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Fabulous Summer Fashions! Meet Our 2007 Best-Dressed Men and Women of Phoenix May/June 2007


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Fabulous Summer Fashions!

Special Features 1 Cover: Fabulous Summer Fashions! 14 10 Best-Dressed Men and Women in the Valley 23 10 Questions for… Lonnie Kane, president, Karen Kane fashions 27 Fabulous Summer Fashions! 32 Summer Getaways 34 Mid-Century Revisited 38 Wedding Bells – Hienton Harris 40 Seven surefire ways to make Dad smile this Father’s Day

Lonnie Kane of Karen Kane fashions



Ed Lewis and Gee Gee Entz

22 Jordan Rose

Sarah Cheek


Michele Czopp and daughter Chanele



SOCIETY 20 TCF Celebrity Luncheon 22 Arizona Science Center Galaxy Gala 26 PANDA Children Helping Children Fashion Show 36 Liberty Wildlife 37 Arizona Humane Society Compassion with Fashion 44 Mahnah Club Hurray for Hollywood! 46 Desert Botanical Garden Dinner in the Desert 50 The Best of Everything

MONTHLY FEATURES 6 Table of Contents 11 La Dolce Vita 24 Trends in Phoenix 41 New Advertiser Editorial 42 Valley Events 45 Black-Tie Calendar 48 Pet of the Month 49 Success for Good Getting to Know Abby Traister

On the Cover: Designer sportswear inspired by the Palm Beach lifestyle has arrived in the Valley at Pink Paradise, a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store. Lilly Pulitzer has introduced its new men’s collection just in time for Father’s Day. Our “dad” model is wearing a single-breasted Charles blazer with the line’s signature printed Pink Mimosa silk lining, a linen Wyeth shirt, and printed, cotton twill Phipps pants. Our “mom” is wearing a Willa Spring in Bloom halter dress in 100-percent cotton, while our youngest model is wearing the matching Bridgette dress for girls. All are available at Pink Paradise, 6166 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale AZ 85253. The phone number is 480.368.PINK (7465). Location: The Phoenician • Photographer: Scott Foust • Hair and Makeup: Laura Flagler

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Ask Angie

Your divorce and family law expert.

may/june 2007 volume 25, No. 5

By Angela Hallier The Hallier Law Firm

Q: I am getting a divorce and just found out my Husband has gambled away most of our joint savings without my knowledge. Will I be compensated? A: Y es. You will likely receive more assets than your Husband in your property division to make up for one-half of what he spent. (One-half of the money he spent was “yours” and one-half was “his” under community property law principals.) In Arizona, the court can consider “excessive or abnormal expenditures, as well as the destruction, concealment or fraudulent disposition of community assets” when dividing the community estate. Such expenditures are globally referred to as “waste.” If there are not enough other community assets to compensate you for your share of the waste, you will be awarded a money judgment against your spouse. Findings of waste can be based on a spouse damaging or losing community property, making significant withdrawals from a retirement or other account with no accounting for the expenditures, or spending on an extra-marital affair or illegal drugs. A decrease in the value of a community asset (like a house or a business), if caused by a spouse’s destruction, fraud, or “abnormal” actions, could also be considered waste. If you are the spouse claiming that waste occurred, it is initially your burden to show that, on its face, such spending appears to meet the legal definition of waste. If you are able to do so, it becomes your spouse’s burden to show that the spending was not waste. Your spouse can meet that burden by showing that the monies were spent for the benefit of the community (for example, paying community debts), were spent with your acquiescence or approval, or the spending was not excessive or abnormal based on the historical spending habits or lifestyle of your family. I once had a case where one spouse sold the other spouse’s clothes at a garage sale. The court ruled that the sale of the clothes was waste, and ordered the holder of the garage sale to pay to replace all of the clothing sold. Beware of vengeful actions, and account for your spending if you are using community accounts while your divorce case is ongoing to avoid a claim of waste being made against you. Questions to “Ask Angie” may be e-mailed to or faxed to 602-285-1077. Only questions chosen for publication will be answered. No documents will be returned. Angela Hallier is a Certified Family Law Specialist and Managing Partner of The Hallier Law Firm.

The Hallier Law Firm 3216 North Third Street, Suite 100, Phoenix, Arizona 85012 Phone: (602) 285-5500 Fax: (602) 285-1077 E- mail: Web site:

It is always advisable to seek the counsel of a qualified attorney who can advise you specifically about your case. The information in this column is provided for general information only in the state of Arizona, is not specific to any one case and does not create an attorney-client relationship between the author and the reader. ©The Hallier Law Firm Advertorial

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Really fun, but totally unsubstantiated gossip By now you’ve probably heard that The Phoenician’s opulent ballroom hosted the most successful Trends Charitable Fund Celebrity Luncheon ever. The groundswell started when Robert Black, Karen Thorn, Diane Might and Cathy Boswell came up with the noteworthy idea to showcase yet another local-gal-made-good. You might remember that last year it was talented shoe designer Holly Dunlap of Hollywould. This year’s bash featured Deborah Lippmann, songstress and manicurist to the stars. She captivated the audience with stories about giving manis and pedis to celebs such as George Clooney (all the women swooned), Mariah Carey and Renee Zellweger. Ms. Lippman then belted out jazzy new tunes from her latest CD, “Vinyl.” And ladies and gentlemen, this Deborah Lippmann is also a talented vocalist. classy Coronado High School grad did it all for free, just like Holly Dunlap did last year. By the way, Holly was unable to attend this year’s luncheon but her lovely sister Lily Lloyd flew in all the way from Austin, Texas to attend. Remarkable! The annual event also played host to the 10 best-dressed women and men of Phoenix. Our eternally chic ladies are Debbie Bennett,

By Bill Dougherty

Nanci Bruner, Diane Halle, Ina Manaster and Miriam Sukhman. The dashing gentlemen are Nick Esposito, Tanner Flynn, Mark Tarbell, Dan Santy and Don Ulrich. Are you surprised? Of course not. When all was said and done the bash raised more money for the Trends Charitable Fund that ever before. You should have been there.

(photo taken in 1982)

Speaking of dapper gentleman, you might have noticed that sexy celebrity chef Mark Tarbell was sporting a wedding ring as he ascended the catwalk at the TCF luncheon. Single women across the Valley have gone into a perpetual state of mourning for the man who seemed to personify the term “swinging bachelor.” One more thing ladies – he and his lovely wife Nikki are expecting a visit from the stork! Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Bill Nassikas is going to go down in history as one of the most generous members of our community. The Hotel Valley Ho president and CEO, together with yet another celebrity chef, Chuck Wiley, and catering manager Melanie Newton (one of England’s greatest exports), threw open his trendy resort yet again for the TCF annual board of directors meeting. Everyone made the scene to see who had been appointed Continued on page 13

M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 7



Ginette Karabees, Libby Cohen and Priscilla Nicholas are chairing the 2008 TCF Celebrity Luncheon.

to the illustrious TCF board. Anywhere in the room you could see Priscilla Nicholas, (fetching in a summery straw hat), Ginette Karabees and Libby Cohen. The dynamic trio plans to chair the TCF Luncheon next April. Then there were Nancy Berge, Sandy Wood and Jane Christensen (who looked to be channeling Elizabeth Taylor from her film “The Sandpiper”). Carol Cook attended despite having just recovered from hip surgery. We were very impressed. Lisa HenryHolmes was there, then again so were Glenna Shapiro, Barbara Davis, Daryl Weil, Patty Stelton, Linda Pope, Sarah Cheek, Cathy Kleeman, Shelley Adams, Jane Bergamo and scores more of the beautiful and well accomplished. Herman Chanen and Don Ulrich, two of our past Fabulous Phoenicians, took time out of their busy schedules to attend as well. That meant the world to the Trendsetters. Outgoing TCF president Diane Might, who did a splendid job, introduced Chris Gustafson (a true Southern woman) as the new TCF

president and new board members Jill Alanko, Carrie Hall (Phoenix’s answer to Martha Stewart) and Sandy Magruder. We extended our gratitude to Kristy Moore, Carole Moreno and Christi WarnerBeyer for three fine years of TCF service. The afternoon continued to flow like fine champagne as merrymakers made their way to the valet stand to retrieve their cars. After several attempts to find the owner of an unclaimed El Camino, someone finally just turned the keys over to Libby Cohen, assuming it was hers since she had arrived sporting a tank top, a cashmere tank top, but a tank top nonetheless. The winds of changes are not always pleasant. Jackson La Baer passed away May 11. I met the founder of The Clotherie menswear store in June of 1981, shortly before Frank Brophy was to marry Anna Andreini. I needed a 42 extra-long sport coat for the wedding, but there was one catch: I wanted it double-breasted, something next to impossible to find in Phoenix in 1981. However Jackson, ever the visionary, carried just what I wanted. I wore that blazer for 15 years. I gave it away not because it wore out but because I gained weight. Together with his business partner, the equally dapper Greg Eveloff, Jackson introduced the Valley to fashion none of us ever dreamed would be right at our fingertips. Jackson La Baer was not just one of the good guys, he was one of the Jackson La Baer best! You will be missed, my dear friend.

