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S O C I E T Y | FA S H I O N | H O M E | D I N I N G | A R T Established in 1982



Cath e rin e Jacobs on | 6 02.790 .1 9 9 2

4040 East Keim Drive | Paradise Valley 3+ Acre Hillside Lot $3,600,000 | MLS# 6142166

L i b by Co hen | 60 2 . 2 9 1 .1 4 4 6

5650 North Echo Canyon Drive | Phoenix 3BR | 2.5BA | 3,728 SQ FT $1,725,000 | MLS# 6145629


Julie Roh r | 6 02. 31 7 . 5 667

27156 North 98th Way | Scottsdale 4BR | 5BA | 5,196 SQ FT $6,600,000 | MLS# 6138946


C hr i st y D ea n | 60 2 . 3 2 7 . 0 69 7

9863 East Buteo Drive | Scottsdale 4BR | 4BA | 4,661 SQ FT $1,510,000 | MLS# 6072995

EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE DESIRABLE Natural Fancy Purple-Pink Diamond GIA 3.51 CTS | VVS 2

VOLUME 38, NO. 6


Remembering Don Ulrich


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Trendy Dining Crust, Simply Italian


Trendy Etiquette Entertaining with Pandemic Panache


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Retro Trendy Reading Blood and Money


Society Hospice of the Valley


Wedding Bells Hendricks/Kazimierek


Charity Spotlight Phoenix Heart Ball


Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale

ON THE COVER Stylist: Margaret Merritt Assistant: Christine Eastman Make up: Diane Aiello Hair: Heather Gray w/Leidan Mitchell Salon Fashions: Neiman Marcus Scottsdale Models: The Agency AZ Location: Neiman Marcus Scottsdale Photography: Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale




CHRIS KARAS | (602) 919- 6511 |



Don Ulrich By Bill Dougherty

The winds of changes are not always kind. Last month we not only lost one of our greatest Fabulous Phoenicians, but also one of the finest people many of us have ever known. Don Ulrich, who did so much to make our community and world a better place, passed to the heavens after an extraordinary life. If I remember back, I was in my second year as a reporter for Trends when I was introduced to Sharon and Don Ulrich by Betty and Ham McRae. I remember thinking to myself that this man and his wife were at the very pinnacle of the society food chain, yet they were both so kind and generous. Such is not always the case. Later that year, Don was awarded the prestigious Fabulous Phoenician award by our publication. His speech was hysterical. Don was not only witty but humbled at the honor. In business, Don Ulrich was a maverick. He had started his illustrious career as schoolteacher but needed supplemental income for his wife and family. He decided to take a job as a truck driver for the Coca-Cola company and this single decision would shape the rest of his life. By the time Don handed in the keys to his soft drink truck at the beverage giant, he had done everything! He would eventually end up as a Senior Vice President for the company and turned everything he touched into gold. He would go on to own the fourth largest Coca-Cola franchise. Along the way he was put in charge of all U.S. bottlers and bottle and marketing sales nationwide. Don was at the forefront of the introduction of Diet Coke in 1982. The decision to launch Diet Coke would be hailed as the most successful campaign for new product introduction in the history of consumer-packaged goods. But things for Don did not stop there. He would eventually strike a deal with the soft drink company that would lead to the standardization, restructuring and streamlining of the product. These decisions would take his family around the country. Since the Ulrichs enjoyed living in Phoenix in the early 1970s, they returned to the Valley when Don retired from Coke in 1989. To list Don Ulrich’s philanthropic endeavors would be too taxing. However, Ham McRae and he were instrumental in establishing Food for the Hungry, an organization that would not only feed the less fortunate in the Valley, but also around the world. Together with his wife Sharon the couple would go on to become steadfast volunteers and donors to the National Actors Studio, Ballet Arizona, Arizona State University Foundation, the Arizona Board of Regents and the Barrow Neurological Institute. But these were just a few of their favorite things. He was exceptionally dapper and made our Best Dressed list in 2003 and his debonair appearance and style left women swooning. In the end Don Ulrich, was just like the Coca-Cola slogan, “The Real Thing.” He will be missed.


