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DUBAI MUNICIPALITY ENSURES PARTICIPATION OF PEOPLE OF DETERMINATION IN ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES As part of its continuous efforts to ensure participation of the People of Determination in environmental activities the Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality organised a two-day Awareness Program in the field of sustainable waste management at the Summer Camp of Dubai Club for the People of Determination. The Awareness Program was part of enriching the summer activities of the Club and was aimed at making the People of Determination happy, qualifying them, integrating them with their surroundings and raising their awareness on the importance of maintaining cleanliness in order to keep the city of Dubai clean, green and sustainable.

PROACTIVE STEPS TAKEN FOR DUBAI MUNICIPALITY CENTRES’ COMPREHENSIVE SMART TRANSFORMATION As part of its relentless quest for smart transformation in services, Dubai Municipality received more than 300 customers through its Smart Day initiative, which is organised on Monday and Thursday every week. The Smart Day initiative was launched by the Municipality Centres Department to train customers on smart ways to complete transactions so that they do not need to visit the centres and complete their transactions sitting in their offices and places of residence through smart phone applications. Khater Al Nuaimi, Director of the Municipality Centres Department said: "The response of the customers to the initiative is fantastic and reflects their keenness to cooperate with the initiatives of Dubai Municipality aimed at the complete smart transformation. He added that the Municipality Centres have taken proactive steps towards a comprehensive smart transformation and to set their business model in implementing smart services and applications. Al Nuaimi said that the Municipality Centres are keen to simplify service procedures and deliver to the customers who come to them to complete the transactions of Dubai Municipality. “In order to achieve all services by smart means, we will make agreement with all partners, the government departments and institutions that provide services in Municipality Centres. This is one of our steps towards comprehensive smart transformation in the Municipality services in Dubai Municipality,” he said.

“We face great challenges as the Municipality Centres are joint centres that are not limited to the services of Dubai Municipality, but also include the services of local departments, government institutions and private companies that provide services to thousands of customers during the morning and evening periods daily. Our goal is clear, which is derived from the strategy of Dubai Municipality, which is the strategy of the Government of Dubai, to turn government services to smart services that are accessible to all,” said Al Nuaimi. "Our aim is to improve service delivery and keep pace with the progress of the Emirate of Dubai and work in line with the future strategic plan of the Government of Dubai," he said. "We will soon be in strategic agreement with our partners in the centres for smart transformation of all services offered there currently. We need to convert existing spaces into smart platforms, smart work environments and non-traditional services. This will require everyone to cooperate, initiate and move quickly to change, and we will not stop at this line. The race for excellence is endless, as emphasised by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who is the first leader encouraging towards excellence and creativity. We will soon announce a package of new steps and initiatives that are in line with the next phase and Dubai's future," said Al Nuaimi.

The program, attended by more than 100 people, also witnessed the participation of the character "Nadhoof," a favorite of children and the public and a symbolic character designed by the Waste Management Department to express the profession of cleaning workers in Dubai Municipality. Eng. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department said that the Department is committed to meeting the needs of all categories of the society in the field of environmental awareness and involvement in environmental responsibility, especially the People of Determination to empower them and highlight their capabilities in a free and barrier-free community to make Dubai home to creative individuals who are proud and happy to live in a cohesive and coherent society. During the program, a drawing and coloring workshop was organised, and gifts were distributed with awareness messages about the importance of contribution and participation in maintaining public cleanliness. The workshop is part of a series of workshops organised by Dubai Municipality aimed at encouraging the People of Determination and raising awareness about various areas of Municipal work through a range of fun filled useful activities interacting with them in a positive and excellent way.

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