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UK Tailgating Photos by David Desjardins



UK Tailgating Photos by Dr. Michael Huang



Mod Boutique Fashion Show Photos by David Desjardins

Keeneland Photos by Karl Schroeder



Keeneland Photos by Karl Schroeder



Shelia Bayes Diamond Dash Photos by Brian & Judy Myers



Shelia Bayes Diamond Dash Photos by Brian & Judy Myers



Thursday Night Live Photos by Brian & Judy Myers



Lexington Fest of Ales Photos by David Desjardins



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ay s

Whether you’re meeting your special someone’s parents for the first time or heading home to spend some quality time with your own family, this time of year is full of social obligations. The cooler weather and cozy settings of fall festivities beg for a casual, comfy style. But there’s always room to spice things up! Hot boots, deep hues, vests with flair and awesome prints are at home with autumn fashion. Mix up your favorite knits with bold cords or pair basics with accessories that pop to create fabulous fall style. Photos by Karl Schroeder Photography. Hair and makeup by Voce. Special thanks to the Lawson family for use of their home.

il d o H e h t o Fall Int



Fashion Scene



Fashion Scene



Fashion Scene

Two Chicks & Co.

Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers

Fashion Scene

Two Chicks & Co. Two Chicks & Co.

Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers

Featured Engagement

To Be Married June 2, 2012 at Yell Dell Gardens Engagement Shoot Location: Taylorsville Lake Photographer: David Blaire Photography

Wedding Scene

Marci Mitchum + Alex Bishop

Wedding Scene

Engagement Announcements

Brittany Young + Chris Denny To Be Married May 11, 2013 at CastlePost Heather Ransdell Photography

Tabitha Payne + Jim Brooks To Be Married May 13, 2012 in Gulf Shores, AL Erica Powdrill (Erica Lee Photography)

Melanie Leininger + William Ray Walton II To Be Married Dec. 31, 2011 in Longboat Key, FL Photo by Kimberly Dyer

Mary Kate Estes & Kenny Cropper To be married Oct. 28th, 2011 in Lexington Jesse Caylor Photography



Hosting a holiday get-together can be a daunting prospect for anyone. Playing host to family and friends while simultaneously preparing an enormous feast is no small undertaking. Rest assured, though, it is entirely possible with a little advance planning. First, plan the guestlist. Determine if there are special dietary needs or special requests among the guests. Food allergies, unusual diets or health concerns should be addressed. Let guests know when to arrive and discuss with each whether there is anything specific requirements to meeting their dietary needs. If guests ask if they can bring anything--take them up on the offer! If a guest is a proud wino, ask them to bring a bottle that will accompany the meal nicely. If



any guests make terrific desserts, let them bring some along. If someone has a knack for stuffing, invite them over early to get to work. When all the guests have been consulted, start planning the menu. Traditional dishes are often expected by guests. While it feels exciting to buck tradition and go off the beaten culinary path, traditional dishes are often some of the easiest to prepare. If you’d like to get creative with the menu, pick one or two sides to jazz up and leave the rest to the tried and true. Start a checklist. Even if you’re not a “list person”, organization will serve you well. Map out all of the dishes you intend to make and how much time is needed for each. Decide which dishes can be made in advance--many sides freeze well or would actually

Host Your Own Holiday Feast

improve by being let to sit in the refridgerator overnight. Also decide when certain tasks around the house need to be done.

What sort of tasks? Ironing the linens, tidying up the living room, mopping the kitchen, dusting, vacuuming, setting out flowers, cleaning out the refridgerator, shopping... the list will depend on the number of guests, how long they intend to stay and the state of your home. While procrastinators may be tempted to wait until the night before to get all this done, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. And it’s not worth the stress! While “tablescaping” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s important to consider how the table will look on the big day. Will everyone be eating buffet style, will each dish be prepared when everyone sits down or will everyone pass dishes and serve themselves? Will there be a splendid centerpiece or will the turkey be the star of the evening? Of course, accessorizing a table can get pricey. Think about how pieces can do double duty. A hunter green placemat will scream autumn elegance when paired with pinecones, orange candles, gold napkin rings and mustard napkins. But take that same placemat, your gold napkin ring and the pinecones and add red taper candles, pine branch swags and ball organments and suddenly it’s a Christmas scene

