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1 Cover: 07 Beach Ball ‘South Beach Nights’ 26 Home Tour: $8.4 million Paradise Valley home 27 Ballet Arizona’s ‘Dance with Me’ Fashions 35 Parada del Fashions! 37 Wedding Bells – Berren Costello

Peter and Jamie Lendrum with Patti and Fred Lau



16 Barrow Grand Ball 18 Phoenix Symphony Le Masquerade Gala 21 Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale

16 Leah Feiz-Erfan and Iman Erfan

Annual Holiday Luncheon 24 Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation Honor Ball 30 Fiesta Bowl Ball 32 Banner Good Samaritan Candlelight Capers Ball


Curt and Lisa Thompson

30 Matt Molina and Mindy Shields


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On the Cover:

Find out who’s behind the masks on page 18.

Meet the chairs of the 2007 Beach Ball and their husbands: from left, Steven Frye, Beach Ball co-chairs Letitia Frye and Karen Hoffman, and Jeff Hoffman. The 14th Annual Beach Ball “South Beach Nights” will be held March 10 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. Attire is South Beach Evening Chic. Proceeds benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Institute for Neurosciences and Behavioral Medicine. For tickets, call 602.546.5024. Location: AZ88 Bar & Restaurant, Scottsdale Photographer: Scott Foust (602.258.0050) • Hair and Makeup: Laura Flagler (602.579.8219)

Trends Is Growing! We’re looking for a top-notch advertising sales executive who wants to grow with us. Come to a place where beauty, style and the latest trends are all in a day’s work! Contact Trends Publisher Bill Dougherty at or 480.990.9007.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


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F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7

(photo taken in 1982)

By Bill Dougherty

La Dolce Vita Really fun, but totally unsubstantiated gossip Stop me if you’ve heard this already! Forget it – it’s too late. The freezing month of January 2007 kicked off the new year with two of the most beautiful balls this town has ever seen. It started over at the Arizona Biltmore, where beauties Sandy Magruder and Nancy Walker set into motion the Barrow Grand Ball. Even though make-up-artist-to-the-stars Laura Flagler was on maternity leave with her second Irish twin, both ball co-chairs looked radiant, dripping with class and all those jewels. The Gold Room played host to the grand evening’s swank cocktail reception, where everyone who matters mixed and mingled. Everywhere you looked you saw: Patti Lau (smashing in a pumpkin-colored halter gown), Daryl and Chip Weil, beautiful Leslie Budinger (who should let us photograph her once in a while), Francis Najafi and Dionne Fedderson, Barbara and Craig Barrett, Caryll and Jon Kyl, Jacquie and Bennett Dorrance, and Stevie and Karl Eller. Then we ran into C.A. Howlett and his fetching wife Nan, who will chair Heart Ball 2008. But you probably knew that already. Cathy and Leon Bentley were there, too. Leon must be given high marks for putting together a handsome black suit and cashmere turtleneck after discovering his dry cleaner was closed. He’s dapper enough to have realized that a black business suit and tie wouldn’t cut it. If you were there, you might have noticed the soul-shaking offspring of Sandy and Mac Magruder in the form

of their two staggeringly beautiful daughters Kristine Thompson and Shannon Barthelemy. But hold on a second. Nancy and Jimmy Walker’s head-spinning daughter Laurie Hunter also graced the ball in a black strapless gown. We’ll just say a lot of men probably needed neck braces the following day. The ballroom was lovely with sprays of light flora and just the right amount of lighting. Both were perfect. Everyone gasped! Anne Robbs was one of the first to take to the dance floor. She looked fabulous in an emerald-green beaded number. What a body! All those dance lessons for “Dancing with the Stars” may have helped a little, too. Mary Ellen McKee entered radiant in the same gown she wore as a Trendsetter Ambassador in the pages of Trends last June. I guess she liked the turquoise-and-apricot beaded gown so much she purchased it from Neiman Marcus after our photo shoot. Then there was the lady in red, Marilyn Harris, in eye-popping scarlet. If you missed her, you’d better see an ophthalmologist! Judy Hewson arrived and departed with sexy smoky eyes and black to the floor. Talk about hot! The evening came to a close with the entire ballroom singing “happy birthday” to Sandy Magruder. You should have been there. Elsewhere, Prue Brito and Judy Zaft, two ladies of equal wit and beauty, lit the last of the remaining candles for the Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation’s Honor Ball at The Phoenician. More than 900 people you know and want to be just Continued on page 15

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


La Dolce Vita like made the scene. Harriet Friedland charmed in a white sheath topped by a white ruffled cape. She was escorted by her handsome husband Jack. Also, there was much-adored Carol Critchfield looking glamorous and wrapped in the finest fur. Julie Kroot and Kim Anderson, two beautiful young women, cordially stopped for a photo. A note to their respective husbands – don’t let your ladies out of your sight, gentlemen. They’re much too attractive. Also in the crowd were Ina and Murray Manaster, Linda and Bill Pope, Priscilla and Michael Nicholas, Sandy and Frank Trznadel (the ball’s honorees), Laura and Dayton Grafman, and Keith and Patti Withycombe. Patti’s lime green gown topped by white fur had other ladies green with envy. Everyone raved about the centerpieces, courtesy of Angelic Grove. Three different centerpieces arranged with white flora only complemented the stars that dangled down to the tables. They were dressed in midnight blue, a color that seemed to be a favored choice in gown attire, too. Most danced until the sun rose as this year’s ball proved once again that elegance mixed with a little fun make the perfect affair. John Teets stopped to congratulate Charles Stuart (Phoenix’s answer to James Bond) for the outstanding job The Phoenician did on the menu, something that every ball chair will soon duplicate. And Trends was thanked twice for its support: once from the stage, plus our heart-stopping December cover featuring the event chairs and the foundation’s NOAH bus was projected on the giant screens that flanked the ballroom. It’s so nice to be appreciated.

