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The Hobbs family – Karen, Bob, Sr., and Sandy

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“Teaming Up for Kids” Luncheon At Home with Beth and Bob Matthews Everything’s Coming Up Weddings! Arizona Science Center Galaxy Gala Fashions


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Hope Dinner 21 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Promise Ball 23 Asian Arts Council’s Celebrate Asia 35 Women’s Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation Education Day 37 The V.I.P.s

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Table of Contents La Dolce Vita Trendspotting Trends in Phoenix Black-Tie Calendar Valley Events Wedding Bells – Ammon and MacFarlane Success for Good Spotlight on Lila Sadafi New Advertiser News

On the Cover: Meet the chairs of Florence Crittenton’s 5th Annual Teaming Up for Kids! Luncheon: Pictured at right from top to bottom, Event Chairs Susan Karis and Laurel D’Antoni, and Honorary Chair Ina Manaster. The 5th Annual Teaming Up for Kids! Luncheon will be held March 22 at The Phoenician. Actress Lynda Carter will be the keynote speaker; “Good Day, New York” anchor Jodi Applegate will serve as emcee. One-hundred-percent of the luncheon’s process will benefit Florence Crittenton Services of Arizona, the oldest social service in the state. Its programs and services bring help and hope to more than 1,000 children and families annually. For tickets, call 602.288.4571. Location: Florence Crittenton Services of Arizona Photographer: Scott Foust (602.258.0050)

Everything’s coming up weddings!

M A R C H 2 0 0 7

Hair and Makeup: Laura Flagler (602.579.8219)

Q: I got arrested for a DUI last night. What will happen to my driver’s license? A: The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has the authority to suspend a person’s driver’s license for a minimum of 90 days when the MVD receives notice that the person was driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more. Contact Beauchamp Law Office, P.C. immediately, and we will request a hearing with MVD regarding this suspension. In addition, by requesting a hearing, this gives us the ability to plan your suspension, rather than have the suspension start automatically. Finally, you may be eligible for a restricted permit for some of the suspension period.

Q: How do I know if I have a personal injury case? A: The best way to find out whether or not you have a viable personal injury claim is to talk to a personal injury lawyer. In general, you and your attorney will have to prove three things in order to recover in a personal injury case: that you suffered damages, that the defendant was negligent, and that the defendant’s negligence caused your damages. Even if you have a valid claim, your attorney will have to investigate whether or not you would be able to collect on your claim. If the other party does not have insurance and does not have other assets that could be used to compensate you, then it may be that you have a valid claim but will be unable to collect compensation for it.

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation ‘Fashion Gala 2007’ Bettye J. Jackson

Joelle Hadley and Nick Wedel

Heidi Teets and Todd Johnson

Pam and Ray Slomski

Greg and Julie Vogel Fashion Gala Chairs Cathy Kleeman and Debbie Simons Pat Petznick

Drew and Stacy Bayless

Gary and Beverly Stewart

Melanie Beauchamp, Jacki Tatman and Pam Overton

Nicole Calvin and Mark Tarbell

Marty Johnson and Olinda Young Andy and Julie Kroot

Katie and Larry Buchanan

Nancy and John Teets

Alexis and Bonsal Glascock

LANDMARK FUNDRAISER Fashion Gala marked a real milestone, breaking the $1 million mark (net) for the first time in the history of the event. INAUGURAL FOUNDERS AWARD Barbara Anderson Stoiber received the inaugural Fresh Start Founders Award for providing Fresh Start with a substantial number of resources, from equipment to insight, and helping it continue its work. STAR OF THE SHOW Attorney and broadcast personality Star Jones Reynolds welcomed the crowd.

M A R C H 2 0 0 7

Tobi and Frank Placenti

Linda Whitlow

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M A R C H 2 0 0 7

(photo taken in 1982)

La Dolce Vita Really fun, but totally unsubstantiated gossip By Bill Dougherty People are talking about the recent smash hit the Arizona Kidney Foundation had with its version of “Dancing With The Stars Arizona.” The brainchild of Marguerite and Jack Clifford and Glenna Shapiro, the ultra-glam evening of fancy footwork proved to be more successful than the trio could have imagined. Tickets almost sold out before the invites were mailed. The big question seemed to be “why didn’t they ask me to compete?” Well, they asked me and I said no…several times. But anyone who knows Glenna also knows that she doesn’t take “no” for an answer. So I laced up my dancing shoes alongside Lee Hillson (T. Cook’s noted master chef), Isola Jones (opera diva), Anne Robbs (mad-cap socialite), Diane Might (TCF president with a body by Venus), Kaley O’Kelley (ABC-TV15’s “Sonoran Living” hostess extraordinaire), Linda Pope (non-stop socialite), Joel Revzen (distinguished Arizona Opera president), Nancy Spetzler (body by Venus 2), Robert Spetzler (internationally known neurosurgeon), and Larry Stewart (hair stylist to the stars), and we all trotted off to dance lessons at various Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Arizona locations. I went, swearing under my breath. In the end, Linda and Larry won the competition. Are you surprised? No, you’re not! They both deserved to win. Diane and Nancy placed second, and the rest of us were awarded a paperweight and a huge trophy! After all was said and done, it truly was one of the best experiences any of us ever had. Now we can all dance (I can do a respectable

tango!), even though some in the competition were already fantastic dancers. Everyone you know and adore wants to be invited to dance next year. One person has erroneously taken the liberty of telling members of the social swim that she’s already been asked for 2008. Then again, year after year she’s been telling people “Dancing with the Stars Arizona” winning couples, from left, Nedko Petrov and Nancy Spetzler, Linda Pope and Ryan Freeman, that she’s been asked to chair Yelena Babyuk and Larry Stewart, and Diane Might and the Heart Ball…NOT! We do, Csaba Vadasz. however, have unconfirmed reports that Paper Place paper princess Nancy Silver has been camped out at the front door of the kidney foundation office begging to be considered. Apparently, Nancy has been practicing a clogging routine ever since the gala ended. Everyone wants to get invited to a great party. If you were lucky to get the Super Bowl invite this year from Ina and Murray Manaster, then you can consider yourContinued on page 15

MARCH 2007


Arizona Kidney Foundation ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Kristin Neville and Tony Dovolani

Jon and Mary Nicolaysen

Karen and Sid Overton

Yelena Babyuk and Larry Stewart

First-place winner Linda Pope and partner Ryan Freeman with event chairs Glenna Shapiro and Jack and Marguerite Clifford.

