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It has to be a Cornelis Hollander....

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oyster perpetual and day-date are






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Drive the Dream


La Dolce Vita




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Promise Ball


Childhelp Retrospective


Off the Vine


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Beau Arts 2015


Charity Spotlight: Honor Ball


Authors Luncheon


Barrett-Jackson Retrospective


Paradise Valley Car Show

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Phoenix Heart Ball


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Eyelash Studio


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48 Trendy Reading: Primates of Park Avenue


Holiday Prelude XXX


Trendy Reading: Pucci

ON THE COVER: Co-chairs Deborah Pshebniski, Char Hubble and Erika Williams of Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala 2016 Ball gowns courtesy of To Be Continued, Hilton Village, Scottsdale Fine jewelry courtesy of Robert C. Wesley, Scottsdale Location Royal Palms Resort, Scottsdale Photographer Scott Foust/Image-Industry, Scottsdale Hair and make-up courtesy of Laura Flagler, Phoenix


Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala 2016 Saturday, January 23rd 2016 Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix Attire: Black tie optional Ticket information: (480) 922-8212


Eddie Eddie is a fun-loving, adventure seeking 10-week-old who spends most of his time exploring. This little pawed traveler ventures all over the house (on the piano, in a basket, dresser drawers and sometimes even in the bathroom sink) looking for something that his little velvet paws can pounce on. After a long day, he will curl up in your arms and purr his heart out. He’s great with kids, dogs and other cats. Come adopt this sweet kitty at the Arizona Humane Society’s Campus for Compassion located at 1521 W. Dobbins Road in Phoenix. For more information, call 602-997-7585 and ask for animal ID number A523229. Eddie may have been adopted by the time you visit the shelter but you can see all the other pets in need of a loving home by visiting

Bailey Though small in stature, this scruffy 5-month-old Cairn-doodle sprints around the yard with great haste in a furry frenzy as she chases after a stuffed toy. After being rescued as an injured stray, her effervescent and brisk outlook on life is a testament to the excellent medical care she received at the Arizona Humane Society (AHS). Bailey will need some basic training and would love to have a canine playmate in her new home. She has an abundance of sweet kisses to share and will be a great addition to any family. Meet Bailey at AHS’ Petique at Norterra (2450 W. Happy Valley Road). For more information, call 602-761-2973 and ask for animal ID number A523272. She may have been adopted by the time you visit the shelter but you can see all the other pets in need of a loving home by visiting


“I wanted a hospital recognized for excellence in treating breast cancer, and I found one close to home”

Joy Parrott

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Patient Goodyear, Arizona

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), in suburban Phoenix, is the first hospital in Arizona to be recognized by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers for excellence in breast cancer treatment. In fact, CTCA® met or exceeded all 27 standards for accreditation. The care model at CTCA provides each patient with individualized treatment options, innovative procedures and a team of breast cancer experts, all dedicated to empowering patients like Joy. “I always felt confident CTCA was the right place. There’s just so much hope within those walls.” If you or a loved one has cancer, call 888-214-9488 or visit

14200 West Celebrate Life Way • Goodyear, Arizona 85338 No case is typical. You should not expect to experience these results.



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Chuck Stanford Jr. with 1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SL


As a testament to our quality, Evans is the only freestanding permanent fur salon in Arizona. After nearly three decades, we are still the Southwest’s first choice for the latest in fur and leather fashion, care, and service. With over 150 years of combined experience in the fur industry, the staff at Evans has helped thousands of customers choose new fur garments, restyle old ones, and care for the ones they have.

Evans Furs and Leathers Zocallo Plaza Scottsdale Road / Greenway Hayden Loop 480-945-4600


Scott Foust Presents


T H I S Photography & Design Studio




S TO R Y 480.947.4214 7004 Main Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251

La Dolce Vita

By Bill Dougherty

The Season October to May

Madrine, how are you spending the holidays? Well Vonette, we’ve

Kim Robson, Deborah Pshebniski, Carol

decided to give Trudy Thanksgiving and Christmas off. Dear God!

Clemmensen and others too numerous to

Vonette raises her dome ringed hand and gasps. What will you do...?

mention. I’d forgotten for a few seconds

Madrine replies, I’m having the Dallas Country Club cater both!

how polite people in Texas are. As I stood

This was just one of the conversations I eavesdropped/overheard on

by myself during the bash, total strangers

a recent lunch at Dallas’s famed T Room, just south of Highland Park

approached and introduced. Amazing. Perhaps they should come

in Oak Lawn. The seen and be seen restaurant housed in 4510, one

to Arizona and teach a few in the social swim a lesson in manners.

of the chicest specialty stores in the Metroplex, is giving Neiman

That said, it was an amazing night. I’ve been told that the Sayers

Marcus’s Zodiac Room a run for their money.

held an exclusive party later that night at their place on Turtle Creek.

We touched down early that morning on a non-stop to Love Field. Thank God the Wright Amendment is finally gone and we didn’t have to use DFW miles west. Anyway, Chrissy and Mitch Sayre,

However, we had to decline the invite, as we had relatives waiting for us in South Lake, another wealthy enclave of the vast and affluent DFW landscape.

who have met with immediate success when they opened To Be

Elsewhere, we finally threw open the doors of our not-so-finished

Continued at Hilton Village in Scottsdale, have struck oil in Big D!

