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S O C I E T Y | FA S H I O N | H O M E | D I N I N G | A R T Established in 1982

Childhelp 60th Anniversary Drive the Dream 2019


Cath e rin e Jacobs on | 6 02.790.1 9 9 2

5612 North Yucca Road | Paradise Valley 5BR | 9BA | 10,465 SQ FT $8,500,000 | MLS# 5846139

Julie Roh r | 6 02. 31 7. 5 667

7760 North Foothill Drive | Paradise Valley 5BR | 6.5BA | 10,179 SQ FT $5,450,000 | MLS# 5830450

480.991.2050 Walt Danley

L i b by Co hen | 60 2 2 9 1 .1 4 4 6

6402 East Chaparral Road | Paradise Valley 7BR | 10BA | 11,756 SQ FT $6,000,000 MLS# 5843136

C hr i st y D ea n | 60 2 . 3 2 7 . 0 69 7

8329 North Ridgeview Drive | Paradise Valley 5BR | 5.5BA | 9,553 SQ FT $4,000,000 | MLS# 5821454


VOLUME 36, NO. 7


Remembering Carolyn Warner


Society The Party in the Garden


Interview Stacie Stephenson


Society Phoenix Heart Ball


Publisher La Dolce Vita


Society O’Connor Institute


Interview Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara


Style Trendspotting


Society Applause Gala


Wedding Bells


Society Celebrity Catwalk


Interview Crag Jackson


Interview Shannon Fox


Society An Evening of Trends


Interview Evans Furs


Interview Jean Clark

Stacie Stephenson together with her husband Richard are the Childhelp Drive the Dream 60th Anniversary Chairs. February 2, 2019 at The Phoenician. Information 480-922-8212


Society Linen Tree 30th Anniversary

Photographer Michael Franco


Society Moondance



Kim Zieser, McKenna Wesley, Sylvia Shoen, Cionne McCarthy, Sharon Lechter, Ingrid Haas, Sharon Dupont McCord, Leslie Budinger, Camerone Parker McCulloch, and Nikki Balich Cammarata



JANUARY 12-20 | WESTWORLD P U R C H A S E Y O U R V I P PA C K A G E T O D AY Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale VIP Packages can include: Tickets to the Opening Night Gala, a complimentary bidder badge (with approved application), reserved seating, VIP suite with gourmet food, premium open bar and more! or 844.528.3598


Remembering ... Carolyn Warner By Bill Dougherty

One of the finest people I had the opportunity to know throughout my life, Carolyn Warner, passed away in the fall. She leaves an indelible mark on our state and its citizens forever. We met the Warner’s as small children through my father’s relationship with the Brophy family. They were a large and hugely successful family. Warner’s, the families’ furniture store, opened in the late 1950s and was the premier high-end design store in the Southwest. Everything that Carolyn and Ron Warner touched turned to gold. Their palatial Bartlett Estates home was a hive of activity. A massive commercial coffee pot ran 24 hours a day. Mrs. Warner always offered you coffee upon entering their home, no matter how hot or cold it was outside ... She was often found clutching her cigarette holder, sliding out from under one of the classic Packard’s she loved to restore and work on. Mrs. Warner had flood lights installed in her garden so she could work there in the middle of the night. At backyard barbeques, we were often doused by Mrs. Warner spraying us down with Raid Yard Guard. There was always a boiling vat of TSP on the stove cleaning everything from hinges to automobile parts. Her antics on a riding power mower often interrupted our suntan time and shamed our leisure too. From the infancy of cable, The Weather Channel was shown constantly throughout her opulent home. From the 1960s on, Carolyn Warner became a true force in our state. With the smashing success of Warner’s Interiors, she embarked on a political career that would eventually take her from Superintendent of Schools to the race for the senate and the governor’s office. I remember the Warner’s purchased tables at every society event known to man. When they walked into the room, it was like the parting of the Red Sea! Carolyn and Ron Warner where a super couple long before the term even existed. Their support of the philanthropic community seemed boundless. The parties held on their tennis court were amazing and were tended to by an arsenal of antebellum servants, waiters and bartenders that wore short red tuxedo jackets and black bow ties ... There was always a huge representation of not only Democrats and Republicans, but countless social luminaries in a crossover from their design firm. These were fun times when our Valley was much smaller. In the end, Mrs. Warner will be remembered for the political candidate that kept her cool, never slung mud and urged the state to rise above the torment Arizona was thrust into during the Evan Mecham administration. Mrs. Warner was truly Arizona’s answer to politician Barbara Jordan, who united the country in mesmerizing speeches after the Watergate scandal. During those years of upheaval, she also managed to write a New York Times bestseller. She told me once to never speak for more than 2 minutes, otherwise you lose the audience. Mrs. Warner always extended her hand across the aisle to the opposing party and wanted to hear both sides of the debate. I loved her dearly. She was a great American.



