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STAGES St. Louis and Emerson are teaming to increase access to the arts. The new Emerson Educates program offers students $10 tickets for all shows in STAGES’ 2021 season. It also will provide underserved students a one-of-a kind educational experience in conjunction with the theater company’s production of Jersey Boys.

Eckert’s Farm is in the running for America’s favorite apple orchard. It was nominated in USA Today’s 10 Best Apple Orchards in America. You can vote for Eckert’s at through Aug. 30, and make sure to check out the winner Sept. 10.

As an architect, Gale E. Henderson

left his mark on St. Louis. An original partner of Maritz and Young and later Cann and Corrubia, his works include St. Ambrose church on the Hill and homes in the Central West End, Clayton, Ladue and more. Now, one of his grandchildren, Catherine Kerr, has created a coffee table book celebrating his work.





On Sept. 18, St. Louis Press Club and Neiman Marcus will host Beauty Buzz, both virtually and in-person. The annual event features a runway fashion show and cosmetic demonstrations—all to benefit journalism scholarships and enterprise grants. For more information, visit

PATTY by patty hannum

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I wrote about my love of

Kris Kristofferson and I was surprised by how many people I heard from who felt the exact same way. Who knew Kris had so many groupies in St. Louis? I love music even though I can’t sing or dance unless fortified with a few cocktails. NBC recently had a show called Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist that I never watched. But I think we all have our own playlist that gets us through the day. So here is mine: “Lovely Day” – Bill Withers: Oh, if all of us would wake up to this song in the morning, there would be no arguments at the breakfast table. Can you imagine being told ‘just one look at you. And I know it’s gonna be a lovely day?’ “Touch of Grey” – Grateful Dead: For those of us who are getting older and actually saw the band in concert, our bones are a little creaky. ‘Oh well, a touch of grey. Kind of suits you anyway.’ But we all know ‘I will get by. I will survive.’ “Waiting for the World to Change” – John Mayer: I often think I watch/read far too much about what’s

going on in the world. Can you be over involved? Which is why ‘We keep waiting (waiting). Waiting on the world to change.’ “Beautiful Day” – U2: Just think in about two months this will be part of all your playlists. As the heat diminishes and the trees start to change colors, you too will put on your sunglasses, start pretending you are Bono, and realize you love this town. ‘It’s a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away.’ “Ripplin’ Waters” – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Because of my anxiety and OCD, everyone tells me I should meditate. Yeah right. All that means is that for 12 minutes, my mind is in chaos! But there is one song that lets me make my mind just listen with no chaos. ‘You make me feel fine’. “Time Loves a Hero” – Little Feat: No reason, just not enough people ever listen to this band. They tour infrequently, but the last time they were at The Pageant, my 21 year-old self overtook my body and knew every word to every song. “Stayin’ Alive” – Bee Gees: Yes, this is a song Contact Patty at

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AUGUST 25, 2021

that plays in my head on repeat many times a day. You see, I wear a mask. Sure, I’ve been vaccinated, but I am uninterested in getting the Delta variant or passing it along. I’ve worn a bra for 50 years. It is more uncomfortable than a mask, and it can’t help stop the spread of any disease. Why not wear a mask? So, if you see me in a mask, just know, I’m humming this Bee Gees classic. “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (Remix)” – Hall & Oates: Now one just to embarrass me slightly. Whenever I hear this song on the radio, it takes me back 41 years, I was dating a guy I cared about a great deal. Every time it came on the radio, he would turn it up and sing along but change the words to ‘I’ve lost that loving feeling. Whoa that loving feeling.’ I’d correct him, but he never stopped doing it. It made more sense when he dumped me a few weeks later. As my friend Susan said, “Patty, that was a pretty big hint.” D.D., I don’t know what happened to you, but I am fabulous, and you blew it. Peace my Peeps.