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APRIL 18, 2012

Girls on the Run St. Louis Celebrates 10 Years


Saturday, May 12 • Downtown St. Louis

6 Vista Brook Lane, Ladue Offered at $2,295,000.

42 Glen Eagles Drive, Ladue Offered at $2,495,000.

35 Picardy Lane, Ladue Offered at $1,395,000.

958 Tirrill Farms Road, Ladue Offered at $1,395,000.

829 Stonebluff Court, Chesterfield Offered at $939,900.

2 Brookside Lane, Ladue Offered at $799,900.

41 Oak Park Drive, Creve Coeur Offered at $759,000.

25 Black Creek Lane, Ladue Offered at $709,900.

54 Briarcliff, Ladue Offered at $1,179,000.

60 Clermont Lane, Ladue Offered at $759,000.

1720 Deer Creek Lane, Ladue Offered at $649,900.

333 South Mason, Town & Country Offered at $565,000.

5237 Washington Place, CWE Offered at $459,900.

7946 Teasdale Avenue, University City Offered at $379,000.

778 Cypress Knoll Drive, O’Fallon Offered at $375,000.

3312 Steeple Hill, Saint Charles Offered at $259,000.

900 South Hanley Road, Unit 8C, Clayton Offered at $249,900.

5244 Waterman Boulevard, Unit E, CWE Offered at $218,000.

14 Silver Lane, Kirkwood Offered at $199,900.

816 South Hanley Road, Unit 6B, Clayton Offered at $189,000.

2412 Remington Lane, Rock Hill Offered at $154,000.

7532 York Drive, Unit 2E, Clayton Offered at $154,000.

7720 Folk Avenue, Maplewood Offered at $136,900.

janet mcafee inc. I 9889 clayton road I saint louis, missouri 63124 I 314.997.4800 I

Š2012 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. [Include your local and state required disclosures]

Reinvention, by way of acceleration. It is more than the next 911. It is an articulation, from the ground up, of our vision for the future of the sports car. As evidenced by even more power from even less fuel. 350 immensely powerful horses from a 3.4 liter engine in the Carrera. A longer wheelbase for added stability. And a new elevated center console that reinforces our focus on the driver. Proving once again that despite over 60 years of making history, it's making history. And it all starts with a test drive.

The next Porsche 911. Forever the sports car.

April 18, 2012


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April 18, 2012

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april 18, 2012

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Photo by Colin Miller of Strauss Peyton

Photo by Colin Miller of Strauss Peyton

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[ letter from the editor ] Judging by the countless letters/emails/calls I get whenever I, um, ‘discuss’ grammar errors culled from the media, people are a lot more interested in the subject than you’d think. Or maybe they just enjoy pointing out the snafus of others (much like editors do). Of late, I’ve noticed a lot of extra words randomly added in the delivery of national newscasts. Like this, from ABC’s morning news: Nothing is for certain in this election. That’s OK to say if you’re a fifth grader on the playground, but adults, especially those held up as paragons of communication, need to for sure drop the ‘for.’ Same goes for this comment on NBC: We certainly hope people will get a break in the next coming days [from Santa Ana winds]. Someone should have told them to drop either ‘next’ or ‘coming.’ And in the same vein, there was this NBC line: The reason why most kids today don’t use lockers... There is no such construction as ‘the reason why.’ If one word is good, two meaning exactly the same thing are not better! Then there are usages that almost sound right (because they are so often used), but they aren’t. Jeremy Lin shows us there are many more [talented players] that are never put to the test should read, Jeremy Lin shows us there are many other [talented players] who are never put to the test. People are ‘whos,’ not ‘thats’ (if that makes any sense).

—Dorothy F. Weiner Editor in Chief

[ on the cover ]

sta spsee in ca ying ecialsisede fo nc be ctior th er au ns e up tifu da l te & APRIL 18, 2012

Girls on the Run St. Louis is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The spring GOTR 5k event takes place May 12, starting at Soldier’s Memorial downtown. Pictured on the cover: founder Jill Indovino, executive director Courtney Berg and and GOTR participants from Forsyth School. To register or volunteer, visit St. Louis Girls on the Run s Celebrates 10 Year n St. Louis


Saturday, May 12

• Downtow

Cover design by jon fogel Cover photo by Colin Miller of Strauss Peyton

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April 18, 2012


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talk [towns] by bill beggs jr.

Residents are invited to attend a session next month to share their ideas for improvements in Ferris Park. The public meeting on a master plan is slated for 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. May 8 at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons. Encompassing 12 acres, Ferris Park is located about a half-mile north of Big Bend Road on New Ballwin Road. The pavilion is a destination for weddings and other events. OK, Ballwinoids: Faust Park has its carousel—why not something uniquely appropriate in your green space, like a ferris wheel? Dan McLaughlin, Fox Midwest sports broadcaster, is looking fit as a fiddle these days. He appears much slimmer—or, in sports parlance, ‘lean and mean,’ barely recognizable compared to mug shots for two arrests on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. The first occurred in Chesterfield in August 2010, and the second came during the last week of the regular 2011 baseball season. Many thought his career was finished. But his recovery has been dramatic: McLaughlin has admitted he’s alcoholic, lost 75 pounds and has been sharp as a tack side-by-side with colleague Al Hrabosky. We wish him nothing but the best. Voters turned out in greater numbers to pass the 49-cent increase in the district’s operating tax levy, more than for any other Ladue schools ballot initiative in the last 10 years. But it was close: 52.9 percent approved the measure. In the last five years, district officials say, property tax revenues decreased by 8 percent,

of the

forcing the district to cut expenditures by $7 million, which included layoffs. Officials contend the district would have had to reduce spending by $2.1 million for 2012-13 alone. As it stands today, no teaching positions will be eliminated and class sizes will remain at current levels. You may not think of the typical biker as warm and fuzzy. More like a leather-clad renegade, perhaps. Long-haired, tattooed men with pigtails in their beards who… recently created an Easter bunny by arranging motorcycles in a parking lot, using tires to make the eyes, mouth and cute little nose? Yeppers. Doc’s HarleyDavidson in Kirkwood had already created a shamrock out of ‘hogs’ for St. Patty’s Day and a Harley heart for Valentine’s Day. What’s next—Mother’s Day? (Many soccer moms with a van full of noisy youngsters might imagine that squad of Harleys roaring past as their ticket to freedom. Or not.) In less than a year, the Maplewood Foodie Guide has entered its third edition. More than 5,000 people gobbled up the first two print runs. Sure, many sections of downtown St. Louis boast high concentrations of eateries, not to mention multiple municipalities, but have you ever sat on a bar swing instead of a stool? Check out Boogaloo and its Caribbean fare. Are you a sports nerd? Virtual reality is the order of the day at Post Sports Bar & Grill, touted as the world’s first fantasy sports bar. There’s a unique ‘flava’ to the multitude of munchies to be had within blocks of the Sutton-Manchester intersection in Maplewood.

Naïve debtors suffering under the delusion that they don’t need to pay attention to collection agencies because the caller is thousands of miles overseas, beware: That next call could be coming from St. Charles. National Asset Recovery Services plans to hire 420 employees for its new customer contact center here. The company held a job fair last week at Ameristar Casino. We hope none of the prospective employees got in over their heads in gambling debt while on the boat. (In the interest of full disclosure, NARS didn’t move all that far. The company relocated its headquarters from Chesterfield.) In 1965, one of the nation’s most ambitious, striking and iconic monuments was completed: the soaring Gateway Arch. By 2015, officials hope to complete extensive renovation to the grounds, as well as improved access. It has long frustrated residents and visitors that I-70 cuts off the Arch from downtown. But planners last week unveiled an alternative—a grassy park built over the highway, creating a block-long tunnel. State highway officials have given the concept a thumbs-up. That said, only about 10 percent of the projected $500 million needed to renew our nearest, dearest National Park has been secured. Surveillance cameras will be installed to keep an electronic eye out on the eastern end of the Delmar Loop, perhaps as early as June, and have been in the

works for some time, city officials say. The project is not a response to a pair of recent shootings under investigation; T&S noted last year that U. City officials were mulling over the idea. Cops from U. City and St. Louis alike assert that the shootings were an isolated incident. As we noted when Maplewood decided to monitor activity at select parks and intersections— if you’re not a criminal, what’s to fuss about? You know it’s a slow news day when reporters rush to report ‘live’ from a feline beauty contest. (Hey, I seem to recall something like that happened sometime.) Then there’s the area wide non-event: When the newest I-64/ Hwy. 40 section reopened in 2009, reporters staked out overpasses—only to alert us that traffic was flowing smoothly. So we’re happy to report that a huge fireball did not erupt, nor were scores of residents evacuated, when a tree fell and temporarily interrupted gas service to about 12 Webster homes a few weeks ago. Still, it was on TV.


Oh, deer! Now Wildwood is up in arms about the critters. At a public hearing, a resident said her family moved west when Town & Country put the kibosh on hunting. In 2011, sharpshooters thinned that herd at substantial city expense. While Wildwood explores remedies, unlucky drivers continue to do some of the dirty work; it costs about $1,500 to repair a vehicle that strikes a deer, not to mention the potential for human injury.

[ TT Trivia ] Yes indeed, it’s another two-parter! How many feet tall is the Gateway Arch, and who attained worldwide fame with its futuristic design? (Yes, boys and girls, we take off points for spelling mistakes.) The first correct email answer we receive at will win an exclusive Town & Style tote bag! Last issue’s answer | George and Jane are the first names of the space-age couple who starred in the 1960s animated show The Jetsons.




April 18, 2012

“I suspect few communities can say they have a world-class collection of posters.” TOWN TALK

Mr. John Lesser, a resident at The Gatesworth, with a few of his opera theatre posters.

At The Gatesworth, lifestyle choices are mine to make. I can brush up on my art skills, sit in on an informative lecture or attend exercise classes in the Fitness Center. I do the things that matter most to me. With a passion for collecting posters and displaying them at The Gatesworth, my interests can benefit each Resident who sees them. With The Gatesworth’s ever-changing calendar, special events and personal attention, I can experience senior living, my way.

To experience The Gatesworth your way, call Erin at (314) 372-2263.

The Gatesworth is committed to equal housing opportunity and does not discriminate in housing and services because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. April 18, 2012 | | 7


Derby Day Soiree

by tony di martino [ Stylish Shoe-In ] Saks Fifth Avenue, celebrating 60 years in St. Louis, will soon have a new look. A major remodeling project, beginning May 21, will create a new handbag department with Celine and Gucci boutiques; a Chanel cosmetics boutique; and 10022-Shoe, an exclusive footwear department featuring premiere brands such as Prada, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. “The shoe department is named in honor of our flagship store in New York,” explains marketing director Colleen O’Neill. “The Celine handbag shop will be one of only eight in the entire country. The new look is our first step toward positioning Saks as the modern luxury retailer.” Shoppers craving the latest Fendi bag or that luscious pair of Miu Miu sandals won’t have to wait long: Phase 1 of the remodel will be complete by November; Phase 2 should be finished in January 2013.

[ Role Model ] Kwame Building Group CEO Anthony Thompson recently received a Director’s Community Leadership Award from FBI director Robert Mueller. The award honors individuals and organizations for their efforts to keep America and its kids safe. Thompson was recognized for his support of education and minority youth. He established the Gentlemen’s Club, a mentoring program at Mel Carnahan High School of the Future, and has never missed a meeting.

Robert Mueller, Anthony Thompson

[ Good Citizen ] Community volunteer Mary Brown, known as the Tree Lady, has been named Citizen of the Year by the Chesterfield City Council. A former council member, Brown got the nickname when she served as chair of Chesterfield’s Tree Preservation Committee. She received the award from Chesterfield Mayor Bruce Geiger.

[ National Distinction ] The Rev. Rebecca Turner, executive director of Faith Aloud, has been selected as one of 13 ‘Religious Women to Watch in 2012’ by the Center for American Progress, a national organization. Turner was recognized for her work as a spiritual counselor and committed voice for reproductive choice for women. Faith Aloud provides interfaith counseling to women and families facing reproductive decisions.

Mayor Bruce Geiger, Mary Brown

[ Rollin’ Down the River ] The American Queen, known as the largest, most lavish American riverboat ever built, has resumed service on the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee rivers. The boat, part of Memphis-based Great American Steamboat Co., was originally built in 1995 but quit operating in 2008. “No one has offered overnight cruises since then,” says Jeff Drew, senior vice president of sales and Clayton resident. Amenities include gourmet regional cuisine, live Dixieland jazz and opulent staterooms, many with their own verandas. The first voyage departing St. Louis takes place July 5, but cruises are already available from New Orleans, Memphis and other legendary river cities. For more information, visit

[ Birthday Ballet ] No matter how special the occasion, most wives are lucky if they can get their husbands to dance with them. Dr. Dan Luedke recently went above and beyond the call of spousal duty by commissioning a brand-new ballet as a birthday gift for his wife, Dr. Susan Luedke. Square None, a new work by young choreographer Norbert De La Cruz III, recently premiered at Touhill Performing Arts Center. Presented by Dance St. Louis, the piece was performed by the Aspen Sante Fe Ballet. “Susan is a dance enthusiast and Dance St. Louis board member, so this was the perfect gift for her,” says Michael Uthoff, Dance St. Louis artistic and executive director. Uthoff is currently preparing for the annual Spring to Dance Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

[ Compassionate Care ] St. Luke’s Hospital recently launched its Cancer Rehabilitation Program, the first in St. Louis to earn nationally recognized STAR (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) Program Certification. The initiative focuses on the physical and emotional aspects of healing by addressing issues such as fatigue, emotional distress, pain, weight loss, sleep problems, and balance and gait problems. “The goal is to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors and their families,” says Dr. Rod Henning, director of oncology services. 8|



April 18, 2012

jeff drew

Rev. rebecca turner


Girls on the Run participants at Forsyth School

cover story

photo by Colin Miller of Strauss Peyton

GirlsRun] on the

by tony di martino

Inspiring role models are in short supply these days. Judging from the media images young girls are bombarded with, the ideal woman is famous for being famous and makes a living by showing up at nightclub openings. And she accomplishes these lofty goals while teetering around on four-inch heels, wearing an alarming amount of eyeliner. Girls on the Run St. Louis wants to change the way young girls see themselves. The afterschool program combines health and wellness education with training for a 5k running event. “We use the power of running to help prepare girls in grades three through eight for a lifetime of self-respect, independent thinking and healthy lifestyle choices,” says executive director Courtney Berg. “We want them to believe in themselves, embrace their full potential and, as one of the girls said, be the boss of their own brains.” Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, GOTR-SL began with 20 girls in Shaw Park. “This school year, we have more than 5,000 participants at 200 schools in eastern Missouri and western Illinois,” Berg says. “We’ve come a long way since local mom Jill Indovino read an article about the first GOTR, located in North Carolina, and decided to start a council here.” Today, GOTR-SL has 800 trained volunteer coaches and is the third-largest council in GOTR International, a network of 200 branches across the U.S. and Canada. The program’s community service component engages thousands of girls in 340-plus service projects each year. “Even more impressive than our growth is our impact,” Berg says. “A recent survey done in collaboration with GOTR International showed significant, long-term positive changes in girls’ lives, even after the program ends, including increased self-esteem, improved body image, an increase in consistent physical activity and improved academic achievement.” GOTR-SL receives no funding from umbrella organizations. “Every penny we raise stays right here in St. Louis to support programs and scholarships,” Berg says. “We don’t turn anyone away.” The GOTR 5k, a major event that draws corporate and individual donations, occurs twice a year. It has become the largest timed 5k in St. Louis, prompting a move from area parks to downtown. The spring run takes place May 12, starting at Soldier’s Memorial. “The process is often a life-altering experience for girls, giving many a chance to shine and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment and community for the first time in their lives,” Berg says. “Finishing a 5k makes them feel unstoppable.” What does ‘unstoppable’ feel like? “A school principal told us that a shy, withdrawn GOTR-SL participant recently stood up in class and defended a student who was being bullied,” Berg says. “She said to the bullied child, ‘Don’t listen to them! You’re wonderful!’ It shut the bullies up and affirmed the bullied student’s self-worth.” The incident is a perfect example of GOTR’s mission, she adds. “We’re empowering the female leaders of tomorrow to find their voices today.”