Publisher: BILL DOUGHERTY Editor-in-Chief: BETTY McRAE Travel Editors: LAUREN AND IAN WRIGHT Food Writer: LAURIE FLORENCE-MANUCCI Advertising Manager: PATRICE METZLER 480.276.2282 | Executive Consultant: TRISHA ANTHONY | SUZANNE EDER | HEATHER MORRISON New York Correspondent: JJ BUCHANON Los Angeles Correspondent: JENNIFER BENTLEY Art Direction: STEPHANIE SWEET, SWEET DESIGNS Fashion Photographer: SCOTT FOUST STUDIOS Senior Society Photographers: PETER AND SALLY KRZYKOS Trends Makeup and Hair Stylist: LAURA FLAGLER | KAREN HALL | MARY BETH YORK Lifestyle Editor: BARBARA KAPLAN Fashion Editor: SAMANTHA DEROSE Society Editors: SHAYNE ANTHONY | CAROL BENNETT | GEORGE BENNETT LAURA BISHOP | J.J. BREWER | JILL BRINDLEY | VERONICA COOK MAYA FOX | RHONDA KRETCHMAR | GAIL LITTLETON LISA MARIE SELTZER | JESSICA PATE | SARAH ROARK GRACE SAMPO | KATHY SCHEIB | BOB STEARNS | NICOLE STEARNS MICHELLE THOMPSON | SHEREE TWITTY Certified Public Accountants: THOMAS S. HOLLY, CPA, PLLC Printing: PRINT MEDIA Information Technology: BEN AMES Music Production: CHRIS BECKLEY/THE PRODUCTION GROUP Special Events Fashion Coordinator: MARGARET MERRITT | JUDI YATES Trends Charitable Fund Board members are Marilyn Alexander, Kim Cullum, Darlene Keller-Price, Betty McRae, Kathryn Petsas, Molly Stockley and Susie Wesley SUBSCRIPTIONS: To guarantee receiving every issue of TRENDS, send a check for $25 (one year), $45 (two years) or $70 (three years) to Trends executive office (address below). Subscription will start the next month of publication. No refunds. Please send checks and address changes to: TRENDS Publishing 5150 E. Orchid Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 Phone: (480) 990-9007 Website: Published monthly November – May by Trends Publishing. Editorial E-mail: Advertising E-mail: © 2018 ISSN 0742-034X

The Toughest Divorce Arm Wrestler In Arizona

When the challenges of divorce come your way wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on your side who wasn’t afraid to take on the best arm wrestler in America? That’s exactly what Kaine Fisher, head of Rose Law Group’s Family Law practice, did when Travis Bagent came to Scottsdale. Out on the field of a spring training stadium. And when you think of it arm wrestling can be a lot like divorce. Back and forth. Both sides positioning. Both sides trying to win. So if you want someone who’s never afraid of the moment, with the right experience to take on the toughest opponents, give us a call.

Kaine R. Fisher Partner & Director of Family Law

Kaine R . Fisher • Audra Petrolle • Rose Reynolds • Amica Acritelli 7144 E Stetson Drive, Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | 480.505.3936 | Asset Protection/Estate Planning • Class Action • Corporate • Cyberbullying • DUI • Elder Care • Elections • Employment • Equine • Family/Parenting Rights Government Relations/Lobbying • Homeowners Associations • Intellectual Property • Internet Fraud • Land Use • Litigation • Medical Cannabis • Online Defamation/ Cyber-Reputation Management • Real Estate Transactions • Renewable Energy • Special Needs Planning • Tax • Water/Environmental • Zoning


QUESTIONS FOR ... Dr. Stacie Stephenson, Drive the Dream Chair Describe yourself Lately I have decided I would rather describe myself as a self-made entrepreneurial “renaissance woman.” What I mean by that is I am passionately interested and intrigued by a broad mix of business, advanced medicine, alternative medicine, the arts, theater, musical production, the equestrian lifestyle, performance athletics, architecture and design; and I have gratefully had the amazing opportunity to engage meaningfully in each of these disciplines in either my education, my professional life or my philanthropic pursuits. I was sharing with a dear colleague how surprised I am to love theatrical and musical production as much as I love teaching people how to lead a healthful lifestyle and free themselves from chronic disease. The two seem incongruent but both pursuits are about people reaching their full human potential. I am drawn to philanthropic pursuits that free people to reach their maximum productivity and energy. The way to do that is to first take care of the basic human needs of nourishment, shelter and optimum health. My husband and I focus our philanthropy on the service to others where we can feel assured we are assisting in those fundamental human needs. Why do it again? When I joined as honorary chair for the 2016 DTD, I became more and more convinced that this organization deserved to really soar to a new level of awareness and achievement. I worked with the executive team to learn all I could to premier a refreshed event that would position Childhelp to both maintain and expand its donor base and community engagement. Step one was to translate to the Valley an experiential “out of the box” event that we had been developing in Chicago and other markets. I had been working on a theatrical adaptation of The Whiz and The Wizard of Oz for the Gateway for Cancer Research Chicago and I thought it could work beautifully to adapt it to remind the Phoenix community that we are spreading joy and hope to children who had none previously. Drive the Dream: Journey to Oz was born and we were thrilled to reach goals previously uncharted for the organization. And why would I do it again? Simply stated, I could not say no to the two powerhouse women who founded Childhelp, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson. These two women are the most dynamic, missiondriven individuals I have had the pleasure to meet and my life will be forever changed by their presence in my world. Candidly, I am chairing four major events in three cities in one year and my plate was full, but I was so humbled by Childhelp’s confidence in me that I began adjusting my other commitments to ensure I will be present in all ways and ready to serve.


How will I exceed Oz? That is such a complement! Evidently, I have been learning, that Journey to Oz was quite celebrated. Sometimes I am transitioning so quickly to my next project that I do not take a moment to breathe and take in a little applause so thank you for the amazing vote of confidence. As for “exceeding expectations,” I focus on the experience. I adore and thrive on the creative process and I am overjoyed to see people fully engaged in both the event and the mission. I was a competitive figure skater for 16 years and I always enjoyed striving for the unexpected, sometimes being the underdog, and the sheer thrill of blending athletics, musically-driven performance and design. Figure skating captivated me and was and always will be my first love. I think blending philanthropic missions with world class entertainment and an experiential event simply blends the best of both worlds to feed my soul to be a servant leader. I hope everyone will have the time of their lives ... and the celebration will be “The Greatest Show” for the 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration for “The Greatest” cause! Stay tuned ... Photo by Bob and Dawn Davis Photography and Design

Access to comprehensive cancer care should always be an option.

