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News from China..................................................................................................6 European Pavilion at China Licensing Expo goes virtual.......................... 11 ViacomCBS - Every age, every aisle, everywhere!...............................16, 20 Louis XV1 Racing & Polo Club program...............................................19, 29 The state of the Chinese Licensing Industry........................................23, 27 Movie Licensing - home-grown versus imported.................................26, 30 CTC bring Russian properties into China..............................................31, 32 emoji grows Chinese presence.................................................................33, 39 The Award-winning Victoria & Albert Museum....................................34, 36 Museums forge international partnerships................................................. 38 Review of the Shenzhen Licensing Fair..................................................40, 42

Advertisers China Licensing Expo...............................11 Discovery........................................................5 Emoji............................................................44 Howard Robinson........................................9 Licensing International............................13 Louis XV1 Racing & Polo Club........... 2, 3 V&A.................................................................7 ViacomCBS....................................................1

Pick up your copy of Total Licensing China at the China Licensing Expo, Stand E3B07, Hall 3. 英国授权专业期刊 Total Licensing 杂志 CLE中国授权展媒体合作伙伴 免费取阅 Welcome to the October edition of Total Licensing China. Published in Mandarin and English,Total Licensing China will once again have a presence at the China Licensing Expo later this month. However, because of the continuing pandemic and travel restrictions, the European Pavilion will be a hybrid of live and virtual. A consolidated booth (E3B07) will include information from the Pavilion exhibitors. At the same time, the exhibitors will have ‘virtual’ booths from which they can host meetings and conduct business agreements. This issue of the magazine also includes a number of features and profiles. From the popular ViacomCBS properties to Louis XV1 Racing & Polo Club – a new brand that lends itself to upscale apparel and accessories.

The magazine also talks about the film industry and how a locally-produced film is beating Disney’s Mulan hands-down at the box office.We also include an article from the CTJPA outling the state of the rapidly growing Chinese licensing industry and a fascinating article on how international museums, such as the Pompidou Centre and the V&A are forging partnerships to bring their expertise into China. We very much hope you enjoy this issue and find it useful. If you have any suggestions for topics we should cover or would like more information about any of the subjects within these pages, do let us know.We look forward to hearing from you. Francesca Ash Jerry Wooldridge Co-Publisher Co-Publisher


美国品牌管理公司瞄准中国市场 美国品牌管理公司(Authentic Brands Group)旗下的董事会 户外运动品牌Volcom与华鼎集团 (China Ting Group)签署了合作 关系后,准备在中国扩张业务,华鼎 是中国领先生活方式的品牌,致力于 零售发展和品牌建设。 美国品牌管理公司评论道,通过新 的合作伙伴关系,华鼎集团将成为其 “关键合作伙伴”,并将帮助其推进 其全球品牌战略计划,以便钻石品牌

在关键市场诠释其核心产品并销售。 钻石最近在中国开设了两家新店, 分别是位于杭州购物区的万象城和 中国冲浪和海滩度假胜地之都的三亚 夏日购物中心。通过与华鼎集团的合 作,它计划在今年年底之前在该地区 再开十家分店。 “我们将把钻石所推崇的滑板运动 的生活方式带到中国来,”美国品 牌管理公司生活方式总裁兼首席品 牌官Jarrod Weber在一份声明中说 道。“作为一个真正的扎根于这种文 化的品牌,钻石对全球的年轻消费者 具有重大吸引力。” 近十年来,钻石一直在天猫网及淘宝 特卖频道销售代表各种生活方式的服 装,美国品牌管理公司说这已经使该 品牌在中国赢得了一批忠诚的消费 者和利基市场。通过新的计划,我们 希望钻石能够扩大它的关注点,通过 针对滑板运动和海滩爱好者,专门为 为亚太市场男性、女性和青少年设计 出代表各种各样生活方式的服装和配

件。为了加快在该地区的扩张计划, 该品牌还将于2021年重新推出其区 域电子商务平台。 华鼎集团副总裁Ray Ting在评论这一 合作关系时补充说道:“我们期待与 美国品牌管理公司成功建立长期稳定 的合作关系。作为美国第一家滑板公 司,钻石以创新和诚信闻名于世,我 们很高兴能将其纳入中国的主流。” 钻石在全球有100多家直接面向消费 者的零售店。

This is Iris加强在中国的存在 英国顶尖艺术IP授权公司“This is Iris”正在加强他们的国际业务, 并回归中国市场。 继去年成功地参观上海授权展之后, 英国顶尖艺术IP授权公司“This is Iris”和合作伙伴紫葩传媒决定在最 近举办的深圳授权展参展。此次展 会之行成交了几笔交易,其中包括与 全家便利店达成的一笔交易。最近, 以色列“特诺斯奇之家”设计公司在 中国1430家商店中推出花季系列产 品,包括礼品、配件和所有咖啡馆的 品牌改版。Turnowsky已与领先的 化妆品牌完子心选一起开发,未来两 个月,这些新系列的化妆品将在中国 各地推出。 紫葩传媒与英国顶尖艺术IP授权公司 “This is Iris”合作,于8月20日 至22日在著名的深圳授权展上 展示了12位国际顶尖艺术家的作 品。继去年的展会取得成功后, 紫葩传媒的展览已经成功吸引 了数百名参加展会的被授权方。

与中国市场主要参与者的会面后发 现,随着中国经济从新冠疫情的影 响中复苏,人们展望未来,表现 出对在快速增长和多样化的中国 许可市场推出全新视觉强大的IP产 品的强烈欲望。我们期待着与广 大潜在客户保持联系,并与Iris以 及我们所有的合作伙伴一起进一 步探讨商业机会。” Mark Lin, 授权,紫葩传媒 “在这个非常时期,令人鼓舞的

以数字化授权方式免费获得中国总授权在 网站上填写表格然后单击“订阅”按钮 6

是,我们仍在增长,我们的产品在 国际市场上广受欢迎,”This is Iris 公司的Kaye Hunter接着说到。


BOSTON MUSEUM EXPANDS IN CHINA The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston continues to expand its brand presence and shares its world-renowned collections with new audiences in China. Recent licensing activity includes collaborations in the restaurant, fashion, health, beauty, electronics and home goods sectors. Alfilo Brands is the MFA’s master licensee in greater China The MFA has one of the largest holdings of the celebrated Impressionist artist Claude Monet outside of France. The MFA and Pizza Hut, one of the most popular restaurants for young people and families with over 2,281 stores in China created an exclusive month long “Monet Garden Afternoon Tea” event at hundreds of Pizza Hut locations, and hosted a “Monet Night Garden” multimedia experience in both Shanghai and Hangzhou. Building upon the success of the “Monet Garden” in-restaurant experiences, delivery take-out boxes and cups were also created, reproducing Monet paintings from the MFA’s expansive collection. The MFA’s Monet’s collection has also been reproduced on packaging with Genuine Namir, a truly safe, natural and effective skin care brand. Its plant-based ingredients effectively cure skin issues. Over 10,000 bottles of MFA licensed toner sold out within the first month after launching the product. Pegavision, one of the best solution providers in soft contact lenses also reproduced the MFA’s Monet collection on its packaging. Kindle continues to add product and artwork to its MFA Monet custom-designed cases, currently selling on the Kindle Tmall store. A very unique fashion licensing collaboration with Eve Zhang, one of the most well-known influencers’ (KOL) apparel brands in China was recently launched. Eve Zang has over 11.92 Million followers on her Taobao store. Works of art from the MFA’s French Fashion Plate collection and contemporary artist Piet Mondrian served as inspiration for Eve Zang’s fashion creations. “These new and exciting licensing collaborations support the MFA’s mission of bringing art and people together on many levels,” said Debra LaKind, Senior Director, Intellectual Property & Business Development and at the MFA. “We believe in the power of art, and are thrilled that our collection continues to be globally accessible throughout China with the help of Alfilo Brands, and the MFA’s Weibo and WeChat platforms.”

MIXC WORLD ANNIVERSARY MixC World in Shenzhen is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with a unique immersive SmileyWorld themed activation. The celebration, which started in August and runs until October 2020, sees the whole stretch of its outdoor high-street is installed with larger than life 3D Smiley sculptures Highlights include a UFO Smiley and giant Smiley Basketball. The variety of Smiley expressions and the sculptures creative designs have been a hit with Shenzhen residents who have been pouring into the mall to get their perfect photographic moment, All shopfront windows in the mall have been embellished with fun and colourful Smiley decals to complete the celebratory ambiance, while mall tenants that include F&B outlets, a fitness gym, a manicure salon and a kids playground have participated in the celebration by decorating their shops and offering services with Smileythemed icons. Huawei and Little B have also launched exclusive limited-edition SmileyWorld products available only at MixC World during the celebration period.

CHUPA CHUPS EVENT IN HANGZHOU This past July, a stunning Chupa Chups Kids Center opened its doors offering families an exciting and entertaining experience in the city of Hangzhou in China. The well-known Hangzhou Joy City Mall received a fun and colorful makeover to celebrate the summer holidays with Chupa Chups, the popular lollipop brand that has been conquering the hearts and minds of consumers all over the world since 1958. Families and fans in the city were captivated by the amazing decorations, larger than life installations and fun activities. The destination ran until September. Chupa Chups has been conquering the heart and taste of kids and teens since 1958. The brand has become world


famous for its round lollipops in many flavours and the flower shaped logo which was designed by the famous artist Salvador Dalí in the late sixties. Today the brand launches novelties in more than 130 countries in a sustainable manner. Based on the brand’s strong personality and identity, a vibrant pop style has been developed for licensing that is always on trend. The forever fun style guides offer endless possibilities to create colourful lifestyle products and a one of a kind brand experience all over the world. Chupa Chups’ characteristic flavour profile is also ideal to bring credibility and to inspire innovative food and beverage products that never fail to stand out on retail shelves.