Debi Bisgrove

January also brought immense sadness to the philanthropic community as Debi Bisgrove, a 1999 Trendsetter, lost her brave battle with cancer. At perhaps the most beautiful memorial service ever, great friends, including Ruth Lavinia, Lisa Shover and Robin Milne, paid tribute to one of the greatest women to have ever graced Phoenix. Debi had the ability to touch everyone around her and make all those who met her feel like they were the most important person in the room. That’s something few of us can claim. We are all much better people for having known Debi Bisgrove. She touched us all in so many ways. For a moment, Debi, we thought we might be able to keep you with us, but God had far more important things for you to do in heaven. We will miss you more than we ever could express.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Barrow Grand Ball Sandy and Mac Magruder

Bonnie Martin and Karen Meyer

Bob and Mary Ellen McKee

Glenna Shapiro and Pat Goldman

Nancy and Jimmy Walker

Nick Balich, Tochia and Stan Levine, and Diana Balich

Sharon Ulrich

Robert Taylor and Barbara Caldwell Taylor

Lisa Pagel

Carolyn and Bill Franke

Jim Cook and Kristine Thompson

THE MOST COVETED INVITE Only 300 members of the Valley’s most elite crowd received invitations. BELLE OF THE BALL Tie between Marilyn Harris and Anne Robbs. CLEARLY ABOVE IT ALL The Arizona Biltmore Resort Grand Ballroom. SPEECH THERAPY Women’s Board Chairwoman Muffie Churchill spoke eloquently about Barrow research.


F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7

Jennifer Frey, Laurie Hunter and Abby Traister Marilyn Harris

Kathleen Johnson

Cathy and Leon Bentley

David and Christine Gustafson with Shane Thompson

Penny and Larry Gunning

Anne Robbs with Jack and Marguerite Clifford

Betty and Nathan Norris

Robyn Lee and Rich Rector

Elizabeth Dragoo, Gee Gee Entz and Patti Gentry

Tom and Diane Might

Dionne Fedderson and Stevie Eller

Chip and Daryl Weil Donna Johnson

Sharon DuPont-McCord and Bob McCord

Nan Howlett with Caryll and Jon Kyl

Earl and Pat Petznick

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Phoenix Symphony Le Masquerade Gala David and Ann Lindner

Kathie Lee Gifford

Gerry and Peggy Murphy with Chris and Sally Hoffman

Martha Briggs with Cary and Fern Marnis

Gerard and Angie Hallier

Diane and Tom Might Michael and Alexis Christie with Mary Beth Oblong

Glenna and Larry Shapiro

Jimmy Nederlander, Sr. and Lee Solters

Victoria and David Glimcher Marilyn Hoffman with David and Marylyn Malkin

Mary Donna Lesniak

GLAMOUR UNMASKED From feathers to Phantom, an exquisite array of masks topped the season’s most beautiful and colorful ball gowns.

Neil Greenstein and Shirl Smith Viktoria and John Alofs with Karen and Mark Doerflein

Kristina Gustafson, Jimmy Nederlander, Jr., and Margo MacNabb

Hugh and Ruth Downs

A MIGHT-Y NEDERLANDER EFFORT Tom and Diane Might and family members Cristina and Matthew Might, Jessica Vaughn and Daniel Might, and Neela Balkissoon and John Might co-chaired the gala with the Nederlander family – Charlene and Jimmy Nederlander, Margo MacNabb and Jimmy Nederlander, and Kristina Gustafson. WHO NEEDS REGIS? Vocalist Kathie Lee Gifford performed with The Phoenix Symphony at the stroke of midnight.


F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7

Pat and Stanley Brillant with Jeanne Herberger

By Beth McRae

(photo taken in 1982)

Trendspotting From Arcadia to Carefree and Everywhere Between and Celebrating 25 Years!


or those of you who had the treCharcoal the cat is still part of mendous pleasure of knowing Debi my family. Bisgrove, you also know the deep and heartfelt sadness that has engulfed the community since she passed away recently. I do want to share a funny story that to me is quintessential Debi. Right after I moved back here in 2001, Bill and I were invited to the Bisgroves’ home for an event. I told Debi I was having problems with my cat Charcoal, as he was peeing on things around the home (OK, only Bill’s things, but anyway). She told me about a woman who helped her with her horses and had the ability to speak to them when they were troubled, sort of like a horse whisperer. I thanked her and set up an appointment. To Bill’s and my amazement, the cat whisperer spoke directly to Charcoal and asked him why he was so upset. According to her, Charcoal said Phoenix was too hot (he was from Northern California) and he did not like Bill. Oops. Oh, well. Bill and I married anyway, and Charcoal (now cured) still lives with us. We lovingly refer to this story and the “pet psychic” that Debi sent to us, and get a lot of chuckles whenever we tell it. Debi, we miss you. Recently, the effervescent Susie Wesley and her fun-loving husband Tim were spotted cutting a rug at Georgia Lindstrom’s 80th birthday party at Pinnacle Peak Patio. Lindstrom family members flew in from around the country to celebrate. You may know the name from their legendary carwash near 32nd Street and Indian School: Lindstrom’s Family Auto Wash. Happy birthday, Georgia!