Palm Springs mid-century modern in Paradise Valley the other night.

Their second creation, located on the tip of Highland Park, Preston

Our home played host to The Trends Charitable Fund holiday

Hollow and University Park is already a home run! Are you sur-

party and board member farewell gathering. Dennis Thompson of

prised? No, you’re not! Everyone who matters turned out for their

White House Design Studio decided to move all of our furniture

big grand opening including: Lynne Love, Kimberly Jacobson,

Continued on page 10


La Dolce Vita – Continued from page 9 completely out of our living room to accommodate large dining

managed to get everyone you know and adore there! All he asked

tables. It was reminiscent of Dominick Dunne’s 1964 White Party

in return was that merry makers arrive with gift cards for the under-

held three years before Truman Capote, a guest there, stole the

privileged and homeless. How do you top that Christmas party I ask?

idea and didn’t bother to invite the Dunne’s! The White House trans-

To know Bobby Barnes is to love him. We are so lucky to have such a

formed the space into space-age holiday wonderment. Jennifer’s

gentleman in the social community. We should all do the same thing

Catering, who set up in our half-finished kitchen, blew our guests

next holiday season. Don’t you think?

away with every epicurean delight imaginable. Even American Valet waited in the chill of a December night for the last guest to depart well after 10:30.

From all of us at Trends Magazine and the Trends Charitable Fund, we wish you a safe and happy New Year! We’ll see you back here next year. Thanks for all your support!

Many thanks to: Barbara Caldwell Taylor, Helene Presutti, Jinger Richardson, Diane Ryan Hollinger and Ellie Shapiro for their out-

In Cocktail Polo News You Should Know: That the community is

standing dedication to our board and their tireless dedication to our

growing very tired of a pushy Southern Fried socialite. That a stun-

community as well. What an amazing night!

ningly beautiful mean girl is quietly finding out that her “friends”

As we close the season for 2015 it’s always nice to have the opportunity to attend holiday parties and open houses. Yet, I must say the most touching of the season was that of Bobby Barnes Tamale Party held at Aunt Chilida’s at The Point, Squaw Peak. I expect a nasty letter any day now for saying “Squaw”. You get the picture. Mr. Barnes not only picked up the entire tab for everything, but also

are starting to distance themselves. That a very rich socialite who lost her entire family in Polo the Holocaust black caterer waiters In Cocktail News yousends should know: home. That the queen bee of gossip seems to get her facts wrong constantly. That the social community needs to be very aware of a con artist dandy who has been desperately trying to insert himself into high society. Now you’re all caught up for the next 15 minutes!

White House Design Studio 4001 N. 24th St.

White House Flowers at Crown on 7th 5813 N. 7th St. 602.957.0186 •



White House Flowers at UNION 2502 E. Camelback Rd.

9/2/15 6:00 AM

...Luxury Consignment like never before

LOVE IT. BUY IT. SELL IT. We buy, consign and sell the most coveted designer brands including Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Prada. Signature items include women’s apparel, handbags, shoes, accessories and jewelry. Hilton Village, 6137 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85253 480.699.2700

Store hours: Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm Sundays 11am to 4pm


A few questions for … Cheryl Ladd Why did you decide to partner with Childhelp decades ago? It was 1977 and I was starring in Charlie’s Angels, my daughter Jordan was two and I read an article about child abuse in America being an epidemic. I was so shaken by it that I decided to develop a film for ABC called “ When She Was Bad” to bring attention to the issue. When I was promoting the film on the Dinah Shore Show I looked into the camera and said “if there is an organization out there that is working to help abused children, please contact me because I want to help.” What do you consider your greatest hour professionally? Wow, that is a huge question. Of course I have to say that “Charlie’s Angels“ made me a household name and because of that success I have been given many opportunities for many years. However, playing Annie Oakley in “Annie Get Your Gun” for 6 months on Broadway was one of the greatest experiences of my professional life. Where would you like to live? Where I live right now. Why have you returned to Childhelp year after year? Sara and Yvonne were the Angels that reached out to me when I made my plea on Dinah Shore. When I met them and went to the Village in Beaumont, California, my heart and my mind were changed forever. They are two of the most remarkable women and they inspire me to this day. Who are your heroes? My Mother and Father. They had four children whom they loved, respected and encouraged. Each of us felt deep in our hearts that we were the favorite! At the same time they taught us that family and


love were the most important thing. Not just in words, but in thousands of deeds. I felt so valued when I was growing up that it breaks my heart to think that any child is treated cruelly. On what occasion do you fib or exaggerate? I try to be truthful and encouraging and only fib when complete honesty would only hurt. What’s your worst habit? Watching HGTV at 1 a.m. What’s the hardest part about your job? Trying to look good at 5 a.m. Who would you like to act with in a movie or television production, living or dead and why? Gregory Peck. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why. How did you get your start in show business? My first job in L.A. was the singing voice of Melody in the cartoon series Josie and the Pussycats


