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SOCIETY Established in 1982

Beat the Heat







Wishes to Express Their

T hanks glamorous Barneys New York fabulous ($15,000 and above) Scottsdale Fashion Square/Westcor elegant ($10,000 and above) Carole and Bob Machiz chic ($5,000 and above) Jacquie Dorrance, Laura R. Grafman, Pat Petznick and Beverly Stewart and the Moreno Family Foundation stylish ($3,000 and above) Jill Alanko, Joo and David Cantor, C.A. Howlett/ U.S. Airways, Kimberly Jacobsen & Christine Lulek, Sally Lehmann & Daryl Weil, Dellora A. & Lester J. Norris Foundation, Marcia A. Roth, Robynn and Robert Sussman tasteful ($1,500 and above) Juanita Francis, Barbara Greinen Glass Assoc., Inc., Carrie Hall , Lisa and Al Molina, Charles F. Myers, P.A., Neiman Marcus, Pamela Overton/Greenberg Traurig

gorgeous ($1,000 and above) Shelley Adams, Laurie Brown, Jennifer Collins, Carol Cook, Lynn Custer, Robyn DeBell, Susan Doria, Sue Fletcher, Laurie Florkiewicz, Courtney Gauthier, Christine P. Gustafson, Jeanne & Gary Herberger, Judy Hewson, Arlene Inch, Catherine Jacobson, Shelley Kuhle, Sharron Lewis, Lynne Love, Sandy Magruder, Sandra Matteucci, Mary Ellen McKee, Betty McRae, Diane Might, Debbie Moak, Kristy Moore, Kathy Munson, Sallie Najafi, Rebecca Nassikas, Priscilla Nicholas, Doreen Picerne, Julie Prusak, Gerda Ray, Betty Rosenzweig, and Melani Walton classy ($500 and above) Renee M. Dee, Karen Doerflein, Patricia Goldman, Diane M. Halle, Ruth Lavinia, Ina Manaster, Martha Melman, Suzan Spiekerman, and Julie Young special acknowledgements American Valet, The Arizona Biltmore, Christi Warner-Beyer, Borders, Champagne’s, Lin Sue Cooney, E.D. Marshall Jewelers, Eddie’s House, Flora Bella, Mont Blanc, Montage Beverly Hills, Thom Meaker/CapitoLitho, Diane Ryan, Sanctuary Spa & Resort, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Stacey Shapiro, Rene Showalter/ Celebrations in Paper, Mike Sneed/ Phoenix Fire Department, Vincent on Camelback, and Linda Whitlow


Supporting Valley Philanthropy Since 1982 volume 27, No. 3

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Remembering … Carol Waldrop

20 2009 Fabulous Phoenicians and Trendsetters


31 Trends Charitable Fund 2008/2009 Grant Recipients


Make-A-Wish Chair Tina Majerle

Bill Dougherty



Wedding Bells


Charity Spotlight: Brophy Fashion Show


Charity Spotlight: Defenders of Children


Charity Spotlight: Porch Party Dinner


Charity Spotlight: MASKer Aide Night Gala


Habitat for Humanity


Jewel Ball 2009


Celebrity Fight Night


Board of Visitors


Dinner on the Desert

34 PANDA 10th Anniversary

Janet and Clive Cussler

Shelley Kuhle and Sallie Brophy Najafi with Mary Ann Lieb

37 SOCIETY Established in 1982

Beat the Heat








Laura Bill

Michael and Alexis Christie with Cindy and Joel Revzen



Trends Charitable Fund Luncheon


Trends Charitable Fund VIP Party


Crisis Pregnancy Center


ARCS Scholarship Dinner


Arizona Opera Ball


Night for Life




Compassion With Fashion 2009


Boys & Girls Clubs Taste 2009


On the Cover: Models: Jo Robbins and Paul Whelan Models courtesy of The Agency Arizona Photographer: Scott Foust, 480.633.3740 Hair and makeup by Laura Flagler, 602.579.8219 Clothing courtesy of The Clotherie and Dillards at Scottsdale Fashion Square Location: Hyatt Regency Scottsdale, 480.444.1234,



Reversing the Trend

13 La Dolce Vita 46 Phoenix Art Museum Spotlight: Phantom Sightings 48

Trendy Reading: “Losing Mum and Pup”


By Bill Macomber I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. – Maya Angelou Trends is shifting gears this summer, presenting the 2009 Fabulous Phoenicians and Trendsetters ahead of schedule and saving our Best Dressed honorees for the next issue. Since 1985, when Trends was three years old, one or more Valley philanthropists have been honored each year with the Fabulous Phoenician Award for outstanding service to our community. The first year’s honorees, Virginia Piper, Peggy Aste and Thelma Kieckhefer, were at the head of what has turned into a long line of distinguished people who have added immeasurably to the well-being of others in the Valley. This year’s Fabulous Phoenicians are Carole and Bob Machiz. This couple has been incredibly generous with their resources and their time. They have channeled their thoughtful help into a dizzying number of causes, all of which had a common goal – to help someone else. Just when you think they have done enough, there they are at another fundraiser or one more planning luncheon, addressing envelopes, adding help to push a worthy cause over the top. This is a common thread among the 2009 Trendsetters. Read a little about the ten accomplished women on this list. Between family joys and business obligations, it’s clear they have full lives without stepping outside their immediate circles. And yet that’s exactly what they do. Some of them help in leading roles, others in the background, providing the quiet support that brings public success. Dinners, fundraisers, charity balls, luncheons – any kind of special event – don’t just put themselves on. They start with a desire to add something of value to the world. They take planning, imagination, teamwork and persistence. Project organizers know that if you want something done right, ask someone who already looks too busy to do it. They’re the ones with the drive to accomplish yet one more thing. A look at the biographies of the 2009 Trendsetters proves the axiom true. Most of the people you’ll see in inside this issue don’t have to do what they do in philanthropic circles. No one would know, and no one would blame them for enjoying their lives. So we congratulate them for being involved. They make the Valley a better place to live, and they demonstrate another old adage – the real winners in life are those who give the most.



Ask Angie


Your divorce and family law expert.

volume 27, No. 3

By Angela Hallier Hallier Law Firm PLC

Q. I have a trial coming up in my case. How will I know what to expect and how can I make sure I am prepared? A. Prior to any trial, counsel for the parties are required to submit to the Court a joint statement setting forth all agreements, all disputes, each parties’ position on each issue in dispute, and their list of witnesses and exhibits. This statement is typically due to the Court at least one week prior to trial. Your attorney should afford you the opportunity to review and have input on this statement prior to its submission to the Court. This important document frames all issues for trial. You will not be allowed to argue about issues not in the joint statement or use witnesses or exhibits you have not listed. At trial, your attorney will conduct your “direct” examination (the attorney asks questions and you answer them under oath while on the witness stand). Opposing counsel will then have the opportunity to “cross-examine” you, after which your attorney can conduct “re-direct” to clarify or explain any answers you gave during your cross-examination. Your attorney needs to review with you the questions they will ask you and the topics they will cover on your direct examination in a practice session. Your attorney should prepare you for possible questions you may be asked during cross-examination. In addition, you need to familiarize yourself with the exhibits provided to the judge by both your attorney and the opposing counsel, and understand how those exhibits might be utilized in connection with your direct or crossexamination. Your attorney should also talk to you about appropriate courtroom demeanor and attire. They should explain to you how objections are made at trial and what you do if an objection is made by one of the attorneys while you are on the stand. Some clients even like to observe a hearing in the courtroom in which their trial will take place to familiarize themselves with the setting and the judge. Your best preparation is to be actively involved before trial with your attorney and the strategy of your case. Good luck! Questions to “Ask Angie” may be e-mailed to or faxed to 602-285-1077. Only questions chosen for publication will be answered. No documents will be returned. Angela Hallier is a Certified Family Law Specialist and Managing Partner of Hallier Law Firm PLC.

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Congratulations to all of the


Carole and Bob Machiz Thank you for all you have done for our community. – Laurie and Budd Florkiewicz

Carole and Bob – You are both “Stars that Shine Bright” in our community and we all appreciate it! – Much love, Linda and Bill Pope

Carole and Bob – You are truly Fabulous Phoenicians in every sense of the word. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor. – Much love, Nan and C.A.

