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A New New Kitchen Kitchen this Spring Summer EST.




Why replace when you can reface? • Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks & taps • From a simple door swap to a complete kitchen refit • UK manufactured products • The whole process managed from design to completion


01793 278041

Visit our showroom: 108 High St, Royal Wootton Bassett SN4 7AU




pring is in the air!!! It doesn't feel like it quite yet....however, the trees are filling up with blossom and the daffodils are flowering so I think it is definitely on the way! Soooo I am hoping that by the official day of Spring, (Friday 20th March), we will perhaps all be a little bit warmer and feeling more positive after the horrendous weather and all the floods. We all need something to look forward to andwe have some great holiday destinations including Alaska. Having been to Alaska myself, I can highly recommend it!!@ What else do we have for you in the month's magazine! We have a brand new platform this

LOCAL NEWS housing site 6 Wiltshire allocation plan House - Busness 30 Julias challenge that changes lives

month, featuring the story's and successes of some of our local 'Women In Business', along with other financial news. If you would like us to profile your business in this new section, please dont hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you. There is a scrummy recipe of beef in Guiness with herb dumplings if you fancy some comfort food – personally I fancy the Ginger Panna Cotta with Poached Rhubarb. I remember my Grandad trying to make me eat from his jar of Stem Ginger! Yuk! But now I am totally addicted!! After all after all that eating you can work it off if you feel motivated, page 57 fhas some good tips! If 'events' are your scene, we do have plenty


A Good Read - a few of our favourites this month


Only joking - me in a wet suit!! Ha Ha...or am I? Till nxt time

AnXn i e

HEALTH & BEAUTY Motivated - Get Fit! 57 Get Reinvigorate your fitness routine



FOOD Produce 46 Seasonal Eating by the season



The spice of life: This month Lemon Peel


Recipe: Poached Rhubarb with ginger panna cotta


Recipe: Beef in Guiness with herb dumplings

FEATURES Day - Mums of kids 8 Mother's with additional needs 22

NEW! Business & Financial News / Women in Business


The price of loyalty - Know your consumer rights


Local events and dates for your diary

Editor: Annie Harling Sales: Clair Gallie Artwork: Sam Lapham Photography: Paul Stallard Accounts: Victoria Lovell

Est: 21 yrs

available for everyone so please have a look at our local event pages and see what takes your fancy. Of course we have all your usual favourites and lots of locally based town information. Mother's Days this year is on the 26th, March, so l spoil and cherish your mum and enjoy a lovely day. I'm off to walk my doggies, so yes, getting out my wet suit for the occasion!

51 5b Wood Street, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 0BZ Tel: 01249 811068

Bath Bombs - make your own at home

57 HOME & GARDEN up for Spring - our 10 Spruce latest tips & ideas 68

It's all about the bulbs baby! What to plant this season


Annual Fiesta - get some colour into your garden

68 www. @localtowncriermagazine

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If you require cost effective, reliable heating and plumbing engineers then look no further.

Calne Bowls Club Open Days

Are you aged between 10 and 100? Have you ever thought about playing Bowls? If so, why not pop along to meet us at one of our Calne Bowls Club ‘Open Days’

From 10am to 3pm Sunday 19th of April or 10am to 3pm Saturday 25th of April You will be made very welcome and have the opportunity to experience Lawn Green Bowls in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where our members will be happy to show you the ropes. You do not require any special equipment other than flat soled shoes or trainers. If you are unable to make either of these dates, then you are also welcome to attend any of our ‘Club Nights’ which are held every Tuesday evening from 5.30pm. For more information telephone our Chairman Barry Wicks on 07756 500666 or Email: Calne Bowls Club, The Pavilion, Anchor Road Calne SN11 8DX


Operating throughout Melksham, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Corsham, Bath, Devizes, Calne, Frome, Westbury and surrounding areas we cater to all domestic and business client’s central heating systems, gas services and plumbing requirements. Established in 2008, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that you receive nothing but the best service. Our reputation has been developed through hard work and reliability which is why we are the area's number one choice for plumbing and gas related work. To discuss your project, to talk through your options or to obtain a free estimate or quotation please contact us or call

01225 707 902


01225 707902

01225 707902







Achieve peace of mind in the knowledge that your heating system is covered for all eventualities.


+£3.00 PER MONTH
























Annual Boiler Service Priority Breakdown

EXTRAS +£2.00



Boiler Repair


Radiators, Valves & Pipework


Cylinder Repair


Programme / Stats Free Unlimited Call-outs* Hot & Cold Pipework

QUALITY • Boiler installations • Boiler replacements • Bathrooms • Boiler servicing & repairs • Gas safety inspections • Landlord safety certificates • Replacement radiators SERVICE • Breakdowns • General plumbing work • Central heating installations EVERY TIME What our customers say... See more at:

New boiler fitted started at 8.00 and finished by 16.00. Good communication and will use for servicing etc. No mucking about they know what they are talking about and also corrected faulty work done by previous plumber for no extra charge

Excellent product, good customer service pre boiler installation and good after care service. Very competitive quote and all installed in less than a day, despite encountering a few difficulties! Thoroughly recommend RB Poolman





WILTSHIRE HOUSING SITES ALLOCATION PLAN (WHSAP) – NORTH BRADLEY Developers of a site between the White Horse Business Park and North Bradley displayed their draft proposals at the Progressive Hall, North Bradley on 10th January, attended by councillors and members of the public. The display materials are available online:

TROWBRIDGE TOWN COUNCIL - Tennis For All Tennis fans in and around Trowbridge will be pleased to learn that a new range of activities aimed at all ages will be coming to the tennis courts situated in Trowbridge Park beginning in April 2020. Westbourne Tennis Club, supported by Active Trowbridge, will be delivering these programmes for adults and children. 6

Trowbridge Town Council has always opposed development of this site and has consistently asked Wiltshire Council (WC) to confirm which parts of the site are going to be developed to ensure that a buffer is retained between the town and the village and also to afford ecological protection, particularly for bats. North Bradley in their first draft Neighbourhood Plan supported development closest to the village, but were persuaded by WC to support development furthest away from the village, described by Wiltshire Council as ‘to the north and east of the site’. What appears now to be proposed by the developers is to locate development in the centre of the site, failing therefore to adequately ‘retain a visual separation between the town and North Bradley’, as required by WC’s WHSAP. At a meeting of the Town Council’s Town Development Committee on 28th January it was resolved: That Trowbridge Town Council cannot support the draft masterplan as it is contrary to the WHSAP and the North Bradley Neighbourhood Plan. Development should be directed to the north and east of the site as required by the WHSAP, retaining a significant landscape gap around the village which results in the retention of a visual separation between the expanded town and North Bradley, secured through there being no development, other than as open space in the two fields nearest the village which are shown as being partially developed in the developers consultation draft Masterplan.

Trowbridge Town Council’s Leisure Services Manager, Hayley Bell, said “We want people to be able to enjoy tennis at grass roots level, whether they’ve been playing for a number of years or even if they’ve never picked up a racquet. The courses will be run by Ron Marshall, Westbourne’s head coach. We’re really excited about raising the sport’s profile in Trowbridge: we’ll be including CardioTennis, for adults who want to get more exercise, Tots Tennis for the little ones, and Tennis Tuesdays, women-only sessions under the ‘Healthier Communities’ scheme. For more information, call Active Trowbridge on 01225 765072, or you can visit or RonMarshallTennisServices


REMEMBERING MUMS OF KIDS WITH ADDITIONAL NEEDS ON MOTHERS’ DAY On Mothers' Day my Facebook and Instagram feeds fill with photos. The captions declare, ‘Beautiful bouquet from my son!' #mothersday or 'My daughters took me to see Les Mis' #mothersday. In spite of the fact that I have a much-loved son he will never send me flowers or take me to the theatre. Tom has Down Syndrome and is also autistic, non-verbal and has a myriad of complex health problems. I love him and I know he loves me, but I will be his carer long after my friends' kids have left home and started their own families. This is my shout-out to other mums whose Mothers’ Day celebrations will be bittersweet. You are not alone - There are more of us than you think. Our children may all have different problems, but we understand each other’s sense of being on the outside, at the celebrations 'normal' families take for granted: Christmas, birthday parties, family get-togethers and Mothers' Days. You are AWESOME - You are a full-blown superhero my friend. Your superpower is the ability to deal with situations other parents could not conceive in their worst nightmares. You might acquire knowledge and skills beyond those required by most doctors, memorising medication regimens, side effects, and how to inject or 8

infuse the drugs. You deal calmly with your hysterical child during horrendous medical procedures. You deal with melt-downs in public toilets over handdryers! You encourage your child to do the things doctors assured you they would never do. You crash, you burn, and you get up and do it all again the next day anyway. You celebrate your kids' achievements on their terms - Other parents crow about their child's GCSE results or a grade 4 piano exam passed with distinction or a star-of-the-week award for neat handwriting. Our celebrations look different though they are no less important. We celebrated Tom signing 'Mum', 'Dad' and 'love’ for the first time, and we definitely celebrated him taking a bath without screaming, drowning us or flooding the house! You have the best black sense of humour - 'nuff said. We know that we laugh at things parents of typical kids would not find the least bit funny, like the weird people you meet during allnighters in A&E departments, discovering excrement smeared over

your freshly-painted walls, or an aquarium full of dead fish because your child wanted to feed them and the only box he could reach was the small one posted through the door containing a sample of washing powder! RIP Tom's fish! You accept, and don’t compare - You become the mum other mothers confide in because their child doesn’t walk, talk, read, or ride a bike as well as their peers. Never mind that your child is 10, non-verbal and rides a large trike because of balance issues! You accept (mostly) other parents’ rights to brag or worry about their kids even though you often feel that sense of 'otherness'. You are special. To mothers of additional needs kids everywhere.

Happy Mothers' Day

barnes EASTER DAY TRIPS Beaulieu (inc. National Motor Museum) Mon 6th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £43.00* Child Ticket: £27.00*

Bucklers Hard & Maritime Museum Mon 6th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £31.00* Child Ticket: £19.00*

Exbury Gardens Mon 6th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £37.00* Child Ticket: £21.00*

Abergavenny (Market Day), Caerphilly & Brecon Beacons Tue 7th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £25.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

Brighton Wed 8th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £26.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

Camden Market Thu 9th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £23.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

London: Park Lane OR Kensington Thu 9th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £23.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

Kew Gardens Sun 12th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £38.00* Child Ticket: £19.00*

Portsmouth OR Southsea Tue 14th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £21.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

London Zoo Wed 15th April 2020 Coach Only Adult Ticket: £23.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

ABBA: Super Troupers The Exhibition, O2 London Fri 17th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £45.00* Child Ticket: £27.00*

Legoland Windsor Fri 17th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £52.00* Child Ticket: £46.00*

Windsor & Eton Fri 17th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £20.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

Cardiff - Shopping etc. Sun 19th April 2020 RHS Flower Show, Adult Ticket: £22.00 Cardiff - Coach Only Child Ticket: £14.00 Sun 19th April 2020 Adult Ticket: £22.00 Child Ticket: £14.00

01793 821303

ked Tours mar * n a with e d lu inc admission!


Spruce up FOR SPRING

If you have arrived at a place in your home where you think that any semblance of ‘style’ has disappeared under piles of toys and welly boots, then you’re not alone. Many busy homeowners gradually watch their house disappearing under heaps of paraphernalia and then it all becomes too much to sort, so it becomes ’normal’.

So with spring around the corner, perhaps it’s time to have a rethink about dealing with the clutter. Set aside a whole day to do nothing but clean and tidy. It might feel like a drag but once it’s done you’ll be thrilled to have done it— not only will everything look so much nicer but mentally you’ll feel happier for the declutter. Pick a day when the weather is nice and try to kick the rest of the household out for the day. It is much easier to get on with this without having small hands getting in the way, or having to keep stopping to feed the hoardes. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time and if your home has become a little bit like an enormous elephant in the room, the best way to tackle it is to do one bit at a time.

If there are dishes to go away, put them where they belong, but if it’s ’odd bits and bobs’ then don’t stress about where they will go, yet. Just make that pile. Once you’ve done that you can then, at least, see what needs to be done. Clean down the rest of the countertops, wipe over the front of the cupboards. Buff the kettle, shine the sink and wipe down behind the toaster, coffee canisters and anything that is to remain displayed on the counter. Get the rest put away. Have a think about where it all goes. Do you have to walk across the kitchen to get a mug to then put the kettle on? Can you put your mugs closer to the kettle? Do you really need all your condiments out on the worktop or can some go away in a cupboard so that you only leave out a nice salt and pepper mill? The more things that you can find a home for, the less will need cleaning next time round. Once you’re done with those jobs then go and tackle the pile. Pick up one thing at a time. If you don’t need it, get rid of it. Otherwise put it back where it should have been. It doesn’t hurt to have a basket or a drawer of ’bits’ if you really feel the need to have somewhere to chuck random stuff, but just promise yourself to clear it out regularly so you can still find things in there.

Start with your kitchen. This is generally where much of the mess accumulates and preparing meals or even making a cup of tea can become an unpleasant chore. If your worksurfaces have disappeared under piles of paperwork, fret not. Choose one area onto which you are going to, literally, pile all the mess. 10

Give the worktop a wipe where the pile of things once was, put a fresh bunch of flowers in a vase and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Then go and do exactly the same thing in the living room. Before you know it you’ll have gone around the house and it will all be spick and span. If you want it to stay that way, keep the doors locked and don’t let anyone back in! Otherwise make sure you keep on top of it - it’s much easier that way.


10 Ever Time!!

t : 01249 655077 t: 01249 655077

Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate · Chippenham · Wiltshire · SN14 6LH 6LH Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate • Chippenham • Wiltshire • SN14

Now That's Something Worth Voting For!!