Childhelp Legacy HISTORY For over five decades, Childhelp’s founders, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, have worked tirelessly to ensure that millions of children around the world are protected from abuse, neglect and bullying. In 1959, the two were sent to Japan on a government-sponsored goodwill tour during the Korean War and opened International Orphans to support 11 Japanese-American children found wandering the streets. More than 55 years later, the organization – now called Childhelp – is one of the largest child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment organizations in the country and has helped over 9 million children. TODAY Childhelp has brought the light of hope and healing into the lives of countless children as a leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping at-risk children. Childhelp’s programs and services include residential treatment services, children’s advocacy centers, therapeutic foster care, group homes and child abuse prevention, education and training. An average of five children die every single day in this country as a result of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. And that is five too many. Childhelp’s lifesaving programs and services are working every single day to end this epidemic. For more information, visit



Childhelp Drive the Dream 2016 Co-Chair Char Hubble Fine Jewelry courtesy or Robert C. Wesley, Scottsdale Royal Palms Resort, Scottsdale


Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry


Childhelp Drive the Dream Co-Chair Erika Williams Fine Jewelry courtesy or Robert C. Wesley, Scottsdale Royal Palms Resort, Scottsdale

Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry



Childhelp Drive the Dream 2016 Co-Chair Deborah Pshebniski Fine Jewelry courtesy or Robert C. Wesley, Scottsdale Royal Palms Resort, Scottsdale


Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry


Childhelp Founder Sara O’Meara, Vice Chair Carol Hebits, Childhelp Founder Yvonne Fedderson and Honorary Chair Stacie Stephenson Royal Palms Resort, Scottsdale Photos by Scott Foust, Image-Industry




Sam Young and Mike Milliken

1st Sgt Patricia Hernandez USMC and Navy Captain Denny McComgb

WE OWE THEM SO MUCH A seasoned crowd of active duty military and retired veterans assembled for a tremendous gathering of well-deserved honors and merriment. The Arizona Biltmore Resort provided an excellent afternoon setting in its famed majestic Conference Center.

SOMEONE WORTH KNOWING For quite some time now Rita Brock-Perini has poured her heart and soul into this event. Her efforts on behalf of the Veterans Administration do not go unnoticed. She reinforced her strong belief in stopping to recognize our country’s armed forces.

Taryn Hale and Thom Meaker with Molly Brewer

George Ertel and Rita Brock-Perini

KEEPING US SAFE Among the festivities of this triumphant afternoon, VMLC stopped to recognize countless men and women who have given their all to keep the rest of us safe. It is one of the few events in this country that give us an opportunity to in a small way say thank you.

Ken Arneson and Rachel Gutierrez


Sgt Kinuthia, Mike Broomhead and A1C Prutch

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty

Danese Creations


Promise Ball Mission:Possible

Kimberly and James Madison

Erin and Josh Rawitch

SUSPENDED IN THE AIR Guests marveled at the beautiful women swirling on ribbons from the ceiling. When needed they would swoop down to fill champagne glasses to over-flowing. A crowd full of glamorous men and women marveled at the theatrical performance.

JETS AND CO-CHAIRS From anywhere in the tastefully adorned air plane hangar you could see an amazing array of automobiles and jets. Event co-chairs Steve Kelley and Josh Rawitch had something for everyone. Live entertainment, cigar rollers and a breathtaking live and silent auction canvased the event.

Sarah and Justin Sullivan

Steve Kelley

MISSION OF JDRF IS POSSIBLE For decades now a group of steadfast individuals plus friends have gathered to raise needed funds on behalf of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The exceptional sold out evening guarantees the promise that research efforts will be continued. You missed a real winner!

Traci Swanson and Heidi Crown


David and Ruthann Boca

Coverage courtesy of Jessica Pate



Off the Vine

Jim and Jo Ellen Felthan

Liz and Patrick Gerlach

THE ROYAL TREATMENT Merrymakers gathered as they do each fall at the Royal Palms Resort. The evening, a festival of fine wines, delicious food and socializing under the stars is a true epicurean experience. Festivities also included a vintage wine auction and much, much more.

PERFECT PITCH Lin Sue Cooney, formerly of News Channel 5, has arrived at Hospice as the new director of community engagement. For decades we were privileged enough to watch her every evening but also enjoy her smooth velvet voice over the air ways. Now she lends those talents to Hospice of the Valley and they are delighted to have her.

Jock Wulffson, Mollie and Brent Karlicek with Kelly Reber

Richard Lampert and Lin Sue Cooney

YOU SHOULD KNOW Hospice of the Valley is one of the few organizations in our state that afford the ability of all to experience peace at the end. The efforts of Susan Levine and her fine team are greatly appreciated in our community and never overlooked.

Beth and Pat Moroney


Judy Shannon and Susan Levine

Coverage courtesy of Carol Bennett and Gail Littleton

& many more! 4120 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ • 480.751.2393 • • Monday~Friday: 8:00~5:00 • Please call for our extended holiday hours •


Focus on the Heard Museum Frida Kahlo – Her Photos An exhibit of her photographs, that opened Oct. 31 and on display until Feb. 8, 2016 at the Heard Museum, is a window into the soul of one of the 20th century’s most intriguing artists. It casts a spotlight on the people she loved, her passions and the pain she suffered nearly constantly throughout her life. Mexican photographer and photography historian Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, curator of the exhibit, reflects the interest that Kahlo (1907-1954) had in her colorful but pain-filled life: all coated in the great passion she had for Mexico and for the Mexicans. The 241 photographs, taken by Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, Nickolas Muray, Lola Alvarez Bravo and others, were chosen from a collection of 6,500 images that are part of an archive at Casa Azul, or the Blue House, where Kahlo lived. Kahlo had a special relationship with photography. She brought different uses to photography by collecting daguerreotypes and visiting cards from the 19th century. She put her personal stamp on the cards by cutting things out from them, writing dedications on them and personalizing them as if they were paintings. Some of the images have red lipstick kisses, others are trimmed or folded. The photographs are organized into six main subjects: The Origins; The Blue House; Politics, Revolutions and Diego; Her Broken Body; Frida’s Loves and Photography. The images throw new light on Frida Kahlo’s work as an artist.