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THE 2007

Best Dressed Men and Women



Honorees received the most number of nominations from Trends readers. The annual Best Dressed Men and Women awards are announced each spring. 14

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Deborah Bennett

Gifted with an artistic background, Debbie views fashion as works of art. She believes people look best when they compose their attire based on their body lines. Since she is petite, she wears three-quarter-length sleeves to look taller. Debbie learned about the cut of fabric, texture and lines from her mother. But two local friends also influenced her. She likens Cheryl Fine to 1960s socialite Babe Paley, and Priscilla Nicholas to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Favorite Fragrance: I mix Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon with Chanel Mademoiselle by day and Chanel No. 5 at night. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Monique Lhuillier and Valentino. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: Akris tops and Escada slacks. Most Interesting Up-and-Coming Designer: Olivier Theyskens, who designs for Rochas. He’s very hip and fresh. Favorite “Funky” designer: Olivier Theyskens. Favorite Jewelry Designer: Alan Levy. Favorite Shoe Designer: Manolo Blahnik. Must-Have Accessory: A great handbag. Your “signature look”? Classic American, favoring American designer Ralph Rucci. He cuts his jackets with flaired sleeve bottoms, upturned collars and shorter sleeves. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: Glass-fronted drawers with crystal knobs and black-velvet lining so I can view my dress belts, handbags and jewelry.

What fashion items do you have the most of? Handbags. I do adore alligator handbags; they go with everything. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? It’s fun and up and coming since the Arizona Costume Institute added the Kelly Ellman gallery. What do you never leave home without? Great earrings because my hair is so short. They frame a woman’s face. What is your best fashion tip? Look complete from head to toe. Favorite Way to De-stress: Time with my husband and grandchildren. Favorite Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz SL600 Favorite Architectural Style: Contemporary. Favorite Interior Design Style: Voluptuous rich-looking contemporary pieces along the line of Mario Buatta.

Nick Esposito

The owner of Moda Georgio custom menswear, Nick Esposito stays on top of current trends. Nick scrutinizes such international men’s and women’s magazines as Esquire and the Robb Report for the latest colors and fabrics, and then customizes the looks for both himself and his clients. Favorite Fragrance: Moda Georgio’s custom blend. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Brioni and Armani. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: In Fiamme and Paul & Shark. Most Interesting Up-and-Coming Designer: Tom Ford Favorite Jewelry Designer: Cartier. Favorite Shoe Designer: Artioli from Italy. Must-Have Accessory: A navy blazer, a great tie and a nice watch. Your “signature look”? I always dress in a tie and suit made of high-quality natural fibers. I’m not an open-collar kind of guy. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: Good true lighting and hooks. What fashion items do you have the most of? Shirts are my business so I have 50 dress shirts in a rainbow of colors. I have more shirts with a white collar and cuffs than most men. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? Coming along but it’s still behind

the world by a few years. Fortunately, people moving here from more cosmopolitan areas are requesting higher quality merchandise. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? Italy, like Via Condotti in Rome and Milan in the Via Monte Napoleon region. What do you never leave home without? A nice tailored shirt made from Sea Island Cotton. It has a silky feel. Who is your fashion inspiration? Cary Grant and Gary Cooper were wonderful. Today, it’s Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney. Jay Leno dresses well. I know his tailor. What is your best fashion tip? When you dress up, wear a white shirt at night and a colored shirt during the day. Favorite Way to De-stress: Sailing in San Diego. Favorite Vehicle: Ferrari Spyder. Favorite Architectural Style: Spanish Colonial, Santa Barbara. Favorite Interior Design Style: French Country.

M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 7



Nanci Bruner

People need to wear their clothes and not let their clothes wear them, says fashionista Nanci Bruner. She admits she can’t wear all styles but no matter whether she dons a classic or whimsical look, she makes sure the clothes fit well on her petite frame. Nanci views clothes as investments. She received her fashion sense from her chic and fashionable mother, who had a natural flair in an era where hats, suits and handbags prevailed. Favorite Fragrance: None. I’m allergic to scents. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Oscar De La Renta and Christian La Croix. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: Juicy Couture. I love the sweats. Favorite “Funky” Designer: Christian La Croix. Favorite Jewelry Designer: I love all jewelry. Favorite Shoe Designer: Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. Must-Have Accessory: Lipstick. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: Valet rods that pull out to hang clothes you’re planning to wear to help organize your look. What fashion items do you have the most of? Handbags. I’m too embarrassed to admit how many. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? We’re very well dressed here. We can obtain all the designers here.


Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? Paris. Every woman wants to shop in Paris. What do you never leave home without? Lipstick. Who is your fashion inspiration? I have no current inspiration. The old movie stars, like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, were absolutely classic. What is your best fashion tip? Wear the classics. Favorite Way to De-stress: Take a nap. Favorite Vehicle: My yellow-and-black Mini Cooper in Florida. It’s my mid-life crisis car and I love it! Everyone in Palm Beach knows that car. It looks like a bumblebee. Favorite Architectural Style: Mediterranean. Favorite Interior Design Style: A mix of antiques, French, Italian and English.

Tanner Flynn

Want to always look your best? Go with the classics, says Tanner Flynn. “I usually regret it when I don’t,” he remarked with a grin. “I receive my fashion sense from whoever was the last person to compliment my look,” he added good-naturedly. Favorite Fragrance: Terre D’Hermés. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Ralph Lauren. Favorite Sports Wear Designers: Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. Most Interesting Up-and-Coming Designer: J. Lindeberg. Favorite “Funky” Designer: D Squared and Joy Stick. Favorite Jewelry Designer: Scott Gauthier. He designed the few pieces I wear, such as my black pearl on a black rubber cord. Favorite Shoe Designer: Mark Mason. Favorite Hair Stylist: Gillette Sensor III. I think he’s French because I shave my head. Favorite Hair Product: Sunscreen! Must-Have Accessory: A good briefcase. I have a well-worn black Gucci briefcase. Your “signature look”? Boots and jeans. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: Cedar hangers. What fashion items do you have the most of? Old and new cuff links. My


M AY / J U N E


grandfathers have tons, from big and gaudy to classic and engraved. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? It’s getting better all the time. We’ve had such an explosion in new retail space, particularly in smaller stores and boutiques. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? Boutiques here, in L.A. and Aspen. What do you never leave home without? Sunglasses. Who is your fashion inspiration? Cary Grant and Willie Nelson. Willie’s a boots and jeans kinda guy. Which celebrity’s fashion style do you admire most? Tom Ford. He looks great in a tuxedo or jeans. What is your best fashion tip? Mix inexpensive things with great pieces, and try not to spill. Favorite Vehicle: Convertibles. Favorite Architectural Style: Modern. Favorite Interior Design Style: Casual modern, something with a sofa I can take a nap on.



Diane Halle

Always elegant, Diane Halle’s fashion philosophy revolves around cleanliness, beautiful fabrics and looks that flatter her frame and lifestyle. Her fashion sense is inspired by the designers themselves. Favorite Fragrance: Black Orchid. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Ralph Rucci, Chado. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: Brunello Cucinelli. Most Interesting Up-and-Coming Designer: Lynn Devlin. Favorite “Funky” Designer: Chanel with jeans. Favorite Jewelry Designer: Donald Tallarico. Favorite Shoe Designer: Christian Louboutin. Favorite Hair Stylist: “Paco” Favorite Hair Product: Bumble & Bumble. Must-Have Accessory: Nail polish. Your “signature look”? Polished. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: Mirrors and good lighting. What fashion items do you have the most of? Sunglasses. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? This must be a trick question. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? New York, Rome and Paris.

What do you never leave home without? Sunglasses for the day and my lipstick. What is your skin care regime? Anything and everything. Who is your fashion inspiration? Ralph Rucci. Which celebrity’s fashion style do you admire most? Coco Chanel. Do you have a fashion stylist? My husband. What is your best fashion tip? Don’t copy others. Instead, wear what makes you feel good and look beautiful. Favorite fashion season – Summer or Winter? Spring. Favorite way to look cool during warm weather: White, white and more white. Favorite Way to De-stress: A massage. Favorite Place to Dine: Alain Ducasse. Favorite Vehicle: Falcon 900. Favorite Place for Drinks with Friends: Our home or their home. Favorite Architectural Style: Tabou Ando. Favorite Interior Design Style: Uncluttered.