C.A. and Nan Howlett


Jennifer Croll, Abby Traister and Mahsa Jaeger (owner of Mahsa Boutique) all headed to L.A. for market week in January. The girls stayed at the Mondrian in West Hollywood, where they had rooms overlooking Sunset Boulevard. And, of course, they also hit up the always-happening Hollywood scene dressed to kill in Mike&Chris, Phillip Lim 3.1, and Stella McCartney (all found at Mahsa Boutique). Friday night, the girls went to Le Deux, where they hung out in the courtyard in a banquette sandwiched between Shanna Moaklar on one side and Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian on the other. There was no drama though – it seems that the Paris/Shanna rift is so last month. Other celebs in attendance were Brody Jenner, Grant King, San Francisco socialite Jorja Gaskins, Hilary and Hailey Duff, Taylor Hicks and David Spade. Saturday night, the girls

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7

hit the ever-exclusive Hyde and then Teddy’s, where they danced the night away in the booth next to Orlando Bloom and his gang of British pals. Our scenesters had the following HUGE trends to report for Spring: 1. Ahoy Matey. Nautical themes and colors are making a major appearance for Spring. Lots of navy and red, lots of stripes, and the anchor/nautically inspired jewelry is way too cute to pass up! 2. The Dress. It’s easy, feminine and versatile... dresses (LOTS of them) are what you will be seeing and wearing all spring and summer long. It is what almost very designer is showing...short dresses in a variety of styles, prints and fabrics. Some great dress designers to look out for: Tart, Julie Brown, Ingwa Melero and Corey Lynn Calter (all can be found in Jennifer Croll boutiques this Spring). 3. The mod shift tunic/mini dress. Another trend for Spring is the super short shift dress, which is meant to be sort of boxy/poofy on the body (think ‘60s style) but shows off your tanned, toned legs and your fabulous new Christian Louboutin’s, and goes great with all of your gold accessories. It’s the new’s sweet and non-contrived, but oh so hot! Look out for these mod minis from Red Haute, Rachel Pally, Bow & Arrow and Madison Marcus. 4. Shorts. Jeans will always have a certain presence in your wardrobe, but if you want to look fresh and stylish this Spring, shorts are where it’s at! Shorts can look super cute with gold flats and a tunic for a day-look, or you can pair them with heels for a sexy night outfit. In other news...The Garage Boutique, a body shop for kids (a children’s boutique formerly at the Borgata), is the first tenant of The Mix Shops to open in old town Scottsdale. This cute new Modeling Garage fashions are boutique owned by Katie Wilson is located on Julienne DeSanto (daughter of Kathy and GregDeSanto) and Isabella Lafferty (daughter Stetson Drive and is a MUST see for moms with of Mike Lafferty and Denise VanDerBosche) stylish little ones and a great place to find gifts for showers, parties and birthdays. The Garage carries exclusive European collections such as Marc Jacobs for kids, Bill Tornade, Sonia Rykiel, La Perla and many others. Everything from European chocolates and lollipops to books that tell you how to con your kid...this place has it all. Charity Multiple Choice (or Fun with Philanthropy): At the recent Barrow Ball, which dutiful (and chivalrous!) husband accidentally checked another woman’s full-length mink coat, thinking it was his wife’s? A. Mac Magruder

B. Jimmy Walker

C. C.A. Howlett

D. Lee Hanley

If you guessed C, you were right. C.A. checked what he thought was Nan’s coat, which was hanging over a railing near the entrance to the ball. Meanwhile, Nan Laura and its owner were reunited at the had already checked hers. Fortunately, theGrafman coat and Lynn Lancaster end of the night.

Dillard’s and Boys & Girls Club Holiday Luncheon Sandy Schaefer, Gaylene Ori, Amy Gieszl and Lynn Whitman

Marilyn Stratton and Cindy Boyd

Patsy Leavitt, Elizabeth Rast, Judy Draper and Lyn Lundeen

Jerry Remaklus and Edi Remaklus

SILVER PLATTER 2006 marked the 25th anniversary of the Auxiliary of The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale’s annual Visions of Sugarplums Luncheon and Fashion Show. FASHIONABLE FUNDRAISER Fashion show attire for all shapes and sizes provided by Dillard’s. MARK YOUR CALENDAR Next year’s luncheon is set for Nov. 7 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort.

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Trends in PHOENIX TICKET TICKER Rembrandt’s Saskia van Uylenburgh

SOMETHING SPECIAL: Phoenix Art Museum is one of only three locations to host “Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art: Treasures from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.” Featuring 90 works by the 17th century Dutch masters, including 14 by Rembrandt van Rijn, the show runs now through May 6. In addition, PAM is presenting a full slate of programs, movies, music performances, and events, including a demonstration of 17th century Dutch fashion, to accompany the exhibition. Admission is free for museum members, and $18 for non-member adults. (602) 307-2090 or CHINESE WEEK 2007: Phoenicians can celebrate the Year of the Boar Feb. 12-18 at locations across the Valley. Highlights include a three-day culture festival Feb. 16-18 at the Chinese Cultural Center, 668 N. 44th St., Phoenix; a Chinese New Year banquet Feb. 17, and a variety performance from Taipei Feb. 18 at the Orpheum Theatre. (602) 534-2664 or

Arizona Broadway Theatre’s “Kiss Me, Kate”

GO ON, KISS HER: Arizona Broadway Theatre presents “Kiss Me, Kate” now through March 4. Now in its second year, ABT dinner theater in Peoria is earning high marks for high-quality, full-scale productions and menus that complement the show. (623) 776-8400 or

ENDOWMENT OPPORTUNITY As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, the Board of Visitors is accepting applications from local, non-profit organizations for a $1 million healthcare endowment. Preliminary proposals are due March 1. For details, call (602) 235-9554 or visit

Save the Date: TRUNK SHOWS Upcoming Trunk Shows and Designer Appearances

BILL BLASS (602) 326-7106 Feb. 28-March 6 Bill Blass New York trunk show at private home. Call to reserve personal appointment. DILLARD’S SCOTTSDALE (480) 736-2170 Mar. 15 Raja Bell personal appearance. Purchase $50 in Perry Ellis merchandise and receive an autographed basketball.