Jack Clifford and Elena Grinenko

Robert Doyle and Anne Merete-Robbs

Karen Shapiro, Baron Behren, Sue Shapiro, Pati Brannon and Alex McCloud Gina Kuettner and Denise Kuettner

SORE TOES, BRAVE HEARTS Dancers were Bill Dougherty, Lee Hillson, Isola Jones, Anne Merete-Robbs, Diane Might, Kaley O’Kelley, Linda Pope, Joel Revzen, Nancy and Robert Spetzler, Larry Stewart. DANCING WITH THE PROS Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Arizona professional dancers Yelena Babyuk, Mariya Baird, Robert Doyle, Ryan Freeman, Nombi Hammond, Nikolay Karchev, Genadi Lulchev, Nedko Petrov, Gergana Slavova, Csaba Vadasz and Mariyana Vasileva. GREAT ABS Nancy Spetzler’s sparkling blue costume with cut-outs showed off her rock-hard midriff. DANCE ROYALTY Dancers Elena Grinenko and Tony Dovolani, the U.S. American Rhythm Champions 2005 and 2006 and professionals on TV’s “Dancing with the Stars,” displayed their award-winning moves on the dance floor.


M A R C H 2 0 0 7

Catherine Jacobson, Glenna Shapiro and Harriet Friedland

La Dolce Vita self among the privileged. The Super family for the Super Bowl – Hillary, baby Annie and Jason Manaster with Ina blue-ribbon crowd that passed and Murray Manaster through the Manasters’ Biltmore estate were treated not only to a fabulous spread that mirrored royalty, but also some of the most creative ways to watch the iconic bowl game. From anywhere in the grand home you could see: Lyle Anderson with his fetching wife Missy, Janis and Denny Lyon, Rona and Allan Kasen, Charles Stuart with a mystery date, Elva and Lattie Coor, Harriet and Jack Friedland, Margot and Dennis Knight, Herman Chanen, Madena and Tom Stewart and Daryl and Chip Weil. Then Michelle Robson walked in sporting a great new hairstyle and sleek brown leather pants. She mixed with other merrymakers, including Stevie and Karl Eller, Nancy and John Teets, Suzan and Carl Spiekerman, Jane and Geoff Edmunds and Dionne Fedderson and Francis Najafi. Priscilla and Michael Nicholas arrived just in time to contribute to the betting pool, which Michael ended up winning throughout the game. And everyone swooned when they saw the Manasters’ new grandbaby,

Carole Machiz

Annie, arrive along with her proud parents, Jason and Hillary Manaster. Ina and Murray certainly have made their mark on the Valley social scene since arriving here from Chicago several years ago. They know how to throw one hell of a party; that’s why everyone coveted this invitation. God only knows who will make the list next year – maybe even you! In Cocktail Polo news you should know: That a couple you all socialize with has taken to fighting in public. That white dinner jackets are smashing when worn from April through September only. That Carole and Bob Machiz have agreed to be the presenting sponsor for the TCF Celebrity Luncheon on April 26th at The Phoenician. That March 19 is the deadline to nominate your picks for best-dressed men and women for 2007. That a housekeeper recently found a party attendee in an area of the house that was clearly off limits to guests. That fashionable ladies should not wear sandals with ball gowns in the dead of winter. That a mean socialite may soon have more to worry about than her bad plastic surgery. Now you’re all caught up for five minutes.


A man with a Napoleon complex threatened to “socially destroy” a much adored socialite. Apparently, the two tangled over a real estate deal. Last time we checked, sir, you have very few friends of your own. If you believe you have that power, then you’ve been watching too many reruns of “Dallas” and “Dynasty.”

MARCH 2007


Homebase Youth Services Doorway of Hope Dinner

Robin Sewell

Dee Nowell

Madena and Tom Stewart

Bonnie and Ed Marshall

Ruth and Sandy Ritz

Susie Wesley, Naomi Gauthier and Carrie Schnepf

Honorary Chairs Susan and Richard Doria

Mary Kate Poling and Pat Leach

Tim and Lori Braun

Co-chairs Lisa Shapiro and Jill Krigsten-Ormsbee

Penny Galarneau and Ellie Shapiro

Carole and Bob Machiz

OUT ON THE STREETS HomeBase Youth Services aid homeless and troubled youths. SATIN SISTERS Chairs Jill Krigsten-Ormsbee and Lisa Shapiro shined in hot pink and purple sheaths. PAT PAT ON THE BACK HomeBase Youth Services founder Pat Leach retires after 15 years as its president/CEO. COMFORT FOOD FOR THOUGHT The simple fare reminded us how good we have it.


M A R C H 2 0 0 7

At Home with Beth and Bob Matthews

Text and Images by Wendy Miller

Beth Matthews describes her home as Spanish Colonial with European and Mexican influences and, of course, she’s right. But anyone who’s ever visited there – and the home has hosted a multitude of friends, family and functions in two decades – report a more personal experience. Comfortable, cozy and complete with surprise pockets of gardens and patios come to mind. Only a handful of families occupied the neighborhood when the Matthews bought their undeveloped land in 1987. One was Barry Goldwater, who lived on the hill above them. The late Arizona senator, then a widower, gave his new neighbors an unexpected housewarming present – snapshots the noted photographer had taken throughout the home’s construction.

Outside the home’s entrance is another pocket patio, this one anchored by a cantera stone wall fountain.

Since 1989, Beth and Bob Matthews have lived in their 6,300-square-foot, mountainside residence designed by Tucson-based architect Bob Taylor. The trio drew inspiration from Josias T. Joesler, a Swiss architect who moved to Tucson in 1927. Joesler studied in Switzerland, Germany and France, and traveled throughout Spain, North Africa, the Mediterranean, Mexico and the Caribbean. His influences are found throughout the Matthews’ home – curved, arched ceilings; handplastered, 18-inch-thick walls; rounded corners, deep-set windows, his extensive use of hard-carved wood, arches and breezeways; – even how the house is positioned on its one-acre-plus lot is pure Joesler. The rectangular house sits perpendicular to the entry street, causing its driveway to meander past a curving rock wall of apache stone mined from Mayer, Arizona, the home’s entrance and a pleasant surprise of pocket gardens on its way to the garage, which is tucked in back. Rock steps lead below the garage to a box vegetable and flower garden tended by Beth and Bob, who are avid gardeners. The Matthews grow peppers, tomatoes, gerbera daisies, delphinium and larkspur. A stone terrace filled with stone planters and colorful plants wraps around the back side of the home, providing forever views of the city and Camelback Mountain from a number of intimate seating areas warmed by three fireplaces. Outside the home’s entrance is another pocket patio, this one anchored by a cantera stone wall fountain. Massive doors carved from antique wood found in Tucson greet guests entering the Carved cantera stone is used for the Matthews’ dining home. The doors are accentuated with wrought iron rams-head room fireplace surround and decorative trim slide locks. Inside, the home is filled with photos and mementos of the couple’s family and from their professional life – Bob is a retired banker, Beth is well known for her fundraising efforts for the Heart Ball and Barrow Ball, among others.

Stone steps lead to a box vegetable and flower garden below the garage.

