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The Transitions program builds academic skills, life skills and general independence for high school students and young adults ages 15-27 with autism and learning differences. Its specialty isn’t just in teaching students how to study or learn a trade – it’s in showing students they can live a life that even they never dreamed of. Through partnership with local colleges, internships in community businesses, unique classes in a variety of independent living topics and supported living opportunities, Transitions helps young people grow successfully from adolescence to adulthood. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, an experienced staff and an evidence-based curriculum that provides individualized attention and training in skills students will use for the rest of their lives. Transitions gives students the tools and supports they need to learn, thrive, and live the happy and productive lives that they deserve.


A LETTER FROM THE FOUNDER As the mother of a daughter with Turner syndrome and nonverbal learning disabilities, I know how overwhelming it feels when you’re faced with decisions that affect your child for life. Your young adult is finishing or has finished high school – what next? Will they be able to make it through college? What supports will be in place to help them? Or what if they want to go straight into a career path, where there are even fewer supports available? What if they are already in their college or career path and are experiencing difficulties? How can you help them be independent, confident, self-sufficient and, above all, safe? I had the same concerns when my daughter Priya graduated high school and wanted to go to college. Even though I had more than 25 years of experience in supporting people with disabilities and the resources to help her, I, too, was overwhelmed to think about how to prepare her for life without the supports she had in school or even life without me. She and I developed a step-by-step plan together. I’m proud to say that she has gone far above and beyond the expectations people set before her. Today, she is working toward her Ph.D. in Social Work at the University at Albany. She has already earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from SUNY Albany’s Honor’s College and a Master of Social Work at the same university. She maintained a full academic-based scholarship and was able to work, volunteer at her church and complete two internships while going to school. Priya is living proof that a diagnosis of a learning difference does not in any way mean that someone can’t accomplish the goals they set for themselves. My daughter has faced many challenges in her life, but we’ve found that with the right resources, and with people willing to help, challenges can become opportunities for people with autism and learning differences. It is because of my daughter’s experience that I, in partnership with Lexington, an agency that has been providing award-winning disability services since 1953, developed Transitions. With our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced staff and uniquely designed curriculum, we offer your young adult individualized attention and training in skills they will use for the rest of their lives, including executive functioning, leadership, relationship building and living independently. To you, we offer the promise that your child will be safe, well cared for and will come out of the program prepared for the opportunities that life offers beyond high school. You’ve brought them this far. Let us help them take the next big step in their lives. Let us help them transition to a life that is truly independent and fulfilling. Sincerely,

Shaloni Winston, Founder


As young adults with autism and learning differences age out of the school system, they usually must leave behind any supports their school has provided them — supports that they and their families depend on. There are very few options for these capable students who want to take the next steps toward their independent lives, but lack the skills and supports to be successful. This is where Transitions steps in. Our program uses classes, practical application and one-on-one support to teach students the skills necessary to graduate from college, develop a career and live independently. With locations in the foothills of New York State’s beautiful Adirondack Mountains and its bustling state capital, this premier career and college support program is designed for young adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities and other learning differences. We offer fullyear, summer, weeklong and weekend programs. Our curriculum is crafted from evidence-based programs designed to give all students equal opportunities to thrive. We are grounded in internationally recognized approaches that will set students on the path toward college and career success. Transitions has collaborated with several elite institutions, including the Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Autism Center for Excellence, the Mayo Clinic and the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, to build its exclusive learning experience.


Through careful partnership with Lexington, an agency that has been providing award-winning disability services since 1953, Transitions trains its students in skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives, ensuring they get the tools they need to safely and independently navigate their academic and work environments. In addition to learning skills such as executive functioning, leadership, self-advocacy, social relationship building and independent living, students will be exposed to socially rich recreational opportunities in a safe, secure and supportive environment. Independence is our goal, and we’ll deliver it with an approach sure to each ignite each student’s potential.

“We have found staff to be more than supportive at Transitions. When we walk through the door, we know we are walking into a place filled with ‘our people’ who understand us and understand our daughter without explanation. It’s a great place to be.” — Veronica S., Parent 4

What is Transitions?