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April 18, 2012


| 9

photo courtesy of joe edwards

joe edwards as a boy

THEN NOW Blueberry Hill is the story about a place, a man and a song. The place is a restaurant and music club in a 1911 building that was once a storage space and Ed’s Pool Hall. Located in the Delmar Loop, the place was opened by Joe and Linda Edwards on Sept. 8, 1972. Known for its live music and hamburgers, Blueberry Hill is a favorite gathering spot for all ages. During the day, booths are filled with business people; at dinner, you see lots of families with kids playing on the pinball machines (site of my son’s 10th birthday party); and late night brings scores of university students for music and mixing. It wasn’t always a bustling place. Joe has been quoted as saying that the business almost went under three times in the first two years. He saw a challenge and set out to address it. He didn’t have restaurant experience; he’d been a substitute teacher in city

[ nostalgia ] Blueberry Hill

schools and a writer of music reference books. But he did have a desire to display his personal collection of pop culture memorabilia, from lunchboxes to jukeboxes and Beatles dolls to Simpsons figurines. The man formed the Loop Special Business District to improve the neighborhood by creating a dedicated tax for increased trash collection, security, street improvements and promotion. Blueberry Hill was establishing itself as a cool restaurant and hangout. It later grew from 2,500 square feet to a city block at 10,000 square feet. Another bold move, one that was good for the area, was the initiation of the St. Louis Walk of Fame, honoring St. Louisans who made it big and contributed to our national culture. More than 130 stars with plaques are inlaid along Delmar sidewalks and recognize the likes of Charles Lindbergh, Tennessee Williams, Miles Davis, Yogi Berra, Betty

Grable, Ozzie Smith and Nelly. In case you’re wondering about the song, Blueberry Hill was popularized by Fats Domino in 1956. Written by Vincent Rose with lyrics by Al Lewis, it was recorded six times in 1940. Louis Armstrong brought it to the pop charts in 1949, but it was the rock n’ roll version that cemented its place as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time. Joe has been honored many times by numerous organizations for his vision and leadership. By reinvigorating The Tivoli movie theatre and creating The Pageant concert venue, the Pin-Up Bowl and the Moonrise Hotel, he’s helped build a destination that transformed the entire area. He especially loves his Eclipse restaurant, with its menu that changes with the equinox and solstice. If you would like to contribute a memory, please contact judy at

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Green Cordonnier & House LLP

Experience Where it Matters Most in your Life April 18, 2012


| 11

business [IN]sight Laurie’s Shoes ] by catherine klene Mark Waldman knows your shoe size better than you do. His business involves not only knowing that you wear a size 8, but also your exact shoe width and style preference. His vast knowledge of footwear stems from decades at Laurie’s Shoes; Waldman and his siblings, Patricia Baker and Scott Waldman, worked at their parents’ business as teens and now operate its five locations. “It was a true family business, a mom-and-pop concept,” he says. “We all were involved in some aspect. I was selling when I was 14, and we started from the bottom up.” Laurie’s Shoes was founded in 1950, “when St. Louis was known for shoes and booze,” Waldman says. His grandfather, Morris Goldman, worked as a shoe wholesaler and gave Waldman’s parents, Wally and Joan, their first inventory to open the business in Maplewood, which moved to Glendale a year later. Shortly after, Wally’s brother opened a second Laurie’s Shoes in Wellston. (For the record, the Waldman siblings weren’t around when the store was named; that’s how their cousin Laurie got the honor.) “My parents felt there was an opportunity for people from all over to find shoes with different sizes, widths and styles,” Waldman says. “This was a time when they made children shoes in AA widths. Now if you find a narrow, you’re lucky.” Historically, he says St. Louis has always posed a unique problem for shoemakers. In the 1800s, people who lived in the South often had smaller, more narrow feet, while those from the North tended to wear a wider size. Since Missouri straddled the line between North and South, local shoe stores often had to carry a wide selection to accommodate the diverse market. Today, it’s almost impossible to find an independent shoe store, and Waldman says Laurie’s has survived by keeping close to its customer base. Each of Laurie’s five locations carries inventory specific to its clientele. “No matter how large department or specialty stores get, there’s always a need for what we have to offer,” he says. “We’re homegrown. We care about our employees and stand behind decisions that favor our customers.” Keeping up with that inventory takes a little extra effort. For each size shoe he purchases, Waldman must also buy a selection of widths. A size 6 with a B width will fit differently than a size 6 with a AA width, he says. Waldman estimates he carries 60,000 pairs of shoes between the five locations at any time. “It’s inventory-intensive,” he says. “You have to manage your business very precisely, making sure the shoes you’re carrying are the correct ones. If not, you have to move them quickly.” Waldman says many people spend thousands of dollars each year on inexpensive shoes, especially for their children, and he says less supportive, lower quality shoes cause more problems that can end up costing more in the long run. “People with kids sometimes forget why the prices are a lot less,” he says. “Once they experience a well-fitted shoe, they realize not only will the shoes last longer, but it’s better footwear for their children.” MARK AND SCOTT WALDMAN, PATRICIA BAKER PHOTO BY BILL BARRETT

12 |



April 18, 2012

Bellefontaine town&style_3.95 x 6.417_flowers ad_RELEASE_1_For October 24.pd








front: Margo Green, Justin Cordonnier, Michelle House. back: Amanda McNelley, Jennifer Hasegawa, Gina Casalone, Erin Rathjen-Decker photo by Bill Barrett



cover story

Green Cordonnier & House ]

by tony di martino

It’s spring, a time of growth and renewal. But growth can have a downside, and that’s what attorney Margo Green has always wanted to avoid. “Back in the late 1990s I had a firm called Margo L. Green & Associates, but the only ‘associate’ was a woman who answered the phone,” she recalls. “I was ready to grow and take on more cases, but only if I could keep providing clients with attentive, personalized service.” Along came Justin Cordonnier and Michelle House, who worked at a large corporate firm downtown. “Most of their clients lived in St. Louis County and weren’t happy about the commute,” Green says. “When Justin and Michelle decided they wanted to move to a small, Clayton-based firm exclusively dedicated to family law, they approached me. We formed a partnership and never looked back.” Today Green Cordonnier & House has seven attorneys, including associates Erin Rathjen-Decker, Amanda McNelley, Gina Casalone and Jennifer Hasegawa, fortified by five support staff. “Our team approach gives each client prompt attention in a professional, compassionate manner,” Green says. Each team consists of a partner, an associate and a paralegal. “We work together to formulate the best strategy for each client, bringing more than 100 years of combined experience to each case.” A partnership is like a marriage, with each member bringing something different and valuable to the table, Green notes. “Justin, a skilled negotiator, has a wonderful way with people and handles personnel issues with empathy and understanding. Michelle is a fantastic trial lawyer who brings in a lot of clients. I enjoy representing clients, but also work directly with office manager Laura Davison to handle the business end of things.” Careful management is one of the reasons behind the practice’s steady growth. “Thankfully, we got through the economic downturn without letting anyone go,” Green says. “We plan for the future so we have enough cash reserves to see us through bad times.” The firm recently initiated a bonus pool, where partners contribute a percentage of their draw each month. “Even if we have a rough quarter, we can still give staff their well-earned bonus at the end of the year.” Green remembers when she was one of the few female attorneys in town. “I knew I’d succeed if I worked harder, cared more and represented each client to the utmost of my ability,” she says. “Today, I work with outstanding attorneys and staff who share the same drive. We’ve come a long way together, and we’re proud to have earned the respect of clients, colleagues and judges.”

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Family law firm Green Cordonnier & House is located at 8000 Maryland Ave., Ste. 400. Pictured on the cover: partners Michelle House, Justin Cordonnier and Margo Green. For more information, call 314.726.0455 or visit

333 South Kirkwood Road | St. Louis 63122 | 314 984 8331

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Private Mortgage Banking

Go from residency to a residence Explore an exciting home financing opportunity for new doctors If you are a medical doctor and have completed your residency within the past 3 years, you may be able to take advantage of a new opportunity to buy a home as you establish your practice. In order to be eligible for this program, you must agree to meet with one of our bankers, giving you the chance to work with an experienced professional.

Examine the benefits • Higher loan amounts — Up to $850,000. • Low down payment — Less than 20% with no mortgage insurance required.

Contact us today for more information.

business] beat by kari williams

• Flexible financing options — Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) available.

joan malloy

Matt Gallagher

Private Mortgage Banker 314-872-5029 NMLSR ID 400492

bree peterson

Sandy Gantt

Private Mortgage Banker 314-872-5030 NMLSR ID 442561

Information is accurate as of date of printing and is subject to change without notice. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. © 2011 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. NMLSR ID 399801. AS944119 3/12-6/12

ımagıne THE possıbılıTıEs

laura tyson

ron present

laurna godwin

don kukla

<< Joan Malloy has been appointed to the American Institute of investment committee.




<< Bree Peterson was promoted to account executive Exclusive St. Louis Dealer for

at Black Twig Communications, a public relations and marketing agency, and Laura Tyson is now an account coordinator for the company.

<< Laurna Godwin was named to the St. Luke’s Hospital board of directors for a three-year term.

314-842-8200 5393 old baumgartner road | 63129

enhance your family’s lifestyle and transform your landscape with concrete. the unique stonemakers process offers unlimited possibilities for beautifying your outdoor environment.

<< Ron Present has been named an inaugural member of the advisory board for Harris-Stowe State University’s health care management program in its Anheuser-Busch school of business.

n custom color, pattern and texture n natural look with low maintenance n ten-year warranty

<< Don Kukla has been named chairman of the Moneta

n strong and durable n finish that lasts for years n full-time engineer on staff

Free estimates | Financing available | major credit cards accepted

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April 18, 2012

Group board of directors.

1232 Washington Avenue, Suite 220 Saint Louis, MO 63103 314-PAGE-LAW

1-800-DIVORCE Handling high net-worth divorces and other complex family law matters

1-800-CAR-CRASH Handling serious injury and death cases related to tractor-trailer, truck, car and motorcycle accidents

One Firm. Two Disciplines. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

the buzz]

join us for the opening ceremony reception of

[ mark your calendar ]

A reminiscent return: Master of calligraphy and painting

Girls on the Run St. Louis

Mr. Chu Chen-nan

celebrates 10 years of serving more than 10,000 girls. Join them at Girls on the Run 5K May 12 ( Chu Chen-nan, a master of calligraphy and painting, displays 70 pieces combining Eastern and Western tradition in A Reminiscent Return: Mr. Chu Chen-nan Art Exhibition, opening April 21 at Fontbonne University (314.862.6017)... Schon hosts St. Louis artists at a fundraiser for Sunnyhill from 4 to 7 p.m. April 22. Refreshments are provided for a $10 donation (314.726.6909)... Atrium Gallery is pleased to present new work by mixed media artist, ‘sparkle man’ Christopher Tanner, opening from 6 to 8 p.m. April 27 ( Kodner Gallery presents an exhibition of Missouri artist Bryan Haynes’ work Oct. 5. Inspired by 1930s regionalist pieces, Haynes’ paintings and murals are collected throughout the Midwest (

Art Exhibition

Saturday April 21 2012 5 to 8 pm Fontbonne University Medaille hall 6800 Wydown boulevard Clayton 63105

girls on the run

For MorE inFo: 314-862-6017 |

This exclusive U.S. exhibition runs from April 21 to 30, 2012 | Sponsored by Fontbonne University Co-sponsored by: Lindenwood University | Taiwanese Association of America in Greater St. Louis | Friends of Taiwan-Greater St. Louis | North America Taiwanese Medical Association Foundation | St. Louis Chinese Writer Association | kodner

At Horstmann Brothers, we know how important your weekends are, allow us to help you get the most out of your downtime. Contact us today!

Weekend Saving Services Include: Mowing • Gardening Pruning • Retaining Walls Lawn Care • Tree & Shrub Care Annual Flower Install • Paver Patios 314-432-0880

[ have you met... ]

moneta group

Don Kukla has been named chairman of the board at Moneta Group, succeeding Peter Schick, who was named chairman emeritus in appreciation of 25 years of board service ( Page Law is proud to welcome Megan Williams as a senior family law associate. Williams handles complex family law matters in Missouri and Illinois (

Metro Chiropractic and N utritional Wellness Centre

hais, hais goldberger & coyne

recently welcomed George Kraft, D.C., and Michael Glickert, D.C. Kraft specializes in auriculotherapy, and both will focus on chiropractic, nutrition and weight management through the Shape ReClaimed method ( The divorce law firm of Hais,

Hais, Goldberger & Coyne is pleased to welcome paralegal Den

page law

Davis, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm (

[ this just in ]

The new, seventh-generation 2012 Porsche 911 CS has arrived at Parktown Imports. Contact certified Porsche ambassador Jay Barbeau for more information (314.965.7711)...Dee Dee Kohn, co-owner of EdgeWild Winery & Restaurant, just completed the prestigious

special advertising feature

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April 18, 2012

TOWN TALK retaining wall solutions

chu chen-nan

UC Davis Wine Executive Program, and EdgeWild was recently voted Diners’ Choice Winner on OpenTable ( Retaining Wall Solutions is now the licensed StoneMakers contractor for the St. Louis metro area, allowing unlimited potential for transforming outdoor landscape and enhancing families’ lifestyles ( schon


Moneta Group helps grow, manage and protect your family’s assets.

Vatterott College ex’treme Institute by Nelly offers a new series

of classes called Club EI for ages 8 to 16 ( Horstmann Brothers has expanded its dedicated lawn care fleet and applicators to enhance lawn care service to St. Louis customers, continuing to add new clients ( vatterott college

horstmann brothers

kids come first. First in your heart. First in our professional priorities.

[ pause for pets ] PATTERING PAWS also provides plant watering and mail collection while taking care of clients’ pets, as well as pick-up and delivery to animal appointments (patteringpawsllc. com)...old Dog New now offers fun, Treats pattering paws plush character chew toys for your pooch. Choose from classics like Mr. Bill, Waldo and Lambchop ( old dog new treats


Child Custody litigation can have serious and long-term consequences for families

that are no longer intact. Whether you’re Dad or Mom, remember that we are experienced family law attorneys who can litigate or settle from a position of strength. Above all, we believe that kids come first. See one of our attorneys with your questions about child custody. We can help.

parktown imports

Hais, Hais, Goldberger & Coyne 314-862-1300 222 South Central Avenue Suite 600 Clayton 63105 The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements. April 18, 2012


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places & faces compiled by meredith bush

St. Louis Symphony

Tim Gamma – B.S. Horticulture Board Certified Master Arborist

Linda Lee donates her time as chair of 2012-2013 Parties of Note, a series of unique parties that benefit the St. Louis Symphony. 718 North Grand Blvd. | 314.286.4468

P R U N I N G ■ F E R T I L I Z AT I O N ■ P L A N T I N G S P R AY I N G ■ T R I M M I N G ■ R E M O VA L

314-725-6159 Insured


The Gatesworth

The Fitness Center at The Gatesworth features state-of-the-art equipment, experienced instructors and expert personal trainers, who are available to help design custom fitness programs to meet residents’ individual needs. One McKnight Place | 314.993.0111

Gladys Manion Real Estate

Scan code for details.



High school juniors discover engineering and aviation in an exciting and enriching atmosphere. Students work on engineering projects in stateof-the-art labs, collaborate with faculty and student mentors, take a flight in a SLU aircraft and experience college life on the SLU campus.


The office staff and agents at Gladys Manion are a highly conscientious and serviceoriented team, focused on the clients’ best interest while helping them navigate the task of buying or selling a home. 8227 Maryland Ave. | 314.721.4755 stafford manion

Marquard’s cleaners

Owner Ken Rimell, the ‘Clothes Doctor,’ is available for a consultation for problem garments. Get a diagnosis on the spot. 7480 Delmar Blvd. | 314.727.0830 14380 S. Outer Forty Road | 314.576.4141

Dream Play Recreation

Tim and Traci Albers have owned the family business for 21 years and have built a reputation for offering only the best in residential play equipment, customer service and fun! 17373 Edison Ave. | 636.530.0055

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April 18, 2012


[ Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and CEO of Square, was back in his hometown in early April. While here, he tweeted—of course—about going to Sump Coffee on Jefferson Avenue at Winnebago Street before returning to San Francisco. So what happens when a business is mentioned in the tweet of someone with almost 2 million followers? Sump owner Scott Carey says this was actually Dorsey’s third tweet about Sump. While it did not cause a line to form around the block, Carey says the first Dorsey tweet doubled Sump’s followers on Twitter from 75 to 150. Carey suspects he would have gained more coffee customers from Dorsey’s tweets if Sump was in New York or San Francisco. ]


the first carrier-based bomber attack on mainland Japan. The fliers in his bombing missions became known as Doolittle’s Raiders. Gen. Doolittle worked here as a manager and pilot for Shell Oil in the 1930s, living at 6311 Washington. ]

by charlie brennan

Photo by Colin Miller of Strauss Peyton

[ On April 18, 1942, Jimmy Doolittle led

UNIQUE CHOICES, MerchAnTs Accessorize Barnes Retina Institute Brides by Demetrios Crate & Barrel Eye Care Associates of St. Louis I.O. Metro Jared The Galleria of Jewelry Laura McCarthy Real Estate Laurie Solet Loft Mitchell James Salon Orthodontic Consultants of St. Louis Portrait Innovations Relax the Back Schön Soft Surroundings The Bar Method – Coming Soon

C H AR M I N G S PAC E S Receive a FREE spring scarf with a $50 purchase. *offer expires May 20, 2012. Cannot be combined with other offers. Good at The Boulevard location only.

resTAurAnTs Maggiano’s Little Italy Nadōz Euro.Bakery+Café PF Chang's China Bistro Vinō Nadōz Bistro & Wine Bar

On Brentwood Blvd. Across from the Galleria

CAS11-1436_Boulevard-Laurie Solet_t&S.indd 1

4/10/12 2:01 PM

[ Nearly 70 years ago, 19-year-old Lucien Carr, a sophomore at Columbia University, stabbed to death fellow St. Louisan David Kammerer with a Boy Scout knife in New York. Ironically, Kammerer, a Washington University instructor, had been Carr’s scout leader in St. Louis. The story is being turned into a movie, Kill Your Darlings, starring Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame. The film will be based on the book And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks, by William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. ]

[ Webster University is attracting national attention for luring Texas Tech’s chess coach and her entire team. Susan Polgar and her seven chess grandmasters—winners of two straight national championships—are making the rare if not unprecedented move, as reported in USA Today, The Washington Post and elsewhere. Polgar, a native of Hungary, was the world’s top-rated female chess player at age 15. She told me many factors brought the team to St. Louis, including proximity to Six Flags. I’m not kidding, but maybe she was. ]

[ Good luck to Eric Pugh, marketing director at Stages St. Louis, who is moving to a become director of advertising and promotions for the Cleveland Orchestra. In Cleveland, he might catch up with Russ Mitchell, formerly of Webster Groves and CBS, who is anchoring the news for WKYC-TV. ]

Community STYLED FOR

PR E VI E W PA R T Y – P U R S E S AN D P U M P S FO R P O O C H E S AN D PAL S Thursday, April 26 6 pm - 8 pm in Center Court Join Plaza Frontenac a nd the H u ma ne Societ y of M i s sou ri a nd see thi s s u m m e r ’s h o t t e s t t r e n d s a n d h a n d b a g s t o s u p p o r t P o o c h e s a n d P a l s !

For more information visit Located at the junction of Clayton Road and Lindbergh Blvd., just south of I-64/40

April 18, 2012


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sports standouts

john richards

by catherine klene

[ leading by example ] Webster Groves setter John Richards proves there’s more than one way to lead a team. Though fellow senior Ryan Mahl is the more outspoken of the two team captains, Richards leads by quiet example. “Some people on the team are more vocal than others, and they can relate to both of us well,” he says. “We work with different players, but we keep everyone together.” Webster Groves entered the season on the heels of a state championship. With a team mostly comprised of seniors, 6-foot-1 Richards says the Statesmen are confident in their ability to return to the finals. “I definitely think we have a chance at winning,” he says. “We have strong players in each position, but we try not to think about it too much and take it gameby-game.” Currently undefeated at 8-0, the team owes much of its success to Richards’ focus as a setter. He constantly analyzes, searching for the opposition’s weakest defender or the hottest hand on his team. “I try to keep my mind clear and think each play out before it happens, focusing on where I’m going to place the ball,” he says. Boys volleyball is often regarded as casual sport, but Richards says his team is driven to succeed. “People tend to think of it as more relaxed, something you play on the beach, but we get very competitive,” he says. His competitive spirit and analytical mind will serve him well next year; Richards is headed to Rolla to study nuclear engineering.

talk to… [ lexi donahue ]

Last year, Lexi Donahue stepped onto the Kennedy soccer field as a freshman with something to prove. It didn’t take long for the forward with a powerful penchant for goal scoring to show just why she deserved to play varsity. Now a sophomore, Donahue is optimistic about the Celts’ chances this season. When did you start playing soccer?

I started when I was 4 and loved it so much that I had to play on the boys soccer team until second grade. I love the adrenaline rush when I make a great pass or score an important goal, and when our team achieves something memorable. lexi donahue

How do you feel about this year?

I feel like we have the potential to be an amazing team, and I think we can go far. At the moment, we are focusing on recovering from injuries because some star players are hurt and not at 100 percent. What’s the most important trait in a player?

