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Keeneland Opening Day Keeneland Opening Day The Next 40 Kappa Delta Shamrock 5K Day of Dance Art in Bloom Hoops, Hops & Hope Hot Shots


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Spring Meet Opening Day & College Scholarship Day Keeneland Photos by: David Desjardins

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Spring Meet Opening Day & College Scholarship Day Keeneland Photos by: David Desjardins

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The Next 40 Young Friends of LexArts TRUST Lounge Photos by: Alex Orlov

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Kappa Delta Shamrock 5K Keeneland Photos by: David Desjardins

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Central Baptist Day of Dance Fayette Mall Photos by: David Desjardins

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Art in Bloom Singletary Center/UK Art Museum Photos by: Alex Orlov

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Hoops, Hops & Hope | Bluegrass Junior Women’s Club The Barrel House Photos by: Alex Orlov

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2 1 0 2 y a D l a i r o m e M

Originally known as Decoration Day, this holiday was originally set forth to commemorate the lives of Civil War soldiers who lost their lives in battle. As time progressed, the holiday came to include fallen soldiers from all wars, as well as a time of thanks for veterans and current military personnel. It’s also become a time for Americans to remember all their lost loved ones, as well as a time for getting together with relatives. This holiday marks the unofficial start to summer, with many school years ending and graduations happening at this time, making it a wonderful opportunity for fun and celebration. Below are some event happening around the time of Memorial Day 2012. Get out, celebrate your patriotic spirit and enjoy time with family and friends on this American holiday. KDA Spring Warm Up & Annual Dressage Show May 24-27 Kentucky Horse Park Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival May 24-27 Pineville Central Bank Thursday Night Live May 24 Cheapside Park MayDaze Horse Trials May 25-27 Kentucky Horse Park

Singin’ on the Railroad May 26 Bluegrass Railroad Museum

NASCAR Fan Weekend May 24-28 Fort Boonesboro

18th Century Trade Fair May 26-27 Fort Boonesboro

Belle of Louisville Memorial Day Picnic Cruise May 28 Louisville

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz May 25-27 Georgetown College

Lexington Legends v Augusta Green Jackets May 28-30 Whitaker Bank Ball Park

Horsey Hundred Bicycling Event May 26-27 Georgetown College

Jubilee in The Breaks May 25-28 Breaks Interstate Park

Chamber Music Festival of the Bluegrass May 26-27 Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Kentucky Invitational High School Rodeo May 25-27 Kentucky Horse Park

Whispering Woods Wild West Weekend May 26-28 Whispering Woods, Georgetown

Lexington Farmer’s Market May 26 Cheapside Park Find a unique way to salute our Troops this Memorial Day The United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs has detailed resources on Memorial Day and ways to aid and honor those who have served our nation!

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Things You Should Know Before Signing a Lease By: Tim Stewart

Renting an apartment can be advantageous for several reasons, such as flexibility, amenities and convenience. One of the biggest advantages is how quick this process is; sometimes, within an hour you can have a new home and have the keys. It is during this hectic process that you may be tempted to initial and sign, then review the terms later. While much of the fine print is common sense, there are some key items you should be familiar with before you sign on the dotted line. 1. Confirm the lease end date. While you have verbally communicated and confirmed that you can have the lease term you requested, in the event the lease was not written correctly, you are committed to what is in writing. You will also need to ask for a copy for your records. 2. Be aware of the ramifications of terminating the lease early. While contracts vary, it is safe to say that it will be a costly decision to terminate your lease. 3. Review with your leasing agent the required notice for moving out. Often this is 60 days, meaning you must give a written notice of intent to vacate 60 days before the lease expires to fulfill the terms of the lease. You may be responsible for rent beyond the lease end date in order to fulfill the lease agreement. 4. Know the difference in what you are paying monthly and the current “Market” value of your apartment. Often apartment communities offer a “special” or reduced