VOLUME 38, NO. 6

Publisher: BILL DOUGHERTY Editor-in-Chief: BETTY McRAE Travel Editors: LAUREN AND IAN WRIGHT Food Writer: LAURIE FLORENCE-MANUCCI Advertising Manager: PATRICE METZLER 480.276.2282 | Executive Consultant: TRISHA ANTHONY | SUZANNE EDER | HEATHER MORRISON New York Correspondent: JJ BUCHANON Los Angeles Correspondent: JENNIFER BENTLEY Art Direction: STEPHANIE SWEET, SWEET DESIGNS Fashion Photographers: SCOTT FOUST STUDIOS | JOHN HALL Senior Society Photographers: SALLY AND PETER KRZYKOS Trends Makeup and Hair Stylist: LAURA FLAGLER | KAREN HALL | MARY BETH YORK Lifestyle Editor: BARBARA KAPLAN Fashion Editors: SAMANTHA DEROSE Protocol Editor: HEATHER WAGENHALS Society Editors: CAROL BENNETT | GEORGE BENNETT | J.J. BREWER GRACE CARPENTER | VERONICA COOK | MAYA FOX RHONDA KRETCHMAR | GAIL LITTLETON | COLLIER PORTER MICHELLE ROONEY | KATHY SCHEIB | BOB STEARNS NICOLE STEARNS | SHEREE TWITTY Certified Public Accountants: THOMAS S. HOLLY, CPA, PLLC Printing: PRINT MEDIA Information Technology: BEN AMES Music Production: CHRIS BECKLEY/THE PRODUCTION GROUP Fashion Coordinator: MARGARET MERRITT Trends Charitable Fund Board members are Marilyn Alexander, Nikki Balich, Charlene Berge-Blum, Lee Courtney, Kathryn Petsas, Molly Stockley and Susie Wesley SUBSCRIPTIONS: To guarantee receiving every issue of TRENDS, send a check for $25 (one year), $45 (two years) or $70 (three years) to Trends executive office (address below). Subscription will start the next month of publication. No refunds. Please send checks and address changes to: TRENDS Publishing 5150 E. Orchid Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 Phone: (480) 990-9007 Website: Published monthly October – May by Trends Publishing. Editorial E-mail: Advertising E-mail: © 2020 ISSN 0742-034X


8 BR 9 BA 14,458 SQFT 8 CG



he Sotheby’s International Realty mobile app the only luxury real estate app that serves operties in 72 countries. Experience homes your mobile device like never before with mersive 3D property tours and our new


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Frank Aazami, 480.266.0240 | Private Client Group RUSS LYON | SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY



We actively engage with online networks of people passionate about fine living. The Sotheby’s International Realty brand creates exclusive content on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WeChat, our very

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Smiles and Beyond “Smiles” Can you tell me about the organization Smiles and Beyond? Smiles and Beyond “Smiles” provides the gift of a restored smile to men and women who have experienced incarceration or domestic violence and are committed to rebuilding their lives. It is very difficult for people to find work with bad teeth and without confidence or a smile. A smile is typically the last step toward a new life! How many people have you been able to help through this program? Through our dental network of over 70 dentists and 12 labs, we have provided dental work for over 425 recipients. In 2019 alone, our dental network donated approximately $885,000 in dental services. Of these 425 recipients, none have returned to prison or their abuse situations which is a testament that a smile truly does change everything. Where do Smiles and Beyond recipients come from? There are many places we receive applicants from including other local partner resources like Maggie’s Place, Alongside Ministries and the Phoenix Rescue Mission. We also get requests from word of mouth and through different faith organizations or churches. Regardless, they all go through the same vetting process. How are the Smiles and Beyond recipients vetted? All applicants are interviewed by our founder Linda Parker-Smith one on one. They must be out of prison or their abuse situation for a minimum of 1 year, they must be active in a faith-based community of their choosing and they have to invest $500 to start their dental case. This is to make sure they are committed to the process and aftercare of their teeth. What has been the impact for these recipients? Having the confidence to smile again leads to stable employment, college, reunited families, marriages, babies, new businesses and

more! It changes their self-worth and empowers them to go after their dreams. And then they can in turn, help others as they have been helped. What are the benefits of supporting this organization? Giving Smiles recipients new smiles changes lives and the trajectory of a family for generations! By keeping these recipients out of prison, we are saving about $1,000,000 annually in incarceration costs which are paid by our taxes, making our community safer, adding to our workforce and positively impacting our local economy. It also has exponential impact as recipients pay it forward. What makes Smiles and Beyond different? The segment of the population that we help is often overlooked yet the need is greater than ever. Different from other dental related charities, the dental work is done inside the clinicians practice allowing the entire staff to share the journey. This brings the team together by demonstrating how their work makes a difference in people’s lives. What can people do to get involved with this cause? We are always looking for partner dentists and labs to donate their services. We also need financial donations to further our cause and increase the number of cases we can do each year. Information on both can be found on the website at


LA DOLCE VITA The Season October to May By Bill Dougherty

Despite our country and state being in a strange situation, we have had a lot to celebrate in the social world. This issue showcases a brilliant concept Pat Petznick and Beverly Stewart came up with for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and we liked it so much we decided to showcase it as a two-page spread. This is an extremely important charity, and we were delighted to help. Hospice of the Valley came to our rescue with a Covid-conscious golf tournament that not only raised awareness for the fine mission, but also gave some of the Valley’s top golfers a chance to raise money for such a worthy and very necessary cause. A very Special thank you to Lin Sue Cooney and Judy Shannon who brought this event to our attention. To know Tim Braun is to love him. This season our 2021 Fabulous Phoenician and savvy store GM and Vice President of the Dallas specialty store hit yet another home run. This time, Tim partnered with Margaret Merritt, Fashion Director to the stars. Together they created perhaps the most sophisticated fashion shoot we have done for the publication in decades. The result as you have seen on the cover, as well as the inside pages of the publication are stunning! The 8-page spread reminded me of one of the sophisticated W Magazine



shoots the publication used to do in the John Fairchild days. Our twist is that we make our Agency Arizona models look beautiful. W chose to often spray paint their faces or throw dirt on them. You get the picture? Anyway, they may not be a season yet, but we still have one heck of a community that constantly gives back. Thank you everyone for the fine thing you do to make the Valley so great for others. BAD SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: Be very cautious of a blonde-haired, blueeyed socialite that wraps herself in lowcut dresses and the bible too. After leaving our board she accused my wife, another Trendsetter, and me of misappropriating funds, even though none of us have access to the Trends Charitable Fund bank accounts or check books. Funny, she is still happy to pose for Trends photographers. In the social world, she is famous for ripping people’s heads off if they chose to cross her. Yet she is a permanent fixture at Valley bible studies. Perhaps all that religion may someday rub in. Who knows, maybe someday the heavens may forgive you for all your lies and bad behavior? God only knows…


