes, we believe in supporting local communities and artists and invite them into each location and offer support with art murals or installations. The bathtub filled with pingpong balls and Simple Booth photo booths lend themselves well to Instagram-worthy moments for our guests to share on their social networks. It helps to spread the word about SPIN and share in the fun or perhaps even create some FOMO among their friends and colleagues.


Seated | Fall 2018





Are you in with the in-crowd? Tripleseat Party People is a fun and interactive way to network online with other service and events industry professionals who use Tripleseat. Party People members can earn points towards rewards and prizes by completing simple online challenges. They also get invited to special VIP Networking events across the country. Every month we take our networking on the road and host complimentary Tripleseat Party People happy hours. Check out our events page regularly at to find out if we’re coming to your city next. So what are you waiting for? Join the party today! If you’re not already a member, sign up online at For more information on Tripleseat Party People, contact Customer Marketing Manager Kate Kennedy at Here’s a look at recent Party People events!


Seated | Fall 2018



Why Your Venue Needs Quality Images and How to Get Them AZURE COLLIER Professional photos are a necessity for every business, but many owners don’t want to pay for them. There are other priorities that they’d rather use the money on, or they assume that the smartphone in their pocket can do just as good of a job. I’m here to give you a wake-up call: your lack of professional photos are actually costing you money. According to MDG Advertising, 67 percent of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing the product, and they value the

image more than seeing the product’s information, long descriptions, or ratings and reviews. What images do people see when they find your business online? Are they the kind of images that would make them take the next step and fill out a lead form? If the answer is no, it’s time to hire a professional. If you haven’t worked with a professional photographer, I’ve got four suggestions on how to start the process and get quality images for your venue that will drive business.

Marketing Tips

Once you have a photo list ready, it’s time to find the right photographer to capture the look and feel of your venue. Start with an online search that includes your city or state and phrases such as “restaurant photography” or “event photography.” If you’re on friendly terms with other restaurants in your community that have professional images, ask for photographer referrals. Also check the photo credits for local food, lifestyle, and travel magazines and blogs for suggestions.


Decide on what images will work best The first step to upgrading your venue’s photography is to create a list of the images you’ll need to sell your space. Think about the questions you get from clients who are looking for a private event space to guide your list. In general, venues should have the following images for their website, social media posts, print pieces, and other types of marketing: Your venue and private event spaces A look at the entrance Setups for different event types and sizes A look at the spaces during an event At night During the day Any outdoor spaces The view from your spaces of your city, grounds, or other visual interest The bar Food Appetizers Main courses Desserts Drinks Buffet setups Decor and atmosphere Setup for a DJ/band, photo booth, gift table, and other amenities Seasonal and holiday decor options Decor and amenities that are unique to your space, such as a game room, themed rooms, artwork, or furniture Your staff Setting up for an event Bartending Serving appetizers Serving the meal A team photo

Make a list of possible photographers and take a look at their website and online portfolio to get an idea of their photography style and if it's similar to the style you’re considering for your venue. If a photographer fits your vision, contact them via email or the contact form on their website, and include the list of images you’re looking for to give them more direction on how much work the photo shoot will take and what the work will cost. Contact more than one photographer so you can get a good range of what kind of budget you’ll need when they reply with a quote.

Seated | Fall 2018


Select and contact professional photographers


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Working with the photographer You’ve chosen a photographer who will be a good match for the style of photos you want and fits your budget, and your photo shoot date is on your calendar. Keep a few things mind for the day of the shoot. The photographer will photograph the list that you’ve previously discussed, but they’ll also have a few ideas after seeing your venue in person. Trust them and let them take photos that are off the list. They might see a detail that you missed or an idea you hadn’t thought of when you created your list. Give them some creative control and you’ll receive some amazing images that show off the character of your venue, menu, and staff. When the photographer takes photos during an event at your venue, give your client a heads up or get approval in advance in case they need to deal with internal red tape. That way they can inform any photographers they’ve hired that there will be a second person present taking photos for the venue and not the event itself. Alternatively, you can check with your client and their photographer to see if you can use their images. Make sure you get these approvals in writing! Also let the guests know that they may be in photos taken that day that may be used in your venue’s marketing efforts. Common ways to spread the word to guests without being too intrusive include signs at the entrance to the event, in emails sent by the client to guests prior to the event, or a reminder from any event speakers or hosts who address the attendees from the stage.


