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Barrow Grand Ball


Cat h e r i n e Ja co bso n | 60 2 .7 9 0 .1 992

3826 N 59th Place | Phoenix 4BR | 3.5BA | 3,107 SQ FT $1,885,000 | MLS# 5973471

Ju l i e Ro h r | 60 2 . 3 1 7 .5667

7760 North Foothill Drive | Paradise Valley 5 B R | 7 B A | 1 0, 0 0 3 S Q F T $5,195,000 | MLS# 6020219


L ib by Cohe n | 60 2 291 .1 4 4 6

6100 East Indian Bend Road | Phoenix 3BR | 4BA | 4,369 SQ FT $4,195,000 | MLS# 6022491

Christy D e a n | 602.327 .0 697

5846 East Indian Bend Road | Paradise Valley 1.1 Acre Hillside Lot MLS# 6012171 | $1,999,000

VOLUME 38, NO. 2

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2020 Barrow Women’s Board Chairman Amy Thurston, Barrow Neurological Institute President and CEO Michael T. Lawton, MD, 2020 Barrow Grand Ball Co-Chairman Christine Watson and 2020 Barrow Grand Ball Co-Chairman Tahnia McKeever.

ON THE COVER 2020 Barrow Grand Ball Co-Chairman Christine Watson, 2020 Barrow Women’s Board Chairman Amy Thurston, Volker K. H. Sonntag, MD, and 2020 Barrow Grand Ball Co-Chairman Tahnia McKeever show off the technology in the Spinal Biomechanics Laboratory at the Sonntag Spine Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. Named in honor of Dr. Sonntag and his pioneering legacy at Barrow, the Sonntag Spine Center was the 2020 Women’s Board Project for the Barrow Grand Ball. Photography courtesy of Jared Platt


JUDSON ESTATE | $5,499,000 6655 NORTH 66TH PLACE, PARADISE VALLEY, AZ 85253 BEDS: 7 | BATHS: 9.5 | SQ FT: 10,033 | ACRES: 1.59

CHRIS KARAS | (602) 919- 6511 |


Remembering ... Ray Slomski By Bill Dougherty

Just as the social season for 2020 was about to start, we learned of the unexpected passing of Valley philanthropist and attorney Ray Slomski. He lost his life shortly after the holidays in an icy car collision en route to Sun Valley. His passing leaves the social and legal community devastated. When Trends Magazine started our Best Dressed list almost two decades ago, it was the late Craig Eveloff of The Clotherie men’s store and his top sales associate Joe Tiseo, who suggested Ray Slomski for the honor. At the time, I did not know him but the two men gave me their blessings that he would not disappoint. When I walked into the photo session and met Ray, my first reaction was that his talents were better suited for a fashion runway or the silver screen. He was so handsome and elegantly dressed that he quickly eclipsed the other honorees. Both at the photo session and later on the runway at the Trends Charitable Fund Luncheon, he blew the competition away! But that was just the tip of the iceberg for a gentleman who was truly a man for all seasons. Ray Slomski moved to the Valley in 1982. Although he had a successful run at the law firm of Jennings Strauss and Salmon, he decided to venture out on his own. Several years later, Mr. Slomski had established himself as one of the top premier attorneys in catastrophic injury. His personal law firm would go on to win several hugely successful judgments and the firm would secure a place in legal superiority in Arizona. Colleagues often said he was one of the smartest attorneys in Arizona. Mr. Slomski was an avid outdoors man. He was a huge Ice Hockey fan and loved to support his native Chicago Black Hawks team. He enjoyed cycling through the beautiful paths that nature offered, skiing treacherous mountain ranges and fly-fishing throughout the warm summer months. He was a wonderful husband and father to his family. He never forgot his Chicago roots. In his brief and tremendous life, Ray Slomski always believed in giving something back. He served on the board of directors of the Phoenix Art Museum and contributed greatly to All Saints Episcopal Day School and Northwestern University. His lifelong love of architecture was evident in the Encanto Park home he shared with his wife Pam. He was always the most handsome man in the room, the very best dressed and always the wittiest. His smile beamed across dim restaurants and ballrooms and he was always the first person to get up from his table and greet you. I often told him, that a handsome man with a smile is the true sign of a secure man. Ray was a gentleman and a scholar. He will indeed be missed.


VOLUME 38, NO. 2

Publisher: BILL DOUGHERTY Editor-in-Chief: BETTY McRAE Travel Editors: LAUREN AND IAN WRIGHT Food Writer: LAURIE FLORENCE-MANUCCI Advertising Manager: PATRICE METZLER 480.276.2282 | Executive Consultant: TRISHA ANTHONY | SUZANNE EDER | HEATHER MORRISON New York Correspondent: JJ BUCHANON Los Angeles Correspondent: JENNIFER BENTLEY Art Direction: STEPHANIE SWEET, SWEET DESIGNS Fashion Photographers: SCOTT FOUST STUDIOS | JOHN HALL Senior Society Photographers: SALLY AND PETER KRZYKOS Trends Makeup and Hair Stylist: LAURA FLAGLER | KAREN HALL | MARY BETH YORK Lifestyle Editor: BARBARA KAPLAN Fashion Editors: SAMANTHA DEROSE | HEATHER WAGENHALS Society Editors: CAROL BENNETT | GEORGE BENNETT | J.J. BREWER GRACE CARPENTER | VERONICA COOK | MAYA FOX RHONDA KRETCHMAR | GAIL LITTLETON | COLLIER PORTER MICHELLE ROONEY | KATHY SCHEIB | BOB STEARNS NICOLE STEARNS | SHEREE TWITTY Certified Public Accountants: THOMAS S. HOLLY, CPA, PLLC Printing: PRINT MEDIA Information Technology: BEN AMES Music Production: CHRIS BECKLEY/THE PRODUCTION GROUP Fashion Coordinator: MARGARET MERRITT Trends Charitable Fund Board members are Marilyn Alexander, Nikki Balich, Charlene Berge-Blum, Lee Courtney, Kathryn Petsas, Molly Stockley and Susie Wesley SUBSCRIPTIONS: To guarantee receiving every issue of TRENDS, send a check for $25 (one year), $45 (two years) or $70 (three years) to Trends executive office (address below). Subscription will start the next month of publication. No refunds. Please send checks and address changes to: TRENDS Publishing 5150 E. Orchid Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 Phone: (480) 990-9007 Website: Published monthly October – May by Trends Publishing. Editorial E-mail: Advertising E-mail: © 2019 ISSN 0742-034X

WHERE EXPERT CANCER CARE MEETS COMPASSION At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® we have dedicated teams of experts that work together to provide a personalized, cancer care plan designed to meet your unique needs.