Blaze Collection at James Elliot

JAMES ELLIOT, THE BORGATA (480) 368-9009 Fridays in February and March: Blaze Collection diamonds NEIMAN MARCUS SCOTTSDALE (480) 990-2100 Feb. 12-13 Chanel handbags and couture Feb. 16 Personal appearance by luxury shoe designer Taryn Rose Feb. 23-24 Armani spring styles for men Mar. 1-3 St. John spring collection Mar. 2-4 White Dress children’s trunk show Mar. 15-17 Dana Buchman spring collection ROBB & STUCKY SCOTTSDALE (480) 321-8071 March 2 Robb & Stucky Interiors and Dodaz al fresco present outdoor living trends with HGTV host Joe Ruggiero. Call for reservations. SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, BILTMORE FASHION PARK (602) 955-8000 Feb. 15 Valentino handbag trunk show Feb. 18-24 Escada fashion week. Personal appearance by Escada senior designer Edward Wingate Feb. 23. Feb. 18-24 Ellen Tracy spring fashion week

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation Honor Ball

Julie Kroot and Kim Anderson

Honor Ball co-chairs Prue Brito and Judy Zaft with husbands Gil Brito and Joel Zaft

Honorees Sandy and Frank Trznadel

Mary and Tom Sadvary

Harriet and Jack Friedland

Robert Erdman and Carol Critchfield

Bob and Bella Duffy

Jim Cramer, Mary Davila and Randy Luster

Dorothy McGuire Williamson and Lowell Williamson Patty and Keith Withycombe Bob and Susan Rosepink

Richard and Nancy Joaquim Marci Bice

HEALTHCARE BECAUSE YOU CARE About $600,000 was raised to offset the medical-care costs of low-income, underinsured and underserved children. Scottsdale Healthcare Community Healthcare Services’ school-based clinics provide immunizations as well as primary healthcare. LOVED THE FLOWERS Angelic Grove created masterful white centerpieces with “shooting star” sprays, perfect against the midnight blue and silver decor. STARRY, STARRY NIGHT Dancers were showered with thousands of floating stars, courtesy of the Leonard Neil Orchestra from Los Angeles.




Lisa Heppler and Susan Fergus

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Home Tour Paradise Valley Estate

This $8.4 million home with guest house on the west side of Mummy Mountain was designed for outdoor as well as indoor living. The main house has four bedrooms, five full bathrooms, three elevators, an 1,800-bottle wine cellar, an exterior kitchen and eating bar, and a four-car, air-conditioned garage.

What makes a home worth $8.4 million? Not only location, location, location but also attention to detail. The collaborative efforts of Architecture Plus, Morgan Construction and Est Est Inc. have resulted in this elegant, but not fussy home tucked into the west side of Mummy Mountain in Paradise Valley. Builder-turned-real estate agent Jim Morgan constructed the home in 2003. He calls it a “trophy house for someone who wants top-of-the-line amenities.” The home’s list of exotic woods and materials alone is impressive, from Anegre and cherry woods in the master bedroom to clear cherry with Caecilian elm inlay panels and a Brazilian cherry herringbone floor in the library. Other amenities include five wet bars, 20-inch to 61-inch plasma and HD TVs throughout, a state-of-the-art upholstered theater with a 100-inch retractable screen and AMX wireless remote touch screen, a 120-gallon salt water aquarium built into the main wet bar cabinetry, even a coffee bar in the main kitchen that makes 100 shots per hour. The house is available for viewing through Baldwin Luxury Property Marketing. Call (602) 778-7111. Clear cherry wood with Mopa burl accent cabinetry and Brazilian cherry wood hardwood floor accentuate the kitchen. The adjoining family room features a Carpathian Elm burl entertainment center with 61-inch HD rear projection TV, a honed travertine floor, and automated sunscreens.

Elegant exotic woods are found throughout this home. The master bedroom fireplace is made from Anegre wood with an Emperador marble surround. Diamond cherry wood is used in the foyer between the bedroom, baths, closets and exercise room.




Prima Ballerinas

The chairs of Ballet Arizona’s Dance with Me Gala are en pointe in these dreamy ball gowns and jewels. The black-tie event will take place March 10 at the Phoenix Art Museum. Proceeds will benefit Ballet Arizona’s new production of “The Nutcracker.” For tickets and details, call 602.343.6520 or visit

Dance with Me Gala Co-Chair Debbie Bennett is wearing a strapless, white tulle ball gown with red, embroidered dots by Oscar de la Renta. Her jewelry includes a ruby-and-diamond spray ring by Nini Collection as well as an asymmetrical platinum-anddiamond neckpiece, diamond earrings with graduated rose-cut diamonds and a platinum-and-ruby bracelet from an estate collection. Photography: Scott Foust (602.258.0050) Hair and Make-up: Laura Flagler (602.579.8219) Location: Ballet Arizona Clothing and jewelry provided by Neiman Marcus Scottsdale (480.990.2100/

Dance with Me Gala Honorary Chair Jacquie Dorrance is wearing a black, strapless tulle ball gown with raffia banding by Oscar de la Renta. Her jewelry includes a triplestrand, Baroque gold-and-white necklace with South Sea pearls and diamonds, and a contemporary yellow sapphire-and-diamond ring, both by Nini Collection; a stack of fancy yellow-and-white diamond bracelets, and platinum-and-sterling silver pearl drop earrings from an estate collection.

Dance with Me Gala Co-Chair Sharron Lewis is wearing a navy-and-white, strapless faille fit-and-flare gown with polka dots by Oscar de la Renta. Her jewelry includes a diamond pave necklace and ring by Mimi So, a triple hoop bracelet by Roberto Coin, and a platinum and 2-carat diamond bracelet from an estate collection.