Wood-lined hallways lead guests throughout the home to the dining room. Its chair rail and fireplace surround are accented with stone roses carved from Cantera stone from Guadalajara, Mexico. The Matthews found the French surround for their master bedroom fireplace in an Arizona antique store. Guests often gravitate to the home’s airy kitchen. “It’s the best goddamn kitchen I’ve ever seen,” Barry Goldwater commented after touring the house. An ample skylight illuminates the room’s unique floor – a checkerboard of polished granite squares lined by wood trim. Counters made from the same granite top enormous, deep drawers, perfect for Beth’s pots and pans. A collection of Royal Copenhagen plates started by Bob’s mother lines the kitchen walls and shelves, opposite the couple’s collection of wood duck decoys in the family room. January’s frosts damaged many of the Matthews’ favorite plants but Beth and Bob gravitate to their family room, with its fireplace, comfortable furniture and panoramic view. “You just can’t feel bad here,” Beth said.


M A R C H 2 0 0 7

The Matthews enjoy their panoramic view of the city from one of their many terraces.

Barry Goldwater called the Matthews’ kitchen one of the “best goddam kitchens I’ve ever seen.”

Biltmore Skin Care Center Love The Skin You’re In


Skin Care 101 Jan Dupuy, RN

Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Skin Care Owner of Biltmore Skin Care Center How to pick a great Plastic Surgeon. We’ve all seen some pretty scary work out there. You know, “the deer in the headlights look”! Socially and professionally I’ve had the opportunity to see many patients who’ve had plastic surgery. Unfortunately not all of the work that I see meets the high aesthetics standards that I’ve become accustomed to in my work place. It is my hope that you avoid the pitfalls that may occur when choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Let’s not forget… it’s your face and you have to wear it everyday! This is no time to be shopping for bargains! By following my simple Three R’s Plan you should be able to find a Surgeon that’s perfect for you! 1. Referrals: Build a reference diary. It’s simple! Ask friends, your doctors, seek out operating room nurses or even me. Look for good work (bad work isn’t hard to miss unfortunately) and don’t be too shy to ask questions. Approach them with, “You look so well rested, what’s your secret? Who did you go to? Would you go to them again?” In this day and age we’re all about sharing our little secrets. You’ll notice that a few names keep popping up again and again. Bingo! There’s your start. 2. Research: Once you land on a couple of referrals be absolutely sure that they have privileges to operate at an accredited hospital. You have no idea how important this is to your health and safety. Some doctors only operate in their offices because they can’t be certified to do your case in a hospital because the hospital recognizes they don’t have the training the hospital requires. If they say they have privileges for your same procedure, call the hospital administrators and simply verify. A lot of doctors do have privileges but the catch is…do they have privileges to perform your type of case in the hospital? Also make sure they are Board Certified in the field of their education. You wouldn’t want an Oral Surgeon doing a face-lift or your GYN doing liposuction on you just because they took a couple of courses, would you? Again, this is tricky but you have to make sure their Board Certification comes from the American Board of Medical Specialties, (ABMS). There are many “Board Certificates” which are not recognized because they don’t meet the standards of the ABMS. So if someone claims they are Board Certified ask them by whom. Finally go to Enter the doctors name and you may get more information; on their education, training, disciplinary actions, any lawsuits (pending or settled), and patient complaints than they wish you had. Sort of like a BBB for Medical doctors. This site was put in place to protect and educate you, please use it. 3. Realistic Expectations: This is BIG! It is time to get real with yourself. If that’s not possible, hire a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that will be. Have you been promised the make-over of a lifetime? Unrealistic expectations lead to the number one break-down in the patient-physician relationship. When you go in for your consultation tell your doctor what you’re hoping to achieve. Ask if this is realistic? Perhaps you’re thinking of having a breast enhancement but you certainly don’t want to look like a professional dancer. Express that! Look at pictures, ask if you can talk to other patients that have had the same procedure. If you’ve discovered something unsavory in your background check, here’s the time to bring it up. It’s your life we’re talking about here. When I get operated on I want the best of the best and I want it done in a facility that has highly trained medical personnel that have the skills to deal with any potential complication that may arise, day or night. Don’t you?

All consultations are complimentary at:

2398 East Camelback Road, Suite #780 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Send Questions & Comments to: Proudly Associated with Barry Fernando, MD (Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon)

MARCH 2007


Biltmore Skin Care Center 602-224-6100


(photo taken in 1982)



Gina Espinoza, Designated Broker 602-538-3213 Renee Espinoza, Realtor 480-235-3988

eatured Community...Eagles Nest

Nestled on the eastern slopes of the McDowell Mountains, this exclusive guardgated community features 244 acre-plus custom home sites and is located in Fountain Hills, an upscale community with hometown character. Just a short drive from Scottsdale and Downtown Phoenix, Fountain Hills offers privacy and tranquility in a premium, exclusive location. Enjoy the sweeping panoramic mountain views from these gorgeous homes built by Phillips Luxury Homes. Elegance and style make these amazing “indoor/outdoor living” floor plans perfect for grand scale entertaining or peaceful relaxation.

Tuscan Inspired Elegance 5,820 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 4 Car Garage, Exercise/Zen Room, Office on 1.58 acres. Offered at $3,300,000

Old World Mediterranean Elegance 5,233 Square Feet, 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 4 Car Garage, Exercise/Zen Room, Media Room, Office on 1.13 acres. Offered at $3,200,000

From Arcadia to Carefree and Everywhere Between and Celebrating 25 Years!


By Beth McRae

ichael Nicholas is one cool granddad. He showed up at Ina and Murray Manaster’s coveted Super Bowl party (so exclusive that people butter up to the couple all year long in the hopes of making the list) with a photo of his granddaughter Rachel in his pocket. But it wasn’t just any photo. It was Rachel posed as “Flat Stanley,” the paper doll that made its way around the world years ago, as you may recall. Mike was trying to help her out with her school project by being photographed with her. Now Rachel can say she was in a magazine and viewed by more than 40,000 readers! Yes, it’s kickoff season for charity events. Two of the hottest tickets in town and with arguably two of the most beautiful committees are Pulse: Runway to Your Heart and the first annual HeartBeat on Canal Street: Red Party, both benefiting the American Heart Association. Pulse is the super-chic boutique and fashion show event on Sept. 27 at the Arizona Biltmore. It keeps growing and creating more buzz every year. There is already a waiting list for boutiques to participate so get ready to shop for the latest trends. The theme this year is super sexy: Pulse 007 with a James Bond/British flair. Chairing Pulse this year are Liz Matthews and Stephanie Moore. Red Development has stepped

Michael Nicholas

Also red hot this year is HeartBeat (formerly known as Pardi Gras) at South Bridge at Scottsdale Waterfront. The first major event at the Waterfront, HeartBeat will feature several bands, VIP lounge areas and restaurants in a festival-like atmosphere on May 18. Since it is a “Red Party,” guests will be encouraged to wear red (much the way San Francisco has its hugely popular Black and White Ball) so get ready for a sea of red revelers. The chairs are Abby Traister, Brooke Martin, Lisa Sipes and Jennifer Flynn so you know this will be one fun party! HeartBeat chairs Brooke Martin, Lisa Sipes, Jennifer Flynn and Abby Traister

In other chair news, the 2008 HomeBase Youth Services Doorway of Hope dinner is being chaired by two fine ladies, Dee Nowell and Dyan Haugen. Please be sure to contact them if you are interested in joining their committee.