Chief of Staff, Chief of Radiation Oncology and Radiation Oncologist Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Phoenix





Comprehensive Care and Research Center 14200 W. Celebrate Life Way

Outpatient Care Center 3530 S. Val Vista Drive Suite C204

Outpatient Care Center 2915 W. Rose Garden Lane

Outpatient Care Center 9755 N. 90th Street Suite A100 & B130

Learn more at 480.939.3327 ©2019 IPB

Comprehensive Cancer Care Network


Creating Beautiful Skin? What made you decide to open a skincare clinic? I love to help people look and feel better. Improving the quality of life for men and woman of all ages is immensely satisfying, gratifying and rewarding. How many locations do you have in the Valley? Ultra Smooth Skin located inside the Gainey Village Health Club & Spa and DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa and the Ocotillo Village Health Club & Spa What advice do you have regarding wrinkles? Absolutely avoid the sun as UVA and UVB rays immensely damage the skin. The sun light damages the fibers in the SKIN called elastin. When these fibers break down, the SKIN begins to sag, stretch, and eventually have lost their ability to move back into place after stretching. While you are sleeping, your skin works to repair collagen. Applying a retinol face cream before bed helps those repairs along. Sometimes these are known as wrinkle creams because they improve how wrinkles appear. While experts disagree on whether they help much, wrinkle creams certainly will nourish the skin even if only a small amount. Botox prevents permanent changes in the skin and diminishes wrinkles after about 2-3 days. Studies recently have shown it to be even a higher patient satisfaction especially when one does higher doses because it produces a greater duration of treatment effect the more one gets injected every 3-4 months. Are you pro knives or pro injections to correct aging? Everyone could benefit from a little plastic surgery but if someone starts early enough with the injections they can prevent it for a few more years.


How many skincare treatments do you recommend per year? I would say it is common to do about 4 laser and injectable treatments a year in order to prevent aging. What are some of the most innovative solutions you have seen in the last several years in your field? Extremely comfortable laser treatments with zero pain, our ability to inject without causing discomfort, painless body contouring treatments to skin tighten, remove fat and build muscle. You and your husband are big world travelers. Do you have a favorite destination? I would say the Serengeti region in Africa. It is located in northern Tanzania and has the greatest migration on earth for one to see.




LA DOLCE VITA The Season October to May By Bill Dougherty

People are talking about the triumphant success of Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale. The World’s Great Collector Car Auction met with tremendous success once again as the social set kicked off the 2020 season. An elite group gathered that night and the festivities started at a reception high above the massive auction. Everyone who matters made the guest list and it was quite an affair. You might remember last year Carolyn Jackson, one of the fairest maidens of all, and I sparred over her silver beaded sequined gown. While I had planned to say nothing, the tawny beauty egged me on. I told her “Mary Wilson called; The Supremes want the ball gown back!” The everwitty Mrs. Jackson shot back and said, “you try getting dressed in a motor home!” As you all know several days later, she along with Susie and Tim Wesley and Craig Jackson himself drove the massive coach into the driveway of our Paradise Valley home! Revenge is sweet and so is Carolyn Jackson. This year she arrived and departed in red sequins to the floor and her trademark hot rolled blonde mane. I’ve been told by the stiletto-wearing Megan Jones, who happens to be the Vice President of Marketing at Barrett-Jackson, that the collector car auction has just signed an agreement with A&E. The network plans to air the auction on their History and FYI chan-

nels starting with their very prestigious Palm Beach auction, which is set on April 16th. The network plans to take the auction to new soaring heights. I haven’t spent much time in Palm Beach, since I was a clothing buyer for Lilly Pulitzer. I hope we can drop by. After all, there’s nothing better than a dry martini and a wet bathing suit poolside at The Colony Hotel. And besides it doesn’t attract the riff raff that The Breakers does. You get the picture? Stay tuned, there’s always more ... Speaking of television, Trendsetter Sharon Lechter has been selected for a new show airing in Phoenix on the WGN network. I’m not the least bit surprised by this fantastic news. The New York Times best-selling author will serve along side of Les Brown, Lisa Nicholas, Jack Canfield and many more. The show titled The Worlds Greatest Motivators will air from January to March with rotating panels of the greatest motivational speakers, financial planners and business experts in their field. We are all delighted to see Mrs. Lechter continue to soar in the sky. I’ve also heard that she will be a Continued on page 12



Which Do You Want To Be After Divorce?

How divorce treats you can come down to whether you have a most innovative law firm on your side. Started by one woman nearly twenty years ago, it has grown to nearly fifty attorneys and employees today. Google us. We know you will like what you see, and the difference we make, especially when it comes to our Family Law Department, headed by Kaine Fisher. 480.505.393 6 | 7144 E Stetson Drive, Su ite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | i Asset Protection/Estate Planning • Class Action • Corporate • Cyberbullying • DUI • Elder Care • Elections • Employment • Equine • Family/Parenting Rights Government Relations/Lobbying • Homeowners Associations • Intellectual Property • Internet Fraud • Land Use • Litigation • Medical Cannabis • Online Defamation/ Cyber-Reputation Management • Real Estate Transactions • Renewable Energy • Special Needs Planning • Tax • Water/Environmental • Zoning


– Continued from page 10

cover girl on European Business Magazine in March. Are any of you really surprised by this??? Several years ago, I promised international hostess and legendary Phoenix socialite Pat Goldman that I would reveal nothing of my countless interviews with her until two years after she passed to the heavens. Mrs. Goldman happened to be the neighbor and best friend of the much-adored and missed murdered socialite Jeanne Tovrea. As many of you know Mrs. Tovrea was murdered as she slept back in 1988. Countless television documentaries by John Walsh and the late Dominick Dunn were produced on the subject. There were also articles in the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Magazine written regarding the high-profile killing. But none of these people had access to Mrs. Goldman except for me. I made a promise as I sat at her kitchen table that I would only state facts and not come to the conclusions that broadcasted shows and articles did. Some bordered on the absurd. While others took liberties that were simply outrageous. Everyone loves a good story but in the case of the Jeanne Tovrea murder, tall tales went off the charts. Several socialites who had participated in the shows and articles, said their words and interviews were completely twisted by members of the media to make the case more sensational than it really was. In my investigation I was given photos that no one in the media had ever seen. Several ladies told me stories and nuances about the case that no

one else will ever know. When I finished the piece, I felt as though I knew Mrs. Tovrea. A socialite who helped me a great deal told me “it’s too bad you and your wife never got to meet Jeanne; she would have loved you both.” The compliment was lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. Just as we were going to press in late January for the February issue (remember our printing schedule is reversed), so we can be the first to bring you everything, we learned of the passing of Suellen Edens. While I only knew Mrs. Edens to say hello and never sat at her table at the Barrow Ball, she was always so lovely. Her soft-spoken elegance and beautiful smile were always such a pleasure to see each January during the Ball’s cocktail reception. Together with her husband Gary, the two did extraordinary things to make our Valley a better place for so many. She will be greatly missed by all. BAD SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: Apparently, a Southern socialite just won’t take no for an answer. Recently she arrived dressed to the nines for a charity ball, only to be told by check in that they had no reservation or record of her seating purchase. For more than 15 minutes she went back and forth with the check in hostesses until her temper got the best of her. Finally, she was seen by merry makers being escorted out of the cocktail reception kicking and screaming. Too bad money doesn’t buy class. Such a shame.