Sleek Modern, Iconic Architecture and Designer Finishes in an Award-Winning Home This home is 6,578 SF, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, with gym, dual offices, 3-car garage, and gorgeous Camelback Mountain views. The property is located in the gated Clearwater Hills community on an elevated lot. A true chef’s kitchen with Wolff appliances, double ovens, Subzero and wine storage. The backyard feels like a private resort featuring a zero-edge pool and spa, fire pit, outdoor shower and built-in BBQ. The luxurious detached guest home welcomes extended guests and family alike. Price offered $3,100,000


Chairman’s Board 2019 Top 1% Lyon’s Elite 2018

cell 602.739.5051


SCOTTSDALE WINE CLUB AND MOUNTAIN SHADOWS In a world where everyone is feeling shut in, Scottsdale Wine Club partnered with Mountain Shadows for a memorable evening. The very COVID-conscious event made sure that guests wore masks while entering the opulent resort and the tables were spaced out for social distancing. Jim Gallen, the hotel’s food and wine czar, took care of all the details as only he could do and demonstrated his perfection. Nancy Meek, resplendent in a silver dress, put the evening together. Manny Chavez, who seriously knows everyone in town and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, was also on hand to sample the wines. Elegant wines from all over and hors d’ oeuvres galore complimented the fine affair.

Mary Crisci and Manny Chavez

Chelsea Meek with Carolyn Cope and Tim Kanavy

Mountain Shadows provided the perfect venue for this intimate and posh get together. Although the Scottsdale Wine Club kept the attendance to a respectful amount, the evening gave guests the chance to mingle. Prior the nights festivities. The hotel’s cocktail lounge was the place to be scene. Many attending the wine taste had a chance to meet up prior for a quick drink before everything started. Thank goodness for Uber!

Jim Gallen and Emma Frain

Greg Meek with Christine Riley and Justin Meek

Nancy Meek


Gary and Mimi Myers with Dan Barnard

Tim Miller and Angie Merget

Coverage courtesy of Sally and Peter Krzykos

Tennis Court

Privately Gated

5632 N Camelback Canyon Dr | Phoenix $4,125,000 Paradise Reserve

6817 N 46th Pl | Paradise Valley $5,485,000

6650 N 39th Pl | Paradise Valley $3,075,000 Guard Gated

Mountain Views

6344 N Lost Dutchman Dr | Paradise Valley $3,895,000 Guard Gated

5659 N Camelback Canyon Rd | Phoenix $3,399,000

Scott Grigg

Kevin Andrew Caren Petruska Speedling Pereira

Joel Chacko

5696 E Village Dr | Paradise Valley $2,295,000

Adrianna Baum

Contact us at 480.540.5479 or As Seen On:

Cathy Speach

Sal Shkreli


Hot Chocolate “Stone Grindz Chocolate was born in 2012, two friends had a courageous idea to change the way chocolate is viewed and tasted in America and set out to do just that! A craft chocolate revolution you might say. We started sourcing cacao beans from small organic heirloom farmers in South America, finding beans that were unique in flavor and composition. At the same time, we were diving deep into the traditional European techniques of chocolate making; roasting at low temperatures, and grinding the chocolate for at least 72 hours. After years of practive and countless bars eaten, these techniques and passion led us to winning 26 International Chocolate Awards including 2 gold medals in a blind tasting at the International Chocolate Awards in Italy last year, naming us the current best dark chocolate in the entire world. We were completely shocked, humbled and validated all at the same time. We felt like our mission has truly come to fruition. Steven Shipler and Kasey McCaslin have been obsessing over chocolate for a long time, their obsession became their passion and their passion became their life. Stone Grindz Chocolate creates new flavors and confections every single week. They hope to envelop you in a sense of exoctic flavor and artisanal craft. Find their chocolates locally at farmers markets, Whole Foods and online at


WE ARE OPEN WITH REGULAR GALLERY HOURS TUESDAY – SATURDAY 10 A M TO 4 PM We Continue to Fill the Gallery with New and Unique Items Paradise Valley Estate Sales, Auctions and Consignment is well known among the valley’s most Savvy shoppers for always having a stunning collection of home furnishings, accessories and artwork from the finest estates and local designers. Working with trust attorneys doing household inventory appraisals and liquidations. Always innovative, another PVESA exclusive is its special pricing. Some call it a “Dutch Auction” We call it Brilliant! Mary Cantrell and Anne Sarvas

Visit our website 7655 E. Redfield Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | Phone: (480) 949-2096 | E-mail:

Samantha’s Favorite Finds By Samantha DeRose

Casual-chic, yet striking and unique, this Lika Behar 24K gold and oxidized sterling silver “Zebra” ring with diamonds is perfect for everyday wear. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Showcase your artistic style with this brilliant Lika Behar necklace with diamonds in oxidized sterling silver and 24K gold. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

As the temperature drops, top off your look with this chic and cozy Lafayette 148 New York coat in brushed cashmere. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Combat-inspired boots are perfect for a blend of rugged durability and feminine, sequined style – and this neutral winter white pair by Christian Louboutin can be worn with everything. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.