The most important thing a soccer player needs is acceptance, which is something I need to work on! When you play a sport, you are going to make a mistake. You need to shake it off and play the game the best you can, with nothing holding you back. Who’s your athletic role model?

Erin Brennan, who graduated from Kennedy last year. She always has a positive personality, and talking to her about soccer and school always makes me feel better and more positive. 20 |



April 18, 2012

[ running smart ] Football Standout Makes Waves on the Track In the fall, Jehu Chesson sprints down the football field as Ladue’s top wide receiver. In the spring, he’s leaping around it as one of his school’s top hurdlers. Chesson, a senior destined for Michigan’s football team, had never encountered a hurdle before his freshman year. His first race was less than perfect. “I knocked down every single hurdle,” he says, laughing. “It was discouraging, but my coach told me I had potential and I’d be great at it one day. Hurdling is being able to conquer a fear.” Consider his fear conquered. Chesson currently holds the state title for the 300-meter hurdle, earning redemption after a heartbreaking finals loss his sophomore year by just 00.01 seconds. “That’s when I was disappointed with myself because I trained so hard but I just couldn’t do it,” he says. “I was scared to commit in the race and tell myself I deserved jehu chesson the win and could take what’s mine.” Chesson says confidence and learning to “run smart” gave him the extra push to succeed his junior year. Hurdling requires precision timing, he says, and in longer distances like the 300, the ability to think strategically through all 10 hurdles. “I want to make sure I’m the first one through the first two hurdles, setting myself up to be in first off the end of the track,” he explains. “I won’t press through the next few because I’ll get tired, then I push in the last 80 to 100 meters.” This season, Chesson is working toward the state record of 36.2 seconds and convincing younger runners to give track a try. “Some programs have a tendency to be good for a few years and then have a down year because freshmen don’t come in and learn from upperclassmen,” he says. “When you don’t have good people, track becomes boring really fast.” PHOTO BY bill barrett

Webster Groves Setter Quietly Powers Team Forward

[ stat tracker ]

57 feet, 8 inches

That’s how far Parkway South senior Donnell Walker launched the shot put Thursday, taking first at the Henle Holmes Invitational.

datebook TOWN TALK


4-5 5


>> Studio Night Live Open House

>> Girls on the Run 5K

Chesterfield Arts 5 to 8 p.m. | Chesterfield Arts

Girls on the Run-St. Louis Downtown St. Louis

>> Science Fair


Academy of Science-St. Louis Queeny Park

>> An Affair to Remember

Alzheimer’s Association 6:30 p.m. | Windows Off Washington


>> La Habanera: 2012 Spring Gala

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis 6:30 p.m. | Peabody Opera House


>> Montage 2012 Gala & Auction

Whitfield School 6 p.m. | Whitfield School

kids enjoy exercise now renaissance grand

St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation 11 a.m. | Historic Hawken House


>> Run for Sight

Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments 8:30 a.m. | Union Station


12 >>

Garden of Hope Gala JDRF Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch

25 N Gore Avenue u Webster Groves 63119





Practice Test For fifth graders considering an independent school education

May 12 Call 314-993-4040 for more information.

13498 Clayton Road 314-439-0900

>> Coachmen Car Club Annual Car Show

Ranken Jordan 8 a.m. | 11365 Dorsett Road

Humane Society of Missouri 10 a.m. | Forest Park


>> It’s in the Cards Gala

Arthritis Foundation 5 p.m. | Logan College

(Available in 14 karat gold, gold filled or sterling silver)

>> Bark in the Park

>> COCABiz: Business Creativity Conference 2012

>> Arthritis Walk

Beautiful handcut three-initial necklace

Support Dogs 1 p.m. | Norman K. Probstein Golf Course

>> keenfest 2012

>> Derby Day Brunch

Thompson Foundation for Autism Hilton St. Louis Frontenac

>> Dogs in the Ruff Golf Tournament

A Unique Monogram Boutique

The Children’s Heart Foundation Dillard’s (Galleria, Chesterfield Mall, St. Clair Square) 314.276.4462

International Rett Syndrome Foundation 10 a.m. | Tilles Park


Foundation Fighting Blindness 6 p.m. | Hilton St. Louis Frontenac

The Initial Design

>> The Heart-felt Beauty Event

>> St. Louis Strollathon

COCA 524 Trinity Ave.

>> Dining in the Dark

Ready Readers 6 p.m. | Kirkwood Community Center

for People with Developmental Disabilities Eight area nonprofits 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. | Creve Coeur Park


Assistance League of St. Louis 10 a.m. | Meadowbrook Country Club

>> Trivia Night & Silent Auction

>> Walk, Run ‘n’ Roll


>> Golf Tournament & Tennis Round Robin

What every st. louis girl needs...


>> 14th Annual Golf Tournament

Friends of Kids with Cancer 10 a.m. | Whitmoor Country Club

>> Creve Coeur BioBlitz

Academy of Science-St. Louis 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. | Creve Coeur Park

>> Congenital Heart Night at

Busch Stadium The Children’s Heart Foundation Busch Stadium 314.276.4462

Join us May 10-12 for our Happy Everything Spring Party!

April 18, 2012


| 21

i D❤! Florencia Luchini & Stephen Baxter] by lauren madras | photos by joel marion

8 | 20 | 2011

Florencia and Stephen met when they were just 14 and have been together for 12 years. The bride and groom attended Clayton High School but went to different colleges, Washington University for her, and DePaul for him. The couple got engaged in Barcelona, where they had shared a special moment years before. “In college, we studied abroad at the same time and shared just one day in Barcelona,” Florencia says. “I remember the joyful way I felt when I met him after so long apart from each other. He proposed in that same plaza during a surprise trip.” A year to the day after their engagement, the pair were wed at their parents’ church in an intimate and sentimental ceremony. “Because we’d been together so long, we have many friends in common, and all our guests were so joyful and excited for us,” she says. “We were all old friends, with a lot of history and love.” The modern reception setting of the Palladium was enhanced with glowing, violet light and contemporary arrangements of orchids and hydrangeas. The bride and her attendants donned simple, elegant attire—but livened up the reception with playful details, like a candy bar and fun props for photos. “Wonderful speeches were made,” the bride remembers. “And I’m happy to say everybody had a good time!” After the wedding, they whisked off to an exotic honeymoon in Turkey and Greece. Now, the newlyweds live in Chicago, but they will always think of St. Louis as home.

[ resources ] [ wedding party ]

22 |



April 18, 2012

Ceremony | St. Joseph Catholic Church Reception | Palladium St. Louis Gown | Black House White Market and Ramona Kevasa from Berrybridge Bridal Rings | Chicago Diamond Consultants Florist | Barb Wheking of Bloomin’ Buckets Planner | Josie Littlepage of Cosmopolitan Events Music | The Ultraviolets Caterer | Butler’s Pantry Cake | Dierberg’s

Bride’s parents | Adrian & Magdalena Luchini Groom’s parents | Richard & Clare Baxter Maids of Honor | Magda Luchini, Pia Luchini Bridesmaids | Virginia Luchini, Shelby Girard, Laura Hess, Katie Rowe, Jessie Beeb Best Man | Max Lowenbaum Groomsmen | Juan Luchini, Stephen Schleicher, Zach Goldkamp, Brian Shinney, Chris Johnson, Chris Cadwell


wedding] etiquette sticky situations by lauren madras

Q: I know my sister’s feelings will be hurt if we don’t

include her daughter as a flower girl. But as darling as my niece is, she’s also shy and has a tendency to break down in front of a large group. How can I avoid a messy scene while sparing my sister’s feelings? —Anxious Aunt in U. City A: Not only do you want to save your wedding, you’re also aiming to save the child from a stressful and possibly traumatic event. Help your sister pick out a pretty dress for her little princess and have her in a few special photos. Your sister is just excited for your happy news and wants to be included in the celebration. Lucky you!

Q: The best man in my daughter’s upcoming wedding

just ended a long-term relationship. When we addressed and sent the invitations, we invited his then live-in girlfriend by name as his guest. I’ve just received an RSVP in the mail from this girl—she’s coming! What now? —Trying to Be Polite in Chesterfield

A: Ask your daughter’s opinion, but you have to tackle this problem headon. Call the woman in question and explain that she was invited as the best man’s guest, and if he didn’t want to bring her, then you would respect his wishes. If the group has a strong mutual friendship and there are no objections from the bride, then welcome her to the party—but seat her far from the head table and keep a look out. Q: My future mother-in-law is competitive with my mother. My mom is fit for her age, but my mother in-law isn’t. The newest point of contention is over what to wear on the big day. They’re driving each other, not to mention me, crazy. What can I do? —Caught in the Crossfire in Kirkwood A: The short answer? Nothing. One of the greatest wedding stresses stems from photography and a large audience—all eyes are on the happy couple and their families. This isn’t good news for everyone, who many not want their posterior captured for posterity. Tread lightly. A longtime wedding DJ tells me “First honor the bride, and then her mother. Upset one, and you’ll upset the other.” Reassure all the women involved how much you love them for their inner and outer beauty, then steer clear of the subject. Send in your sticky situations to

y a L P m a e r D Backyard Dreams Can Come True...

sale Ends 4-29-12

21sT anniversary sale!

Basketball Goals 9 On Display

es Trampolin lay 3 On Disp

Trainers 4 On Display

PLay Systlaeyms 17 On Disp

Come In & Register to win a

Tiger Tower Playset!

Unmatched Quality • Durability • Safety • Long-Term Value • Service These are the hallmarks Dream Play Recreation has proudly offered St. Louis for 21 Years. 17373 Edison AvE. • ChEstErfiEld, Mo • 636.530.0055 • 800.962.0055 • drEAMPlAyrEC.CoM April 18, 2012


| 23


314.961.1002 Ask Abo

FrEE In ut our -H Monitori ome n service g





















Party Party




• Recuperative Care • Hospice Support Care • Nursing/Physical Therapy • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care • Medication Management • Bathing/Personal Care • Laundry/Linen Change • Light Housekeeping • Meal Preparation • Transportation and so much more! BONDED & INSURED




[SNAPPED!] american heart association

by margaret rambo

sunday, april 22 • 6:00-8:00pm

What | 2012 Heart Ball Where | Ritz-Carlton Ballroom When | March 10 Why | To support the association in its mission to build healthier

Hosted by: Plaza Frontenac $30/person


oin us for your opportunity to purchase reservations to some of the best parties in town before they go on sale to the public.



100% of the proceeds benefit the STL Symphony


by Jaz c si uis rs u M . lo -sta st all








Par e ty h t Party z Party




Party 314-534-1700


Party Party


24 |


10 |

lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke Who | Chairs David and Thelma Steward, vice chairs Warner and Cindy Baxter, honoree Dr. Hendrick Barner, national CEO Nancy Brown, Dr. George Kichura, Rodger Riney, Steve Walli and supporters Highlights | Heartfelt video testimony by Brian Siebert and a spectacular performance by Smokey Robinson and his band

April 18, 2012

11 |

19 12 |

13 |

1| Warner and Cindy Baxter 2| Donna Wilkinson, Tom and Carol Voss 3| Susan Mangels 4| tim and debby friedman 5| brittany and dr. jeff ciaramita 6| Sarah and Dr. Josh Stolker 7| David Steward 8| Nick and Haley Partridge 9| Dr. George Kichura, Dr. Hendrick Barner 10| Nancy Brown 11| Gene Dobbs Bradford and Maria Bradford 12| Drs. Mike and Kim Twyman, Dr. Anastasia Roberts, Dr. Robert Armbruster13| Ed and Dr. Patricia Kopetz




[SNAPPED!] ROSSMAN school by carla falasco


What | Rossman Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Golden Apple Gala Where | Frontenac Hilton When | March 10 Why | To support students at Rossman School as they are prepared for responsible citizenship and meaningful participation in a global society Who | Laura Busch, Valerie Carr, Colleen Geller and Julie Koontz served as co-chairs; head of school Pat Shipley welcomed guests. Highlights | Signature cocktails, dinner, silent auction and live auction led by Rene Knott of KSDK Channel 5







14 |

10 |

11 |

15 |

12 |

13 |

16 |

1| Dee and David Stokes 2| Dave and Lucie Dempsey, Courtney and Mike Birkel 3| Mike Wetmore, Valerie Dreesen, Candi Cherry, Karen Wetmore 4| Julie Koontz, Colleen Geller, Laura Busch, Valerie Carr 5| Tom and Pat Shipley 6| Patty Ackerman, Kathy Moran 7|Doug and Molly Sansone, Bonnie and Steve Johnston 8| Janene Nicpon, Laura Padousis 9| Doug and Laura Schuka 10| Jenna Babcock, Sharon Williams, Ragini Salomon 11| Anne Fischer, Michelle Sineff, Allison Edmonds 12| Cary and Anise Braggs 13| Alice Mars, Katie Davis 14| Stephanie Weinman, Cheryl Mauney, Shelly Stengel, Monica Tekwani, Diliane Pelikan 15| Tracey and Jim Donnelly, Julie and Marc Bahr 16| Crane and Katharine Durham, Yen and Jason Jan <<< go to to see more [ snapped! ] >>> April 18, 2012


| 25

1| 1| 2|

4| 2|






[ The Magic House ]

by bill barrett

by meredith bush What | Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Where | The Magic House When | Feb. 25 Why | To celebrate the 108th birthday of the beloved author Dr.


Seuss during Read Across America Weekend Who | Guest readers included state Rep. Rick Stream, St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley and St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist and Donnybrook panelist Bill McClellan. Highlights | The Cat in the Hat visited with guests, kids took photos with Thingamajigger, and everyone got the opportunity to make their own â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Cat in the Hatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; hat.


What | Jeans and Jewels Where | Churchill Center and School When | March 3 Why | To raise money for the Scholarship Fund dedicated to educating high potential children with learning disabilities through specialized curriculum and one-on-one instruction Who | Co-chairs Debbie Maack and Jan Smith, director Sandi Gilligan, president Bill Tingle Highlights | Silent and live auction, dinner, and a fun Western theme

8| 5|


10 |


12 |



1| Kathy McGee, Parker, Preston and Karen Tatro 2| Natalie and Jill Brakensiek 3| The Cat in the Hat 4| Angel and Antoinett Parker 5| Landon and Dalton Baker 6| county executuive Charlie Dooley, Lauren Tucker Huber, Julie Leicht 7| Denise Davidson, Rachel Govern, Jennifer Luetkemeyer, Michelle Keim 8| Javeaun and Gladys Lewis

11 |

13 |

1| Jim and Cathie Duehren 2| Jan Smith , Debbie Maack 3| David Lane , Sandi Gilligan 4| Mark and Donna Waldman 5| Lauren Fahrney, Jen Miller 6| John and Kim McCurdy 7| Ellen Sher, Dave Sullivan 8| Mary Weiss, Jill Weber 9| Eric and Amy Morris 10| Lauren Fahrney, Debbie Danner 11| Bill and Amy Tingle 12| Katherine and David Sauer 13| Ken and Joely Londreth 14| Cyndi and Chris Michalak

<<< go to to see more [ snapped! ] >>> 26 |



April 18, 2012

14 |


OBAMA-CARE We Have The Answers! With all of today’s changes,

find out how our broker services can benefit you! IndIvIdual  FamIly  Corporate plans Medical | Life & Accident | Dental | Vision | Disability Long Term Care | 401 K Plans | Individual | Family Corporate Plans | Medical | Life & Accident | Dental Vision | Disability | Long Term Care | 401 K Plans Individual | Family | Corporate Plans

Call today for a complimentary analysis.


Serving St. Louis and St. Charles for over 35 years 636-474-8080 |

Denny & Associates, Inc.



Legal Services of ] [ Eastern Missouri

Family Portraits by

by meredith bush What | 22nd Annual Justice For All Ball Where | The Chase Park Plaza Hotel When | Feb. 25 Why | To celebrate and raise funds for Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Who | The Hon. Chief Justice Richard B. Teitelman, honorary chairs Stephen and Mary Moore, committee co-chairs Monica Hans and Jessica Martin, and auction co-chairs Brenda Glick and Judy Gorin Highlights | Legal community guests and supporters danced to Hudson & The Hoo Doo Cats and participated in a silent auction with items such as a one-week vacation in Destin, Fla., and a stay at a condo in Breckenridge, Colo.


Mayank and Punita Patel with their children.


She’s Still Mom. Now With a New Lease on Life.

Please Join Us!


Now Leasin g!

Informational Happy Hour Discussion

What is Palliative Care When to consider it for my aging family member Wednesday, April 25 • 5:00pm-6:30pm

Learn About Our Gold Key Program

Learn About Money Saving Offers Available Only to Gold Key Members Sunday, May 6 • 1:30pm-3:30pm 5|



1| Matt and Monica Hans, Jessica and Jim Martin, Dan Glazier, Nancy Snow 2| Stephen and Mary Moore 3| Bill and Pam Kuehling 4| Denise Levitch, Hon. Richard Teitelman, Jay Levitch 5| Laurie Hauber, Ed Yang 6| Reuben Shelton, Mary Nelson 7| Jack and Michaela Brady

Discussions held at: The Corner Pub and Grill 15824 Fountains Plaza Dr. Chesterfield, MO 63017


For reservations, please call 314-288-0622 27 Reinke Road • Ellisville, MO 63021 A SPECTRUM RETIREMENT COMMUNITY

WV Town & Style 4 11 18 12

April 18, 2012


| 27

by suzy bacino | photos by suzy gorman

Q| A|

What are you wearing this spring?

I’m crazy for the printed jean and the bright colors of spring! Since I don’t really go for tight-fitting things, I love a flowing silk top and a great little jacket. And of course, some killer heels are essential.

Q| A|

What would this spring?



on YSL Tribute sandals, $795 from Saks Fifth Avenue

I’m seriously thinking about splurging on the YSL Tribute sandal in black. I think they’d be a great investment

Q| A|

Earrings, $150 Alice + Olivia white leather jacket, $795 Robert Rodriguez silk top, $255 Green Gucci handbag, $2,190 Alexis Bittar bangles, $225 to $275 7 For All Mankind floral jeans, $189 Stuart Weitzman patent platforms, $385 All from Neiman Marcus

What’s in your closet now?

1| I love the four-way stretch in the DL1961 jeans, and these white ones (the Amanda jean) are the perfect skinnies.

1 2


2| J. Crew has the cutest tops. I’ve worn this one for casual and dressy events. Love the pink color! 3| I wear this MICHAEL Michael Kors leather jacket all the time—it’s butter-soft and glam! 4| My color obsession this season is neon pink. This little Michael Kors crossbody is surprisingly versatile and a fun way to add some pop to my outfit. 5| Ray-Ban polarized Wayfarers are classic and look good on almost everyone.