WHY TRANSITIONS? Transitions builds academic skills, life skills and independence. Our core curriculum covers social skills, health, wellness, independent life, self-management, self-advocacy and leadership.

Teaches independent living skills – cooking, budgeting, shopping, cleaning, home maintenance, managing medication, public transportation and more

Teaches coping mechanisms for stressful adult situations Coaches on selfdisclosure of differences

Offers social outlets and group activities Provides off-campus apartment living with roommates, supported by peer mentors

Assists with studying, coursework, following syllabi, time management, organization, selfadvocacy and social interactions

Teaches management of schedules and assignments

Teaches social skills specific to college classrooms and workplaces

Offers counseling, medical and staff supports 24/7

Facilitates enrollment in and liaises with regional colleges

Develops personalized academic success plans

Supports in development of resumes and portfolios and provides career-related experiences

Provides student housing fully outfitted with emergency equipment, procedures and contact info

What is Transitions?



“Everyone is so open at Transitions and I feel like I can be myself. I didn’t feel like I was hiding anything. I could relate to other people. Everyone is struggling to find themselves and figure it out. I know I can talk to people and won’t be judged here.” – Lily D., Transitions Student 6

Transitions Programs

FULL-YEAR PROGRAMS Transitions offers a fully inclusive, supportive two- to four-year college, career and independent living experience to students with learning differences. Both day scholar and residential options are available. The program includes enrollment in college courses, participation in career internships, leadership opportunities, and classes in social integration, selfmanagement, career exploration, independent living and self-advocacy. The result is skill development, maturity and the confidence to live life as an independent adult.

COLLEGE TRACK Transitions has partnered with many regional colleges to provide a robust support system for any student attending college or exploring higher education opportunities. Students can elect to enroll at Transitions while simultaneously attending a college, university or trade school, where they don’t just study – they thrive. Students in our Mayfield location have easy access to nearby Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC), where many are enrolled in associate degree and certificate programs. FMCC also provides our credit-bearing college class in career exploration and success, a course in which all Transitions students enroll to help them plan for their future. In addition to FMCC, Transitions students in our Mayfield location are able to receive supports to attend other regional institutions, such as SUNY Cobleskill, SUNY Empire State College, Herkimer County Community College, Mohawk Valley Community College and more. Students in our Albany location are able to receive supports while enrolled at Mildred Elley, The University at Albany, Schenectady County Community College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Russell Sage College, Union College, Siena College, Hudson Valley Community College or any of the many other institutions in and near the city. Transitions is also well equipped to assist students who are enrolled in online degree programs at any institution. In partnership with FMCC, Transitions is also proud to offer all students a Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies, an innovative program that prepares young adults to transition into independent living with a focus on employment skills. Upon completion, students will have a certificate as a credential to take to potential employers in lieu of a degree. This certificate will show that the student has the education and training it takes for long-term career success! Transitions will: • Assess students’ academic skills and interests • Help students develop personalized academic success plans • Assist with the application process and liaise with the college on the students’ behalf • Provide group and individual study halls • Support students in selecting and registering for classes, following course syllabi, prioritizing assignments and managing time effectively

COLLEGE PARTNERSHIPS • FMCC | • SUNY Cobleskill, through a 2+2 dual admission program with FMCC | • Mildred Elley, a career education and technical training institute | • Dozens of other colleges and universities through transfer agreements with FMCC • Online degree programs

Transitions Programs


CAREER TRACK Transitions programs help prepare young adults for the workplace. Transitions will: • Assess students’ career skills and interests • Help students construct personalized career development plans • Provide individualized career counseling • Help students secure a job • Liaise with supervisors • Coach students at their internship or job site • Train students in resume preparation, job searching, dressing for success, work ethics and behavior, interviewing, writing, communication, leadership and other skills that will set them apart as a job candidate

TRANSITIONS STUDENTS HAVE INTERNED IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: • Nursing and Medical Services • Data Management • Auto Mechanics • Secretarial and Administrative Roles • Animal Care and Dog Training • Culinary Arts and Food Service • Childcare and Education • Construction and Maintenance

