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Established in 1982

Plunge into Beat the Heat July/August 2007


Welcome You to the 25th Anniversary

BEAT THE HEAT Friday, October 5, 2007 The Arizona Biltmore

6:00 p.m.

Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres Silent Auction and Raffle

8:00 p.m.

Dinner/Fashion Show Emcee Sean McLaughlin

After Party Entertainment by Alice Tatum

Honoring 2007 FABULOUS PHOENICIANS Marguerite and Jack Clifford


Kathy DeSanto, Jacquie Dorrance, Carol Hebets, Judy Hewson, Ginette Karabees, Ina Manaster, Linda Messenger, Sallie Brophy Najafi, Barbara Payne and Carol Waldrop 2007 AMBASSADORS Pat Goldman, Penny Gunning and Robyn Lee


Amy, Inc., Danese Creations, Dillard’s, Lilly Pulitzer, Moda Georgio, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Clotherie and Via Veneto

EVENT ADVISORS Bill Dougherty Beth McRae




Proceeds benefit the charities of the Trends Charitable Fund.

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TRENDS CHARITABLE FUND The Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) was established in 1996 and has distributed well over two million dollars to charities since its inception. The TCF governing board is composed of nine prominent Valley women who are elected to a three-year term. These women are selected from a group of TCF members-at-large who were previously honored as Fashionalities/Trendsetters by Trends publication for their leadership, commitment and contributions to our community. Each year the TCF Board grants funds to charities that meet the TCF mission. Agencies based in and servicing the metropolitan Phoenix area that exhibit a true need for funds and public awareness are a TCF priority. Funds to support these programs are generated by tonight’s annual Beat the Heat gala and the TCF Celebrity Luncheon in April.

Trends Charitable Fund Mission Statement It is the mission of the Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) to support low-profile programs in need that positively impact women, children and their families where the TCF can make a significant difference.

2007/2008 Board of Directors Christine Gustafson – President Missy Anderson

Laurie Florkiewicz



Diane Might

Immediate Past President Advisor

Pamela Covella Treasurer

Jill Alanko

Lynn Custer

Recording Secretary

Carrie Hall

Corresponding Secretary

Sandy Magruder

Members at Large

Advisors Bill Dougherty and Beth McRae – Publishers, Trends Magazine Robyn Lee – Coordinator and Business Advisor

Trends Charitable Fund Grant Recipients Since 1993, more than $2,500,000 has been granted to the following organizations: 1993: Chrysalis Shelter; 1994: Chrysalis Shelter; 1995: Phoenix Day; 1996: Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE), HomeBase Youth Services; 1997: Aid to Adoption of Special Kids, Girl’s Ranch; 1998: Action for Foster Children, Arizona Friends of Foster Children, Assistance League; 1999: Center Against Sexual Assault, Phoenix Firefighters-Save R Kids Program; 2000: Sexual Assault Recovery Institute, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC); 2001: Marcus House, The Christmas House Foundation; 2002: Arizona’s Children Association, Foster Angels of Arizona Serving Together, Inc., Sojourner Center; 2003: Arizona School Choice Trust, Greater Phoenix Interfaith Hospitality Network, Widowed with Children; 2004: AZSids, Justice for Children, Not My Kid, Sunshine Acres, Teen Lifeline; 2005: Beatitudes Center D.O.A.R., Body Positive’s “Women’s Empowerment Program,” Nana’s Children Mental Health Foundation, Positive Impact, Stepping Stones of Hope; 2006: AASK, AZ Friends of Foster Children, Florence Crittenton, Growth Improvement for Female Teens (GIFT), Neighborhood Ministries, New Song Center for Grieving Children

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BEAT THE HEAT 2007 Friday, October 5, 2007 • The Arizona Biltmore


PATRON LEVEL (please check one)

❒ Champs Élysée (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50,000 Featured on cover (one issue) of Trends Magazine, One page feature story in same issue (as the featured cover) of Trends Magazine, plus all benefits at the $25,000 level

❒ Via Veneto (10 seats) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25,000 Company name and logo listed in collateral materials, Press release inclusion, Full page color thank you ad in September issue of Trends Magazine, One night stay at The Arizona Biltmore (night of event), plus all benefits at $15,000 level

❒ Rodeo Drive (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,000 Runway seating for ten guests at event, Full page color ad in July/August issue of Trends, Full page color ad in event program (same as July/August issue of Trends), Acknowledgement from stage, Company logo displayed in ballroom, Special recognition gift

❒ Park Avenue (10 seats) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000 Company logo displayed in ballroom, Special recognition gift, All benefits at the $5,000 level

❒ Savile Row (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 Program recognition, Listing in event program, Preferred seating for ten guests at event

❒ Fifth Avenue (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,500 Listing in event program, Seating for ten guests

❒ Carnaby Street (1 seat) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 Listing in event program, Preferred seating for one guest

❒ Michigan Avenue (1 seat). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250 ❒ Union Square (donation, not attending) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $________ Gifts of $500 and above listed in event program

TOTAL DONATION $__________ NAME TO APPEAR IN PROGRAM: _______________________________________________ CONTACT NAME: _ ____________________________________________________________ COMPANY: ___________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _ __________________________________________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________ FAX: _________________________________ Mail/FAX this form indicating your level of support with your payment. Checks should be made payable to Trends Charitable Fund. Tickets will be held at the door.

FORM OF PAYMENT: ❒ CHECK ❒ VISA ❒ MC ❒ AMEX ❒ DISCOVER ACCOUNT #: ____________________________________________ EXP: _________________ AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________ PLEASE SEND TO: Mrs. Betty McRae PHONE: (480) 991-0601 8101 North 47th Street FAX: (480) 991-1017 Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 Trends Charitable Fund is a 501c3 organization. Tax ID# 86-0834633.

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Really fun, but totally unsubstantiated gossip All right, I’ve heard enough about my photo from 1982 that has been running on this page this year. When we started featuring items last fall for our 25th anniversary, we decided to add photos of all of us from 1982. It was never intended to be permanent. The photo I chose was from a 1982 J.C. Penney men’s catalog cover for Halston 2. Halston’s move to J.C. Penney almost immediately destroyed his reputation as the greatest American designer of the 20th century. It’s amazing that today designers such as Isaac Mizrahi have made millions creating fashions for the masses at department outlets like Target. My, how things have changed in two and a half decades! Incidentally, beautiful Susie Wesley also was flown to Los Angeles to participate in that J.C. Penney photo shoot. We had not met prior to then. Now, more than two decades later, she’s poised to chair the Heart Ball. Talk about six degrees Marcia and Sanford Roth of separation. People can’t stop raving about Marcia and Sanford Roth’s amazing 50th anniversary jubilee held just last month at Temple Beth Israel in Paradise Valley. Marcia arrived looking lovely in white lace that pooled to the floor, escorted by her husband Sanford, who was handsomely dressed in a black tuxedo. Together, the couple somehow managed to greet all their guests, and that was not an easy task. Everyone you know

By Bill Dougherty

and adore made the scene, including Debbie and Jim Bennett, Emma and Gregory Melikian, and flame-haired Mary DeConcini, who’s so very beautiful! Then there was Georgia Wolfe (who told me to loose my 25th anniversary mugshot), birthday boy Del Lewis and his lovely wife Sharron (who has one of the most beautiful smiles on the social scene), and Pam and Ted Overton. Ruth Ritz made her début following hip surgery and looked more radiant than ever as she passed through the doors with her adoring husband Sanford. Tom Payne arrived with his fetching wife Barbara, who will celebrate their golden anniversary Oct. 5. Barbara sported a beautiful baroque hairstyle that reminded me so much of the 1960’s TV soap opera “Dark Shadows.” Barbara was the envy of the room. Beautiful speeches by friends and family members complemented the dazzling room adorned with Avant Garde’s remarkable floral designs. Merrymakers danced well into the dawn’s early light. It was an amazing evening for an extraordinary couple who has done so much for this community and for so many decades. In Cocktail Polo news you should know: That someone new to the social community has quite a sordid past. That a husband’s wandering eye may be accelerating the D-I-V-O-R-C-E of a wellknown couple. That there is still a lot of swinging in several affluent communities in Phoenix and Scottsdale and it’s not from trees. That a beautiful socialite has sticky fingers. Now you’re all caught up for five minutes.

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For years, Marguerite and Jack Clifford have numbered among Phoenix’s more socially aware and nicest couples. Always classically attired and graceful, the Cliffords are nationally competitive ballroom dancers who earlier this year co-chaired the Arizona Dancing with the Stars competition to benefit the Arizona Kidney Foundation with friend Glenna Shapiro. Although modest about their contributions, the couple made headlines last November when they gave $500,000 to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University. It was the largest individual gift in the school’s history. In addition, Jack Clifford, a veteran TV executive who created the Food Network, spearheaded a $5 million fundraising campaign for the journalism program.

