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Greg and Ann Denk with Penny and Larry Gunning


La Dolce Vita

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ON THE COVER: Diane and Bruce Halle together with Reba McEntire at Celebrity Fight Night 2016


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La Dolce Vita

By Bill Dougherty

The Season October to May It’s been a busy season! But let’s look at the bright side because

Tim Braun. Everyone there simply adored

most of you reading this raised a tremendous amount of money for

meeting lovely Ms. Schufeldt. We all know

local charities. And that’s more important than anything. We have a

she’s going to be an amazing asset to

great group of people willing to go the extra mile. However, we still

our community. You might remember a

have far too many charities to fund. I wish organizations with similar

time when every large retailer went out

agendas would check their respective egos at the door and come

of its way to support our city and its countless organizations! Sadly

together to form one non-profit rather than having so many different

so many of our other stores have over-expanded or suffered from

off-shoots that basically support the same advocacy or disease. I can

countless ownership transfers, that the majority have all but forgot-

only dream and I can only hire more reporters too.

ten that Phoenix is still a major player. At least Neiman Marcus still

The other afternoon this publication came together with our

gets it!

good friend Neiman Marcus to celebrate the new public relations

Just before the close of the season, this publication together with

manager Ashleigh Schufeldt, who just arrived at the Scottsdale

the Trends Charitable Fund decided it was high time to stop and

Fashion Square store from previous digs in Manhattan. Vincent on

thank all of our Fabulous Phoenicians and Trendsetters. Since 1982

Camelback did an amazing job accommodating a fantastic group

more than 350 ladies and gentlemen have been selected for these

of ladies who were selected to attend the lunch. It’s no secret that

two prestigious awards. Many of you know the Fabulous Phoenician

Neiman Marcus is the only major specialty store in our Valley that

award stops to honor an individual or couple for their extraordinary

really supports our city on a grand scale. For more than two decades

body of work in our community. The Trendsetter award established

the Dallas retailer has been at the forefront of aiding the community

a few years later in 1985 honors 10 women for their outstanding civic

thanks to the excellent leadership of the Scottsdale store’s savvy GM

Continued on page 10


La Dolce Vita – Continued from page 9 and charitable contributions to local philanthropy. Anyway, Missy

demand we have decided to combine both the evening and day-

and Lyle Anderson were kind enough to open their spectacular

time events back to an evening gala and we have returned to our

new home to more than 150 of these fine recipients. American

roots at the Camelback Inn. You might remember that our big bash

Valet parked a ton of cars. Vincent on Camelback and El Chorro

was held there for more than two decades? This year the gala will

supplied tons of hors d’ oeuvres and champagne. Parting gifts came

be chaired by Julie Bowe, Kimberly Jacobsen and Beth McRae. In

in the form of CC’s Sweet Sensations rum cakes in mason jars for

the meantime we hope you enjoy the fascinating biographies of our

all who arrived and departed. Nina McLemore showcased sum-

2016 Fabulous Phoenicians and Trendsetters. See you next fall!

mer fashions on models courtesy of the Agency Arizona and the Whitehouse Design Studio made the Anderson’s home even more beautiful than it already is. We plan to do this again each spring. Don’t you think this amazing group deserves a party on us? You should have been there!

In Cocktail Polo News You Should Know: That an obnoxious brunette real estate agent is at it once again and as usual her mean and spiteful comments regarding others are leading people to wonder why she’s so unhappy. That the passive aggressive

From all of us at Trends Magazine and Trends Charitable Fund,

behavior and often sleazy overtones of a well-known socialite have

we wish you a safe and happy summer. As you pack your Bain de

many baffled that she has not sought the help she’s needed for

Soleil and head for cooler climates, we hope you all find some calm

decades. That the social community needs to beware of a beauti-

and peace. We’ll see you back here in late September. Remember

ful woman who has no problem talking smack about just about

there’s always more. We hope you’ll stay tuned next season.

everyone and then befriending them. That everyone needs to

One more thing before we say goodbye until next season. Please remember that we have moved the Trends/TCF event, An Evening of Trends, to Saturday October 15th 2016. Due to popular

stand by and watch the chips fall as they may, as two people well known to all are in for the ride of their lives. Now you’re all caught up until next season!

White House Design Studio

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White House Flowers at Crown on 7th MELISSA JILL PHOTOGRAPHY

5813 North 7th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85014


ph: 602.957.0186 ♦ fax: 602.956.0463


Make-A-Wish Ball 2016

Lisa Bauer and Bob Bahlman

Evan and Mari Lederman with Jill Krigsten and Rod Riley

TWO STUNNING LADIES Jill Krigsten and Mari Lederman two of the fairest of them all, came together to create a magical night. The Phoenician played host to a mass crowd of very beautiful ladies and gentleman who all turned out for a very worthy cause.

NEVER STOP DREAMING Make-A-Wish grants wishes to late stage ill children throughout the United States. Since its inception, the organization has granted wishes and dreams which range from simple horseback riding trips to trips into outer space.