Dan Santy

Dan Santy would love to see the world dress up more. He believes people dress too casually. “I know it sounds kind of corny, but it’s really easy to take the time to look nice even if you don’t have a big wardrobe,” he said. His eye for fashion began with his dad and a 1960’s fashion icon – the JFK hat, which always looked masculine and dapper in a classic fashion sense. Favorite Fragrance: Jo Malone. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Armani and Zegna. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: Italian designers. Favorite “Funky” Designer: None. I prefer classic lines but I funk up the look with big bold colors, like orange, or patterns. Favorite Shoe Designer: Michael Toschi. Favorite Hair Product: My fingers. Must-Have Accessory: My Baume & Mercier watch. Your “signature look”? A Zegna sports coat and black slacks. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: Shoe racks. What fashion items do you have the most of? Shoes and shirts. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? I wouldn’t. Sorry. The availability of clothes is here but people dress too casually for business and formal

occasions. Logo’d golf shirts under a sports coat? Spare me, please. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? New York and San Francisco. What do you never leave home without? My watch. Who is your fashion inspiration? Armani and George Clooney. Which celebrity’s fashion style do you admire most? George Clooney. What is your best fashion tip? Polish your shoes. Favorite Way to De-stress: Put on a bold pair of jeans or an old T-shirt. I like Fly Catcher T’s. They have a nice weight and nice colors, and they fade well. Favorite Vehicle: 1976 convertible Caprice Classic. Favorite Architectural Style: Contemporary. Favorite Interior Design Style: Phoenix interior designer David Michael Miller.

M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 7



Ina Manaster

Ina Manaster bypasses what’s in style for sophisticated looks and simple lines. The ultimate hostess, she developed her fashion sense through trial and error. “If I put on something and I want to laugh, well, it’s not for me,” Ina said good-naturedly. She admires the signature timeless looks synonymous with classic movie stars Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Favorite Fragrance: Armani for Women. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Bob Mackie and Mark Zunino. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: Akris. Most Interesting Up-and-Coming Designer: Naeem Khan. The gowns are elegant and feminine without all the ruffles. Favorite Jewelry Designer: Tallarico. He designs for you and is careful that you don’t see yourself coming and going. His stones are magnificent and his look is bold. Favorite Shoe Designer: Manolo Blahnik. Must-Have Accessory: The perfect purse. Right now it’s a smaller size. Big-purse black holes are out of the question. Your “signature look”? Heels, a simple, sleeveless sheath with a jewel neckline, which presents a palette for jewelry, and a matching coat. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: A jewelry drawer with multiple compartments.


What fashion items do you have the most of? Purses and shoes, about 150 shoes and 75-80 purses. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? I can’t call it a fashion capital but it is getting better. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? I really like L.A. It has everything, from Barney’s to boutiques. What do you never leave home without? Makeup. I use a lot of Bobbi Brown. What is your best fashion tip? Understatement. Favorite Way to De-stress: Meditate or walk. Favorite car: Mercedes-Benz S65. Favorite Architectural Style: Art deco or modern. Favorite Interior Design Style: I love art deco but it’s too sophisticated for Phoenix, so I do eclectic.

Mark Tarbell

Mark Tarbell is comfortable in his casually chic attire. Not driven by any one style or designer, he admires a diverse group of male fashionistos. From Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards to fashionable celebrities Cary Grant, Sean Connery, Johnny Carson and Jimmy Stewart. “I dress for comfort. No matter what the cut, fit and look, I have to be comfortable wearing it, even if it’s an outrageous pair of purple pants,” the Valley chef said. Favorite Fragrance: “Au natural.” I don’t wear cologne. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: I don’t favor any one designer. But I have five tuxedoes and two are by Armani. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: My favorite sports coat is by Wilke Rodriguez. It’s a Nehru jacket with a good cut in great fabric. Most Interesting Up-and-Coming Designer: Chris Wicks Favorite “Funky” Designer: English Laundry, Paul Smith and Dolce & Gabbana Favorite Jewelry Designer: Me & Ro, New York. They’re simple and organic. Favorite Hair Stylist: Sean at Juan Juan in L.A. Must-Have Accessory: A copper-wire scalp massager. Your “signature look”? Just woke up. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: An authentic 1950s light fixture. It’s a simple, utilitarian dome with chrome.


M AY / J U N E


What fashion items do you have the most of? Dress and casual shirts. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? Very high. We have a lot of great people and stores. Our fashion is driven by our outdoor lifestyle. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? Barney’s in New York City or Maxfield Blue in L.A. What do you never leave home without? My wedding ring. What is your best fashion tip? Wear what feels right for you. Favorite Way to De-stress: Hiking. Favorite Vehicle: My 1987 Mercedes-Benz. It runs on french fry oil. Favorite Architectural Style: Mid-century modern. Favorite Interior Design Style: Eclectic.



Miriam Sukhman

If Miriam Sukhman could have only one bit of advice on fashion, she’d tell people to cultivate their own unique style. She developed her own unique look from her mother, who was always fashionable and loved clothes. “I always admired her. We are from Russia so didn’t have many galas, but my mother’s clothes fit her perfectly when she went out,” Miriam recalled. Favorite Fragrance: Anything from Takashimaya. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: I’m not really loyal to anyone. I prefer French, German and Scandinavian designers in particular. European designs are very flirty and feminine. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: Same as the above. Favorite “Funky” Designer: I love contemporary jewelry but don’t know all the designers. Favorite Jewelry Designer: Steven Webster. He’s very original and doesn’t follow anyone. Favorite Shoe Designer: Robert Clergerie. Must-Have Accessory: Good taste. Your “signature look”? It changes with my mood and all depends where I go. If I go to a contemporary art show, I will wear contemporary. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: A three-way mirror is a must-have.

What fashion items do you have the most of? I own tons of accessories, like scarves, necklaces and earrings. How would you rate Phoenix as a fashion capital? I would not call it a capital. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? Anywhere my travels take me. I enjoy Bergdorf’s in New York City. What do you never leave home without? The attitude. What is your skin care regime? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Who is your fashion inspiration? Balenciaga. He’s such an original. Do you have a fashion stylist? Oh, god no. What is your best fashion tip? Be true to yourself. Favorite Way to De-stress: Relaxing at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui. Favorite Vehicle: Porsche Cayenne. Favorite Architectural Style: Modern. Favorite Interior Design Style: Modern.

Don Ulrich

Don Ulrich looks for two things when buying clothes – purchase items made from high-quality fabrics, such as tight-knit, lightweight wools, and find a good tailor, such as Zizzo. Doing so will bring you one step closer to the classic look epitomized by actor Cary Grant, an impeccable dresser who Don admires. Favorite Fragrance: I seldom use them. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Brioni. Favorite Sports Wear Designer: Ralph Lauren. Most Interesting Up-and-Coming Designer: The clothes much of the younger generation is wearing are ridiculous. Manufacturers are using a lot of cheap fabrics and charging unbelievable prices for clothes that are skin tight. Favorite “Funky” Designer: I funk up my own look often enough. Maybe Versace, but not the way-out stuff. Favorite Jewelry Designer: My wife. I wear the wedding ring she designed. Favorite Shoe Designer: Anybody who makes comfortable loafers with style, such as Ferragamo. Favorite Hair Stylist: Lynn Felix at Etch. I’ve been going to her for 25 years and told her I’d keep coming until she gets it right. Must-Have Accessory: Pocket squares. They’re the difference between business and style.

Your “signature look”? Unusual, colorful and maybe eclectic. Favorite Dressing Area Feature: Plenty of hooks. What fashion items do you have the most of? Suits, sports coats, slacks and shoes. Where in the world do you enjoy clothes shopping? New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Rome. What do you never leave home without? My wedding ring. Who is your fashion inspiration? Cary Grant. What is your best fashion tip? Buy clothing you like and then get it to fit well. Favorite Way to De-stress: Laugh with friends. Favorite Vehicle: Ferrari. Favorite Architectural Style: Authentic Tuscan, not Phoenix Tuscan. Favorite Interior Design Style: Big, comfortable furniture and a lot of art and antiques.