Home for the Holidays Since Vincent and Leevon Guerithault opened Vincent on Camelback in 1984, their fine restaurant has been graciously awarded and revered by the sharpest of critics. Today, decades later, the epicurean hot spot continues to amaze and delight. While many regular diners are aware of the amazing take-out, delivery and holiday dinners Chef Vincent and his legendary staff prepare, others may not. Vincent on Camelback is an extraordinary choice to place holiday orders for even the most demanding or critical family relation. Their mixture of upscale French and Southwestern fusion are a welcome addition to any holiday table. Everything is house-made and served with a very posh and gourmet verve. Here are just a few samples of Chef Vincent’s favorite things. Also, be sure to join Chef Vincent for one of his now-legendary Zoom classes for holiday cooking. This year he is showcasing his traditional favorite Yule log and various sweet and savory souffles. For more information on holiday ordering and classes please visit Vincent on Camelback 3930 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018 Tel 602.224.0225














TOTAL COST IS $2,661.72 PER MONTH OR $31,940.64 PER YEAR







Entertaining Etiquette with Pandemic Panache By Heather Wagenhals Entertaining in an age of social distancing is challenging. Here are some simple ways to make everyone feel comfortable, protect the vulnerable, and socialize successfully amid a pandemic. •

Personal invitation. Explain precautions you’re taking to mitigate risk, safeguard health, and guidelines you want observed. Let them know it’s okay to decline, including staying home if they exhibit symptoms.

No “mask-shaming.” For “mask optional” events, be sure everyone understands you don’t want any demeaning of those who choose to wear them.

Contactless connections. Determine upfront an alternative form of physical greeting such as “elbow bumps,” distanced “air-kisses” or something creative and be respectful if someone chooses to decline a physical connection.

Provide protection. Have sanitation stations throughout the venue where individuals can grab a fresh mask, use hand sanitizer, and access sanitizing wipes for communal areas such as bathrooms.

BYOU. Choosing single-use cups and prepackaged utensils can put your guests at ease, as can permitting them to “Bring Your Own Utensils” and food.

Limit exposure. Designate someone to assist in food service minimizing multiple person contact with service pieces.

Never assume others share your beliefs about the pandemic and err on the side of kindness. Exercise tolerance to make the best of every occasion to celebrate.



GOLF TOURNAMENT SUPPORTS HOSPICE OF THE VALLEY It was a perfect day to tee up some fun – and fun-raising – out at Grayhawk Golf Club’s Talon Course in Scottsdale! The 2020 Hospice of the Valley Pro-Am Golf Tournament, presented by Cigna Healthcare of Arizona, raised over $31,000. This brings the 22-year total raised for Hospice of the Valley to nearly $883,000, helping ensure beautiful and loving care for thousands of patients and families who come to the not-for-profit agency in need of support. This annual event, started by volunteer tournament chairman Jay Hoselton, sustains Hospice of the Valley’s mission of bringing comfort, dignity and compassionate care to our community. “Oh, it’s a great event and it’s such a great cause,” he beamed. “I’m proud and honored that we’ve held this for over two decades now – thanks to the ongoing generosity of sponsor Cigna Healthcare of Arizona.” “Hospice of the Valley is amazing,” said Donna Gallifant, Client Service Executive with Cigna. “We really appreciate everything they do for our community – and they are just phenomenal at what they do!”

Josh Stephens

Tim Louis

The Oct. 29 tournament boasted a $10,000 professional purse and showcased top players from the Southwest Section of the PGA, including winner Dennis Downs, one of 24 pros. Taking first place among 24 amateur foursomes were David Baum, David Levan, Brent Tally and Charlie Von Arentschildt. In a touching tribute, one of the foursomes honored the late Larry Mayhew, a longtime Hospice of the Valley board member and devoted golfer. The close friends created special signage on their golf cart featuring the message, “This round’s for you!” Bruce Moss first played in the pro-am golf tournament with Larry in 2012 and has looked forward to it every year since then. “We’re here celebrating two of Larry’s most favorite things to do: play golf and be charitable to Hospice of the Valley,” Bruce reminisced. “He loved this place and we love and miss him.”

