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Volume 6, No. 1 (60), OCTOBER 2010 Toronto Armenian Community Newspaper

¼. î³ñÇ ÂÇõ 1 (60), ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 Øß³ÏáõóÛÇÝ, ÀÝÏ»ñ³ÛÇÝ, ²Ûɳ½³Ý ä³ñµ»ñ³Ã»ñÃ


Pomegranate ripens with best Film Festival yet Army of Crime exemplifies the qualities of the Armenian Spirit by Roubina Shnorhokian Organized by Hamazkayin Toronto, the Pomegranate Film Festival (October 22-23-24, 2010), which is celebrating its fifth year, will showcase over thirty feature films, shorts, documentaries, animated and music videos from 11 countries around the world including Brazil, Lebanon, South Africa and Venezuela. The festival's opening night Friday October 22nd will take place at Toronto's historic Regent Theatre located at 551 Mount Pleasant Rd. The Festival will be launched by Academy Award nominated director Atom Egoyan who will be presenting his mesmerizing 2010 thriller Chloe and conducting an interactive Q & A with audience members following the screening. Chloe will be preceded by Serge Avedikian's short film Chienne d'Histoire, the 2010 Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or winner, accompanied with a personal introduction from Egoyan, who served as President of the prestigious Cannes Jury. Friday night will also feature the actionromance blockbuster, Venezzia, directed by Venezuelan-Armenian director Haik Gazarian. A love story set in WWII, the film is considered one of the best films ever released from South America and stars Latin American sensations Ruddy Rodriguez and Alfonso Herrera. The film will be preceded by Toronto native Arev Manoukian's short film Nuit Blanche which recently captured the Best Short Film Award at the AFFMA Film Festival in Los Angeles. Gazarian will be in attendance to discuss his picturesque film shot in breathtaking Venezuela following the screening. The Festival will continue at the Armenian Youth Centre on Saturday October 23rd and Sunday October 24th with a number of noteworthy films being presented on Saturday afternoon, including a host of films by local Torontonians, including Serge Keshishian, Jennifer Kassabian and Sarmen Sarmazian. Saturday will also consist of a couple of written works by literary giants transformed into captivating short films such as A Nice Old Fashioned Romance (William Saroyan) and Pictures of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde). Sara Anjargolian, a talented photogropher, attorney and activist for the plight of those residing in rural Armenia, will be making the inaugural Canadian presentation of How We Live following an ecclectic series of short films. Anjargolian will be present to discuss her work as well as sign copies of her fascinating book that she has compiled about the topic. The film is part of her multimedia exhibition on the impact of poverty in Armenia Saturday's lineup also includes Arshak Amirbekyan's feature film, Three Evenings (Yerek Yereko). This unconventional love story

Actor Simon Apkarian as Missak Manouchian in Army of Crime directed by Robert Guediguian has been making the rounds throughout the film festival circuit in the United States, becoming one of very few films in recent decades that was produced in Armenia to garner international acclaim. Nora Martirosyan follows up on her film 1937 which was presented at the 2008 Pomegranate Film Festival with her latest release Les Complices which will be screened alongside Yerek Yereko. For adrenaline junkies, Saturday's program also provides its fair share of action flicks including Vahram Hakobyan's Power Poison and Kris Kertenian's Last Stop, both making their Canadian debuts. Kertenian, originally from Lebanon and now plying his trade for the big TV networks in Los Angeles, has directed a daring masterpiece based on real life events surrounding the Armenian community in Los Angeles. While a ticket for his film will buy

you a seat, you will only need the edge for this thrill-ride with heart pounding end to end action. Kertenian will be addressing the audience following the presentation of his film. The Festival will conclude on Sunday October 24 with a variety of films, touching on issues of Armenian identity, culture, and the Diaspora, starting off with Dr. Lorne Shirinian's So Far From Home, which explores his family's survival through the Armenian Genocide and eventual identity as part of the Georgetown Boys. Shareen Anderson's feature length film Charents: In Search of My Armenian Poet will journey into the life of one of Armenia's most beloved poets, just as Bared Maronian's Komitas Hayrig, will celebrate the life of the composer Komitas, the father of modern Armenian music. While the Shammasian brothers’ Akhtamar, whose previous Pomegranate Film Festival

entries included Romans 12:20 and The Carriage Way, retells the Armenian legend with a contemporary twist. Afternoon highlights on Sunday include three thought provoking films by AmericanArmenian director Robert Davidian. Smyrna 1922 is actual raw archival never seen before footage of the burning of the city of Smyrna by the Turks in 1922, filmed by the director's own grandfather who was born in Konya in 1895. This piece of film remained hidden for over 60 years in Davidian's grandmother's New York City apartment before it was discovered & digitally remastered. Davidian's other short film, Vakifli: Musa Dagh 95 Years Later, chronicles the only Christian all-Armenian village whose residents defended themselves and have withstood 95 years of Genocide denial in modern day Turkey. Both a riveting and refreshing See page 3 ... pomegranate


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غð öàðÒ²èàôº²Ø´ ä²îð²êî ºÜø Àܸ²è²æºÈàô Òºð ²èàô̲ÊÆ äºîøºðàôÜ


ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60



















ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

Pomegranate ripens with best Film Festival yet

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revelation, this short film reveals a story that few Armenians were aware of until now. While in his feature length film, Return, Davidian explores the topic of North American Armenians repatriating to Armenia that includes interviews with several transplanted Torontonians whom audience members will recognize. The film line-up on Super Sunday will also include the North American Premier of The Last Tightrope Walker In Armenia, an intelligent film revealing the impact of globalization in Armenia and the negative effect that technology has had on folk traditions in our ancestral homelands. Produced by BarsMedia which was responsible for the multiple award-winning film A Story of People In War And Peace chronicling the Kharabagh War, The Last Tightrope Walker In Armenia captured the Golden Apricot Award in the Armenian Panorama competition at this summer's Yerevan International Film Festival. Both serious & quirky, this film is sure to endear itself to Toronto audiences. For the first time in the Pomegranate Festival's existence, the program will include a series of films delving strictly into issues that are germane to the Armenian Diaspora in a series of films titled Tales From the Diaspora to be presented on Sunday October 24th. This series will include a look into the Armenian community in Lebanon with a gut wrenching father & son story filmed in Bourj Hammoud. The Fifth Column (Hinkerort Zorasune) by Lebanese director, writer, and producer Vatche Boulghourjian was the prize winner of the Cinefondation at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and has emerged as a fan favourite of film festival audiences throughout the globe. Turkish director, Mehmet Binay's Talking Pictures follows Ghazaros Kerjilian, a descendant of the town of Geben whom the Director met at the 2008 Pomegranate Film Festival. Kerjilian was certain that he recognized the 109 year old Imam who appeared in Binay's first film, Whispering

Memories. Talking Pictures is the photographic journey of Kerjilian as he returns to his ancestral hometown of Geben in Cilicia, in search of his great uncle, who went missing in 1915, in the hope that secret links are about to be unearthed. While James Martin (Pomegranate- the original motion picture) whom Toronto audiences may recall as Michael Goorjian's sidekick at the 2007 Pomegranate Film Festival, makes his directorial debut with Worm (Vort), a thought provoking piece about the cultural impact of mixed marriages in the Armenian Community and the controversial issues of assimilation and national identity. The film will cause some debate amongst audience members at the very least. The Festival's finale will include a short film called Les Softies from one of the Festival's favourite directors in past years Emmanuel Shirinian. Fresh from its world premier at September’s TIFF, Les Softies has Shirinian at his existential best (Song of Solomon) as he teams up with Toronto native Russell Bennett (The Last Bang) to direct a humourous piece about two gangsters who ponder what life might be like outside of their world of organized crime while at a Muskoka cottage for their most recent assignment. This short film will serve as the appetizer for the North American premier of Ultimate Heist (aka: Le Premier Cercle), the action-packed film about the Malakian clan of mobsters who terrorize the south of France. Starring Jean Reno (The Da Vinci Code) and Isaac Sharry (Gamblers), this heavy hitting action film is the most highly anticipated Pomegranate Film Festival presentation in years, pitting the forces of family loyalty face to face versus moral integrity. Ultimate Heist is one big budget film that you cannot afford to miss. At the end of the Festival, on Sunday evening, Festival Jury Awards-2010 will be presented.

Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) and Catherine (Julianne Moore) In Atom Egoyan’s Chloe.

Gaspard Ulliel and Vahina Giocante in the Le Premier Cercle.

5 î³ñ»Ï³Ý

Ø»ñ ³Ûë ÃÇõáí Ï°³ÙµáÕç³Ý³Û §ÂáñáÝÃáÑ³Û¦Ç 5-ñ¹ ï³ñÇÝ: 2005-Ç ÐáÏï»Ùµ»ñÇÝ Çñ »ñÃÁ ÁëÏÁë³Í ³Ùë³Ã»ñÃÁ ó³ñ¹ Ó»ñ ïáõÝ»ñÁ ³Ûó»É³Í ¿ Áݹ³Ù¿ÝÁª 60 ³Ý·³Ù: ²ñ¹¿Ý ÷³ñ³ï³Í »Ý ³Ýáñ Û³ñ³ï»õáõû³Ý ßáõñç ϳëϳÍÝ»ñÁ »õ í»ñ³ó³Íª ³Ýáñ ³é³ù»Éáõû³Ý Ù³ëÇÝ Ã»ñ³Ñ³õ³ïáõÃÇõÝÁ: ²ÝÇϳ ¹³ñÓ³Í ¿ ·³ÕáõÃ³Ñ³Û Ï»³ÝùÇÝ Ï³ñ»õáñ Ù¿Ï Ý»ñϳÛáõÃÇõÝÁ, áñ ÏÁ Ó·ïÇ Ñ³ëÝÇÉ µáÉáñÇݪ ³ÝËïÇñ: §ÂáñáÝÃáѳۦ Ó»ñ Ñ»ï Çñ ³Ùë³Ï³Ý ųٳ¹ñáõÃÇõÝÁ ÏÁ Û³ñ·¿ ßÝáñÑÇõ Çñ »ïÇÝ Ï³Ý·Ý³Í ËáõÙµÇ ÙÁ, áñ ѳϳé³Ï µáÉáñ ÝÇõÃ³Ï³Ý ¹Åáõ³ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ »õ Ù³ñ¹áõÅÇ å³Ï³ëÇÝ ÏÁ ѳõ³ï³Û ûñÃÇÝ Ï³ñ»õáñáõû³Ý áõ ëÇñ¿ ³Ûë ·áñÍÁ: ´³Ûó, ³Ù¿Ý µ³Ý¿ ³é³ç »õ í»ñç §ÂáñáÝÃáѳۦ ÏÁ Û³ñ³ï»õ¿ »õ ³Ù¿Ý ³ÙÇë ÉáÛë ÏÁ ï»ëÝ¿ ßÝáñÑÇõ Çñ ÁÝûñóáÕÝ»ñáõÝ óáõó³µ»ñ³Í ѳõ³ï³ñÙáõ-û³Ý: ÞÝáñѳϳÉáõÃÇõÝ »õ ³é Ç ï»ëáõÃÇõݪ Û³çáñ¹ ³Ùë³í»ñçÇÝ:

¿ù Ý ó Ë ³ ö ØÇ I IC Ý M Ç A Ã Û Ý á Ù ³ õ г ³ñá î ñÁ » ë Û ² ·Ý ñ Ù» ³ Ð

Gala Night Movie: Army of Crime The World War II blockbuster, Army of Crime, reliving the French Resistance during the Nazi invasion will be the 2010 Gala film at the 5th annual Pomegranate Film Festival. Directed by Robert Guediguian (Voyage en Armenie) and starring Simon Abkarian (Casino Royale), the film brings to the big screen the real life story of Missak Manouchian, a genocide survivor whose heroism eventually liberated Paris & turned the tide for the Allied Forces in Europe once and for all. With a star studded cast including Serge Avedikian (Aram) and Virgine Ledoyen (The Beach), Army of Crime tells the story of a heroic group of people fighting for freedom which gave hope to many in a time of great suffering. The film will be making its Canadian Premier at the Hamazkayin Theatre in the Armenian Youth Centre on Saturday October 23, with cocktails and film screening. The evening promises to be the most memorable Gala soiree yet with the presentation of the 2010 PomGrants to emerging Armenian film makers and various delicacies.

A scene from The Army of Crime




ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

¶³Ý³ï³Ï³Ý ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý µ³ñÓñ³ëïÇ×³Ý å³ïáõÇñ³ÏáõÃÇõÝ ÙÁ ³Ûó»É»ó г۳ëï³Ý

ºñ»õ³ÝÇ Ù¿ç, ·³Ý³ï³Ï³Ý ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý å³ïáõÇñ³ÏáõÃÇõÝÁ ÏÁ ѳݹÇåÇ Ý³Ë³·³Ñ ê»ñŠ곷뻳ÝÇ Ñ»ï: ê»åï»Ùµ»ñ 6-10 г۳ëï³Ý ³Ûó»É»ó ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³ÝÇ ·É˳õáñ ãáñë Ïáõë³ÏóáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ Ý»ñϳ۳óÝáÕ å³ïáõÇñ³ÏáõÃÇõÝ ÙÁ, áñáÝù г۳ëï³ÝÇ Ù¿ç ѳݹÇåáõÙÝ»ñ áõÝ»ó³Ý г۳ëï³ÝÇ Õ»Ï³í³ñáõû³Ý Ñ»ï: ä³ïáõÇñ³Ïáõû³Ý Ù³ë ÏÁ ϳ½Ù¿Çݪ ä³Ñå³ÝáÕ³Ï³Ý Ïáõë³Ïóáõû³Ý ³Ý¹³Ù »õ гÛ-¶³Ý³ï³Ï³Ý ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý µ³ñ»Ï³Ùáõû³Ý ËÙµ³Ïóáõû³Ý ݳ˳·³Ñª ïáùÃ. гñÁÉï ²Éåñ¿ËÃ, ²½³ï³Ï³Ý Ïáõë³óÏáõû³Ý ³Ý¹³Ùª èáå úÉÇý³ÝÃ, äÉáù ø»å¿·áõ³ Ïáõë³Ïóáõû³Ý ³Ý¹³Ùª ÜÇùáÉ î»Ù¿ñë »õ Üáñ ¹»ÙáÏñ³ïÝ»ñáõ Ïáõë³Ïóáõû³Ý ³Ý¹³Ùª ÂáÝÇ Ø³ñÃÇÝ: г۳ëï³ÝÇ Ù¿ç ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³ÝÇ ³Ý¹³ÙÝ»ñÁ ÑÇõñÁÝϳÉáõ»ó³Ý ²½·³ÛÇÝ ÅáÕáíÇ ËûëݳÏ, ÚáíÇÏ ²µñ³Ñ³Ù»³ÝÇ ÏáÕÙ¿: ¶³Ý³ï³Ñ³Û ·³ÕáõÃÇ ÙdzëÝ³Ï³Ý ç³Ýù»ñáõ ³ñ·³ëÇùÁ ѳݹÇë³óáÕ ³Ûë ù³Õ³ù³Ï³Ý ݳ˳ӻéÝáõÃÇõÝÁ ÏÁ Ýå³ï³Ï³¹ñ¿ñ ³õ»ÉÇ ë»ñï³óÝ»É »ñÏáõ »ñÏÇñÝ»ñáõÝ ÙÇç»õ ·áÛáõÃÇõÝ áõÝ»óáÕ µ³½Ù³ÏáÕÙ³ÝÇ Û³ñ³µ»ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ: гݹÇåáõ٠ܳ˳·³Ñ ê³ñ·ë»³ÝÇ Ñ»ï ¶³Ý³ï³ г۳ëï³ÝÇ Ý³Ë³·³Ñ ê»ñÅ ê³ñ·ë»³Ý ê»åï»Ùµ»ñ 8-ÇÝ ÁݹáõÝ»ó ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý å³ïáõÇñ³ÏáõÃÇõÝÁ: §¶³Ý³ï³Ý Ù»½ ѳٳñ ϳñ»õáñõáõÙ ¿ áñå¿ë ѽûñ ïÝï»ëáõÃÇõÝ »õ ÅáÕáíñ¹³í³ñ³Ï³Ý ѳٳϳñ· áõÝ»óáÕ »ñÏÇñ: ܳ»õ` áñ-
















ê»åï»Ùµ»ñÇÝ 11-ÇÝ, ¶¿ÙåñÇ×Ç Ð³Û Ï»¹ñáÝÇÝ Ù¿ç, ¶³Ý³ï³-г۳ëï³Ý µ³ñ»Ï³Ùáõû³Ý ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý ËáõÙµÇ Ý³Ë³·³Ñ гñÁÉï ²Éåñ»Ëà ( Ï»¹ñáÝÁ) ÏÁ ѳݹÇåÇ ÐÚ¸ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ Î»¹ñáÝ³Ï³Ý ÎáÙÇï¿ÇÝ Ñ»ï: ²Éåñ»Ëà ݳ˳·³ÑÇÝ Û³ÛïÝ»ó ݳ»õ, áñ Çñ ջϳí³ñ³Í ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý ËÙµ³ÏóáõÃÇõÝÁ ³ß˳ï³Ýù ÏÁ ï³ÝÇ ½ûñ³Ïó»Éáõ »õ ë³ï³ñ»Éáõ гÛáó ò»Õ³ëå³Ýáõû³Ý ÙÇç³½·³ÛÇÝ ×³Ý³ãÙ³Ý ÑáÉáíáÛÃÇÝ: гݹÇåÙ³Ý ÁÝóóùÇÝ ÏáÕÙ»ñÁ Û³ïϳå¿ë ß»ßï»óÇÝ Ð³Û³ëï³ÝÇ ïÝï»ëáõû³Ý Ù¿ç ·³Ý³ï³Ï³Ý Ý»ñ¹ñáõÙÝ»ñÁ Ëñ³Ëáõë»Éáõ ³ÝÑñ³Å»ßïáõÃÇõÝÁ: гݹÇåáõÙ ì³ñã³å»ïÇÝ Ñ»ï 9 ê»åï»Ùµ»ñÇÝ, å³ïáõÇñ³ÏáõÃÇõÝÁ ѳݹÇåáõÙ áõÝ»ó³õ г۳ëï³ÝÇ í³ñã³å»ï îÇ·ñ³Ý ê³ñ·ë»³ÝÇ Ñ»ï: àÕçáõÝ»Éáí ÑÇõñ»ñÁ` í³ñã³å»ïÁ µ³ñÓñ ·Ý³Ñ³ï»ó ѳÛ-·³Ý³ï³Ï³Ý Û³ñ³µ»ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ Ý»ñÏ³Û Ù³Ï³ñ¹³ÏÁ »õ ϳñ»õáñáõû³Ùµ ß»ßï»ó ³é»õïñ³Ï³Ý áõ ïÝï»ë³Ï³Ý ѳٳ-

·áñͳÏóáõû³Ý ÁݹɳÛÝáõÙÁ: г۳ëï³ÝÇ í³ñã³å»ïÁ Ý»ñϳ۳óáõó ݳ»õ ïÝï»ë³Ï³Ý Ù³ñ½ÇÝ Ù¿ç »ñÏÏáÕÙ³ÝÇ Ñ³Ù³·áñͳÏóáõû³Ý ½³ñ·³óÙ³Ý Ñ»é³ÝϳñÝ»ñÁ, Ù³ëݳõáñ³å¿ë ѳÝù³ÛÇÝ ³ñ¹Çõݳµ»ñáõû³Ý, ï»Õ»Ï³ïáõ³Ï³Ý ·Çï³ñáõ»ëïÇ, ½µûë³ßñçáõû³Ý, ³éáÕç³å³Ñáõû³Ý »õ áõųÝÇõÃÇ Ù³ñ½»ñáõÝ Ù¿ç: ºñÏáõ »ñÏÇñÝ»ñáõÝ ÙÇç»õ Û³ñ³µ»ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ ½³ñ·³óÙ³Ý ³éÝãáõû³Ùµ, ÏáÕÙ»ñÁ ³Ý¹ñ³¹³ñÓ³Ý Ý³»õ г۳ëï³ÝÇ Ù¿ç ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ¹»ëå³Ýáõû³Ý ѳëï³ïÙ³Ý Ñ³ñóÇÝ, áñ ¿³å¿ë åÇïÇ Ýå³ëï¿ »ñÏáõ »ñÏÇñÝ»ñáõ ù³Õ³ù³Ï³Ý, ïÝï»ë³Ï³Ý »õ Ùß³ÏáõóÛÇÝ Ï³å»ñáõ ë»ñï³óÙ³Ý:

Ò»ñ Ò³ÛÝ»ñÁ Èë»ÉÇ ¸³ñÓáõó¿ù


å¿ë »ñÏÇñ, áñï»Õ ß³ï µ³ñ»³ó³Ï³Ù »Ý í»ñ³µ»ñáõ»É Ù»ñ ѳÛñ»Ý³ÏÇóÝ»ñÇÝ, »õ áñï»Õ Ýñ³Ýù ϳñáÕ³ó»É »Ý ·ïÝ»É Çñ»Ýó »ñÏñáñ¹ ѳÛñ»ÝÇùÁ, ¹ñë»õáñáõ»É` ¹ñ³Ýáí ÇëÏ Í³é³Û»Éáí »°õ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇÝ, »°õ г۳ëï³ÝÇݦ, Ýß»ó ݳ˳·³ÑÁ: гݹÇåÙ³Ý ÁÝóóùÇÝ ÏáÕÙ»ñÁ ³Ý¹ñ³¹³ñÓ³Ý Ý³»õ гÛáó ò»Õ³ëå³Ýáõû³Ý ÙÇç³½·³ÛÇÝ ×³Ý³ãÙ³Ý ÑáÉáíáÛÃÇÝ: ܳ˳·³Ñ ê»ñÅ ê³ñ·ë»³Ý µ³ñÓñ ·Ý³Ñ³ï»ó гÛáó ò»Õ³ëå³ÝáõÃÇõÝÁ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ¹³ßݳÏó³ÛÇÝ »õ ûñ¿Ýë¹Çñ Çß˳ÝáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ Ù³Ï³ñ¹³Ïáí ׳ÝãݳÉáõ áñáßáõÙÁ: §Ø»Ýù ßÝáñÑ³Ï³É »Ýù ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³ÝÇÝ »õ ϳé³í³ñáõû³Ý` гÛáó ò»Õ³ëå³Ýáõû³Ý ׳ݳãÙ³Ý ·áñÍáõÙ óáõó³µ»ñ³Í ¹ÇñùáñáßÙ³Ý Ñ³Ù³ñ: àõ½áõÙ »Ù »õë Ù¿Ï ³Ý·³Ù ß»ßï»É, áñ ¶³Ý³ï³Ý ³ÛÝ »½³ÏÇ »ñÏñÝ»ñÇó ¿, áñï»Õ ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³ÝÁ »õ ϳé³í³ñáõÃÇõÝÁ ³Ûë ѳñóÇ í»ñ³µ»ñ»³É ÙdzϳñÍÇù »Ý¦, Û³ÛïÝ»ó ê³ñ·ë»³Ý: гñÁÉï ²Éåñ»Ëà í»ñ³Ñ³ëï³ï»ó ѳÛ-·³Ý³ï³Ï³Ý ë»ñï Û³ñ³µ»ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ »õ ѳٳ·áñͳÏóáõû³Ý Ù³ëÇÝ Ý³Ë³·³Ñ ê»ñÅ ê³ñ·ë»³ÝÇ Ëûëù»ñÁ »õ Áݹ·Í»ó, áñ, ³Ýßáõßï, ³Û¹ Ù»Í µ³ñ»Ï³Ùáõû³Ý íϳÛáõÃÇõÝÝ ¿ ݳ»õ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ Ù»Í³ÃÇõ ѳÛÏ³Ï³Ý Ñ³Ù³ÛÝùÇ ³éϳÛáõÃÇõÝÁ: îáùÃ. ²Éåñ»ËÃÇ Ñ³ëï³ïáõÙáí, ѳۻñÁ ½·³ÉÇ Ý»ñ¹ñáõÙ áõÝÇÝ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ïÝï»ëáõû³Ý, ù³Õ³ù³Ï³Ýáõû³Ý, Ùß³ÏáÛÃÇÝ »õ ³ÛÉ Ù³ñ½»ñáõ ½³ñ·³óÙ³Ý ÑáÉáíáÛÃÇÝ Ù¿ç: îáùÃ.

гݹÇåáõÙ í³ñã³å»ï îÇ·ñ³Ý ê³ñ·Ç뻳ÝÇ Ñ»ï:

ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ Ð³Û ¸³ïÇ Ú³ÝÓݳËáõÙµÇ ÎáãÁ 2010-Ç ø³Õ³ù³å»ï³Ï³Ý ÀÝïñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ ²éÇÃáí


êÇñ»ÉÇ Ð³Ûñ»Ý³ÏÇóÝ»ñ« Ú³é³çÇÏ³Û ÐáÏï»Ùµ»ñ 25-ÇÝ, ï»ÕÇ åÇïÇ áõÝ»Ý³Ý ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ ù³Õ³ù³å»ï³Ï³Ý ÁÝïñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ£ Ƶñ»õ ³Ûë »ñÏñÇ ù³Õ³ù³óÇÝ»ñ« ³ÝÑñ³Å»ßï ¿ ϳï³ñ»É Ù»ñ ù³Õ³ù³óÇ³Ï³Ý å³ñï³Ï³ÝáõÃÇõÝÁ£ гñϳõáñ ¿ ³ñÅ»õáñ»É Ù»ñ ùáõ¿Ý« »õ Éë»ÉÇ ¹³ñÓÝ»É Ù»ñ Ó³ÛÝÁª Ù³ëݳÏó»Éáí ÁÝïñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ£ Ø»ÏÝ»Éáí í»ñáÛÇß»³É ѳëϳóáÕáõûݿݫ

ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ Ð³Û ¸³ïÇ Ú³ÝÓݳËáõÙµÁ« ùÝݻɿ »ïù Û³é³çÇÏ³Û ÐáÏï»Ùµ»ñ 25-Ç ÁÝïñáõû³Ýó Ù³ëݳÏóáÕ Ã»ÏݳÍáõÝ»ñáõÝ ³Ýѳï³Ï³Ý ϳñáÕáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ, ÇÝãå¿ë ݳ»õ ÝϳïÇ áõݻݳÉáí ³ÝáÝó ¹ñ³Ï³Ý ¹ÇñùáñáßáõÙÁ Ð³Û ¸³ïÇÝ Ñ³Ý¹¿å« áñáß³Í ¿ ÃÇÏáõÝù ϳݷÝÇÉ áñáß Ã»ÏݳÍáõÝ»ñáõ£ ²ÝáÝó ó³ÝÏÁ ϳñ»ÉÇ ¿ ï»ëÝ»É Ã»ñÃÇ ³Ý·É»ñ¿Ý µ³ÅÝÇÝ Ù¿ç: ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ Ð³Û ¸³ïÇ Ú³ÝÓݳËáõÙµÁ ÝÇõóå¿ë« µ³ñáÛ³å¿ë »õ ýǽÇù³å¿ë åÇïÇ ûųݹ³Ï¿ í»ñáÝß»³É ûÏݳÍáõÝ»ñáõÝ »õ ÏÁ

ѳõ³ï³Û« áñ Ù»ñ ÅáÕáíáõñ¹Á »õë ¹ñ³Ï³Ýûñ¿Ý åÇïÇ å³ï³ë˳ݿ ³Ûë ÏáãÇÝ£ ²ÝáÝù áñáÝù Ï°áõ½»Ý ûųݹ³Ï»É Ð³Û ¸³ïÇ Ú³ÝÓݳËáõÙµÇ ³Ûë ϳٳõáñ ³ß˳ï³ÝùÇݪ ÏñÝ³Ý ¹ÇÙ»É Ð³Û ¸³ïÇ ¶ñ³ë»Ý»³ÏÇ ·áñͳí³ñ ²ñ³½ гëÁñ×»³ÝÇݪ

ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ Ð³Û ¸³ïÇ Ú³ÝÓݳËáõÙµ

ÂàðàÜÂàÐ²Ú Ðº²Üø

ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60


úÝóñÇáÛÇ ¶³Ýï³Ñ³Û ´ÅßÏ³Ï³Ý ÀÝÏ»ñ³Ïóáõû³Ý (ACMAO) 6-ñ¹ γɳÛÇ ÐÇõñÁ

MRI-Ç ÐݳñÇ㪠è. î³Ù³ï»³Ý

úÝóñÇáÛÇ ¶³Ý³ï³Ñ³Û ´ÅßÏ³Ï³Ý ÀÝÏ»ñ³Ïóáõû³Ý 6-ñ¹ ï³ñ»Ï³Ý ϳɳ-ÁÝÃñÇùÁ ï»ÕÇ áõÝ»ó³õ Þ³µ³Ã, ê»åï»Ùµ»ñ 11, 2010-ÇÝ ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ Liberty Grand-Ç The Governer’s Room ßù»Õ ëñ³ÑÇÝ Ù¿ç£ ØáõïùÇ ïáÙë»ñÁ ëå³é³Í ¿ÇÝ í»ñçÇÝ ß³µÃáõ³Û ÁÝóóùÇÝ ßÝáñÑÇõ γɳÛÇ Ú³ÝÓݳËáõÙµÇ ³ÝËáÝç ³ß˳ï³ÝùÇÝ£ ²õ»ÉÇ ù³Ý 360 ³ÝÓ»ñ Ù³ëݳÏó»ó³Ý ϳɳÛÇÝ, áñáÝù Ý»ñÏ³Û ¿ÇÝ, áñå¿ë µ³ñ»ñ³ñÝ»ñ, ÝáõÇñ³ïáõÝ»ñ, µÅßÏ³Ï³Ý »õ ¹»Õûñ³ÛùÇ ÁÝÏ»ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ Ý»ñϳ۳óáõóÇãÝ»ñ, ÀÝÏ»ñ³Ïóáõû³Ý ³Ý¹³ÙÝ»ñ, µ³ñ»Ï³ÙÝ»ñ, áõë³ÝáÕÝ»ñ »õ ѳٳÏÇñÝ»ñ£ Ö³ßÏ»ñáÛÃÁ ÏÁ ÝϳïáõÇ ÀÝÏ»ñ³Ïóáõû³Ý ³ß˳ï³ÝùÝ»ñÁ ÃáñáÝÃáѳÛáõû³Ý Ý»ñϳ۳óÝ»Éáõ ³éÇà ÙÁ »õ »ñ³Ëï³·Çïáõû³Ý áõ ·Ý³Ñ³ï³ÝùÇ ïûݳËÙµáõÃÇõÝ ÙÁ£ γɳÛÇ Û³ÝÓݳËáõÙµÁ ³Ýó»³É ï³ñÇÝ»ñáõÝ ÝÙ³Ý ³ñ¹¿Ý ³å³Ñáí³Í ¿ñ ÏáÏÇÏ ·áõÙ³ñ ÙÁ, ë³Ï³ÛÝ ³Ûë ï³ñÇ Ð³Û³ëï³Ý ³é³çÇÝ MRI-Ç ³ñ¹Ç³Ï³Ý Ù»ù»Ý³Ý áõÕ³ñÏ»Éáõ ͳËë»ñáõÝ Çñ ³é³ï³Ó»éÝ Ù³ëݳÏóáõÃÇõÝÁ µ»ñ³õ ݳ»õ îdzñ èÇãÁñï ØÇõñ£ ²Ý Áë³õ, ÿ Çñ ùñÇëïáÝ¿³Ï³Ý »Õµ³Ûñ³ëÇñ³Ï³Ý á·ÇÝ ½ÇÝù ÏÁ ÙÕ¿ Çñ áõÝ»ó³Í »õ í³Û»É³Í ÝÇõÃ³Ï³Ý µ³ñÇùÝ»ñ¿Ý µ³ÅÇÝ Ñ³-

Ý»Éáõ »õ ÝáõÇñ»Éáõ µÅßÏ³Ï³Ý ³Ûë í»Ñ ·áñÍÇ Û³çáÕáõû³Ý ѳٳñ£ γɳÛÇ ûñáõ³Ý å³ï·³Ù³µ»ñÝ ¿ñ MRI ³Ëï³×³Ý³ãÙ³Ý ·áñÍÇùÇ ÑݳñáÕ îáùÁ. è¿ÛÙáÝï î³Ù³ï»³Ý£ ´ÅÇßÏ î³Ù³ï»³Ý ÍÝ³Í ¿ 1936-ÇÝ, ÜÇõ ºáñù£16 ï³ñ»Ï³Ý ËáëïÙݳÉÇó ³Ûë å³ï³ÝÇÝ Ñ³Ù³Éë³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý áõëáõÙÁ ÏÁ ëÏëÇ Ãáõ³µ³Ýáõû³Ý ×ÇõÕÇÝ Ñ»ï»õ»Éáíª Wisconsin ѳٳÉë³ñ³ÝÇÝ Ù¿ç£ ²å³ ³Ý ÏÁ ۳׳˿ µÅßÏ³Ï³Ý Ñ³Ù³Éë³ñ³Ý, ѳõ³ï³Éáí ÿ å³ñ½ ·Çï³Ï³Ý ×ÇõÕÇ ÙÁ Ù¿ç Ù³ëݳ·Çï³Ý³É¿ ³õ»ÉÇ Ù»Í Ï³ñ»ÉÇáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ ÁÝïñáõÃÇõÝÁ ÏñÝ³Û áõÝ»Ý³É µÅßÏ³Ï³Ý íϳ۳ϳÝáí£ Albert Einstein-Ç µÅßÏ³Ï³Ý Ñ³Ù³Éë³ñ³ÝÁ ³õ³ñï»É¿ »ïù, ÜÇõ ºáñùÇ Ù¿ç, ³Ý ÏÁ ß³ñáõݳϿ Û»ï ßñç³Ý³õ³ñïÇ áõëáõÙÁª Ù³ëݳ·Çï³Ý³Éáí Nephrogy »ñÇϳÙáõÝùÇ Ï»Ýë³µ³Ý³Ï³Ý, µÝ³·Çïáõû³Ý »õ ùÇÙdzµ³Ýáõû³Ý ÝÇõûñáõ Ù¿ç£ 1967-ÇÝ ³Ý ÏÁ ëÏëÇ å³ßïûݳí³ñ»É, áñå¿ë ÷ñáý. ÜÇõ ºáñùÇ å»ï³Ï³Ý ѳٳÉë³ñ³ÝÇ Downstate µÅßÏ³Ï³Ý Ï»¹ñáÝÇÝ Ù¿ç£ î³Ù³ï»³Ý ÏÁ ëÏëÇ Çñ µÅßÏ³Ï³Ý Ñ»ï³½ûïáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ ϳï³ñ»É û·ï³·áñÍ»Éáí NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) ·áñÍÇùÁ, áñáõÝ ·ÇõïÁ ³ñ¹¿Ý ϳï³ñáõ³Í ¿ñ 1938-ÇÝ£ NMR ³é³Ýó µçÇçÝ»ñÁ ³õ»ñ»Éáõ »õ ³é³Ýó ßá-

Õ³ñÓ³ÏÙ³Ý (non-distructive and nonradioactive) Ó»õáí Ïþû·ï³·áñÍáõÇ ã³÷»Éáõ ѳٳñ ßáÕ³ñÓ³ÏÙ³Ý ï³ñ³ÍùÁ ³åñáÕ ¿³ÏÝ»ñáõ µçÇçÝ»ñáõÝ£ î³Ù³ï»³Ý ѳñó Ïáõ ï³Û, ÿ ³ñ¹»ûù DZÝãå¿ë ÏÁ ÷áËáõÇÝ NMR-Ç Ýß³ÝÝ»ñÁ ³éáÕç »õ ù³ÕóÏ»óÇ µçÇçÝ»ñáõ ÙÇç»õ£ ØáõÏ»ñÁ ÷áñÓ³ñÏ»Éáíª 1971-ÇÝ ³Ý ÏÁ Ýϳï¿, ÿ NMR-Ç Ýß³ÝÝ»ñÁ ß³ï ³õ»ÉÇ ÏÁ ß³ñáõݳÏáõÇÝ ù³ÕóÏ»ÕÇ µçÇçÝ»ñáõÝ Ù¿ç ù³Ý ³éáÕç µ³ÅÇÝÝ»ñÁ£ ²Ûë ÑÇÙ³Ý íñ³Û ³Ý Çñ ·áñÍÁÝÏ»ñáç Paul Lauterbur-Ç Ñ»ï ÏÁ ϳï³ñ»É³·áñÍ¿ Magnetic Resonate Scan-Ç »õ سñ¹Ï³ÛÇÝ ÏñÍù³í³Ý¹³ÏÇ ßáÕ³ñÓ³ÏÙ³Ý ï»ë³Ý»ÉÇ ·áñÍÇùÁ` Indomita-bleÁ: ÚáõÉÇë 3, 1977-ÇÝ î³Ù³ï»³ÝÇ áõë³ÝáÕÝ»ñ¿Ý Larry Minkoff Ï°ÁÉÉ³Û ³é³çÇÝ ³ÝÓÁ, áñáõÝ å³ñ³·³ÛÇÝ Ï°û·ï³·áñÍáõÇ MRI ·áñÍÇùÇ: ²Ýáñ ëÇñïÁ, Ãáù»ñÁ »õ ÏñÍù³í³Ý¹³ÏÁ Ûëï³Ï-ûñ¿Ý Ïþ»ñ»õÇÝ: ²ëÇϳ ßáõïáí ÏÁ Û»Õ³-ßñç¿ ³Ëï³×³Ý³ãÙ³Ý Ó»õÁ£ î³Ù³ï»³ÝÇ ·áñÍÇùÁ ÏÁ ëÏëÇ ÅáÕáíñ¹³Ï³Ý³Ý³É »õ áõß³¹ñáõÃÇõÝ ·ñ³õ»É£ ²Ý ÏÁ ëÏëÇ Çñ ³ÝÓÝ³Ï³Ý ÁÝÏ»ñáõÃÇõÝÁ, FONAR, áñ ÏÁ ëÏëÇ ³ñï³¹-ñ»É MRI-Ç ·áñÍÇùÝ»ñ: ²é³çÇÝ commer-cial scanner-Á ÏÁ í³×³éáõǪ 1980-ÇÝ£ 1984-¿Ý Ç í»ñ MRI-Á ÏÁ ÝϳïáõÇ ³Ëï³×³Ý³ãÙ³Ý ÃÇõ Ù¿Ï ·áñÍÇùÁ, á-

î³Ù³ï»³Ý ÏÁ ÷áñÓ³ñÏ¿ Çñ ·áñÍÇùÁ ñáí µÅÇßÏÝ»ñ ÏñÝ³Ý Ù³ñÙÝÇ Û»ïÇÝ Ù³Ýñ³Ù³ëÝáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ ï»ëݻɪ áã ÿ ÙdzÛÝ ù³ÕóÏ»ÕÇ áõé»ñáõ ³ÛÉ Ý³»õª Ý»ñùÇÝ ÷áùñ µ³ÅÇÝÝ»ñáõ å³ñ³·³ÛÇÝ, áñáÝù Xray-áí ã»Ý »ñ»õÇñ£ Indomitable-Á Ý»ñϳÛÇë ÏÁ ·ïÝáõÇ Smithsonian Institute-Ç Ù¿ç£ î³Ù³ï»³Ý »õ Çñ ·áñÍÁÝÏ»ñÁ 1988-ÇÝ ëï³ó³Ý National Medal of Technology Ùñó³Ý³ÏÁ »õ ³ÝáÝó ³ÝáõÝÁ1989-ÇÝ ³ñӳݳ·ñáõ»ó³õ National Inventors Hall of FameÇÝ Ù¿ç£