come December. Neutrals will always be appropriate, so chosing brown, black, gold, white, cream, grey or silver accents will offer year-round tablescaping possibilities. Once the table flair is locked down, get to work on actually gathering ingredients. Make a grocery list with specific amounts of each item needed. Shop for what can be frozen or stored safely in the pantry ahead of time. Only shop last-minute for the items that absolutely can’t wait, like vegetables and a neverfrozen turkey--if the bird will be brined, never-frozen is the way to go, as it has less salt. Plan ahead for how guests will be entertained while dinner is being prepared. Set up a game console, put on the game, DVR the parade, have festive music playing-however your guests like having fun, make them feel comfortable and welcome. Set up appetizers, wine, beer and mocktails for guests. Hosting a holiday feast takes a lot of planning and a little elbow grease. Getting in the spirit of the season is easiest when things are stress-free, so make a plan and stick to it. But in the end, remember what the holidays are all about--enjoying time with family, reconnecting with friends, smiling tons and savoring some truly tasty food!



Simple, Savory Basic Turkey Brine 1 gallon vegetable broth 1 gallon ice water 1 c sea salt 1 T crushed dried rosemary 1 T dried savory 1 T dried sage 1.) Combine broth, salt and spices in large stock pot and bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Remove from heat to let cool. 2.) Pour brine in brining container (a bucket will work fine.) Stir in ice water. 3.) Wash turkey. Remove innards. Place breast-down in brine, ensuring cavity is filled. Refridgerate overnight. 4.) Remove turkey and carefully drain excess brine. 5.) Cook turkey as normally, cutting off 20-30 minutes cooking time. Mini Pumpkin Pies Pie dough 1 15oz can plain pumpkin



1 12oz can sweetened condensed milk 3/4 c brown sugar 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp ground ginger 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp ground cloves 1.) Combine sugar, spices and salt in small bowl and set aside. 2.) In seperate bowl, beat eggs. 3.) Stir in pumpkin and sugar mixture until combined. 4.) Slowly stir in condensed milk. Set aside. 5.) Roll out pie dough on a floured surface, as if making two 9-inch round pie shells. Lightly flour the dough and cut circles. 6.) Place half the circles on a cookie sheets. Drop a spoonful of pumpkin mixture onto each circle. 7.) Gently place a second circle on top of each and press the edges sealed using the tines of a fork. 8.) Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees, or until edges are golden brown.

Easy Cheese Ball 2 8oz packages cream cheese, softened 2 c shredded cheddar 1/2 c finely-chopped pecans 2 T Worcestershite sauce 1 T chopped pimento 1 T chopped green peppers 1 T chopped onion 1 T lemon juice 1.) Combine cream cheese and cheddar cheese in a bowl, using your hands. 2.) Add in pimento, peppers, onion, Worcestershire and lemon juice. 3.) Form a ball, using clean, dry hands. 4.) Roll ball in pecans until covered. 5.) Refridgerate before serving. Cranberry Spiced Cider 2 quarts apple cider 6 c cranberry juice 1/4 c brown sugar 1 lemon, sliced 4 cinnamon sticks 1 1/2 tsp cloves

Thanksgiving 1.) Combine cider, cranberry juice, lemon slices, cloves and cinnamon sticks in a large pot. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, let simmer for 20 minutes. 2.) Remove solids with a slotted spoon. Serve hot. Butternut Squash Soup 1 2 lb butternut squash, peeled & seeded 6 c chicken stock 1 medium onion chopped 2 T unsalted butter Nutmeg, salt & pepper to taste 1.) Cut squash into 1-inch chunks. 2.) In a large pot, melt butter. Sautee onion until transluscent. 3.) Add squash and stock. 4.) Simmer until squash is tender, about 20 minutes. Puree in a blender. Spice to taste. Twice-Baked Potatoes 6 large potatoes, washed & dried 1/4 lb grated cheddar 1/2 c sour cream