10 Year Warranty...

By Choosing Us, We Will Offer You British Locally Made Products,

with LF Replacement Windows Manufactured In Our Own Premises, Including A & Conservatories

We Score

'Seal the Deal'

...come and visit our local showroom

Before you waltz off somewhereCome else.... and

As a 'Which' Trusted trader and our 10 year guarantee

1 & 2 Windsor Drive, Devizes, SN10 2TH. Tel: 01380 887943 The Wendy House, 3 Farrell Close, Cirencester, GL7 1HW. Tel: 01285 897426

Plumbing & Heating Supplies Boilers Radiators Solar Panels & other Green Technologies Water Softeners & Salt

Bathrooms,Wet Rooms & Shower Rooms Bespoke Kitchens Granite, Silestone & Laminate Worktops Washing Machines and Dishwashers Kitchen Appliances, Integrated or Freestanding

1 Stanier Road | Porte Marsh | Calne | SN11 9PX

01249 818811

Open: Mon - Friday 7.30am - 5pm & Sat 8am - 12pm


01249 813871

Open: Mon - Friday 8am - 5pm & Sat 8am - 2pm

MR BESPOKE FURNITURE A Brief History of MR Bespoke Furniture A true devotion to the craft stems from an intense satisfaction of turning conception into reality. I founded MR Bespoke Furniture as a platform to showcase and sell quality handmade products. Sometimes in today’s modern world we can forget the beauty in the natural, beautiful, and handmade. Get in touch to start your project today. | 07376 731 484 Calne SN11 9BN Unit A 2 Porte Marsh road

Wiltshire Ranges and Stoves Looking for traditional-look stove or a new range for your home?


Contact Louise on

01249 821246 / 07563 982878 Unit 2 Redman Business Centre, Beversbrook Industrial Estate, Calne, SN11 9RA

Wiltshire Ranges and Stoves are a trusted supplier of many brands of stoves and ranges, with a reputation for quality, commitment and high integrity. Visit their new showrom in Calne and see a selection of their products from brands such as Broseley, AGA Rayburn, Nestor Martin, Westfire Eurostove Ltd and Carron. They will help you work to out what you need from your new range or stove and make sure they match you with just the right stove for your pocket and your needs. All the products they supply are manufactured in accordance with the finest traditions of craftsmanship. The stoves incorporate the latest combustion technology, which ensures economical and clean combustion.


Compass Security Systems Automated Gate Specialists Est.1984

Make an entrance - enjoy the luxury of automatic gates With over 30 years experience in the field of gate automation, intruder alarms and CCTV systems Compass Security Systems have the expertise you can trust. Your electric gates will be beautifully designed, reliable and above all safe. New or existing gates can be automated, both wooden or metal.

For a free no obligation quote call:

Mobile: 07866 756455 Tel: 01249 Bassett’s No.720587 Sales & Lettings Agent, Email: covering Swindon and surrounding areas.

Selling or letting? Book your FREE marketing appraisal today! Call us on 01793 840222. Try us and see why we are Bassetts’s No. 1 Agent*.

Kevin Hawkins

Chris Hawkins

Steve Hawkins

Paul Hawkins

Director Lettings

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Director Lettings

Director Sales

*Based on statistics from Rightmove 01.07.15 to 01.07.16

Tel: 01793 840222

Alan Hawkins Estate Agents Ltd 26/26a High Street Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire SN4 7AA

Sales &Agent, Lettings Age 1sett’s SalesNo. & 1Lettings

grrounding Swindon and surrounding areas. areas.

Serving Royal Wootton

• Free Property Portfolio MOT Bassett, Swindon, letting? Book your FREE marketing EE marketing Lyneham and • Rent Guarantee Insurance & Legal Cover oday! Call us on 01793 840222. surrounding villages 3 840222. • 1st Class Service Every Time * Kevin Hawkins Chris Hawkins Steve Hawkins see why are Bassetts’s No. Agent .Steve Hawkins •No. Freewe for 1Chris Landlord 01793 855 222 * Management Kevin Hawkins Hawkins Referrals* Paul Hawkins Director Lettings Director Sales Director Lettings etts’s 1 Property Agent . Director Lettings Director Sales Director Lettings Director Sales 01793 840 222 ghtmove 01.07.15 to 01.07.16 Family Agent, Huge Reputation • Local 26/26a High Street • High Street Office with Touch Screen TV Royal Wootton Bassett, Alan Hawkins Estate Agents Ltd 26/26a High Street Statistics from Rightmove 2018 toBassett, Aug 2019Wiltshire SN4 7AA RoyalAug Wootton *subject to T&C’s

840 14

Alan Hawkins Estate Agents Ltd Wiltshire SN4 7AA 26/26a High Street Royal Wootton Bassett, SN4 7AA

Get prepared for the Summer Sun with our bespoke awnings, canopies and shutters

Awnings and canopies decrease heat and shield UV rays during the hot summer months. When installed over windows they can reduce glare by 94 percent and exterior heat by 77 percent. Add our shutters to keep really cool. We design bespoke awnings using world class quality manufacturers such as Luxaflex and installed by our own local professional team. From the simplest manual control to the most advanced motorisation, we will adapt to your requirements.

Call our team on 01249 814423 or visit: and request a FREE survey

46 Curzon Street, Calne SN11 0DG


Press Release

turday 6th July 2013, DL Windows was proud to launch its new showroom on Malmesbury Road ppenham, Wiltshire. The fantastic weather and combined offer of a free BBQ certainly helped the day a huge success, bringing in many new customers to see the range of windows, doors and rvatories on offer.

ayor of Chippenham, Sylvia Gibson, dropped by to visit the new showroom. “It was lovely to see evelopments with this local company,” she said. “I would definitely consider using DL Windows in ture when I need new windows”.

onting from Chippenham was the proud winner of a £500 voucher to be used on any windows o and Susan Howell won a round of Golf for 4 people at Bowood Golf Club.

day, Duncan Hames, MP for Chippenham, visited the showroom and met the staff. He said “It is couraging to see the development of local businesses that is able to provide new employment in DOORS CONSERVATORIES • ROOFLINE toughWINDOWS economic times.•It’s great to see• DL Windows taking on two apprentices and providing tw young people with the training and support they need as they begin their working lives.” Why choose us?

ot come and see the new showroom for yourself? Come and browse the complete product rang • Family run business been right trading Wiltshire sincebrand 1968 ‘Inspirational Living @ DL’. There high quality products for allthat’s budgets upinto the luxury hing for everyone, whatever your glazing needs! • Directly employed, professional tradesmen

• 10 Year Guarantee s, it’s about excellent customer service, fantastic products in all price ranges and meeting people want advice on how to best improve their homes, saidbudget Managing Director, Malcolm Lyus. • Highest quality products at a price that suits ”your

Wedo offer a complete range energy efficient our products A asto standard wanted •to something extra forofour existing and ratings future on customers. We with wanted add value to t ence and show that we understand how important it is to take time over deciding • We guarantee all our customers a Price Match Promise - we will beat any like for likewhich quoteproduc ght for your home. That’s why we have really worked hard to create a welcoming environment at • Fensa owroom. ” Registered Company

ndowsDLisWindows located at 127 in Wiltshire and Wiltshire the showroom is open Ltd, 1AMalmesbury Clark Avenue,Road, PorteChippenham Marsh Industrial Estate, Calne, SN11 9BS ay-Saturday 9am-5pm or by appointment. Tel: 01249 464999 Email:

ct us on 01249 464999 or have a look at our website, 16

T 01666 825198 | E

Tweekly 01666 825198 | E for the latest offers VISIT OUR ryallsdecoratingandbu DESIGNER PAINT ryallsltd Connect SHOWROOM with us IN TETBURYryallsmalmesbury

ryallsltd ryallsmalmesbury

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Not enough hours in the day?


FREE DELIVERY* MATCH Order by 4pm for free same day delivery. We deliver until 9pm!


WITH OVERon 20,000 COLOURS ON-SITE *Free delivery is based a radius of 20 miles from GL8 8HW WE CAN MIX OR MATCH YOUR REQUIRED COLOUR or SN16 0BX and a minimum order value of £25.

Let me take the strain · Laundry/Parcel runs · Shopping/Gift buying · Utility Tradesmen visits · Holiday visits · Key holding service


Stockists of: and many more fine brands

Order by 4pm for free same day delivery. We deliver until 9pm!

07966 515233

RYALLS MALMESBURY Unit 1 Park Road Centre Park Rd, Malmesbury SN16 0BX

RYALLS TETBURY RYALLS TETBURY Priory Industrial Estate Priory Industrial Estate London Road, Tetbury GL8 8HW London Road, Tetbury GL8 8HW HOURS BRANCHES

RYALLS MALMESBURY Unit 1 Park Road Centre Park Road, Malmesbury SN16 0BX

*Free delivery is based on a radius of 20 miles from GL8 8HW or

SN16 0BX and a minimum order value of £25. ** Terms and conditions apply.

Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm | Saturday 8am - 1pm

T 01666 825198 | E Mon-Fri: 7am - 5pm Sat: 8am - 1pm



ROOM SIZE REMNANTS ALWAYS FREEAVAILABLE Order by 4pm for free same day delivery. We deliver until 9pm!



VISIT USDELIVERY TODAY FOR GENUINE PRICES AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! * Free delivery is based on a radius of 15 miles from GL8 8HW or

SN16 0BX and a minimum order value of £25.

The prices represented are valid All price are subject to VAT. Term


We Will NOT Be Beaten On Fitted Carpet Prices GUARANTEED!


Unit 1 Park Road Centre Pr Park Road, Malmesbury Lo SN16 0BX GL

9 Station Hill, Chippenham SN15 1EQ

Tel: 01249 652743





Our professional and experienced team are here to assist with the clearance of properties, garages, sheds and waste collections. For more information, please contact us.

01793 854847 07515 062947

CLeaning • Offering only the very best in our services with fully trained staff, top of the range machinery and all at affordable prices. • Over 13 Years experience in cleaning • Fixed prices and no hidden fees

Carpets w Upholstery w Rugs w Leather w Hard Floors w Wooden Floors w Patios w General & Deep Cleaning w End of Tenancy

Domestic & Commercial FREE Quotations w Fully Insured

• Eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents

Call Chris on: 07710 159640

• Our cleaning method ensures total removal of dirt, dust, grease, bacteria etc. Using high temperature antibacterial cleaning with non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals, we produce expert results with no risk to health.


• Quotations are completely free with the most reasonable prices in the industry.

w i klean almost anything w email:

 Carpet and upholstery cleaning  Hard floor cleaning and restoration  end of tenancy cleaning  oven cleaning

CLeaning Phone: 01249 817261 Mobile: 07428010690

NORTH WILTS OVEN CLEANING Local – Professional – Affordable

Let me do the dirty work – I promise a thorough clean of ovens, hobs, ranges, Aga’s, microwaves, or BBQ, using eco friendly and non caustic materials. Call Dave now on 07706 084107 or 07703 667036 e-mail: 18

• Proud user of UK leading Prochem Cleaning equipment & chemicals

Our services include the following: • Carpet Cleaning • Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration • Upholstery Cleaning • End of Tenancy Cleaning • Rug Cleaning

Phone: 01249 817261 Mobile: 07428 010690

PARK PLACE Park Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9LA


This is a computer generated image, details may vary.

With Redcliffe Homes, your dream of moving into a new home could become a reality thanks to the Help to Buy scheme.* The Government fund up to the remaining 20% with a deferred loan Available on all new properties up to the value of £600,000 Available to all new home buyers, not just first time buyers

For further information Tel: 01249 470605 Email: * Terms and Conditions 100%apply YOUR HOME

THE SHERSTON PLOT 19 3 bedroom detached home at £348,000 COST OF PROPERTY

























USE THIS 100ML pholstery, Interior Design,CONCENTRATE Fabrics & Wallpaper, New furniture ranges, BOTTLE TO FILL ad Flooring, House Accessories, Gifts for Christmas. nds,Designs. Upholstery, InteriorRugs, Design, THISFabrics 500ML & Wallpaper, New furniture ranges, 100% REUSABLE LIFE BOTTLE hitehead Designs. Flooring, Rugs, House Accessories, Gifts for Christmas. DITCH BOTTLE 2 TIMES from Corsham Town Centre with free customer THE parking available OVER!

ver Street, Gastard, Corsham, SN13 9PY

at Silver Street, Gastard, Corsham, SN13 9PY PLASTIC!



e drive from Corsham Town Centre with free customer parking available



uk • Tel: 01249 716445 • • Tel: 01249 716445 • @SqueekyShop




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We are proud proud to showcase showcase collection of stunning stunning new kitchens, bathroomsand and bedroom bedroom furniture furniture are to aa collection of new kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom We are We proud to showcase a collection of stunning new kitchens, bathrooms furniture We are proud to showcase a replacement collection ofdoors stunning new kitchens, bathrooms andfor bedroom furniture along with worktops, replacement doors and fittings to offer something new for all tastes. tastes. We are proud toworktops, showcase collection of stunning new kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom along with and fittings to offer something new for all We are proud to showcase aaacollection of stunning new kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom We are proud to showcase collection of stunning new kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom furniture along with worktops, replacement doors and fittings to offer something new all tastes. along with worktops, replacement doors and fittings to offer something new for all tastes. along with worktops, replacement doors and fittings to offer something new for all tastes. furniture along withworktops, worktops, replacement doors andkitchens, fittingsto tobathrooms offersomething something new forall alltastes tastes furniture with replacement doors and fittings offer for are proud to along showcase a collection of stunning new andnew bedroom furniture