波士顿博物馆进军中国 波士顿美术博物馆将与中国的新观众 分享其世界知名的藏品,以期继续扩 大其品牌影响力。 最近的授权活动包括在餐厅、时尚、 健康、美容、电子和家居用品领域的 合作。品源时尚是MFA在大中华区 的主授权商。 MFA拥有著名的印象派艺术家克劳 德·莫奈在法国以外地区的最大股

份之一。MFA和必胜客是最受年轻 人和家庭欢迎的餐厅之一,在中国拥 有超过2281家店铺,数百家必胜客 门店创建了为期一个月的“莫奈花园 下午茶”独家活动,并在上海和杭州 举办了“莫奈夜花园”多媒体体验活 动。在“莫奈花园”餐厅成功经验的 基础上,必胜客还创造了外卖盒和杯 子,复制了来自美术馆广泛收藏的莫 奈绘画作品。 MFA的莫奈系列也被印制在一款舒 心安全、自然有效的护肤品牌-自然 之名的包装上。其植物成分能有效治 疗皮肤问题。超过1万瓶MFA授权的 爽肤水在上市后的第一个月内一售而 空。晶硕,作为软性隐形眼镜领域最 好的解决方案提供商之一,其包装上 也印制了MFA的莫奈系列图样。 Kindle继续为其MFA莫奈定制保护 壳上添加产品与插图元素,目前在 Kindle天猫商店销售。 最近,与中国最知名的KOL服装品 牌Eve Zhang展开了一项非常独特 的时尚授权合作。Eve Zang在淘宝 上拥有超过192万的粉丝。MFA的 法国时尚板块藏品和当代艺术家Piet

Mondrian的作品是Eve Zang时尚 创作的灵感来源。 这些全新的、令人兴奋的授权合作, 支持了MFA将艺术和人类在许多层 面上结合在一起的使命,”MFA知 识产权与业务发展高级总监Debra LaKind如此说道。“我们相信艺 术的力量,并且很高兴在Alfilo品 牌 、 M FA 微 博 和 微 信 平 台 的 帮 助 下,我们的藏品能够继续在中国的全 球范围内传播。”

《万事通女孩罗西》被央视收购 由英国V&S娱乐公司制作和发行的学前动画《万事通女孩罗西》 即将在中国上映。中国中央电视台获得了这部获得全球好评的104 集动画剧集,目前该剧正在伦敦VSI工作室被配音成普通话版本。 值此《万事通女孩罗西》问世十周年之际,她将出现在中国1.2亿 学龄前儿童的面前。 《万事通女孩罗西》一经在中国播出,扩大了其国际影响力,目 前已经在170多个国家播出,并被译为成25种语言。中国的播放 协议是与中英贸易协会(CBBC)共同制定的。 V&S娱乐公司已在北京设立了一个专门的办事处,以扩大《万事 通女孩罗西》在中国地区的影响力,通过出版和数字平台交易促

进出版、广播和授权机会。 《万事通女孩罗西》由V&S娱乐公司制作,细节一丝不苟。智慧 而有益的故事包含微妙的教育信息,以确保孩子们在学习时参与 其中。 该剧集注重友谊,通过团队合作促进积极性,寓教于乐,具有强 烈的教育和道德价值观。 V&S娱乐公司的董事总经理Vickie Corner评论道,“作为中国 最大的儿童电视广播公司,与CCTV-14合作对我们来说是一个理 所应当的选择,它能让数以百万计的中国儿童体验到‘罗西’的 快乐。” 董事总经理兼CBBC中国区首席中国代表Tom Simpson表示:“作 为娱乐和教育内容,《万事通女孩罗西》非常适合从中国独生子 女政策结束后带来的人口统计和消费者支出的重大变化中获益。 中英贸易协会很荣幸与V&S娱乐公司合作。”



China Licensing Expo ‘Live’ and ‘Virtual’ European Pavilion As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s European Licensing Pavilion at the China Licensing Expo will be a little different from last year’s event.


The Total Licensing European Licensing Pavilion booth (E3B07) will be constructed and manned throughout the show taking enquiries and handing out information that is requested. However, where the show differs this year is that European exhibitors and visitors are unable to attend. As a result, the organisers have created a ‘virtual’ booth for exhibitors where they can promote their properties and business.

Exhibitors taking part in this year’s European Pavilion include • emoji • Hoho Entertainment • Louis XV1 Racing & Polo Club • Howard Robinson • This is Iris • Total Licensing • V&A

Hoho Entertainment

Louis XV1 Racing & Polo Club

Howard Robinson

This is Iris

Total Licensing


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GAMING CHAIR LICENSE FOR INVICTUS GAMING Chinese organisation Invictus Gaming (IG) has entered a partnership with Singaporean gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab. The deal will see the manufacturer create an IG-branded gaming chair complete with the logo and colours of the organisation. The initial release of the chair will be exclusive to China before being available to purchase in other regions. In addition to the branded chair, Secretlab will sponsor the team’s jersey as part of the agreement. Ian Ang, Co-founder and CEO of Secretlab, spoke on the partnership in a release: “Invictus Gaming made history as the first Chinese team to win both the League of Legends World Championship as well as Dota 2’s The International, and their League of Legends roster is currently stacked with some of the most skilled players in the game. “Being a former pro, I am a huge fan of watching TheShy at work with his aggressive playstyle and mechanical mastery; this is the result of extreme talent combined with tireless hard work. iG are just getting started, and we’re excited to be able to support them and Invictus Gaming in adding more trophies to their name.” Secretlab joins the likes of live-streaming platform HUYA, automobile giant Chevrolet, and online bookmaker Betway as a partner of the organisation. Ming “VK” Liu, CEO of Invictus Gaming, also commented: “Secretlab is the undisputed world leader in high-performance gaming seats. Their entry into China could not have come at a better time, and we’re thrilled to be able to work with them to outfit our players with the comfort they need to perform at their best. “iG’s players have consistently been competing on Secretlab chairs on the global stage, such as at Worlds and The International, and now they’ll be able to take advantage of the same performance edge and support during training.”


Leading distributor of third-party owned media content headquartered in Hong Kong with a presence in China, Japan and South East Asia, Medialink officially launched its first e-commerce site, Ani-Mall in Hong Kong on August 28, 2020. Anime fans will surely love the amazing merchandise available on Ani-Mall. Products range from anime accessories, collectible items, stationery and plush toys from the most popular anime series, including My Hero Academia, Haikyu!!, Dr.Stone, Gintama and The Promised Neverland. Customers and viewers can visit AniMall by just clicking on https://www. or simply scanning the QR code on the Ani-Mall logo which directly links to the website. The Group will keep adding new products and different campaigns to Ani-Mall. “This is only the first step in our ecommerce business development and the roll out in Hong Kong is just the beginning. Our team at Ani-Mall is passionate about the project and we are striving to make progress. We look forward to having a successful debut in Hong Kong while also seeking opportunity to roll out Ani-Mall in other Asian regions,” said Noletta Chiu, Executive Director of Medialink. Medialink also owns Ani-One, an anime content platform showcasing various anime titles including Haikyu!!,The Millionaire Detective and many more. Viewers can stream telecast episodes close to Japan’s airing time through Ani-One YouTube channel. The number of subscribers reached more than 700k in September 2020.

ASIAN OFFICE FOR POCKET.WATCH has announced the hiring of former WarnerMedia executive Anshuman Misra to lead’s second international office based in Singapore. Misra will support the company’s expanded global presence and oversee the region’s distribution and content sales, consumer products licensing and advertising sales. Misra will be titled managing director, Asia Pacific. “The demand for kids programming and consumer products featuring our massively popular digital creator partners continues to skyrocket,” says Chris M. Williams, chief executive officer, “Their YouTube channels consistently top the global most-watched lists and a huge


part of the growth is coming from Asian markets including India and China. ” Misra previously opened WarnerMedia’s first Indian office in the nineties and captained the development of WarnerMedia’s content business in Asia. For almost two decades, Misra spearheaded the introduction of several networks and businesses to the region and forged joint ventures and partnerships in key territories. Brands under his purview included Cartoon Network, HBO (South Asia), CNN International, Pogo, Boomerang, TCM, Tru TV, The WB and HLN, among others. Most recently, Misra served as chief business officer for digital startup Showt.


POCKET.WATCH开设亚洲办事处 Pocket.watch已宣布聘请华纳传媒前高管Anshuman Misra领导其位于新 加坡的第二个国际办事处。 Misra将支持该公司扩大全球业务,并负责该地区的分销和内容销售、消费 品授权、产品促销和广告销售。 Misra将被任命为亚太区总经理。 pocket.watch的首席执行官Chris M. Williams表示:“对以我们广受欢迎 的数字创造者合作伙伴为主角的儿童节目和消费产品的需求持续飙升。” “其YouTube频道一直高居全球最受关注的榜首,其中很大一部分增长来 自亚洲市场,包括印度和中国。”我们很高兴Anshuman能加入pocket. watch,他在亚洲的数十年经验将对于我们的内容、消费产品和广告产品扩 展到这些新市场是非常宝贵的。” Misra曾在90年代开设了华纳传媒在印度的第一家办事处,并负责华纳传媒 在亚洲内容业务的发展。 在近20年的时间里,Misra率先向该地区引入了一 些网络和企业,并在主要地区建立了合资企业和伙伴关系。 他管辖的品牌包括卡通频道、HBO(南亚)、CNN国际、Pogo、 Boomerang、TCM、Tru TV、WB和HLN等。最近,米斯拉担任了数字 创业展的首席商务官。

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斐乐童装中国公司推出艾瑞 卡尔服装 斐乐儿童中国公司和艾瑞卡尔世界 公司签署了一项儿童服装和配饰合 作协议。 新的30件套藏品利用了卡尔著作 《一只饥饿的毛毛虫》以及书中的 其他人物。斐乐最新推出的艾瑞卡尔 系列服装包括男孩和女孩的夹克、背 心、运动衫、连衣裙和裤子,以及运 动鞋、背包和帽子等配饰,所有产品 的目标人群都是2至15岁。 新系列产品在中国大陆、香港和澳 门的500多家斐乐童装专卖店和线上 销售。 艾瑞卡尔的全球授权活动,包括 《一只饥饿的毛毛虫》由总部位于纽 约的Joester Loria Group在全球范 围内开展,并通过Guangzhou Art land Holding Company Limited 在中国开展授权活动。

乐高进驻中国 乐高报告称,它将在2020年开设150个新店——主要位 于中国境内。这家玩具公司目前在全球有570家分店, 其中100家在美国。 在许多其他商家削减开支的时候,乐高却一直在开设新 店。 乐高在伦敦、纽约和北京等地拥有旗舰店,许多较 小的门店也拥有特许经营商。与孩之宝公司和美泰公司 一样,乐高公司一直在应用程序和视频游戏等端口争夺 儿童的注意力。 该公司首席执行长Niels Christiansen说,现在就对冠状


病毒对需求的影响下定论还为时过早。虽然这家零售商在 中国的大部分门店都在营业,但仍有一些门店歇业。 该公司在浙江的工厂已经复工,据报道,这是该公司在 中国唯一一家为亚洲大部分地区生产产品的工厂。 该公司去年的收入增长了近6%,接近385.4亿克朗。 西 欧和美洲的销售额呈现个位数的百分比增长。 该公司试 图扩大在美国的分销,以填补玩具反斗城破产后留下的 空白。 该公司在美国的分销网络已经吸引了数以千计的 商家,其中包括艺术品和工艺品零售商、折扣店和百货 公司。 今年9月,据报道,乐高计划在年 底前在中国再开设35家门店。 这一举措 将使该国家在盘点时门店总数达到140多 家,全球将达到近600家。 乐高则在经历了10年的两位数增 长,2017年突然停止增长后,2018年又 恢复了销售增长。


Every Age, Every Aisle, Everywhere! ViacomCBS talks to Total Licensing China about their plans activities and plans for the coming year.