1/2 c cream 4 T butter 2 chopped green onions 3 minced cloves garlic 1/2 tsp sea salt black pepper olive oil coarse salt 1.) Rub potatoes with olive oil. Sprinkle with coarse salt. Bake in oven for an hour. Let cool for 15 minutes. 2.) Cut potatoes in half. Using a spoon, scoop out as much as the potato as you can, leaving the skin intact and enough potato for the skin to be sturdy. Return to oven for an additional 10 minutes, to crisp. 3.) In a bowl, mash scooped-out potato. Mix in other ingredients, reserving a little cheddar and sour cream as a topping. 4.) Spoon mixture into shells until heaping. Sprinkle tops with cheese. Bake in 425 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Garnish with a dollop of sour cream when ready to serve.

Sweet Potato Casserole 2 large cans (drained) sweet potatoes 1 1/2 c sugar 2 eggs 1/2 c milk 5/6 c melted butter 1 1/2 tsp vanilla 3/4 c oats 3 T flour 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 c crushed pecans mini marshmallows 1.) Mix potatoes, brown sugar, eggs, milk, 1/2 c butter and vanilla with a hand mixer. Pour into a greased baking dish. 2.) In a separate bowl, fold together flour, oats, cinnamon, pecans and 1/3c butter. Spread on top of sweet potato mixture. 3.) Bake uncovered for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Sprinkle a thin layer of mini marshmallows on top and return to oven for 5 additional minutes.



Simple, Savory Thanksgiving Quick Cranberry Sauce 4 c cranberries 2 c water 1 1/2 c sugar 1.) Boil sugar and water for 5 minutes. Add cranberries and boil without stirring for about 5 minutes until they pop open. Remove from heat and let cool. If desired, add a bit of cinnamon or additional sugar. Winter Punch 1 gallon apple cider 1 qt pineapple juice 1 qt orange juice 1 c lemon juice 1 c sugar

Broccoli Cheese Casserole 2 10oz bags frozen broccoli 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 2 c instant rice 3/4 c onion, chopped 1/4 c butter 1 16oz jar processed cheese sauce 1.) Cook rice and broccoli separately, according to package instructions. 2.) Saute onion in butter. 3.) Mix broccoli, soup, onion, rice and cheese in baking dish. 4.) Bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Salt and pepper to taste.

1.) Mix together in a large pot and simmer for 1 1/2 hours. Serve warm.



Apple Cider Toddy 1 c apple cider 1 1/2 oz bourbon piece of peeled, fresh ginger 1 cinnamon stick sprinkle nutmeg honey lemon wedge 1.) Pour cider in a pan and add cinnamon stick, nutmeg and ginger.

Pumpkin Martini 1/2 oz cream liqueur 2 oz vanilla vodka 1 oz canned pumpkin puree 1 tsp whipped cream

24 whole cloves 4 cinnamon sticks

garnish with a pinch of cinnamon.

Simmer over medium heat for 15 minutes. 2.) Drizzle some honey into a mug. Pour in bourbon, add a squeeze of lemon and top glass with mulled

1.) Shake together cream liqueur, ice and vodka. Add puree and shake again. Strain into a glass. 2.) Top with whipped cream and

apple cider. Garnish with a slice of apple, cinnamon stick or lemon wedge.



Day-After Delights Part of the fun of Thanksgiving


dishes is the leftovers.

With a

Vegetables will melt right into a

used in cooking.

refrigerator full of turkey, dressing,

number of stews. Turkey will often

vegetables and cranberry sauce,

work nicely instead of chicken in

veggies that haven’t got a purpose

there are countless ways to enjoy







How about a turkey pot pie? Reuse

cake, pumpkin bread, chocolate

carrots, peas, turkey and potatoes.

zucchini cake... the fun can go on

The tried and true leftover meal is

Just hold back pie crusts and extra

and on.

the turkey sandwich. Cold or hot,

stock for this dish. You can also

turkey makes a wonderful meat

create hand pies.

for sandwiches.