Fiesta Bowl Ball

Kathy Collins

Ellie and Michael Ziegler

Russ and Jen Poscorske, Mrs. Philip Rushing and Gwen Tilson (seated)

Jim and Diane McGowan

Fiesta Bowl Ball Queens Stephanie Holland, Christina Gonsalves, Kimberly Joiner and Allie Gilliland Liz and John Pierson

Kris and Chuck Hauff with Mary Williams

Laurie Featherston and Helen Mohr

ALOHA, SOONERS Competing head honchos Danny Davis from Oklahoma University and Herman Frazier from University of Hawaii were among the party-goers. SHE’S OUR QUEEN Ellie Ziegler, a 1996 Trends Fashionality, and hubby Michael presented the ball. FAVORABLE HIGH NOTES Each of the 1,100 guests received a CD of music from that night’s performer, ETA Entertainment, as well as Joseph Schmidt chocolates.




Edward and Amy Stewart with Eula and George Dean Deborah and Tim Treguboff

Lea and Lou Werner

Biltmore Skin Care Center Love The Skin You’re In

ASK THE EXPERTS: Skin Care 101 Jan Dupuy, RN Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Skin Care Owner of Biltmore Skin Care Center Ask: I’ve had a little too much fun in the sun and now I have these brown spots on my face. What can be done about these? Answer: Without a consultation it’s hard for me to tell exactly what’s going on with your skin. There are however many things that can be done to reverse the signs of sun damage and aging skin. We live in a great time! The science and technology of skin care is growing as fast as we baby-boomers are demanding it and the results are very impressive. Medical grade home care products, Micropeels, Photo Facial Rejuvenation and even some types of lasers are doing wonders to return our skin to a younger, healthier state without a lot of down time. I always say… great looking skin is your best fashion accessory. Let’s resolve to make yours beautiful! Ask: Are tanning beds really bad for you? I just want to look healthier and besides when I’m tan, I think I look thinner. Answer: Yes! Tanning beds are unhealthy for your skin. Over exposure to UVA and UVB rays is down right dangerous. Skin cancer is on the rise and sadly we are seeing it in younger and younger patients. Besides the “baked” look is definitely passé. Just flip through the pages of this magazine and you’ll notice that even the most prominent women in our Valley aren’t sporting a tan. Do you really want to tell Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger and Kate Winslet (just to name a few) that a tan would make them look thinner? Having said that, if you still think you need a tan there are many wonderful fake tanners available for both your body and face. The improvements in these products are fantastic! They are available in convenient travel packets, are odorless and streak free. I’d be happy to make some recommendations on those and a brand new sunscreen that was recently approved by the FDA that blocks UVA rays ( the really aging rays) 100%. This is one time when faking it, is a good idea! Stay tuned! Next month, I’ll discuss picking the right Plastic Surgeon for you! Be smart and be safe. All consultations are complimentary at:

2398 East Camelback Road, Suite #780 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Send Questions & Comments to: Proudly Associated with Barry Fernando, MD (Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon)

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Biltmore Skin Care Center 602-224-6100


52nd Annual Candlelight Capers Ball Candlelight Capers Ball Co-Chairs John Mattox and Janet Post Mattox

Leah LewisHendrikse, Leslee Alexander and Tanya Gately

New puppy parents Pat and Frederick Kenny

Mark Smith and Susan Edwards

THEY’VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY Candlelight Capers started more than 50 years ago as a tea dance and holiday social gathering. Today, it is Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center’s primary fundraiser. Nathan and Judy Laufer Diane Heyl, Barry and Patricia Kriegsfeld, and Pat Scheckner.




VIRTUAL REALITY Proceeds from the 2006 gala helped support Banner Good Samaritan’s Simulation Education and Training Center with a focus on virtual reality trainers and medical mannequins.

Black-Tie Calendar Attire is black-tie unless otherwise noted

Fresh Start Fashion Gala 2007 Fresh Start Women’s Foundation February 10 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.261.7126

Suns & Stars 2007

Phoenix Suns Charities February 10 JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort and Spa Information: 602.379.7767 Cocktail Attire

Good Night, Sleep Tight: A Storybook Evening Crisis Nursery February 23 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Information: 602.273.7363 Cocktail attire

Night of Gold Ball

Celebration of Caring ‘New York, New York’

Assistance League of Phoenix February 24 The Ritz-Carlton Information: 602.944.7636 Black-Tie Optional

Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Stars Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix February 24 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.954.8182 or visit Cocktail attire

Oscar Night America

Arthritis Foundation February 25 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.264.7679

John C. Lincoln Health Foundation February 24 Camelback Inn Resort Information: 602.870.6306, ext. 1730

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 Or E-mail

CASS 6th Annual Gala

Central Arizona Shelter Services March 3 Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center Information: 602.256.6945, ext. 3055 Cocktail or Mardi Gras attire

Dance with Me Gala

Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre Gala and Silent Auction

Children’s Theatre, Mainstage Theatre and Actors Café March 23 Scottsdale Hilton Resort and Villas Information: 480.483.1664, ext. 1

Ballet Arizona’s New ‘Nutcracker’ March 10 Phoenix Art Museum Information: 602.343.6520 or Black-Tie Optional

Celebrity Fight Night

14th Annual Beach Ball

Hurray for Hollywood 15th Annual Charity Gala

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Institute for Neurosciences and Behavioral Medicine March 10 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.546.5024 Beach Wear to Ball Wear

Celebrity Fight Night Foundation March 24 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Information: 602.956.1121

Child Crisis Center-East Valley, Save the Family Foundation of Arizona March 31 Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa Information: 480.985.1724

Celebrate Youth Dinner & Auction

Galaxy Gala 2007

AAHA! An Auction of Heirlooms and Art

007-Shaken, Not Stirred

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale March 10 Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center Information: 480.860.5520 Black-Tie Optional

Not-for-profit Hospice of the Valley March 17 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.636.6380 Cocktail attire

Arizona Science Center April 14 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.716.2014 Cosmopolitan Cocktail attire

Craniofacial Foundation of Arizona April 28 Sandra Day O’Conner Building Information: 480.753.1800 Cocktail Attire