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Trends Charitable Fund

Ambassadors Robyn Lee, Pat Goldman and Penny Gunning

Mary Ellen McKee

Fabulous Phoenicians Marguerite and Jack Clifford

POLISHED TO PERFECTION The luncheon theme referred not only to guests but also to the dazzling digits created by Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist to the stars. DINING FOR DOLLARS Hosted by the Trends Charitable Fund, the annual event netted more than $250,000 for local lesser served organizations that aid women and children.

Sheila Corwin

Georgeann White John Reyno and Beth Matthews

Bob and Carole Machiz


M AY / J U N E

THEY’RE HOT Firefighters from the Phoenix Fire Department once again helped with this year’s raffle sales. Bill and Kathy Petsas

Mary Morrison



Arizona Science Center

Carolyn Bosworth, Penny Gunning and Robyn DeBell

Trisha Anthony

Rona and Allan Kasen

Frank and Sandy Trznadel

‘UNBELIEVABLE’ GALAXY GALA Celebrated 25 years of science at the Arizona Science Center. HOCUS POCUS Illusionist Ryan Oakes and comedian/ventriloquist Mark Merchant conjured up a fascinating night’s entertainment. ‘COOL’ DECORATIONS Created by Innovative Ice, globes of ice resembling crystal balls and ice-sculpted vases and martini-glass luges added a cool element of mystery to the gala. Herman Chanen Bill and Kathy Petsas

David and Joo Cantor


M AY / J U N E


Dionne Fedderson and Francis Najafi


10 Questions for… Lonnie Kane By Bill Dougherty

Biltmore Skin Care Center Love The Skin You’re In

ASK THE EXPERTS: Comfort, ease, luxury and longevity. These are the fashion philosophy elements of clothing designers Karen and Lonnie Kane. Three decades ago, the easy-going Southern California couple started their company in their Studio City garage. Today, they are fashion icons who produced one of the most successful ready-towear lines in the country. Earlier this year, Lonnie Kane stopped at our own Dillard’s Scottsdale to introduce the Karen Kane collection for Spring 2007. He also managed to raise funds for Banner of Hope through purchases in the store that day. Trends Publisher Bill Dougherty had the distinguished privilege of sitting down with Lonnie for a few thought-provoking questions. What is your idea of perfect happiness? My wife, our children and our business running well. Which historical figures do you admire most? I was a history major so I would have to say George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman. What four people, living or dead, would you invite to dinner? Ralph Lauren, John McCain, Audrey Hepburn and Mick Jagger. Who have been your greatest fashion inspirations? Coco Chanel, St. Tropez, France; Karen Kane Collection Katharine Hepburn and Anne Klein. What is your greatest indulgence? Cars. My Corvettes, Shelbys and Porsches. What is your greatest achievement? My marriage and my two great sons. What is your greatest regret? I don’t have one. Where would you like to live? In Tuscany, Italy, growing tomatoes and olives overlooking a valley. What is your greatest possession? Possessions are not important to me. What is your worst habit? I’m a little OCD (obsessive-compulsive).

for Spring 2007

Skin Care 101 Jan Dupuy, RN

Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Skin Care Owner of Biltmore Skin Care Center Q. I’ve seen some TV commercials about some injections that supposedly dissolve fat instead of liposuction surgery. Does that work? A. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? However, to be fair I haven’t seen it done nor do I personally know anyone who’s raving about it and trust me, I know a lot of “ravers”! What I can tell you factually after a call to MICA (The Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona that insures Board Certified Medical Doctors) is that they will not provide malpractice coverage for this procedure or the String Face-Lift. Given that, I’m personally take the wait and see on both of these expensive procedures. Q. I had a light treatment done for brown spots on my face a couple of years ago and I don’t think it really worked. What’s best for me? A. Please understand that the science and technology of skin care is changing as rapidly as cell phones and computers. With each generation of Pulsed Light Therapy we see significant improvements in capabilities and benefits. You may have been treated with a machine that didn’t pack the punch like the newer machines do. However, that extra energy also carries certain inherent risks that are not to be taken lightly. It’s important that you are treated by someone who has intimate knowledge of the technology at hand and who is equally knowledgable about the different applications for different skin types. I suggest you speak with the Nurse or Doctor who will be administering these treatments. Feel free to ask about the age of the equipment they use, the training they’ve had and any skin preparation you will need prior to treatments. Q. What’s the best way to get rid of a pimple? A. Keep thy mits off thy zits! Popping a pimple can almost double the healing time because it pushes the bacteria deeper into the pores which leads to a whole new set of problems. Infection, persistent redness and even scarring. But if you must pick, please wash your hands before touching a blemish. Try applying a dab of salicylic acid or benzoyl-peroxide that you can get from your skin care Doctor or Nurse every a.m and p.m. for several days and if it’s really a bad one, consider having the blemish injected with a steroid. During the healing time, apply a concealer. Out of sight...out of mind! All consultations are complimentary at:

Biltmore Skin Care Center 602-224-6100

2398 E. Camelback Rd., Suite #780 • Phoenix, AZ 85016 Send Questions & Comments to: Proudly Associated with Barry Fernando, MD (Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon) ADVERTORIAL

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Cook Up Some Fun

By Wendy Miller

Love the food served at New York City’s Rosa Mexicano restaurant? Roberto Santibañez, chef at the Manhattan eatery, has compiled his best recipes into a new cookbook, “Rosa’s New Mexican Table: Friendly Recipes for Festive Meals” ($35). It includes tasty favorites ceviche de atun con camarones (Citrus-marinated tuna and shrimp) and flan de coco (coconut flan with toasted pineapple vanilla sabayon). Turn up the heat and flavor for your summer barbecues with new sauces and marinades from World Harbors. The two newest flavors – Pacific Fusion Maple Wasabi and Prairie Fire Steakhouse – join such traditional offerings Cuban Style Mojo and Australian Style Sweet Ginger Bar-B.


CHOW ON THE CANAL: The Foodbar, one of Fred Unger’s three planned restaurants in Scottsdale’s new SouthBridge, will open mid-June. Designed by architect Catherine Hayes (LaGrande Orange, Chelsea’s Kitchen), it will offer fresh food for people on the run. The menu includes grab-and-go salads, soups, sandwiches and daily specials.

Beauty Breakthroughs BEACH BEAUTY

Show off your great abs and tan with the “Mosaic” bikini by Vitamin A. The top ($67) and bottom ($72) are made from nylon, Lycra and spandex. Available at Amy, Inc., Biltmore Fashion Park. 602.957.1424,


GLAM ON THE GO: Celebrity makeup artist Diane Aiello is posed to make Valley clients feel like stars. Her new Scottsdale beauty boutique and day spa, The Glam Lounge, also offers “Glam on the Go,” a mobile beauty service for house calls and location work. It features makeup artists and stylists for special occasions, photo shoot, weddings and other events. 480.945.1760

Summer movies aren’t traditionally great but they are BIG. You’re probably still reeling from May’s third-generation sequel madness (“Spider-Man 3,” “Shrek the Third,” “Pirate’s of the Caribbean: At World’s End”). Prepare for more big- and medium-budget sequels as temperatures soar, such as “Ocean’s Thirteen” (June 8), “Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer” (June 15), “Evan Almighty” (June 22), “The Bourne Ultimatum” (Aug. 3) and “Rush Hour 3” (Aug. 10). Do we really need “Rush Hour 3”? Oh, well. Grab your favorite magician’s wand for the most anticipated sequel of the summer: “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (July 13). It blends Harry’s raging teen hormones with Harry’s raging desire to thwart Lord Voldemort. Note: release dates are subject to change. New kids’ offerings for the summer include “Nancy Drew” (June 15), which transports the teen detective to Hollywood; “Ratatouille” (June 29), pictured at right, the animated story of a Manhattan rat who wants to become a famous chef; “Transformers” (July 4), do you think somebody will save the world here?; and “Underdog” (Aug. 3), a live-action version of the classic TV cartoon. D’oh! Let’s not forget Homer Simpson’s big screen debut. “The Simpsons Movie” opens July 27. Creator Matt Groening is keeping the plot under tight wraps. No wonder the film has yet to be rated.


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You, Dad & Joe G.

