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Message from the Town Council Happy New Year and welcome to the Winter 2018 issue of Live Locally, the Town of Danville newsletter. We just finished up a great 2017, and are looking ahead to another fantastic year. Inside, get a glimpse into the inner workings of our Village Theatre & Art Gallery, with profiles of many of our great shows and concerts, like the Jazz Room or Comedy with Liz Grant & Friends. We have updates on the Town’s ongoing effort to bring additional parking to our downtown, and progress on the Front Street landslide repair. Read about MCE Clean Energy, the electricity service coming to all Danville residents and businesses this April. For recreation enthusiasts, we have information on our upcoming Recreation Expo, where you can get sneak peeks of your spring and summer programs, as well as the very popular upcoming Eggstravaganza. Learn more about our School Resource Officers and the work they do at our local schools. Get valuable suggestions on teaching your children about online dangers and what to watch for. Our downtown continues to grow and change, but one thing that stays the same is the need for the community’s support. Read about the many great businesses available to you, and see the value of not just living locally, but shopping locally as well.

WHAT'S INSIDE... Rose Street Parking Lot Adds Parking Downtown

Get Egg-cited for Eggstravaganza

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Inside you’ll read about how the Town works to represent you in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Plus, in case you missed the Mayor’s Installation and Community Service awards, we have the list of award winners on the back cover. So, open it up, check it out and see why in the Town of Danville, we love to #LiveLocally.

DANVILLE CONNECT Want a fast and easy way to reach out to the Town of Danville? The Danville Connect app, having been used for nearly 7,000 inquiries since its debut in July of 2013, has simplified how residents and businesses get the services or information they need from their town government. The easy-touse app allows anyone to submit inquiries ranging from reporting a pothole to requesting facility rental information. When using Danville Connect to report an issue like a pothole or blinking street light, it can use your phone’s GPS to send the exact location of the problem directly to the appropriate Town staff member. Features such as this have helped facilitate communication between the Town and its citizens. Danville Connect also features an FAQ system with extensive information, direct email access to the Town’s councilmembers and links to the Danville website, quarterly newsletter, and more. The app is free and can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for “Danville Connect.”


Rose Street Parking Lot Adds More Parking Downtown In an ongoing effort to support and maintain Downtown Danville’s vibrant economic environment, the Town of Danville has completed construction on the Rose Street Municipal Parking Lot. Located at the northwest corner of Rose Street and East Linda Mesa Avenue, the project added 78 new parking spaces for patrons to enjoy downtown Danville’s casual cafes, specialty boutiques, unique shopping and dining experiences. Parking remains a high priority for the Town of Danville, and the Rose Street Parking Lot is one of many projects the Town is working on to improve parking conditions and availability in the downtown area. Others include the expansions of the Sycamore Valley Park & Ride and the Village Theatre & Art Gallery parking lot (pg 9). The Rose Street Project was completed at a cost of $5.5 million, including land acquisition, design and construction. The project was fully funded through the Town's Capital lmprovement Program.

Legislative Advocacy:


Every year, the state legislature authors thousands of bills, hundreds of which make it to the Governor’s desk for consideration. In 2017, Governor Brown signed 859 bills into law. At the federal level, that number is exponentially greater. What is the Town of Danville’s role in all this? The Town works to proactively advocate in support of, or against, bills which have an impact on the Town government and its residents. In Sacramento and in Washington, D.C., the Town works on behalf of the Town’s interests, communicating with key lawmakers and making sure local government's stance on an issue is heard. Our elected officials and staff ensure that projects and policies that support Danville and the Tri-Valley region are given appropriate The Tri-Valley Mayors meet with U.S. Secretary of Transportation weight and consideration. Anthony Foxx in 2017 to advocate for the region’s transportation Projects that have received infrastructure funding needs. funding as a direct result of the Town’s advocacy efforts include the I-680 Auxiliary Lanes Project and the East Bay Regional Communications System. For the past ten years, the Town has worked collaboratively with the cities of San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore on a legislative platform. Local control and transportation funding continue to be at the top of the Tri-Valley region’s advocacy efforts. The Town of Danville and its constituents are better served by working together with legislators and staff members at the state and federal level. For more information about the Town’s legislative advocacy efforts, contact Administrative Services Director Nat Rojanasathira at (925) 314-3328 or

MCE COMES TO DANVILLE IN APRIL This coming April, Danville will join approximately 500,000 other electricity customers around the Bay Area as MCE becomes the Town’s primary electricity provider for residential and commercial customers.