г۳ëï³ÝÇ ì»ñ³Ýϳ˳óÙ³Ý 19-ñ¹ ï³ñ»¹³ñÓÇ ÜßáõÙ ¶ñÇ·áñ ÐáÃáÛ»³Ý г۳ëï³ÝÇ Ð³Ýñ³å»ïáõû³Ý í»ñ³Ýϳ˳óÙ³Ý ÝßáõÙÁ« ϳ½Ù³Ï»ñåáõû³Ùµ` Щک ¸³ßݳÏóáõû³Ý §êáÕáÙáÝ Â¿ÑÉÇñ»³Ý¦ ÏáÙÇï¿ÇÝ »õ Ù³ëݳÏóáõû³Ùµ ê. ²ëïáõ³Í³ÍÇÝ »Ï»Õ»óõáÛ áõ Ð³Û Î»¹ñáÝÇÝ ï³Ï ·áñÍáÕ ÙÇáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ »õ ϳ½Ù³Ï»ñåáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ, ï»ÕÇ áõÝ»ó³õ 24 ê»åï»Ùµ»ñÇ »ñ»ÏáÛ»³Ý« Ð³Û ºñÇï³ë³ñ¹³Ï³Ý λ¹ñáÝÇ §Ð³Ù³½·³ÛÇݦ óï»ñ³ëñ³ÑÇÝ Ù¿ç: Ò»éݳñÏÇݪ ÙÇáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ Ý»ñϳ۳óáõóÇãÝ»ñáõ ÏáÕùÇÝ, Ý»ñÏ³Û »Õ³Ý ê.¸.Ð.Î.-Ç Ý»ñϳ۳óáõóÇ㪠²Ý¹ñ³ÝÇÏ â³ïÁñ»³Ý« §¼áñ»³Ý¦ ÐÇÙݳñÏÇ Ý»ñϳ۳óáõóÇ㪠¶áõñ·¿Ý ê³ñ·Ç뻳Ý, ø³Õ³ù³óÇáõû³Ý ¸³ï³õáñª ²ñÇë ä³åÇÏ»³Ý »õ ßáõñç 400 ³½·³ÛÇÝÝ»ñ£ гݹÇëáõÃÇõÝÁ ëÏë³õ ЩةÀ©Ø©-Ç ÃٵϳѳñÝ»ñáõ ³é³çÝáñ¹áõû³Ùµ г۳ëï³ÝÇ å»ï³Ï³Ý ¹ñûßÝ»ñáí ëÁñ³Ñ Ùáõïùáí: ²å³ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ »õ г۳ëï³ÝÇ ûñÑÝ»ñ·Ý»ñÁ ¹³ßݳÙáõñáí Ýáõ³·»ó ³ÉÇÝ ¶ÁÉÁåá½»³Ý£ ´³óÙ³Ý Ëûëùáí ѳݹÇë³í³ñáõÑÇ ì³ñ¹áõÏ Î¿ñ¿ùÙ¿½»³Ý ³Ý¹ñ³¹³ñÓ³õ г۳ëï³ÝÇ í»ñ³Ýϳ˳óÙ³Ý »õ å»ï³Ï³Ýáõû³Ý »ñ³½Ý»ñáõ Çñ³Ï³Ý³óÙ³Ý Ï³ñ»õáñáõû³Ý: òáõó³¹ñáõ»ó³õ §Ð³Û Üáñ Ðáñǽáݦ Ñ»é³ï»ëÇÉÇ ³ÝÓݳϳ½ÙÇÝ ÏáÕÙ¿ å³ïñ³ëïáõ³Í г۳ëï³ÝÇ í»ñ³Ýϳ˳óÙ³Ý ¹¿åù»ñáõÝ Ù³ëÇÝ ï»ë³»ñǽ ÙÁ£

úñáõ³Ý µ³Ý³ËûëÝ ¿ñ ì³½·¿Ý »ñ½»³Ý« áñ 1991-ÇÝ« ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ Ï³é³í³ñáõû³Ý ÏáÕÙ¿, ³ÝϳËáõû³Ý ѳÝñ³ùáõÇ áñå¿ë ¹Çïáñ¹ Ù³ëݳÏó³Í ¿ñ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ ËáñÑñ¹³ñ³ÝÇ ³Ý¹³Ù äÇÉ ²Ãáõ¿ÉÇ Ñ»ï: ²Ý ³Ï³Ý³ï»ëÇ íϳÛáõû³Ùµ »õ Ûáõ½áõÙáí ³Ý¹ñ³¹³ñÓ³õ ѳÝñ³ùáõ¿ÇÝ »õ Ñ³Û ÅáÕáíáõñ¹Ç ѳõ³ïùÇݪ å»ïáõÃÇõÝÁ í»ñ³Ñ³ëï³ï»Éáõ áõÕÕáõû³Ùµ£ Úáõ½Çã ¿ñ Éë»É ³Ýáñ Ñ»ï»õ»³É »ñ»ù íϳÛáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ ѳÝñ³ùáõ¿Ç ûñÁ£ ²é³çÇÝ, ÇÝù »õ ²Ãáõ¿ÉÁ ùáõ¿³ñÏáõû³Ý ëÝïáõÏÇÝ Ùûï ï»ë³Í »Ý »ñÏáõ Í»ñáõÝÇÝ»ñ« áñáÝù ·Çß»ñáõÁÝ¿ »Ï³Í ¿ÇÝ ÁÉɳÉáõ ³é³çÇÝ ùáõ¿³ñÏáÕÝ»ñÁ£ ºñÏñáñ¹, ëÝïáõÏÇ ÙÁ Ùûï ï»ë³Í »Ý Ù³Ûñ ÙÁ« áñ Çñ Ýáñ³ÍÇÝÁ ¹ñ³Í ¿ ùáõ¿³ïáõ÷ÇÝ íñ³Û: ºñµ ³Ýáñ ѳñó ïáõ³Í »Ý« ÿ ÇÝãá±õ« ³Ý å³ï³ëË³Ý³Í ¿© ³Ûë ³ÝϳËáõÃÇõÝÁ Ù»ñ ½³õ³ÏÝ»ñáõÝ »õ ÃáéÝ»ñáõÝ Ñ³Ù³ñ ¿£ ºññáñ¹, ѳñëÝ»õáñÝ»ñáõ« ѳñë áõ ÷»ë³ÛÇ ùáõ¿³ñÏáõû³Ý ·³ÉÝ ¿ñª åë³Ï¿Ý ³é³ç£ »ñ½»³Ý« ûñÇÝ« ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ Ù¿ç ϳï³ñáõáÕ ³ÝϳËáõû³Ý Ó»éݳñÏÇÝ Ñ»é³Ó³ÛÝáí ѳÕáñ¹³Í ¿ñ г۳ëï³ÝÇ ³ÝϳËáõû³Ý Ñéã³ÏÙ³Ý ÉáõñÁ« ³ñųݳݳÉáí Ý»ñÏ³Û Ñ³½³ñ¿ ³õ»ÉÇ ÅáÕáíáõñ¹Ç áñáïÁݹáëï ͳ÷³Ñ³éáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ£ ²Ý ³Ý¹ñ³¹³ñÓ³õ ݳ»õ Û»ï-³ÝϳËáõû³Ý 19 ï³ñÇÝ»ñáõ г۳ëï³ÝÇ Ï³óáõû³Ý« ¹Åáõ³ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ« ²ñó³-

¶ñÇ·áñ ÐáÃáÛ»³Ý

Ø»Í Îáñáõëï ØÁª Ú³Ïáµ ºñ³Ù»³Ý

13 ê»åï»Ùµ»ñ« 2010-ÇÝ« ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ “Leisureworld Rock Cliff” ѳݷëï³ï³Ý Ù¿ç Ù»½Ù¿ ³é Û³õ¿ï µ³ÅÝáõ»ó³õ Ñ³Û ¹åñáóÇÝ »õ Ùß³ÏáÛÃÇÝ ÝÇõóå¿ë »õ µ³ñáÛ³å¿ë Ñá·³ï³ñ« ËáݳñÑ »õ ³½ÝÇõ ѳ۪ Ú³Ïáµ ºñ³Ù»³ÝÁ£ ³ÕÙ³Ý ³ñ³ñáÕáõÃÇõÝÁ ï»ÕÇ áõÝ»ó³õ 15 ê»åï»Ùµ»ñÇÝ« ê. ²ëïáõ³Í³ÍÇÝ »Ï»Õ»óõáÛ Ù¿ç« Ý»ñϳÛáõû³Ùµ ë·³ÏÇñ ѳñ³½³ïÝ»ñáõ »õ ÐúØ-Ç ì³ñųñ³ÝÇ 9-ñ¹ ¹³ë³ñ³ÝÇ ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñáõÝ« áñáÝó ¹³ë³ñ³ÝÇÝ ÝáõÇñ³ïáõÝ »Õ³Í ¿ÇÝ Ú³Ïáµ ºñ³Ù»³ÝÝ áõ Çñ ùáÛñÁª êÇñ³ñ÷Ç ºñ³Ù»³ÝÁ£

гٳ½·³ÛÇÝÇ ÷áùñ»ñáõ »ñ·ã³ËáõÙµÁ ջϳí³ñáõû³Ùµª êáݳ Úáíë¿÷»³ÝÇ:

Ë»³Ý å³ï»ñ³½ÙÇÝ« ßñç³÷³ÏáõÙÇÝ »õ Áݹ·Í»ó ³ÛÝ Çñ³Ï³ÝáõÃÇõÝÁ« áñ Ñ³Û ÅáÕáíáõñ¹Á Çñ »ñ³½Ý»ñáõÝ ÏñÝ³Û Ñ³ëÝÇÉ« ³ÝϳËáõÃÇõÝÁ å³ßïå³Ý»É« Ð³Û ¸³ïÁ Çñ³õáõÝùÝ»ñáõÝ ï¿ñÁ ¹³éÝ³É ÙÇÙdzÛÝ Ñ³Û ÅáÕáíáõñ¹Ç ѳõ³ù³Ï³Ý áõÅ»ñáí »õ ÙdzëݳϳÙáõû³Ùµ£ Ü»ñϳ۳óáõ»ó³õ ϻݹ³ÝÇ å³ïÏ»ñ ÙÁ ¹»ñ³Ï³ï³ñáõû³Ùµª ì³ñ³· ä³å»³ÝÇ« Þ³Ýà ܳ׳ñ»³ÝÇ« γñÇÝ º³·áõ廳ÝÇ, î³ÝÇ¿É úѳݻ³ÝÇ« ³ٳñ ܳ׳ñ»³ÝÇ »õ Þ³Ýà ö³ÛÉ»³ÝÇ« áñáÝù ëù³Ýã»ÉÇ ³åñáõÙÝ»ñáí Ý»ñϳ۳óáõóÇÝ ³ÝϳËáõû³Ý ϳñ»õáñáõÃÇõÝÁ£

Ú³Ïáµ ºñ³Ù»³Ý ÍÝ³Í ¿ äáÉÇë 1926-ÇÝ: Æñ ݳËÝ³Ï³Ý áõëáõÙÁ ëï³ó³Í ¿ ì»ñÇ·ÇõÕÇ ì³ñųñ³ÝÇÝ Ù¿ç£ ÂáõñùÇáÛ »õ Ù³ëݳõ³Ý¹ äáÉëáÛ ³Ý³å³Ñáí íÇ׳ÏÁ ÏÁ ëïÇå»Ý ºñ³Ù»³Ý ÁÝï³ÝÇùÁ Éù»É Çñ»Ýó µ³ñûñ íÇ׳ÏÁ »õ ÷á˳¹ñáõÇÉ Æñ³ùÇ ØáõëáõÉ ù³Õ³ùÁ« áõñ »ñÏáõ ï³ñÇ Ùݳɿ »ïù ÏÁ ѳëï³ïáõÇÝ ä³Õï³ï£ ºñ³Ù»³Ý Çñ áõëáõÙÁ ÏÁ ß³ñáõݳϿ ï»ÕõáÛÝ È³ïÇÝ³Ï³Ý í³ñųñ³ÝÇÝ« ³å³« ²Ù»ñÇÏ»³Ý ºñÏñáñ¹³Ï³Ý ì³ñųñ³ÝÇÝ Ù¿ç£ àõëÙ³Ý ï³ñÇÝ»ñáõÝ Ïþ³ß˳ïÇ ³Ý·ÉÇ³Ï³Ý Royal Air Force-Ç û¹³ÛÇÝ

Ü»ñϳݻñáõÝ ÑdzóáõÙÇÝ ³ñųݳó³õ гٳ½·³ÛÇÝÇ ÷áùñ»ñáõ »ñ·ã³ËáõÙµÁ« ջϳí³ñáõû³Ùµ ÐúØ-Ç ì³ñųñ³ÝÇ »ñ·Ç áõëáõóãáõÑǪ êûݳ Úáíë¿÷»³ÝÇ »õ ¹³ßݳÙáõñÇ ÁÝÏ»ñ³Ïóáõû³Ùµ ³ÉÇÝ ¶ÁÉÁåá½»³ÝÇ: 3-¿Ý 10 ï³ñ»Ï³Ý ÷áùñÇÏÝ»ñÁ Ù³ùáõñ ³ñï³Û³Ûïáõû³Ùµ »ñ·»óÇÝ §Ð³Û³ëï³Ý¦« §²½· ö³é³å³Ýͦ »õ §ºé³·áÛÝ Ìdzͳݦ »ñ·»ñÁ£ Ø»Í Ë³Ý¹³í³éáõÃÇõÝ ëï»ÕÍ»ó Ðñ³Ûñ ƽÙÇñ»³Ýª §ºÉ¿ù гۻñ¦« §²Õµ¿ñ ¸áõ ºë¦ »õ §¶»ï³ß¿Ý¦ »ñ·»ñÁ« áñáÝóÙáí í»ñç ·ï³õ ѳݹÇëáõÃÇõÝÁ£

áõÕÕáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ µ³Å³ÝÙáõÝùÇÝ Ù¿ç£ 1952-ÇÝ« KLM û¹³Ý³õ³ÛÇÝ ÁÝÏ»ñáõû³Ý Ù¿ç ÏÁ ëï³ÝÓÝ¿ å³ï³ë˳ݳïáõ å³ßïûÝÝ»ñ£ 1953-ÇÝ Ïþ³ÝóÝÇ Ødzó»³É ܳѳݷݻñ ß³ñáõݳϻÉáõ ѳٳñ ѳٳÉë³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý áõëáõÙÁ£ Franklin Marshal ѳٳÉë³ñ³Ý¿Ý ÏÁ ëï³Ý³Û äë³Ï³õáñ ³ñáõ»ëïÇó íϳ۳ϳÝÁª µ³ñÓñ ÛÇß³ï³Ïáõû³Ùµ£ ºñÇï³ë³ñ¹ »õ áõëáõÙ³ï»Ýã Ú³Ïáµ ºñ³Ù»³Ý« ³ÛÝáõÑ»ï»õ å³ïáõáÛ ÛÇß³ï³Ïáõû³Ùµ ÏÁ íϳÛáõÇ äáëÃÁÝÇ Ñ³Ù³Éë³ñ³Ý¿Ý« áñå¿ë ³Ý·É»ñ¿Ý É»½áõÇ Ù³ëݳ·¿ï£

Þ³ñ. ï»ë ¿ç 30


ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

ÂàðàÜÂàÐ²Ú Ðº²Üø

2010 – 2011 î³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇ ì»ñ³Ùáõï »õ ²é³çÇÝ ¼³Ý·ª ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ ÐúØ-Ç ºñÏñáñ¹³Ï³Ý ì³ñųñ³ÝÇ ¶áÉáÉ»³Ý ܳ˳Ïñóñ³ÝÇ »õ ä³å³Û»³Ý سÝϳå³ñ�Ç

ÐúØ-Ç ºñÏñáñ¹³Ï³Ý ì³ñųñ³ÝÇ »õ ¶áÉáÉ»³Ý ܳ˳Ïñóñ³ÝÇ ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ Ï°áõÕÕáõÇÝ ¹³ë³ñ³ÝÝ»ñ:

àõëáõÙÝ³Ï³Ý ï³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇ í»ñ³ÙáõïÇ Ñ³Ý¹ÇëáõÃ»Ý¿Ý å³ïÏ»ñ ÙÁ:

Øáõß»Õ ¶³ñ³·³ß»³Ý ê»åï»Ùµ»ñ 7-ÇÝ« »ñµ ¹åñáó³Ï³Ý í»ñ³Ùáõï ¿ñ ¶³Ý³ï³ÛÇ úÝóñÇáÛ Ý³Ñ³Ý·Ç ï³ñ³ÍùÇÝ ·ïÝáõáÕ Ã¿° ѳÝñ³ÛÇÝ »õ ÿ° Ù³ëݳ۳ïáõÏ í³ñųñ³ÝÝ»ñáõ« Ñ³Û ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñáõ ³éç»õ Çñ ¹éÝ»ñÁ µ³ó³õ ݳ»õ ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ ÐúØ-Ç ºñÏñáñ¹³Ï³Ý ì³ñųñ³ÝÇ« ¶áÉáÉ»³Ý ܳ˳Ïñóñ³ÝÇ »õ ä³å³Û»³Ý سÝϳå³ñï¿½Ç ÏñÃ³Ï³Ý Ñ³ëï³ïáõÃÇõÝÁ£ ÎñÃ³Ï³Ý ³Ûë û׳ËÇÝ 32-ñ¹ »õ 2010-2011 áõëáõÙÝ³Ï³Ý ï³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇ í»ñ³ÙáõïÁ«Ð³Û λ¹ñáÝÇÝ »õ ê© ²ëïáõ³Í³ÍÇÝ ºÏ»Õ»óõáÛ ßñç³÷³ÏÇÝ Ù¿ç ï»ÕÇ áõÝ»óáÕ ßÇݳñ³ñ³Ï³Ý ³ß˳ï³ÝùÝ»ñáõ µ»ñáõÙáíª µ³ó³é³µ³ñ ϳï³ñáõ»ó³õ Ð³Û ºñÇï³ë³ñ¹³Ï³Ý гٳÉÇñÇÝ Ù¿ç« áõñ ³é³õûï»³Ý Å³ÙÁ 9-ÇÝ Å³Ù³¹ñáõ³Í ¿ÇÝ« ê© ²ëïáõ³Í³ÍÇÝ ºÏ»Õ»óõáÛ Ðá·»õáñ ÐáíÇõª Ø»ÕñÇÏ Ì© ìñ¹© ´³ñÇù»³Ý »õ Ðá·³µ³ñÓáõÃÇõÝÁ« Ð³Û Î»¹ñáÝÇ å³ïÏ³Ý Ù³ñÙÇÝÝ»ñáõ Ý»ñϳ۳óáõóÇãÝ»ñ« Ñ³Û ¹åñáóÇ µ³ñ»ñ³ñÝ»ñ »õ µ³ñ»Ï³ÙÝ»ñ« ÍÝáÕÝ»ñ« ÎñÃ³Ï³Ý Ø³ñÙÇÝ« ïÝûñ¿ÝáõÃÇõÝ« áõëáõóã³Ï³Ý ϳ½Ù »õ سÝϳå³ñï¿½Ç ÎáÏáÝ ¹³ë³ñ³Ý¿Ý ÙÇÝã»õ ºñÏñáñ¹³Ï³ÝÇ ³õ³ñï³Ï³Ý 12-ñ¹ ¹³ë³ñ³ÝÇ ³ß³Ï»ñïáõÃÇõÝÁ£ ¶»Õ»óÇÏ »õ ˳ñ³ËáõëÇã ¿ñ гٳ½·³ÛÇÝ Ã³ï»ñ³ëñ³ÑÇÝ ·»ñË×áÕáõ³Í ï»ë³ñ³ÝÁ« »ñµ ³ß³Ï»ñïáõû³Ý ³ñӳݳ·ñ³Í Ýϳï³é»ÉÇ ³×Á« É»óáõó³Í ¿ñ óï»ñ³ëñ³ÑÇÝ ³ÃáéÝ»ñÁ »õ Ûáñ¹³Íª ·áñ·³å³ï Ùáõïù»ñáõÝ áõ ÙÇç³ÝóùÝ»ñáõÝ íñ³Û©©© ì»ñ³ÙáõïÇ ³õ³Ý¹³Ï³Ý ³Ûë ³ñ³ñáÕáõû³Ý Û³çáñ¹³µ³ñ »õ ѳݷ³Ù³Ýûñ¿Ý Ëûëù ³éÇÝ ÎñÃ³Ï³Ý Ø³ñÙÝÇ ³ï»Ý³å»ïáõÑǪ ܳÛÇñÇ Þ³ÑÇÝ»³Ý« ì³ñųñ³ÝÇë ïÝûñ¿Ýª ²ñÙ¿Ý Ø³ñïÇñáë»³Ý »õ Ø»ÕñÇÏ Ì© ìñ¹© ´³ñÇù»³Ý« áñáÝù Ûáõ½áõÙݳ˳éÝ Ññ×áõ³Ýùáí áÕçáõÝ»óÇÝ í³ñųñ³ÝÇë ³ß³Ï»ñïáõÃÇõÝÁ« áõëáõóã³Ï³Ý ϳ½ÙÁ« ÍÝáÕÝ»ñÝ áõ µ³ñ»ñ³ñÝ»ñÁ© Çñ»Ýó ³Ý˳éÝ áõñ³ËáõÃÇõÝÁ Û³ÛïÝ»óÇÝ Ù³Ý³õ³Ý¹ª ³ß³Ï»ñïáõû³Ý ³ñӳݳ·ñ³Í ³×ÇÝ« áñáõÝ ÃÇõÁ ³Ûë ï³ñÇ ÏÁ ѳëÝǪ 479-Ç£ ä³ï·³Ù³ËûëÝ»ñÁ ³Ý¹ñ³¹³ñÓ³Ý Ý³»õ ³Ûë ÏñÃ³Ï³Ý û׳ËÇÝ Ï³ñ»õáñáõû³Ý Ù³ëÇÝ Çµñ»õ áõëáõÙÝ³Ï³Ý »õ ïÇå³ñ Ýϳñ³·ñÇ ï¿ñ ³ÝѳïÝ»ñáõ Ù³ñ¹³Ï»ñïÙ³Ý ÑÝáó »õ Ñ³Û Ù³ñ¹áõ ѳ۳ϻñïÙ³Ý áõ ѳ۳å³Ñå³ÝÙ³Ý ÙÇçݳµ»ñ¹£ ²å³ª å³ï·³Ù³µ»ñÝ»ñÁ ´³ñÇ ì»ñ³ÙáõïÇ« ·Ý³Ñ³ï³ÝùÇ »õ Û³çáÕáõû³Ý Ù³ÕóÝùÝ»ñ áõÕÕ»óÇÝ ³ß³Ï»ñïáõû³Ý« áõëáõóã³Ï³Ý ϳ½ÙÇÝ »õ ¹åñáóÇ å³ï³ë˳ݳïáõ Ù³ñÙÇÝÝ»ñáõÝ£ ì»ñ³ÙáõïÇ ³ñ³ñáÕáõÃÇõÝÁ í»ñç ·ï³õ гÛñ êáõñµÇÝ å³Ñå³ÝÇã »õ ûñÑ-