Using the right resolution for your marketing efforts When the images are edited and ready, the photographer will give you the digital photos and may provide you with different image sizes and resolutions, depending on what you agreed upon in your contract. It’s important to use the right image resolution for the right marketing tools. Image resolution refers to the density of the image’s pixels. High resolution images have more pixels and appear more crisp and detailed, which is why they’re used in print publications. Printers need more resolution to replicate detailed images on the page. Images with low resolution have fewer pixels and lose detail, which is fine for your computer monitor — it needs fewer pixels to display an image. If you’re using images for your website, social media marketing, your profile on review sites like TripAdvisor, for social media or blogging influencers, or anything that will be viewed on the Internet, you need at least 72 pixels per inch (ppi). This is a standard measurement based on how a computer monitor displays images. Not all of your marketing is going to be done via the web. You’re going to need some printed materials to promote your venue, such as signs, banners, or flyers. You might also be approached by print publications — local newspapers, regional lifestyle magazines, or industry publications like Seated — and they need larger resolution images. The standard for print publications is 300 dots per inch (dpi). To find out what resolution your image is on a PC, start by right-clicking on the file. A window of options will appear; click Properties in the window. Another window will appear and it contains the image’s information. Click the Details tab to view the resolution and size. Mac users should open their image with the Preview app, then click the Tools option from the menu bar. Select Adjust Size, and a window will pop up with the image’s resolution and size.

Marketing Tips


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Quality images = more sales It takes some time, research, and money, but a set of quality images that provide customers with a visual look at the options and atmosphere that your venue will provide is a great investment. These images will show your work and your venue at its best, and will attract repeat and prospective event customers, who count on professional-looking images to help make their purchasing decisions. Once you start using these photos in your marketing efforts, you’ll make back the money you spent on photography in no time.


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Travis + Emma Heim

Love & Barbecue


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Love & Barbecue:


WARNING: DO NOT READ WHILE HUNGRY. The following article contains graphic material not suitable for unfed audiences. Reading hungry may result in serious side effects such as aggressive mouthwatering, extreme hanger, and even FOMO related death. Continue at your own risk.

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The story of Heim Barbecue is the story of food and family. Travis Heim knew he had a talent for cooking when he was 12 years old and made a brisket on his grandfather’s smoker in the backyard. A few years later, he built his own smoker for ribs, and his family couldn’t get enough. Heim kept cooking through college while dating his soon-to-be-wife Emma, eating Ramen noodles all week so he could save money to buy brisket and ribs. They talked about opening a barbecue restaurant after college, but it wasn’t the right time — the young couple was struggling to make ends meet. Heim had a full-time job but barbecue was his passion. He and Emma threw barbecue parties, called the T & E MEATclub, for their friends and family on the weekends. And then Heim was laid off from his job. That’s when he knew he had to find a way to make his barbecue dreams come true. He bought a food truck, and it wasn’t long before it became a success. Customers would wait for one to two hours in line for his food. In August of 2016, the Heims opened Heim Barbecue in Fort Worth, Texas, and haven’t looked back. Their restaurant is often packed, and they have a catering service. Heim Barbecue uses Tripleseat to manage their growing events business. We talked to Travis about his love for cooking and Heim Barbecue’s plans for the future.

41 Love & Barbecue

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Seated | Fall 2018



What is it about the art of barbecuing that makes it more of a joy than a job? Barbecue for me is more of a passion than a job. Learning the basics from my grandfather, spending countless hours of trial and error, learning all the ins and outs of maintaining a consistent fire, I learned to love the process and the technique involved with cooking a large hunk of meat for 18 hours.

When you started experimenting with barbecuing as a teenager, did you think about opening a restaurant or food truck in the future? I never really thought about opening a restaurant until after Emma and I had spent some time doing pop up dinners called T & E MEATclub for friends and family in Fort Worth. Once we had 70+ people coming to a pop-up in our backyard we thought maybe we actually could do something with this.

Love & Barbecue

A lot of new ideas come from just trying to be creative with product that isn't being used. Like our potato skins — we were throwing away the peeled potato skins and it was driving me crazy that we couldn't find anything to do with them, so we decided to fry them again, cover them with our queso sauce, and add brisket and pico! Other than that I have a cookbook addiction. I love old cookbooks and anything having to do with a cuisine or subject I'm not familiar with.

What types of events does Heim Barbecue host and how often do you have events? We do everything: full-service catering, buffet style, weddings, corporate events, charity dinners, anything from standing in a field with open fire cooking, to white tablecloth, plated multi-course meals.

Seated | Fall 2018

Where do you get ideas for new menu items?