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Valley Events February 11

Mona Foundation Inaugural Fashion Show and Luncheon Grayhawk Golf Club Tickets: $75 Information: 480.363.8587

February 16

February 24

Junior League of Phoenix 70th Annual Rummage Sale Arizona State Fairgrounds Tickets: $4 8 a.m.-noon, free 1-4 p.m. Information:

February 24

Women of Scottsdale Woman of the Year Luncheon Westin Kierland Resort Tickets: Call for information Information: 480.391.6585

Esperanca, Inc. International Health Programs Mardi Gras Venue of Scottsdale Tickets $150 Information: 602.252.7772/

February 17

February 25

Arizona Kidney Foundation Children’s Art & Literature Luncheon Westin Kierland Resort Tickets: $35 and $70 Information: Susan Thompson at

Body Positive, an HIV and AIDS Research and Resource Center Tour for Life Exquisite Home Tour Location included with ticket Tickets: $75 Information: 602.307.5330, ext. 2219

February 18

Heart to Heart Pet-a-Rama Meet Your New Best Friend Phoenix Steele Park Tickets: $25 in advance, $30 at event Information: 602.570.2755

February 26

GuitarMania 2 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona Guitar Auction Casino Arizona Tickets: TBA Information:

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 Or E-mail




March 3

Brophy Auction 2007 Dance Fever Harper Great Hall Tickets: $200 per person Information:

March 4

Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Phoenix Children’s Hospital Kidz Fashion Friendz Scottsdale Culinary Institute Tickets: $65 for adults, $25 for children, children under 12 for free Information: 480.595.9590

March 5

Casino Arizona benefiting CARE Egg Beater Golf Tournament Talking Stick Golf Course Registration: $500, $1600 for four people Information: 480.451.6613

March 8

Phoenix Art Museum Arts & Flowers Preview Party Tickets: $110 Information:

March 10

Anytown Arizona Inc. Celebrity Mixer and Poker Tournament Pioneer Village Tickets: $250 per person, $200 for registered members, Nationwide Poker Tour Information: 602.265.9256 or

March 11

The New Foundation Lark in the Park Phoenix Zoo Tickets: Advance: $15 adult, $7 ages 4-12; at event $20 adult, $10 ages 4-12 Information: 480.945.3302 ext. 152

March 17

American Society of Interior Designers ASID Designer Sample Sale Arizona Design Center Tickets: Free. Open to the Public Information: 602.569.8916

March 19

Gene Autry Courage Awards Awards Dinner to Celebrate Heroism Marriot Buttes Resort Tickets: Call for information Information: 480.940.8666

March 19 through March 25

Banner Health Foundation Cancer Programs 2007 Safeway International LPGA Tournament Prospector Course at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club Tickets: $20 one day, $50 all-week pass Information: 602.495.GOLF

March 23

Christian Family Care Agency Annual Garden Brunch and Fashion Show Private Residence Tickets: $35 per person Information: 602.234.1935 or

Parada Del Fashions

February and March take on an extra boot-scootin’ flavor when the Scottsdale Jaycees Parada del Sol returns. The month-long celebration culminates with the annual parade, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Associationsanctioned rodeo, dancing and concerts. What will the best-dressed Parada-goer be wearing? Saba’s Western Wear provided Trends Magazine with the answer. Our models are Morgan Gardella, whose dad Tony was Parada Boss in 1990 and 2003, and Jake Jacobson, the newly elected Scottsdale Jaycees president.

Jake is wearing a Cinch pink and gray plaid shirt ($50), Wrangler premium patch low-rise jeans ($45), a Resistol Travis straw hat ($69) and a Tony Lama Taos concho belt ($56). Morgan is wearing a Panhandle Slim Brooks and Dunn retro embroidered blouse ($69) and a Cruel Girl low-rise jeans with a long-stem rose on the leg ($70).

Parada del Sol Events For details, visit or call (480) 990-3179. Parada del Sol Parade Feb. 24 10 a.m. Scottsdale Road, from Oak Street to Indian School Road. The Trails End Celebration with live music and family fun follows in Old Town Scottsdale. Parada del Sol Rodeo Dance & Concert March 2-3 Friday at Handlebar-J, 7116 Becker Lane, near Scottsdale and Shea, and Saturday at WestWorld of Scottsdale 54th Annual Parada del Sol PRCA Rodeo March 2-4 WestWorld of Scottsdale Photos and Text: Wendy Miller Fashions Provided by Saba’s Western Stores: Location: The home of Bill and Delora Bridwell

Morgan is wearing a Cruel Girl blouse with plaid rhinestone yoke ($68), Wrangler sugar-glazed, low-rise jeans ($48), and Dan Post inlay-distressed boots ($125). Jake is wearing a Scully chisum-snap shirt ($60), Tony Lama full-quill ostrich boots ($399), a Tony Lama black Cheyenne belt ($64) and a Resistol 4x Dalton hat ($119).

Morgan is wearing a denim jacket with hand-sewn beadwork by Gordon & James ($300) and a lace brim concho hat by Wrangler ($66).

Morgan is wearing a Cripple Creek lamb fringe jacket with conchos ($359). Jake is wearing a Scully Apache fringe jacket ($199).