îÝûñ¿Ý ²ñÙ¿Ý Ø³ñïÇñá뻳Ý


ݳµ»ñ ³ÕûÃùÝ»ñáí£ ²å³ª ÑÝã»ó 2010-2011 ï³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇ ¹åñáó³Ï³Ý ²é³çÇÝ ¼³Ý·Á« áñ í³ñųñ³ÝÇë ³é³ù»ÉáõÃÇõÝÁ µÝáñáßáÕ ·»ñ³½³Ýó áõëáõÙݳéáõû³Ý« ïÇå³ñ Ýϳñ³·ñÇ Ï»ñïÙ³Ý »õ ³½·³ÛÇÝ å³ïϳݻÉÇáõû³Ý ·Çï³Ïóáõû³Ý« »ññ»³Ï ËáñÑáõñ¹Ç ÕûÕ³ÝçÝ»ñáí« ¹³ë³ñ³Ý Ññ³õÇñ»ó ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ£

ñ³Ý Ñ»ñáë³Ù³ñïÇ 95-ñ¹ ï³ñ»¹³ñÓÇÝ Ù³ëÇÝ »õ ûɳ¹ñ»ó« áñ ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ ÙÇßï ÷Ýïé»Ý »õ ·ïÝ»Ý Çñ»Ýó ѳÛÏ³Ï³Ý ³ñÙ³ïÝ»ñÁ£ ²Ý ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñáõÝ Û³ÛïÝ»ó ݳ»õ »ñ»ùß³µ³Ã»³Û Çñ г۳ëï³Ý »õ ²ñó³Ë ³Ûó»Éáõû³Ý Ù³ëÇÝ »õ Ëáëï³ó³õ ɳõ ˳åñÇÏÝ»ñ µ»ñ»É ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñáõÝ Ù³Ûñ ѳÛñ»ÝÇù¿Ý í»ñ³¹³ñÓÇÝ£

лñÃ³Ï³Ý ´³ñáÛ³Ëûë³Ï³Ý ä³Ñ»ñ

г۳ëï³ÝÇ »õ ²ñó³ËÇ ²Ýϳ˳óÙ³Ý îûݳËÙµáõÃÇõÝ

ÆÝãå¿ë ݳËáñ¹ ¹åñáó³Ï³Ý ï³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇÝ« 2010-2011 ï³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇÝ »õë« ÐúØ-Ç ¶áÉáÉ»³Ý ܳ˳ñÏñóñ³ÝØÇçݳϳñ·-Ç ¸©-À© ϳñ·Ç ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ í»ñëÏë³Ýª ºñÏáõß³µÃÇ ûñ»ñáõ µ³ñáÛ³Ëûëáõû³Ý å³Ñ»ñÁ« ݳ˳ӻéÝáõû³Ùµ îáùé ²ÝÇ Ð³ëÁñ×»³ÝÇÝ£ ê»åï»Ùµ»ñ 13-ÇÝ« ³é³õûï»³Ý Å³ÙÁ 9-ÇÝ ³ÕûÃùÇ »õ ù³ÛÉ»ñ·Ý»ñáõ ϳï³ñáõÙ¿Ý »ïù« í³ñųñ³ÝÇë ïÝûñ¿Ý ¸áÏï© ²ñÙ¿Ý Ø³ñïÇñáë»³Ý áõñ³Ëáõû³Ùµ ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñáõÝ Ý»ñϳ۳óáõó îáùé ²ÝÇÝ« áñ í»ñ³ÙáõïÇ ³éÇÃáí áÕçáõÝ»ó ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ »õ µ³ñÇ ·³Éáõëï Ù³Õûó Ù³ëݳõáñ³µ³ñ ¸© ¹³ë³ñ³ÝÇÝ« áñáÝù Ýáñ ¿ÇÝ ¹åñáóÇ ³Ûë ßñç³å³ïÇÝ Ù¿ç£ îáùé ²ÝÇÝ ß³ñáõݳϻÉáí Çñ å³ï·³Ù³ËûëáõÃÇõÝÁ ûɳ¹ñ»ó« áñ ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ ß³ñáõÝ³Ï»Ý û·Ý»É Çñ³ñáõ« ٳݳõ³Ý¹ ÑÇÝ»ñÁ Ýáñ»ñáõÝ© ûɳ¹ñ»ó ݳ»õ« áñ Ù»ñ ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ ÙÇßï ·Çï³ÏÇó ÁÉÉ³Ý Çñ»Ýó Ñ³Û ³ß³Ï»ñï ÁÉɳÉáõ ÇñáÕáõû³Ý« Û³ñ·³Ýù áõÝ»Ý³Ý Çñ»Ýó ٻͻñáõÝ« ÍÝáÕÝ»ñáõÝ »õ ÁÝÏ»ñÝ»ñáõÝ Ñ³Ý¹¿å »õ ÙÇßï Ñå³ñï ÁÉÉ³Ý Çñ»Ýó Ñ³Û ³ß³Ï»ñï ÁÉɳÉÝáõÝ Ñ³Ù³ñ£ îáùé гëÁñ×»³Ý Ëûë»ó³õ ݳ»õ ³Û¹ ß³µÃáõ³Ý ½áõ·³¹ÇåáÕ Øáõë³ È»-

г۳ëï³ÝÇ »õ ²ñó³ËÇ ³Ýϳ˳óÙ³Ý ³ß³Ï»ñï³Ï³Ý ïûݳËÙµáõÃÇõÝÁ« ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ ÐúØ-Ç ºñÏñáñ¹³Ï³Ý ì³ñųñ³ÝÇ Ù¿ç ï»ÕÇ áõÝ»ó³õ 20 ê»åï»Ùµ»ñ-ÇÝ Ð³Û ºñÇï³ë³ñ¹³Ï³Ý λ¹ñáÝÇ Ð³Ù³½·³ÛÇÝ Ã³ï»ñ³ëñ³ÑÇÝ Ù¿ç« Ý»ñϳÛáõû³Ùµª ïÝûñ¿Ýáõû³Ý« áõëáõóã³Ï³Ý ϳ½ÙÇÝ« Ñ³Û ¹åñáóÇ µ³ñ»Ï³Ù ÑÇõñ»ñáõ »õ 4ñ¹-12ñ¹ ¹³ë³ñ³ÝÝ»ñáõ ³ß³Ï»ñïáõû³Ý£ úñáõ³Ý Û³Ûï³·ÇñÁ« »ñÏÉ»½áõª ѳۻñ¿Ý »õ ³Ý·É»ñ¿Ý å³ïñ³ëïáõ³Í ¿ñ ³õ³ñï³Ï³Ý 12-ñ¹ ¹³ë³ñ³ÝÇ ÏáÕÙ¿© ѳݹÇë³í³ñÝ»ñª ²ñÙ¿Ý ä³É¿á½»³Ý »õ öûÉÇÝ ¶³µñÇ¿É»³Ý Çñ»Ýó µ³óÙ³Ý Ëûëùáí Ýß»óÇÝ« áñ Û³Ûï³·ÇñÁ ÝáõÇñáõ³Í ¿ª г۳ëï³ÝÇ »õ ²ñó³ËÇ ³ÝϳËáõû³Ýó 19-ñ¹ ï³ñ»¹³ñÓÝ»ñáõÝ« áñ Ù»Í Ï³ñ»õáñáõÃÇõÝ ÏÁ Ý»ñϳ۳óÝ¿ ѳÛáó å³ïÙáõû³Ý Ýáñ³·áÛÝ »õ Ù»ñûñ»³Û ßñç³ÝÇÝ Ù¿ç£ ²å³ª ϳï³ñáõ»ó³õ ¹ñûß³ÏÝ»ñáõ ÏáÃáÕÙ³Ý ³ñ³ñáÕáõÃÇõÝ© ÙÇÝã ëñ³ÑÇÝ Ù¿ç Ý»ñÏ³Û µáÉáñ ³ß³Ï»ñïÝ»ñÁ »ñ·»óÇÝ §Ú³é³ç ܳѳï³Ï¦ ϳٳõáñ³Ï³Ý ù³ÛÉ»ñ·Á ¹ñû߳ϳÏÇñÝ»ñª ê»õ³Ý Ô³ñÇå« ¸³É³ñ гëÁñ×»³Ý« ì³ñ³Ý¹ î¿ûíɿû³Ý »õ È»õáÝ Øáíë¿ë»³Ý« Ý»ñë µ»ñÇÝ å³ñ½áõ³Í ¶³Ý³ï³Ï³Ý áõ гÛÏ³Ï³Ý ¹ñûß³ÏÝ»ñÁ »õ Ç Ûáõß »õ Ç

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When it come to your mortgage, it is important to make sure you get the home you really want with flexible financing solutions that are right for you.

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I can communicate English, Russian, Armenian, French

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Ó³Í ¿ÇÝ ·»ñٳݳóÇ ÙÁ »õ §¼Çñí¿¦ Ññ³ï³ñ³Ïã³ï³Ý »ñÏáõ Ãáõñù ùñÇëïáÝ»³Û ³ß˳ï³ÏÇóÝ»ñª »ÝóñÏáõ»Éáí ³Ý³ë»ÉÇ Ëáßï³Ý·áõÙÝ»ñáõ£ ºñÏáõ á×ÇñÝ»ñ¿Ý ³é³ç »õ »ïù ϳï³ñáõ³Í Ù³ÙÉáÛ Ññ³å³ñ³ÏáõÙÝ»ñáõ Éáõñç ùÝݳñÏÙ³Ý »õ ³ÛÉ ÝáÛݳÝÙ³Ý å³ï³Ñ³ñÝ»ñáõ Ù³ïݳÝßáõÙ¿Ý »ïù, 12 ÝÇëï»ñ¿ µ³Õϳó³Í ³ß˳ï³ÝáóÁ ¹³ï³å³ñï»ó ÂáõñùÇáÛ áË³Ï³É µÝáÛÃÇ Éñ³ïáõ³ÙÇçáóÝ»ñáõ, ٳݳõ³Ý¹ ³ÛëûñÇÝ³Ï Ù³ÙáõÉÇÝ ¹»ñÁ ó»Õ³å³ßïáõÃÇõÝÝ áõ ³½·³ÛݳÙáÉáõÃÇõÝÁ Ññ³Ññ»Éáõ »õ áËÇ áõ íñ¿ÅËݹñáõû³Ý á·ÇÝ µáñµáù»ÉáõÝ Ù¿ç, ÙÇ³Å³Ù³Ý³Ï ¹Çï»É ï³Éáí ³Ýáñ ³õ»ñÇã Ñ»ï»õ³ÝùÝ»ñÁ Ãáõñù ѳë³ñ³Ïáõû³Ý Ñá·»µ³Ýáõû³Ý Ù¿ç£ - ÐÇÙݳñÏÁ Çñ³Ï³Ý³óáõó ÷á˳¹³ñÓ ß÷áõÙÝ»ñáõ Íñ³·Çñ ÙÁ §²Ïûë¦Ç »õ ѳ۳ëï³ÝóÇ Éñ³·ñáÕÝ»ñáõ ÙÇç»õ£ §²Ïûë¦Ç ËÙµ³·ÇñÝ»ñ¿Ý ²ñÇë ܳÉãÁÇ ·É˳õáñáõû³Ùµ, ûñÃÇÝ Ãáõñù Éñ³·ñáÕÝ»ñ¿Ý ËáõÙµ ÙÁ г۳ëï³Ý ³Ûó»É»Éáí, ÷á˳¹³ñÓ³µ³ñ ѳ۳ëï³ÝóÇ »ñÇï³ë³ñ¹ Éñ³·ñáÕÝ»ñ ÂáõñùÇáÛ Ù¿ç áõÝ»ó³Í Çñ»Ýó ¹ñ³Ï³Ý ïå³õáñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ µ³ÅÝ»óÇÝ Çñ»Ýó ÁÝûñóáÕÝ»ñáõÝ Ñ»ï£ - ÐÇÙݳñÏÁ Ó»éݳñÏ»ó ݳ»õ §ºÏ¿ùª Ù»ñ ËÇÕ×áí ùÝÝ»Ýù¦ Ëáñ³·ÇñÁ ÏñáÕ 3-5 í³ÛñÏ»³Ý ï»õáÕáõû³Ùµ í³õ»ñ³·ñ³Ï³Ý ϳñ׳ï»õ ųå³õ¿ÝÝ»ñáõ å³ïñ³ëïáõû³Ý, ³Ûë ³éÝãáõû³Ùµ ѳٳó³Ýóáí ϳï³ñáõ³Í Û³Ûï³ñ³ñáõÃÇõÝÁ Ù»Í ³ñÓ³·³Ý· ·ïÝ»Éáíª áõÝ»ó³Ýù ³õ»ÉÇ ù³Ý 100 ųå³õ¿ÝÝ»ñ, áñáÝó Ñ»ÕÇݳÏÝ»ñÁ áã ÙdzÛÝ ÂáõñùÇ³Û¿Ý ¿ÇÝ, ³ÛÉ Ý³»õª ï³ñµ»ñ »ñÏÇñÝ»ñ¿£ Ú»ï ³ñÑ»ëï³í³ñÅ ¹³ï³Ï³½ÙÇ ÙÁ ϳï³ñ³Í ·Ý³Ñ³ï³Ï³ÝÝ»ñáõÝ, ÁÝïñáõ»ó³Ý 20 ųå³õ¿ÝÝ»ñ, áñáÝó ÙdzóáõÙáí åÇïÇ å³ïñ³ëïáõÇ §ÊÕ×Ç Å³å³õ¿ÝÝ»ñ¦ Ëáñ³·ÇñÁ ÏñáÕ »ñϳñ³Ù»Ãñ³Å ųå³õ¿Ý ÙÁ, áñ ÏÁ Íñ³·ñ»Ýù Ý»ñϳ۳óÝ»É ÙÇç³½·³ÛÇÝ ß³ñųå³ïÏ»ñÇ ÷³é³ïûÝ»ñáõÝ£ ²Ûë ųå³õ¿ÝÝ»ñáõÝ Ýå³ï³ÏÁ ѳë³ñ³Ïáõû³Ý Ù¿ç ËÇÕ×Ç ³ñÃݳóáõÙÁ »õ ³ñ¹³ñáõû³Ý ·³Õ³÷³ñÇ ¹³ëïdzñ³ÏáõÙÝ ¿, áõñ ß»ßï ÏÁ ¹ñáõÇ ËÇÕ×ÇÝ áõݻݳÉÇù ¹»ñÇÝ ³ÝѳïÇ ÁÝÏ»ñ³µ³ñáÛ³Ï³Ý Ñ³ëϳóáÕáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõÝ »õ ³ÝËÕ×áõû³Ý ¹¿Ù ³ÝѳïÇÝ áõݻݳÉÇù í»ñ³µ»ñáõÙÇÝ »õ ³éÝ»ÉÇù ù³ÛÉ»ñáõÝ íñ³Û£ ²Ûë Íñ³·ÇñÁ ß³ñáõÝ³Ï³Ï³Ý ¹³ñÓÝ»Éáõ Ýå³ï³Ï áõÝÇÝù, áñáíÑ»ï»õ Ý³Ë »õ ³é³ç ³Ý ÏÁ Ýå³ëï¿ Ù³ñ¹ ³ñ³ñ³ÍÇ Ñ³ë³ñ³Ï³Ï³Ý Ï»³ÝùÇÝ Ù¿ç ï»ÕÇ áõÝ»óáÕ ³Ýѳï³Ï³Ý ³ÝÇñ³õáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñáõ, ³ÝËÕ×áõû³Ý »õ ³Ý³ñ¹³ñáõû³Ý ¹¿Ù ÁÙµáëï³Ý³Éáõ, Áݹí½áõÙ ³ñï³Û³Ûï»Éáõ »õ ÉáõÍáõÙÝ»ñ áñáÝ»Éáõ, áñáíÑ»ï»õ ÝáÛÝÇëÏ ³ÝÓݳëå³ÝáõÃÇõÝÁ ïáõ»³É ѳñ-

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áõݻݳÉáõ ѳٳñ: ÆëÏ ÇÝãá±õ Õ³ñ³µ³Õ»³Ý ϳñ·³õáñÙ³Ý ·áñÍÁÝóóáõ٠г۳ëï³ÝÁ Û³ÛïÝáõ»ó ÝÙ³Ý Í³Ýñ íÇ׳ÏáõÙ: γñ»ÉÇ ¿ Ýᯐ ÙÇ ù³ÝÇ å³ï׳éÝ»ñ, ë³Ï³ÛÝ ·É˳õáñÁ ѳÛ-Ãáõñù³Ï³Ý »ñÏËûëáõû³Ý ï³å³ÉáõÙÝ ¿ñ: ºÃ¿ ÛÇßáõÙ ¿ù, г۳ëï³ÝÁ ³Ù»Ý³µ³ñÓñ ٳϳñ¹³Ïáí åݹáõÙ ¿ñ, ÿ ѳÛ-Ãáõñù³Ï³Ý »õ Õ³ñ³µ³Õ»³Ý ·áñÍÁÝóóÝ»ñÁ ÙÇÙ»³Ýó Ñ»ï ϳå ãáõÝ»Ý: Æñ Ñ»ñÃÇÝ ÂáõñùÇ³Ý åݹáõÙ ¿ñ, áñ ¹ñ³Ýó ϳåÝ áõÕÕ³ÏÇ ¿, ÇëÏ ÙÇç³½·³ÛÇÝ Ñ³ÝñáõÃÇõÝÁ µ³ó³ïñáõÙ ¿ñ, ÿ Ù¿Ï ·áñÍÁÝóóáõÙ ³é³çÁÝóóÁ Ï'û·ÝÇ ÙÇõëÇÝ:

ÆÝã áñ Ù»½ ÏÁ í»ñ³¹³ñÓÝ¿ ³Ûë Ûû¹áõ³ÍÇÝ ëÏǽµÁ Ýßáõ³Í ÃÇõ»ñáõÝ, áñáÝù ³ñ¹ÇõÝùÝ »Ý 2006-ÇÝ §Ü¿ßÁÝÁÉ Ö¿áÏñ³ýÇù¦ ûñÃÇÝ ÏáÕÙ¿ ϳï³ñáõ³Í ³ß˳ñѳ·ñáõû³Ý ͳÝûÃáõû³Ý í»ñ³µ»ñáÕ íÇ׳-ϳ·ñáõû³Ý ÙÁ£ ²ÝÇϳ ϳï³ñáõ³Í ¿ñ 18-24 ï³ñ»Ï³Ý ³Ù»ñÇϳóÇÝ»ñáõ íñ³Û. ³ÛëÇÝùݪ Ødzó»³É ܳѳݷݻñáõ ¹åñáóÝ»ñáõÝ »õ ѳٳÉë³ñ³ÝÝ»ñáõÝ µ»ñùÇÝ£ ìÇ׳ϳ·ñáõÃÇõÝÁ óáÛó Ïáõ ï³ñ, ÿ »ñÇï³ë³ñ¹-Ý»ñáõÝ 70 ³é ѳñÇõñÁ ã¿ñ ·Çï»ñ ÐÇõëÇë³ÛÇÝ øáñ¿³ÛÇ í³ÛñÁ, 33 ³é ѳñÇõñÁ ͳÝûà ã¿ñ ÑÇõëÇëÇ áõ ѳñ³õÇ áõÕÕáõû³Ý, ³ÝáÝó 34 ³é ѳñÇõñÁ ëË³É ï»Õ åÇïÇ áõÕÕáõ¿ñ ½³Ý·áõ³Í³ÛÇÝ ³Ý³ÏÝÏ³É ï»Õ³÷áËáõ-û³Ý Å³Ù³Ý³Ï (ÇÝã áñ Ùï³Í»É Ïáõ ï³Û, ÿ á±í åÇïÇ í»ñ³åñ¿ñª ³Ûëù³Ý ³ÝÙÇï Ï»ñåáí å³ï³ë˳ݻÉáõ ѳٳñ Û³çáñ¹ íÇ׳ϳ·ñáõû³Ý ѳñóáõÙÝ»ñáõÝ)£ ²Ûë íÇ׳ϳ·ñáõÃÇõÝÁ »õë ³Ñ³õáñ ¿ñ£ ²Ýáñ Ù³ëݳÏóáÕÝ»ñáõÝ 21 ³é ѳñÇõñÁ ÏþÁë¿, ÿ §Ï³ñ»õáñ ã¿ ·Çïݳɦ Éáõñ»ñáõ Ù¿ç Ýßáõ³Í »ñÏÇñÝ»ñáõÝ í³ÛñÁ ù³ñï¿ëÇ íñ³Û£ ¼³ñٳݳÉÇ ã¿ Ý³»õ, áñ íÇ׳ϳ·ñáõû³Ý Ù³ëݳÏóáÕÝ»ñáõÝ 38 ³é ѳñÇõñÁ §³Ýϳ-ñ»õáñ¦ ÏÁ ÝÏ³ï¿ ³ÛÉ É»½áõ ÙÁ ËûëÇÉÁ£ γñ»õáñ ã¿, ÿ Ù³ñ¹ÇÏ ³ÛÉ »ñÏÇñÝ»ñáõ Ù¿ç ³õ»ÉÇ Ï³Ù Ýáõ³½ µ³Ý ·Çï»Ý, ù³Ýª ³Ù»ñÇϳóÇÝ»ñÁ: γñ»õáñÁ ³ÛÝ ¿, ÿ ³Ûëûñ ³ß˳ñÑÇ ³Ù¿Ý¿Ý ѽûñ, ѳñáõëï »õ Ï»ÝëáÉáñï³ÛÇÝ áõ ù³Õ³ù³Ï³Ý ³éáõÙáí ³Ù¿Ý¿Ý Ïáñͳݳñ³ñ »ñÏÇñÁ ï·¿ï ¿ ³ß˳ñѳ·ñáõ-û³Ý »õ å³ïÙáõû³Ý Ù¿ç£ ²ß˳ñÑÁ ջϳí³ñáÕ »ñÏÇñÁ ÏÁ ÃéãÇ Ïáõñûñ¿Ý »õ Ñå³ñï ¿ Çñ ÃéÇãùáí£ ²Ù»ñÇϳóÇù ÇÝùݳ·áÑ »Ý, ϳñÇùÁ ã»Ý ½·³ñ ï³ñµ»ñ Ó»õÇ ·ÇïáõÃÇõÝ áõݻݳÉáõ, áõñ ÙÝ³óª ³õ»ÉÇÝ£ γÛëñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñ ÏáñëÝóáõó³Í »Ý Çñ»Ýó ׳ٵ³Ý ß³ï ³õ»ÉÇ Ýáõ³½ µ³Ý ·ÇïݳÉáí£ ²Ûë Ù¿ÏÁ, áñ ѳ½Çõ ѳñÇõñ ï³ñáõ³Ý å³ïÙáõÃÇõÝ áõÝÇ, ³å³ ³Ûë ÁÝóóùáí ³ÝÇϳ åÇïÇ ¹³éÝ³Û å³ïÙáõû³Ý Ù¿ç ³Ù¿Ý¿Ý Ï³ñ׳ï»õ Ï»³Ýù áõÝ»ó³Í ϳÛëñáõÃÇõÝÁ£

Æñ³Ï³ÝáõÙ ÂáõñùÇ³Ý Ð³Û³ëï³ÝÇ Ñ»ï »ñÏËûëáõû³Ý Ù¿ç ¿ñ Ùï»É áã ÿ Ýñ³ ѳٳñ, áñ ѳõ³ïáõÙ áõ íëï³ÑáõÙ ¿ñ г۳ëï³ÝÇ ·áñÍáÕ Çß˳ÝáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÇÝ (ÇÝãå¿ë 2009Ã. ³åñÇÉ»³Ý Ù³ÙáõÉÇ ³ëáõÉÇëáõÙ ³ë³ó ê»ñÅ ê³ñ·ë»³ÝÁ) ϳ٠áñáᯐ ¿ñ í»ñç ï³É Çñ Ñ³Ï³Ñ³Û ù³Õ³ù³Ï³Ýáõû³ÝÁ ϳ٠¿É §³½³ïáõ»É¦ ²½ñå¿Û׳ÝÇ å³ï³Ý¹áõÃÇõÝÇó, ³ÛÉ áñáíÑ»ï»õ ÂáõñùÇ³Ý Ñ³õ³ïáõÙ ¿ñ, áñ г۳ëï³ÝÁ Õ³ñ³µ³Õ»³Ý ѳñóáõÙ ÏÁ ·Ý³Û ï³ñ³Íù³ÛÇÝ ½ÇçáõÙÝ»ñÇ, ÇÝãÁ ³ñ¹¿Ý Ñݳñ³õáñ ÏÁ ¹³ñÓÝ¿ñ Ãáõñù-ѳÛÏ³Ï³Ý ³é³çÁÝóóÁ: §üáõÃåáɳÛÇÝ ¹Çõ³Ý³·Çïáõû³Ý¦

ÁÝóóùáõ٠г۳ëï³ÝÁ Ýß³ÝÝ»ñ ¿ñ óáÛó ï³ÉÇë, áñ Õ³ñ³µ³Õ»³Ý ѳñóáõÙ ÏÁ ·Ý³Û Çñ³Ï³Ý ÷á˽ÇçáõÙÝ»ñÇ Ñ³ÛÃáõñù³Ï³Ý ³é³çÁÝóóÇ Ñ»ï ÙdzųٳݳÏ: ê³Ï³ÛÝ »ñµ ѳÛ-Ãáõñù³Ï³Ý »ñÏËûëáõÃÇõÝÁ ÷Éáõ½áõ»ó áõ ÂáõñùÇ³Ý Ñ»é³ó³õ ·áñÍÁÝóóÇó, г۳ëï³ÝÁ ÏþáñóÝáÕÇ íÇ׳ÏáõÙ Û³ÛïÝáõ»ó Õ³ñ³µ³Õ»³Ý ѳñóáõÙ: ºõ ³Ûë íÇ׳ÏáõÙ á±í åÇïÇ û·Ý¿ñ г۳ëï³ÝÇÝ: ú·Ý»ó èáõë³ëï³ÝÁ: ´³Ûó ³Ù¿Ý û·ÝáõÃÇõÝ, Û³ïϳå¿ë ¹Çõ³Ý³·Çïáõû³Ý áÉáñïáõÙ, ³Ýí׳ñ ã¿: г۳ëï³ÝÁ ¹ñ³ ¹ÇÙ³ó í׳ñ»ó èáõë³ëï³ÝÇÝ: ³ÝÏ Ï³Ù ¿Å³Ý` ³ÛÉ Ñ³ñó ¿:

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§ÂáñáÝÃáѳۦ å³ñµ»ñ³Ã»ñÃÁ ϳñÇùÁ áõÝÇ Í³ÝáõóáõÙÝ»ñ ѳõ³ùáÕÇ ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ »õ ßñç³Ï³Û ßñç³ÝÝ»ñáõÝ Ù¿ç лï³ùñùñáõáÕÝ»ñ¿Ý ÏÁ ËݹñáõÇ Ñ»é³Ó³ÛÝ»É` ¼³ñ»Ñ î¿ñíÇß»³ÝÇݪ 416 434 3437


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Fallview Casino, Niagara Falls ֳߪ ßù»Õ ׳߳ñ³ÝÇ Ù¿ç- Buffalo ²Ûó»ÉáõÃÇõÝ` Notre Dame de Fatima سïáõéÁ- Buffalo Festival of Lights, Niagara Falls ÎÇñ³ÏÇ, 5 ¸»Ïï»Ùµ»ñ, 2010

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ANCT Organizes Fundraiser For Toronto Mayoral Candidate George Smitherman

ANCT’s Shahen Mirakian presents Rob Oliphant with the Georgetown Boys.

On September 12, The Armenian National Committee of Toronto (ANCT) organized a fundraiser reception for Toronto mayoral candidate George Smitherman. "The Armenian National Committee of Toronto is proud to endorse Mr. George Smitherman as the next Mayor of Toronto" said ANCT Vice Chair Shahen Mirakian, "He has shown that his ability to unite and lead the people of Toronto is second to none. He is the clear choice for our community and the best choice for the city of Toronto." Rob Oliphant, M.P. for Don Valley West, made a special appearance during the reception, not only to show support for his friend and colleague, but also to discuss his recent trip to Armenia. Mr. Oliphant shared some of the insights and experiences he gained on his trip. Mr.

L-R: Norm Kelly, George Smitherman, Hratch Aynedjian and ANCT Chair Vahan Ajamian (right) with Mr. George Peter Youngren Smitherman. Mirakian presented Mr. Oliphant with a copy of has tragically been marked by oppression and 20), who were each very instrumental in the "The Georgetown Boys" book by Jack Apramian genocide. However, he also appreciates the approval of the TDSB course, "Genocide and and a DVD also entitled "The Georgetown Boys" positive role the Armenian community plays as Crimes Against Humanity". In his remarks Vahan Ajamian noted "Now produced by Dorothy Manoukian, chronicling the part of the City of Toronto" explained ANCT is time for the real work to begin. Those experience of the orphans brought to Canada in member Hagop (Jack) Torossian. Following his speech, Mr. Smitherman was candidates elected on October 25 will be our the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide as a gift of appreciation on behalf of the ANCT. also presented with copies of "The Georgetown representatives in the City of Toronto, TDSB, and Jacob Mksyartinian, the deputy campaign Boys" book and DVD by ANCT Chair Vahan Town of Markham for the next four years. Our community must be willing to work hard in order manager for the George Smitherman Campaign, Ajamian. A number of other candidates for the October to ensure that the best candidates are elected introduced George, who addressed those present. Mr. Smitherman spoke about the importance of 25, 2010, municipal election were present at the especially regarding Mayor of Toronto. We are diversity, stressing the city's motto "Diversity Our reception including Councillor Shelley Carroll ready to help George in any way possible to Strength". He noted the importance of ethnic (Councillor for Ward 33), Councillor Norm Kelly, make sure he is victorious." Ajamian also added, "This event served as groups, like the Armenian community, in Toronto (Councillor for Ward 40), and Peter Karl Youngren and expressed his disappointment in other (candidate for Councillor for Ward 34). The event a great opportunity to speak with the friends of candidates who do not seem to value the diversity was also attended by Toronto District School the Armenian community and to strengthen our of our city. "George demonstrated a thorough Board (TDSB) Trustees Michael Coteau (Ward existing relationships going into this crucial understanding of the Armenian experience, which 17), Shaun Chen (Ward 21) and Soo Wong (Ward election period."

ANCT Hosts Reception for Town of Markham Candidates

ANCT representatives with candidates in the Town of Markham. L-R: Councillors Khalid Usman and Dan Horchik with ANCT members. On September 25, 2010, The Armenian National Committee of Toronto (ANCT) organized a reception on behalf of the Armenian community of Markham for a number of candidates running for leadership positions in the upcoming Town of Markham municipal elections. The event was held in the home of ANCT member and Markham resident, Nshan (Mark) Atikian who welcomed a number of candidates including: Deputy Mayor Jack Heath; Regional Councillor Gordon Landon; current Councillor for Ward 6 and candidate for Regional Council, Dan Horchik; Councillor for Ward 8, Alex Chiu; and candidate for Councillor in Ward 6, Khalid Usman. Mr. Atikian said about the event, “Today served as an excellent opportunity for the candidates from the Town of Markham to meet with the Armenian National Committee’s election team, as well as their own constituents, to express their vision for the Town of Markham, while also hearing the questions and concerns of the Armenian community.” The candidates were each given the opportunity to speak on the issues they feel are most important to the continued growth and success of Markham. They spoke about issues such as taxes, waste management, energy, public transportation and traffic. ANCT Chair, Vahan Ajamian noted, “This reception served as a good way to discuss issues of concern with candidates looking to be our elected representatives for the next four years. The ANCT will be publishing our endorsement list very shortly for key races in the Town of Markham, City of Toronto, and Toronto District School Board. I am sure our community will take it into consideration and go and make its voice heard on October 25, 2010.”

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Members Mark Armenia’s Independence On September 22, John Yak­ abuski, MPP for Renfrew-NipissingPembroke, read a statement in the Legislative Assembly of Toronto recognizing the 19th Anniversary of the Republic of Armenia’s inde­ pendence. He presented the state­ ment on behalf of the Ontario Pro­ gressive Conservative Caucus and its leader, Tim Hudak MPP for Nia­ gara West-Glanbrook. In his state­ ment, Mr. Yakabuski referenced the “peaceful unity protests in Feb­ ruary 1988” regarding the reunifi­ cation of Nagorno-Karabakh with Armenia, and extended his “warm­ est congratulations to our entire Armenian community on Armenian L-R: John Yakabuski, Sam Manougian, Hratch Independence Day.” Abrahamian, Arti Hagopian and Frank Klees.

2010 20¼.ÐàÎîºØ´ºð î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60 TIO NA L A R NA M N

















Armenian National Committee of Toronto Endorsements for the October 25, 2010 Municipal Elections



George Smitherman

Mayor of the City of Toronto Mayoral Candidate George Smitherman has been a long time friend of the Armenian Community of Toronto. After a very successful career in provincial politics, having held high ranking positions as Minister of Health, Energy, Infrastructure and most recently as Deputy Premier of Ontario, George decided to take a run for the Mayor of Toronto. His pledge to the city is an expanded transit system - which will see a subway line go to Sherway Gardens to the west and a subway line to U of T Scarborough to the east, a 100 day review of the city's


finances - which includes a freeze on taxes and new hires, and the continued commitment that Toronto can be stronger and more prosperous only if we continue to celebrate and embrace our rich diversity. Under his watch, the province saw a significant reduction in wait times for key surgeries, more doctors and nurses and large scale infrastructure investments such as the joint federal/provincial community grant program with which the Armenian Community Centre of Toronto has already started redevelopment and construction. Having attended the Armenian Genocide

commemoration event this past April, the annual Summerfest in July and most recently, an intimate reception organized by the Armenian National Committee of Toronto, George is very familiar with our community's issues and has committed, should he be elected as Mayor, to continue to develop strong ties, keep lines of communication very open and accessible with the Office of the Mayor, and work towards the development and growth of our community here in Toronto.


Josh Matlow

Shelley Carroll

Ward 22 St. Paul’s Josh Matlow served as a Toronto District School Board Trustee during the last term and was very supportive of the approval of the Grade 11 “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity” course, which includes a unit on the Armenian Genocide. Josh is now running for a position as city councillor in his ward. He has proven to be a dedicated and quality representative and garners the support of our community.

Ward 33 Don Valley East Ward 33 includes the Armenian Community Centre, and Councillor Shelley Carroll has proven to be a long time friend of the Armenian community. She is a regular attendee and supporter of the annual Summerfest celebrations, Armenian Genocide commemoration, as well as a number of community events.



Jane Pitfield

Mike Del Grande

Ward 29 Toronto – Danforth Having been a councillor in the past, Jane Pitfield is looking to return to City Hall. She has been present at the Armenian Genocide commemoration organized by ANCT in the past.

Ward 39 Scarborough-Agincourt Mike Del Grande is a long time friend of the Toronto Armenian community, having served as councillor for Ward 39 since 2003. During his time in office, he has supported the Armenian community and frequently attends our events.

TORONTO CITY COUNCILLOR Peter Karl Youngren Ward 34 Don Valley East Peter Karl Youngren is a new candidate in Ward 34, looking to be a fresh face in City Hall. Peter’s ambitions have earned him the support of many of the Armenian community’s friends, including David Caplan, MPP for Don Valley East. We look forward to building on our relationship with Peter once he is elected.

TORONTO CITY COUNCILLOR Norm Kelly Ward 40 Scarborough-Agincourt Norm Kelly has served as a member of Toronto city council since 1994. He has strong support in his ward and remains an important ally to the Armenian Community of Toronto.

MAYOR OF THE TOWN OF MARKHAM Frank Scarpitti Frank Scarpitti has served the Town of Markham in various leadership roles since 1985, when he was first elected to the Markham Regional Council. He was elected as Mayor in 2006, and during his time in office has been a friend of the Armenian community. Notably, Frank presented an Armenian Genocide survivor with a gift on behalf of the town at a reception on the occasion of the Town of Markham unanimously passing a motion officially designating April 24 as a day of remembrance for the Armenian community in memory of the Armenian Genocide during the First World War.

Town of Markham

COUNCILLOR Jack Heath Regional Councillor

TORONTO CITY COUNCILLOR John Filion Ward 23 Willowdale John Filion has been serving the people of Willowdale for over 25 years. He has the support of one the Armenian community’s close friends, Martha Hall Findlay, MP for Willowdale.

Jack Heath has served as Deputy Mayor for the Town of Markham since 2007. He has been a strong supporter of the Armenian community, and has been an important figure, sponsoring the annual May 28 Armenian Independence Day ceremony at Markham Town Hall. Jack also sponsored the Town of Markham’s motion officially designating April 24 as a day of remembrance for the Armenian community in memory of the Armenian Genocide during the First World War.


ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

Town of Markham

Town of Markham



Gordon Landon

Regional Councillor

Regional Councillor

Dan Horchik served as the councillor for Ward 6 this past term, and is now seeking election as a regional councillor. He is a friend of the Armenian community in Markham.

Gordon Landon is the longest serving councillor in the history of Markham. He has served the town well, and has continually supported the Armenian community during his impressive 27 years in politics.

Town of Markham

Town of Markham



Don Hamilton

Councillor Ward 5 John Webster has served as a councillor for Ward 5 since 2003. He has the strong support of the people in Markham, and has earned the support of the Armenian community by attending our events, such as the May 28th Independence day celebrations.

Make Your Voice Heard. Vote on October 25, 2010.