4001 N. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016 ph: 602.957.0186 ♦ fax: 602.956.0463 See additional designs on Instagram: @whitehousedesignstudio



Medical Miracles with Dr. David Adelson What is your favorite thing to do in Arizona? It is wonderful living in Arizona and particularly in Phoenix, because I can spend time in the outdoors year round. I particularly love hiking whether in and around the desert or up the many mountains that are all within a short distance. Plus, it’s wonderful to be able to play golf here year-round. Why did you decide to focus on pediatric neurosurgery? I pursued pediatric neurosurgery because I felt it was an area that would always be a challenge, that I would never be bored, and it’s a specialty I felt I could make a true difference in life. And of course, working with children and their families is the best of all. What is the Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital? The Children’s Neuroscience Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) was a separate center of excellence until St. Joseph’s Hospital and Phoenix Children’s Hospital created an alliance, thus moving all pediatric care to PCH. At that time, we took over all the care of children with neurological diseases and disorders and were bestowed the name of Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. While we share educational initiatives, we do remain separate centers supported independent of one another. What is the future of pediatric neuroscience? How is that future being shaped in Phoenix? Amazingly the future is happening right now. Our mission has always been to improve the health and quality of lives of children with neurological, behavioral, and psychiatric challenges. We are not only providing state-of-the-art care as our standard, but we are constantly introducing new treatments and new technologies on the cutting edge of neurological care. In just over a decade, we have grown from a small group of 16 clinicians who


conducted no research or education, to nearly 100 clinicians where children now come from across the United States and around the world for their care. On the research side we have over 55 researchers focused on clinical and translational laboratory research. Our research team is continually having their work published in some of the most distinguished journals, which has led to amazing research grants from National Institute for Health, Department of Defense, and the American Heart Association, to name but a few. This is all while we provide postgraduate training in for residencies, fellowships, and community education and advocacy. It has been amazing growth with more plans to continue our leadership in the area of children’s neuroscience. What has being part of the Phoenix community since 2009 meant to you personally and professionally? First and foremost, I was inspired by the people here at PCH who shared my vision of creating a unique center of excellence for children. I saw this as an opportunity to build from scratch a “start-up company.” It has been fun to go from struggling and trying to convince the best and the brightest out there to come join us in this crazy venture and now we have them calling us to try to be a part of what we are building. When I look back at the difficulty of uprooting our family to leave the university hospital model I came from, I realize how wonderful the outcome has been. Four out of five of our children live here in Phoenix, my wife Barbara Jean has become heavily involved in philanthropic work here in town, and I have been able to help build a true stand-alone Children’s Neuroscience Institute. What are you most proud of from your career in pediatric neurosurgery? I have always been proudest of the fact that parents and families put their trust in me to treat and perform surgery on their child. I always strive to do my best

and now with what we have built here in Phoenix, we are able to now have many more children being treated here at home rather than having to go elsewhere. What is something the Barrow Neurological Institute is working on now that has a lot of promise for pediatric neurology? This was a tough question as we have so many things going on that are new and what I believed to be cutting edge which will significantly impact and change the way we treat and manage children across so many different specialties. Whether it be epilepsy, neurocritical care, movement disorders, autism or neuromuscular diseases, what I find so amazing about this group of wonderful clinicians and scientists is not only do they have their own targeted interests, but are working together collab­ oratively to provide comprehensive care and research to be at the forefront for the children of our community and beyond. What are some of the biggest challenges in the world of pediatric neuroscience? There are many challenges as we build toward the future of children’s neurosciences. PCH has been wonderful in investing in us and supporting us in this startup role. Our investigators have been successful in competing for and winning significant research grants. find-a-doctor/p-david-adelson-md




CORY MISHKIN REALTOR速 | 602.820.9000 C | 602.493.5100 O | KEITH MISHKIN BROKER速 | 602.469.6600 C | 602.788.1700 O |


Mary Way, Southwest Shakespeare Company How did you get involved in Southwest Shakespeare Company? Long story! I was Co-chair at ASU Gammage when I asked Southwest Shakespeare Company to help oversee the EnglishSpeaking Union High School Shakespeare Competition. I thought I might have a hall pass from being on another theater board. I was wrong. What is your background in the arts? I was a grown woman by the time I realized that both my parents had secondary degrees in Theater – no wonder the Arts were always present in our home. As an adult, I have worked at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and run a large Arts organization in Japan – combined with a career in television and a husband, Bill, who was Chair of Phoenix Art Museum – children who work at The Met, The Royal Shakespeare Company and in Film and Television – looks like it’s genetic. How long has the theater company been in existence? This is SW Shakespeare’s 26th Season. Are all your plays shown at the Mesa Arts Theatre?

Girl’s Journey. It opened Fall 2019 in Stratford-Upon-Avon to rave

Our big blockbuster shows are at MAC, our HQ. We also run

reviews – and opens here Feb 22 at Phoenix Art Museum.

the Standing O Series at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in North Scottsdale, Phoenix Art Museum and The Madison in

How do you hope to get the word out about your fine

Central Phoenix – and we perform at Shakespeare in the Park

theater company?

in Peoria. For those who can’t come to us, we have touring

It’s the $100,000 question for a 501(c)3. We hope people will hear

Education shows that go to schools and community centers

from a friend, read an article in a magazine like Trends or just wake

all over Arizona.

one morning with an insatiable urge to book tickets to the fabulous A Midsummer Night’s Dream (with Betsy Mugavero, Quinn Mattfeld,

Are the works of William Shakespeare new to our Valley?

and costumes by Dennita Sewell) or Richard ll (All Female) playing

Not a chance. I’ll bet Shakespeare has been in the Valley ever

in Rep February 21 - March 7 @ Mesa Arts Center.

since Darrel Duppa came from England and named the place Phoenix!

What’s the best way for our community to support this? It’s surprisingly easy to go online to make a gift that

Is your concentration only on Shakespeare or do you

supports educational programming. We can also accept stock and/

showcase other plays?

or arrange title sponsorships and naming opportunities on request.

We produce all kinds of classics and contemporary works with

Whatever the case, come to the theater – we have fascinating

historical premise or elevated language like Hudson, a fantastical

courses and plays that make understanding the classics easy and

musical about the 15th Century Explorer, opening at The Madison

wildly entertaining!

in April. We also travel the world in search of the most interesting works to bring to Arizonans – like the National premiere of the

What do you do to relax?

mind blowing autobiography of a young orphan in Harlem who

Relax? Go to and hoist your garters for a cracking

grew up to be a world class actor, Becoming Othello: A Black

good time!