Larry and Jason Bowman

Jessica Nuttall and Derek Hall

007 THEMED BLAST A 007 approach to this year’s festivities made the ball a winning success and a lot of fun for those who attended. Although the theme has been used at other galas, it seemed a better fit for a black tie ball. What an amazing night!

Brian and Tina Gibson


Doug Saunders and Catherine Anaya

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer and Michelle Rooney

Grow your social network one warm smile at a time.

At Vi at Silverstone, a Vi and Plaza Companies community, you’ll be surrounded by friendly neighbors and free to live the eventful life you desire. Plus, our tradition of hospitality and attention to detail make Silverstone an elegant community where you’ll feel perfectly at home. Discover Silverstone today.

23005 North 74th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 • 877.548.4727 •


CC/PDR Silverstone, L.L.C. is the sole entity responsible for the performance of the continuing care contracts at Vi at Silverstone.


Beth Ames Swartz Paints Philosophy and Beauty Trends named Beth Ames Swartz artist-of-the-year because her paintings convey profound truths in addition to their visual beauty. While recovering from illness, Swartz sustained herself by studying Shen Qi, a Chinese healing system that includes physical training, philosophy, and therapeutic health care. Swartz organized the central area of her canvas using an ordered grid created by rows and columns of gold metal. The golden squares create order; that order then is counterbalanced by the disorder created when Swartz subsequently violates the regularly shaped form of individual golden squares by mutilating the gold in a chaotic manner. In her Shen Qi and States of Change paintings, Swartz obscures philosophies of great significance behind this illusory veil of gold. The gold in the paintings seems to shimmer and shake while reflecting the viewer’s thoughts. Our baser instincts may be drawn to the gold, yet more worthwhile truths may be found behind the golden haze. For more information visit or


Jada Pinkett Smith and Beth Ames Swartz in front of a painting owned by Smith: The Cabalistic Scheme of the Four Worlds #5

Shen Qi, OM #3 (viridian) 48" x 60" 1997

States of Change, #2 (yellow) 36" x 48" 1999

States of Change, Eternity #5 48" x 60" 2001

The Cabalistic Scheme of the Four Worlds #3 36" x 48" 1997

Close-up, central area of Shen Qi, The Cabalistic Scheme of the Four Worlds #3

Tree of Life map with its 32 Paths of Wisdom transformed into map showing the four worlds in the Cabala




Lisa and Jeff Geyser

Russ and Erica Dickey

THE UNEXPECTED A group of terminally chic merrymakers gathered at the Scottsdale Center for the Preforming Arts to celebrate SMOCA MIX. Every spring this much anticipated gathering makes the calendar of the truly bon Vivant. And what a spectacular event it was.

FOUR ARTS CIRCLE Billie Jo Herberger, Jordan Rose, Shannon Mishkin and Carey Pena, did a tremendous job promoting the gala throughout the year. That night they were even more extraordinary as ambassadors and welcoming fixtures. They should all be thanked for their gallant efforts!

Oscar De Las Salas and Gary Jackson

Tracy Serena

AVANT-GARDE COCKTAIL If Frederico Fellini were still with us, he would have had more fodder at this event then he did with party scenes in his films such as Nights of Cabiria, La Dolce Vita and 8½. The attire blew every other event out of the water. In the end, this private JetSet crowd raised a ton of money for the arts and that’s more important than anything else.

Jordan Rose


Bijen Dyrek and Lauri Termansen

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer and Michelle Thompson

and many more!

4120 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ • 480.751.2393 • Hours: Monday~Friday, 8:00~5:00


PANDA Luncheon

Robyn DeBell and Kristi Spiekerman

Alex Boyle and Michelle Walker

BEAUTIFUL CHAIRS Sandy Hobbs, Lara Polachek and Kristi Spiekerman must have been quit pleased with a room full of beautiful little children and adults alike. The Phoenician, now one of the only places that can accommodate this huge crowd, made sure the event flowed like an expensive glass of champagne.

HEROES AND VILLIANS This year’s theme centered on caped and careless heroes who fight every day to find cures for rare childhood diseases. For more than a decade now The Women’s Board of The Steel Research Foundation has worked diligently to wipe out these awful afflictions.

Jacquie Dorrance, Penny Gunning and Karin Weiler

Jessica and Jan Lewis

BREAK THE BANK Who says you can’t raise more then $1.3 million dollars at a Saturday afternoon luncheon? Well guess what happened? The PANDA’s did just that! This is a record for an afternoon event. This must have pleased founders Robyn DeBell and Penny Gunning tremendously.

Barbara MacLean and Rita Davenport


Ann Denk, Muffie Churchill, Gena Bonsall and Cheryl Dutton

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty


Celebrity Fight Night 2016

Stephanie, George and Julia Argyros

Lonnie Ali

A WORTHY CAUSE For decades now, Celebrity Fight Night has raised millions of dollars for Parkinson’s disease and other ailments. A monstrous crowd driven by countless celebrities returns every year to salute Muhammad Ali for his tireless dedication and commitment.