Municipal elections will take place across Ontario on Monday, October 25, 2010. Every Canadian citizen over the age of 18 has the right and responsibility to a vote in their respective municipality. This election will determine who the next Mayors, City or Town Councillors and School Board Trustees will be. The result of this year’s election will have significant and direct impact on the Armenian community, and we have focused our attention on races in the City of Toronto and Town of Markham. The Armenian National Committee of Toronto (ANCT) has been working over the summer months, meeting with a number of candidates in order to make an informed decision on whom to support. Below is a list of candidates we endorse due to their close relationship with the Armenian Community and support for the Armenian Cause. We encourage you to vote for all Toronto District School Board Trustee candidates who supported the Grade 11 “Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity” course, which includes a unit on the Genocide of the Armenians. The TDSB introduced the course in 2008 despite pressure from genocide deniers. We plan to work with the newly elected group of trustees over the next term to ensure the students in our city continue to benefit from this incredibly successful course. You will be sent a voter information card in the mail early October which you will need to take to you on voting day. If you do not receive a card, you can still vote with appropriate proof of residency. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we are able to freely choose our government. Voting is not only one of our most cherished rights, it is also our civic responsibility. It is vital that everyone exercise their right to vote and have their say on who our elected representatives in Toronto, the TDSB and Markham will be for the next four years.

Vote and make your opinions heard. Armenian National Committee of Toronto

Councillor Ward 3 Don Hamilton is running for re-election as councillor for Ward 3. He has supported Armenian events in Markham in the past, including the May 28th Independence day celebrations held at the Markham Town Centre.

Town of Markham

COUNCILLOR Khalid Usman Councillor Ward 6 Khalid Usman is a new face to Ward 6, but is no stranger to the Armenian community. He has attended Armenian Genocide commemorations in the past, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Town of Markham

COUNCILLOR Alex Chiu Councillor Ward 8 Alex Chiu has served 8 consecutive terms as councillor for Ward 8. He has been involved in the Armenian community and has supported our events and endeavours in the past.

Town of Markham

COUNCILLOR Logan Kanapathi Councillor Ward 7 Logan Kanapathi has served as councillor for Ward 7 since being elected 2006. He has worked closely with the Armenian Community, attending a number of our community events

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2010 22 ¼.ÐàÎîºØ´ºð î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60 Canada-Armenia Friendship Group Visits Armenia Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian met on they developed their best qualities and served September 8 with a Canadian parliamentary delegation of members from the CanadaArmenian Friendship Group. The delegation also met with Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sarg­ syan. Sarkisian discuss with the group the contin­ ued development of relations between the two countries through greater investment in the Ar­ menian economy, and a deeper involvement in the fields of mining, agriculture, education and culture. Welcoming the group, the Armenian leader praised his country’s relations with Canada, describing them as efficient and multilateral with “a strong base” for realizing its full potential. Sarkisian also stressed his government’s desire to “invigorate” inter-parliamentary interaction between the two countries. “Canada is important for us as a powerful economy and democracy,” Sarkisian said, ac­ knowledging its historic role as a welcoming host for Armenians. “Canada has become the second motherland [for thousands of Armenians], where

Canada as well as Armenia,” he added. According to Friendship Group Chairman, Harold Albrecht the large Armenian community of Canada is one of many examples of the “close relations and active cooperation between Armenia and Canada.”Armenians, he added, “provide significant contributions to the development of economic, political, cultural and all other areas of Canada’s life.” Albrecht discussed the various annual activ­ ities of the Friendship Group, and explained that its members raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide and its international recognition through­ out Canada. Sarkisian also hailed Canada’s 2006 recog­ nition for the Armenian Genocide and discussed with the ongoing effort to gain international rec­ ognition of the crime. “We are grateful to the Parliament and Government of Canada for their position regarding the recognition of the Armenian Genocide,” said Sarkisian. “Canada is one of The Canadian parliamentary delegation meets President Serzh Sarkisian, those few nations where the Parliament and the Yerevan, September 8. Government have been unanimous on this issue.”

Boxer and Menendez Place Hold on Bryza Nomination

Senator Robert Menendez Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Robert Menendez (D-N) announced that they have placed a “hold” on U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan nominee Matthew Bryza, reported the Armenian National Committee of America. The senators’ decision followed a Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote to approve his nomination by voice vote, despite serious concerns regarding the Ambassador-designate’s unusually close ties to Azerbaijani government officials, his troubling track record as a senior diplomat dealing with the Caucasus, and persistent conflict of interest issues related to the Caspian energy industry. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Boxer both spoke and voted against the Bryza nomination. “Thanks to senators Boxer and Menenez, U.S. diplomacy dodged a bullet today,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the ANCA. “It would have been a serious mistake – both for U.S. strategic interests and for hopes of lasting peace in the Caucasus – to have sent Matt Bryza to Baku amid escalating threats of renewed war

by Azerbaijan’s leaders. Given his track record, he clearly would have been the wrong diplomat, at the wrong time, in exactly the wrong post.” Hamparian added, “Our nation’s diplomatic work in Azerbaijan can now get off to a fresh start, one without the bias and baggage that Matt Bryza would have brought to this pivotal position. Our hope now is that the President will nominate a new candidate who will openly stand up to Azerbaijan’s aggression and forcefully deter its march toward renewed war against Nagorno Karabakh.” The hold prevents fast-tracked Senate consideration of the Bryza nomination, effectively blocking his confirmation for this ambassadorial post. Menendez took a similar action in 2006, preventing the appointment of U.S. Ambassador to Armenia nominee Richard Hoagland, who denied the Armenian Genocide during his Senate confirmation process. Senators Express Reservations During Committee Consideration In her remarks during the meeting, Senator Boxer explained that she voted against the Bryza nomination because he had not demonstrated the willingness or the ability to meaningfully confront Azerbaijan’s aggression. “Despite my appreciation for Mr. Bryza’s long service as a Foreign Service Officer, I don’t believe he is the right person for this position,” explained Senator Boxer. “What concerns me is that Mr. Bryza has demonstrated a pattern of unwillingness to speak out forcefully in the face of increasing Azerbaijani aggression against Nagorno Karabakh.” Senator Menendez, who has played a leadership role throughout the Bryza confirmation process, noted that he had “serious reservations about the U.S. ambassador nominee to Azerbaijan,” citing Bryza’s inaction in the face of Azerbaijan’s desecration of the Djulfa cemetery and opposition to Armenian Genocide affirmation; and, “very close personal ties to Turkey and

Azerbaijan, and therefore about his ability to act as an unbiased representative of the United States in Azerbaijan.” The panel’s Chairman, John Kerry (D-MA), stated that he appreciated the concerns raised by Senators Menendez and Boxer and anticipated continued Senate scrutiny. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) issued a statement, stating that he found concerns raised by constituents and others “troubling, particularly Mr. Bryza’s relationship with the Azerbaijan Government.” Bryza’s Responses to Senate Inquiry Unconvincing Bryza’s incomplete and evasive responses to extensive questioning by Senate Foreign Relations Committee members Boxer, Menendez and Jean Shaheen (D-NH) during his July 22nd confirmation hearing, and to subsequent written questions by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and Senators Boxer, Menendez, and Russ Feingold (D-WI), led Senator Boxer to ask for a delay in the consideration of his nomination on August 3rd. Her action provided Senators a meaningful opportunity to review his candidacy during the August recess. Additional responses submitted to Senators during the August Congressional recess were equally evasive. Senators have been primarily concerned with Bryza’s reluctance to condemn repeated Azerbaijani attacks against Nagorno Karabakh, which have claimed the lives of eight soldiers during the last three months. He also drew criticism for side-stepping questions regarding his three-month public silence following the release of video documenting the Azerbaijani destruction of the 1300-year-old Armenian cemetery in Djulfa, Azerbaijan. Bryza’s responses to concerns regarding conflict of interest issues dealing with his wife, Zeyno Baran, were equally troubling. In recent days, the ANCA learned that Baran serves on the editorial board of the Azerbaijani Government funded “Azerbaijan Focus,” a journal published

Senator Barbara Boxer by the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (known by the acronym SAM in the Azerbaijani language). Joining Baran on the editorial board are Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Hafiz Pashayev; Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ramiz Mehdiyev; Head of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Novruz Mammadov; Head of the Department of Political Analysis and Information Provision of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elnur Aslanov; Director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elkhan Nuriyev; and Executive Director of the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahmar Movsumov. Mamedyarov had been one of three witnesses standing up for the groom at the Bryza – Baran wedding in 2007.

Congressional Armenian Caucus Hosts Karabakh Independence Celebration The 19th anniversary of the NagornoKarabakh Republic’s independence was marked at a special Capitol Hill program September 28 featuring Karabakh Parliament speaker Ashot Ghoulian, reported the Armenian National Committee of America. The event was organized by the Congressional Armenian Caucus in cooperation with the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Representation in the U.S., the Armenian Embassy and Armenian American organizations. Congressional Armenian Caucus CoChair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and House Foreign Affairs Committee member Elliot Engel spoke eloquently about the importance of Karabakh’s selfdetermination. Keynote remarks were provided by Speaker Ashot Ghoulian, followed by Armenian Ambassador Tatoul Markarian. Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) co-chair of the Congressional Armenian Caucus, welcomed the attendees and congratulated the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic on recent successful

and peaceful elections. “Despite a devastating war and an ongoing Azerbaijani blockade, the people of Nagorno Karabakh have shown they are determined to live in freedom,” said Pallone. They have made steady progress on the path of democracy and tonight we celebrate these significant gains.” “In Artsakh, we were presented with no other option, but to make a difficult choice between deportation and self-defense. We chose the latter, and forced into a war imposed by Azerbaijan.Consequently, in 1994 the international mediators negotiated a ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh. The peace process under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group is still underway,” said Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Parliament Speaker Ghoulian. “I want to assure you that, just like in 1991, today my people’s aspiration remains unaltered – to live in its Homeland; to live in peace and dignity for the sake of security and prosperity of current and future generations, both of our people

and of our neighbors,” he added. “This is the idea that has been the guiding light for my people for the past 19 years. The republic of Artsakh, with democratically-elected leadership, has repeatedly proven its viability,” said Ghoulian ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian said, “This Congressional event reflects the

growing parliamentary and civil society dialogue between America and Artsakh, reinforces our shared values, and advances our common vision of peace for all the peoples of the Caucasus. Sadly, however, this dialogue, has, for far too many years, been artificially held back by outdated and unreasonable restrictions put in place by our Department of State.”



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ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

“A Run To Remember-2010”:highest number of participants yet

308 community members take part in Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon by Sam Manougian

This year is the 2,500th anniversary of the birth of the Marathon. The first-ever “Marathon run” took place in 490 BC when a brave Athenian soldier-messenger named Pheidippides ran 40 kilometres, from the battlefield at Marathon to Athens, to carry the news of a famous Greek victory. On Sunday, September 26, over 22,000 people participated in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. The “A Run To Remember” team was there again this year with a record number of 308 participants which surpassed last year’s total by 100. The participants took part in the Full Marathon (42Km), the Half Mar­ athon (21(Km) and the 5Km event. “A Run To Remember” has 3 main objec­ tives: The first objective is to honour and remem­ ber the memories of individuals who have had a very positive impact on our lives. As a result of these Honourees, we have become better individuals. Although these individuals have passed away and are no longer with us, we would like to tell them “We remember you and you will always be in our hearts. We are doing this for you”. The second objective is that it gives us an opportunity to give something back and to help in the fund-raising efforts of several worthwhile charities. This year the charities include Sick Kids Hospital, ARS Sosse Kindergarden in Art­ sakh, ARS Day School, and Homenetmen. We would like to thank all our sponsors who through their donations became part of A Run To Re­ member 2010. The third objective is to promote improved health for our community through a more active lifestyle. By engaging in regular healthy physical activity (walking or running) several times a week, we will improve our overall health and also help to reduce our cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, diabetes and maybe even lose a few pounds in the process. The festivities started on Friday, September 24. The Marathon Flame arrived in Toronto from the city of Marathon in Greece. Mayor David Miller led a torch relay which brought the flame to the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place where an elaborate ceremony took place. On hand were many dignitaries including the Mayor of Marathon, the Consul General of Greece, members of Toronto City Council, mem­ bers of Parliament and a large list of elite athletes who represented the top male and female mar­ athoners in the world. A team of “A Run To Remember” representatives was also present at Exhibition Place to witness the arrival of the Marathon Flame and the official ceremonies. The participants also had the chance to visit a huge Race Expo where they could listen to seminars and browse through information and vendor booths. On Sunday September 26 the big day had finally arrived. The Half and Full marathoners who had been training for many months met at the Armenian Youth Centre at 5:30am and trav­ elled to Nathan Phillips Square, where the Half and Full Marathons would be starting. The ex­ citement gathered as the Full and half Maratho­ ners got ready for a 7:30am start. Finally the horn sounded and they were off and running. Meanwhile back at the Armenian Youth Centre a huge number of 5Km participants gathered at 9:00am and filled 6 buses to the Exhibition Place, where the 5Km was scheduled to start at 11:00am For many, this was their first experience of an international marathon. The “A Run To Remember” team was one of the largest teams present and in their orange Tshirts, they could be seen from everywhere. At 11:00 am the horn sounded and the 5K event was underway. The “A Run to Remember” team were proudly running and walking with the names of their loved ones clearly written on their Tshirts. Emotions were high as there was a clear message from all the participants that simply

said “We Remember You”. As the 5K participants reached the finish line at City Hall, they were greeted by the Armenian and Homenetmen flags clearly displayed on the balcony at Nathan Phillips Square. There were numerous records set at the Waterfront Marathon this year – Fastest mara­ thon on Canadian soil (Kenneth Mungara 2:07:57.1), Fastest women’s marathon on Ca­ nadian soil (Sharon Cherop 2:22:40.9), Fastest Canadian marathon on Canadian soil (Reid Coolsaet 2:11:21.5), and a world record for the fastest male over 70 half marathon (Ed Whitlock 1:34:23.4). Top performers on the “A Run To Remem­ ber” team included top Full-Marathoner (42 km) Shiraz Karadjian. Shiraz was running the mar­ athon for the first time and he successfully conquered all the obstacles the Full marathon placed in his way. Our top male Half-Marathoner was Peter Tsekouras (1:51) followed closely by Vahan Mahdessian (1:59). Our top female Half Mara­ thoner was Sevan Mardirossian (2:13). Sevan was running in memory of her Mom Alidz Mard­ irossian and grandmother Parantzem Mardiros­ sian. The 5K was a much larger field and our top male 5K runners were Les Medd (23:10) who was followed closely by Haig Manougian and John Artinian. Our top female 5K runner was Nirva Saatjian (29:55). The truly amazing story in the 5K was our team’s most senior runner, 74 year old Bedros Pilavdjian who not only improved his time from last year but once again placed 3rd overall in his age group. Bedros explained that what he learned as a Homenet­ men athlete in Syria 65 years ago has stayed with him and the concept of a healthy lifestyle is even more important today both for our youth as well as our seniors. After the run, the participants returned to the Armenian Youth Centre where group photos were taken in front of the Armenian Genocide Memorial and they enjoyed a Bar B Q. “A Run To Remember” this year had a total of 308 participants. The youngest participant was 4 years old Sevag Kerjikian who was running in memory of his grandfather Viken Ajamian. The most senior participant was Bedros Pilavd­ jian, 74. It was a very special and emotional day for everyone, as our loved ones are an inspiration to all of us.

A group picture of the participants in front of the Armenian Genocide monument.

Participants reach the finish line

Mayor David Miller with the Marathon flame.

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ÊÙµ³·ñáõû³Ý ÏáÕÙ¿ §ÂáñáÝÃáѳۦ å³ï³ë˳ݳïáõ ã¿ Çñ ¿ç»ñáõÝ Ù¿ç ÉáÛë ï»ë³Í ͳÝáõóáõÙÝ»ñáõ µáí³Ý¹³Ïáõû³Ý: Ø»½Ç ÛÕáõ³Í µáÉáñ ÃÕóÏóáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÝ áõ ·ñáõÃÇõÝÝ»ñÁ »ÝÃ³Ï³Û »Ý áñáß ËÙµ³·ñáõÙÇ:

2010 24 ¼.ÐàÎîºØ´ºð î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

by Seta Ghougasian

ACMAO’s 6th Annual Gala raised over $275,000 for projects in Armenia and Artsakh

On September 11, the Armenian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario (ACMAO) held its 6th Annual Gala at the Liberty Grand in Toronto with special guest and keynote speaker, Dr. Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology. The Gala was in support of ACMAO projects in Armenia and Artsakh, and in particular, funding the first modern 1.5 Tesla MRI machine for the Arabkir children’s hospital in Yerevan. More than 360 guests were treated to a cocktail reception followed by a sit-down dinner. The emcee of the evening was Dr. Gevork Mnatzakanian, a third year resident in the diagnostic radiology residency program at the University of Toronto and a member of the ACMAO Executive Board. He noted: “…since the devastating earthquake in Armenia in 1988, ACMAO has established numerous humanitarian and medical projects throughout our homeland.” He also mentioned that thanks to ACMAO’s efforts the entire population of Artsakh receives free dental care, and that the Women’s Health Clinic in Stepanakert provides free consultations to over 24,000 patients annually on issues including infertility, menopause, STDs, and prenatal counselling. The Association wouldn’t have been able to carry on its medical and humanitarian mission for 22 years, without the support of our community of donors and sponsors. “With each passing year, said Dr. Mnatzakanian, “ACMAO continues to advance its mission by increasing health care standards in Armenia. Through our various clinics and public health care initiatives we have seen many lives changed for the better.” This year, however, ACMAO has taken a bigger challenge, by donating the first ever 1.5T MRI scanner to Armenia. The scanner will become the cornerstone for the brand new, state of the art Epilepsy Surgical Centre at the Arabkir Children’s Hospital in Yerevan, the first of its kind in the Caucasus region. “No longer, said Dr. Mnatzakanian, will the children of our homeland need to travel hundreds and thousands of kilometres with great cost to places like Georgia, Iran, and Russia to get a diagnostic MRI scan.” Dr. Jack Sakarya, the President of ACMAO, welcomed the guests. He stressed,

Inventor of MRI Dr. Raymond Damadian The ACMAO Gala organizing committee and Board members “health care is the most important component in nation building.” “ACMAO’s mission is to aid in the health care of the people in need in Armenia and Artsakh. Our clinics provide fine quality treatments. The transparency by which these clinics are run has been officially recognized by the government of Artsakh,” he added. Dr. Sakarya shared his boyhood memories working at the Canadian National Exhibition with a group of Armenian boys with diverse backgrounds. “Some friends were from Bolis, another from Iraq, from Syria, from Lebanon, from Egypt and of course from Gesaria. To this day this diverse group of boys has retained a very close friendship. ACMAO members have a similar bond. We are a group of health professionals from diverse backgrounds working together to help Armenia.” Dr. Avedis Bogosyan, former President of ACMAO and currently President of the Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC) and Dr. Berge Minassian, also former President of ACMAO and currently the Canadian Research Chair in Pediatric Neurogenetics, staff neurologist at the Hospital for Sick Kids, and an associate professor of Paediatrics at the University of Toronto, thanked the audience and the numerous donors who

Homenetmen Toronto Under-9 Soccer Team Wins League Championship

support ACMAO as well as this year’s special project: the acquisition of the MRI machine. Dr. Minassian told the audience how the MRI project came into being as a pledge to a group of world class neurologists in Armenia, who were working without up-to-date technology. He showed a video clip of a 16-year-old epileptic patient, who traveled to Georgia for MRI tests to locate seizure sites in his brain. Eventually, the patient had successful surgery in Armenia. Given that a modern MRI was no small task, throughout last year, ACMAO members worked hard to secure donations and resources to fund the machine. One of the primary benefactors of the project is Mr. Richard Muir, who was recognized at the gala for his donation of $150,000 towards the project. Without his support, it would have been impossible to accomplish this project within one year. The excitement of the evening was having Dr. Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI, speak about his discovery with slide demonstration. In 1970 Dr. Damadian made the discovery that there is a marked difference in relaxation times between normal and abnormal tissues of the same type, as well as between different types of normal tissues. This seminal discovery is the basis for the making of every MRI image. Dr. Damadian succeeded

Armand Tatossian`s auctioned painting. in transforming his research vision into reality by building the first MRI machine. On July 3, 1977, the first successful test was completed on the human body and the first scans of patients with cancer in 1978. The silent auction of the Gala presented unique pieces of jewellery, rugs, event tickets, fine dining gifts, and many other valuable items for the guests to bid on. For the first time at an ACMAO event a work of art by renowned painter Dr. Armand Tatossian was auctioned live. After presentations, the attendees danced to the rhythms of the Armenian folk music provided by the night’s deejay.