Come visit ourtoshowcase showroom today and see for yourself! Come visit our showroom today and see for yourself! We are proudto showcase collection ofstunning stunning newkitchens, kitchens, bathrooms andbedroom bedroom furniture We areare proud to showcase a collection of stunning new kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom furniture We proud aacollection of new bathrooms and furniture Come visit our showroom t oday and see for yourself! We proud toCome showcase aare collection stunning new kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom furnitu visit our showroom today and see for yourself! along with worktops, replacement doors and fittings to offer something for all tastes. The only kitchen, bathroom andof bedroom showroom in Wiltshire to have met along with worktops, replacement doorsand and fittings tooffer offer something newfor fornew all tastes. along with worktops, replacement doors fittings to something new all tastes. Come visit our showroom today and see for yourself! Come visit our showroom today and see for yourself! Come visit our showroom t oday and see for yourself! along with worktops, replacement doors and fittings to offer something new for all tastes. The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom in Wiltshire to have met the The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom in Wiltshire to have met the along with worktops, replacement doors andbedroom fittings to offer new for all tastes. The only kitchen, bathroom and showroom in Come visit our showroom today and seefor forsomething yourself! Come visit our showroom today and see yourself! thekitchen, professional standards to become a Which? Trusted professional standards tooday become Which? Trusted Trader! Theonly only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom in Wiltshire toTrader havemet met professional standards to become aa Which? Trusted Trader! The bathroom and bedroom showroom in Wiltshire have The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom into Come visit our showroom t and see for yourself! The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom in Wiltshire to have met t he The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom in Wiltshire to have met the Comethe visit our showroom today and The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom insee Wiltshirefor to have yourself! met the professional standards to become a Which? Trusted Trader! Wiltshire to have met the professional standards professional standards to become a Which? Trusted Trader! professional standards to become a Which? Trusted Trader the professional standards to become a Which? Trusted Trader Come visit our oday see for yourself! Wiltshire toat have metTrusted t and he Check outshowroom our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! Check out our reviews on Which Trader! professional standards to become Which? Trusted Trader! Check out our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! Checkaout out our reviews onWhich TrustedTrader! Trader! in Check our reviews on Trusted The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom to become Which? Trusted Trader professional standards to become aWhich Which? Trusted Trader! The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom in in Check out our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! Check out our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! The only kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showroom Check out our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! Wiltshire to have met t he UnitsCentre, 1-2, WhiteHorse Horse Business Park, Hopton Road, Units 1-2, White Business Park, Hopton Road, Check out our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! Units 1-2, White Horse Business Centre, Hopton Road Units 1-2, White Horse Business Hopton Road Wiltshire to have met the professional standards Units 1-2, White Horse Business Park, Hopton Road, Units 1-2,professional White HorseCheck Business Park, Hopton Road, out our reviews Which Trader! Wiltshire toaon have met 887924 t Trusted he 01380 887924 HoptonPark Park IndEstate, Estate, Devizes, WiltshireSN10 SN10 2HJ standards to become Which? Trusted Trader! 01380 Hopton Ind Devizes, Wiltshire 2HJ Hopton ParkInd Ind Estate, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2HJ Hopton Wiltshire SN10 01380 728644 01380728644 887924 Hopton Park Park IndEstate, Estate,Devizes, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2HJ 01380 01380 887924 Hopton Park Ind Estate, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2HJ to become a2HJ Which? Trusted Trader Trusted Units 1-2, White Horse Business Park, Hopton Road, professional standards to become a Which? Trader!

Check out our reviews on Which Trusted Trader! Check out our reviews on on Which Trusted Trader! Check out our reviews Which Trusted Trader! Hopton Units Park Ind Devizes, WiltshirePark, SN10 2HJ Road,01380 728644 1-2,Estate, White Horse Business Hopton 20 Hopton 01380 728644 Park Ind Estate, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2HJ

2 and 3 bedroom homes available for shared ownership VILLAGE N LOCATIO

AT BRIAR LEAZE Compton Bassett, Wiltshire

Purchase a 40% share from £90,000* (based on a full market value of £225,000) *Other monthly charges will apply

Contact GreenSquare on 01249 478910 or








The proportion of small and medium-sized companies run by women is increasing. In 2012, the Women's Business Council was established to advise the government on how women's contribution to economic growth can be optimised, and there are more and more women's business networking events and websites popping up, designed to encourage, support and inspire Women in Business.

This month we will celebrate International Women's Day on Sunday 8th March, the theme this year, 'Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change. Closer to home we have some amazing success stories to share, amongst ourselves of successful Women in Business! Join us to celebrate women; their limitless imagination, tenacity, boundless strength and their dreams!

Life Of Women


Having lived in different countries and cultures, survived a 20 years of war, growing up in a big family, being married for over 20 years and having two children I know exactly what we women are capable of.


Women are strong physically, mentally and emotionally. We create, nurture, support, carry and challenge the restrictions of our social traditions and love as well as we can shout, cry, weep and show our weaknesses.

A woman who rocks the crib with her right hand can rock the world with her left hand


is an Arabic saying. It is so true. We influence our partners, our children and our community and that comes a huge responsibility.

07788 688 576 | 01249 325 529



Women proved capable of doing and achieving their potential in a world dominated by men’s rules, it is a fact. But turning into bitter and revengeful creatures is not the answer. Great women create great men and women. So let’s celebrate! @indigocreativeUK


PEBBLES TRAVEL IS FAST APPROACHING ITS 5TH BIRTHDAY!! Sadie & martine still can’t believe they took the plunge and opened their doors 5-years ago, in this ever-evolving travel industry…

Alexandra Winchcombe Dip. F.S. L.M.B.I.F.D. Funeral Director

Alexandra is 30 years old and has grown up surrounded by her family business and has always had a keen interest in the profession. To further her knowledge, Alexandra has earned her Diploma in Funeral Service, through the British Institute of Funeral Directors (B.I.F.D.) making her a licensed funeral director, who regularly continues her professional development to maintain the license.

Faced with many challenges along the way, they still completely love what they do and couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else! If you are thinking of planning that once in a lifetime holiday, a city break, cruise, or just a family holiday, then make your travel arrangements with Pebbles Travel and get that truly individual service that makes all the difference. We will endeavour to make each escape extra special for you and your family. When booking with Pebbles Travel you can feel rest assured that your journey is fully protected as we are members of ABTA.

With this experience along with the traditions learned from her late father Charles and her ancestors, Alexandra is sensitive, empathic and knowledgeable in all aspects of the profession. Outside of work, Alexandra, a mother of two, is a keen dog walker, a classically trained musician and Leader in Charge of 4th Devizes Guides and Rangers; enjoying both the challenges and the outdoor activities they all involve.

Charles S. Winchcombe & Son


Incorporating Thomas Free & Sons Funeral Directors Est. 1875

Long established Family owned and run Qualified and licensed Available 24 hours a day Each funeral personalised Charles S. Winchcombe & Son Winchcombe House

Our address is: 2 The Causeway, Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 3BT – TELEPHONE 01249 447488 24

37, New Park Street, Devizes, SN10 1DT

01380 722500

Pre-paid funeral planning Craftsman made memorials

Thomas Free & Sons Albert House The Parade, Marlborough, SN8 1NE

01672 512110

At a very early age (12!) my first taste of hairdressing was working as a Saturday 'girl' in Chippenham and thinking and hoping this would turn out to be my chosen profession. Well... things didn't quite work out like that....sooo I met the love of my life at 18 and was married with 3 children by the age of 24!

The 2nd June 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of independent family owned business Odette Funeral Director. Odette currently Calne’s longest serving funeral director with over 20 years’ experience in the funeral business has quite a few achievements under her belt.

After the passing of my mum, we moved away to Swindon and I became a Foster Carer and life became really busy . Thoughts of being a hairdresser were forgotten until my middle daughter Natalie told me that she had always wanted to be a hairdresser and after leaving school, started an apprentiship in Swindon. After starting a family of her own, Natalie's life also changed and instead of a career in hairdressing, she decided to pursue work within a Supermarket. Then fate, played it's hand!


Whilst looking through the local paper, I saw a Salon for sale in Calne. Being a local Chippenham girl, I felt this was like coming home! So the girls and I looked at the Salon, put a business plan together and visited the bank!


Unfortunately, my husband had just been made redundant, and the owner of the salon wanted to sell and not rent the property out. However, the owner changed his mind, saying we could rent the property and my husband, bless him, gave me the deposit. The following month, the salon was open! With Natalie's experience and my college training, after just 5 years I bought the salon and expanded my skills by training as a beauty therapist. Fast forward 16 years. Having had a few up's and down's, and some disappointments along the way, I am very proud to say I am still here with my own successful business! This year will be a big year for celebrations. I will be 60 years of age and my daughter Natalie will be celebrating her 40th! The last 16 years have flown by, we both still so love what we do and have made some great friends along the way. Here's to the next 16 years!

To date they have won Funeral Planner of The Year 2018 and 2019 with Golden Charter Funeral Plans and it was just over two years ago that Odette invested in her own hearse and limousine. She is also proud that they are the only funeral directors in the local area with a completely re-furbished Victorian Funeral Bier circa. 1896. Whilst Odette Funeral Director has been a successful business from the off; Odette and her two children, Sara and Tom who work together in the family firm are always wanting to give back to their community, often donating to the local charities in the town, sponsoring activities and support groups. Sara has worked in the family business for almost 4 years and is very much involved in all aspects of running the office and seeing to the family’s needs. She manages her time between looking after her two children aged 10 and 2 years and believes she is being the best role model for her daughters, showing them that she can work in the business alongside being a loving mother.



Did you know that you pay a hefty financial price for staying loyal to business? From insurance to broadband, chances are you’re being hit with a loyalty tax for staying with the same provider of the service. For decades, a huge range of industries have made billions through a sneaky ‘open’ secret - the ‘loyalty charge’. This is where people who stick with the same service provider out of loyalty or convenience face increases in monthly or annual payments every time their agreement comes up for renewal. In one of the most shocking examples I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen TONS of them), I spoke to a man whose elderly mother was paying just shy of £2,000 for home insurance. He found out and spoke to some of her neighbours and found one with the same company who was paying just £300 for the same policy. For years, businesses have acknowledged that this behaviour is unfair and promised to change their ways - but never have. However, in the last year, thanks to publicity in the media, we reached a tipping point where the practice became so well known that people began to look at their own policies and get angry.

year was being paid out by loyal customers, with more vulnerable people or those struggling financially likely to be stuck paying more. Though this practice is finally being clamped down on, don’t expect changes overnight. Here are a few tips to help you tackle overcharging by businesses you’ve stayed loyal to. · When you sign a contract, put a note into your calendar for when the contract runs out. Then go back a month and put a reminder in so you’re prepared in advance. · Shop around ahead of the contract renewal. Keep an eye on the news for bad/ good deals and businesses that have been warned or fined. · Never assume your loyalty means you’ll be treated better. You won’t and you’ll be overcharged. · Be wary of contracts that run over a year if you’re likely to change your lifestyle – you may have to pay fees to get out of them. If you think you’ve been overcharged, here’s what you do:

The Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) investigated five industries; savings, mortgages, insurance, mobile and broadband service providers and found that an astonishing £4 billion extra a

· Start by turning detective. Find out when you signed up to the contract and when the original one was supposed to expire. If you’re paying for a phone or other goods as part of the contract, look for the date the item is paid off (it will be on your bill or online account). · Go on to the website for the business and see what you would be charged if you were a new customer for the same package. It’s worthwhile checking on comparison sites too, in case there are even cheaper deals around. · Contact the business and ask them to explain why you’re paying a higher price than a new customer and ask them to reduce your bill or match the price. Be prepared to vote with your feet. · The rules don’t say that the business has to refund you for what it’s overcharged you. But you can make a complaint and ask for the money back – and there are ombudsmen you can go to for free for all the industries that have been investigated so far. Most importantly, spread the word. Chances are you have a relative or friend who isn’t aware of the savings they could be making by shopping around. Have a chat and help them find a better deal or make a complaint. Having more cash in the bank is a good way to go on!

You can find out more about your rights or make a complaint using Resolver for free at Twitter @WalkerResolver @resolvercouk or JAMES WALKER – “FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS” The man who helps you resolve your consumer complaints!


New business owners for Signs Express (Bath) In an exciting new chapter for Signs Express (Bath), the Kay family, consisting of John Kay, Elizabeth Corble & Georgina Kay, has taken ownership of the market-leading franchise. Originally established in 2017, the business is one of the largest signs and graphics operations in the region and part of the UK’s leading signs and graphics company which has over 65 franchises across the UK. With over 40 years’ combined experience delivering large scale client projects, the Kay family are a highly skilled team able to assist with any signage project you may have. Signs Express (Bath) offer a full design, manufacture and installation service for all your interior and exterior signage requirements including window and vehicle graphics as well as promotional and event signage. John Kay commented: “At Signs Express (Bath) we are passionate about delivering creative, eye-catching signs and graphics whether that be shop signs or commercial hoardings, wayfinding signage or even customised printed wallpaper. We offer tailored solutions to our customers, whatever the size of the business, working within your budget to provide you with the perfect signage solutions. I am excited for the future, working within an area I love, creating signs that bring my customers’ businesses to life”.

With a new sales office in the centre of Bath and a fully equipped production unit in Calne complete with a purpose-built vehicle bay, Signs Express (Bath) is perfectly placed to service Bath, Calne, Chippenham, Malmesbury, Devizes and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to brighten up your shop front, transform your windows or illuminate your signage then contact them today: 01225 614830 or visit www.signsexpress/bath

SIGNS & GRAPHICS SOLUTIONS High-quality, local service that gets your business noticed through visual solutions 01225 614830





It all adds up +

Progressive Wiltshire law firm, Awdry Bailey & Douglas are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Head of Marketing – Steve Watson.

We look after your accounts while you run your business

Friendly and flexible accountancy for all types of small business


For a FREE initial meeting to discuss your needs, call 01666 824466 or visit

duncanjoyce & associates chartered accountants

Steve brings with him more than ten years of in-depth knowledge and expertise in professional services marketing and underlines the firm’s commitment to delivering excellence to all clients in an evolving market place.

36 & 38 Cross Hayes, Malmesbury, SN16 9BG

DuncanJoyce 73x90 AW.indd 1

Steve is a very creative and proactive person and has a strong track record in brand building, campaign planning, digital media and marketing leadership. He is also part of the 27/04/2012 19:57ABD management team and has a key role to play in helping to develop the firm’s brand, their visual identity and approach to market.