Look what Style Team Coordinator Wendy Steinbecker found : OPI gel polish in Suzi Says Feng Shui! Hard to tell from the bottle, but this color is a gorgeous blue. Suzy Says try it! Polish and gel manicure available at Natural Beauty of Ladue

assisted by wendy steinbecker

28 |



April 18, 2012

PHOTO ALBUM Real Housewives of Atlanta

happenings by kari williams

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burrus and Phaedra Parks spoke recently at a special speakers series hosted by Vatterott College ex’treme Institute by Nelly. The series took place at Lumiere Place Casino. Courtney Gousman, Kandi Burrus, Phaedra Parks


The Guard a Heart Foundation presented St. Louis-based pharmaceutical company SmartMouth with the Heart Health Advocacy Award. SmartMouth Chairman Marvin Cohen and CEO Susanne Cohen accepted the award. dr. susanne cohen, dr. marvin cohen

Urban Roots Garden Center

Urban Roots Garden Center recently celebrated its grand opening. Located in Kirkwood, the business is co-owned by Jenniffer Elliot and Steve Meskill.

Junior League of St. Louis

Kids Walk

The Junior League of St. Louis opened a new location in downtown Kirkwood. Mayor Art McDonnell and Donna Poe of the Special Business District were present for the ribboncutting ceremony.

Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation received $202,000 from the Missouri Knights of Columbus. The donation was raised through Columbian Charities of Missouri. The Knights Supreme Council also presented $50,000. Louis Mautino, Mick Gilliam, John Appelbaum, Dr. Roland Maxim, Sherlyn Hailstone, Dan Buck

9831 Clayton Road St. Louis, MO 63124 314.692.2003

April 18, 2012


| 29

MATT McMILLIN By Suzy Bacino | Photos by Suzy Gorman

Jacket by Triumph, shirt by Jim Marshall, jeans by Adriano Goldschmied, boots by All Saints. Motorcycle: Triumph 900 Thruxton.

Matt McMillin is a style enigma. This married father of three is as equally comfortable in vests and bow ties as he is in leather and tattoos. McMillin’s love of clothing, music and motorcycles shows in everything he does. A former fashion executive turned car dealer, he is the sales manager at Mini of St. Louis. “I moved with my wife from Akron, Ohio in 1989 to work for Dillard’s,” he says. “I had various positions there, including store manager at Northwest Plaza. I left to work for Lord & Taylor in 1999 as their merchandise manager until they closed in ’02. Now I sell cars!” Clearly, fashion is a still a big part of his life. We asked him for some fashion advice.

Below: “A vest and bow tie (sometimes an ascot) are goto items for me.  A vest dresses up a look without being pretentious or stuffy, while the bow tie allows a level of self-expression. I definitely don't see myself all over town!” Vest, shoes and shirt by J. Crew, jeans by Adriano Goldschmied, tie by Robert Talbot, belt by Bill Adler

Right: “I love geek glasses and gingham. Think 1980’s Elvis Costello.  And, yes, I own everything he has ever done (including the reissues)!”  Glasses by Paul Smith, shirt by Diesel, jeans by Adriano Goldschmied, belt by Bill Adler, shoes by Converse

Who IS this guy? Ten Facts about Matt I married Jennifer Bowen in 1989. She is still my best friend. Three boys make my life complete: Marshall, Miles and Mason McMillin. I have no bucket list! I love Triumph Motorcycles, music, classic literature in general and Victorian poetry specifically. Chet Baker, Jack Kerouac and James Dean are my style influences. I love good bourbon, martinis and big Italian reds!

Below: “I can’t come close to the impeccable style of Tom Ford, but I can dream. The single-breasted, peak-lapel jacket is a signature for my man of the century (when it comes to style).”  Jacket by Perry Ellis, shirt by Ike Behar, jeans by Rock and Republic, pocket square by Talbot's (yes, it's my wife’s), boots by Robert Wayne

I love tattoos and the creativity people put into them. If I could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive: Jenny Bowen McMillin. My favorite sound:  my boy’s laughter. Brando. The Wild One. ‘Nuff said.

Matt’s Style Tips for Guys: 1. Tuck in your shirt! 2. Wear great fitting jeans. 3. Own a few great pieces that work well with almost everything else in your wardrobe. 4. The four-in-hand is the only knot you need to know. 5. Learn to fold a pocket square, tie a bow tie and wear an ascot. 6. Just because it is your day off or the weekend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ‘dressed.’ 7. Own a great leather jacket and at least one pair of cowboy boots.

8. Athletic shoes are for the gym only! 9. No team apparel. Ever! 10. Wear the suit. 11. It's all in the details. 12. I like my lapels narrow and my jeans and ties skinny. 13. Collar stays are overrated. 14. Who said cuff links have to match? 15. Forget who put their name on it. If you like, buy it and wear it well.

Fun and useful monogrammed gifts for the graduate. 314-991-3337

9823 Clayton Road Ladue 63124 Next to Sallie Home and Pilates & Yoga Center

[t&s] picks graduation


compiled by meredith bush 1 | Paperdolls Boutique

Custom monogrammed necklaces available in 19 colors, as well as silver and gold 110 E. Jefferson Ave. | 314.965.3655 | $60 to $95


2 | Sign of the Arrow

Take your Mizzou pride everywhere with these University of Missouri Tervis water bottles. Other designs also available. 9740 Clayton Road | 314.994.0606 | | $27

3 | Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More

Custom iPhone and iPad covers are perfect for the graduate. 10552 Old Olive Street Road | 314.991.7933 |

4 | Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers

For the fashionable grad, select stacking rings in dark or white silver, or an 18kt. gold set with a rainbow of gemstones. 101 S. Hanley Road, Ste. 110 | 314.863.8820 | | Starting at $110

110 N. Clay kirkwood MO 63122 M-S 10-6 & Sun 12-5

5 | Moris Fashions

The Union Jack Mighty Wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. 26 Maryland Plaza | 314.361.6800 |

6 | Blush Boutique

Miranda Frye Sideways Cross available in silver or gold-plated 110 N. Clay Ave. | 314.965.4411 | | $80


7 | Take Note

The proper way to introduce the new graduate to their next stage of life. Choose from a variety of graduation invitations, thank-yous and exclusive Mizzou stationery. 140 Chesterfield Commons East Road | 636.536.5062 |

8 | Nadoz Cafe & Catering

Order your favorite Nadoz sandwiches, salads and desserts delivered for your graduation party. 12 The Boulevard | 314.367.6050 |

9 | J.A. Whitney

Send the guys off to college in style with this monogrammed leather dopp kit. Other styles available in leather and canvas. 13498 Clayton Road | 314.439.0900 | | $40


10 | John Mineoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant

Celebrate graduation with special pricing starting at $25 per person, and your own private room. 13490 Clayton Road | 314.434.5244 |

11 | MACS Designs

spring is in full swing at

Monogrammed initial necklaces are a great present for all of your graduates. 9823 Clayton Road | 314.991.3337

12 | Ted Drewes

Treat your graduate to a delicious Ted Drewes hot fudge sundae at a special price. 6726 Chippewa Street | 314.481.2652 | | $2.50

13 | The Initial Design

A monogrammed jewelry box in cream or black is perfect for the new graduate. 25 N. Gore Ave. | 314.968.8300 |

14 | Gourmet to Go 314.965.doll | 314.965.3655 110 east jefferson kirkwood 63122

Make you graduation parties something to remember with our creative party platters and distinctive appetizers and hors dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;oevres. Ladue, Clayton, Westport | 314.205.1151 |

special advertising feature

32 |



April 18, 2012





We're mad for plaid!

Just Madras

Clothing trunk show April 19-21


Graduation Party Planning Starts Here.


Creative. Distinctive. Impressive.


10 Ladue • Clayton • Westport


Voted most-trusted cleaners four years in a row!

Experience our high quality treatment and superior cleaning of your fine rugs.


We also give special attention to

• Garments • Wedding Gowns • Formals • Draperies • Comforters • Down Pillows • Linens • Hats • Purses • Heirloom • Suedes & Leathers • Preservations and much more! Ask about our quality four-day service on garments


15% off

rug cleaning thru June 30



Exclusively Fine Dry Cleaning since 1931

Clayton: 7480 Delmar at Hanley – 727-0830 | town & Country: 14380 South outer 40 road – 576-4141

Complete Residential and Commercial Tree Service with Over 40 Years Experience Serving the Saint Louis Area

n n


n n n n n

Tree removal Pruning ISA-certified arborist on staff Storm cleanup Stump removal Cabling Deep root fertilization Plant health care (PHC)

314 426 2911 Call for a free consultation

April 18, 2012


| 33



For Dental Implant Treatment, it’s a ClearChoice! ClearChoice team of specialists brings you a dental implant solution that fits your budget ... in just one day!* A LEADER IN DENTAL IMPLANT TREATMENT Virtually every adult will lose a tooth, and as we get older, more Americans will suffer with missing and failing teeth. These days, however, there are dental implant solutions that either didn’t exist in the past or which were difficult to access. But now, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are leading the way in innovative dental implant treatments. Dental Implants are a permanent solution for dental problems. And now your treatment, from our team of specialists, can often be accomplished in just one day *… and without the need for additional bone graft surgeries. In fact, dental implants can last a lifetime and have become the treatment of choice for replacement of missing and failing teeth. With more than 10,000 dental implant procedures performed, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have become a leader in dental implant treatment delivery. TECHNOLOGY Every ClearChoice Dental Implant Center includes an on-site 3D CAT Scan. The 3D CAT Scan technology costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This technology provides three-dimensional and cross-sectional views that allow ClearChoice doctors to examine the quality and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implants; select the correct type and size of implants; determine the precise placement of implants, and avoid the nerves and sinuses. Since every smile is custom designed, each ClearChoice Center has a specialized Dental Implant in-house lab to custom make your smile. They said they had specialists, a lab, and high tech equipment all at one location, but I had no idea that they could really do all of this in just one day!* — Actual ClearChoice patient

< 3D CAT Scan



Actual ClearChoice Patient

TEAM OF SPECIALISTS The technology alone cannot elevate ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers in their field. Our technology is paired with an expert professional team of doctor specialists enabling ClearChoice to empower so many patients around the country to change their lives. These qualified specialists include an oral surgeon who places implants, and a prosthodontist who designs your custom new smile. Each of the doctors has special expertise and can be trusted to deliver your high quality implant care. Dental Implants are a surgical procedure and the ClearChoice doctors have extensive experience in this area including administering anesthesia to provide comfort. Custom fabrication of the patient’s new smile and replacement teeth are accomplished by trained lab technicians in the on-site dental implant lab. Our local specialists are available for a FREE initial consultation or even second opinions. Why wait, call now! SATISFACTION & WARRANTY Whether for a missing single tooth, multiple teeth or a whole mouthful of missing or failing teeth, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers provide comprehensive implant treatment professionally and affordably in a fraction of the time it would take many other professionals. That’s why in an independent study of thousands of patients, ClearChoice patients would overwhelmingly recommend ClearChoice to others† and we warranty our work.

“I suffered with

bad teeth since I was a teenager. Imagine dealing with failing teeth so young in life.  As a musician, I’m often in front of an audience. I wanted a rock star smile ... and now I have one.” - Kurt C., real ClearChoice patient

Tooth loss is not your fault. Doing nothing about it is. Come see how easy it is to live the comfortable life you deserve ...

Our risk free consultation will show you how.


1.855.219.1507 TODAY

and receive a free 3D CAT scan (a $700 value)

Robert E. Willis, DDS ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers are locally owned and operated by licensed local dentists, and are part of a professional affiliation of implant practices operated by oral surgeons, prosthodontists and restorative dentists across the U.S. *Qualified patients can have their procedure in one day after initial workup without additional bone graft surgery. Results may vary in individual cases. Limited services available at satellite offices. †Independent Dental Implant Survey March 2011. America’s #1 Choice determined by an Independent Patient Survey 2011. © 2012 ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

34 |



April 18, 2012


MidAmerica Skin Health & Vitality Center The intelligent, non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

April 18, 2012


| 35

[midamerica skin&health vitality center by mary jo blackwood, rn, mph

photo by thomas warwick

Surgical liposuction remains the gold standard for permanent removal of fat, but it involves pain and downtime and has no effect on loose skin. “But iLipo Ultra+, a new treatment using cold laser technology to remove fat from fat cells in stubborn areas, also firms the skin and stimulates collagen,” says Dr. Joseph Muccini of MidAmerica Skin Health & Vitality Center. During the procedure, 36 non-ablative lasers in four treatment pads poke holes in fat-cell membranes, allowing burnable fat to drain into the bloodstream where it can be used for fuel. “It’s up to the patient to generate enough fuel-burning exercise to kick-start the process,” Muccini explains. The treatment typically targets inherently resistant fat deposits, such as those found in the upper thigh, ‘muffin top’ or baby pouch. “We can even do targeted sculpting around the neck and arms,” he says. During 10-minute treatments done twice a week for a month, the fractionated lasers treat some areas, leaving non-treated areas to support the skin. “The optional, ‘ultra’ phase of the treatment involves a vacuum-roller hand piece with lasers that gently applies suction, mobilizing treatment areas and moving fat toward the lymphatic system,” Muccini says.

36 |


Dr Joseph Muccini


April 18, 2012

In surgical liposuction, fat cells are actually removed. “So if you gain weight, it will deposit somewhere else,” Muccini says.”With iLipo, those fat cells are still there and available to be refilled if you overeat. It’s not a panacea for poor lifestyle.” Clients are given a calculated exercise program and prescription for fluid intake and must be actively involved in maintaining progress. “Once the fat is mobilized and lymphatic massage puts it into the bloodstream, it’s up to the client to burn fat by compressing the treatment area and exercising.” How long do results last? “It’s up to you: Take in more calories than you burn, and you’ll add fat,” Muccini says. “But iLipo Ultra+ can be a jump-start that sets you on the the path to eating better and becoming healthier.” Patients reap additional benefits from the program’s exercise component, including decreased risk for diabetes and heart disease and increased levels of feelgood endorphins. “What I love about this treatment is that it’s noninvasive, painless, requires no downtime and presents no danger to the patient,” he says. “But best of all, it works.”

For more information about MidAmerica Skin Health & Vitality Center, call 314.878.0600 or visit Cover photo by thomas warwick COVER Design by gayle van dyke


parent trap females &] feelings

Prestige Dental Care, a general dentistry practice that emphasizes pain-free care, is now accepting new patients of all ages.


Latest dental equipment including digital x-rays, lasers and a state-of-the-art sterilization unit


Same-day crowns


Friendly and experienced staff


Easy-to-find central location

DR. SRDjan IlIc, DMD

Prestige Dental Care llc 2915 S. Brentwood Boulevard Saint louis 63144

by dr. tim jordan

convenIently locateD neaR I-170, Hwy 40/64 anD I-44

314 962 6622

When 16-year-old ‘Caitlin’ shared the recent losses in her life with me, it was in a monotone: Her favorite grandmother passed away suddenly of a heart attack; a good guy friend committed suicide; her two best friends ditched her two weeks ago. She came to see me after her parents discovered she was cutting herself. When I asked her how she felt, she said she didn’t know. In schools programs I conduct, I try to have girls resolve conflicts by telling each other how they feel; more often than not, each girl will go off on a long story about what the other person has done to them—but they can’t seem to come up with their own feelings. So what is going on? Being in touch with and expressing your emotions used to be the purview of females, but in the past five to 10 years, I have noticed a shift. Many girls have lost touch with that emotional side of themselves in their everyday lives—that is, except for anger. I believe there are several reasons for this change. First, girls have gotten caught up in the rat race that childhood has so often become, and they are busier than ever. They feel enormous pressure to be perfect: in their looks, their grades, their sports and other activities, and even in their friendships. They are like busy little bees all day, flitting from one activity to the next, so there is little or no down time to just be. When I talk to senior classes at area girls schools, I always ask every group how many of them have quiet time alone at home. As recently as five years ago, I’d get at least six to eight hands raised out of a group of 25. Now, I often get zero. That’s right, none: No time for reflection or checking in with yourself. Now that is downright sad. Technology can be blamed, in part. Being plugged into incessant noise and connections 24/7 is creating a generation of kids addicted to these distractions. Even when they are by themselves, they are never alone and quiet. The need for constant texting and Facebook updates is draining many girls of their inner worlds. During retreats, when I give girls the opportunity to slow down and look within, they often start to express more of their emotions. They love to share their innermost feelings and thoughts through journaling, artwork and deep, real discussions. It’s a healing process that makes them feel lighter and more authentic. We need to become more conscious of how we, as parents and adults, view the expression of feelings. Girls who cry are described as ‘losing it’ or ‘a mess.’ Let’s frame it differently, as speaking from their hearts and being real.

We are wrinkle free every day! Jackie Carr, RN, MSN, LE

J AC K I E ‘ S A P R I L S P E C I A L S


EVERYDAY No Minimal Unit Limit

MICrOdErMaBraSION $90/TrEaTMENT radIESSE 1.5CC SyrINgE 2 foR $799.00 Or

3 foR $1100 (whIlE SUpplIES laST)

XEOMIN® $10.00/UNIT JUVEdErM UlTra plUS XC $500 pEr SyrINgE (SaVE $50)

Or $475 fOr 2 SyrINgES

SCUlpTra aESThETIC $560 pEr VIal (SaVE $100) VITalIZE aCId pEEl $95 (SaVE OVEr $50) John B. Holds, MD, FACS

Cosmetic Upper and Lower Lid Surgery • Cosmetic Browlift • Fat Transfer for Facial Volume Loss Laser Skin Resurfacing • Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

We have over 30 years of combined experience in Botox injections


Call for an appointment or set up a free consult with JACKIE CARR today!

Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Inc. and Aesthetic Medispa of West County 314.567.3567

12990 Manchester Road • Suite 101/102 • Des Peres 63131 Tim Jordan, m.d., is a behavioral pediatrician who counsels kids in grade school through high school. for more information, go to

AllergAn BrilliAnt Distinction MeMBers | AllergAn PlAtinuM MeMBers April 18, 2012


| 37

of Skincare!] [The ScienceSun Protection by lauren madras | photo by charles barnes

Sunscreen, sunblock, UVA, UVB, SPF, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, aminobenzoic acid... It’s no wonder many people don’t

get the sun protection they need. How can you possibly keep track? We

take a look inside some of our favorite suncare options to explain the ins and outs—and find the product that’s right for you.

>like air

>the multi-tasker

>past & future

>tress stress

>all made up

Doctor T’s Supergoop! SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum

First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Face Cream SPF 30

Bumble and bumble Color-Minded UV Protective Styling Balm

Trish McEvoy Advanced Protective Shield Moisturizer SPF 40

This is the lightest formula of the group. You won’t be able to feel it once it’s applied and dried. In addition to common sunscreens homosalate, octisalate and avobenzone, it includes octocrylene, a fatty alcohol that increases the skin’s water-resistant properties. This is a perfect option for daily use, as the gentle formula is less likely to cause irritation. Hydrovotin 24 also offers long-lasting hydration and smooths fine lines.