Marguerite Clifford From her earlier work for the Atlanta High Museum of Art to the Phoenix Symphony, Marguerite Clifford has been a driving force in assisting worthwhile organizations. She founded and managed a successful environmental effort called Citizens for Responsible Land Use. Her proudest philanthropic achievements are founding the Arizona Kidney Foundation and serving with the dedicated women of the Barrow Women’s Board.

The new Fabulous Phoenician believes the new generation of communityminded adults needs to be educated about philanthropy on many levels. “I fully understand fund raising, but we need to encourage younger people who might not have the financial capability to be major donors to serve on various nonprofit boards,” she says. She considers Glenna Shapiro and Anne Christensen two of the Valley’s finest philanthropic role models. Marguerite’s favorite sportswear designer is Armani. Her guilty pleasures include searching rare book stores for treasures about dancing and horses. Her favorite song is “Armor Ti Vieta” from the opera “Fedora.” If she could perform in a movie, it would be “A Room with A View.” If this mother of two and grandmother of three could ask any four people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Auguste Escoffier, Giacomo Puccini, Claude Monet and Marie Curie. Favorite Formal Wear Designers: Caroline Herrera and Bill Blass. Favorite Fragrance: Bulgari. Things you may not know about Marguerite: She is writing a novel. She has managed a thoroughbred horse racing business in the United States and Europe. She plans to never grow up.

Jack Clifford Jack Clifford earned a personal fundraising badge as a teenager in the Boy Scouts of America. Today, this accomplished gentleman still hasn’t totally put his teenaged memories behind him. He provides 16 annual college scholarships for underprivileged graduates from his high school. He considers the program his proudest philanthropic achievement. In addition to school funding, Jack helps educate today’s youths about the importance of giving back to one’s community. “I encourage them to be involved at their school, which should offer incentives to direct students to help others. My scholarship program requires each applicant to have worked within his or her community and help those less fortunate,” Jack says. Jack’s favorite sportswear designer is Polo. His guilty pleasures include watching John Wayne movies, eating Mexican food, and buying new golf clubs. His favorite song is “An Affair to Remember” from the classic Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr movie of the same name. If he could appear in a movie role, it would be the title role of “Shane.” If he could invite any people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be George Washington, Ronald Reagan, Albert Einstein and Arnold Palmer. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Zegna Favorite Fragrance: Art of Shaving Lemon Zest Things you may not know about Jack: He paid his own college expenses. He was a professional radio and TV sports announcer. A member of the Cable TV Pioneers, he founded and was chairman of both the Food Network and Northwest Cable News. The Fabulous Phoenician Award was initiated in 1985 to pay tribute to Valley philanthropists. Previous honorees are: Thelma Kieckhefer (1985), Virginia Piper (1985) and Peggy Aste (1985), Newton Rosenzweig (1986), G. Robert Herberger (1987), Herbert K. Cummings (1988), Eleanor Libby (1989), Barbara Bonoff (1990), Gordon Galarneau Jr. (1991), Bruce T. Halle Sr. (1992), Eddie Basha (1993), Nick Balich (1994), Robert Norris (1995), Donald L. Ulrich (1996), John Teets (1998), Sam Eichenfield (1999), Herman Chanen (2000), William (Bill) Pope (2001), Sandra Baldwin (2002), Priscilla and Michael Nicholas (2003), Jeanne and Gary Herberger (2004), Hugh and Ruth Downs (2005), and Lattie and Elva Coor (2006). Photography by


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The Phoenix Symphony honors Jack and Marguerite Clifford for their outstanding leadership and support of the arts in Arizona, and their passion for orchestral music and support of children’s musical education programs throughout the Valley.

Fabulous Phoenicians

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Jacquie Dorrance Jacquie Dorrance has been involved philanthropically in Arizona since the early 1970s. She started by volunteering at her children’s pre-school and soon added work with the Junior League, the Ronald McDonald House and Phoenix Country Day School, and Ballet Arizona and its artistic director, Ib Andersen. Presently, Jacquie finds deep satisfaction through her family’s signature Dorrance Scholarship Program. “We are directly involved with the students throughout the year. Our own kids and my relatives are involved in the selection/interview process,” the new Trendsetter noted. “We have a yearly retreat with the students, where we introduce them to philanthropy through our DMB projects and another favorite, Rancho Feliz in Agua Prieta, Mexico.”

Givers become receivers and receivers become givers,” Jacquie explained. “We hold ourselves accountable, and we hold others accountable, as well.”

To instill the importance of philanthropy in others, Jacquie and her family hope to lead by example. Their core values are humility, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, and family spirit. A big thrust of her philanthropy is the importance of giving back, and her family takes very seriously its responsibility and obligation to the community. “We adhere to the ‘enlightened self-interest’ concept, meaning a wonderful thing happens to you when doing service for others. The ‘me’ shifts to ‘we.’

Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Oscar de la Renta.

Kathy DeSanto Kathy DeSanto’s lifetime commitment to community service was ingrained while a student at Xavier College Preparatory. She enjoyed her volunteer work at Crisis Nursery so much that she continued to assist the organization during college. She eventually found fulfillment as a Valley Big Sister, a position she gladly held for several years before getting married and having children of her own. Of all her current charitable obligations, Kathy finds her work at Desert Stages Theatre is the most rewarding. “It is a small community children’s theater, and I can directly see the impact that the fundraising has made,” she noted. One of her proudest achievements there is “A Little Bit of Broadway,” a fundraiser she founded that allows Valley children to participate in a one-night variety show. “I am so proud that it has grown into an annual event and raised awareness and much needed funds for the theater,” Kathy said. She believes one way to inspire future generations to participate in charitable activities is to set a good example to her children. “They will follow our lead. I know my children are very proud of the work I have done. My oldest daughter is already interested in philanthropy and has raised money for the Arizona Science


J U LY / A U G U S T


Center and hurricane victims. She also has volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul,” Kathy said. One of Kathy’s philanthropic role models is Carol Cook. “Carol truly knows the meaning of having balance in one’s life,” the new Trendsetter noted. ‘’Her love and dedication to God, family and friends is a constant inspiration to me.” Kathy and her husband, Greg, have three children: Hannah, 11-1/2, Ryan, 9, and Julienne, 5. She and Hannah love to sing karaoke and have performed “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” on stage several times. Kathy doesn’t have a favorite sportswear designer, but says she has “a lot of BCBG” in her closet right now. If she could invite four people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, her late father and her late grandmother. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Sylvia Danese, Danese Creations. Favorite Fragrance: Vera Wang. Things you may not know about Kathy: She is left-handed. She knows all the words to every ‘70s song ever written.

Jacquie’s personal philanthropic role model is Arizona State University President Michael Crow. She finds inspiration in Dr. Crow’s work and dedication to his vision of what Jacquie calls the “new American university.” Jacquie and her husband, Bennett, have two children and two grandchildren, with a third expected this August. Among Jacquie’s favorite sportswear designers are Piazza Sempione, Escada, Donna Karan, Tahari and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Favorite Fragrance: Fracas and Gucci Rush. Things you may not know about Jacquie: She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and speaks Spanish. She loves to dance, every kind. Her husband taught her to drive in Switzerland and she loves to drive racecars. She got her pilot’s license at Scottsdale Airport in 1970.

CHARITABLE FUND ACCEPTING GRANT APPLICATIONS TCF is currently accepting applications for its 2007/2008 grant process. TCF’s mission is to support “low-profile” programs that positively impact Arizona women, children and their families. “Low-profile programs” can be existing or proposed programs, in either high-profile organizations or low-profile organizations, and can relate to any aspect of lifestyle, including health, welfare, safety, education, arts, leadership and athletics. Funds may be granted for either operational or capital expenditures. Funds are raised through TCF’s two major fundraisers: the “TCF Celebrity Luncheon” and “Beat the Heat.” TCF grants are restricted to programs serving women, children and families in Arizona. Agencies applying for grants may have other national or international programs, but all applicants must show that the particular program for which the funds are requested is designed to benefit only Arizona residents. Residual, peripheral, future or unintended benefit to residents outside of Arizona will not disqualify an application as long as TCF funds are used for Arizona programs. Priority will be given to agencies based in and servicing metropolitan Maricopa County. Secondary consideration will be given to applications from outlying Arizona communities. Applicants must prove IRS 501(c)(3) approval. TCF grants have been issued in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $200,000, varying from year to year depending on amounts raised and number of charities chosen for disbursement. Applicants may submit separate applications for more than one program. Grant filing/postmark deadline: August 30, 2007 Announcement of grant recipients: November 2007 To obtain Grant Applications and Guidelines, visit or contact: Laurie Florkiewicz, TCF VP/2007 Grants Chair, at or call (602) 321-9234.