Pro Barry Hernan, Jennifer Veretto, Manny Carrasquillo, Norka Carrasquillo and Marcus Montoya

This year’s generous tournament sponsors are Cigna Healthcare of Arizona; Apria Healthcare; Imagine Technology Group/SHARP; Ricki Dee, John and Sarah Jennings; Lockton Cos.; Tim and Amy Louis, who played in memory of Dr. Tim and Julie Louis; Risas Dental and Braces; StateServ-Hospicelink; and TB Consulting LLC. For more information on Hospice of Valley’s programs and services, visit or call 602-530-6900. Pro R.W. Eaks, Bruce Moss, Jack Telban, Bailey Hort and John Virden

David Levan, Brent Tally, David Baum, Michael Brownell and Charlie Von Arentschildt

Coverage courtesy of Lin Sue Cooney

Pro Ben Weir, Bill Blount, Pierce Braun, Jay Hoselton, Phil Lyle and Pete Robinson


This year mall Santa’s schedule is cancelled. Yet, Santa’s elves still found a way for him to interact with children all over. Santa’s nifty elves have created Santa Calls. A magical application that immediately connects you to the North Pole. The Santa Calls app allows families to receive a live video-call from a real-bearded Santa. Create memories and smiles and enjoy the modern way to talk to Santa during this pandemic. Santa Calls is also giving this gift back to the community through their partnership with Boys & Girls Club of the Valley. 10% of every calls proceeds will be donated to the organization to empower our youth. You can even give the gift to the member of BGC, and give that child an amazing opportunity, and a wonderful Christmas experience.


Before Its Sold Out Email: Phone: (602) 885.7208 @ SantaCalls @ santa.calls



Checking in with the Phoenix Heart Ball What is the history of the Phoenix Heart Ball? The Phoenix Heart Ball was created in 1959 by Peggy Goldwater and has raised over $40 million to combat heart disease in Phoenix. For 61 years, the Phoenix Heart Ball has helped to advance the lifesaving mission of the American Heart Association, a mission that has impacted the lives of countless men, women and children in our valley and across the country. Contributions we receive go far in supporting cardiovascular research, professional and community education, programs and advocacy efforts. How does Heart Ball stand out and what is your mission as chair, besides raising money? Considered to be one of the city’s top black-tie galas, our selected committee and executive team work hard all year long to raise the much-needed funds for the American Heart Association. The night of the ball is a celebration of these efforts and filled with dinner and dancing. One thing making the ball unique is no auction, paddle raise or ask of any kind the evening of the ball. A majority of the events and ball expenses are underwritten by generous supporters and committee members, allowing more money to go directly to charity. This year for my theme I chose Remembering Hearts: Past, Present and Future; remembering those we have lost in the past, remembering to take care of ourselves in the present and remembering to teach our children and others what to do today to live a longer life. My mission is to educate people on the “Did you know” of heart disease, stroke and all areas the American Heart Association is impacting, including collaborating with the community to put an end to vaping, improving women’s health, raising awareness on mental health and ultimately helping people everywhere increase their healthy life expectancy. How is this year going to be different than in the past due to Covid-19? The Heart Ball is traditionally held in November. We made the difficult decision this past spring to postpone our ball over a year to November 2021. However, donations and funds are still needed to save lives. Heart disease has been and is still the number one killer in the United States. One in four deaths are attributed to heart disease. One of the main reasons this year is different, as with most organizations, is we are truly relying on the generosity of our community to make donations without an event or ball. To encourage support, we are allowing donations made in 2020 to be combined with gifts also made in 2021 for recognition at the 2021 ball and materials. It gives donors an opportunity, and hopefully the incentive, to give during both years and receive the deserved recognition for giving in 2020 as well, when they are receiving nothing in return.

How can the community get involved to support the Heart Ball? Plans are underway for the 2021 ball. Many years in the past have sold out, and with the current restrictions, I am sure we will sell out even sooner. In addition to donations, sponsorships and naming opportunities, the American Heart Association has the Cor Vitae Society. It’s a prestigious annual philanthropic giving society for the American Heart Association. The society celebrates individuals or couples making gifts of $5,000 or more to further the American Heart Association’s mission. I would love to have more members of this society in Phoenix than ever before. Members of the Cor Vitae Society will receive special recognition at the Phoenix Heart Ball, online, through social media, ball benefits (seats and exposure should they want to attend the ball) and this year everyone donating at this level and above through Heart Ball will be entered to win some magnificent prizes, including dinner with friends at Steak 44, Ocean 44 or Dominick’s Steakhouse. I am honored to have Dennis, Mike and Jeff Mastro as my honorary chairs. While all restaurants have been hit hard, they have been very generous to not just Heart Ball, but many of the local charities in our valley. For more information or to secure your spot at the 2021 gala please head to



John O’Hurley and Childhelp Gala How Did You Get Into Acting? At the age of three, I knew what I wanted to do. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I pointed to the B/W TV in the corner and said, ‘’Well I am an actor, so that’s what I’m going to be.” But my first time in NYC was September of 1981. I got a show 48 hours after I got there and never looked back. How Long Were You on Daytime Television? 1983-1992, Plus a few cameos since. I was the original Twin Brothers on Daytime (Loving/ABC) – Plus All My Children and Young and Restless What Is Your Connection to Childhelp? Lisa and I attended the Drive the Dream Gala about 12 years ago with Megyn Kelly and we “Adopted” Childhelp from that moment on.