rate. Knowing this information will help you at the time of your lease expiration to anticipate how much your rent might be. While you don’t always jump up to the market rate, it is still something to be aware of as you evaluate your experience at the community and you will want to factor it in your decision whether to renew or not. 5. Know the late rent policy. Some contracts require you to pay the full market rent or a portion of any free rent you received at move in for the month that you are late. It is important to know what day the rent is considered “late”. You can save yourself a lot of money (and a positive rental history) by paying on time. When signing a lease agreement you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agree to the conditions set forth therein. In the event of a dispute or “misconception” regarding the above, or any terms of the lease agreement, the lease is binding and you will be responsible for what is in writing, not what you thought, understood, or were told. It really is worthwhile to invest the time to review the lease in its entirety, but these 5 points are often the most overlooked items that cost renters money. It can not be assumed that the lease at your new apartment is the same as your last apartment. While the Landlord/ Tenant Act does set some perimeters, management companies still have control of many of the conditions of the lease and it can vary from one company to another. To be a happy renter, you must be a smart renter too.

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Plan and Host a Party and you certainly don’t want to have to vet phone calls where people are pretty much inviting themselves to your party--or worse, asking why you didn’t invite them. People are weird about this stuff. If someone brings it up, address the fact that you had a pretty limited guest list this time around, but you might be having more parties in the future, so you’ll keep in touch. If they don’t get the hint that you’re not going to let them come, get more direct. “I’m really not interested in adding more people to the party, but I’m pretty touched that you’re so interested. I’ll keep you in mind next time.”

Isn’t it about time you hosted a party? The occasion? Who cares!? It’s the perfect time of year for random gettogethers, and there’s simply no time like the present to round up your friends for fun! Of course, everything has to start somewhere. If you happen to have an occasion to celebrate (new digs? new job? birthday?) then your planning can start there. If you don’t have a reason, you might have a theme in mind. That can guide you through the process, as well. However, we’re here to stress that you don’t need a reason or a clever theme. You just need to have the darn party.

So what to do AT the party? Being a good host is always a mix of socializing and being social director. Introduce people to eachother. Let everyone know where the food and drinks are--you DO have appetizers, right? If anything is off-limits, make an announcement and post a sign.

So survey your space. If you have a yard, you’re in luck. Backyard parties are often some of the most fun. (Just be sure you have a backup in-caseof-rain plan!) If you’re limited to the indoors, decide what kind of shindig you can host and how many people you can have over. Be realistic about your space, but do plan for some people to opt out. Determine the guest list. You don’t have to invite everyone--after all, you’ve only got limited space--but you should invite your best and closest. Invite them even if you don’t think they’ll come. It’s good friending. Beyond your closest circle, choose who you invite much more carefully. Bear in mind the crowd you know will show up. Invite people who will jive well and who are fun to be around--and just how “fun” they get. Don’t invite people who always wreck other people’s get togethers or bring a ton of random friends. Because they’re going to do that to you. Even if you tell them not to. Now determine how you’re going to entertain these people. Maybe you all enjoy riffing on movies, playing poker or dancing the night away. If so, that’s a plan. If you’re not sure what your crew will be into, just have some stuff to do on hand. Video games, sports and card games are always stand-by options. Think about the food and drinks. If your pals

are nibblers, you don’t have to think too long. But if your friends have more robust appetites at fiestas, you should plan to have more on hand. Then again, maybe for you, the meal IS the party. If so, your prep and planning for the feast should be Priority 1. If you’re hosting a cookout, an eight-course molecular gastronomy experience or anything in between, if everyone’s getting together to eat, be sure they have plenty and that it’s good. Set a date. If there are a few key people in your life that you really want to party with, consult them to find out the best time for you to have a party. Don’t make this number of people greater than 5--there will inevitably be time conflicts, and you don’t want to feel like you’re fighting the clock to set a party date. Get the word out! But just don’t get it TOO out. Invite people, but be clear that they’re not allowed to +1 it, be clear that it’s a private event and be clear that it’s not exactly a Facebook status-worthy invite. Why? You don’t want too many randoms showing up

