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World Intellectual Property Day April 26



Get Up, Stand Up. For Music.

World Intellectual Property Day!


What is IP? Intellectual Property or IP is a legal term that refers to creations of the mind. Examples of intellectual property are: music, literature and other artistic works.

Why is IP Important? IP protection is critical to promote innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions. Similarly, artists would not be fully compensated for their creations. It stops others taking your work and using it as their own.


Get IP Smart! You own IP if you: • Created it • Bought the rights from the creator or previous owner • Have a brand that could be a trademark IP can: • Have more than one owner • Belong to people or businesses • Be sold or transferred The copyright symbol is generally followed by the name of the copyright holder and the year of first publication. The aim is to inform any third parties and to deter potential infringers.


The trademark symbol is only to be used if the IP has been filed with the trademark office.

Types of Protection

Examples of IP

Copyright (automatic right)

Art, photography, films, television, music, web content, sound recordings


Product, name, logos, jingles


Inventions and products. e.g. machine parts or medicine

Design rights (automatic right)

Shapes of objects

Registered designs

Appearance of a product including shape, packaging and patterns.


Protect your IP! Protecting your intellectual property makes it easier to take legal action against anyone who steals or copies it. You should keep your intellectual property secret until it’s registered, if it isn’t protected by an automatic right.

You can register your IP at www.gov.uk/intellectual-property 5

33% of students say they did

not believe their awareness and understanding of IP to be sufficient.


of students believe Only that IP is an important issue.


More than of students believed an awareness of IP to be relevant for them in their future career.


In 2011, (ÂŁ65.6bn) of knowledge investment in the UK market sector was protected by IPRs. 6

Two-fifths of respondents who had learned about IP said this was not assessed as part of their course.

Only 50% of students consider their tutors to be informed about IP.


The majority of IPR investment is on assets protected by copyright (46%), unregistered design rights (21%) and trademarks (21%).

Facts & Figures 7

according to recent UK based NUS research

Jo Ashburner Jo Ashburner is a UWTSD graduate entrepreneur who started her own business. She is an entrepreneurial role model with the Welsh Government, won the 2006 Business Woman of the Year and also won an award for most innovative product. Red Dragon Flagmakers is a social interest company that works to rehabilitate members of the community through upskilling and manufacturing. www.reddragonflagmakers.co.uk


What IP means to Jo...


IP is ownership of ideas, brand and business and I can’t recommend enough the importance of staking your claim if you’re serious about your ideas and business. I own the brand ‘Noonoo’and ‘Red Dragon Flagmakers’ amongst others – and both brands have been targeted and copied. Only because I took the initiative to invest in IP have I been successful in stopping those without an imagination of their own by presenting my proven ownership in trademark and product design through IP channels. If I hadn’t secured the IP for my businesses, the brand and businesses’ longevity would have been short lived. I believe that when starting out, even though I had to scrape together the pennies to buy the basics, the investment has been so very worth it in the long run. I’ve seen IP theft happen so many times so do not underestimate the appeal or the audience for your product and brand – once you go public, you will lose the right to both if you’re not covered. Remember - an application for a patent is pending for a period of time to allow you the space to try, test and tweak your ideas. If at the end of the pending period you have changed your design more than 20%, then consider re-applying for a new patent or amend the original and start the process over. A domain name, Twitter (and other social media) handle, trademark and company registration are also worth the comparatively little expense up front to give your business a chance of owning the name and identity at least.

Creative Bubble is an initiative between University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Swansea BID. It was set up in June 2013 to explore ways in which the two organisations could work together to make a positive impact on Swansea City Centre (socially, economically and culturally).

The Bubble does three things:


Supports Swansea BID in their City Centre activity/promotions (Swansea BID employ students/graduates as Swansea Ambassadors.)


Allows student managed pop-up events in the shop and across Swansea.


Carries out community engagement work that takes Creative Bubble into different areas within Swansea to run workshops and projects.


Creative Bubble encourages students from different courses to network and work collaboratively, using the empty shop as a base. Students have a safe environment to realise their dreams and ambitions through pop-up shops, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and film premieres.

“Because of my involvement in Creative Bubble, I have set up my own business AND have a job with a company I met via the project�

11 - Film & Television Graduate

It seeks to increase employability and act as a shop window (quite literally) to their talents and shares creative initiatives with the general public – often inviting them in to ‘have a go’. It also champions enterprise and entrepreneurial thinking. Projects such as ‘Pizza with a Pro’ invite successful entrepreneurs into the shop to share their experience with students. Real job opportunities have arisen from these events. We nurture ideas and show students that there is a commercial value to their skills. A team of Enterprise Interns make up the Creative Bubble team and gain invaluable experience generating new ideas and looking after the venture.

“Creative Bubble has helped me to see new ways I can sell my work - being an artist can also be a viable career” -Art & Design student


@CBSwansea /swanseacreativebubble www.uwtsd.ac.uk/creative-bubble Enquiries: Lucy Beddall, Creative Bubble, 13 lucy.beddall@uwtsd.ac.uk

IP Certification Earn yourself a free CPD accredited certification from the intellectual property office, include it on your CV and show your knowledge of IP. www.ipo.gov.uk/blogs/iptutor

IP Advice If you have a business idea and need support, contact Kathryn Penaluna for more advice on Intellectual Property. kathryn.penaluna@uwtsd.ac.uk

“Future generations should understand the ins and outs of intellectual property. This is important for everything from defending our biggest or newest brands to the copyright in pop music and the patents for life saving drugs.� - Baroness Neville-Rolfe


Dates not to miss 7th May - Robert Owen Challenge Enterprise Competion. Swansea Business School. 18th - 22nd May - Leesha Williams, third year Photography Student presents an exhibition about Gender. 3rd June - TEDxSwansea brings together bright minds to give talks that are idea focused. Swansea Grand Theatre. www.tedxswansea.com For more infomation on any of these dates, contact: amanda.hughes@uwtsd.ac.uk 14

Ryan Wong Ryan is a 3rd year Graphic Design Student at UWTSD, and has designed the front cover of the IP issue of Endeavor. “Throughout my time in University, I’ve learnt a lot of new skills in Graphic Design and this has opened many opportunities that I want to fulfil when I leave Swansea. I wish to work with a company that specialises with print design, as this is an area of graphic design that I particularly enjoy the most.”



Ross Weaver Editor

20 year old, second year Advertising & Brand Design student. Intellectual Property knowledge is paramount to success in a competitive world full of great ideas and design. Benefit from your creations by fully protecting them. Contact me at: ross.weaver@msn.com