John O’Hurley

What Makes You Return Over and Over to Their Gala? We believe so strongly in the mission of Childhelp. Share With Us Your Favorite Childhelp Memory, Maybe Something That Moved You While Visitng One of the Villages or a Story You Heard That Touched Your Heart. I love the choir that comes to sing each year at several of our fundraisers. For many kids, this is the first time they have ever used their voices in public or had the confidence to do so. I know they will remember the experience the rest of their lives. What Do You Consider Your Finest Hour? I have yet to live it, but it’s coming soon … stay tuned.

Lisa Mesloh and John O’Hurley


Where Would You Like to Live? We have a summer home on a large property in Vermont with our own lake for fishing ... that is my happy place.

We've Got This Zoom Thing Down

wanted: one night stand

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Pie in the Sky When Andrea and Randy Cole decided to open their establishment along with Andrea’s father, the trio had no idea what was in store for them. Andrea had grown up in the industry with her family in Southern Florida, yet her father sensed a growing opportunity in a small hamlet called “Scottsdale” in the early 1980s. Originally a very small eatery on the east side of a dwindling AJ Bayless shopping center, they served only cold sandwiches and ice cream. The ice cream was mildly received but the food took off. Soon an employee suggested the addition of homemade pies. The shopping center was greatly remodeled with AJ Bayless giving way to Safeway. Randy’s moved west to a far bigger space in the shopping center, secured a 30-year lease and watched their pie business skyrocket! Since then the couple and their employees, some who have been with them for decades, have watched their pies become a Valley staple. There are other pie establishments, but none have received the countless awards, accolades and press that Randy’s continues to receive for allnatural and homemade pies. It is still one of the few places to offer a true rhubarb pie and not the trendy strawberry/rhubarb offering. With the holidays upon us do not forget to place your pie order with this Scottsdale gem. Here are a few of their favorite things… Randy’s Restaurant and Ice Cream 7904 E. Chaparral Rd. • Scottsdale, AZ 85250 Tel. 480.941.8419



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Open Saturdays for your convenience Lisa Williams, Nurse Practitioner, ANP-C, is one of the top injectors in Arizona earning Black Diamond status as a single solo practice. Find us on





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Wichita Country Club Refresh By Christopher Coffin As Christopher Coffin travels throughout the United States working on various projects, He was approached by the Wichita Country Club to refresh their main living room and dining room areas. The club was stuck in the past and had not seen a refresh in many of the main areas since the 70’s, says Christopher. The club fortunately gave me free reign to update the living room & dining areas with a light and updated feel while keeping the clubs personality and integrity. “I’m blessed that they let me run with my ideas. They trusted me.” The trust is well founded. For more than 20 years, Coffin has designed for clients throughout the country with work featured in Luxe, Traditional Home, Elle Décor and on HGTV. The light and clean, neutral palette is accented by a “bounce” of yellow in honor of Kansas state flower, the sunflower! Christopher created the one of a kind furniture pieces and covered them with durable outdoor grade fabrics to lessen the stain and spillage concern while maintaining a comfortable & functional space. Brian White the club’s manager said they are thrilled with the completed project and the clubs members couldn’t be more pleased.









Larger Than Memory:

Contemporary Art from Indigenous North America The Heard Museum has opened its largest contemporary art exhibition to date, Larger Than Memory: Contemporary Art from Indigenous North America. This Heard Museum original exhibition, curated by Diana Pardue and Erin Joyce, centers around works produced in the 21st century, highlighting the significant contribution Indigenous artists have made and continue to make to broader culture from 2000-2020. Indigenous artists from North America represent some of the most exciting and engaging work of the 21st century. The exhibition features more than 40 works by 24 contemporary artists working across the United States and

Canada in a variety of mediums, including Cannupa Hanska Luger, recipient of the inaugural Burke Prize in 2019 through the Museum of Art and Design in New York, and the 2020 Creative Capital Award. Larger Than Memory also features longtime Heard Museum collaborator, Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith, who has been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, and is the recipient of many prestigious awards and grants including the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters Grant, and the 2020 US Artists Fellowship. This exhibition also represents the return of renowned multidisciplinary artist Jeffrey Gibson, a 2019 MacArthur Fellow who was featured in the 2019 Whitney Biennial. A full list of contributing artists can be found at largerthanmemory. The first 20 years of the 21st century have been a dynamic and transformative period for Indigenous contemporary art in the United States and Canada. Focusing on artists and works that have been the impetus of this change as well as artists who signify future change, the exhibition seeks to create a platform for new ways of understanding Indigenous art. Larger Than Memory is made possible through the lead support of The Henry Luce Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation with additional support from the Heard Museum Grand


Gallery Exhibition Fund. Larger Than Memory is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue featuring essays by David Martinez, Ph.D., Arizona State University; Anya Montiel, Ph.D., Smithsonian American Art Museum; Christopher Green, Ph.D. candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY; Edgar Schmitz, Ph.D., Goldsmiths, University of London; and the exhibition curators. The catalogue includes a foreword by Heard Museum Dickey Family Director and CEO David Roche and is available at the Heard Museum’s Books & More shop and online at The title of this exhibition is drawn with permission from the poem Grace by Joy Harjo (Creek), wherein she writes: “I know there is something larger than the memory of a dispossessed people. We have seen it.” Joy Harjo is a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation and is the 23rd United States Poet Laureate, the first Native American to fill that seat. She will be honored, along with Betty Vandenbergh, in a special online ceremony on October 31st celebrating the success of the Museum’s Once In a Blue Moon fundraising campaign. Larger Than Memory runs September 4, 2020 to January 3, 2021. at the Heard Museum. For more information and to purchase tickets visit largerthanmemory.