At the same time, don’t force it. If you suggest everyone play poker and everyone’s more interested in playing volleyball, let them play volleyball. They might be down for cards in a couple of hours. Similarly, if people are looking bored and grumpy, suggest something new. At the end of the night, there’s inevitably going to be someone who doesn’t want the party to stop. But you will. The official cue that the party’s over should be that the music and entertainment wind down to silence. If you’re serving drinks, have an official last call. If no one’s taking the hint and hitting the door, go around and say, “Would you like a cup of coffee before you go?” If no one takes you up on that, ask anyone if they need to crash on your couch. And if no one takes you up on that, nor leaves, tell everyone as plainly as you can “Okie doke, party’s over. Get out so I can get [x] done tomorrow!” With any luck, in a couple of months, your guests will be talking to you and will go all misty eyed and say “Remember that one time you had a party? We should do that again sometime.” Be sure you do!

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CONGRATS, CATS! Was this season truly special? Sports writer Drew Johnson believes so. defines the word special as “distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual.” If college basketball had a dictionary, the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats team photo would be positioned directly under it, basking in the glory of what the sports world now universally calls “The Big Blue Nation.” And just how would the college basketball version of the word “special” be defined, exactly? 1. Six probable first round NBA draft picks, including the Naismith Player of the Year Anthony Davis, All-SEC performers in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Doron Lamb and Terrence Jones, Teague and Sixth Man of the Year Darius Miller. 2. An undefeated conference record for only the third time in SEC history. 3. A 38-2 record, a single season record for most wins by a team. 4. The 2012 national champions. Using any one of these “special” definitions associated with the Wildcats alone is doing the word a bit of a disservice. In today’s media-mad world of hyperbole and attention grabbing tweets, the term has become an overused adjective used far too freely when describing an above average player or team. When used together, John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats earned the “special” label after dismissing the upset-minded Kansas Jayhawks 67-59 in New Orleans amidst a sea of Kentucky blue to capture the program’s eighth national championship. Kentucky again sits atop the college basketball mountain. When did this “special” team begin? You have to travel almost two years back in time. It all started on April 14, 2010 when Michael Gilchrist, a high school phenom from New Jersey with an insatiable work ethic and

an electric smile, decided to commit to the University of Kentucky. The day Gilchrist signed his letter of intent, his uncle Darin Kidd—the man who replaced his father that died when Gilchrist was a toddler— unexpectedly passed away. Shortly after, to honor his “best friend”, he changed his name to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Only eight days later, Marquis Teague, a precocious point guard from Indianapolis, turned down the overtures from Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals, instead deciding to cast his lot with John Calipari’s penchant for producing NBA caliber point guards with the dribble-drive offense he’s become so famous for. The chance to follow in the footsteps of Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, John Wall, and Brandon Knight proved too difficult to pass up. The wave of Kentucky recruiting momentum reached its zenith on August 13, 2010, when a skinny ex-point guard from Chicago named Anthony Davis gave John Calipari his third commitment for the class of 2011. After a remarkable growth spurt of eight inches over the summer that had no effects on his coordination, Davis was the number one high school player in the country by the time he finished his senior year. Back in the Bluegrass State, three key contributors from Kentucky’s 2010-2011 Final Four Team—Doron Lamb, Darius Miller and Terrence Jones—announced they were putting their professional dreams on hold for another year and returning to Kentucky. The college basketball era of the “one and done” program so often associated with John Calipari was flipped on its head. Kentucky was positioned perfectly to stake their claim on a new banner hanging from Rupp Arena’s rafters.