• Studio Arts and Art Education • Landscaping and Environmental Sciences • Human Resources and Public Relations • Journalism • IT • Retail • Music and Entertainment • Floral Arranging and Design


Transitions Programs

MOMENTUM AT FMCC AND IMAGINE ACADEMY OF THE ARTS PROGRAMS MOMENTUM AT FMCC For adult learners with autism or other learning differences The Momentum program is an alternative learning option for people aged 27 and older with learning differences who want support building academic, life and independence skills. Based at FultonMontgomery Community College, this extension of Transitions’ Full-Year program supports nontraditional students to take their next steps in independent living. Its core curriculum covers higher level classes in social skills, health and wellness, independent life, self-management, selfadvocacy and leadership.

IMAGINE ACADEMY OF THE ARTS An arts-focused program for young adults with autism or other learning differences The Imagine Academy of the Arts is a collaboration with the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts for students ages 18 and older with learning differences who have particular talents and interests in the arts. The program helps students both grow in their chosen discipline and develop self-expression and confidence while learning important independent living skills. Students will be offered group and individual lessons in music, fine arts, theater, photography, yoga, cooking, 3-D art and more. They will also have access to Transitions’ core curriculum, which provides them the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies from FultonMontgomery Community College.

Transitions Programs


SUMMER, SPECIALTY & WEEKEND PROGRAMS SUMMER IMMERSION EXPERIENCE The Transitions Summer Immersion Experience is a transformative two- or three-week readiness program for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), ADHD and other learning differences (LD). Experience • College tours • Group road trips • Adventurous Adirondack excursions

• Lasting friendships with like-minded people • Self-expressive creative arts classes • Innovative, personalized instruction in skills that will prepare you for a lifetime of success!

CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO SPECIALIZED TRACKS ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS: College and Beyond Personalized and innovative college prep programs for students entering grades 10-12, attending college or transferring colleges.

Career and Life Life-changing and individualized career prep programs for young adults up to age 27 who want to start careers and live on their own.

Students thrive best where a college’s supports best match their unique needs, but schools vary in the supports and resources they offer to students with ASD/LD. This program will help students determine what their needs are and, through tours and hands-on exploration, expose them to different types of college programs so they can decide which setting best fits them.

The career-focused program will teach students core skills essential for career success. Statistically, most people lose their jobs not due to incompetence, but rather to lack of preparation for how to act at work. Transitions will work with its students to help them find and keep jobs that make them feel happy, secure and fulfilled.

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Tour elite colleges with strong ASD/LD supports Write college and scholarship application essays Earn college credit Learn communication and social skills Hear firsthand from college students just like you Live in dorm-like settings with roommates Explore accommodations available to students like you and how to secure them • Find your dream school! 10

Transitions Programs

Work at an internship with coaching and feedback Learn and practice the skills employers want Develop an employment portfolio Tour prospective job sites and speak to employers Earn college credit Learn independent living skills Enhance your personal safety skills Find your dream career!


In addition to the Summer Immersion Experience, Transitions also offers weeklong specialty camps for young adults interested in exploring certain aspects of independent living more in-depth. At these camps, students will not only receive instruction in skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives, they will also experience all the fun the Adirondacks can offer, with outdoor excursions and arts enrichment classes alike! Students can attend camps just for the day or they can stay overnight in Transitions apartments. Sample Specialty Camps: • My Independent Life • My Path to Employment • STEAM Innovations Camp • Transitions Summer Camp • Succeeding Socially • Building My Confidence • Life Beyond High School • Organizing My Life

ADIRONDACK EXPRESSIONS ART CAMP A joint project with the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, this camp is for young adults aged 15-27 who want to explore the arts. These are one-week sessions where students participate in Adirondack activities and outings and work with experienced artists on fun and educational art projects. Students can choose to stay overnight at the camp or attend just for the day. The activities, projects and social events will promote each camper’s unique talents, creativity and self-esteem. With two classes per day in media such as painting, drawing, theater, music, cooking, woodworking, photography, paper crafts, and more, there is something at Adirondack Expressions for every budding artist.

