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A New Kitchen this Winter EST.




Why replace when you can reface? • Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks & taps • From a simple door swap to a complete kitchen refit • UK manufactured products • The whole process managed from design to completion 2

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018


01793 213021 Visit our showroom: 108 High St, Royal Wootton Bassett SN4 7AU

Buying, Selling, Renting or Letting? Buying, Selling, RentingororLetting? Letting? Buying, Selling, Renting Buying, Selling, Renting or Letting? Buying, Selling, Renting or Letting?

Buying your home with Atwell Martin Let’ s face it, your homehome is probably with the biggest thing you will ever buy, so it’s important to get it right. Buying your Atwell Martin Our staff are here to guide you through the process, minimise anybuy, stress go the extra mileit for buyers and sellers alike. Buying your Atwell Martin Let’ s face it, your homehome is probably with the biggest thing you will ever so and it’s important to get right. Let’ face it, is probably the biggest thing you will ever so and it’s important to get right. Ours staff areyour herehome to guide you through the process, minimise anybuy, stress go the extra mileit for buyers and sellers alike. Buying your home with Atwell Martin Selling your home with Atwell Martin

Our staff are here to guide you through the process, minimise any stress and go the extra mile for buyers and sellers alike. Let’s face it, your home is probably the biggest thing you will ever buy, so it’s important to get it right. Our dedicated highly experienced members of staff take tremendous care in the way we market your home. With Our staff areservice, here tohighly guideeffective you through the process, minimise any stress and go the the extra mile for price buyersforand sellers alike. exceptional marketing and a wealth of experience to obtain maximum your property. Our dedicated highly experienced of staff takeexceptional tremendousbrochures care in the we market yourwith home. With As well as expert advice on how tomembers present your home, & way marketing materials quality exceptional service, effective marketing a wealth of 7experience toinobtain thewemaximum pricehome. for your property. Our dedicated experienced members ofand staff take tremendous the way market your With photography & highly floorhighly plans, we provide accompanied viewings days a care week As well as expert advice how to marketing present your exceptional brochures & marketing materials with exceptional service, highlyoneffective andhome, a wealth of experience to obtain the maximum price forquality your property. photography & highly floor plans, provide accompanied viewings 7 days brochures a care weekin the Ourwell dedicated experienced of staff take tremendous we market yourwith home. With As as expert advice onwe how tomembers present your home, exceptional & way marketing materials quality exceptional service, highly effective marketing and a wealth of experience to obtain the maximum price for your property. photography & floor plans, we provide accompanied viewings 7 days a week As as expert advice onushow to present exceptional Ourwell approach is what sets apart. We treatyour eachhome, property that we brochures manage as&if marketing it were ourmaterials own. with quality photography & floor plans, we provide accompanied viewings 7 days a week We a highlyisexperienced qualified team who pride ourselves on providing efficient and personal service. Ourare approach what sets us and apart. We treat each property that we manage as if itanwere our own. We take in and managing property, usingourselves our market knowledge, attention to detailservice. and a Our approach what care sets us apart. Weyour treat each property that local we manage as if itanwere our own. We are a tremendous highlyisexperienced qualified team who pride on providing efficient and personal modern approach to deliver an exceptional service to both landlords and tenants. We are members of ARLA who set We are highly experienced and qualified team who pride ourselves on providing an efficient and personal service. takea tremendous care inthe managing your property, using ourare local market knowledge, attention and athe latest the highest standards Lettings industry our staff qualified, up to to detail date with Our approach is whatwithin sets us apart. We treat eachand property that we manageknowledgeable, as if it were ourand own. modern approach to deliver an exceptional service to both landlords and tenants. We are members of ARLA We take tremendous care managing your property, using our local market knowledge, attention to detail andwho a set legislative requirements andinsafety advice. We are a highly experienced andLettings qualified team who pridestaff ourselves on providing an efficientand anduppersonal service. the highest standards within the industry and are qualified, knowledgeable, toofdate with theset latest modern approach to deliver an exceptional service to our both landlords and tenants. We are members ARLA who Please contact our friendly team for more information on theour levels ofmarket serviceknowledge, that we offer. legislative requirements andin safety advice. Wehighest take tremendous care managing your property, using local attention and athe latest the standards within the Lettings industry and our staff are qualified, knowledgeable, and up to to detail date with modern approach deliver an exceptional service to both landlords tenants. are members of ARLA who set legislative requirements andteam safety advice. Please contact our to friendly for more information on the levels ofand service thatWe we offer. the highest standards within the Lettings industry and our staff are qualified, knowledgeable, and up to date with the latest Please contact our friendly team for more information on the levels of service that we offer. legislative requirements and safety advice.

Selling your home with Atwell Martin Selling your home with Atwell Martin Selling your home with Atwell Martin Lettings & Landlord Services Lettings & Landlord Services Lettings & Landlord Services Lettings & Landlord Services

Calne office 01249 813 813 Chippenham office 01249 447 777 Calne office 01249 813 813 Chippenham office 01249 447 777 Please contact our friendly team for more information on the levels of service that we offer. CalnePeople, office 01249 813Homes 813 Chippenham office 01249 447 777 Friendly Lovely CalnePeople, office 01249 813Homes 813 Chippenham office 01249 447 777 Friendly Lovely

Friendly People, Lovely Homes Friendly People, Homes Friendly People,Lovely Lovely Homes


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Editor’s Letter


Welcome to February!

t looking February is the month when we star spring on its and g rgin eme ers forward to the flow not to forget way. Talking of flowers reminds me Valentine’s Day on the 14th! r Wedding Flowers also feature in our Love you ideas of local of lots are e ther feature on page 46 ding plans. businesses who can help with wed enter this There are two great competitions to at The two for l mea a month - a chance to win copy of ed sign and 6) e (pag Hullavington Arms 26). e (pag Nav Sat Gin new book The





See pag

like to If you have a local event you would to us by the it il ema just appear in the next issue, best to our do will we and deadline date below s. Date y Diar the in give it a mention Until next time ...



5b Wood Street, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 0BZ Tel: 01249 811068 www. Deadline for submissions for the March 2018 issue: 7th February 2018

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The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

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Wiltshire Wet Rooms Designed, supplied, fitted

42 OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN BATHROOMS & WET ROOMS Bespoke projects including: Designs (usually free), Parts and Installation. With a large portfolio of previous work available on request my customers are guaranteed a bathroom or wet room like no other. I provide a complete service, including easy-access designs and parts.


A MEAL FOR T WO See page



Do you know that we have the second hardest water in the country? We could have the solution!



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There are so many reasons to have a water softener: - Complete Elimination of Limescale - Money Saving - Time Saving - Your Appliances Live Longer - Soft Water is so much nicer for you and your family

Wiltshire Wet Rooms can supply and fit Harveys Dualflo water softeners. We also stock Harvey’s block salt. Free, in home, demonstrations provided in local area. WILTSHIRE WET ROOMS Expert bathroom and wet room fitters in North Wiltshire Contact Geoff Pearce for a free quote 1 Bremhill View, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9EE T: 07860 863014 E: W: The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



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New Tea Room at the Hullavington Arms The Hullavington Arms (formerly The Star Inn) was saved from closure by residents and then recently taken over and given a complete restoration by Matthew and Jo Lumb. The WW2 aviation theme to the pub reflects the bygone days of nearby RAF Hullavington. Launching in the spring of this year is the new Bagless Tea Room which will be located in the building next to the pub.

Win a meal for two at The Hullavington Arms

Photos by Paul Stallard of

The Hullavington Arms have kindly offered one Meal for Two which you could win by sending your name and a contact telephone number by email to: by 28th February 2018. The Editor’s decision is final. Meal for two excludes drinks and must be taken before the 29th March 2018, excluding Mother’s Day 11th March 2018.


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

The pub menus include healthier options, lighter bites and super food options. If you are planning a romantic meal, family dinner, business lunch, or just a relaxing drink why not visit the Hullavington Arms - their friendly staff will always give you a warm welcome. Contact the Hullavington Arms on 01666 837770 or visit

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust Home Security & Stay Safe Online Scheme The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust, is an Independent charity who work closely with Wiltshire Police, to provide an invaluable home security service. The Trust has been operating this scheme for the past 20yrs helping to secure homes for the elderly, vulnerable & disadvantaged throughout Wiltshire. The Trust has launched an impressive potent new scheme to offer free advice about keeping safe whilst online.

that cybercrime and fraud can have a devastating impact, both financially and emotionally, on victim’s lives. Through raising awareness about computer fraud and what to do if you have concerns about your online safety the Trust, aims to help prevent the risk of this type of crime which has the capacity to touch all our daily lives. If your are aged over 60, or 18+ registered disabled & have concerns about your Online Safety you can request a home visit or to arrange a group talk. To enquire about a Home Security check for your home Call: 01380 861155 or email: For all enquiries regarding the Stay Safe Online Scheme Call: 01380 861191 or email: DO YOU FEELbvonlinesafety@wiltshire. SAFE ONLINE? police.ukAnyone or complete theoronline form by visiting over 60, 18+ registered disabled is eligible for online safety advice

The Stay Safe Online service is unique in offering advice and assistance across Swindon & Wiltshire for those over 60 or 18+ with a registered disability. The Trust fully understands that raising awareness about computer fraud and what to do if you have concerns over your online safety will help prevent and reduce this type of crime. Unfortunately, in this day and age we can no longer live in a world that is built on trust alone. The digital age come with pitfalls. Computer fraud is the fastest growing crime targeting the over 60’s. We know

New Auctioneer joins Wessex Auction Rooms

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Stay Safe Online team of Police trained and vetted volunteers can provide:

BBC One’s StreetDigital/Cyber Auctionsecurity which aired in December. This  Improved awareness. is a very exciting time for Wessex Auction Rooms and Cyber and Scam prevention advice. owner Tim Weeks says ‘I was fortunate enough to see Izzie  Signposting to future advice and resources. auctioneering while I was filming Bargain Hunt early last  Basic practical skills to check and understand privacy settings. year and she instantly became my favourite auctioneer  The teamI’m are also available toto givebe talksworking at community events. in the country. thrilled with her and can’t wait to see her take to the rostrum at To make an appointment: Wessex’. Izzie tell us ‘Having met Tim and hear him talk so passionately Email: Auctions about Wessex Rooms plans I was really eager to join their team and help over the world…plus Call:them 01380take 861191 I don’t think Tim would’ve taken no for an answer to be honest!’. While Izzie’s passion for antiques and auctioneering has seen her grow an excellent all-round knowledge across many subjects, she has Gemmology and Diamond Diploma’s both gained from The Gemmological Association of Great Britain making jewellery her specialism. Izzie explains ‘I love to imagine who an item might have belonged to and how that person might have lived their life, sometimes we will never know, but it is sometimes that person’s story that can sell an item’. She goes on to add that ‘There is no better feeling for an auctioneer than watching the item you found in the bottom of a box going up and up and up on auction day. Perhaps it is only beaten by the look on the seller’s face!’

One of the auction world’s brightest young talents, Isabel Balmer, is moving to Wiltshire to become the new Auctioneer & Head Valuer of Wessex Auction Rooms. Izzie is also well known for her role as Co-Presenter of 8

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Izzie is available for valuations at Wessex Auction Rooms based just off junction 17 of the M4 and is looking forward to getting to know her new surroundings in Wiltshire with many valuation days around the region.

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Kevin Hawkins Chris Hawkins Steve Hawkins Paul Hawkins Director Lettings Director Sales

ett’s Sales &Agent, Lettings Agent, SalesNo. & 1Lettings *Based on statistics from Rightmove 01.07.15 to 01.07.16

*Based on statistics from Rightmove 01.07.15 to 01.07.16

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Alan Hawkins Estate Agents Ltd 26/26a High Street Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire SN4 7AA *subject to T&C’s Statistics from Rightmove 1/6/16 - 1/6/17

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The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

serving Swindon and surrounding areas.





Conservatory transformation in less than one day! Are you a homeowner? Does your home have a conservatory? Is your conservatory only pleasant to sit in for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the summer and a couple of weeks at the start of Autumn? Is your conservatory more like a fridge in the winter? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above four questions then read on!! For many conservatory owners, enjoying your conservatory is a bit of a skill. During the summer, even here, in England with the unpredictable British weather, our conservatories become too hot and uncomfortable to sit in. Fast forward to mid October when the nights start to draw in and the mornings are colder, suddenly, your conservatory that was too hot to sit in a couple of weeks before, becomes too drafty and chilly to enjoy without the aid of a hot water bottle or extra layers. If you are really lucky, you may get a couple of weeks at the end of September, start of October when the ultimate temperature for conservatory enjoyment is upon us but be warned, blink and you may miss it!


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

So what’s the solution? Many of us will have tried blinds (they are great for reducing glare but offer limited insulation properties), some of us will have replaced polycarbonate roofs with glass, but still face the same issues. Some of us will have looked to replace our roofs with a solid roof - which using traditional methods is a very messy and time consuming and could even result in having structural changes to your existing conservatory structure. In short, it becomes a MASSIVE UPHEAVAL. So this is where GreenSpace come in. We specialise in lightweight insulated roofing panels. Now we know this doesn’t sound overly exciting, but they work! Our panels are strong and offer 8 times more insulation than a polycarbonate roof. What’s more, because they are lightweight, there is no need to strengthen your existing conservatory structure, plus for extra peace of mind, they come with a ten year guarantee. For most of our customers, the benefits of having a Green Space roof put on to their conservatory, means that they can stop using the space as a dumping ground for old toys and furniture or a glorified fridge or greenhouse and actually start using the space as a proper room. A once uninhabitable space can become a gorgeous dining area or a second lounge - perfect for relaxing all year round and ideal when the extended family are over for lunch. With fitting taking place in less than a day, it’s easy to see what a difference a day makes!


“It’s the best home improvement we have ever made. Our conservatory is now our dining room in the garden.”


Mike Millis, Middleton On Sea





Later that day

Your conservatory that was too cold to eat breakfast in, could be nice and toasty by teatime Our lightweight insulated panels can make your conservatory: • Warmer in winter • Cooler in summer • Quieter in bad weather • Installed in less than a day • Usable all year round For more information call:


01793 208 002

As seen on

*Orders placed by end of Feb 18. Applies to orders over 8 panels. The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018 11offer. Smaller orders receive calculated discount. Not valid for use with any other

Calne Model Railway Show It was full steam ahead for the 25th annual Calne Model Railway Show which took place in Calne Leisure Centre on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January. The event was organised by the Bentley Model Railway Group. which meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Harris Road, Calne. For details: contact Chairman, Chris Young on 01249 659270, or for more information visit: Top right: John Stephens and Ian Powell. from Swindon Model Railway Club. Top left: Chris White and Martin Axford of the Bentley Model Railway Group. Left: Hugh Norwood. Below: Alan Forsyth and Dave Spencer. Below right: Graham Bean. Photos by Paul Stallard of


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Established 1982 - Florists for 35 years


Start a new hobby in the New Year!

Your local supplier of: n Model Railways n Radio Controlled Planes and Boats n Radio Controlled Cars and Trucks

Tel: 01249 817731

Unit 9, Harris Road, Calne, SN11 9PT

Bazaar Gifts & Cards 5 The Strand, Calne, SN11 0RB (By the Library)

At Bazaar we have a wide range of exciting products for you to choose from, as a gift or a treat for yourself.

We also stock a wide range for cake decorating Albums & Photo Frames Bags & Scarves | Home Scents & Candles Glass Vases | Paperweights & Ornaments Purses & Wallets | Soft Toys & Teddy Bears Gifts for Baby & Wedding Ladies & Mens Toiletries | Mugs

Telephone: 01249 813380 Bazaar Gifts & Cards


FLORISTS Flowers for all occasions

DON’T FORGET MOTHER’S DAY! Sunday 11th March Order your flowers now Tel: 01249 817089

29 High Street, Calne We offer a key cutting service All major credit cards accepted

Need Flowers? Think Shirley’s


Calne – Heathrow £75 Calne – Bristol Airport £45 Prestige Volvo Car 8 Seat Minibus available

Ring Mike on

07 9999 5 3333 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Will the New Year bring a solution to the frightening cost of Elderly care? We asked Andrew Douglas, Partner at Awdry Bailey & Douglas Solicitors who specialises in elderly care, for his views on this issue. The status quo is frightening? True. Understanding the system is complicated. The rules provide that bar £14,250, 100% of a person’s assets including their house can be used to fund the cost. This position is much worse than Inheritance Tax where only 40% is taken by the Government when your assets exceed current nil rate band thresholds. The cost of long term care is so frightening that people may escape having to pay inheritance tax if they get involved in the system of long term care without having made appropriate preparations. Do the Politicians help? Unfortunately there does not appear to be any clear vision, or joined up thinking. At the time of the last election the Tories policy was that people should fund their own costs save for their final £100,000, including their house. The Labour party proposed the creation of a National Care Service combined with £8bn being put into social care over the next 5 years whilst the Lib Dems wanted a 1p rise in income tax.