Fried foods are usually a great break

Cheese, lettuce

and mayonnaise is the classic

Cranberries are a great addition to

combination. But feel free to mix

many desserts and dishes. They are

the sandwich routine up a bit! Pop

wonderful in tarts and pies. They

some turkey into a great grilled

also make a surprising addition to

cheese, or pair with some other


from the Thanksgiving fare. Fried apples, fritters, potatoes... there are plenty of ways to turn Thanksgiving goods into carnival fare. Of course, leftovers don’t HAVE

meats for a great sub. How



For uncooked

different dishes to create. Carrot

the best of the feast for days to come.

Many vegetables don’t even get





to be eaten right away.


Quesadillas are a great sandwich

potatoes? Pierogies, potato candy,

Thanksgiving dishes will freeze

alternative. A great taco soup made

potato cakes, potato soup and

with turkey instead of chicken can

Shepherd’s pie are all great ways to

nicely. Be sure to properly label all

add some spice to the day-after.

make use of your leftover mashed

Soups are a wonderful way to



items before they go in the freezer and use within the year.



Holiday Deals Just in time for the gift-giving season, these awesome holiday deals are only for LexScene readers.

Lucy B fragrances, as featured in InStyle, People and Sports Illustrated magazines, are offered exclusively at The Crushed Violet. Available in 8 different fragrances in a combination of spritzes, concentrated oils and bronzing shimmer oil. Originally $25-$48. Special LexScene discount offer - 25% OFF!! Offer valid with mention of this page through November 30th.

25% OFF

20% OFF

Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers: Diamond initial pendants in 10k white, yellow or rose gold. Already specially priced at $249/each. Special LexScene discount offer of $199/each. Chains sold separately. Offer valid with mention of this page through November 30th.



Hot hip cheap chic jeans from Bluetique. Available in shades of blue and other hot colors of the moment. Originally $68.99. Special LexScene discount offer 25% OFF!! Offer valid with mention of this page through November 30th.

25% OFF

Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers: Stackable 10k white gold rings with diamonds and multi colored stones. Already specially priced at $249/each. Special LexScene discount offer of $199/each. Offer valid with mention of this page through November 30th.

20% OFF

25% OFF

Howard and Miller: Collectors Edition Men’s Featherweight lambskin bomber style jacket. Special Lexscene reader discount! Present this ad for $25% off. Expires November 30th.

Paisley Polka Dot: Down East Skirts Rose-Garden Skirt. This beautiful design incorporates a bold rose pattern complimented by a wide black ribbon at the waist. Don’t miss the crinoline that surrounds the hem - OH so CUTE! Present this ad for $25% off. Expires November 30th.

25% OFF

25% OFF Paisley Polka Dot: Olliepop and Sweet Romance cuff bracelet. MADE IN USA - Pop Art of Personal Style. These are handcrafted in the USA from semi-precious gemstones, antique glass elements that are blended together with retro metals. Special Lexscene reader discount! Present this ad for $25% off. Expires November 30th.

25% OFF

Paisley Polka Dot: John Michael Richardson Jewelry, J.M. Antique Thais. These beautiful pieces are created with metal, handcrafted in Shanghai,Thailand. Special LexScene discount offer 25% OFF!! Offer valid with mention of this page through November 30th.

Other Gift Ideas

Lucky’s Auto Sports

Two Chicks & Co.

Two Chicks & Co.

Two Chicks & Co. Photos by Jaron Johns



Trending Now 64




Abundant Living Medical Clinic has helped serve hundreds of patients with strategic hormone and testosterone replenishment, thyroid and adrenal treatment as well as weightloss and and medical grade vitamin strategies.