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Carol Hebets Like many young adults, Carol Hebets’ first exposure to community service came from helping at her church and volunteering for such groups as Meals on Wheels. Today, she is a driving force in the organization Childhelp USA. “As a child, I grew up in an environment that left little or no room for a voice. I can see clearly now how the children served through this charity are given that voice and a safe and protected environment that is covered with love and the hope for their future, which every child deserves,” Carol says. Her proudest philanthropic moment is cochairing the 2007 Childhelp Barrett-Jackson Drive the Dream Gala, a duty she will repeat in 2008. “The funding we raise helps raise the awareness of the devastating issues of child abuse and neglect that ravage our children,” she adds. Another route to protecting children is The Wings Program Carol brought to Childhelp. By teaming mothers and daughters, it helps to make the next generation aware of the devastating, unmet needs of abused and neglected children. “The daughters are shown ways to give back philanthropically. They establish their true sense of self and share a renewed special relationship with their moms,” the new Trendsetter notes.

Judy Hewson Judy Hewson began volunteering once her children entered grade school. She is currently involved in a number of charitable organizations. Among them are the Heart Ball, on whose committees she has served for 10 years, and the Barrow Women’s Board. Her proudest philanthropic achievement was cochairing the 40th annual Barrow Grand Ball in 2004 with Jane Edmunds. There are so many remarkable women involved in local charitable efforts that Judy is unable to single any one out as a role model. “They give so easily and tirelessly of their time and efforts, and that makes all of them an inspiration,” she says. Judy hopes to similarly inspire future generations to become involved in charitable efforts by introducing children early on to civic and philanthropic organizations through schools, camps and at home. Her daughter, Elizabeth, was involved in projects at Phoenix Country Day School, and is now a member of the Junior League. Judy’s favorite sportswear designers are Escada and Akris. Her guilty pleasures include spending time alone and reading. She recently finished Barack Obama’s memoir “The Audacity


J U LY / A U G U S T


of Hope” and Harlan Coben’s latest book, “Tell No One.” If she could invite any four people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be George Clooney, Thomas Jefferson, Barack Obama and Jonathan Winters. Her favorite song is “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli with Celine Dion. If she could have appeared in any movie role, it would have been the devilish Sukie Ridgemont (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) in “The Witches of Eastwick.” Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Oscar de la Renta. Favorite Fragrance: Hermes Eau de Merveilles. Things you may not know about Judy: She has made four holes-in-one, two on New Year’s Day 10 years apart. She is the second oldest of nine children. Humor is part of her everyday life. She has a competitive streak and loves playing all kinds of parlor and athletic games.

Carol and her husband James have five children and five grandchildren. Her guilty pleasures include eating popcorn, browsing stores on the Internet to see what’s hot and what’s not, reading entertainment magazines, and watching “Desperate Housewives.” If she could invite any people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Michelangelo, Oprah Winfrey and Princess Diana. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Escada. Favorite Fragrance: Angel by Thierry Mugler. Things you may not know about Carol: She was a model and did such national commercials as Coppertone and Kellogg’s. She had dinner with TV’s “Tarzan,” actor Ron Ely, but didn’t know he was a celebrity at the time. Carol and her husband began to facilitate a marriage class for others after seeking ways to improve their own 20-year-long marriage.

Carol Hebets Your legacy is assured – for it is neither defined by its beginning nor by its ending – but rather by a lifetime spent offering selfless, anonymous and unconditional acts of love and kindness to each and every person you encounter. Carol, your selection to be honored as a Trendsetter is a living testimony to each of us that humility, gentleness and a genuine compassion for those in need has enriched us all. The reward of your life’s endeavors lives on in the hearts and souls of each life you have blessed.


With our deepest love and respect, Your loving husband and the souls you will find waiting to welcome you to paradise!


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Ginette Karabees Ginette Karabees has been involved in community service since she was a young girl attending a Catholic school. It was headed by her father’s first cousin, a nun, and so Ginette was involved in a number of fundraising efforts, such as bake sales. Today, Ginette concentrates on the Sojourner Center, where she progressed from reading to children to helping women in need, and the Phoenix Art Museum, which she calls “a gift to our city for everyone.“ Ginette is a tenured docent and serves on the Circles Committee. In 1990, she chaired the museum’s Festival of Trees. She also works on the museum’s ancillary groups, such as the Arizona Costume Institute and Phoenix Art Museum League. Her philanthropic role models include Valley women Ardie Evans and Sherry Koopot, whom she considers “the best at what they do.” Ginette hopes her own good examples will inspire future generations to become involved in community service. Ginette and her husband John have one daughter and one grandchild. Her favorite sportswear designer is Ralph Lauren. Her guilty pleasures include relaxing on the beach, eating chocolate and enjoying a good meal with

Ina Manaster Some people think of community service only in terms of the rewards it brings them. Not Ina Manaster. She is grateful to finally be at a point in her life where she can make a difference in the lives of others, such as the people she has helped through the Florence Crittenton Youth Services. Ina was not involved in charitable work as a child. Today, she makes a special effort to teach youngsters to give back to the community. “With the young people of age today, we need to help them explore their strengths, emphasize their responsibility, and show them they can and should help to make a difference,” the grandmother of one says. “When it’s their turn, they should also know that they can do it their way.” Her philanthropic role models are Jerry Bisgrove and his late wife, Debi. “They had a good sense of what philanthropy should be. They expected outcomes and held people accountable. And they gave smartly and from the heart, not for personal acknowledgment,” Ina says. Ina’s favorite sportswear designer is Brunello Cuccinelli. She never gets nervous appearing in front of a crowd but admits to one embar-


J U LY / A U G U S T


rassing on-stage moment. “I was giving a wonderful speech to 300 people, only to find out that the label to my new suit was still sewn on the sleeve of my jacket,” she admits goodnaturedly. The new Trendsetter’s guilty pleasures include caviar (with anything!), chocolate-covered marshmallows and popcorn. Her favorite song is “Rhapsody on a Theme” by Paganini. Her favorite lyrics are “I’ve Been There” by Barbra Streisand. If she could invite any four people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Winston Churchill, Leonard Bernstein, Dave Barry and Steven Spielberg. Favorite Formal Wear Designers: Naeem Khan and Chado Ralph Rucci. Favorite Fragrance: Armani. Things you may not know about Ina: She is claustrophobic. She believes in reincarnation. She was very shy and introverted when she was young.

great company. If she could invite any four people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Ayn Rand, Peter Jennings, Larry Ellison and Bernard Arnaud. Her favorite song is “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. If she could appear in any movie role, it would be “Miranda” in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Favorite Formal Wear Designers: Ralph Lauren. Favorite Fragrance: Angel by Thierry Mugler. Things you may not know about Ginette: At age 51, she returned to school and earned a master’s degree in psychology from Northern Arizona University. She grew up in Trinidad, where her grandparents immigrated to own and operate a coconut plantation. Her mother’s family is from England. She moved to the United States to attend college. In June, she observed the America’s Cup finals in Valencia, Spain, from a nearby spectators’ yacht.


Congratulations to all of the


Judy Hewson To a wonderful mother, wife, best friend and community volunteer. You are always our “Trendsetter.�

Congratulations We are very proud of you, Gary, Liz, Tyler, Gary Jr. and Joel

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Sallie Brophy Najafi Sallie Brophy Najafi learned at a young age about the importance of serving others while taking care of her invalid grandmother. Today Sallie continues to reach out to people in need within the community, and she is especially proud of her work with The Library Foundation and the annual Dinner in the Stacks gala. An animal lover who has raised everything from dogs and cats to chickens and geckos, Sallie also helped on the Arizona Humane Society’s “Compassion with Fashion” event for the past three years. Her greatest rewards come from the many hours she and her daughter, Julie, 14, share while volunteering for the National Charity League. “Julie is a teenager and is busy with her own life. Our NCL work gives us quality time to spend together while broadening Julie’s understanding of the world,” the proud mom says. This mother of two – her son, Blaise, is 16 – loves chocolate. Her guilty pleasures include chocolate-covered potato chips. Sallie’s favorite sportswear designer is Akris. Her pride and joy are her children and her lasting friendships. Her favorite songs include Josh Groban’s “The Prayer” and The Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

Linda Messenger With a long history of civic and philanthropic involvement, Linda Messenger remains committed to giving back to the community. Currently, her favorites include the Orpheum Theatre restoration/renovation program and the Orpheum Theatre Foundation. As a member of the Junior League of Phoenix, she developed a coalition of support to restore, renovate and reopen the last remaining historic theater in downtown Phoenix. Her proudest philanthropic achievement was overseeing the Orpheum Theatre’s reopening gala featuring the legendary Carol Channing in “Hello Dolly.” Linda believes everyone should encourage future generations to take part in charitable activities. “We are obliged to encourage and inspire the passion and vision of our younger versions while continuing to chair, commit and support the charitable and philanthropic endeavors of the fifth largest city of the United States with our wisdom, energy, and financial wherewithal. Lead and they will learn to be leaders,” Linda says. She is inspired by “the past pioneers of the Arizona territory who ventured past Texas and New Mexico, and the early settlers who possessed the courage and tenacity to make


J U LY / A U G U S T


Arizona home and the 48th state of the Union,” the new Trendsetter says. “The mixed generations of 35 and younger continue to challenge my world with infinite possibilities, trigger-fast resolutions and technological superiority. I love them all.” Her favorite sportswear designer is Escada, with its thoughtful details and feminine nuances. Her favorite movie roles include Catherine Danning (played by Rene Russo) in “The Thomas Crown Affair.” If Linda could invite any four people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Tony Blair, Warren Buffet, John Wayne and the Reverend Billy Graham. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Valentino, “the ultimate vision of grace and beauty.” Favorite Fragrance: Boucheron. Things you may not know about Linda: Her favorite song is “The National Anthem.” The pride and joy of her life is her family: husband Mike, daughter Ashley, son Michael, daughter-in-law Kelli, and granddaughter, Madi. She plans to make time for “guilty” pleasures.