Viacom and CBS have been in the business of entertaining audiences the world over for decades. Now, as ViacomCBS, we have an even more diverse offering with a combined portfolio that provides tremendous opportunity in consumer products. Our consumer products arm, ViacomCBS Consumer Products (VCP), is driven by our iconic brands such as Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, Paramount Pictures and Showtime.VCP provides innovative marketing solutions and partner development through our high-quality products. In 2021, we are putting the full power of the ViacomCBS ecosystem behind our most valuable IP, a global footprint that spans broadcast, cable, streaming and premium TV, feature films, and experiences. We aim to drive growth of our consumer products portfolio through Multigenerational Icons, IP for Adults and Super Fans, Social Stars, and Preschool Powerhouses. We have something for everyone – with characters, personalities, and properties including animation and live-action. Our multigenerational properties include SpongeBob SquarePants, youth culture brand MTV;


Garfield, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek for our super fans; in addition to our powerhouse of pre-school properties PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clues & You, Dora the Explorer, and Shimmer & Shine, among others. The popularity of our IP lies in their authenticity and their appeal, from pre-schoolers to kids to youth and adults. Ryder and the pups from PAW Patrol are hugely popular in China, and this business has grown exponentially over the last few years. Besides Spin Master’s toys, we have licensed various categories of apparel, home furnishing, packaged foods as well as school supplies, which are available both in stores and on online platforms like Tmall and JD.Com. This was in partnership with our master agent Guangzhou Art-land Holdings.

Another key IP is SpongeBob SquarePants. In April this year, we collaborated with Happy Socks to bring SpongeBob’s irrepressible zest for life to fans – happy feet for adults and kids alike! June saw the launch of one of our most high-profile collaborations, featuring a range of sneakers by Nike with design interpretations by basketball star Kyrie Irving. This won ‘Best Licensed Collaboration’ at the 2020 Licensing International Excellence Awards. The success of partnerships like this has led to a series of local collaborations in China with the likes of Mark Fairwhale, Only, Litlab and Xiaomi.

Our favourite yellow sponge is a star himself – celebrities are also fans of this iconic Nickelodeon franchise. Recently, we were thrilled to see megastar Jay Chou’s Instagram post featuring a painting of the eternally optimistic SpongeBob looking on. Another die-hard SpongeBob fan is Ashin, the lead vocalist of popular band Mayday and cofounder of the trendy lifestyle brand STAYREAL. Since 2013, we have been collaborating with STAYREAL on various SpongeBob fashion collections. In August, our latest collaboration was launched in retail outlets in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, and online through the STAYREAL flagship store on T-Mall.

TOTAL LICENSING CHINA In addition to growing our own IP, we carefully evaluate acquiring properties to integrate into our CP portfolio. Last year, we welcomed the lasagne-loving Garfield to our ViacomCBS family, with plans to fuel this multi-generational consumer products juggernaut. Garfield has 95% awareness and likeability and enjoy quite a strong footing in China for many years, represented by licensing agent, Medialink Animation International. We recently launched Garfield collaborations with H&M in key cities like Shanghai and Beijing, and there are definitely more ‘gastronomical’ plans in place for this cat!

For our adult brands, we plan to expand offerings around MTV, Paramount, Star Trek and South Park, with new content on the horizon to fuel interest and boost revenue streams.

Apart from retail, we extend the brand through on-ground experiences in malls all over China

that additional touchpoint. The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in many challenges. However, we pivoted quickly to address consumers’ needs by expanding our retail footprint online and focusing on delivering products that work for the current lifestyle. We worked with our fantastic licensees to create SpongeBob SquarePants hand sanitizers, as well as PAW Patrol face masks for kids and adults. We also developed online interactive Nickelodeon live show premieres

as well as PAW Patrol live shows in major Chinese cities. Meet-and-greets in partnership with major retailers like Toys”R”Us are key pulses that we include as part of our efforts to remain connected with our consumers while providing them with

on social platforms to continue to bring that “live” element to kids, so that they can continue to enjoy such entertainment safely while staying home. A strong IP is key to the success of a great license merchandise programme. And we have all that, and more. With our master agent


TOTAL LICENSING CHINA activities including physical play, digital games, role play, and a sit-down play café. Kids can meet their favourite Nickelodeon characters and themed birthday parties can be organised at the centre. And visitors can shop to their hearts’ content at the exclusive Nickelodeon retail store.

Guangzhou Art-land Holdings, we believe that our consumer products business will be as exciting as it has always been, with a lot more connectivity direct to consumers – continuing to reach every age, in every aisle, everywhere. Similarly, our Location Based Experiences (LBE) business is an important way for us to extend beyond screens. Creating exciting and immersive on-the-ground consumer experiences remains an important part of our business ecosystem. Through our much-loved characters and stories, we connect with kids and families and endeavour to make the world a more playful place. We are always looking for partners that align with our brands and who share our vision of providing safe, innovative and exciting experiential events and projects of the highest

quality. We have already confirmed several partnerships and are currently in discussions about design and development, led by our Nickelodeon Design Team in Orlando, Florida. We have several Nickelodeon immersive experiences already in development and we can’t wait to bring all this excitement to our fans! In 2020, Nickelodeon Playtime is scheduled to open at Shenzhen OCT Happy Harbour. This will be Nickelodeon’s first Family Entertainment Centre in Asia, developed together with China Leisure Development Co., Ltd. The area spans two levels across 1,200 square metres, with four attraction zones featuring SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, Dora the Explorer, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Visitors can dive right into the worlds of these popular iconic properties through various

Another first for us is our first Nickelodeon Indoor Theme Park in Asia. In partnership with the developers of Mall of China, Jiayuan Group, China Creation Group, and Triple Five Group, we are scheduled to open the doors to Nickelodeon’s largest indoor theme park in the world in Q4 2021. The park will occupy about 28,000 square metres in the centre of the 468,000-squaremetre Mall of China complex in Chongqing. It will feature 14 of Nickelodeon’s most iconic properties including PAW Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dora the Explorer, across 29 Nickelodeon-themed attractions. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles launch coaster is anticipated to clinch four world records for an indoor roller coaster ride – the longest track, the highest drop, the most number of inversions and the fastest maximum speed. The park will also feature the first tilting drop tower attraction in Asia. Our live shows are also hugely popular. Following the success of Dora the Explorer ‘City of Lost Toys’ and ‘Great Pirate Adventure’ in 2017 and 2018, our live ticketed shows continue to sell out. Both PAW Patrol ‘Race to the Rescue’ and ‘Great Pirate Adventure’ had very successful runs across 16 cities in China in 2019. Our partners are as thrilled as we are with this success and plans are already underway to bring the pups back next year! As we continue to grow the footprint of Nickelodeon entertainment projects across Asia, we are confident this will also open up new opportunities for the Nickelodeon brand and for our partners across multiple platforms.



Louis XV1 Racing & Polo Club An aspirational and inspirational brand Polo is the sport of Kings and Nobility. It is, without a doubt, aspirational to many and an inspiration in terms of the modern fashion business Louis XVI Racing & Polo Club is named after the infamous French Monarch of the same name whose passion for horses and equestrian traditions and lifestyle led to the creation of the now globally admired Royal Stables at the Palace of Versailles. King Louis’s sponsorship consolidated the continuing development of the European long-held traditions of equine sport and culture. Situated opposite the Palace and marking the edge of the Place d’Armes and the three main avenues, the position and the size of the Royal Stables testifies to the importance of the horse culture during the Ancien Regime. Bringing the story up to date, the King’s passion and the ambience of the equestrian culture and style have all inspired the Louis XVI Racing & Polo Club brand. A versatile, contemporary and conscientious lifestyle choice conveying a Royal equestrian sporting heritage with a fresh relevant approach. The brand echoes and amplifies timeless values of adventure, sportsmanship, quality and elegance to a millennial generation. Louis XVI Racing &

Polo Club is a registered Trademark throughout the world. Commenting on the brand, Paul Berrington of Beridan Ltd said, “We value our existing and future licensing manufacturers and retail partners and endeavour to meet their needs with responsible, fair and practical contracts. We pride ourselves on skilled and enthusiastic support with speedy approvals and always with an ear for new products and ideas. We’re always listening and learning. Our constant

search for excellence is reflected in the licensing partners we choose, and the products that they create.” According to Paul Berrington, China is a key market for the brand. “Growth in the PRC is paramount to our thinking for Louis XVI Racing & Polo Club. And, in particular, the apparel sector although we also have a keen interest in other categories around Asia. We would be honoured to consider enquiries from the China Licensing Expo. For more information contact Beridan Ltd, UK. Tel: +44 7518 489457 +30 6945 899973



每个年龄段,每个过道,无所不在! 维亚康姆哥伦比亚 传媒集团与Total Licensing China正在协商未 来一年的相关活动 及策划。

数十年以来,维亚康姆和哥伦比亚 广播一直致力于为全球观众提供娱 乐业务。目前,作为维亚康姆哥伦 比亚传媒集团,我们拥有更加多样 化的产品组合,在周边产品方面带 来更大的机会。 维亚康姆哥伦比亚周边产品部 门(ViacomCBS Consumer Products,VCP) 相关 业务以旗下尼克儿童频道 (Nickelodeon)、MTV、 喜剧中心 (Comedy Central)、 哥伦比亚广播 (CBS)、派拉蒙影 业及 Showtime 为主要业务驱 动力。 VCP 通过高品质产品提供 创新市场营销解决方案和合作伙伴 相关业务拓展。 2021 年,我们将充分利用维 亚康姆哥伦比亚整个业务生 态系统进一步促进集团旗下 最具价值的IP,触及集团 旗下全球覆盖的广播、有线 电视、流媒体和付费电视大 电影、和现场体验。我们希望 可以通过全年龄段偶像、成人 和超级粉丝的IP、社交 媒体上的明星和学龄 前儿童的力量,共同 推动快消业务的 增长。 无论是动画内容 还是真人秀,我 们通过多样化的动 画人物、性格特色以 及精彩内容 ,打造出适 合每个消费者都会喜爱的 产品。 跨年龄段的 IP 包 括《海绵宝宝》以及年轻 人的文化品牌MTV;


备受超级粉丝追捧的《加菲猫》, 《忍者龟》和《星际迷航》; 以及适合学龄前儿童的动画IP: 《汪汪队立大功》、 《蓝色小脚印 与你》、《爱探险的朵拉》和《亮亮 和晶晶》等。 我们的IP真实且独具魅力,吸引了 从学龄前儿童、青少年到成年人等 各个年龄段的观众。《汪汪队立大 功》的队长莱德和狗狗们在中国非 常受欢迎,最近几年该业务极具增 长。除了Spin Master的玩具, 我们还授权给服装、家居用品、包 装食品以及学习用品等多个品类。 这些产品既可以在门店出售,亦可 以在天猫、京东等线上平台进行购 买。这些授权合作与总代理广州 艺洲人品牌管理股份有限公司共同 开展。

另外一个重要IP是《海绵宝宝》。 今年4月,我们与Happy Socks合 作,为粉丝们带来海绵宝宝势不可 挡的快乐能量 – 迈开成人和孩子的 快乐步伐!6月,我们与耐克运动 鞋携手,由NBA篮球明星凯里·欧 文设计演绎,推出广受欢迎的联名 合作。这一合作亦获得了2020年全 球授权业卓越大奖的“最佳授权合 作奖”。成功的伙伴关系促成了在 中国本土的一系列合作,例如:马 克华菲 (Mark Fairwhale), Only, Litlab和小米等。