Handbags with Heart Benefiting Fresh Start Women’s Foundation

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation Auxiliary Board shifted gears and went viral for their innovative online raffle: Handbags with Heart presented by PetSmart. The first annual online raffle raised over $83,000 to support vital programs and services at Fresh Start. Each year, the Fresh Start Auxiliary Board hosts the annual luncheon Wine Women & Shoes. But, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit Arizona and took a toll on any in-person events or gatherings, it became clear that the women needed to get creative. This shift made waves on Instagram and will make even more impact on the women Fresh Start serves. Co Chairs Rebecca Cohen-Collins and Marisa Flores-Hilyer’s vision included Designer handbags from; Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL and two local and women owned businesses: Sage Aubrey and Soul Carrier.


“For someone like me living in an abusive relationship, offering online services was like someone knocking on my door and with a hug saying ‘I am here to help you. The only reason why I am able to move forward is thanks to all the online offerings. I feel so blessed and supported by Fresh Start.” – Fresh Start Client

RESILIENCY We believe that we all have the capacity for resilience and believe that people can change and cope despite extraordinary odds. Through our services, our clients learn not to put limits on their vision and to develop their resiliency skills.

“Fresh Start has opened up my eyes to a whole new world the past couple months. I see myself again, after years in an abusive relationship I feel as though I am getting stronger for myself and my children. Thank you for removing barriers and offering services virtually so that I am able to attend and get the hand up for myself and my kids.“ – Fresh Start Client

MAKING A DIFFERENCE While we have faced many challenges, we are optimistic for the future. To learn more, get involved and make a difference for women visit

More than 600,000 women in Arizona live in poverty. Since the pandemic, women are faced with even more challenges ranging from unemployment, housing instability, schooling for children, domestic violence and more. More women have been thrust into crisis situations and need our help to regain their stability, make it through this crisis, and lay the foundation for a successful future. This is where Fresh Start comes in with lifechanging programs and services designed to help women overcome trauma, set goals for their future and attain the skills they need for a successful career and financial stability. When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early spring 2020, Fresh Start’s strength and flexibility as an organization was also tested. Their staff pivoted to online services, workshops and appointments to continue serving women in need. As we all continue to navigate these uncertain times, Fresh Start remains a bridge for their clients, connecting them to resources, education, and tools that they need.



Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale


Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale


Stylist: Margaret Merritt Assistant: Christine Eastman Make up: Diane Aiello Hair: Heather Gray w/Leidan Mitchell Salon Fashions: Neiman Marcus Scottsdale Models: The Agency AZ Location: Neiman Marcus Scottsdale Photography: Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale

Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale



Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale


Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale


Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale



Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale


Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale


Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale

Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale

Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale



Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale


Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale


Fashion courtesy of Neiman Marcus Scottsdale Photography Scott Foust Studios, Scottsdale



Crust, Simply Italian The Verve The restaurant is beautiful with a very hip setting. Cool lighting dangles from the ceiling, mixed with concrete, tied back curtains and lots of glass. There is a very industrial yet warm flare to the design of this space. Lots of rattan chairs, stainless steel barstools and pops of green leather booths round out the place. Italian and American Flags fly high above as do cool contemporary posters and artwork in various shapes and sizes. There is a great outdoor patio complete with fire features and lots of room to spread out when the weather is cool. Starters If you do not try the spicy garlic knots, you might as well just go home. They are tremendous and pop with old world flavors. Try the fried calamari. They are fresh, light, and they do not taste like you

bit into the side of a dock, as many calamari dishes do. The roasted mussels are amazing and the hints of white wine and grilled focaccia make them even better. Might we also suggest a chopped salad for the table. It’s full of fine and generous cuts of salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, roasted peppers and artichoke hearts. Mains You must order their pizza! Order anything else but get at least one pizza for the table. We loved the margherita and supreme the best. Both had excellent flavors and a great wood-fired crust. They are huge, too, and their shapes are unique and fun. The angel hair pesto with shrimp is divine and pine nuts and parmesan cheese top off this very flavorful dish. Grandma’s pasta is another not-to-miss dish. Italian flavors of meatballs, sausage ricotta and marinara are unique and well worth the order.


Dessert Start with a traditional cup of expresso or tea. Try the warm butter cake. The flavors will explode in your mouth. But do not stop there. The house made cheesecake is perhaps the best offering in the Valley. It is simple and extraordinary to the taste. The cannoli are the very best way to end the evening before strolling outside to the fireside patio for a glass of Campari. Then you have died and gone to heaven! Crust Simply Italian 8300 N. Hayden Rd., Suite F101 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Tel. 480.948.3099



C hef Robert Richter established

Robert’s Catering, Inc. and Cakes in 1980, creating traditional comfort foods, French cuisine, cutting edge contemporary cuisine, and simply the best cakes for the most discriminating palette, yours.