Business Scene

Just 2-months after the business opened in late 2009, natural hormones were a new medical service for KY and some surprise requirements from the Inspector General’s office led to a major change at Abundant Living Medical. Their original Medical Director announced that she wasn’t going to be able to fulfill the requirements that Abundant required from her and she stepped down without giving a 60-day notice. Michael made the agonizing decision to shut down for 90-days in order to find the right Medical Director. While Michael hated every minute of it at the time, the break allowed them to change key staff, find an amazing new Medical Director and launch their Complete Care Plan. Looking back, Michael realizes it was the best thing that could have happened to the business. Now, they are able to focus on the future. They are opening up a second Abundant Living Medical location in Beaumont in November and are in discussion to open 10 more throughout the region in 2012. Something about Michael that most people wouldn’t expect? By his own admission, he’s horrible at remembering to take his vitamins. He also says he wasn’t brought up understanding the importance of trying to eat organically or the value of natural products and medicines versus synthetic products and medicines. His mom passed away when he was 7-years old and his dad did a great job of being a solid parent, but Michael learned these these medical life strategies along the way, through years of experience and study.

Michael Betts of Abundant Living

859.263.4900 | AbundantLivingMedical.com Michael Betts started out as a surf rat on the West Coast, but these days, he’s living inland and offering people health strategies, medical advice and services as well as nutritional guidance and supplements to live fuller and happier lives. Michael loves working with his staff of 11 (which includes his two sons) when he’s not enjoying meals with friends, discovering hidden treasures in the Bluegrass or simply watching his fiance’ smile.



Michael says that he doesn’t think he will ever truly retire from the business because he simply loves it too much. However, his ultimate goal would be to retire from the daily Monday-Friday grind and someday spend the bulk of his time investing in the lives of others and helping them to reach their personal and professional goals.

Jeff Miller got started in his business over 20 years ago when he came to work for his father. Now, he is the owner of Howard and Miller, one of Lexington’s bestloved menswear stores. Jeff credits both his father and mother with teaching him a great deal; he says they were both very business savvy. Jeff used that savvy to buy Mr. Howard’s daughters out of the business. Howard and Miller has been in operation since 1984. It has been located at Victorian Square for 25 years.

Jeff has two daughters, 17 and 21, who he says he is very proud of. He enjoys watching his daughter play soccer. He also loves to play golf in his free time and has developed a new found passion for firearms.

Business Scene

In spite of all the knowledge his parents lent him, Jeff has lived through an embarassing moment that he’s still living down to this day. Ten years ago, he left the front door of the store completely unlocked--potentially disastrous for a business with so much merchandise inside. A friend happened to come along and called Jeff. The friend had to wait at the store for Jeff to come back to lock up. Jeff says his friend loves to bring that story up for some light-hearted ribbing.

Jeff Miller of Howard and Miller

Jeff believes that Howard & Miller is one of the best kept secrets in Kentucky. He enjoys that they offer such a variety of world-class brands. From Belli Shoes specially ordered from Italy to neckwear from Vineyard Vines, Howard and Miller offers accessories, sport wear and casual wear for virtually any occasion. And while it is a menswear shop, a lot of women turn to Howard and Miller for gifts for the men in their lives. The Howard and Miller alteration department is a favorite


among its clientele. Jeff calls their tailor “wonderful”, able to turn around same-day alterations in a variety of circumstances. Jeff says he has a running joke with Rob Milward of Milward’s Funeral Home. He says that Rob will have to wheel a gurney up the street to the store to pick Jeff up when he finally “retires”. It’s clear that Jeff Miller intends to stick with his business!



Though West has moved his practice over 4 hours away from where he once worked, he says he was amazed at how far many patients would travel to continue seeing his employees. In one week, they had patients who came in from Dubai, Paris, Germany and surrounding states, as well, not to mention patients from various counties in Kentucky. West hopes that people continue to feel comfortable with him in the practice.

Business Scene

Of course, starting a new business can make for some big heartbreaks and mishaps. Just after spending a lot of his startup money on giving the office a new paint job and seeing the painters put a lot of hard work in, West’s assistant ran an electric wheelchair through one of the new walls! After making sure the patient hadn’t fallen or been injured, West was overcome with two very distinct feelings: relief that the patient was okay, and the deep desire to cry. West says his assistant followed him around the rest of the day with puppy dog eyes.