Make-A-Wish Arizona The Make-A-Wish Arizona mission is simple: together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. There are a few key words in that mission – life-changing, critical illness, but one of the most important words is “together”. This year, Make-A-Wish Arizona is honored to bring together four dynamic women who have devoted their time, their expertise and their energy to creating a celebration of not only 40 years of wishes; but also Arizona’s gift to the world – the gift of wishes. How did you first become involved with Make-A-Wish Arizona? Renee Parsons: I have a long history with Make-A-Wish Arizona. As the head of GoDaddy’s Community Outreach program over a decade ago, I spent time researching organizations making a difference in our community. I truly believe in the transformational power of hope and the work done by Make-A-Wish resonated with me. I ultimately joined the Board of Directors in 2012 where I served for six years. Today I continue to be involved, both as a donor and a volunteer. Jennifer Moser: I too was approached in 2012 to be on the Board of Directors, where I was asked to chair Wish Ball. Renee and I chaired the ball for the next three years. Jill Krigsten Riley: I attended the 2013 Wish Ball when Jennifer Moser and Renee Parsons first chaired and then served on the committee for Wish Ball the next year. Mari Lederman: I too became involved in 2014 and was inspired through our co-chairs Jennifer Moser and Renee Parsons. Why do you think Make-A-Wish Arizona matters to a child ­dealing with a critical illness? Renee Parsons: Research has shown that granting a child’s wish has profound physical and emotional benefits and can provide children with critical illnesses a higher chance of survival. A wish is so much more than a trip to Disneyland or a ride in a police car. A wish brings hope, joy and renewed strength to children and families in their time of need. As doctors work to heal a child’s body, Make-A-Wish is there to help heal their heart … and sometimes, that makes all the difference. Jennifer Moser: A wish can be transformational to a child. I know when a child has something to look forward to such as their wish, it gives them hope and excitement; which can benefit their health as well. What is it like, working as a team to make a successful gala event? Jill Krigsten Riley: I’m working on a team with my friends so it’s not like work at all – it’s more like fun! We all have specific


strengths and work really well together; plus Anne Carman and the Make-A-Wish Arizona team is so amazing to work with … it’s one of the most awesome galas I have ever co-chaired. As a committee, we never lose our focus of our goal: granting more wishes through fundraising but, in addition, we always strive to do so in a way that makes the evening impactful and fun! What is your hope for the upcoming Wish Ball; Star Light, Star Bright; celebrating Make-A-Wish Arizona’s 40th Anniversary? Mari Lederman: To raise enough money to grant the wish of every eligible child in Arizona, and to tell the Make-A-Wish Arizona story to the community to showcase why wishes are so important. We are so proud to say this all began in Arizona! What is your favorite Wish Ball memory? Jill Krigsten Riley: I have so many! My first one great memory was chairing Wish Ball in 2016 with Mari, who is one of my best friends. That night was special to us because we did it together but also because we granted a wish for Jayne to be a fashion designer, which was a wish Mari and I had volunteered on together. That night, Bob & Renee Parsons donated $1 million as a surprise, which was HUGE and proved once again that they are the most philanthropic couple who truly give from their hearts. Renee Parsons: My most memorable was at the 2014 Wish Ball, where I met wish kid Tiffany and really connected with both her and her family. I always knew Make-A-Wish Arizona was changing lives, but Tiffany’s story brought the mission to life. Over the years, we’ve kept in touch with her; and it’s been a joy and inspiration to see her overcome challenges and grow into a confident, thriving young woman.

3801 E BERRIDGE LANE Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


setting on 3+ Acre to include casual private resort style living in Paradise Valley! Interior to the nines in subtle, soft and elegant tones of today's designing transitional style, over the top smart-home and indoor and outside Audio Video system. Wyland door system opens the interiors to back yard living spaces: pool, spa, patios, guest house, tennis court and BBQ ramada with full kitchen, outdoor living room, ďŹ replace, TV for entertaining. Spacious Master with its own oversized balcony, city light views, exercise room, classy bath/Roburn vanities, glass tile, ďŹ replace & sauna. Separate 5 en-suite bedroom wing split. Kitchen, great room, elegant living room opens to home extreme private grounds. State of the art theater. Lutron lighting, Crestron smart system. A rare setting to call your forever home; we welcome you to experience our prospective, by appointment only.

RLSIR- Private Client Group Frank Aazami 480-266-0240 Bill Bulaga 480-815-3326 Tom Scott 480-482-9260



Fresh Start Women’s Foundation What year did the Fresh Start Gala begin and where was it held? The first Fresh Start Fashion Gala was held in 1996 inside Saks Fifth Avenue, with event co-chairs Pat Petznick and Pam Overton as well as Betty McCrae as the Honorary Chair. Twenty-Four years later the Gala is held at the Phoenician Resort and sells out at 750 attendees. Fresh Start’s signature element of the Gala is always a fashionable surprise. Whether it is a full-blown fashion show, or a modern installation, guests can always expect a chic, and fabulous affair. The Gala has featured some of the top designers in the world; such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar De La Renta, Monique Lhuillier and the designs of Ralph Lauren. We are truly appreciative of our amazing fashion partner, Neiman Marcus, who each year provides a stunning collection. What makes the Fresh Start Gala stand out from other charity events? Incorporating the world of fashion into a night time event, ensures that it is always a glamorous evening! We have learned over the years to keep the event light and fun; we keep the program short and ensure that guests have plenty of time to celebrate, dance and mingle with friends. It is truly a celebration of everything that Fresh Start has accomplished for the women we serve. We always want our guests to leave the event knowing that their support is helping women in the community get the “fresh start” that they need. What impact does the Fresh Start Gala have on Fresh Start? All of the funds raised directly support the services we provide to over 4,000 women each year. Every woman who walks through the doors of the Jewell McFarland Lewis Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center comes with her own unique story. Our clients are

a tremendous impact on local women. We recognize it takes a village to help women in Phoenix and it was important to our founders that we recognize female leaders who are committed to our community. The Founders’ Circle has grown over the years and is comprised of 13 dynamic women who continue to support and engage with Fresh Start.

diverse and face a wide range of challenges: from experiencing

Who is the 2020 Founders’ Award Honoree? How was

homelessness, to going through a divorce, starting a business,

she selected?

finding a job, or becoming a parent.

Each year, the Founders’ Circle comes together to nominate

In addition, over 75% of the women we help are mothers, so it not only helps our clients but touches the lives of their children so that they can stop the cycle of poverty and abuse. The programs and services we provide help women find their path forward towards self-sufficiency so they can thrive and provide for their families.

accomplished and well-respected women in the community. We are pleased to honor Ann Siner, as the 2020 Founders’ Award Honoree. Ann’s relationship with Fresh Start began with her service as a board member from 2012-2016 and she served as a Gala Co-Chair, with her sister Tess Loo, in 2014. Ann is well known for her business acumen as the CEO and Founder of Eco-Chic

How did the Fresh Start Founders’ Award begin?

Consignments Inc., which is the brain child behind My Sister’s

The first Founders’ Award Honoree was Barbara Anderson in 2007.

Closet, My Sister’s Attic and Well Suited. Beyond her professional

Our co-founders, Pat Petznick and Beverly Stewart created the

accomplishments, Ann has helped so many organizations in our

award as a way to recognize and honor women in our community

community and has always been passionate about giving back

whose philanthropic and professional achievements have had

to others.



with costumes by


2/22-3/7 @ Mesa Arts Center


Betsy Mugavero in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Southwest Shakespeare 2020. Photo by Devon C. Adams.