She usually gets nervous in front of a crowd but that didn’t stop her from performing in her sixth-grade production of “Camelot.” If she could have appeared in any movie role, it would be Tracy in “The Philadelphia Story” as performed by Katharine Hepburn. If she could invite any people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Princess Diana, George Clooney and Antonio Banderas. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Caroline Herrera. Favorite Fragrance: Creed’s Love In White. Things you may not know about Sallie: Her favorite movie is “Born Free.” As a child, she galloped her horse across the Biltmore Golf Course in the middle of the night. She was born in London and is really a closet anglophile.


Congratulations to all of the


Ina Manaster To my wife, Ina Manaster, you are a shining example of caring and love. Your involvement in our community is wonderful. I am so proud of you. Love, Murray

Congratulations, Mom! Love, Jason, Hillery, and Annie

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Barbara Payne Like many other women, Barbara Payne began her work with charitable organizations while helping at her children’s schools. Her term as president of the Methodist Women of the Alamo Heights United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas, formed the bedrock for her community service in the Valley, where she has served on numerous philanthropic boards of directors. One of Barbara’s proudest moments came when she helped to increase the fund-raising efforts of the Asian Arts Council of Phoenix Art Museum from less than $20,000 in 2005 to more than $120,000 in 2007. She co-chaired the AAC’s fund-raising event in both 2006 and 2007, and served as the organization’s president in 2007. The new Trendsetter has another reason to celebrate this year. On Oct. 5, Barbara and her husband, Tom, will celebrate their golden anniversary at the Trends Charitable Fund Beat the Heat gala. Family continues to be Barbara’s pride and joy. This mother of four and grandmother of seven (with another due this fall) has already passed the philanthropic baton to future generations. She and her daughter, Deidre Bliss,

Carol Waldrop Carol Waldrop is arguably the “voice” of many charitable organizations. When she was young, she delighted audiences by singing at many community events. For the past 15 years, Carol has spread the word about philanthropic groups – their missions and fund-raising events – by publishing The Redbook with friends and associates Jacquie Dorrance and Nancy White. “We like to think that we have made a positive contribution to the philanthropic community. We’ve expanded our coverage and set up our Web site ( Most community organizations now know to submit their information to us and to search the site when planning an event,” Carol says. Carol’s philanthropic efforts have evolved as she has matured. In her 20s and 30s, she was active in the Junior League and Phoenix Country Day School Parents’ Association. She moved on in her 40s and 50s to various arts, cultural and social service agencies. The Combined Metropolitan Phoenix Arts and Sciences, or COMPAS, is one of Carol’s all-time favorites. Today, she enjoys mentoring young people interested in serving their community. “Volunteer work helped me immensely when I was returning to work. It taught me to network and gave me the confidence to ask for things,


J U LY / A U G U S T


especially when shifting careers,” says Carol, who serves as director of development at the Arizona Science Center. The new Trendsetter’s favorite sportswear designer is Babette. Her guilty pleasures include napping on the weekend and sweet and salty snacks, such as chocolate-covered pretzels. Carol also enjoys bringing her grandson, Clayton Torrey, 9, to the Arizona Science Center. Favorite Formal Wear Designers: Harari and Zoran. Favorite Fragrance: She seldom wears one. Things you may not know about Carol: She is a garage sale and thrift shop junkie. She had a contract to sing in a lounge in Las Vegas after graduating college. Instead, she went into retailing and started in the junior executive program for Neiman Marcus in Dallas and then was a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco and here in the Valley. She loves card games and dominoes. She sang “God Bless America” at her office after 9/11.

are co-chairing the Arizona Humane Society’s 2008 Compassion with Fashion fund-raising luncheon. Barbara’s favorite sportswear designers are Alexander McQueen and Armani. If she could invite any four people, living or dead, to dinner, they’d be Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Dorothy Parker and Jacqueline Kennedy. Her favorite song is Cole Porter’s “I Get A Kick Out of You.” If she could have appeared in any movie role, it would have been to dance with Fred Astaire in any of his movies. Favorite Formal Wear Designer: Vicky Tiel. Favorite Fragrance: Lolita Lempicka. Things you may not know about Barbara: She was the first student in her first-grade class to finish her Dick and Jane reader. She was named Miss Flame in high school. She drove 90 minutes each way to law school five days a week while managing a traveling husband, four children, two dogs, one cat, two love birds and a parrot, and still managed to graduate a year early.




Oonagh Boppart, Jennifer Croll, Renee Dee, Alexis Glascock, Marilyn Harris, Nan Howlett, Cathy Kleeman, Jill Roberts, Lisa Shapiro, Paige Wheeler

Maureen Barkley, Debi Bisgrove, Stevie Eller, Judy Flynn, Ruth Lavinia, Robin Milne, Pam Overton, Pat Petznick, Robin Sewell, Daryl Weil

Elaine Apostle, Diana Balich, Olivia Garcia, Jazelle Ghiz, Dana Jirauch, Sally Lehmann, Suzan Makaus, Cheryl Parker, Ellie Shapiro, Suzan Spiekerman


2005 Carol Cook, Courtney Denton, Barbara Dunlap, Brenda Heuring, Catherine Jacobson, Jill Kristen-Ormsbee, Leah Hoffman Langerman, Beth Matthews, Priscilla Nicholas, Sarah Suggs

Lin Sue Cooney, Naomi Gauthier, Heather Greenbaum, Christine Gustafson, Sandy Cowen, Linda Pope, Jordan Rose, Rhonda Russell, Carrie Schnepf, Nancy White


2004 Judy Bowe, Barbara Caldwell Taylor, Donna Johnson, Jerri Kelly, Caryll Kyl, Patsy Lowry, Diane Might, Terry Roman, Julie Vogel, Nancy Walker

Sue Boemer, Wendy Cracchiolo, Anne Hesse, Bonnie Marshall, Bonnie Martin, Michelle Robson, Glenna Shapiro, Sharon Steele, Sandy Wood, Olinda Young



Missy Anderson, Jane Christensen, Sari Deihl, Jane Edmunds, Laurie Florkiewicz, Benee Hilton, Jamie Hormel, Tochia Levine, Karen Pratte, Elaine Schreiber

Trisha Anthony, Anne Christensen, Barbee Cromack, Patty Dion, Jamie Drinkwater, Suzanne Eder, Judy Edwards, Sharon Eider-Orley, Nancy Hanley, Ellie Ziegler



Charlene Berge-Blum, Cathy Campo, Debbie Gaby, Carrie Hall, Lisa Henry-Holmes, Carole Machiz, Sandy Magruder, Jean Marley, Stella Paolini, Karen Thorn

Jane Bergamo, Barbie Boyle, Julie Jackson, Darlene Keller-Price, Kristy Moore, Shauna Robertson, Anne Ross, Linda Surdakowski, Susie Wesley, Katherine Woods



Jennifer Blank-Matney, Barbara Davis, April Esner, Susan Hoskyns, Melissa Leonesio, Leslie McCarver, Carole Moreno, Tara Shapiro, Sandy Trznadel, Ann Vry

Barbara Arkules, Libby Cohen, Donna Fleischer, Leevon Guerithault, Rona Kasen, Terres Martori, Lisa Molina, Ruth Ritz, Tracey Saban, Georgeanne White


2000 Pamela Covella, Michele Laven Feldmann, Kathleen Lang, Stephanie McRae, Patti Naughton, June Shapiro, Nancy Silver, Patty Stelton, Heidi Teets, Christi Warner-Beyer


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Shelley Adams, Jill Alanko, Molly Beeson, Lynn Custer, Claudia Fanning, Jamie Herzlinger, Beth McDonald, Lisa Shover, Shireen Stuart, Patsy Tiffany

1991 Sharon Bartick, Sheila Corwin, Melissa Goett, Ann Graham, Nancy Joaquim, Phyllis Malanfant, Pearl Marr, Marcie Saban, Carolyn Ross, Rachel Smith

1990 Marie-France Andreani, Jane Evans, Georgia Green, Susan Heywood, Julie Hopper, Sally Lynch, JoAnn Murphy, Marcia Roth, Diane Ryan, Loretta Saban

1989 Nancy Berge, Pat Hasbrook, Kax Herberger, Denise Hrudka, Freita Keluche, Betty McRae, Cay Cowie, Denise Ricketts, Sue Stuckey, Jocelyn Wallace

1988 Liz Alpert, Deborah Pyburn Brewer, Penny Galarneau, Patti Lau, Christine McGuire, Anne Robbs, Robin Russell, Virginia Simpson, Rita Steer, Michele Watson

1987 Linda Anderson, Valentine Coleman, Carol Critchfield, Pat Goldman, Penny Gunning, Robyn Lee, Betty Reid, Stephanie Roberts, Kim Spector

1986 Paige Burns, Diane Halle, Loretta Haugen, Pat Leach, Karlynn Keyes-Lee, Jamie Lendrum, Mary Ellen McKee, Mary Ogle, Dorothy McGuire-Williamson, Bernadette Wolfswinkle

1985 Rosemary Brown, Nanci Bruner, Debbie Dus, Cheryl Fine, Harriet Friedland, Andrea Mullen, Jane Norris, Susan Smith Olsen, Betty Rosenzweig, Mary Jo Waits

Sallie Brophy Najafi Congratulations to our wonderful mother. Thank you for all you do for us and for our community.