WEEKEND CAMPS Transitions Weekend Camps, offered year-round, are focused introductions to strategies for transitioning from school and home to independent living and building an exceptional life. High school students and young adults are welcome to attend these three-day sessions full of seminars, special presentations, enrichment classes, fun social activities and outings, networking with Transitions staff and alumni, and more. These camps are perfect opportunities to get to know the Transitions program and meet new friends while spending a few days away from home. All of our Weekend Camps also include learning opportunities for the families of our participants. Educating families and facilitating networking with others who have similar experiences are important goals of ours, along with ensuring our students have fun and make friends as they learn new approaches for life. Learn About • Leadership and self-advocacy • Social skills • Independent living • Wellness • And more! Visit for more information, dates and to register!

Transitions Programs


CURRICULUM AND SUPPORTS Transitions’ core curriculum was built on the work of many esteemed researchers and providers nationwide. It immerses students in real-life experiences while supporting them as they reach their college and career goals. The core areas are social skills, health and wellness, independent life, self-management, self-advocacy and leadership. All courses are specifically geared toward young adults with autism and learning differences. The importance of self-advocacy and self-monitoring is emphasized throughout.

PROGRAM MODEL Get to know yourself – your Practice self-management strengths, for self-determined success challenges and desires Practice your new skills while learning Develop your THE to live goals and independently action plan EVOLUTION


Develop hobbies, interests and leisure skills

Learn and begin to use self-management skills

Learn new academic, career and life success skills


Curriculum and Supports




Campus navigation • Disclosure • Services

Internship experience • Interviewing Workplace coaching and feedback

Future planning, college support, vocational program guidance, practical toolset for academics and beyond

Various workplace internships will be offered with workplace coaching and feedback to build future goals.

“I am so impressed with Transitions. Any parent who is unsure about sending their child to the program, I know your fears will be allayed.” – Sandy B., Parent Curriculum and Supports


CLINICAL SUPPORTS AND THERAPY Transitions has experienced and qualified clinicians on staff to provide counseling and therapeutic consultation as necessary. We have qualified specialists in the following areas: • social work • psychology • nursing • nutrition counseling • vocational rehabilitation • psychiatry • occupational therapy • physical therapy • speech and language pathology


Curriculum and Supports


Shaloni Winston E xecutive Director and CEO of The Arc Lexington and parent of a daughter with a learning disability. Shaloni has been a leader in the field of providing supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 25 years.


Marc Brandt, Chair Former executive director of The Arc New York Barbara Treadwell, Vice-Chair Certified financial planner and parent of a son with disabilities William Crankshaw, Ed.D. Superintendent of the Greater Johnstown School District in New York Nancy DeSando, B.S.R.N. H ealth Systems Analyst, Director of Article 16 Clinic and Autism Resource Coordinator at The Arc Lexington Ben and Mary Elmore Owners of Intevity technology consultancy and parents of a Transitions student Chance Farago Business professional and professor of arts administration, business design and arts leadership Tamara Knapp-Grosz, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, CPCS Senior Director of Counseling and Testing at the University of North Texas and former president of the American Counseling Association Diana Putnam Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Fulton-Montgomery Community College Sheila K. Stevens, M.S.W. Director of Patient Communication at the Mayo Clinic

TRANSITIONS STAFF The Transitions program includes a robust team of staff who support students on a day-to-day basis and work with them to identify and achieve both long- and short-term goals and milestones. Some of the roles on the Transitions team include: Peer Mentors provide students direct support with classes and goal work; facilitate self-reliance while navigating daily life; assist with daily tasks such as cooking, chores and homework while laying the groundwork for independence in these areas; model ideal social skills; reinforce concepts from classes in real-world situations; encourage students to build relationships and work confidently toward their goals; act as role models, teachers and counselors to each student. Coordinators of Student Life plan student activities; coordinate peer mentor tasks; manage day-to-day logistics of the program; visit residential homes and ensure all students are succeeding with independent living and utilizing effective routines; ensure that structures are in place to help students with both the daily tasks and broader skill building they need to succeed. Social Workers provide personalized counseling to each student as they navigate the program, develop long-term goals and establish a more independent life; support students through any challenges that arise in their personal, professional or academic lives; teach students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, advocate for themselves and become leaders among their peers. Specialized Instructors teach students skills and strategies to achieve success in social relationships, health and wellness, independent living, self-management, self-advocacy and leadership; offer hands-on and individualized training in skills students need to flourish in an independent life; balance out the Transitions experience with enrichment classes in arts and wellness topics of all kinds. The Transitions staff is supported by outreach and admissions coordinators as well as a leadership team that oversees all aspects of the program to ensure that each student has ample opportunity to succeed. In addition, all students have access to 24/7 medical, clinical and emotional supports through Transitions. Curriculum and Supports



