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Village theatre art gallery ď‚ŤPick up your guidebook here.........................233 Front Street, Danville

Danville Community Center 420 Front Street, Danville

1. David Middlebrook 2. Boback Emad 3. Will Day 4. Barry Milstead 5. Colin McRae 6. Joan McLoughlin 7. Michael Rizza 8. Hilary Mills-Lambert 9. PROJECT Pepper 10. Kathy Wills 11. Joyce Gordon Gallery 12. David Graves

Artist Studios

Artist directory

13. Ruth Hussey..........................................................510 Starmont Court, Danville 14. Barbara Davies...............Art on the Lane, 381 Hartz Ave., Suite A, Danville 15. Diane Pruett............................................................499 Highland Drive, Danville 16. Mary LaCasse........................................................499 Highland Drive, Danville 17. Charles H. White....................................................53 La Gonda Court, Danville 18. Elizabeth Ingebretsen.........................................53 La Gonda Court, Danville 19. Mitchell Neto..........................................................53 La Gonda Court, Danville 20. Elizabeth T. Lowe................................................420 Silver Chief Way, Danville 21. Emily Catherine Smith......Locando Ravello, 172 E Prospect Ave, Danville 22. Fariba Sasson........................Color Bundles, 301 Hartz Ave. # 104, Danville 23. John Osgood.................................................................140 Esther Lane, Danville 24. Josef Twirbutt....................................................372 West Linda Mesa, Danville 25. Nola Pardi Proll..................................................372 West Linda Mesa, Danville 26. Don Eagling...........................................................636 Brookside Drive, Danville 27. Kathy Flint............................................................276 Remington Loop, Danville 28. Lynn Glenn................................................................702 Park Hill Road, Danville 29. Bruce Gedney Horton Millar............................2262 Alameda Diablo, Diablo 30. Tricia Grame............................................................234 Montair Drive, Danville 31. Marcia Harmon..........................Cottage Jewel, 100 West Prospect Avenue 32. Francine Garcia..............................................................317 Lynn Lane, Danville 33. Taylor Robinette..............................................................317 Lynn Lane, Danville 34. Walton Huges...................................................................317 Lynn Lane, Danville

Museum of San Ramon Valley 205 Railroad Ave, Danville

35. Roxana Castro 36. Kersti Malvre



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Museum of San Ramon Valley 205 Railroad Ave.

Danville Community Center 420 Front St.

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Village Theatre Art Gallery 233 Front St.

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village theatre art gallery

Village theatre art gallery

233 front street, danville Current Gallery Exhibits Conceive, Construct, Embellish May 3 - June 16 While you’re picking up your guidebook, view the art gallery’s current exhibit’s Conceive, Construct, Embellish (on view through June 16). Featuring artists Wesley T. Write, Shannon Sullivan, Mark Messenger, Malia Landis, Gregory A. Byard, Cuong Ta and Tom Franco (as seen left to right on poster.)

Pick Up Your Guidebooks! Village Theatre Art Gallery 233 Front Street Danville We invite you to visit the working studios of painters, sculpters, photographers and more! First stop is the Village Theatre Art Gallery at 233 Front Street, Danville. Pick up your printed guidebooks and learn about each artist featured on the map!

Current Gallery Exhibits THE TOWN OF DANVILLE




The Pipe Brothers May 3 - June 16 The Pipe Brothers is a collaboration with Tom Franco and the Mission Clay Arts + Industry Program. On view are three works from the Dreams Art Team, consisting of Heather Fairweather, Colin Hurley, Rayoliver Bacoy Del Mundo and Iris Torres. Pipes will be available for purchase. For sales inquire 925.314.3460.


the pipe brothers F E AT U R I N G T H R E E W O R K S F R O M T H E CO L L E CT I O N

MAY - DECEMBER, 2018 Opening Reception: May 3 | 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Aquarium, Whale and Dinosaur, a collaboration of Tom Franco and the Dreams Art Team consisting of Heather Fairweather, Colin Hurley, Rayoliver Bacoy Del Mundo, and Iris Torres

MISSION CLAY ARTS + INDUSTRY PROGRAM Village Theatre Art Gallery 233 Front St., Danville CA 94526 | 925.314.3400 Hours: Wed-Fri. 12:00-5:00 P.M., Sat. 11:00-3:00 P.M., Mon. & Tues. by appt only. Closed Sun.