Frida Kahlo by Lola Alvarez Bravo, ca. 1944 ©Frieda Kahlo Museum

A companion exhibit, Las Favoritas de Frida, explores the life and times of Kahlo through items selected in partnership with the Phoenix Fridas. These items, drawn from the Heard’s permanent collection, reflect the kinds of items that the Phoenix Fridas, nine artists who are inspired by Frida Kahlo’s life and art, imagined that Kahlo could have had stored in her closets which were only recently opened for public display and viewing. The items include pottery, clothing, jewelry and other Mexican, Meso-American and Latino art. It also opened Oct. 31, 2015, and will be on view until Sept. 25, 2016. The Phoenix Fridas examined items from among more than 400 pieces of Mexican art purchased for the Heard in 1979 by the Friends of Mexican Art (FOMA). Interviews with each member of the Fridas – Emily Costello, Monica Gisel, Carmen Guerrero, Anita Mabante Leach, Gloria Casillas-Martinez, Monique Mata, Kathy Murillo, Annalisa Serna and Veronica Verdugo Lomeli – are included in a 30-minute video that will be screened in the gallery during the exhibit.

Unknown Artist; Tree of Life Candleholder 1979; Izucar de Matamoros; Publo, Mexico


For more information on these two exhibits, visit or call 602.252.8840.

No other cosmeceutical product line on the market today is as effective and transformative as ours. Scientifically designed to work from the molecular level, our growth factor treatments and medical grade skin care products deliver innovative dermatological care solutions to people throughout their lifetime. From a collaborative partnership comes an opportunity for you to experience the most advanced level of personal aesthetics. To learn more about the science behind our products or to place an order, visit our website or ask your skin care professional.


Beau Arts 2015

AJ Dickey and Marc Lavell

Brianna Wilkins and Amery Bohling with Danielle Spahle

PAINT AND PALLET The Scottsdale Artist School is one of the best institutes In Arizona for artists. People come from all over the country to fine tune not only their painting skills but also their sculpting talents. Since the early 80s the school has been internationally recognized for its fine artistry.

SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP! Many people in the Southwest don’t realize that the school is one of the best sources to purchase art. Some of the most famous artists in the USA got their start right here. If you did not have the opportunity to attend this auction, it needs to be at the top of your event list. It is that good! Jodi Winney and Susan Burnham

Oksana Gugis and Marney Morris

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT In the early 1980s this publication spotlighted the school realizing there was no duplicate. Although our efforts to fund the school have been fulfilled, we still support and believe in it.

Myra Page and Sheila Ingram


Tom and Patsy Tait

Coverage courtesy of Jessica Pate

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Ultra Smooth Skin has earned a “Black Diamond” certification from Allergan, the maker’s of Botox® and

Gainey Village Health Club & Spa

Voluma™ XC.

7477 East Doubletree Ranch Road Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Less than 1% of all medical aesthetic practices ever reach this status.

DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa 18501 North Thompson Peak Parkway Scottsdale, AZ 85255

The Village at Ocotillo Lisa Williams, Nurse Practitioner, ANP-C, is one of the top injectors in Arizona earning Black Diamond status as a single solo practice.

4200 S. Alma School Road Chandler, AZ 85248 Open Saturdays for your convenience


Authors Luncheon

Gee Gee Entz and Karen MacNeil

Harriet Friedland and Erin Gogolak

A BOOK FOR ALL READERS Once again the Arizona Women’s Board assembled a variety of fascinating authors. It was worth the wait in line to have the appropriate author affix his/her signature to their book to be treasured for years to come.

ARIZONA BILTMORE RESORT One of the largest crowds ever assembled at the Biltmore pushed attendance numbers to the walls! Lynne Love spearheaded the much anticipated event and Adriana Trigiani emceed the affair. It was a great afternoon of laughs, literature and comradery.

Adriana Trigiani and Jennifer Carmer

Lynne and Mara Love

COMMITMENT OF THE BOARD The Board is committed to the prevention of kidney disease through awareness, education and research. The goal of improving the quality of life for Arizonans with kidney disease means all the net proceeds remain in our state.

Peggy Baze and Carrie Hall


Leslie Berry with Jason Gay

Coverage courtesy of Beth McRae



Featuring the Salon Collection

» Supersized World-Class Venue » Ride ’N Drives & Thrill Rides » Hundreds of Sponsors & Vendors

Nine Day Extended Event Schedule


Over 1,400 Cars. Most Offered at No Reserve.

» Exquisite Automobilia Collections » New VIP Packages Available » 37 Hours of TV Coverage

Consign. Bid. Experience.