2/28-3/7 @ Mesa Arts Center


of an orphan girl from Harlem and how Shakespeare saved her life. 2/22, 2/29 & 3/27, 3/29 @ Phoenix Art Museum




Barrow Women’s Board Each year for the Grand Ball, the Women’s Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation supports a project meaningful to its membership and important to the future of Barrow Neurological Institute. In 2020, the Grand Ball committee selected the Sonntag Spine Center. Led by Juan S. Uribe, MD, the Sonntag Spine Center accepts the challenge of treating painful and debilitating spine conditions, in order to reduce back pain and restore mobility. Seven years after the retirement of its namesake, Volker K. H. Sonntag, MD, the center builds on his legacy of providing hope by searching for a cure for paralysis, expanding minimally invasive surgery and improving outcomes from surgery and rehabilitation.

Caryll and Senator Jon Kyl

“It’s a fact that 80% of Americans will suffer some kind of neck or back pain in their lifetime,” said Amy Thurston, 2020 Women’s Board Chairman. “That’s a pretty compelling statistic! We believe the Sonntag Spine Center will deservedly elevate this area at the BNI, and we’re proud to support Dr. Sonntag and Dr. Uribe’s vision.” In total, the Women’s Board raised a record $8.3 million for the life-saving programs at Barrow Neurological Institute through the 2020 Barrow Grand Ball. Women’s Board members Tahnia McKeever and Christine Watson co-chaired the black-tie gala held January 18 at the Arizona Biltmore.

2020 Women’s Board Project: Sonntag Spine Center Donors with Dr. Volker Sonntag, Ann Denk, Tahnia McKeever, Dr. Sonntag, Mary Ellen McKee, Sandy Hecomovich and Amy Thurston

Jacquie and Bennett Dorrance


The Petznicks – Earl, Jr., Pat and Earl, Sr.

Coverage courtesy of Jared Platt

Desirable Mummy Mountain Location ~ In Escrow!


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Matt D’Andria and Tamara Meyer

Jill Kimmerle with Carolyn and Craig Jackson and David Kimmerle

Room Overview

Carolyn and Craig Jackson hosted a very private affair in their posh sky box high above the Barrett-Jackson auto auction. The get-together began shortly before the grand festivities of the Worlds Greatest Collector Car Auction got under way. The VIP list included some of the biggest movers and shakers


Andrea Yanno and McKenna Wesley

in the auto world and a ton of good-looking socialites. The Jacksons could not have been more gracious and hospitable to all who entered. Patriotic marching bands played below starting at 7pm to open the amazing week of non-stop festivities. It was an incredible night and a fabulous auction! Coverage courtesy of Tim Heit

Walt Brown and Ruth Rassel with Tracey and Larry Lytle

Peter Lubell, Jackie Henry, Lisa Materazzo and Matt Llewellyn

2020 Chevrolet Corvette charity car

Coverage courtesy of Tim Heit

Jerry and Robyn Bien-Willner with Jason and Jordan Rose

Brent Jones, Fatima Escobar, Rachel Suarez and David James

Stacie and Richard Stephenson




Kathy Petsas and Kim Cullum

Joe Riley and Brent Jones

Richard Stephenson and Joe Riley with Craig Jackson


Lynne Love with Diane O’Malley and Missy Harrington

Gold car

Carolyn and Rick Ross

Coverage courtesy of Tim Heit


I’LL TAKE MANHATTAN By Lauren and Ian Wright

Darlings All, As we arrived at the pier to embark the Celebrity Silhouette for a transatlantic crossing on a cold day in Southampton, I snuggled into my fox lined raincoat and reminded myself to pause for breath. For Lauren, there is no place more thrilling than a pier on sailing day. One is inclined to endure what can be a long and tedious queue for the embarkation process without really noticing the crowds of people, the mountains of luggage and deliveries of bon voyage flowers. Musing on all the thought that went into the contents of each of those multitudes of suitcases, I listened to taxis hooting, boats whistling and stevedores shouting. The first several days on the North Atlantic were as to be expected in late October, cold and blustery, but we managed to find a sun trap on the aft deck’s Lawn Club. There; ensconced in comfortable wicker chairs, beneath plaid woolen deck blankets we spent many lazy, happy hours reading and snoozing. We have sailed in Silhouette nearly every year since her debut in 2012. She is due to be “Revolutionized” early next year as part of Celebrity fleet’s major overhaul. On the seventh day out, we emerged from the eiderdown with the roseate dawn to experience that one thing any traveler no matter how jaded, must admit is simply incomparable and not to be missed…..sailing into New York harbor. One simply must brave the elements to be on the for-

Lauren Wright on board Celebrity Silhouette


ward deck to pass the Statue of Liberty which never ceases to bring a lump to the throat and that first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline is always guaranteed to bring a tear ... the American dream realized. We docked at Pier 88 which was built in 1934 to receive the French Line’s unparalleled flagship – Normandie – then the largest and most beautiful ship in the world. I wondered how many people aboard the Silhouette had any idea of the history that unfolded at this very pier. Upon America’s entrance into World War II, the Normandie happened to be at this pier and was seized by the Americans to join the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth doing war duty as troop ships. During conversion, a spark from a welder’s acetylene torch being used to cut down one of the towering Lalique fountains of light in the main dining room ignited a bale

Cartier Jewels Courtesy of Elizabeth and Mike Todd

The Normandie Capsized

of highly flammable kapok life vests. Within minutes the fabulous ship was ablaze. The New York fire department poured so much water into the ship that she capsized and lay on her side in the shallow water of the slip for two years. In the early 1940s. Refloating the Normandie was the largest marine salvage operation in history. Now 80 years later, the Silhouette sat peacefully in that exact same slip and the very same pier. The massive concrete walls and riveted steel girders looked completely unchanged from their appearance in photographs showing Marlene Dietrich standing beside stacks of matching monogramed luggage ... my ideal! Well ... those who follow my chronicles; won’t be surprised to learn I was on a mission and headed straight to Cartier that magnificent Renaissance palazzo on Fifth Avenue purchased by Louis Cartier in 1917 for $100 and a pearl necklace. It wasn’t as exciting a mission as you may think, because buying jewels had nothing to do with it. I needed a new battery for my travel clock. Once inside the hallowed portals; the concierge directed us up the grand staircase to the third floor passing gorgeous enlarged photographs of all my favorite women and famous Cartier clients, Duchess of Windsor, Mona Bismarck, Daisy Fellowes all wearing Cartier jewels I’ve drooled over in books.