For mornings when every minute counts, a product that seemingly does it all sounds too good to be true. Although specialized anti-aging treatments may yield more pronounced results, a multi-tasking product maintains your beauty regimen and provides much-needed sun protection in a pinch. Zinc oxide (in a less concentrated formula than thick, white Desitin ointment), forms a physical block against irritants. Octinoxate and octocrylene, both esters, absorb damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Beauty Rx Skincare by Dr. Schultz Maximum Solar Defense Sheer Cream for Face SPF 50

This hair product moisturizes and smooths hair for styling, but it also provides protection—crucial for color-treated tresses. Phytantriol forms a barrier around strands and has the double bonus of acting as a UV filter and sealing hair against the ravages of heat styling. Further protection is provided by silicon polymers that help hair retain its color.

This it a perfect formula for under makeup. (Even products with SPF shouldn’t be counted on to provide complete protection, due to uneven application of most concealers and foundations.) Avobenzone provides full spectrum protection against UVA radiation, but it provides less protection over time, so be sure to reapply as the day goes on. The formula also uses octinoxate, octisalate and oxybenzone, which absorb UVB rays.

department stores, $42

sephora, $38

This thick, white cream smells like sunscreen and packs the highest sun-blocking punch of this group. It also contains zinc oxide, which forms a physical but invisible barrier to damaging rays. At this concentration, it blocks both UVB and broad-spectrum UVA radiation. That means it protects against sunburn caused by UVB, the leading cause of skin cancers, and against the penetrating, celldamaging UVA, which leads to signs of aging. As it protects, it also treats past damage with free-radical fighting tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate., $42

38 |



April 18, 2012

Salons and online, $28

department stores, $45


elle ] Around Town [kaballah by lauren madras

yehuda guez

photo by bill barrett

When Madonna was spotted

discussed and considered some of the crucial wearing red string around her wrist in 1997, questions in everyday life, and the process was Kabbalah entered the mainstream vernacular visibly comforting to them. Many questions and enjoyed a faddish following. (The string is came down to coping with slights and hurt a segula, or protective symbol that wards off feelings in their closest relationships—with the evil eye.) But there were—and remain— parents, children and spouses. The message: many misconceptions about this sect of Jewish Put something negative into the world, and mysticism. In total honesty, there is more I you will receive that negativity in return. Send don’t know about Kabbalah than I do, even out positive energy, and you will be repaid. Certainly, the points raised had me after my class. The Kabbalah Centre in Clayton opened only a few months ago, and I was thinking about my day, my life. Had I been kind to my husband? Was I working hard and instantly intrigued, but also intimidated. To study and benefit from Kabbalah, one earnestly at my job? Was I inviting positive need not be Jewish, although it is founded in energy into my life or ensuring a negative and rests on the Jewish faith. When I entered result? Ultimately, I have realized Kabbalah is the Practical Kabbalah class, I felt instantly probably not for me, but the experience was I was one of the few—if not the only— nonetheless inviting. The atmosphere at the non-Jewish attendees. My prior research Practical Kabbalah class was that of a closereferred to the practice as ‘esoteric,’ with knit community. They laughed, smiled and astrology as one part, but I didn’t know what welcomed me warmly, encouraging me to made up the rest. The center’s website reads: join in. The lesson that day focused on putting “Kabbalah is the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives and discover the effort into things that bring satisfaction on their own merits, not to illicit some response hidden meaning of living.” The class setup is simple and more from others. “You can’t put out all your energy approachable than I imagined. Kabbalah and hope for that to be repaid by another teacher Yehuda Guez leads the class, which person,” Guez says. “They are just as empty meets on Tuesdays. Light refreshments are as you.” Kabbalah teaches to look to God to served. I was surprised by the sheer numbers; fill your emptiness. So maybe the study of dozens of people were seated in tight rows Kabbalah helps people change the way they inside the narrow storefront. During the see themselves—and the energy they project hourlong session, members of the class openly into the world around them. Tune in each month while Elle tries the new or off-the-wall crazes in health, fitness and beauty. next month: ever get a tatoo? elle gets a low-commitment version for a night on the town! Have a tip? Email with suggestions!

Dr. Judith Gurley is a board-certified plastic surgeon and former assistant professor of surgery at Washington University ~ She employs the latest surgical techniques to help each patient achieve a beautiful and

natural look ~ Dr. Gurley’s advanced procedure typically means quick recovery time and ensures you’ll be ready for spring or summer travels and activities ~ Call us today to find out more about our

spring breast augmentation special.

14825 N. Outer 40 Road, Suite 350 Chesterfield, Missouri 63017 April 18, 2012 | 636.812.4300

| 39

Specializing inWomen’s Health, Bioidentical hormone therapy, Wellness & Integrative Medicine


~ Wellness services for women and men of all ages ~ General gynecology ~ Bioidentical hormone therapy ~ Infertility ~ Medically-supervised weight loss ~ Treatment for pre-menstrual, menstrual & menopausal symptoms

Dr. Poppy Daniels MD obstetrician/Gynecologist

f t

6744 Clayton Road, Suite 306 St. Louis 63117


staying beautiful

compiled by meredith bush

call toll-free

855-DRPOPPY {855-377-6779}

Spring into HEALtH

Patient Appreciation Day Wednesday May 2, 2012 8am-6pm Fun | Prizes | new Patient sPecials SponSorS: Vinson Mortgage • Gold’s Gym • New York Life • Electro Savings Credit Union • Feed Your Vitality • The Parkway Hotel • Scotty’s Produce • Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce • Jacqi Beachler at Salon Salon • Relentless Entertainment DJ Services

Metro Chiropractic and nutritional Wellness Centre 2108 Schuetz Road | Maryland Heights MO 63146 314-567-7300 |

Not all LASIK surgeons specialize in LASIK. Ours does. Dr. Stephen Wexler has per formed more than 28,000 refractive procedures, trains the cornea fellows at Washington University, and serves on the national Clinical Advisory Board for TLC Vision.

Who better to trust with your eyes?


1. Eyecare Associates of St. Louis

Sophisticated, on-trend eyewear from Eye Care Associates of St. Louis helps you put your best face forward. Or if you’re really ready to show off those peepers, call to schedule a free LASIK screening with Dr. Stephen Wexler. 15 The Boulevard | 314.863.4200 11611 Gravois Road | 314.842.3130

2. Podiatry STL (Doctor Alliance Group)

Laser treatment is the most significant advancement in getting rid of nail fungus in more than a decade. The high-energy laser pulses directly to the infected nail bed. The treatment takes just a few minutes and is virtually painless.

6. Washington University Dermatology-West County

Staying beautiful starts with prevention and protection. Sun damage can cause skin cancer, brown spots and wrinkling, making you appear older than you feel. Ask a dermatologist to help select the best treatments and methods for keeping skin as healthy as possible. Pictured: Dr. Kara Nunley 969 N. Mason Road, Ste. 220 | 314.996.8010


3. Aurora Medical Spa

The Laser Lift uses a targeted laser that penetrates the dermis, tightening existing collagen strands and stimulating new collagen production, which produces a firming effect. 13319 Manchester Road | 314.822.1060 | $199

4. Midwest Vein Center

Our full-service vein center offers a variety of treatment options to keep you feeling beautiful this summer. 3023 N. New Ballas Road, Ste. 210D | 314.989.9355


5. Washington University Plastic Surgery Center

314 . 863 . 420 0 #15

The Boulevard Richmond Heights

Restore your skin to health and beauty. Epionce™ skin care is clinically proven to block inflammatory factors, repair and strengthen skin and reduce the appearance of photoaging and periocular wrinkles. Pictured: Ann Mahoney, RN 605 Old Ballas Road, Ste. 100 | 314.432.7760

314 . 8 42 . 3130 11611 Gravois Road Sunset Hills

special advertising feature

40 |



April 18, 2012

ECA1104 –Eye Care Associates of St. Louis Town & Style Magazine



NON-SURGICAL ALTERNATIVES Want to turn back the hands of time? Today, there are great non-surgical, non-invasive procedures available at Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center with Jean Niehaus, RN. Our patients are loving their results with the new ProFractional Laser. Call Today for a Complimentary Consultation.

Other treatments such as Botox® and Injectable Fillers have little or no down time and the results are amazing. These products are proven to be safe and effective. Personal Consultations Available.

5 7

6 8

Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center and Dr. Frank Simo 10448 Old Olive Street Road, Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63141 314.743.4000

Mother’s Day Special Give the Perfect Gift of a Gift Card Gift Cards Available for Any Amount.

Purchase a $125 Gift Card for $100

Offer expires 5.31.2012

7. Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery

Awaken your skin and body while relaxing in a calm, soothing and invigorating environment. Dr. Judith Gurley’s Medical Spa offers a full range of treatments for the face and body, performed by licensed estheticians using state-of-the-art equipment. Therapeutic facials, advanced medical peels, laser treatments and an array of natural skinproducts will restore your radiant and youthful appearance. Pictured: Jennifer Hollow 14825 N. Outer 40 Road, Ste.350 | 636.812.4300

8. MidAmerica Skin Health & Vitality Center

The Liquid Face-lift offers customized combinations of fillers, injectable implants and muscle-blocking agents to soften your look and rejuvenate your face. Pictured: Dr. Joseph Muccini 222 S. Woods Mill Road, Ste. 475N | 314.878.0600 | $575 and up

More than 25 million Americans suffer

from UNCOMFORTABLE and UNSIGHTLY varicose veins. Midwest Vein Center offers a non-surgical treatment with VenaCure EVLT Laser Treatment. ● No general anesthesia or hospitalization ● Office-based procedure ● Minimal downtime ● Covered by most insurance carriers We are a multi-faceted vascular and vein center, caring for all types of venous problems: ● Board Certified Vascular Surgeon ● Laser Vein Treatment Only four weeks after ● Sclerotherapy VenaCureEVLT Treatment ● Diagnostic Ultrasound ®

Midwest Vein Center

3023 N. Ballas Road Suite 210D St. Louis 63131 314-989-WELL ~


April 18, 2012



| 41

Actual patient of Dr. Nayak! Results may vary.


Dr. L. Mike Nayak specializes in Botox, dermal fillers, and plastic surgery of the face. By combining surgical, nonsurgical, and laser techniques, Dr. Nayak can safely achieve dramatic yet natural facial rejuvenation in both men and women. And, because most procedures can be done without general anesthesia in our AAAHC-accredited office operating suite, risk and cost are reduced. Call today for a personal evaluation, or to attend a saturday seminar!

314-991-LiFT (5438)


Manicures in May! purchase Botox or Filler during the month of May and receive 50% off any manicure! Exp. May 31, 2012. 607 s. Lindbergh Blvd st. Louis, MO 63131

Join us for our


INTO SUMMER SALE! 30 ~ 50% OFF STOREWIDE 3 DAYS ONLY Tuesday, April 24 - Thursday, April 26 Doors open at 9:30 AM

10. The Lifestyle Center

Our clients are looking for lasting beauty. While most dermal fillers last approximately 6 to 12 months, Artefill provides lasting beauty up to five years. Pictured: Dr. Richard Moore 7642 Forsyth Blvd. | 314.863.5556 |

11. Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center and Dr. Frank Simo

Jean Niehays, RN, BSN, brings more than 20 years of experience as a registered nurse and more than seven years as a nurse injector. Her addition to the staff gives patients more scheduling options for Botox and laser procedures. Pictured: Jean Niehays, RN, BSN 10448 Old Olive Street Road, Ste. 200 | 314.743.4000

12. Aesthetic Medispa of West County and Ophthalmic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Botox Cosmetic and Xeomin remain staple procedures in the cosmetic arena to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in certain areas such as between the brows, forehead and crowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feet. 314.567.3567 |

13. Prestige Dental Care

Porcelain veneers are a quick and minimally invasive way to change the shape and color of your teeth. The procedure consists of two appointments, the first in which teeth are prepared for veneers and an impression is made, and the second in which the veneers are placed. 2915 S. Brentwood Blvd. | 314.962.6622 | $1,200 per tooth

14. Dr. Poppy Daniels

Bioidentical restoration hormone therapy can help optimize wellness for men and women at any stage of life. Pictured: Dr. Poppy Daniels 6744 Clayton Road, Ste. 306 | 855.377.6779

15. Nayak Plastic Surgery

A neck-lift removes excess skin under the neck, tightens muscles and adds volume when needed to create a rejuvenated neck and jawline with a natural appearance. 607 S. Lindbergh Blvd. | 314.991.5438 | $6,000 and up

16. CleanSpa

The perfect gift of relaxation. A special combination of luxury pedicure coupled with a Thai reflexology treatment ensures ultimate healing and relaxation, experienced in a Zero Gravity Chair that decreases positional pressures. 17201 Chesterfield Airport Road | 314.880.0777 | | $85

15 Joy on Clayton 9719 Clayton Road | Ladue Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30 Saturday 10-5 before

42 |



April 18, 2012



17. St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery

Micro Fat transfers are a natural method of facial contouring that provide added volume to sunken, hollow areas. They are minimally invasive and have long-lasting results compared to fillers that must be re-injected yearly. 17300 N. Outer Forty Road | 636.530.6161







14 16

17 April 18, 2012


| 43

Staying [ Beautiful by mary jo blackwood, RN, MPH Gravity and the passage of time

can be unkind to our faces and bodies. But the best tool for maintaining or enhancing our looks is information from the experts.

Ask the Expert

[ beautiful on a budget ] There may be many things we’d like to fix about ourselves, but money can limit our options. How can we look our best without breaking the bank? Dr. Richard Moore, Lifestyle Center Hint to friends and relatives that a gift card at your favorite spa would be appreciated. Most spas and plastic surgeons have monthly or even weekly specials. Sign up for their newsletters to track them. Many feature their most popular procedures at significantly discounted prices. The best way to stay beautiful on a budget is to take care of yourself consistently. Avoid sun exposure, drink a lot of water, eat right, stay active and follow a consistent skin regimen, including sunblock. That can head off the need for more costly procedures. Erin Murphy, aesthetician, Aurora Medical Spa If you could change one thing, what would it be? We can help you work out a prioritized list to address your concerns in affordable increments. Start with good home care routines using pharmaceutical-grade products sold in medical settings and targeted to specific problems. Because they contain higher levels of active ingredients, they’re often more cost-effective than drug- or department-store items. A basic regimen can include cleanser, exfoliator, a bleaching product for dark spots, a good moisturizer, and a serum with human growth factor to stimulate healthy tissue growth. Consistency is key. Effective spa treatments can reverse damage, but if you don’t take care of your skin at home, you undo the effects and end up wasting money.

Question: My mother always has pain in her legs when she walks a short distance. Her doctor told her she suspects peripheral arterial disease. How do we verify this and what are her treatment options?

Answer: Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), or blockage in the arteries, is a common disease process that affects both men and women. Many people with PAD have no symptoms at first, but as the disease progresses, symptoms can include pain, heaviness or cramping in the legs with exercise, including walking. More advanced disease involves pain at rest, sores or non-healing wounds. Non-invasive vascular studies can confirm the diagnosis and eliminate other causes of leg pain, such as arthritis, neuropathy and other musculoskeletal disorders. Imaging studies, such as a CT scan or MRI, will provide additional information. Depending on the severity of your mother’s symptoms, there are several treatment choices.

Jeffrey Jim, MD, MS Washington University Vascular Surgery

4921 Parkview Place, Suite A, 8th Floor St. Louis, MO 63110 44 |




April 18, 2012

Treatment of PAD starts with lifestyle changes and medications. Smoking cessation, blood pressure management and control of blood sugar levels are essential components in the treatment algorithm. In more advances cases of arterial blockage, a patient may be advised to undergo a revascularization procedure to re-establish blood flow. Endovascular treatment is performed through a puncture over an artery in the arm or groin. A special balloon is delivered to the area of blockage and then inflated and deflated to push the blockage (plaque) into the sides of the artery wall to allow a channel for blood to flow through. In some cases, a metallic stent is placed to keep the flow channel open. These procedures are done in an outpatient setting with minimal recovery time. In some cases where there are extensive or multiple blockages, a surgical bypass may be recommended. In this option, we sew either a vein or plastic tubing above and below the blockage to “bypass” the diseased area. This is done as an inpatient procedure and there is a short hospital stay after surgery. It is important to realize that each patient with PAD is different. Treatment should be tailored specifically to fit the needs of the individual to ensure a good outcome. A board-certified vascular surgeon has the unique ability to provide all treatment options to patients, including medical management, minimally invasive endovascular techniques, open surgery, and innovative hybrid approaches.


[ facial filler facts ] Cosmetic fillers offer a variety of options to replace lost facial volume. How do we choose the best ones for the job? Dr. Herluf Lund, St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery Some people mistakenly think Botox is a filler. It’s actually is a neuromodulator that stops muscles from making wrinkles. The fillers I use most are Juvederm, Radiesse and fat. Applied with specificity and accuracy, all give good results. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm are smooth and flexible, so they’re good for superficial filling close to the skin in areas such as the temples and fine lines around the mouth eyes and lips. Radiesse is a firmer, longer-lasting filler, suited to deeper grooves like the nasolabial folds or marionette lines. Sculptra, made from polylactic acid, the stuff of dissolvable sutures, stays five or more years because it stimulates collagen. Fat can be used in the back of the hand and most places in

the face except the lips. Newer technology keeps about 80 percent of the fat from being reabsorbed by the body. Dr. Gregory Branham, W.U. Facial Plastic Surgery Center If the goal is deep placement over a broader area to support tissues and give volume, I would use a thicker, longer-lasting filler like fat, Sculptra or Radiesse. Usually about 10 to 20 cubic centimeters is enough to enhance cheekbones, fill temple hollow or support the jaw line. To replace small volumes and add definition close to the skin, I might use 1 to 3 ccs of HA fillers like Juvederm, Restylane or Perlane, which work well along the lip line, in the tear troughs or in the lips. These last about six to nine months. The interesting thing about fat is that it contains stem cells. Patients often notice their skin texture seems to improve after fat injections. Fillers are often used in combination with neuromodulators like Botox or Xeomin. Patients concerned about the safety of injectibles can visit for more information.

[ fractionated lasers ] Laser resurfacing is effective for fine lines and mottled coloring, but downtime can be significant. “Using fractionated lasers shortens the healing period,” says lead nurse Carol Anderson of Synergi MedSpa. During a resurfacing laser peel, laser beams overlap and burn off all the epidermis and into the dermis over the treated area, she explains. “With fractionated lasers, the beams are separated, leaving healthy skin between treated areas, typically treating between 20 and 50 percent of the total surface area.” Because beams are separated, they go deeper without as much surface discomfort or downtime, she adds. “Going deeper into the dermis also stimulates collagen production to fill in fine lines and tighten the skin.” Anderson often does a fractionated treatment immediately followed by a micro-laser peel over the entire upper skin surface. “That way, I treat both superficial and deeper layers,” she says. The depth of each treatment depends on the amount of skin damage, how much downtime the client can spare, and whether a second session is planned. “Clients have several options for handling any discomfort that might result from the procedure, including a cold-air machine, topical numbing cream and dental anesthetic blocks around the mouth.” She recommends a consultation to discuss options and answer questions.

