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B RITTANY + JAX jun e twenty-ninth

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always been special to Brittany, who grew up helping her papaw raise tobacco. When she moved away, she missed the open space and starry skies. Since she was a little girl, she dreamed of getting married at The Kentucky Castle, even when it was closed and in disrepair. When Jax finally got the chance to tour the site, he was instantly hooked, too–so much so that he secretly told the people giving them the tour that he was going to propose and that they’d be getting married there!

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Born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky has

our years ago, Brittany was in Las Vegas to celebrate her friend Cara Tabor’s birthday. Jax came up and asked Brittany for her number. They spent the next couple days together and knew right away that they had a strong connection. They traveled back and forth from Kentucky to Los Angeles until Brittany finally made the move to California.

brittany + jax



brittany + jax

Brittany knew she wanted the ceremony to be classic and beautiful. She achieved this with white flowers accented with blue. The bride’s garter was made from her mother’s wedding gown. Jax set up a seat for his late father with an urn, a photo of him and flowers to honor his memory on the important day. The couple decided not to have a first look moment, saving that for the ceremony. When she walked down the aisle, Brittany said she couldn’t stop smiling. Lance Bass officiated the wedding–Brittany said her inner middle schooler was freaking out that a member of *NSYNC was a part of her wedding day!

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In contrast to the understated ceremony, the reception was bright and fun. Brittany said she wanted everyone to know it was time to party! Her vision was to have hanging wildflowers and her wedding planner went above and beyond to make it a reality. From white flower walls with mirrored stands bearing huge vases to candelabras filled with colorful flowers, everything was eye-catching and beautiful. Sharing Kentucky with her guests was special to Brittany, and she said they were bowled over with the southern hospitality and natural beauty of the area. Since Brittany and Jax both love Hooter’s, their late-night reception party featured Hooter’s Girls passing trays of wings and fried pickles. It was a fun touch that brought a ton of personality to the event. Guests danced the night away and helped celebrate this unique couple on their special day.

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brittany + jax


brittany + jax

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE Chil d h o o d d reams m e e t e l e gant Sou th er n charm in t his fê t e f it fo r a prin cess .


Yo u can easil y in co rpo rat e f l owe r s i n to just abo ut e v e ry aspe ct o f t h e d écor. F ro m t h e f l owe r wal l back d ro p t o th e gre e n e ry d ripping fro m t h e cand ela b ra s , e v e ryt hing fe e l s fre sh and v ibran t.


Mak ing yo ur ce l e brat io n spe cial so m e t im e s m eans l ist e ning t o yo u r i n n er chil d . I f yo u'v e be e n d reaming o f you r wed d ing d ay al l yo ur l ife , d o n't qu es ti on yo ur cl ear v isio n. I nst ead , e mbra ce y ou r e nt husiasm and marv e l as yo ur drea m s co m e t o l ife .


H av ing a mut ed co l o r pal e t t e fo r th e ce re m o ny mak e s a bo l d re ce pt io n rea lly shin e ! G ue st s wil l be wowed by t h e t ransit io n. I t 's a cl ear ind icat o r tha t th e part y has t rul y be gun.

COLOR PALETTE S o f t , e t h e re a l bl u e p a i re d w i t h w h i t e fl o ra l s, t ra n s i t i o n i n g t o b o l d s u m m e r florals and abundant g reener y set against stark white and cream.

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brittany + jax

T HE TEAM PHOTOS The Malicotes VENUE The Kentucky Castle WEDDING PLANNER Mitchell Christian at The Kentucky Castle CATERING The Kentucky Castle FLORALS Mitchell Christian CAKE Martin e's Pastries


RENTALS Bryant's Rent-All

"Mak e sure it 's wha t yo u bo t h want . You want t his d ay t o b e pe rfe ct fo r yo u both."


- b r itta ny

GOWN Netta BenShabu LIVE BAND Jordan English Band

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CHAN + KEVIN october twenty-seventh

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ike so many couples nowadays, Chan and Kevin met on OkCupid. They were both living in New York at the time. Their first date was the night of the Super Bowl in 2015. They chose the farm where Kevin grew up in Shelbyville, Kentucky as their ceremony location. His father is the fifth generation to run the farm and his parents, grandmother and many other extended family members live on and around the farm to this day. It was also the

first place they traveled together during their first year of dating. The couple worked to balance their ceremony between lighthearted humor (they said that their officiant did a great job of poking fun at them) and meaningful moments that recognized the solemnity of the occasion. The processional was sung by one of Kevin’s cousins, who had sung the same hymn at the wedding of Kevin’s parents three decades prior.

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chan + kevin


chan + kevin Following their “I do” moment, they hopped on the farm ATV, “Tigger”, and disappeared into the far reaches of the farm with their photographer and videographer. They jumped onto bales of hay and dodged bulls out in the field, all while dressed in their fancy suits. They agreed that they wanted the reception set against the backdrop of a beautiful tree line. Their wedding coordinator, Jackie Lee, had an idea to set up two tents; one for dinner and one as a lounge space with sofas. This allowed guests to mix and mingle during the cocktail hour or relax later in the evening. Chan and Kevin worked with an artist, Ruth Oneya, who painted a watercolor of the farm. They used the image on their invitations and other printed materials, including the menu and ceremony program.

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Their principal colors were burgundy, mauve, champagne, blush and white, incorporated in florals and in other elements of the décor. They wanted a contemporary aesthetic that respected and celebrated the Kentucky setting. Traditional vineyard chairs and barnwood bars were paired with beautiful Schott Zweisel glassware. The couple was deeply invested in getting the lighting just right: they projected a fall foliage pattern inside the tents and strung amber lights all around the property. Their best advice to other couples? How ever many candles you’re thinking about, take that number and double it! As a nod to an Indian wedding tradition, Chan’s cousins choreographed a dance to a Bollywood song. The DJ helped roll the number right into the evening’s music, encouraging everyone – even Kevin’s 83-year-old grandmother – to get on their feet. During the mother-son dance, Kevin and Chan were lucky enough to “switch moms” halfway through, a touching moment for certain. As if the night couldn’t get any more exciting, everything was capped off with a fireworks show over the open fields.

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chan + kevin


chan + kevin

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE A co upl e wh o we re n't afraid t o ta ke a wal k o n t h e d ark sid e . I nst ead o f goi ng fo r t h e airy, bright hue s, t ry a t h em e t hat 's f il l ed wit h m o o d y co l o rs and co nt e mpo rary e l e m e nt s t o st il l ca ptu re t hat cl assic ro man ce fe e l ing.


I f yo u're wed d ing st yl e has an ov era ll m o o d y v ibe , t h e n a l o t o f t hat wi ll co m e fro m yo ur ph o t o graph e r. Ch oos i ng so m e o n e wh o has a m o re d im-l it ph oto st yl e wil l h e l p capt ure yo ur d e tails i n t h e way yo u're e nv isio ning!


T h e se ge nt l e m e n ch o se t h e pe rfe ct bal an ce o f co l o r t o nat ural gre e n er y t o bring t h e ir f l o ral s t o l ife . W h en creat ing t his mut ed pal e t t e , go for n e ut ral f l owe rs wit h a fe w po ps of red and burgund y t o k e e p it fe e l ing s u b tle ov e ral l .


A l l d ark and ro mant ic wed d ing pa lettes wil l m o st l ik e l y in cl ud e ant ique gold e l e m e nt s t hro ugh o ut. Using go l d ce nt e rpie ce s and sign fram e s wil l bring in t hat cl assic ro man ce t hat co mpl im e nt s yo ur e nt ire wed d ing s pa ce.

COLOR PALETTE A classic fall wedding with a bohemian and moody twist. Neutral c o l o rs l i k e i v o r y a n d bl a ck p a i re d with deep burgundy and mauve.