Armen Jamjekian undertakes Lake Placid Ironman competition to raise funds for MS research

Homenetmen under-9 team with the coaches

Armen Jamjekian racing ahead

The Homenetmen Toronto U-9 Boys Soccer team, consisting of 17 players & 3 coaches, participated in the Hillcrest Village Soccer Club house league in North York. Amongst the 8 teams in their age group, Homenetmen finished 1st in the Regular Season with a record of 10 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw They followed that up in the playoffs by capturing the Championship. The on-field talent, as well as the dedication of both the coaches & players were key factors in the team’s success this season. The future looks bright for this team and they have certainly represented Homenetmen Toronto well and given the community something to be proud of.

On March 18, 2008 Mgo Stamboulian passed away after a 20 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Seeing how Multiple Sclerosis can slowly melt a vibrant young man away deeply touched Armen Jamjekian. He decided to raise awareness and funds for all those that suffer from the disease. He dedicated himself, sacrificed his time and body for about a year and on July 25, 2010 he participated in the Lake Placid Ironman. Here he swam 3.8km, biked 180km and then ran 42km in honour of his uncle Mgo. He finished the race in just over 14 hours while representing himself, his family and Homenetmen proudly at the same time, raising close to 6,000 dolars for MS research.


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Armenia Fund Opens Largest School Yet Newly built Stepanakert campus can accommodate 560 students

On September 2 Hayastan All-Armenian Fund marked the opening of its largest school campus ever built with the newly constructed 3,500 square-meter V. Jhangiryan No. 11 School in Stepanakert, Artsakh. The $2.7 million project was underwritten jointly by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund U.S. Western Region, through a contribution by Armenian-American benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Trpanjian, and the government of Nagorno Karabakh. The opening ceremony, coinciding with the 19th anniversary of Artsakh's independence, counted numerous dignitaries in attendance. From Yerevan, the official guest list included Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan; Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan; second president of Artsakh and Vice-President of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Board of Trustees Arkadi Ghukasyan; and Hayastan All-Armenian Fund executive director Ara Vardanyan. Representing Artsakh were Prime Minister Araik Harutyunyan and Minister of Education and Science Vladik Khachatryan, alongside numerous other officials. "It is not coincidental that this wonderful new school is being opened on Artsakh's Independence Day," began Prime Minister Sargsyan in his opening remarks. "It expresses our great hope that the students of this educational institution will help shape the future of Artsakh." The official opening of the extensive threebuilding campus follows an August 29 tour of the facilities made by Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan, and Executive Director Ara Vardanyan during a working visit to Artsakh. High-ranking officials took note of its lush landscaping and distinct architecture,

exemplified in its graceful, semi-circular glass entrance; sun-soaked, wide passageways that connect the buildings; and the administrative building's circular staircase, which lends a distinct charm to the foyer. In addition to its gymnasium and administrative offices, and 25 classrooms, the school now boasts chemistry and physics labs, a computer room, a library, and a room for crafts and vocational studies. The campus also possesses a cafeteria, a nurse's office, well-laid-out emergency exits, and a boiler room. Students will have access to designated grass plots, whose cultivation will be allowed for by means of practical classroom components. In his speech during the opening ceremony, Executive Director Ara Vardanyan addressed the student body. "This is your school; it was built for you. It is through the knowledge you acquire here that the future of our homeland will be forged." Hayastan All-Armenian Fund U.S. Western Region's Chairman Ara Agishian conveyed his profound gratitude to benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Trpanjian before addressing the students. "This educational institution is your second home. I have no doubt that you will always take great care of it." This year, 400 high school students will attend the new campus, which can accommodate 560 pupils. In the meantime elementary and middle school students will continue to attend the former school adjacent to the newly constructed building. However, according to Principal Aida Grigoryan, classes are being scheduled to allow them to likewise take advantage of the new school, particularly the playground, gym, library, and computer room.

The opening ceremony of the No. 11 School in Stepanakert, September 2.

The inside of the school During a September 1 tour of the school specifically for students, faculty, and parents, the younger students were demonstrably eager to inherit the campus and excited to use the facilities that they can already share. Principal Grigoryan thanked the

benefactors and reiterated the enthusiasm she witnessed during the previous day's tour: "Today you have presented us with this magnificent school, paving the way for a tomorrow in which generations of students will receive superior education."

Himnadram Syrian affiliate establishes fully equipped computer room at Yerevan’s No. 56 School For students and teachers of Yerevan’s No. 56 School, the start of the new academic year this month was all the more joyous thanks to the opening of a state-of-the-art computer room on campus. The much-needed new facility, which includes all necessary fittings and audiovisual learning equipment in addition to computers, was made possible by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Syrian affiliate. The opening of the computer room was celebrated on September 10 with a ribboncutting ceremony attended by many dignitaries and guests including Hranush Hakobyan, Armenia’s minister of Diaspora Affairs; Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund; Hrair Muradian, chairman of the fund’s Syrian affiliate; Gayane Soghomonyan, head of the Yerevan Municipality’s Education Department; Hamlet Margaryan, administrator of Yerevan’s Arabkir district; Grigor Shahnazaryan, deputy administrator of the same district; and several alumni of the school. The establishment of the computer room is the maiden project of the Syrian affiliate, which was launched in April 2009. Its donation, worth about 8 million AMD (U.S. $22,000), comprises 20 latest-model computers, a printer, a scanner, a DVD player, a television set, projectors, computer desks, and chairs. In his remarks Syrian-affiliate chairman Hrair Muradian said, “I’m so very impressed by the sight of this beautiful and well-maintained school, and commend you for keeping it in

such pristine condition. May this new computer room thoroughly serve its purpose and may you enjoy it in your quest for knowledge.” Although the No. 56 School stands apart among the Armenian capital’s high schools with its well-appointed campus and up-to-date furnishings, up till recently it was seriously lacking in terms of advanced technological learning tools, a computer room in particular. A highly dedicated faculty and academic excellence are hallmarks of the No. 56 School. In addition to its core curriculum, for the past 15 years it has offered free afterschool classes in physics, chemistry, history, French, and needlecraft as well as gymnastics programs. The school also excells in cultural activities, which help students acquire a deeper awareness of Armenian history and culture, shape their world view, and go on to become model citizens. Thus it was not accidental that the idea of student and teacher participation in the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s annual National Giving drive was born and began to be implemented at the No. 56 School. For the past 14 years, the entire student body and faculty have joined forces to make monetary contributions to projects carried out by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in Armenia and Artsakh. T h e s c h o o l ’s p r i n c i p a l M a r i a m Hovhannisyan said, “The gift we have received is undoubtedly great, but its spiritual value is greater still. Thanks to this wonderful project, our school has in a very real sense become

The computer room at Yerevan`s No. 56 School part of the bond between Armenia and the diaspora. Just as we appreciate the SyrianArmenian community’s largesse and feel that it is our duty to take good care of its gift, we are gratified by the fact that today our students were once again reminded of the importance of a good deed.” Ara Vardanyan of the fund congratulated the students and faculty for their new computer room. “I am so happy that students of the No. 56 School will be able to acquire computer literacy, which is an advantage of crucial importance in our time,” he said.

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AVC Volunteers Foster Service, Leadership And Community In Armenia Forty three volunteers, from 21-55 years of age, travelled to Armenia this summer from Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, United Kingdom, France, Jordan, and the United States. They served in governmental, private and non-profit sectors including, but not limited to, Gyumri IT Center, Historic Armenian Houses, Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, Gyumri Healthy Center, Caritas Armenia, Civilitas Foundation, Manana Youth Center, TUMO Center for Creative Technolo­ gies, Erebuni Hospital, ReAnimania Yerevan International Animation Film Festival, National Competitiveness Foundation, Journalists Club Asparez, Shirak Regional Museum of Archeol­ ogy, Center for Health Services Research, American University of Armenia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno-Karabagh Republic, and the list goes on. Shogher Demirdjian-Jabrayan, 30, and Nayiri Panossian, 28, both teachers, spent their summers here in Yerevan teaching English. Shogher spent seven weeks at the Mascedan Foreign Languages Educational Centre and the Pyunic Association for the Disabled teaching summer school, while Nayiri spent six weeks teaching a class to AYB Educational Foundation students and volunteered at a summer youth program. In addition to their specific volunteer placements, they jointly organized and facilitat­ ed a “Building Thematic Units” workshop for Armenian teachers. Twenty-three year old Amaras Zargarian, a 2008 graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, volunteered at the State Hygienic and Antiepidemic Inspectorate, the Shirak Competitiveness Center and the Artsakank kindergarten in Gyumri. In addition to her volunteer placements, Zargarian organized all of her fellow Gyumri-based volunteers in a day of beautifying and cleaning the Artsakank kin­ dergarten to prepare for the start of the school year. Volunteers cleaned the grounds, planted flowers, and painted the children’s playhouse. Amaras’ brother, Amasia Zargarian, 22, a graduate student at Stanford University, served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, where he worked on,

among other things, a project to bring Diasporan youth in closer ties with Artsakh. "Karabakh has a lot of potential but can also benefit from hands on assistance, says Amasia. “As an unrecognized state, the NKR misses out on much of the benefits that other countries enjoy, and therefore, an individual’s contribution can be of much more significance. By attracting Diasporans, Karabakh can fill in many strategic gaps. To this end, volunteers like me establish a connection with the place that will bring us back later when we have more to contribute, while older more experienced professionals can bring the expertise and skills that are vital for Karabakh's development. The challenge lies in identifying what these crucial needs are and matching them with the individ­ uals who can help. AVC put my skills to good use in Karabagh." Twenty-two year old Alexandra Achkarian from Toronto volunteered with Armenian Caritas in Gyumri where, among other things, she helped develop a volunteer guidebook. She found that volunteering extended beyond the doors of her placement. “My work experience was not just about gaining skills in my area of expertise and lending a hand to my workplace but it was a give and take between peers who were learning about each others’ culture and way of life,” Alexandra said. “My experience was more than I expected and could have asked for. It was humbling and rewarding while it also changed my view on volunteerism at the same time. There need not be a material outcome from your efforts as a volunteer; it may show itself as a change within you, a change within someone else or simply a learn­ ing experience. Mine was a bit of all of those.” Nouny Benchimol from France, 21, is an Agronomy student. She volunteered at the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) visiting farms around Armenia to help small farms increase food production. Nouny, who had volunteered on a farm in France last year, decided to volunteer in Armenia to study the animal breeding practices in Armenia first hand. But, this was also an important journey of self discovery - her grandfather is Armenian.

AVC volunteers in Armenia “I have always wanted to learn about my Ar­ menian origins,” says Benchimol. Alis Nini, 27, of Greece, and Jirair Gara­ bedian, 21, from Vancouver, both volunteered with KASSart Studio helping to prepare for ReAnimania’s Second International Animation Film Festival held earlier this month. Alis helped with outreach and Jirair put his animation back­ ground to use. Rebecca Kandilian, 22, a PhD student in pharmacy at the University of California at Santa Barbara, volunteered with the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). For eight weeks she traveled across Armenia with FPWC staff on a “Green Bus.” Actually, the bus was white covered with colorful children’s paintings. But, the bus was fixed with environmental educational materials and the team, including Rebecca, helped to raise awareness for conservation and recycling by setting up children’s activities in villages throughout Armenia. Twenty-seven year old Selin Sookiasians is a Special Education teacher in Los Angeles.

She spent seven weeks volunteering at the Endanik Youth Creative Center and the Huys orphanage in Gyumri. “Maybe I shouldn’t have had any expectations, but this experience was beyond any expectation that I ever had,” said Selin. “Volunteering and being exposed to so many experiences was simply amazing.” In addition, this fall, AVC launched a Teach program. Talin Aghanian from the United King­ dom will be teaching English to middle and high school students for one full school year in one of Armenia’s schools. Talin arrived in August to participate in three days of training which included an opportunity to meet and talk with local teachers. AVC was founded in 2000 to serve Arme­ nia through volunteerism. Almost 300 volunteers have served in 200 organizations throughout Armenia. The organization’s volunteer program is completely flexible. Once accepted, volun­ teers determine their time and term of service. AVC accepts applications 365 days per year from individuals at least 21 years of age.

ATP Education Program Seeks to 'Build Bridges' Between Students in the Diaspora and Armenia

Armenia Tree Project (ATP) has been working on an exciting pilot program this year to introduce its environmental education material in Armenian schools throughout North America. The program, “Building Bridges: Connecting Diaspora Armenian Students with Their Environmental Heritage,” has been funded by a grant from the Thomas A. Kooyumjian Family Foundation. The program has already been positively received by the heads of Armenian schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and elsewhere. One of the first achievements of the project was the publication of an English edition of ATP’s “Plant an Idea, Plant a Tree” training manual. The 97-page manual includes information on the importance of forests, lessons on exploring the environment, poetry and the Armenian landscape, and ecological and cultural heritage. A lesson entitled “The Beetle School as a School of Nature,” for example, includes a first-ever English translation of the well-known poem by Hovhannes Toumanian. The second major achievement of the project to date is the publication of a pilot edition of “Building Bridges,” an ATP newsletter for children ages 6-12. This 8-page color newsletter was written and designed by the creators of the new Gakavig children’s publication. The newsletter and environmental education manual are available on the ATP website and in print format and are being distributed to teachers and students in Armenian schools across North America this fall. “ATP has been working with Armenia’s teachers and students to promote environmental education since 2005, and since we have developed the resources, it made sense to introduce the material to students attending Armenian schools in the Diaspora,” stated Environmental Education Program Manager Alla Berberyan. “The goal is to raise the level of awareness about Armenia’s rich natural heritage and the challenges of conservation, as well as making connections between young people in Armenia and the Diaspora through

environmental education.” “Plant an Idea, Plant a Tree” was Armenia’s first teacher’s manual for environmental education and it was released by ATP in 2005. It received approval from Armenia’s National Institute of Education and the Center for Curriculum Development of the Ministry of Education and Science for integration into the secondary school system. The OSCE Yerevan Office partnered with ATP and supported the publication of the manual. “Plant an Idea, Plant a Tree” quickly gained in popularity among teachers and schoolchildren, and a second edition was released by ATP earlier this year. Alla Berberyan is currently visiting Armenian schools in the U.S. to meet with teachers and students about the Building Bridges Program. Several schools are hosting assemblies where ATP is presenting an informative and interactive lesson about Armenia’s environment from the “Plant an Idea, Plant a Tree” manual. In the first phase of the project, Ms. Berberyan is visiting schools in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston. In addition to the curriculum materials, ATP is encouraging students from Diaspora schools to visit the Michael and Virginia Ohanian Environmental Education Center at ATP’s nursery in Karin Village when they travel to Armenia. Several schools have already done so, including the St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School in Watertown. “We are grateful that the trustees of the Thomas A. Kooyumjian Family Foundation have supported this ATP pilot program as part of their mission to foster a stronger sense of Armenian-American identity,” added Ms. Berberyan. “We hope this work strengthens the bonds between Armenia and the Diaspora and further engages young Armenians to become stewards of the environment.” “We believe that it’s the children who will end up being the great drivers of this project, she continued. “Some of the children to whom we have presented our material have already become strong advocates for ATP and environmental protection. They

are making presentations in their schools, talking to their parents about Armenia’s environment, and putting together lemonade stands to raise money to plant trees.”


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Tankian, ANCA, AYF Launch ‘Yes, It’s Genocide’ Campaign

Urge President Obama to Recognize Armenian Genocide and Stop Killings in Darfur

Grammy-winning multi-platinum singer/song writer Serj Tankian has teamed with the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) and the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) in calling on President Obama to honor his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide and take decisive action to end the genocide in Darfur, with the September 9th launch of the “Yes, It’s Genocide” campaign. The effort, named in honor of the song of the same name released on September 21st on Tankian’s “Imperfect Harmonies” album, encourages Tankian fans and anti-genocide activists to visit and send a free ANCA Webmail to President Obama to take immediate action. “We are honored to team up with Serj and the AYF once again to expand Armenian Genocide education and anti-genocide activism through this innovative ‘Yes, It’s Genocide’ campaign,” stated ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian. “No doubt, President Obama’s actions to date on the Armenian and Darfur Genocides have fallen far short of his own

commitments and, more importantly, of the core American values that should guide our nation’s policies. Together, through continued vigilance, increased outreach and broad grassroots activism, we must, as citizens, create the political will necessary to compel our government to deal truthfully and justly with all genocides.” “Imperfect Harmonies” is Tankian’s second solo studio release, following up his critically acclaimed 2007 solo debut “Elect the Dead”. “Where Elect the Dead was essentially a rock record with progressive melodic elements,” Tankian says, “’Imperfect Harmonies’ could be classified as rock because it is punchy with many peaks throughout, but the instrumentation is somewhat different. Though there are live drums, bass, and some guitars, the driving aspects are electronic and orchestral. It’s quite unique in its sound palette. This is, in essence, music that has sat in the vat and matured to a ripe sensation and is now ready to serve.” “Imperfect Harmonies” eighth track, “Yes, It’s Genocide,” is a moving tribute to the victims of genocide, with its haunting music and Armenian lyrics inspired by the fear, terror, life and ultimate death of 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide and a century of genocides to follow. Portions of the melody were first featured in Tankian’s 2009 video entreaty to President Obama titled “As President I will Recognize the Armenian Genocide,” which

Gerard Depardieu Discusses Genocide, Culture in Armenia

Depardieu meets with President Serzh Sarkisian In early September, renowned French actor, director, and producer Gerard Depardieu visited Armenia, where he received a film prize, met President Sarkisian, visited the Dzidzernagapert Armenian Genocide Memorial, and talked about playing in a film on Armenian history and the Genocide. Depardieu received the Armenian National Assembly Medal of Honor and a Garot 2010 Festival Prize. The International Garot Festival is organized under the auspices of National Assembly speaker Hovik Abrahamyan, who presented Depardieu with the medal and prize. Depardieu said he intends to organize a film festival in Armenia, and personally encourage other European artists to visit the country, according to a press release from the National Assembly. Depardieu also met with President Serzh Sarkisian, who said Depardieu’s participation in the festival was a supportive gesture in promoting Armenian culture. “We Armenians are in general a very emotional people,” Sarkisian said. “We view ourselves as a culture-loving nation and believe that culture is the core of our national identity. We constantly receive impulses and signals from that core, from our roots, and these signals sustain our resilience.” “I am too very proud and thankful to be here, in Armenia,” noted Depardieu. “Here I feel like an Armenian. With time I came to know many Armenians living in France, who after the genocide of 1915 were able to go on living and rebuilt their lives thanks to their culture and resilience. They are directors and filmmakers like Henri Verneuil, artists like Jansem, singers

and composers like Charles Aznavour. That’s why I responded with pleasure to the invitation of the Armenian Fund for Cultural Development, especially after seeing pictures of your country. When a country has such long-established traditions and amazing geography it means that the Armenians have a very tolerant, generous, and rich nature,” Depardieu said. Depardieu said he finds the word “Garot” (nostalgia) interesting, and understands why it has a special meaning for Armenians, the majority of whom live outside Armenia. “In France I am familiar with numerous Armenians. I know why the Armenians are there. I know what the genocide means, that it took place in 1915,” said Depardieu. “Today I visited the genocide victims’ complex, and it greatly impressed me,” said the actor, adding, “I think that Turkey has already begun the process of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Here I don’t want to speak about the politics, but I know that there are countries that have raised that issue before Turkey.” Depardieu also said that he is familiar with fourth-generation French-Armenians. “ One thing always surprises me—they have never forgotten either their traditions or their language.” He also said he would gladly make a film about a period in Armenian history, with the help of actors of Armenian origin. Depardieu has won numerous honors and awards, including an Academy Award nomination for the main role in “Cyrano de Bergerac” (1990) and a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in “Green Card” (1990).

included remarks by fellow artists and antigenocide activists Tom Morello, Boots Riley and Congressional Representative Adam Schiff (DCA). The video, which has over 237,000 views,

was launched during the ANCA’s “Fierce Urgency of Now” campaign in the weeks leading up to April 24th, the international day of recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Daniel Decker: Armenian by Choice Born in Puerto Rico and trained at the famed Crane School of Music in New York, Daniel Decker has charted a uniquely original musical course, incorporating jazz, classical, pop and world music and infusing them into his works. His musical journey has taken him to Ar­ menia, Australia, Russia, England, Puerto Rico, Canada, as well as across the United States. As an “Armenian by choice”, Daniel has been called a cultural ambassador of Armenians around the world. A tireless advocate for inter­ national recognition of the Armenian genocide, Daniel has received critical acclaim for both his musical and humanitarian work for Armenia. He was presented with the coveted Karot award at the Kremlin in Moscow, as has received numerous other awards in recognition of his work on behalf of Armenia and his contributions to Armenian culture. On April 24, 2005 he was officially invited by the Armenian government to sing his song “Adana” at a special concert in Yerevan, Arme­ nia to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which was broadcast live on Armenian television, and featured on BBC, CNN and Fox News worldwide. To date, “Adana” has been translated into 21 languages and recorded by singers and musicians from around the world. “Adana” is named after the city where one of the first massacres of the Armenian people took place, and recounts the story of the Arme­ nian Genocide, during which soldiers of the Ottoman Empire forced 1.5 million Armenians into starvation, torture and extermination. “I wrote ”Adana” not only as a way to draw inter­ national attention to a terrible tragedy, but as a source of healing to the Armenian people,” explains Daniel. Cross Rhythms, one of Eu­ rope’s leading print magazines and web portals said of “Adana”, “seldom has a disaster of untold suffering produced such a magnificent piece of art.” His song “Noah’s Prayer” was debuted in 2002 at the Sardarabad monument in Armenia to celebrate Armenian Independence day. In attendance were Armenian President Robert Kocharian, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of Holy See of Cilicia, as well as ambassadors from countries around the world. The concert, which was broadcast live on Armenian television, and via

Daniel Decker satellite to over 30 nations, has catapulted Daniel to celebrity status in Armenia. As with "Adana", Daniel’s epic lyrics complement the musical landscape of Armenian composer Ara Gevorgyan. Currently, Daniel is recording a new CD of beloved Armenian songs, the first time a non-Armenian has ever recorded an entire project in the Armenian language. His goals in creating this unique project are to uplift the Armenian spirit and to introduce the richness of Armenian music and culture to nonArmenians. As Daniel has often said, “Noah’s Ark came to rest on Armenian Mount Ararat, so everyone is Armenian, they just don’t know it yet”. The CD, is entitled “Armenian by Choice”, and include musical contributions from Ara Gevorgyan, Karen Margaryan, Nerses Bala­ banian, Kevork Andonian and a special duet with Leyla Saribekyan. The track list includes “Cilicia”, “Dle Yaman”, Martiki Yerke”, “Aghjka Ergy”, “Akhr Yes Inchpes”, “Siro Gisher”, “Hay­ otz Askhar”, Aregakin Petke Hervitz Nayel”, “Sers Vanqum Tatevi” and Armenian language versions of “Adana” and “Noah’s Prayer”.