Washington University Facial Plastic Surgery Center Trust your face to St. Louis’ Facial Experts Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including:

Office locations

• Rhinoplasty • Surgical & non-surgical options for face & neck rejuvenation • Brow & eyelid surgery • Laser for acne scars & wrinkles • Cosmetic fillers, Botox® & Xeomin® • Latisse® eyelash lengthening

Facial Plastic Surgery Center West County Center for Advanced Medicine

Call or click for more information 314.432.7760

Gregory Branham, MD

Mark Checcone, MD

Ann Mahoney, RN | | 45 Aesthetician

April 18, 2012

[ surgical body sculpting ] [ botox & family ] For years, if you wanted to control the muscles that cause wrinkles, Botox was your only option. Today, competitors such as Dysport and Xeomin have emerged. “All of these drugs are neuromodulators, which work by blocking the signals that run from nerves to specific muscles, so the muscles can’t contract,” says nurse aesthetician Jackie Carr of Ophthalmic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. “Dr. John Hold of our practice started using Xeomin more than a year ago to treat eyelid and facial spasms,” Carr says. “Now we’re using it cosmetically. We offer both Xeomin and Botox because the doses are approximately equal in effect and duration, unit for unit. That’s not the case with Dysport, which may require three units to equal the effect of one unit of the others.” Carr typically uses five to 20 units of Xeomin or Botox per side to treat crows’ feet around the eyes and about 20 units between the eyebrows. “These fillers can also be used to turn up the corners of the mouth, which tend to droop downward with age, and in the chin to reduce dimpling,” she adds.

46 |



April 18, 2012

Cosmetic surgery can repair the ravages of pregnancy, thwart those inherited saddlebags, or simply improve on what nature gave us. Dr. Michele Koo, Aesthetic Surgery Institute Two of the most distressing early signs of aging are a thickened ‘muffin top’ area and thickened upper arms. I advise incorporating lifestyle changes to enhance surgical fixes. Sometimes patients just need a little liposuction, but if the goal is a completely sculpted, flat belly, it usually requires a tummy-tuck procedure with skin and fat removal. The hips and inner and outer thighs are the most resistant to diet and exercise, and they are perfect areas for liposuction, with longlasting results. Some people think cosmetic surgery is vain and unnecessary, but they’ll fix a dent in their car or paint their house. We should do the same for ourselves. If we can safely change an area that causes low self-esteem, why not do it? It’s worth every penny. Men never seem to have the guilt of my female patients. Dr. Judith Gurley A woman who is pear-shaped will always be pear-shaped. The hips and back can also expand disproportionately with age. If you wish you had a smaller waist, thinner inner thighs or less hippy hips, liposuction is a powerful tool. But it

may not be enough. A tummy tuck not only removes fat but tightens the abdominal muscles, rejuvenates the skin and reshapes the hips and belly button. Many women have lived with uneven breasts all their lives. It’s amazing how a little breast reshaping or resizing, together with some belly plastic surgery, can rejuvenate the figure. Search online for board-certified plastic surgeons and check out their results. During consultations, make sure they are on the cutting-edge of training, safety and artistic results. And before you commit to a procedure, make sure you have a realistic grasp on what to expect.

[ cool tool Despite at-home manicures and trips to the salon, nails suffer from everyday use. Kiss offers a battery-operated portable power file with four interchangeable attachments to clean,

exfoliate and shape nails. It

fits handily into your purse or backpack., $10


cancer update

[ SpecIaL SectIOn

Advanced Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patients

April 18, 2012


| 47

COVER STORY David C. Pratt

Cancer Center at Mercy St. Louis] by tony di martino

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men, with more than 241,000 cases found annually. Usually occurring in males over age 50, it’s generally a slow-moving disease, often taking years before it grows large enough to cause pain or other problems. Nevertheless, it’s responsible for an estimated 28,000 deaths each year. Specialists at David C. Pratt Cancer Center at Mercy St. Louis are working to change those statistics with SRS/SBRT, one of the most advanced forms of radiation therapy available today. “Stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy deliver multiple beams of precisely targeted, high-dose radiation to combat tumors,” explains radiation oncologist Dr. Robert Frazier. SRS is primarily used on brain cancers; SBRT treats tumors elsewhere in the body and has been successfully used on prostate cancers for the last five years. Completely noninvasive, the procedure requires no incisions or anesthesia. “But it has such a dramatic effect on tumors, the changes are considered surgical,” Frazier says. “It actually distorts the DNA of tumor cells so they can’t reproduce.” Standard radiation therapy delivers small doses of radiation in multiple sessions over several weeks, but SRS/SBRT dramatically shortens treatment time. “Five treatments are usually enough for prostate cancer, as opposed to 40 or 45 required with standard therapy,” Frazier says. There’s little or no downtime, so

Dr. Robert Frazier, a radiation oncologist at Mercy St. Louis Photo by Bill Barrett

patients typically return to normal activities right away. And while conventional therapy repeatedly exposes large areas of tissue to broad doses of radiation, SRS/ SBRT delivers just the right amount directly to the tumor, he adds. “We use sophisticated, computer-driven robotic equipment for 3-D treatment planning, so radiation is delivered with extreme accuracy, minimizing the effect on nearby organs and tissues.” The technique is suitable only for small, well-defined tumors readily detected on imaging such as CT or MRI scans. And the amount of safely delivered radiation may be limited if the cancer is located near a sensitive healthy structure, such as the spinal cord or bowel. “But SRS/SBRT is often the best choice for low- to intermediate-risk prostate cancer,” Frazier says. “More aggressive cancers with lymph node involvement generally need a broader approach.” Pratt Cancer Center, accredited and commended by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, participates in clinical trials for every major type of cancer, giving patients access to the latest therapies. “Navigating treatment options and understanding risks and benefits can be overwhelming when patients and families are faced with a possibly fatal disease,” Frazier says. “At Mercy, our experts are your cancer-fighting team, helping you choose the best course of action for your specific type, location and size of tumor.”

The David C. Pratt Cancer Center At Mercy St. Louis is located at 607 S. New Ballas Road. Pictured on the cover: Dr. Robert Frazier. For more information, call 314.251.6844 or visit Cover design by SARAH GIBSON | Cover photo by bill barrett

St. Luke’s Cancer Rehabilitation Program St. Luke’s Cancer Rehabilitation Program offers patients compassionate and customized programs that can help minimize or eliminate symptoms such as pain, fatigue, loss of strength, cognitive impairment, sleep difficulties, nutrition problems, depression and anxiety that may come with treatment. This program is appropriate for anyone who has the potential to improve their physical and emotional well-being. St. Luke’s Hospital Center for Cancer Care is the first facility in the St. Louis area to be certified by the STAR Program™. For more information, call 314-205-6768. A physician order may be required for some services.


48 |



April 18, 2012


A Partnership Between Two Teams at the Top of Their Game

DaVita and the Washington University Renal Division are proud to work together to offer patients in St. Louis – as well as around the country – some of the most advanced options in nocturnal and in-center dialysis. Washington University has one of the oldest, largest and most respected dialysis practices in the United States. Over the years, the university’s physicians have pioneered many of ways dialysis is practiced throughout the world.

St. Louis West 400 N. Lindbergh Blvd St,. Louis, MO 63141 314.989.0886

{ ...oldest, largest and most respected }

St. Louis Debaliviere 324 Debaliviere St. Louis, MO 63112 314.367.9111

© 2011 DaVita Inc. All rights reserved. 04870-05-FMKT

And every day, in all of its clinics, the DaVita name reflects the company’s purpose. Giving life. DaVita is a leading provider of kidney care in the U.S. From dialysis services to patient education, and helpful information, DaVita is there to give approximately 125,000 patients the tools to stay healthy.

Nocturnal hemodialysis is ideal for active people who want to pursue their regular daytime activities – being with friends and family, taking care of the kids, working standard hours – with minimal disruption to their lives. In addition to convenience, it can also help improve clinical results. Because patients dialyze over a longer period of time, the nocturnal treatment can remove more toxins and fluids than traditional dialysis. Even better, patients report more energy, reduced dependence on medications, less nausea and better control of their blood pressure. Two highly reputable organizations – one amazing partnership dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative approaches to diagnosing and treating renal disease.

April 18, 2012


| 49


Now Enrolling for

ESTHETICS ClaSSES Advanced Machine Certifications and recieve your International Beauty Diploma.

is our business Professional Cosmetology and Esthetics Academy featuring a


Full Service Salon

[Cancer Screenings

April Special: Buy onE giFt CArd And gEt onE giFt CArd hAlF oFF

15435 Clayton Road Ballwin | 63011

636 394 7335

>> breast cancer

Odds | 1 in 8 women; 1 in 1,000 men Risk factors | Family history,

obesity, menopause or other hormonal disruptions Screenings | Individuals in their 20s should begin monthly breast self-exams and clinical exams every three years. After age 40, annual mammograms are recommended. At-risk individuals may need to begin sooner; consult a physician.

>> colorectal cancer

Odds | 1 in 20. Of those diagnosed, 90 percent are older than 50. Risk factors | Family history, inflammatory bowel disease,

unhealthy diet and lifestyle (inactivity, smoking, drinking) Screenings | Starting at age 50, people may opt for a flexible sigmoidoscopy, double-contrast barium enema or CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy) every five years. If those are positive, a colonoscopy may be required every 10 years. Alternatively, less invasive (but also less effective) fecal screenings may be performed annually.

>> liver cancer

Odds | 1 in 94 men; 1 in 212 women Risk factors | Asian or Pacific Islander heritage, chronic

viral hepatitis, alcohol abuse, cirrhosis, inherited metabolic diseases, diabetes, obesity, anabolic steroid use, some chemical exposures Screenings | Individuals with a high risk of liver cancer are sometimes recommended to have alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) blood tests and ultrasounds every 6 to 12 months.

>> lung cancer (non-small cell)

Odds | 1 in 13 women; 1 in 16 men. Second only to breast and prostate cancers, respectively. Risk factors | Smoking, exposure to radon, asbestos or other carcinogens, living in an area with high air pollution, family history Screenings | Heavy smokers or former smokers age 55 or older may benefit from a low-dose spiral CT (or helical CT), which is more detailed than a chest X-ray. Information obtained from The American Cancer Society website and compiled by catherine klene and lauren madras. Consult with your physician for a personalized early detection plan.

50 |



April 18, 2012


HomeTeam is a family owned, R.N. run, local provider of personalized care solutions that help you to remain independent in your home.

What We Do Cancer: It’s a word no one wants to hear. But early diagnosis and an understanding of your risk level can dramatically increase your chances of survival. A healthy lifestyle and regular exams are key—but when do you need to take extra precautions?

>> melanoma Odds |

Fair-skinned people are 10 times more likely to be diagnosed. It is more common in men, and one of the most common cancers in patients 30 or younger. Risk Factors | Overexposure to UV radiation, fair skin, moles, weak immune system, family history Screenings | Monthly self-exams, especially for people with many moles, are vital to early detection. A doctor should conduct regular skin exams to take note of any changes in mole size or shape.

❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃

Light housekeeping Alzheimer’s care Shopping and errands Meal preparation Medication reminders Bathing and personal care ...and anything else

(314) 863-5987

C al

l to

a for y da

sessment! e as e r f

>> ovarian cancer

Odds | 1 in 71. Most commonly found in women 60 or older. White women are at greater risk. Risk Factors | Obesity, not having children, taking male hormones, estrogen therapy, family history Screenings | Women should receive regular women’s health exams beginning in their 20s. Women with strong family history of ovarian cancer can be screened using ultrasound and blood tests.

>> pancreatic cancer

Odds | 1 in 71. Most commonly found in patients 55 or older. Men and black people are at greater risk. Risk Factors | Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, smoking, family history Screenings | Currently, no tests exist for those without symptoms. However, doctors are investigating the effectiveness of endoscopic ultrasound and genetic defects testing in those with a strong family history.

>> prostate cancer

Odds | 1 in 6. Of those diagnosed, two of three are older than 65. Risk Factors | Black men are at higher risk than other

races and nearly twice as likely to die from prostate cancer. Obesity and family history are also factors. Screenings | High-risk individuals should discuss testing at age 40. In other cases, prostate-specific antigen levels (a simple blood test) should begin at age 50, with further testing if necessary.

April 18, 2012


| 51

[ on the table ] dressel’s | 419 n. euclid ave. | 314.361.1060 |

[ amuse bouche ] THE scene |

Welsh gastropub

THE CHEF | Michael Miller


$ 5 to $15 for starters; $10 to $22 for entrees


Creamy Chicken Soup, Shepherd’s Pie, Dressel Burger, Baked Clams

by jonathan carli


Dressel’s has been a fixture on the Central West End scene since 1980. But it has undergone a transformation in the past six months,from traditional pub to locovore gastropub. I wouldn’t say the food is more important than the beer, but the two are closer to being on equal footing now. New chef Michael Miller offers a menu using local provisions, reflecting owner Ben Dressel’s commitment to clean food and a reduced carbon footprint. We sampled Truffled Grilled Cheese ($9), a hefty sandwich halved on the diagonal and made with Gruyere, American and provel between thick brioche bread. The sandwich was drizzled with truffle oil and came with thick tomato bisque for dipping. The Dressel’s Pretzel ($8) was braided bread with the German pretzel’s characteristic yeasty flavor, crisp brown crust and large salt crystals on top. It was deliciously soft and doughy inside, and the accompanying rarebit dip was cheesy and salty.

A special of Baked Clams was a very tasty blend of minced seafood stuffed into two large clam shells and baked. The soup of the day, Creamy Chicken, was stellar. Really more a kale soup, as the broth was thick with greens, it was delicious, slightly bitter and full of cooked-soft chicken bits with a hint of smoky character. Great flavor all around. Maximizing on cool-weather flavors of the Midwest, the Shepherd’s Pie ($19) was noteworthy. Charred on the outside and rare in the middle, slices of lamb loin came fanned out on a bed of pureed turnip. The accompanying roasted root vegetables—pearl onions, parsnip, potatoes—were cooked soft and sweet. The Dressel Burger ($12) was delicious. I’m not sure if that was because of its naturally raised Missouri beef or its excellent preparation: slightly charred on the outside, moist and flavorful inside. It comes on a yummy brioche bun, topped with a slice of white

[ chef chat ]

cheddar and sweet-savory house-made onion jam. Exceptional were the accompanying house pickles, what my mother used to call ‘new pickles.’ Our Fish and Chips ($15) were made with fresh-tasting hake fried inside a thick, crisp, oil-rich coating, a cross between tempura and beer batter. The accompanying house-made chips were positively addictive. This dish included those ‘new’ dills, as well as sweet bread-andbutter pickles—both excellent. A daily special of Escolar with Olive Tapenade had the fish lightly browned and served atop a salty, chunky kalamata base. The olives were mixed with bits of black walnut, another Missouri crop. It was a good pairing, as the fish is buttery and soft, and the olives and nuts are chunky and salty. Our Apple Bread Pudding, a dense version, was fine, and very sweet. The Chocolate Coffee Parfait was a pleasant, thick pudding more espresso than chocolate, with Jameson-laced whipped cream.

[ food • ŏ • lō • gy ]

15 years experience, including five years in San Francisco


welsh rarebit| Called ‘Welsh rabbit’ across the pond, this popular British dish is a blend of cheddar, beer and seasonings served over toast. It can include tomatoes and is called a ‘golden buck’ when a topped with a poached egg.


jameson |

Favorite restaurant |

dilled pickles | Pickling cucumbers fermented in dill and vinegar or brine.

Lemon zest

A fine Irish whiskey dating to 1780 in Midleton, Cork, that is distilled three times


favorite cookbook |

Culinary Artistry, Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

Most Memorable Dining Experience |

Fleur De Lys in San Francisco; we were served an 8-course tasting menu, including foie gras sliders.

[ aftertaste ] >>I love the atmosphere, which even with the new space has changed only slightly from the days when I visited just to pound back pints. It's still as warm and cozy as I remember, and I loved the Barrel-Cut Sirloin and the Cornmeal-Fried Oyster Sliders.

—Jason S. of St. Louis

>>I had the fish and chips—I never stray, and the side of rarebit for chips is a must! It's Irish comfort food. And I like that larger groups can sit upstairs.

‑—Michael W. of St. Louis

michael miller

52 |



April 18, 2012


up next | medianoche write to to share your opinion.


by allyson gorsuch

> assyrtiko


As summertime approaches,

crisp white wine becomes the ‘go-to’ for aficionados. Many more obscure varietals exist because it costs less to make white wine than red, especially if unoaked. Lesser known varietals also subscribe to supply and demand, meaning that a lesser known varietal cannot command a <--high white logo price if expected to sell. So take advantage of the season and the newfound knowledge below and experiment with some exciting new wines!

Watch out for this magnificent white wine varietal from Greece, primarily from the island of Santorini. It is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with its pronounced minerality and crisp acidity coming from volcanic soil. Pick one up if you see it!

> chenin blanc

Poor chenin blanc seems to get overlooked. The Loire Valley produces the most recognizable examples in varying ranges of sweetness. A classic Vouvray can be such a treat, as can a South African chenin blanc.

start planning your

party today! Custom menus start from under $25


Logo Variations

New this year!

Special Mother’s Day Brunch May 13 | 10:30 to 2:30


1 week left! Early spring menu ends May 1st. Make your reservation today by calling 314-587-2433.

A delightful varietal produced mainly on the northwest coast of Spain in Rias Baixas, albariño is wonderful with seafood, as it has a hint of the salty sea influence. It’s also perfect for sipping on it own.

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Although prevalent in the Alsace region of France, pinot blanc is not commonly produced elsewhere. However lately, I have been seeing some California and Oregon production. Broader on the palate than pinot grigio, pinot blanc is subtle, yet surprising.

13490 Clayton Road Town & Country 63131 314.434.5244 |

9811 South Forty Drive l Ladue, MO 63124

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> viognier

I love viognier! Until the past few years, it was rarely produced varietally outside of the northern Rhone region of France where its production is limited and, therefore, quite expensive. Neighboring regions in France as well as California now produce it for modest prices. Viognier is broad on the palate, like an oaked chardonnay, but without any of that oak flavor. The aromatics are of ripe tropical fruit accompanied by blooming flowers, rather than the apple, pear and lemon of chardonnay. Next time you want to serve chardonnay with your tropical fruit and fish entree, try an opulent viognier instead.

Appetizers, Salads, Focaccia Pizzas, Small Plate Dinners, Desserts, Cocktails Craft Beer on Tap

Breakfast All Day! Soup, Salad, Panini, Crepes, Pastries, Desserts, Wine & Beer

On The Boulevard across from The Galleria 314-726-3100

allyson gorsuch is the sommelier at the saint louis club. have a question for allyson? email us at or connect with us on facebook.