Your employees deserve the best. That’s certainly true should they ever need access to comprehensive cancer care close to home. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Phoenix, we specialize in the treatment of just one disease: cancer. We use the latest diagnostic tools to identify the molecular composition of each patient’s unique cancer, then develop personalized treatment plans that help patients fight their disease, and provide integrative oncology services that help them manage side effects as they progress through treatment. This is precision cancer treatment delivered in a uniquely compassionate environment, now in three locations across the greater Phoenix area: Goodyear, North Phoenix and Scottsdale. For more information about our services, please call 800 · 515 · 5603 or email

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The Season October to May

By Bill Dougherty

People are talking about Carolyn Jackson! Since her triumphant

a key to a successful event, it’s just one

Heart Ball held just a few weeks ago at the Phoenician, all people

component of any event. We’ll get back

want to talk about is the divine Mrs. Jackson. Every cocktail party

to that in a few paragraphs. Anyway, the

I’ve attended in the last few weeks, seems to be consumed with two

2018 Phoenix Heart Ball was a smashing

words, “Carolyn Jackson,” “Carolyn Jackson,” “Carolyn Jackson.”

success from start to finish. It was flaw-

Those who know this witty and talented lady, who could easily

less! Kristine Thompson will chair the famed evening in 2019, giving

double for a Ralph Lauren model, consider themselves very fortu-

her the 60th anniversary of the ball. Mrs. Thompson becomes the

nate. Those who don’t know her, are asking me to set up lunch dates

third legacy chairman of the Phoenix Heart Ball.

with her. The Phoenix Heart Ball, which is the oldest ball in Arizona; aside from Board of Visitors which is technically a debutant ball; is still a huge deal for our state. It ranks second in the nation to the Detroit Heart Ball, which is fully sponsored by GM, Ford and Chrysler. My parents told me never to talk about money and Mrs. Jackson was classy enough not to announce her numbers from the stage, something other balls need to do as well. Let’s just say she raised a tremendous amount for heart disease. In the 25 years I’ve been at Trends, I’ve always felt that announcing figures from the stage sets a bad precedence for the incoming chair of the event. While money is

A few weeks ago, Sharon Dupont McCord decided to throw a birthday bash for her beau Phil Edlund. And what a party it was! While Ms. DuPont’s home is impressive, her neighbors offered up their place for the night to toast the birthday boy. Everywhere you looked you saw: Jacquie and Bennet Dorrance, Al Kasen and his stunning flamed haired wife Rona, Jane and Geoff Edmunds, Barbara Dunlap and her ever-dapper husband Charlie, Margot and Dennis Knight, Penny and Larry Gunning, Beth and Bob Matthews, Betty McRae, Ardie and Steve Evans, Geena Bonsall, Mary and Tom Continued on page 12

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– Continued from page 10

Hudak and Nancy and Jimmy Walker. The bash had more than 15

Last year I received a call and was told that my wife and I were no

food stations, water features abounded, seating for everyone and

longer welcome at the Author’s dinner after 18 years. Apparently, the

two of the most gracious hosts imaginable; Joanne and Neal Uppal.

deep-pocketed hostess of the prestigious night didn’t want the press

Then we ran into Caryl and Jon Kyl, Pat Petznick, Nancy and

in her home. Sadly the Arizona Women’s Board gambled and lost

Ed White, Daryl and Chip Weil, Sue and Jay Stuckey (who have

big. Deep-pockets resigned from their board and Trends Magazine

been greatly missed on the social scene) and Yvonne Fedderson

is now gone too. I had the opportunity to meet and socialize with

and Sara O’Meara. Then Lyle Anderson arrived with his stunningly

Arizona Women’s Board founder Erma Bombeck at the home of

beautiful wife Missy, who together with Sandy Magruder, proved

Carolyn and Ron Warner on countless occasions. Erma Bombeck

to all in attendance that you can have the shortest of hair styles and

was a member of the press ...

still be two of the most breathtaking party guests. You should have been there!

From all of us at Trends Magazine and the Trends Charitable Fund hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. We’ll see you back

In 2000, I was asked by a dear friend on the Arizona Women’s Board

here in January of 2019.

to attend an Author’s Dinner and cover their amazing luncheon the next afternoon. While we didn’t typically cover luncheons at the time, I knew the majority of the board and was happy to help. For the next 18 years Trends gave the organization a full page in our publication every season. We purchased advertisement in their luncheon’s program and my wife and I even danced not once but twice in Dancing With the Stars Arizona, which at the time benefited this amazing group.

BAD SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: Be careful of a dark and attractive businesswoman who inserted herself into this publication for a brief period. She managed to get from us what she needed for social validity. She dropped us like a bad habit and moved up the ladder to the roof. Beware! She’s only out there for herself. There’s not a civic or charitable bone in her body.

4001 North 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85016 ♦ ph: 602.957.0186 ♦ fax: 602.956.0463 See additional designs on Instagram: @whitehousedesignstudio




QUESTIONS FOR ... Childhelp’s Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara How did Childhelp begin and in what year? SARA: This is Childhelp’s diamond anniversary celebrating 60 years of miracles. In 1959, we were part of a governmentsponsored goodwill tour singing for the troops in Japan. During a terrible typhoon in Tokyo, we rescued 11 half-American, halfJapanese orphans on the street known as “throwaway children” due to their mixed heritage. 10.5 million children later, our mission continues to grow. YVONNE: That was one of the first miracles. Sara and I were actresses playing the girlfriends of Ricky and David Nelson on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, so we were already dear friends. We were both selected out of a cast of over 500 girls to take part in this special show even though they were unaware we knew each other. We know God put us together that day for a purpose greater than our hearts could have ever imagined. Where do you see the organization in 20 years? SARA: Childhelp has always been an innovator. We were the first to establish what we now know today as the children’s advocacy center model; the first to build residential treatment villages for abused children and the first and only hotline staffed with degreed crisis counselors available 24/7 for abused children. In the next 20 years, we will continue to break ground in all areas of child welfare as the world becomes even more complicated for our nation’s youth. YVONNE: Our greatest strides are in prevention education where we dream of getting in front of a crisis before abuse ever starts. We have a comprehensive program called Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe that we have throughout the country. In Arizona alone, we have recently reached over 100,000 children, parents, teachers and coaches. We believe it should be in every school in America.