Is there a future road map for sorting the crisis in long term elderly care? The answer subject to Brexit not proving to be too time consuming and the subject of long term care reform proving to be too difficult is yes. This is because the Cabinet Office has announced that the Government will publish a green paper on the subject by summer 2018. That said the announcement was by Damien Green who has since resigned from office. Jeremy Hunt now heads up a new styled department for health and social care meaning that he may or may not be in charge of reform on a different basis namely joining up healthcare with social care. So yes there is a road map but will it lead anywhere remains the big question! What is best to do? Understand the existing rules under “The Care Act 2014” and proceed accordingly. Waiting or doing nothing in relation to social care is not the best option. This approach only results in people not being organised and paying more.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

To know more and for a free appointment to find out answers to the questions that need answering email Andrew Douglas or his team on ajd@ or call on 0800 072 8636. The firm has offices In Marlborough, Royal Wootton Basset, Devizes & Chippenham. Alternatively visit our website: www.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018




WIN a copy of ‘The Gin Sat Nav’ A new book by local author, David Hitchens

Calne New Wine Shop owner, David Hitchens has written a new book The Gin Sat Nav. He stocks up to 90 gins, one of the largest private stockists in the country, many of them local, Dauntless Gin, from Royal Wootton Bassett, Ramsbury Gin, Bristol Gin, Cotswold Gin, Bath Gin to name but a few. David recently gave a talk for Friends of St Marys “Making Sense of 1000 Gins” and tasting at Marden House in Calne in January to launch the new book and demonstrate his great knowledge of all things to do with gin. Currently there are over 1000 different Gins available and each may require at least seven different styles of tonics to ensure the perfect G & T. The book will help to guide you to identify your Gin preference style. David can be contacted on 01249 812381 at the New Wine Shop in Calne.


David has kindly donated one signed copy of The Gin Sat Nav which you could win by sending your name and a contact telephone number by email to: by 28th February 2018. The Editor’s decision is final. 16

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Calne Rotary 3rd Annual Classic Car Run

Sunday 13th May 2018

Between 8am and 9.30am on Sunday 13th May one hundred Classic Cars will gather in Calne Leisure Centre Car park for a bacon butty provided by Calne Lions before setting off for a fascinating 65 mile run through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. Stopping for refreshments at Wadswick Country Store and Café near Corsham and then onto Devizes to finish with a wonderful lunch provided by the Marden Belles WI in the fantastic grounds of Devizes School. With further support on the day being provided by Rotarians and a great team of volunteers, the event will be a true community effort. The car run also features VIP Teddy Bears and dogs in some of the cars. Half the proceeds will go to Julia’s House Children’s Hospice and half to other local charities. Liz Froud, Community Fundraiser at Julia’s House said ‘We are delighted to be a chosen charity by Calne Rotarians. Julia’s House provides practical and emotional support for families caring for a child with a lifelimiting condition and earlier this year we opened the first children’s hospice in Wiltshire. We rely on local community support to fund our hospice, so we are very grateful for all support. We would like to thank everyone involved and wish them a safe journey’. The event is still looking for more drivers and Kate Tompkins of the Rotary Club of Calne said “If you have a pre-1990 classic car come and join us for a great day out and to raise money for some great causes” For further details and entry forms please visit: or contact Kate by email



We are proud to showcase a collection of stunning new kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom furnitu ure along with worktops, replacement doors and fittings to offer something new for all tastes.




(Terms & Condition s apply)

Come visit our showroom today and see for yourself! The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom in Wiltshire to have met the professional standards to become a Which? Trusted Trader!

Check out our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! Units 1-2, White Horse Business Park, Hopton Road, Hopton Park Ind Estate, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2HJ

01380 728644

Probiotics that are good for you and the planet, from people who care.

“It’s soooo good“ “I can feel it working”

Our shop in Spirthill is open Monday - Friday, 10 - 2 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Love your Planet

For many residents across North Wiltshire going shopping with a ‘bag for life’ and separating household waste ready for collection each week are no longer ‘odd’ or ‘weird’ daily tasks. Thanks to the popularity of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II programme, however, public awareness of the plight of the world’s oceans – caused by plastic pollution - has reached new heights. This is translating into new government plans and more public discussion about the impact of plastic on our world. It may interest you to know a number of companies across North Wiltshire are already doing their bit to reduce waste through the products and services they sell and how they run their businesses.

MJ Church Around a third of the non-domestic waste MJ Church handles each year is recycled into products that go back into construction. As one of the most successful civil engineering, earthworks and waste management contractors in the South West, waste is taken seriously by the team. Waste which cannot be recycled is sent to ‘wasteto-energy’ plants – an important and growing part of the business - where it becomes fuel for generating power. Carol Heneghan, marketing manager of MJ Church, said: “Waste-to-energy plants are now being constructed all over the UK with a typical plant producing enough electricity for 15,000 households. The logistics behind keeping these plants running is huge but the pay-off is reduced landfill by up to 90% in some cases.” During December of 2017 MJ Church achieved 99.8% recycling figures as almost all waste taken into the company through its five transfer stations was either recycled back into the supply chain or sent to waste-to-energy plants.


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Good Energy As a renewable energy company, Chippenham-based Good Energy’s core purpose is to reduce waste and carbon output. None of its main sources for generating electricity - solar, wind and hydro - create waste and it also uses biofuel. “What we do individually and locally has a knock-on effect nationally and globally,” says Juliet Davenport, CEO and Founder. “I like to think our growth to over 200,000 customers has made a real dent in the carbon output of energy in the UK.” Good Energy also monitors and offsets its own carbon footprint by having internal practices in place to reduce day-to-day waste. Juliet says: “Our offices have motion sensor lights fitted which automatically switch off when no one’s around, we encourage our people to recycle in our kitchens and we give every new starter a branded reusable coffee cup which grants them a discount at some of the local coffee shops. This Christmas we also gave everyone their festive treat in a bag-for-life.”

Join Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for Waste Free February The Waste Education Team at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is encouraging local residents to join them for the Waste Free February initiative. The aim of the scheme is to ensure that every piece of waste we produce is either recyclable, reusable or compostable, meaning little to no waste should end up in black bins and subsequently landfill. In 2017, Gemma Annan, from the team encouraged her colleagues to take on this challenge and Gemma managed to fill only a small jam jar with waste. Gemma says “Waste Free February is challenging, but a challenge very worthwhile committing to. I found myself shopping at several different stores and markets to achieve my goal; this really proved what a wasteful society we live in. However, by being a conscientious shopper it opened my eyes and helped me adopt some everyday waste-reducing changes which I have continued through the year. I encourage everyone to take part this February, if only for a day or a week. By sharing your journey you can play a role in changing the amount of waste we as a society are producing.” If you would like to join in with the initiative, or are simply looking for ways you can reduce your waste, keep an eye on Facebook www.facebook. com/WiltsWasteWatch, Twitter @SlimBinsWilts using #WasteFreeFeb and via Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s website

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s vision is to create a sustainable future for wildlife and people. We are unique in the county in combining the management of 38 nature reserves and working with local communities to promote sustainable living. The Trust is supported by 18,000 members and over 1,000 volunteers. For more information about the Trust please Wiltshire Council funds the Waste Team at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to deliver ‘Recycle for Wiltshire Joint Venture’ an education and engagement project in communities across Wiltshire encouraging residents to reduce, reuse and recycle more of their household rubbish.

The Waste Education Team: Jessica Thimbleby, Chelsie Phillips and Gemma Annan. Photo: Ralph Harvey, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Sassy Chic When it comes to helping consumers reduce waste, Sassy Chic in Devizes stocks environmentallyfriendly products and runs upcycling workshops. Joint owner Linda Baker says: “We sell rugs, throws and cushions made from 100% recycled plastic bottles from a company called Weaver Green based in Devon, recycled glass and are the official stockists for chalk paint Frenchic Paint.”

V12 Footwear “Nothing has changed the public mood like Blue Planet II,” says Ben Turner, Director and Co-Founder of V12 Footwear, which designs and produces safety footwear. “The images of a giant whale trying to eat a plastic bucket and an albatross chick dying after eating a toothpick are burnt into the public consciousness.” In 2016 Chippenham-based V12 Footwear identified single-use plastic overshoes as an area where it could make a difference. The company found utility engineers going in and out of customers’ houses get through as many as ten pairs of plastic overshoes every day.

Sassy Chic, which is in Sidmouth Street, deals with its own waste as a retailer by upcycling the pallets stock arrives on. At Christmas it turned these into decorative trees and in future it will use these to create wine glass shelves. “As a business in the 21st century, we like to think we make a small contribution to waste reduction,” Linda said.

V12 developed reusable overshoe MukGuard in response. This is growing in popularity in the relevant industries where V12 finds it customers. Currently they supply high quality strong and safe footwear to the oil and gas sectors, utilities, farming and rail industries. “We think of it as a ‘bag for life’ for the overshoe world,” said Ben. The company’s innovation was awarded in November 2017 with a ‘Green Apple Award’ for environmental best practice.

Frenchic chalk paint - painted furniture Candles, Interiors and Gifts

Home decor, interiors and gifts

GiftMonthly vouchers available Frenchic chalk paint - painted furniture Painting Workshops

Official Frenchic Stockist Painting Workshops Candles, Interiors and Gifts Hand painted furniture

Gift9 vouchers available Sidmouth Street, Devizes, SN10 9 Sidmouth Street, Devizes, SN10 1LD1LD 01380 698200 | 01380 698200Workshops • Painting 20

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9 Sidmouth Street, Devizes, SN10 1LD

Lightways Independent Lighting Retail Shop

FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING & RENEWABLE REQUIREMENTS Electrical Rewires, Alterations LED Lighting, Test & Inspecting, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Plumbing Refurbishment, Central Heating, Hot Water & General Repairs, Wood Burners & Flue Installations Renewable Solar PV & Battery Storage, Solar Hot Water, Air/Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps & Biomass Boilers

Visit our r a great showroom fo lighting selection of dvice and expert a

Ceiling Fans Table Lamps Floor Lamps Shades Outdoor Lighting Bathroom Lighting Recovers Bulbs & Tubes EXTRA DISCOUNT AVAILABLE ON PRODUCTION OF THIS ADVERT Ask in-store for details

01249 653983 18b New Road Chippenham SN15 1HJ

PAT testing now available


Weatherguard Windows & Conservatories Established 1988 No 14942

Insurance Backed Guarantee No Sales People Employed

Wilts Electrical Contracting Ltd, 10 Harris Road, Porte Marsh Ind Est, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9PT

Tel: 01249 812850


Tel: 01249 812158 Mobile: 07860 366880 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Love your Retirement Fiona Scott offers five tips on having a happy and healthy retirement in North Wiltshire

Retirement is a big step which can be as daunting as it is pleasurable and in Wiltshire it’s a time of life more and more people are navigating. According to the ONS, 20% of the county’s population is aged over 65, higher than the national average, and set to grow to 30% within two decades. When it comes to making retired life a happy and healthy one, eating well and taking regular exercise are important. So, too, is finding a new routine and rhythm that suits – but not forgetting the odd adventure along the way.

Create a new circle of friends Devizes U3A is a thriving example of the global University of the Third Age movement. The branch is one of several in North Wiltshire and has 662 semiretired and retired members who take part in an extensive range of activities, from learning new skills, to visiting gardens and museums to socialising on a group walk. Chairperson Sue Tovey says the U3A helps create a framework for people who might be at a bit of a loss after working full-time. “The benefits are definitely social. It’s a chance to spend time with like-minded people and create a new circle of friends when you retire.” For more information go to or to find another branch nearer you.


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Enlist support to do what you enjoy Maintaining a busy routine becomes challenging as you become less mobile but Nick Yeatman, joint owner of Corham-based Home Instead, advises: “Try to do what you enjoy even if you have to scale it down.” The business provides domestic support that can help with household chores but also the fun stuff. “We can get you out of the house to eat out, visit the pub, an art gallery, a museum or just go for a short walk wherever you want to go,” he says. For more information go to

Burnham Court, Malmesbury Beautifully finished one and two bedroom Abbeyfield Apartments with 24/7 staffing available Whether you’re thinking about housing for yourself or a family member, or you’ve just started exploring options, come along to Burnham Court to meet with us and find out more about our full range of services and just what makes Abbeyfield the trusted organisation that it is to this day.

Call us on 01666 825582 or email for more information `

Burnham Court, Burnham Road, Malmesbury SN16 0BQ

Time to enjoy older age Registered in England and Wales, Company 574816, Charity 200719, HCA H1046 CM/MalmesburyTownCrierV2/0908/01

MAKE LIFE EASIER Rise and recline furniture Adjustable beds

Footcare: On the move: Mobility scooters shoes and slippers Mobility scooter repairs Large range of mobility aids Footcare appointments Hire services Stairlifts FREE Hearing health


The Mobility Store | Unit 9a Ellendune Shopping Centre | WROUGHTON | SN4 9LN NEXT TO TESCO - FREE LEVEL PARKING | Tel: 01793 815083 56 George Lane | MARLBOROUGH | SN8 4BY | Tel: 01672 511550 Lansdowne | BOURTON ON THE WATER | GL54 2AR | Tel: 01451 810088 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018


RETIREMENT Release hard-earned capital tied up in your home If you’re of retirement age now, the chances are you’ll recall poorly designed equity release products from the 1980s and 90s. That’s no longer the case, says Chippenham-based financial adviser Steve Eddolls. “Today’s ‘lifetime mortgage’ products are more like traditional mortgage products, meaning people retain ownership of their property but still take advantage of their assets to do things in retirement.” It seems retirees in North Wiltshire are using the cash for any number of reasons, from going on adventurous holidays (such as a bucket-list trip to the Rugby World Cup), topping up a pension pot that hasn’t performed as well as expected, and helping children or grandchildren with house deposits and university fees. For more information contact Steve on 07803 708 855 or 0333 456 0468 or

Take up a high-impact exercise Many people are rightly cautious about the risk of injury associated with high-impact activity but if you’re already into walking and jogging, running can have real benefits during retirement. “It is proven that higher impact activities increase your life span,” says Dimitrij Zavgorodnij, a personal trainer at Corsham retirement village Wadswick Green. “You also feel better about yourself, burn unneeded calories and can increase your muscle strength for better balance and mobility.” Non-residents can use the on-site gym at Wadswick Green when visiting the adjacent spa. Failing that, just put on some running shoes and go – but make sure you pick the right ones and listen to your body. For more information visit www. or call 0800 092 9030.


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Volunteer If you’ve already planned your week with socialising and exercise and still have plenty of spare time then how about volunteering? “Volunteering has been shown to improve physical and mental activity in older people,” says John Truss, Area Manager at Age UK Wiltshire. “Every individual gets something different from volunteering, but we find many gain confidence as they overcome new challenges.” Age UK already has hundreds of volunteers across Wiltshire but it always needs more. For more information drop Age UK Wiltshire a line at or call 01380 727767.

Residents of Hill House say that it is their ... ‘Home from Home’ Hill House is a Country House set in open countryside once owned by the Chamberlain family. We offer nursing, residential, respite, day care and end of life care. Please give us a call if you would like more information on our lovely Home.

‘Person centred care sees residents as equal partners in planning, developing and assessing care to make sure it is the most appropriate for their needs. It involves putting residents and their families at the heart of all decisions.’ Norma & Chad Doveton (Owners of Hill House) The recently opened new wing has large living and dining areas overlooking the Dauntsey Vale. There are many new features including community coffee hub, bar, hairdressing salon, nail bar, ensuite shower in each room, large assisted bathrooms, WiFi throughout. The gardens are a magnificent feature of Hill House where you can enjoy peace and

tranquillity sat on the terraces. We have introduced a new person centred software system to ensure a high standard of record keeping and enabling staff to spend more time with residents.

care home

We continue to drive our Homes forward to achieve ever higher standards. We recognise training our staff is the key to providing the best care possible. Training also helps staff to achieve their personal goals, career development and to be happy and fulfilled in their work. We are looking for highly motivated caring individuals to work in our new Home and have several vacancies including Registered Nurses and Care Assistants. If you would like to be part of our team please call us on: 01666 822363

Hill House Care Home, Little Somerford, Nr Malmesbury SN15 5BH Tel: 01666 822363 email: •

GOLF WINTER SPECIALS £10.00 each for 18 holes anytime (up to 4 golfers) On production of this VOUCHER

£99.00 green fee for 3 months (unlimited golf) On production of this VOUCHER £75.00 - 4 lessons for the price of 3 with James Broughton PGA Professional On production of this VOUCHER

For the golfing specials simply redeem your voucher at the Clubhouse or contact: To redeem your golf lesson voucher or for any information on the golf course/membership benefits please contact: James (PGA Professional) 01666 510277 T&C’s apply

KINGSTON HOUSE Residential Care Home For the Older Person

Residential and Specialist Dementia Care All rooms with En-Suite facilities Caring, Professional staff and a lively environment Regular trips on our Minibus Eden Alternative registered home Visitors always welcome Lansdowne Crescent East, Derry Hill, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9NT Tel: 01249 815555 Fax: 01249 818928 E-mail: For further details, please contact the Home Manager Registered Charity No 1060478

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Photo of Rose and Lloyd Buck by John Waters

Chippenham Museum Saturday Exhibition Tours of Creative Wiltshire

17 February, 3 & 17 March, 1.00pm Chippenham Museum, 9 – 10 Market Place, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 3HF Free, just drop in Join the curator to discover some of the fascinating stories behind the objects in Chippenham Museum’s Creative Wiltshire exhibition. These fortnightly Saturday tours are free to enjoy with no booking necessary. Creative Wiltshire, Chippenham Museum’s first exhibition in its newly opened gallery space, features the work of many influential artists who moved to North Wiltshire during the 20th century. Open until 17 March and free to visit, the exhibition features works by well-known artists such as Howard Hodgkin and Robin Tanner displayed alongside examples of pottery and silver produced in the local area.