Danville community center

Danville Community Center continued

420 front street, danville 1. David Middlebrook

3. Will Day

Danville Community Center

Danville Community Center

Los Gatos-based local artist, Middlebrook, a “Master of Materials” is a Northern California sculptor, indoor and outdoor works. His works involve conceptual narratives related to current social, political and environmental issues. The works defy gravity and mimic materials making the viewer stop and think about the works. He has a number of works in major museum collections and over 50 public art commissions, as well as private and corporate collections. His works reference pop art and trompe l’oeil in their enlarged scale and visual illusionary features adding to the societal trickery we are contending with today. Awry, Cast Bronze and Aluminum, 36”” h x 19”” w x 22”” d. (umbrella piece)

Day creates textures, layers, and effects layers, discovering relationships and using resulting edges to create structure. Good art comes from pivotal moments of struggle in life. The ability to channel that pain and transfer it to the canvas is art in motion. For Will Day, art allows him to confront that pain, see the light at the end of the tunnel. In brokenness, in pain, is light and beauty.

2. Boback Emad

4. Barry Milstead

Danville Community Center

Danville Community Center

Santa Rosa local artist, Emad’s personal experiences have guided him to create works of art which express his internal grappling with memory, relationships and place. His compositions express a powerful geometric language, which incorporates/utilizes both the void and the material. There is an inherent yearning for a sense of belonging and connection that is evident in his public sculptures.

Barry Milstead spent his adventurous youth in the South Bay, graduated from San Jose State, and moved to Walnut Creek with his wife in 1989.

Emad has works in the Napa Museum of Art, Herman Katz Sculpture Museum, The Gates Foundation and a number of public art commissions. Here and Now, Stainless Steel, 61” h x 48” w x 14.25” d (Round, shiny sculpture).

Will’s art takes life on with a creative perspective revealing quintessential truths in all of us. Springtime, 72 x 72”, Acrylic on Canvas. (pink, aqua, yellow, gray painting)

Self-taught in multiple craft disciplines, Barry’s conceived, drawn and built furniture and other creations using wood, stone and metals since elementary school. He credits family heritage, in part, for his passion to create, coming from a family of craftsmen, musicians and tinkerers. Barry’s inspiration for his functional pieces comes from art and architecture, travel, racing, adventuring, human experience and organic forms from land, sea and sky. Barry’s works are located throughout the S.F. Bay Area.

Featured Artists

Danville Community Center continued

5. Colin McRae

7. Michael Rizza

Danville Community Center

Danville Community Center

Berkeley-based artist McRae has been documenting the ever-changing landscape of the Bay Area tidelands and salt flats from the open door of a helicopter 500 to 4,000 ft. for the last 20 years.

Michael Rizza was born in New York City in 1927. He attended Leonardo Da Vinci Art School. He was an architectural metal designer, and eventually became a sculptor. His work has been featured in many galleries and two museums.

Although a sublime, unusual, & abstract documentation of the landscape, McRae’s images evoke undertones of the massive water collection and discharge system, pumping billions of gallons of water daily using its tides & tributaries as engines.. Vibrant colors are the result of algae, brine shrimp, & the salinity of the water. Rainbow Fields, Dye Infused Print on Metal, 48 x 72”, Edition of 3. (multi-color orange, red, yellow piece)

Michael works in bronze, stone and concrete. His work is simple and tactile. His favorite medium is stone. It has energy and color. Most of his ideas come from nature.

6. Joan McLoughlin

8. Hilary Mills-Lambert

Danville Community Center

Danville Community Center

After a 20+ year successful career in medical device startups, Joan McLoughlin decided to pursue her dream of opening an art gallery at 49 Geary in San Francisco. This decision was influenced by her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008.

Hilary believes in painting from life whenever possible and carries her paints on her travels around California and New England.

The gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists locally, domestically and internationally. Understanding the need to differentiate the gallery, McLoughlin began early on in the gallery’s tenure to show her artists internationally at art fairs, Basel Switzerland, Sydney and Milan, and with complimentary international galleries, thus, expanding her collector base.

Hilary has spent many summers in Vermont taking people plein air painting. The subject material is barns, cows, mountains and rivers. I especially enjoy using color harmonies and great compositions to convey a time in nature. Nature always keeps it interesting for me.