Pulse chairs Stephanie Moore and Liz Matthews

To find out more about these spectacular homes or Eagles Nest, please contact Espinoza Premier Properties. 4385 North 75th Street, Suite 200 Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 800-718-8169 (office)


M A R C H 2 0 0 7

up to the plate as the presenting sponsor (look for news on its downtown Phoenix urban project CityScape this year).


Last of all, there are a few people out there who like to play armchair quarterback and take pot-shots at various people chairing events (none of those gals listed above, but other wonderful chairs). Remember the laws of attraction say what goes around comes around, so Laura Graf- much better to be nice it’s much, man and than naughty. Lynn

JDRF Promise Ball Honorees Randy and Ken Kendrick with daughter Catie

JDRF International CEO Arnold Donald

Gary and Lorna Pederson with Diane and Dan Nelson

Will Pabst IV, Debra and Bill Pabst III, Jennifer Ringle and Troy Ringle

Tracy and Ed Church

C.A. Howlett and co-chair Nan Howlett

Co-chair Sandy Hecomovich and Mike Hecomovich

A PROMISE THEY’LL KEEP For a second consecutive year, the Promise Ball raises more than $2 million for diabetes research. A GREAT ORGANIZATION For a second consecutive year, the Promise Ball raised more than $2 million for diabetes research. NEW ATTITUDE Featured entertainer Patti LaBelle lives with type 2 diabetes.

MARCH 2007


Trends in PHOENIX By Wendy Miller


TREAT YOURSELF: “The Art of Food” adds a tasty spin on Scottsdale’s Celebration of Fine Art. On March 14, guests can sample food from five well-known restaurants while browsing gallery exhibits. The $8 art tour ticket includes the food sampling. Rawhide, the Wild West theme park that relocated from north Scottsdale to Wild Horse Pass, now offers a $12 “Town Pass.” It allows guests unlimited use of its more than 16 attractions instead of the $3 to $5 per. Park admission remains free. ON STAGE: The drag queen classic “La Cage Aux Folles” continues through April 22 at Arizona Broadway Theatre dinner theater. (623) 776-8400. Phoenix Theatre presents the Southwest stage premiere of “Moonlight and Valentino” April 4-22. It details the relationship between four women brought together by the tragic death of one woman’s husband. Coming this spring to the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts: March 20, Jeffrey Siegel’s Keyboard Commentary “Liszt: The Devil Made Me Do It!”; March 25, award-winning pianist Roberto Plano; March 30, jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves; April 1, violin prodigy Sarah Chang; and April 6-7, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal.

COOL FASHION Lightweight high-end fabrics will help Phoenicians look cool and breezy this spring. Tommy Bahama’s sash waist hipster ($45) topped with a Capri Coast silk print shirt ($158) evokes thoughts of the tropics, while the Colada Cooler cotton diamond print crop pant ($115) and Sundeck poly jersey mock pullover ($105) refreshes on the links or in the clubhouse. Tommy Bahama for Spring





MOVIES: March’s offerings are a slight step up from February’s cinematic dreck. Opening March 16: “Premonition,” a thriller starring Sandra Bullock as Will Ferrell in “Blades of Glory” a woman whose husband seems to be dead one day and then alive the next; “Dead Silence,” a thriller about vaudeville dolls gone wild; and “I Think I Love My Wife,” a comedy about marital infidelity starring Chris Rock. Opening March 23: “The Comebacks,” a sports comedy about a losing football coach who gets a shot at redemption with a ragtag college team; “The Last Mimzy,” a sci-fi fantasy about children who seem to grow smarter after playing with mysterious toys; and “Pride,” dramatic biopic set in 1973 about a man (Terrence Howard) who creates Philadelphia’s first African-American swim team. Opening March 30: “Blades of Glory,” Jeffrey a comedy starring Will Farrell about male Siegel competitive ice skaters. ‘FEST’ FOR THE EYES: Passes are now on sale for the 7th Annual Phoenix Film Festival, April 12-19 at Harkins Scottsdale 101. The list of honored celebrities is still being finalized. For updates, tickets and a list of this year’s competing films, call (602) 955-6444 or visit

Just in time for spring and Easter, Gianna Rose Atelier introduces Les Oeufs Des Coules, a new collection of fragranceinfused egg-shaped soaps in pretty pastels. They are available in both an apothecary jar or porcelain nest dish. $25.

Save the Date:

TRUNK SHOWS Upcoming Trunk Shows and Designer Appearances NEIMAN MARCUS SCOTTDALE (480) 990-2100 March 30-31 Alex Soldier contemporary fine jewelry OBJECTS (480) 994-4720 March 30-31 Ellen Hauptli and Coreen Cordova SAKS FIFTH AVENUE (602) 955-8000 March 20 Lafayette 148 New York Spring 2007 collection and luncheon TESORI JEWELERS (480) 907-5916 May 4-5 Coomi Jewelry VIA VENETO (480) 609-7103 March 24 Claudia Ciuti Spring/Summer 2007 shoe collection

TRAVEL TRENDS FITNESS IN A BOX: Whether on the road, at the gym or at home, stay on top of your workout with the Sane Fitness QuickStart Kit. Its 36 instruction cards provide six weeks of full-body workouts that require minimal equipment. $25. or KIDS’ STUFF: Disneyland is not the only resort catering to kids these days. The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach now offers a “nanny suite,” a three-bedroom suite featuring beachfront views and special amenities, as well as two imaginative programs: Aquanauts for kids 5-12 focuses on nature discovery and fun in the sun, while Coast provides supervised “hangouts” for kids 13-17. Kids get the royal treatment at the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Hawaii. The resort offers kid-friendly spa treatments as well as the Dolphin Quest Kids Aquatic Adventure and other water-related activities such as snorkeling and reef walking through its Kahala Keiki Club.

Sane Fitness QuickStart Kit

Asian Arts Council’s Celebrate Asia

Ginette Karabees Bernadette Wolfswinkel

Chairs Doris Ong and Barbara Payne

Teri and Ron Barnet

Carol and Woody Waldrop with Suzan Makaus Jeffrey Jennings and Julia Patrick

Joette Schmidt, Kent Derdivanis, and Ron and Diane Cole

BEAUTY, HARMONY, MYSTERY The Asian Arts Council celebrated the Year of the Pig with dancing lions and the live auction of a pig purse by Judith Leiber.