Canal Days Half Term Workshops

Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 February Drop-in 10.30am - 12pm & 1pm - 2.30pm Free entry, no booking necessary Chippenham Museum, 9 – 10 Market Place, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 3HF Meet the volunteers of the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust at Chippenham Museum and have a go at lots of fun free activities celebrating Chippenham’s local canal. This activity is suitable for ages 5 – 11 and under 8s must be accompanied by an adult. Families can drop-in 10.30am – 12pm and 1pm – 2.30pm to enjoy these free workshops. For further details please call Chippenham Museum on 01249 705020 or email heritage@chippenham. .

Modern Movements: Pre & Post War Art in Britain

Friday 23 February, 7pm Yelde Hall, Market Place, Chippenham, £5 per person, book in advance on 01249 705020 Antiques Roadshow specialist Marc Allum takes a look at 20th century art movements and the innovative enthusiasm of the post-war effect. This talk is the perfect accompaniment to Chippenham Museum’s latest exhibition Creative Wiltshire. Open until 17 March and free to visit; the exhibition features the work of many influential artists who moved to North Wiltshire during the 20th century. 26

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Our Life with Birds

Leading Bird Experts Lloyd and Rose Buck embark on a UK Theatre Tour with some of their extraordinary feathered friends It’s not often you see birds flying in theatres but in 2018 audiences all over the country will get the chance! This is a truly unique interactive experience not just for bird loving enthusiasts but also for anyone who relishes the opportunity to see birds rarely seen outside of their wild habitats. These special evenings will be lead by the Bucks and supported by their film footage as they share their insights, stories and experiences of their world with birds. Lloyd and Rose are passionate about birds. They have devoted over twenty-five years of their lives to rearing and nurturing a wide variety of breeds at their farmstead near Bristol. They train their birds specially for filming on location and in studios and they are without a doubt the foremost experts at tracking birds and in-flight filming. Their magnificent avian family includes Lady & Moses the Peregrin Falcons, Ashley the Kestrel, Lily the Barn Owl, Ellie the Northern Goshawk, Tilly the Golden Eagle, Poppy the Pigeon and a large number of Starlings, Geese and Swans. Between them Lloyd and Rose have been involved with over 100 different documentaries, drama productions and feature films such as the BBC’s Poldark, Top Gear, The Hollow Crown, and The Flying Engineer. Their birds have appeared in numerous productions for ITV, the National Geographic Channel, and CBS in America. They have worked with virtually every wildlife and natural history television star including Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backshall, Michaela Strachan, Chris Packham, and Kate Humble. They often appear as guests on The One Show and the BBC programmes Autumnwatch and Springwatch. Our Life with Birds is at Swindon Arts Centre on February 26th 2018. Tickets call 01793 524481 or visit For more information visit: Tickets from £12 to £17

Tony Warren


Carpets w Upholstery w Rugs w Leather w Hard Floors w Wooden Floors w Patios w General & Deep Cleaning w End of Tenancy Specialists

Diploma in Funeral Directing

Local, Private Chapel of Rest designed with a home environment. For Care & Kindness, please ask for

Tony Warren Highly Experienced & Respected Funeral Director serving the Calne community & surrounding areas for many years

Domestic & Commercial w FREE Quotations

For further and fo in rmation . re hu oc a br t Please contac us on:

w Fully Insured w i klean almost anything w

24 hour Personal Service - to all areas

Call Chris on: 01249 249665 / 07710 159640 email:

Traditional or Green Funerals. Home visits Modern Mercedes or 19th Century Horse-drawn hearse Pre - Paid plans Available

Tel:01249 811333

Total Now Doing Bathrooms 01249 821184 WE WILL BEAT ANY LIKE FOR LIKE QUOTE


FIND US ON FACEBOOK TotalkitchensMelksham Totalcarpets




£5.99 PER SQM


Tel: 01249 821184 or 07804 795209

VISIT THE SHOWROOM: 3 The Square, Wood Street, Calne SN11 0BY Email: • Open: Mon-Fri: 9am–5pm, Sat: 9am–4pm The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



The award winning social enterprise The Curly Hair Project is holding a relaxed and informative event about Autism in Chippenham on Tuesday 13th February 2018. This day aims to help families, school staff and professionals learn more about Autism, what it feels like to be Autistic, and how to best work together to improve relationships and understanding. The day starts with a one hour talk, which is ideal for anyone who would like to know more about what life is like for Autistic adults and children, and it provides lots of really practical support strategies. There are two further talks focusing on Emotions in Autistic people and Ten strategies for Managing Anxiety. The day ends with a workshop discussing how to best support Autistic pupils in primary & secondary education. North Wiltshire based trainer Helen Eaton makes everything easy to understand, presenting in a warm and accessible way. Alis Rowe’s work brings the challenges of Autism to life through her cartoons and images, and her sensible support strategies are widely recognised and implemented. It’s easy to book tickets online and people can attend any of the sessions, or save money with an all-day ticket. Older children are welcome to attend with an adult, and the children’s tickets are free (minimum age is 10 years). As it’s in the half-term break it would be lovely to see whole families attend to learn together. There’s lots of space for everyone to feel comfortable, and drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the day. We don’t ask for personal introductions and so school staff and professionals can attend the sessions with a degree of anonymity if required. More information and tickets are available here : and Our regular workshops continue in Corsham during the Spring, and we also run webinars for those unable to attend the workshops – 28

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Photo: Roslyn Gaunt

Autism Families & Education Day Calne Rotary Club 10km Fun Run

The 30th Annual Calne Rotary 10km Charity Fun Run at Bowood Park is on Sunday 18th March 2018. Organised by Calne Rotary Club, the charity fun run boasts some fantastic scenery around the beautiful Bowood estate grounds. This friendly Fun Run and Walk caters for a wide range of participants, including serious club runners, joggers, keep-fit enthusiasts and walkers who would like to enjoy a few hours in the fresh air in picturesque Bowood Park. Estate owner, Lord Lansdowne will start the race and Mayor of Calne, Tony Trotman will be presenting the winners trophies following the results after the event. For more information, including entry form please visit our new and click Bowood Fun Run on the events page of the new Calne Rotary Club website. Our grateful thanks go to: LPS Events, for providing Chip Timing and Events Management Services and Bowood House and Gardens for letting us use their Estate.


It all adds up +

PC Hospital Surgeons On Call

We look after your accounts while you run your business


Friendly and flexible accountancy for all types of small business

• Computers restored to health • Intensive Care for crashed PC’s • RIP … Resurrection in progress • Qualified Surgeons COMP TIA A+ • Life Longevity Programme (Health Checks) • Body part replacement (Upgrades + Full Systems) • From £29 fixed Price repair (Plus any Components) • No Fix – No fee


For a FREE initial meeting to discuss your needs, call 01666 824466 or visit


duncanjoyce & associates chartered accountants

36 & 38 Cross Hayes, Malmesbury, SN16 9BG

Johnson & Daltrey

DuncanJoyce 73x90 AW.indd 1

27/04/2012 19:57

01249 248346 or 07971 570869

Email: or visit

Sarah’s Soft Furnishings Curtains : Cushions : blinds and much more

Independent Family Funeral Service

I offer a made to measure service to fit your individual requirements.

Care and Compassion From Our Family To Yours.

 Full Facilities At All Of Our Branches  Fully Qualified Staff  Pre-Paid Funeral Plans  Memorial Stone Masons  Available 24 Hours A Day

Each order is priced individually and is a making up fee only, leaving you the flexibility to choose fabric to suit your budget.

see me on facebook

Call Sarah: 01249 822461 or 07770 995826



COINS, CARDS & COLLECTABLES Thinking of selling your collection?

1 Beach Terrace, Calne. SN11 0RD. (01249) 821200 112 High Street, Royal Wootton Bassett. SN4 7AU. (01793) 851400 21 High Street, Malmesbury. SN16 9AA. (01666) 822200

We are currently looking to buy: • Coin Collections & Accumulations • Historical Medals • Cigarette Card Sets • Early Postcard Collections

Please email us at or call Stephen on 07554 430995 Courteous and friendly service guaranteed The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018 The Town Crier Magazine | JULY 2015

29 69


GEORGIE FAME The 1960s hit maker Georgie Fame will appear in concert at the Neeld Community and Arts Centre, Chippenham on 16 April 2018 - one of only a few shows on his new UK tour. The concert marks Georgie’s return to Wiltshire after he performed as the opening act at Marlborough Jazz Festival in 2013.

A Little Love Cabaret by Spiltmilk Dance

Rural Arts Wiltshire with Grittleton Village Hall presents this fun-filled cabaret on Saturday 14 April 2018 at 8.00pm (doors open 7.30pm). ‘A scrapbook of real-life love stories collected from across the country…ultimate heart throbs, full-on obsessions and awkward mixed up emotions combine in a heart-warming…cabaret reminding us of the lengths we will go to for love…’ Tickets: Adults £8, Concessions £7, Children (under 16) £5, Family (2 adults/2 children £21) from Jan 01249 782798 Age recommendation 12+ Bring your own refreshments

With his much loved blend of jazz and rhythm & blues, Georgie Fame has consistently worked in the highest musical circles and has become a true icon of the British music scene. So far there have been more than twenty albums and fourteen hit singles, including the Number 1s: Yeh Yeh, Get Away and The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde. Add to this a long list of collaborations with some of music’s most famous names, including Muddy Waters, Gene Vincent, Bill Wyman, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, amongst many others, and in Georgie Fame you have bona fide music legend. In this very special and intimate evening, audiences will be treated to Georgie’s hits, alongside music from the artists that have influenced him - all interspersed with personal stories and anecdotes from his incredible career. Leader of the Council Sandie Webb said of the event; “Way back in the 60s when the Neeld featured top acts at its regular Top 20 nights, the idea of Sweet Georgie Fame coming to Chippenham would have seen the high street filled with screaming hordes. Those youngsters are much older now but will, no doubt, still be delighted to know that he is coming to town and his amazing talent will also be appreciated by the new generation of Chippenham music lovers.” Chairman of the Amenities, Culture and Leisure Committee at Chippenham Town Council, Desna Allen, said; “I am delighted to acknowledge that I was a fan of Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames in the 1960s - my very favourite song was Sitting in the Park. This is a marvellous opportunity for fans, old and not so old to experience the iconic music that is so evocative of an exciting period. A great coup for the Neeld and for Chippenham.” Tickets are available now from, by phone on 01249 446699 or in person at the Chippenham Town Council foyer.


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Your local service for Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and other legal needs.



Free home visit from your local Goodwills consultant

Single Will only £88 Mirror Wills for couples only £148 Call Michael Rhodes (8am-8pm)

01225 683062

Email: Website: Prices include VAT, an individual consultation and your Will being produced by Goodwills Legal Services Ltd, a professional regulated law firm.

Are you the best? Then work for the best name in nursing and care. Recruiting Homecarers, Support Workers, Healthcare Assistants and Registered Nurses. WE OFFER: • Competitive pay rates • Ongoing Support • Member Advantages

• Variety of work • Award-winning training • Flexible hours

Contact our Gloucester branch on:

01666 503 020 Or visit

Prestige Nursing + Care

60+ videos on YouTube ‘Ask AMS Accountancy’

I am thinking of buying into a franchise. Is there anything specific I should do? Talk the franchise proposition through with an accountant. If you still think it is a good proposition, decide on the business structure (e.g. Limited Company), bookkeeping records and VAT registration, as with any business. Franchisees often pay a large lump sum for a number of different costs – but without paperwork to show the split between the various items, it’s potentially a big problem for your accountant. Example: a franchisor may ask for £10,000 to cover: the licence; initial stock; equipment; training and support for several years. Each of these costs needs a different accounting and tax treatment – so get a breakdown with the costs for each individual item. Without this, HMRC could seek to treat all costs as Capital expenditure resulting in a higher tax bill for you – at least in the first year of the business. Peter Bromiley ACA 01793 818400 @AMSAccountancy

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Learn to dance with

Quicksteps Dance Ballroom, Latin American & Argentine Tango New Beginners classes in Calne, Chippenham & Corsham. Get your dancing shoes on! Highly-qualified, professional teacher, with many years experience teaching adults & children. We make learning to dance fun & easy ! Tuesdays Calne Town Hall Wednesdays Corsham Town Hall Thursdays Ivy lane School, Chippenham

7pm 7pm 8pm

ÂŁ7.50 pp, no membership fees, pay as you go. The only requirements: comfortable shoes and a sense of humour! For information on other classes please contact:

01249 653408 / 07587 008673

Start Dancing!


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E. Wootten & Son Funeral Directors Established 1926

E Wootten & Son Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors Jennifer Dip FAA, Dip FD and Shaun and the team at E. Wootten & Son are at your service and set the highest standards for the funeral profession in terms of care of clients and their loved ones. We help our families through one of the most difficult times in their lives with compassion, respect, knowledge, openness and personal care. Bereaved families can rest assured, knowing that their loved one is being cared for within our purpose built premises, which include: • Qualified and discreet personnel. • Private, homely and comfortable arranging rooms. • Quiet and private Chapel of Rest. • Fully equipped purpose built mortuary facilities. • Private parking for convenience and discretion.

1 North Street Calne SN11 0HQ 01249 812258

E. Wootten & Son have their own fleet of vehicles on site which consist of a Mercedes E Class Hearse complemented with a matching limousine. Also a fully equipped private ambulance for bringing your loved one into our care.

47 Market Place Chippenham SN15 3HU 01249 709048


BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS DESIGN SERVICE KITCHEN APPLIANCES IN STOCK FOR SAME DAY DELIVERY Bathrooms, wet rooms & shower rooms Bespoke kitchens Granite, silestone & laminate worktops Washing machines and dishwashers Kitchen appliances, integrated or freestanding OPEN: Mon - Friday 8am - 5pm & Sat 8am - 2pm

T: 01249 813871

1 Stanier Road | Porte Marsh | Calne | SN11 9PX

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018




Corsham Singers


Walk of Life


Sunday 25 February 2018 11.00am Saturday 12th May 2018

Join The Forever Friends Appeal’s walking marathon, or 10 mile afternoon route, along the Kennet & Avon Canal and support patients and their families at the Royal United Hospitals Bath.



The walk’s epic 26.2 mile route starts at The Crown Inn in Bishops Cannings (near Devizes), through Bradford on Avon and finishes at the Holburne Museum in Bath. There is also a 10 mile route in the afternoon departing from Bradford on Avon.

STARTS 7.30pm Performing: also : Free



To book visit or call the Events Office on 01225 821535.


The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the picturesque national cycle network.

The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the picturesque national cycle network.

Starts and finishes at Calne Town Hall 20 Sunday 25 Fun Run 10.15am - Main Start 11.00am The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the February picturesque national cycle network. The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the picturesque national cycleTown network. Starts and2018 finishes at 11.00am Calne Hall

Sunday 25 February 2018 11.00am

Starts and finishes at Calne Town Hall Fun Run 10.15am - Main Start 11.00am £11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the picturesque national cycle network.

The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the picturesque national cycle network.

Homemade• cakes, teas and coffee All 10K finishers willavailable receive a medal. after the race in the Town Hall

after the race in the Town Hall

car parking nearparking to the start near to the start • Ample Ample car and bag drop at Race HQ • Toilets Toilets and bag drop at Race HQ

Homemade cakes, teas and coffee available after the race in the Town Hall

Chip All timed events will receive a medal. 10K finishers Toilets and bag drop at Race HQ Chip timed events Homemade cakes, teas and coffee available afterHomemade the race incakes, the Town Hallcoffee available teas and

Homemade cakes, teas and coffee available after the race in the Town Hall Ample car parking near to the start Toilets and bag drop at Race HQ

Chip timed near events to the start Ample car • parking With thanks to our Homemade cakes, teas and coffee available Homemade cakes, teas and coffee available

£11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated

All 10K finishers will receive a medal. Ample car parking near to the start

£11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated

• AllChip timed events. 10K finishers will receive a medal.

after the race inat theRace Town Hall Toilets and bag drop HQ

Starts and finishes at Calne Town Hall

All 10K finishers will receive a medal. Fun Run 10.15am - Main Start 11.00am £11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated Chip timed events

Starts and finishes at Calne Town Hall Fun Run 10.15am - Main Start 11.00am

The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the Starts and finishes at Calne Town Hall picturesque national cycle network. StartsAlland All 10K finishers will receive a medal. 10K finishers will receive a medal. Fun Run 10.15am - Main Start 11.00am Chip timed events finishes at Calne Town Hall. Main Start 11.00am £11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated.