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Pet of the Month Chastity

This adorable puppy was surrendered to our shelter because her former owner had to move and could no longer care for her. Chastity is a 5-month-old, female Treeing Walker Coonhound. She’s a sweet girl with a lovely tricolor coat that feels so soft when you pet and cuddle with her. You will melt when you look into her gorgeous brown eyes. Chastity absolutely loves prancing around the backyard. She likes to play with chew toys, small squeaky toys, soft fleece toys and rubber balls. Since Annie is in the puppy stages, she will definitely benefit from housetraining and obedience training. You’ll be happy to know that Treeing Walker Coonhounds are easily trainable, extremely loyal and very intelligent. Although Chastity has never been around other pets, it’s reasonable to guess that she would be an excellent addition to any loving family because she is a real sweetie pie. She loves doing lots of family activities, mostly ones that involve a challenge. Chastity is already spayed and available for adoption at the Arizona Humane Society’s Campus for Compassion, 1521 W. Dobbins Road, Phoenix. Her $125 adoption rate includes spaying, first vaccinations, a free veterinary examination, a collar, a leash, an I.D. tag and other goodies. Chastity may have already found a new home when you arrive, but the shelter has many other wonderful pets all waiting for loving homes. For more information, call (602) 997-7586 or log on to The Arizona Humane Society is a private, nonprofit organization funded by donations. The AHS’ Phoenix adoption centers are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Mondays and holidays

Nominate Your Favorite Best-Dressed Man or Woman in the Valley Nominate your favorite best-dressed woman or man (yourself included) to become a Trends style icon. Five men and five women will be selected and then presented at the Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) Celebrity Luncheon April 26 at The Phoenician.

Nominee Name_ _______________________________________________________________________________

All nominees will be published in a future issue of Trends, so don’t be shy about nominating one or more style icons that you know look great.

Why should this person be selected a style icon or best dressed? _____________________________________

Trends 2006 Best-Dressed Men and Women were: Bert Alanko, Jonathan Elias, Harriet Friedland, Kimberly Jacobsen, Patrick McGroder, Mary Ellen McKee, Priscilla Nicholas, Rick Ross, Marcia Roth and Ray Slomski. Deadline is March 19. The list of previous honorees and a downloadable nomination form can be found on our Web site: Please fax to TRENDS at 480.990.0048. Thanks! Questions? Call Bill Dougherty at 480.990.9007 or e-mail




Nominee Phone Number(s)

– so we can contact them if selected


Nominee E-mail Address _ _______________________________________________________________________

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Wedding Bells THE COUPLE Ms. Melissa Berren of Scottsdale Mr. Dan Costello of Scottsdale NUPTIALS AND RECEPTION






Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

Designed by the groom

Michael and Esther Berren of Tucson Jack and Merle Costello of North Scottsdale


Cactus Flowers (creamy Virginia roses with blush of pink, white ranunculus with pink edges, cymbidium orchids, tulips and freesia)

THE BRIDAL GOWN Anne Barge Couture

Ivory Orchid Photography


$ Bride’s brother served

as her “best man.”

$ Bridal party featured in

music video of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” $ Bridal couple practiced

four months for their first dance, an intense dance to Harry Connick, Jr.’s “Recipe for Love.”

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


By Karen Dawson

Trends in Dining ‘The Vig’ Dining Review Living in Arcadia for nearly 12 years, I eagerly await for new places to appear. Well, driving up 40th Street one afternoon, poof, there it was, The Vig, an unassuming little brick building with a spacious patio and outdoor fireplace at 40th Street and Indian School. The Vig opened Jan. 10 and has potential. It is owned by long-time Valley restaurateurs Tucker Woodbury, formerly of That’s A Wrap and The Rocking Horse Saloon, and Jim Riley of The Blue Moose. My friends and I returned for dinner the following evening and immediately liked the atmosphere, a slight industrial look with a diverse crowd and cozy bar. We were all thrilled to find this new neighborhood gem, but the excitement somewhat faded with dinner. The menu reads nicely but lacks in execution. For appetizers, our table shared artichoke dip ($8.95) and pasole ($7.75). The artichoke dip was lukewarm and overly salty. The pasole was described as pork Spanish stew served with a roll, but it was clearly soup. To add insult to injury, the roll was replaced by tortilla chips




instead. When we asked our server where the rolls were, the only explanation we were given was that it just happens sometimes. Hmmmm… The chop chop salad ($8.95) was just so-so. It’s more or less a cobb salad; however, the chicken breast was left in one large piece. The poultry was difficult to cut and just plain unattractive. The chicken manicotti entrée ($11.95), a panko-crusted chicken breast atop ricotta and basil-stuffed manicotti with marinara sauce, didn’t do it for me either. On the upside, the bistro tenderloin ($11.95) with garlic-mashed potatoes was properly cooked and flavorful; although the potatoes were too heavy on the garlic for my liking. I gave The Vig a try for lunch with mixed emotions. I was left disappointed with a trio of bland hummus ($7.95). On the other hand, the Vig Azz Burger ($8.95) made from prime Angus beef, peppered bacon and smoked Gouda was tasty. So was the French dip ($9.95), which is complemented by a honey port, rosemary jus. Lunchtime can get quite noisy, especially if it is a big sports day. There are several large screen TVs, and the speakers are cranked to deafening decibels. The bacci ball court provides a welcome break from the din.

The Vig is most assuredly destined to become one of the Camelback Corridor’s popular watering holes. As it should be. The faces are friendly, the atmosphere is buoyant, the prices are right, and it’s a charming nook of a place without the pretentiousness of some neighboring restaurants and wine bars (Come on, you all know where I mean.). There are considerable food kinks to be worked out – The food needs some better quality ingredients and more attention to detail. But as I look into my crystal restaurant ball, I believe good things are on the way for The Vig. I will revisit and follow up on some hopeful food progress. Also on the horizon, just next door to The Vig, Tucker and Jim are opening Moxie, a “burger joint” with homemade pressed, flat-grill burgers. No fancy schmancy burgers will be here. I’ll keep you posted. Location: 4041 N. 40th St., Phoenix 85018 Hours: Mon-Sun 11 a.m. to last call (1 or 2 a.m.) Atmosphere: Neighborhood friendly Noise level: Very loud when busy Dress: Post golf course to nice casual Overall Rating: *1/2 **** = Extraordinary *** = Excellent ** = Good * = Fair None = Poor

New Advertisers in Trends Angelic Grove

Do Me A Favor

Established in 2001, the Angelic Grove event floral design studio is dedicated to the finest in environmental design. Located in downtown Phoenix, the studio has a unique approach to event design – it creates environments where tradition flirts with the edge. Husband-and-wife team Mark and Angela Karp bring a wealth of experience to event staging. They have a lengthy client list, illustrating Angelic Grove is at the top of the list for the finest venues and the most demanding designers, prestigious publications and discerning celebrities. Angelic Grove has created stunning environments for some of the largest charity functions in the Valley. These include the Heart Ball, Phoenix Art Museum grand opening, Candlelight Capers, Barrow Grand Ball, Honor Ball, Phoenix Suns’ Suns and Stars, and Celebrity Fight Night. Angelic Grove has created breathtaking environments through the United States and abroad, and can travel to the destination of your choice.