Angela and Leonard Singer with Caralee Allsworth

HONORABLE CHAIR-COUPLE Delbert and Sharron Lewis JEWELS OF THE ORIENT Chairs Doris Ong and Barbara Payne

MARCH 2007


Everything’s Coming Up Weddings!

Spring brides and grooms need to look no further than the Valley to find memorable attire and décor to make their big day all the more special.

For the Bride and Her Ladies This pale gold, beaded vine organza flower girl’s dress by Lynn Lugo features pink embroidered flowers and a charming pink sash. ($275). Available at Twirl Boutique 480.221.1222

This custom bridal gown features a silk top open to the waist accented with a rhinestone pin, and a beaded ivory lace skirt with side slit ($2,250). Designed by Danese Creations 602.955.1313

This silk taffeta gown from Romona Keveza features a couture ruched silhouette with a v-neckline, a v-neck back and a dramatically draped chapel length skirt ($4,830). Available at Destiny’s Bride 480.368.8868 Tenuto Photo ( )

These bridesmaid dresses also can be worn by the mothers of the bride and wedding guests. The red silk peaudesoie dress with bow ($800) and navy silk dupioni gown with black embroidered embellishments ($1,350) were designed by Danese Creations. 602.955.1313

This champagnecolor, silk charmeuse bridesmaid dress by Jenny Yoo will turn heads at the reception and at formal events long after the wedding. ($525) Available at Twirl Boutique 480.221.1222

This fitted and flared silk taffeta strapless gown from the Anne Barge La Fleur Collection features a pleated neckline, pin-tucked bands accented with beading and embroidery, and a flare sweep train ($3,070). Available at Destiny’s Bride 480.368.8868

Available at The Clotherie 602.956.8600

For the Groom

The same men’s fashion trends the celebrities are displaying on the red carpet are finding their way to men’s formalwear in the Valley. “Bow-ties and cummerbunds tend to be popular more with older grooms. Instead, vests and four-in-hand neckties are coming on strong,” said Tom Allen, wardrobe consultant for The Clotherie (602.956.8600). Jeff Esposito of Moda Georgio (602.955.2003) is seeing the same trends. “Men are wearing solid silver or black four-in-hand ties with their tuxedoes, some with a lay-down collar but even with a wing collar,” Esposito said. “Many clients are requesting one-button tuxedoes in lightweight wool or wool and mohair. Some grooms are opting for a less formal look. “The biggest trend is lightweight suits, such as linen, for beach weddings,” Tom Allen said. “Some will even go tie-less or wear sandals.”




Available at Moda Georgia 602.955.2003

Bridal Flowers

Hydrangeas. Sweet peas. Cymbidium orchids. Today’s brides are bringing a colorful symphony of potted and hothouse flowers into their bridal arrangements. “People are staying away from roses because everyone has done them. Instead, brides are requesting peonies, sweet peas and a variety of orchids, including phalaenopsis, cymbidium and cattleya,” said Dennis Thompson, owner of White House Interiors and Flowers (480.990.7040). Even mothers of the bride are foregoing corsages, which can appear clumsy pinned to today’s spaghetti straps and sheer fabrics. Instead, they are opting for small bouquets or something even more unique, such as flowers stitched along the edge of little purses, Thompson noted. To personalize the bridal couple’s special day, Thompson suggests the following: • Use ancestral wedding photos and family silver to decorate the reception tables.

A cluster of a hydrangea, cymbidium orchid and peach roses adorns this aisle chair. Available at White House Interiors and Flowers 480.990.7040

• Implement a personal theme for the reception. Thompson used real pears as placecard holders for one couple who called themselves “the perfect pair” and tiny trucks in the centerpieces for another couple who worked at a trucking company.

Available at Angelic Grove 602.462.9700

• Embroider the couple’s initials in blue inside the bride’s gown. It can be used as the bride’s “something blue” and makes the gown a real keepsake.

For the Bride and Groom This exquisite diamond-and-platinum ring features a 4.51-carat cushion-cut center diamond. Available at E.D. Marshall Jewelers 480.922.1968

An 18-karat white gold band with hand-Florentine finish provides the perfect setting for a single channel of baguette-cut and round brilliant diamonds totaling 2.67 carats. Custom designed by Oliver Smith Jeweler 480.607.4444

The golden glow from rich creams and classic designs is always a good style for reception table decorations. Available at Angelic Grove 602.462.9700

Bridal Registry Tips

Think outside the box. That’s what Cookie Levine recommends to couples when setting up their bridal registry. “They should trust their own judgment and choose colors and patterns that reflect their personalities, not what everyone is buying,” said Levine, owner of Levine Linens (602.944.2898). To register at Levine Linens, couples must go through their interior designer or architect. But Levine also offers the following tips: • Drink from the glasses and take home samples of the flatware before buying them. “How far will you have to tip back your neck when drinking from the glass? Does the flatware feel balanced in your hand?” she asked. • Consider the types of food you eat when determining your place setting. Why order a five-piece place setting if you don’t use cups and saucers? “Functionality, not the price, should determine the value,” Levine noted. “Let the place settings grow and evolve over the years.”

Many spring brides are foregoing roses for spring’s bounty of colors and flowers. Available at Avant-Garde Studio 602.252.1685

Bridal Gown Storage Tips

To protect your bridal gown against the ravages of time, acids and pollutant gases, Rave Fabricare recommends the following: • Remove all stains, including such visible stains as soil and makeup, such invisible sugar stains as champagne, and invisible salt stains, such as perspiration, to the maximum extent possible. • Ask your dry cleaning and storage professional for a guarantee that your beads won’t melt and your sequins and pearls won’t lose their luster. • Require all packaging used to preserve your gown, particularly the gown chest, is archival, that is, free of all acids, lignin, sulfur and chlorine. • Avoid one-size-fits-all gown chests. Match the size of the gown chest to the size of the gown, thereby ensuring no permanent creasing or wrinkling of your gown over time. • Never hermetically or vacuum seal your gown chest in any type of plastic of any color. All gowns must “breathe.” Visit for more tips.

For the Bridal Party Bridal Cakes What better way to thank members of the bridal party for their love and support than with a unique gift to mark the special day? Antique mechanical cigar box, circa 1860 ($2,100), William Yeoward crystal “Lulu” martini shaker ($864) and matching martini glass ($210 each); Rancé “Delicato” body moisturizer ($45) and shower gel ($42.50), Scentier lamp ($75), silk rosette bag ($49) and fragranced shoe stuffer ($25). Available at Do Me A Favor 602.200.0190

Fun colorful cakes are ideal for engagement and wedding rehearsal parties. Available at Robert’s Catering 480.963.4040

Ivory on ivory sets a classically beautiful tone for this elegant wedding cake. Available at Robert’s Catering 480.963.4040

MARCH 2007


The Women’s Board of the Barrow Neurological Foundation

extends its heartfelt gratitude to the community for 42 years of generous support!