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Picture yourself enjoying that famous frozen custard!

While we can’t fly you to wine country, we bring you the experience. Join us for Mother’s Day Brunch 10AM-2PM

Ted Drewes

11am-10pm Mon-Thur 11am-12am Fri & Sat • 10am-10pm Sun 550 Chesterfield Center • Chesterfield, MO

636.532.0550 •

6726 Chippewa 4224 South Grand 314-352-7376 314-481-2652 Open summer Only

Voted Diner’s Choice Winner by Open Table April 18, 2012


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[ biergarten expands ]

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co., will soon break ground on a 400-seat, traditional Bavarian biergarten in the Midtown Alley area adjacent to the brewery. The project is an expansion of its current, smaller biergarten in front of its brewing area and tasting room at 3229 Washington Ave. Owners Florian Kuplent and David Wolfe hope to open their new location in June.

[ schlafly market kicks off ]

The market season has arrived. Among the first to open is Schlafly Farmers Market (formerly the Maplewood Farmers Market), one of the largest and most popular in town. It occupies the parking lot of Schlafly Bottleworks at 7260 Southwest Ave., in Maplewood from 4 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays.

upcoming events

food, treats, toys & more

April 28

Siemer Open House

May 5

Even Chance Adoption Event Meet the dogs of Even Chance & bring your own for a special treat!


Fridays starting May 11

Friday Night Walks Meet at the store for a 1 mi. loop around Kirkwood with your dog!

Follow us online to join the community at Learn more about our latest events, products, rescue partners and tips to keep your pets happy and heathy!

100 W. JEFFERSON KIRKWOOD, MO 63122 | 314.984.8900

[ williams exits franco, nico ]

Chris Williams, the executive chef at Franco and Nico, has parted ways with the restaurants in what he calls an “amicable departure.” Williams says he plans to “take a look at a lot of different things; maybe figure out how to get my own place,” noting he prefers to stay in St. Louis. Taking the helm at Nico is Darrin Since, sous chef at Franco and Nico since it opened. Kris Janik will move from sous chef to executive chef at Franco.

[ local harvest grows ]

Local Harvest Grocery will open two more locations this summer: one downtown in the old post office in July and the other in Kirkwood in August. The downtown location will serve breakfast and lunch on weekdays and brunch on weekends. Catering services and private event space also will be available. Local Harvest’s Kirkwood venture will occupy the former home of McDonnell’s Market at 12309 Old Big Bend Road, offering items from local, organic and sustainable sources. The 40-seat cafe will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, and brunch on weekends.

[ firehouse subs to chesterfield ]

St. Louis’ first Firehouse Subs will serve hot, oversized subs when it opens at 1649 Clarkson Road. Firehouse, a national fast-casual chain, celebrates the local firefighting history, as well as the founding family’s 200 years of firefighting service.

[ st. louis’ spirited success ]

Numerous area distillers recently earned honors at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Pinckney Bend, based in New Haven, Mo., grabbed a gold for its Pinckney Bend Gin, while Mastermind, a new distillery in Pontoon Beach, Ill., earned gold for its vodka. Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling Co. in Ste. Genevieve, also received top honors for its Missouri Moonshine. St. Louis-owned The Big O, whose ginger liqueur earned the bronze in herbal/botanical liqueurs.

[ sweet treats shared ]

Celebrated dessert author Alice Medrich will discuss and sign her new book, Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts May 9 at Left Bank Books. The event is part of the next installment of the Sauce Celebrity Chef Series. Medrich has won more cookbook-of-the-year awards than any other author, including two from the James Beard Foundation. Kakao Chocolate will make sweet treats inspired by her recipes. Ticket packages cost $30 and include admission for two and a copy of the book.

For more on the latest from the St. Louis food scene, visit The Scoop section of

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April 18, 2012


Front] &Center

by bob wilcox


April may be, in the words of one famous St. Louisan, Rachel Fenton as his sister and Jason Cannon as a truly menacing Killer Joe— the cruelest month, but this April promises to be kind to St. Louis theatergoers. A half-dozen plays with either solid reputations or promising premises can be seen on local stages, done by companies that can usually be counted on to give us rewarding performances. All but one of these productions opened after the Easter and Passover holidays, and I’m writing this before that little break in the theater calendar. So I speak of the promise rather than the performance. The exception is Killer Joe, by Tracy Letts, at St. Louis Actors’ Studio. Letts sprang to fame with the monumental Tony-and Pulitzer-winner August: Osage County, about a large, relatively prosperous and well-educated family in Letts’ native Oklahoma. Killer Joe is about people who are not prosperous and educated. The Smiths live in a trailer park somewhere near Dallas and define the term ‘trailer trash.’ Joe is Killer Joe Cooper, a Dallas cop with a sideline in murder for hire. Chris Smith wants to hire Joe to kill his mother so he can grab part of her insurance money and pay off the gangsters threatening to kill him because of a large drug debt. The mother is divorced from Chris’s father, who lives with his new wife and his daughter in the trailer where the show takes place. None of these people win any prizes for IQ, and Killer Joe easily manipulates them to satisfy his own desires—especially the daughter. The play is not going to open any windows on profound insights into human nature, but it is a rip-roaring good ride while it’s happening. Director Milton Zoth and his Actors’ Studio cast— James E. Slover as Chris, Larry Dell as his father, Missy Miller as his stepmother,

rip and roar right to the bloody end, nearly destroying Patrick Huber’s set in the process. But more than in August: Osage County, I feel that Letts condescends to the characters in Killer Joe, setting them up to be laughed at. You’ll find more substance at The Black Rep, where they’re doing August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, one of 10 plays Wilson wrote about African-American life in the 20th century. This one takes place in a 1920s Chicago recording studio where the great blues singer Ma Rainey is recording an album, if she and the members of her band can stop squabbling long enough to get it done. You can count on The Black Rep to do well by Wilson, one of America’s greatest playwrights. Mustard Seed Theatre, basking in the glow of multiple awards at the recent Kevin Kline ceremony, also has a pretty good playwright on their boards. They’re doing Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, a complex drama rich in laughs and pain, chills and warmth. Tony Kushner has taken his place among the great playwrights with his magnum opus, Angels in America. Stray Dog Theatre is tackling both parts of this amazing work. They are already performing Millennium Approaches; Perestroika opens this week. The West End Players Guild has taken up Eugene Ionesco’s dramatic meditation on dying, Exit the King. And Philip Boehm at Upstream Theater, has adapted the memoirs of Kazimierz Moczarski, a Polish resistance fighter forced to spend months locked in a cell with a Nazi war criminal he once attempted to assassinate. Boehm calls the play Conversations with an Executioner. For theater, April is a kind month.

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See how a little balloon provides instant sinus relief that lasts. Call now for your evaluation 1–314–4RELIEF (473-5433) The New St. Louis Sinus Center James D. Gould, M.D., F.A.C.S. 12460 Olive Boulevard, Suite 202 • St. Louis, MO 63141 1-314-4RELIEF (473-5433) 1-636-931-7380 Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

James D. Gould, M.D. • Rita M. Schuman, M.D.

Dr. James D. Gould

St. |Louis Sinus Center| April 18, 2012


[arts&entertainment] [april]

by kari williams

[ art ]

[ movies ]

bonsack gallery opening

Titanic 3-D >> If Titanic was released for the first


t&s saw it!

8 a.m. | JBS | Free >> Enjoy works by current JBS arts department faculty.

time in 2012, there’s no way James Cameron would do it without 3-D. Iceberg aside, the sets and action really made this love story pop. If you loved it 15 years ago, you’ll still love it. If you missed it the first time around, now is the time. It’s bound to be a classic and a DVD at home just won’t cut it. Should You See It? I can’t think of a reason not to— especially if you’ve never seen it on the big screen. The new and improved special effects up the drama quotient. —L.M.

4/20 2012 artists-in-

residence exhibition, opening reception 6 p.m. | Craft Alliance | Free | 314.534.7528

4/21 the art of collecting: prints

10 a.m. | Laumeier Sculpture Park | $58 to $65 |

4/21 antique show

9 a.m. | The Mill, Hermann, Mo. | $5 | 314.853.0831


>> 4/21 Spring Wildflower Walk 1:30 p.m. | Missouri Botanical Garden | $3 for non-members Enjoy the scents and sounds of spring as you search for wildflowers.

American Reunion >> My friend said it best: “How did such a short movie drag on that long?” At just over 100

minutes, American Reunion felt like a never-ending get-together with old high school buddies— and no one’s heard a new joke in the last 13 years. The original American Pie was a raunchy comedy with an embarrassingly endearing cast. Now they’re back in town to reminisce about the good ol’ days, and they dragged every out-of-work cast member from the preceding films along for the ride. To be fair, we did laugh uncontrollably—at the cliched dialogue. One redeeming point: Eugene Levy and his trademark caterpillar brows steal every scene. Should You See It? Fans of the series are almost obligated, but wait for it to hit Red Box or Netflix first. —C.K.

4/19 Parent & Me Museum Discovery 10 a.m. | Missouri History Museum | $5 to $7 |

Viewed at Galleria 6 Cinema

4/18 restoring chicago’s masterworks of root, wright, sullivan and mies, lecture 6:30 p.m. | Missouri History Museum | Free |

4/21 celebrating sustainable design expo 4/22 poetry of w.b. yeats

4 p.m. | Blueberry Hill | $50 | 314.973.0616

greater st. louis book fair

opening night 4 p.m. West County Center | $10 >> It’s every bookworm’s dream, as the Greater St. Louis Book Fair returns for its five-day run at West County Center.


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April 18, 2012

[ theater ]

[ etc. ] 9 a.m. | St. Louis Community College – Wildwood Free | 314.644.5522

27-29 shakespeare in the streets

8 p.m. | Cherokee Street | Free >> Shakespeare comes to life in a performance of The Tempest, including conversations with residents of the surrounding area.

4/20–4/22 spring repertory performance

2 p.m. & 7 p.m. | COCA | $10 to $15 |

4/23 muddy river preview Noon | UMSL | Free | 314.721.6556

4/27–4/29 swan lake

Viewed at Galleria 6 cinema

2 p.m. & 8 p.m. | Touhill Performing Arts Center $25 to $45 |

[ music ] 4/11 chuck berry

9 p.m. | Blueberry Hill | $35 |

4/20 evanescence

8 p.m. | The Pageant | $32.50 |

4/20 – 4/22 dvodák cello concerto

3 p.m. & 8 p.m. | St. Louis Symphony | $20 to $110


greater st. louis jazz festival

8 p.m. | Touhill Performing Arts Center | $20 to $65 | >> Listen to the soothing sounds of the UMSL Jazz Ensemble and Poncho Sanchez and his Latin Jazz Band.


33 Dromara Road

T&S ] properties 33 Dromara Road

by lauren madras

listing price | $2.45 million listing agents | mary beth benes, mary gunther of coldwell banker gundaker “It’s not just the best of both worlds,

photos by steve smith

contact the agent by calling 314.707.7761 or visiting

it is both worlds,” says the owner of 33 Dromara Road. The 7,000-square-foot home rests on nearly 5 acres of wooded property in Ladue off McKnight Road between Clayton and Ladue roads. There is a small stream that supports wildlife and enough privacy to forget that you’re located in the middle of mid-county. “I keep using the word ‘enchanted’ to describe our home, but that’s exactly what it feels like to me!” she says. In the home, luxury is paired with a rustic feel. The owners were careful to preserve historic details while remodeling and updating their home. “My husband and I wanted to avoid living in a construction site,” the owner says. “We did a few projects at a time over the years. We’ve lived here for 15 years now.” On the main level, the spacious floor plan includes a formal dining room and living room, as well as a cozier breakfast room and library. The chateau-style property is constructed of Missouri church stone, and some interior rooms are stone as well. “The architecture and neutral

palette make a perfect backdrop for our collection of Native American art and artifacts,” the owner says. Throughout the home, details like dentil molding and leaded glass windows are true to the original architecture, when updates like a generator keep the house lit even when seasonal storms knock out the neighborhood. The master bedroom suite comprises an entire wing of the home and incorporates a former bedroom into a sumptuous walk-in closet. The suite also includes an office, a small full bath and a larger bath with vintage soaking tub. In addition to the master suite, there is another large bedroom (the home’s original master) that includes a terrace with panoramic views of the property and one of the home’s four fireplaces. There are three other bedrooms. The lower level is finished, which is unusual a structure of this age and design. That level walks out to the pool, patio and gazebo, which are lushly landscaped. “Though we have a home in the country, I often see more wildlife here,” the owner says. “It’s a beautiful retreat. We have loved our time here.”



148 Wyckcliffe Place

Town & Country – $1,295,000

1480 Mumma Court Chesterfield – $579,000



449 Runnymede Court Creve Coeur – $374,900

1030 Bristol Manor Ballwin – $549,000


26 Big Bend Station Court Valley Park – $239,000

860 Durbin Court

Town & Country – $639,000


2428 Clayton Pointe

Town & Country – $344,500 JUST LISTED

6922 Brassel Drive O’Fallon – $227,000

314 •707 •7761 #1 Agent in the #1 Office 2009 • 2010 • 2011 Exceptional Service. 58 | style | TOWN&

April 18, 2012

636-394-9300 Town and Country Office

Exceptional Results.


621 East Monroe - Kirkwood - $1,095,000

n historic Kirkwood home of this caliber has not been on the market for several years...and this particular one has not been offered for nearly 40 years. Steeped in tradition and so gracious in ambiance and appeal, this two-and-a-half story beauty majestically sits on a 1.59 acre, perennial filled lot with swimming pool and includes nearly 4,000 square feet with six bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, and magnificent entryway. Two wonderful porches create a beckoning to the past, and the characteristic “red barn” sets this much admired home apart from the rest. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a stately home rich in history and timeless glamour.

2 Armstrong Dr. - Glendale - $735,000 beautifully updated, five-bedroom home includes a delightful kitchen, breakfast room with bookcases and window seat, and hearth room with coffered ceiling and fireplace.

Clayton - 314.725.5100

3 Lakeside Green - Ladue - $1,599,000 Shanri-la! This magnificent lakeside home, nestled in the heart of Ladue, is framed by beautiful gardens and walkways. Romantic and truly one-of-a-kind. The nature that surrounds it literally takes your breath away.

7902 Teasdale Ct. - U. City - $739,000 Magnificent newer home with high end finishes, extensive use of crown molding, and beautifully finished lower level with media room.

Town & Country - 314.569.1177



The Crescent is located at 155 Carondelet Plaza in Clayton


real talk ] by tony di martino


Design your dream home. This 3,890SF condo is the last unfinished unit located on the curve of the building. We are singularly qualified to assist in converting this white box or bring your own construction team. • Wonderful light with beautiful SE views of the fountain and The Arch • 3 bedrooms, 3+ baths • 3 parking spaces • 2 terraces

The Crescent #305


Rare opportunity. This 2,264SF condo is

perfect for entertaining and features a highly sought-after private garden space. • Fabulous layout featuring a split bedroom floor plan • Luxurious master with custom walk-in closet • 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances • Hardwood floors throughout • Private patio with fenced yard

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22 from 1:00-3:00PM FOR A PERSONAl TOUR CAll

Debi Mehlman 314

277 4465


The Mehlman team can move your property because we possess the knowledge, expertise and passion for the market. We are a full-service company devoted exclusively to the resale of luxury condominum homes, a niche we understand better than anyone.


Two bedroom,2-1/2 bath 2,400SF condo

OFFICE: 7745 Carondelet | Suite 305 | Clayton 63105 | 314 726 3320


<< go to to see more [SNAPPED!] >>

314.657.2100 | 60 |



April 18, 2012

the Gellman team ]

coldwell banker premier group

Meet Mark Gellman and Neil Gellman of the Gellman Team. Born and raised in Creve Coeur, the Indiana University grads have been with Coldwell Banker Premier for five years. “For the year ending 2011, we ranked sixth out of more than 8,700 real estate agents in St. Louis, with more than $28 million in revenue,” Mark says. He lives in Chesterfield with wife Wendy and their three kids; his brother, Neil, lives in Clayton with wife Suzanne and their two kids. I majored in accounting and worked as a CPA, then worked for my wife’s family’s shoe business, eventually building an e-commerce shoe retailer. My wife and I had always invested in real estate, so once I sold the e-business, I got my license. Neil, who spent 20 years selling employee benefits to major corporations, was ready to venture out on his own. He joined me, and the rest is history. I knew from day one, when I got my first two listings from knocking on doors, that this was the right career for me. Neil’s first sale was a referral for a small condo by Creve Coeur Lake. He sold it quickly, and then the financing fell through. But he found another buyer within a week. The best part about working with my brother is the trust factor. The worst part is that you never leave business behind, even at family functions. We use technology like no one else in St. Louis. It gives us a clear advantage in today’s market, where about 90 percent of buyers start their home search online. The biggest misconception about real estate agents is that all we care about is the commission. It’s not true. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients, not just a one-shot deal. We enjoy helping people reach their goals. Remember, once you’ve established trust, clients refer you to friends and family. To be a successful agent, you’ve got to generate and convert leads and work, work, work. Deliver a high level of customer service. Never become complacent. Don’t be afraid to make cold calls. Success takes time. Be patient. We weren’t in the business in the socalled ‘good old days’ when you could put a sign in the yard and sell a house with multiple offers the first day. So we didn’t get spoiled. That market taught agents nothing about hard work, prospecting and client service. Like Neil says, we love this market because it’s given us a chance to rise to the top. This market is very likely the new normal, so we all better get used to it.

The Crescent #802

PHOTO BY bill barrett



on the Block? DeMun Business District



121 Hunter Ave | Suite 201


Number One

We are the Coldwell Banker affiliate in the state of Missouri!

Kim Carney 314-422-7449 17 Larkdale Drive LaDue Gorgeous 1.5 story newer construction in the heart of Ladue. Gourmet kitchen w/ Viking stainless appliances, 5BR/5.5BA, finished lower level, 3-car garage, heated in-ground spa/splash pool. High end finishes throughout. Amazing home!

demun professional cleaners


oh lolli lolli

by lauren madras | photos by bill barrett The DeMun Business District and the intersection of DeMun and Northwood aveunes have both changed and remained unchanged with time. Years ago, apartments, condos and duplexes acted as host to this area’s small mix of retail, coffee shops and restaurants. There was a playground just a block away, the kind with wooden beams and a bridge that bounced when you walked over it—and crabapple trees that were perfect for climbing. Now, the playground is of the plastic-and-metal tubes variety, which is likely safer, if not as quaint. A few DeMun businesses have been there for decades, but the strip of shops and eateries has a hip, au courant appeal, thanks to a young-professional population, popular wine bars and the original Kaldi’s Coffee shop. The neighborhood was developed in 1923 on land once owned by Isabelle Gratiot Demun, the great-granddaughter of Pierre Laclede, and her fur trader husband, Julius. A large tract of that land was used for Concordia Seminary, with its rolling green hill across the street from the business district, Concordia Park. Though the strip once supported grocery stores and other necessities in the mid-20th century, the businesses there today while still housed in the historic buildings to maintain the look and feel of the neighborhood, have a trendy, nightlife twist.