MCE is a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program that allows local governments to procure electricity for residential and commercial customers within their jurisdictions. The Town of Danville joined MCE to increase consumer choice, accelerate the use of renewable energy, and expand access to more competitive electricity rates. In total, 33 local jurisdictions (i.e., towns, cities, and counties) in Contra Costa, Napa, and Marin counties, including Danville, are members of MCE’s Joint Powers Authority. The Town Council made its decision to join MCE after receiving feedback from residents and the business community last year. More information about the CCE Program can be found at, or by contacting Administrative Services Director Nat Rojanasathira at (925) 314-3328.


Meet Your School Resource Officers Helping Danville youth to become independent and teaching them to make good choices is an essential part of developing a thriving community. School Resource Officers are an essential part of that education and a vital tool of community policing. Danville Police Department assigns a sworn officer to both high schools, with Officer Darren Alcantara assigned to Monte Vista High School and Officer Kyle Rhoton assigned to San Ramon Valley and Del Amigo High Schools. In addition, Danville PD has School Program Coordinator Lauren Brown, a licensed therapist, who works with the public middle and elementary schools. The School Resource Officers have three main roles:  LAW ENFORCEMENT—They investigate

crimes and take action against perpetrators. That action depends on the nature of the crime and the history of the perpetrating youth.


Revitalizing the Play Surface at Sycamore Valley Park The Town of Danville offers a wonderful series of parks and play facilities for younger residents. In December the Town began revitalization of the play area at Sycamore Valley Park, with a much needed overlay of the poured-in-place safety surfacing. The project will retain the colorful butterfly pattern established when the play area was initially installed. For more information, contact Landscape Architect Bob Russell at (925) 314-3315 or


BUILDING—One major goal of community policing is building relationships. The SROs talk with youth and families, mentoring and guiding them to be successful, law abiding citizens, and identifying ‘at risk’ youth.

 EDUCATION—This entails giving a variety of

informational presentations to students, parents and staff. These presentations cover a number of law-enforcement related topics such as substance abuse, youth-related laws, distracted driving, and safety.

School Resource Officers serve a valuable function in our schools, helping keep them safe and building trust with our youth to guide them into healthy relationships with law enforcement throughout their lives.

Each year, the Town examines the condition of our roads, and determines which require repair or improvement in order to keep our Pavement Condition Index (PCI) above 70 (out of 100). A score of 100 PCI is a brand new street. The Bay Area Average is 67 PCI.


2016: 227 200




Internet Etiquette: Avoiding Cyber Bullying Here are some ways to set your kids up for success:

Perceived online anonymity appeals to someone exploring different aspects of their personality. It gives youth a voice, and some courage to express themselves. But oftentimes, the expressions are mean or hurtful.

 Follow through with logical consequences for


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Keeping up with technology is a huge challenge for parents of adolescents. Smartphones, tablets and other pocket devices with unlimited access to the internet and no rules, can inadvertently create a monster.

One way to curb this behavior is by monitoring your youth’s online activities. They likely won’t be happy about that, but it is extremely important, particularly for younger adolescents. Young teens developmentally lack the capacity to control their impulses. Technology can amplify this and we often see good kids making bad choices when it comes to online behavior.

 Set strong and clear boundaries with devices Discuss your expectations for good digital 


failing to meet those expectations

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 Keep the dialogue open and ongoing


If your child is being cyber bullied, please encourage them to do the following:  Do not erase or delete—take a screen shot  Ignore the message—do not engage or say mean

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 Get parents involved


 Get the school involved



 Model healthy behavior


For more resources, contact the Danville Police Department at (925) 314-3700.

streets were resurfaced in the 2016–17 fiscal year


streets were slurry sealed in the 2016–17 fiscal year




miles were resurfaced or sealed in 2016–17

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projected Pavement Condition Index (PCI) at end of 2017


ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT VISUAL AND PERFORMANCE ARTS THE VILLAGE THEATRE The historic Village Theatre building in Downtown Danville dates back to 1874. During its lifetime, the building itself has played many roles, from Grange Hall of the San Ramon Valley, to church, to roller rink, to first run movie theatre. In 1987, The Town of Danville purchased the building and made a series of renovations,

the latest of which was in 2009, when the lobby of the theatre was converted into an art gallery. From then on, the building officially became known as The Village Theatre & Art Gallery—or VTAG to the locals. Today, the Village Theatre & Art Gallery continues to serve as a community gathering space for all. A busy and popular destination, the theatre hosts a variety of plays, musicals,

children’s performances, and movies. The theatre is home to many monthly entertainment events, such as The Jazz Room live music series, Comedy with Liz Grant & Friends stand-up comedy nights, and the Preschool Performance Series specifically geared towards younger audiences. The art gallery aims to bring culture and awareness to the community through the visual arts by featuring six art exhibitions each year.



T v n e ( r d t t

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SHOWS & CONCERTS ROLE PLAYERS ENSEMBLE AND EUGENE O’NEILL FOUNDATION Role Players Ensemble stages four productions per year, the first of which is presented in partnership with the Eugene O’Neill Foundation as part of the annual Eugene O’Neill Festival. Guided by Artistic Director Eric Fraisher Hayes, the productions offer a mix of comedy & drama by both American & international playwrights. DANVILLE CHILDREN’S MUSICAL THEATRE Under the expert direction of Pam Greenan, DCMT provides children with opportunities to perform in Broadway style musicals. Productions have included classics, such as The Music Man and Guys and Dolls, and modern favorites, like Madagascar and Disney’s Aladdin. THE JAZZ ROOM To enjoy internationally renowned jazz artists in an intimate setting, look no further than The Jazz Room. Artistic Director Eve Marie Shahoian brings together world-class musicians to perform in both the theatre and art gallery spaces. COMEDY WITH LIZ GRANT & FRIENDS Stand-up comic Liz Grant brings a host of Bay Area and L.A. based comics to this new monthly series. Smart, silly, and side-splittingly funny, these seasoned performers delight with their sharp wit and humor! PRESCHOOL PERFORMANCE SERIES From magicians to musicians to unicyclists to bubble artists, the Preschool Performance Series brings a variety of entertaining performers to preschool-aged children and their families during this monthly event.

THE VILLAGE THEATRE ART GALLERY The gallery strives to provide a wide range of visual art experiences for the whole community. Every June the gallery has a juried exhibit, which is open to all California artists (enter at Year round you will find a variety of artwork on display to please all tastes and styles. Next time you are in search of a gift, think of something unique and one of a kind, think art! The gallery features paintings, sculptures, photographs and more!


Proposals for art exhibits are open to art revelers who have experience with the arts and an interest in promoting the visual arts to the community. If you have a theme for a show that you believe would be enriching to the community please contact the Village Theatre Art Gallery. More information can be found online at

SANDBAG STATION  The Town of Danville sandbag station is located at 1000 Sherburne Hills Road.  Sand, sandbags and a shovel are provided


through the rainy season.  Residents are limited


BAGS to to insure that supplies remain for all residents.  Fills bags no more than

2/3 FULL

and securely tie to allow for easy placement.  Place bags horizontally with a slight overlap to protect areas from water intrusion.  Two layers are generally recommended for best protection.

Sandbag Station Open at Maintenance Service Center Every year as winter approaches the Town of Danville sets up a sandbag station to assist residents in preparing for the rainy season and help reduce incidents of flooding that might cause property damage. The Town’s sandbag station is located at the Town’s Service Center parking lot, 1000 Sherburne Hills Road. The Town provides sand, sandbags and a shovel in a self-service environment where residents can fill sandbags for personal use. Each resident is

allowed up to 20 bags, to ensure there are enough supplies for the community. Residents are asked to cover the sand with the supplied tarp when finished to help keep it dry, replace the cover on the sandbag receptacle, and leave all tools at the station. Sand and sandbags will be provided for Danville residents until the spring when the potential for flooding has receded. For more information, contact the Town’s Maintenance Services department at 314-3450.