Baseball legend Joe Garagiola, Sr. will spend Father’s Day, June 16, discussing and signing copies of his baseball memoir “Just Play Ball” ($22) at noon at The Poisoned Pen, 4014 N. Goldwater Blvd. in Scottsdale. 480.947.2974

Summer Stages

WORLD PREMIERE: Ballet Arizona Artistic Director Ib Andersen will premiere his new full-length ballet “Play” June 8-10 at Symphony Hall. The Phoenix Symphony will perform the musical selections, including works by Mozart and Schubert. 602.381.1096, JAZZ AND WIZARDS: Kierland Commons in north Scottsdale brings back its Summer Jazz Series most Saturdays at 7 p.m. in its plaza. The schedule includes The Rave June 16, Chuck E. Baby & The All Stars June 23, Apple July 7, Affinity July 14, Shining Star July 21 and the Aaron Nelson Project July 28. www.kierlandcommons. com. Diehard Harry Potter fans alert! Check out the Harry Potter “Stay for a Spell” special midnight book release party July 20 offered by Kierland Commons, the Westin Kierland, Barnes & Noble and Cold Stone Creamery. Resort guests will ride the Hogwarts Express shuttle to the party. Hotel packages: 480.624.1000, CULTURE, LON’S WAY: Lon’s Artistin-Residence Series returns to The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley. Inspired by the resort’s original owner, cowboy artist Lon Megargee, it showcases renowned artists and authors and includes dinner. This summer’s schedule includes performer/master mime Robert Shields June 15, mystery writer Aaron Elkins July 13, ceramist David Bradley Aug. 10, artist/author Victor Ostrovsky Sept. 14, and painter Richard Hall Oct. 19. 602.955.7878,

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PANDA Children Helping Children Fashion Show

Renee Dee

Tina Huber

Catherine Jacobson Pam and Jack Kolbe

PANDA – PEOPLE ACTING NOW DISCOVER ANSWERS Nearly 35 boys and girls modeled clothing from Nordstrom in PANDA’s eighth annual fashion show. LOVE THOSE ‘PANDA’ MEMBERS The Phoenix Women’s Board of the Steele Children’s Research Center. A ‘TREE-MENDOUS’ RAFFLE Prizes included a $24,900 handcrafted tree house from Architecture Kids, a trip to Disneyland and a Westcor gift card.


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Toby Pacente

Sharon Ulrich and Judy Bowe

Fabulous Summer Fashions!

For him: Armani gabardine jacket and pants and cotton shirt. For her: Tadashi three-quarter length shirt and Chetta B. black-and-white skirt. Clothes available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Phoenix, 602.955.8000 Location: Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale Photographer: Scott Foust Hair and Makeup: Laura Flagler

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F abulous S ummer F ashions !

For him, a Zanella cotton shirt and a Z Zegna wool mohair sharksin suit, at The Clotherie, Phoenix, 602.956.8600. For her, Cinema Haute Couture silk chiffon gown accented with flowers made from silk ribbon and Austrian crystals, at Michka, Scottsdale, 480.607.0032

Badgley Mischka jersey halter gown in dazzling fuchsia, at Destiny’s Bride, Scottsdale, 480.368.8868


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Farinaz polka-dot cotton-silk shirt and Equestrian white cotton slacks, at Via Veneto, Scottsdale, 480.609.7103

F abulous S ummer F ashions !

Danese Creations halter evening gown in blue silk dupponi with black lace and beige floral overlay, at Danese Creations, Phoenix, 602.955.1313

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F abulous S ummer F ashions !

Moda Georgio all-wool sport jacket, Dalmine cashmere-and-silk-blend polo shirt and Ravazzolo 100-percent Tazmanian wool slacks, at Moda Georgio, Phoenix, 602.955.2003

Suk-Hui Ltd. red silk dress with tiny yellow polka dots, at Suk-Hui Ltd., Scottsdale, 480.951.1388

Badgley Mischka halter tulle gown with shirred detail and brooch at waist, at Twirl Boutique, Scottsdale, 480.221.1222


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Nancy Rose white dress with pockets and Poleci white and tan polka-dot blouse and skirt, at Objects, Scottsdale, 480.994.4720

F a b u l o u s Summe r F a s h i o n s !

At left, Ralph Lauren Polo seersucker sports jacket, cotton shirt and cotton shorts; at right, Ralph Lauren Polo madras plaid sports jacket, cotton shirt and cotton shorts, at Dillard’s, Scottsdale, 480.949.5869

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Sure Bets for Summer Fun! By Wendy Miller Air-conditioned office. Air-conditioned house. Air-conditioned car. Oh yes, jump in the pool. The heat shouldn’t limit your options for fun this summer. Here is a five-pack of getaways that are only a short drive or quick flight from Phoenix.

The Lodge at Torrey Pines

You and your pet can share in the good life at the San Ysidro Ranch, where guests and their favorite pup can enjoy side-by-side in-room massages thanks to the Ranch’s privileged pet program. It’s one of the many services offered at the intimate, upscale resort, which has undergone a $150 million full-property facelift. Rich in history, the land belonged to the King of Spain in the 18th century; 200 years later, American royalty John and Jacqueline Kennedy chose to honeymoon there. Today, guests enjoy in-room spa services, day trips to local beaches, wineries and other attractions in and around Santa Barbara; and hiking trails in the Santa Ynez Mountains. July and August are the peak months so book early.

As the only AAA Five-Diamond destination resort in San Diego, the California Craftsman-style Lodge at Torrey Pines overlooks the 18th hole of the Torrey Pines South Course. Aside from being the backdrop to the Buick Invitational, The Lodge was selected as the official host site of 2008 U.S. Open. It recently garnered praise from readers of Travel & Leisure Golf, who ranked it one of the top golf resorts in the West and Northwest in the magazine’s reader survey of the World’s Best Golf Resorts. Its accolades also include the Gold List, Best Places to Stay and Top 55 Spas, Reader Poll by Conde Nast Traveler in 2007 and the Top 200 Places to Stay in 2006 by the Robb Report.

San Ysidro Ranch, 900 San Ysidro Lane, Montecito, California 93108; 1.800.368.6788. Rates: $795-$3,990. Special mid-week rate of $450 through June 28 for select junior suites and cottages.

The Lodge at Torrey Pines, 11480 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037. 858.453.4420. Rates start at $425.

San Ysidro Ranch

Las Ventanas al Paraíso Las Ventanas al Paraiso has plenty to cause you to run for the border. The FiveDiamond, Los Cabos resort was named “Best Leisure Resort Worldwide” and the “Best Hotel/Resort in Central & South America” for 2006 by “The Gallivanter’s Guide,” a European-based publication read by discriminating travelers. Guests are pampered with its unique in-room tequila welcome, telescopes for stargazing, daily fresh fruit, and butler service in the resort’s one-bedroom (pictured) and threebedroom luxury suites. Las Ventanas is known for its signature spa treatments derived from the biological bounty of the Baja desert, Baja-Mediterranean cuisine, and department of romance dedicated to creating a memorable romantic getaway. Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, KM 19.5 Carretera Transpeninsular, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur 23400, Mexico. 1.888.ROSEWOOD (1.888.767.3966).


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Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Wynn Las Vegas The only casino resort in the world to have both the Mobil 5 Star and AAA Five-Diamond awards has other reasons to boast, like lots of exciting grown-up entertainment. The resort offers two remarkable shows – the Broadway musical spoof “Monty Python’s Spamalot” and “Le Reve,” an intimate aqua theater-in-the-round. In addition, Wynn’s nightclub Tryst sits on a private lagoon with a 90-foot waterfall and a dance floor that jets out on the lagoon. Wynn Las Vegas, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109. 702.770.7000/1.877.321.WYNN. Rates start at $249.

Who cares that Tucson’s summer temperatures are only a few degrees kinder than Phoenix when you can luxuriate at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort? Nestled in the Catalina Mountain foothills, the resort features a full-service spa and fitness center, two PGA golf courses and hiking trails. Guests this summer also are privy to fun, new offerings. There are weekly demonstrations by the resort’s award-winning chefs as part of the newly created Loews Culinary Institute, and an in-property educational nature trail created in partnership with the Arizona-Sonora Museum and Tucson Botanical Gardens. Loews Ventana Canyon just introduced Taylor Howie as the world’s first “guac-amoliere.” He is to guacamole what sommeliers are to wine. Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, 7000 N. Resort Drive, Tucson AZ 95750. 520.299.2020. Call for rates.

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The Paradise Valley home of Sanford and Marcia Roth By Bill Dougherty

When the Italian Cruise Line launched the Andrea Doria in 1953, it was considered a floating masterpiece of fine art and modernity. The cruise line’s literature referred to

Photography by

Editor’s Note: Trends has spotlighted the Valley’s finest homes since it began publishing in 1982. As Trends celebrates its 25th anniversary, it revisits some of our favorites. Readers can expect to see more memories of 25 years of Valley society and fundraisers as the summer progresses. This month, we revisit the Roth home. This article first ran in 2001. the ship in this way: “It may not be the biggest, it may not be the fastest, but none are more beautiful.” This is exactly how I would describe the Paradise Valley home of Sanford and Marcia Roth.