Dr. West Harris of Harris Family Dentistry

859.276.4200 | LexingtonDentistry.com Dr. West Harris admired his dentist as a child; West saw him always happy and content with his profession. West applied for dental school just before graduating Murray State University, was accepted at UK and never looked back! His dream took him to Paducah, where he practiced for 2 years. West came to Lexington to buy his own practice. It was stressful but he loves the sense of accomplishment he gets everyday from working in his office. 68


When he’s not spending time checking out molars, West likes to check out football, basketball and baseball. West is, of course, a huge UK fan, having played for the UK baseball team. West loves music and has played guitar for over 12 years and been in a band. He says he loves to try new things in cooking, though he admits he’s not very good at it. He lives with his wife, Rebecca, and their Pomeranian, Daryl. The rest of his family lives in Paducah and he says they try to visit often.

West is a big believer in having a family-oriented practice that focuses on the people and not the numbers. As such, they currently have one location. He feels that having too many offices would take away from the personal patient care he and his staff aim to provide. West doesn’t have specific plans just yet for his retirement--he’s still got 40 years to go, after all.

Business Scene

Child Care Council of Kentucky 859.367.0455 | ChildCareCouncilofKY.com

Bradley Stevenson originally set out on a path to become a PE teacher. While he was in college, he got a job at the Child Care Council as a clerical staff person. He soon realized that work in the non-profit world was of interest to him. Bradley says he grew up in a relatively poor household, which gives him a very clear understanding of the struggles that families have making ends meet. From 1997-2003, Bradley sought to learn as much as he could about the agency and worked in many supervisory and management roles. Bradley says that the previous director, Carolyn Covington, was one of the most influential people in his life, having taken a chance on a young college student and giving him the opportunity of a lifetime. When Carolyn retired in 2003, the Child Care Council hired Bradley as the full-time Executive Director. The Child Care Council of Kentucky provides services on a monthly basis to over 45,000 families, children, child care programs and classroom teachers in their service area. Their central office is located in Lexington and they also have offices in all 71 counties that they serve in Central, Northern and Eastern Kentucky. The agency has been in Lexington since

1984 and has grown tremendously since it was founded. Bradley is excited about the iPhone/Droid app that the Child Care Council has developed, called “Kids Matter”. The app allows parents to find child care, view a quality child care checklist, find a local child care assistance staff person, “Ask an Expert” and many other important tasks. The Child Care Council is working with colleagues on the national level to expand the app across the country to similar agencies. Bradley says he is married to “the most amazing lady”, Whitney Stevenson. They have been together for 23 years and married for 16. They have two sons (13 and 7.) When he’s not working with the CCC or spending time with his family, Bradley has lots of hobbies. He enjoys golf, fantasy football and NASCAR to name a few. Bradley isn’t sure he’ll ever be able to retire. He plans on working for the CCC until he feels he just can’t be effective as a leader in the field. At some point, he does plan on dabbling in politics and possibly running for public office. His big retirement plans, if he ever gets there? Driving a school bus and working at Lowe’s! www.LexScene.com


Business Scene

Evan Trommer of Village Host Pizza & Grill 859.455.3355 | VillageHostLex.com

Although Evan Trommer and his team have expanded the model, the original Village Host is where Evan had his first job 30 years ago. Evan started there as a cleaner. He worked his way up to night manager when he was in college. Evan has always wanted to start a restaurant of his own. In many ways, the business is in his blood; Evan’s grandfather ran a restaurant in the 30s and 40s in the financial district in New York (incidentally, Evan proposed to his wife in 1991 at the location where the restaurant once was--the World Trade Center.) After Evan sold the distribution business that he’d run for 22 years, he and his family decided it was time to jump in and live the dream. Village Host Pizza & Grill is located off Old Vine Street in Lexington. It offers pizza made from fresh ingredients as well as sandwiches and burgers served on fresh toasted rolls. The staff strives to make Village Host a great neighborhood bar and eatery. The relaxing environment is welcoming to family and friends while the convenient location makes it perfect for lunch or dinner. Evan believes that putting the customer first is the key to his success. He and the staff at Village Host do everything possible to treat every customer as if they’re the only customer. This