PC Hospital Surgeons On Call RAPID RESPONSE UNITS – FAST REPAIRS – We come to you • Computers restored to health • Intensive Care for crashed PC’s • RIP … Resurrection in progress • Qualified Surgeons COMP TIA A+ • Life Longevity Programme (Health Checks) • Body part replacement (Upgrades + Full Systems) • From £29 fixed Price repair (Plus any Components) • No Fix – No fee


01249 248346 or 07971 570869

Email: or visit


Alistair Everett, a Partner at Awdry Bailey and Douglas commented “Clients expect a modern approach to legal services and for law firms to be focused on what works best for them as clients. So in addition to strong technical ability, everyone here is committed to being friendly and approachable, giving regular updates on progress and driving matters forward. At ABD we believe in continuous improvement, because the legal world is everchanging and we understand that our clients are looking to us to provide them with excellence in everything we do”. “Steve’s recruitment emphasises this vision and demonstrates our commitment to excellence. We believe that Steve’s depth of knowledge, his creative thinking and his innovative approach will provide us with a solid platform to promote our dedicated lawyers and the exceptional service they offer to all clients”. Steve said “This is a very exciting time to be part of a law firm that understands the need to be different and genuinely puts clients’ needs at the heart of everything they do. Since my arrival everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, it really is a very positive, proactive place to work and I’m proud to be part of it”.



FUTURE In this life there are many things we cannot control but planning for a secure financial future is something that you can take positive steps towards achieving. Thinking about the key and significant milestones in your life and what you would like to achieve is a very simple first step. The next step would be to identify your goals, map them out into a life plan, then take the time to understand the financial implications of these goals. Make sure you consider what you owe, what you own, income and out-goings and what financial commitments you expect in the future, such as getting married or retirement. People are encouraged to look at the bigger picture and scenarios that may also have a financial impact, for example school fees, looking after elderly relatives and the impact of Inheritance tax on loved ones. Whilst some of these scenarios are easy to manage, others are more complex. To receive a complimentary guide covering wealth management, retirement planning or Inheritance Tax planning, contact us on:

01793 975 900

29 April 2020 10.30am

Considerations for successful investing, including market conditions, Brexit and the budget De Vere Costwold Water Park, Lake 6, South Cerney, GL7 5FP To register your interest or for more information on our events and what we can offer please visit or contact us on 01793 975 900

Your local service for: Wills & Trusts Home Protection Trusts Prepaid Funeral Plans Lasting Powers of Attorney

or visit:



Free Home Visit - Day or Evening

Single Will only ÂŁ88 Mirror Wills only ÂŁ74 each

Call our local helpline (8am - 8pm)

01225 683062



Goodwills Legal Services Ltd is a specialist regulated law firm



conditions, enabling their families to access the care and help they so desperately need.

That’s the question being asked by the children’s hospice charity Julia’s House, as it invites businesses to sign up for its £50 Challenge and make a lifechanging difference to local families.

“Julia’s House is communityfunded, therefore the support of businesses like yours is how our care happens,” explains Paul Baker, Corporate Fundraiser for the charity. “So rally the troops and join us for a fantastic teambuilding opportunity that will allow you to give something back to the community. The campaign runs from March until the end of June, but you can

The charity provides the initial investment – after that it’s up to your team to get creative and use their business skills to turn £50 into as much money as possible. Every pound raised makes a difference to local children affected by life-limiting

take part at any time. Businesses get to meet, compete and celebrate at our awards night. There are prizes for the most successful teams and ingenious ideas, but the biggest winners by far will be our families.”

How much money could your business grow from a £50 investment?

Julia’s House relies on public donations, fundraising and legacies for all of the money needed to run its vital service. The charity currently supports 178 families across Dorset and Wiltshire and the number is rising as medical and scientific advances mean more children are being born and living longer with life-limiting conditions. Families supported by Julia’s House can choose when, where and how they receive their care – at home, in the community or at one of the charity’s two hospices in Corfe Mullen and Devizes. The charity is there for the whole family, not just the sick child, providing emotional support and social opportunities for parents, grandparents and siblings to help break the cycle of anxiety and isolation that can impact family life. This regular respite and support, plus emergency and end-of-life care, is provided completely free to families thanks to the generosity of the local community.

Signing up to the £50 Challenge couldn’t be easier – call the Julia’s House Corporate Fundraising team on 01380 562525 or email You can find more information at www.juliashouse org/50poundchallenge


Sight Loss Drop-In Clinics If you or someone you know is losing their sight or living with sight loss we can help

BRANCH OUT WITH TWO NEW GARDENING GROUPS Fans of gardening and the great outdoors are invited to join Alzheimer’s Support’s new Muddy Boots clubs in John Coles Park, Chippenham and Long Barn in Lower Stanton St Quintin. The groups will give people living with dementia and their carers the chance to be involved in two different projects. At John Coles Park members can enjoy a variety of activities including pruning, helping with digging, weeding and planting or just generally enjoying being outside, while the Long Barn group is more physically active with the chance to plant trees, maintain hedges, tidy streams, chip wood and paint chicken coops. Gary Lamont, of Foragers Farm which will be helping to run the Chippenham group, said: “Gardening and enjoying a natural environment is so powerful and is a very positive experience for people. Everyone can work at their own pace in the group and keen gardeners and absolute beginners are equally welcome.” Group members do not need to have previous experience, but the Long Barn members will need to be physically active and enjoy being out of doors. “As well as a chance to get out in the open air, members benefit from the group atmosphere, an informal support network and a sense of belonging,” says Sarah Marriott, head of Alzheimer’s Support’s community services. “It’s a great opportunity for people to do something locally.” The Long Barn group will meet over six sessions starting on Monday 23rd March and ending on 18th May. They are four hours long with time to enjoy a leisurely lunch together, while the Chippenham group starts on March 27th for two hours with time for a tea or coffee. To find out more, visit muddy-boots or call 01380 739055.

A Community Sight Loss Advisor will be at the following locations to answer your questions and demonstrate a range of daily living aids and hi-tech gadgets. You are welcome to drop in or make an appointment if you would like some specific advice or a private chat. Pound Arts Centre, Pound Hill, Corsham, SN13 9HX Commencing Tuesday 3rd March 11am-1pm (This will run on the 1st Tuesday of each month) Chippenham Library, Timber Street, SN15 3HJ Runs the 2nd Wednesday of each month 10am-12 noon

For more information or to find out about other locations please call 01380 723682 or email Wiltshire Sight is a registered charity no.1119462

Tony Warren


Diploma in Funeral Directing

Local, Private Chapel of Rest designed with a home environment. For Care & Kindness, please ask for

Tony Warren Highly Experienced & Respected Funeral Director serving the Calne community & surrounding areas for many years For further and information a brochure. t Please contac us on:

24 hour Personal Service - to all areas Traditional or Green Funerals. Home visits Modern Mercedes or 19th Century Horse-drawn hearse Pre - Paid plans Available

Tel:01249 811333



KINGSTON HOUSE Residential Care Home For the Older Person

Residential and Specialist Dementia Care All rooms with En-Suite facilities Caring, Professional staff and a lively environment Regular trips on our Minibus Eden Alternative registered home Visitors always welcome

Get your mobility and independence

Mobility Scooters | Powerchairs | Motability Beds | Chairs | Wheelchairs Walking Aids Living Aids | Lansdowne Crescent East, Derry Hill, Stairlifts | 9NT Service & Hire Calne, Wiltshire SN11

Stairlift and Th We specialise in the i lives that much easier

Raise Lift Services Ltd

For further details, please contact the Home Manager Registered Charity No 1060478

01225 3443


Tel: 01249 815555 Fax: 01249 818928 E-mail:

Raise Lif

01225 344347 07875 206313

Stairlift and Through Floor Lift Installers. We specialise in the installation of lifts making people’s independence lives that much easier to stay, and enjoy their own homes.

Get your mobility and Get your mobility and independence Mobility Scooters I Powerchairs I Motability

Mobility Scooters | Powerchairs | Motability Beds

Beds and Chairs I|Wheelchairs Mobility Powerchairs |I Walking MotabilityAids Beds RiserAids Recliners All weather luxurious Cabin Car Walking with | Chairs | Wheelchairs AidsScooters Living | | Chairs | Wheelchairs Walking Aids Living Aids | Living Aids I Stairlifts I Service & Hire Stairlifts | Service & Hire from £495.00 remote locking, all round suspension, Stairlifts | Service & Hire windscreen wiper, reverse parking camera & sensors and integrated heating system.


146 High Street, Street, BA16 0ER 01458 4548355

TROWBRIDGE All weather luxurious Cabin Car with

Riser Recliners

from £495.00 2B Paxcroftremote Way,locking, Trowbridge, 7DG all round BA14 suspension, All weather luxurious Cabin Car with windscreen wiper, reverse parking camera remote locking, all round suspension, 01225 764800 & sensors and integrated heating system. windscreen wiper, reverse parking camera •

& sensors and integrated heating system.

STREET Get your mobility and independence 0ER STREET

Approved Which Trusted 146 Traders High Street, Street, BA16 for installation, 01458 4548355 service and repair

Riser Recliners from £495.00

Don’t delay call today for a free, no o There’s no hassle, we leave it to you, product suits your home and your pe

Don’t today Street, for a free,BA16 no obligation Approved Which 146 delay Highcall Street, 0ER quote. STREET TROWBRIDGE 1A, Mark There’s no hassle, we leave it to you, to ensure theTrusted Traders for TROWBRIDGE 01458 4548355 146 High Street, installation, service 2b Paxcroft Way, product suits your home and your personal requirements. Wilts 2B Paxcroft Way, Trowbridge, BA14 7DG and repair TROWBRIDGE Street, BA16 0ER Trowbridge, BA14 7DG 01225 764800 2B Paxcroft Way, Trowbridge, BA14 7DG •01458 1A, Market Place, Melksham, 448355 01225 764800 www.raise 01225 764800 Wiltshire, SN12 6ES Approved Which • Trusted Traders for installation, service and repair


Approved Which Trusted Traders for installation, service and repair

The Town Crier Magazine | DECEMBER 2016



Two Years Annual Fee Paid*

1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments from £229,950 to £669,500 You’ll be amazed by the stunning apartments and beautiful landscaped grounds

Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

There is so much on offer at the award winning Wadswick Green Village, from the chauffeur driven trips and concierge services to clubs and hobby groups. Use the swimming pool or have friends over for lunch in The Greenhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant - there is always something to keep you busy.

01225 220 943 Wadswick Green, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9RD

Land Wanted Contact us in confidence Prices correct at the time of publication. Other charges apply, please ask for details. *Terms and conditions apply, subject to reservation by 30th April 2020.


Want to live longer

& independently in your own home? In our lifetime we take around 250,000 journeys up and downstairs, so it’s not surprising that we might need a bit of help in later years to do the journey faster. Staircases are the place in your home where the more serious accidents can happen and fall risks increase, so why not choose a safer option and have a stairlift to get you up and downstairs in the home you love? We have transformed the lives of almost 5,000 people with the help of a stairlift or homelift and we can help you to live happily and independently in your own home. Installation can be done in a few hours and as a stairlift fits to the steps and not the wall, there’s no damage to decoration. Furthermore, research shows that having one fitted can reduce the need to go in a care home by between 4-7 years...

...So what are you waiting for?

Transform your life in the home you love Just imagine in just a few short hours, we can make stairs a much safer place by installing a stairlift. Visit Our Showroom: 25 Harris Road, Calne, SN11 9PT or call us on:

01249 814528



Funeral Director Jennifer Dip FAA, Dip FD, arranger Sue and the team at E. Wootten & Son pride themselves on their traditional ways and set the highest standards for the funeral profession. We will help you and your family through one of the most difficult times in your lives with compassion, respect, knowledge and openness. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure that the funeral you choose for your loved one is both personal and unique. Our caring services start from just £1995 (Plus third party fees) Bereaved families can rest assured, knowing that their loved one is being cared for within our purpose built premises, which include:

E Wootten & Son Funeral Directors

• Qualified and discreet personnel. • Private, homely and comfortable arranging rooms. • Quiet and private Chapel of Rest. • Fully equipped purpose built mortuary facilities. • Private parking for convenience and discretion.

E. Wootten & Son have their own fleet of vehicles on site which consist of a Mercedes E Class Hearse complemented with a matching limousine. Our private ambulance is fully equipped to ensure the journey into our care is dignified and respectful.

1 North Street, Calne SN11 0HQ 01249 812258

Established Visit our website: 1926

for full information and to watch our Dignity with Distinction video


Calne Evangelical Church Sunday Service times: Family Service 10.30am (crèche available) Evening Service 6.00pm Weekly activities: House Groups Tots 'n' Dots - toddler group Tuesday Club - primary school age Glow - 9-12 years Lazer - senior school age See church notice board or website, or contact us via email or ring 821754 for more information.

Johnson & Daltrey Independent Family Funeral Service Care and Compassion From Our Family To Yours.

 Full Facilities At All Of Our Branches  Fully Qualified Staff  Pre-Paid Funeral Plans  Memorial Stone Masons  Available 24 Hours A Day

1 Beach Terrace, Calne. SN11 0RD. (01249) 821200 112 High Street, Royal Wootton Bassett. SN4 7AU. (01793) 851400 21 High Street, Malmesbury. SN16 9AA. (01666) 822200


CHURCHILL RETIREMENT LIVING Churchill Retirement Living’s new development on The Causeway in Chippenham has been named St Andrew’s Lodge, in a nod to the nearby St Andrew’s Church which has stood near the heart of the town since the 12th Century. Construction is well under way on the new privatelyowned apartments at St Andrew’s Lodge, which once completed will provide 46 attractive, high quality, secure, self-contained apartments in landscaped grounds. As with all Churchill Retirement Living developments, Owners will have the benefits of a communal Owners’ Lounge, a Guest Suite, a Lodge Manager provided by Millstream Management Services, and a 24 hour emergency call alarm service.

name with a strong connection to the local community. We’re delighted to announce that our new collection of apartments in Chippenham will be called St Andrew’s Lodge, a name which we felt would link well with the church which our new apartment Owners will be able to look out on from the development. We hope St Andrew’s Lodge will be a place where local people can enjoy their retirement years to the full and remain active in the local community.”

Like all Churchill Retirement Living developments, the location has been chosen for convenience and is just a short walk from local shops and amenities of Chippenham’s town centre, as well as the peaceful surroundings of the River Avon and Monkton Park. For more information or to register for updates on the new apartments, please call 0800 458 1857 or visit www.