For all the lives you touch! – You are Loved, Lisa and Al Molina

They are my “stars”. Bob and Carole light up a room and make our world a brighter place to be. – Love from Michael and Vincent

Bob and Carole are true angels to Phoenix Theatre. We owe them so much and are grateful for all they do. They are truly “Fabulous Phoenicians”. – Respectfully your Phoenix theatre staff

To a beautiful couple with grace, style and a gift giving…you are so loved. – Jane Christensen

Hats off to the stars of Phoenix. – Betty and Ham McRae

Dearest Carole & Bob – Fabulous Phoenicians and Fabulous Friends. – We love you dearly from Darlene and Johnny



Bob and Carole – You continue to amaze me with your kind generosity to this community. There couldn’t be a more deserving couple for this wonderful honor of the Fabulous Phoenicians. – Love, Jean Marley

Fabulous Phoenicians! Fabulous Friends! Just Plain Fabulous! – Congratulations and much love, Robin and Milan

Carole & Bob – Thank you for your leadership, your time and your generosity, you help make our community a better place! You guys are just Fabulous! – Christi & Paul

You are truly Fabulous Phoenicians. – Beth McRae and Bill Dougherty

Dear Carole and Bob, you don’t get older, you only get better. – Love, Libby and Joel

You are turley magnificent friends. Know that are loved by the community you touch. – Sandy and Mac Magruder

La Dolce Vita People are talking about the fabulous new Trends Web site, It was with great caution that I agreed to have our old site remasterd by Todd Sumney of Brand Architects. The dashing webmaster together with Robyn Lee finally convinced me that it was time to get with the picture. I always felt that since Trends was a niche publication, it was better served to be a printonly publication. Now, with great pride, I must confess that we have the best of both worlds – print and the World Wide Web. I never dreamed the response from the new Web site would be so overwhelming. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Todd, Robyn and the fine staff of Brand Architects. As the long, hot summer finally came to an end, a great man about town, Dominick Dunne, passed away. I remember the first time I had the privilege of meeting him at the Kidney Author’s luncheon almost a decade ago. Although Mr. Dunn had had success in the TV and film industries in the 1960s, nothing could have prepared him for his newfound fame as a writer in later life with his international bestseller, The Two Mrs. Grenvilles. The book is a thinly veiled tale of the 1955 society murder of playboy Billy Woodward, whose muchtroubled wife, Ann, supposedly mistook him for a prowler.

By Bill Dougherty

When I was introduced to Dunne, he was touting his latest bestseller, The Way We Lived Then, a coffee table book about life in Beverly Hills in 1960s. At the same time, Mr. Dunn had recently completed a piece for Vanity Fair magazine on the Sharon Tate murders, concluding that the grizzly slayings were a result of a series of drug deals gone bad between The Manson Family and Wojciech Frykowski, the boyfriend of coffee heiress Abigail Folger. Mr. Dunn, who had passed in and out of that house during the summer of 1969, told me that Roman Polanski and wife Sharon Tate had been in Europe that summer, with Sharon Tate returning to the States to prepare for the arrival of the couple’s baby in early August. Mr. Dunn said the couple was unaware of the nonstop parties at the hilltop mansion that summer. Familiar with the case myself, his comments paralyzed me. It’s ironic that in the same month of the 40th anniversary of those horrific crimes, Dominick Dunn, who was bold enough to have a different take on the crime, would pass away. He was a brilliant man and I’m glad I had the chance to meet him.




Habitat for Humanity

Debbie Cremonese and Roger Schwier

Barbara and Lloyd Findlay

Katherine Horton and Brent Nichols

Matt and Whitney Cody

BUILDING A FUTURE Tireless volunteers raise the roof for others. HOSTS WITH THE MOST Lori and Jonathan Vento MAKING A DIFFERENCE Chairs Debbie Cremonese and Roger Schwier Lori and Jonathan Vento



Tammy Kilgour and Sarah Ridolpho

Dana and Dale Cavan

2009 Trendsetters Congratulations to all of the

Jennifer Collins Philanthropy is all about making a positive difference in the world by devoting your resources and your time to causes you believe in. Congratulations Jennifer. We are all so proud of you. Love, Samantha, Charlie, Will and Michael



Charity Balls

Jewel Ball 2009

Linda Cavanaugh and Kelly Hilgers

Kristen and Jim Furcini

Courtney Penhall

A PRECIOUS GEM The American Cancer Society GRECIAN GODDESS Chair Courtney Penhall LADY IN RED Robin Steiner A CHANGE OF SCENE Montelucia in Paradise Valley Ellyn Clifton and F.O. Buck

Robin Steiner



Ben and Hollie Campbell

Bijen and Chris Dyrek

Barbara Gold and Deb Selzer

R emembering

Biltmore Skin Care Center Love The Skin You’re In

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By Bill Dougherty No one in the community could have been prepared for the untimely passing of 2007 Trendsetter Carol Waldrop in July. Diagnosed with cancer what seems like just weeks ago, Carol passed to the heavens surrounded by friends and family. People such as Carol only come around once. Her style, sophistication and sharp wit placed her on everyone’s cocktail party list for decades. Her dedication to the philanthropic community spanned more than four decades. It was there that she earned the title “Queen of Charity Auctions.” And it was Carol who truly helped to put the Arizona Science Center on the map as the museum’s development director. Years of fundraising for almost every charity in the Valley gave Carol the ability guide the center in a splendid direction. The last time I saw this great lady, we were walking into a fundraiser together at the Phoenix Public Library. Carol looked at me and said, “What are we doing here?” I replied, “I don’t know, just smile.” Carol batted her eyelashes and we roared with laughter. I never dreamed that I would never see her again. This was only weeks ago. None of us knows when our time on earth is finished. God simply had far bigger plans for “The Lady in Red” than we can ever imagine. Carol was memorialized at Valley Presbyterian Church on a hot summer afternoon. Friends and family sang and gave touching and eloquent speeches regarding her amazing life. We are all better people for knowing Carol Waldrop. She will be missed by everyone in so many aspects of our community for a very long time.

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Remembering ... Carol Waldrop

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Celebrity Fight Night

Muhammad Ali and Michael Phelps

Jon Bon Jovi

Nancy and Jimmy Walker

TAKING THE GLOVES OFF A foundation fighting illness and poverty for 15 years. IN THEIR CORNER Nancy and Jimmy Walker, Chairman WEIGH-IN ON THE RED CARPET Bo Derek and John Corbett A KNOCKOUT IN BLACK Yolanda Hadid

Jordin Sparks with Bo Derek and John Corbett



Charice Pempengco with David Foster and Yolanda Hadid

Reba McEntire

Melanie Beauchamp and Sarah LaBelle

Keisha and Forest Whitaker


Celebrity Fight Night

Krissy Brubaker and Jerry Colangelo

Foster Friess and Lt. Colonel Cosme Lopez

Tracey Bregman and Ron Recht

Stewart Rahr

Alice and Ken Whisenhunt

Brenda and Kurt Warner

Elizabeth and Sean Currie

Governor Jan Brewer

Josh Groban and Danica Patrick





Carole and Bob Machiz Carole and Bob Machiz have been boundless supporters of our community for almost two decades. In a stage act there’s always a lead and a backup, and in the case of Carole and Bob, that’s precisely the package. Carole is the front person and Bob the eloquent supporter.

Bob, like Carole, realized the tremendous growth opportunities Phoenix held. In 1967 he and his late wife moved here from New York and started Weight Watchers of Arizona with a partner. Together they raised three children and enjoyed great success.

Anyone who knows this dynamic couple would tell you that they have both found fame in their own right. In 1965, Los Angeles native Carole, who had an extensive retail and fashion background, came to Phoenix and opened Green Apple in Town & Country Shopping Center. The posh boutique would become synonymous with the most rakish ladies of the Valley. Carole would find herself at the forefront of all things hip and fashionable.