with Distinction

• Accreditation with distinction of the Transitions program, recognizing its excellence in its operations and plans for the future • Provides training for staff to conduct Personal Outcome Measures® interviews with new students, aiding in developing their person-centered plans and goals and providing the best possible supports based on their unique needs and interests

FULTON-MONTGOMERY COMMUNITY COLLEGE • Educational opportunities and supports for the Full-Year program • Offers Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies in conjunction with Transitions



Staff recruitment and training expertise Successful independent and supported residential life models Access to 24/7 supports, including medical and emotional supports Proven safety and oversight procedures that have been developed and tested over 65 years of supporting people with disabilities who have complex medical, social and emotional needs

MAYO CLINIC • Wellness coaches who received their certification from the Mayo Clinic provide individualized health, behavior and social change goal setting and instruction

MILDRED ELLEY • Educational opportunities and supports for the Full-Year program based in Albany • Offers career education and technical training courses in a variety of fields, including business, medicine, law, IT, cosmetology and more


Curriculum and Supports

PAUL NIGRA CENTER FOR CREATIVE ARTS • State-of-the-art creative arts center that is 100% accessible • Access to numerous visual and performing arts classes, performances and events • Opportunity to learn from and record music with Flame, Lexington’s internationally renowned rock band comprised of people with disabilities • Sensory-friendly events and activities

SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN • Aided in the development of a curriculum based on SCAD’s Jump Start orientation program for students with disabilities • Collaborated on the design of the Transitions program building

UCLA PEERS® CLINIC • Transitions uses UCLA’s evidence-based and widely recognized Program for the Evaluation and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®) as part of its core curriculum • Course content is supplemented by the FriendMaker app

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON • Aided in the development of a curriculum based on their DO-IT program, a summer college preparatory program for students with disabilities

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY • VCU’s Autism Center for Excellence assisted in the development of our core curriculum for social skills and executive functioning training • Assisted in the development of an assessment tool used to assess each student’s college, career and life readiness

WARREN-WASHINGTON-ALBANY ARC • Provides internship and career programming support to Transitions students based in Albany

Curriculum and Supports




Student Life




Wednesday Thursday


Current Events

Current Events

Current Events

Current Events


Social Skills



Career Class



Current Events

Culinary Class


House Chores




Executive Functioning





Wellness Internship




Homework Club






WEEKEND ACTIVITY: Choose between going to the park to throw Frisbees or Paint and Sip at Transitions

FMCC Class

FMCC Class

Academic Coaching

Dinner and Chores with Roommates Group Grocery Run Followed by Dinner


Homework Club WEEKEND ACTIVITY: Choose between mini-golfing or volleyball tournament at Transitions

Activity at Transitions

Dinner and Chores with Roommates Evening Activity at Transitions


Evening Activity at Transitions

Movie and Games at Transitions

Student Life


Many students with special needs have never lived on their own before. Transitions supports students to experience independent living at their own pace. Peer mentors stay in or near the apartments where residential students live. Other staff members are on hand to facilitate independent living while helping students navigate daily life, from waking up on time to remembering to take medication. Through individual and group instruction, staff aim to provide real-life experiences so students can put their skills into practice and develop confidence in their abilities. Students shop for groceries, prepare meals, clean their apartments, do laundry, take public transportation and learn to manage their money, pay bills and use an ATM.