Featured Artists 9. PROJECT 1 PEPPER

Anthony Holdsworth (Below)

Danville Community Center continued 11. Joyce Gordon Gallery

Danville Community Center

Danville Community Center

Project 1 PEPPER is a fine arts agency that serves the art community by representing fine artists and promoting fine arts in the US and South Korea. PEPPER operates with the belief that Fine Art can transform, create, and uplift moments in our lives, celebrating uniqueness, expression, and a mastery of technique that captures the inspiration of viewers and artists alike.

Joyce Gordon Gallery exhibits art that reflects the social and cultural diversity of the Bay Area and international artists.

Hye Young Kim (Below)

The aim of the gallery is to respect the creative pursuits of the individual and seeks to make such work accessible to a broad audience

We are proud to present the artworks of Anthony Holdsworth (Perceptionism Cityscape, Master of Lights and Perspective) and HyeYoung Kim (Meditative Fine Art, the pensive child). Both artists are based in the Bay Area.

10. Kathy Wills

12. David Graves

Danville Community Center

Danville Community Center

Nature and solitude are the energies that have distinctly influenced most things I paint. I’m a transplant to the West Coast from the Southeast. Roots are deep and early years in South Carolina and North Carolina continue to shape my appreciation for the spirit of place. Those hot summer days dangling my legs in a tree swing looking at clouds and mountains had a lot of clout. Now I get to hop on a plane or in a car and take off for parts known and unknown with my notebooks and gear.

No matter the theme, my art is always a process of self-exploration and discovery. Using color, design, and focused imagination as active ingredients to invite the eye to a place of wonder is a tremendous passion of mine.

The act of painting (and I truly love it) allows me to get away from myself and embrace the mystery and the adventure with purpose.

I’m greatly inspired by nature. I strive to create art in an impactful, emotional manner. It is my artistic goal to make every mark & detail significant in telling a story which goes beyond boundaries of the picture plane and elevates the spirit & intellect in a positive manner.

artist studios 13. Ruth Hussey 510 Starmont Court, Danville

artist studios

For more than forty years, Ruth has concentrated on perfecting her skills with pastels, specializing in portraiture, figure and still life paintings. She has earned signature status in the Society of Western Artists, Pastel Society of America, Degas Pastel Society and is a Distinguished Pastelist with the Pastel Society of the West Coast. She earned a Master Circle Gold Medallion Award from the International Association of Pastel Societies. Her work has won over 100 awards in numerous juried shows. Her paintings have been accepted twice for exhibitions at the Butler Institute of American Art.

14. Barbara Davies Art on the Lane 381 Hartz Ave., Suite A, Danville Barbara began drawing and painting at an early age. Barbara works in several mediums but is best known for her realistic, detailed oil paintings of the courtyards, gardens and cafes of Europe. She uses old world glazing techniques to build up thin layers of paint, striving to create a luminous quality to her work. Her paintings capture the interplay of light, shadow and color. She strives to capture the visual impressions of the places she loves, while eliciting an emotional response she her viewers.

Featured Artists

artist studios continued

15. Diane Pruett

17. Charles H. White

499 Highland Drive, Danville

53 La Gonda Court, Danville

My expression is compelled by mostly figurative subject and the stories that are told by their physical and emotional aspects. My work has been called intuitive, changing from impressionist to abstract, but always from something I have seen or felt.

Charles White is one of America’s most prolific & popular artists. In the past 25 years, Charles has produced and sold close to 1000 original oil paintings through major galleries. His images adorn book covers, greeting cards, calendars, puzzles, plates and many other products across the U.S. and Canada. He has given workshops and lectures around the country. He produced an instructional video and has written a book about his life and work called, “”The Path Worth Taking.” His over 50 years of painting experience are clearly evident in his luminous, multi-layered oils that invite the viewer into a world of tranquil beauty and timeless elegance.

I live in Danville, where I raised my two boys while working as an art docent in their schools, painting murals on the school walls, backdrops for plays and graduations, as well as live auctions. My work is now exclusively in my studio.

16. Mary LaCasse

18. Elizabeth Ingebretsen

499 Highland Drive, Danville

53 La Gonda Court, Danville

Mary LaCasse is a visual artist, author and educator who splits her time between Portland, Oregon and Danville, California. Mary paints, draws, takes road trip pictures and adds new media when an idea presents itself.

Creating art is a self-serving pleasure. I am neither philosopher, nor engineer, nor physician. “Do something useful with yourself,” a part of me demands. What is more useful than doing that which delights my soul? Painting is living in the moment of now, again and again with each brush stroke. Brush in hand, standing on the edge of the sea, sitting in a glorious green garden, arranging the folds in a model’s gown, these are my moments.