Following the passing of Bob’s wife, Carole was introduced to the dapper gentleman at a New Year’s Eve party. By this time Carole had grown tired of the grind of owning a retail store. But that didn’t stop her from continuing her fashion career at The Clotherie at Biltmore Fashion Park. Today the couple still celebrates their anniversary nearby at Vincent on Camelback, where they got engaged. Since their marriage 17 years ago, the couple has become a permanent fixture on the philanthropic scene with deep ties to Phoenix Suns Charities, the Phoenix Heart Ball, Childhelp, Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, Phoenix Theatre and Best Buddies. The couple credits television personality Robin Sewell and Michael Barnard, the artistic director of Phoenix Theatre, for their longstanding involvement with Phoenix Theatre. Carole and Bob are individual sponsors for Phoenix Theatre season this year and last, and have been the sponsors of the Follies for the past few years. Carole has also performed on stage and continues to serve on the board. After you spend less than a minute with this amazing team, you realize just how deeply they love one another and just how deeply their dedication to our community runs. Carole may indeed be the star of the group, but she is quick to credit her husband for everything they have accomplished as a team and for making her dreams come true. We are blessed to have them. Were you active in civic/philanthropic efforts when you were younger? Bob and Carole: No. (We don’t remember being younger.) What are some things people may not know about you? Bob: I wrote love letters in French for fellow soldiers during World War II. Also, I was a boy soprano. If you could appear in any movie role, what would it have been? Carole: Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. Bob: Nixon in Frost/Nixon. How can we inspire the next generation to take part in charitable activities? Bob: Teaching young people to have concern for other human beings. The Fabulous Phoenician Award was initiated in 1985 to pay tribute to Valley philanthropists. Previous honorees are: Thelma Kieckhefer (1985), Virginia Piper (1985) and Peggy Aste (1985), Newton Rosenzweig (1986), G. Robert Herberger (1987), Herbert K. Cummings (1988), Eleanor Libby (1989), Barbara Bonoff (1990), Gordon Galarneau Jr. (1991), Bruce T. Halle Sr. (1992), Eddie Basha (1993), Nick Balich (1994), Robert Norris (1995), Donald L. Ulrich (1996), John Teets (1998), Sam Eichenfield (1999), Herman Chanen (2000), William (Bill) Pope (2001), Sandra Baldwin (2002), Priscilla and Michael Nicholas (2003), Jeanne and Gary Herberger (2004), Hugh and Ruth Downs (2005), Lattie and Elva Coor (2006), Marguerite and Jack Clifford (2007), and Claudia and Paul Critchfield (2008). Photography by



2009 Trendsetters Congratulations to all of the

Robyn DeBell How great for our community that Trends recognizes a group of women who are active contributors in making Arizona a better place to live. Congratulations to all of you. Michael, Megan and Lauren




Jennifer Collins Jennifer Collins is beautiful. Her dark and attractive features combined with her soaring stature make her the perfect model, something she did for decades. But that’s just one aspect of this San Diego-raised beauty. In 1992 Jennifer moved to Phoenix after graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in interior design to pursue a master’s degree in facilities management at Arizona State University. For more than a decade those impressive skills would lead her to work for various architectural firms in just about every aspect of the business. “I was a jack-of-all-trades,” she says with a smile. She and her husband of 12 years, Mike, have three children - Samantha and two rowdy twins, Will and Charlie. She somehow keeps a schedule that runs the gamut from home-room mom to humanitarian. Her fundraising started in the late 1980s with COMPAS. From there, Jennifer continued to work with the Arizona Humane Society, the Phoenix Symphony, the Phoenix Heart Ball and Arizona Foundation for Women. Her involvement with Camelback Desert Schools has been her primary focus. Her philosophy is simple: “I don’t like doing something unless I can give it the proper attention it deserves.” Jennifer and her family enjoy boating along the California coast. She is an avid equestrian and loves yoga. She’s truly a Renaissance woman. What are some things that people may not know about you? I was raised by Southern parents, and I have worn glasses since I was 2. What are your guilty pleasures? A seasonal handbag and Mexican food! Do you have any hidden talents? I make a mean panini.

Robyn DeBell Tall and stately Robyn DeBell is not only attractive but poised and very genuine. A native of New York City, Robyn moved to Tucson to attend college, where she earned an undergraduate degree as well as a master’s degree in nutrition. It was there that she married her husband, Mike. The two had known one another since they were grade-school neighbors in Woodland Hills, Calif. In 1989 the couple moved to Phoenix, where they raised their two daughters, Megan and Lauren. Robyn by this time had established Sound Bites, a nutritional company that consults individuals and companies on dietary programs and philosophies. She went on to work within the ranks of Scottsdale Healthcare as well. She’s the team nutritionist for the Arizona Cardinals. Robyn’s career in philanthropy began in college, where she first worked in food banks. It was there that she realized just how many people in our world take food for granted. Her experiences with various Tucson food banks taught her from an early age that you always need to give back. In 1999, together with Penny Gunning, Robyn co-founded PANDA, an organization that raises needed funds for research in childhood disease prevention. The death of her children’s playmate at the age of 5 because of leukemia would forever change her life. From that point on, Robyn realized just how badly research was needed to prevent such tragedies. Today her civic and charitable work continues as strongly as it did when she was attending college at the University of Arizona. With deep ties to Vista del Camino, the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Heart Ball and, of course, PANDA, Robyn truly makes a difference in the lives of so many. Her philosophy is simple: “Live and let live and help out when you can.” What are three things people may not know about you? I was once in a billboard ad to promote a dog track. I dislike spearmint. I have been married twice and never divorced (the same man). Who is your favorite formal wear designer? Clothes made with quality fabric that are on sale!



Roseann Dunteman If you were to describe one thing about Roseann Dunteman that stands out, it would be the attractive Midwesterner’s beautiful smile. Roseann, along with her husband, Greg, moved to Phoenix in 1981. Shortly after their arrival, they embarked on a successful real estate venture that at one time featured 120 offices in 22 states. However, the grind of living on airplanes and time away from their three boys, Brian, Corey and Casey, grew to be too much. Today the couple operates their own real estate brokerage, specializing in Paradise Valley. Roseann realized early on that you have to give back. By the time she was in high school she started volunteering weekends visiting a state mental hospital. Today, Roseann’s primary focus is Crisis Nursery. She will take the helm as president of its board of directors this fall. Phoenix Heart Ball, the Phoenix Symphony and Liberty Wildlife have all benefitted from her philanthropic spirit, as well. She has great admiration for Mother Teresa and her lifelong philosophy: “We cannot do great things, only small things with great love.” The self-described “biker chick” has visited more than 25 countries on the back of a motorcycle with her husband. Roseanne loves to have dinner parties, something she says has become a lost art. And every Wednesday evening she throws a “Fam Din” (family dinner). She also spends a great deal of time keeping up with her sons, white-water rafting, hiking Costa Rican rain forests and flying planes all over the state of Alaska. What are your guilty pleasures? Greg! Greg has inspired me to “go for it,” to take risks and live large. I’ve gone places and done things a little girl from Forest Park, Ohio, never dreamed of. What would you say is your proudest philanthropic achievement? Hearing the words, “Guess what? I’m getting a family!” from a little boy at Crisis Nursery.

Juanita Francis Nita Francis is regal and attractive. Her tall and majestic appearance mixed with a terrific sense of humor make this great lady a joy to be with. Raised in Illinois, Nita has lived in Boston and Columbus, Ohio. For the last 11 years, she has called Phoenix her home. A registered nurse with a graduate degree in health care administration, Nita managed to raise four children – Sarah, Laura, Robert and Catherine – while establishing three successful health care programs for women in the several different cities where she has lived. Today she presides over F2 Family Foundation, a private foundation. Nita is currently a member of the board of Valley of the Sun United Way Foundation. She is also the current chair for the Wellness Community-Arizona Voices of Hope Campaign. Nita will be the first to tell you to do your homework when it comes to fundraising and that a gift is a gift only when it comes without strings attached. A wise philosophy for a very chic and savvy lady. It’s no secret to anyone in the social community that Nita has been the recipient of boundless community service awards for the well-being and significant impact she has had in so many lives. Nita and her husband, Phil, love to hike the hills and mountains of Colorado and Arizona. She is a huge reader and avid skier. When not on the fundraising trail, the couple enjoys time with their four children and six grandchildren. Do you have any hidden talents? They’re pretty well hidden. What do you remember about your first volunteer experience? I sold burgers and lemonade at a food stand with other pre-teens. We had so much fun! How do you maintain a positive attitude? I try but don’t always succeed. I doubt that anyone can maintain a positive attitude all the time. I get down, but have a husband who doesn’t let me stay there. A good spouse and a group of good friends are blessings.




Lynne Love You love Lynne Love the minute you began speaking with her. Her smile, petite features and dynamic personality make her a tremendous asset to our community. The Port Huron, Mich., native moved to Arizona more than two decades ago, settling in Phoenix in 1999. Lynne, a graduate of Michigan State University, became a savvy advertising executive in Detroit, where she worked on automotive accounts. Lynne has worked in advertising, marketing, public relations and broadcast sales both in Michigan and Arizona. Her work in philanthropy started as a young girl. Lynne remembers helping with bake sales, cookie drives and countless other fundraising efforts. When her two daughters, Sarah and Mara, started school, Lynne found herself helping out with everything from book fairs to serving as an Odyssey of the Mind coach. She chaired the Xavier Fashion Show for Xavier College Prep, a school she says has made a huge difference in the lives of her daughters. Other endeavors for this great lady include the Arizona Kidney Foundation Women’s Board, the Phoenix Heart Ball and Key to the Cure for the American Cancer Society. Lynne holds several board positions and has chaired and co-chaired countless events. Her philosophy is: “Take care of the greater good.” After staying home for years with her daughters, Lynne also managed to start a national home décor pillow company called La Plume with her sister Mary Jo. Recently, Lynne decided to follow her dream and together with Michele Feeney co-authored a novel she hopes will become a best-seller. Lynne and her husband, Mark, still divide their time between Arizona and Michigan, while somehow managing to support many Valley organizations. “Travel is my passion,” Lynne says. “Our next trip is taking our daughter Sarah to London for a semester of studying abroad.” What is your favorite fragrance? Petite Cherie by Annick Goutel. Do you get nervous in front of a crowd? Normally crowds energize me. When I was on the forensics team in college, however, I wore clothes that covered my legs so no one could see my knocking knees when I spoke.