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chan + kevin

T HE TEAM PHOTOS Brandi Potter Photography VIDEO Justin Skeens VENUE Kevin's family farm PLANNER Every Last Detail FOOD Jeff Thomas Catering David Willocks


SWEETS T h e B a k e r ' s Ta b l e

"Re m e mbe r t h e li ttle d e t ail s t hat wil l h elp mak e yo ur gue sts m ore co mfo rt abl e . I t goes a l o ng way. "

FLOWERS Lovely Leaves Florals S TAT I O N E RY Ruth Oneya Illustrations


CHALKBOARDS Jubilee Knox Chalks R E N TA L S/D E C O R All Occasions Rental LIGHTING Vincent Lighting DJ C r a i g Wa i t s



S o f t d u s t y bl u e p a i re d w i t h a cl a s s i c k h a k i sW. uiA t . . ALc oc eenf tfel de rw Ei tnh t be erapurtiisf eu sl w h i t e s, bl u s h p i n k fl o ra l s a n d w h i m s i c a l g r e e n e r y.

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JU LIE + SETH october twentieth

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orn and raised in Kentucky, these two UK alums fell in love with The Apiary as their reception venue. Not only was it the perfect size for their guest list, but it was also within walking distance of the ceremony site, St. Paul Catholic Church. They loved the hidden oasis ambiance of The Apiary, which is tucked away in the downtown area.

Julie attached a coin to her bouquet featuring Man o’ War that had belonged to her grandfather, allowing her to keep a little piece of him near her throughout her special day. Seth’s tuxedo had their initials on the inner lining and the inside of the collar was embroidered with their wedding date. The bride and bridesmaids carried bouquets featuring white flowers and succulents.

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julie + seth


julie + seth Though Julie and Seth consider themselves to be a more traditional couple, they chose to do a first look moment. They were glad because the moment helped calm their nerves and provided a little moment for the two of them to take a moment to themselves. Because the church was so beautiful, Julie and Seth kept the décor very simple. Eucalyptus lined the pews and the flower girl tossed eucalyptus leaves as she made her way up the aisle. Though Seth flubbed his vows twice in a row and Julie put his wedding band on the wrong finger, they loved their intimate ceremony and wouldn’t do anything differently. Inside of The Apiary, the décor carried on a fresh, bright feel. Each guest table bore a unique flower arrangement that featured greenery and white blooms. Simple white plates rested atop silver chargers, paired with green velvet napkins. Acrylic signage helped keep the look as light and airy as possible. Farm tables served as the head table with contrasting velvet blue napkins and a leafy garland stretching the length. Mismatched gold and brass candle holders held up steel blue candles. The rustic cake featured more succulents. Gold leaf detail brought in the luxe element of the decor. For a touch of fun, Julie changed dresses for the reception. Guests danced, dined and signed a guest book made of a white globe. At the end of the night, everyone lined the walkway, holding sparklers to give the couple a bright send off into their future. TOPS Weddings | 28

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julie + seth


julie + seth

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE Yo u can hav e a fal l wed d ing wit h ou t t h e d ark pal e t t e . I n co rpo rat ing pa tter n s and co l o r, t his brid e sh owed t h e per fect re cipe fo r a beaut iful whimsical ga rden wed d ing in Oct o be r.


A fun way t o ad d so m e unique n e ss t o yo ur v isio n is t o in co rpo rat e m i xmat ch ed brid e smaid d re sse s. W h eth er it be in t h e co l o r, st yl e o r pat t e rn, thi s t rick wil l al l ow yo ur t ribe t o bri ng ou t t h e ir own pe rso nal st yl e whil e stay i ng wit hin yo ur wed d ing pal e t t e .


To ad d t h o se e ye-cat ching d e tail s tha t yo ur gue st s are sure t o n o t ice , go for a fun pat t e rn ed pl at e d e sign o r ro ma n ti c v e l v e t napk ins in v arying shad e s. Thi s brid e ch o se t o use d ust y bl ue fo r th e h ead tabl e and e m e ral d gre e n fo r th e re maining tabl e s; what a pe rfe ct pa i r !


To h e l p k e e p t h e l o o k gro und ed and n ot ov e rl y summ e ry, t his brid e ch o se to in co rpo rat e wo o d e n chairs, l eav ing s om e o f t h e tabl e s bare wit h o ut tabl e cloths . T his h e l ps pul l in nat ural e l e m e n ts tha t v ibe we l l wit h an earl y fal l wed di ng.

COLOR PALETTE S h a d e s o f d u s t y bl u e a n d g ra y p a i re d w i t h cl a s s i c bl a ck t i e. S t a y i n g i n t h e s a m e c o l o r f a m i l y, e m e r a l d g r e e n s a n d s a g e a c c o m p a n i e d p o p s o f bl u e t h r o u g h o u t t h e d e c o r.

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julie + seth

T HE TEAM PHOTOS Created with Grace Photography VIDEO W h i t e O w l We d d i n g s VENUE St. Paul Cath olic Church The Apiary FOOD The Apiary SWEETS Martin e's Pastries


PLANNER/FLOWERS W h i t e C a t We d d i n g s

"Re m e mbe r t hat i t is abo ut t h e t wo of yo u and t o e njo y a ll o f t h e smal l m o m en ts t hro ugh o ut yo ur wed d ing d ay t hat y ou wil l re m e mbe r for a l ife t im e ."

RENTALS Bryant's Rent All BRIDAL GOWN M o d e r n Tr o u s s e a u B R I D A L PA RT Y J e n n y Yo o

-julie + seth

GROOM/GROOMSMEN Groom - Crittenden Rawlings M e n - T h e B l a c k Tu x HAIR H a i r b y M a d d i e Wo f f MAKEUP

COLO C aR r o l iP n eAL L e e EMT a kTe uEp S o f t d u s t y bl u e p a i re d w i t h a cl a s s i c k h a kSi Ts uAi t T . AI cO c eN n t eEd RwYi t h/ Sb eIaG u tN i f uSl M i n w h i t e s , b l u s h p i n k f l o r a l s at en dd w h i m s i c a l g r e e n e r y.

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ASHLEY + TRAVIS january nin eteenth

TOPS Weddings | 32


shley hesitated to swipe right on a Tinder profile because their only friend in common was her dad… but she did anyway, because she thought Travis was cute. Lo and behold, it was a match. When they finally met up, they discovered all kinds of connections between them, even though the two of them had never met. They had both attended UK and Travis had worked–and gone on a date–with one of Ashley’s roommates at the time. Travis and Ashley's father had worked with the same company for 3 years.

The two had been dancing by each other for years, waiting for the perfect moment. The couple chose The Round Barn as their wedding venue because it was beautiful, but would allow them to create the type of intimacy they were looking for, even with a larger guest list. Ashley and Travis now live in New York City, so the wedding was planned remotely. Ashley worked closely with her mother to conceptualize, then relied on their tribe of friends to execute the vision.

TOPS Weddings | 33


ashley + travis


ashley + travis

When the couple chose their wedding date, they had originally planned on selecting a date that worked with Travis’s teaching schedule. When they realized that the date was his late father's birthday, it seemed perfect to the couple. They reserved a seat for the groom’s father with a picture of the two of them. With both the ceremony and reception happening in the same location, it was important to Ashley that it felt like there were two distinctly defined spaces. With the two levels of The Round Barn, this was easily achieved. The ceremony was held downstairs to accommodate the large headcount. Ashley was drawn to a lush, romantic look with soft textures. She loved the idea of keeping a base of white, using greenery and florals as well as gold and brass details to bring in color. White swags helped define the ceremony space. Ashley and Travis were married in the center of the barn under the chandelier with their family and friends surrounding them. Guests were seated at what would become their dinner tables, but they waited until everyone moved upstairs to the cocktail hour to set up the place settings.