Shawn and Larry King

Todd and Penni Graham


Jimmy and Nancy Walker with Muhammad Ali and Carrie Underwood

Bo Derek

David Foster and Francis Yeoh

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer and Jessica Pate


Celebrity Fight Night 2016

Dawn and David Lenhardt

Bruce Arians and Larry Fitzgerald

HIGH FLYERS Some of the most influential people within our community and throughout the world all come together for one great night a year. Jimmy Walker and Sean Currie, the brains behind the brains, make sure this well-oiled machine continues to enlighten and engage the community.

Sean Currie

Kurt and Brenda Warner with Carson and Shaelyn Palmer

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer and Jessica Pate

Rob Gronkowski

Bob and Renee Parsons with Carrie Underwood



Celebrity Fight Night 2016

Vickie and Jerry Moyes

Bill and Laurie Eckholm

RAISE YOUR GLASSES This year Carrie Underwood, David Foster, Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn, Sinbad and The Tenors, graced the marquee and the evening too. It was a night full of fun, wonderment and above all a continued commitment. You should have been there!

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

Lynn Friess with Nancy Hanley and Shelley Jacoby


Richard and Stacie Stephenson

Mac Magruder with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Doug Ducey

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer and Jessica Pate





Trends and TCF Cocktail Party

Missy and Lyle Anderson

Diane Ryan with Carolyn Ross and Jamie Herzlinger

NO AGENDA More than 130 Fabulous Phoenicians and Trendsetters gathered at the home of Missy and Lyle Anderson just to socialize. Most seemed to be confused, thinking surely they would be asked for something. However, after all these people have done in our community since 1982, we just wanted to say thank you. Judging from the turnout, we should have started this long ago.

NINA MCLEMORE OF GAINEY VILLAGE SCOTTSDALE Guests were treated to incredible fashions from the new Nina McLemore Boutique. Everyone swooned as models from The Agency Arizona mixed and mingled with this blue ribbon crowd. Beautiful clothes for beautiful people-the perfect fit. Maggi Heiser with Lainey Kirschbaum and Amy Vanallsburg of Nina McLemore, Scottsdale

Libby Cohen with Walt Danley and Charlene Berge

EPICUREAN SHOWCASE Vincent on Camelback did an extraordinary job with boundless French and Southwestern hors d’ oeuvres. El Chorro topped off everyone’s glass with fine champagne. Guests also received parting gifts courtesy of CC’s Sweet Sensations, who has managed to duplicate Cathy’s Rum Cake, an old Valley favorite in mason jars. American Valet was on hand to park endless amounts of autos too. You should have been there! Brent Moser and Rod Riely


Jill Krigsten with Jen Moser and Shannon Barthelemy and Jinger Richardson

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer and Michelle Rooney

SAVE THE DATE Trends Charitable Fund and Trends Magazine Present

“An Evening of Trends” SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2016 AT CAMELBACK INN 6 PM Cocktail Reception 8 PM Trendsetter Presentation and Dinner, Ballroom Dessert and After Party, Sonoran Terrace 2016 FABULOUS PHOENICIANS Ruth and Bob Lavinia 2016 TRENDSETTERS Pat Bondurant, Kim Cullum, Melinda Gulick, Julie Kroot, Martha Martin, Erika Monroe-Williams, Sherri Quinn, Katherine Scardello, Molly Stockley, Christine Watson FEATURING URBAN ELECTRA AMBASSADORS – TRENDSETTER CLASS OF 1996 Trisha Anthony, Jamie Drinkwater Stockton, Anne Christensen, Barbee Cromack, Patty Dion, Suzanne Eder, Judy Edwards, Sharon Eider-Orley, Nancy Hanley, Ellie Ziegler 2015-2016 TRENDS CHARITABLE FUND BENEFICIARIES Cortney’s Place, Foundation for Blind Children, Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona, Singleton Moms, Teen Lifeline, Tumbleweed AN EVENING OF TRENDS CHAIRS Julie Bowe, Kimberly Jacobsen, Beth McRae Tickets start at $400 per person; Cocktail Attire For more information:, 602.824.8267



Bob and Ruth Lavinia What is your hometown and how long have you lived in the Valley? Bob and I grew up in Smithtown, Long Island, New York. We have lived in the Valley for almost 20 years. In Phoenix Society, what 4 people have inspired you? RUTH: There are many people in the Valley that we consider great friends that have inspired us in different ways. We feel fortunate to have these people in our lives. It would be hard to list only 4. I will say, however, my wonderful husband has inspired me more than anyone and Dr. Mike Janicek comes in second!!! BOB: My wife and my friends. Do you have a favorite movie, song, book and TV Show? RUTH: Favorite movie – “SOUND OF MUSIC” and “GONE WITH THE WIND”



BOB: Favorite film – “MY COUSIN VINNY”

Favorite song – “I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE”

Favorite book – “THE COLDER WAR”. By Marin Patusa

Favorite television show – All Dean Martin Roasts

What do you consider your finest hour? RUTH: I have 3 finest hours. Marrying Bob 46 years ago and giving birth to my two sons, Scott and Todd BOB: The moment I met Ruth. What events have you worked on or chaired in the last 5 years? Honor Ball, Barrow Ball and Fresh Start What are your favorite restaurants? RUTH: We have a number of favorite restaurants. Too many to mention but they know who they are and we try to patronize them all. BOB: Our kitchen. What’s your motto? BOB: For every dollar raised, over 90% goes to effectiveness with metrics that absolutely confirm results. What 7 people llving or dead would you invite to a dinner party? Bob and I would love to be able to have our grandparents and our Parents, all who have passed away. There are so many questions you think about later in life that are now difficult to get answered. It would be an interesting conversation for us.