Honor Ball 2016

What sets the Honor Ball apart from other events? The Honor Ball is one of the premier black tie events in the Valley. The focus is on fun! There are no auctions, just an enchanting evening with good friends and wonderful entertainment in one of the grandest settings in town. Where do the funds raised for the evening go? The purpose of The Honor Ball has been, since its inception 40 years ago, to fund HonorHealth (formerly Scottsdale Healthcare) projects, services and programs that will directly benefit the people in our community – our friends, families and neighbors. During this time, more than $13 million has been raised to benefit these programs. All proceeds from this year’s Honor Ball will go directly to support research, programs and services of the HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center. Tell us a little bit about your community interests and involvement? I have been active in many of the Valley’s community events, supporting a number of worthy organizations for the past several years. I have been involved with The Honor Ball since 2010 and have served on the Heart Ball committee since 2011. I have

How did you decide to chair this mammoth charity ball? I feel so honored to have this amazing opportunity! I first became involved with The Honor Ball six years ago when my friend Sandy Trznadel, who was the 2010 Honor Ball Chairman at the time, asked me to be on her committee. I so enjoyed working with all of these wonderful women and had such fun at the ball itself that I’ve been involved ever since. Earlier this year, Laura Grafman approached me to chair the 2016 Honor Ball. How could I say no? With Laura’s incredible skills and the support of this fabulous committee plus the wonderful talents of my two Vice Chairs – Helene Presutti and Nancy Harris Robertson, I couldn’t go wrong! We are so fortunate to have a tremendous facility like the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center in our community and I see the direct benefit that comes as a result of the Ball. What’s your theme for the ball this year? We are excited to celebrate “40 Fabulous Years” of The Honor Ball in 2016 – a special cause for celebration and a wonderful opportunity to recognize all of our past Honor Ball Chairmen. Each year, The Honor Ball celebrates and honors someone who has made a difference in our community, and I could not be more thrilled that we are recognizing Laura Grafman as the 2016 honoree. I truly admire her and feel that it is only fitting that we celebrate all that Laura has done, not only for The Honor Ball, but also for her work as a Trustee of the Virginia Piper Charitable Trust.

also enjoyed working on the Key to the

Anything our readers should know about this event that makes it so very successful

Cure event for many years, supporting ASU

year after year?

through my involvement with Women &

The Honor Ball is so well respected for its focus on the community. Each year, we

Philanthropy, and have helped raise funds

receive tremendous support from physicians and community leaders. Their passion and

for the Trends Charitable Fund beneficiaries

commitment to the patients and families of the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center really

as a Trendsetter for the past two years.

speak to the enduring success of The Ball.



Multiple Studios Under one Roof The Village offers the most knowledgeable Pilates instructors in the Valley. Experience the benefits of stimulated deep core stabilization, improved total strength, spinal alignment, balance, breathing and endurance. Many athletes use Pilates to maintain superb physical conditioning.

CAMELBACK 602.840.6412 DC RANCH 480.502.8844 GAINEY 480.609.6979 OCOTILLO 480.656.0045

Paradise Valley Collector Car Show

Dana Rapoport with ‘55 Buick Century


Mark Shaw with ‘72 Corvette Stingray

THANK YOU TO OUR VETERANS Every fall the Veterans Administration together with the Town of Paradise Valley showcase some of the most amazing classic automobiles owned by residents of the Town. The event now in its eleventh year has grown in numbers yet has stayed true to its mission. A simple and beautiful car show which benefits our Veterans.

Mindy Murphy and Mike Ziehinski with ‘57 Cheverolet Bel Air

Shane Mustoe with ‘74 Maserati Bora 4.9

MAKING IT HAPPEN For over a decade former mayors of Paradise Valley, Ron Clarke and Ed Winkler, have been instrumental in making it happen. After beginning at the Town Hall, the parade of exquisitely preserved vehicles winds its way to El Chorro where it culminates in a sponsored luncheon. A salute to Jacquie and Bennett Dorrance together with Kristy and Tim Moore.

Ron Clarke with ‘63 Porsche


Ed Winkler with 1932 Ford Roadster

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty and Betty McRae


Barrett-Jackson Auctions The Barrett-Jackson auctions began 45 years ago with the spirit of charity firmly in place – and over $84 million has been raised to date at The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions® that now take place in Scottsdale, Arizona; Palm Beach, Florida; Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction has evolved over the years into a nine-day world-class automotive lifestyle event where thousands of the world’s most soughtafter, unique and valuable automobiles cross the block in front of a global audience — in person and on live, unedited national and international television on Discovery Channel and Velocity.



Phoenix Heart Ball 2015

Jean Marley, Joe and McKenna Bruner

Nariman and Kimberly Afkhami

Bob Hollinger and Diane Ryan

BLUE MOOD Chair Kimberly Afkhami set forth ball gowns and ballroom in midnight blue and platinum. The Arizona Biltmore together with an excellent décor committee provided an opulent setting for the evening;s celebration.

THANK YOU NOTE Billie Jo and Judd Herberger, honorary chairs, were recognized for their tremendous charitable hearts in our community.

Judd and Billie Jo Herberger

Libby and Joel Cohen

Larry and Carol Clemmenson

BELLE OF THE BALL Sylvia Shoen was heart-stopping in shades of blue.