我们最喜欢的黄色海绵本身也是个 大明星 ,很多艺人都是这个尼克 儿童频道经典IP形象的忠实粉丝。 近期,我们发现歌坛巨星周杰伦在 Instagram上发布一幅画,画中永 远乐观的海绵宝宝在看着我们,这 让我们非常开心。海绵宝宝的另一 位铁杆粉丝是人气乐团五月天的主 唱、潮流生活品牌STAYREAL的联 合创始人阿信。自2013年起, 我们与STAYREAL合作推出多款海 绵宝宝潮牌服饰。今年8月, 我们最新合作的服饰在中国大陆、 中国香港、中国台湾和日本的零售 店推出、并在天猫STAYREAL官 方旗舰店进行销售。在拓展自有IP 的同时,我们还会认真评估收购的 IP,并整合到我们的周边产品业务


矩阵中。去年,爱吃千层面的加菲 猫加入了维亚康姆哥伦比亚集团 大家庭,我们计划为将进一步打造 这一跨年龄段IP的商业价值。多年 来,《加菲猫》由羚邦动画(国际) 有限公司(Medialink Animation International)授权代理,在中国 受到广大粉丝的关注和追捧,知名 度和喜爱度高达95%。近期,我们 与H&M在上海、北京等重点城市 开展了《加菲猫》的相关合作,这 只猫咪将会加入更多的“美食”计 划! 在成人品牌方面,我们计划围绕 MTV、派拉蒙、《星际迷航》和 《南方公园》拓展相关业务,通过 全新的内容激发消费者的兴趣,从 而促进相关业务增长。

售商合作举办的见面会亦是我们与 消费者保持紧密联系的重要方式之 一,同时也为消费者提供了更多与 喜爱的动画人物亲密接触的机会。

授权合作伙伴推出《海绵宝宝》 洗手液,以及儿童和成人版的 《汪汪队立大功》口罩。我们还 在社交平台上首播在线互动尼克儿 童频道直播节目,继续为孩子们带 来 “现场”元素,让他们在呆在 家里的同时也能安全地尽享欢乐。 强大的IP是一个优秀授权商品项目 成功的关键。而我们拥有这一切, 甚至更多。与总代理广州艺洲人品 牌管理股份有限公司的合作, 让我 们坚信周边授权业务将始终持续发 展,精彩纷呈。

除零售业务外,我们还通过在中国 各地商场内开展多场活动,并在各 大主要城市举办《汪汪队立大功》 舞台剧等现场体验,进一步促进品 牌推广。与玩具反斗城等大型零

新冠疫情的爆发无疑带来了许多挑 战。然而,我们迅速行动起来,通 过扩大线上零售布局,并专注于提 供适合当下生活方式的产品,从而 满足消费者的需求。我们与优秀的

同时,我们的实景娱乐业务 (Location Based Experiences, LBE)也是我们走出屏幕的重要途径。 打造激动人心、身临其境的现场消 费体验仍然是我们业务生态系统的重 要组成部分。通过深受喜爱的角色 和故事,我们与孩子和家庭建立紧密 联系,并始终致力于让世界充满更 多欢乐。 21


我们一直在寻找与品牌理念相同、 拥有共同愿景的合作伙伴,共同打 造安全、创新和令人兴奋的最高质 量活动和项目。我们已经确认多个 合作伙伴关系,目前在美国佛罗里 达州奥兰多市尼克儿童频道设计团 队的带领下,就设计和研发进行协 商。已有多各尼克儿童频道沉浸式 体验项目正处于开发中,我们已经 迫不及待地想要把这些精彩带给粉 丝! 2020年,尼克欢乐时光 (Nickelodeon Playtime) 计划在深圳华侨城欢乐港湾开业。 这将是尼克儿童频道与中国文旅开 发有限公司在亚洲共同开发的首个


家庭娱乐中心。占地面积1200平 方米,共分为两层,设有《海绵宝 宝》、《汪汪队立大功》、《爱探 险的朵拉》和《忍者龟》四个主题 区域。 游客可以通过各种活动,包 括体感游戏、数字游戏、角色扮演 和咖啡馆,直接沉浸到这些标志性 流行IP的世界中。孩子们可以见到 尼克儿童频道旗下最喜欢的动画 角 色,还可以在这里举办主题生日派 对。游客可以在尼克儿童频道专营 店买到自己喜爱的动画内容相关产 品。 我们的另外一个项目是亚洲首个尼 克儿童频道室内主题公园。我们与 中国摩的开发商佳源集团、中农国

信控股集团以及三五集团合作,计 划于2021年第四季度开放尼克儿 童频道全球最大的室内主题乐园。 乐园占地面积约28000平方米,位 于重庆46.8万平方米的中国摩核心 位置。乐园中将包括29个尼克儿童 频道主题目的地中14个个尼克儿童 频道最具代表性的项目,包括《汪 汪队立大功》、《海绵宝宝》、 《忍者龟》和《爱探险的朵拉》等。 《忍者龟》过山车预计将打破室内 过山车的四项世界纪录–最长轨道、 最高落差、最多倒立和最快速度。 此外,园区内还将有亚洲首个倾斜 式落塔景点。 我们的现场表演也非常受欢迎。 继2017年和2018年《爱探险的朵 拉》‘失落的玩具城’和‘海盗 大冒险’大获成功之后,我们的现 场演出票持续售罄。《汪汪队立 大功》‘竞速比赛’和‘海盗大冒 险’在中国16个城市的演出都非常 成功。合作伙伴和我们一样对成功 感到兴奋,并且已经在计划明年将 狗狗们带回来! 随着我们继续扩大 尼克儿童频道娱乐项目在亚洲的足 迹,我们相信这也将为我们自身品 牌及合作伙伴通过多平台带来更多 全新合作机会。

TOTAL LICENSING CHINA By: Alice Yang Licensing Team China Toy & Juvenile Products Association WeChat: chinalicensing

The 2020 Report by the CTJPA Brand Licensing Council As the fifth largest licensing market in the world, China has great potential to grow more impressively. To understand the rapidly growing licensing industry in China, The China Toy and Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA) conducted a professional survey and issued the China Licensing Industry Report 2020 this May. It is the only

industrial report in the world that focuses on the China licensing sector. And it is the fourth consecutive year that CTJPA has published this report.

growth year-on-year. The annual Royalty fee in 2019 in China grew USD 0.54 billion.

According to the statistics gained from the Report, the total retail volume of licensed merchandise in China in 2019 reached USD 13.9 billion - a 15.9%

According to the Report, 542 licensors (31.6% growth year on year) were active in the licensing market of China by the end of 2019. And 2,006

Profile of licensors in China


TOTAL LICENSING CHINA and regions as the origins of properties in the China licensing market. After over a decade of development, international companies are recognizing the potential of the Chinese licensing market and, as a result, they are more willing to enter and explore the Chinese market. At the same time, as the licensing market in China continues to grow, more and more Chinese companies realize the importance of brand licensing, and are beginning to explore more opportunities in the business.

properties (36.2% growth compared with last year) and brands had conducted licensing business in China by the end of 2019. The top most popular properties by category were Cartoon & Animation (26%), Art& Culture (17%), and Fashion, Trend & Lifestyle (14%), and Movies & TV Programs (13%). More and more museums are entering the licensing business thanks to both government encouragement and market demand. And museum licensing in China is recognized as a category within art licensing. The beautiful merchandise created by museums has become trendy and fashionable in China, and more high-end consumers prefer to choose those products to identify with their lifestyles. According to the statistics released from Forbidden City, China’s largest museum, their retail volume of licensed merchandise had surpassed USD 223 million in 2017, and the amount of the licensed merchandise reached over 10 thousand SKUs. Art licensing in China


is growing and showing great promise. China’s domestic licensors have grown up quickly. For the first time, the property quantity from the Greater China

region surpassed the US, and took the largest share in the market. Foreign brands remained popular in the same time, with the US, Japan, EU and UK as the top four regions. What is worthy to note is that the property regions are more diversified with 42 countries

Profile of licensees in China Licensee companies in China cover many different industries, from traditional toys and apparel to the emerging LBE (Location Based Entertain-

ment). Licensee companies have realized the value of properties and are more willing to invest in the licensing business. In the merchandising licensing field, Chinese licensees cover 13 main industries. The top 4 licensee industries are Toys/Non-Video Games (17%), Apparel/Accessories (15%), food& beverage (12%), Gifts/Collectibles/Souvenirs (9%). Together, these take more than half of the licensees. The most impressive increase goes to the category of food and beverage, increased from 9% to 12% in the whole category pie in 2019. As the consumption became more competitive in the market, how to get attention from the consumers is a question the manufacturers thinking every day. Brand licensing offered them an ideal way to be spotted immediately among

TOTAL LICENSING CHINA parks, films, co-productions and retail shops, they are creating an ecosystem to bring consumers in and foster a broader buzz and awareness, by themed space licensing together with retail sales. According to the investigation, the Report found there is a good increase of merchandise sales driven by licensing. Nearly one third of licensee companies (32%) admitted that they have gained more than 50% increase in sales because of licensed merchandise.

Consumers’ behavior and licensed merchandise

all the similar products on the shelf. More licensees in food and beverage are beginning to cooperate with licensors to keep their market share and growth. Included in the merchandising field, more forms of licensing cooperation are explored. Licensing in tourism, exhibitions, live shows, education pro-

grams have become popular too. Location Based Entertainment remains as a positive trend in the industry. Themed exhibitions in shopping malls, themed coffee bars, themed restaurants, themed convenience stores, themed painted and decorated planes and metro‌ all have witnessed a boom in recent years. With theme

As China’s licensing industry become more mature and continuously increasing in terms of economy, consumers who earn more money are more willing to spend money on what they want, instead of what they need. The most welcomed licensed merchandise in the market were toys (18%), apparel (16%), and food and beverage (13%). Thanks to the smartphone, online purchasing is so easy for every average Chinese, and online shopping plays a big role in the purchasing of licensed merchandise. Also, when asked about the price that consumers are willing to pay for licensed merchandise compared with regular products, 86 percent of the investigated consumers accepted that licensed merchandise is more expensive than other regular products. More than half of them accepted a price that was over 50 percent above the regular cost.



MULAN COMES IN SECOND TO LOCALLY-MADE MOVIE Disney’s Mulan made only $6.47 million over its second weekend in China in September, allowing it to be defeated once again by the local war epic The Eight Hundred, according to data from industry tracker Maoyan. As of 19 September, the Disney title has earned a cumulative $36.5 million (RMB 247 million) in the key territory. But The Eight Hundred led the Chinese box office by more than tripling those earnings, despite already being a month into its theatrical run. The Eight Hundred has now earned a total of $425 million (RMB 2.88 billion) since is Aug. 21 debut, making it China’s highest grossing film of the year so far. It is projected to continue on to a total box office of $446 million (RMB 3.02 billion), according to Maoyan estimates. In contrast, Mulan is currently projected to earn just $41 million (RMB 278 million) — less than a tenth of that tally. The film accounted for about 1 in 5 screenings in China over the weekend and only around 16% of total ticket sales. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet trailed Mulan closely to come in third over the same period with earnings of $5.6 million, bringing its Sunday cumulative up to $61.4 million (RMB 415 million). Tenet opened in China the week before Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan.


