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Wootton Primary School Be the best that we can possibly be!

We are so pleased that our daughter was placed at Wootton Primary. She is excelling and surprises us each day. The staff are amazing and she adores her teachers. This (“Lockdown Hero’ Award for Outstanding Learner and Community Support) is so well deserved and a credit to the leadership and staff” Wootton Primary School Parent, 2021

Welcome to Wootton Primary School We believe that primary school should be about developing children to become great citizens of the future. So our staff work incredibly hard to support all children achieve the best they can academically, and rightly so. We also believe it is important that children develop a wide range of skills beyond the academic. At Wootton, our children are given a vast array of wider opportunities, including sport, dance, music and drama. All who work at Wootton Primary School aim to achieve a happy, friendly and caring environment where all children are valued equally and their achievements are celebrated. Bees work hard and work collectively for the good of the colony, so we adopted bees to demonstrate that we are all part of a large family at Wootton Primary School and work hard to achieve our motto of be the best we can be. Every child at the start of every year, or when they joins us, makes a bee to add to our display and also to help demonstrate that they are part of our team and school community.

Simply put, we all want to be the best we can be! Mr Jamie Narin Headteacher

Mr Rob Crilly Headteacher

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Our Values, Aims and Ethos “Pupils feel that they have a voice and this enables them to make a real difference. They are extremely proud to demonstrate the school’s values. One child said, ‘The values are not just words on the board – they are things we definitely show.” Ofsted 2018

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Our aim is for all of us to be the best that we can possibly be! For children, this means that the adults in the school will strive to support every individual to attain the very best in terms of educational, personal and social development. We want children to enjoy school, to feel inspired to learn, to feel safe and to take a full part in the life of the school community. We need to prepare children for the next stage of their education, and to become good citizens. In order to achieve all of these, we have a set of values that underpins our school ethos. RESPECT is at the heart of everything we do in school and together with this, we teach children about:







“Wootton is an excellent school with great core values” Wootton Primary School Parent, 2021

“Such an impressive school and team. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve managed to do for our children” Wootton Primary School Parent, 2021

By the time children finish their school journey at Wootton, they will have fully developed their sense of self, sense of others and sense of the world.

Teaching Methods

They will have high levels of physical and mental well-being, be passionate about learning and develop a strong sense of personal character. They will understand equality for all, challenge inequality and be tolerant of others. They will use the world sustainably, understand and respect rules and laws and share the world peacefully with all others. They will have the confidence, skill and knowledge to have conversations with others and have ideas and opinions to share. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that children ‘know more and can do more’ through a systematic progression of knowledge and skills in each discrete subject area. We have developed our curriculum grounded in the best available evidence from a range of disciplines including cognitive science, educational research, and the science of learning. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that children build solid foundations on which they can develop future knowledge. It takes into account what they need to know now and what they will be learning next thus preparing them for their next steps.

Reasons to choose Wootton We are part of a larger family of schools called Tove Learning Trust. This allows us to still be a local school for local children, with our own identity and ethos, but at the same time benefit from being part of a larger group. We get support and help when we need it and we have opportunities to work with other schools to enrich the opportunities for the children across our family of schools.

Your child is an individual, and will have talents and needs unique to them. At Wootton we pride ourselves on ensuring that your child will be celebrated and supported to achieve great outcomes in every aspect of their education. This means that we have a strong commitment to ensuring that they make excellent progress academically, socially and emotionally. We ensure that your child will receive a broad and balanced education, focusing on their personal and social development as much as their reading, writing and maths. We have developed a music specialism that complements the commitment to the performing arts and our high achievements in all aspects of sport and physical education. We place great emphasis on the partnership between home and school; it is by working together that we can achieve the best for your child.

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Curriculum, Stats and Performance Due to our high-quality teaching, our carefully designed curriculum and our effective use of assessment information, we consistently achieve higher than local and national average results. Our children exceed national standards in terms of progress and attainment based on the focus we place on high standards and having ambitions for everyone of the children. This happens from the moment they start school with us, until they move onto secondary school. We continue to strive for improvement, and we have seen our standards improve year on year since 2017. In line with our ethos, we will continue to improve year on year.

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“The proportion of children achieving a good level of development at the end of the early years has been consistently above the national average.” Ofsted 2018

“The pupils’ behaviour and attitudes are strengths of the school and they demonstrate a real passion for learning” Ofsted 2018

Behaviour and well-being Our children display exemplary behaviour through positive praise and highlighting those traditional elements of good manners we all value: politeness, courtesy and consideration for the feelings of others. At Wootton Primary School we have created a happy, secure atmosphere which encourages self-confidence, co- operation and self-discipline. We have achieved this through our values, mentioned previously, and also through our clear and consistently applied behaviour policy. We have three simple and easily understood school rules:

Be Safe

Be Kind

Be Responsible

Children know that these rules are there to keep them safe. They know they have a right to come to school to be happy and to learn, free from distractions. They also know they have a responsibility to ensure that other children have that right.

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Part of the Tove Learning Trust

Wootton Primary School, Farmclose Road, Wootton, Northampton NN4 6HJ t: 01604 761679 e: office@woottonprimaryschool.org

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