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Each table arrangement was personalized and included antiques and other treasures they found at local yard sales and antique stores. The wooden blocks were cut and sanded by Ashley’s uncles and stained by her Papaw. Ashley chose and ordered the flowers for each centerpiece and they were arranged by the couple’s friend, Dusty Menefee, the day before the wedding. The head table backdrop was a fireplace mantel that had been used in the mother of the bride’s dance studio’s production of The Nutcracker for years. It was decorated with trinkets, greenery and a wreath for a sentimental touch. The mother of the bride made handmade the greenery and wreaths. As the night progressed, Ashley and Travis enjoyed spending time with so many loved ones who came from near and far to celebrate a love that seemed Heaven-sent. To make the evening even more special, Ashley arranged for her parents to share their first dance, something they hadn't gotten to do on their own wedding night.

TOPS Weddings | 37


ashley + travis


ashley + travis

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE A d ramat ic t wist o n a cl assic winter wed d ing f il l ed wit h o l d -t im e gl am ou r and ro man ce .


W h e n pl anning a wint e r wed d ing, a po pul ar ch o ice is go ing wit h hue s of red and gre e n fo r t h e at t ire and f l o rals . To ad d t hat d ramat ic f l air, k e e p th os e shad e s d ark and m o o d y wit h spl as h es of m o d e rn mauv e and iv o ry.


I f yo u're l o o k ing t o ad d a bit o f dra m a t o t h e ov e ral l l o o k and fe e l o f yo u r wint e r wed d ing, pl aying wit h t e xtu res is a great pl ace t o start. T hink fa u x f u r shawl s and o rnat e , ant ique fram es a s ce nt e rpie ce s.


To pair wit h yo ur d e e p and ro ma n ti c f l o ral s, in co rpo rat e whimsical v in es a n d t e x t ured gre e n e ry t o ad d t o t h e overa ll wint e r d rama t hat yo u're go ing for. Ke e p t h e shad e s o f gre e n e ry in a da r ker famil y rat h e r t han so ft e ucal ypt us a n d yo u'v e go t a winning f l o ral re cipe.

COLOR PALETTE Classic winter wedding hues of red and green, but with a dramatic twist. T hink bold burgundy and gold paired with moder n mauve and romantic i v o r y.

TOPS Weddings | 38


ashley + travis

T HE TEAM PHOTOS Ashley Rainwater Photography VIDEO Keith and Melissa Photography VENUE The Round Barn Stable of Memories FOOD Bayou Bluegrass Catering SWEETS Bakergirl Custom Cakes

" T h e be st part for u s , was at t h e e nd o f i t al l . . . we we re mar r i ed t o o ur

FLOWERS Stems RENTALS G o f f Te n t s & E v e n t s ( c h a i r s ) B r y a n t ' s R e n t A l l ( Te n t )

BEST FRIEND, and we we re ce l e b ra ti ng wit h so many ama zi ng pe o pl e wh o m we love s o d earl y."

BRIDAL GOWN Bianca Gown by Maggie Soterro Kleinfeld's

- a shley

B R I D A L PA RT Y Kleinfeld in Cabernet GROOM/GROOMSMEN Jos A. Bank The Tie Bar HAIR & NAILS Christopher Johns Salon


S TAT I O N E RY/S I G N S S o f t d u s t y bl u e p a i re d w i t h a Etsy and Zazzle

classic khaki suit. Accented with b e a u t i f u l w h i t e s , b l u s h p iM n k Uf l So rIa C ls M U S I w h i m s i c a l g r e e n e r M i d n i g h t M a g i c E v e n ty.s

BED + BREAKFAST Chateau Annette

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TOPS Weddings | 41

BOHEMIAN HARVEST ed in Stationary: Bio Premium Paper

Photos: Casey Day Photography

Venue: The Vintage Barn

Rescue Dog: Lexington Pit Crew

Cake: Cakes by Coco

Florals & Design: Faith & Feathers

TOPS Weddings | 42

Models: Nick + Alyssa Alcorn

Groom's Tie: My Tie Shop

Hair & Makeup: Kellie-Jo Day








1. Arhaus Wildwood Branch Centerpiece

2. Market on National Red and Blue Lucca Rug

3. Frontgate Libra Leaves 28" wreath

4. Williams Sonoma Oscar De La Renta Coralina Dinnerware

TOPS Weddings | 43

5. Haley Michelle Designs Invitation Suite

EQUESTRIAN DREAM ed in Photos: KM Creatives Kata's Photography

Venue: Harkness Edwards Vineyard

Photography & Design: KM Creatives

TOPS Weddings | 44

Florals & Design: Faith & Feathers

Models: Paige + Trevor Tiller






4 5

1. Frontgate Caspian Horse Statues

2. Southern Drawl Creations Horse Head Glass

3. Ralph Lauren Home Amory CanapĂŠ Plate Set

4. Haley Michelle Designs Table Numbers

TOPS Weddings | 45

5. Arhaus Andres Leather Tray

POPS OF SUMMER ed in Cake: Tinker's Cake Shop

Photos: Kelli Lynn Photography

Venue &Styling : Warenwood Manor

Wedding Paper Suite: Tiny Shindigs (Amelia Adams)

Floral Design: Fields in Bloom

Dress: Twirl Boutique

TOPS Weddings | 46

Hair & Makeup: Pink LouLou Design Studio

Suit: Geno's Formal Affair

Ring: Rivard Fine Jewelry

Rentals: Bryant's Rent-All








1. Anthropologie Tyler Flatware

2. Cardinal and Straw Watercolor Crest Personalized Note Cards

3. Frontgate Tulip In Leaf Cut Vase

TOPS Weddings | 47

4. Vista Alegre Castelo Branco Bowl and Platter

5. Happy as a Lark Cakes Pineapple Flower Hummingbird Cupcakes


TOP Registry Picks PARACHUTE Cloud Cotton Robe

STEAM AND GO Garment Steamer and Steam Mop

DIPTYQUE Scented Candle

TOP Picks

for Your Registry


Pour-Over Coffee Brewer


Bryant Ceylon Percale Flat Sheet


Cameo Platinum Dinner Set



Aladdin Brilliant Serving Fork

No Frost Refrigerator

TOPS Weddings | 48



Le Château 120 Rangetop


Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer in Blue Willow

SFERRA Basketweave Throw

CATSTUDIO Embroidered Kentucky Pillow



Spirit II in Sapphire

Canister Set in Marseilles


TOPS Weddings | 49

DYSON Animal 2 Total Clean


TOP Registry Picks


TOP Registry Picks

POTTERY BARN Shai Square Forged Pendant Light

POTTERY BARN Jacquard Napkin


Union Street Dinnerware Collection


Helium Aero Luggage

SMEG 2x2 Slice Toaster


Learning Thermostat

PELETON Stationary Exercise Bike


Dutch Oven in Oyster

TOPS Weddings | 50


TOP Registry Picks

POTTERY BARN Anton Desktop Clock

PATAGONIA Black Hole Wheeled Duffle Bag

ARHAUS Isola Bench

PENDLETON Motor Robe with Leather Carrier

THIRSTYSTONE Rope Bottle Stopper

WÃœSTHOF Acacia Gourmet Knife Set



Tundra 45

Catalina Drum Pendant

TOPS Weddings | 51


DraftPour System

LIME & MINT FIZZ 24 oz. club soda 1/2 cup fresh lime juice 1/2 cup sugar 1 1/2 cups tequila 1 medium bunch of mint leaves In a large cocktail shaker, shake mint leaves with sugar and lime juice. Strain into a small pitcher and stir in tequila. Pour cocktail over ice. Top off each drink with club soda and serve.