has served them well in their first year of operation and is something that Evan knows will carry them to future success. Some of Village Host’s best business decisions were small addons that greatly improved the customer experience. Their salad bar is a big draw and a real crowd-pleaser. Their openair bar has gotten a lot of thumbs ups, too. Little offerings can add up to a big appeal! Like every business, Village Host had a few bumps in the early days of operation. They once had a few patio umbrellas take flight in the Lexington wind and head down the street! Another night, the nitrogen ran out, leaving their beer taps out of order on a busy night. Clearly, Evan and the staff of Village Host have had some interesting experiences along the way. When he’s not working, Evan enjoys horse racing and hanging out at home with his wife and pets. Their sons (19 and 16) work at Village Host when they can, as well, making the restaurant a family affair. Evan says that he would like to open 9 more locations in the future. Evan says that he’d like to retire at 60, but suspects that he’ll quit working when he quits breathing.

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November 1 The Day of the Dead Festival 5PM-9PM The Living Arts & Science Center lasclex.org

Calendar For More Events. Visit LexScene.com Please be aware of the changing nature of events.

November 2 UK v Transy Basketball 7PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

November 3 Seasons of Vogue: Fashion Show 7PM The Signature Club of Lansdowne seasonsevents.com

November 4 Breeders’ Cup World Championships Churchill Downs breederscup.com

Social Scene

November 4 Styx 7:30PM Rupp Arena rupparena.com

November 4 American Lung Association Breath of Life Gala 6PM-11PM CastlePost kylung.org

November 4 Women in the Woods Red River Gorge Backpacking Trip Red River Gorge, KY lacbg.com

November 5 Breeders’ Cup World Championships Churchill Downs breederscup.com

November 5 Broadway Live Presents: Young Frankenstein Lexington Opera House lexingtonoperahouse.com

November 5 UK v Ole Miss Football Commonwealth Stadium ukathletics.com 74


November 7

UK v Morehouse College Basketball 7PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

November 7

American Shakespeare Center Presents: Almost Blasphemy Tour 7:30PM Transylvania University Haggin Auditorium transy.edu

November 7

Operation Send Christmas 6PM-8PM Kentucky National Guard Armory military-missions.org

November 10

Lexington Junior League Holly Day Market The Carrick House hollydaymarket.com

November 12 Artists Stand Against Poverty 7PM-9PM ArtsPlace endpovertyasap.com

November 12

Lexington Junior League Holly Day Market The Carrick House hollydaymarket.com

November 13 Free to Breathe Lexington 5K Walk 8AM UK Albert B Chandler Hospital Pavilion A freetobreathe.org

November 13 Lexington Junior League Holly Day Market The Carrick House hollydaymarket.com

November 17 Ball Homes Night of Hope 7PM Lexington Opera House hopectr.org

November 18

November 11

Go Red for Women Luncheon & Symposium 9AM The Lexington Center

November 11

Boots, Bourbon & Brew Benefiting the Lexington Cancer Foundation 8PM-12:30AM Buster’s lexingtonfoundation.org

UK v Marist College Basketball 7PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

Lexington Junior League Holly Day Market The Carrick House hollydaymarket.com

November 11

Manheim Steamroller 8PM EKU Center for the Arts ekucenter.com

November 12

UK v Vandy Football Nashville, TN ukathletics.com

November 12

STARS 6PM Embassy Suites saintjosephfoundation.org

November 18

November 18 2011 Oleika Shrine Rodeo 6PM Kentucky Horse Park Alltech Arena oleikarodeo.com