In recent years, her grandchildren have brought fresh energy into her studio and her artworks. “Play” has been a priority. Eventually, I experimented with Crisco-like tempera paint spread by hand onto large, thick, taped together sheets of paper. I loved the way images spontaneously emerged as the painting developed.

My objective is for the intersection of my efforts and a viewer’s experience to evoke memories, create calm, stimulate delight or generate hope.

Featured Artists

artist studios continued

19. Mitchell Neto

21. Emily Catherine Smith

53 La Gonda Court, Danville

Locando Ravello 172 E. Prospect Ave, Danville

Mitchell Neto is a popular, local artist who focuses on oil painting. After 40 years providing engineering support for high energy physics research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Mitchell now paints full time. Mitchell specializes in plein air painting. His works are produced in real-time on location and often in exotic places. Recently caught in a gun battle while teaching in a Brazilian favela, he shares painting adventures in a blog found at

Born and raised in the Peninsula, Emily Smith has established her career in oil painting with vigor, grace and bravery. She is a long time member exhibiting at the Museum of Living Artists in San Diego, Balboa Park and pursues international exposure, recently exhibiting her work in a group exhibit at the gallery Art Studio, “Mostra D’Arte Contemporanea,” in San Dona di Piave, a city on the outskirts of Venice, Italy.

“I love to redefine reality with simplicity of color and shadow in a dramatic way that inspires emotion in the viewer.”

Emily moved to Danville with her husband 3 years ago to open their restaurant Locanda Ravello in downtown Danville where she will be displaying her paintings during Open Studios.

20. Elizabeth T. Lowe

22. Fariba Sasson

420 Silver Chief Way, Danville

Color Bundles Art Studio 301 Hartz Ave. # 104, Danville

Elizabeth T. Lowe is a part-time artist who has been drawing and painting since she was very young. She is passionate about art and art history and is an avid art collector. Her medium of choice has been oils, but she has been playing with acrylics and spray paint and other media and incorporating masks into her art to create a multi-dimensional effect. Elizabeth is excited to be back creating after over a decade-long hiatus. Her art is bright and fun and she is inspired by other artists and her amazing daughters, Jordan and Cameron.

Fariba Sasson is the founder of Color Bundles Art Studio in Danville, CA. She paints and draws in a variety of media to boost her inspiration. One can attribute her unique and special art creations to her creativity and experience. She isn’t just a painter, but also a designer & a clay sculptor. For the multidisciplinary artist & owner of Clay Bundles, mixing media is what it’s all about. This approach helped her discover designs she might not otherwise have created, such as clay art adhered to an acrylic painting or 3D colorful mosaics.

Featured Artists

artist studios continued

23. John Osgood

25. Nola Pardi Proll

140 Esther Lane, Danville

372 West Linda Mesa, Danville

John Osgood is a contemporary painter, muralist and illustrator who grew up in Edmonds, WA.

Nola Pardi Proll is a Native San Franciscan. Her background includes a career as a professional dancer and later, as a puppeteer.

Osgood has created murals all over the Puget Sound area and most recently, in the Bay Area. Osgood has exhibited in multiple galleries and venues on the West Coast including, Arts West Gallery, Brian Marki Fine Arts Portland & Palm Springs, Center on Contemporary Art, Washington State University SEB Gallery, repeat invited artist to Seattle Erotic Art Festival and more. He has been commissioned by clients including Aegis, Chicago Title, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Rhapsody, Seattle DOT and Uber, among others.

She enrolled in a marble sculpture workshop in Pietrasanta, Italy, 19 years ago and returned there for many summers to sculpt in a studio. “Inspired by a love of African and Etruscan cultures, as well as of stone and the sea, I am also fascinated working with colored marble.” Nola has a home studio and continues to sculpt.

24. Josef Twirbutt

26. Don Eagling

372 West Linda Mesa, Danville

636 Brookside Drive, Danville

Josef Twirbutt was born in Lithuania. He graduated from the Gdansk Technical University in Poland, receiving his Master of Architecture Degree in 1957.

Winner of numerous awards during his 17 year career as a professional artist. Don works in both acrylic and oil in plein air and studio settings in an impressionistic/representational style.

In 1960, he started creating abstract wood structures in his own unique visual and conceptual vocabulary distinguished by its austere grace, and his consummate use of wood texture to achieve subtle variations within a highly disciplined formal context. Each of his compositions has a distinct feeling, a distilled essence of its own, but the dominant attitude reflected in all of them is one of intense, inner stillness and concentration.