Big Blue Nation was buzzing about the potential of these six pieces on one basketball team. But how would the individual pieces fit the team puzzle? From this season’s beginning, the expectations were enormous. The preseason hype was staggering. Each night, parents from Pikeville to Paducah would tuck their children to bed, telling stories of what Kentucky basketball was going to accomplish this year. This side of maybe the North Carolina Tar Heels, no other team in all the land was up to the challenge of defeating the mighty Wildcats. After announcing their collective talent to the world with a season opening fifty point victory over Marist, the Wildcats headed to the Big Apple and beat Kansas (for the first time) in Madison Square Garden. After dismissing opponents of less renown like Old Dominion and Penn State, Roy Williams and the top-ranked Tar Heels arrived in Lexington for the most hyped regular season game in college basketball history. The Tar Heels left as losers, 73-72. Indiana took advantage of a frenzied Assembly Hall crowd and Anthony Davis foul trouble to upset the Wildcats on a Christian Watford last second three pointer. Kentucky did not lose again for 24 consecutive games, running through the SEC portion of the schedule unscathed and undefeated. The only blemish for the rest of the season was a loss to a talented Vanderbilt in the SEC Tournament championship game. When the biggest spectacle in college sports began with March Madness, Kentucky was positioned as the #1 overall seed in the South region. Opening tournament play in Louisville’s shiny new YUM Center, the Wildcats took care of “little brother” Western Kentucky to get the championship run rolling. The next vanquished opponent was the Iowa State

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Photo by Dr. Michael Huang

Cyclones, led by the uber-talented Royce White. The Sweet Sixteen saw Kentucky exact revenge on the Indiana Hoosiers in the most dynamic offensive display in the entire tournament, putting up a record 101 points. The long and athletic Baylor Bears proved no match as Kentucky put together one of its best games of the season to reach its second straight Final Four. In a matchup only famous fiction writers can imagine, fans across the state were treated to “Commonwealth Armageddon” as Kentucky dispatched archrival Louisville to advance to its first national championship game since the Comeback Cats in 1998. Then, on April 2, 2012, Kentucky cut down the nets in the Superdome and laid its claim to college basketball dominance as the last team standing. More than wins and titles made this Kentucky season “special”, one that will be passed on

to generations of Kentucky fans for years to come. Was it Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s childlike exuberance for playing basketball? Was it Anthony Davis’s transcendence as one of college basketball’s most dominant players over the past twenty five years? Was it John Calipari finally shedding the moniker as the best coach that hadn’t won the big one? Was it Doron Lamb’s cool demeanor and swagger? Was it senior Darius Miller, leaving the program with a college degree and one of the most popular players in recent Kentucky memory? Or was it the confidence of Terrence Jones, or the steady play of Marquis Teague? I believe it was all of the above. Kentucky played every game with passion and a “team first” attitude not seen often in the college basketball world. Each player sacrificed individual goals for the greater good. They cared for one another as both teammates

and friends. John Calipari molded this squad into arguably the greatest Wildcats team of all time. As Kentucky is the winningest program in college basketball history, the 2012 champions deserve to be in the middle of the “greatest team in history” conversation. And they should be. On April 3, 2012, the Kentucky Wildcats returned to Lexington and celebrated with over 25,000 screaming members of Big Blue Nation in a sold out Rupp Arena. Euclid Avenue was packed with delirious students and proud alumni ready to buy their brand new “National Champions” t-shirt. The 2012 national champion banner was hung for all to see. Kentucky is back. Indeed, a “special” season defined.

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Championship Game Photos by Dr. Michael Huang LexScene Magazine | 1003 |

UK v UofL Photos by Dr. Michael Huang

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Photo by Dr. Michael Huang

LexScene Magazine | 104 | Blue Orleans Photos by Dr. Michael Huang

LexScene Magazine | 106 | UK v Baylor Photos by Dr. Michael Huang

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LexScene Magazine | 109 | www.LexScene.comUK v Iowa State Photos by Dr. Michael Huang

Fans Takeover Limestone Photos by David Desjardins LexScene Magazine | 110 |

brew it yourself your own beer craft

Article by: Lexington Beer Works Interest in craft beer is booming in Central Kentucky, with new breweries and tap rooms opening all the time. Visiting these businesses to taste their specialty beers has become a favorite pursuit for many, but the hobby of brewing beer at home is something that many still think requires a chemistry degree or expensive equipment. First and foremost, brewing a beer is something anyone can do – kinda like making a pot of chili. But just like chili, how good it turns out depends a lot on how closely you follow the directions. And how great it turns out depends on how well you add your own special touches to it. The Equipment: You’ll need a large stock pot, a long handled spoon, a cooking/candy thermometer, some food-grade tubing, bottles, caps, a “bottle capper” and a couple of special 5 gallon buckets with lids. One of the special buckets is a fermenting bucket and it’s lid should be fitted with an airlock which will help let you know when your home brewed beer is ready