Churchill’s Regional Marketing Manager Caroline Haswell said: “For every new Churchill development we try to choose a

MAKE LIFE EASIER Rise and recline furniture Adjustable beds

Footcare: On the move: Mobility scooters shoes and slippers Mobility scooter repairs Large range of mobility aids Footcare appointments Hire services Stairlifts FREE Hearing health


The Mobility Store | Unit 9a Ellendune Shopping Centre | WROUGHTON | SN4 9LN NEXT TO TESCO - FREE LEVEL PARKING | Tel: 01793 815083 56 George Lane | MARLBOROUGH | SN8 4BY | Tel: 01672 511550 Lansdowne | BOURTON ON THE WATER | GL54 2AR | Tel: 01451 810088 36


Thinking Retirement... Think Churchill A brand new Churchill apartment is safe and secure, with a Lodge Manager to keep an eye on things. What’s more, you’ll have a sense of community with like-minded neighbours, use of the beautiful garden, and a sociable Owners’ Lounge, so you can enjoy your retirement to the full.


0800 458 1849




Pebbles PebblesTravel Travelin inconjunction conjunctionwith withWendy WendyWu WuTours Tours would wouldlike liketo toinvite inviteyou youto toan anevening eveningto tolearn learnall allabout aboutthe the award-winning award-winningCollection Collectionof ofEscorted EscortedTours Tours&&Tailormade Tailormade Holidays Holidaysthat thatWendy WendyWu Wucan canoffer. offer. Come Comeand andjoin joinus uson onan anextraordinary extraordinaryadventure adventurethrough throughtheir theirvarious various destinations destinationscovering coveringChina, China,India, India,South SouthEast EastAsia Asia--Borneo, Borneo,Cambodia, Cambodia,Indonesia, Indonesia, Thailand Thailand&&Vietnam. Vietnam.As Asevery everytraveller travellerisisdifferent, different,Wendy WendyWu Wuhas hasdeveloped developedaa range rangeof oftouring touringstyles stylesthat thatwill willallow allowyou youto totravel travelyour yourway!! way!!

IfIfthis thisis isof ofinterest interestto toyou, you,then thenwhy whynot notjoin joinus uson: on:

Wednesday Wednesday 1st 1st April April 2020 2020 Presentation Presentationto tostart startat at18:30 18:30

Event Eventto tobe beheld held--at atthe theAngel AngelHotel, Hotel,Chippenham, Chippenham,Wilts, Wilts,SN15 SN153HD 3HD Places Placesare arelimited limitedso socontact contactus ustoday todayto tobe beadded addedto tothe theguest guestlist list01249 01249447488 447488


22The TheCauseway, Causeway,Chippenham, Chippenham,Wilts, Wilts,SN15 SN153BT 3BT 01249 01249447488 447488 22The 447488 TheCauseway, Causeway,Chippenham, Chippenham,Wilts, Wilts,SN15 SN153BT 3BT 01249 01249 447488



E P N P I HAM’S C CH € $ Mystery Shopper


NOT once during February was our Mystery Shopper offered a better ‘over the counter’ rate for Euros or Dollars than Cashbrokers Chippenham...

Co Comp


All Curre

Online rates av


40 Opening

48 Market Place, Chippenham SN15 3HU (FIN •

Times: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 9am-3pm, Sunday: Closed

Your Friend...

with Some Cash

Y K C I N N G E ! R CUR $ Commission

onsistently petitive Rates

World Wide encies Available

“I saved £18 on my currency order, just by walking up the town to Cashbrokers Chippenham ... amazing!” Mrs Smith

“If you need dollars – go to Chippenham Cashbrokers, best deal around!” Mr Gallie

vailable ‘over the counter’



Authorised & Registered by the Financial Conduct




Wedding Car Hire Choose the perfect car for your wedding day. We have a range of vintage and modern cars to choose from... n Call Tony o 83 4 0 7 07909 8 to find out

more |

The most famous is definitely the BBC’s 1957 Panorama report on the bumper spaghetti crop. Huge numbers of British viewers were fooled by the footage of S wiss peasants gathering long strands of pasta from the trees!


In 1962, Swedish television viewers were duped into thinking that they could magically transform their black-and-white TV sets into colour by stretching a nylon stocking over the screen!

The Wiltshire Microlight Centre ‘for the flight of your life’ See the magical crop circles, white horses and ancient monuments of Wiltshire from the air. Gift Flights from £60 Yatesbury Field Nr Cherhill Wiltshire SN11 8HS Tel: 07836 554554 42

With April Fools’ Day looming it’s always fun, trying to spot the fake story. Some would say that in the current political climate it’s now almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. But back in the good old days when regular news stories didn’t sound as though they’d been dreamed up by the team who wrote Twin Peaks or Walking Dead newspapers and TV channels vied to see who could pull off the best prank.

Australians were confused in 1975 when they were told they were converting to metric time, with 100 seconds to the minute, 100 minutes to the hour and 20-hour days. In 2002 Tesco got in on the act and published an advert for genetically modified carrots. The advert said it each vegetable had air holes in the side which let them whistle when fully cooked! Finally, in 2008 people were amazed to see a BBC film of Adélie penguins flying across the Antarctic on their way to spend the winter in the rainforests of South America. This became one of the most viewed videos on the internet. Totally fake. With the boundaries between ridiculous and reality becoming ever more blurred, I suspect that spotting the fake story this year might prove more challenging than ever! By Sarah Davey

Toys and games for all ages from traditional to the latest craze including Wooden Toys, Soft Toys , Puppets, Board Games, Card Games , Puzzles, Craft Activities, Party Bag Fillers and much more

Wedding and Funeral flowers Flowering House Plants Cyclamen Bouquets made to order Same day delivery service

• • •

the clever little idea to assist in the sale of nearly new children’s clothes Visit the SMARTY PANTS page at to find out how it works

DON’T FORGET MOTHER’S DAY Sunday, 22 March Order your flowers now We take most major credit cards

Tel: 01249 814505 27 High Street, Calne



TETBURY MARKET HALL 19th, 20th and 21st March 10am - 5pm 50% off on selected items The Spring and Summer Collection with the Pima Cotton Tops and Hand Woven Silk Scarves. 07836 719853


New to



Proudly giving young people “A Chance To Sparkle” Since 2011

Now enrolling 6-17 year olds E-mail: Website: www.










THE BRIDGE HOUSE High Street, Chippenham (SatNav: SN15 3WL) Town Crier January Ad 150x217mm Mothers Day.indd 1

discover our world @BoroughParade 19/02/2020 19:36



eat SEASON ~March~

It's good to eat local seasonal foods. They are likely to be more fresh and tasty and it makes for a more sustainable food shop. There are lots of inspirational receipes at our fingertips. Some seasonal fruit and vegetables to try this month are:

LEEKS - Try a cheesy leek & broccoli bake, it's really yummy! KALE - Packed full of antioxidants PURPLE SPROUTING BROCCOLI It's a superfood too!


roasted, stewed with icecream or baked in a crumble!

ORANGES - clementine

& tangerines are good right now

KIWI & LEMONS Why not try a few of these ideas when you next go shopping?

Arnabit b tahini Ingredients: 500g cauliflower florets 500g potatoes cut into chunks For the sauce: 150ml tahini paste 100ml of lemon juice 350ml of water 3 medium garlic cloves crushed 1tsp ground coriander Vegetable oil, salt Method: Put the cauliflowers florets and potato chunks in a deep baking tray. Drizzle with oil and bake in the oven on 200 C for 25 minutes then turn the around and bake for further 20 minutes. While the cauliflower and potatoes are in the oven, Mix all the sauce ingredients except the ground coriander in a jug and stir well. the sauce must be runny as it will thicken while cooking. In a small shallow frying pan heat the ground coriander stirring all the time for a few minutes until the aroma is released. Then add to the sauce and stir. Once the vegetables are cooked, poor the sauce all over and mix well. Return to the oven for a 15 minutes on 200c. Take out of the oven and sprinkle some chopped parsley for garnish. If you wish to jazz it up, roast walnuts and scattered on top before serving. There will be a popup on Friday 20th March, South Wraxall Village Hall, 7 - 9.30. Celebrating spring on a plate ÂŁ35 per person. More information from Dancing Flavours 07763 930 199



LYSLEY ARMS 01249 247836

Karen Brewster and the team bringing a wealth of experience in the food and hospitality trade, offer you a warm welcome to the Lysley Arms.


every 2 weeks on a Thursday. Next date - 5th March & 19th March 2020 at 7.30pm


2nd week of the month on a Wednesday. Next date - 11th March 2020 - at 8pm [bring your own instrument or backing track]

STEAK Valentine’s MenuNIGHT every STARTERS Salmon mousse with cucumber salsa and aWednesday toasted croute – Smoked duck with rocket and orange2compote Steaks and a Goat’s cheese and red onion tart & figs bottle of house wine for £25.00 MAINS Corn-fed chicken breast stuffed with a herb mousse dauphinoise potato and a red wine jus DAY ALL

Lamb cutlets on a bed of roasted aubergine parmentier potatoes BREAKFAST and spring greens

served from Saffron risotto with asparagus and roasted fennel and parmesan cheese 12.00 noon

onwards starting from Individual fruit and brownie trifle £5.50 Raspberry and white chocolate roulade DESSERTS

Served with a glass of cocktail

Specials board changed daily, £30.00 per person contact us for details

London Road, Pewsham, Chippenham, SN15 3RU Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 12noon-11pm Sunday: 12noon-10pm. Winter Opening Times - Mon - Fri: Closed between 3pm & 5pm


What’s On

at the Greenhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant The Greenhouse at Wadswick Green is a stylish and relaxed dining destination located in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. The restaurant mixes mismatched shabby-chic furniture with handsome wooden tables and striking, specially commissioned artworks. Following the success of Valentine’s Day and our newly introduced Curry Nights, we have put together a list of events to fill up calendars of residents across Wiltshire. Our chefs have once again fired up the pizzas ovens and we are offering a free pint of draft lager, ale or cider when purchasing any pizza Thursday to Saturday between 5pm & 9pm.Choose from classics such as mozzarella, tomato and basil or if you want something a bit different try our cray fish, smoked salmon and blue cheese. March is looking super busy – join us for our Annual Ales Festival on Saturday 14th March, tickets are up for grabs at £10 and include two bottles of craft beer and box of chicken wings with a sweet BBQ sauce. A range of ales will be available for your enjoyment including a mix of Wiltshire favourites, Meantime and Brewdog, as well as quirky, weird and wonderful brews from across the UK. Enjoy live music between 3pm until 5pm from Spellbound – an event not to missed! Don’t forget Mother’s Day - always a great day at The Greenhouse - Treat your Mum with roasts and all the trimmings – we have so much choice: lamb, pork, beef, chicken and vegan nut roast at the set prices of 1 course £15, 2 courses £20 and 3 courses £25. Up next is Easter Sunday on 12th April where our roasts will be available once again, the perfect family atmosphere. Our Chefs use high quality local produce to create our contemporary and delicious menu, which includes dishes such as smoked salmon and crayfish linguine served with a chilli and white wine cream sauce; or old favourites like Greenhouse fish and chips with mushy peas and tartare sauce.


The opening times of The Greenhouse Restaurant are: Breakfast daily 9am to 11.30am, Lunch Tues - Sun 12noon to 3pm and Dinner Thurs - Sat 5pm to 9pm. The Greenhouse Coffee Shop is open 7 days a week Monday – Saturday 9am to 9pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm. Booking is always essential - to reserve your table for any of our upcoming events call us on 01225 585880 or visit for more information. Part of the MOD? Present a valid ID and receive 10% off your bill 12-3pm every weekday.


The Greenhouse Coffee Shop and Restaurant offers something for everyone Delicious relaxed or a la carte evenings with friends Hearty breakfasts and lunch time fixes of delicious sandwiches, paninis and homemade soups Cakes and pastries accompanied by Lavazza Italian coffee

Come down and experience every meal with us All of our food is made with high quality and local produce


Lunch - Tues to Sun 12noon to 3.00pm Dinner - Thurs to Sat 5.00pm to 9.00pm


Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 9.00pm Sunday 9.00am to 6.00pm Cooked breakfast daily 9.00am to 11.30am

Telephone: 01225 220 831 | Email: The Greenhouse | The Pavilion | Wadswick Green | Corsham | SN13 9RD


at ming World feeling! save




3.30pm 5.30pm & 7.30pm Masonic Hall Stanier Road, Calne Georgie 07884 274300

9.30am askWeslyan in group for Town Hall Suite, more details Malmesbury Paul 07970 469908

9.30am & 11.30am Beversbrook Sports Facility, Calne Emma 07792 127826

9.30am & 11.30am St Paul’s Church Hall, Chippenham Kim 07568 089226

9.30am Gerard Buxton Sports Ground Royal Wootton Bassett Lisa 07414 540866

5.30pm & 7.30pm Tadpole Farm School, Swindon Lisa 07414 540866


9.30am Holy Trinity Church, Shaw Emma 07792 127826

7.30pm 5.30pm & 7.30pm Ridgeway House Royal Wootton Bassett Sir William Romney School, Louise 07543 860421 Tetbury Paul 07970 469908



5.30pm & 7.30pm ask in group for St Paul’s Church Hall, more details Chippenham

5.30pm & 7.30pm Beversbrook Sports Facility, Calne Julie 07484 664209

6.30pm Longleaze Primary School Royal Wootton Bassett Lisa 07414 540866

that Slimming World feeling!

0344 897 8000

Kim 07568 089226

6.30pm Ridgeway House Royal Wootton Bassett Julie 07484 664209



ask in group for more details


9.30am Purton Village Hall Emma 07792 127826

5.30pm & 7.30pm St Michael’s Church Hall, Lyneham Donna 07596 241480 FRIDAYS 9.30am Lyneham Guide & Scout HQ Donna 07596 241480

The Spice of Life

that Slimming World feeling!

Lemon peel The peel and zest of a lemon is a nutritional power house, packed with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, vitamin C and calcium. Choosing organic is preferable so you don’t consume pesticides and remember that the skin and zest are more full of vitamins than the juice itself! You’d need to consume quite a lot to get a big nutritional benefit but if you’re using lemon juice you may as well do something with the outers at the same time!

If you place your lemons in the freezer for a couple of hours, take them out and grate them then you can sprinkle the grated lemon peel on your meals or in your drinks. You can also add it to the body of a roasted chicken before cooking—it will add a great smell and taste. Lemons are also prevalent in marmalades with their skins thinly or thickly sliced and of course what gin and tonic isn’t complete with a slice? You can also freshen your fridge with a few slices - they will absorb smells and add a fresh citrus scent.