This is the 42nd year the members of the Barrow Women’s Board presented their elegant black-tie event, the Barrow Grand Ball, to raise funds for the world-renowned Barrow Neurological Institute. The first was a masque grand ball held at the Casa Blanca Inn on New Year’s Eve 1965. Thanks to the continued loyalty of our supporters, it remains one of the most successful charitable fundraisers in Arizona. Proceeds go directly to research teams to create the miracles that you so often read about. Since 1965, the Barrow Grand Ball has raised about $30 million for medical research projects. The Women’s Board also increases awareness of Barrow’s many contributions to research, medical education and patient care through Education Day. It is held annually in February.

1960’s Ginger Moore, Jane Thorne, Genevieve Brecheisen and Kathy Barrow

1970’s Betty Rosenzweig, Marilyn Martin, Evelyn Higgins, Lois Mayer, Pat Goldman, Anna Lochhead, Glenna Shapiro, Patty Simmons, Pat Hester, Marianna Korte, Linda Kite, Connie Rodie, Bess Basham and Loretta White

This article featuring a photo of 1969 Barrow Grand Ball chairs Cathy Bentley, Connie Browning and Joanne Goldwater ran Jan. 16, 1969 in The Arizonan.

1980’s Beth Matthews, Mary Helen Clancy, Vim Phillips, Stevie Eller, Patty James, Karen Meyer, Mary Hudak, Phyllis Taber, Harriet Friedland, Peggy Crayton and Sue Ellen Edens

1990’s Barbara Henward, Barbara Dow (deceased), Penny Gunning, Janis Lyon, Mary Ellen McKee, Marilyn Parke, Kim Loyd, Mary Leonard, Mary Ward, Diana Balich, Ginny Beardsley, Vicki Budinger, Muffie Churchill, Jane Norris and Debi Rosenzweig.




“It is impossible to imagine that Barrow would be the center of excellence that it is today without the steadfast generosity and support of the members of the Women’s Board. Since the Board was founded, its members’ contributions of both time and money have helped the institute in its pursuit of excellence in caring for patients with 2000’s neurological disorders, in training the next generations of clinicians and researchers, and in groundbreaking neuroscientific investigations. We humbly extend our deepest thanks for their committed efforts to support these goals.” Bonnie Martin, Sandy Magruder, Judy Hewson, Ruth Lavinia, Nancy Hanley, Jane Edmunds, Jean Spangler and Nancy Walker. Not pictured newest Women’s Board Members: Marilyn Harris, Karen Hobbs and Judy Shannon, 2006

– Robert F. Spetzler, M.D.

MARCH 2007


Black-Tie Calendar Attire is black-tie unless otherwise noted

Wine and 65 Roses Gala 2007 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation March 10 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.224.0068 Cocktail Attire

Evening in the Park

Arizona Cancer Center March 10 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort Information:

Jack and Jill Beautillion

Dance with Me Gala

Ballet Arizona’s New ‘Nutcracker’ March 10 Phoenix Art Museum Information: 602.343.6520 or

Jack and Jill of America March 24 Scottsdale Plaza Resort Information: 602.380.5171

Bouquets to Spring

14th Annual Beach Ball

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Institute for Neurosciences and Behavioral Medicine March 10 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.546.5024 Beach Wear to Ball Wear

Celebrate Youth Dinner & Auction

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale March 10 Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center Information: 480.860.5520 Black-tie optional

Columbine Garden Club March 14 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 480.585.5093 Garden Attire

AAHA! An Auction of Heirlooms and Art Not-for-profit Hospice of the Valley March 17 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.636.6380 Cocktail attire

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 Or E-mail




Jazz Cabaret featuring Dennis Rowland

Galaxy Gala 2007

Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre Gala and Silent Auction

Fiesta de las Madrinas

Beatitudes Center DOAR March 18 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.274.5022 Cocktail Attire

Children’s Theatre, Mainstage Theatre and Actors Café March 23 Scottsdale Hilton Resort and Villas Information: 480.483.1664, ext. 1

Celebrity Fight Night

Celebrity Fight Night Foundation March 24 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Information: 602.956.1121

92nd Annual Charity Ball The Board of Visitors March 24 Camelback Inn Information: 602.235.9554

Hurray for Hollywood 15th Annual Charity Gala

Child Crisis Center-East Valley, Save the Family Foundation of Arizona March 31 Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa Information: 480.985.1724

Arizona Science Center April 14 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.716.2014 Cosmopolitan Cocktail attire

Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services April 14 Chaparral Suites Resort Information: 480.994.5704

Hope for the Future Gala

Crisis Pregnancy Center April 21 Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center Information: 602.508.3340

2007 Crozier Gala

Catholic Community Foundation April 21 Camelback Inn Information: 602.354.2400

007-Shaken, Not Stirred

Craniofacial Foundation of Arizona April 28 Sandra Day O’Conner Building Information: 480.753.1800 Cocktail Attire

Wheels and Heels

Not My Kid Organization May 4 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.652.0163

Out of This World Fashion The chairs of Arizona Science Center’s Galaxy Gala 2007 look out of this world in “cosmopolitan cocktail” attire. Themed “Unbelievable,” the glamorous fund-raiser will begin at 6 p.m. April 14 in the Frank Lloyd Wright Ballroom at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. Proceeds will benefit Arizona Science Center’s educational programs and offerings. For tickets and details, call 602.716.2014 or visit

Galaxy Gala 2007 Chair Robyn DeBell is wearing an iridescent red silk satin halter dress with jacket. Her jacket features floppy lapels, three-quarter-length sleeves and covered buttons. A burst of fuchsia on the underside of the collar adds panache. Photography: Scott Foust (602.258.0050) Hair and Make-up: Laura Flagler (602.579.8219) Location: Arizona Science Center Clothing designed by Danese Creations (602.955.1313)

Galaxy Gala 2007 Chair Penny Gunning is wearing a gold waffle-stitched dupioni silk fitted jacket with iridescent hot pink-and-gold silk satin tuxedo-style lapels. The pantsuit is of the same iridescent silk satin; it features a hot pink tank top and gold full-leg pants.

Galaxy Gala 2007 Chair Carolyn Bosworth is wearing a medium-blue silk satin tank sheath and jacket. The jacket features an open, square stand-up collar and three-quarter-length sleeves. Ice-blue trim highlights the inside of the collar and cuffs as well as the button covers.