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44 Features

Love & Barbecue


Seated | Fall 2018

Tell us more about the catering side of Heim Barbecue. Catering has been a huge part of our business once we moved from a food truck to a brick and mortar restaurant location. Barbecue is such a great communal food that it's perfect for weddings, corporate lunches, big events and small private gatherings too. Emma and I love the opportunities to do catering because sometimes it’s hard for folks to get into our restaurant because we're so busy all the time. Weddings especially are meaningful because that is such an important day in two people’s lives, and the fact that they want our food to be a part of that in a small way is so cool!

Why did you decide to start using Tripleseat? We looked at a few different products to help with our catering business, and Tripleseat without a doubt seemed to be the most thorough and easy-to-use product to help us build up our business. We can do so much with Tripleseat that helps our catering team stay organized and on top of all the craziness we have going on with open fire cooking, to white tablecloth, plated multicourse meals.

Seated | Fall 2018

46 Features

Love & Barbecue

It's streamlined our catering process altogether. From prospects, tentative, and definite settings, to planning out how we will get everything done according to our very high standards for food quality and service, Tripleseat has been a huge part of our catering business growing so much this past year. Next Saturday we have six weddings on the same day! We wouldn't be able to set up, plan, and execute that without the help from such a great product.

What’s next for Heim Barbecue? The goal of opening our food truck after I had been laid off from my job in the oil and gas field was simply to provide for our family, doing something we loved. I never thought we'd be where we are now, as quickly as we've gotten here, but Emma and I are incredibly blessed to have had the success we have so far. We just recently opened our commissary kitchen, which is a facility specifically designed for our catering food production, and hope to double or triple our catering sales in 2019. In the next few months, we will open our second location restaurant in the River District, in west Fort Worth, a 7,500 square foot building with a covered patio, private dining area, and outdoor beer garden area with a stage for live music and events. We'd love to open more restaurants, but right now we want to stay focused on all the things we have going on.

Seated | Fall 2018

How has Tripleseat improved the events and catering side of Heim Barbecue?



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The holiday season is an awesome opportunity for venues to showcase their creativity and deviate from their regular rotation of events. Some embrace traditional decor while others really kick up the kitsch factor. The onslaught of social media and especially Instagram gives a whole new stage to promote this magical time of year.

Doing the Holidays Right


Seated | Fall 2018

McKittrick Hotel: The Lodge at Gallow Green


The Dandelion, Philadelphia British gastropub The Dandelion truly is the most perfect setting for a holiday party, from the fireplace that greets guests when they walk into the holiday greenery to the cozy rooms that each have their own unique personality. Some special holiday touches that The Dandelion offers for their events are: a traditional family style with roast dinner, an afternoon tea package, signature holiday cocktails created by their bartenders, and a signature make at home scone kit as a party favor.



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The Montage, Beverly Hills Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve The Montage Beverly Hills offers guests an array of culinary experiences to celebrate the holidays, such as rooftop meals, brunches, four-course prix fixe menu dinners with wine pairings, and a New Year's Eve gala. The cuisine and decor make it a great destination to celebrate. Plus they have fun promotions like The Mistletoe at Montage social media program which invites guests and locals to step under the mistletoe, snap a photo with friends and family and share on social media using the hashtags #MontageMistletoe and #MontageMemory.


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54 Features

Doing the Holidays Right


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The Lodge by STK, New York City It’s no surprise that STK is known as one of the best rooftops in NYC, but it might come as a surprise to some that the space is open during the winter months – and it's incredible! STK transforms the rooftop bar into a winter lodge that has you questioning whether you are still in heart of the Meatpacking District in Manhattan or if you’ve somehow been transported to Aspen. There is a special menu with seasonal items like Mexican Hot Chocolate, a Hot Ginger Toddy, and the shareable Naughty and Nice Punch Bowl, which includes a seasonal mix of vodka, apple cider, cinnamon, and ginger beer.


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Brennan’s, New Orleans Brennan’s loves the holidays and decorating the rooms accordingly in its iconic French Quarter mansion. It is such a sought-after dining spot during the season that the restaurant starts taking holiday reservations two months in advance. While snow might be a rarity in New Orleans, that won’t stop Brennan’s from providing kids with the perfect winter backdrop during their traditional threecourse breakfast with Santa ... snow guaranteed!

Doing the Holidays Right


Seated | Fall 2018

McKittrick Hotel, New York City The McKittrick Hotel’s rooftop bar, Gallow Green, is converted into a magical rooftop ski lodge during the winter months. A fire pit and real pine trees line the outside portion of the venue while the inside is all warmth and coziness. The drinks and snacks reflect the theme aptly with deliciously wintery cocktails like the Smoking Bishop, a holiday punch with Ruby Port, red wine, CioCiaro Amaro, honey liqueur, ginger, and allspice.