Does the organization plan additional Childhelp campuses for children? SARA: We have big dreams for the future but will wait to reveal the scope of what’s possible until our Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala. We always like to save something special for the big night because it gives our core audience a chance to help shape our message in the community. YVONNE: If you’d like to find out, just join us at the Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala “Diamond Jubilee” celebrating 60 years of miracles. It takes place February 2 at the Phoenician and will be our most amazing event yet!

Do you have an exit plan or are you remaining? SARA: Our exit plan is when God calls us home. As long as we have our health and faculties intact, we have no desire to retire; as you don’t simply turn off 60 years of allencompassing passion overnight. We don’t golf or knit; so as long as we can lead the best and brightest to make the world better for recovering children, we’re staying right where we are!

What do you consider your finest hour? SARA: The America that existed when Childhelp began protected the perpetrator and not the child. State by state, we worked to change those laws and that legacy helps each little heart born in the USA to this day. Also, by establishing the first residential treatment village exclusively for abused and neglected children; we created a ripple effect that led to child welfare programs and services that have blanketed the whole country and beyond.

YVONNE: Naturally, from the nonprofit strategic standpoint, we have a detailed legacy plan that ensures our life’s work is in safe hands. Our board has approved the continuation of our vision through two surrogates of our daily work, Carol and Jim Hebets, who have spent decades by our sides helping to grow and nurture our mission.

YVONNE: There is no “finest hour” in our careers because every hour is the very best when you are doing what you can for the love of a child. When we see a little boy or girl transformed by what we do, that special moment eclipses all others. Then, it happens again to the point where we’ve had over 10 and .5 million finest hours; one for each child in our care.



Tim Wesley with Jill and Bert Alanko

APPLAUSE! Shannon and Joel Barthelemy

Jon and Jennifer Bohnert

It’s no secret that Susie Wesley is the perfect guest to have at a dinner party. But if you’re real smart, you might consider asking her to put on your event too. So the other night, she and Char Hubble took home top honors as Woman Who Cares recipients. But things didn’t stop there. Reed Glick was awarded the Man of Character and lovely Jennifer Bohnert left the night with the Angel of the Heart award. Are any of you surprised by this dynamic foursome? The Charro Foundation walked away with the Pope Humanitarian Award. Phoenix Theatre bestows these amazing honors to those who have gone above and beyond for the magnificent playhouse. The cultural epicenter of show tunes, dramas and everything else makes Phoenix Theatre and those who make it all happen, including director Michael Barnard, the theatrical stand out in the Valley.

Jane Christensen

Kristine and Shane Thompson

Rod and Kim Cullum


Susie and Tim with McKenna Wesley

Debbie Moak and Lisa Henry-Holmes

Thank you for the warm welcome to the neighborhood!

At our pre-opening dress rehearsals we were proud to support Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish Arizona, TGen, PANDA and Fresh Start. We would like to thank everyone who came out and joined us in raising money for these local organizations. 4748 N Goldwater Blvd. | Scottsdale, AZ 85251 |


The Cowgirls Historical Foundation

Catherine Anaya

Honorary Chair Ilana Lowery and Hayley Ringle

CELEBRITY CATWALK Over 400 beautiful people filled the ballroom at the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia, raising over $200,000 for Debbie Gaby Charities. This year’s event, “A New Beginning,” was chaired by the lovely Debbie Gaby, Bea Rocklin, Mary Meyer and honorary chair, Ilana Ruber Lowery. Paradise Valley power couple, Bob and Pat Bondurant, were honored and presented with this year’s Hope Award for their amazing efforts in supporting their community and charitable giving.

Pat McMahon

Andrea Tyler Evans

Debbie Gaby and Tobi Wilburn


Pat and Bob Bondurant

Joe Courtney


QUESTIONS FOR ... Craig Jackson How did Barrett-Jackson get started and in what year? In 1963, Tom Barrett placed an ad in the newspaper for a 1933 Cadillac Town Car. My dad, Russ Jackson, responded; and although that deal never materialized, the two bonded over their love of classic cars. Beginning in 1967, they staged a car show and parade in Scottsdale known as the “Fiesta de los Autos Elegantes” to benefit the city’s art center and community library. The two phased out that event in 1971, formed Barrett-Jackson, and began work on a collector car auction to be held that winter. Did you always have a love of automobiles? Pretty much – I just remember always being around cars, and I loved it. At the age of 9, I helped restore a 1939 Austin Bantam as a family project for the Fiesta de los Autos Elegantes. I’ve been going to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and The Elegance at Hershey since I was a little kid. My dad often had me hauling a wagon back and forth through all the rows of cars, looking for V16 and V12 Cadillac and Delahaye parts. Do you collect one particular type of car? My collection is diverse, but I do have a fondness for late ‘60s to early ʼ70s American muscle cars; as well as more modernday supercars. One of my favorite cars is an “In-Violet” purple 1970 HEMI ’Cuda. It is one of just 14 convertibles built that year, the only one painted in its color and the only one ever exported (it spent part of its life in England). What have you done to expand the Barrett-Jackson brand? When I took the reins of the company in 1995, my focus was on developing our internet presence. I had a vision to broadcast the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction on national television – which became a reality in 1997. The auction evolved into a world-class automotive lifestyle event with a little something for everyone. We continue to expand our global brand with live television coverage on Velocity and Discovery. We have fans reaching out to us from all over the world now, particularly in the U.K. and South America. Where do you see the company in the next 20 years? We are constantly evolving and working to provide an even better customer experience; from our actual events to our website, mobile app and more. While putting on an auction of our magnitude is a monumental undertaking, I wouldn’t rule out expanding into a fifth location at some point in the future. Also, our demographic is changing to include younger generations – Gen Xers and Millennials – so there will be a shift in the selection of vehicles crossing the auction block to the cars they grew up with, as we’re beginning to witness already. What advice do you have for someone who wants to collect or restore classic cars? As I’ve always said, don’t buy a car because you think you’re going to make money on it – buy the car you love, that you want to use and have fun with. Buy the best you can buy, whatever that is. As far as restoring goes; with all the aftermarket parts