RESIDENTIAL LIFE HOUSING & AMENITIES Students who choose to live with us stay in apartments with one to four roommates near the Transitions campus. Different levels of independence are available based on each person’s unique needs. Basic furnishings, amenities and on-site laundry facilities are included. Transitions provides a regular shuttle service between the program building, the college and local towns. Students also learn how to safely use public transportation.

SAFETY & SUPERVISION Each student has 24-hour access to counseling, medical and staff supports from on-call professionals. All residential living options are equipped with fire and personal safety equipment such as fire and smoke alarms, detailed evacuation plans, and emergency procedures and contact instructions. From 7 a.m. until 10 p.m., staff assist with reminders for medication, self-care and other daily living activities. They also help plan and access transportation, appointments, community activities, shopping and financial resources. From 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., Transitions staff are available on-site for apartments with 24/7 staffing or oncall for those living more independently. While achieving independence is the goal, we understand that many parents want to be kept informed of their student’s progress. Transitions’ staff can provide progress reports and communicate regularly with parents of its students as needed.

MEALS Full-year students are responsible for buying and preparing their own meals. Peer mentors support the students in learning these skills. Students learn to plan healthy menus, develop grocery lists, shop using online ordering and navigate in-person value shopping. The program also includes formal culinary classes.


Student Life

“Transitions has changed my life in a way that no one will ever know.” – Andrew C., Transitions Graduate Student Life


At Transitions, students take part in abundant recreational and social opportunities and are exposed extensively to the arts. Weekly events give students a range of activities that expand their social menu and foster lasting friendships. Students will be encouraged to explore leisure skills and engage in hobbies, which can provide natural social connections with others. Peer mentors model social skills and reinforce concepts learned from social success classes.


Painting Acting and Improv Music and Rhythm Lessons College and Workplace Tours Karaoke Beach Trips, Swimming and Fishing Fitness and Wellness Activities Amusement Park Outings Picnics Bonfires Construction Projects Rock Climbing Shopping Bowling Hiking Snowshoeing Karate Photography Kayaking

“At Transitions, it’s not just what our son has learned and how he has grown, but to hear him talk about friends and peers that he can relate to makes my heart the happiest.” — Yavonne M., Parent


Student Life

PAUL NIGRA CENTER FOR CREATIVE ARTS Transitions’ Mayfield campus is co-located with the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts. The center hosts family events and provides an assortment of art and hobby-related classes for budding artists of all ages, interests and levels of ability. Adapted by the Savannah College of Art and Design, the center is an ideal place to explore the arts and one’s own creativity. The best of the region’s local talent teaches classes, gives presentations and shares their talent and expertise with art-lovers from all walks of life.

SAMPLE CLASSES: • • • • • • • • • • •

3D Art Baking and Culinary Arts Jewelry Making Oil, Acrylic and Palette Knife Painting Dance Musical Instrument and Voice Lessons Intro to Videography and Video Editing Intro to Photography Meditation & Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Multimedia Art Printmaking



STUDENT PROFILES Santiago B. is a student in our College Track. A diligent student, he is working toward a degree in Entertainment Technology with a long-term goal of working in the entertainment industry. Santiago excels at Transitions classes and interns at a local arts center. He lives in a Transitions supportive apartment, where he works hard to improve the skills he needs to live independently.

Lily D. is a student in our College Track who traveled from Florida to join the program. She has successfully completed her freshman year at college and hopes to transform her interest in history into a job as a museum curator in the future. Lily has exceptional skills in culinary arts and has progressed to living with roommates in an independent apartment without full-time mentor support.

Dylan G. is a student in our College Track who hails from New York City. He lives independently and works in the Human Resources Department at a local agency, where he serves as one of their best representatives at job fairs. His future goal is to establish a career as an office manager.

Morgan M. is a student in our Career Track. She hopes to follow her passion for animals into a career as a vet technician. Currently, she is focusing on her classes at Transitions as well as building independence skills as she lives in one of our supportive apartments. Morgan has excelled in her classes at Transitions and has begun the process of earning her driver’s license.