to bottle. The other bucket should have a spigot at the bottom – this one’s for bottling your brew. Luckily, you can buy ALL of this stuff in a starter kit at your local home brew shop! The Ingredients: There are four basic ingredients in beer, which are barley, hops, yeast and water. The fresher the ingredients, the better the beer turns out. Various spices and other additives are used in specialty beers – like cinnamon and nutmeg for a pumpkin ale. Brew Day: Carve out about 2-3 hours and roll up your sleeves! Make sure the kitchen is clean so you can spread out your equipment and ingredients. Step one is to sanitize any equipment that your brew will come into contact with. This is extremely important since any unwanted bacteria can spoil the whole batch. Boiling the ingredients in distilled water is the next step, and probably the most fun.

You’ll steep the grains, add the hops and any other ingredients and then put the pot in a sink full of ice to cool it down rapidly. Once the “wort”, as it’s called, is cool enough, you’ll siphon it off into a fermenting bucket, pitch in the yeast and then seal it up! Fermentation: Where the magic happens! Just place in a dark, dry place at a temperature specified by your recipe and check up on it daily. After 8-10 days you’ll notice that the bubbles coming up into the airlock have slowed down. Now it’s ready to bottle! Bottling: Siphon the beer over into your bottling bucket and add some priming sugar to start the carbonation process. Finally, make sure your bottles have all been sanitized and then either use a spigot or a racking tube to fill each bottle. Place a cap on the top of each bottle and use a capper to crimp it on tightly. Your beer should be ready to drink in a couple of weeks!

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A Cut Above the Rest: Which Cut is Best? Article by Josh Skorton

When it comes to cigars, every detail of your smoking experience can

encompasses your whole mouth with the flavorful tobacco. Punch

be customized to suit your preference. One of the most basic and

cutters are cheap to come by, fit on a key chain and are always sharp.

important necessities for a cigar smoker is the cut. The cap of a fine

However, if you find yourself smoking larger cigars, you may encounter

hand rolled cigar is closed, and you must puncture it properly to get

tar build up on the cut, and that is not enjoyable.

the cigar to burn, smoke and taste good. We are far beyond the days of biting the caps off of cigars and idly spitting them on the ground.

The connoisseur may find himself drawn to the V cut. This specialized

There are plenty of extremely nice tools for the job.

cutter takes a wedge shaped bite out of the cap, leaving you with a cigar resembling Pac-Man. Cutting your cigar in such a way promotes

The straight cut is the classic way to lop off the end of your fine stogie.

the air to circulate and filter itself in the remaining sections of the

Some cutters offer a single guillotine blade to perform the task while

cap. This keeps the impurities, such as tar and carbon away from your

other offer two. The single blade cutter will work well, but over time

mouth and provides you with less harsh smoke. V cutters don’t stay

will start to fray and crack your cigars. The higher-end double bladed

sharp for long and take a little time to get used to if you’re a regular

cutters that will give you a crisp, clean cut every time. Straight-cutting

cigar lover.

your cigar is the way it was meant to be smoked. A wide opening allows you to draw a large quantity of flavorful smoke into your mouth

No matter your preference, the cut of your cigar will change the flavor

evenly, making the cigars flavor cascade over your palette in one large

very minimally. However, it will change the feel drastically. If you find


yourself wanting to experiment go ask your local tobacconist if they can pre-cut your cigars. Try one of each cut on your favorite cigar and

Most smokers on the go prefer the punch cut. A punch cut is made

determine what you like. Alternatively, cutters range from extremely

with a sharpened cylinder; it is punched through the cap of the cigar,

cheap to absurdly expensive; trying a cheap one or two would help

leaving a small hole to draw through. This cut replicates the flavor

you get an idea of each cut, just don’t expect them to last forever.

and draw profile of a torpedo or pyramid shaped cigar. The smaller hole allows concise jets of smoke onto your tongue first and then it

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By Day & By Night Those motorcycle riders you see cruising down the highway? Most likely, they’re one of Central Kentucky’s many career professionals who are Harley enthusiasts in their spare time.