Lauren Wright at the Oyster Bar

I asked the clerk if it was true there were photographs of Elizabeth Taylor somewhere in the mansion. She took us to the diamond salon on the main floor where there were indeed several huge photographs of Elizabeth Taylor receiving her Cartier ruby and diamond parure from Mike Todd. We chatted with one of the senior sales staff, telling her about the archaeologist who was the real Indian Jones, tomb raider of the 1930s. He had recovered 800 emeralds from Cleopatras summer palace sunken in the shallow waters of a crystal-clear bay west of Alexandria. These emeralds from the fabled Queen of Sheba mines In the Sanai desert were taken by the tomb raider to Paris and then disappeared from history. I suggest he sold the stones to Cartier. It’s too much of a coincidence that the glamorous women of the period like Dietrich, Merle Oberon, Daisy Fellowes and Barbara Hutton were suddenly sporting massive emerald necklaces, bracelets and rings from Cartier. If you want to know more about the tomb raider you can come and see me when I start lecturing aboard ships next year. Incidentally I’m publishing a new book ... Posh, Memoirs From The Promenade Deck which will be a compilation of all my travel articles. Naturally, you have read them already here in the pages of Trends since 2003, but there will be lots more you have yet to see. Amazingly, really shockingly, I didn’t buy one piece of jewelry during our hours in that temple to the jewelers’ art. Ian felt very lucky to have escaped with only the price of a battery! ... Shhhhhhh ... I’m lulling him into a false sense of security! We met shipboard friends at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station for lunch. This was something of a sentimental journey for Ian as his staff had their own table in the Saloon at the Oyster Bar during his two-year stint in New York for The London Sunday Times in the late 1970s. After lunch we had a lovey confab with Alphonso the long-time maître d’ who told us the restaurant is about to celebrate 107 years and detailed the fact that Jacqueline Kennedy was instrumental in saving Grand Central Station and the restaurant.. Sailing out of New York the next day was even more dazzling than our arrival as the heavens put forth all their efforts to impress with a cobalt sky and brilliant sunshine. As the ship sailed slowly down the Hudson River the decks were thronged with the entire ships compliment all goggling at the panoply of skyscrapers before us. We remained on deck until the skyline disappeared.

Ian Wright and Friend

That night was what they call Evening Chic which is Celebrity’s replacement for formal nights. After a few years of conforming to this new code, we decided it was time to be rebels and wear proper evening dress. It felt wonderful to be in an evening gown again and I intend to continue this rebellion when we are next at sea aboard the Edge in April from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome. If any of you are aboard, please let us know.




JEANNE TOVREA By Bill Dougherty

Tovrea Castle as it appears today.

THE WINDS OF CHANGE By 1961 Jeanne Gutner was down on her luck, a drifter with a young daughter in tow. After several unsuccessful marriages and a cancer scare, she was bound and determined to change her life. She moved to Phoenix from her native Arkansas, landed a nighttime gig as a cocktail waitress at the Safari Inn and studied real estate by day. By the time 1970 rolled around, she had met with success. She purchased a small home and a Cadillac to drive prospective clients around. In less than 10 years, she had become one of the most successful women in the then male-dominated world of residential real estate. In 1971, while socializing with friends at the Cattlemen’s Club, she met Ed Tovrea Sr. The two could not have been from more different worlds. Ed had grown up in the lap of luxury. His family was one of the predominate names in Arizona. They owned vast amounts of real estate, a castle, art, feed and grain lots and oil reserves. Jeanne on the other hand, came from nothing and had spent most of her adult life moving from state to state. Both had been previously married several times. But their instant attraction to one another gave way to immediate dating and by the end of 1971 they were openly discussing marriage. COUPLE NUMBER ONE Jeanne and Ed Tovrea married in Hawaii in 1972. Their friends were over the moon at the couple’s nuptials. Many finally believed that each had found their soul mate, that was everyone but Ed’s three children from his first marriage. Cricket, Prissy and Happy (Edward Jr.) Tovrea, distrusted their stepmother from the moment they met her in 1971. This was something Jeanne


Jeannie Tovrea in Newport Beach, Summer 1987

Jeannie Tovrea dances at the Barrow Ball, 1987

Ed and Jeannie Tovera at the Cattleman’s Club, 1972

didn’t take lightly. Afterall, she was a woman who had never had enemies. Her Southern charm and infectious personality had warmed the hearts of everyone she encountered, even her sharpest critics. But Ed’s children never warmed to her. By the mid-1970s, the Tovreas were literally the toast of the town! They were a beautiful couple that had dozens of acquaintances, hosted the best parties and traveled the world with friends. Jeanne had become one of the most respected and adored hostesses in Phoenix. She lent her name to everything she could. Her days began at sunrise with cigarettes before coffee and a charity schedule that would take her late into the night. In 1979, she was profiled in Arizona Living Magazine (now defunct) as one the hardest working and charitable women in the Valley. She had finally come full circle! DISSAPEARING ACT In late 1979, Ed Tovrea’s health began to decline. The World War II hero had battled heavy drinking for decades and smoked in excess of three packs of cigarettes a day. Soon Jeanne realized that the days of nonstop charity work and cocktail parties needed to come to an end. She resigned from every­ thing with which she was affiliated to dedicate her time to a man who had given her so much. One socialite referred to this time in Jeanne’s life as “the disappearing act.” Jeanne Tovrea literally disappeared for more than three years. Ed Tovrea died in 1983 with Jeanne and his son Happy by his side.

Jeannie and Ed Tovera at Lake Powell, 1973

LETTERS HOME Following the death of Ed Tovrea, Jeanne told friends that she was so glad she had not let her real estate license expire; since she knew she would soon be returning to the working world. She told close friends that the last 13 years had been like living a fairy tale but now the ride was over, and it was time to move on. What happened next would become the biggest subject of gossip on the cocktail party and charity ball circuit ever! Prior to Ed’s death, he wrote two letters on yellow legal pads to his three children and to his wife. In the two letters he wrote to his children, he said that all had been given every opportunity afforded to them. He asked why none of them had gone to college, started families or held down long-term jobs. He closed by saying they were more interested in working on their tans then in the family business. He told them he loved them and wished them luck. He left each child $200,000 a piece. When Jeanne opened her yellow letter, she almost passed out! Ed Tovrea said at times he had been far too stingy with his wife; forcing her to clip coupons, shop on sale and drive used cars. He went on to say that he could never have wished for a better and more loving wife and that the care she had shown him in the twilight of his life was simply unbelievable! He bequeathed his entire estate of $7 million in cash plus vast real estate holdings in Arizona and New Mexico, oil reserves, fine art and an income-generating feed and grain lot to her. He concluded the letter by saying he adored Jeanne and hoped she would spend the money freely! SPENDING FREELY The trust Ed Tovrea set up for his wife allowed her to spend as much as she wanted in her lifetime, after that it would pass to his three children. It was an air-tight trust as the children would quickly