Valley Events March 11

The New Foundation Lark in the Park Phoenix Zoo Tickets: At event $20 adult, $10 ages 4-12 Information: 480.945.3302, ext. 152

March 16

Bertrand Berry Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament Wildfire Golf Course Tickets: Call for details Information: 480.495.3878

March 17

American Society of Interior Designers ASID Designer Sample Sale Arizona Design Center Tickets: Free. Open to the Public Information: 602.569.8916

March 18

Xavier Mother’s Guild Scholarship Fund An Afternoon on Fifth Avenue Fashion Show & Luncheon Westin Kierland Resort Tickets: $100 Information: 602.867.4482

March 19

Gene Autry Courage Awards Awards Dinner to Celebrate Heroism Marriot Buttes Resort Tickets: $150 and up Information: 480.940.8666

March 19-25

Banner Health Foundation Cancer Programs 2007 Safeway International LPGA Tournament Prospector Course at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club Tickets: $20 one day, $50 all-week pass Information: 602.495.GOLF

March 20

March 24

Banner Poison Control Center 3rd Annual Critter Crawl Fun Walk Phoenix Zoo Tickets: $20 adults, $5 children, $40 family four-pack Information: 602.495.4884

March 24

Camp Colley benefiting underprivileged youth in the Valley 2007 Golf Tournament Papago Golf Course Tickets: $135 Information: 602.261.8794

March 24

Homeward Bound and Waste Not Bon Jour Dolly – An Afternoon in Paris Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Tickets: $100 general, $150 runway/champagne table Information: 480.473.2031

March 25

Soroptimist International of Phoenix Soroptimist Fashion Show Camelback Inn Tickets: TBA Information: 602.942.7353

March 31

Gabriel’s Angels Walk for Kids and Doggie Beach Party Cosmo Dog Park, Gilbert Tickets: At event $25 adult, $5 ages 4-16 Information: 480.460.5333

March 31

Assistance League of East Valley Swing into Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show Point at South Mountain Tickets: $60-$70 Information: 480.899.7024

Success for Good Success for Good Chairs Club Luncheon Camelback (Country Club) Lakeview Room Tickets: Free for chairs of any 2006 event, $50 for non-chair guests. Information: 480.282.8796

April 1

March 22

April 5

Florence Crittenton 5th Annual Teaming Up for Kids! Luncheon The Phoenician Tickets: $250 Information: 602.288.4571

March 23

Christian Family Care Agency Annual Garden Brunch and Fashion Show Private Residence Tickets: $35 per person Information: 602.234.1935 or

Arizona Theatre Company Dancing with the Stars The Phoenician Tickets: $125 per person Information: 602.256.6899, ext. 6302

Arizona Hotel and Restaurant Education Foundations Forks and Corks 2007 Camelback Esplanade Tickets: $70 at event, $60 in advance Information: 602.604.0729

April 14

Actors Theatre 3rd Annual Gourmetheatre MonOrchird Gallery followed by local restaurants Tickets: $200 for entire event, $50 for champagne reception Information: 602.253.6701, ext. 109

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 Or E-mail 32




Wedding Bells

Ms. Ashley Marie Ammon of Phoenix Mr. Gregory R. MacFarlane of Bronxville, New York NUPTIALS AND RECEPTION

La Samanna Resort, French West Indies


Andy Jewelers, New York City


Dr. and Mrs. John R. and Patricia Ammon Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. and Cassie MacFarlane


Tropical flowers in off-white roses, purple hydrangeas and blue hyacinths


Designed by Angel Sanchez

THE PHOTOGRAPHER BCS Photography, Phoenix


Paris and Province of Champagne, France

SOMETHING DIFFERENT $ R eception tables

named for favorite nightspots and restaurants in St. Martin.

$ M aid of honor was

Lori Entz-Xeller of San Francisco, Calif.

$ G uests gifted with

embroidered beach towel and bottle of rum.

$ C aribbean-themed

rehearsal party.

$ D anced until 4 a.m. at the

after party on nightclub patio.

MARCH 2007


Success for Good Getting To Know Lila Sadafi By Annette Marino and Myra Richman


proud resident of Scottsdale, Lila Sadafi is an investor whose business commitments require extensive world travel, so she treasures the time she spends in the Scottsdale area.

From whom did you get your inspiration to help others? I find it comes from within. We all have the ability to help others but have to get the knowledge not to be selfish, and recognize no matter what our social standing is, we are all one. Lila Sadafi, left, with William Joseph, Maestro Dino Zonic and Jane Seymour at the 2006 Golden Karma Awards.

What nonprofits have you been involved with in the past and now? I have been particularly involved in environmental organizations and humanitarian organizations. One that has captured my heart is Success For Good. Its programs serve this community locally and its Golden Karma program also serves the national and international communities by inspiring large numbers of people to get involved in helping others.

What inspires you to work with such enthusiasm for these organizations you believe in? Their focus and mission are pure, clear and address a major need, and that generates the enthusiasm for me to support (them) and get others involved in supporting. Can you describe your favorite vacation? Because I travel frequently to many places, such as Fiji, Canada, San Francisco, Singapore, New York, Europe, and Washington D.C. to name a few, a vacation for me is quite a departure from what people might expect. My favorite vacation is to camp in a tent in a forest and near a stream with my paints, brushes and canvases so I can paint the beauty around me. I do this as often as I possibly can. How do you think we can attract more young people to be philanthropic and help others? As with any type of person, it begins with helping them gain the knowledge that giving and helping others is not a just a responsibility but also a joy. This is most effectively done through showing examples of people they can relate to and will pay attention to. For example, with young people, the national spotlight recently placed on actress Jessica Biel, age 24, as a Golden Karma honoree and her heartfelt message about what motivates her to be philanthropic was extremely powerful. What are some things people would be surprised to know about you? People may underestimate the intensity of my focus to help bring knowledge to people, so that we can all live in unity and oneness. This is why supporting nonprofit organizations that really work to tackle social issues and make our world better is so important to me. I really don’t have time to think about what others are thinking about me. I only have time to think about how to be a better human and take steps to grow in that direction, and how to help others along the same path. You’re on the go constantly to national and international locations but you’re making it a point to be home in Scottsdale more. What makes the Scottsdale area special to you? The sun and the energy in this particular part of the universe in and around Scottsdale are amazing! I find people to be more focused and settled on more of the positive aspects of life and positive endeavors. There is a sense of being more connected with each other than in a lot of other areas of the world.




Bill Long, Stevie Eller and Gordon Murphy

Barrow Women’s Board Education Day Kathleen Barrow, Pat Goldman and Bob Greening

Muffie Churchill and Volker K. H. Sonntag, M.D. Monique and Jean-Pierre Millon Joan Caruso, Glenna Shapiro and Dodie Johnes

GRAY MATTERS! Life’s not always black and white, say the Women’s Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation. HEARTS OF GOLD Education Day Chairs Muffie Churchill and Karen Meyer

Joan Devenney, Debra Vollmer, Susan Erne and Marsha Dyer

GREEN WITH ENVY Other hospitals only dream of having Barrow’s state-of-the-art facilities, such as the new MedPresence technology.