SATURDAYS 8am 10am & 12pm Freshbrook Community Centre Swindon Louise 07543 860421

COME JOIN US FOR LIVE MUSIC Check our website and for more details! TO BOOK CALL

01225 765370

OPEN: Monday 4-11pm Tuesday - Sunday 12-11pm DOGS WELCOME / LOG FIRE 0344 897 8000 50

Chilmark Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 9DD

Ginger Panna Cotta with POACHED RHUBARB Give this classic Italian dessert a British twist with the addition of poached rhubarb to create this rich yet surprisingly light dessert. For the panna cotta: 600 millilitre (1 pint) double cream 75 gram (3 ounce) caster sugar 2 teaspoon Ground Ginger 3 sheets leaf gelatine, soaked in water to soften For the rhubarb: 1 Vanilla Pod 350 millilitre (12 fluid ounce) dry white wine 50 gram (2 ounce) light brown caster sugar 675 gram (1½ pounds) rhubarb

Add the sugar and the pod itself, bring to a simmer. Trim the ends of the rhubarb and cut into 5cm lengths, add the rhubarb to the saucepan and simmer gently until the rhubarb has just begun to soften. Remove from the heat, cover with cling film and leave to cool. Chill in the refrigerator.

Combine the cream, sugar and ginger in a saucepan. Bring to the boil slowly and simmer gently for 5 minutes. Add the gelatine, stir well until completely dissolved and remove from the heat. Pour the cream into 4 ramekins and chill in the refrigerator until completely set.

To serve, place a pile of poached rhubarb with a good spoonful of poaching liquor on a plate, dip the edges of the ramekin in hot water to loosen the panna cotta then invert onto the plate, carefully remove the ramekin leaving the panna cotta. Serve immediately.

Split the Vanilla Pod in half lengthways and scrape the seeds into the wine in a large saucepan.

For more inspirational recipes visit:


Beef in Guinness with Herb Dumplings 52

Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 3 hours Serves: 4-6 Ingredients For the stew...

2 tbsp oil 1kg braising steak , cut into large pieces 2 tbsp plain flour , well seasoned 3 onions , sliced 500ml Guinness 2 sprigs thyme

For the dumplings...

75g butter, frozen and grated, or 75g suet 150g self-raising flour 1 small onion , grated 2 sprigs of thyme , leaves stripped and chopped Water for mixing

Method Heat the oven to 150C/fan 130C/gas 2. Heat a little of the oil in a large ovenproof pan.

Lightly flour the pieces of braising steak and fry in small batches until well browned. Remove them with a slotted spoon and place them on a plate. Add the onions to the pan and fry on a fairly high heat until they soften and tinge brown at the edges. Pour the Guinness into the pan, letting it bubble up, then return the meat to the pan along with the thyme. Cover the pan and transfer to the oven for 2-2 1/2 hours or until tender. The sauce will sweeten and thicken during the cooking time. Make the dumplings (towards the end of the cooking time by mixing the grated butter or suet, flour, onion and thyme together and season well. Gradually add water to the dry ingredients until you have a soft dough. Divide into 12 balls. Place the dumplings on top of the casserole and return it to the oven, uncovered, for 25 minutes. Serve with shredded Savoy cabbage



TICK TICK TICK What are Ticks? Ticks are small, eight-legged creepy crawlies with a round white-ish body and are commonly found in grassland and woodland but also in your garden in areas with lots of wildlife around. Most active from March to October they are most commonly seen in warm wet weather. Ticks wait for you or your pet to brush past, then jump on and attach themselves to bite and feed on blood. Why are ticks an issue? Ticks have very sharp mouthparts that can cause inflammation around the area of the bite. They can also act as ‘vectors’ which means they can carry microorganisms and spread disease between animals and humans when they feed. In the UK these include Lymes disease, Ehrlichia and Babesia.

DO’s & DON’TS OF TICK REMOVAL *DO* Remove as so

on as you notice it *DO* Remove gent ly, ensuring to remove the mouthp arts *DO* Contact us if yo ur worried – we can demonstrate ho w to remove a tick *DO* Keep your pe t’s flea & tick treatment up to da te *DON’T* Use Vaselin e to deprive tick of oxygen *DON’T* Burn or pu

t alcohol on it *DON’T* Try and rem ove anything if you are unsure about wh ether or not it’s actually a tick

How do I prevent ticks? There are many products on the market that diffuse the anti-parasitic treatment into the fatty layer of your pet’s skin and will cause the tick to detach itself but the tick will still have to bite for this to be effective. If your pet is particularly prone to ticks there are also antiparasitic products available that both repel and kill ticks – it’s worth discussing this option with your vet. Keep up to date with any flea and tick treatment and this is essential if you are travelling with your pet as tick-borne diseases are often more common in other countries. If you have any questions please feel free to pop into one of our local branches and one of our team will be happy to advise you further.

How do I remove a tick? It is important that you remove the entire tick including its mouthparts, to minimise inflammation and infection. You must also remove it without squeezing the tick’s body. Using a tick hook safely and effectively removes the tick every time and is easy to use – these can be purchased from any of our branches. Slide the hook around the tick, keeping it level with the skin, and gently twist anti-clockwise. Once loose, pull the hook away and dispose of the tick by flushing it down the toilet.

Dr Catherine Mellor BVSC MRCVS The George Veterinary Hospital, Malmesbury 01666 823165 The George Veterinary Group, Royal Wootton Bassett 01793 852458


WHAT OUR CLIENTS FEEL MATTERS MALMESBURY 01666 823165 “An absolutely wonderful vet practice. Everyone is incredibly professional, kind and friendly...” THANK YOU to everyone who has already left a review for us online. We really love seeing these.

“Feel I am listened to and my pets wellbeing is paramount. Very thorough.”


“...hugely experienced with unrivalled knowledge, personal, friendly...”

“Would not take my pets anywhere else, always had wonderful service...”

Grittenham Grittenham Grooming Grooming

Grittenham Grooming is a small, friendly Dog Groomery based in a home environment, just outside Royal Wootton Bassett. We provide a personal, one-to-one service and style the dog to client preference. • Certificated, licensed for Dog Care, fully insured Dog Grooming specialist. • Established 1994 • Wash and Dry for a ‘bit of a freshen up’ • Complete groom out and de-matt. • Ears cleaned, nails trimmed and gland cleared • Pick up before you leave for work and drop off after you‘re home from work available. 54

Dogs are our passion at Grittenham Grooming and our main concern is the dogs’ welfare at all times. Airedales • Bischons • Westies • Scotties Spaniels • Retrievers • Labradors • Poodles to name but a few . . . For bookings, further information and prices, please contact Sally. If you would like to know more about us and our free range doggy boarding see the website: Little Ivy House, Grittenham SN15 4JU t: 01666 510298 m: 07747 077783 email:


Dog Lovers Wanted! െ

Would you love a dog in your life, without full-time commitment – or any of the costs?

െ Are you at home during the day? Bank Row, Church Street, Calne

Telephone: 01249 815563

Max Colbourne

All operations performed at our RCVS approved Veterinary Hospital in Chippenham.


Ser vices


Surgery Times - by appointment PLUMBING . HEATINGonly . Monday to Friday 9.00 -. 10am. BATHROOMS UNVENTED SYSTEMS. 2.30 - 4pm & 4.30No - 6pm Job too small



24 Hour

Emergency Service Saturday 9am - 10am Attention to detail guaranteed

For your convenience we run an ambulance service on Monday to Friday twice a day. Tel: 07815 836953 email:

Bird, Cat, Dog, Small Animal Supplies, Royal Canin,- Dryers Fridges - Freezers - Cookers - Microwaves James Wellbeloved, Burns and other major Toys, leads and collars brands of foods New Stockist RPoppys EPAIRSPicnic - SERVICING Raw Food - INSTALLATION - SALES Reptile Food - Live & Frozen

Steve’s Appliance Services Domestic Refrigeration Specialist

Tel/Fax 01249 821936 We take most major credit cards Mobile: 07877 055680 Tel: 01249 814505 High Street, Calne Email:

The care and comfort of your pets is our business   

Quakers Lane, Goatacre, Calne. Tel: 01249 760289

    

Licensed Boarding Kennels & Cattery. Special diets and medication catered for. Fully insured for your pets welfare. Friendly and experienced staff. Heated accommodation. A variety of food available. All dogs exercised regularly. Open all year. Email: 56

Do you have a secure garden and no children under 7 years old?

െ Would you like to earn a little extra? Then why not take a dog into your home while its owners go on holiday?

Is your Garage Door PleaseA get in touch with Jacqui to find out more: Bore?


Hale Veterinary Group

Email, call 01380 592 013, or visit our website at and select the Wiltshire branch


The Loving and Caring Alternative to Kennels Replace it with an automatic insulated roller shutter. Gain space on your drive. Win more precious space in your garage.

Spend less on heating. Furry Tails

Enjoy the luxury of an automatic garage door. Choose a great maintenance-free colour Take advantage of generous warranty terms. Keeps your garage cleaner. Features two remote controls. Special courtesy light for added convenience.

Dog walking & Pet Pop in service

Dog walker andlocal pet supplier care services Trusted DBS cleared CALL JOHN ON 01249 750371 Fully insuredTO ORDER

Clare: 07598 186 772

DECOR GARAGE DOORS Est: over 30 yrs

All Leading Makes


Huge Choice of Styles - Up & Over - Sectional Roller - Side Hinged Doors New & Existing Doors Automated (Remote Control) Garage Door Repair & Servicing FREE Quotation for new doors & automation



It's several weeks since my New Year resolution to lose weight and get fit. It's cold and damp outside. The gym is miles away, and there’s a TV program on about a knitting group in Nicaragua that looks interesting, and this sofa is ever so comfortable.

My self-motivation tank is empty! Does your determination and energy to get fit after New Year’s Day seems to run out sooner each year? Do you need to get fit? Do you need to lose weight? Do you know you’ll feel better if you

By Robert Grant

Reinvigorate your fitness routine do? It’s so much easier to fall back into old habits than to actively make a difference to our health isn’t it? So how do we stay motivated? Motivation is all in the mind. There is no physical difference between those who get fit and those who get fat. The fit people are just those who manage to leave the house and move their bodies. Clearly, we need to help our mind overcome the inertia currently preventing us moving from the couch. Get up, get dressed, get out. It sounds simple but getting

out of the door is the biggest hurdle. If you can force yourself to go through the motions of getting into your exercise kit, walking to the door and out of the house you're 90% of the way towards actually exercising. If you're standing outside dressed for exercise it's harder to change your mind and sneak back inside for another slice of cake.



Set an alarm to tell you when it's time for your exercise class, run, etc. Make sure you've got workout gear that makes you feel good. Something stylish, comfortable, colourful, or high-tech; it doesn’t matter, use whatever works for you. Make the getting dressed part something to look forward to. Baggy, stained, holey jogging bottoms will put you off the idea of stepping outside. Then just grab your keys, open the door and step outside.

• • • • • • • •

Corns Nail Trimming Verrucae Hard Skin Athlete’s Foot Ingrown Toenails Nail Infections Cracked Heels (fissures)

Clinics available at:

foot health care Sina Ohms MCFHP MAFHP

Start slowly. It’s important to pace yourself. Just because your neighbour can sprint 5 km in 20 minutes doesn't mean that you have to. Whatever exercise you are doing find a pace that is comfortable while still pushing you. As you exercise more you will gradually increase your exertion. Push yourself too hard at the beginning and exercise will seem exhausting, painful and make it harder to get going the next time. Once you begin to see your performance improving, you'll get excited about beating your personal best and want to prove to yourself just how good you are.

Set a short-term goal. The ultimate goal might be to fit into a size 10 dress, or have a perfect six pack with matching biceps, but realistically that's probably more than a few months away. Pick a goal that you can achieve within the next two months. Dropping one dress size, being able to run non-stop for 1 km, being able to do a proper pull-up. Achieving goals is as important as setting them when trying to keep your motivation high. Small successful steps build one on the other until all of a sudden, your ultimate goal is just within reach. 58

Foot Health Practitioner

The Chippenham Natural Therapy Centre Lodge Road (above Lodge Surgery) Chippenham, SN15 3SY Tel: (01249) 443390 The Oxford Practice 5 Oxford Street Malmesbury, SN16 9AX Tel: (01666) 824560 Home Visits: Tel: (01666) 838683 Mob: 07593 324128

Friendship and Exercise Group For Seniors Come and join us for a weekly dose of exercise @ St. Pauls Church, Chippenham Monday 10:00-11:00 We aim to improve your strength, balance, posture, flexibility in a fun and friendly environment Followed by a chat over Tea and Biscuits and a fun game Price: £5.00 including refreshments To register your interest please contact: Adam Dyer - 07875503586 |

Calne Foot Care For treatment of Corns, Callus, Thick Nails, Nail Cutting etc. Sandra & Wesley 07769 277967 Home visits £35, Clinic £30 The Hideaway, Moorhill Lodge, Fishers Brook, Calne SN11 9HB

Come and see us in our new salon for all your requirements NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED

01249 660263

There’s something so satisfying about crafting at home. Whether you’re making cards for loved ones, gifts for friends or just something delicious for yourself, you can’t beat the feeling of saying “I made that” and whiling away an hour or two doing something constructive.



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1. Mix all of the dry ingredients together. 2. Add the oils. You will need around 40 -50 drops for a good scent. 3. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly combined test the mixture by squeezing a small amount in your hand. It should press nicely without crumbling. You can add a few sprays of water if it does to combine it. 4. Pack the mixture tightly into your mould. Silicone ones tend to work best. Leave to dry for 24 hours. 5. Remove from the mould and leave for another 24 hours. Then drop into your bath and enjoy the fizz!