We are so proud to be your son and daughter.

Love, Blaise and Julia



2007 Trendsetters

Congratulations to all of the

Ginette Karabees A special thanks for all you do to make our community a better place to live. Your loving family, John, Kristin, David, Devon, and Fran

Barbara and Tom Payne 50 Years of Laughter 50 Years of Love 50 Years of Friendship Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary. Your friends and admirers at Trends Magazine 26

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Beat the Heat 2006

Beat the Heat Ambassadors Jamie Lendrum, Pat Leach and Mary Ellen McKee

Herman Chanen, Michelle Robson and Mark Tarbell

Priscilla and Michael Nicholas Nancy and Richard Joaquim

Chuck and Kathy Munson

Tom and Madena Stewart Ruth and Sandy Ritz

Trendsetters 2006 are, from left, Nan Howlett, Jill Roberts, Oonagh Boppart, Jennifer Croll, Marilyn Harris, Cathy Kleeman, Alexis Glascock, Renee Dee, Lisa Shapiro and Paige Wheeler


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Beat the Heat 2006

Bill and Rebecca Nassikas

Jill and Terry Ormsbee

John and Armity Simon

Fabulous Phoenicians Lattie and Elva Coor with Hugh Downs Harriet Friedland with Fred and Patti Lau


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Charles Stuart

Libby and Joel Cohen

Ann Graham

2007 Trendsetters

Congratulations to all of the

Sallie Brophy Najafi We appreciate all your efforts, and we are proud of your contributions to our community. With Love, Mom and Jim, Francesca and Steve, Christi Moriah, Fiona and Tom


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JULY/AUGUST 2007 volume 25, No. 5

Publisher: BILL DOUGHERTY Editor: WENDY MILLER Assistant Editor: Lindsey Smith Contributor: DARRELL BIGGS Travel Editor: LAUREN WRIGHT Food Writer: KAREN DAWSON Advertising Manager: SUZANNE EDER Account Executives: JENNA LEE DILLON | PATRICE METZLER Public Relations and Marketing: NICOLE TRAYNOR | lauren marchi | Selene lÒpez nÀjera Art Direction: SWEET DESIGNS Fashion Photographer: SCOTT FOUST Trends Make Up and Hair Stylist: LAURA FLAGLER/LEIDAN MITCHELL SALON AND SPA Society Photographer: PETER KRZYKOS Distribution: MAG’S MAIL Certified Public Accountants: ASSOCIATED FINANCIAL & TAX Services inc. AJ’s Distribution: pogo Printing: COURIER GRAPHICS CORP. Information Technology: BEN AMES Web Designer: MIND GRIND Music Production: chris beckley/the production group Special Events Coordinator: ROBYN LEE SUBSCRIPTIONS: To guarantee receiving every issue of TRENDS, send a check for $25 (one year), $50 (two years) or $75 (three years) to Trends executive office (address below). Subscription will start the next month of publication. No refunds. Please send checks and address changes to: TRENDS Publishing 6045 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 205, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 Phone: (480) 990-9007 Fax: (480) 990-0048 Website: DEADLINES: All editorial and advertisement copy due no later than the 18th of the month six weeks prior to publication (for example, Sept. 18 for the November issue). Published monthly September through April and twice during the summer by Trends Publishing. Editorial E-mail: Advertising E-mail: © 2007 ISSN 0742-034X

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Hawaii Calls By Bill Dougherty

Luxurious new resorts, homes reestablish city as the ultimate destination


y the late 1990s Honolulu had gained the reputation of being a budget destination in the breathtaking chain of the Hawaiian Islands. The tourism bureau of the capital city was seeing tourist dollars rapidly moving to the islands of Kauai, Maui and Hawaii. No one wanted to spend their vacation in Honolulu anymore. Anyone who stayed in Honolulu in the 1960s and ‘70s could tell you that there was nothing more heartstopping than Waikiki Beach. Dreamy turquoise water and staggering glimpses of the sun rising up over Diamond Head, the flames of tiki torches blending with the golden sun-kissed sunsets and steel guitar music all contributed to the perfect vacation. Honolulu was the ultimate destination for many Americans who did not wish to hassle with currency exchanges or passport queues. This changed dramatically in the mid- to late-1970s as the unspoiled islands of Maui and Kauai began to attract tourism with posh opulent resorts that offered an alternative to the “ants on candy” feel that Oahu had become famous for. Top: Looking at poolside estate on Diamond Head in Kāhala Left: Golden sunset on the beach of Oahu Opposite Page Top: Waikiki Beach & Diamond Head Opposite Page Bottom: Contemporary Hawaiian home in Portlock


J U LY / A U G U S T


Shortly after 9/11 the landscape of Honolulu and Waikiki started to change. The chamber of commerce was unhappy with the current reputation the state capital held for many tourists who were now treating Honolulu as little more than a layover for better island destinations.

walking access to the entire Waikiki strip. These properties range from $500,000 to $800,000 depending on the unit you select. The dream neighborhoods still include K āhala (average starting price $1.64 million), Hawai’i Loa Ridge ($1.5 million), Portlock

($1.35 million), and Hawai’i Kai ($950,000). These median prices are based on half-acre lots with ocean views. A vacant lot with an oceanfront view on K āhala can fetch as much as $8 million. K āhala is still considered the most exclusive neighborhood in the entire island chain, according to Coldwell

Today many of the budget hotels that once dominated the Waikiki shoreline have given way to upscale “condotels” offering fivestar amenities and incomparable views of Waikiki Beach. Suggested destinations now include Outrigger Regency Waikiki, Resort Quest Waikiki, Ohana Ala Wai Towers, Illaki Al Wai Marina and the famous Illaki Oahu, which are now five-star condotel properties. Traditional hotels that still merit a five-star rating include The Moana Surf rider, The Royal Hawaiian and the ultra-elite Halekulani. For those wishing to make Honolulu more of a permanent residence, downtown Waikiki high-rise condos such as Kaka’ako, Keola La’i and 1350 are beautiful properties just across from Ala Moana Park, which allow

J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 7


T R AV E L Left: Bayside properties in the neighborhood of Hawai’i Kai Below: Oahu Beach Bottom: Skyline of Honolulu

Banker Realtor Associate Leanne Kwock, a Honolulu native who specializes in Waikiki properties. Shopping on the island is unrivaled, with lavish boutiques that adorn Kalakaua Avenue all the way west to the Ala Mona Center, a beautiful Polynesian-themed shopping mall. Today Honolulu is a city of swaying palms, bustling traffic and topnotch accommodations. If you haven’t given it a chance in a while, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. Aloha!

For more information, contact Leanne Kwock at or 808.542.0511. For more information on tourism in Hawaii, contact the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau at 1-800-GOHAWAII or visit their website at


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AUCTIONS Alice Smith

Hollywould. Holly Could. Holly Did Andrea Evans

Not since Cinderella slipped her dainty foot into the glass slipper has a shoe cast such an enchanted spell on the female psyche. Five Phoenix women are living their own fairy tale after having renowned shoe designer Holly Dunlap created a shoe for them based on each woman’s wish list. Andrea Evans, Carole Machiz, Alice Smith and sisters Michelle Blincoe and Tanya Rietz won the unique opportunity at last year’s Trends Celebrity Luncheon auction. Each bid $10,000 for a custom shoe by Holly, a Phoenix native and the darling of the designer shoe industry. The shoes arrived earlier this year. Michelle and Tanya said they jumped at the idea to create their own shoe. The sisters’ “Bejeweled” thong combines Michelle’s desire for the eternally classic flat thong with Tanya’s desire for an up-to-date kit-

Carole Machiz

Michelle Blincoe and Tanya Rietz

ten heel. Alice Smith combined her name with those of her daughters, Bree and Sarah, to name her classic slip-on “Alice Bresarah.” She asked Holly for a taupe-colored, satin shoe that could be worn with anything. Alice won’t wear the shoes often so her girls can inherit them. Silver-and-gold shiny trim along the wedge enables Andrea Evans to wear her versatile “Andrea Jane” (a combination of her name and her mother’s) shoes with casual and dressy fashions. Carole Machiz requested a low-heeled version of an existing Hollywould evening shoe. Now the shoe she named “Dynasty” after her Siamese cat is selling well on the Web site. Carole’s name is even featured online in the shoe’s description. Proceeds from the auction benefited the charities of the Trends Charitable Fund.