CRIMES AGAINST HIGH SOCIETY – CONTINUED learn and it possessed a “hammer-clause.” Should any of the three challenge the will, they would automatically be disinherited. Jeanne wasted no time spending freely. She purchased a Mercedes and a Jaguar that she planned to keep at her new prestigious Balboa Bay Club condo in Newport Beach. She took out a $2,700,000 life insurance for her daughter Deborah Luster and drove headfirst back into the charity world. By then she was seen feeding the homeless in innercity soup kitchens during the holidays, opening her lavish Lincoln Hills home to any charity that asked and once again working round the clock to make the community that had given her so much, a better place. WHEN A STRANGER CALLS In early 1987, Jeanne started to receive telephone calls from a man who identified himself as Gordon Phillips. He said he was doing a story for Time-Life on Ed Tovrea and The Great Escape he had masterminded in a POW camp during World War II. Jeanne suggested that Ed’s first wife Priscilla might be a better source, since Jeanne was his third wife. Yet Mr. Phillips was relentless and called dozens of times. Reluctantly Jeanne and her daughter Deborah finally agreed to meet him in the lobby of the Balboa Bay Club in the spring of that same year. However, Gordon Phillips was not the least bit interested in talking about Ed Tovrea but rather asked personal questions of the two ladies. When Jeanne returned to Phoenix, she called Time-Life and found our Mr. Phillips did not exist. Though he continued to leave

Jeanne Tovrea, January 1988


James Harrod and Happy Tovrea, 1986

James Harrod on Death Row, 1994

countless messages on her telephone tape recorder, Jeanne never saw him again. At this point she told friends she was very scared. She also said she believed he was following her through the streets of Phoenix. NEW AND IMPROVED By late 1987, Jeanne had put the whole Gordan Phillips matter behind her. She had a few nips and tucks blonded her trademark red mane. She had capped off the year by chairing the Barrow Ball, which was one of the most prestigious balls in town. She reconnected with a former Rodeo star from her past. Then she began dividing her time between Phoenix and Las Vegas where her new beau was living. By early 1988, she planned a lavish party at her home with the possibility of announcing her engagement. APRIL FOOLS On the night of April 1, 1988, Phoenix police responded to the burglar alarm at the home of Jeanne Tovrea at 12:47 am. Along with a very prominent socialite and friend who happened to be her next-door neighbor, the body of Jeanne Tovrea aged 58 was identified. She had been shot in her sleep at point blank range fives times. Her murder exploded on television and in print. Everyone in the social world had a theory, yet none proved conclusive. More than a thousand mourners attended her funeral service. The case went dead. THE POWER OF THE MEDIA It was not until 1992 while watching an episode of Dominick Dunn’s show Power,

Privilege and Justice, that a man claiming to be the ex-brother-in-law of James Harrod, a two-bit conman, recognized his voice. Gordon Phillips had obviously been his alias. Deborah Luster had turned over the message recording tapes to the police after her mother’s death and they decided to air them on the program. Several months later, Mr. Harrod’s ex-wife also told police that her former husband confessed to her that he had been involved in a high-profile murder of a wealthy Phoenix socialite in early 1988. James Harrod was arrested, and his DNA matched the finger and palm prints taken at the crime scene in 1988. Although there were countless phone records between Mr. Harrod and Happy Tovrea, nothing ever came of the connection. They had been business partners in several get-rich-quick schemes that never amounted to anything. James Harrod was sentenced to the death penalty for first degree murder. He remained silent and refused to speak of the murder. WHAT FALLS AWAY In the end, the murder of Jeanne Tovrea was finally solved; yet so many questions remain more than three decades later. The Tovrea children all moved out of state before or following the murder. In 2011, Happy Tovrea died of heart failure. There was nothing related to his passing in any newspaper or periodical. James Harrod died in prison in 2019 while awaiting execution. Today Jeanne Tovrea would be 88 years old and would have probably ended up chairing just about everything under the hot desert sun. She was a good person and loved by so many. It’s sad that she didn’t get to have a much longer life. After all, she had done so much to make the community a far better place for those less fortunate.

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Amy and Ray Thurston

David and Christine Gustafson with Terry Roman

Jeff and Tahnia McKeever



Sandy and Mac Magruder

Stevie Eller and Shän Francis


One of the most prestigious balls in Arizona started the 2020 social season during a very busy month. The Barrow Grand Ball, brought to you by the Barrow Women’s Board, showcased a beautiful night at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. The palatial Gold Room hosted cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres while a saxophone played soft tunes in the background. Afterwards, guests made their way to a heartstopping scarlet-hued Grand Ballroom. Some of the finest people assembled for the opulent evening as they have done since the early 1960s. The ball was chaired by Tahnia McKeever and Christine Watson. Amy Thurston, who served as the President of the Barrow Women’s Board, took home top honors as the Belle of the Ball. She’s never looked more glamourous! The ball raised a huge amount of money for the Barrow Neurological Institute. You should have been there!

Dionne Najafi with Michael T. Lawton, MD, and Francis Najafi

Erik and Rebecca Jensen

Jan and Tom Lewis

Coverage courtesy of Carol and George Bennett


Nancy and Ron Eriksson

Geoff and Jane Edmunds

Erin Gogolak and Christine Watson

Tom and Diane Might

Roy and Catherine Jacobson

Melani and Rob Walton

Mike and Sandy Hecomovich

Bob Stenhouse and Sue Fletcher

C.A. and Nan Howlett

Coverage courtesy of Carol and George Bennett



Rebecca Pierson and Fred Pakis

Nancy and LeRoy Gaintner

Dr. Dilan and Catharina Ellegala

Bob and Ellen Uhl

Jan Cacheris and Angela Melczer

Andrew and Amy Cohn

Katie Mueller and Vice President Dan Quayle

Ellen Katz, Jacquie Dorrance and Carole Moreno

Lance and Victoria Ross


Coverage courtesy of Carol and George Bennett

Samantha’s Favorite Finds By Samantha DeRose

Enjoy the beauty of both gemstones and diamonds with this stunning three stone ring in high polish platinum, featuring a dazzling Emerald Cut tanzanite center stone with two eye catching step cut half moon diamonds. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Add a polished pop to your look with this Hermès Special Order Blue Epsom leather Birkin 30 cm handle bag. Available at To Be Continued located at Scottsdale’s Hilton Village.

Timeless and luxurious, this factory new Frederique Constant wristwatch evokes a classic, sophisticated look. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers located at 10261 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Embrace laid-back luxury and effortless elegance with this Brunello Cucinelli jumpsuit in georgette. Available at Neiman Marcus located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.


7004 East Main Street


Scottsdale, AZ. 85251




An Open Letter to The Thunderbirds and Waste Management,

Congratulations on yet another record breaking Waste Management Phoenix Open! Our sincerest thanks to the entire Thunderbird’s organization, 2020 Tournament Chairmen Tim Woods, Big Chief Chance Cozby and Executive Director John Bridger for once again putting our community on the world stage and in a brilliant fashion, all while improving the lives of countless people by raising over 14 million dollars for local charities. Your achievements are remarkable and always accomplished At pre-opening dressItrehearsals we wereand proud to withour authenticity and character. is with great admiration gratitude that we say, Thank you, Hospital, well done gentlemen, well done! Arizona, support Phoenix Children’s Make-A-Wish

TGen, PANDA and Fresh Start. Jeffrey Mastro | Michael Mastro | Dennis Mastro | Scott Troilo | Oliver Badgio

We would like to thank everyone who came out and joined us in raising money for these local organizations. 4748 N Goldwater Blvd. | Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | | |

NEIMAN MARCUS CAFÉ Reviewed by Bill Dougherty and Betty McRae 6900 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ | (480) 425-1454 | For more than two decades the posh café located inside Neiman Marcus, Scottsdale has served as a great place for lunches, large committee meetings and the place to be seen. Last summer, the café was totally remodeled. Walls were removed. Modern metal wall tiles along with new furniture and carpets in soft blue and brown hues were added. A full bar now tops off the dining experience. The café offers a wide assortment of specialty cocktails, craft beers, French wines and champagnes. The café has always been known for serving some of the finest food in Scottsdale and always with excellent service too. The new look of the cherished luncheon spot only serves to make something that was always good now excellent!