There are a ton

of misconceptions about bike riders, but the truth is that motorcycle riders can be anybody! Get to know some of these Lexington riders, by day and by night!

Josh Day works as a firefighter in Richmond, Kentucky--he works in Richmond Fire Rescue, Engine Co. 1. When he’s not busy working with his fellow firefighters, Josh enjoys working and tooling leather as a hobby. And, of course, riding motorcycles! Josh has about nine years of experience with motorcycles and riding. He loves motorcycles so much, he owns three; a 1979 FXE, a 1980 Road Glide and a 1993 Wide Glide. They come in handy, carrying him down long, winding country roads--those are Josh’s favorite places to ride in Kentucky.

Josh Day, Firefighter

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Motorcycle Shots by Karl Schroeder


By day, Jay does operation management for a large manufacturing facility, RockTenn. RockTenn produces a wide range of packaging, consumer displays and specialty paperboard. Jay enjoys fishing, running and bicycling in his free time--when he’s not on one of his two motorcycles. He owns a 2008 Harley Davidson Street Glide and a 2011 Harley Davidson Road King Classic. He has 10 years of experience riding on a large V-twin. Jay enjoys riding locally southbound on Tates Creek Road, heading across the river on the ferry and on down to Richmond. Out of town, he loves heading from Daytona Beach to Flagler Beach along Coastal Highway #1A.

Jay Ahrens, General Manager of RockTenn

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Matt DiLorenzo, President of Pro Player Solutions; GM Kentucky Stickhorses

Matt is the president of Pro Player Solutions, which provides off-field marketing and management to professional athletes. He is also the General Manager for the Kentucky Stickhorses, a new professional lacross team in Louisville. Matt loves being a father and being a big part of his kids’ lives. Matt is a huge fan of sports and coaches his son’s soccer team and baseball team. He’s also a R&B and Hip Hop fan, but he listens to everything from Jay Z to Sinatra. Matt’s been a motorcycle rider for 6 years and owns a 2011 Harley Davidson Wide Glide. Every Memorial Day, he rides the “Tail of the Dragon”, a challenging ride on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. He also loves riding the beautiful back roads of Kentucky, as well.

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Bret Melrose owns Fayette Heating & Air, a Lexington-based company that services HVAC and other commercial and residential home heating and cooling needs. When he’s not busy running his business, Bret enjoys playing golf, admiring classic cars and tinkering in aviation. Bret owns a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic 2009. He has about fifteen years of experience in riding. He says his favorite route to ride is the Blue Ridge Mountains, a beautiful stretch of the Appalachian Mountain range. Elevation changes significantly throughout the ride, making it challenging and full of stunning views.

Bret A. Melrose, Owner Fayette Heating & Air

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Stephanie has a career in science and exploration. So it makes sense that her favorite hobby is cave diving. With an extensive background in geomicrobiology, Stephanie certainly enjoys her work! Her love of adventure and exploring lends itself to a love of motorcycles. She’s got 2 years of riding experience on her 2005 Soft Tail Deluxe. Her travels have taken her many places. She loves riding down I-40 near Asheville, NC through the mountains. She also loves riding in Maine.

Stephanie J. Scwabe, Scientist and Explorer

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Fashion: derbydaze

Mod Boutique

Worlds Apart

Derby style is an exact science of balance, proportion and pizzazz. The event certainly begs for a more refined outfit than most, but it’s also the perfect occasion to show off your festive flair! Bright spring hues and patterns are welcome when paired with more reserved pieces. While your hat may be your most important accessory, it shouldn’t be your only one! Great shoes and lucky baubles are perfect additions.