JEWELS OF THE SEASON All jewelry for the 2016 executive team provided by E.D. Marshall Jewelers, Scottsdale. Bob Shepard and Sallie Brophy


Bud and Laurie Florkiewicz

Jeff and Lisa Geyser

Coverage courtesy of Jessica Pate and Eilise Sala


Phoenix Heart Ball 2015

Erika Williams

Charlene Berg

Paula Wichterman and Barbara Jean Adelson

Coverage courtesy of Jessica Pate and Eilise Sala

Bonnie Marshall

Darlene Keller-Price

Pam Overton Risoleo

Jennifer Carmer

Kim Cullum

Sarah Suggs

Sylvia Shoen

Vicki Vaughan

Tracey Serena



Visions of Sugarplums

Elly Johnson and Trudy Dawson-Hahn with Debbie Johnson

Pat Stump

A SEASONAL PLUM Once again the Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club delivered a treasured luncheon at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. The dance by young people from the Club showed great talent. This is always an inspiring part of the yearly event. These American boys and girls are the best.

DEDICATION ABOVE AND BEYOND The ladies work hard as they always have to serve up a thoroughly enjoyable day. Not to be out done, the gentlemen helping by selling raffle tickets and acting as spotters for the live auction, looked so dashing in their tuxedos.

Jeannie Sandulak and Paula Gorman

Barb Hanson and Jane Lemon

VISIONS FOR THE EYE The Silent and Live Auctions were a kaleidoscope of everything and anything one could desire. As in previous years, some of the fabulous live auction trips sold twice. Such lucky attendees. Don’t miss this one next year.

Anne Jochim and Jayne Lauridsen


Dre Fountain and Katie Rogers with Debbie Johnson

Coverage courtesy of Carol Bennett


Jessica and Cassie’s Favorite Looks By Jessica Pate and Cassie Pineda

Just like a Little Black Dress, every girl needs her Little Black Purse. This Chloe calfskin and suede shoulder bag will certainly keep you stylish this winter. This handbag is available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Who says denim is only for jeans? Embrace the trend and change up your style with these fun and fresh denim-print cutout sandals from Jimmy Choo! These shoes are available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

This little number gives a whole new meaning to the word jumpsuit. Try out this charcoal silk halter piece from Tamara Mellon to make a show-stopping entrance at all those holiday parties. This jumpsuit is available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

No woman should go without the classic trench coat. The Kensington-from Burberry London- will help you survive the cold weather all while looking fabulous. This coat is available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

The sun still shines bright in Arizona during these chilly winter days. Add these Prada Cat-Eye Double-Bridge Sunglasses to complete your chic ensemble. These sunglasses are available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.



Board of Visitors

Ann Denk and Betty Kitchell with Suki Edwards

Martha Henderson and Ann Rathwell

STEP OUT IN STYLE The Board of Visitors held their 62nd annual fashion show and luncheon at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. The luncheon, perhaps the most anticipated of the season, was splendid. First course included the most darling grandchildren of the esteemed membership. A second course served up 43 beautiful debutants.

Gen Hendricks and Debbie Simons with Judy Schubert

Cindy Good and Kathy Bamberl

PERFECT FOR A LUNCHEON Sydney Fox, Melissa Cox and Sharon Stevens did a wonderful job making the festivities all come together. Anyone who has attended this affair knows it is a mammoth undertaking. Pam Myers stole the show in the perfect holiday attire.

Susie Chester


Sydney Fox and Melissa Cox with Sharon Stevens

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty and Beth McRae


Board of Visitors

Kenny Moffatt and Gil Brito with Mike Smith

Adrianna Holy and Betsy Moore

ON THE RUNWAY Dillard’s Scottsdale wowed the crowd with spectacular fashions. Denise Ames did a fantastic job of assembling a show worthy of everyone in attendance. You should have seen it!

Alison and Michelle Thorpe

Mona and Mike Smith

Coverage courtesy of Bill Dougherty and Beth McRae

Molly Kaufman and Molly Dunlap Livak

Mary Ann Sheeley and Margaret Beardsley

Olivia and Lisa with Emily James

Michele MacCollum and Barbara Dunlap



Holiday Prelude XXX

Kay Lubecke, Tessa Miller, Kelsey and Sarah Waite

Eunice Thomas

TREASURE TROVE Once again the Holiday Prelude which benefits Phoenix Youth Symphony, Phoenix Theatre Guild and Phoenix Art Museum League assembled an array of boutiques filled with magnificent treasures. If you wanted jewelry, special clothing, collectibles or delicious food it was there for you.

LEADERS OF THE AFFAIR Sabrina Walters, assisted by Jane Evans, Michele Coombs and Beth Doré provided a perfect event for all who were fortunate enough to attend. Everyone was definitely in a festive mood as you scanned the attendees. Our Valley knows how to dress for the occasion.

Donna Muller and Judy Hubbard

Suzanne Ward

FASHIONABLE PRESENTATION Fabulous fashion was a runway spectacular. Fashions by Babette, Dillard’s-PV, Dolce, Evans Furs, Femme, and Galina Couture were the local special treat. American and European Gown Collection completed the show. It is truly a shame if you did not get to attend. Next Year???