BERRY BASIL MARGARITA 1 can (12 oz.) frozen limeade 10 strawberries 8 basil leaves, crumpled 2 1/2 cups tequila Place limeade concentrate in pitcher, add 2 1/2 cans of water and tequila. Add sliced strawberries to pitcher. Add basil. Chill overnight.

NEGRONI SBAGLIATO 1 1/2 oz. sweet vermouth 1 1/2 oz. Campari 1 1/2 oz. Prosecco Add vermouth and Campari to an ice-ďŹ lled cocktail shaker. Shake and then strain into a glass. Stir in Prosecco. Garnish with an orange slice if desired.

TOPS Weddings | 52



1 bottle (750ml) bourbon 1 oz. simple syrup 10-12 dashes Angostura bitters 8 dashes orange bitters 4 oz. water Pour bourbon into a 1 liter bottle or pitcher that can be tighly sealed. Add bitters, water and simple syrup. Seal and shake well. Refrigerate as needed. Serve over ice.

1 1/2 oz. gin 1 oz. elderflower liquor 3 oz. grapefruit juice, fresh squeezed 1 oz. lemon juice, fresh squeezed 3 drops grapefruit bitters Strain juices to remove pulp. Combine all ingredients in an ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into 2 glasses.

SUNNY WHITE SANGRIA 1 bottle dry white wine 3 tablespoons sugar 3 shots apple liquor 1 lime, sliced 1 lemon, sliced

2 ripe peaches, cut into wedges 3 ripe green apples, cut into wedges 1 pint raspberries sparkling soda water, for topping off

Combine sugar, apple liquor, lime, lemon, peaches and apples in a large pitcher. Cover with 1 bottle of wine and chill sangria for several hours. To serve, spoon fruit into glasses. Add a few fresh raspberries to each glass. Top glasses off with a splash of soda water.



¼ cup pineapple juice ¼ cup pink grapefruit juice 3/8 teaspoon grenadine ½ cup ginger ale ¼ cup bourbon

1 bottle (750ml) Aperol 1 bottle (750ml) Prosecco 3/4 liter seltzer orange slices, for garnish ice

Combine all ingredients and shake in a cocktail shaker. Pour over ice. Garnish with a cherry. Enjoy!

Combine Aperol, Prosecco and seltzer in a large pitcher. Pour mixture over ice and garnish with orange slices.

TOPS Weddings | 53

OLIVIA + COREY july sixth

TOPS Weddings | 54


orey was visiting friends at Morehead State University when he met Olivia. They exchanged numbers that night, but didn’t talk again until five months later. They went back and forth for a while, but Corey’s persistence finally wore Olivia down after a year, and the two officially started dating. Both born and raised in Kentucky, Olivia and Corey now live in Lexington; she is in law

school at UK and he is training to become an airline pilot while serving as a Blackhawk pilot in the Kentucky Army National Guard. As soon as Olivia saw the courtyard of Hotel Covington, she knew she had to have the ceremony there. The couple’s dog, Huey, served as the ring bearer. Two of Olivia’s friends from college sang one of Olivia and Corey’s favorite songs, “Best Part,” as she walked down the aisle.

TOPS Weddings | 55


olivia + corey


olivia + corey

While the ceremony was deeply moving–there was barely a dry eye in the house–a moment of unintended humor earned the groom the nickname Cody Booty. The officiant accidentally called the groom “Cody” and then during his vows, Corey meant to say “beauty” but slipped and said “booty!” The reception was held at the Madison Event Center. Olivia elected not to have a wedding planner and the two of them were very busy in the months leading up to the wedding: Corey was in Arizona for training while she was in Washington, DC. She loved that her venue bundled in many of the details. For everything else, they leaned on their bridesmaids, groomsmen and families for support. One of Olivia’s favorite details was the wooden arbor that her father, stepfather and grandfather put together. It stood over the head table and was draped with tulle to make it match the arbor that stood at the altar. Olivia was also blown away by the work her florist did, adding greenery and blooms throughout the décor. Instead of a guestbook, guests signed little wooden hearts that they dropped into a glass frame. It will make a beautiful keepsake that the couple can hang in their home and reflect on their incredible wedding day. The bride loved having her former cheerleading teammates at the wedding. Olivia changed into a fun reception dress and she and her college friends sang their fight song, performed a chant and even performed a stunt on the floor!

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olivia + corey


olivia + corey

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE N o t hing but ro man ce wit h t his e th erea l and e l e gant gard e n wed d ing. Beauti f u l e ucal ypt us paired wit h so ft bl ush a n d nav y creat e t h e pe rfe ct summ e r a f fa i r.


W h e n yo u want t o hav e t hat "green er y gard e n" fe e l , but d o n't want t o m a ke yo ur pal e t t e t o o sat urat ed , e ucal yptu s i s yo ur be st ch o ice ! T his so ft fo l iage a dds t h e pe rfe ct airy shad e o f gre e n t o a n y summ e r pal e t t e .


P l anning a l ight and airy summ er wed d ing? Try k e e ping yo ur re ce pti on d e co r crisp and whit e and al l ow th e f l o ral s t o ad d po ps o f co l o r. T his wi ll creat e an e l e gant at m o sph e re t hat y ou r gue st s wil l l ov e !


I f t h e v isio n fo r yo ur wed d ing is clea n and simpl e , t ry in co rpo rat ing mixmat ch ed , t e x t ured brid e smaid d ress es . T his wil l h e l p ad d a l it t l e gl am a n d charact e r t o yo ur pal e t t e ! By stayi ng i n t h e pink and d ust y ro se famil y, y ou' re sure t o e nhan ce t h e ro man ce fact or.

COLOR PALETTE Classic summer wedding with crisp w h i t e a n d v a r y i n g s h a d e s o f bl u s h a n d d u s t y ro s e. Pa i re d w i t h h a n d s o m e ro ya l bl u e a n d s o f t e u c a l y p t u s g re e n .

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olivia + corey

T HE TEAM PHOTOS Chapel Lane Photography VIDEO Joe Overholser VENUE Hotel Covington Madison Event Center CATERING Madison Event Center SWEETS Tr e s B e l l e C a k e s ADVICE FOR FUTURE COUPLES:

FLOWERS Annabelle's Flower Shop BRIDAL GOWN Gretchen Reece Bridal Salon

"Surro und yo urself wi th o nl y t h e be st pe o ple, frie nd s and family . . . and yo ur d ay will b e amazing t o o."

B R I D A L PA RT Y Heboes Simply Dresses Fa s h i o n n o v a


GROOM ATTIRE G e n o's Fo r m a l A f f a i r HAIR + MAKEUP Ashleigh Janay Beauty MBKMakeup Artistry

COLOR PALETTE S o f t d u s t y bl u e p a i re d w i t h a cl a s s i c khaki suit. Accented with beautiful w h i t e s, bl u s h p i n k fl o ra l s a n d w h i m s i c a l g r e e n e r y.

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KAT HERINE + M ARK september second

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Katherine and Mark met in 2014 at work when Mark transferred to the US from the UK. They were friends throughout the summer and finally became a couple during his last week in the country. They kept their love alive through Facetime and many airline miles until Mark finally moved to the US in 2016. Katherine’s mother was born in Lexington and

made sure that her children spent a month in Kentucky every summer. Honoring her family’s roots here felt absolutely essential for the couple, and the idea of having the wedding in Kentucky came up as soon as they started having conversations about their future! As an iconic Lexington locale, Keeneland seemed like the perfect place for their celebration.