EventCamp 2018: Learning, Inspiration, and Community for More Than 200 Event Professionals AZURE COLLIER

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Tripleseat’s EventCamp conference recently brought more than 200 restaurant and hotel sales and event professionals to Boston to learn from experts and colleagues on how to increase sales, stay on top of trends, work smarter using technology and data, and grow their business. This year’s event, held at City Winery Boston, was the second EventCamp conference. Attendees networked with speakers and peers from across the United States and Canada, and many of them left the conference with the inspiration they need to make their events business better. Here’s a recap of the day’s events:

Keynote: It’s All About the Guest

What Planners Are Really Looking for in a Venue

Davio’s CEO Steve DiFillippo kicked off the day with his

EventCamp attendees were eager to learn how their ven-

tips for running a successful restaurant by focusing on

ues can attract attention from event planners. They got

hospitality and your guests.

advice from panel host Lisa Flores, Director of Sales and Marketing at Columbus Hospitality Group, and panelists

“It’s all about hospitality and truly believing in it,”

Courtney Church, Partner at Corinthian Events; Jeanette

DiFillippo said.

R. Patenaude, Events Specialist at Ropes & Gray; and Jessica Singh, Senior Planner, Global Meetings & Events at

He shared his best tips and some personal anecdotes

Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

about connecting with guests and giving them a memorable restaurant experience.

Tips included posting beautiful photos of your space on your website, including a “dollhouse view” of your space

“I enjoyed listening to Steve DeFillippo and definitely

online, thinking about the needs that different clients have

could sense his passion for what he does,” said one

(corporate clients vs. more laid-back organizations vs. in-

EventCamp attendee.

dividuals that are planning events), responding to event

Seated | Fall 2018

62 Features

EventCamp Recap

offering unique event experiences that attract clients. Attendees told us, “This was an informative session,” and “We got the most value out of ‘What Planners Are Really Looking for in a Venue.’”

“The presentation held my attention and helped me get excited about planning events again.” - An Eventcamp attendee

How to Use Data to Make Smart Decisions for Your

professionals can work better with culinary experts, who

Events Business

have a reputation of being “grumpy.” They encouraged

Charlee Williamson, Executive Vice President of Ralph

event managers to work with them on event menus in ad-

Brennan Restaurant Group, shared how to examine data

vance as much as possible, to not stray from the types of

from Tripleseat reports and other sources. She showed at-

cuisine that the restaurant does best, and to communi-

tendees how to use that data to find patterns and trends

cate regularly about event details to ensure that courses

that will help your events team target the right customers

are served on schedule.

and grow sales.

“I would definitely be interested in seeing a chef panel again!” said one EventCamp attendee.

“I love listening to Charlee Williamson,” said an EventCamp attendee. “She is so knowledgeable and I al-

How to Get Results with Email, Social Media, and Other

ways leave wanting to hear more from her.”

Digital Marketing Tools I’m the Content Marketing Manager at Tripleseat and I’ve

A Chef’s Perspective on Events

been a professional content creator for more than 20 years,

Chefs are a key part of running successful events, which

so I was honored to share my knowledge on how event

is something Nancy Bean knows very well as Co-Owner/

professionals can use email marketing and social media to

Executive Director of the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival.

grow their business. I was joined by fellow panelists Lind-

Bean’s panel of chefs David Blessing of Longwood Venues

say Higgins, founder of L2L Creative Group, and Jeannine

& Destinations, William Kovel of Catalyst Restaurant, and

O’Neil, founder of JO Social Branding.

Jeremy Sewall of Row 34 gave insights into how event

We discussed what marketing tools are essential for event

Seated | Fall 2018

planner inquiries quickly to keep planners interested, and



Seated | Fall 2018


professionals, how to get started with email marketing

“The presentation held my attention and helped me

and social media marketing, how to choose the social

get excited about planning events again,” said an

networks that are right for your business, and successful

EventCamp attendee.

restaurant marketing tactics and campaigns. Events Uncorked: Choosing the Right Wine EventCamp attendees said they walked away with tips

The day ended with a wine tasting led by noted wine ed-

and best practices that they could start using right

ucator Philippe Newlin, who focused on Bordeaux wines

away. “I definitely got a few takeaways,” said one at-

in a James Bond-themed presentation. Newlin discussed

tendee. “I would have loved to have more time with the

the different types of Bordeaux wines and what to pair

How to Get Results with Email and Social Media ladies.”

them with.