The Fabulous Phoenician Award was initiated in 1985 to pay tribute to Valley philanthropists. Previous honorees are: Thelma Kieckhefer (1985), Virginia Piper (1985) and Peggy Aste (1985), Newton Rosenzweig (1986), G. Robert Herberger (1987), Herbert K. Cummings (1988), Eleanor Libby (1989), Barbara Bonoff (1990), Gordon Galarneau Jr. (1991), Bruce T. Halle Sr. (1992), Eddie Basha (1993), Nick Balich (1994), Robert Norris (1995), Donald L. Ulrich (1996), John Teets (1998), Sam Eichenfield (1999), Herman Chanen (2000), William (Bill) Pope (2001), Sandra Baldwin (2002), Priscilla and Michael Nicholas (2003), Jeanne and Gary Herberger (2004), Hugh and Ruth Downs (2005), Lattie and Elva Coor (2006), Marguerite and Jack Clifford (2007), Claudia and Paul Critchfield (2008), Carole and Bob Machiz (2009), U.S. Airways (2010), and Bill Shover (2011), Stevie and Karl Eller (2012) and Billie Jo, Judd Herberger (2014) and Linda Pope (2015).


Since the early 1980s, Trends magazine has selected 10 women for their outstanding civic and charitable contributions. These women have proven their dedication and staying power in the charitable community through a wide variety of philanthropic efforts. We feel they are a great inspiration to others. Each woman selected will be honored by the community at the Trends Charitable Fund Event on October 15 at the Camelback Inn in the evening. Their outstanding accomplishments are featured in this issue of Trends. These ladies richly deserve the honor bestowed upon them!

Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry


Pat Bondurant How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? I moved to Sedona in 2001 to escape mold allergies and opened a Channel 18 TV station. In 2003 I moved to Paradise Valley so my daughter Meagan could attend Chaparral High. What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? Drama Queens on the Green for Arizona Theatre, SW Center for Aids Night for Life Gala, Equality Arizona Dinner, CHILDHELP, Drive the Dream Gala chair and chaired CELEBRITY CATWALK. As President of Bondurant for 6 years I have supported 100 charities yearly raising hundreds of thousands of dollars through their fund raisers. What person or people do you admire in the social community? Missy Anderson. She and Lyle are always supporting the same charitable events as Bob and I do. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? My dream event would be to be a force behind the MET GALA reproduced in the Valley! What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Royal Palms, Steak 44, Dominic’s, Ocean Club. What do you consider your greatest asset? My greatest asset has been that I never see the glass ceiling, not being afraid to hear the word NO and just keep pushing to get the best day out of my life that I can. Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? My favorite designers are all unknowns in Italy with small boutiques. I love Valentino for clothes, shoes and purses! Favorite perfume is Laila, from Norway. What’s your guilty pleasure? The true pleasure is being snuggled up to my husband Bob anywhere, anytime. What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? Book: Clan of the Cave Bear, Movie: It’s a tie – Gone with the Wind AND Meet Joe Black, TV program: America’s Got Talent

Kim Cullum How long in the valley, and where from? My family moved to Arizona 50 years ago from Colorado Springs, when my father retired from the United States Army after 30 years of service. Events chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? Heart Ball Vice-Chair, Phoenix Theatre, Desert Foundation Auxiliary, Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation WINGS Board, Phoenix Dream Center Rescue Project Person or people admired in the social community? The list is long … Billie Jo & Judd Herberger, Bob Machiz and the unforgettable Carole, for their generous and joyful support of many wonderful organizations in our community. Brenda Howard, whose incredible vision and devotion to worthy causes inspires me. Dream event to work on or maybe chair? It is difficult to pinpoint a single event. Organizations that lift people out of unfortunate circumstances and help turn lives around; provide funding for medical research and vital health services; and those that provide enriching experiences through the arts are favorite areas of interest. Favorite Valley restaurant? The outdoor terrace at The Silverleaf Club, Wally’s, Grassroots, Elements, El Chorro patio What do I consider my greatest asset? Experience and perspective gained from 30 years in the charitable volunteer and business communities. Favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? St. John, Lafayette 148 New York; Tiffany fragrance Guilty pleasure? Café Mocha every morning! Favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? “Silly Love Songs” by Paul McCartney, “Roll With It” by Steve Winwood is another. Favorite TV shows include NCIS and 24; Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible and Star Wars movie series are favorites; and a recent memorable book is “Unbroken”. Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry



Melinda Gulick How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? I moved here in 1979 from Iowa when my dad’s job brought us here. I went away to SMU for college, but I came back to the Valley – it is my home. What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? I have chaired the PANDA Fashion Show and Arizona Humane Society’s Compassion with Fashion. I’ve also been honored to chair both the boards of the Arizona Humane Society and PANDA. What person or people do you admire in the social community? I’m so lucky to have many mentors in service – in particular my husband, John, and my parents, David and Judee Morrison. I’m inspired by Cindy Watts, Daryl Weil and Patty Withycombe for setting such high standards and to Robyn DeBell and Penny Gunning – along with the original PANDAs – and members of the Junior League. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? Recently, I have become acquainted with the excellent work of the Barrow Neurological Institute and someday, I would be honored to serve on the Barrow Women’s Board. Someday! What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Richardson’s and Rokerij are our favorites. What do you consider your greatest asset? My brain! I’m fairly good at figuring things out – and resourceful when needed. Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? My favorite designer is St. John since it is always appropriate and it always fits. I don’t wear perfume. What’s your guilty pleasure? Playing hooky with my boys. Manicures. Ice Cream. Naps. Hiking. What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? “At Last” by Etta James, followed closely by “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison. My favorite book, movie and show are usually what I’ve just read or seen.

Julie Kroot How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? I’ve lived in the valley for 40 years. We moved here from Long Island, New York. What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? Not My Kid, Arizona Women’s Board, Goodwill of Arizona and recently the Heart Ball. What person or people do you admire in the social community? My mother, Harriet Friedland is a true role model. I admire her dedication, tenacity and positive outlook on everything. Laura Grafman is an amazing woman. I love her drive, motivation and most of all, she always looks like a perfect lady. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? I have always loved fashion. My dream would be to coordinate a successful, high end fashion show in New York during fashion week. I think Tom Ford needs me on his team. What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Tarbells, the Tavern at Tarbells, AZ 88, Houstons or Hillstone, Steak 44, Chelsea’s Kitchen and LGO. What do you consider your greatest asset? I’m a very positive person and love to have a good time. I’m a glass is half full kind of girl! Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? I would be hard pressed to pick one designer. I love Ralph Lauren, Jonathan Simkhai, Helmut Lang, ALC, L’Agence and Cushnie et Ochs. My favorite perfumes are Success by Bond no 9, Ysatis by Givenchy. What’s your guilty pleasure? My two guilty pleasures are potatoes (any kind) chips, french fries, mashed, scalloped .... etc:) and Shoes!! What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? Song – Single Ladies by Beyonce, Book – The Four Agreements(might not be my favorite, but I think about it a lot)by Don Miguel Ruiz, Movie – Grease,TV – Seinfeld. I still laugh out loud at the repeats. I also love reality TV!!!


Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry

Martha Martin How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? I have lived in the Valley since 1992. I moved here from Manhattan Beach, CA where I lived for 15 years. I am originally from Alabama. What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? Heart Ball Committee Co-chair of the Corporate Cabinet, Table Hostess Co-Chair and Mid-Year Chair. BalletAZ Gala, Phoenix Theatre Gala, Honor Ball, Teaming Up For Girls luncheon and ICAN Gala Co-Chair. What person or people do you admire in the social community? My friend Char Hubble engaged me in the philanthropic community and I am grateful. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? I prefer to serve on committees and support events rather than chair. What are your favorite Valley restaurants? T Cook’s and any Sam Fox restaurant What do you consider your greatest asset? I believe that anyone can be successful if they are willing to work hard and be persistent. Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? I have eclectic taste in fashion from designer to affordable so I don’t have a favorite designer or a signature perfume. What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate, without question. What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? Song – Jump by Van Halen, Book-Gone With The Wind, Movie – Gone With The Wind, Television – Old School (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Current (The Voice)

Sherri Quinn How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? I am approaching my 9th year of calling Scottsdale home, I am a Minnesota native and continue to spend summers & fall there. What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? HeartBall, Homeward Bound, Make A Wish, Arizona Foundation for Women, Phoenix Children’s Hospital What person or people do you admire in the social community? This town has an incredible amount of Philanthropic minded people. I won’t know where to begin. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? Met Gala and “A Night of Trends” are a tie. What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Steak 44, Eddy V’s, Roko Akor What do you consider your greatest asset? I am a great convener. My background as an event planner fuels the passion. I love to create experiences for my family & friends that focus on the unexpected. Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? If only one – Donna Karen Designer & Tom Ford fragrance What’s your guilty pleasure? Champagne What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? Song: Time to Say Good By – Sarah Brighten & Andrea Bocelli, Book: The Century Trilogy – Ken Follett, Movie: The Graduate 1967, TV Sitcom: The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry



Katherine Scardello How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? In 1990, I moved to Phoenix from Weston, CT. What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? In addition to being the Treasurer for the Board of Directors of Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, I served as Co-Chair of the 19th annual Fresh Start Fashion Gala in 2015 and was on the gala committee for the 20th Celebration of the Fresh Start Gala in 2016. I also serve as the Vice Chair of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix’s Board of Directors. Additionally, I have been involved with their Gala for the past five years. What person or people do you admire in the social community? Pat Petznick, Beverly Stewart, and Ina Manaster. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? Of all the galas, I would have to choose the Met Gala for the exquisite fashions, elegance, and celebrity presence. What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Cafe Monarch, Pizzeria Bianco, Vincent’s, FnB, and Tarbell’s. What do you consider your greatest asset? My family. I could not do what I do without the support and love from my parents, my husband, Stephen, and my two precious girls. They are truly everything to me. Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? Oscar de la Renta. I do not wear perfume, therefore, I guess you could say Dove moisturizing body wash. What’s your guilty pleasure? Mexican food and chocolate. What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? Song: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones. Book: Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral, TV: Homeland