Despite the fact that Disney went out of its way to make a film aimed at appealing to Chinese audiences, Nolan’s sci-fi thriller has received better viewer ratings across all platforms and is currently projected by Maoyan to earn $66.9 million (RMB 453 million)— significantly more than Mulan. In fourth place over the same period was an unexpected contender: the 2018 Italian crime thriller The Invisible Witness (Il Testimone invisible). Directed and co-written by Stefano Mordini, the film is a remake of the 2016 Spanish thriller The Invisible Guest, a title produced by Barcelonaborn Oriol Paulo, which grossed $25 million in China in 2017.

In three days in China, the film earned $2.52 million — nearly half of its entire global box office to date. Prior to its China debut, the film had earned $5.3 million worldwide from just four territories: Italy, the Netherlands, Japan and New Zealand. In China, it has benefited from the strong word-ofmouth and positive impressions audiences had of Paulo’s prior film. In fifth place was Hong Kong film I’m Livin’ It, a drama about homeless people who live out of a 24-hour fast food restaurant in the metropolis, starring Aaron Kwok as an out-of-work banker and Miriam Yeung as a struggling singer. It grossed $1.45 million in its opening weekend. It won nine nominations and one supporting actor win for Cheung Tat-ming at this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the Tom Hanks biopic of children’s TV presenter Fred Rogers, saw its China premiere this weekend, but it had low sales, making just $212,000 in its debut weekend. This put it below the opening weekend of UK animated title Trouble (which came in sixth with a $940,000 debut) and other titles including Onward ($544,000) and The Blue Defensive Line, a documentary about a Chinese UN peacekeeping mission in Africa, which debuted to sales of $483,000.



报道人:Alice Yang 授权团队 中国玩具&婴童 产品协会

CTJPA品牌授权委员会2020年报告 增长到12%。随着消费在市场上的 竞争越来越激烈,如何引起消费者的 关注是制造商每天都在思考的问题。 品牌授权给他们提供了一种理想的方 式,可以让他们在货架上的所有相似 产品中立即被发现。越来越多的食品 和饮料特许商开始与被特许商合作, 以保持市场份额和增长。

作为全球第五大授权市场,中国具有 巨大的增长潜力。为了了解中国快速 发展的授权行业,中国玩具与婴童用 品协会(CTJPA)进行了一项专业 调查,并于今年5月发布了《2020年 中国授权行业报告》。这是世界上 仅有的关注中国授权行业的行业报 告。这是CTJPA连续第四年发布该 报告。 根据该报告的统计,2019年中国授 权商品零售总额达到139亿美元, 同比增长15.9%。2019年,中国的 年度特许权使用费增长了5.4亿美 元。

中国许可方概况 报告显示,截至2019年底,中国授 权市场活跃的授权商有542家(同比 增长31.6%)。到2019年底,2006 个产业(与去年相比增长36.2%) 和品牌在中国开展了许可业务。 最受欢迎的类别是卡通与动画 (26%),艺术与文化(17%), 以及时尚,潮流与生活方式(14%) 和影视节目(13%)。 由于政府的鼓励和市场的需求,越来 越多的博物馆开始进入授权行业。在 中国,博物馆授权被认为是艺术授权 的一个范畴。博物馆创造的精美商品 在中国已经成为一种时尚,越来越多 的高端消费者选择这些商品来认同他 们的生活方式。 根据中国最大的博物馆紫禁城发布


的统计数据,2017年其许可商品的 零售额超过2.23亿美元,许可商品 的数量超过1万个库存单位量。艺术 授权在中国正在增长,并突显出巨大 的前景。中国国内的许可方已经迅速 成长起来。大中华区的物业数量首次 超过美国,占据市场最大份额。与此 同时,外国品牌仍很受欢迎,美国、 日本、欧盟和英国排名前四。值得注 意的是,物业区域更加多元化,中国 授权市场的物业来源有42个国家和 地区。 经过十余年的发展,国际公司开始 认识到中国授权市场的潜力,因此, 他们更愿意进入和探索中国市场。 与此同时,随着中国授权市场的持续 增长,越来越多的中国企业意识到品 牌授权的重要性,并开始探索更多的 业务机会。

中国被许可方概况 中国的被许可方涵盖了许多不同的 行业,从传统的玩具和服装到新兴的 LBE(实景娱乐)。被许可公司已 经意识到物业的价值,也更愿意投资 授权业务。在商品授权领域,中国 的授权涵盖13个主要行业。被许可 方排名前四的行业是玩具/非视频游 戏(17%)、服装/配件(15%)、 食品和饮料(12%)、礼品/收藏品/ 纪念品(9%)。这些行业占被许可 方一半以上比例。 最令人印象深刻的增长出现在食品和 饮料类,在2019年,整个品类从9% 27


包括在商品领域中,探索了更多形式 的授权合作。旅游、展览、现场表演 和教育节目的授权也很受欢迎。 实景娱乐仍然是行业中一个积极的趋 势。近年来,在购物中心、主题咖啡 吧、主题餐厅、主题便利店、主题 彩绘和装饰飞机以及地铁等主题展览 都见证了其的蓬勃发展。通过主题公 园、电影、合拍影片和零售商店,它 们正在创建一个生态系统,通过主题 空间授权和零售销售,吸引消费者, 并促进更广泛的宣传和意识。 根据调查,该报告发现,在授权的推 动下,商品销售增长良好。将近三分 之一(32%)的被许可公司承认, 由于获得许可的商品,他们的销售额 增长了50%以上。


消费者行为和特许商品 随着中国许可行业的不断成熟和经 济的不断增长,收入越高的消费者越 愿意把钱花在他们想要的东西上, 而不是实际需要的东西上。市场上 最受欢迎的特许商品是玩具(18%)、 服装(16%)和食品饮料(13%)。 借助智能手机,每个普通中国人都可 以轻松地进行在线购买,并且在线购 物在购买授权商品中起着重要作用。 此外,当被问及与普通商品相比, 消费者愿意为特许商品支付的价格 时,86%的被调查消费者认为特许 商品比其他普通商品贵。超过一半的 人接受了高于常规成本50%的价格。


路易十六马赛马球俱乐部 一个充满抱负和灵感的品牌 马球是国王和贵族的运动。毫无疑 问,它是许多人梦寐以求的,也是现 代时装业的灵感来源路易十六马赛马 球俱乐部是以法国著名君主路易十六 的名字命名的。路易十六对马以及马 术的传统和生活方式的热爱,导致了 现在在凡尔赛宫创建了享誉全球的皇 家马厩。 路易国王的赞助巩固了欧洲长期以来 对马匹运动和文化传统的持续发展。 皇家马厩位于宫殿对面,位达梅斯广 场和三条主要道路的边缘,它的位置 和大小证明了古代制度下马匹文化的 重要性。

国王的激情、马术文化和风格的氛围 都激发了路易十六马赛马球俱乐部品 牌的灵感。 多样化、现代且尽责的生活方式选 择,以新颖的相关方式传达了皇家马

术运动遗产。该品牌向千禧一代传达 并发扬了冒险、体育精神、质量和优 雅的永恒价值。路易十六马赛马球俱 乐部在世界各地注册商标。 Commenting on the brand, Paul BerBeridan Ltd的Paul Berrington 在评论品牌时说:“我们重视现有 和未来的授权制造商和零售合作伙 伴,并努力 以负责任、公平和实用 的合同满足他们的需求。我们以娴熟 的技术、热情的支持和迅速的审批而 自豪,并始终善于关注新产品和倾听 新想法。我们一直在倾听和学习的路

上。我们对卓越的不懈追求体现在我 们选择的授权合作伙伴以及其创造的 产品上。” Berrington称,中国是该品牌的关 键市场。“在中国的发展对于路易十 六马赛马球俱乐部的发展至关重要。 特别是服装行业,尽管我们也对亚洲 其他行业有浓厚兴趣。我们将荣幸地 思量来自中国授权博览会的询问。” 如需更多信息,请联系 Beridan Ltd, UK. 电话: +44 7518 489457 +30 6945 899973



《花木兰》排名第二仅次于国产电影 根据行业追踪猫眼的数据,迪斯尼的 《花木兰》9月份第二个周末在中国 只赚了647万美元,令其再次被国产 战争史诗《八佰》击败。 截至9月19日,迪士尼冠军片在主 要领域的票房累计达到3650万美元 (合2.47亿元人民币)。尽管已经上 演了一个月,但《八佰》却引领中国 票房,其票房收入增长了两倍多。 自8月21日上映以来,《八佰》已累 计赚得4.25亿美元(合28.8亿元人 民币),成为迄今为止中国年度票 房最高的影片。据猫眼估计,该片 总票房预计将继续达到4.46亿美元 (合30.2亿元人民币)。 相比之下,目前预计《花木兰》的 收入仅为4100万美元(合2.78亿 元人民币),不到总收入的十分之 一。该片上周末在中国的放映场次 约占五分之一,票房收入仅占总票 房的16%左右。 克里 斯托 弗•诺兰 的《 信条》 紧 随 《花木兰》之后,以560万美元的收 入排在同期第三名,周日票房累计达 到6140万美元(合人民币4.15亿元)。 在迪士尼对真人秀《花木兰》进行 翻拍之前的一周,《信条》在中国 上映。 尽管迪士尼为了吸引中国观众而尽全 力制作了了一部电影,但诺兰的这部 科幻惊悚片在所有平台上都获得了更 高的收视率,猫眼目前预计其票房将 达6690万美元(合4.53亿人民币),

远远超过《花木兰》。 同期排名第四的是一个出乎意料的 竞争者:2018年的意大利犯罪惊悚 片《死无对证》。该片由斯特凡诺• 莫迪尼执导并联合编剧,是对2016 年西班牙惊悚片《看不见的客人》的 翻拍。《隐形客人》的制片人是出生 于巴塞罗那的奥利奥尔•保罗,该片 2017年在中国获得了2500万美元的 票房收入。 在中国的三天时间,这部电影赚了 252万美元,几乎占到其全球票房的 一半。中国上映之前,该片仅在四 个地区就获得了530万美元的全球票 房:意大利、荷兰、日本和新西兰。 在中国,该片得益于观众对保罗上一 部影片的良好口碑和积极印象。

第五名的是香港电影《我叫利文》, 这部电影讲述的是无家可归的人住在 大都市的一家24小时营业的快餐店 里的故事,由郭富城饰演失业银行 家,杨千桦饰演苦苦挣扎的歌手。 上周末首映票房收入145万美元。在 今年的香港电影金像奖上,该片获得 了九项提名,并凭借张明达获得了最 佳男配角。

汤姆•汉克斯主演的儿童电视节目主 持人弗雷德•罗杰斯的传记电影《附 近美好的一天》上周末在中国首映, 但票房不佳,首映周末仅获得21.2 万美元的票房。这使得该片在首映周 末票房低于英国动画片《麻烦》(首 映票房94万美元,排名第六)和其他 影片,包括《向前进》(544,000美 元票房)和《蓝色防线》。《蓝色防 线》是一部关于中国驻非洲维和任务 的纪录片,首映票房为48.3万美元。



LITTLE TIARAS AND KID-E-KATS IN CHINA CTC Media has signed a distribution agreement with Beijing Joy Culture Media appointing the company to be the exclusive distributor of TV, digital and licensing rights of the Little Tiaras animated series in Mainland China. Little Tiaras will be available in Chinese language starting from October 2020 on major local VOD platforms – Tencent and IQiYi – as well on many others. A major digital marketing campaign was held for the brand launch in June 2020 on the Ximalaya app. The campaign presented little girls with a chance to be a dubbing actress for one of the main characters. The contestants uploaded their own dubbing works in Ximalaya app, and the judges selected the voice that is most suitable for the five characters of the series.