The Rise of the Pop-Up: How to create an Event Experience

“Philippe Newlin was an amazing presenter,” said an

Today’s diners and event attendees are looking for more

EventCamp attendee.

than interesting cocktails and the latest food trends. They want to have memorable experiences. Alexis Cer-

Other observations

vasio, founder of the East Boston Oysters pop-up, has

Event professionals told Tripleseat that they were grateful to

mastered the formula of how to surprise and delight with

spend time with their peers, share their questions or strug-

food and festivities. Cervasio told the story of how East

gles, and feel a sense of community with fellow attendees.

Boston Oysters was born, and talked about how to think differently about food and atmosphere, why you should

“It is always nice to hear that you are not alone with

introduce a childlike experience into your events, and

your areas for improvement, and perhaps someone

what restaurants can do to bring the pop-up experience

else has had the same experience and learned a way to

to their customers.

make it work,” shared one attendee.

Access EventCamp information anytime, anywhere Did you attend EventCamp and want to review the sessions? Or did you miss out and want to get a taste of the experience? Access videos of all sessions and register for our email list — we’ll announce tickets for 2019 early in the new year at


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The Holiday Event Guide

Holiday Event Guide


Seated | Fall 2018

There’s good news and bad news about restaurant event sales during the holidays. The good news: It’s the most profitable time of year. The bad news: You have to work for it.


Part 1: Marketing your venue

Seated | Fall 2018



How to Promote Your Events Business During the Holiday Season There’s good news and bad news about restaurant event sales during the holidays. The good news: It’s the most profitable time of year. The bad news: You have to work for it. Restaurants face a few obstacles to winning their piece of holiday revenue: More competitors, more types of food options (restaurants vs. meal kits vs. sit-down vs. fast-casual), and more noise in the inbox and social networks from all kinds of retailers who want those end-of-year profits just as much as you do. How do you ensure that your events business has a successful holiday season? Marketing is the key to making it happen. And you have to commit to it throughout the season. Fortunately, you’re not facing the holidays alone. We’ve created a guide that you can use to keep your marketing going throughout the season and grow your event bookings.

SUGGESTED TOOLS Before we get started with how to use marketing, you need to choose the tools you’ll be using to get the job done. Here’s our suggested list of what you need: 1 | Tripleseat lead form link — create a form for each type of marketing by using the Lead Source option and selecting where you’ll use it, such as email, Facebook, or Instagram

5 | Social networks — Facebook and Instagram will reach the most people 6 | Social media analytics tools — Facebook and Instagram both have tools known as Insights

2 | Tripleseat reports — Most Booked Contacts, 7 | Images to call Event Details Report, and Lead Details Report attention to your marketing — use to find 3 | A section about royalty-free photos events and holiday and design tool Canva. bookings on your website com to create holiday images 4 | An email service provider such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp

Holiday Event Guide

Seated | Fall 2018

Before the holidays Right now is the time to make your customers and prospects aware of your holiday event offerings, even if they’re not ready to book. Start by communicating directly to the people who are more likely to do business with you: last year’s holiday customers and your VIP clients (customers who spend the most money booking events with your business). Use your Most Booked Contacts Report and the date column from your Event Details Report to pull these segments and send them an email about your holiday availability. Make them feel special! Offer them a discount and tell them that they’re getting this information first before the general public. After you’ve given your VIP and repeat customers a heads up on holiday bookings, reach out to all of your customers. Send them an email that includes information about dates, booking packages, and other options. Create social media posts that link to holiday booking information on your website. Use your Tripleseat lead form link in all of the marketing you do so that customers and prospects can easily click and start booking their events right away.

During the holidays Once the holiday season kicks off, don’t push your marketing to the side. You still have days and times to fill with event clients. Send another email reminder to your VIP, holiday customers, and the rest of your customers who haven’t booked yet. Share reminders on social media as well. Use this time to connect with your customers showing them behind the scenes during your holiday events and holiday planning in a visual way. Post photos of your kitchen staff preparing seasonal dishes. Give your audience a video tour of your event spaces and show them how you’ve decorated them for the holidays. Share pictures or broadcast a Facebook Live video as you’re setting up an event or even during an event. Seeing how your venue celebrates the holidays will help your customers picture their event experience there and make them more likely to book with you.

Pro tip: Consider holding a holiday kickoff party and invite your VIPs, last year’s holiday customers, and event planners to give them a taste of what to expect this year. Offer samples of new and seasonal menu items. Decorate your space and show it off! Take photos and video of the kickoff party and share via email marketing and social media.