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katherine + mark



katherine + mark

Katherine wore a bracelet borrowed from her mother, a gift from her late father, Carroll Ladt. The bride’s uncle, Louis Hillenmeyer, officiated the wedding. The bride’s stepfather, Thomas Slater, and brother, Thomas Ladt, walked her down the aisle. The couple wanted to create a journey for their guests throughout the wedding day. Each stage of the day, from the ceremony and cocktail hour to the reception was blocked out in distinct spaces and décor. In spite of it being the hottest day of the year, this plan helped guests make the most of every moment. The biggest transformation was the reception. Guests traveled through a tunnel of lights into an enchanted garden created inside the Keene Entertainment Center. Living walls and trees from Hillenmeyer’s helped create this look, bringing the outdoors in. The space’s crowning chandelier bore greenery while draped string lights cast a romantic glow. Bold pink florals brought in a powerful punch of color that still felt sweet. Draped fabric helped diffuse the evening light, making a perfect transition into evening. Secret nooks helped create intimate spaces. A kids’ room featured toys and activities. A variety of seating encouraged guests to mix and mingle throughout the space. This included greenery-draped swings for a playful touch! The couple cut their 5-tiered cake with the groom’s maternal grandfather’s ceremonial sword. As the bride and groom listened to both funny and heartfelt speeches, they marveled at all of the people gathered from near and far to celebrate their once-in-alifetime romance.

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katherine + mark

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE Tal k abo ut bringing t h e gl am! A cla ss i c bl ack t ie affair wit h a grand re cepti on e x pe rie n ce is sure t o hav e al l o f you r gue st s tal k ing abo ut yo ur wed d ing a s t h e e v e nt o f t h e year!


W h e n pl anning a gl am o ro us re ce pti on , t h e f irst it e m o n yo ur l ist sh o ul d b e l ight ing. T hink st ring l ight s and g ra n d chand e l ie rs, d raped wit h gre e n e ry . Thi s co mbinat io n wil l creat e a t rul y s tu n n i ng e v e nt space wit h a real wow fact or.


To creat e a co mfo rtabl e e x pe rie n c e for yo ur gue st s, o pt fo r so m e al t e rnati ve seat ing o pt io ns l ik e uph o l st e red s ofa s and l ov e seat s. Mix ing t h e se in wi th you r o t h e r chairs wil l creat e a unique "a t h o m e " fe e l fo r yo ur at t e nd e e s.


I f yo u're pl anning t o hav e a m o re cla ss i c bl ack -t ie wed d ing, but can't ge t pa s t yo ur d e sire fo r so m e fun po ps o f color, t h e n t h e re ce pt io n space is a pe rfect o ut l e t ! Ke e p t h e cl assic fe e l fo r y ou r ce re m o ny t h e n in co rpo rat e co l o r i n th e f l o ral s at yo ur re ce pt io n.

COLOR PALETTE Tr a d i t i o n a l b l a c k a n d w h i t e a f f a i r transfor med into a glamorous palette with pops of ruby red, fuschia and v i o l e t s. Pa i re d w i t h n a t u ra l t o n e s o f brown and gold.

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katherine + mark

T HE TEAM PHOTOS Conrhod Zonio VIDEO Scott Hayes Productions VENUE/FOOD Keeneland SWEETS Martin e's Pastries PLANNER/FLOWERS Refined Social RENTALS Canvas Event Furniture Bryant's Rent All


BRIDAL ATTIRE Caroline Herrera Oscar de la Renta (earrings) Charlotte Olympia (shoes)

"H av e fun, d an ce, eat , and re m e mber n o mat t e r what happ en s , yo u hav e each o t h er."

GROOM ATTIRE To m F o r d Christian Louboutin (shoes)

-katherine + mark

HAIR H a i r b y M a d d i e Wo f f MAKEUP Nikki Miner S TAT I O N E RY Claudia Engle Designs


S o f t d u s t y bl u e pG a ior el dd wS iht ihe lad c lLaism s ioc khaki suit. Accented with beautiful MUSIC w h i t e s, bl u s h p i n k fl o ra l s a n d D o w n t o w h i m s i c a l wgnr e eBnae nr y.d

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RACHEL + CODY jun e second

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achel and Cody’s childhood homes back up to each other. Rachel was best friends with one of the boys from across the yard – Cody’s younger brother! While she always found the older sibling cute, Cody wasn’t interested... until, that is, he moved away and came home to visit. He chased after Rachel until he won her over.

The couple love to play golf. When they started looking at wedding venues, they knew right away that they wanted a country club as the site of their entire wedding celebration. Since many country clubs are private, it posed an interesting challenge. Persimmon Ridge was only the second venue they toured, but they knew right away that it was the perfect choice and they never second-guessed their decision.

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rachel + cody


rachel + cody

The ceremony was held beneath an arbor overlooking the property. Guests sat in chairs provided by the venue that coordinated perfectly with the tan suits sported by the groom and groomsmen. The bridesmaids were dressed in light blue, which was picked up in the florals and groomsmen’s accessories. Wrapped in Rachel’s bouquet was the necklace her mother in law had worn for her wedding day. They performed a unity sand art ceremony, creating a fun memento that the couple can keep in their forever home. Cody remembers Rachel’s entrance moment clearly; he said that he could see his entire future standing before him. He had never really thought about his wedding day growing up, but in that instant, he said that his dreams came true. The main goal for Rachel and Cody was keeping their day simple and classy. They didn’t want a lot of color or rentals. Instead, they used the white linens provided by the venue. The table centerpieces were created using candles and greenery. Rachel loved the fireplace inside the country club, so the florist highlighted it with a beautiful swag of greenery and flowers. Their simple approach meant that the entire look was very cohesive.

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The couple opted for a less traditional wedding dessert. They had a single cake for them to cut, arranged as the top tier of a cupcake tower. Different flavors of cupcakes allowed guests to get a bite of what they loved. The evening wasn’t completely without mishaps. Rachel forgot to arrange for a cake cutter, so she had to borrow one from a guest. When it came time for the toast, they realized they’d forgotten champagne; in their photos, they’re raising champagne flutes filled with beer. Even with a few hiccups, the two agree that they can’t imagine living that day any differently. They loved cutting loose and taking photos on golf carts, as a nod to their passion for the sport. Cody was especially moved by the mother/son dance. As the firstborn, he and his mother were always very close. When their song came on, he couldn’t stop crying.

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rachel + cody


rachel + cody

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE Tal k abo ut springt im e ro man ce ! Th ere's so m e t hing abo ut a cl assic d ust y b lu e pal e t t e t hat brings breat htak ing b ea u ty t o any space . A d d in so m e fre sh g reen er y and l ight k hak i suit s and yo u'v e got a winning v isio n.


T h e re are many so ft co l o r o pt io ns you can go wit h wh e n pl anning a spri ng wed d ing. I f yo u're want ing t o stay on t re nd , d ust y bl ue is t h e way t o go! It l o o k s great o n just abo ut e v e ryo n e.


W h o d o e sn't l ov e an abund an ce of cand l e s? W h e n pl aced just right, th ey can co mpl e t e l y t ransfo rm a space. Thi n k o f creat iv e ways t o ad d t h e subt l e ambian ce o f cl assic whit e cand l e s .


I f yo u're t hink ing abo ut hav ing you r wed d ing o utd o o rs in a beaut iful open space l ik e a go l f co urse , simpl e is so m e t im e s be t t e r. Try k e e ping t h e a lta r d e co rat io ns cl ean and l e t t h e go rgeou s v ie ws d o t h e tal k ing!

COLOR PALETTE S o f t d u s t y bl u e p a i re d w i t h a cl a s s i c khaki suit. Accented with beautiful w h i t e s, bl u s h p i n k fl o ra l s a n d l u s h g r e e n e r y.