Howard & Miller


Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers

LexScene Magazine | 58 |

Fashion Shots by Jaron Johns

Fashion: memorial day


Bluetique Mod Boutique

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer. It’s celebrated by barbeques, boating and all sorts of family gatherings that make the most of the beautiful outdoors. Your outfit should help you transition from one great get-together to the next! Light, floaty fabrics will help keep you cool in the sunshine. Turquoise-hued accessories are a favorite for this time of year, and they’re easy to incorporate with neutrals, bold pinks and earthtones. Transitional footwear is key for this holiday! Swapping out flip flops, wedges, loafers, boots or flats can totally transform your outfit. Another key accessory? A great hat or plenty of sunscreen! Howard & Miller

Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers

Worlds Apart

LexScene Magazine | 60 |

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Fashion: first date


Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers

First dates are always a powerful first impression. It can be difficult to dress for the occasion when the occasion is so hard to gauge! The best bet is Mod Boutique

to style yourself for the venue of the date. Dressy, romantic locales require a sophistocated edge. More casual get-togethers call for something a little more flirty and fun. It’s always best to plan to be surprised by

Howard & Miller

where the evening takes you. Wear comfortable (but fabulous) shoes. Be sure your accessories can fit into your bag and pack along a wrap or scarf that can help you dress up or down your look in the event of a total date outfit disaster.

Worlds Apart


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These men may look like they’re having fun, but don’t be fooled. They’re just biding their time ‘til they can do your taxes.

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Band Name: The Louisville Crashers Birth Date: We’re really not sure… we’ve misplaced our birth certificate. Hometown: Louisville, KY Roll call! Who’s in the band?: Geoff “The Maestro” Gittli – Keyboards, saxophones, flute, vocals Howard Gittli – Guitar, trumpet, vocals Jesse Vest - Bass Mark Maxwell - Vocals Max Maxwell – Drums, vocals Shane Isenberg – Guitar, vocals Style you prefer: Dance music!! Anything that makes you shake what your mama gave you! Background of the band: Virtually every major band that has made an impact on the Louisville music scene in the last 20 years is represented in this band. Members of the Louisville Crashers have been certified as gold and platinum selling artists by the Recording Industry Association of America and the Canadian Recording Industry Association. They’ve also made

appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Grand Ole Opry, MTV, and many more. These outstanding musicians have toured all over the world, sharing the stage with worldfamous artists such as Blake Shelton, Kid Rock, Aerosmith and Michael McDonald. What Inspires your song/song writing: Mostly delirium, brought on by a lack of sleep and too much candy. Who are your musical icons?: There are many artists we admire, such as Train, Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Journey, and John Tesh…. OK, not really John Tesh…. Where do you typically play?: Anywhere with a dance floor! We play lots of weddings and corporate events, as well as public shows in and around Louisville, Lexington, and Southern Indiana. What’s the biggest challenge that bands face?: Hiding the fact that we really hate music, we just play it to make money while we go to school to achieve our ultimate dream of becoming certified tax preparers.

Dreams/Aspirations: See above. Available CD Locations: What’s a CD? … Our music is available on iTunes. :) What’s one big thing that most people just don’t know about local bands?: They are actually all sleeper cells for an intergalactic team of crime fighters. Oh wait, we’ve said too much! Why Lexington?: Lexington is like a second home for us! We may be from Louisville, but the folks in Lexington have welcomed us with open arms. It’s a city with the charm of a small town, and it’s full of great people who know how to have a good time! What more could you ask for? Business Advice: Mind your own. Personal Advice: Never trust a skinny chef. Financial Advice: Give us your money. Trust us, we’re musicians.