Front Street Creek Bank Project Set to Begin In December 2014, heavy rains caused a landslide on the bank of San Ramon Creek adjacent to Front Street north of Diablo Road. As a temporary fix, a barrier was placed along the edge of the road surface to prevent traffic from getting near the unstable slide area and the Town began the process of planning how to repair the damaged slope. Located just downstream from the Diablo Road Bridge, the project will require the construction of a retaining wall designed to shore up the creek bank, prevent further landslides, and protect the roadway.


After an environmental review and permit approval process, the Town has secured the necessary permits to begin construction. Final design is ongoing, with construction expected to begin in spring and be completed in the fall. For more information, contact Senior Civil Engineer Steven Jones at (925) 314-3339 or

MORE PARKING COMING TO DOWNTOWN DANVILLE With the completion of the Rose Street Parking Lot (pg 2), the Town has now turned its focus to providing additional downtown parking. Design work is underway for the Town’s Village Theatre Parking Lot Improvements project. Located at 223 and 279 Front Street, the project includes removal of the existing structures and landscaping located at 279 Front Street, coupled with construction of a new parking lot and landscaping. In order to best use the available space, the parking on the Village Theatre Site (223 Front Street) will be reconfigured and integrated into the design of the parking on the 279 Front Street site to create one lot consisting of approximately 200 public parking spaces. Construction of the Village Theatre Parking Lot expansion project is scheduled to begin in late 2018 and expected to open in early 2019.

Get Egg-cited for Eggstravaganza Hop on down to the Danville Community Center on March 31, for a fun-filled morning as the Town of Danville holds its annual Eggstravaganza. Families are encouraged to come and enjoy arts and crafts, snacks, facepainting and more family-friendly fun at this popular event. Egg hunts are organized by age so every child has an equal opportunity to find eight treasure-filled eggs.

For more information on this project, contact Senior Civil Engineer Steven Jones at (925) 314-3339 or

Eggstravaganza is set for Saturday, March 31 at the Danville Community Center, 420 Front Street. Two opportunities to participate are from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m or 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Due to the popularity of the event, pre-registration is required. For more information contact the Danville Community Center at (925) 314-3400. Visit to register.

Bring a camera and take your little one’s picture with the Spring Bunny and the Spring Duck. The event will take place rain or shine.


Shop Locally in 2018 In the aftermath of the holiday season if you find that your recycling bin is overflowing with delivery boxes and the doormat hasn’t seen daylight in weeks, maybe it’s time to consider a change in thinking for the new year. We love the convenience of one-click ordering, rapidly dispatching items straight to our doorsteps but as this dramatic evolutionary shift in retail continues to dry up America’s small downtown retailers and independents, maybe now is the time to take a moment and remind ourselves why we love Danville. The simple vision of, ‘Small Town Atmosphere, Outstanding Quality of Life,’ is something we all cherish and as with most tender things, it needs to be nourished. Local businesses give Danville its essence, the uniqueness that makes it distinct. Our community is fortunate to have a diverse range of small business owners brave enough to live their dreams in our town and create a unique collection of stores and restaurants for the community. Online shopping does not provide that sense of connection, the passion of the small business owner working to bring their merchandise to the public, and the investment these business owners make in their community.

Recreation Expo Set for February 10 Danville-area residents are invited to come get a sneak peek at all of the activities and programs coming up for the summer at the Town of Danville’s 9th Annual Recreation Program Expo. Expo attendees can meet a variety of specialty class instructors and Town staff who will be on hand to showcase upcoming activities, summer camps and aquatics. Get answers to your questions in person. Learn more about the programs offered such as swim lessons and summer day camps, as well as youth, adult and senior activities in art, cooking, fitness, foreign languages, and much more.

Even spending small amounts locally can make a big difference as every dollar spent in Danville is an investment in our town. For every $100 spent in the local community, roughly $68 stays in our local economy. As we enter into the new year, let’s appreciate the uniqueness of our small town by nourishing it at its the roots and choosing who really benefits from our time and our dollars, because our outstanding, small town Danville, is certainly worth investing in. “Shift locally” in 2018.