£11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated

Fun Run 10.15am - Main Start 11.00am

Sunday 25 February 2018 11.00am

Chip timed events £11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated

Su Su Fe Fe 2


after the race in the Town Hall

Ample car parking near to the start Ample car parking near to the start

1 Mile Fun foratUnder 15s Toilets and bagRun drop Race HQ

With thanks to our Toilets and bag drop at Race HQ start for£4 entry 1 Mile10.15am Fun Run Under 15s kind sponsors: All fun runnersstart will receive£4 a medal 10.15am entry. Mile Fun Runwillfor Under 15s All fun runners receive a medal. With thanks totoour With thanks our

Online Entries at kind sponsors: 10.15am start £4 entry kind sponsors: thanks our kind sponsors: 1 Mile Fun Run forWith Under 15s kind sponsors:

10.15am start

or will download an aentry entry All£4 fun runners receive medal

All fun runners will receive a medal

Online Entries at or download an entry form from our website: With thanks to our to our

With kind sponsors: Online Entries at kind sponsors: Online 34 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018 or download an entry

form from our website /events/

Entries at

1 Mile Fun

1 Mile Fun Ru

10.15am st

10.15am start

All fun runners

All fun runners wi

OnlineEnE Online www.ent www.en or ordownl dow form formfrom fro www.caln /events/


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The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Wiltshire Women in Business embrace creativity 2018 is the year that business women from around Swindon and Wiltshire come together to celebrate innovation and creativity in their businesses. Local business support organisation The Enterprise Network (TEN) has announced the theme for this year’s Swindon and Wiltshire Women in Business Conference, focusing on business success, innovation and creativity. Taking place on International Women’s Day – Thursday 8 March – at Bowood Hotel and Spa Resort, the conference will bring together business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the county to take part in a day of inspiration and information. Early Bird tickets for the event – including guest speakers, workshops, business advice sessions and plenty of networking opportunities - have just gone on sale through the Eventbrite online booking platform. Opening the day will be Chuck Berry, cabinet member for economic development and housing, who will set the scene, emphasising the importance of women in business to Wiltshire’s thriving small business landscape. He said: “Small businesses across Wiltshire are a cornerstone of the county’s economy - the energy and creativity of our business women is something we can all be proud of.” Throughout the day there will be workshops on a wide range of business themes including social media and online marketing, successful business finance, creative

Guest speakers from some of Wiltshire’s most successful and creative small businesses will be sharing their insights and top tips for business growth. “The conference is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people, develop new ideas and get inspired” says Wiltshire-based mindset and wellness Coach Claire Doré. Now in its fourth year, the event will offer advice, information and support on every aspect of starting and growing a small business, from the very first step, to taking on employees and exporting abroad. Jol Rose, development officer at The Enterprise Network said: “We are excited to be hosting this unique business event once more, offering a springboard for business owners to move their businesses ahead. It’s a chance to share and to be inspired, with a fantastic lineup of speakers and specialist advisors. It really is a onestop shop for small, start-up and growing businesses in Swindon, Wiltshire and beyond.” The Women in Business Conference takes place on Thursday 8 March 2018 at the Bowood Hotel and Spa Resort. Tickets cost just £37 per person which includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Further details and ticket reservation online at For more information please email:


See the magical crop circles, white horses and ancient monuments of Wiltshire from the air. Gift Flights from £60

The Wiltshire Microlight Centre ‘for the flight of your life’ 36

thinking, taking on new employees, resilience and crowdfunding.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Yatesbury Field Nr Cherhill Wiltshire SN11 8HS Tel: 07836 554554

LEADING BRANDS AT GREAT PRICES 1 & 2 Windsor Drive, Devizes SN10 2TH • Tel: 01380 887943

“Over 25 Mattresses to try from leading manufacturers such as Hypnos, Kaymed, Mlily, Dormeo and many more ...”


BLINDS • CURTAINS Made to measure with full professional installation service • Curtains • Roman Blinds • Pleated Blinds • Roller Blinds • Venetian Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Awnings & Canopies • Shutters ECLIPSE - LUXAFLEX - SILENT GLISS - SWISH


Goldmans Interiors Ltd, 3 Wood Street, Calne SN11 0BZ Tel: 01249 814423 email: The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Marden House Concerts 2018 PROGRAMME Sara Trickey – Violin and Daniel Tong – Piano

Sunday 25th February 2018 at 3.00pm Sara enjoys a busy, exciting and diverse career as a solo artist and chamber musician. Noted for her vibrant and fiery performances she plays at major UK festivals and noted venues. Whilst leading the Bronte String Quartet they won the Royal Overseas League competition. She is a founder member of the Odysseus Piano Trio and currently plays with the mixed ensemble – Sound collective. Sara plays regularly with Daniel Tong, artistic director for The Marden House recitals, with whom she has recorded works by Schubert and Fauré. She has also made a world premiere recording of Mathias’ Violin Sonatas with Iwan Llewelyn-Jones.

Marden House, Calne Tickets: £12 Adults, £1 Full-time Students

Available from: Calne Information Centre, or at the door. More information at





The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Diary Dates FEBRUARY 2018 QUARTET AMABILE Saturday 10th February 2018 Malmesbury Abbey, 7:30pm Helen Kucharek (Vocal); Robin Baggs (Piano and Organ) Justine Tomlinson (Violin); Juliet Tomlinson (Cello) Malmesbury Abbey Music Society is delighted to welcome back local soprano Helen Kucharek to team up with her talented friends for an evening of well loved classics. MALMESBURY AND DISTRICT GARDEN CLUB February 12th 2018 Jenny Tidman “Talks on conifers” Jenny has given Malmesbury Garden Club some interesting talks in the past. Affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society Hon. Secretary. Mrs. Eleanor D Church, Redlands, West End, Brinkworth, Chippenham Tel. 01666 510490 ABBEY SKATE 14th – 16th February 2018 Malmesbury Abbey Skateboard * Scooter * Roller Blade Book online at: NEW YOGA CLASSES Wednesday 14th February Every Wednesday 6pm-7.25pm at Malmesbury Town Hall Please book in advance with Chris Hewett on 01453 834304 or 07815 181361 CALNE WEDDING FAIR 17-18 February 2018 Calne Town Hall, SN11 0EN 11am-3pm Free Entry. We invite you to the Town Hall & Corn Exchange to see an array of local businesses offering their services to make your day a special one.

MALMESBURY POETRY EVENT Malmesbury’s regular Poetry Slam Event with local poets Tone Rudall & Andrew Carnegie 21st February/21st March/18th April/16th May/20th June 7.30pm – 9.30pm The Old Bell, Malmesbury BIG SCREEN BEVERSBROOK Friday 23rd February The Mountain Between Us Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow-covered mountain. When they realise help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness. Tickets: Adults £4, Children (under 16) £2.50, Family (2A+2C) £12.50 (Ticket prices may vary). Available on the door and in advance from Calne Visitor & Community Information Centre and Beversbrook Sports & Community Facility. SMARTT SMASHER RACE Sunday 25 February 2018 11.00am The course is a flat multi-terrain 10k along the picturesque national cycle network. Starts and finishes at Calne Town Hall. Main Start 11.00am £11.00 affiliated £13.00 non-affiliated. All 10K finishers will receive a medal. Ample car parking. 1 Mile Fun Run for Under 15s 10.15am start £4 entry. All fun runners will receive a medal. Online Entries at or MARDEN HOUSE CONCERTS Sunday 25th February 2018 at 3.00pm, Marden House, Calne Sara Trickey – Violin and Daniel Tong – Piano Tickets: £12 Adults, £1 Full-time Students Available from: Calne Information Centre, www.marlboroughboxoffice. or at the door. More at


INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS Care and compassion when you need it most

PERSONAL SERVICE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Interest free pre-payment funeral plans available. Covering Malmesbury, Royal Wootton Bassett, Tetbury and surrounding villages.

01666 822216

www . matthewsofmalmesbury. com

7 Burnham Road, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 0BQ

I will personally install your

B&Q, Wickes, Homebase, Wren or Howdens

kitchen to craftsman standard, at a fraction of their normal installation charges and no VAT to pay!

You supply it - I’ll fit it!

Over 18 years experience with excellent references available - see my website! For a no-nonsense, free estimate call Keith on

07875 742433 or 01249 890916 Visit my website at The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Calne Evangelical Church Sunday Service times: Family Service 10.30am (crèche available) Evening Service 6.00pm Weekly activities: House Groups Tots 'n' Dots - toddler group Tuesday Club - primary school age Glow - 9-12 years Lazer - senior school age See church notice board or website, or contact us via email or ring 821754 for more information.

Movies@Malmesbury FEBRUARY 2018 SCHEDULE Monday 5 at 8pm Star Wars: The Last Jedi Wed 7 at 7pm “Tosca” Live from the Royal Opera House* Friday 9 at 2pm Star Wars: The Last Jedi Friday 9 at 5pm Star Wars: The Last Jedi Friday 9 at 8pm Molly’s Game Wed 14 at 7pm “Twelfth Night” Live from the RSC* Monday 19 at 2pm Exhibition on Screen: “Cezanne” * Monday 19 at 8pm Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Friday 23 at 2pm Molly’s Game Friday 23 at 5pm Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Friday 23 at 8pm Darkest Hour Tickets: 2pm and 5.30pm £5 & £4, 8pm £6 Except *Tosca, Twelfth Night and Cezanne £10 Tickets from: Town Hall or on the Door. Facebook: MoviesatMalmesbury

Tel: 01666 822143

MOVIOLA@ GRITTLETON VILLAGE HALL Wednesday February 28th Goodbye Christopher Robin A rare glimpse into the relationship between beloved children’s author A. A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) and his son Christopher Robin (Will Tilston, Alex Lawther), whose toys inspired the magical world of Winnie the Pooh. Along with his mother Daphne (Margot Robbie), and his nanny Olive (Kelly Macdonald), Christopher Robin and his family are swept up in the international success of the books; the enchanting tales bringing hope and comfort to England after the First World War. But with the eyes of the world on Christopher Robin, what will the cost be to the family? Fox Searchlight Pictures. Despite the PG classification, this is not a children’s film. Rather in the manner of Saving Mr Banks, it explores some quite dark themes. Tickets £6 adults from Lesley on 01249 783157 or email Doors open 7pm, programme starts at 7.30pm Future dates for your 2018 diary All Wednesdays March 21st Breathe April 25th Murder on the Orient Express THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT March 8th 2018 The Battle of Bedwyn and the rise of Wessex. Speaker: Nick Baxter A battle was fought between Aescwin of Wessex and Wulfhere of Mercia at Crofton near Great Bedwyn in the year 675 AD. It was the start a bloody war between the rival kingdoms, lasting for 150 years. At Ellendune (Wroughton, near Swindon) in the year 823, king Ecberht defeated the Mercian king Beornwulf: “Ellendune’s stream was tinged with blood,

and choked with the slain, and become foul with the carnage”. Within a few years Ecberht became king of both Wessex and Mercia. This talk chronicles those events. HistoricalWoottonBassett THE WOMEN IN BUSINESS CONFERENCE Thursday 8 March 2018 Bowood Hotel and Spa Resort. Tickets cost just £37 per person which includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Further details and ticket reservation online at www. CALNE ROTARY CLUB 10KM FUN RUN Bowood Park is on Sunday 18th March 2018. Organised by Calne Rotary Club, the charity fun run boasts some fantastic scenery around the beautiful Bowood estate. This friendly Fun Run and Walk caters for a wide range of participants, including serious club runners, joggers, keep-fit enthusiasts and walkers who would like to enjoy a few hours in the fresh air in picturesque Bowood Park. Lord Lansdowne will start the race and Mayor of Calne, Tony Trotman will be presenting the trophies. For more information, and entry form go to uk and click Bowood Fun Run on the events page of the new Calne Rotary Club website. RAF MALMESBURY & PARISHES Saturday 31st March 2018 at the Town Hall, pre-dinner drinks from 6.30pm, 3 course dinner at 7.20pm. Royal Air Force Centenary 1918-2018. An invite to all current & exserving RAF from Malmesbury & surrounding Parishes. For ticket information and any other enquiries please email Matt on or call 07976 407139

Please send your What’s On and Events to 40

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Compass Security Systems Automated Gate Specialists Est.1984

Make an entrance - enjoy the luxury of automatic gates With over 30 years experience in the field of gate automation, intruder alarms and CCTV systems Compass Security Systems have the expertise you can trust. Your electric gates will be beautifully designed, reliable and above all safe. New or existing gates can be automated, both wooden or metal.

For a free no obligation quote call:

Mobile: 07866 756455 Tel: 01249 720587




TELEPHONE: 01793 850441 WEBSITE:

109 HIGH ST, WOOTTON BASSETT, SWINDON SN4 7AU Allied Wessex Westinsure is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Vegetable Lasagne

A variant on the usual meat based lasagne, packed with healthy vegetables for a filling and satisfying meal at lunch or dinner time. Serve with a fresh green salad and bread of your choice. rvings Ingredients for 4 se d pe op ch , 1 onion 75g carrots, sliced 75g courgette 3 tbsp. vegetable oil 75g aubergine ms 50g button mushroo rn tco 50g swee crushed 1 small garlic clove, d tomatoes 225g can of choppe s rb pinch of mixed he se ee 8 tbsp. grated ch 3 tbsp. butter 3 tbsp. plain flour ½ pint milk lasagna pasta 4-5 sheets pre-cooked Salt & pepper


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Method Oven: Pre-heat to 180C/350f/Gas 4 Finely chop the onion and carroty and dice the courgette and aubergine. Thinly slice the mushrooms. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the vegetables until softened. Add the garlic, tomatoes, herbs, and sweetcorn and bring to the boil. Then cover and simmer for about five minutes. Melt the butter in a pan and then stir in the flour, add the milk slowly, stirring until the mixture thickens and boils. Stir in half of the grated cheese and some salt and pepper for taste. Spoon about a third of the vegetable mix into a shallow oven proof dish, add a little white sauce, the add a lasagna sheet and continue to layer in this way until the last layer is white sauce. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top and cook for around 50 minutes until browned on top. Serve with fresh herbs on top.

Don't fo rget Pancake Da on Febru y ary 13th

How do you like your pancakes? February 13th is Shrove Tuesday and I will be tossing pancakes with the best of them. Usually I am a traditionalist and favour lemon and sugar topping but this year in the interests of research I canvassed my friends for their favourite sweet and savoury pancake fillings, and tried them out. Here are my top seven. Nutty chocolate spread and banana - This tasty filling bulks the pancakes out, and makes the batter go further. Perfect if there are lots of people at your pancake supper. Fresh mango and Greek yoghurt with a splash of Cointreau - Very sophisticated and utterly delicious Fruits of the forest with vanilla ice cream and a splash of Amaretto liqueur - This one was a revelation. The liqueur works brilliantly with the fruit, and the hot pancakes with cold ice cream is a sublime combination. Clearly I have classy friends!

Blueberries and maple syrup – This contribution from an American friend goes well with thick or thin pancakes. She tops hers with bacon, but you can leave that out. If you like. Mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon - for a British brunch-style pancake, or maybe a savoury supper. Wilted spinach and Ricotta cheese - Sprinkle with a little fresh nutmeg and this makes a very tasty vegetarian supper. Stewed rhubarb and crème fraîche - You can prepare your rhubarb as tart or sweet as you like. I liked mine tart. The creme fraiche works really well with it. I scraped some vanilla seeds into mine and beat them in before serving. This is officially my new favourite way to eat pancakes.

by Sarah Davey The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Lemon Meringue Pie A delicious and tangy lemon filled pie topped with crispy, chewy meringue – a perfect after dinner indulgence that’s sure to satisfy the sweetest tooth! Ingredients for 8 ser


Pastry 150g plain flour Pinch salt 75g Butter Cold water to mix Filling 50g cornflour 300ml cold water 75g caster sugar ons Zest and juice of 3 lem lks yo g eg m diu 2 me Meringue s 2 medium egg white 100g caster sugar 44

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Method Oven: Pre-heat to fan 170C/190C/Gas 5 Prepare the pastry following conventional method and use to line a 20cm greased flan dish. Bake blind, remove from oven then reduce the oven temperature to fan 130c, conventional 150c, gas 2. To make the filling, first blend the cornflour with a little water to make a smooth paste. In a small pan, heat the remaining water, lemon zest and juice, stir in the cornflour paste and stir until you bring to the boil. Cook the lemony mixture for 2 minutes then remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly before adding the sugar and egg yolks. When cool, tip into the partly cooked pastry case. Whisk the egg whites until very stiff then gradually add in half of the sugar. Then gently fold the rest of the sugar. Spread the meringue mix over the lemon and swirl and bake for a further 35 minutes to crisp the meringue. Allow to cool before serving. The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018




Taking bookings for Valentine’s Day


Special Valentine’s Menu available 12-17 February

01249 812422

Check our website for more details follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more offers and updates.