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rachel + cody

T HE TEAM PHOTOS The Olive Branch + Co VENUE Persimmon Ridge Country Club FOOD Jucy's Smokehouse SWEETS Adrienne’s Bakery FLOWERS Native Oak Floral " I st o pped and l ooked aro und t h e ro o m , I scann ed and saw people l aughing and shar i ng m e m o rie s and t o a s ti ng and d an cing,

BRIDAL GOWN L i l l i a n We s t from Couture Closet W E D D I N G PA RT Y Re b e c ca’s B r i d a l


GROOM/GROOMSMEN M e n ’ s Wa r e h o u s e


HAIR Divine Dottie’s Salon MAKEUP Claire Stanton S TAT I O N E RY Vistaprint

COLOR PALETTE S o f t d u s t y bl u e p a i re d w i t h a cl a s s i c khaki suit. Accented with beautiful w h i t e s, bl u s h p i n k fl o ra l s a n d w h i m s i c a l g r e e n e r y.

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GA B RIE LLE + M IC HAEL october sixth

TOPS Weddings | 76


abrielle was 8 and Michael was 11 when they first met in school. With a fouryear age difference between them, the two Louisville natives never connected. Until, that is, they hit it off while attending the wedding of a mutual friend. For their October wedding, the couple decided to aim for a dark, moody theme that featured lots of nods to their favorite fandoms, like Harry Potter, Labyrinth and Skyrim, all with little Halloweeny touches.

The bride wore a dramatic cape over her gown while the bridesmaids wore lush velvet dresses. The groom’s red suit helped bring the day’s color scheme to life. For much of the night, the bride and groom wore masks as a festive touch. For the ceremony, the couple chose to do a handfasting ceremony. They selected three cords. One was chosen to represent Michael’s family, and was brought up to the altar by his parents. Another was chosen to represent Gabrielle’s family, brought up by her brother.

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gabrielle + michael


gabrielle + michael The bride lost her father just three months before the ceremony. He raised her as a single father after her mother passed away when Gabrielle was only 11, so their absence was deeply felt throughout the day. The bride framed a photo of her parents and had their handfasting cord photographed in front of it. She also used dried florals from her father’s casket arrangements in her bouquet, so that a part of him could walk her down the aisle. Gabrielle and Michael aimed to find the right reception venue that would provide a blank canvas for them to truly make their own. The greenhouses at 3rd Turn offered that and more. String lights, candles, rough wood and greenery took on an ethereal quality as the sun set over the glass roofing. Paper lanterns and handmade chandeliers cast a beautiful glow on centerpieces made of vintage pewter goblets filled with moss and dried florals. Gabrielle foraged porcelain berries the night before the wedding to bring color to the tablescapes. The creative couple loved using their wedding day as a fun outlet, from collecting props to doing DIY projects. In lieu of a DJ, the two hand-selected a playlist of music videos. This added a fun element to the evening’s dancing that helped further the otherworldly theme. From a whimsical, eerie, dark forest photo booth to frosted sugar cookies at every place setting, the night had personalized touches everywhere. Because the venue is connected to a brewery, some curious locals came and peeked around the corner during the reception. Three women mustered up the courage to hit the dance floor and the bride struck up a conversation; the would-be wedding crashers became fast friends with the couple! They led guests in dancing to “Thriller” and “Backstreet’s Back!” TOPS Weddings | 78

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gabrielle + michael


gabrielle + michael

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE P l anning yo ur wed d ing is t h e pe rfect o ppo rt unit y t o creat e a d ay t hat re pre se nt s t h e co upl e yo u are and wha t mak e s yo u unique . T his co upl e d id j u s t t hat. W it h myst ical d e tail s and cr i s p fal l co l o rs, t his is o n e-o f-a-k ind .


N e v e r be afraid t o in cl ud e pe rso n a l d e tail s t hat t rul y re pre se nt yo u a n d yo ur passio ns. W h e t h e r it 's t hro u g h yo ur wed d ing stat io n e ry o r unique acce sso rie s, just be yo urse l v e s! I t wi ll creat e a d ay t hat 's t rul y unfo rge tta b le.


A fun and d iffe re nt way t o in co rp ora te nat ure and whimsical e l e m e nt s into yo ur unique fal l wed d ing is using dr i ed be rrie s and fruit s wit hin yo ur f l ora l d e sign. T his is a great way t o ad d i n t h o se po ps o f co l o r.


W it h a t h e m e as unique and fun a s t his o n e , yo u hav e t h e fre ed o m t o pla y aro und wit h d iffe re nt shad e s and ton es in yo ur at t ire . I n co rpo rat ing d ifferen t st yl e s– and e v e n d iffe re nt mat e ria ls –on each pe rso n wil l creat e d e pt h wh en l o o k ing at t h e brid al part y as a wh ole.

COLOR PALETTE A mystical palette with dark shades of gold and bro wn with classic pops of fall in holiday red and earthy g re e n s.

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gabrielle + michael

T HE TEAM PHOTOS L i z Te r r y P h o t o g r a p h y CEREMONY VENUE Duncan Memorial Chapel RECEPTION/FOOD 3 r d Tu r n O l d h a m G a r d e n s CAKE Sweet Surrenders COOKIES P re s t o n Fo u t s o f S w e e t J u n e B a k e r y FLOWERS Native Oak Floral

"Life is what it i s , you can't co nt ro l it b u t t h e re is st il l

BRIDAL GOWN Sarah Seven The Dress Theory, Nashville


BRIDAL CAPE Custom Design, Elizabeth Crum Bridal


B R I D A L PA RT Y Va l d e n i z e S o a r e s a n d R e v e l r y GROOM/GROOMSMEN Express and Asos MAKEUP Beauty by Katie LLC HAIR

a r cLe eE RTo gTe rEs C O L O R PDA S o f t d u s t y Rb lEu eNpTa iA r eL d Sw /i t D h aE cCl aO s sR ic k h a k i sSuoi tu. t A c c e n t e d w i t h b e a u t i f u h e r n C l a s s i c R e n t a l sl w h i t e s, bl u s h p i n k fl o ra l s a n d w h i m s i c a l g r e e n e r y.

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CHRIS + C ARRIE april twenty- first

TOPS Weddings | 82


hough they had met several times throughout college, it wasn’t until they found themselves a row apart at a Kentucky football game that Chris finally found the courage to ask for Carrie’s number. Although they lost the game – and to Tennessee, at that – the connection was a true touchdown. Both born and raised in Kentucky, these two UK grads ended up pursuing their careers in

our nation’s capital. When it came time to tie the knot, they knew they wanted to do it back in their Old Kentucky Home. They wanted their celebration to be centrally located in downtown Lexington. The couple also knew they wanted to have their wedding during the Keeneland spring meet so that their out of town guests could get the full Lexington experience.

TOPS Weddings | 83


chris + carrie


chris + carrie Carrie grew up attending First Church with her family and had always pictured her wedding ceremony taking place there. The bright space was decorated simply with lit candles and abundant greenery. The bride carried a pendant with a photo of their very spoiled French bulldog, around her bouquet. Carrie calls herself a “big nerd” when it comes to typography and design, so she tasked herself with creating the invitations, napkins, programs and seating charts. The geometric and natural elements were repeated through various aspects of the day’s décor, helping to tie it all together.

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As a designer, Carrie loved the story behind the revitalization of the Historic Courthouse. They had wanted a venue that was unique and architecturally interesting; when they got the chance to walk through the space while it was under construction, they heard the design concept from the design team and knew that it was the perfect spot for their reception. Carrie says it was love at first sight when she laid eyes on the incredible vaulted dome! Since they were so enamored by the space, they chose to keep the décor simple. They focused on mixing metals, neutral florals and lots of greenery, highlighting the industrial elements of the space like exposed brick, metal beams and twinkling Edison lightbulbs. Photos of family members who had passed and could not be present for the day were stationed at the entry. For Chris and Carrie, it was a beautiful Kentucky night filled with wonderful memories. Their one regret was not eating more of their delicious lemon blackberry wedding cake!