‘Stylish and manageable hair after every wash’ That’s been the philosophy behind Pamplemouse’s work for the last eight years. And it’s what’s lead to our success. We’re growing, because our client base is growing. That’s because our clients leave the salon with great looking hair. We’re thrilled to announce that Pamplemouse have moved from number 11 Church Street to number 9. It’s only next door but it means a bigger salon, more beauty treatments - including manicures & pedicures, HD brows, Supercilium Henna Brows and LVL Lash Lift Tint - and more space for our clients to relax and enjoy being pampered. Pamplemouse will still have the same great team; including stylists Christine, Janet, Hannah, Emma, Kim, Natasha and our lovely trainees, Saph & Sandra. Christine Lilley, Managing Director, believes that far from offering a daunting encounter, a visit to Pamplemouse should be an inspirational experience centred on the client’s individual needs:

‘We’re thrilled to be moving into larger premises and that’s down to the skill and hard work of all the staff here. We stand out from the many other salons in Calne because we 60

offer a truly bespoke service undertaken by exceptionally qualified and imaginative staff with many years of experience.’

Pamplemouse also uses the best products on the market. JOICO is chosen specifically to enhance the condition of hair and all the team receive regular training to ensure that high standards are maintained. The new salon itself has also been designed with client’s comfort in mind.

She adds: ‘We want every client to leave the salon ‘With free WIFI, a great cup feeling thrilled with their of tea or coffee, a glass of hair and after every wine, and a relaxing massage wash. A good cut and backwash on offer along with a colour are an investment great friendly atmosphere, we believe most of our clients will because they last. Too be tempted to stay at 9 Church many hairdressers cut Street all day,’ laughs Christine, and colour hair that ‘but when they looks great in the salon do leave, we but isn’t sustainable once guarantee they will want to come the client gets home. We back because you want our customers to can’t beat great have a style with which looking hair and that’s what they feel comfortable. we’re Our philosophy is simple: here to achieve.’ Stylish and manageable hair after every wash.’

Anxiety / insomnia IBS Migraines Fibromyalgia / ME / CFS

Female health issues Reflexology, massage & facial treatments for your Post-operative recovery physical, mental and emotional equilibrium Lymphoedema

The Mill Reflexology, massa Beauty Studio Reflexology, massage & facial treatments fo physical, mental emotional equilibrium physical, mental an March &and April

Reflexology and massage may help relieve the symptoms Anxiety / insomnia IBS Migraines Fibromyalgia /SPECIAL ME / CFS

Reflexology, massage & facial treatments for your physical, mental and emotional equilibrium

OFFERS Reflexology and massage may help with:

Female health Post-operative Lymphoedema

Time to give your skin some

Reflexology and massage may Gift vouchers available – any denomination or treatment; decide! care after the tenderyouloving • Stress management Female health help relieve the symptoms of: • Anxiety / insomnia winter and get some ‘spring’ • Sleep difficulties Post-operativ • Female health issues Yvette Baker MAR MFHT back into your skin with • Migraines Lymphoedem • IBS 07850 414271 01249 821119 • Post-operative recovery • Migraines • Lymphoedema Facebook: • Fibromyalgia / ME / CFS

Reflexology and massage may help with: 30% off all Diamond Dermabrasion Facials management

• Stress 01249 816827 • Sleep difficulties 2 Lower Quemerford mill 07850 414271 01249 821119 Wiltshire SN11 8JS • Migraines Calne, Offer ends 30th April 2020


Gift vouchers available – any denomination or treatment; you Facebook: harmonyholisticscalne

Yvette Baker MAR MFHT 07850 414271 01249 821119

Gift vouchers available – any denomination or treatment; you de Facebook:


Yvette Baker MAR MFHT 07850 414271 01249 821119

Fully Insured


Michael Phoenix



and non-needling treatments appointments available at

Beversbrook Medical Centre

Telephone: 01793 434358 Mobile: 07790 466614

Gift vouchers available – any denominati The Town Crier Magazine | JUNE 2018



E-MOTIONAL SOCIAL ELECTRIC BIKE RIDES Do you own an ebike and wish you could ride out occasionally with like minded people? You’re in luck. Our E-motional Social rides are on the 1st Sunday of each month and take in a new route each time. If you don’t have an ebike and fancy a go we’ll loan you one for the morning.

Hypnotherapy of Calne Sarah-Jane Morris

Dip Hyp Cs, Dip CP, Ad Dip Cp

Here at e-motion we’re in our 11th year and stock 8 of the very best brands. Buying a relatively new product like an ebike can be confusing especially now with the huge variety of ebikes on the market. A visit to a specialist such as ourselves where you can see and try over 60 models in one place and ask as many questions as you like to friendly knowledgeable staff who have a combined 25 years of experience working with ebikes. We also repair, service, buy and sell secondhand electric bikes. So if your wondering what all the fuss is about and fancy a go on an electric bike we’ll take you on a short test ride from the shop or if you want to go further afield you’ll be very welcome on a Sunday morning, “Emotional Social ride!” To reserve a space call 01793 251200 and ask for Mark.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy at The Stables, Fishers Brook, Calne, SN11 8JA • How Hypnotherapy can help • How to turn negative thoughts to positive • Getting rid of frustrations • Tackling underlying issues. • Understanding hypnotherapy

Clutter Clearing Please phone to book place.

FOR THE817463 NEW07947 YEAR 01249 829814 Email:


cut nails, We cut nails,not notcorners! corners! WeWe cut nails, not corners! AVE AVE SOS Footcare offers treatment SOS Footcare offers treatmentininthe thecomfort comfortof of OUR OUR your home a fully qualified your home by a fully qualified insured SOSbyFootcare offers treatmentand inand theinsured comfort of your OLES OLES home by aPractitioner fully qualified and insured Foot FootHealth Health Practitioner

Full consultation && neurovascular assessments Full consultation neurovascular assessmentsincluded included Foot Health Practitioner nails cut & trimmed Corns Corns enucleated Calluses Callusesreduced reduced ToeToe nails cut & trimmed enucleated • Full consultation & neurovascular assessments included Verruca, fungal nails, ingrown toenails & athletes foot treated Verruca, fungal nails, ingrown toenails & athletes foot treated Diabetic foot care advice Relaxing foot massage Diabetic care advice Relaxing foot massage •foot Toe nails cut&&& trimmed • Corns enucleated • Calluses reduced

07821521115 521115 T:T:07821

WhatsApp WhatsApp

• Verruca, fungal nails, ingrown toenails & athletes foot treated • Diabetic foot care & advice Relaxing foot massage @sosfootcare @sosfootcare


T: 07821 521115 E:

WhatsApp 62


events March 2020

LYNEHAM SINGING GROUP Every Tuesday 10am – 11.30am

TOWN HALL MOVIOLA The Good Liar (15) Weds 18th March 2020

Calne Town Hall Starring Helen Mirren and Ian Mckellan. A career con artist meets a well-to-widow online. She opens her home and her life to him but to his surprise he finds himself caring about her, turning what should have been a cut-and-dry swindle into a treacherous tight-rope walk. Tickets £6.00 from the information centre or on the door. Refreshments available.

Lyneham Library Suitable for people who think they cannot sing. Contact: Margaret on 01249 890018


Bath We are delighted to announce that Dorothy House has 100 Silver Bond places. These are available on a first come, first served basis and we’d love to have you on the team. We ask for a payment of £37 for the place and a guarantee that you will be able to raise £200 or more for Dorothy House. To secure your place go to the website below. Independent Places - If you have already bought your own independent place through Running High, please let us know through our website below.


Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge, BA14 9AA. James H Soars Media Services are promoting the very special Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Big Band 'Natural Invention" Album Launch Tour April/May 2020. The Gigspanner Big Band are a unique force in British folk music. Doors: 19:30 Tickets: £23.00 Tickets from:

Team Dotty - Once you’ve joined Team Dotty we’ll send you a fabulous dotty running vest or T-shirt, sponsor forms and Running Handbook full of info and tips to maximise your fundraising and enjoyment of the day. For full details please go to:

CRICKLADE BAND SPRING TABLE-TOP SALE Saturday 21 March 11am to 1pm

Town Hall, Cricklade If you're a Table-Top seller call 01793 750516 to book your table, at just £6. Setting-up is from 10am. If you're a Table-Top browser, who knows what you might find? The band itself will have not only our famous eat-in or takeaway homemade cake array but bacon rolls too, tea, coffee, games of chance and a raffle or two. Come for brunch and a browse!

Odd Down Sports Ground, Bath Sunday 21 June 2020 9:30am - 12:30pm Registration opens at 9.30am Run starts at 10.30am. Take part in this timed and measured run in your lycra or your pyjamas – the choice is yours! All participants receive a free breakfast bap and hot drink at the end as a well-deserved reward. The fun run route consists of loops round the cycling track in the beautiful and safe sports ground. It's a flat course on tarmac and is easily accessible for runners and spectators. Registration from 9.30am to collect their running number and timing chip. Toilets and changing rooms available. On-site cafe / Dogs welcome (but may not take part in the run) For full terms and conditions and to sign-up please go to:





events March 2020

BROUGHTON GIFFORD PIECEMAKERS QUILT EXHIBITION Friday 27th March 2020 4-8pm Saturday 28th March 2020 10.00-4.30pm

The Village Hall, The Street, Broughton Gifford SN12 8PN (Behind the former Fox public house) Disabled access An exhibition of work plus trader stand,sales table and refreshments. Raffle in aid of Wiltshire Air Ambulance (draw 4pm Saturday) Entrance £3 Contact details 07734 320548

MARDEN HOUSE CONCERTS Sunday 29th March 2020 3.00 pm

Marden House, Calne Usha Kapoor - violin and Edward Leung -piano. Indian-American, Usha, has performed extensively in North America and Europe and Edward has performed across North America, Europe and Asia. They were First Prize winners of the inaugural Birmingham International Piano Chamber Music Competition. These highly talented musicians will feature works by Schubert and a suite from Bernstein's West Side Story. Tickets: £14 Adults, £1 Full-time STudents. Available from Calne Information Centre or at the door. For further information visit:


Neeld Community and Arts Centre Chippenham He was hailed as Britain’s Elvis Presley. They were the band that got excited teenagers wearing black-rimmed specs and strumming tennis rackets. Cliff Richard and The Shadows dominated Britpop in the early sixties…..and six decades later, Cliff is still out there wowing the crowds. Tickets are available from the Box Office: 01249 446699 or online at: simon-goodall-and-the-bourne-again-shadows/ Eat as much as you can of my delicious Lebanese Spring menu. All dietary requirements catered for. Enjoy a dancing show and take part if you wish. Perfect mother’s day present or just celebrate spring with your family and friends. Mint tea and Turkish coffee included. Bring your own drink. .

POP-UP LEBANESE RESTAURANT Friday 20 March 7-9.30pm

South Wraxall village Hall, BOA, BA15 2SE 66

£35 per ticket £39 per ticket plus 1 glass of Lebanese wine Book soon to secure your seat. To enquire and book email Wafaa on 07763 930199

Unit 6, Porte Marsh Rd, Calne SN11 9BW Full credit card facilities available



TELEPHONE: 01793 850441 WEBSITE:

109 HIGH ST, WOOTTON BASSETT, SWINDON SN4 7AU Allied Wessex Westinsure is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority



The Town Crier Magazine | FEBRUARY 2019


SAVE 20% - NO VAT TO PAY!!! Customized paintwork & restoration for cars and MOTORCYCLES

• • • • • •

Accident Repairs

Paintwork - Doors Bonnet/Roof Rear Wing/Front Wing Full Bumper/Half Bumper Full Resprays Undertaken

01225 754300/07968 196633 email:

Unit 19 Dunkirk Business Park, Frome Road, Southwick, Wilts BA14 9NL

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See facebook for latest projects & updates.



BULBS, BABY! Natures amazing packets of magic that never fail to deliver. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing with them! The best thing about gardening is in the experimentation. Have a go at planting bulbs in pots. Try the traditional tulips, crocuses and daffodils and pop them into smaller containers inside. This will give you a sneak preview of spring in January. As well as your indoor bulbs, have a go at laying some out in your garden. They will survive winter in the ground and in fact need the cold to perform at their best. It’s best to plant out your bulbs reasonably quickly or if you store them for a while make sure it’s in a cool place. Step one is to make sure that you know where you want to plant the bulbs. Think about how they may look when they finally emerge. Do you want uniform colour? Do you want a more informal arrangement? Next prepare the soil. It should be loose and well-drained for your bulbs to perform their best. It’s a good idea to mix in some organic material like compost or a special bulb fertiliser if you’re not sure what you’re doing and at least this way you maximise the chances of getting the right mix, if you’re not overly experienced. Planting depth is important. Be aware that planting bulbs at the correct depth helps them start to grow at the right time. As a rule of thumb you plant two to three times as deep as the bulb is tall, but check the packet instructions to be sure. Planting too deep will produce late blooms or no blooms at all. Shallow planting can subject tender, new growth to late-season cold weather. Get your hole ready and pop in the bulb nose up (or roots down). Cover it over with soil and then add a small-mesh hardware cloth if you are concerned that small animals may appear to dig up your investment! Take out your trusty watering can and give those bulbs a good drink. This is where patience is a virtue. Your excitement needs to be held back a little until the sun starts to shine and you see the first little shoots appearing. There really isn’t a better feeling!