Favorite subjects include the Tahoe region, mountains and streams, the Carmel/Monterey region, and the greater Bay Area. Artist of influence; Edgar Payne. Retired engineer & Director of Facilities, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, chief author & editor of the 1996 “Seismic Safety Manual” for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Featured Artists

artist studios continued

27. Kathy Flint

29. Bruce Gedney Horton Millar

276 Remington Loop, Danville

2262 Alameda Diablo, Diablo

My education was in Architecture and Interior Design, and I was a Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers. I also studied Fine Art.

I have lived a varied life, which I am sure inspired my work and interest in the arts. As a matter of fact, the only “A� I ever received in college was in an art class.

Working in my chosen Interior Design profession left me little time for my other love, painting. Then, a family tragedy brought all to a screeching halt. I could no longer work, I could no longer see color. My whole world was black and white. Then one day, color came back into my life, and painting became my escape from sadness. Bright colors filled my canvases and brought me inner peace. I paint because I love the process, and I hope the end result will bring joy to others.

The inspiration for my artwork comes from my imagination or whatever is happening in my life at that time. I have a deep-seated need or wish to express myself which surfaces from places unknown to me. Although, I continue to breathe art and the creative process absorbs me in any format. My paint, texture, medium and symbols have a voice of their own. I am a painter, mixed media, with very large, bold and symbolic symbols and words.

28. Lynn Glenn

30. Tricia Grame

702 Park Hill Road, Danville

234 Montair Drive, Danville

In my study and joyful exploration of art, I focus on color, texture, line and shape. I utilize these elements as they develop their own life in my paintings, which leads me to incredible, wonderful discoveries.

I create 2 & 3 dimensional art that is inspired by prehistoric female symbols. The surface of my sculptures and the hues of my palette are an integral part. They are of burnt sienna, umber, copper and earth hues that appear to have been excavated from clay, rock and sun. My art integrates subject matter and historical narrative with myth and metaphor in a way that reverberates both backward and forward in time. My research for my work took me to Malta, where temples & artifacts were created 5000 years ago.

Featured Artists

artist studios continued

31. Marcia Harmon

33. Taylor Robinette

Cottage Jewel 100 West Prospect Ave, Danville

317 Lynn Lane, Danville

Beads, buttons and antique talisman full of rich multi-cultural history inspire me daily to live artfully, share stories and connect with people.

“Repop Artist” seeks beauty through mixed media pigment saturations.

I have been collecting old relics and designing jewelry all my life. Each is a conversation piece full of diverse materials, symbolism and dimension. You will find stones, shells, art glass, trade beads, carved wood & vintage metal bits from every continent blended into each colorful palette. This weekend, I will show off my beaded tassel “Button-hole Brooch” & demonstrate basic cord knitting techniques. Life is like a charm string, enjoy the embellishments along the way!

32. Francine Garcia

34. Walton Huges

317 Lynn Lane, Danville

317 Lynn Lane, Danville

Francine has been creating art for many years and exhibiting in prestigious galleries.

Walton Hughes of Danville, California has been creating art his whole life, working in mediums of painting, sculpture, as well as automotive design.

Recently, she exhibited her whimsical, bold and playful sculptures in the Blackhawk Gallery. Her medium is paper mache’ and her subjects are idols for many.

Walton has been heavily influenced by many early modern mid-century artists.

museum of san ramon valley 35. Roxana Castro Museum of San Ramon Valley Educated in Architectural Interior Design in London, Roxana takes great pride in her ability to integrate architecturally accurate structures into her artwork. Her preferred technique is to use acrylic base paints.

museum of san ramon valley

In 1998, she moved from Italy to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she now resides. Each of her trompe l’oeils is a unique, exclusive and timeless piece of art. She works closely with clients to reflect their desires.

204 railroad ave, danville 36. Kersti Malvre Museum of San Ramon Valley A longtime Danville resident, Kersti specializes in creating breathtaking Fine Art Portrait Collections that reflect the inner dreams and desires of her clients. She has had a lifelong interest in the arts and spent 20 years working in the world of French fashion before turning her talents to photography. Her portrait work is a fusion of Old World classic with a contemporary and modern edge.

Danville Open Studios Guidebook 2018  

A guide to Danville Open Studios on May 5 and 6.

Danville Open Studios Guidebook 2018  

A guide to Danville Open Studios on May 5 and 6.