Molly Stockley How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? Hometown is New Iberia, Louisiana. By way of Oklahoma City, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles, I have been in the Valley since 2003 (it is my perfect place). What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? Catholic Community Foundation Leadership Circle, Diocese of Phoenix Capital Campaign, Assistance In Healthcare’s Super Ball & Project Pink, Goodyear Police Shop With A Cop, Savor the (Phoenix) Symphony, Kristina A. Stockley Melanoma Foundation and Heart Ball What person or people do you admire in the social community? Beth McRae, Bill Dougherty, Brenda Howard, Bob Stockley, Candace Wiest, Carrie Martz, Char Hubble, Deborah Bateman, Derrick Hall, Jennifer Carmer, Jill Krigsten, Joyce Santis, Linda Herold, Pat Bondurant, Richard J and Stacie Stephenson, Sue Glawe and Vicki Vaughn What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? The Phoenix Heart Ball. What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Tarbell’s, True Food Kitchen, T. Cook’s and Flavors of Louisiana, a family owned authentic Cajun restaurant (reminds me of home). What do you consider your greatest asset? Attitude. I live by my own personal motto: “Be Genuine, Be Passionate, Always have a Positive Attitude and Smile.” Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? Two favorite brands: Valentino and St John. Signature perfume is Pink Chiffon. What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching “Real” reality television where people work hard to achieve their goals i.e. Dancing with the Stars, Undercover Boss, The Little Couple and anything on HGTV What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? Song: “(I had the) Time of My Life, Book: What Southern Women Know That Other Women Should, Movie: “Dirty Dancing” and “Bridesmaids”, Television Program: Designing Women


Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry

Christine Watson How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? I have lived here for 16 years coming directly from London What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? Honor Ball Chair and Honor Ball committee What person or people do you admire in the social community? It would be impossible to single out any one person as there are so many generous people here who donate not just financially but their time too. People in America are very philanthropic, compared to England where it is much more rare. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? The Barrow Ball What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Steak 44, Elements and Spinatos for great takeout pizza What do you consider your greatest asset? My husband David as he makes me laugh every day Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? Fashion designer depends on the season as they change so much, I buy what I like not because of the designer. Perfume is Eau de Soir by Sisley What’s your guilty pleasure? Crispy French fries and mayonnaise What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? Too many favorite songs to choose one, but “Summer Lovin” from Grease is a karaoke favorite. Book “the Woman in White” by Wilke Collins, Movie “Cinema Paradiso” and TV BBCs Pride and Prejudice.

Erika Williams How long have you lived in the Valley and from where did you move? I have lived here for 15 years. I moved from Los Angeles but did a quick little stint for a year as a News Anchor in Texas right before coming here! What events have you chaired or worked on in the last 5 years? I co-chaired Big Game Big Give for Super Bowl 2015 and 2016 in San Francisco, Nationals Dream Foundation Gala in DC in 2015, Co-Chaired ChildHelp Drive the Dream 2016 and I am co-chairing again in 2018. Also I am on the Heart Ball Committee. What person or people do you admire in the social community? I truly admire Linda Pope, she inspires me in so many ways. What would be your dream event to work on or maybe chair? I feel like I have already done it with both ChildHelp and Big Game Big Give. What are your favorite Valley restaurants? Elements at Sanctuary, Steak 44, Chelsea’s Kitchen and The Mission. What do you consider your greatest asset? I think my greatest asset is my ability to connect with people. I love people from all over. Do you have a favorite fashion designer and signature perfume? Oscar de La Renta! I love Beautiful perfume and Shalimar reminds me of my grandmother
 What’s your guilty pleasure? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a good lemon drop martini What’s your favorite song, book, movie and television program of all time? My favorite song is Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen or Beginnings by Chicago … my favorite book is I Can’t Remember the Last Time I Had a Moment to Sit and Read a Book (haha) … my favorite movies are “When Harry Met Sally” or “Steel Magnolias” … my favorite TV shows are “Downton Abbey,” “Entourage” and “House of Cards”. Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry



Board of Visitors Debutante Ball

Brian Shook and Gail Kaufman

Robin and Rob LeMarr

SEA OF BEAUTILFUL WHITE LADIES The Camelback Inn was more than happy to open its magnificent doors to Board of Visitors as it has for decades. The spring air and flora mixed with a sea of exquisite young ladies in white made for the perfect night. Society received 44 beautiful young women.

A WINNING CIRCLE Board of Visitors Board Chair Sydney Fox together with Ball Chair Karen Kotalik did a magnificent job with all the festivities and grandeur. The White House Design Studio created a masterful ballroom full of some of the most imaginative centerpieces and greenery.