MARCH 2007





The V.I.P.s Florence Crittenton’s Flo’s on 7th resale store opening

WorldatWork Celebrate Your Size Campaign

Ina Manaster, Linda Volhein, Jon Held and Councilman Tom Simplot

Sandy Cowen, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation; Andrea Lazar, Kronos Optimal Health Company, and Anne Ruddy, WorldatWork

The Nature Conservancy, Arizona Reception

ChildHelp Drive the Dream Gala

Bennett and Jacquie Dorrance with Joe Miller and Liberty, the eagle

Craig Jackson, Susie Alofs, Kathie Lee Gifford, Sara O’Meara, Yvonne Fedderson, Bill O’Reilly and Rebecca Cooper, ABC News

Trends Charitable Fund Luncheon Kickoff

Chairs Cathy Boswell, Robert Black, Karen Thorn and Diane Might

Russo and Steele Automobile Auction Gala ‘Martini Lounge’ Marianne Sanfelippo and Melinda Parker

MARCH 2007


New Advertisers in Trends Mosaic

Scheduled to break ground this summer, Mosaic offers a fresh, intellectual approach to urban living in Tempe. It features sophisticated city flat, condominium, townhome and penthouse floor-plan designs that enable residents to customize a space around their lifestyle. Mosaic encompasses approximately 1.8 acres and 730,000 square feet in all, and rises 21 stories. Starting with a Whole Foods Grocery and Café, Mosaic offers amenities that make life easier and more comfortable. Its landscaped rooftop plaza features a pool, spa, fitness center, resident lounge, business center and more. Mosaic, northwest corner of University and Ash, Tempe AZ. Sales office: KML Square One Studio, 818 N. 1st St., Phoenix. Contact: Sales Manager Dustin Gaskey. Phone (480) 967-9919. Fax: (480) 967-9929. Website:

Destiny’s Bride Established in 1997, Destiny’s Bride provides outstanding knowledge and experience to help exceed every bride’s expectations. The salon prides itself on offering an extensive selection of upscale designs to please its clients. With so many bridal lines and special offers, Destiny’s Bride is the largest couture salon in Arizona offering brides the finest attire and accessories for their special day, as well as eveningwear. Staff members help create the perfect ensemble by paying attention to each detail. For the last five consecutive years, Destiny’s Bride was voted “Best Bridal Salon” by both The Wedding Chronicle and the Arizona Republic. Destiny’s Bride, 6166 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 609, Scottsdale AZ 85253. Contact: Sara Davis. Phone: (480) 368-8868. Fax: (480) 348-9827. Website:

Craniofacial Foundation of Arizona Founded in 1994, the Craniofacial Foundation of Arizona (CFA) is a non-profit organization focused on providing financial and emotional support to craniofacial patients and their families. CFA promotes educational programs to increase awareness and acceptance of craniofacial conditions. It also supports research to improve methods of preventing, diagnosing, and correcting facial abnormalities. CFA has been recognized locally and nationally for its efforts and dedication. In 1996, it was presented with a Phoenix Suns Charities community award. The Business Journal recognized CFA’s founder in 2006 as a Health Care Hero Award’s finalist. Craniofacial Foundation of Arizona, P.O. Box 50987, Phoenix AZ 85076. Contact: Executive Director Gretchen Perry. Phone: (480) 753-1800. Fax: (480) 753-1801. Website:

Tesori Jewelers Owners Boris and Irene Shmukler hail from respected family jewelry traditions. Irene grew up learning from her parents, owners of Rakhman Jewelers. Boris settled in the United States from Russia, having begun his craft at age 17. He learned diamond-cutting and jewelry-making, was awarded highest marks with the Israel Diamond Institute, and eventually brought his unique artistry to the Rakhman family business. Today, the couple’s company creates intriguing custom jewelry. It also offers traditional services such as appraisals, watch and jewelry repairs, and vintage and heirloom jewelry restoration. Clients benefit from Tesori Jewelers’ long-standing relationships with many U.S. and European designers. Tesori Jewelers, 16459 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 103, Scottsdale AZ 85254. Contact: Boris and Irene Shmukler. Phone: (480) 907-5916. Fax: (480) 907-5732. Website: Editor’s note: The information contained or provided in New Advertisers in Trends is intended for general informational purposes only. Opinions expressed herein are the views of individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, policies and/or procedures of Trends Magazine.




Sophisticated soft contemporary in small gated Paradise Valley community. Walls of glass open to lush backyard with lap pool. Split floor plan has en suite bedrooms, open kitchen/family room. Quality finishes throughout. Lives like a brand-new home. 4 BD/5 BA in 4,443 SF MLS#2625887 $2,700,000

Beautifully renovated in quiet gated Scottsdale community of Las Villas. Interior unit. Large courtyard and backyard and a view patio upstairs off the master. Each bedroom en suite. High soaring ceilings. 3BD/3.5BA in 2,394 SF MLS#2687107 $649,000

Perfection. Each door an antique, state of-the-art kitchen, wood flooring. Views of Camelback Mountain. Front courtyard, lush rear yard with swimming pool, rose gardens and guest house. 4 BD/4BA in 4,388 SF MLS#2641406 $4,795,000

Since Sandra Baldwin began her phenomenal real estate career in luxury home sales over twenty years ago, she has recorded over a billion dollars in sales. Sandra’s professionalism, powers of negotiation and extensive knowledge of the upscale real estate market give her a sales record unsurpassed in Arizona. #1 residential agent in Arizona over the past two decades, among the top luxury agents around the globe – The numbers speak for themselves. For more information on these fine homes or to launch a customized property search please visit

Ranch-style home located on an acre golf course lot with private tennis court. Family room features beamed ceilings and stunning fireplace. En suite bedrooms. Fabulous kitchen with large island. 4BD/4BA in 3,375 SF MLS#2681540 $1,225,000

More than a billion dollars…more than a billion reasons to select Sandra Baldwin to represent your luxury home transaction.


Great location on a quiet street. New kitchen w/ granite counters, new maple cabinets w/ cherry finish, Bosch dishwasher, Jennair appliances. Master split w/ separate closets & exercise room. Priced below appraisal. 3BD/3BA in 2,687 SF MLS#2686916 $745,000

Vintage home in North Central offers rare opportunity to own a ‘magic’ piece of old Phoenix. Perfectly restored and updated in the past year. New gourmet kitchen, updated baths and guest house! Venetian plastered or hand plastered walls, hardwood flooring. Basement (373 sq. ft.) 5BD/5.5BA 6,400 SF MLS#2675521 $1,785,000