companies these days, an entry-level collector car makes an excellent DIY project for a family. There are also top-notch restoration companies out there who can come to your aid for either all or part of a project – don’t be afraid to ask for help! What do you personally think is the next big collectible car or cars? You’re looking at a lot of people who want to buy cars they can drive and have fun with, that years ago we wouldn’t have thought of as a collector car, such as either original or RestoModded cars from the ‘80s and ‘90s. SUVs have become popular, as have Blazers, Broncos, Fox-body Mustangs, Trans Am-era cars, the IROCS – cars that Gen Xers and Millennials grew up with. Japanese imports from the ‘80s and ‘90s are attracting a big following as well. We had a 1997 Acura Integra Type R sell for a world-record price at our recent Las Vegas Auction that caused quite a stir on social media and the internet! What local charities will Barrett-Jackson be involved with at the 2019 Scottsdale Auction in January? Once again, we will be offering several vehicles for sale with 100 percent of the sale price going directly to some very special charities. Among the local organizations are Barrow Neurological Institute, which we are very excited about, as this is the first time their schedule has allowed us to collaborate; and Childhelp, which we have supported since 2005. To date, through the platform of Barrett-Jackson, nearly $105 million has been raised for important causes, both local and national. Most of that has been over the past 10 years.

5350 E Exeter Blvd | $3,900,000


Cionne McCarthy & Susie Wesley 602.619.4550 | CIONNE.MCCARTHY@RUSSLYON.COM | 602.469.0227


QUESTIONS FOR ... Shannon Fox of Kiss Me Kate How did you come up with the name for your store and how long have you been in business? I purchased an existing store 15 years ago and kept the original name. It was named after the Broadway Play “Kiss Me Kate” from Taming of the Shrew. It was the second store opened in Camelback Village shopping center almost 40 years ago.

How did you make the transition from Braniff International flight attendant to a hugely successful boutique owner? I am a people lover, from the airlines to sales to fashion. I sold Real Estate after Braniff’s demise, worked for my husband’s health & cosmetics business, and then in his sunglass business. This is so fun!! Who doesn’t love fashion?

What do you consider you best-selling item currently? We are known as “The Jacket Store” as well as having great gift items. We have many talented Artists in Arizona, so I use mostly local jewelry designers and feature many one-of-a-kind items.

Many consider your shopping center at 44th Street and Camelback to be the most affluent shopping demographic in The Valley. How long have you been there and how did you choose this prime location? Kiss Me Kate has been in its current location for almost 40 years. It is a great central location with Arcadia to the South, PV to the North and close to Scottsdale as well as Phoenix. We love it!!

With so many flocking to the internet, how have you kept your store so successful? It is an ongoing challenge. Many of our customers like to feel, touch and see the fabrics and quality of garments before buying. I feel the same, so I don’t shop online. And “Quality and First-Class Service” is our priority.


What fashion trend or trends do you see that most are not aware of yet? Everything has gotten so casual, so I hope we can get back to beautiful dressing again. It can be beautiful and comfortable and still be on trend.

Do you have a favorite decade for fashion? I loved the 60’s. Travelers would wear hats and gloves, fur stoles, and really dressed up to travel.

Kiss Me Kate Boutique is a specialty store for the fashion conscious woman. Our many labels take you to the board room, sports events, cocktail parties, or to travel around the world. Located at the Camelback Village Mall | 5039 N 44th St | Phoenix, AZ | 602.840.6173


Kat and Troy Richards


Chris Gustafson and Melissa Turner


Carrie and Bryan Hall

Who knew Montelucia would have pulled out all the stops the other night for the Trends Gala, BE BOLD BE BEAUTIFUL? The answer is easy, ask Vicki Vaughn to chair the evening and you won’t be disappointed. Together with a fabulous committee, the flame-haired beauty pulled off one of the most beautiful events in recent memory. Peacock shades of blue and green adorned the night with elegant touches from the White House Design studio that made everything come together perfectly. We got to spotlight 10 new Trendsetters: Nikki Balich-Cammarata, Leslie Budinger, Sharon Dupont McCord, Ingrid Haas, Sharon Lechter, Cionne McCarthy, Camerone Parker McCulloch, Sylvia Shoen, McKenna Wesley and Kim Zieser and raise our glasses to Sue Glawe our 2018 Fabulous Phoenician. Party Favor: A Rolex watch from Robert Wesley Jewelers. Perfect Pitch: Emcee Lin Sue Cooney. Couple Number One: Carolyn and Rick Ross for their decades long support!