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Opera Ball

Catherine Anaya and Patricia Diross

Opera Ball Chairs Dyan Haugen and Pearle Marr

Arizona Opera Artistic Director Joel Revsen and Cindy Revzen Harold and Jeanette Segal

WE SEE LITTLE GREEN MEN Courtly dressed “hedgemen,” costumed characters from Arizona Opera’s production of “Beauty & the Beast,” greeted guests on the red carpet. T’WAS BEAUTY THRILLED THE BEAST Opera Ball 2007 raised a record $220,000.

Pam McConlogue with Risa and Bud Cox Rich and Maryglenn Boals

SINGING THEIR PRAISES Thanks to Opera Ball chairs such as 2007’s Dyan Haugen and Pearle Marr, education programs have introduced more than 40,000 children and adults to opera.

Roma and Raymond Wittcoff

Sherry Sklar


J U LY / A U G U S T


s -/2'!. *%!. s ./)2 s ./2-! +!-!,) s 0)88) s 0,%.49 s 2!..! '),, s 3!- %$%,-!. s 3-94(% s 309 s 34!#)% "!33 s 39$.%9 %6!. s 4!6%2.)4) 3/ s 4)##) #!"!.! s 42%% s 42)#)! &)8 s 6).#% s 6)4!-). ! s 9! 9!

# # s #(!2,/44% 2/.3/. s #/ s #2)3 s #2/7. s $! .!.' s $)!.% -%$!+ s $7%,, s %,%'!.4,9 7!)34%$ s (!9,56 s (%!4(%2 (!7+).3 s *!-) 2/$2)'5%: s *%4 s *5.% s +!2%. :!-"/3 s +//"! s ,! 2/+ s

!,)#% 42)8)% s "!,4!:!2 s "%43%9 */(.3/. s "2%!$ "544!s #!.$%,! s

Biltmore Skin Care Center Love The Skin You’re In

ASK THE EXPERTS: Skin Care 101 Jan Dupuy, RN Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Skin Care Owner of Biltmore Skin Care Center Q. I saw a Plastic Surgeon on TV with a camera that detects wrinkles and pore size. Is this something you recommend? A. Why the camera? Any skilled medical professional who’s trained in skin health can take a look at you, sans your make-up and tell you what your skin needs. I may need the aid of a magnifying lamp but it isn’t hard to evaluate texture, color, tone and pore size. All are visible to the trained eye. The pictures from the camera may be impressive but I venture to say it’s just a fancy marketing tool that somebody will be paying for. Show me a 30 year old with color from the sun, some brown spots, premature fine lines and dry skin and it’s no mystery who’s heading down a path to meet a much older version of themselves very quickly. Click and I’ll tell you how to correct and repair. Now say CHEESE! Q. At what point should I be concerned about a mole or a dark freckle? A. You should always be concerned. I take nothing on the skin for granted. Here’s my rule…“When in doubt check it out”! By that I mean, see a Dermatologist annually for a total body check or sooner if you see changes in a mole, freckle or lesion on your skin. Just make this part of your own annual wellness check.You won’t regret it. Just so you know, it’s impossible to say without having a biopsy taken whether it is an innocent lesion (benign) or it’s something more serious, so I cringe when patients tell me…“my doctor just burned it off ”. Yikes! Wouldn’t you have liked knowing what that was he just burnt off? Sure, it’s more expensive to send it to a pathologist (A Doctor who examines tissues microscopically for disease) but I think that’s always your safest bet! Q. What’s the difference between glycolic acids and all the other acids? A. First off, aren’t we glad we’re way past the days of soap and water? With today’s products we can actually reverse much of the damage that we’ve done. I agree, you almost need a medical degree to understand all of these complex ingredients but if you find the right medical professional who enjoys explaining it to you, you’re moving in a great direction. Many of these medical strength acids work wonders to keep your pores free from clogging, your skin polished and glowing and they actually penetrate to a deeper level of the skin where collagen cells are made. More collagen means less fine lines and wrinkles. Who wants to spend money at the comestic counter or spa when the “Big Guns against aging” are just an appointment away? All consultations are complimentary at:

Biltmore Skin Care Center 602-224-6100

2398 E. Camelback Rd., Suite #780 • Phoenix, AZ 85016 Send Questions & Comments to: Proudly Associated with Barry Fernando, MD (Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon)

,%6%, s ,/6% 9! 9! s ,5#+9 34!2 s ,52% s -!2#)! -/2!. s -%,!.)% ,/#+


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THE COUPLE Ms. Caroline Angela Tweeton-Pacheco, Esq. of Scottsdale, Arizona Mr. Jay Kepoikai Pricher, Esq. of Honolulu, Hawaii NUPTIALS Brophy Chapel THE RECEPTION Silverleaf, North Scottsdale THE RING Hers – Moda Fina Fine Jewelers His – Hamra Jewelers MEET THE PARENTS Ms. Meleanna Meyer and Mr. John Pricher (deceased) Mr. and Mrs. John and Angela Pacheco WEDDING PLANNER Rackel Chamberlain, First Comes Love Event Planning THE FLOWERS Angelic Grove (Hydrangeas, sterling silver roses, iris, and daffodils) THE BRIDAL GOWN Yolanda Couture of New York THE GROOM’S TUXEDO Ralph Lauren THE PHOTOGRAPHER Christine Johnson THE HONEYMOON Tour of Italy – Rome, Ravello (on the Amalfi Coast), Florence, and Lake Como SOMETHING DIFFERENT % In accordance with his ancestral Hawaiian tradition, the groom wore a maile lei during the ceremony and reception.

% T he cocktail reception featured an ice sculpture in the form of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” and a fireworks show over the 18th green.

% The bride and groom were engulfed in bubbles while making their debut and danced to “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” by Barry White.

% T he bride danced with her grandfather, Mr. Ignatius L. Wilkinson, on his 75th birthday.

% A t the end of the night, guests received mini donuts, coffee and tea to ensure sweet dreams for all.


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a 300-ton captain’s license and has piloted a 109-foot Italian yacht on the Riviera. “The aluminum would be cost-prohibitive today, and people don’t want to mess around with wood. As a result, everyone is going to fiberglass and chrome. That’s not us,” referring to himself and his partner, Billie Jo. The couple spent 18 months renovating the cruiser. “We completely tore down the engines, electrical and plumbing. We gave this 1977 classic ship 2008 technology. It has the most advanced radar in the world,” Herberger said. While state-of-the-art technology powers the yacht, glamour reigns supreme in its living quarters. Billie Jo selected textured Asian silks and Hawaiian bark cloth to give the four-bedroom, five-bathroom vessel versatility. The master stateroom has a Jacuzzi; the spacious salon holds a baby grand piano. Colorful paintings by Lou Davis, Phil Curtis and Patsy Lowry greet guests throughout the living areas.

Phoenician yachters find serenity, adventure on the high seas


t’s not just a boat, it’s a lifestyle. And it gives you the freedom to travel the world in the same comfort and luxury that you expect from home. We’re talking yachts, and everyone from your nextdoor neighbor to celebs like George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey and business magnates like Paul Allen have taken to entertaining on the seas. Although Phoenicians have opted to reside in an arid climate, most love the water. Some charter luxurious megayachts (Fraser Yachts Worldwide,, is a good source) to cruise exotic locales around the world; others dock theirs in San Diego, Palm Beach or the Mediterranean. Representing opposite sides of the coin are Judd Herberger and Billie Jo, and Keith DeGreen. Herberger and Billie Jo leisurely cruise the California coastline in their classic 77-foot Chris-Craft Roamer – one of seven 70-foot-plus aluminum boats built by the company during the 1970s. DeGreen, on the other hand, is exploring foreign ports during his yearlong, around-the-world voyage on his 55-foot Nordhavn.