Kitchen Makeover Are your kitchen cabinets OK, but the doors and drawer fronts are looking a little tired?

Calne Tandoori Take Away & Restaurant

Why not consider a kitchen makeover? By replacing the doors and drawer fronts plus a new worktop you can achieve the look of a new stylish kitchen. Saving you time, money and a lot of upheaval. Complete kitchens and bedrooms also available. Extensive range of door colours and designs. We are a family run business with over 30 years experience in specialist carpentry and joinery. We can plan, design and fit your kitchen complete including any building or alteration work. Call Peter Galbraith now for a free survey and estimate Tel: 01793 741234 Visit our website @

We bring a touch of Indian Cuisine to Calne Open 7 days a week. Free delivery over £12 in the Calne area. Out of Calne area minimum order £18 plus a charge of £2 for delivery. From the staff at Calne Tandoori To all our customers we wish you a Happy New Year. New Year, New Offers. See them on Shoutout Calne. 7 William Street, Calne, SN11 9BB

Tel: 01249 824886 or 07404 949618 or on Facebook

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Love your Wedding! by Fiona Scott

Weddings are going to be especially big news this year with the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Wedding fever will overtake the country now as it did when Prince William and Kate got married back in 2011. During the month of their April wedding, 350,000 more overseas tourists came to the UK than the same month the previous year, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you thinking about your 2018 – or more likely for the real planners among you – 2019 wedding.

Planning for a wedding is exciting, stressful and it’s a time full of decisions, budgeting and planning. Choosing the right suppliers can be difficult and there is a growing trend to do more yourself from designing invitations to creating your own ‘favours’. According to a survey done by Confetti Celebrations the most popular 2017 wedding theme was ‘rustic,woodland’, the brides’ favourite colours for dresses were white or ivory (74 per cent) with four per cent of brides choosing black. The average cost of a wedding in the UK was £15,000.

Barbara Leatham

Here in Wiltshire we are spoiled for choice when it comes to services from venues, to florists, to dress and suit makers and suppliers, through to photographers, videographers, hair and make-up artists and, if you really want a one-to-one hand-holding service, wedding planners. Please be aware most of these businesses require non-refundable deposits or booking fees.


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Grittleton House

For anyone, their wedding is a very special day, it’s the day when the couple become the celebrities and step into the spotlight to celebrate with their families and friends as they make that amazing commitment.

The Venue How about Grittleton House, Grittleton near Chippenham? Run by the Shipp family, the Victorian manor house – which is the family home is set in 35 acres of private parkland and formal gardens. The house is brimming with history and the team offer a wedding planning service with a choice of seven ceremony rooms. The venue can cater for a maximum of 126 guests for a wedding breakfast, up to 350 for an evening reception and from 2019, up to 180 guests in the new Orangery for a wedding breakfast. The Shipps can cater for larger numbers in a marquee. For more details visit or call 01249 782434.

Another option might be Owl Lodge in Lacock Historically, this building was once part of a large farmstead, Selves Farm, where the original farm house was a replica of The Red Lion Inn found in nearby Lacock. The farm was abandoned and the house along with other farm buildings left derelict or pulled down. The land and buildings were acquired by the present farming family, Christopher and Anthony Doel. They now offer wedding hire from £2,000, visit or call 01249 730388. If you are on a budget and want to DIY for your wedding you can always source a village hall or a hall with some staff support, however you may provide many of the food, drink or entertainment yourself. One option for this might be The Citadel Hall in central Chippenham run by Rachel Terry. A town centre venue, with parking, train station and accommodation nearby this could be an alternative. or call Rachel on 07811 809216.

The Photographer

Find out more by visiting or call 01249 824747.

One local provider is Paul Stallard of Candid Pictures. Paul, who lives in Calne, has 30 years’ experience working for local newspapers, recording wedding memories for clients and running his own business.

You could also consider Barbara Leatham of Barbara Leatham Photography. Barbara, who lives near Devizes, was a photographer with the Royal Air Force before moving to Wiltshire with her family and setting up her own photography business. Her images are stunning and her wedding packages average out at about £2,000. She only works with a small number of brides every year. For more details visit or call 07548 219047.

He said: “Many of my wedding clients look for ‘reportage’ images and that’s why Candid Pictures, which has been established since 1982 comes into its own, complete with a photography service built around the customer’s requirements.”

Another Wiltshire photographer Lis McDermott, of Royal Wootton Bassett has done a guide for brides for wedding photography. She’s kindly donated this to the Town Crier so if you’d like a pdf copy of it – please let us know!

If you do have a budget, the key thing is to choose a photographer and/or videographer you get along with. A wedding day can often be more about herding the crowd – and it’s vital you and your guests can take direction from an empathetic provider of that service. It’s also vital you get your guests to avoid taking loads of photographs or videos when the professional is working – otherwise you’ll get images of people taking pictures of you.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Barbara Leatham

One tip for this is to work out what part of your wedding you really wish to have professional images or video and then plan accordingly. Most professionals will offer different price points for all day, some of the day or even just one part of the day.

Candid Pictures

One of the most important services at a wedding can be those which leave a legacy to reflect on in the years ahead. If you are on a very lean budget, you can always do it yourself. However in the cut and thrust of the day this can be time-consuming, erratic with no real guarantee you’ll get the images you were hoping for. If there is ever a part of a wedding which you can have regrets over – this will be it.



Charlotte Phipps

The Flowers

You can of course go into a local florist or wedding fair to find out about flowers for your wedding and you may be a bride who wants to match flower colours to your chosen colour scheme. It’s all about choice.

Sara can offer a full wedding floral service or a partial service where she makes up the bouquet and buttonholes and the bride gets a DIY flower bucket for their own table decoration. Brides can visit the garden by appointment by calling 07894 792162. For more details visit

One established and experienced provider is Hedge Rose, of London Road, Marlborough where florists Charlotte Phipps and Kate Howard work together. Between them they have many decades of experience and work with brides all across the South West. Charlotte said: “We specialise in a country look using luxury flowers and we tailor our skills to offer bespoke floral solutions to the needs of the couple. These can be simple or extremely technical. This year we already have weddings booked in Wiltshire, the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Devon.”

Elements of Serenity Bout


A basic package with Hedge Rose for a bridal bouquet, two bridesmaids’ flowers, a flower girl and five button holes starts at about £300. For more information visit or call 01672 814718. Have you ever considered doing something different – like opting for a flexible flower colour scheme, where it’s more about the flowers than the colour? Sara Wilman who runs My Flower Patch based in Upavon, offers this. She specialises in growing British flowers from her large Wiltshire commercial garden and works with brides who want a natural approach to their floral scheme and who are not trying to match a flower to the colour of a serviette. “I work with brides who want a rustic or just picked look and are genuinely interested in seasonal British flowers which are grown locally, are characterful and grown as nature intended.”

The Dress

For a bride and for many women at a family wedding what to wear is a really big decision and part of the joy of being a bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride/s or bridegroom/s. No one wants to look and feel uncomfortable or ridiculous on their big day or the big day of their child or close relative. One fairly new business in the Wiltshire wedding scene is Elements of Serenity Boutique based in West Swindon which is the only UK supplier of the brand Millanova. The business was set up by entrepreneur Clair Wood almost two years ago and is growing rapidly.

My Flower Patch

Clair said: “The Millanova brand is beautiful, offering fairytale and sensual design and we are so proud to be the exclusive outlet for their designs in the UK. Dresses start from £1,200 and people come from all over the country to try them on.”


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Millanova offer many designs but most only go up to a UK size 14. However in the 2018 collections some are now going up to a UK size 18. For more information visit or call 01793 422024.

DB Wedding Cars

If you are really struggling with this you may wish to consult one of Wiltshire’s many personal stylists who can help you find and shop for a dress or outfit to suit your body shape and your personality. One such stylist is Reshma Field who runs Ishbel’s Wardrobe.

The Car

Arriving at the church or venue on time and in style is a must for many brides and their families. Again there are many suppliers to choose from including family run DB Wedding Cars based out of Royal Wootton Bassett. Reshma Field

Reshma said: “A wedding dress is possibly the most important and expensive dress purchase a bride will make and she will want to look beautiful and feel confident. I can also tell the bride whether white, ivory, cream (or whatever colours she wants to wear) will suit her so she know which one to look out for when dress shopping.

“Bridesmaids all come in different shapes and sizes, thank goodness! Whilst one colour and style may not suit them all, brides, these days tend to allow a bit of flexibility.  They may choose one colour, for example blue, but the style of dress for each bridesmaid could be chosen so that it suits their particular body shape. For Mothers of the Bride the pressure is on! Their outfit is likely to be expensive and will have to stand the test of time when they look at wedding photos in the future. I can help them shop for their wedding outfits and I even carry the bags.” For more information visit or call 01793 264644.

Run by Dave Barnes, the company offers luxury Jaguars for a wedding and all drivers are trained and insured to the highest standard. Dave said: “Our aim is to make sure journeys are smooth and the whole experience is relaxed and calm, having already performed a trial run of the planned itinerary shortly before the big day. Both Jaguars are prepared to the highest detailing standards illustrated by reflections in the body work and inside, the leathers are meticulously cleaned and conditioned at all times. We drive to the highest standards of chauffeur etiquette and both cars are fully automatic ensuring the smoothest of rides and are driven slowly and calmly approaching your venue” For more information visit or call 07850 100859. Another local wedding car service is run by husband and wife team Annette and Peter Brownrigg, of Purton. They’ve run Function Cars for eight years and offer a range of vehicles including a Beauford convertible, a Morris Minor and a London cab (painted white).

Function Cars

Annette said: “We do try to cater for all tastes of cars and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our communication with couples and families prior to their big day and on the day is second to none.” For more information visit or call 01793 770323.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



The Honeymoon There are so many choices when it comes to honeymoons or – more popular now – so-called ‘minimoons’ for couples who cannot take a long holiday immediately. High street travel agencies still offer many options as do online providers, though be aware if you DIY you can find you are not always insured or protected if, for example, an airline goes bust. Sorting out travel insurance is an important investment for your honeymoon. Increasingly there are small travel consultants popping up in our county offering to create a personal – and protected – deal to suit your needs. Marc Fitchett

One of those is Marc Fitchett, who is a member of Travel Counsellors which operates nationwide with local representatives. His top tips this year for honeymoons are Italy, The Maldives and The Caribbean. He can be contacted on 01249 848410. If you want to do something completely different and you are prepared to join a group you could consider an ethical, community holiday organised by a new Wiltshire company Younique Travel Adventures run by businesswoman Fiona Simpson. The company offers group trips to communities in India and Kenya which mix volunteering in a deprived community with normal tourist activities. Fiona’s aim in creating the company is to ‘create ethical travel which enriches the lives of those who travel with us.” For more information visit or email Fiona on

... and finally How about a flashmob at a wedding? These ‘spontaneous’ dances are becoming increasingly popular. Many dance studios in Wiltshire will offer this type of service. One which you could try is The Dancing Academy in Chippenham where they will run a short course for a group of guests who wish to show off their dancing skills on the big day. To find out more email or call 07427 832996. 50

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Trust Your Local Independent Travel Agent to find your perfect holiday Whilst the internet is great … we believe in personal service with full financial protection Martine & Sadie look forward to meeting you all soon

Pebbles Travel are a member of ABTA and an Accredited Body Member of Hays Travel Limited, so you can book their services with confidence. Please feel free to contact us for any quotations required, or if you are just looking for guidance, we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Opening hours : Mon to Fri 09:30 - 17:00 Sat 09:30 - 13:00 After hour appointments can be made. Pebbles Travel can offer the following; • Family Holidays • UK Breaks • Single’s Holidays • Northern Lights Experience • Weddings Abroad • Honeymoons

• • • • • • • •

City Breaks Rail Adventures Cruises River Cruises Adventure Holidays Escorted Touring Tailor Made Itineraries Safaris

2 The Causeway, Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 3BT 01249 447488 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018








Calne Wedding Fair Situated in the historic market town of Calne, you are invited to attend the Town Hall to see an array of local businesses offering their services, to make your day a special one. The event will be held over 2 days - 17th & 18th of Feb (Saturday & Sunday) & will commence at 11am until 3pm on each day - perfect for all those busy brides and grooms to give an insight into ideas for their perfect day.


From Caterers to Photographers, table decorations to Venues. .. you’ll not want to miss out on this great event. Guided tours of the Town Hall and picturesque places for pictures along Castle fields will also take place throughout the day. Tea, coffee and refreshments will be served. There will also be free goodie bags for each bride &/or groom attending. Free parking in the Heritage/Church street car park. We hope to see you there!

North Wiltshire Wedding Fairs Love That Wedding Show! Marlborough College, Marlborough SN8 1PA Sunday February 11th 2018 Calne Wedding Fair Calne Town Hall, Calne SN11 0EN Saturday February 17th & Sunday February 18th 2018 The Bowood Wedding Inspiration Showcase Derry Hill, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9PQ Sunday February 18th 2018 The Wrag Barn (Highworth) Wedding Show Shrivenham Road, Highworth, Wiltshire, SN6 7QQ Sunday March 25th 2018

See us at the Calne Wedding Fair on 17th/18th February, Calne Town Hall 52

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The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Is it detox time? by Kelly Shaw


HE calm of February has finally arrived. The bustle and busyness of Christmas and New Year is behind us for another year, and this is typically when everyone starts talking about eating well. It’s always all about the “Detox” but it can’t be the same thing every year. Yes, there are many benefits to helping your body to detoxify and recover. However, it can’t all be non-stop juice detoxing, lets allow some skindulgence too! I’m a huge fan of dry body brushing as it has multiple benefits. It will stimulate the body’s lymphatic system to drain toxins away, exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and the stimulation to the sebaceous cells will help the skin to hydrate itself. Mud wraps are a fabulous way to trigger the body to detox, and some people swear by them to help shift stubborn cellulite and fat on thighs and bottoms. At a time when we are trying not to touch the champagne there is no reason why we can’t indulge in a little vinotherapy! There are some exquisite treatments available that utilise this within indulgent body scrubs and wraps. There is an added bonus that they are warm and relaxing too, so perhaps a wonderful way to unwind after the festive whirlwind. We are now well into winter, a time which is tough on skin both on your face and on your body. This is a good time to revisit the products you are using at home and targeting dry, flaky or itchy skin so that it is back in tip top condition before


spring. If you think your skin needs something a little more advanced then get yourself booked in for a facial, your therapist should be able to create the perfect treatment to help with any dryness or sensitivity that become apparent at this time of year. New year resolutions about looking your best are not just for women – in my experience men are now pretty clued up about treatments and we see more and more of them dropping into the salon. Men’s skin can suffer just as much as women’s with shaving, central heating and cold winter wind so make sure you invest in a good moisturiser and cleanse your face well too. Make sure you include some ‘me time’ in your plans. After all, you can’t look after everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself too.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

“We are now well into winter, a time which is tough on skin both on your face and on your body.” With over 20 years’ experience as a beauty therapist, Kelly Shaw's passion and dedication to the industry has enabled her to achieve professional success as Spa Director for some of the world's most exclusive global resorts. Founder of Kelly Shaw Consultancy Ltd and Hampshire's multi award-winning boutique salon k:SPA, Kelly also sits on the board for both CIBTAC and BABTAC - British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology.


Special Offer

Hypnotherapy of Calne Sarah-Jane Morris

Dip Hyp Cs, Dip CP, Ad Dip Cp

£96 for 3 x 60 minute

Facial Reflexology Treatments

Facial Reflexology can:

 Reduce tension headaches and

(saving of £30)*


 Reduce stress levels

 Make your skin glowing

 Relieve sinus congestion  Improve concentration

It is a non-invasive, gentle and deeply relaxing treatment

*Treatments available weekdays 9am till 3pm, offer valid until 31st March 2018

Working on issues such as: Eating Disorders Depression Motivation Relaxation Anxiety Stress Management Weight Loss hypnotherapy available

Gabriela Slater Reflexologist - Chippenham 07947 357 956



Michael Phoenix

Contact Sarah-Jane

Member of the British Acupuncture Council

01249 817463 07947 829814 The Stables, Fishers Brook, Calne, Wilts SN11 9HB



and non-needling treatments appointments available at

Beversbrook Medical Centre

Telephone: 01793 434358 Mobile: 07790 466614

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Do you have a hidden food intolerance?