E.J.and Karen Kotalik

Lisa and Stan Sipes

WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD Board of Visitors is the oldest and most important charity in our state. This year they celebrated the 101th annual charity ball. The fine organization was also able to aid more than 18 Valley based charities. We are so grateful to have them right here in Phoenix.

Mike and Katie Muller


Mike and Shelley Dupuy

Coverage courtesy of Sally and Peter Krzykos

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Picnic Under the Stars

Elizabeth and Peter Lance

Carole Zbacnik and Dave Dexter

THE SCOTTSDALE RESORT REVISITED Home to the former Scottsdale Conference Center, the newly renovated Scottsdale Resort proved the perfect setting. Party lights and merrymakers dressed in picnic attire, have successfully taken this bash back to its inception. Famed socialite Peggy Goldwater originally hosted the event with a picnic theme in 1960.

PROOF IN THE PUDDING For more than half a century, the American Cancer Society has been at the forefront in studies, treatments and cures for all types of cancer. This worthy organization is committed to finding cures. This fun filled evening is the cornerstone for the organization.

Jill and Jude LaCava

Linda Greer and Courtney Bannard

PICNIC CHAIRS AND BLANKETS TOO Courtney Bannard together with Linda Greer came together this season to make this an unforgettable affair. The Route 66 inspired theme proved the perfect inspiration to showcase fine vintage autos, music, picnic blankets and clothing. Thanks ladies, you did a great job!

Orin and Melissa Anderson


Laura and James Dearing

Coverage courtesy of Sally and Peter Krzykos


Dinner in the Desert

Denton and Katy Simmons

Jana and John Lee and Debra Phelps

CACTUS FLOWER Late spring brings to us a formidable event at the famed Desert Botanical Gardens. On an airy warm evening, guests gathered from near and far to celebrate and raise funds for the famed gardens. This season Mary Heiss and Harold Dorenbecher chaired the gala.

COCKTAILS AND PRICKLY PEARS Before guests made their respective way to dinner that night, they mixed and mingled during a sprawling cocktail reception. The gardens famed silent auction gave those in attendance the opportunity to bid on extraordinary plants and flora.

Gordon and Holly Ogden and Jamie Hedstrom

Ed and Rose Marie Mell

THE MOON AND THE STARS Fabulous Foods made sure everyone was well fed. They offered once again an amazing dining experience. The event is one of the last of the season and one of the best. You should have been there!

Becca and Dave Jackson


Tom and Jan Lewis

Coverage courtesy of Jessica Pate and Jenna Schaffer


Jessica and Jenna’s Favorite Looks By Jessica Pate and Jenna Shaffer

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Liberty Wildlife

Sharon and Tom Sneva

John McCain with Sharon and Ollie Harper

WISHES FOR WILDLIFE For more than 23 years Liberty Wildlife has gone above and beyond to educate, preserve and protect birds and animal life in our community and state. Honorary Corporate Chairmen Sharon and Ollie Harper lent their respective talents to the organization this year. Sharon Sneva served as Benefit Chairman.

A FINE SPRING EVENING Guests made their way to a lavish cocktail reception on the grounds of the Omni Resort at Montelucia. Fine feathery and slithery friends were on hand to welcome all who entered. AÂ massive silent auction traversed the Moorish ballroom lobby as well.

Bob and Karen Hobbs

Vicki and Rod Granberry

A HUGE THANK YOU Megan Mosby and Kathleen Lang deserve special recognition for their tireless dedication to this cause and event. For decades these two ladies along with many others have been instrumental in furthering this very worthy cause and awareness of its good works.

Cay Cowie


Chevy Humphrey with Melani Walton and Pamela Wright Keiper

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty


Tuesday-Thursday | 11:00am-9:00pm Wine-O Wednesday 1st & 3rd Weds. of the Month | 6:30pm-7:30pm Friday Fish Fry | 11:00am-10:00pm Saturday & Sunday Brunch | 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday Dinner | 5:00pm-10:00pm Live Music | Rotating Local Musicians

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Happy Hour


3 to 6pm

3603 E. Indian School Road, Suite A Phoenix 85018 (SE Corner of 36th St. & Indian School Rd)


Arizona Costume Institute 50th Anniversary

Janet Dillon DuVal and Melanie Dillman

Joe McFate and Tatiana Sorokko with Bob Mackie and Jacquie Dorrance

DEFINING MOMENTS ACI gathered some of the most beautiful movers and shakers at the Phoenix Art Museum for their spectacular celebration. Cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres flowed and guests moved to the sounds of Jo Watson and the Birdman. MaxMara presented the splendid event!

RAISE YOUR GLASSES The costume institute has a lot for which to be thankful. A fantastic collection of gowns, dresses and accessories were on display for all to see. Melanie Dillman, Jacquie Dorrance, Janet Dillon DuVal, Brenda Howard, Barbara Kammerzell and Judy Steers did an amazing job making the event happen. Adrienne and Charles Schiffner

Amada Cruz and Judy Steers

CIRCLE OF BRILLIANCE Bob Mackie, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Zandra Rhodes and Tatiana Sorokko lent their design talents to not only that night, but a posh VIP dinner the evening prior. The entire weekend was a testament to Dennita Sewell of ACI, who continues to create wonderment for more than a decade!