TOPS Weddings | 87


chris + carrie


chris + carrie

TH E VISION WEDDING STYLE A m o d e rn, e cl e ct ic t wist o n a cl a ss i c bl ush wed d ing. W h o says t h e t wo ca n' t be co mbin ed t o creat e a t rul y st u n n i ng wed d ing?


T h e pe rfe ct way t o ad d a m o d e rn twi s t t o any wed d ing t h e m e is t o ad d s i m ple go l d acce nt s t hro ugh o ut yo ur d e cor. W h e t h e r t hat be in yo ur ch o ice of cha i r s o r ge o m e t ric go l d sign fram e s, yo u' re sure t o ad d t hat pe rfe ct t o uch o f chi c beaut y.


A ny m o d e rn-cl assic wed d ing mix wi ll usual l y k e e p t h e f l o ral s o n t h e sim ple sid e . T his brid e ch o se t o st ick with ro mant ic gre e n e ry wit h l ight po p s of bl ush ro se s. I t wil l ad d t hat pe rfect t o uch o f a cl assic hue t o co mpl im en t yo ur unique d e co r e l e m e nt s.


W h e n go ing t h e unique ro ut e wit h you r d e co r and at m o sph e re , it 's safe t o keep t h e at t ire in m o re n e ut ral t o n e s to keep t h e ov e ral l wed d ing l o o k fro m ge tti ng t o o busy. G o ing fo r a so ft gray o r i vor y wil l pair nice l y wit h yo ur f l o ral s .

COLOR PALETTE A simple and classic spring wedding w i t h r o m a n t i c g r e e n e r y, s o f t b l u s h a n d m a u v e. Pa i re d w i t h m o d e r n e l e m e n t s o f a n t i q u e g o l d a n d bl a ck .

TOPS Weddings | 88

T HE TEAM PHOTOS Seriously Sabrina Photography VENUE First United Methodist Church Limestone Hall PLANNER Lex Effect FOOD S e l m a's C a t e r i ng & E v e n t s SWEETS Martin e's Pastries ON CHOOSING THEIR VENUE:

FLOWERS Stems BRIDAL GOWN Pronovias Bridals by Natalie Alexandria

"I t was l ov e at f i r s t sight o n ce I l aid ey es o n t hat in cred ible v aul t ed d o m e !"

B R I D A L PA RT Y Azazie

- ca r r i e

GROOM/GROOMSMEN M e n ' s We a r h o u s e HAIR K e n t u c k y We d d i n g B e l l e s MAKEUP Samantha Hincks (Bride) Jennifer Patton (Maids)


S o f t d u s t y b l u e p a i r e d w i t h aMc il n a stseidc khaki suit. Accented with beautiful w h i t e s, bl u s h p i n k fl o ra l s a n d w h i m s i c a l g r e e n e r y.

TOPS Weddings | 89


chris + carrie

wedding ready g et

with t h ese loc al exp er t s

get gorgeous



somethingat blue, COOLBLULEX something cool with

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WaldmanSchantz SchantzTurner TurnerPlastic Plastic Surgery Center Waldman Surgery Center 3288 Eagle EagleView ViewLnLn#300 #300| Lexington | Lexington 3288 (859) 254-5665 | (859) 254-5665 |

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a wildcat wedding at

HILARY J. BOONE CENTER at the University of Kentucky

There is nothing like a Wildcat wedding in the heart of UK’s campus. At the Hilary J. Boone Center, alumni and friends know very well the special feeling of saying “I do” at one of the best-loved spots on campus. The Boone Center’s wedding coordinators boast years of experience and long-time relationships with the area’s most trusted vendors to deliver creative indoor and outdoor weddings. Couples can enjoy up to eight Private Rooms and an outdoor space. The charming Courtyard features a lighted fountain, and the lovely Terrace is lined with gorgeous rose bushes. Special amenities include a double fireplace in the Library/Bar, grand piano in the Reception Area and exceptional décor. Members regularly comment that they especially enjoy the consistently delicious cuisine offered by their award winning chef and culinary team and service team. For every event from the rehearsal dinner to wedding day, wedding coordinators are on hand. On the initial visit, they offer tours for the couple and their families. With 20,000 sq. ft. of meeting and dining space, the Boone Center offers a warm and functional atmosphere, seating up to nearly 600 guests. The Boone Center service team’s number one goal is to provide the perfect wedding experience for the couple and their guests. They offer on-site, complimentary parking and multiple options for set-up. Perfectly situated in the heart of UK’s campus, yet a leisurely walk to downtown, eclectic Chevy Chase and even Kroger Field, the Boone Center is located at the corner of Rose Street and Columbia Avenue in Lexington. Contact wedding coordinators, Linda Russell and Rachel Norris, today to begin planning the most memorable day of your life right in the heart of Wildcat Country.

Hilary J. Boone Center at the University of Kentucky 500 Rose St. | Lexington (859) 257-1133 | TOPS Weddings | 92

romantic elegance at

The Club at UK’s

SPINDLETOP HALL “The staff at Spindletop helped create the perfect setting and experience for our May wedding. From our first consultation to the wedding day, the logistics of “planning” were smooth and stress-free. From selecting the buffet menu, cake options and room designs, I was given expert advice and assistance. I highly recommend Spindletop and the wedding coordinators if you are looking for a memorable event,” says Margaret, a happy Spindletop bride. At The Club at UK’s Spindletop Hall, an elegant and romantic wedding is exactly what you get. The exquisite southern mansion sits on 60 beautiful acres in the heart of the Bluegrass. The tree lined drive offers a grand entrance to the mansion. Once inside, your breath will be taken away at the sight of the lovely spiral staircase and opulent chandelier in the grand entrance hall. The Club is listed as one of the Top 25 Must-See Buildings in Kentucky by the American Institute of Architects and is on the National Register of Historic Places. When touring the mansion, you will see why. When you choose Spindletop Hall, you are not simply choosing a wedding venue; you are becoming a Member and a part of the Spindletop family. Wedding Coordinators Melisa Hardin and Kim Heller, along with the Club’s service team, work hard to ensure every need is met so that your day will be stress-free, fun and just as you imagined! Your on-site wedding coordinator will assist you with every detail, including choosing a menu from the award-winning chef and culinary team, working with other vendors and being at your side throughout the event. All you will need to do is sit back and let the professionals do the work. Call today to begin planning for a lifetime of memories!

The Club at UK’s Spindletop Hall 3414 Iron Works Pike | Lexington (859) 255-2777 | TOPS Weddings | 93

eyeing the big day with

DEKA LASH LEXINGTON When it comes to wedding planning, the smallest details can make the most significant impact. With all eyes on the bride, her lashes can convey the drama of the stage or sweet romance befitting the occasion. The expert lash artists of Deka Lash Lexington specialize in the creative, personalized application of single eyelash extensions. Amid her own wedding planning, Studio Manager Bailey Tungate is perfectly positioned to understand the importance of looking your best for the big day and in the photographs that will be cherished for decades to come. The Deka Lash Lexington team is there not only for the bride but for friends and family as well. Imagine the fun bonding experience of the bridal party receiving lash extensions as their thank-you gifts! Or give them as a gift to the mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom so that they can go ahead and shed those tears mascara-free. Bailey recommends getting lashes done two to three weeks before the wedding, then following up with a refill a couple of days before the wedding day. Any waxing, such as eyebrows, should also be done a few days in advance to allow any possible redness to dissipate. Deka Lash offers lash lifts and eyebrow and eyelash tinting, in addition to their classic, volume, and hybrid lash extensions. They are reasonably priced, offering memberships to repeat customers, and their training prioritizes safety and the health of the client’s natural lashes above all.