CCORDING to Allergy UK, only 2% of people suffer from food allergy but an enormous 45 per cent of people are actually suffering from food intolerance. Allergy and food intolerance are two issues about which the public needs to be more informed. What’s the difference between food intolerance and allergy – and why does it matter? Nutritional Therapist Helen Adams, of Oakmead Clinic in Chippenham works with clients who have both and she can identify food intolerance quickly.

“The main difference between food intolerance and allergy is that an allergy is a very strong and often immediate reaction to food (or something else related to food, such as latex or grasses), sometimes within seconds or minutes or up to half an hour. “The most well-known are peanuts or shellfish – and action must be taken immediately as this can become life-threatening very quickly. Many sufferers will carry an anti-allergy pen which must be used very quickly. This is a dose of adrenalin which can reverse dramatic symptoms.” “Food intolerance however can produce symptoms up to three days after eating foods and it can be hard for someone to remember or work out what they ate three days ago. Therefore, they may not always associate recurring symptoms with a particular food or food group.” Food intolerance occurs where the body needs to produce a substance to break down or deal with certain foods – and it either doesn’t produce that substance or not enough of that substance. Examples might include intolerance of lactose (in milk) which is a type of sugar and the body needs to produce lactase to break it down. If your body cannot do this, you can get symptoms including pain, bloating, cramps and diarrhoea.


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Another food issue might be food sensitivities. This is where food particles leak into the blood stream through gaps in the walls of the intestine. Foods like gluten or alcohol can create the gaps. Then the particles travel around the body triggering an attack response by the immune system to what seem to be foreign particles. “The symptoms are wide and varied as they can occur in any part of the body. This is because once the food particles are in the bloodstream, they can travel anywhere. Symptoms could be any of these: • weight changes – up or down for no good reason • fatigue – always feeling tired • hyperactivity • digestive issues • nausea • excessive sweating • rashes • bladder problems • irregular heartbeat

Sometimes people think a severe sensitivity to gluten will end up as coeliac disease, but the two are quite different. Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune condition where the body starts attacking its own tissues. There must be certain genetic traits as well as gluten sensitivity for it to occur, and the disease needs extremely careful dietary management – even to the extent of households using a separate toaster, chopping boards and utensils in the kitchen for anyone who is a coeliac. “Gluten and dairy are the two main culprits when it comes to food intolerance,” Helen said. “Often people with intolerance or sensitivity will cut out whole food groups and sometimes they need to do that – but not always. Once your sensitivity or intolerance has been identified, you have to give the body time to heal and then you can start re-introducing some of those food groups in a careful and planned way.” Helen’s clients can be tested for food intolerance very quickly if she spots there may be a problem or they believe they have symptoms which could be related to sensitivity to particular foods or food groups. From there she can create a plan around good, nutritious food or supplements to help them eliminate symptoms and enjoy eating again in a way that works for their body.

Reflexology and massage may help relieve Anxiety / insomnia IBS Migraines Fibromyalgia / ME / CFS

Her top tip for a dish which helps heal the body is Organic Slow Cooked Chicken Stew: “Two important elements here are using an organic chicken and cooking this stew very slowly – for 24 hours. “Put the chicken into a slow cooker with loads of vegetables and a table spoon and a half of apple cider vinegar. The best you can buy is ‘apple cider vinegar with the mother’ which has sediment in it. This is the magic ingredient because it is the vinegar in its most natural state and it will take all the goodness out of the whole chicken, including the bones. “Cook very slowly and this means all of the goodness from the chicken and the bones comes into the stock and absolutely nothing goes to waste. This supplies collagen to heal the gut in a natural way without any artificial intervention. “You cannot do this with a non-organic chicken as your stew will include the pesticides that may be in the chicken feed and antibiotics and any other medications given to the chicken so it’s vital to have an organic chicken for this.” Helen is currently writing a book on this subject which should be published in the Spring and she’s also the guest speaker on an online global summit into food intolerance and auto-immunity which is taking place later this year. Anyone interested in talking to Helen about possible food intolerance or sensitivity can book a 30-minute free discovery consultation via her website – or email

Tel: 07799 431612 To find out more visit



Anxiety / IBS Migraines Fibromyal

Reflexology, massage & facial treatments for your physical, mental and emotional equilibrium

Reflexology and ma

Reflexology and massage may Gift vouchers available – any denomination or • Stress mana help relieve the symptoms of: • Anxiety / insomnia • Sleep difficu • Female health issues Yvette Baker MAR MFHT • Migraines • IBS 07850 414271 01249 8211 • Post-operative recovery www.harmonyholisticscalne. • Migraines • Lymphoedema Facebook: • Fibromyalgia / ME / CFS GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE any denomination or treatment; you decide!

Reflexology and mass

• Stress manage • Sleep difficult 07850 414271 01249 821119 • Migraines

Gift vouchers

Yvette Baker MAR MFHT Facebook: harmonyholisticscalne


Gift vouchers availa


& Sports Massage

Are you planning a healthier New Year?

Leap into 2018! Back or neck pain Arthritic pain Sciatica Headaches

Thankyou Malmesbury Osteopathy for all your help”


Rupert Hodges

Pregnancy related pain Muscle tension Joint problems

...or perhaps you just want a body MOT?

To book an appointment

01666 817123 -

Gift vouchers availab The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Running Fuel R

by Verity Wright,

UNNING is a great way to burn calories and lose weight but at times it can be difficult to find a balance between satisfying your hunger due to an increase in activity and eating enough to keep you fueled. You may start thinking that because you have run you can eat what you want, or you may be so keen to lose weight that you don't eat enough to keep you going. If you skip meals or don’t eat enough of the right food before you run, you may feel like you are running through treacle and your legs become like lead; lack of fuel prior to running can cause mental tiredness as well as physical tiredness which can make the difference between a great run and a bad one. The area of sports nutrition is huge and quite complex so here are some very basic tips for getting your food intake right now that you are a runner. As a runner your body needs carbohydrates (carbs) and these are stored as energy in the muscles and liver as glycogen. They are then quickly and efficiently released when you are running. You also need good fats and protein. Fats are also an essential source of fuel and these are released more slowly, and protein is essential as this helps repair the muscles after running. That’s all the basic food groups sorted and to make sure that your body works more efficiently you need to drink plenty of water to store the glycogen (energy) in the muscles until you need it. If you don’t drink enough water throughout the day again you may struggle when you run. The following foods which are classed as carbs are rich in nutrients and should form the base of your diet:

All sugars (e.g. dextrose, sucrose, honey) soft drinks, energy drinks, sweets, carb gels, sports drinks and cordials and any type of white bread. These shouldn’t be a major part of your everyday diet. High-fat carbohydrates Foods that contain carbs as well as being high in fat. Pastries, chips, cakes, chocolate and crisps. These can be occasional foods but are best not consumed before running. My advice is not to reward yourself with “treats” after every run, yes you are burning calories but not as many as you think; optimise how much nutrition you have in one day, make sure you have foods that are high in nutrients like fruit, nuts, porridge, whole meal pitta, hummus, cooked meats and vary what you eat day by day. You could have stewed fruit for breakfast with some Greek yoghurt and a bit of honey or black pudding or ham and eggs. Try to have porridge or a smoothie for breakfast as this will release energy slowly and snack on fruit and nuts, banana nut butter sandwiches and try to cut down on your sugar content in your food. Try different things and see what works for you, keep a food diary but don’t become too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right all the time. Eat at least 2 hours before you run but if you are really hungry have a banana to keep you going. It’s all about balance so a treat like the odd piece of cake or a burger at the weekend won’t do you any harm.

Verity Wright is an England Athletics Qualified Coach in Running Fitness and runs a Wholemeal breads, cereals and wholegrains (e.g.&oats, Running Fitness successful Coach Athletics Coaching pasta and rice), fruit, starchy vegetables (e.g. potato, business in the South of England. butternut squash) legumes (e.g. lentils, peasProperly Howbeans, to Breathe She competes as an endurance and peanuts) athlete in events from 10k to 42k By Verity Wright, over country, roads, fells and Nutrient poor carbs One of the first questions I am asked from new runners mountains. If youis want to know how to breathe properly whilst running. If you are one of the more, you can Foods and fluids that contain carbohydrate many peoplebut who have this problem, don’t worry it canvisit be her website fixed quite easily. minimal or no other nutrients. The most common cause of being out of breath when


running, which in some cases can lead to serious pain and/or The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018 panic, is that you could be running too fast too soon.

make your run more enjoyable so that you want to do i again. And if you see anyone you know whilst you are on you walking break, and to be honest this is when we usually se

• • • • • • • •

Clinics available at:

foot health care Sina Ohms MCFHP MAFHP

Foot Health Practitioner

p!py hhaot livebewith s

Corns Nail Trimming Verrucae Hard Skin Athlete’s Foot Ingrown Toenails Nail Infections Cracked Heels (fissures)

The Chippenham Natural Therapy Centre Lodge Road (above Lodge Surgery) Chippenham, SN15 3SY Tel: (01249) 443390 The Oxford Practice 5 Oxford Street Malmesbury, SN16 9AX Tel: (01666) 824560 Home Visits: Tel: (01666) 838683 Mob: 07593 324128

thi Slimming World

mmer! su with

Join a warm and friendly group near you today ...

Slimming World

MONDAY 3.30pm, 5.30pm 0344 897 8000 and 7.30pm Masonic Hall Stanier Road, Calne Georgie 07500 970751

TUESDAY 6.30pm Ridgeway House Royal Wootton Bassett Malcolm 07825 251862 WEDNESDAY 6.30pm Longleaze School Royal Wootton Bassett Lisa 07414 540866

MONDAY 7.30pm Ridgeway House Royal Wootton Bassett Malcolm 07825 251872

0344 897 8000

Pamplemouse Bespoke Hair Design & Beauty Salon Look & Feel Fantastic

Hair Services

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On line booking coming soon Read our reviews on facebook


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Established 1982 - Licensed pet shop for 35 years



Dedicated to serving the people of Calne for 35 years

The National Pet Care Company

Caring for animals from a small pet to a small holding

Now in stock Goldfish and Hamsters. Frozen Dogmeat from Natures Menu. Frozen and live Reptile Food. PROFESSIONAL ADVICE ON ALL ASPECTS OF PET CARE


Large selection of Burns wet and dry food All aspects of domestic & and treats. Join our Burns Loyalty Scheme

commercial installations

p in or

Po INSPECTION Tel: 01249 817089& TESTING pick up the

29 High Street, Calne We offer a key cutting service All major credit cards accepted

phone we are glad to help



Are you out all day? going away? Attention 3 Dog Walking and hosting to detail guaranteed Telephone:


3 3 3 3

Cat Care 07496 855694 Pet Feeding DEFRA approved Pet Taxi/Ambulance Tel: 07815 836953 swindon-district Fully insured DBS (CRB) checked email:

Hobsons Regal Hounds Steve’s Appliance Services

Very Reliable & Friendly Services

Email: Canine Country Club

t on


Ser vices

Electrical Services Royal Canin & James Wellbeloved retailer.

Cattery & Grooming

Fridges - Freezers - CookersDog - Microwaves Calne’s most qualified Groomer - Dryers

Domestic Refrigeration Specialist

Contact Karen and Chloe today on

07885 253990

REPAIRS - SERVICING - INSTALLATION - SALES Call Colin on: Set on 100 acres with experienced management Find us on Facebook, and visit: veterinary822033 nurse 100 acres including with a01249 experienced management or

07887 765250 Dog boarding £15 per night including a veterinary nurse


Day care from £13 per day Cattery £12 per night Breed standard groom from £25 Dog boarding £15 per Bath and blow dry from £10 night Individual/group training Day care from £13 per day

Tel/Fax 01249 821936 Mobile: 07877 055680 for more information on our credentials,

services, T&C’ and to see our gallery! Email:

Dog Grooming Salon Please contact us toper find out more, Cattery £12 night

The care and comfort of your pets is our business  

viewings welcome by appointment Professional Dog Grooming

Breed Environment standard groom from £25, 01225 891466 & 07934 849987 BathAward and blow winning friendlydry salon from providing £10 your dog, with a caring, relaxing and Individual/group training Facebook: fernfarmcountryclub professional experience. Fern Farm, The Shoe, North Wraxall, Handstripping & Microchipping available. Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 8SE

Collection & delivery available within the local area for a small charge. For an appointment call Lucy:

Please contact us to find out more, Mob: 07989 500205 viewings welcome by appointment 60 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018 Find us on

Quakers Lane, Goatacre, Calne. Tel: 01249 760289

    

Licensed Boarding Kennels & Cattery. Special diets and medication catered for. Fully insured for your pets welfare. Friendly and experienced staff. Heated accommodation. A variety of food available. All dogs exercised regularly. Open all year. Email:

Grittenham Grittenham Grooming Grooming

Grittenham Grooming is a small, friendly Dog Groomery based in a home environment, just outside Royal Wootton Bassett. We provide a personal, one-to-one service and style the dog to client preference. • Certificated, licensed for Dog Care, fully insured Dog Grooming specialist.

Dogs are our passion at Grittenham Grooming and our main concern is the dogs’ welfare at all times. Airedales • Bischons • Westies • Scotties Spaniels • Retrievers • Labradors • Poodles to name but a few . . . For bookings, further information and prices, please contact Sally. If you would like to know more about us and our free range doggy boarding see the website:

• Established 1994 • Wash and Dry for a ‘bit of a freshen up’ • Complete groom out and de-matt.

• Ears cleaned, nails trimmed and gland cleared • Pick up before you leave for work and drop off after you‘re home from work available.

Little Ivy House, Grittenham SN15 4JU t: 01666 510298 m: 07747 077783 email:

NOT ALL 24 HOUR VETS OFFER THE SAME 24 HOUR SERVICE! In an out of hours emergency, you can rest assured that :

MALMESBURY 01666 823165

 YOUR PET will be seen and assessed by the team that knows them best - THE GEORGE - with instant access to their medical notes

 YOUR PET will not be redirected to another veterinary practice but will remain with THE GEORGE in familiar surroundings, and always near to home

 YOUR PET will be constantly cared for by the team at THE GEORGE should he/she need to stay with us overnight




As the nights start to get lighter and spring is round the corner ...

Are you planning to landscape your garden this year?

Creating a patio? Constructing a garden room? Preparing the ground for a new conservatory? Perhaps you are doing this project yourself or working with a local landscape gardening and garden designer?

Tiger Plant, which has an office in Swindon and a storage unit in North Wiltshire – can advise any homeowner on the type of equipment which can help them with any heavy domestic project. They can even supply a trained person to operate plant if that’s required for a bigger garden or building project.

Some homeowners seek to reduce costs on home projects like these by doing a lot of the work themselves – or they call in a professional to help them visualise a new look for their outside space.

The team offers over a dozen different types of plant machinery. The range of plant on offer includes micro diggers, a selection of midi diggers and larger diggers up to 20 tonnes.

More than a quarter of home owners plan and prepare for a home improvement project during any one year – often these will involve changes to their garden.

Also available for hire are telescopic and masted forklifts, dumper trucks, fuel bowsers and compaction machines. The machines can be hired by a homeowner with smaller building works right through to those who are managing or running large commercial projects.

Creating space for an office in the garden?

The hardest and most labour intensive work tends to be in the preparation of that outside space and Wiltshire-based company Tiger Plant can help make that kind of work easier. Andy Rohrer, co-director of Tiger Plant, said: “Hiring in equipment to help with these projects can save hours and doesn’t cost the earth. A mini digger 62

hired for the weekend can get the job done much faster than trying to dig footings, level a garden, remove tree roots by hand.”

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

01793 886444 •

Building and Landscaping Specialists

BEST VALUE GUARANTEED • Full landscaped design • Durable fencing • Decking • Driveways • Patios • Wooden Outbuildings • Kitchens • Bathrooms


TEL: 01249 812257 MOBILE: 07774 112548

Ian Marsh Arboriculturist (Tree Surgeon)

Reductions and reshaping Dismantling, felling and thinning

Would you like to improve your garden? Get professional advice, and a plan to work too. Do you already know what you want? We can make it happen.

‘Tree Planting & Fence Erecting’

For a FREE Quote Call:

T:01249 816399 M: 07786 641773

Topsoil & Compost Mix Soil Improver Compost

Ideal for Landscaping & Gardening

Tel: 01793 854847 / 07515 062947

Mulches Bark

Natural Play Surfaces

: Planting & Landscaping : Plans : Patios : Pergolas : Walling : Fencing : Tree Management : Lawns : Water Features : Irrigation : Lighting etc

Tel/Fax on 01249 891442 or 07796 654775 Email:

MH Tree Services For all aspects of tree surgery, stump removal & hedge trimming For a FREE quotation please call

07707 07707 375 375 961 961 01249 01249 892 813 103 486 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



The Joy of a Greenhouse by Rachael Leverton


AM an impatient gardener. By February I am always eager to get started and my greenhouse means that I can do just that.