Pepper Wooten


Adrienne Schiffner and Ginette Karabees

Coverage courtesy of JJ Brewer and Michelle Thompson

Change the Chanel


Tuesday-Thursday | 11:00am-9:00pm Wine-O Wednesday 1st & 3rd Weds. of the Month | 6:30pm-7:30pm Friday Fish Fry | 11:00am-10:00pm Saturday & Sunday Brunch | 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday Dinner | 5:00pm-10:00pm Live Music | Rotating Local Musicians

602.579.5327 |

602.626.5050 |

Happy Hour


3 to 6pm

3603 E. Indian School Road, Suite A Phoenix 85018 (SE Corner of 36th St. & Indian School Rd)


Federal Pizza Review By Jessica Pate, Beth McRae and Bill Dougherty

By now you’ve probably figured out that the corners of Camelback Road and Central Avenue are about the hippest places to see and be seen in Phoenix. Federal Pizza opened a few years ago and it seems to be the fitting neighborhood pizza place and cocktail lounge all wrapped into one. The former late 1950s Al Beadle created bank building, which now serves as a mixed use space, houses the pizzeria at the far south end.

What to order: • Start your meal off right with the Meatball Trio. Once you take a bite out

The atmosphere is cool to say the least.

of the basil meatball, you will thank us.

Atomic lamps, cozy booths and a Dean

• If you haven’t already heard about the

Martin era bar flank the impressive post

Brussels Sprout pizza, consider this your

and beam architecture. The restaurant is

lucky day. With roasted brussels sprouts,

always packed, so even if you dine on the

pancetta, manchego, roasted garlic and

early side of lunch or dinner, there’s always

lemon zest, this pizza is sure to please

a chance for a bit of a wait. They also offer

any pie lover.

a great take away menu with a clever spot reserved just for those wishing to drive through – literally!

• Looking for something light? The Clockwork Orange salad is the one to try. The oranges perfectly blend with fresh veggies to leave your taste buds satisfied and your stomach full. • It’s hard to save room for dessert here, but we highly recommend that you do. Of the four deserts offered, the Cobbler is the one that stood out. This perfectly crafted dessert will have you wanting more, even if there’s no room left.



New Eyelash Studios Open in the Valley Amazing Lash Studio has opened three new locations in the Valley at Tempe Marketplace, Paradise Valley at Tatum and Shea and in North Scottsdale at Frank Lloyd Wright and Thompson Peak Parkway. Amazing Lash Studio provides semi-permanent eyelash extensions in a contemporary, comfortable and relaxing salon environment. Upon entering the studio guests are greeted by a stylish and soothing lobby. Guests are then escorted to their private lash suite where the licensed lash stylist conducts a personal consultation to determine the desired look and style of the extensions. Guests relax on a massage table with blankets and bolsters for their comfort while the lash stylist applies the extensions. Many guests find the service so soothing they fall asleep during their service. A full set of extensions can be completed in approximately

90 minutes and refills take approximately one hour. Guests emerge with thicker, darker and longer eyelashes. Amazing Lash Studio is focused on maintaining healthy eyelashes. Their extensions are lightweight and they use only medical grade adhesive. Each extension is applied directly to the eyelash, approximately 1-2 millimeters away from the sensitive skin on the eyelids to help prevent irritation. Each service begins with the stylist cleaning the eyelashes and they are required to use sealed, sterilized tools with every guest. Eyelash extensions from Amazing Lash Studio are the perfect gift for all the busy, active women on your holiday list. The lightweight extensions are comfortable and look great all day long. Their guests enjoy waking up with lashes that look amazing

without the need for mascara or curling and find they save time every morning and evening. All Amazing Lash Studio locations are open 7 days a week with extended evening and weekend hours to fit extensions into even the busiest schedules. Give something beautiful and unique this holiday season with a gift card from Amazing Lash Studio for gorgeous lashes!

Serving the Valley for Over 40 Years

We would love to cater your next family or business event! NOW OFFERING

Angiolo Livi Chef, Owner

Angelo Livi — Youngest recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award Inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame • Gourmet Magazine • Wine Spectator • Zagat Survey

Take & Bake Lasagna! 4-6 Servings Only $23 Call to order

602-956-0900 2728 E. THOMAS RD PHOENIX


For Reservations


You are cordially invited to C E L E B R AT E T H E P R E V I E W O F B E T H A M E S S W A R T Z

Reminders of Invisible Light Screening: February 3, 2016, 7:00 PM Whiteman Hall • Phoenix Art Museum 1625 North Central Avenue • Phoenix, Arizona Odyssey Film LLC – Producer Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA) – Executive Producer Dessert Reception: 7:45 - 9:00 PM Celebrating Beth’s Birthday • The Great Hall Open and free to the Public. Click here to make your reservation and Scroll to the Film under “Choose Event”. Contact Vicki Stouffer at with any other questions. 46

(602) 224-0225



Established in 1994


Expertise in-house tailoring and alterations Open Daily: 480.998.9069

The Shops at Hilton Village 6107 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale




5685 N. Scottsdale Road Ste. E160 Scottsdale, AZ 85250 480.990.0282 phone



‘Primates of Park Avenue’ by Wednesday Martin Reviewed by Bill Dougherty

Since the untimely death of cafe society

Wednesday Martin calls upon her clever

writer Dominick Dunn, few offerings have

anthropological background and Jane

risen to the level of this delicious new

Goodall-like research to study how this

novel/memoir by Wednesday Martin. This

unique group of privileged women be-

new book is a definite holiday and or

haves. A pecking order if you will, of

beach read of the New Year.

chauffeur-driven SUVs, private schools and sidewalk placement of ladies of position as

Showcased as a memoir, this book is a fas-

they walk Park Avenue. This is essentially a

cinating journey through the world of Park

fine study of the bonds of female friend-

Avenue deception, beach front Hamptons

ships from the ever-driven chaos of frantic

and Birkin bags. Mean girls have to grow

and privileged lifestyle.

don’t stop with this review. There are far

up after all. And now if they play their cards right, they can end up on the Upper East

This is a must read for anyone who thinks

Side of Manhattan where every mean or

they may want to reside in New York.

nice girl wants to be.