Charles and Adrienne Schiffner

Sue Glawe

Joel and Libby Cohen

Darlene Keller-Price and Vicki Vaughn

Charlene Berge-Blum and Beth McDonald

Coverage courtesy of Sally and Peter Krzykos


QUESTIONS FOR ... Evans Furs How long has your company been in business and where did it all start? We have been in business since 1987. It was purchased from Evans corporate (now defunct) in 1990 when the store was in Biltmore Fashion Park. In 2000 we moved to Fashion Square and then moved again to Zocallo Plaza in North Scottsdale in 2008. What are the biggest misconceptions about the fur industry? That animals are treated poorly and killed using inhumane methods. Obviously in order to have beautiful fur, the farmed animals are extremely well cared for which is what helps to insure the use of the pelts. All parts are utilized by various industries – there is no waste. Fur is biodegradeable and is one of the most environmentally friendly products available. What seems to be the most popular pelt or fur this season? Mink and sheared mink are always popular. Colorful fox is also very in style right now Is there a hot color in furs this season? Fur color trends typically follow ready to wear. This fall whiskey, cherry red, blue, fuchsia, lavender and orange are the hot colors. Black and brown are always “in.” Vests are very popular with multi-colored fox leading the way. What style is appealing to the millennial crowd? Definitely colored fox vests and short colorful fox jackets. Accessories of all types – handbags, scarves etc. – fun pieces that can be worn casually but also dressed up. Do you have any thoughts on changing styles for fur in the future, short or long? I think the trend in society is toward more casual lifestyles. Fashion (for the general population), including that of fur, will follow that trend. Clients want to be able to wear their fur in their everyday life – not just on special occasions. This is one of the very reasons that in addition to selling new garments, we offer restyling of out-of-fashion garments. Many millennials continue to bring in their inherited garments to have them remade into something that can not only be brought up-to-date, but can also be worn in our warmer climate.


Tell us a little about fur accessory trends? Very hot – everything from handbags, phone covers, shoe clips, jewelry, scarves, pillows, blankets, home furnishings, wine bags – even fur slides for spring and summer – you name the item and more than likely it can be translated into fur. We are always coming up with something new at the salon. Accessories are an integral part of the business and the category keeps growing.

As a testament to our quality, Evans is the only freestanding permanent fur salon in Arizona. After three decades, we are still the Southwest’s first choice for the latest in fur and leather fashion, care, and service. With over 150 years of combined experience in the fur industry, the staff at Evans has helped thousands of customers choose new fur garments, restyle old ones, and care for the ones they have.

Evans Furs and Leathers Zocallo Plaza Scottsdale Road / Greenway Hayden Loop 480-945-4600


QUESTIONS FOR ... Jean Marie Clarke of Pax Philomena Tell us about the interesting name of your clothing line? Philomena is the name of my mother who I wanted to honor as she has been my inspiration and mentor throughout my life. Pax of course means “peace” in Latin. Philomena was historically, a Catholic saint who was martyred in the third century. Her tomb was found in the catacombs of Rome in the19th century and on it was written PAX TECUM FILUMENA (which means daughter of light in Greek). I shortened the phrase and PAX PHILOMENA was born. I also wanted to reinforce what Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.” My clothing with its bright colours and beautiful patterns makes people smile, and thus helps to spread Peace/Pax throughout the world. Give us a little bit about your design and textile background? I started in textiles at the age of 9 as a batik artist. My mother and I were just having fun experimenting with batik and it turned into a career for us both. I was represented by an art gallery in Scottsdale and another in Taos, both of whom sold my art well. At Princeton University I studied Italian Renaissance Art History and became fascinated with Italy and wanted to study textiles there. So, I did a semester studying abroad in Rome, and after graduation I moved to Venice as an intern at the Peggy Guggenheim collection. Then fate stepped in and I met Antonio Ratti, owner of the best printing mill in the world. He hired me to live in Como, Italy. I was responsible for creating and selling Ratti’s luxury textile collection for home furnishings to the American market. That was 30 years ago, and I have been in love with textiles ever since! Where do people go to find your clothing? I have a website which is or I see clients by appointment at my atelier in North Central Phoenix. For appointments, please email or call me directly 602-369-9188. I love personally meeting my clients. Are you the chief designer for your apparel line or do you have others working alongside you?? I am the main designer for Pax Philomena; however, I do have two very special consultants on staff, my sons Max and Zane. Both have been to India with me to work on our collections and they know my business inside and out. They encouraged me to do the men’s boxers line and helped choose and design the fabrics for the men’s shirt collection. I personally wear every piece that we prototype before it goes into production and my son’s do the same for the men’s collection. Do you have a fashion decade you consider to be the best? Actually I enjoyed the 80’s quite a bit. That is not to say it was the


best fashion decade. Probably the 40s were my favorite. However, during the 80’s I was in high school and used to make my own mini-skirts from unique textiles that I created myself. I had some amazing gold metallic ankle boots that I wore under my mini-skirts, which were clearly the key to my winning our senior class best dressed award! Who inspired your craft? Philomena, my mother, was my first inspiration as she taught me to take risks in colour, design, fashion, and most importantly in life! My next inspiration was Antonio Ratti who gave me the opportunity to live in Como, Italy and taught me that textiles as clothing are a form of art in motion. Living in Italy I also learned the importance of aesthetics in dressing. I realized that the Italians dress well not only for themselves, but also for others. India was my final inspiration! When I first went back (40 years after I was born there in Calcutta), the first thing that struck me was how beautifully and colourfully dressed everyone was! I knew then that I wanted to bring some of that colour and happiness to America and I wanted to make a line of clothing that brightens people’s days and makes everyone smile!