Built in 1962, the Roths’ Ross Shubackdesigned home is shaped like a hyperbolic parabola, which gives it the appearance of floating. It is decorated with international style, contemporary 20th-Century furniture. That period includes the 1920s and ‘30s Bauhaus, the ‘50s mid-century and the ‘80s Memphis design styles. The chic couple’s furniture collection includes pieces by Marcel Breuer, Arne Jacobsen, Charles Eames, Warren Platner and Mies Van Der Rohe. The Roths’ impressive art collection of paintings and sculptures includes works by Paul Reed, Beth Ames Swartz, Jim Davis and Merrill Mahaffey. Massive mahogany doors adorned with chrome handles at the entrance soar high. Stainless steel posts sit like guards off to the side, making the entryway both impressive and modern. A gunmetal gray Swedish fireplace wrapped in a perforated steel screen divides the vestibule from a sunken living room that screams “cocktail party.” Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chairs surround an exquisite low-lying table, while track lighting gives the home a serene feel throughout the spacious living room. The ceiling is made from white, perforated aluminum, which shoots to the sky while light streams in nearby from a massive skylight. Sliding glass doors open to a cantilevered deck and a swank pool surrounded by Shultz patio furniture and more sculpture.


M AY / J U N E


At every vantage point, there is a Zen quality of minimalism and calm. The Roths’ master bedroom is warm and inviting. The clean, hard lines of the Harry Bertoia chairs seem fitting against the hues of taupe and black. They work well together in the room. Outside, the tranquil garden offers a grand view of the desert. The couple enjoys their meals seated at an Eero Saarinen marble dining table. Saarinen designed TWA’s JFK and Dulles International airport terminals. The dining room is divided by an eye-catching Ettore Sottsass plastic laminate partition behind which lies a state-of-the-art kitchen. It is equipped with every gourmet appliance a chef could ever want. The Paradise Valley home is the only one the Roths have owned and for good reason. “Our house grew up with us and our two daughters,” Marcia says. “After our children were grown, it was completely updated in the 1980s with the help of interior designers Eric and Dorothy Bron.” With every room in the house filled, it became “an adult executive home” with offices for the couple. It boasts museum-quality works of art and furniture, yet the Roth home remains a warm and welcoming environment for friends and family.

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Liberty Wildlife

Karen Hobbs and Nancy Silver

Kathleen and Kaitlin Lang

Cay Cowie and Bob Moran

BACK TO NATURE Honorary corporate chair Chip Weil released an owl to the wild. LIFETIME ACHIEVERS Hosted by the Liberty Wildlife Guardians, the event raised nearly $200,000 for wildlife rehabilitation. COME RAIN OR SHINE Rain and wind threatened the outdoor event but both disappeared, leaving star-filled skies overhead. John and Armity Simon

Daryl Weil, Sally Lehmann and Joey Leslie


M AY / J U N E


Suzanne Eder and Renee Cohen

COMPASSION WITH FASHION 2007 The event marked the 50th anniversary of the Arizona Humane Society, which in 2006 alone took in and humanely cared for more than 50,000 homeless, injured and abused animals. GOLDEN MOMENTS The AHS Compassion with Fashion celebrated with a special guest – award-winning actress and animal lover Allison Janney. ALL IN THE FAMILY Mother-daughter Heather Greenbaum and Julie Belgrad chaired the event. Nancy and John Teets

Deanna Biddulph

Jean • Norma Kamali • Pixxi • Plenty • Ranna Gill • Sam Edelman • Smythe • Spy • Stacie Bass • Sydney Evan • Taverniti So • Ticci Cabana • Tree • Tricia Fix • Vince • Vitamin A • Ya-Ya

AZ Humane Society

Alice & Trixie • Baltazar • Betsey Johnson • Candela • C&C •

Star • Lure • Marcia Moran • Melanie Lock • Morgan

Event chairs Heather Greenbaum and Julie Belgrad

Charlotte Ronson • CO2 • Cris • Da Nang • Diane Medak • Dwell • Elegantly Waisted • Hayluv • Heather Hawkins • Jami Rodriguez • Jet • June • Karen Zambos • La Rok • Level 99 • Lucky


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THE COUPLE Ms. Alison Hienton of Newport Beach, California Mr. Adam Harris of Newport Beach, California NUPTIALS Brophy Chapel THE RECEPTION Wrigley Mansion THE RING Harry’s Fine Jewelry MEET THE PARENTS Mrs. Sue Harris, the late Patrick J. Harris, Mrs. Debby Bess, and Mr. Joe Hienton WEDDING PLANNER Patty King, I Do, I Do Wedding Specialists THE FLOWERS Designs by Jeremiah THE BRIDAL GOWN Ramona Keveza, Destiny’s Bride THE PHOTOGRAPHER Cheswick Photography THE HONEYMOON Kauai and Maui, Hawaii SOMETHING DIFFERENT The bride and groom each had nine attendants plus two flower girls and a ring bearer. Brophy and Xavier Preparatory graduates of all ages participated in group photos, so did graduates of USC, the groom’s alma mater. The band Snake Eyes performed.


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Summer beauty made simple

The BECCA Cosmetics Summer ‘07 Collection exclusively at Glam Lounge Luxury Cosmetics, Skin Care, Bath + Body, Makeup Services, Brows, Lash Extensions


Kevyn Aucoin, Sonya Dakar, Phyto, DDF & Healing Anthropology

Special event? “Glam on the Go” experts will come to you!


7137 E. Stetson Drive #10, Scottsdale 480.945.1760

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T R E N D S ’ G U I D E F OR G I F T E D D A D S

Seven surefire ways to make Dad smile this Father’s Day Rocky Mountain Dads Next time Dad tells you to take a hike, suggest he joins you in the Rocky Mountains. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise offers a plethora of manly outdoor activities, such as hiking, fly-fishing and mountain biking, at 5,760 feet altitude and within the spectacular The Banff National Park. Book your ultimate Fairmont Gold experience online and receive a discount. Be sure to bring your passport for all air travel. or 1.800.257.7544.

Dapper, Diminutive Dads Dads come in all sizes; so should great-looking clothes. Jimmy Au’s for Men 5’8” and Under recently debuted in Beverly Hills, offering 37 sizes in suits and sports coats. Pictured is a Jimmy Au 100-percent wool suit in a charcoal with lavender pinstripe in a two-button, peak lapel with side vents and flat front pants ($895). It’s partnered with a 100-cent Egyptian cotton shirt in a trim cut ($125) and a narrow-style 100-percent silk tie ($125). Perfect for dads of all ages. or 1.877.JIMMY-AU.

Drivin’ Dads Sure, no one needs to go 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds but Father’s Day is more about getting Dad what he wants, not needs. Each 380-hp Aston Martin Vantage V8 ($125,000) is hand built in Gaydon, England. You can get one off the lot for Dad’s special day but if you want to spec it out, prepare to wait. Order now for Dad’s New Year’s gift. Or, check out the new Roadster ($140,000) that will hit the market this July.

Channel-Surfing Dads Does your dad have room for a queen bed on his wall? That’s about what he’ll need for Panasonic’s 103-inch plasma television ($70,000), the largest plasma TV on the market. Fully high-def, the 1920-by-1080-resolution screen boasts a 5000:1 contrast ratio. Techies lave lauded the set’s selective backlight control that tweaks contrast on individual parts of the screen. Imagine the size of its remote control!


M AY / J U N E



Smokin’ Dads His Majesty Reserve is a fine Gurkha cigar ($700) that is rolled to perfection in Honduras. Sold in a glass tube, it’s soaked in cognac to accentuate its wonderful flavor. Dad will love if you team it with a Glendronach 100-percent sherry cask matured single malt Scotch whiskey. Or choose the God of Fire ($30), a limited edition cigar that was rolled in 2004 in the Dominican Republic. Add a Dalmore Cigar Malt and Dad will add you back in the will. or 480.905.1000.

Amy, Inc., The Chic Boutique Owner Amy Yount has gathered everything fashionable women of all ages need to rejuvenate their wardrobe. Amy, Inc. carries casual and daytime dressy attire from an impressive list of top designers. They include mix-and-match swimsuits and cover-ups from Vitamin A, Stacie Bass Havaianas sandals, Taverniti So shorts and denim, and C&C California tanks. The boutique is well known for its flirty summer dresses and longer dresses that easily go from day to night. Amy, Inc., The Chic Boutique, Biltmore Fashion Park, 2546 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. Contact: Owner Amy Yount. Phone: 602.957.1424. Fax: 480.957.1450. Website:

Pink Paradise,

a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store Lilly Pulitzer has returned to its roots. Inspired by the authentic Palm Beach lifestyle, the Summer 2007 collection for women, men and children captures the spirit of Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue. Featuring new luxurious fabrications, updated fits, and innovative Lilly detailing, the line has a classically refined look associated with a resort excursion. The boutique carries clothing, shoes and accessories designed to take Lilly Lovers from the beach to the club and on to the benefit.