Bailey Tungate, Studio Manager Deka Lash Lexington

So how are Bailey’s wedding plans coming along? “We have been swamped! We have finalized what vendors we are going to use for the wedding. Now we are working out the rest of the details like how we want to decorate and what colors we want to use to do so. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s also been a lot of fun, too.”

Deka Lash Lexington The Summit, 113 Marion Suite 150, Lexington (859) 549-8199 |

TOPS Weddings | 94

dance the night away with

ARTHUR MURRAY DANCE STUDIO Imagine your wedding day, surrounded by family and friends watching as you share your first dance. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, the goal is to make it easy for couples to share their first moments as man and wife. Couples remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives. The first dance is one of the most cherished shared moments of the day. Years down the road you will take out a video and experience that moment all over again. Traditionally, the most popular dances are slow dances, but it has become common for couples to incorporate faster songs into their first dance. More and more people are interested in hybrid dances, which start out fast and end slow, or vice versa. It creates a much different experience. The first dance is an important moment, and couples are often nervous. Fear should not prevent you from enjoying your special time together. The biggest fear couples have is that they will not be able to learn. Arthur Murray instructors put students at ease. The hardest part is walking through the door; the rest is easy. Once couples get out on the floor, they think it’s so much fun! Arthur Murray Dance Studio recommends starting lessons 3–8 months before the wedding, but they will help meet your needs regardless of the timeframe. The first step a couple should take is starting private lessons. It gives couples their own stress-free place. Lessons start by choreographing the first dance, and the instructor can also help choreograph other dances, such as the father-daughter dance. After private lessons, couples are encouraged to transition into group lessons. Arthur Murray Studios have taught over 10,000 couples to dance, and the Lexington studio is one of the Top 10 in the world.

Hunter Lisle, Owner Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Owner Hunter Lisle and the amazing staff strive to make every couple feel comfortable for their big day! The best part of their job is seeing smiles beaming across the dance floor as the couples are done and ready to take their first step! TOPS Weddings | 95

Arthur Murray Dance Studio 1801 Alexandra Dr., Ste. 132 | Lexington (859) 278-7711 |



21c Museum Hotel Lexington

167 W. Main St. • Lexington 859.899.6800

Marriott Griffin Gate Resort & Spa 1800 Newtown Pike Lexington • 859.231.5100

The Kentucky Castle

230 Pisgah Pike • Versailles 859.256.0322

Stuart Mercer Gentleman’s Shoppe

119 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.309.0357

Twirl Boutique


Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery

121 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.309.2493

Aesthetic Skin Care Center

2376 Alexandria Dr. Lexington • 859.278.0996

Blo Blow Dry Bar

111 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.252.2004

Blush + Glow

Geno’s Formal Affair

Lexington • 859.276.1416 or 859.268.2323 Elizabethtown • 270.360.1211 Louisville • 502.409.9805

Logan’s of Lexington

The Mall at Lexington Green 859.273.5766

Relix Bridal

The Summit • 118 Marion Suite 130 • Lexington 859.523.1273 •

107 Summit at Fritz Farm #110 859.300.6804

The Spa at The Kentucky Castle


Carl Meyers

The Smile Lab

118 Marion Ste. 135 • Lexington 859.309.1934 •

Deka Lash

113 Marion Ste. 150 • Lexington 859.549.8199 •

Fizz Facial Bar

111 Cynthia Dr. • Nicholasville 859.368.7521

Susan E. Neil, MD Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness 2101 Nicholasville Rd. #206 Lexington • 859.278.6345

TOPS Weddings | 96

230 Pisgah Pike • Versailles 859.428.7699

3288 Eagle View Ln. #300 Lexington • 859.254.5665


Bayou Bluegrass Catering 861 S. Broadway • Lexington 859.523.7915


362 Main St. • Lexington 859.309.3039

Dupree Catering

201 E. Main St. #1500 • Lexington 859.231.0464

J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar 3191 Beaumont Centre Lexington • 859.533.9777



Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

101 W. Vine St. • Lexington 859.554.7000 •

Selma’s Catering

720 Henry Clay Blvd . Lexington 859.971.2763 •


Arthur Murray Lexington

Kentucky Portable Toilets

The Ashley Inn


The Carrick House


Erica Lee Photography 859.608.1810

The Malicotes

128 Ashley Inn Way • Lancaster 859.548.4922 312 N. Limestone • Lexington 859.255.0717 •

The Kentucky Castle

230 Pisgah Pike • Versailles 859.256.0322

The Mane on Main

1801 Alexandria Dr. #132 Lexington • 859.278.7711


21c Museum Hotel Lexington

201 E. Main St. 15th Floor Lexington • 859.231.0464


Churchill Downs


Hilary J. Boone Center

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Limestone Hall

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house by JSD Designs

1148 Industry Rd. • Lexington 859.523.3933 •


Peggy’s Gifts & Accessories 112 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.253.3188 •

Linens Limited

114 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.233.1061


Bryant’s Rent-All

701 Red Mile Road 859.252.0408 •

167 W. Main St. • Lexington 859.899.6800 • 700 Central Ave. • Louisville 502.636.4400

500 Rose St. • Lexington 859.257.1133 • 215 W. Main St. Third Floor Lexington • 859.230.5365

Marriott Griffin Gate

1800 Newtown Pike • Lexington 859.231.5100

Spindletop Hall

3414 Iron Works Pike • Lexington 859.255.2777 • TOPS Weddings | 97

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PLANNING a Modern Tool Kit

‣ For the Couple That’s Just Getting Started:

‣ For the Scrapbooker:

The Knot is one of the original wedding planning websites, and their app puts thousands of resources at your fingertips. In one spot, you can create your wedding website, add your registry and take quizzes to help you make choices that are smart for you. Enter your wedding date and The Knot provides you with a custom timeline to help you stay on track.

Collect photos from your guests in real time without relying on everyone remembering to use a hashtag. This is a fun way to get all your guests’ pics and see your special day through their eyes.

‣ For the Tech-Savvy Couple:

Imagine having your budget spreadsheet, RSVP list, inprogress vows, rehearsal dinner slideshow and digital invitation proofs all in one place. Not only will Google Drive make it accessible 24/7 from your phone or desktop, but it you can also collaborate in real-time with your maid of honor, partner, mother-in-law, wedding planner and nosy cousin. Or, ya know, whoever.

Wedding Planner by The Knot (free app and website)

Joy (free app and website)

Joy instantly builds a wedding website that keeps your guests in the know. From a day-of schedule to a digital guestbook and RSVPs, guests will love having everything in one easy place. Joy even allows them to get custom directions or find hotels and Airbnbs in the area.

The Guest (free app, fee for downloading photos)

‣ For the Couple That’s Gotta Do It All: Google Drive (free app suite)

‣ For Remembering to Say Thanks:

‣ For the DIY Planner:

WeddingHappy (free app, premium features optional)

Postable (website, $3.49/each)

This app is like a to-do list for your entire wedding. It tracks everything you’ve still got to check off in order, showing you at-a-glance how close to “I do” you are at all times.

Import your address book, fill out a heartfelt thanks and hit send. Every guest will be mailed a real card written in a “smart font” that looks like handwriting. Choose an artist-created design or upload your own design so that the cards match your invitation suite.

‣ For Wrangling the Registry:

‣ For Guests Who Can’t Make It:

Build your registry with Zola and your guests will enjoy free shipping. You’ll enjoy free returns, worry-free exchanges and 20% off registry items after the wedding date. You can register for items from a variety of brands, from airline gift cards to KitchenAid mixers to cash! You can also build a free wedding website.

Livestream your wedding for guests who can’t make it on your big day! Enlist a trusted friend to set up your phone on a tripod and start a Facebook or Instagram Live recording of the ceremony. •

Zola (free app and website)

Facebook or Instagram (free app)

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