Vicki McDonald Balance is a good word to describe the impressive and attractive Vicki McDonald. The Williamsport, Pa., native moved to Detroit after graduating from ASU to set up shop as a sales executive. Years later, she would find herself the vice president of marketing for BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona. This is an impressive title for someone who was raised in Phoenix and returned after a 23-year hiatus. The self-described late bloomer is anything but. Within the last decade, Vicki and her husband, Jack, have attached themselves to many organizations, including Phoenix Theatre, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix, Phoenix Suns Charities, Valley Leadership and the Phoenix Heart Ball. Vicki currently holds board positions with several of these organizations. She will be the first to tell you that she has never lived in a city that embraces newcomers the way Phoenix does, though she is hardly a newcomer. Vicki’s life may seem hectic in print, yet somehow her calm demeanor and positive outlook keep her balanced, even while dividing her time between Phoenix and Detroit for her husband’s company. The couple share a daughter and son-in-law, Stephanie and Tom Carton, and two cocker spaniels. They enjoy traveling to Europe and New Orleans, and she loves Detroit, too. Her work in our community is impressive, and we are extremely lucky that she decided to return to our Valley. What are your guilty pleasures? While I don’t own any, I am fascinated with shoes with “red soles.” I love David Yurman! In Arizona society, who would you say inspires you the most? The list is long, but I would have to say Denise Resnick. Her work with autism spectrum disorder has opened doors for many families and children. She is also warm, loving and humble. What would you say is your pride and joy? Without a doubt, we have raised a giving, intelligent, beautiful daughter who we are so proud of and love so much.



Kathy Munson Kathy Munson’s sparkling blue eyes pierce through you the moment you meet the petite dynamo from Davenport, Iowa. For the last several decades she and her husband, Chuck, have been a force to be reckoned with in the world of advertising media buying in our Valley and across the United States. But that is only one facet of this beautiful and extremely well-educated woman’s makeup. A graduate of the University of Iowa, Kathy stopped briefly in Omaha, Neb., before settling in the Valley in 1984. It was during her early years in Phoenix that she joined the now-famed women’s group, Cinquenta, an organization that to date has probably produced more Trendsetters than any other organization in Phoenix. In Cinquenta Kathy developed strong ties with not only the intelligent and vibrant ladies in the group but the countless organizations that they supported. Today Kathy’s charitable resume not only includes her fine work in Cinquenta, but also the Phoenix Heart Ball, Desert Botanical Garden, Not My Kid, Florence Crittenton, Release the Fear and the Arizona Science Center, where she has held various chairman and committee positions. When Kathy is not taking on the business and charitable worlds, she enjoys spending time with her husband and the couple’s daughter, Dana. Kathy is an accomplished golfer and boating enthusiast. She still holds a leadership role in the family council of her family’s 90-year-old commercial electrical business. Her philosophy is simple: “Observe others doing great work, learn from them and be inspired to make it as good as or better for other people moving forward.” What is your favorite song or lyric? By chance, As Time Goes By from the movie Casablanca was playing on the radio when my husband proposed to me – you can’t beat that. What are your guilty pleasures? I would go out to dinner seven nights a week if my culinary skills wouldn’t completely vanish due to lack of practice.

Janice Montana Janice Montana is beautiful. She looks as though she just stepped from the set of a 1940s film noir, where she’s been cast as the mysterious lead. But this should not be surprising since she was a professional actress and classical vocalist. Janice is also an Italian baroness with a title that dates back to the 16th century. She is fluent in Italian, French and German. Janice has also lived in all three countries together with her late husband, Mario, who passed away in 2000. She is also the first American woman to be awarded the prestigious Certified Meeting Manager (CMM) designation by Meeting Professionals International and the School of Hotel Management at Cornell University in Geneva, Switzerland. Did we mention that she also attended the Juilliard School and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration? Janice’s philanthropic works started in high school where she was a delegate for Anytown. The experience shaped her life. From that point on her life has been filled with rich philanthropic experiences that have spanned three decades. She is careful not to name the many organizations she has been affiliated with so as not to slight any of the others for not mentioning them. Her proudest achievement, however, was chairing the 2002 Anytown/NCCJ and Harlem Globetrotters 75th Anniversary Gala. Janice’s hidden talents include baking for everyone she knows. She enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Sadie and Sam. She is currently tackling complex Beethoven sonatas on her piano. Janice still travels the world and loves being everyone’s Auntie Mame. She is quite a lady! What is your favorite movie and why? I love old movies from the ‘30s and ‘40s. I would have to say Dark Victory with Bette Davis. She dies at the end with such dignity. (But I do love The Godfather … “Drop the gun, take the cannoli.” Just love that line.) In Arizona society, who would you say inspires you the most? I have lived here for so long and have seen many of the Arizona society people come and go. I would have to say Betty McRae for her staying power and her unbelievable positive nature. She has been an inspiration for many.




Julie Prusak Soft-spoken and demure, Julie Prusak’s patrician features and beauty seem more suited for drawing rooms and complex music performances. But don’t let that fool you. The Los Angeles native holds a graduate degree in marine biology and an MBA from Stanford University. With leadership positions in marketing and sales with international scuba companies, Julie has also held the title of CFO for a strategic management company. And those are just a few talents of this San Francisco transplant. Julie attributes her various philanthropic virtues – and there are many since moving to the Valley – to her mother. “My mother taught me that you should always give back.” And give back she has. Since her arrival more than five years ago, Julie has become involved with the Heart Ball and the Symphony Ball and has held co-chair positions with the Arizona Opera Ball and the Ballet Ball. She also works diligently with Phoenix Country Day School, where her three children, Annie, Kylie and Matthew, attend. When not dabbling in vast amounts of charity work, Julie and her husband, Conrad, enjoy scuba diving. The couple travels extensively. They have visited countless countries. And that should come as no surprise. After spending a little time with this stately beauty, you realize that culture and refinement are just two of her countless attributes. Perhaps that’s what sets Julie aside as not only an extremely hard worker but a swan from a bygone era. Were you active in civic/philanthropic efforts when you were younger? Yes. My parents set an excellent example of serving their community. I was a very active member of National Charity League from seventh to twelfth grade and involved in church youth groups. What is your favorite or the most rewarding charitable organization you have been involved in? Ballet Arizona. They do so much with so little and bring beauty and athleticism to the stage. The dancers make the physically impossible look effortless and elegant.

Jinger Richardson Jinger Richardson is bewitching! Her beauty, like that of her sister, Missy Anderson, is simply spellbinding. A native a Scottsdale, this top model and shrewd businesswoman comes off as bubbly and sincere, the perfect combination in a world that often takes itself far too seriously. Growing up in the art world, Jinger managed to become an art gallery owner while learning from the best of them. That would be her parents, who owned the first art gallery in Scottsdale, something that in today’s Scottsdale seems mind-boggling. It was in 1962 when her parents opened a Western clothing store on Main Street. Jinger remembers that Native Americans would shop the store and trade with Native American art and jewelry. One thing led to another, and before she knew it, her family owned an art gallery. This would lead Jinger and her husband, Brad, to Legacy Galleries in Scottsdale in 1988 and in Jackson Hole, Wyo., in 1991. The couple also has the distinction of being partners in the successful Scottsdale Art Auction, the largest in the Southwest. The auction garners international recognition with a showcase once a year encompassing more than 10,000 square feet. But that’s just one facet to this beauty’s resume. Her main emphasis on helping is with Childhelp, Florence Crittenton and Phoenix Rescue Mission. Anyone in the community who has worked in the philanthropic trenches knows that Jinger is a whiz with auctions, whether silent or live. She adds a certain unmatched panache to any event. What four people, living or dead, would you invite to dinner? Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and my husband wants Charlie Russell, the artist. In Arizona society, who would you say inspires you the most? Ina Manaster, Missy Anderson and Michelle Robson, all for taking it to a new level. What are three things that people may not know about you? Mrs. Arizona in 1993, I live in Jackson Hole in the summer, and I was the Dashmat Girl. What was your most embarrassing moment? Falling off a stage during my modeling career.




Welcome You to the 27th Annual

BEAT THE HEAT Saturday, September 26, 2009 The Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa 6:30 p.m. Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres Silent Auction and Raffle 8:00 p.m.