[ the neighbors ] [ Kaldi’s Coffee House ] This is the original location of the now-ubiquitous roaster and cafe, opened in 1994. This spot is a little more eclectic here than its slicker Clayton and Kirkwood locations. [ Jimmy’s on the Park ] Known for live music and great drink specials, Jimmy’s also opened in 1994—a big year for the business district.

[ Sasha’s Wine Bar ] It’s just like being at a friend’s house, but with a better wine list. A range of diverse patrons keeps it lively and makes it a favorite happy hour watering hole for hip Clayton professionals. [ Oh Lolli Lolli ] The ‘itsy bitsy sweet shoppe’ really isn’t kidding about how tiny it is, but it’s not too small to find something for every sweet tooth.

[ Strands ] This salon is a neighborhood favorite, with locals walking to appointments that start with a glass of wine and a scalp massage. [ Demun Professional Cleaners ] Neighborhoods full of apartment buildings nearby can live-and-die by the corner laundromat—and this one offers free Wi-Fi and big tables for folding. (Being down the street from three great bars isn’t bad, either!)

216 Bless us Drive

WentzviLLe Waterfront estate on over 10 acres with breathtaking views! Newer construction with top-of-the-line finishes throughout. Six-car garage, finished lower level, gym, salt water pool, gourmet kitchen, and so much more – a must see!

11760 Ladue Road

cReve coeuR Beautiful new construction. 1.5 story home with a resort-like setting situated on 20+ acre lake with dock & stunning views. Enjoy water skiing in your own backyard along with entertaining friends and family on your massive deck. This home is one-of-a-kind and is sure to please every luxurious need!

The Gellman Team Mark: 314-578-1123 | Neil: 314-283-4363 | 345 Larimore Valley Drive WiLDWooD Exquisite 5BR/4.5BA custom built French Chateau on picturesque 1.6+ acre. Gated estate w/fountain courtyard, stone bridges and gazebo. Luxurious finishes throughout 6000+ SF of living space.

The Hoemeke Group Dan: 314-973-6116 | Karen: 314-973-1218 12419 Elaine Drive

DEs PErEs Better than new 5 bedroom (2 master bedroom suites) 5 full baths/3 half baths/4-car garage. State-of-the-art theatre room, steam shower, private yard with in-ground pool.

Coldwell Banker Premier Group 314-647-0001 For 24-hour information on any home, please call 314-732-0656 April 18, 2012


| 61

homework] Dear HomeWork, I have always hated this room. I have never been able to make it feel homey and warm. One of the problems is I need a TV in the room. Being long and narrow, the room is hard to break into functional areas. What do you suggest? before

———Cluttered in the County

Dear Cluttered in the County, It is certainly possible to design a working living room that has integrated, yet separately functioning, furniture groupings. The problem with your room is not the co-mingling of disparate functions, but the juxtaposition of poorly chosen furniture. The scale, style, color and arrangement of the furnishings work against each other creating chaos. Having the lounging furniture located around the fireplace and the work furniture by the terrace doors makes sense. But by replacing the elephantine arm chair with a simple sofa, the scale of the room readjusts, and the sofa hides the desk area behind it. Placing the monitor along the staircase wall allows comfort for TV viewing and also creates a conversation grouping. An L-shaped desk and new cabinet in lieu of the breakfast counter tidies up the work area and improves function. Finally, let’s use the color scheme and accessories to pull the whole thing together into a balanced and comfortable reality. Burn that armchair, ———homework HomeWork is penned by Paul Doerner, president, The Lawrence Group. if you would like your home critiqued, contact us at


[open] houses

>> sunday 4/22<<

[ 63017 ] >> 14487 Marmont Drive | $327,275 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | [ 63038 ] >> 3103 Woods Road | $449,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.721.4755 | [ 63021 ] >> 11 E. Meadow Lane | $174,500 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.406.8711 | [ 63105 ] >> 155 Carondelet Plaza, Unit 301 | $955,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 155 Carondelet Plaza, Unit 500 | $1,345,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 155 Gay Ave. | $849,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 7634 Carswold drive | $349,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.721.4755 | [ 63119 ] >> 5353 Kenricke Park Drive, #101 | $102,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | [ 63122 ] >> 1653 Forest View Drive | $799,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.721.4755 |

1328 litzsinger woods

533 mapleview drive

1653 forest view drive

27 holloway drive

9840 copper hill road

[ 63124 ] >> 10201 Thornwood Drive | $695,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 54 Briarcliff | $1,179,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 7 Valley View Place | $410,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 9 Black Creek Lane | $795,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 36 Woodcliffe Road | $1,299,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 1328 Litzsinger Woods Lane | $1,249,900 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.721.4755 | [ 63130 ] >> 533 Mapleview Drive | $259,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | [ 63131 ] >> 9840 Copper Hill Road | $735,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 12709 Wyndrose Court | $635,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 1126 Bella Vista drive | $1,099,900 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.721.4755 | [ 63141 ] >> 845 Coulange Court | $725,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 | >> 11576 New London Drive | $599,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.721.4755 | [ 63367 ] >> 27 Holloway Drive | $799,000 | 1-3 p.m. | 314.997.4800 |

62 |



April 18, 2012

6 Fox Run Lane

1033 HampToN park ~ $675,000 Open Sun 1-3

7634 Carswold ~ $349,000

30 BrENTmoor park ~ $1,749,999

more fine Homes NEw lIsTINGs 53 HuNTlEIGH woods $3,899,900 True custom Huntleigh estate. 10,000+SF. 3 acres. Pool, theater, carriage house. 30 BrENTmoor park $1,749,999 Impressive 5+BR/5.5BA, 1.7 acres, pool, 3-car garage. Beautiful grounds. 4 Tall TImBErs drIvE $1,449,000 Unique opportunity to own newer 3 acre equestrian property in Ladue. 1033 HampToN park drIvE $675,000 Updated and expanded 5BR/5BA, 3,706SF home on .89 acre lot. A must see! 3103 woods road opEN suN 1-3 $449,000 Updated custom 2 story on 4.5 acres. 3,686SF+ finished LL, 3BR/3.5BA. 7634 Carswold drIvE opEN suN 1-3 $349,000 3BR/2.5BA, completely renovated w/master suite. Premier lot and location.

ClaYToN / rICHmoNd HEIGHTs 7409 somErsET avENuE $1,375,000 New home nearing completion in the Moorlands! 4,906SF total. 4BR/3.5BA. 3-car garage. 115 BrIGHToN waY $1,299,000 Newer home with main floor master, elevator and gourmet kitchen/hearthroom. 150 CaroNdElET, #2202 $1,100,000 Live in luxury at The Plaza in Clayton! Former display, furnishings included. 15 TopToN waY, #3a $799,000 Signature Clayton condo. 2BR/2.5 BA in elevator building. 335 N. mEramEC avENuE, #213 $585,000 Spacious 2BR/2.5BA, 2,586SF condo within walking distance to downtown Clayton 1111 YalE avENuE $559,000 Clayton schools, 5-years new, 4BR/2.5BA home convenient to everything. 315 N. mEramEC avENuE, #33 $449,900 Newer 1,948SF 2BR/2.5BA condo. Mid-rise; secure entry, elevator, 2 parking spaces. 1019 HampToN park drIvE $439,900 1.63acres. Renovate or perfect building site. Possible short sale.

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8140 wHITBurN drIvE, #203 $195,000 Updated 2BR/1BA condo. Vaulted ceiling, granite countertops.

laduE / CrEvE CoEur/ olIvETTE 7 laduE laNE $1,990,000 Fabulous newer 5,900SF home in well established Ladue neighborhood. 9710 & 9714 lITZsINGEr road $1,750,000 2 lots totaling 4.74 acres in heart of Ladue, backs to Old Warson Country Club. 1328 lITZsINGEr woods opEN suN 1-3 $1,349,900 Ladue executive home in private enclave. 6,500SF total living area. 5 laduE aCrEs $1,199,000 4BR, 4,450SF ranch on 1.8 acres with master suite. Finished LL. 3-car garage 10 warrIdGE drIvE uNdEr CoNTraCT $1,099,900 3+ acre Ladue estate. 4BR/6BA 4,600 SF+ features full size rec complex. 2 GraYBrIdGE laNE $969,000 Just what you’ve been looking for! 6-years new, 4BR, 3,500SF in the heart of Ladue 44 GodwIN laNE $799,900 4,100SF. Backs directly to Bogey Club. Unlimited golf course views. 11 moslEY aCrEs $799,900 Luxury in Ladue schools. Fully renovated, updated, & expanded 21 ovErBrook drIvE $625,000 Build your dream home on this lovely 1.8 acre lot in terrific neighborhood. 11576 NEw loNdoN drIvE opEN suN 1-3 $599,000 Beautiful 4BR ranch home on 1.3 acres with pool, 4-car garage and much more. 6 CHaTfIEld plaCE road $575,000 3,000+SF villa featuring 3BR/5BA, main floor master and wrap-around terrace.

275 oak paTH drIvE $225,000 1,800SF, 3BR/2BA updated kitchens and baths on level lot.


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6 laduE mEadows laNE $399,000 2,500+SF home on 1+ acre lot with pool. New paint, new carpet, new look. 3 Broad mEadows $329,500 Charming ranch in prime Ladue location. Eat-in kitchen, large master suite. 539 CoEur dE roYalE drIvE, #305 $79,000 2500SF condo. 2BR/2BA. Balcony faces clubhouse, pool and tennis court.

HuNTlEIGH / froNTENaC 12 duNlora laNE $3,499,000 Huntleigh estate. 11,000SF. 3.5 acres. Pool. Majestic, expansive views. 1 squIrEs laNE $1,999,900 Updated & expanded Huntleigh estate. Pool. 3.2 acres. Horse trails 1126 BElla vIsTa drIvE opEN suN 1-3 $1,099,900 5BR/7BA. Finished walkout LL. Unique floorplan w/two main level bedrooms. 10644 oak GaTE laNE uNdEr CoNTraCT $625,000 5BR home w/4,000+SF total on one acre in private enclave of 5 homes.

TowN & CouNTrY/ CHEsTErfIEld 527 wINdY HIll aCrEs laNE $1,699,000 4BR Colonial on 6+ secluded acres with manicured lawn, pool & guest cottage. 101 laduE aIrE $625,000 Over 3,900SF, 4BR home on beautiful one-plus acre lot. 474 pINE Hollow CourT $520,000 Newer 5BR/6BA, brick & stone 2-story on 1/2 acre cul-de-sac lot w/pool. 312 woods mIll TErraCE laNE $479,000 Updated 4BR/3BA condo w/ private deck overlooking pool.

7815 lafoN plaCE $570,000 Beautifully updated 4BR home in a sought-after U.City neighborhood 7850 GaNNoN avENuE $374,900 Charming 2,056SF 3 bedoom, 2-1/2 bath home. 7453 GaNNoN avENuE $289,000 Architecturally exquisite home. 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, updates throughout 400 purduE avENuE, 1N $189,000 All new: Custom kitchen, bathrooms, carpet in University Hills. 3BR/2BA/1,500SF

warsoN woods/wEBsTEr 1653 forEsT vIEw drIvE opEN suN 1-3 $769,000 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Spectacular updates throughout! 1419 aNdrEw drIvE $349,000 4BR/2BA, 2,622SF 2-story with flexible floor plan. Located on double lot.

CENTral wEsT ENd 51 wEsTmorElaNd plaCE $2,295,000 Magnificent manse, 12,500SF, spectacularly renovated to perfection! 4732 mcpHErsoN avENuE $825,000 Rare commercial opportunity in the heart of the CWE. Residential & retail space. 9 N. EuClId avENuE, #412 $374,900 CWE’s most exciting new highrise. Pool, gym, 2 garage spaces.

sT. louIs CouNTY 951 NorrINGToN waY $1,199,900 5BR/6BA. 6,500SF. Gated street. Steps to SSM St. Clare. 3.0 acres 11703 russET mEadow drIvE $145,000 3BR/3.5BA, 1,579SF condo w/att garage, private yard, pool, tennis, & trails. 5376 kENrICk parkE drIvE, #202 $118,000 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, newly updated. Secure building & parking w/ elevator.

realtor since 1936 • • 314.721.4755


new listing! open sunday 1-4

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13428 Conway Road | town and CountRy 9 bedRooms, 8 baths $3,499,000 Rare opportunity to purchase this exceptional bernoudy home on 18+ acres with 6,414 sq.ft. of living space.

236 gay avenue | Clayton 5 bedRooms, 4½ baths $1,650,000 european charm abounds throughout this 2 story with elevator. brick & Cast stone architectural gem.

new listing!

new pRiCe! open sunday 1-3

17901 gReyabbey CouRt | ChesteRfield 4 bedRooms, 3 full & 2 half baths $1,025,000 grandly sited on an acre in greystone subdivision, this 1½-story home is a masterpiece with stunning details.

155 CaRondelet plaza #310 | Clayton the CResCent $999,000 experience the best the Crescent offers with 2,880+ sq. ft. of indoor living space & a 1,100 sq. ft. terrace.

new pRiCe! 7618 westmoReland avenue | Clayton 22 CRestwood dRive | Clayton 4 bedRooms, 4½ baths $1,349,000 4 bedRooms, 3 full & 2 half baths $1,150,000 6 year new construction home with elevator will impress a jewel in the crown that is Claverach park, this you. Elegant finishes & the best of open floor plans. 10-year-old tudor-inspired home is waiting for you.

new listing! 1 pebble CReek Road | ladue 7 stoney bRook lane | ladue 5 bedRooms, 3 full & 2 half baths $799,900 4 bedRooms, 3 baths $649,900 Classic Colonial 2 story with large rooms & nice flow. Outstanding home with updates & open floor plan. First large lot with pool. walk to schools and shopping. floor addition with 2nd family room & screened porch.

new listing! 8150 gannon avenue | univeRsity City 4 bedRooms, 3½ baths $699,000 6-year-old custom home is just what you have been waiting for. superb location close to everything.

7215 maRyland | univeRsity City 4 bedRooms, 2½ baths $549,000 graceful center hall Colonial. location, space, backyard & elegance are a few reasons why this house is a find.

new listing!

new listing!

635 daRtmouth CRossing Ct. | wildwood 4 bedRooms, 3½ baths $429,900 wonderful 2-story home on the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Open floor plan & finished lower level.

2 west pine CouRt | CentRal west end 12310 hibleR Road | CReve CoeuR 3 bedRooms, 2 full & 2 half baths $499,900 5+ bedRooms, 4½ baths $519,900 fantastic residence, privately nestled on .46 acres in the lovely 12-yr-old townhome in fashionable Cwe. open heart of Creve Coeur. Quality construction throughout. floor plan, finished lower level & 2-car heated garage.

new listing!

134 south maple avenue | websteR gRoves 540 noRth & south Rd. #106 | univeRsity City 2 bedRooms, 2½ baths $325,000 3 bedRooms, 3 baths $419,000 lovely renovation on historic webster groves street. enjoy the easy & convenient living this newer construcFirst floor highlights views from front & back of house. tion condo offers. Bright & airy with an open floor plan.

Coming soon! 7270 lindell blvd. | univeRsity City 3 bedRooms, 1 full & 2 half baths $319,000 Terrific home on “little Lindell” in convenient Forsyth place. Classically designed & well maintained.

new listing!

new listing! 415 edgewood dRive | Clayton 3 bedRooms, 1½ baths $325,000 delightful home in wonderful wydown forest on quiet interior lot. inviting kitchen & 3-season room.

new listing! 7241 Colgate avenue | univeRsity City 3 bedRooms, 2½ baths $276,500 Classic 2-story tudor-style home in university park. screened-in porch. updates throughout. 2-C garage.

400 south 14th stReet #1203 | downtown 2 bedRooms, 2½ baths $267,500 enjoy the ultimate urban lifestyle with 1,527 sq. ft. in the edison Condos above the sheraton hotel.

1032 feRnpaRk dRive | CReve CoeuR 5 bedRooms, 2½ baths $259,000 wonderfully renovated & updated home in soughtafter parkway north school district on corner lot.

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[ 63017 ]

Spacious multi-level lakefront w/ concrete dock, 3 BR,3.5 BA,2-car gar, LL wet bar, scrndprch, prv. cove w/main channel view. $679,900 Call 314-432-7169

April 18, 2012


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$430,000 456 Oakley Drive Agent: Liza Streett Laura McCarthy- Clayton Price per square foot: $238.10

$350,000 1700 Folkstone Drive Agent: Valerie Collins Laura McCarthy- Clayton Price per square foot: $142.97

deadline Wed. at 5 p.m.

$600,000 326 North Meramec Ave. Agent: Raye M Zeigler Janet McAfee Price per square foot: $201.14

$655,000 344 Jefferson Road Agent: Susan Schiff RE/MAX Results Price per square foot: $183.22

[ 63131 ]

$440,000 5122 Washington Agent: John Milonas Keller Williams Realty St. Louis Price per square foot: $104.76



[ 63119 ]

$425,000 1571 Yarmouth Point Drive Agent: Gina Bundy Gladys Manion Price per square foot: $133.19

[ 63131 ]

[ 63124 ] $575,000 19 Ladue Manor Agent: Gina Bundy Gladys Manion Price per square foot: $209.93 TOWN&style

Responsive - Prompt - Professional A+ rated from BBB Serving STL for over 30 years 314.965.9377

[ 63108 ]

[ 63105 ]

$860,000 17708 Horse Creek Court Agent: Margie Medelberg Prudential Alliance, REALTORS Price per square foot: $231.12

$3.26 million 4 Brentmoor Park Agent: Margaret Shepley Dielmann Sotheby’s Intl Realty Price per square foot: $300.85

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Your Poop Scoop’n Service Free Estimates - No Contracts 314-291-7667 (POOP)

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$363,000 791 Bismark Ave. Agent: Ted Wight Dielmann Sotheby’s Intl Realty Price per square foot: $251.39

[ 63141 ]

Specializing in Landscape Maintenance AND Design. Spring Clean-Up, Mulching, Annuals and Perrenials, Potted Tropicals, and Full Service Maintenance. Call 314-498-0877



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$895,000 16 Country Life Acres Agent: Mary Beth Benes Coldwell Banker Gundaker-T & C Price per square foot: $170.15

$825,000 7 Conway Village Court Agent: Nancy Gorgen Prudential Select Properties Price per square foot: $200.58


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Town&Style St. Louis 04.18.12  

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