480.963.4040 E:



Established in 1994


Expertise in-house tailoring and alterations Open Daily: 480.998.9069



The Shops at Hilton Village 6107 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale





4001 N. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016 ph: 602.957.0186 ♦ fax: 602.956.0463 See additional designs on Instagram: @whitehousedesignstudio



Cary Grant, A Brilliant Disguise By Scott Eyman Much had been written about Archibald Leach, the man who would immigrate from Bristol, England, to the United States and legally change his name to “Cary Grant.� In this latest offering on the 6-foot 2-inches dapper and devastatingly handsome superstar, New York Times bestselling biographer Scott Eyman explores the man, the myth and the legend. Following a troubled upbringing in England by an alcoholic father and a mentally ill mother (who Mr. Grant is told has died when he was a teenager), the actor flees to the United States. He almost immediately finds fame in Vaudeville and film. He turns tricks as a male escort for both women and men to supplement his income. Cary Grant goes on to make more than 57 films, marries heiresses, movie stars and has a short May-December marriage to Dyan Cannon, which produces his only offspring, a daughter Jennifer. Throughout this well-researched bio, we find that Cary Grant is not the carefree, debonair actor so closely associated with James Bond, Monte Carlo, beautiful ladies, jewel thieves and sports cars. He spent most of his life in intense psychotherapy, dropped LDS, chain smoked and drank heavily. He was pathologically obsessed with not only his wardrobe but with his tanned-to-smithereens Greek godlike appearance. He had countless affairs with both men and women and set the example of what it was like to be a true star and leading man. A great read for anyone interested in the culture of celebrity and Hollywood.


Angiolo Livi Chef, Owner

Angiolo Livi — Youngest recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

Inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame • Gourmet Magazine • Wine Spectator • Zagat Survey

It would be our pleasure to cater your next family and corporate event.”

— Angiolo


EST. 1974

Fresh Pasta & Pasteries made fresh daily in our exhibition kitchen!

602-956-0900 EASY! – Make reservations online or call for your intimate dinner, or group get-together.



Blood and Money

By Thomas Thompson

By 1969, Joan and John Hill are the golden couple in the ranks of Houston High Society. Joan is tall, beautiful and noted for her platinum ponytail and fire engine red lipstick. She is the darling of high society and one of the most respected equestrians in the nation. She is the only child of one of the wealthiest families in Texas. Her husband, John, is a Rock Hudson look-alike. He is a noted plastic surgeon and complex music enthusiast. But all is not good in their sprawling River Oaks mansion. By that year; John is having an affair with another socialite, Ann Kurth, from the wealthy enclave of nearby Memorial. A divorce seems eminent. But Joan’s father, the crusty Ash Robinson, reminds his son-in-law that he stands to lose everything the Robinson’s have funded in his affluent life. Then suddenly and mysteriously; Joan Hill becomes ill and perishes days later at an out-of-the way general hospital, while the famed Texas Medical Center lies within minutes of the couple’s home. What happens next will stun the world! Regarded as one of the finest meticulously written books of the 20th century and one of the most awarded, Blood and Money remains a true page-turner more than 40 years after it became an international best-seller. Thomas Thompson’s amazing dive into the world of the rich and famous and the depths of the underbelly of hot Houston swamps is rivaled by perhaps only In Cold Blood in the annuals of true crime writing. It’s a brilliant piece of literature and a must-read of anyone active in the charity, equestrian worlds. Available on Amazon


WEDDING BELLS COUPLE Jessica Hendricks and Max Kazimierek

MEET THE PARENTS Betsy Silver Hendricks and Michael Hendricks Randi Berger and Abe Kazimierek

WEDDING CEREMONY Valley Field Riding and Polo Club

MUSIC Ceremony: The Sahnas Brothers (Jim May Productions) Reception: Status the Band

WEDDING PLANNER George Abrams Events



DECORE Angelic Grove (Flowers) Cre8ive Event Rentals (Rentals) Event Rents (Rentals) PKP Productions (Lighting)

PHOTOGRAPHY Christine Johnson

BRIDES GOWN Linancarlo from Kinsley James Los Angeles

GROOMS TUX Suit Supply

HONEYMOON Bali, Indonesia

SOMETHING DIFFERENT • Bride and Groom wanted to have an outdoor desert wedding without driving guests to the middle of the desert – so the wedding was held in the dirt parking lot of the Riding club! • Brides Mother, Betsy Hendricks and Aunt, Nancy Silver, own The Paper Place • Caterer, Michael Stavros, did Bride’s Bat Mitzvah • Planner, George Abrams, worked for The Paper Place for many years • Brides Uncle, Bob Silver, married the couple, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!


Sponsored by:


BREATHTAKING VIEWS. IMPECCABLE SERVICE. Framed by Camelback and Mummy Mountains, El Chorro offers a scenic desert setting to savor fresh seasonal cuisine. Gather with friends for happy hour, dinner or enjoy a relaxed Sunday brunch. Experience Arizona destination dining at its best!

5550 East Lincoln Dr.

Paradise Valley, AZ


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