Brandon J. began his Transitions journey in our Career Track, but switched to the College Track when the Transitions classes gave him the confidence he needed to try out higher education. He has a fantastic work ethic that has made him a go-to person at his retail job, which he flourished at even through the challenges of being an essential worker during the 2020 pandemic. Brandon excels at everything he does – academically, socially and in his career. He has also progressed to living independently in a Transitions apartment without full-time mentor support. 24

Student Life

Jess B. is a Transitions Day Scholar in our Career Track. She is motivated to learn and succeed and has excelled in Transitions classes. Jess recently took the initiative to apply for a number of jobs without coaching or support from mentors, and she is now employed part-time! The enrichment classes Transitions offers in martial arts sparked a passion in Jess, and she has continued to pursue karate on her own, improving her skills enough to earn several ranks in a short time.

TRANSITIONS GRADUATE PROGRAM Transitions can continue to support Graduates of the program – students who have earned their Certificate of Completion in Career and Life Studies from FMCC and completed the Transitions curriculum – as needed with career coaching and independent living supports. Transitions Graduates may also take on a leadership role to students enrolled in the program, serving as role models and ambassadors to support student success. The Transitions Graduate Program is a bridge between students finishing their studies and honing their skills within Transitions to preparing to be entirely self-sufficient in the future.

Olivia E. is a talented performer who has worked as a professional singer, actor and choreographer at local events and productions since she was a child. Having completed the Transitions curriculum and graduated from Schenectady County Community College with a Certificate in Music, Olivia has now moved into the Transitions Imagine Academy of the Arts to continue building her skills in theater and music.

Andrew C. is a graduate of Fulton-Montgomery Community College, where he earned an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Science. He is currently a vocalist in the world-renowned band Flame. While he attended Transitions, the program helped him earn his driver’s license and get a job he loves in the retail field. He is now exploring his next steps while working hard at his jobs and developing greater independent living skills!

Haydn E. has graduated from Fulton-Montgomery Community College and is moving on to the University at Albany for his bachelor’s degree in Journalism. His time at Transitions gave him the confidence and selfsufficiency to actively pursue his goals and prepare for his future. The summer after graduating from Transitions, he worked a full-time job and earned his driver’s license. Haydn is an active member of his church and community.

Coty R. was a member of the first class of students to join the Transitions program. Through the years, he grew from a shy and uncertain young man to a leader among his peers who served as a Resident Advisor and Ambassador with the Transitions program. Today, he is a graduate of Fulton-Montgomery Community College who lives independently in his own apartment, has a driver’s license and works full-time at a fitness center. He is saving money toward his long-term goal of buying his own house. Student Life


LOCATIONS MAYFIELD The Transitions Mayfield campus is located on 66 picturesque acres in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. Our state-of-the-art facilities, designed in collaboration with the Savannah College of Art and Design, are outfitted with an art gallery and fully equipped art, technology, health and fitness, music and culinary studios. The vast property provides the perfect setting for typical Adirondack experiences such as nature walks, bonfires, barbecues, picnics, outdoor recreation and much more.


Student Life

ALBANY The Transitions Albany campus is based at 5 Washington Square, in the midst of New York’s bustling state capital. Students who attend the program in Albany have access to a vast amount of culture, history, entertainment venues, food options and more throughout the dynamic city. The urban setting also offers close proximity to many educational institutions and resources, as well as job and internship opportunities in myriad fields.

“Opening up to others and sharing my interests has helped me make more friends. I didn’t realize it, but a lot of people have the same issues and strengths that I do.” — Rhiannon F., Transitions Student Student Life





Transitions selects students who are motivated to succeed. Unlike many other college and career preparatory programs, we are able to accommodate accessibility needs and some medical needs. Admissions staff will confer with students, their families and our medical director to determine which supports are needed. • Full-Year Program (College and Career Tracks) • Momentum Program • Imagine Academy of the Arts • Summer Immersion Experience • Weeklong Specialty Camps • Weekend Camps