Seated | Fall 2018



After the holidays When the end-of-year rush is over and you have some time back in your day, take advantage of the break. First, use your email and social media marketing to wish your customers a happy new year and thank them for helping you have a successful holiday season. Next, sit down and review how your marketing impacted your holiday event bookings. Run an Event Details Report in Tripleseat and compare your bookings to last year’s holiday season. Run a Lead Details Report to determine what marketing source brought in the most leads during this time period. Then, drill down into the reports from your marketing tools to pinpoint what worked and what didn’t. Your email service provider will have reporting tools that track data related to the success of your email campaigns. Pay special attention to open rates and click rates. Emails and links that got the most opens and clicks are the ones your audience was most interested in and caused them to take the next step with your events business. Take a look at the analytics tools built into your social networks — they’re called Insights in Facebook and Instagram — to see what posts helped to drive engagement and sales. There’s a lot of data in these analytics tools, but focus on comments, likes, shares, and link clicks. This will tell you which posts generated the most conversation and business results.

Keep it up Once you know what marketing tools drove more event bookings for the holidays, you can use that knowledge to create a marketing plan for the new year. Use the lessons from the marketing tools and holiday emails, posts, links, and images, to create more marketing content, but tweak it to represent other seasons of the year, other holidays, or general event campaigns. Check your reporting tools every month so you know what is driving more business. If you modify your marketing as you progress through the year based on what engages customers, you’ll be on the right track to grow your event revenue.

Increase your event sales + streamline the planning process.

Capture every event lead

Check event space availability

Create documents that get results

Capture leads from your website, Facebook, VENUES by Tripleseat directory, and even the phone.

See events from one venue or hundreds. View by status, room, or venue to know what spaces are available.

Quickly build banquet event orders, contracts, proposals, invoices, and more with our SmartDocs tool.

Get paid faster

Manage relationships

Intelligence reporting

Online payments have never been easier. Customers can pay with any credit card knowing their information is secure.

Our CRM system organizes and manages all of your contacts in one central database — accessible to everyone online.

Report on every aspect of your event business. View reports for upcoming events, financials, leads, more payments, and pacing.

“I love and embrace Tripleseat and have learned how to use it to work smarter and not harder. It really translates into my sales exponentially increasing. And that’s the bottom line of everybody’s day in this event world.”

Marisa Colangelo | Director of Private Events, Zuma NYC


Seated | Fall 2018


Part 2: Holiday Cocktails KATE KENNEDY

Restaurants are not all about the kitchen anymore. A thriving bar program can up the ante of any venue and can prove to be just as profitable as food service. Yet, a cocktail menu that feels stagnant to your guests can do the opposite, bringing down your venue’s reputation. We totally understand that switching up the entire menu is not only time consuming, it also may not be the best move. There are staples on every menu that guests want to see time and time again and those should stay put for the long run. But sprucing up your list with some innovative newbies can be just what the doctor ordered, and what better time to start than the holiday season? We asked several of our customers who regularly switch up their cocktail menus to give us their favorite holiday season cocktail recipe. Try adding one of these to your menu or use them as inspiration.

Holiday Event Guide


Seated | Fall 2018


Eastern Standard, Boston 1 ounce Pierre Ferrand 1840 1 ounce Luxardo cherry liqueur ¼ ounce cinnamon syrup Preparation: Add all ingredients to glass. Top with coffee and whipped cream, and sprinkle with powdered cinnamon.


Seated | Fall 2018


ON THE BOULEVARD Dutch + Doc’s, Chicago

2 ounces Knob Creek rye whiskey 1 ounce Vermouth Dash Bitters di Torino Garnish with cucumber Description: Boozy, rich, and red, this cocktail brings warmth and cheer to your holiday drinking regimen.

Holiday Event Guide


Seated | Fall 2018


1 1/2 ounces Grey Goose vodka 3/4 ounce cherry brandy Juice of 1 lime Preparation: Rim a Martini glass with sugar. Fill cocktail shaker halfway with ice and pour in ingredients. Shake until chilled and strain the mixture into the glass. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and two raspberries.

Seated | Fall 2018



Part 3: Decor & Entertainment LATHA YOUNGREN

Event hosts and guests have increased their standard for additional touches that can elevate the private dining and event experience, and the holiday season has proven to be no exception. They’re looking to venues for more than just a cocktail party or a sit-down dinner. This can come into play through the entertainment portion and also through different decor elements. We’ve pulled together some ideas that can fit every budget.

ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET Flowers don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you locate the wholesale flower area in your city or town and spend a little time there, you can walk away with some beautiful flowers for some do-ityourself arrangements to fit any theme. The key is to stick to a simple color palette or even a single color. Don’t be afraid to bring in some more playful elements like pepper plants that make a beautiful centerpiece. Another fun and virtually free idea is ice cubes with edible or flavor-enhancing holiday elements frozen in the middle. These can be both decorative and delicious and the possibilities are endless. Some ideas to spruce up holiday water (or libations): cranberries, figs, strawberries and basil, rosemary, mint, pomegranate seeds, and so much more! Candles (real or LED depending on what the rules are in your venue) are an easy way to add warmth to any space. Candles can be used in a multitude of ways beyond the traditional tabletop setting. Large pillar candles can be used as room dividers or to frame out a dance floor (LED recommended!). Candles inside white paper bags are simple, wintry, and an elegant way to light up a room. There are a number of fun winter elements that can be added to a cylinder vase, like cranberries and evergreen branches, along with a topiary candle. Or fill the vase with water and top it with a beautiful floating candle.


Seated | Fall 2018

MID-RANGE IDEAS Investing in a cool bar cart to use during the event season can add a fun “Mad Men” vibe, and you can stock it with signature cocktails. Guests of the event can play bartender and mix their own with some festive menu or blackboard with instructions. We love the look of the instructions written directly on kraft paper to cover the table if a bar cart isn’t an option for you. Mimosa bar, mojito bar, hot toddy station, or an old-fashioned theme are a few ideas you can use to get started.

MAKE YOUR OWN … fill in the blank! Guests love having control of some portion of the event and it is also an activity and decor in one. The displays can be beautiful with fun instructional elements like light up signs or chalk signs. Try holiday food themes, such as a hot chocolate bar, crepe making station, candy cane decoration, or cupcake designs.

Balloon canopies and balloon-filled ceilings can add whimsy, color, and fun to a stark space without breaking the budget. You don’t have to stick to red and green balloons — try metallics or white and blue to create a festive winter theme.

Seated | Fall 2018



UNLIMITED BUDGET Break out the snow machine and get ready to transform your space into a wonderful winter wonderland. This is a great option for any party, but especially in warmer areas that don't get a lot of snow — give them the feeling of winter without having to travel north! Photo booths have been around and popular for a while but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Guests love a memento of a fun night. Instead of an actual booth, creating a holiday background and providing compatible props is an easy way to get people into the spirit. If your budget really is no option, renting an inflatable snow globe that puts your guests at the center of their very own winter scene is a memorable souvenir. It’s a good idea to build a Rolodex of actual entertainers, which might sound overdone and outdated, but still stand the test of time as excellent event fun. Having a magician or tarot reader setting up shop during a party can be a great way to get conversations flowing. A quiz or trivia company can really liven up a holiday party and give guests the opportunity to bond over common random knowledge. We did this at Tripleseat for our holiday party last year and it was a blast!

The Glasshouses, Manhattan

The holiday season is so busy that it can be hard to find the time to be creative and come up with innovative ideas for your guests. Creating a menu of decor and entertainment options at the beginning of the season can be a great way to save time and set yourself up for holiday success! Differentiating yourself from the rest of the competition is a great way to ensure repeat business.

Holiday Event Guide


One fact that all event professionals understand is the chaos that ensues when holiday season event planning is in full swing. The calendar being booked up is obviously a good thing, but it can lead to stressful days in the hospitality world. You need to be at the top of your game for event season, and managing stress is key to getting the job done. Next time you find yourself with a busy week ahead, give your mind a break with one (or all) of these stress relieving tricks. Easy to do and instant results. Relax event pros, you deserve it!

Seated | Fall 2018

Part 4: De-stressing for the Holidays


Seated | Fall 2018



Get outside It may be the obvious first suggestion, but studies show the significant effect that time spent outside has on your mind. Not everyone has the time to hit the gym in the morning, so try taking some extra minutes physically outside if you are able. Take a phone call with you down the block or eat lunch on the outdoor patio. Any extra minutes of fresh air in your lungs can benefit your health and your mood. On the weekends take a jog through town, a hike up a mountain trail, or a day trip into the city. These can be short or long trips, whatever fits easily into your life schedule. Remember the point is to de-stress, so pick the outdoor time that works best for you.

Journaling It may not be for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it. Sometimes the best stress relief is simply taking all of the thoughts that fly around in your mind, and spilling them on a page in front of you. Journaling about goals, plans, and ideas may be the answer you need to get all of the things on your mind into one organized place. A journal is your own private space to keep your thoughts safe, so no need to worry about pleasing an audience. If you are not into old school pen and paper, start a journal section in your phone notes or create your own blog. There are many platforms out there that would work just as well to create the same outcome.

Time with friends Chatting, laughing, eating meals — there are endless benefits to quality time spent with the important people in your life. It is actually a fact that laughter can decrease stress hormones in the body. Who doesn’t like to laugh and also physically de-stress their body? Whether it be a venting session about the stress of your job or conversation to distract from that stress, your friends care about what you’re feeling and want to help however possible.