“Peace begins with a smile” Mother Teresa of Kolkata

Pax Philomena donates a portion of all proceeds to Mother Teresa’s MIssionaries of Charity in America. For appointments Image by Antonis Kelaidis


Bonnie and Sal Romano

Bonnie and Phil Carlson

Bill Goldblat Cindy Maitoza and Albert Garcia


RAISE YOUR GLASSES! The Linen Tree at posh Hilton Village in Scottsdale has a lot for which to be thankful. The other evening they turned 30 years old and stopped to thank the design and social communities alike. We’ve all known for decades that The Linen Tree showcases the finest towels, bedding and home décor items imaginable. Kirk and Mary Laibe have done an outstanding job offering quality, class and style to our fortunate community. We are lucky to have them! Robert’s Catering was on hand to make sure everyone who passed thru the magnificent night had happy smiles.

Lauren Rosenberg


Steve and Keri Markt

Kirk and Mary Laibe

Katherine Hawkins and Judy Cooper

In the Heart of Phoenix is Your One Stop Shop for: TAILORING • CUSTOM DESIGNING • ALTERATIONS • FABRIC • BRA NEEDS JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SEWING FOR MEN & WOMEN! “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion” You deserve to look good. Our extensive collection of custom suits, tuxedos, bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses and clothing are made specifically for you and your style. –Owner and Designer Scylvia-Elvira Danese

Yes We Can... Just Say When! “The Boob Whisperer” Are you tired of having your boobs everywhere except where they should be on your body? “I have been dubbed “The Boob Whisperer” because I am truly an expert at getting you in the right size bra.” If you’re not wearing the right size bra, you can look fat and frumpy. In just 5 minutes you can look like you just lost 10 pounds!

FREE BRA FITTINGS We also do Men’s Tailoring & Alterations • Owned and operated in Arizona since 1971 Find out why people from all over the world come to Danese Creations!

602.955.1313 | 3902 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018


Patience Huntwork with Tom and Mary Hudak

MOONDANCE David Roche and Barbara Duthuit

Jan and Chris Cacheris

SAVER THE SOUTHWEST AND OUR HERITAGE The winds and a crisp evening in late October proved the perfect setting combined with the opulent beauty of the Heard Museum. Moondance 2018 celebrated all the wonderment of the fantastic museum and the fine people that fill it every day. David Roche, the savvy director of the statly place, must have been thrilled with the turnout; as guests entered and departed in fine Native American jewelry and Western attire. Janis Lyon and Carol Ann Mackay chaired the festivities and did a smashing job. That Girl: Mary Ellen McKee in a broomstick skirt and gobs of native finery. Dapper dans: Salvador and Jake Betts-Jamison A huge thank you: Presenting sponsors Joy and Howard Berlin

Doris and Hong Ong

Carol Ann Mckay, Janis Lyon, Harvey Mckay and Jamie Lendrum

Nancy and Jimmy Walker









Susan and Appy Chandler

Milena and Tony Astorga


FASHION FOR YOUR HOME. For more than 30 years, The Linen Tree has been the ďŹ nest purveyor of luxury European linens and home decor, with impeccable customer service to match. | 480.483.2044 6137 N. Scottsdale Rd., #111, Scottsdale, AZ 85250


Don and Ginger Brandt

THE PARTY Leslie Petty and Richard Purcell

Wan Kim and Doris Ong


One of the most anticipated evenings of autumn was showcased in all its finery at the Phoenix Art Museum. The pARTy in the Garden welcomed a blue-ribbon guest list to the stately museum. Amada Cruz, the Sybil Harrington Director and CEO, welcomed all merrymakers who celebrated this anniversary. The committee this year included Amy Cohen, Ellen Katz, Margot Knight and Meredith von Arentschildt. They welcomed guests in the Dorrance Sculpture Garden before moving everyone to a seated dinner in Cummings Great Hall. Special Guest Star: Michael Crow of ASU served as this year’s honoree. Why They’re The Bomb! Wan Kim and Doris Ong in festive attire.

Sue and Carter Emerson

Cathy and Erika Dickey

Bill and Char Hubble

Nathan Shiya and Rebecca Robson

Sue Ann and Steve Scott


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Paradise Valley Estate Sales, Auctions and Consignment is well-known among the valley’s most savvy shoppers for always having a stunning collection of home furnishings, accessories and artwork from the finest estates and local designers. Working with trust attorneys doing household inventory appraisals and liquidations, PVESA enjoys clients and customers from all over the US and Europe. The e-mail list is long and the gallery inventory is ever changing. The successful PVESA exclusive ongoing “Dutch” auction is just another reason they remain in the coveted position of being, “The valley’s premier estate sale, consignment gallery and auction house.” Visit our gallery and get your homes ready for the holidays! You will find great gift giving ideas and PVESA Gift Cards. Gallery Hours will be Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 4:00. Visit our website Anne Sarvas and Mary Cantrell 7655 E. Redfield Road | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | Phone: (480) 949-2096 |


C hef Robert Richter established

Robert’s Catering, Inc. and Cakes in 1980, creating traditional comfort foods, French cuisine, cutting edge contemporary cuisine, and simply the best cakes for the most discriminating palette, yours.

480.963.4040 E:

Kierland Commons, 15044 N Scottsdale Rd #130 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 (480) 941-9090 37

Prevent aging and wrinkles by doing Botox™ Located in the Village Health Club & Spa's “Black Diamond” Certification, Top 1% Injector status Safe and effective treatments you can trust

Over 100,000 procedures performed by our practice to date

Who would you trust? Schedule Your FREE Consultation – Call (480) 991-3038 DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa

Gainey Village Health Club & Spa 7477 East Doubletree Ranch Road Scottsdale, AZ 85258

18501 North Thompson Peak Parkway Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Open Saturdays for your convenience Lisa Williams, Nurse Practitioner, ANP-C, is one of the top injectors in Arizona earning Black Diamond status as a single solo practice. Find us on