CRITERIA APPLICANTS WILL: • have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities or other learning differences • be a high school student, recent graduate or young adult up to age 27 (Momentum Program has no age limit) • Several regional high schools participate in an alternative program for students in their junior and senior years to attend Transitions as day scholars for support moving forward past high school. • have emotional, behavioral and psychological stability • have general independence and ability to be alone safely for periods of time • be motivated to participate fully within the Transitions community, socially and academically • be willing to participate in resume-building experiences, including internships • have both the desire and the potential to obtain a college degree, participate in a career program and/or live independently A trial visit to Transitions is part of the admissions process for our Full-Year Program. The Transitions Admissions Committee reviews each candidate’s application individually to assess whether our program is an ideal fit for them. Admissions


TUITION & FINANCIAL AID* Tuition includes room and board, transportation, participation in classes and activities, staff supports, most recreational/social activities and therapeutic supports for social, sensory and medical needs. For details about the fees associated with attending Transitions, please visit our website at *Scholarships and financial aid may be available.

• Tuition does not include medical or specialized counseling services, medications or other personal expenses. • College tuition is paid separately to the college. • Special activities are optional and may have an extra charge. • Each student will be assessed upon admission and annually to decide which supports, if any, they need. A fee may be charged if it is determined that additional medical and/or emotional supports are needed. Participation in the Transitions program may qualify as a medical tax deduction. Consult with your tax advisor. Students who are eligible for services with the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) have funding options. Call us to learn more.



MAKING TRANSITIONS AFFORDABLE Transitions is a life-changing opportunity for its students, so we are committed to working with future students and their families to make sure as many as possible get the chance to experience it. There are many forms of financial aid available that can take the worrying out of coming to Transitions. These include federal and state grants, funding for New York State students with intellectual or developmental disabilities, medical tax deductions, student employment, payment plans, personal fundraising and private scholarships. Transitions also offers several scholarships to Full-Year and Summer Immersion Experience students who do not receive services from OPWDD. These merit-based scholarships offer up to $5,000 per year for the Full-Year programs and up to $1,000 for Summer Immersion Experience sessions. They are awarded based on the student’s potential to succeed at Transitions and the strength of a personal essay that gives a sense of who they are and their goals. For more information, visit Please be aware that Transitions fees do not include admission to any higher education institution the student may choose to attend simultaneously. Please contact your school directly to discuss financial aid options specific to them.

APPLY* When you contact us for more information, we begin a dialogue where we can learn about each other. Because we tailor each experience to the individual student, this conversation makes us better equipped to build their best possible Transitions experience. The Transitions Admission Committee reviews each candidate’s application individually to assess whether our program is an ideal fit for them. If you are interested in exploring our program, please call (518) 661-6617 or email

CONTACT US: Phone: (518) 775-5384 or (518) 661-6617 | Fax: (518) 661-6697 Emails: Information – | Admissions –





Specialty Camps:

Imagine Academy of the Arts: Arts-focused program • Group and individual classes /lessons in arts of all kinds • Development of self-expression, creativity and confidence • Independent living skillbuilding opportunities • Classes in Transitions core curriculum

Momentum at FMCC: For adult learners age 27 and up • Based at Fulton-Montgomery Community College • Supports in building academic skills, life skills and independence • Curriculum covers social skills, health and wellness, independent life, selfmanagement, self-advocacy and leadership

Weekend Camps: Three-day fun skill-building camps • Leadership and self-advocacy • Social success • Fun activities • Independent living

Weeklong life skills camps • My Independent Life • My Path to Employment • Innovations Camp • Transitions Summer Camp • Succeeding Socially • Building My Confidence • Life Beyond High School

Teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities and other learning differences


Summer Immersion Experience: Two- or three-week readiness programs • College and career focuses • College credit • Exciting road trips • Independent living • Lasting friendships • Innovative skill instruction

Locations in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and New York’s Capital Region

Full-Year College and Career Programs:

To help young adults transition to independent living and support them on their college and career paths


Two- to four-year college and career support programs • Enrollment in college courses • Participation in career internships • Leadership opportunities • Classes in social integration, self-management, career exploration, independent living and self-advocacy

P.O. Box 196 | 2736 NY-30 Mayfield, NY 12117

5 Washington Square Albany, NY 12205

HOW TO APPLY: Visit admissions/apply/


Transitions is a program of The Lexington Foundation. To learn more about the Foundation, visit

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