Designated do not disturb time It may not always be possible, but if it is, try to set a designated do not disturb time when you disconnect from your cell phone. Set boundaries with your team or your clients

that you may not be available at a certain time due to personal reasons. It may be a blocked off hour during the day where you don’t schedule appointments, or once you go home for the night and want to turn off work to fully focus on yourself or family. Every busy event professional deserves a break to breathe. The stress of your job should not have the power to consume your life, so do this for yourself and allow a little personal time.

New hobbies Who doesn’t love a book club or a relaxing session with paints and a canvas? Baking, coin collecting, museum visiting, fishing — there are endless ways to stimulate your interests outside of your job and personal obligations. New hobbies can connect you with new people, take you to new places, and teach you things that you never knew before. There's no better time than the present to pick up new interests.

De-stress for success These tips will get you through the holiday season, but keep them in mind throughout the year for other chaotic times like graduation season or Mother’s Day weekend, big wedding receptions, or the days where everything seems to go wrong. Reducing stress can help you handle anything that gets thrown your way, and that could lead to bigger and better things for your career — like promotions — in the future.

Give your mind a

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Jonathan has been involved in the restaurant and hotel business for 30+ years with roles ranging from a busboy at Abadessa’s in Hingham, MA, to line cook at Atlantic Café in Nantucket, to Floor Manager at Backbay Restaurant Group, to New England Regional Sales Manager for Starwood Hotels. Before starting Tripleseat, Jonathan was a VP of Sales for a web startup that delivered Business Intelligence reporting to the restaurant industry. When not working on making Tripleseat more awesome, Jonathan spends his time with his wife Lisa, twin girls, Eliza and Sophie and son Owen.





Latha’s (pronounced Lay-ta) interest in hospitality began at a young age, which led her to waitress throughout her high school years in Providence, RI. After graduating from Barnard College and working in publishing for a couple of years, she moved to Paris where she tended bar and worked at a magazine. After a brief stint in San Francisco, she made her way back to New York City where she worked in marketing and events for a variety of companies. She is thrilled to have landed at Tripleseat, where she heads up Marketing. Latha currently resides in Maplewood, NJ with her husband and 3 kids. She enjoys the summer most because Rosé All Day is a real thing!

Matt’s been working as a Designer since 2009, but has always been fascinated by user experiences and identity. Matt came into Tripleseat in 2016, gears turning, ready to create a fresh, functional, and friendly identity that would give Tripleseat the beautiful look and feel that our design-savvy industry demands. Matt lives on a vintage sailboat in Boston Harbor. Matt’s passionate about bringing people together. He follows his passion for public art, events, live music, and of course, sailing; always dreaming of the cruising life he hopes to find in his future. Matt designed many of these pages while pulling all-nighters in the office, so don't question the awkward layout.

KATE KENNEDY MANAGING EDITOR, DIRECTOR OF ENTERTAINMENT FULFILLMENT Kate has worked in Boston’s hospitality industry since she was 15. From bussing tables to bartending in college and grad school and then on to being a private events and marketing manager, she’s truly done it all in the world of restaurants. Kate started working at the best company on the planet, aka, Tripleseat in 2016 as a support team member. She absolutely loves being able to use her vast knowledge of the industry in a non restaurant setting. Kate grew up just north of Boston where she now resides with her husband and toddler son. Kate’s passionate about bourbon, her family, friends and her favorite pastime, running. So far she’s ran 17 marathons including 7 consecutive Boston Marathons. Other loves would be more bourbon, old school hip hop, food, beer and hockey (enjoyed on their own or all at once).

AZURE COLLIER EXECUTIVE EDITOR, AMBASSADOR OF BUZZ Azure joined Tripleseat as the Content Marketing Manager after working as the Social Media Marketing and Community Manager for Constant Contact. She also worked in marketing for higher education at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Fitchburg State University. She started her career as a print journalist in the Midwest at the Times of Northwest Indiana in Valparaiso, IN, and at the Journal and Courier in Lafayette, IN. She received a BA in communications and journalism from Purdue University, and an MS in applied communication from Fitchburg State University, where she completed thesis research on social media and young adults. She currently resides in Brooklyn, where there's always a restaurant open or delivering whatever you want whenever you want it!

50 Beharrell Street Concord, MA 01742

Cinder Morse Bluewater Hotel and Restaurant 50 Beharrell St. Concord, MA 01742

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Seated Holidays 2018  

This issue of Seated offers a holiday guide for event planners, a look at venues with the coziest holiday decor, and much more!

Seated Holidays 2018  

This issue of Seated offers a holiday guide for event planners, a look at venues with the coziest holiday decor, and much more!

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