Ocotillo Village Health Club & Spa 4200 S. Alma School Road Chandler, AZ 85248

LIQUIDATING The finest estates in the valley

Over 10 years experience Friendly professional salespeople Licensed, insured & accredited 35 years in the furniture and design business CEO Judi is a long time resident of Paradise Valley Commited to making process as quick and as painless as possible Clients have included celebrities, politicians, athletes, philanthropists, professional sports team owners and business moguls No waiting, paid within 7-10 business days after estate sale – Judi Scanlon-Svendsen





Jerry and Vickie Moyes

Erika Dickey and Jordan Rose

Nan Howlett ,Ingrid Haas, Carolyn Jackson, Kristine Thompson, Beth McRae and Sylvia Shoen

Diane and Patrick O’Malley

From the red carpet, The Phoenician opened its doors to the 59th annual Phoenix Heart Ball. Since this is the oldest charity ball in the state, its arrival often creates great anticipation and wonderment and this year the ball did not disappoint. Carolyn Jackson and her fine-tuned Executive Committee crossed the finish line and produced a spectacular night for the more than 800


Donna Hicks

Carolyn and Rick Ross

merrymakers dressed predominately in shades of red, black and chrome. The evening raised an extraordinary amount of money for the American Heart Association. But since the refined Mrs. Jackson would never shout numbers from the stage, just know it did extremely well. Belles of the ball: Ruth Rassel in shades of red and silver and Tracy Serena in stacks of jewels and tones of evening black. Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer, Michelle Rooney and Lisa Marie Seltzer




Ruth Rassel and Walt Brown

Jill Alanko

Betty McRae

Catherine Anaya and Doug Saunders

Tim McDonald and Bea Rocklin

Don and Judi Crawford

Lisa Garrett

Oscal De Las Salas and Gary Jackson

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer, Michelle Rooney and Lisa Marie Seltzer

Patsy Lowry and Marianne Gouveia

Tracey Serena



Harriet Friedland and Gay Wray with Jan and Tom Lewis

Mike and Robyn DeBell


Caroline Kennedy and Sara Suggs

Jacquie Dorrance and Penny Gunning must have woken Saturday morning and realized that together with Sarah Suggs, Gay Wray and on and on, pulled off an amazing Friday night! Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan and former First Daughter to Camelot, Caroline Kennedy, addressed more than 1,000 guests at The Phoenician. The sold-out affair was just one of many of the fine events O’Connor Institute showcases throughout the year. It was a spectacular evening. Jewels for a New Season: Eileen Yeung, simply magnificent in shade of aqua and jewels too. The Perfect Attire: Robyn DeBell in a smashing turtle-neck halter pant suit. Party Favor: President John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize ­winning memoir’s Profiles in Courage

Eileen Yeung

Michael and Priscilla Nicholas with Ina and Murry Manaster

Brian and Shawn O’Connor

Penny and Larry Gunning

Judd and Billie Jo Herberger


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Family portraits shot in our studio or on location.

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We use Pilates Equipment for Physical therapy!

Dr.Barbara Goldsworthy PT, DPT, ASTYM



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Samantha’s Favorite Finds By Samantha DeRose

Steal the show in this striking Brandon Maxwell shimmery velvet gown. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Up your glam this holiday season with these dazzling eighteen karat white-gold, 13.74 carats diamond hoop earrings. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.




Established in 1994


Expertise in-house tailoring and alterations Open Daily: 480.998.9069



The Shops at Hilton Village 6107 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale







We provide valet, char ter and shuttle ser vice for your private par ties and special events. Please contact our events department at 602-424-8347 for a quote. Or, order online and save 10%.

Angiolo Livi — Youngest recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

Inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame • Gourmet Magazine • Wine Spectator • Zagat Survey

Angiolo Livi Chef, Owner

It would be our pleasure to cater your next family and corporate event.”

— Angiolo


EST. 1974

Fresh Pasta & Pasteries made fresh daily in our exhibition kitchen!


Holiday Events at Avanti: EASY! – Make reservations online or call

Thanksgiving – Nov 22 Christmas Eve – Dec 24 New Years Eve – Dec 31




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THE COUPLE Lauren Hildebrandt, Paradise Valley Dustin Longest, Watseka, Illinois

MEET THE PARENTS Mary Maguire, Scottsdale David Hildebrandt, Paradise Valley Douglas and Debra Longest, Watseka

CEREMONY/RECEPTION The Breakers, Palm Beach Ocean Lawn and The Circle Room

WEDDING PLANNER Sara Lowell of Sara Renee Events

FLOWERS AND DECOR Tyger Productions, Boston and The Breakers Floral Design Studio

PHOTOGRAPHY LuvRox Photography

THE GOWN Lian Rockman from Panache Bridal, New York

THE HONEYMOON The Abaco Club at Winding Bay

SOMETHING DIFFERENT • T he bride’s love of flamingos and tropical themes were evident in the decor including a gold leaf and palm fondant icing on the 4-tiered cake and two floral flamingos at the wedding entrance.

• T he bride paid tribute to the groom’s love of sports with a ‘seeding chart’ with bracketed table assignments.

•G uests enjoyed lawn games during cocktail hour which also featured a strolling electric violinist and a cigar roller.

• T he couple met on and had match boxes at the cigar station imprinted with ‘A Perfect Match’.

• T he film ‘Wedding Crashers’ was based on The Breakers and, yes, there were a few who unsuccessfully tried to crash this formal event.

• T he dance floor was covered in a 24’ x 24’ foot white vinyl with the couple’s wedding logo.



Wedding Planner

Weddings & E vents over 15 years of celebrated wedding planning & production


The La Mariposa Resort is a Spectacular Venue for Your Special Event Located in Beautiful Tucson, Arizona 1501 N. Houghton Rd. | Tucson, AZ 85749 | (520 ) 749-1099