01793 261261 I LOW MA







PATIOS | DECKING | FENCING | GARDEN WALLS | PONDS | DRIVEWAYS | BLOCK PAVING FREE - Prompt Quote Call Michael on: 01249 540128 or 07737 001383 e: w:

PATIOS | DECKING | FENCING | GARDEN WALLS | PONDS | PDRIVEWAYS ATIOS | DECKING | FENCIN | BLOCK PAVINGG | GFREE ARDEN WALLSQuote | PONDS | - Prompt DRIVEWAYS | BLOCK PAVING Call Michael on: FREE - Prompt Quote t: 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383 e: Call Michael on:

w: acres ahead landscaping t: 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383

PATIOS | DECKING | FENCING |e:w: GARDEN WALLS |PATIOS PONDS | & Compost Topsoil Mix| | DECKING | FENCING PDRIVEWAYS ATIOS | DECKING | FENCIN G||PONDS | | BLOCK PAVING GARDEN WALLS Soil| DECKING Improver Compost ATIOS | FENCIN GFREE ARDEN WALLSQuote |PDRIVEWAYS PONDS | | BLOCK PAVINGG | - Prompt GFREE ARDEN WALLSQuote | PONDS | DRIVEWAYS | BLOCK -PAVING Prompt Call MichaelIdeal on:for Landscaping| &BLOCK Gardening DRIVEWAYS PAVING Call Michael on: FREE - Prompt Quote t: 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383 FREE Prompt Quote Tel: 01793e:t:854847 / 07515 062947 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383 e: Call Michael on: Call Michael on:

acres ahead landscaping w: acres ahead landscaping acres ahead landscaping w: t: 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383 t: 01249 540128 m: 07737 001383 e: e: w: acres ahead landscaping w: acres ahead landscaping Mulches Bark

Natural Play Surfaces

orsham Landscapes and General Building • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brick & Stone Work Block Paving & Patios Gravel Driveways Extensions & Concreting Chimney Repairs Drystone Walling Dropped Kerbs Fully Licenced Tarmacing Garden Design Fencing & Decking Turfing & Treework Flooding Solutions Ponds Made To Shape

Tel: 07833 750393 or 01225 811010 70

MH Tree Services For all aspects of tree surgery, stump removal & hedge trimming For a FREE quotation please call

07707 07707375 375961 961 01249 01249892 813103 486

Hardy annuals are the most obliging. They don’t need a propagator or a greenhouse, or even a windowsill; all they need is a sunny spot and some well-drained soil. Just sprinkle the seeds in the ground and you can look forward to a fiesta of summer colour for very little work.

be planted once as they are prolific self-seeders! Look around your garden for gaps in beds and borders which are in a sunny spot and well-drained. Don’t plant when it’s cold or the soil is wet and sticky. Wait until the weather is mild and soil is damp and crumbly, then fork it lightly to break it up. Use a rake to create shallow furrows, sprinkle the seeds over and rake them gently in, raking across the furrows to cover them. Bigger seeds like nasturtiums can be pushed into the soil a couple of centimetres deep and 1015cm apart. Label the area so you know what should come up. The biggest enemy of the newly-planted hardy annual seed is the domestic cat!

They love a patch of freshly raked soil, and will happily do their business in your handiwork and then kick up all your seeds without a second thought. Thwart the moggies by laying twiggy pea sticks over the area (and particularly twiggy and thorny prunings will do!). Remove them with the shoots are big enough or stand them up and use them to support the taller annuals. Thin them out a little to one plant per 10cm and water them if the weather is very dry. You don’t need to feed them, they flower best when the soil is not rich. Food and manure will favour leaf production whereas we’re after flowers and lots of them!

FIESTA An annual

Happy gardening!

By Rachael Leverton

I’ve always loved an annual. From Bunty to The Blue Peter Annual, they were crammed full of interest and fun. As I grew older my taste in annuals has become more horticultural. One little pack of seeds is now my gardening equivalent of the Beano - a brief shelf-life and packed with colour.

The choice of plants and hue is wide. If blue is your thing try a soft shade of love-in-amist, or a vivid blue cornflower, or the most gorgeous tiny phacelia. For pinks try a fluffy clarkia or delicate godetia. Nasturtiums span the colour wheel from cream through yellow and orange to deep red.

Annual doesn’t mean small either. Both larkspurs and amaranthus are tall and elegant, and cleomes which also provide height probably only need to



Your local independent builders merchant Our friendly helpful staff are here for the tradesman and DIY enthusiast alike.

For all your building, roofing and landscaping requirements please give us a call. Stroud




Account facilities subject to status


within 15 miles

Beversbrook Industrial Estate, Redman Road, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9PL 72

Chalford Building Supplies




Chalford Building Supplies

Redman Road Porte Marsh Road

Stainer Road


%01249 810200




Opening times: Weekdays 7am to 5pm; Saturdays 7am to 12 noon







Rodborough Common

CBS Towncrier 156x222 April.indd 1

03/04/2014 13:38

Ged Byrne

Professional Handyman Services • Renovation, Restoration, and Repairs of old and new buildings, small and large, Domestic and Business • External and internal painting and decorating • Repairs to bargeboards and fascia boards • Internal & external door hanging • Water damage repairs

▪ Garage Conversions ▪ Carpentry ▪ New Builds ▪ Kitchens ▪ Extensions & ▪ Bathrooms Renovations ▪ Patios & Gardens ▪ Plastering From attic ▪ Tiling clean-outs to hous ▪ Painting & ▪ Fencing & Decking Decoratingclearances and much more – ▪ Roofing

• Stud walls and ceiling-height book cases, and more • Sound proofing • Dry lining • Concrete paths, drives, shed bases, etc

From attic clean-outs to household and garage we’ll remove All aspects of building worksit, andsort it, clearances and much moremaintenance –and whatever your undertaken recycle it! need, • Skirting, panelling, we’ll remove it, sort it, and floorboards Call for a FREE quote and more - please ask and recycle it! Tel: 01225 351798 Renovation, Restoration, Repairs • Pointing, both traditional lime and modern mortars

Interior & exterior, Old and New Buildings

Mobile: 07835 302858 Tel: 0845 217 8673 Based in Calne.


Mob: 07870 153429 Email:

From attic clean-outs to household and garage clearances and much more – whatever your need we’ll remove it, sort it, and recycle it!

From attic clean-outs to household and garage clearances and much more – whatever your need, we’ll remove it, sort it, and recycle it!

From attic clean-outs to household an more – whateve From attic clean-outs toclearances householdand andmuch garage we’ll–remove it, your sort it, clearances and much more whatever need, we’ll remove it, sort it, and recycle it! and recycle it! Call 01225 894238 Call 01225 894238

Call 01225 894238

Registered Waste Carrier Lice

Registered Waste Carrier Licence No: CBDU91509

Registered Waste Carrier Licence No: CBDU91509

Call 01225 894238


Justcalljim • Plumbing • Carpentry • Painting • General Maintenance • No Job Too Small • Competitive Prices

Tel: 07864 321697

All Home Improvements Plumbing, Joinery, Interior & Exterior Decoration And Maintenance Free quotes, no call-outs fees, No Job too BIG or small

Experts in all building works, renovations, conversions, decorating, kitchens and bathrooms for your home or business The Courtyard, Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF Prior and Marden joint advert.indd 1

Established Family Business, Fully Registered and Insured Tel: 01249 819639 Mob: 07776 323495


R G BUFTON Specialist in Dry Stone Walling and Stone Restoration 01249 760201 or 07568 566234 74

Tim Lee

Building & landscapes

extensions | Garage Conversions Walls - stone/brick & blockwork Driveways | Fencing | Roofing Free Quotations l High Standard of Work

Call: 01249 821739 Mob: 07966 210015

Contours Carpentry

• Wooden and Laminate Flooring • Door Hanging • Skirting and Architrave • Balustrade • Shelving and Bookcases • Bespoke Furniture • Cupboards and Storage Solutions

07500 832198 or 01249 817082

FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING & RENEWABLE REQUIREMENTS Electrical Rewires, Alterations LED Lighting, Test & Inspecting, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Plumbing Refurbishment, Central Heating, Hot Water & General Repairs, Wood Burners & Flue Installations Renewable Solar PV & Battery Storage, Solar Hot Water, Air/Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps & Biomass Boilers Wilts Electrical Contracting Ltd, 10 Harris Road, Porte Marsh Ind Est, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9PT

Plastering, Painting and Decorating, Coving, Artexing All general maintenance. NO JOB TOO SMALL

29 years experience

Tel: 01249 812850


Call Andy on: 01249 463670 07507 575330


Odd Jobs House & General Maintenance Painting and Decorating Gutter Cleaning Fencing Window Cleaning No Job Too Small Give Darryl a call

07979 632388 • Complete Heating Systems • Boiler Changes • Gas Appliances • Fault Diagnosis • Correction & Servicing • Bathroom Design • Installations & all your plumbing maintenance

‘we will not be beaten on price’ All prices include VAT All areas in Wiltshire serviced. Free Quotes. Call out charge £45 inc. VAT for first hour.

Tel: 01249 811313 Mob: 07859 931177



Ser vices Ser vices

Max Colbourne M Max O & G Colbourne A . M . .H A . PO & G P






PLUMBING . HEATING .. . UNVENTED SYSTEMS BATHROOMS BNo ATHROOMS . U NVENTED SYSTEMS . Job too small Nodetail Job too small Attention to guaranteed

Attention to detail guaranteed

Tel: 07815 836953

07815 836953 email:Tel: email:

Steve’s Appliance Steve’s ApplianceServices Services

Fridges - Freezers - Cookers - Microwaves - Dryers Fridges - Freezers - Cookers - Microwaves - Dryers

Domestic Refrigeration Domestic Refrigeration Specialist Specialist


Tel/Fax 01249 821936 Tel/Fax 01249 821936 Mobile: 07877 055680 Mobile: 07877 055680

Email: Email: 76

TheThe carecare and and comfort of your comfort of your


Is your Garage Door your Garage Door A Is Bore? A Bore?


Celebrating 13 years serving the Calne area

• Oil, Gas, & Solid Fuel Heating Systems • Installation & Service Replace it with an automatic insulated it with an automatic rollerReplace shutter. • Bathroom Installation andinsulated Tiling Gain roller spaceshutter. on your drive. Gain spaceof onLeadwork your drive. precious space in your garage. • Win Allmore Types Win more space in your garage. Spend less precious on heating. heating. • AGA-RAYBURN SPECIALIST EnjoySpend the luxuryless of anon automatic garage door. Enjoy the luxury of an automatic garage door. Choose a great maintenance-free colour a great maintenance-free colour Take Choose advantage of generous warranty terms. Take advantage of generous warranty terms. Keeps your garage cleaner. Keeps your garage cleaner. Features two remote controls. Features two remote controls. Special courtesy light for added convenience. Special courtesy light for added convenience.

Telephone: 01249 813514 Mobile: 07836 688111 Trusted locallocal supplier Trusted supplier Email:


Experts in all building works, renovations, conversions, decorating, kitchens and bathrooms for your home or business

STEVE COWLEY The Courtyard, Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF

For all your Plumbing & Heating

Mob: 07795 836472 SRC PLUMBING Tel: 01249 824787 & HEATING Derry Hill, Calne

Specialists in all roofing, Upvc fascias, soffits and guttering, leadwork, chimneys and sundry works for your home or business The Courtyard, Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF

Prior and Marden joint advert.indd 1

26/01/2015 14:03


Flat Roofing Specialists Ltd Flat roofing in Calne, Chippenham and throughout Wiltshire for over thirty years • Traditional 3 layer flat roofing system • Torch On felts and pour and roll products • High performance felts • Manufacturer guarantees ROOFING LEADWORK FASCIAS, SOFFITS & GUTTERING TIMBERWORK BUILDING SERVICES

• Members of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors

White Horse Roofing Ltd

01249 815545 07815 092383 CALL US FOR FREE QUOTES

White Horse Roofing specialises in: • Traditional Roofing • Leadwork & Lead Burning • UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering T: 01249 819128 M: 07788 885699 E: • EPDM Rubber Flat Roofs • Building Services 103 London Road, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 0AD • Timberwork

Free Quotations | Fast Service | Quality Guaranteed


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

By Willow Coby

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers ‘Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door’. This is the opening line of this wonderful picture book. A very simple story but one that can’t help but draw you in emotionally. Finding a penguin at your door is not a normal everyday occurrence, and what happens next isn’t normal and everyday either. The boy realises that the penguin is lost and is determined to help him find his home. After checking and the ‘lost and found’ and realising that no one has reported a missing penguin, he sets out to return him to the South Pole in a small rowing boat. But is the penguin really lost and will returning him to the South Pole really be what the penguin wants? This is a wonderful story of an unusual friendship and finding what is missing in life.


You’d have to have been living under a rock over the last couple of years to have not heard of The Handmaid’s Tale even if it is just through the hugely successful TV series on Channel 4. However, the novel itself is not was first published in 1985 and appears on set text lists for English Literature courses from A Level to university degrees. Fans of the book have not been disappointed by the TV series and so this bodes well for people wanting to go the other way. Like the TV series, the novel tells the story of life in Gilead from the point of view of Offred, a handmaid to commander in the new political regime. A dystopian view of America presents us with a country where fertility levels have declined due to radiation poisoning and so Offred’s ability to reproduce means that she is forced to bear children for the upper echelons of society. Atwood uses a form of dual narrative to present the story to us, as chapters alternate between ‘night’ revealing more of Offred’s feelings and glimpses into her past, and ‘day’ showing us glimpses of day to day life in Gilead. It is hard to put your finger on what has made this novel so successful, but Atwood’s sources of inspiration may offer a clue. She has said that everything she writes about in the novel is based on events that happened at some point in history. There is nothing fantastical here, but purely the uneasiness of realising what human beings might indeed be capable of.

Hills restricts HGVs from the A4 through Calne A new traffic management plan has been put in place by Hills Waste Solutions to restrict heavy goods vehicles associated with its business in Calne from passing through the centre of the town on the A4. The traffic management plan only applies to heavy goods vehicles above 7.5 tonnes in weight and that are either collecting or delivering ’material’ from either of Hills’ sites at Sands Farm or Lower Compton in Calne. The traffic management plan does not apply to LGVs or vehicles: • below 7.5 tonnes; or • carrying out deliveries or collections in Calne Town Centre area off the A4; or • belonging to Hills and passing through Calne that have not made a collection or delivery from either of the Company’s sites at Sands Farm or Lower Compton. A reporting system is in place for members of the public to notify Hills of suspected contraventions of the plan in one of three ways:• Email, or • Online at (scroll to the bottom of the home page and click the link ‘Sands Farm and Lower Compton Traffic Management plan’), or • Telephone 01793 781786. HGV route plan for Lower Compton and Sands Farm sites


Royal Wootton Bassett / Lyneham / M4



Chippenham / A350 / M4

HGV Private Internal link road


Bug and Spider


Sands Farm site Calne Quarry



Lower Compton site

Compton Bassett

Swindon / Wroughton / Marlborough / M4 / A361 Cherhill




A342 HGV route for Lower Compton and Sands Farm



No Hills related HGV access Devizes / A361 Melksham / Trowbridge / A350


Not to scale



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