Dinner/Fashion Show

After Party

Honoring 2009 FABULOUS PHOENICIANS Carole and Bob Machiz


Jennifer Collins, Robyn DeBell, Roseann Dunteman, Juanita Francis, Lynne Love, Vicki McDonald, Janice Montana, Kathy Munson, Julie Prusak, and Jinger Richardson


Nancy Berge, Cay Cowie, and Betty McRae


Danese Creations, Dillard’s, Hub Clothing, Phoenix Yacht Club, Pink Paradise, Saks Fifth Avenue, and The Clotherie

EVENT ADVISOR Bill Dougherty




Proceeds benefit the charities of the Trends Charitable Fund.




The Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) was established in 1996 and has distributed well over $3,500,000 to charities since its inception. The TCF governing board is comprised of 11 prominent Valley women who are elected to three-year terms. These women are selected from a group of TCF members-at-large who were previously honored as Fashionalities/Trendsetters. Each year the TCF Board grants funds to charities that meet the TCF mission. Funds to support these programs are generated by tonight’s annual Beat the Heat gala and the TCF Celebrity Luncheon held in the Spring.

Trends Charitable Fund Mission Statement It is the mission of the Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) to support programs in need that positively impact women, children and their families.

2009/2010 Board of Directors Jill Krigsten – President Board Members – Jill Alanko, Trisha Anthony, Susan Doria, Carrie Hall, Catherine Jacobson, Nan Howlett, Patricia Leach, Sallie Brophy Najafi, Sandy Magruder, and Ina Manaster.

Advisors Bill Dougherty – Publisher, Trends Magazine • Robyn Lee – Coordinator and Business Liaison

Trends Charitable Fund Grant Recipients Since 1993, more than $3,000,000 has been granted to the following organizations: 1993: Chrysalis Shelter; 1994: Chrysalis Shelter; 1995: Phoenix Day; 1996: Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE), HomeBase Youth Services; 1997: Aid to Adoption of Special Kids, Girl’s Ranch; 1998: Action for Foster Children, Arizona Friends of Foster Children, Assistance League; 1999: Center Against Sexual Assault, Phoenix Firefighters-Save R Kids Program; 2000: Sexual Assault Recovery Institute, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC); 2001: Marcus House, The Christmas House Foundation; 2002: Arizona’s Children Association, Foster Angels of Arizona Serving Together, Inc., Sojourner Center; 2003: Arizona School Choice Trust, Greater Phoenix Interfaith Hospitality Network, Widowed with Children; 2004: AZSids, Justice for Children, Not My Kid, Sunshine Acres, Teen Lifeline; 2005: Beatitudes Center D.O.A.R., Body Positive’s “Women’s Empowerment Program,” Nana’s Children Mental Health Foundation, Positive Impact, Stepping Stones of Hope; 2006: AASK, AZ Friends of Foster Children, Florence Crittenton, Growth Improvement for Female Teens (GIFT), Neighborhood Ministries, New Song Center for Grieving Children; 2007: Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Chrysalis, Community Legal Services,” Crossroads, Inc., Gabriel’s Angels, Haven House/YWCA, Healthy Smile Foundation, Hope House and Mom’s Place/ Neighborhood Ministries, New Song Center, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Rosie’s House, Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research, Valley Youth Theatre, Wellcare Foundation, and Wellness Community; 2008: A & A Cottages, Inc., Assistance League of Phoenix, Greater Phoenix Youth at Risk Foundation, Inc., Homeward Bound, Mission of Mercy, Arizona, Rosie’s House, Save the Family Foundation of Arizona, The Wellness Community, and Waste Not

Charitable Fund Accepting Grant Applications TCF is currently accepting applications for its 2009/2010 grant process. TCF’s mission is to support programs that positively impact Arizona women, children and their families. Grant filling/postmark deadline: August 28, 2009 Announcement of grant recipients: November, 2009 To obtain Grant Applications and Guidelines, visit or contact or call 480.951.2950.




Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 • The Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa


PATRON LEVEL (please check one)

❒ Champs Élysée (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50,000 Two Page Feature Story on patron and their philanthropies in Trends Magazine. All benefits at the $25,000 level

❒ Via Veneto (10 seats) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25,000 Company name and logo listed in collateral materials, Press release inclusion, Full page color thank you ad in September issue of Trends Magazine, One night stay at The Arizona Biltmore (night of event), plus all benefits at $15,000 level

❒ Rodeo Drive (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,000 Runway seating for ten guests at event, Full page color ad in July/August issue of Trends, Full page color ad in event program (same as July/August issue of Trends), Acknowledgement from stage, Company logo displayed in ballroom, Special recognition gift

❒ Park Avenue (10 seats) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000 Company logo displayed in ballroom, Special recognition gift, All benefits at the $5,000 level

❒ Savile Row (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 Program recognition, Listing in event program, Preferred seating for ten guests at event

❒ Fifth Avenue (10 seats). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,500 Listing in event program, Seating for ten guests

❒ Carnaby Street (1 seat) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 Listing in event program, Preferred seating for one guest

❒ Michigan Avenue (1 seat). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250 ❒ Union Square (donation, not attending) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $________ Gifts of $500 and above listed in event program

TOTAL DONATION $__________ NAME TO APPEAR IN PROGRAM: _______________________________________________ CONTACT NAME: _ ____________________________________________________________ COMPANY: ___________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _ __________________________________________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________ FAX: _________________________________ EMAIL: ______________________________________________________________________ Mail/fax this form indicating your level of support with your payment. Checks should be made payable to Trends Charitable Fund. Tickets will be held at the door.

FORM OF PAYMENT: ❒ CHECK ❒ VISA ❒ MC ❒ AMEX ❒ DISCOVER ACCOUNT #: ____________________________________________ EXP: ______________ AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________________ PLEASE SEND TO: Mrs. Betty McRae PHONE: (480) 991-0601 8101 North 47th Street FAX: (480) 991-1017 Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 Trends Charitable Fund is a 501c3 organization. Tax ID# 86-0834633.




Jennifer Collins, Robyn DeBell, Roseann Dunteman, Juanita Francis, Lynne Love, Vicki McDonald, Janice Montana, Kathy Munson, Julie Prusak, Jinger Richardson


Char Davis, Susan Doria, Sandy Hecomovich, Shelley Kuhle, Sharron Lewis, Debbie Moak, Dee Nowell, Doris Ong, Nancy Spetzler


Kathy DeSanto, Jacquie Dorrance, Carol Hebets, Judy Hewson, Ginette Karabees, Ina Manaster, Linda Messenger, Sallie Brophy Najafi, Barbara Payne, Carol Waldrop


Oonagh Boppart, Jennifer Croll, Renee Dee, Alexis Glascock, Marilyn Harris, Nan Howlett, Cathy Kleeman, Jill Roberts, Lisa Shapiro, Paige Wheeler


Carol Cook, Courtney Denton, Barbara Dunlap, Brenda Howard, Catherine Jacobson, Jill Krigsten, Leah Hoffman Langerman, Beth Matthews, Priscilla Nicholas, Sarah Cheek


Judy Bowe, Barbara Caldwell Taylor, Donna Johnson, Jerri Kelly, Caryll Kyl, Patsy Lowry, Diane Might, Terry Roman, Julie Vogel, Nancy Walker


Missy Anderson, Jane Christensen, Sari Deihl, Jane Edmunds, Laurie Florkiewicz, Benee HiltonSpiegal, Jamie Hormel, Tochia Levine, Karen Pratte, Elaine Schreiber


Charlene Berge-Blum, Cathy Campo, Debbie Gaby, Carrie Hall, Lisa Henry-Holmes, Carole Machiz, Sandy Magruder, Jean Marley, Stella Paolini, Karen Thorn


Jennifer Blank-Matney, Barbara Davis, April Esner, Susan Hoskyns, Melissa Leonesio, Leslie McCarver, Carole Moreno, Tara Shapiro, Sandy Trznadel, Ann Vry




Pamela Covella, Michele Laven, Kathleen Lang, Stephanie McRae, Patti Naughton, June Shapiro, Nancy Silver, Patty Stelton, Heidi Teets, Christi Warner-Beyer


Maureen Barkley, Debi Bisgrove, Stevie Eller, Judy Santo, Ruth Lavinia, Robin Milne, Pam Overton, Pat Petznick, Robin Sewell, Daryl Weil


Lin Sue Cooney, Naomi Gauthier, Heather Greenbaum, Christine Gustafson, Sandy Cowen, Linda Pope, Jordan Rose, Rhonda Russell, Carrie Schnepf, Nancy White