Unfortunately it gives the reader a half-


empty-glass feeling toward the end. But more antidotes waiting for you.

YOUR GUESTS AND THEIR CARS DESERVE VIP TREATMENT. Whether you’re hosting a private party, wedding, or business event, count on us for a VIP treatment that starts the moment your guests arrive. Valets, Shuttles and Golf Carts

Please contact Jen Ryan at, or call 602-861-9182 ext. 203. TRENDY READING

‘Pucci ’ by Vanessa Friedman and Alessandra Arezzi Boza Reviewed by Bill Dougherty Unless you were rich and skied the slopes of Zermatt in the late 1950s and early 1960s, you probably didn’t know who Emilio Pucci was. This all changed in 1965 when advertising whiz Mary Wells hired the Italian nobleman and designer to revolutionize uniforms for Braniff International, as it was now called. Mr. Pucci, together with famed designers Alexander Girard and Herman Miller, transformed every aspect of the Dallas based carrier into a vibrancy of color, thus establishing The End of the Plain Plane. The end result: the December 1965 cover of Life Magazine titled Braniff’s Wild Hue Yonder. Overnight the designers gained international status and became household names.

Emilio Pucci rode the youthquake wave into the late 1960s and 70s along with dozens of other colorful designers. But all good things must come to an end. Braniff went out of business. The youthquake ended and color went completely out of style in the Nancy Regan 80s except for RED. Nothing about the 1960s was cool anymore.

retail boutiques and specialty stores around the world.

Today however the Emilio Pucci line has enjoyed great resurgence along with everything vintage. Since his death in 1992 Mr. Pucci’s daughter Laudomia successfully took over the line. She subsequently sold it to LVMH group in 2000 and once again the colorful design house prospers with vast

This book is a must for any coffee table. It explores a time when people weren’t afraid to take risks and when making money was not the priority. A vast time capsule for the 1940s to today, it’s a don’t miss for anyone interested in the world of colorful high fashion.





Steak 44: The Valley’s Savory and Sophisticated Spot at 44th Street and Camelback If you haven’t tried Steak 44 at the corner of 44th Street and Camelback, this fall may be the perfect time to see what you have been missing. Steak 44 is another masterpiece by Dennis, Michael and Jeff Mastro, along with partner Scott Troilo. The group, which also owns the popular Dominick’s Steakhouse in the Scottsdale Quarter, opened Steak 44 in April of 2014 on the landmark northeast corner of 44th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix. Nearly two years since opening to rave reviews, Steak 44 has become a main stable for Valley diners, visitors, celebrities, and some of Arizona’s most notable socialites.

Upon entering the 8,400-square-foot upscale American Steakhouse guests are immediately welcomed into a warm contemporary and upscale décor that seats 350 guests nightly, with several private dining rooms perfect for groups and parties, and intimate dining suites. The diners, as well as the packed and always lively bar guests, are straight from the who’s who list of Arizona trendsetters and people to know.

Steak 44’s dinner menu combines classic steakhouse fare with contemporary and interesting more than steak items. Steak 44 favorites like the Bone-in Ribeye, Crispy Shrimp with sweet Thai chilies and garlic aioli or the Bacon Hash Browns with chive cream cheese sauce always please. Prime steaks and chops come in various sizes, providing lots of options, cut in-house by their master butcher and cooked to order, and the seafood is abundant. Fresh seafood is flown in daily and Steak 44 always offers a Raw Bar with items like ahi and salmon poke, Maine lobster, Dungeness crab and Alaskan crab legs. “We see ourselves as the new American steakhouse, an upscale urban oasis and a hangout for locals who can comfortably call us home,” said Owner Jeff Mastro. “Steak 44 invites you to spend a special evening in one of our various dining rooms, be seen at our vibrant bar or not be seen at one of our intimate dining suites.” No matter the occasion, Steak 44 will exceed your expectations. Steak 44 is located at 5101 N. 44th Street. Call 602.271.4400 or visit


Paradise Valley

Libby Cohen 602.291.1446

5BR | 6.5BA | 6,227 SQ FT

$3,250,000 | MLS# 5368682

$2,750,000 | MLS# 5354388

Paradise Valley

Entertainer’s Retreat with Casita and Views

5BR | 4.5BA | 5,860 SQ FT

Private Soft Contemporary with Views

Christy Dean 602.327.0697

Paradise Valley

Timeless Candelaria Designed Retreat

Karen Pratte 602.228.4377

Paradise Valley

Mediterranean-Style Masterpiece

6BR | 7.5BA | 8,733 SQ FT

6BR | 8BA | 8,197 SQ FT

$4,500,000 | MLS# 5369885

$3,595,000 | MLS# 5297914

Jack Luciano

Raul Siqueiros




Walt Danley