CTC media and Beijing Joy Culture Media have big plans for Little Tiaras brand development in mainland China as content and licensed franchise. Little Tiaras, which is produced by Melnitsa Animation Studio and owned by CTC Media and CTB Film Company, stars five Princesses – Rooney, The Rusty Haired Princess; Lisa, The Frog Princess; Daria, The Never-A-Laugh Princess; Helen, The Fair Princess; and Dorma, the Sleeping Princess. They arrive from faraway lands to study wizardry on a mysterious island of Wondermont.

Adventures, secrets and dangers await them on their way to learning the wisdom of magic taught by a great wizard known only as The Immortal. On a different note, the KID-E-CATS brand was successfully launched as a franchise in China at the China Licensing Expo in October 2019. CTC Media jointly with their exclusive agent in China, Beijing Joy Culture Media company are developing the franchise at a very high speed. KID-E-CATS Season 1 was launched in December 2018 on 8 digital platforms including Tencent video, IQIYI and Youku followed by season 2 in May 2019 and Season 3 in 2020 on over 28 digital platforms including Tencent video, IQIYI, Youku, Xiaomi, New TV, provincial IPTV and DTV platforms. The series was warmly welcomed by the audience and has attracted more than 2 billion views up-to-date. Multiple licensing deals have been signed in 2019 with local Chinese licensees and now there are licensed products in China on shelves including publishing, plush toys, confectionery, milk drinks, apparel, various playsets and many more. The brand is broadly presented in retail chains and major supermarkets such as Shanghai Book Center, Chengdu Jiufang Book Center, T-Mall,, Wenerdeng, Wanjiahui, Sanyou, Xianghu shopping mall, Fengchon, Daxing, Baozhongbao, Hengsheng, Harbin Jiayu Toy General Store. KID-E-CATS, owned and managed by CTC Media and produced by Studio Metrafilms, is one of the leading pre-school series in Russia. The series tells the story of three kittens: Cookie, Pudding and their kid sister Candy who are forever ready to jump into action with endless enthusiasm and energy. Their imagination also knows no bounds, and these kitties are capable of the most absurdly funny problemsolving suggestions. Through life’s little lessons, they learn to look before they leap - well sometimes! Both KID-E-CATS and Little Tiaras

brand will be presented at the booth of Beijing Joy Culture Media at China Licensing Expo, Shanghai, 21 -23 October 2020.



《魔仙俏娇娃》和《咪好一家》 CTC传媒已与北京乔伊文化传媒有 限公司签署发行协议,委任该公司为 《魔仙俏娇娃》动画系列在中国大陆 的电视、数字和许可权的独家发行 人。从2020年10月开始,《魔仙俏 娇娃》中文版将在国内主要的视频点 播平台—腾讯、爱奇艺以及许多其他 平台上推出。 2020年6月在喜玛拉雅上为品牌发布 举行了一次大型数字营销活动。该活 动为小女孩们提供了一个为主要角色 配音的机会。参赛选手在喜玛拉雅上 传了自己的配音作品,评委们选出了 最适合剧中五个角色的配音。 CTC媒体和北京乔伊文化传媒就 《魔仙俏娇娃》在中国大陆的品牌发 展制定了宏大计划,包括内容和授权 特许经营方面。 《魔仙俏娇娃》由俄罗斯磨坊动画工 作室制作,归CTC传媒和CTB电影 公司所有,五位小公主:金发公主鲁 尼、青蛙公主丽莎、冷美人达莉亚公 主、美丽优雅的海伦公主和睡美人多 玛公主。她们从一个遥远的地方来到

来到神秘的岛上学习魔法。她们师从 一位伟大的巫师(称之为不朽者), 各种奇幻冒险、秘密和危险在她们学 习魔法智慧的路上等待着她们。 另外,《咪好一家》品牌在2019 年10月举办的中国授权博览会上 成功推出,成为中国特许经营品 牌。CTC 传媒联合其在中国的独家 代理-北京乔伊文化传媒,快速发展 特许经营。 《咪好一家》第一季于2018年12月 在腾讯视频、爱奇艺、优酷等八个数 字平台上线,第二季于2019年5月 上线,第三季于2020年上线,分别 32

在腾讯视频、爱奇艺、优酷、小米、 未来电视、省级网络电视、数字电视 等28个数字平台上线。该系列受到 了观众的热烈欢迎,迄今为止已吸引 了超过20亿的观看量。 2019年,与中国当地的特许商签署 了多项授权协议。目前,在 中国的货架上有许多特许授 权产品,包括出版物、毛绒 玩具、糖果、牛奶饮料、服 装、各种玩具套装等。该品 牌在上海书城、成都九方书 城、天猫商城、京东商城、 温尔登、万家汇、三友、湘 湖购物中心、丰川、大兴、 宝中宝、恒升、哈尔滨嘉裕 玩具百货等零售连锁店和主 要超市中广泛展示。 《咪好一家》由CTC传 媒拥有并管理,由Studio Metrafilms制作,是俄罗 斯领先的学前教育系列节目之一。 该系列讲述了三只小猫的故事: 饼干、布丁和它们的小妹妹糖果永 远准备好以无尽的热情和活力投入 行动。它们的想象力天马行空,这 些小猫咪能够提出荒唐而有趣的解 决问题的建议。通过生活中的小教 训,他们学会了三思而行-这有时会 非常好! 2020年10月21日至23日,上海举 办中国授权博览会,届时《咪好一 家》和《魔仙俏娇娃》品牌都将在 北京乔伊文化传媒的展位上展出.


The emoji company GmbH和 MeDialink Group Limited继续以 其中国令人惊叹的合作让消费者兴 奋。2020年8月25日,腾讯出品的 顶级战术游戏“和平精英”推出一系 列表情符号主题道具,包括头饰、背 包和吊坠,以庆祝中国情人节。这些 时尚和科幻灵感的视觉效果在中国引 发大规模的社交媒体互动。 此外........,中国流行的童装公司马骑 顿(MQD)在8月份发布了其最新 的表情符号X Britto系列。该系列采 用著名的表情符号和巴西流行艺术家 布里托(Britto)合作的五颜六色的 图案,将其转化为好玩、可爱和有趣 的儿童作品。运动和时尚的氛围是夏 季的完美选择。 此外,中国领先的家居服装公司 Queend Fashion计划于2020年11 月11日推出带有表情符号的家常便 服和家居服系列。穿着舒适时尚的衣 服呆在家里,这款来自Queend的新 系列和标志性品牌表情符号肯定会让 人兴奋不已。 这家表情符号公司是全球100多个国 家多达35类商品和服务的注册表情 符号商标的所有者。 这家表情符号公司广泛的权利组合涵

盖1,000多个商标和2万多个受版权 法保护的表情符号品牌图标和设计, 可用于合法的许可和销售、促销和 营销活动。官方合作伙伴包括850多 家全球著名的特许经营商,包括索尼 动画、费列罗、汉堡王、飒拉、联合 利华、好时公司、沃尔玛、达能、尼 康、富士、雀巢、利德尔、凯洛格、 达能、尼康、卓力能、百事可乐、六 十小姐、BBC、C&A、法国邮政 等。 2017年,该全球获奖的表情符号品 牌被行业实力排行榜评为第三大最具 影响力的品牌,仅次于乐高和可口可 乐。这家表情符号公司的零售收入超 过8亿美元,在全球150强授权商中 排名第57位,该表情符号品牌是最 具影响力的全球生活品牌之一。 MediaLink集团是第三方拥有的媒体 内容的领先分销商,总部设在香港, 并已在中国、日本和东南亚开展业 务。该集团从事媒体内容分销业务超 过26年,并经营品牌授权业务。在 媒体内容分销业务下,该集团通过订 立内容分销安排与媒体内容持牌人密 切合作,并分销有关动画片、综艺节 目、剧集及动画片及真人长片的媒体 内容。

根据品牌授权业务,该集团涉及品牌 授权商拥有品牌的各项权利授权,包 括玩具、服装及鞋类、保健品及美容 产品、食品及饮料中使用的“商品化 权利”;活动、主题公园、商场、咖 啡馆及餐厅的“场地式娱乐权”;以 及亚太地区的“促销权”。

如需授权查询, 请联系: 或访问emoji网站



THE AWARD-WINNING V&A The award-winning licensing programme of the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) offers an almost infinite source of design inspiration for a multitude of product categories. Despite its challenges, 2020 has seen some fantastic debut launches for the V&A and it has continued to grow its product offering and global reach, with new activations from licensees and retailers in key territories. The team are currently working on 17 forthcoming launches due to take place between autumn and early spring. East Asia is still a key focus area and the museum works closely with their licensing agents in China (Alfilo Brands) and South Korea (Infiniss) on expanding product categories, launching new ranges and increasing brand recognition across China. The V&A has delighted consumers this summer with the launch by new Chinese licensee Joyye, of a series of playful Alice in Wonderland inspired contemporary fine bone china. Inspired by a variety of artefacts, including rare editions and original illustrations, each piece is decorated by hand using traditional methods. The range includes


rabbit-eared teapots, delicately designed cups with saucers shaped like playing cards, and even a teacup-vase featuring the Dormouse; everything that might be needed for a Mad Hatter’s tea party!