A greenhouse means that I don’t fear the weather, I can potter in my garden all year round and I can grow a range of plants that would not survive without protection. Most gardens have room for at least a tiny greenhouse and its well worth trying to incorporate one into your space. Before choosing a greenhouse, check whether your local planning authority places any restrictions in terms of size or position. Usually there are no problems. Ideally a greenhouse should be placed in a bright spot because poor light and heavy shade will mean sickly spindly plants. Buy as big a greenhouse as you can accommodate because I guarantee that no matter how big it seems at first you will fill it. You can make a greenhouse from poles and polythene but it won’t last more than a couple of years and won’t be pretty to look at. Fully glazed aluminium greenhouses are good value, and if you like wood then go for western red cedar, which ages well and lasts a long time. It’s important to have level foundations 64

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

You don’t have to heat a greenhouse but I like to because it lets me get an early start in spring, and keeps my tender pot plants alive through the winter. When I had an unheated greenhouse my frost-tender plants rarely survived. I prefer electric heating, which doesn’t smell and doesn’t produce the excessive amounts of water vapour associated with paraffin. Make sure you use a qualified electrician and that all the sockets are rated for outdoor use. Fit a thermostat and the heat will only come on when necessary, making it very economical. At the other end of the year make sure you have ventilation, or your plants will cook. If you can afford it go for the automatic arms which open ventilators if the greenhouse reaches a certain temperature. Also consider blinds to help prevent sun-scorch. I arrange my greenhouse with staging on one side and a soil bed on the other for my tomatoes to grow in, and I’ve attached some guttering and a downpipe to a water butt so I can collect rainwater. It’s my little haven in February; where I plant seeds and imagine what my garden will look like in a three months’ time.

orsham Landscapes and General Building • Brick & Stone Work • Block Paving & Patios • Gravel Driveways • Extensions & Concreting • Drystone Walling • Dropped Kerbs

• Garden Design • Fencing & Decking • Turfing & Treework • Chimney Repairs • Flooding Solutions • Ponds Made To Shape

Tel: 07557 569785 or 01225 811010 GARDEN BIRDS CHAFFINCH

Regular lawn mowing from £12 per visit

01249 541010 Commercial grass cutting services also available.

Arguably the most colourful of the UK’s finches, this little feathered friend is the second commonest breeding bird with a loud song and call preceding it. They prefer to feed from the ground so you’ll see them under hedges and will probably hop about under a bird feeder rather than climb on top. Only when it flies does the flash of white on the wings become visible, otherwise their patterned plumage helps them to blend in when feeding.

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

GAR_697653.pdf 13:49:24 January 15, 2014 1 of 2 Sarah



Watering and Wellies FEBRUARY JOBS • Erect a cold frame, polytunnel or greenhouse. • Sow your tomatoes indoors. • Plant soft fruit bushes. • Plant garlic in the ground before the end of the month.


• Get your nesting box up and ready. There are great varieties now that come complete with a camera that links up to your TV so that you can check in to ‘nest cam’ and see what’s going on inside! • Try adding some edges to your lawn to prepare for the season ahead. • Sort out your seeds now by sowing date, month by month.

what type of If you don’t know your garden soil you have in soil testing then invest in a you pick the kit to make sure ur garden yo right plants for ar this ye .


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Have you eve r grown you r own garlic? Break the bu lbs into individu al cloves and plant them, pointed-end sticking up so that the ti p is just covered in soil. Make sure yo u space them 15cm apart in a sunny sp ot with rows th at are 30cm apart. They prefer well drained soil so check this you commit before to your position.

Paving & Walling • Groundworks • Driveway specialists • Patios paths and walling • Fencing • Natural stone & Block paving

Fully insured professional fitters Free consultation and advice

Mobile: 07539 926498 Office: 01249 812959

PATIOS | DECKING | FENCING | GARDEN WALLS | PONDS | PATIOS | DECKING | FENCING DRIVEWAYS | BLOCK PAVING | GARDEN WALLSQuote | PONDS | FREE - Prompt DRIVEWAYS | BLOCK PAVING Call Michael on: FREE - Prompt Quote t: 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383 e: Call Michael on:

w: acres ahead landscaping t: 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383 e: w: acres ahead landscaping

EARTHMOVING SERVICES • Garden/site shaping, levelling and clearance • Footings, trenches and ditches excavated • Sub-bases, soakaways and land drains • Concrete, tarmac, hedge and stump removal • 0.75-7.5 ton excavators with driver Micro excavator, minimum access width required: 29 inches (730mm) FULL LANDSCAPING AND GARDEN DESIGN SERVICE • Decking • Fencing • Gates • Bespoke garden structures • Built stronger to last longer • Dream it and we will build it! • Enjoy your outdoor space let us transform it!! Fully Insured. 100s of references available. Free No Obligation Quotations

For more information call Steve on

07850 948482

See more of our work on Facebook

01793 848708 07967 341567

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Hale Veterinary Group Bank Row, Church Street, Calne

Telephone: 01249 815563

All operations performed at our RCVS approved Veterinary Hospital in Chippenham.

Surgery Times - by appointment only Monday to Friday 9.00 - 10am. 2.30 - 4pm & 4.30 - 6pm Saturday 9am - 10am

24 Hour Emergency Service

For your convenience we run an ambulance service on Monday to Friday twice a day.

Calne Appliance


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Specialists in End of Tenancy Cleaning Part and Full Spring Clean Carpets • Ovens • Patio & Driveways Contact Leisa for a free quote

07584 042020 ELMERS WINDOW CLEAN 01249 814509 UPVC & GUTTER CLEAN

Celebrating 10 years serving the Calne area

Prune & Broom


CLEANING AND GARDENING SERVICES • Domestic and Office Cleaning • Move In-Out Cleans • Home Care • Painting and Carpet Cleaning • Garden Maintenance • Fully Insured

07877 661272 01249 822242


07528 520880


• Wooden and Laminate floors • Natural Sisal and Seagrass carpets • Karndean and Amtico vinyl tiles • Altro non slip safety flooring • Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding

The Town Crier Magazine requires an advertising sales person. Must be a confident person with previous telesales experience. Hours and pay to be discussed at interview. Call Annie on 01249 811068 or send your CV to

Clearing out give us a shout!

FLOORING Bringing Luxury Home • Carpets and Vinyls

Tel: 01793 854847 / 07515 062947 Email:

George Taylor Carpet Fitter Supplier of Underlay, Gripper & Door Bars

Tel: 01249 814164 Mob: 07791 834904 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



M. W. SERVICES (Calne) Ltd


Est. 1982 ❖

All Makes of Cars Repaired and Serviced

❖ MOT Preparation & Presentation ❖

Vans and Light Commercial


Welding Repairs

Exhausts, Batteries

Tel: 01249 817858 Wessington Yard, London Road, Calne SN11 0AP

All Major Credit Cards accepted

Est 2005


Tyres • Batteries • Exhausts Wheel Alignment Specialists MOT Arrangement & Repairs Motorcycle Tyres & Alloy Wheels Brakes, Servicing & General Repairs Diagnostics now available Free Local Collection Service FREE



MOST MAKES AND MODELS Short Service £75 Intermediate Service £150 Full Service £200 Inc VAT Original quality parts used

Friendly family business Quality service and competitive prices For honest, friendly advice call us on

01249 811145

Our unbeatable mobile service is still available • Roadside Assistance • Mobile Puncture Repairs and Tyre Fitting • Battery Quick Start and Replacement Unit 6, Porte Marsh Rd, Calne SN11 9BW Full credit card facilities available 70

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ACROSS 1 Place where you can stargaze indoors (11) 9 Member of the clergy (abbr) (3) 10 Seductive woman (9) 11 Rigidly, inflexibly (8) 12 Ban, prohibit (4) 14 Regional style of speech (6) 16 Oat-based breakfast food (6) 18 Alone (4) 19 Loosest fitting (8) 22 Came together again (9) 23 Sense of self-esteem / self importance (3) 24 No hearing at all (slang) (4,2,1,4)

DOWN 2 Crowbar (5) 3 Observing, seeing (8) 4 Eastern place of worship (6) 5 Appraise, estimate (4) 6 Rubbish, no good (7) 7 Intruders, infiltrators (11) 8 League, club (11) 13 Congested (6,2) 15 Light perfume (7) 17 University grounds (6) 20 A bet with equal stakes on both sides (5) 21 Dog’s bark (4) Solutions to the crossword and sudoku on page 72


OPTION TWO As Option One PLUS: Remove Wheels & Check Front Brake Replace Air Filter. Emissions Test




01249 816706


MOT RE-TESTS Within 10 working days


Your Local Indepen

Some makes and m

A M AUTOCARE offer a friendly, local and low priced servicing for your vehicle. A M can carry out vehicle repairs, supply and fit new tyres and replacement cambelts. Diagnostic testing is available on most makes of cars and vans. All their mechanics are very experienced and main dealer trained. A M Autocare are a MOT Centre. We provide MOTs for all makes and models of cars, vans and motorhomes. A while you wait service and free collection and delivery is available.






Electrical Inspection

Exhaust System Check

E + M OT £ Brake Fluid Test



01249 816706



Steering & Suspension Check Body Inspection



Tyre Inspection

Oil & Filter Change

Coolant Inspection






JANUAR Y 2OPTION 018 FTHREE As Option-One E&BTwo RUPLUS: ARBrake Change Spark Plugs, Rear Y 20

OPTION TWO As Option One PLUS: Remove Wheels & Check Front Brakes Replace Air Filter. Emissions Test




MOT RE-TESTS Within 10 working days

Check. Gearbox Fluid Check






Your Local Independent Garage For Calne Theand Town Criermay Magazine | FEBRUARY 71 Some makes models be excluded, please2018 call for details


A Good Read

Knowledge of Angels

are also about love, and self-knowledge, and what is and is not possible.

......................................................................................... Jill Paton Walsh is an extraordinarily versatile writer. Many will know her for her numerous works for children, and more recently for her work continuing the legacy of Dorothy L Sayers’ Peter Wimsey novels. In addition to this, she has written a number of intriguing and thought provoking novels for adults, and ‘Knowledge of Angels’ is an excellent example of these two characteristics.

Yet the book is written in such a way, that these weighty questions are explored at the same time as creating a page-turning thoroughly engrossing story, in which the reader is drawn in turn into the lives of Amara and Palinor. Disturbing, sensitive and deeply affecting, this is a book that will keep you thinking for a very long time.

The story is set on a Mediterranean island in the fifteenth century, described in almost cinematic detail in the opening pages, as Paton Walsh invites us to contemplate the nature of fiction and storytelling. To this closed community come two strangers – one from the outside, a castaway found by local fishermen, and one from within, a girl seemingly raised by wolves in the forests of the island. One is as eloquent as the other is savage, but their fates become irretrievably tied together as their stories progress.

......................................................................................... The first novel in Horowitz’s phenomenally successful Alex Rider series, this is a must for fans of action, adventure and James Bond style one liners.

by Jill Paton Walsh

At the heart of the book lie a number of questions of belief. Palinor, the castaway, professes to have no religion, which poses a challenge to the authority of the Inquisition on the island. Amara, the wolf child, seems unredeemably animal in her behaviour, but begins to grow under the care of the nuns of Sant Clara, raising the issue of nature and nurture. Both of their stories

Crossword & Sudoku solution page 70


The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider is a seemingly ordinary 14 year old boy. However, when his uncle is killed in a car accident, his world begins to unravel. An orphan, Alex finds that without the protection of his guardian he is in the hands of his uncle’s employers – and they are not a bank, but MI6! Horowitz keeps the reader moving quickly from action sequence to action sequence, with a liberal amount of humour and contemporary references along the way. The structure is familiar to Bond fans, and once you have suspended your disbelief at the idea of a teenage spy, it all becomes gripping and plausible. In particular, the gadgets Alex uses and the villainous Herod Sayle will appeal to teenage readers – while the intriguingly sinister character of Yassen Gregorovitch is introduced here, ready to be developed further through the rest of the series. Ideal for fans of ripping yarns and reluctant readers alike, you will find that one chapter is never enough, as Horowitz is the master of the cliffhanger ending. A 12 year old of my acquaintance told me recently that this book is ‘even better than the film’ – if you know any 12 year olds, then you will know that I need not say any more than that!

Your local independent builders merchant Our friendly helpful staff are here for the tradesman and DIY enthusiast alike.

For all your building, roofing and landscaping requirements please give us a call. Stroud




%01249 810200

Account facilities subject to status


within 15 miles

Beversbrook Industrial Estate, Redman Road, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9PL



Chalford Building Supplies




Chalford Building Supplies

Redman Road Porte Marsh Road

Stainer Road


Opening times: Weekdays 7am to 5pm; Saturdays 7am to 12 noon






Oxf ord

Rodborough Common

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018 CBS Towncrier 156x222 April.indd 1


03/04/2014 13:38


BUILDING AND HOME IMPROVEMENT To advertise call 01249 811068

Natural Stone General Builders Walling & Paving with 20 years Kitchens & Bathrooms experience Alterations & Repairs Extensions | Conversions | Patios jobs of all sizes, free advice and estimates - call us

We can supply references

Tel: 01249 816274 Mobile: 07890 087703

All Home Improvements Plumbing, Joinery, Interior & Exterior Decoration And Maintenance Free quotes, no call-outs fees, No Job too BIG or small Established Family Business, Fully Registered and Insured Tel: 01249 819639 Mob: 07776 323495

Email: 74

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Experts in all building works, renovations, conversions, decorating, kitchens and bathrooms for your home or business The Courtyard, Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF Prior and Marden joint advert.indd 1




Tel: 01249 820109 Mob: 07554 434394 Email:

Ged Byrne

Professional Handyman Services • Renovation, Restoration, and Repairs of old and new buildings, small and large, Domestic and Business • External and internal painting and decorating • Repairs to bargeboards and fascia boards • Internal & external door hanging • Water damage repairs • Stud walls and ceiling-height book cases, and more • Sound proofing • Dry lining • Concrete paths, drives, shed bases, etc • Pointing, both traditional lime and modern mortars • Skirting, panelling, and floorboards and more - please ask Renovation, Restoration, Repairs Interior & exterior, Old and New Buildings

Mobile: 07835 302858 Tel: 0845 217 8673 Based in Calne.


Commercial & Domestic Property Maintenance • Painting and Decorating (internal and external) • Facia/Gutter Replacement and Repairs. • Fencing, Gardening, landscaping and Grass Cutting • Handyman Service

Tel: 01249 249355 M: 07856 543292



Tim Lee

Building & landscapes

extensions | Garage Conversions Walls - stone/brick & blockwork Driveways | Fencing | Roofing Free Quotations l High Standard of Work

Call: 01249 821739 Mob: 07966 210015

Contours Carpentry

• Wooden and Laminate Flooring • Door Hanging • Skirting and Architrave • Balustrade • Shelving and Bookcases • Bespoke Furniture • Cupboards and Storage Solutions

07500 832198 or 01249 817082

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24/7 No Call-out Charge FREE Quotations All Work Guaranteed


Emergency Lock & Door Opening All Types of Locks Supplied & Fitted Insurance Approved Locks “Turn to Alan Key Locks to get you in” Tel: 07852 338820 / 01249 822362 “Add me to your mobile. You never know when you may need me”

For all your electrical needs: • Re-wiring • PAT Testing • Extra Sockets • Fault Finding • Lighting • Free Quotations • Electrical Installations • Testing & Inspection • Consumer Unit Changes

Nick Pocock Electrical NICEIC Registered Domestic Installer

T: 01249 461325 M: 07967 022446

Eaton Electrical

Local, family run business offering a reliable and professional service to Calne, Chippenham, Corsham, Devizes and surrounding areas of Wiltshire. We can help you with: • Rewires • Consumer Unit Upgrades • LED Lighting • Periodic inspections and Landlord Reports • Smoke Detection Circuits • Small Additions and Alterations • Home Automation and Smart Thermostats • Supplies to Outbuildings and Garages • Electric Showers • Underfloor Heating • All other Domestic Installations Undertaken Call today to arrange a free quotation

37 Honeysuckle Close, Calne, SN11 9TE Mobile: 07775 447404 - Tel: 01249 325499 Email: Website:

Eaton Electrical EatonElectrica l

Tel-01666 838096/07796000927  Positive Input Ventilation [PIV] For all your electrical needs • Positive Input Ventilation [PIV] Tel: 01666 838096 / 07796 000927 Tel-01666  HeatVentilation Recovery[MVHR] Ventilation [MVHR Faults and repairs 838096/07796000927 • Heat Recovery • For all your electrical needs

Distribution board upgrades Faultselectrical and repairsneeds  For all• your Outside lamps or sockets Distribution board upgrades  Faults• and repairs Full property or extension rewires • Outside lamps or sockets  Distribution board upgrades

• Full property or extension rewires

 Outside lamps or sockets Find me in Find me or in extension rewires  Full property

where reputation matters

Find in 76 Theme Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

*New build, refurbishment, retrof  Positive Input Ventilation [PIV *Full install and/or commi * Full design, installdesign, and/or commissioning  Heat Recovery Ventilation [MV *Removes damp and odours * Removes damp and odours *New build, refurbishment, re * New build, refurbishment, retrofit

*Full design, install and/or com *Removes damp and odours

Tel: 01666 848 190 Mob: 07824 885 972

• Rewires • Storage Heating • Shower Installations • Extra Sockets & Lights • Electrical Maintenance • Electrical Contracting • Inspecting & Testing Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Cliff Laney Painting & Decorating Service

For all your painting and decorating needs, both interior and exterior Fully Insured

01249 816698 / 07904 466587 Age UK Wiltshire registered trader


Tel: 07786 164861

Plastering, Painting and Decorating, Coving, Artexing All general maintenance. NO JOB TOO SMALL

29 years experience

Call Andy on: 01249 463670 07507 575330


Plastering, Plumbing & Handyman Services For all your plastering/painting & plumbing needs and much much more... To find out more give me a call

Robert 01249 890492 mobile 07825 758705 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



Save with the Active Green Team Plumbing & Heating Supplies Plumbing & Heating Supplies Solar Panels & Heat Pumps Plumbing & Heating Supplies

• Complete Heating Systems • Boiler SolarChanges Panels & Heat Pumps Solar Panels & Heat Pumps Radiators & Underfloor Heating • Gas Appliances • Fault Diagnosis Radiators Heating • Correction & Servicing • Bathroom Design& U Water Softeners & Salt Heating Radiators & Underfloor • Installations & all your plumbing maintenance

Water Softeners & Salt Boilers & Cylinders Water Softeners & Salt ‘we will not be beaten on price’ All prices include VAT Boilers & Cylinders All areas in Wiltshire serviced. Free Quotes. Call out charge £45 inc. VAT for first hour.