Sue Boemer, Wendy Cracchiolo, Anne Hesse, Bonnie Marshall, Bonnie Martin, Michelle Robson, Glenna Shapiro, Sharon Steele, Sandy Wood, Olinda Young


Trisha Anthony, Anne Christensen, Barbee Cromack, Patty Dion, Jamie Drinkwater-Buchanan, Suzanne Eder, Judy Edwards, Sharon Eider-Orley, Nancy Hanley, Ellie Ziegler


Jane Bergamo, Barbie Boyle, Julie Young, Darlene Keller-Price, Kristy Moore, Shauna Robertson, Anne Ross, Linda Surdakowski, Susie Wesley, Katherine Woods


Barbara Arkules, Libby Cohen, Donna Fleischer, Leevon Guerithault, Rona Kasen, Terres Martori, Lisa Molina, Ruth Ritz, Tracey Saban, Georgeanne White


Shelley Adams, Jill Alanko, Mol Anderson, Lynn Custer, Claudia Fanning, Jamie Herzlinger, Beth McDonald, Lisa Shover, Shireen Stuart, Patsy Tiffany


Elaine Apostle, Diana Balich, Olivia Garcia, Jazelle Ghiz, Dana Jirauch, Sally Lehmann, Suzan Makaus, Cheryl Parker, Ellie Shapiro, Suzan Spiekerman


Sharon Bartick, Sheila Corwin, Melissa Goett, Ann Graham, Nancy Joaquim, Phyllis Malanfant, Pearle Marr, Marcie Saban, Carolyn Ross, Rachel Smith


Marie-France Andreani, Jane Evans, Georgia Green, Susan Heywood, Julie Hopper, Sally Lynch, JoAnn Murphy, Marcia Roth, Diane Ryan, Loretta Saban


Nancy Berge, Pat Hasbrook, Kax Herberger, Denise Hrudka, Freita Keluche, Betty McRae, Cay Cowie, Denise Ricketts, Sue Stuckey, Jocelyn Wallace


Liz Alpert, Deborah Pyburn Brewer, Penny Galarneau, Patti Lau, Christine McGuire, Anne Robbs, Robin Russell, Virginia Simpson, Rita Steer, Michele Watson


Linda Anderson, Valentine Coleman, Carol Critchfield, Pat Goldman, Penny Gunning, Robyn Lee, Betty Reid, Stephanie Roberts, Aquanetta, Kim Spector


Paige Burns, Diane Halle, Loretta Haugen, Pat Leach, Karlynn Keyes-Lee, Jamie Lendrum, Mary Ellen McKee, Mary Ogle, Dorothy McGuire-Williamson, Bernadette Wolfswinkle


Rosemary Brown, Nanci Bruner, Debbie Dus, Cheryl Fine, Harriet Friedland, Andrea Mullen, Jane Norris, Susan Smith Olsen, Betty Rosenzweig, Mary Jo Waits


2008/2009 Grant Recipients The mission of the Trends Charitable Fund (TCF) is to support charities that provide positive assistance for women, families, and children. Since its inception, TCF has given over $3,500,000 to charities that fulfill this mission. During the 2008/2009 grant cycle alone, TCF funded programs for the following charities. A&A COTTAGES, INC.’s EMPOWER program is a transitional living program for formerly foster care women 18-25 who are more likely to face homelessness, joblessness, and incarceration. These women are provided a safe place and the support they need to succeed in the future Phone: 480.792.0265 ASSISTANCE LEAGUE OF PHOENIX’s OPERATION SCHOOL BELL, is an ongoing program which has provided 4,000 new school clothes for children from low-income families, kindergarten through 6th grade. This program will serve approximately 4,200 children in 2008-2009. Phone: 602.944.7636

instructions from professional music educators. This program will serve 79 students this year, including 21 who are new to the program. Phone: 602.252.8475

TCF funded the purchase of a badly needed refrigerated truck for Waste Not.

SAVE THE FAMILY FOUNDATION OF ARIZONA’s ADULT INSTRUCTION FOR HOMELESS INTERVENTION PROJECT will provide an adult instructor who will instruct and encourage nurturing and care of children, family stability and health. These are mostly single, female heads of households with 2-3 children. Phone: 480.898.0228

for another badly needed refrigerated truck. Phone: 480.941.1841

WASTE NOT’s FOOD, RESCUE & DELIVERY PROGRAM (CHILD, YOUTH AND FAMILY SECTOR) will enable nutritious food to be provided for at-risk children, youth and struggling families. Waste Not projects it will feed 8,400 individuals annually. Within this funding, TCF has also provided funding

THE WELLNESS COMMUNITY’s KID 2 KID-FAMILY 2 FAMILY will support families from the time of a cancer diagnosis, through survivorship and after. This program will serve 300 individuals annually. The population to be served is children who have a parent with cancer, caregivers, and parents as well as the entire family. Phone: 602.712.1006

If you would like to volunteer or make a personal donation, please contact these charities directly.

GREATER PHOENIX YOUTH AT RISK FOUNDATION, INC.’s PALS MENTORING PROGRAM provides mentoring for children ages 5-15 living in homeless shelters. Mentors are matched to children, and are able to provide individual attention which they are not able to receive in the shelter or at school. Phone: 602.258.1012 HOMEWARD BOUND’s HELPING THE WORKING POOR is a program which assists homeless and domestic violence families reach long term economic independence by providing many tools to single, female heads of households. Phone: 602.263.7654 MISSION OF MERCY, ARIZONA’s ACCESS TO CARE provides a mobile care clinic for the poor. This mobile clinic serves sites in Phoenix, Maryvale, Mesa as well as SouthCentral Phoenix and West Valley locations in the very near future. Phone: 602.288.7234 ROSIE’S HOUSE’s STRINGS will provide for additional low income students to receive




Board of Visitors

The debutantes

Bill and Debra Cain

FETCHING CHAIR Debra Cain LADY IN RED Jade Johnson in shades of scarlet WESTERN WHITE HOUSE White House Design transformed the Camelback Inn’s splendid ballroom. NEW GENERATION A lovely group of debutantes were presented.

Jade Johnson



Debi and Harry Rosenzweig

Jamie and Fiona Hines with Candyce Williams

Herman and Katie Orcutt

Rick and Shelley Kuhle

2009 Trendsetters

Congratulations to all of the

Juanita Francis She was raised to avoid the spot light, but it often finds her. She was taught not to go first, but she usually shapes the parade to on-time and just right. She wants simple, but must answer all at once to spouse, parent, grandparent, Board Chair and Fund Raiser in Chief. Nicely done! Your parents, husband, 4 kids and 6 grandkids


Dinner on the Desert

Rebecca and Peter Fine

Oonagh Boppart and Ken Schutz

Sophann and Tom Schleifer

Lydia Lee and Rick Barnes

Barbara Weisz and Craig Pearson

BOTANICAL GARDEN OF DELIGHTS Nature was the backdrop for a starlit evening. CULTIVATING AN OASIS Chair Rebecca Fine GROWING WITH THE CITY The dinner has supported theBotanical Garden since 1986.

Melodie and John Lewis

Shirley and John Shadegg




PANDA 10th Anniversary

Larry Pike and Nicole Bidwill-Pike

Keith and Amy Carney

Kathy Walker and Judy Burke

TAWNY TWOSOME Chairs Kathy Walker and Judy Burke MISSION STATEMENT MAVENS Founders Robyn DeBell and Penny Gunning PERFECT IN PRINT Larry Pike and Nicole Bidwell-Pike HEAD-TURNERS Keith and Amy Carney

Robyn DeBell and Penny Gunning



Traci and Mark Mead

Steve Wrede and Christy Dean

Terri Diechrich and Alexis Glascock

Carolyn Bosworth and Kathey Plenge


Trends Charitable Fund

Laurie Florkiewicz and Robyn Lee

Christine Gustafson

Lin Sue Cooney

Tobi Placenti and Kimberly Jacobson

STYLE ICON Carolyn Ross in spring shades of green and cream WINDOWS OF THE WORLD Famed Barneys’ display guru Simon Doonan addressed the luncheon. BEST IN SHOW Best Dressed men and women walked the runway. Carolyn Ross

Ann Denk

Mary Morrison and Simon Doonan




THE COUPLE Tisa McCay and Joshua O’Neill MEET THE PARENTS Linda and Bill Pope Julie and Mike Schaecher Keith O’Neill NUPTIALS The Princess Scottsdale THE RINGS Jewelry by Gauthier THE FLOWERS White House Design THE CAKE Julia Baker THE PHOTOGRAPHER Hollye Schumacher THE HONEYMOON Europe, including Italy and Monaco SOMETHING DIFFERENT % Purple lights and water fountains

% Horse and carriage % 100 white doves released after the “I do’s” % Swans in the lake



2009 Trendsetters Congratulations to all of the

Vicki McDonald Thank you for never holding back and for giving your family, community and career all that you have to offer each and every day. We are forever grateful for what you bring to our lives and the lives of others. Congratulations! Love, Jack, Stephanie, Tom, your friends, family and coworkers.