Aboard the Shahrazad When Judd Herberger was a kid, he taped a picture of a Chris-Craft Constellation to his mirror and vowed, “someday, I’m gonna own a boat just like you.” It took until 2005, but the Valley businessman finally got his wish when a vintage Chris-Craft Roamer named Shahrazad came up for sale. The 77-foot aluminum yacht was one of only seven Chris-Crafts built in the 1970s. Herberger adored its warm, Old World style. “It has real character – classic boat architecture, a wooden interior, huge windows, a great floor plan and warm wood throughout for a glamorous Hollywood feel. If you opened the door, you’d expect to see Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall,” said Herberger, who holds


J U LY / A U G U S T


The rich decor underscores an equally rewarding lifestyle. The couple enjoys spending a comfortable night alone as well as entertaining groups of friends. The soirees take place while docked in their slip in Marina Del Ray, California, or on day cruises along the West Coast between Santa Barbara to the north to Ensenada, Mexico to the south. The couple keeps their trips short to enable Herberger, who pilots the vessel, to socialize and enjoy the cruise. “It’s magical fun. I’m so pleased with what we’ve accomplished together,” said Billie Jo, who added the couple hosted 18 guests – their largest group – in June and will hold their first on-board wedding this year. Yachting continues to give Herberger, now in his 60s, the same thrill it did as a child. “Ever since I was a kid with a 3-hp Evinrude, I’d get euphoric when I was on the water. I feel adventuresome, prideful and free,” Herberger said.

Aboard The Global Adventure Today Phoenix, tomorrow the world. The saying could easily be the motto for Keith DeGreen. After much soul-searching, the Arizona financial advisor and radio talk-show host sold his lucrative firm, DeGreen Wealth Management, and embarked on a trip most people only dream of – an around-the-world voyage that is taking him to such exotic destinations as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Male (The Maldives), Dubai and Cairo. DeGreen hopes to enter the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal by April 1, precisely one year after launching his voyage from San Diego. His mission is to explore interesting locations throughout the world and examine the economics, politics, culture, and investment opportunities at each port of call, all while continuing his Sunday morning radio show on Phoenix’s Newstalk 550 KFYI. Top left: Judd Herberger purchased his dream yacht – a classic 1977 Chris-Craft Roamer – in 2005. He and Billie Jo spent two years revitalizing its elegant, Old World character while equipping it with 2008 technology. Opposite page top: Judd Herberger and Billie Jo recreated Hollywood glamour in the salon of their yacht Shahrazad. Herberger wanted to evoke thoughts of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall when they board. Opposite page right: The fully outfitted 55-foot Nordhavn is as luxurious as it is a workhorse, capable of taking Valley entrepreneur Keith DeGreen on his yearlong, around-the-world adventure. Opposite page right inset: Keith DeGreen

Sail Away to San Diego New Yacht Repair Facility One of the hottest up-and-coming destinations for the international yachting circle is one Phoenicians often visit. San Diego is quickly becoming a megayacht hot spot thanks in part to the newly unveiled Marine Group Boat Works ( The yacht repair facility recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation; it now boasts a boat lift capable of lifting 1.3 million pounds and stands six stories tall with tires as tall as Raja Bell.

“We are taking a more global view as we analyze individual pieces of the world economy. Our goal is to empower our listeners and Web site visitors to make informed choices about their international portfolio,” DeGreen said. His journey is made possible by a “kitchen pass” from his wife, Lynn, he joked, but also by his ship, The Global Adventure. It is a 55-foot Nordhavn full-displacement, long-range trawler with a range of 4,000 miles. Piloted by two licensed captains, the ship is heavily equipped with communications gear. Inside, The Global Adventure boasts teak flooring and walls, padded leather ceilings, leather settees, a Sub-Zero refrigerator, and state-of-the-art electronics and navigational systems. “After I looked at everything in this size range, this was my best choice,” DeGreen, 57, told Trends by phone from his yacht in Palau. “It is designed to go long-range, can be run by a couple and has an excellent stabilizer system.” His family – Lynn, five children and three grandchildren – join him frequently. In July, the family will wait out hurricane season in the Philippines by spending three weeks touring China. They’ll return to the Philippines in August, and then DeGreen will travel to Taiwan. To follow DeGreen’s adventures, visit

“In the past, megayacht owners had to go overseas to Milan or Bangkok whenever their yachts needed work,” said Todd Roberts, vice president of The Marine Group. “Now they don’t have to take out their passports for a simple tune-up or a nice paint job.” This is good news for Arizona yacht owners, who comprise nearly 15 percent of The Marine Group’s clientele. “There is certainly a tremendous demand for a facility of this caliber on the West Coast,” said Roberts. “You can see that with high-profile yacht owners like Larry Ellison immediately signing on.” The Oracle CEO and billionaire was one of The Marine Group’s very first customers. He entrusted his “little yacht,” the 192-foot Ronin, to the shipyard for repairs before reportedly heading off to the America’s Cup in Spain. YachtFest, Sept. 13-16 YachtFest ‘07 sails into San Diego’s Shelter Island for the eighth straight year, and organizers are preparing for a tidal wave of interest in bigger than ever boats and multi-million-dollar super yachts. Presented by San Diego Marine Exchange, YachtFest (yachtfest. com) will take more than 30 berths in San Diego Bay. More than $50 million worth of boats, yachts, super yachts, electronics, engines and other accessories from major international manufacturers will be on display and for sale at Shelter Island Marina and Island Palms Hotel.

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Body Positive Night for Life Night for Life past chairs Range Shaw and Christi Warner-Beyer

Marc Reid, Body Positive Founder Kirk Baxter and Richard Merrifield Tom Simplot and J. David Smith

Lexie Bohnert

TAKING A POSITIVE APPROACH Night for Life is the largest single fundraiser for Body Positive, an HIV & AIDS Research and Resource Center. IT WAS THEIR NIGHT Honored were: Robert Black and Marc Reid with the Outstanding Achievement Award, U.S. Airways with the Corporate Leadership Award, Dr. Gary Smethers and Dean Kleyn with the Outstanding Philanthropist Award, Bill Sheppard with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Mary Rose Wilcox as Community Champion. Night for Life Chairs Jennifer Bohnert and Richard Stahl Cassie and Liz Miller

Tyler and Stephanie Heymann


J U LY / A U G U S T


Stephen and Mary Schaffler

luncheons Renee Dee, Noa Gauthier and Naomi Gauthier

Dyan Haugen and Dee Nowell

Emily Center Lauren Fann and Event Chair Melinda Parker

EMILY CENTER FASHION AND LUNCHEON Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Emily Center led the way for hospital-based, pediatric family resource centers. A ‘SECRET GARDEN’ The first “seeds” were planted 18 years ago. Emily Center now helps more than 48,000 people each year. LET’S GROW The Kids Who Care Gang and the Teen Spirit Group lent their time to make the event a huge success.

2008 Emily Center Chairs Debbie Simons and Jill Krigsten-Ormsbee

Spencer Dee

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BLACK-TIE CALENDAR Attire is black-tie unless otherwise noted

Stars of Hope – Miracles at The Mix St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital AUGUST 24 Canal Restaurant at The Mix, SouthBridge District, Scottsdale Information: 1.800.227.6737 Cocktail attire Corks & Cactus 2007 Desert Botanical Garden SEPTEMBER 28 Desert Botanical Garden Information: 480.941.1225 Cocktail attire Fourth Annual Copa Ball Maricopa Health Foundation SEPTEMBER 29 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.344.1818 Black-tie optional Trends Beat the Heat Trends Charitable Fund OCTOBER 5 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 480.991.0601 Cocktail attire Zoofari Phoenix Zoo/Arizona Zoological Society OCTOBER 5 The Phoenix Zoo Information: 602.273.1341 Black-tie or formal animal attire 2nd Annual Basset Ball Arizona Basset Hound Rescue OCTOBER 6 Arizona Golf Resort, Mesa Information: 602.225.7800 Cowboy chic Evening of Goodwill Goodwill of Central Arizona OCTOBER 6 The Phoenician Information: 602.416.6145 Arizona Humanitarian of the Year Awards Dinner Anytown Arizona, Inc. OCTOBER 6 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.265.9256, ext. 101 Cocktail attire 31st Annual Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards Hon Kachina Council OCTOBER 13 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort Information: 480.905.1578 Black-tie optional First Press Weekend of Wine Friends of Public Radio Arizona OCTOBER 20 Westin Kierland Resort Information: 480.774.8466, ext. 3 Dinner in the Stacks 2007 Phoenix Public Library Foundation OCTOBER 20 Burton Barr Central Library Information: 602.534.6618 Cocktail or business attire


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BLACK-TIE CALENDAR Celebrate! Fashion Show and Dinner Dance Arizona’s Children Association OCTOBER 20 Hotel Valley Ho Information: 602.234.3733, ext 302 Cocktail attire

Summer beauty made simple

New Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials smoothes lines instantly

The Crystal Ball Teen Lifeline OCTOBER 27 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 602.248.8337

Luxury Cosmetics, Skin Care, Bath + Body, Makeup Services, Brows, Lash Extensions

Moondance 2007 The Heard Museum OCTOBER 27 The Heard Museum Information: 602.251.0203 Arizona black-tie


An Evening in Vancouver Gourmet Gala March of Dimes Foundation OCTOBER 27 Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center Information: 602.287.9935 Cocktail attire

Kevyn Aucoin, Becca, Sonya Dakar, DDF, Phyto, Talika

Teen Lifeline Dinner Dance Teen Lifeline OCTOBER 27 Arizona Biltmore Resort Information: 480.730.6075

Wednesday’s 5:30-7:00 tips, girl talk and champagne!