November 18 LexArts Hop 5PM-8PM ArtsPlace galleryhoplex.com

November 19 UK v Georgia Football Athens, GA ukathletics.com

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There is plenty of holiday fun to be had in Central Kentucky! From seeing the lights to decking the halls, enjoying the season in Lexington is easy. Several neighborhoods host holiday light competitions. Often, these neighborhoods have guided tours on certain nights. Call area neighborhood associations to see when good times for light viewing may be. Some communities don’t allow pedestrian traffic at certain times, so be sure to respect posted rules and noise ordinances. There are also businesses that ramp up their holiday displays this time of year. From window displays to full-on light shows, there can be plenty to see. The fire station on Harrodsburg Road often does a light show timed to music while Southern Lights is a wonderful Lexington tradition. A little asking around will usually turn up leads on cool businesses who get down with the holidays. Churches, temples and community groups often get in on the holiday spirit, as well. Call around to see what special services, plays and sermons may be delivered around the holiday season. Going caroling is a wonderful way to ring in the holidays. Many community service organizations, churches and groups have special caroling trips scheduled throughout the holiday season. These groups also often host food drives. The Lexington Tree Lighting Festival always offers fun. It’s a great way to get closer with other Lexingtonians and enjoy the beauty of this amazing city. Several cities in the area have holiday parades. See Santa coming up the lane, sip cider, light candles and make merry with other Central Kentuckians! A great way to enjoy the holidays while knocking down the items on a to-do list is to get out and go holiday shopping. Taking time to really browse boutiques can turn up some incredible finds. Of course, celebrating the holidays begins at home. Whether that means dressing a tree, lighting a menorah, singing age-old songs or simply making a wonderful spot by the window to stare out at the coming snow, having fun during the holiday season is all about making time to celebrate at home and with others. So host a holiday or Welcome Winter party! Ugly sweater get-togethers are always a hit, of course. Perhaps set up a pole and begin a Festivus celebration? Central Kentucky always offers tons of fun for all members of the family. But especially so during the holidays! Get out and enjoy the wonder of Lexington in winter. www.LexScene.com


November 22 Pre-Thanksgiving Stand Up Comedy Pillage 8PM Comedy Off Broadway comedyoffbroadway.com

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November 23 UK v Radford Basketball 7PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

November 25 Lexington Tree Lighting Festival 6PM Main Street lexingtonky.gov

November 26

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UK v U of Portland Basketball 7PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

November 26 UK v Tennessee Football Commonwealth Stadium ukathletics.com

December 1 12 Days of Christmas Berea, KY berea.com

December 1 UK v St John’s University Basketball 7:30PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

December 3 UK v UNC Basketball 12PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

December 9 Holiday Concert 7:30PM Transylvania Univerity transy.edu

December 9 Candy Cane Takes a Global Sleigh Ride 7:30PM SCFA uky.edu/scfa 76


December 11 Kentucky Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker 2PM Lexington Opera House lexingtonoperahouse.com

The Nutcracker in One Act 7PM Lyric Theatre bluegrassyouthballet.com

December 9 Kentucky Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker 8PM Lexington Opera House lexingtonoperahouse.com

December 10 Pink Martini with UK Symphony Orchestra 7:30PM SCFA uky.edu/scfa

December 10 Kentucky Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker 2PM & 8PM Lexington Opera House lexingtonoperahouse.com

December 10 The Nutcracker in One Act 3PM Lyric Theatre bluegrassyouthballet.com

December 10 The Budweiser Clydesdales at Keeneland Keeneland

December 10 Downtown Christmas Parade 10AM Main Street lexingtonky.gov

December 11 The Nutcracker in One Act 3PM Lyric Theatre bluegrassyouthballet.com

The Kentuckians Chorus 7:30PM The Grand Theatre, Frankfort grandtheatrefrankfort.org

December 13 Kentucky Christmas Chorus 7:30PM UK SCFA uky.edu/scfa

December 14 Jerry Seinfeld 7PM EKU Center for the Arts ekucenter.com

December 17 UK v UT at Chattanooga Basketball 8PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

December 20 UK v Samford U Basketball 7PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

December 22 UK v Loyola U Maryland Basketball 7:30PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

December 26 Jim Brickman A Christmas Celebration 7:30PM Lexington Opera House lexingtonoperahouse.com

December 28 UK v Lamar U Basketball 3PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com

December 31 UK v Louisville Basketball 12PM Rupp Arena ukathletics.com



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