Gail Adams and Denitta Sewell


Jane Jozoff with Jill Oppedahl and Sally Lehmann

Coverage courtesy of Beth McRae and Bill Dougherty


Arizona Costume Institute 50th Anniversary

Barbara Kammerzell

Lynne Love and Dana Jirauch

RAISE YOUR GLASSES The costume institute has a lot for which to be thankful. A fantastic collection of gowns, dresses and accessories were on display for all to see. Melanie Dillman, Jacquie Dorrance, Janet Dillon DuVal, Brenda Howard, Barbara Kammerzell and Judy Steers did an amazing job making the event happen. Catherine and Roy Jacobson

Diane Ryan and Bob Hollinger

Coverage courtesy of Beth McRae and Bill Dougherty

Kevin and Deborah Pshebninski and Oscar De Las Salasi

Bijen Dyrek and Carol Clemmensen

Patty Stelton



Best of Everything PHOENIX ART MUSEUM CIRCLES Michael and Jane Murray

AAHA HOSPICE OF THE VALLEY LinSue Cooney and Susan Levine

JUNIOR LEAGUE WHITE PARTY Nanda Vann and Kerstin Harper

ARCS SCHOLARSHIP DINNER Mike and Ellie Ziegler with Penny Papadopoulos and Nancy Spetzler

DERBY DAY Geri Farr and Lindsay Chatham

JOE FOSS STARS IN SERVICE Tracy Bame and Richard Adkerson

ASIA NOW Eileen Yeung, Lily Yee, Leena Ravel, Doris Ong




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The Art of Flying Text by Joshua Condon Reviewed by Bill Dougherty

With summer upon us what could be better than The Art of Flying. An excellent summer read and/or coffee table book. Before the Federal Government destroyed the U.S. airline industry, as they have now done to so many other entities, flying used to be fun. The book starts with the infancy of flying in the 1920s and concludes in an era of private jet travel, something most think is still unobtainable. Touching down in the late 1950s, a celebrity-driven industry canvases the world, tanned to smithereens and sporting light blue Pan Am bags. They become known as the Jet-Set. International columnists write about them and Slim Aarons photographs for countless later published books. The French Riviera and other tropical destinations around the world become instantly famous. The Art of Flying is rich with celebrity photos of the golden jet era. Profiles of once behemoth Pan American, Eastern, Continental and Braniff International, now much-missed distant memories, are well illustrated in living color. It’s ironic that the very politicians who pushed the Airline Deregulation Act, now all fly privately or in 1st class at the very least. This alone represents an excellent conclusion to a great book and fun time-capsule.


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Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford Reviewed by Bill Dougherty

There’s nothing new about New York social climbing. It has been going on for centuries. However this novel, set in the ripe prerecession mid-2000s, proves countless old adages. 26 year old Evelyn Beegan is riding the highest wave of NYC high society. After cleverly reinventing herself, she takes a job at an Upper East Side social network. Always envying the people she surrounds herself with, Evelyn has finally moved up like George and Wheezy. But Evelyn has a huge secret, she comes from nothing! This novel is packed with all things delicious for a summer read; mean girls, the Hamptons, Newport mansions and on and on. But like all good things it must come to an end too. Poor Evelyn quickly learns her crusading classaction attorney father is about to be indicted for bribery and the roaring 2000s is about to drop out from under her imaginary Jimmy Choo pumps. We won’t spoil anything else. This is a great beach read!




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Sponsored by Main Dish, 480.751.2393 THE COUPLE Kendall Critchfield of Phoenix Meredith Rae DeCosta of Louisville

MEET THE PARENTS Nancy Critchfield of Phoenix Claudia and Paul Critchfield of Paradise Valley Marge DeCosta and Bobby Gentry of Louisville

SERVICE AND RECEPTION Private residence of Tina and Jeff Huber, Scottsdale, Arizona

THE FLOWERS Juliet Le Fleur

PHOTOGRAPHER Julie Resch Photography


DINING Libations and Celebrations included “The Tin Cup”, bourbon, lemonade, ginger beer with mint, s’mores and bourbon bar, Brilliant menu and catering provided by Marc LeVell


% Southern flair meets all things fabulous! Guests encouraged to % %

celebrate in their Derby best; bow ties and hats held high! In lieu of traditional wedding cake, guests dined on Derby Pie; made famously with bourbon, pecans and chocolate, topped lovingly with Bourbon whipped cream Wedding guests signed a historical coffee table book on the mansions and farms of Kentucky



Th e G ent s : Ra u l S i q u ei ros/Ja c k Lu ci an o 4 8 0 .8 2 4 .1717

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C hr i st y D ea n

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Cat he rin e Ja cobs on 60 2 .790 .1992

Libby Coh e n 6 02. 291 .1 446

Paradise Valley Exceptional Paradise Valley Ranch Home

Paradise Valley European Villa on Camelback Mountain

4,379 SQ FT

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Walt Danley