TCF VIP Cocktail Party

Amanda Simon and Jennifer Mumford

Jack Clifford and Gerta Ray

Ina Manaster and Brenda Howard with George Abrams

Susan and Richard Doria

THE VIP Simon Doonan POOLSIDE PERFECTION Jinger Richardson in shades of turquoise A VERY SPECIAL THANK-YOU To the philanthropic community that made the party happen

Dawn Brown and Delphine McNeill with Simon Doonan

Jinger and Brad Richardson

Robert Black and Betty McRae with Marc Reed




Crisis Pregnancy Center

Carol and Jim Cook

Cathi and Mike Herrod

Jane Bergamo and Tom Zenner

Naomi and Jim Rhode

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Giving people the chance to adopt. KEEPERS OF THE FLAME Sandy and Mac Magruder, and Jim and Carol Cook A VERY SPECIAL THANK-YOU Cathi and Mike Herrod, keeping the dream alive.

Velvet and Eric Jones

Mark and Robin Snyder

Tim and Barbara Willis

Kathy Munson My mother has always been a strong inspiration to me in everything I do. I’m so glad to see her receive the recognition she has worked so hard for and deserves. She is an extremely talented, loving and giving person and mother. I love you so much Mom! Congratulations – Dana

Congratulations on being chosen a 2009 Trendsetter! Your energy, unfettered optimism and love have graced and helped guide our family for years. That you share these wonderful qualities with your unwavering commitment to meaningful causes makes you even more special. We are proud of you and so fortunate to have you in our lives. Love, Chuck 38


Janice Montana A world renowned opera singer A world Traveler A world of Friends and loved ones MARIO her world A world of giving and helping

2009 Trendsetters

A world better for her being on it

A world of friends and family saying


Janice and all the AWA RD S B ANQUE T

Jane Lawson and Andrew Webber

ARCS Scholarship Dinner

Bob and Karen Hobbs with Richard Kirian

Robert and Nancy Spetzler with Gregory Apker

Diane Might and Terry Wilhoit

REWARDING THE BEST SCIENCE STUDENTS 668 scholars and counting since 1975 UP FOR ADOPTION A heartfelt thank-you to the philanthropic sponsors THANK YOU, MRS. PRESIDENT Jane Lawson, who made the event happen

Mary Ann Cavness and Barbara Tizard with Bettie Crawford

Penny and Stephen Papadopoulos with EffieTheodore

Volker and Lynne Sonntag




Arizona Opera Ball

Barbara and John Glass

Anne Thoits

C.A. and Nan Howlett

Lisa and Jim Lindsey

Tom and Karen Frye

Diane and Bruce Holle

Conrad and Julie Prusak

ARTISTIC DIRECTION FROM THE CHAIR Julie Prusak DRESSED LIKE A DIVA Melanie Beauchamp COCKTAILS ON THE LAWN Guests mixed and mingled at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. SINGING FOR ANOTHER SEASON Arizona Opera is the lucky beneficiary.

Melanie Beauchamp




Arizona Opera Ball

Ellie Shapiro

John and Ginette Karabees

Paula and Jim Banahan

Peter Cohen and Lynn Bromley

Ruth and Hugh Downs

Ray and Roma Wittcoff

Stephen and Stephanie Greer

Sarah and Tom Cheek

Cathy Harris



2009 Trendsetters Congratulations to all of the

Julie Prusak

Family and community, these are the two worlds where you are leaving a lasting legacy. Your intelligence, heart, and pragmatism make for a powerful combination in helping us find solutions to all sorts of community challenges. Congratulations on being recognized for your contributions as a Trendsetter. We love you, All your Prusaks


Night for Life Al Molina with Duffy and Pat McMahon

Bob and Carole Machiz

Fritz Beesemeyer and Jack Black

IMPORTANT BENEFICIARY Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS VOICE OF THE VALLEY Event M.C. Pat McMahon SOMEONE WHO CARES Chair David Smith David Smith and Tom Betz with Tom Simplot



Melissa Leonesio and Bob Heygi with Mel Reese


Jennifer and Eddy Matney


Cheryl and Mark Korthals

Ryan and Laurie Pink

Brad and Kathy Combs

GENIE IN A BOTTLE Helping make a child’s wish come true COUPLE NO. 1 Cheryl and Mark Korthals light up the room. FUNDRAISING EPICENTER The Arizona Biltmore IN THE PINK Melissa Mullard

Melissa Mullard

2009 Trendsetters

Amy Vogt and Steve Cisowski

Tony and Katie Hamati

Congratulations to all of the

Jinger Richardson

You are beautiful inside and out. We are so proud of all your hard work and accomplishments. Love, Your family and friends

Thank you for making me feel like the most fortunate man for the last 31 years. Love, Your husband, Brad




Compassion with Fashion 2009

David Kolbe and Mike Wissink

Gil Brito

Lauren and Patty Withycombe Frank Trznadel

COSTUMED FOR CANINE BENEFIT Good sports dressed up for a great cause. DOGGIE TREATS The Arizona Humane Society KEEPING THE MENAGERIE HEALTHY PetSmart BEST IN SHOW David Kolbe and Mike Wissink as KISS Dan Gosnell Dick Meise

Greg Corns



Lauren Mary and Lynn Custer

Congratulations 2009 Trendsetters Carole and Bob Machiz Benevolent Supporters of Childhelp and

Jinger Richardson Co-Chair of the Childhelp 2010 Drive the Dream Gala We greatly admire and love you for sharing your beautiful spirits and open hearts. Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson Childhelp Co-Founders Carol and Jim Hebets and All Your Childhelp Friends


Boys & Girls Clubs Taste 2009

Jennifer Britton and Jamie Zummo

Chris Kent and Tamara Davidson

Mark and Autumn Heller

Anton and Carolynn White

WINE ME, SHOP ME Kierland Commons proved the perfect venue. MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE Boys & Girls Clubs of Arizona CAMERA READY Jennifer Britton and Jamie Zummo

Traci and Scott Smith

Bob Meyer and Sandra Ayala with Jerome Riddle

Kelly and Kevin Brothen




Phoenix Art Museum Spotlight

“Asco Instant Mural,” 1974, digital print of color photograph by Harry Gamboa Jr.

Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement is the first comprehensive consideration of the legacy of Chicano art in two decades. In 1981, artist and cultural commentator Harry Gamboa Jr. described Chicanos as constituting a “phantom culture” within American society – largely unperceived, unrecognized and uncredited by the mainstream. Chicano art offered a counterpoint with work that stressed ethnic pride and political empowerment for Mexican Americans. From soft-sculpture full-size cars made from colorful vinyl to photographs of a break dancing, Phantom Sightings explores the experimental tendencies of a younger generation of contemporary American artists with cultural ties to Mexico and Latin America. The works included in the exhibition are orientated less toward traditional media such as painting and sculpture, and more toward conceptual art, performance, photography, media-based art and “stealthy” artistic interventions in urban spaces. Phantom Sightings features 120 contemporary works from 32 artists. It is the largest exhibition of Chicano art ever presented at Phoenix Art Museum and will be complemented by an installation of Arizona artists, working locally, who deal with similar themes and issues. Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement runs at the Phoenix Art Museum through Sept. 20. To learn more visit “Vocho,” vinyl, batting, thread and car parts, 2004, by Margerita Cabrera

480 I 633 I 3740




Brophy Fashion Show How old is the Brophy Fashion Show? The 2009-10 Brophy Fashion Show sponsored by the Brophy Mothers’ Guild and Saks Fifth Avenue will be 26 this year, and it has always been totally volunteer-driven and chaired by a current Brophy mother. Have the proceeds always gone to financial aid? Yes. Part of the mission of the Jesuits is to serve the underserved, so any Jesuit school across the world will always raise money to provide for those who are qualified to attend but unable to pay. How much financial aid does Brophy distribute? The 2009-10 budget is $2,325,000, and all monies will go solely to students who qualify by demonstrated need. We have been told that there is no other independent school in Arizona that gives out that much financial aid annually. How do students receive their aid? First, students apply to be admitted to Brophy by taking an entrance exam, have a personal interview one-to-one with a Brophy staff or faculty member, write an essay and get recommendations from their core subject teachers and others. Only after they are admitted do they apply for financial aid through a formal process of W-2 submissions, income tax statements, etc. How many students attend Brophy and where do they come from? Currently 1,270 students are enrolled at Brophy. Brophy students come from as far south as Ahwatukee, north from Anthem, west from Verrado and east from Fountain Hills. Students from 145 schools apply to Brophy for admittance. What does it mean to be a Jesuit high school? The Jesuit model of education started back in the mid-1500s and therefore is one of the oldest educational models. Currently there are over 850 Jesuit high schools in the world and over 45 universities worldwide. A Jesuit educational institution is a Catholic school founded on the ideals of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. Jesuit schools develop critically thinking leaders who are culled to examine the world around them. How can we attend the Brophy Fashion Show? For reservations please contact co-chair Robyn Anderson at 602.241.8613 or How can we support the Brophy Financial Aid Program? To make a donation please contact co-chair Donna Lane at 602.295.7507 or