8th Annual Art on the Move Gala Mesa Arts Center Foundation OCTOBER 27 Mesa Arts Center Information: 480.644.6501 Cocktail attire



7137 E. Stetson Dr., #10 Scottsdale 480.945.1760

“the pARTy” Phoenix Art Museum Gala Phoenix Art Museum NOVEMBER 3 Phoenix Art Museum Information: 602.257.2101 25th Annual Ambassadors’ Ball Consular Corps of Arizona Foundation NOVEMBER 3 Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Information: A McNight in Paradise Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix, Inc. NOVEMBER 3 Scottsdale Plaza Resort Tickets: TBA Information: 602.798.5092 or vdrake@rmhcphoenix 38th Annual Holiday Dinner and Auction Xavier College Preparatory NOVEMBER 10 Xavier College Preparatory Information: 602.234.3141 Cocktail holiday attire

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 or e-mail

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‘Asia de Cuba’ Dining Review Asia de Cuba, the inhouse restaurant of Scottsdale’s Mondrian Hotel (formerly The James), certainly offers up colorful flavors, but they are in stark contrast to the colorless setting of the hotel. White, white and more white. Billowing white sheets at the entrance, floor to ceiling white, white puffy cotton clouds, and peculiar white sheep in the corridor. Owned by the international restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow of the ultra successful China Grill Management, Asia de Cuba offers along with its tasty and adventurous menu even more white appointed with some odd adornments. There’s the curious addition of roosters eerily peering at you from the walls and a larger than life white egg on the patio. I am told to ponder the age-old question of which came first…. No thanks. I don’t much care. The server, also outfitted in

clinical white (I’m not quite sure whether she is there to take my order or draw my blood.), gives me a long explanation relating the marshmallowy vision to heaven and hell. But no time to elaborate now. Ask your server and they will happily and robotically babble on an extensive explanation. Before I continue, be sure to check your credit score before you make your reservation (reminiscent of Steve Martin’s character Harris K. Telemacher in the film “L.A. Story”) because you are in for a hefty bill. However, this worthwhile, flavorful experience is much more conducive to group dining since the dishes are meant to be shared, and this is mentioned on the menu. For two people, skip the appetizers or keep it to one; this way you can enjoy two entrees and a side. The Thai Beef ($18), a seared carpaccio salad, certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Calamari Salad ($21), with hearts of palm, sweet bananas and cashews, is a

By Karen Dawson

heavenly combination (except it has entirely too much lettuce to weed through). Ropa Vieja of Duck ($18), tableside deboned confit duck legs, is a nice rendition of the traditional lettuce wrap that we have all grown tired of. However, steer clear of the thick and doughy Braised Beef Spring Rolls ($17). As for entrees, if you are not bothered by a fish head staring up at you, the Hunan Whole Wok Crispy Fish ($38), stuffed with crab, onions and peppers and finished with a perfect pungent red pepper sauce, is ever so delicate. The Lobster Mai Tai ($64) was worth every cent and a perfect dish to share. A live (the chef assured me) 2-1/2-pound East Coast lobster bathed in a fabulous rum coconut and red curry cream sauce was sweet and wonderfully tender. I paired it with a side of Thai coconut sticky rice ($7), neatly wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. Although delicious, it was also a little too sweet and overwhelmed the lobster. Cuban spiced chicken ($28) with avocado fruit salsa and tamarind sauce is a nice choice for those who may need a tamer introduction to this otherwise adventurous Asian and Latin fusion. The butterfish ($34), one of my favorite fish, was overcooked, but the flavors involved were appreciated nonetheless. If you have saved any room, or money, for dessert, there are a few worth trying, such as the banana layer cake or the Mexican doughnuts. But I would utilize the remainder of your budget and head into the Red Bar (that’s right, it’s not white!) or the Sky Bar, and take a look at the hip 20-something crowd who appear as if they have all stepped out of a Prada ad. Hmm…. Perhaps they can answer that age-old question…. Location: 7353 E. Indian School Phone: 480-308-1131 Hours: Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily Parking: Complimentary valet or lot Atmosphere: Ultra contemporary white Noise level: White noise Dress: Anything BUT white Overall Rating: ***1/2 **** = Extraordinary *** = Excellent ** = Good * = Fair None = Poor


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L U N C H E O N S Desperate Housewives

Diane Jirauch

June Shapiro

Jan Clayton

PARADISE VALLEY MEETS WISTERIA LANE Melissa Leonesio opened her lovely home for the “juicy” party, which raised money for the charities of the Trends Charitable Fund. THOSE DAZZLING, DESPERATE HOSTESSES The Desperate Housewives Party was hosted by Carole Moreno, Chris Gustafson, Kathleen Lang, Laurie Florkiewicz, Melissa Leonesio, Missy Anderson, Pam Overton and Robyn Lee. HOT GARDENERS AND GOSSIP Hunky “gardeners” and “plumbers” added fun to the landscape of the event.

Chris Gustafson, Laurie Florkiewcz, Robyn Lee and the “men of Wisteria Lane”

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VA L L E Y E V E N T S Business in the Arts Awards Breakfast Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix AUGUST 15 The Pointe Hilton Resort Squaw Peak Tickets: $20 or 6 for $100 Information: 602.364.7457 35th Annual Golf for Gompers Tournament Gompers Center Inc. AUGUST 18 The Phoenician Registration: Call for information Information: 602.336.0061, ext. 151 21st Annual Lincoln Guild Invit’l Golf Tourney John C. Lincoln Health Network SEPTEMBER 11 Wildfire Golf Club, J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Registration: $350 per golfer Information: 602.870.6060, ext. 1367 10th Annual Freedom Golf Tournament Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services SEPTEMBER 14 Gainey Ranch Golf Club Registration: $225 Information: 480.994.5704 7th Annual Beauty of a Bonzer Concert Special Olympics Arizona SEPTEMBER 15 U.S. Airways Center Tickets: $125 and up Information: 602.230.1200 Celebrity Golf Tournament House of Broadcasting Museum SEPTEMBER 20 Orange Tree Golf Resort Registration: $185 Information: 602.944.1997 Women Against MS Luncheon National Multiple Sclerosis Society SEPTEMBER 20 Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Tickets: $75 Tickets: 480.968.2489, ext. 220 Debbie Gaby’s Celebrity Catwalk for Charity Luncheon Phoenix Children’s Hospital/Sojourner Center SEPTEMBER 20 Arizona Biltmore Resort Tickets: $150 Information: 602.442.6525 RMHC National Scholarship Breakfast Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix, Inc. SEPTEMBER 21 Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Tickets: $75 and up Information: 602.798.5097 Legacy of Love Valley of the Sun School and Habilitation Center SEPTEMBER 26 Phoenix Zoo Tickets: TBA Information: 602.216.6377

Fax Calender Submissions to (480) 990–0048 or e-mail 50

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Extraordinary Properties. Exceptional Results.

Southwest Treasure with contemporary flair was nine years in the making. On 3.5 acres overlooking city skyline and Camelback. Exquisite custom details in and out. Designed by Gerry Jones. Truly spectacular. 4BD/5.5BA in 8,694 SF MLS#2672189 Offered at $14,800,000

Sophisticated soft contemporary in small gated Paradise Valley community. Walls of glass open to lush backyard with lap pool. Split floor plan has en suite bedrooms, open kitchen/family room. Quality finishes throughout. Lives like a brand-new home. Maintained to perfection. 4BD/5BA in 4,443 SF MLS#2625887 Offered at $2,500,000

One of the finest hillside homes ever built in Paradise Valley. The floor plan is perfect. Simply the finest of fixtures and finishes. The master bedroom is downstairs while up is a game room/theater. Outdoors there are massive entertaining spaces and casita. 6 BD/8 BA in 9,800 SF MLS#2672197 Offered at $8,395,000

New Construction in Paradise Valley Farms on large lot. Mediterranean design filled w/quality and charm. Wood floors, high beamed ceilings, fine finishes. Open kitchen/great room. Large yard, office/game room loft and basement. 4BD/6BA in 5,800 SF MLS#2714493 Offered at $3,360,000

Views to Die for in Paradise Valley. Wonderful entertaining spaces. Expansive windows looking at Camelback. Kitchen is chef’s delight. Dramatic fixtures and finishes. Lush desert landscape. 4BD/4BA in 4,808 SF MLS#2757482 Offered at $1,995,000

Big lot Paradise Valley – Living spaces generous/elegant. The finishes/fixtures top-end. Main floor has all major living areas, 6 bedrooms, office and 12 seat theater. Wow backyard with waterfalls, pools, gazebos. 13BD/11BA in 13,500+ SF MLS#2759980 Offered at $5,200,000

Sandra Baldwin


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