Game-for-Anything Dads It’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark” meets a Rubik’s Cube. Sacred Myths and Legends is a series of six wooden puzzles (starts at $29.95) from Family Games, Inc. Each draws gamesters into an intriguing series of codes and cryptic messages that must be deciphered before advancing to the next one. familygamesamerica. com or 1.800.291.1176.

D-back Dads Help Dad celebrate our local Boys of Summer with the new state-issued Arizona Diamondbacks license plate. In addition to one-time start-up fees, there’s an annual charge of $25. From that, $17 benefits the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and $8 goes into the State Highway Fund. To purchase, visit or call 602.255.0072.

Pink Paradise, a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store, The Borgata of Scottsdale, 6166 N. Scottsdale Road. Contact: Nancy Dutch. Phone: 480.368.PINK.

The Plaza Lofts at Kierland Commons These contemporary residences are designed with a vibrant, urban lifestyle in mind. They sit atop retail stores in Kierland Commons. The Commons incorporates upscale specialty retailers, dining, entertainment and office space into a Main Street-style setting. Residents enjoy exclusive access to private amenities, including a heated pool, fitness center and outdoor barbecues. Lofts are still available in the 54-unit, nine-level Phase II tower. One-bedroom, two-bedroom/study, and penthouse floor plans range 1,100 to 3,900 square feet. The Plaza Lofts at Kierland Commons, Scottsdale Road and Greenway Parkway, Scottsdale. Contact: Sales Director Trudy Hammond. Phone: (480) 355-0207. Website:

Urban Kidz Valley mom Lila Metcalf launched Urban Kidz two years ago to fill a gap between luxury boutiques and mall stores for high-quality children’s apparel. Her store carries more than 80 brands of clothing and accessories – many exclusive to Urban Kids – for boys and girls from newborn to size 14/16, as well as children’s gifts. Metcalf supports local and national charities through in-store and community-wide events. With special events, designer launches, Mom’s Night Out and trunk shows, much is happening at this Valley favorite. Urban Kidz, 7000 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 1360, Scottsdale. Contact: Owner Lila Metcalf. Phone: 480.483.6800. Website:

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V A LL E Y E V E N T S The King and I, Special Performance Mesa Historical Museum June 9 Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, Mesa Tickets: $70 Information: 480.835.7358 Links Fore Leukemia The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society June 11 Grayhawk Golf Club Registration: $500 Information: 602.788.8622 The Most VYTal Event, “High School Musical” Valley Youth Theatre June 16 Herberger Theater Center Tickets: $200 Information: 602.253.8188, ext. 2 Chip In to Fight Cancer Charity Golf Tournament Branden Lombardi Foundation June 23 Club West Gold Club Registration: $100 Information: 1.877.2.CHIPIN or Business in the Arts Awards Breakfast Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix August 15 The Pointe Hilton Resort Squaw Peak Tickets: $20 or 6 for $100 Information: 602.364.7457 35th Annual Golf for Gompers Tournament Gompers Center Inc. August 18 The Phoenician Registration: $140 before July 13. Information: 602.336.0061, ext. 151 10th Annual Freedom Golf Tournament Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services September 14 Gainey Ranch Golf Club Registration: $225 Information: 480.994.5704 Celebrity Golf Tournament House of Broadcasting Museum September 20 Orange Tree Golf Resort Registration: $185 Information: 602.944.1997 Pulse Fashion Show & Luncheon American Heart Association Heart Ball 2007 September 27 Arizona Biltmore Resort Tickets: $125 Information: 480.242.3938

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 or e-mail 42

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V A LL E Y E V E N T S 2007 Kidney Golf Classic Arizona Kidney Foundation September 28 Gainey Ranch Golf Club Registration: $1,000 per foursome before Aug. 20 Information: 602.840.1644 Phoenix Follies Phoenix Theatre October 18-19 Phoenix Theatre Tickets: $200 Oct. 18th, $500 Oct. 19th Information: 602.889.5299 28th Annual Authors Luncheon Arizona Kidney Foundation October 20 Westin Kierland Resort Tickets: TBA Information: 480.922.4119 Through the Eyes of A Child Children’s Action Alliance October 20 Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center Tickets: $200 Information: 602.266.0707, ext. 201 5th Annual Porch Party The Wellness Community October 20 The Wellness Community, Phoenix Tickets: TBA Information: 602.712.1006 First Press Taste of the Vine Friends of Public Radio Arizona October 21 Westin Kierland Resort Tickets: $95 Information: 480.774.8466, ext. 3 Uncorked & Unplugged Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale October 21 Desert Ridge Marketplace Tickets: $125 and up Information: 480.860.5520 Breaking the Cycle Luncheon Crisis Nursery October 30 Arizona Biltmore Resort Tickets: Complimentary; RSVP by Oct. 20 Information: 602.273.7363 First Friday in November Gala Keogh Health Foundation November 2 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.424.2505 Business attire

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 or e-mail

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GALAS Gina Espinoza, Designated Broker 602-538-3213

Mahnah Club

Dolores Ward, Colette Langley and Linda Tolson

Alex and Susan Backus

Renee Espinoza, Realtor 480-235-3988


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eatured Community...Eagles Nest

Nestled on the eastern slopes of the McDowell Mountains, this exclusive guard-gated community features 244 acre-plus custom home sites and is located in Fountain Hills, an upscale community with hometown character. Just a short drive from Scottsdale and Downtown Phoenix, Fountain Hills offers privacy and tranquility in a premium, exclusive location. Enjoy the sweeping panoramic mountain views from these gorgeous homes built by Phillips Luxury Homes. Elegance and style make these amazing “indoor/outdoor living” floor plans perfect for grand scale entertaining or peaceful relaxation.

Tuscan Inspired Elegance 5,820 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 4 Car Garage, Exercise/ Zen Room, Office on 1.58 acres. Offered at $3,300,000

Ann Kempf

HIP HIP HURRAY Mahnah Club of the East Valley’s 15th annual charity gala, Hurray for Hollywood. The club started The Child Crisis Center of the East Valley in 1981 and was awarded the prestigious Hon Kachina Award the following year. STAR-STUDDED NIGHT Celebrity impersonators brought Charlie Chaplin and Harpo Marx to life and helped guests walk the red carpet. AND THE AWARD GOES TO… Proceeds from the gala benefited Save the Family of Arizona, The Child Crisis Center of the East Valley, college scholarships for high school seniors, and other various charities. Don Throckmorton and Sherry Del Buono

Dave and Robin Sierzchula

Old World Mediterranean Elegance 5,233 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 4 Car Garage, Exercise/ Zen Room, Media Room, Office on 1.13 acres. Offered at $3,200,000

Nina Joe and Joe E. Woods

Build your own Masterpiece on this 1+ acre lot with stunning views of the surrounding desert. Offered at $650,000

To find out more about these spectacular homes or Eagles Nest, please contact Espinoza Premier Properties.

800-718-8169 44

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Neil and Patti Barna

BL A C K - T I E C A L E N D A R Attire is black-tie unless otherwise noted

Stars of Hope – Miracles at The Mix St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital August 24 Canal Restaurant at The Mix, SouthBridge District, Scottsdale Information: 1.800.227.6737 Cocktail attire Corks & Cactus 2007 Desert Botanical Garden September 28 Desert Botanical Garden Information: 480.941.1225 Cocktail attire Trends Beat the Heat Trends Charitable Fund October 5 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 480.990.9007 Cocktail attire 2nd Annual Basset Ball Arizona Basset Hound Rescue October 6 Arizona Golf Resort, Mesa Information: 602.225.7800 Cowboy Chic Evening of Goodwill Goodwill of Central Arizona October 6 The Phoenician Information: 602.416.6145 Celebrate! Fashion Show and Dinner Dance Arizona Children’s Association October 20 Hotel Valley Ho Information: 602.234.3733, ext. 302 Cocktail attire Zoofari Phoenix Zoo/Arizona Zoological Society October 5 The Phoenix Zoo Information: 602.273.1341 Black-tie or formal animal attire Arizona Humanitarian of the Year Awards Dinner Anytown Arizona, Inc. October 6 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.265.9256, ext. 101 Cocktail attire 31st Annual Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards Hon Kachina Council October 13 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort Information: 480.905.1578 Black-tie optional First Press Weekend of Wine Friends of Public Radio Arizona October 20 Westin Kierland Resort Information: 480.774.8466, ext. 3

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 or e-mail

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Desert Botanical Garden

Steve and Christine Nowaczyk

Barbara Fenzl and Scott Jacobson

Jeff and Vickie England Shirley and Tom Bekey

EXTRAORDINARY AUCTIONS The Dinner on the Desert silent and live auctions netted a record $155,000, thanks to unique botanical specimens and a commissioned painting by artist Ed Mell, who was present at the auction. GOOD THINGS COME IN THREES Guests enjoyed cocktails at Dorrance Hall, dinner on the historic Ullman Terrace, and new this year, dessert on the Boppart Patio.