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Amber Kelleher-Andrews Co-Founder & CEO



& S S O C I AT E S E X Q U I S I T E M AT C H M A K I N G S I N C E 1 9 8 6

480.948.7800 Phoenix/Scottsdale

As Seen On: The Today Show, Good Morning America, ABCNews, 20/20, CNBC, . The NEWSHOUR w/Jim Lehrer, The Big Idea w/Donny Deutsch, CNN, BBC, and Fox News





‘Losing Mum and Pup’ by Christopher Buckley By Bill Dougherty Christopher Buckley paints an often hilarious picture of life with Pat and Bill Buckley in Losing Mum and Pup. Faced with the deaths of both of his parents in 2008, Christopher Buckley, a bestselling author himself, tried to remain upbeat as he watched two of the most famous people in the world die. To be the only child of William F. Buckley, the father of the modern conservative movement, and his wife, Pat, the international hostess and socialite, would not have been easy. Yet “Christo,” as he was fondly called by his parents, manages to shed light on their respective madcap lives and ultimate passing. The author is sincere and honest. Bill Buckley is portrayed as a humorous, down-to-earth intellect who lived under the assumption that rules, including keeping oxygen tubes in his nose, simply did not apply to him. His often painful last year on earth was marred by a horrible battle with emphysema due to years of inhaling fine cigars. Pat Buckley, on the other hand, was the victim unnumbered bad falls and countless broken bones throughout her chic and pace-setting life. She in the end entered the hospital to be treated for a bone-related infection and never checked out. Christopher Buckley is quick to affirm the couple’s lifelong dedication to each other. He chronicles their worldwide gallivants and boundless intellect. Early in the book you quickly realize that Pat and Bill Buckley were not your typical parents. Their relationship with their only son was clouded and complicated, to say the least. It’s never easy to lose a parent. Christopher Buckley is no exception to that rule. However, his lighthearted attitude and often humorous outlook made becoming an orphan at 55 a bit more bearable. This book is a terrific quick read.

Make-up Artist - Eyelash Specialist stunning - beautiful - natural

Sydney Goldstein Licensed Aesthetician

A message from Sydney G... During my many years experience as a makeup artist and eyelash specialist, I have listened to women discuss their preferences. Each woman has her own idea or image in her mind, but most all women share the same goal - to look beautiful without losing their own personal sense of style. If you desire a classic look or a more contemporary look, my artistry allows you to look and feel beautiful ... naturally.


For Appointments, Please call 602.751.4139 TRENDS MAGAZINE

Casino Night, New York Style, is scheduled for Nov. 6 to raise desperately needed funds to continue the rescue of child victims of abuse in Arizona. There will be an atmosphere of the Big Apple represented by New York food and a martini bar. Gaming tables will be the scene of great excitement. Opportunities to “spend” chips for special drawings will add to the festivities. Why is this event special? Defenders of Children is a grassroots organization that has grown from the strong desire to protect the children of Arizona when they are in abusive situations. Every dollar raised will be used to help rescue our children. Two Gals Event Planning is guiding us through the fundraising steps. How does Defenders help our community? DoC provides assistance to child victims of abuse and the families seeking to protect them. In these days of reduced services by traditional avenues of protection, Defenders helps pick up the slack in child protection. Defenders provides free and reduced-fee assistance and free legal services through our in-house legal department headed by staff attorney David Lujan. Why and how are you involved? Shelley Adams and Gary Bolno have been committed board members and volunteers from the beginning. Every one of the board members has hands-on involvement, with no task being too difficult or too complicated – rummage sales in the heat of the summer, bowling for dollars, Black ‘n’ Bling. What else do we provide? Training for judges, attorneys, mental health professionals and social service caseworkers is provided during the year. The newly released book, Child Advocacy 101: Essays on Child Protection in America (Bridgewood Press), is called “a must read” by our attorney general and covers how to fix inadequacies in our family courts and Child Protective Services. Executive Director Donnalee Sarda and David Lujan speak at statewide conferences.

4340 East Indian School Road, Suite 9 Phoenix, Arizona 85018


Defenders of Children

What is our mission? It includes striving to end the cycle of abuse and to provide outreach on family violence prevention in order to effect positive changes in public policy to ensure children’s rights to safety. How can I attend, thereby helping the children of Arizona? Contact Betty McRae at 480.991.0601 or


Porch Party Dinner The Wellness Community will hold its Porch Party Dinner Oct. 24 under the stars at its Coronado District home at 360 E. Palm Lane in Phoenix. A cocktail hour, raffle, live auction and dinner will round out the evening. Andrea Moseley and Sandra Evans, a mother-anddaughter team co-chairing the event, answered a few questions about how the Porch Party furthers the organization’s mission of helping people with cancer along with their families. What makes the Porch Party Dinner different from other events? Having both been in Phoenix for most of our lives, we remember how neighborhoods grew and bonded. This is an outdoor event, and it is reminiscent of the past when neighbors were like family and celebrated events together. Why are the Porch Party and the Wellness Community so meaningful to you? We have experienced the tragic loss of my oldest son and my brother to cancer, and the support that the Wellness Community extends to the public is something we wish had been available to the family when we were on our devastating journey of dealing with the disease. You are doing this as a mother/daughter team. Describe what makes working together so special? My daughter and I have celebrated many personal events from the time she was a teenager. We had Mother & Daughter Coffees for our friends, organized wedding and baby showers, and we just enjoy the planning experience. We also work together professionally, and we just love working with each other. Each year, the Wellness Community bestows its Heroes of Inspiration Award at the Porch Party Dinner. Who is this year’s recipient and why? Cheryl and Bob Carr have been touched by cancer. Rather than making them shrink from their lives, this challenge has enhanced their joie de vivre and extraordinary qualities of deep goodness, strength, optimism, altruism and graciousness. These two heroes are indeed an inspiration. What items stand out in your live auction? •C live Cussler dinner for eight at the Silver Leaf Country Club. • 700-mile Wide Open Baja on a dune buggy for two. Includes hotel accommodations, food, and airfare. • Fishing Trip in British Columbia. For one or two. For more information, call 602.712.1006 or visit



C harity S p ot l ight

MASKer Aide Night Gala The MASKer Aide Night Gala will take place Oct. 2. Hosts Kimberly and Rick Cabral will graciously open their north Scottsdale home for the MASKer Aide event. The founder and president of MASK (Mother’s Awareness on School Age Kids), Kimberly Cabral, sat down with Trends to discuss the first annual MASKer Aide Night Gala. What is the mission? Our mission is to educate both parents and children about the issues facing our youth today and to empower our children to make safe, healthy choices. I created MASK in 2007 because I felt there was a need to constantly educate parents and children with issues that are so rapidly changing. For example, parents and children need to be aware of the implications associated with cyber bullying and texting. How do you educate parents and children? We hold multiple monthly meetings where we enlist experts in the field to bring us up to date on current issues. MASK addresses a wide range of topics, including drug and alcohol trends, Internet safety, eating disorders, depression, bullying, peer-to-peer relationships and the dangers of smoking. Last summer, MASK partnered with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and was trained to be part of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Why should someone attend the MASKer Aide Night Gala? The first annual MASKer Aide Night Gala will be an unforgettable evening under the stars initiated with a private tour of host Kimberly and Rick Cabral’s Calvis Wyant home. The lavish cocktail reception will feature wine tasting, live music and a chance to win a round, brilliant cut diamond in our champagne glass raffle donated by Galicia Fine Jewelers.

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Why should someone support MASK? All you have to do is read the newspaper or watch the news to see how many children are affected by drugs or cyber bullying, eating disorders, etc. We have found that it is never too early to start educating parents and children. MASK follows Drug Free Arizona’s fiveyear rule guide, which encourages parents to start conversations with kids about the risks of using specific drugs five years prior to when they would typically be exposed. Who benefits from the Gala? MASK recently partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Scottsdale, which will allow MASK to reach out to the community. The MASK goal is to navigate awareness throughout the Valley and create positive, healthy opportunities for children to get involved in.