Another new collection that launched in China this summer is from accessories licensee She’s. This beautiful 9-piece range includes delicate earrings, hairclips, a hairband, necklace, bracelet and brooch, all based on the Art Nouveau designs of Alphonse Mucha from the V&A archives. These artistic pieces are crafted in gold plate and adorned with hand-applied enamel. Elsewhere, lifestyle store The Beast expanded their popular ‘The Modern Times’ range, exploring a playful series of home products capturing the luxurious and modern side of the Art Deco movement. New additions include a beautiful set of side plates featuring illustrations from the magazine Art, Goût, Beauté and artwork by George Barbier, a tray inspired by Irving Berlin’s ‘Watch Your Step’ sheet music cover and a trinket tray detailing a silhouette derived from a 1920’s travel poster. Also in China over 70 new products have launched since the beginning of the year, building a strong product offering on the V&A’s Tmall flagship store. Products based on the designs of Alphonse Mucha and George Bar-

TOTAL LICENSING CHINA bier have had an excellent reception, alongside best-selling collections such as the Strawberry Thief range and products inspired by Art Deco travel posters. They have also explored the fun and quirky side of the archive with new animal-inspired ranges such as Tippoo’s Tiger and ‘Quacky Jack’, a character from the Catley Toy family made popular with the appearance of Pumpie the elephant, who featured on the BBC2 Secrets of the Museum series. With strong demand in online activity, the V&A have a lot of activity planned in the coming months, particularly in China, including live streaming to promote licensed products. The V&A launched its first video platform account on Kuaishou in August with a livestream from the museum, which involved a museum tour and prize giveaways of licensed product. The event had a viewership of nearly 2 million, a further 2 million viewers via the Kuaishou discovery app, and 6.8 million watched the launch video. Further livestreams are planned on Kuaishou later this year, along with more activities on Tmall, with a focus on 11/11, one of the key shopping events in China.

In South Korea the V&A launched an exciting new collaboration with Michaa, a premium womenswear retailer. The collection is inspired by the designs of British potter and novelist William De Morgan and includes romantic dresses, separates, contemporary t-shirts, and accessories including scarves and swimwear. The collection is available in Michaa stores, online and in 5 pop-up locations in upscale department stores in Seoul, Seongnam, Busan and Daegu. South Korean licensee LIDC also expanded their V&A apparel range this summer, to include menswear and swimwear, following the success of their womenswear collection in 2019. To round off this extraordinary year the V&A will be seeking new business and once again be participating in key trade shows this autumn.They will feature on Alfilo Brands’ stand at Licensing Expo China 10th-12th October, the China Licensing Expo 21st-23rd October, and at the European Pavilion at China Licensing Expo. In the UK the V&A will be exhibiting virtually at the Festival of Licensing and Decorex International 2020.



备受赞誉的维多利亚与艾尔伯特博物馆(V&A) V&A(伦敦维多利亚与艾尔伯特博 物馆)备受赞誉的授权计划为众多产 品类别提供几乎无限的设计灵感源 泉。尽管面临挑战,2020年已见证 为V&A发布的部分梦幻般首秀,它 继续增长其提供的产品和全球足迹, 且实现关键领域的被持牌人方和零售 商新激活。该团队目前正在进行17 项即将推出的发布,该发布将于秋季 至初春之间进行。 东亚仍为重点领域,博物馆与中国 (品源时尚)和韩国(Infiniss)的 品牌授权代理商密切合作,扩大产品 类别,推出新系列,并提高中国各地 的品牌认知度。 今年夏天,V&A通过中国新持牌人 Joyye推出一系列有趣的爱丽丝梦游 仙境,启发当代高档骨瓷,同时受到 消费者喜爱。受到各种工艺品的启 发,包括稀有版本和原始插图,每一 块由手工以使用传统方法装饰。该系 列包括兔子耳茶壶,设计精致的茶 杯,形如扑克牌的茶托,具有睡鼠形 象的瓶饰茶碗;所疯帽子茶派对可能 需要的所有瓷器! 今年夏天在中国推出的另一套新收藏 是持牌人持有的爱丽丝佩戴的配饰。 这款漂亮的9片系列包括精致的耳 环、发夹、项链、手镯和胸针,都是


根据“V&A档案”中阿尔丰斯·慕 夏(Alphonse Mucha)的艺术设 计而成。这些艺术作品使用镀金制作 而成,且装饰着手工珐琅。 其他地方,生活馆野兽扩大了他 们流行的“摩登时代”范围,探

索捕捉豪华和现代的艺术装饰运 动的一系列有趣家居用品。新添 加的包括一组漂亮的侧板,以杂志 Art、Goût、Beauté和乔治·巴比耶 的艺术品插画为特征,灵感来自欧 文·柏林的“看你的脚步”活页乐普 页的盘子,详细描述源自1920年代 旅行海报场景的装饰品托盘。 此外,今年年初以来,中国推出70 多款新产品,在V&A的天猫旗舰店 建立强大的产品供应。基于阿尔丰 斯·慕夏和乔治·巴比耶设计的产品 备受推崇,还有最畅销的收藏品, 例如草莓小偷系列和灵感源自艺术 装饰旅行海报的产品。他们还探索 了具有新动物灵感系列档案有趣而 古怪的一面,例如Tippoo的老虎 和“Quacky 杰克”,来自Catley Toy家族的人物,以大象的外貌而广 为人知,在BBC2“博物馆系列”“ 秘密”被提及。 随着在线活动需求强劲,V&A计划 在未来几个月内开展大量活动,尤其 是在中国,包括直播推广特许产品。 今年8月,V&A在快手开通其首个视 频平台账户,对博物馆进行网络直 播,其中涉及博物馆参观和获奖产品 的奖励。该活动的收视率接近两百 万,通过快手应用程序搜索的观众人


数达到两百万人,六百八十万人观看 了发布的视频。此外,今年晚些时候 还计划快手平台开展网络直播,以及 在天猫方面开展更多活动,重点为双 十一活动,这是中国重要的购物活动 之一。 在韩国,V&A推出与美西亚(一家 高端的高端零售商)令人兴奋的新合 作。该收藏灵感源自英国陶瓷家和小 说家威廉·代·摩根的设计,其中包 括浪漫裙装、分体式泳衣、当代T恤 衫以及配饰,包括围巾和泳装。该收 藏可以前往美西亚商店、在线商店、 位于首尔、城南市、釜山和大邱高档

百货商店的5个热门地点购买。韩国 持牌人LIDC今年夏天还扩大了他们 的服装系列,包括男装和泳装,并在 2019年度的女装系列取得成功。 为结束此非凡的一年,V&A将寻求 新业务,并再次参与今年秋天的关键 贸易展会。他们将亮相10月10日-12 日的中国授权展、10月21日-10月 23日在中国授权展和“中国授权展 欧洲馆”的品源品牌展台。 在英国,V&A事实上会在“2020 年授权节和国际装饰装潢展览会” 展出。



中国博物馆结成伙伴关系 泰特美术馆、维多利亚与艾尔伯特博 物馆(V&A)和蓬皮杜中心都与中国国 有企业建立了伙伴关系。 三家博物馆都是与中国国有开发公 司合作或咨询中国的主要项目。 他们称,采用此方式分享他们的收 藏和专门知识,“有助于培养宽容 和求知欲”(蓬皮杜中心);“增进 全球文化和社区之间深刻的理解” (V&A);帮助“增加中国人获取 国际艺术可能性的机会”(泰特美 术馆)。 该伙伴关系也对这些博物馆的资产负 债表作出重大贡献,当时承受着巨 大的商业收入压力。例如,因与上海 的西外滩集团合作,蓬皮杜中心收到 2,075万欧元。作为交易的一部分, 巴黎机构去年11月在上海开设分 支机构,并将在上海展出来自巴黎 的收藏品。虽然大英博物馆没有与 中国国有企业建立任何合作关系, 但它与电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的合 作显示出市场很可观。仅在2018, 大英博物馆就通过阿里巴巴在线许 可平台思源品牌创造了近3,000万美 元,该品牌在中国销售大英博物馆 品牌产品。 对于阿里巴巴来说,蓬皮杜中心是西方 博物馆在中国运营的“完美典范”。

它已经“向上海出借作品。” 蓬皮杜中心主席塞热·拉斯维恩的回 应道,博物馆及其驻上海的员工“与 中国同行独立合作,选择作品、主题 和展览布局。” 根据中国法律的规 定,展出内容由主管文化事务主管机 关批准。 中国对欧洲藏品的展览有着浓厚的兴 趣。2018年展出自泰特不列颠租借 38


到上海博物馆的风景画14周内吸引 创纪录的61,5000名游客,每天超过 6000名游客,成为迄今为止泰特任 何地点中最受欢迎的展览。 “文化关系通常是人与人之间的关 系,而不是国家与国家之间的关系, 且可以成为认识其它文化和处事其它 方式件的良好方式”,V&A前任董 事马克·琼斯表示。 “V&A拥有大量且重要的中国藏品, 并有责任与当地学者保持良好的联 系,包括中国大学和博物馆的学术人 员”,琼斯继续表示。“理解中国历

史文化对我们所有人都很重要。而且 同样对在中国展示我们自身文化方面 具有重要意义。”

各自在中国开展的工作 泰特美术馆已经与上海陆家嘴集团合 作三年合同期。泰特美术馆正在提供 培训和专门知识,帮助开发上海浦东 艺术博物馆,该博物馆计划于2021 向公众开放。泰特美术馆还将利用收 藏品在博物馆举行三场展览。 上海西外滩集团与巴黎蓬皮杜中心合 作,每年达成交易,价值约为275万 欧元,以及每年为提供140万欧元的 品牌权益。 2019年11月在上海开设分行;合作 期间,巴黎蓬皮杜中心将利用其收藏 品在其上海前哨组织所有展览。 中国招商集团已和维多利亚与阿尔伯 特博物馆签订为期五年的协议。 这交易帮助在深圳建立2017开业的 新文化中心。根据年度报告,正在讨 论该协议的续约,V&A在首个四年 合作期间取得的净利润至少为150万 英镑。


The emoji company GmbH and Medialink Group Limited continue to excite consumers with their amazing collaborations in China. On August 25th, 2020, Peacekeeper, a top-ranked tactical game produced by Tencent, launched a series of emoji-themed props including head piece, back pack and pendant to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day. These fashionable and sci-fi inspired visuals have aroused massive social media interactions in the country. What’s more........MQD, a trending kids apparel company in China, released their latest collection for emoji X Britto in August. The collection takes on the colourful patterns of the famed collaboration of emoji and the Brazilian pop artist Britto, translating it to playful, cute and fun pieces for kids. The sporty and trendy vibe is perfect for the summer. Besides, Queend Fashion, the leading company for home wear in China, is scheduled to launch their lounge and home wear collection with emoji on Nov 11th, 2020. It will surely be thrilling to stay home wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes with this new line from Queend and emoji - The Iconic Brand. The emoji company is the owner of the registered emoji trademark in up to 35 classes for goods and services in more than 100 countries around the world. The emoji company´s extensive rights portfolio covers more than 1,000 trademarks and more than 20,000 emoji brand icons and designs protected under copyright laws and available for legal licensing and merchandising, promotions and marketing activities. Official partners include more than 850 world famous global licensee

including Sony Pictures Animation, Ferrero, Burger King, Zara, Unilever, The Hershey Company, Walmart, Danone, Nikon, Fuji, Nestlé, Lidl, Kellogg´s, Danone, Nikon, Aldi, Pepsico, Miss Sixty, the BBC, C&A, The French Post amongst many others. The globally awarded emoji brand was decorated as the 3rd most influential brand behind Lego and Coca-Cola by industries Powerlist in 2017. With a retail revenue of more than $800 million the emoji company is on position

# 57 of the Top 150 Global Licensors and the emoji brand is one of the most influential universal lifestyle brands. Medialink Group is a leading distributor of third-party owned media content headquartered in Hong Kong with presence in China, Japan and South East Asia. The Group has been engaging in the business of media content distribution for over 26 years, and also operates the brand licensing business. Under the media content distribution business, the Group cooperates closely with media content licensors through entering content distribution arrangements and distributes media content relating to animation series, variety shows, drama series and animated and live-action feature films. Under the brand licensing business, the Group is involved in the licensing of various rights in relation to brands owned by brand licensors including ‘merchandising rights’ for the use in toys, apparels and footwear, health and beauty products, food and beverage; ‘location-based entertainment rights’ for events, theme parks, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants; and ‘promotion rights’ in the Asia Pacific region.