Tel: 01249 811313 Mob: 07859 931177 Email:

Boilers & Cylinders

T: 01249 818811

9 -10 Porte Marsh Road | Calne | SN11 9BW

D.P.S. Plumbing & Heating Engineer & Son Ltd. 25 years experience

Free Quotes

Advanced City & Guilds All work Guaranteed Call Dave on

Tel: 01249 822586 Mobile: 07968 561223


Plumbing Mobile: 07969 383016 Phone: 01380 850494 Complete high quality bathroom installations Under Floor Heating installations General Plumbing and Heating installations & repair All types of property maintenance undertaken A prompt reliable service from a small local business All our work is fully insured and guaranteed

Web: Email: 78

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018


BOILER SERVICING from £60 Price inclusive of VAT (excludes parts)

PLUMBER - LOCAL & RELIABLE Established 17 years


Plumbing, electrical, decorating, repairs & installations. Free estimates. No call out fees.

Established 17 Servicing years Royal Wootton Bassett

• Oil, Gas, & Solid Fuel Heating Systems • Installation & Service • Bathroom Installation and Tiling • All Types of Leadwork • AGA-RAYBURN SPECIALIST

Telephone: 01249 813514 Mobile: 07836 688111 Email:

& surrounding areas Plumbing, electrical, decorating, repairs & Toilets Leaks Overflows & pumps taps installations. Free estimates.Showers No call outDripping fees. Burst pipes Valves No jobBassett too small Servicing Royal Wootton Fully insured & surrounding areas No VAT Call ACE Property on • Toilets • Leaks • Overflows • Showers & pumps 0775 22 85 222 • Dripping taps • Burst pipes • Valves • No job too small • Fully insured • No VAT

Call ACE Property on 0775 22 85 222

Aquarius Plumbing Specialising in Full Bathroom Installations, Wet Rooms and Tiling

No call out charge - for a free quotation call Darren Jackson on 07817 052467

Travertine • Limestone • Marble • Mosaics • Porcelain • Ceramics

AFK Tiling & Bathrooms

• Professional Floor & Wall Tiling • Specialists in fitting Natural Stone • Fully Installed Bespoke Wet Rooms and Bathrooms • Tile and Stone Floor Installation/Restorations • Comprehensive Electrical Underfloor Heating Installation T: 01249 824704 M: 07798 907852 E:


All aspects of domestic & For all your commercial installations

Plumbing & Heating INSPECTION & TESTING


Mob: 07795 836472 Tel: 01249 824787 Derry Hill, Calne


Max Colbourne Ser vices

Electrical Services STEVE COWLEY

OIL & GAS APPLIANCES. PLUMBING. HEATING. BATHROOMS. UNVENTED SYSTEMS. No Job too small Attention to detail guaranteed

Tel: 07815 836953 email: The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018


Steve’s Appliance Services



Heating Services

...Helping you save for the future

(Subject to contract)

y Energ nt Efficieved Appro


Max Colbourne Ser vices



Gas Appliance Servicing Central Heating Upgrades Boiler Exchanges Full Central Heating Systems Gas Cooker & Fire Installations Heat Pump Installations Oil Heating Installations (BETEC Qualified) Solar Installation Is your Garage Door Plumbing New Bathrooms, Kitchens etc A Bore? Water Softeners



Extended up to 10 years warranty available on new boiler installations

1 Oxford Court, Calne, Wilts. SN11 8AF H Tel: Attention to detail guaranteed/ Mob: 07860 641777 01249 822916 Email: Tel: 07815 836953 email:

Steve’s Appliance Services

Fridges - Freezers - Cookers - Microwaves - Dryers

Domestic Refrigeration Specialist


Tel/Fax 01249 821936 Mobile: 07877 055680 Email: 80

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The care and comfort of your pets is our business

Replace it with an automatic insulated roller shutter. Gain space on your drive. Win more precious space in your garage.

Spend less on heating.

Enjoy the luxury of an automatic garage door. Choose a great maintenance-free colour Take advantage of generous warranty terms. Keeps your garage cleaner. Features two remote controls. Special courtesy light for added convenience.

Keep your chimney in safe working order by getting it swept Trusted local supplier Call Alex Wells from CLEAN SWEEP for an estimate now on

077 234 014 750371 CALL JOHN ON66 01249

Open Fires, Log Burners, Jet Masters, Bird Nest Removal etc. TO ORDER We cover Calne & surrounding areas and can respond quickly.

Chimneys & Flues Swept Stoves Serviced 26 Years Experience Jonathan Huband T: 01793 752693 M: 07768 028443 E: ROOFING LEADWORK FASCIAS, SOFFITS & GUTTERING TIMBERWORK BUILDING SERVICES

White Horse Roofing Ltd


White Horse Roofing specialises in: FOR FREE QUOTES • Traditional Roofing • Leadwork & Lead Burning • UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering T: 01249 819128 M: 07788 885699 E: • EPDM Rubber Flat Roofs • Building Services 103 London Road, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 0AD • Timberwork

Tel: 07736 879326

Roofing Ltd

Roofing al building ditioinnall TraExperts works, ut: O g n i y r r a C t s li renovations, pecia conversions, decorating, S kitchens and bathrooms for your home or business Slating & Tiling Stone Tiling Leadwork UPVC Fascias & Guttering Cedar The Shingles Courtyard, Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF

Specialists in all roofing, Upvc fascias, soffits and guttering, leadwork, chimneys and sundry works for your home or business The Courtyard, Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF

Insurance Backed Guarantee Available For a FREE survey and quote call:

01249 821237 visit our website: Prior and Marden joint advert.indd 1 26/01/2015 14:03

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INDEX OF ADVERTISERS AUCTIONEERS Wessex Auction Rooms ......................... 84 BEDS Elite Beds .............................................. 37 BOOKEEPING/ACCOUNTANTS AMS Accounting..................................... 31 Duncan Joyce......................................... 29 BUILDERS/BUILDING SUPPLIES AM Chivers Building............................... 75 All Home Improvements........................ 74 Chalford Building Supplies..................... 73 Corsham Landscapes and Building......... 65 Dearing Construction............................. 75 Downland Construction......................... 74 Ged Byrne.............................................. 75 Prior & Company Building...................... 74 Tiger Plant Hire...................................... 62 Tim Lee Building.................................... 75 CAR REPAIR/VEHICLE SERVICES AM Autocare.......................................... 71 Cross Country Tyres................................. 70 MW Services.......................................... 70 CARE/CARE HOMES Prestige Nursing..................................... 31 Hill House............................................... 23 Kingston House...................................... 33 CARPENTER/JOINER Contours Carpentry................................ 75 COINS/COLLECTIONS Daluka.................................................... 29 CHIMNEY SWEEP Cleansweep............................................ 80 Hubands................................................ 81 CHURCHES Calne Evangelical Church ...................... 85 CLEANING/DOMESTIC SERVICES Cleanstart.............................................. 75 Houseproud........................................... 69 iKlean..................................................... 27 Ovenclean ............................................ 68 Prune and Broom................................... 69 COACH HOLIDAYS Barnes Coaches........................................ 7 COMPUTER/IT/GRAPHICS/WEB Calne Computer Services ...................... 69 PC Hospital............................................. 29 CONSERVATORY Greenspace UK....................................... 10 Weatherguard........................................ 21 CURTAINS/BLINDS Goldmans Interiors................................. 37 DAMP Eaton Electrical...................................... 92 DANCING Quicksteps.............................................. 32 DISCO Disco Mania .......................................... 55 DOMESTIC APPLIANCES/REPAIRS Calne Appliances.................................... 68 Steves Appliances.................................. 80 EDUCATION/CHILDCARE Little Foxes............................................. 68 ELECTRICIANS/ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Calne Appliances.................................... 68 82

Eaton Electrical...................................... 76 Electrical Man........................................ 77 Electrical and General Maintaining........ 77 Grants Electrical..................................... 76 Nick Pocock Electrical............................. 76 O and J Electrical.................................... 77 WEC....................................................... 21 ESTATE AGENTS Alan Hawkins........................................... 9 Atwell Martin........................................... 3 FITNESS/RUNNING Calne Smartt.......................................... 34 FLOORING/CARPET SERVICES BSB Flooring ......................................... 69 Cleanstart.............................................. 75 George Taylor Carpet Fitter ................... 69 iKlean..................................................... 27 Total Carpets & Flooring......................... 27 FLORISTS Shirley’s Florists .................................... 13 FOOD & DRINK Calne Tandoori....................................... 45 Lansdowne Arms................................... 45 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Johnson & Daltrey.................................. 29 Matthews of Malmesbury...................... 39 Odette.................................................... 35 Tony Warren ......................................... 37 E Wootten & Son.................................... 33 GARDENING/FENCING/LANDSCAPING Acres Ahead........................................... 67 AD Paving & Walling.............................. 67 Corsham Landscapes and Building......... 65 Crapper Compost.................................... 63 ES Earthmoving Services........................ 67 Garden Room......................................... 65 Graham Fox............................................ 63 Ian Marsh............................................... 63 Jon Burton............................................. 63 MH Tree Services.................................... 63 MR Fencing............................................ 67 Prune and Broom................................... 69 Quemerford Landscaping....................... 66 Tiger Plant Hire...................................... 62 Turners Landscapes................................ 63 GATES Compass Security................................... 41 GOLF COURSE Woodbridge Park Golf Club.................... 23 GIFTS/JEWELLERY 11th Hour Escape Rooms........................ 32 Bazaar Gifts & Cards .............................. 13 GUTTERING Cleanstart.............................................. 75 HAIR/BEAUTY/NAILS LA Barber............................................... 53 Pamplemouse........................................ 59 HANDY MAN Cleanstart.............................................. 75 Ged Byrne.............................................. 75 Odd Jobs................................................ 75 HEALTH CARE/FOOT CARE Calne Acupuncture................................. 55 Fiona Stubbs.......................................... 57 Foot Health Care..................................... 59 Harmony Holistics Reflexology............... 57 Malmesbury Osteopathy........................ 57 Nureflexology......................................... 55

The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018

HEATING H&G Sims............................................... 79 Skyline................................................... 80 HOME & INTERIORS Goldmans Interiors................................. 37 Sarah’s Soft Furnishings ........................ 29 Sassy Chic............................................... 20 HOUSE CLEARANCE Crapper.................................................. 69 HYPNOTHERAPY Hypnotherapy of Calne........................... 55 KITCHENS/BATHROOMS Accent Kitchens...................................... 39 Active Kitchens & Bathrooms................. 33 AFK Tiling............................................... 79 Aquarius Plumbing & Heating................ 79 Dream Doors ........................................... 2 Home Inspirations.................................. 17 Kitchen Makeover.................................. 45 Premier Kitchen Doors............................ 35 Total Bedrooms/Kitchens/Bathrooms..... 27 INSURANCE Allied Wessex......................................... 41 LEGAL SERVICES / WILL WRITING Awdry Bailey Douglas............................ 14 Batt Broadbent Solicitors......................... 9 Goodwills............................................... 31 LIGHTING Lightways.............................................. 21 LOCKS & ALARMS Alan Key Locks ....................................... 76 MOBILITY Mobility Store........................................ 23 MODELS/TOYS Modelmaniacs....................................... 13 MICROLIGHT FLIGHTS Wiltshire Microlight Centre ................... 36 NUTRITION Microbz.................................................. 17 Oakmead Clinic...................................... 56 PAINTERS/DECORATORS/PLASTERERS ACM Decorating..................................... 77 Alan Clifford Painter & Decorator............ 77 AS Plastering.......................................... 77 Cliff Laney.............................................. 77 RTC Plastering & Plumbing..................... 77 Sassy Chic............................................... 20 PETS/CATS/DOGS Animals at Home.................................... 60 Corton Kennels....................................... 60 Fern Farm Kennels.................................. 60 Grittenham Grooming............................ 61 George Veterinary Hospital.................... 61 Hale Veterinary Group............................ 68 Hobsons Regal Hounds........................... 60 Shirleys Pet Shop................................... 60 Thameswood Vets.................................. 83 PEST CONTROL Wiltshire Pest Control ........................... 69 PLUMBING/HEATING/SUPPLIES ABC Plumbing........................................ 79 Ace Property.......................................... 79 Active Plumbing Supplies...................... 78 Aquarius Plumbing & Heating................ 79 Max Colbourne Oil & Gas........................ 78 DPS Plumbing & Heating....................... 78 F.S. Plumbing & Heating........................ 78

Graham Gas & Plumbing Services.......... 78 H&G Sims............................................... 79 Plumbing 4U.......................................... 78 RTC Plastering & Plumbing..................... 77 Steve Cowley.......................................... 79 Skyline................................................... 80 PHOTOGRAPHY Candid Pictures...................................... 52 REFLEXOLOGY Harmony Holistics Reflexology............... 64 RETIREMENT LIVING Abbeyfield ............................................. 23 ROOFING/TILING/THATCHING David Beal Thatcher............................... 81 Daylan Gleed Roofing............................. 81 Marden Roofing..................................... 81 White Horse Roofing.............................. 81 TAXI Calne's Half Price Taxi............................. 13 TILING AFK Tiling............................................... 79 TRAVEL/HOLIDAYS Barnes Coaches........................................ 7 Marc Fitchett.......................................... 50 Pebbles Travel........................................ 51 TV/SATELLITE Aerial Services ...................................... 68 VETS George Veterinary Hospital.................... 61 Hale Veterinary Group............................ 68 Thameswood......................................... 83 WATER SOFTENERS Wiltshire Wet Rooms................................ 5 WEIGHT LOSS Oakmead Clinic...................................... 58 Slimming World .................................... 63 WET ROOMS Wiltshire Wet Rooms................................ 5 WILL WRITING Goodwills............................................... 23 WINDOW CLEANERS Elmers Window Cleaning Servs. ............ 69 WINDOWS & DOORS Greenspace UK....................................... 10 Weatherguard........................................ 21


Calne, Chippenham,

Corsham, Cricklad

e, Malmesbury, Royal


Wootton Bassett

and Villages



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Special Features

Love your Pla net Love your Ret irement

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Veterinary Clinics

Thameswood Veterinary Clinics

“Making Life Better”

“Making Life Better” Thameswood

Thameswood Welcome to VeterinaryHealth Clinics Club Belly Very Busters Important Pensioners Veterinary Clinics

Thameswood Veterinary Clinics


Thameswood Veterinary Clinics

Weight gain doesn't just effect us but also Join our our four legged friends. Why not Thameswood get yourClinics VIPensioner Veterinary pet’s weight back on track this new year Health Club with our dedicated belly buster clinics to receive discounts on Visit in February arthritis care and benefit from: eg.joining laser therapy, - No fee physio, blood tests - Free of much food where appropriate and bag much more ... spread thefor future purchases - Discount vouchers costs of preventative - Prize for our 'biggest looser' treatment into monthly payments at Contact yourdiscount. nearest clinic to join today! up to 20% 64 Purton Road Swindon Wiltshire SN2 2LZ 01793 526780

1A Oppenheimer Centre Greenbridge Road Greenbridge Ind Est Swindon SN3 3LH 01793 511267

39B Station Road Royal Wootton Bassett Swindon SN4 7ED 01793 230266 The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2018



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