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Scott and Mary Crozier

Howard and Lori Hirsch


Pepper At just 2 years old, Pepper is the complete package. Not only is this black-andwhite tricolor Miniature Poodle playful, affectionate and loyal, but he’s also an extremely bright little pup who has had tons of obedience training. He can sit, shake and lay down. Pepper is eager to please his human friends. He’s a bit shy at first, but he quickly warms to his new family and environment. He enjoys prancing around the house or backyard, and he likes to play with balls and rope toys. True to his Miniature Poodle roots, he’s very enthusiastic about learning new doggie tricks and behaviors. This adorable tiny pooch with the big brown eyes always looks to be the center of attention and loves to sleep in your lap!

Save the Date!

Beat the Heat 2007 October 5

The Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa Meet the 2007 Trendsetters and Fabulous Phoenicians Enjoy Cocktails, Fashion Show, Dinner and After Party. Proceeds benefit the Trends Charitable Fund. Reserve your table today by calling Betty McRae at 480.991.0601. Sponsorships are available. 2007 Fabulous Phoenicians Marguerite and Jack Clifford


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Potential parents will need to take Pepper on daily walks to make sure he receives enough exercise. Because of his size, Pepper would do best in a quiet home with older children. He gets along well with other doggies and hasn’t been around cats. Pepper was surrendered to the shelter because his former owner did not have the time to properly care for him. He needs a loving family who can cherish and protect him for the rest of his life. Even though he loves being around other dogs and older children, his new owners will need to slowly introduce them to him before welcoming Pepper into their household. Pepper is already neutered. He is available for adoption at the Arizona Humane Society’s Campus for Compassion, 1521 W. Dobbins Road, Phoenix. His $100 adoption fee includes neuter surgery, first vaccinations, a collar, a leash, an I.D. tag, follow-up veterinary exam and other goodies. Pepper may have already been adopted when you arrive at the shelter, but the AHS has dozens of wonderful pets all looking for loving families. For more information, call (602) 997-7586, ext. 2045 or visit


Getting To Know Abby Traister By Annette Marino

Community involvement is also one of her passions. Abby’s eyes light up when talking about the first charity event that The Mix hosted, even before its tenants’ doors open for business this fall. HeartBeat On Canal Street will take place Oct. 6. Held in conjunction with the 2007 Heart Ball Committee, HeartBeat is a Las Palomas event benefiting the American Heart Association. Abby is cochairing this event with Lisa Sipes, Jennifer Flynn and Brooke Martin. HeartBeat is a new version of the successful annual Pardi Gras fundraiser. With more than 20 participating restaurants, live bands and a sneak peak at The Mix, this new Scottsdale experience is poised to become a much-anticipated annual fundraising event. More info is available at From whom did you get your inspiration to help others? My mom, Gail Traister, was my main inspiration, as well as my aunt Jean Marley. As a small girl, I remember going to events with them. It was so exciting to see the ladies dressed up, and it all seemed so important. As I grew up, of course I learned why it was important to help others. My mom and I would adopt a family each Christmas, and it was extra special to actually see the impact that act of kindness had when we delivered the gifts and food. My commu-

nity involvement really kicked in after college though, and I have been so fortunate to have such great role models as Jennifer Croll and our very good family friend Susie Wesley. What nonprofits have you been involved with in the past, and now? Two events that I always try to make a point to attend are (the Arizona Humane Society) Compassion For Fashion and the Trends Charitable Fund Celebrity Luncheon. The first time I got a glimpse of the level of energy and effort needed to chair an event was when I helped Jennifer (Croll) on the first Pardi Gras event. Then I co-chaired it the next year, and I really understood how much work it is. But it is so rewarding, and I am so excited about cochairing this year’s HeartBeat event. I also work on the Pulse event committee, help coordinate the fashion shows for the Emily Center Luncheon, and design the invitations for several other charity events each year. How do you think we can attract more young people to be philanthropic and help others? One thing we are doing with HeartBeat is that there are junior tickets available at a reduced price for people 30 years and younger. We hope this will encourage some people to get involved and experience this wonderful event and see firsthand how great if feels to be involved in helping a good cause. We also are working with other organizations, like the 20/30 Club and the Boys & Girls Club, to cross-promote events to increase participation by younger people. What are some things people may be surprised to know about you? Probably how much I love dogs might be surprising! Maybe the fact that even though I’m a hard worker, I love to have fun. I love to snowboard, and have since I was 14. I studied abroad for eight months, primarily in London, but also got to travel and experience Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Holland, France and Spain. I have always had a passion for travel. Annette Marino is the chairman and founding director of Success For Good, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the nonprofit sector.

Abby Traister is the women’s buyer for the trendsetting Jennifer Croll boutiques. Responsible for buying for all five stores in San Francisco, Newport Beach, Dallas and Scottsdale, Abby goes to market in L.A. or New York every other month. For the last two years, she has been working closely with Jennifer Croll, her good friend and founder of the boutiques that bear her name. Abby also has kept busy on The Mix – an exciting series of specialty boutiques slated to open this year in SouthBridge. It’s downtown Scottsdale’s long-awaited urban village of independent shops, restaurants, residences and office space that is under development by Fred Unger along the south bank of the Arizona Canal.

It’s time to subscribe to TRENDS Name ________________________ Address _ ______________________ ____________________________ City __________________________ State_ ________________________ Zip_ _________________________ ❑ 1 year $25.00

❑ 2 years $50.00

ENCLOSED IS MY CHECK $_ __________ All Major Credit Cards Accepted Card Type_______________________ Card #_ _______________________ Exp. Date______________________ Please mail to TRENDS: 6045 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 205, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION OSCAR NIGHT AMERICA Honorary Chair Bree Hall, Rachel Ojala and Cassie Pike


AUGIE’S QUEST CELEBRITY GOLF CLASSIC Augie Nieto and Arizona Diamondbacks First-Baseman Conor Jackson




CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION’S ‘SECRET GARDEN’ Jack and Shannon Pauly, Leslie Jones and Kim Carkhuff

MONA FOUNDATION FASHION SHOW Marybeth Howard, Michelle Anderson and Leva Maani

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL COMMUNITY BREAKFAST Johnny Basha, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted and John Sack


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Extraordinary Properties. Exceptional Results.

Truly exquisite home with French Country feel. Attention to quality. Courtyard entry, separate casita, wow kosher kitchen/family room. Media room, office, over-sized pool, sport court & large yard. 5BD/5.5BA in 5,886 SF MLS#2653211 Offered at $3,250,000

Grand brick home in La Place. The floor plan is excellent with an attached guest/nanny quarters, large game room. Giant master suite with office and his/hers baths. Lush grounds with a generous pool and wow outdoor kitchen. 5BD/8BA in 8,255 SF MLS#2722343 Offered at $3,500,000

The home has unsurpassed quality and charm. Wonderful floor plan. Venetian & hand plastered walls, stone counters and wood flooring. The rear patio is expansive & views the oversized pool & lush lawn. 4BD/7BA in 7,179 SF MLS#2708578 Offered at $5,875,000

Gated Neighborhood. Freshly remodeled. Wonderful entertaining spaces. Massive family room. New kitchen. Separate office. Giant patio and lagoon pool. Very lush and green with dozens of trees. 4BD/3.5BA in 4,356 SF MLS#2750572 Offered at $2,000,000

Stunning remodel created a sophisticated blend of warmth and flavor. Custom cabinetry, Canterra stone flooring, tile accents and great designer touches. New French country kitchen. Two master suites. Large lot 4BD/3BA in 3,568 SF MLS#2717135 Offered at $1,075,000

A grand family estate on just under 2 acres. Elegant finishes and excellent floorplan. En suite bedrooms, office/library, exercise room and game room/bar. Loads of grass, dramatic pool, spa and tennis court. 4BD/5.25BA in 6,584 SF MLS#2661356 Offered at $4,000,000

Sandra Baldwin