Registrants at the Expo are eligible to receive a 10% discount for programs listed in the Spring Activity Guide and Summer Camps Brochure. Discounts are not available for swim passes. The Recreation Program Expo event is set for Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Danville Community Center, 420 Front St. For more information, contact the Danville Community Center at (925) 314-3400 or



Only in Danville Live locally by making a date with Danville. Plan a full day to experience your town! Below is just one example of how to pack it all in downtown. There are a vast variety of local businesses, cultural experiences and dining options, that would allow you to design an itinerary especially for your style. Check our New Live Locally Guide online at

8:00 am Rise and shine—it is going to be a beautiful day in downtown, beginning with a homestyle fresh breakfast at Danville’s Vally Medlyn’s, (330 Hartz Ave.).

12:15 pm Need a gift for your BFF or want something special to accent your home this winter? Discover The Whim House (485 Hartz Ave.), a purveyor of contemporary home furnishings and accents for everyday living. 1:00 pm Time to relax with a craft beer, locally made at Danville Brewing Company (200 Railroad Ave.), the first locally owned and operated brewery in town, featuring a lively atmosphere, modern American menu and locallycrafted beers on tap.

Vally Medlyn's

9:45 am Walk off breakfast and head

over to select a book at Rakestraw Books (3 Railroad Ave.), an independent bookshop founded in 1973 that brings a diverse range of hand selected books to your community. Have a book in mind? If they don’t carry it, no problem, they will secure it for you. 11:00 am Now it's time for fun, head to Live Happy Paper Crafts (335 Hartz Ave.), where you can take a class or get expert advice on all of your papercrafting needs at this cozy store featuring scrapbooking materials, wedding craft supplies, and unique craft kits.


Distinctive Retail Businesses


3:30 pm Need a sweet treat for dessert? Stroll a block to Danville's original, hometown chocolate shop, Danville Chocolates (175 E. Prospect Ave.) and savor hand-crafted assorted chocolates, truffles, or caramel apples.

4:00 pm While on E. Prospect Avenue, stroll and discover the wonderful array of stores Tootsies (stylish shoes), Flaunt, Stone Cold Luxe, Cottage Jewel and Christina’s (fine clothing and one of a kind accessories) or try on a pair of trendsetting glasses, hats and handbags made by independent boutique brands at Look + See. 6:45 pm End this perfect day by dining at Locando Ravello (172 E. Prospect Ave.), where Naples native Enzo Rosano brings to life southern Italian cooking, heavenly desserts and Italianinspired cocktails. A true gem in Danville.

Rakestraw Books

Dining Opportunities

126 Beauty and Wellness


Local Service Businesses


Presorted Standard US Postage Paid Danville, CA Permit 71

Town of Danville 510 La Gonda Way Danville, CA 94526-1740

Postal Customer




Mayor Newell Arnerich Vice Mayor Robert Storer Councilmember Lisa Blackwell Councilmember Renee Morgan Councilmember Karen Stepper

ANNUAL AWARDS EVENT Danville’s 36th annual Mayoral Installation and Community Service Awards ceremony was held on December 5, 2017. Newell Arnerich was selected to serve as Mayor for 2018 and Robert Storer will serve as Vice Mayor. The Town Council presented service awards to Commissioners and Councilmembers who reached milestones for years of service. The Town Council honored the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to the community:

T H E DA N V I L L E AWA R D was presented to Discovery Counseling Center for 50 years of service to the community and saving lives. A N AWA R D O F S P EC I A L R EC O G N I T I O N was presented to Art Gaskins for his dedication and extensive service to the veterans’ community. THE MICHAEL K. SHIMANSKY C O M M U N I T Y S E R V I C E AWA R D was presented to Brady Martin for his dedication and volunteer efforts supporting Special Olympics, and his fundraising efforts in support of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Parks Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Toolworks

Arts Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Victoria Brooks.

Town Service Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Jessica Stemmler. Police Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Burt Feldstein. AWA R D S O F M E R I T were presented to: Jim Donnelly Katie Wong and Lauren Edelman Avery Chapman Al Kalin

Danville Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2018  
Danville Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2018  

The Town of Danville's quarterly newsletter contains articles and information about services, program, projects and events in Danville, CA.