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European Court: Turkey Failed to Protect Hrant Dink

On Sept. 14, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Turkish authorities “failed in their duty to protect the life and freedom of expression of the journalist Firat (Hrant) Dink.” The court decided that Turkey should pay 100,000 euros to Dink’s wife, Rakel, and children, and 5,000 euros to his brother, in addition to 28,595 euros to the applicants jointly

Nisanyan to Sue Turkey at European Court

for costs and expenses. The court unanimously found that Turkey had committed two violations of Article 2 (right to life, lack of an effective investigation), a violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression), and a violation of Article 13 (right to an effective remedy), in conjunction with Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This chamber judgment is not final. During the three-month period following its delivery, any party may request the case be referred to the Grand Chamber of the Court. If such a request is made, a panel of judges considers whether the case deserves further examination. In that event, the Grand Chamber will hear the case and deliver a final judgment. If the referral request is refused, the chamber judgment will become final on the day the request is rejected. Once a judgment becomes final, it is A view of Nisanyan hotels transmitted to the Committee of Ministers of the Turkish-Armenian entrepreneur and scholar Council of Europe for supervision of its Sevan Nisanyan is appealing to the European execution. Court for Human Rights to stop the demolition order on his hotels. The Nisanyan Hotels are located in Sirince, Izmir, a village of around 600 inhabitants in the Aegean hills. Nisanyan settled there 15 years ago, and almost single-handedly turned the small village into a booming tourist spot. Nisanyan purchased and renovated many houses in Sirince, using traditional methods of building while preserving the aesthetics authentic to the area. He then converted them into what are known today as the Nisanyan Hotels. Nisanyan noted that to date, 16 criminal charges have been brought against him–all related to “unauthorized construction,” “unauthorized repair work,” and “defying government orders”– calling for a 50-year prison sentence. Five cases have concluded, serving him with a total of 10.5 years in prison. His appeals are pending. The campaign against Nisanyan and his

hotels has made headlines before. In 2004, Hakan Ataman, in an article for Radikal, wrote: “There are 40,000 illegal buildings waiting to be demolished in Izmir; 70 percent of the buildings in Istanbul are illegal; 80 percent of [touristic] facilities in Olimpos are illegal; all of the buildings in Sirince are illegal. Turkey is a paradise of illegal buildings. Yet for some reason the Nisanyan houses are targeted.” Many believe that the demolition order is meant to punish Nisanyan for his outspokenness. Nisanyan, who was awarded the 2004 Freedom of Thought Award by the Human Rights Association of Turkey, has often voiced views that are controversial in the tightly censored Turkish society. His last comments about the Armenian Genocide, made during a Turkish television debate program, resulted in the punishment of the airing station by Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK), which claimed Nisanyan’s comments were excessively critical and “humiliated the Republic of Turkey.”

New Hotel in Jerusalem May Turn Armenian Church Into Community Centre

(ArmeniaNow)-The ongoing dispute between the Jerusalem municipality and the Armenian Patriarchy over the status of an Armenian church there is in the focus of the Armenian communities both in Israel and in Armenia. The Armenian St. Gregory the Illuminator Church, which belongs to the local Armenian Patriarchate for 60 years, faces closer to make space for a Jewish community center. The church now stands on a site of planned construction of a Jerusalem-municipality approved hotel complex. The church would not be leveled, but instead would be converted into a community center in the yard of the complex. Some Jewish residents of the neighborhood district oppose having the church closed, and on September 5 joined more than 300 protestors at the site, including representatives of the Armenian Patriarchate. The Church was built by Germans, in 1887. Later, only after the exile of Templars (members of the Catholic Spiritual Knights Order, founded in the 12th century in Jerusalem), the church was donated to the Armenian Patriarchate. An estimated 11,000 Armenians live in Jerusalem.

Koryun Archimandrite Baghdasaryan, representative of the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem, said the issue of the church will be discussed at the Regional Commission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel. The Patriarchate will attend the commission's session and submit their arguments. Baghdasaryan is hesitant to say whether the move is seen as a step to weaken the Armenian Church in Jerusalem, but he stated that the construction of the hotel complex holds the interests of the Jerusalem mayor, who in his pre-election campaign promised to raise the number of tourists annually visiting the city from two to ten million. According to Baghdasaryan, there are a few reasons why other non-Armenian of the district are against the construction of the hotel complex. "Intellectual people live in the German district: they are for having representatives of different nations and religions in their community. Besides, the district is of historical value, they want to preserve that value. Also, they are sure that the hotel complex might disturb their rest," he said.

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3107 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario M1T 3J7

Frank DeFilippo Sales Representative

Roupen Bedrosian Sales Representative

2010 30¼.ÐàÎîºØ´ºð î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60




ARS “Roubina” Chapter


Ð. ú. Ø.-Ç èáõµÇݳ سëݳ×ÇõÕÇ Ð³Ù³Éë³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý Øñó³Ý³Ï - ÎñóÃáß³ÏÝ»ñ 2010 - 2011 ï³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇÝ Ñ³Ù³ñ Ð.ú.Ø.-Ç ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ èáõµÇݳ Ù³ëݳ×ÇõÕÁ 1997-¿Ý Ç í»ñ ѳëï³ï³Í ¿ ѳٳÉë³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý Ùñó³Ý³Ï-ÏñóÃáß³ÏÝ»ñª Ð³Û áõë³ÝáÕÝ»ñáõ ѳٳñ: 2010-2011 ï³ñ»ßñç³ÝÇ ¹ÇÙáõÙݳ·ñ»ñÁ ϪÁݹáõÝáõÇÝ Ñ»ï»õ»³É ÎñóÃáß³ÏÝ»ñáõÝ Ñ³Ù³ñ.-

ºñÏáõ (2) ÎñóÃáß³ÏÝ»ñª ѳٳÉë³ñ³ÝÇ ²é³çÇÝ ï³ñáõ³Ý ѳٳñ. Ø¿Ï (1) ÎñóÃá߳Ϫ ѳٳÉë³ñ³ÝÇ áñ»õ¿ ï³ñáõ³Ý ϳ٠Íñ³·ñÇÝ Ñ³Ù³ñ (Bachelor, Master, or PhD degrees). §¸ñû ܳ׳ñ»³ÝÇ ÚÇß³ï³ÏǦ ÎñóÃá߳Ϫ ѳٳÉë³ñ³ÝÇ áñ»õ¿ ï³ñáõ³Ý ϳ٠Íñ³·ñÇÝ Ñ³Ù³ñ (Bachelor, Master, or PhD degrees): ÀÝïñáõÃÇõÝÁ ÏÁ ϳï³ñáõÇ µ³ñÓñ³·áÛÝ ÝÇß»ñáõ »õ Ñ³Û ·³ÕáõÃ¿Ý Ý»ñë ϳٳõáñ ͳé³Ûáõû³Ý ÑÇÙ³Ý íñ³Û:

¸ÇÙáõÙݳ·ñ»ñÁ Ï'ÁݹáõÝáõÇÝ ÙÇÝã»õ ÜáÛ»Ùµ»ñ 30, 2010 êáÛÝ Øñó³Ý³Ï - ÎñóÃáß³ÏÝ»ñÁ ѳëï³ïáõ³Í »Ý úÝóñÇáÛÇ Ù¿ç µÝ³ÏáÕ ÉÇ³Å³Ù Ñ³Û Ñ³Ù³Éë³ñ³Ý³Ï³Ý áõë³ÝáÕÝ»ñáõ ѳٳñ:

¸ÇÙáõÙݳ·ñ»ñÁ ϳñ»ÉÇ ¿ ëï³Ý³É Ñ»é³Ó³ÛÝ»Éáí Ð.ú.Ø.-Ç ·ñ³ë»Ý»³Ï 416-491-2900 »õ ϳ٠³Ûó»É»Éáí ϳÛù¿çÁ: ÎñóÃáß³ÏÇ Ú³ÝÓݳËáõÙµ, ÂáñáÝÃû

Ø»Í Îáñáõëï ...

see answers reversed in this page

Þ³ñ. ¿ç 5-¿Ý

äáëÃÁÝ Ï»óáõû³Ý ÁÝóóùÇÝ Ïþ³ß˳ï³ÏóÇ §Ð³Ûñ»ÝÇù¦ ûñ³Ã»ñÃÇÝ« áõñ ³éÇÃÁ ÏþáõÝ»Ý³Û Í³ÝûóݳÉáõ Ù»ñ Ùï³õáñ³Ï³Ý »õ Ïáõë³Ïó³Ï³Ý ¹¿Ùù»ñáõÝ »õ ջϳí³ñÝ»ñáõÝ£ ì»ñ³¹³éݳÉáí ä³Õï³ï« áñå¿ë ³Ý·É»ñ¿Ý É»½áõÇ ¹³ë³Ëûë ÏÁ å³ßïûݳí³ñ¿ ä³Õï³ïÇ ²Ù»ñÇÏ»³Ý ¶áÉ¿×ÇÝ Ù¿ç£ ØÇ»õÝáÛÝ ³ï»Ý Ïþ³ß˳ïÇ United Press-ÇÝ »õ Associated Press-ÇÝ` áñå¿ë ÃÕóÏÇó£ 1960-Ç Ï¿ë»ñáõÝ Ford Foundation-Ç Ññ³õ¿ñáí ÏÁ Ù»ÏÝÇ ê¿áõï³Ï³Ý ²ñ³µÇáÛ èdzï ù³Õ³ùÁª áñå¿ë ³Ý·É»ñ¿Ý É»½áõÇ ¹³ë³Ëûë£

1967-Ç å³ï»ñ³½ÙÇ ûñ»ñáõÝ« ³Ý í»ñçݳϳݳå¿ë ÏÁ ѳëï³ïáõÇ ÂáñáÝÃû« áõñ áñå¿ë ³Ý·É»ñ¿Ý É»½áõÇ ¹³ë³Ëûë ÏÁ å³ßïûݳí³ñ¿ Humber CollegeÇ Ù¿çª ÙÇÝã»õ Çñ ѳݷëï»³Ý ÏáãáõÇÉÁª 1992-ÇÝ£ ºñ³Ù»³Ý Ù»Í Ý»ñ¹ñáõÙ áõÝ»ó³Í ¿ Ñ³Û Ï»³Ýù¿Ý Ý»ñë »õ áñå¿ë Ùß³Ïáõóë¿ñ »Õ³Í ¿ гٳ½·³ÛÇÝÇ »õ ÂáñáÝÃáÛÇ §¶É³Óáñ¦ سëݳ×ÇõÕÇÝ ·áñÍáõÝ ³Ý¹³Ù£ ì»ñçÇÝ ï³ñÇÝ»ñáõÝ ³Ý ³ß˳ï³Ïó³Í ¿ §Ðáñǽáݦ »õ §Ð³Ûñ»ÝÇù¦ ß³µ³Ã³Ã»ñûñáõÝ, §²ëå³ñ¿½¦ ûñ³Ã»ñÃÇÝ »õ “Armenian Reporter”-ÇÝ£ ²Ý Ñ»ÕÇݳÏÝ ¿ “Two Klomen From Chengiler” ѳïáñÇÝ«

áõñ Ý»ñϳ۳óáõó³Í ¿ Çñ ÍÝáÕùÇÝ ï³ñ³·ñáõû³Ý ï³é³å³ÉÇó Ï»³ÝùÁ£ Ú³Ïáµ ºñ³Ù»³Ý Çñ ùñáçª êÇñ³ñ÷ÇÇÝ Ñ»ï ¹³ñÓ³Ý µ³ñ»ñ³ñÝ»ñ ÐúØ-Ç ì³ñųñ³ÝÇÝ« ³ÛÝ Ëáñ ѳõ³ïùáí »õ ѳÙá½áõÙáí« áñ Ù»ñ ³½·Ç ·áÛ³ï»õÙ³Ý ³½¹³ÏÝ»ñ¿Ý Ù¿ÏÁ Ñ³Û í³ñųñ³ÝÝ ¿£ êÇñ»ÉÇ Ú³Ïᵫ ѳÛáõ ׳ϳﳷñÇ ¹³Å³Ý áõ ¹Åáõ³ñÇÝ Ñ³Ý·ñáõ³ÝÝ»ñÁ ù»½ ¹³ñÓáõóÇÝ ïáÏáõÝ »õ ѳÛñ»Ý³ë¿ñ ѳÛáñ¹Ç ÙÁ£ øáõ Ùï³õáñ³Ï³ÝÇ »õ ³½·³ë¿ñÇ ³½ÝÇõ ïÇå³ñ¹ ÙÇßï åÇïÇ ÛÇßáõÇ µ³ñ»Ï³ÙÝ»ñáõ¹ »õ ѳñ³½³ïÝ»ñáõ¹ ÏáÕÙ¿ »õ ùáõ Ó·³Í ÛÇß³ï³ÏÝ»ñáõ¹ Áݹٿç¿Ý Û³õ¿ï åÇïÇ ³åñÇë Ù»ñ ÛÇßáÕáõû³Ý Ù¿ç£




̲Êàô ¶àð̲îºÔÆ

̳Ëáõ ¿ 1300 ù³é© áïù ·áñͳï»ÕÇ ÙÁ scarborough–Ç Ù¿ç« ·ñ³ë»Ý»³ÏÝ»ñáí »õ Ù³ùáõñ íÇ׳ÏÇ Ù¿ç: ̳Ëáõ ¿ ÝáÛÝå¿ë Ù»Í ù³Ý³Ïáõû³Ùµ ϳñÇ åÇïáÛùÝ»ñ« ¹»ñÓ³ÝÝ»ñ« “½ÇµÁñ”Ý»ñ »õ ѳ½³ñ ï»ë³Ï ³ÛÉ µ³Ý»ñ: ØdzÛÝ Ë³ÝáõÃÁ í³ñÓ»É »õ ·áñÍÇ ëÏëÇÉ: лï³ùñùñáõáÕÝ»ñÁ ÏñÝ³Ý ¹ÇÙ»É ºÕdz êÇõÙåÇõÉ»³ÝÇÝ Ñ»é³Ó³ÛÝ»Éáíª 416-494-2555 ÃÇõÇÝ:

Torontohye Newspaper Publisher Torontohye communications Inc. 45 Hallcrown Place Willowdale, ON M2J 4Y4 Phone: (416) 491- 2900 ext. 3 Fax: (416) 491- 2211

γñÇÝ ê³ÕïÁ×»³Ý





60 Deerbrook Trl., Toronto Direct: 647-224-6668 Res.: 416-491-6668

Free Estimate Editor

Karin Saghdejian

¼³ñ»Ñ î»ñíÇß»³Ý лé.ª 416-434-3437

²ñßû ¼³ù³ñ»³Ý Design & Graphics: ê»õ³Ï Ú³ñáõÃÇõÝ»³Ý êáõñ¿Ý â¿ùÇ×»³Ý Ara Ter Haroutunian лé.ª 416-878-0746 ê³ñÇÏ ä³å»³Ý Email: ø³Ãdz î¿ñ Úáí³ÏÇÙ»³Ý

¾ç³¹ñáõÙ ²ñ³ î¿ñ Ú³ñáõÃÇõÝ»³Ý

We are looking for a caregiver for our 15 month old daughter. Someone who can supervise and care for her, dress and bathe her, prepare her meals and her rest period and change her diapers. Someone who can organize activities such as games and outings and who will read to her. Also someone who can perform house keeping duties. Please reply to if you are interested.




Caretaker needed

~ English/phonics/reading ~ Science ~ Math ~ Social Studies ~ Armenian Meghedi Mnatzakanian

(416) 492-5036

HomeLife/Visi n Realty Inc., Brokerage

Independently Owned and Operated

Jules Bedoyan Sales Representative Tel: 416.383.1828 cell: 416.553.7985

Math Tutoring (Gr.5 – Gr.12)

Math Contests Preparations

(Gauss, Pascal etc.)

Arto Hacherian



ÐàÎîºØ´ºð 2010 ¼. î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

î²ðºÎ²Ü îúܲì²Ö²è

ANNUAL BAZAAR Þ³µ³Ã ÜáÛ»Ùµ»ñ 7 ÎÇñ³ÏÇ ÜáÛ»Ùµ»ñ 8

Saturday Nov. 7 Sunday Nov. 8

11:00 - 10:00 pm 11:00 - 6:00

Ð³Û ºñÇï³ë³ñ¹³Ï³Ý λ¹ñáÝÇ Ù¿ç Armenian Youth Centre 50 Hallcrown Place. Toronto, Ontario, M2J 1P6 Armenian Pavillion Wide selection of giftware Linens, toys, games, christmas decorations Huge collection of costume jewellery

Handbags and much much more Come and taste delectable Armenian dishes and desserts ´³½Ù³ï»ë³Ï Ýáõ¿ñÝ»ñ Ï³Õ³Ý¹Ç ½³ñ¹³ñ³ÝùÝ»ñ ˳ջñ ïݳÛÇÝ åÇïáÛùÝ»ñ ѳٳ¹³Ù ׳߻ñ ѳ׻ÉÇ ³Ý³ÏÝϳÉÝ»ñ... ³Ýáõ߻տÝÝ»ñ гÛÏ³Ï³Ý ï³Õ³õ³ñ íÇ׳ϳѳÝáõÃÇõÝ

2010 32 ¼.ÐàÎîºØ´ºð î²ðÆ, ÂÆô 60

TorontoHye Newspaper Volume 6, #1-60 - October 2010  

TorontoHye Newspaper, the largest Armenian community newspaper in the Greater Toronto Area, which distributes to more than 3,000 households...