Whether the occasion calls for a small but exquisite item that fits the event, a fun and unique present for a special person, or an elaborate gift box custom designed for the person you want to celebrate, a gift from Do Me a Favor will always convey your thoughtfulness. At Do Me a Favor, the gift presentation says as much as the gift itself since both communicate the giver’s thoughtfulness and consideration. That is why the store has a wrapping paper library filled with papers to match the personalities and occasions of gift recipients. The life of its gift boxes often extends long past the unpacking of the gifts they embrace. Gift possibilities include William Yeoward crystal, Match pewter and Jan Barboglio creations, along with French lavender, Richard Tyler silk pajamas, leather desk blotters from Italy and pampering soaps from Europe. For its customers’ convenience, the store delivers in the Valley and ships nationwide.

Angelic Grove, 605 E. Grant St., Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85004. By appointment only. Contact: Mark and Angela Karp. Phone: (602) 462-9700 Fax (602) 462-0958 Website:

Do Me A Favor, 835 E. Camelback Suite 102, Phoenix, Arizona 85014. Partners: Pat Petznick, Mary Upchurch and Jennifer Ebert. Phone (602) 200-0190 Fax (602) 200-0192 Website:

JuJu Lacouture

Foothills Wood Transformations

JuJu Lacouture fashion boutique opened October 2006 in Scottsdale. Owners Michel and Joelle Benharbon, who have been active in Valley retail since 1997, have stocked their shop with fashion to appeal to young adults and women. Ladies can build a solid wardrobe of classic and chic clothing, shoes and accessories. Then they can update their outfits with a wide assortment of affordable colorful and trendy pieces. JuJu Lacouture carries Hale Bob, Antik Denim, Joolay, Penny Loves Kenny and other designers.

Established in 2004, Foothills Wood Transformations manufactures custom home furnishings and cabinetry in a variety of hardwoods for all rooms of the house. Each handcrafted piece is designed and built to the client’s specifications by FWT’s president, Amy Friedenberger. With 15 years experience in woodworking, Friedenberger and her family oversee each chair, table, credenza and cabinet. There are no assembly lines or automated machinery. Freidenberger’s goal is to produce the highest quality product possible, exceed customer expectations, and provide only the best in customer service and satisfaction.

JuJu Lacouture, 7366 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 106, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. Contact: Joelle and Michel Benharbon (480) 991-2614 Fax (480) 776-1810. Website: Editor’s note: The information contained or provided in New Advertisers in Trends is intended for general informational purposes only. Opinions expressed herein are the views of individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, policies and/or procedures of Trends Magazine.

Foothills Wood Transformations, 411 W. Mountain Vista Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85045. Contact: President Amy Freidenberger, Business Development Dean Babb, Phone (480) 861-3289. Fax (480) 460-4257. Website: (under construction)

F E B R U A RY 2 0 0 7


Arcadia – Gated estate on a 40,000+ SF lot. Street feels like a country lane. Top-of-the line gourmet kitchen open to the family room. Large game room. All the rooms are spacious. Expansive lush grounds. 5BA/5BA/6,229 SF MLS#2654197 $2,775,000

Main Street Plaza – New construction mid-rise condo located in Downtown Scottsdale. Walking distance to many cultural events, various art galleries and array of restaurants. 2BD/2.5BA/ 2,503 SF MLS#2659496 $995,000

Vintage home in North Central offers a rare opportunity to own a ‘magic’ piece of old Phoenix. Perfectly restored and updated in the past year. All new gourmet kitchen, updated baths and guest house! Venetian plastered or hand plastered walls, hardwood flooring. 5BD/5.5BA/6,400 SF MLS#2675521 $1,785,000

Since Sandra Baldwin began her phenomenal real estate career in luxury home sales over twenty years ago, she has recorded over a billion dollars in sales. Sandra’s professionalism, powers of negotiation and extensive knowledge of the upscale real estate market give her a sales record unsurpassed in Arizona. #1 residential agent in Arizona over the past two decades, among the top luxury agents around the globe – The numbers speak for themselves. For more information on these fine homes or to launch a customized property search please visit

Spectacular Scottsdale penthouse-type unit with expansive view terrace and superb custom finishes. Open spaces, sleek surfaces, hardwood floors, lots of stainless steel and glass Walk to everything. 1BD/2BA/2,008 SF MLS#2658209 1,375,000

More than a billion dollars…more than a billion reasons to select Sandra Baldwin to represent your luxury home transaction.


Southwest Treasure with contemporary flair was nine years in the making. On 5 acres overlooking city skyline and Camelback. Exquisite custom details in and out. Designed by Gerry Jones. Truly spectacular. 4 BD/5.5BA in 8,694 SF MLS#2672189 $16,650,000

One of the finest hillside homes in Paradise Valley. Wonderful floor plan featuring both grand and comfortable spaces. Open kitchen/family room, master suite with sumptuous bath, en suite supporting bedrooms, game room with bar and media room. Negative-edge diving pool and spa, plus casita. 6BD/8BA/9,800 SF MLS#2672197 $8,395,000