For licensing enquiries please contact: licensing@emoji. com or visit the emoji website



深圳展会圆满成功! 深圳全新世界级展馆国际会展中心举办的 中国幼教展、中国婴童展、中国授权展, 有来自8个国家和地区的1321家客商参展, 他们分布在7个展厅(14万平方米),观众 为61553人次。行业活动和展会中断数月 之后,包括首次亮相的中国授权展在内的 展会为寻求重新与业内取得联系并重回正 轨的商家提供了一站式采购平台。 中国幼教展、中国婴童展和中国授权展为 该行业的重新连接和复兴创造了一个集约 化平台。 这三个同期展会是法兰克福展览公司自今 年2月以来首次举办的实体展会,标志着在 中国恢复参展企业面对面交流迈出了积极 的一步。此次展会受到了业内企业的热烈 欢迎,参展企业依靠这个平台进行商业交 流、了解市场信息,并期待在中国市场上 抓住新的零售机会。 法兰克福展览(香港)有限公司高级总 经理温迪女士在谈到成功举办展会时说: “经历上半年的挑战后,中国幼教展、 中国婴童展和中国授权展这三个展会比以 往任何时候都更为重要,企业如今都希望 重新建立联系并重新确立自己在市场中的 地位。作为一个值得信赖的平台,玩具和 婴儿产品行业的参展商和买家继续认识到 博览会是进入前景广阔的华南市场的一种 很重要的手段,近年来随着大湾区概念的 出现,华南市场变得更加重要。” 温女士接着解释了博览会迁至深圳的 好处:“深圳之所以成为博览会理想的举 办地点,是因为它在技术发展方面享有盛 誉,并且深圳靠近该地区主要玩具制造中 心。在展会上,参展商有机会见到了优质 买家,其中包括许多来自该地区电子商务 公司的买家,而事实证明创新产品很受大 家欢迎。正是因为这些原因,我们决定搬 迁展会地址。从报道的积极反响来看,这 显然是一个正确的决定,对所有参与者来 说都是一个有益的举措,这些参与者能够 充分挖掘大湾区的潜力。”


中国授权展的首次亮相正是迎合了日益增 长的国内市场 温女士继续说:“今年,随着中国授权展 的加入,我们能够为买家提供新的机会和 更广泛的采购选择”。“本次展会原是中 国幼教展和中国婴童展的产品区,授权展 的推出反映了中国授权行业的发展,并迎 合了消费者对授权产品日益增长的需求。 这三个展会合并在一起,一个新的、更大 的展馆能够扩大该平台,并促进跨行业的 合作,同时发展授权,以及该地区的玩具 和婴儿产品市场,”温女士总结道。 “中国授权展的成果超出了我们的预期。

一些有关消费者需求的很合理的建议。 在这个展馆,我们得到了一些非常重要的 信息展会最大的好处在于有助于加强和连 接产业链,因为它与中国幼教展和中国婴 童展同时举行,而在深圳举办有助于行业 抓住机遇,发挥大湾区的潜力。” 斑马谷 文化发展(北京)有限公司执行合伙人聂 鑫女士评论道。 下一届中国幼教展,中国婴童展,中国授 权展将于2021年3月30日至4月1日同时举 行,并将再次在深圳国际会展中心举行。 由广东省玩具协会、广州力通法兰克福展 览有限公司和法兰克福展览(香港)有限

我们不仅满足了有授权需求的买家,也满 足了不同的IP业务平台,以及连接授权方 和被许被授权方的代理商,他们也提供了

公司主办的中国幼教展,中国婴童展, 中国授权展。


羚邦集团推出ANI-MALL 电子商务网站 作为首个全媒体内容的分发平台,第三方拥有,羚邦集团以香港总部为中心, 在中国,日本和东南亚下设分支机构,并于2020年8月28日在香港安妮购物 中心正式推出了第一个电子商务网站。安尼购物中心提供的令人惊叹的商品, 动漫迷们一定会喜欢。产品范围从动漫游戏配件,动漫收藏品,动漫文具和 到最流行的绒毛玩具系列,包括《我的英雄学术界》、《排球少年!!》、 《石纪元》、《银魂》和《约定的梦幻岛》。 客户和观众只需点击 或者扫描网站链接中安妮 商城徽标上的二维码。集团将继续向安妮购物中心添加新产品并进行不同的 促销活动。 “这只是我们电子商务业务发展的第一步,在香港推出电子商务业务只是 开始。我们安尼购物中心团队对这个项目充满热情,我们正在努力取得进 展。“我们期待着在香港首次亮相可以成功,同时也寻求机会在亚洲其他地 区推出Apple Mall,”羚邦集团执行董事Noletta Chiu说道。羚邦集团旗 下还有Ani One,这是一个展示包括《排球少年!!》《富豪刑警》等动漫 作品在内的的动漫内容平台。观众可以通过anione YouTube频道在接近日 本播出时间的情况下播放电视节目。到2020年9月,用户数量超过70万。

珍珠宝使孩子快乐 在刚刚过去的7月,绝妙的珍珠宝棒棒糖儿童中心在中国杭州市开业,其将 为家庭提供令人兴奋的娱乐体验。人们将著名的杭州大悦城商城进行了有趣 而丰富多彩的改造,以庆祝暑假,珍珠宝是一个流行的棒棒糖品牌,该品牌 从1958年开始征服全世界消费者的心。 新奇的装饰、大型装置和有趣的活动吸引了该城的很多家庭和粉丝。一直持 续到九月。自1958年以来,珍珠宝棒棒糖始终征服着孩子和青少年的心和品 味。该品牌以其各种口味和花形标志成为闻名于世的棒棒糖,著名艺术家萨 尔瓦多·达利在60年代末设计了这款花形标志。如今,该品牌以可持续的方 式在130多个国家推出了新产品。 基于该品牌强大的个性特征,它已经发展出充满活力的流行风格,始终符合 潮流,并被用于授权。永远有趣的风格指南对创造出具有多彩生活方式的产 品,给世界各地的人们带来独一无二的品牌体验,提供了无限的可能性。 珍珠宝口味独特,是理想之选,将为您带来信誉,激发出创新的食品和饮料 产品,而这些产品永远可以在零售货架上脱颖而出。

罗技 合作伙伴 哔哩哔哩电子竞技俱乐部 罗技G已经与中国的哔哩哔哩电子竞 技展开合作。两家公司在中国数字娱 乐产业博览会上达成一致并签署了协 议。哔哩哔哩电子竞技总裁陈友友和 罗技G中国区副总裁刘京京签署合作 关系。

这两家公司于2020年9月份的传奇联 盟世界锦标赛开始了首次合作。 哔哩哔哩电子竞技成立于2017年12 月,当时哔哩哔哩收购了IMay电子 竞技俱乐部。2019年3月,该队与效 力于哔哩哔哩旗下的杭州闪电队的守 望者竞争者学院队组成了守望先锋联 盟。同年晚些时候,BLG的守望者 联盟对赢得了兰斯托里杯2019夏季 锦标赛。 哔哩哔哩竞技在电子竞技领域尚待 大放异彩,还没有取得过重大胜 利。就收入而言,哔哩哔哩目前排 名为314名,其十个比赛的收入只有 202383.40美元,上个月,哔哩哔 哩与Riot Games游戏公司签署了一 份为期三年的合作协议,获得了独家 中文广播权。

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Held at the new Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, Toy & Edu China, Baby & Stroller China and Licensing China hosted 1,321 exhibitors from eight countries and regions across seven halls (140,000 sqm), whilst 61,553 visitors attended.


Together, the fairs including the debut edition of Licensing China, presented a one-stop sourcing platform for industry players looking to reconnect and get back on track, following the months-long disruption to industry events and trade fairs. Toy & Edu China, Baby & Stroller China and Licensing China created an intensive platform for the industry to reconnect and rebound. The three concurrent shows were some of the first physical fairs to be held by Messe Frankfurt since February this year, and mark a positive step for the resumption of business-tobusiness events and in-person interactions in China. They were warmly welcomed by the industry who depend on the platform for business exchange, market information and for the chance to capitalise on new retail opportunities in China’s market. Commenting on the success of the fairs, Ms Wendy Wen, Senior General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd said: “After a challenging first half of the year, the three fairs – Toy & Edu China, Baby & Stroller China and Licensing China – were more important than ever for businesses aiming to reconnect and re-establish themselves within the market. And as a trusted platform, exhibitors and buyers across the toy and baby product industry continue to recognise the importance of the fairs as a means to access the

promising South China market, which has become even more important in recent years with the emergence of the Greater Bay Area concept.” Ms Wen moved on to explain the benefits of the fairs’ relocation to Shenzhen: “What makes Shenzhen the ideal location for the fairs is its reputation for technological development, coupled with its close proximity to the region’s major toy manufacturing hub. At the shows, exhibitors had the chance to meet with high-quality buyers, including many from e-commerce companies based in the area, whilst new and innovative products proved to be popular. It is for these reasons that we decided to relocate the fairs. And from the positive response reported, it was clearly the correct decision and a beneficial move for all participants, who were able to capture the full-potential in the Greater Bay Area.” The debut of Licensing China caters to growth in the domestic market “This year, with the addition of Licensing China, we were able to offer new opportunities and a broader sourcing selection for buyers,” Ms Wen continued. “The launch of the show which was formerly a product zone of Toy & Edu China, mirrors the growth of the licensing industry in China and caters to an increasing consumer demand for licensed products. The three fairs combined and the new, larger venue will allow the platform to expand and

promote cross-industry collaborations alongside the developing licensing, as well as toy and baby product markets in the region,” Ms Wen concluded. “The result of exhibiting at Licensing China is beyond our expectations. We not only met buyers with licensing needs, but also different IP business platforms, and agents that connect the licensor and licensees who also gave us some very good advice about consumer demand. We have gained some very useful and important information here. The best thing about the fair is it helps to strengthen and connect the industry chain as it is held concurrently with the Toy & Edu China and Baby & Stroller China fairs, and being in Shenzhen helps the industry to capture the potential of the Greater Bay Area,” commented Nie Xin, Managing Partner, Zebra Valley Culture Development (Beijing) Co Ltd, China The next editions of Toy & Edu China, Baby & Stroller China and Licensing China will be held concurrently from 30 March – 1 April 2021 and will once again, take place at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Toy & Edu China, Baby & Stroller China and Licensing China are organised by Guangdong Toy Association, Guangzhou Li Tong Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.