Starters: Guests are always welcomed with steaming consume soup and huge N/M popovers along with strawberry butter. While these are complimentary items, additional soups can be enjoyed. This includes the store’s world-famous chicken tortilla soup, which is a sizeable and delicious luncheon favorite. It’s always available in a cup or bowl serving and topped with crunchy tortilla strips.

Composed Salads: If would be wrong if we didn’t mention one of the very best café offerings. The famed Shrimp & Crab Louie has been the go-to since the store opened. The hearty salad is chock full of boundless amounts of shrimp and crab along with a splendid medley of green vegetables. We suggest, since the salad is so large, that you order it tossed. All the salad dressings are house-made and always excellent! Another not to be missed treat is the Mandarin Orange Souffle. This exquisite luncheon salad is served with famed N/M chicken salad, fresh fruit, a sweet bread and a delicious orange souffle containing minute pieces of Mandarin oranges.


Main Entrees: The all-natural hamburger is hands down one of the very best selections on the menu. While we are surrounded by a barrage of new burger places daily, this hearty hamburger beats everyone else. The beef, accompanied by vegetables and fresh French Fries, is so extraordinary that regular diners never venture to try other menu items. It’s not unusual to see countless burgers being served throughout the opulent café. Another popular selection is the recently added Quinoa Spaghetti. A huge portion of Quinoa pasta mixed with a marvelous house-made marinara sauce is yours for the tasting. The pasta dish is hugely popular and a wonderful gluten-free option. The Pan Seared Scallops are another desired item, but make sure you order them as soon as you and your guests are seated. They are one of the most popular dishes on the new menu and go very quickly. That’s a good thing! Don’t miss the Fish Tacos either. They are also hugely popular and scrumptious too.

Dessert: If you’ve made it this far after a rich and satisfying lunch, then we have the perfect dessert! Order the chocolate and vanilla mousse complete with a crunchy cookie bottom. There’s no better combination of ecstasy in the world of confection perfection. Add a cup of cappuccino, coffee or tea and you’ve arrived!



C hef Robert Richter established

Robert’s Catering, Inc. and Cakes in 1980, creating traditional comfort foods, French cuisine, cutting edge contemporary cuisine, and simply the best cakes for the most discriminating palette, yours.

480.963.4040 E:

A Play at The Phoenix Theatre Michael Barnard has managed to do it again! The other night while attending a cocktail party, someone called him a genius! This should come as no surprise to anyone who has attended a play at Phoenix Theatre for the last two decades. This time however, Mr. Barnard had the help of famed Public Relations guru Jason Rose. Together the two dynamic men showcased Americano! to the public in early February at the famed theater landmark. Mr. Rose who wrote and created the lavish stage play; incorporated social issues, immigration and dreamers into Americano! He also managed to assemble a tremendous cast of players who are easily able to convey the hardships brought on by a divided nation. The play centers around the true story of Antonio Valdovinos and his family. Tony sadly discovers shortly before high school graduation that he is not a U.S. citizen. This is something his Mexican parents have successfully hidden throughout the teen’s life while living illegally in the United State. Tony’s lifelong dreams of entering the Marine Corps are instantly shattered. The rest of the play centers around his controversial decisions regarding his family, love interests and dreams he simply can’t shake. A rich musical score mixed with brilliant local and national actors makes Americano! a must see for 2020. Jason Rose and Michael Barnard have shown to the theatre-going community that together they have the Midas touch. Americano! Runs 2 hours and 20 minutes with a 15-minute intermission For performances and seating please contact Phoenix Theatre 602.254.2151.


Join Chef Vincent on a 2020 Summer Mediterranean Regent Cruise. Details:

Angiolo Livi Chef, Owner

Angiolo Livi — Youngest recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

Inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame • Gourmet Magazine • Wine Spectator • Zagat Survey

It would be our pleasure to cater your next family and corporate event.”

— Angiolo


EST. 1974

Fresh Pasta & Pasteries made fresh daily in our exhibition kitchen!

602-956-0900 EASY! – Make reservations online or call for your intimate dinner, or group get-together.

www. 48


Chef Markus Ford

Chef Markus Ford brings his Midwest charm and old school refined style to the valley. From 8 course chef degustation dinner menus to exotic and remote “glamping” style retreats, he has proven he is the one to call. Let him design a memorable event for you!

PACKAGES INCLUDE: CHEF SHARE AND DATE NIGHT ONsite F&B event managing Available for extended travel Catering for large and small groups


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Established in 1994


Expertise in-house tailoring and alterations Open Daily: 480.998.9069



The Shops at Hilton Village 6107 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale






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THE COUPLE Lauren Quinn Krueger Born + Raised: Chicago, IL Teddy Nowell Overton Born + Raised: Paradise Valley, AZ

MEET THE PARENTS Tricia & Larry Krueger – Winnetka, IL Pam & Jim Risoleo – Paradise Valley, AZ Ted Overton – Scottsdale, AZ


WEDDING PLANNER Eileen Lacey – E Events Co.

FLOWERS Seascape Flowers

CAKE Buttercup Cakes



INVITATIONS Wedding: Yellow Bird – Winnetka, IL Rehearsal: The Paper Place – Scottsdale, AZ

WEDDING BAND/MUSICIANS String Quartet Ceremony + Cocktail Hour: Ivy Hill Entertainment Reception Band: The Groove Merchants

SOMETHING DIFFERENT • Lauren’s brother-in-law officiated the wedding ceremony. • T he Groove Merchants made their 3rd appearance at a Krueger family destination wedding. • T he wedding weekend was a 3-day destination celebration which included a Friday night rehearsal dinner at Bernardus Lodge & Spa with a welcome party that followed, the “Krueger Klassic” golf tournament on Saturday morning before the vineyard ceremony, tented dinner reception and an after party on the deck of Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Lodge. The weekend concluded with a chic farewell brunch on Sunday for all guests.


BREATHTAKING VIEWS. IMPECCABLE SERVICE. Framed by Camelback and Mummy Mountains, El Chorro offers a scenic desert setting to savor fresh seasonal cuisine. Gather with friends for happy hour, dinner or enjoy a relaxed Sunday brunch. Experience Arizona destination dining at its best!

5550 East Lincoln Dr.

Paradise Valley, AZ


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