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A Better Bedroom

Make the Most of Your Sleeping Space | By: Amanda Harper

I find that there are two camps of people: those who see their bedroom as strictly a place to sleep, and those who consider their bedroom a virtual sanctuary, a place of their very own where they relax, refresh and rejuvenate. The bottom line is that a bedroom is a place where you spend several hours a day. Whether or not any of time is spent conscious and alert is up to you, but shouldn’t that space be a cozy reflection of your own personality? A space that not only shows off who you are, but at the same time, helps you be a better you? Before anything else, a really great bedroom needs amazing storage. Every magazine photo of a luxurious, lovely bedroom has zero clutter, and that more than just good staging sense. To really feel relaxed, you’ve got to tidy up the people detritus. Now, different people have different definitions of “organized”, and that’s fine! But tripping over laundry or stepping around your craft supplies to get into bed isn’t exactly conducive to sleep. Find a balance that works for you. Storage solutions come in many forms. If you have shelving already built-in, you’re ahead of the curve! To make the best use of it, consider getting a set of coordinated boxes and label each one with the contents. This will not only make the room look lovely, but it will actually benefit many of your items--storing them out of the sunlight and safely inside a container is key to keeping your belongings in tip-top shape. If you don’t have a great closet or shelving setup, consider buying or building free-standing storage. Prebuilt or assemble-it-yourself pieces are often more than enough to take care of your clutter. If you Google

“Ikea hacks”, you’ll find that prefab can be completely customized to suit your style with relative ease. For instance, just repainting or wallpapering the doors of cabinets can really zazz ‘em up! Paint, fabrics, accessories and art are obvious ways to personalize your bedroom. But it can be tricky! Matchy-matchy may not be your thing, but going too far off the beaten path can result in color overload. With bedrooms, it’s often wisest to choose muted colors or to rely on one POW hue that really stands out. Bright colors can be stimulating, keeping you from getting sleepy in your room. If you opt for really rich, bright, bold tones, be sure that your lighting can help mute that down when you’re ready for bed. Most people have a starting point for decorating their bedrooms. Maybe you’re in love with the bedding set you already have, or perhaps your room just has to include your massive Jim Morrison portrait. Whatever it may be, let that be your guide. Pull colors from your favorite piece to style the rest of the room. But everything doesn’t have to match! Pair the tones with clever neutrals or their opposites on the color wheel for an interesting effect. Finally, think about your room in terms of other uses it could have. A desk might offer you a place to study, work and surf the net. A sitting area would make a great place to read in the morning while you sip your coffee. Maybe your new mini-closet could be your craft station. Could your window seat become a place to do your bills, paint a portrait or stitch your outfits? Find unique ways to get more use out of your bedroom in your waking hours, too!

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Cookout Cookin’ Think outside the grill. Cookouts have their staples that can’t be left out... ‘dogs, burgers, slaw, potato salad. Each family has their own cookout menu. But even with a trusty list of must-have dishes, there’s a lot of room for creativity for the adventurous cook. What can you bring to the cookout that nobody else will think of? We’ve got some great ideas that we think will all be huge hits at the next cookout!

Mango Salsa 2 ripe mangoes, diced 1 medium red onion, diced 1 bunch cilantro, diced with stems removed 1 jalapeňo, minced with seeds removed Lime Tip: Cut the mango in half, then score the fruit without cutting through the skin. Turn the mango inside out and it will be MUCH easier to remove from the skin. Toss the chopped veggies and fruit together. Juice the lime over the mixture. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving to allow the flavors to meld. This is great on a variety of dishes, but I prefer it best over fish, with grilled pork chops or in a pulled pork taco. Pico de Gallo 5 Roma tomatoes, diced and seeded 1 small white onion, chopped 1 fresh jalapeňo, diced and seeded 1 bunch cilantro, diced with stems removed Lime Combine the veggies, then juice the lime over top. As a nice variation, add a bit of diced and seeded grapefruit or, to add some heat, leave the seeds in the peppers. It’s best when you let all the ingredients rest together for a few hours in the fridge. As a note, pico de gallo does not keep well for a long time. It starts to break down and get all watery, so try to use it up within a day or two of making it. Fresh Lemonade 8 c water 1 1/2 c granulated sugar 1 1/2 c fresh-squeezed lemon juice Bring 1 cup of the water and all of the sugar to a boil, allowing the sugar to dissolve completely. Cool. Mix together the remaining water, the sugar water mixture and the lemon juice in a pitcher. There are tons of ways you can vary this

recipe. For instance, add a pint of mashed or frozen strawberries. Replace half the lemon juice with lime juice, then add cherries and cherry juice to finish to create a lovely cherry limeade. You can use a sugar substitute to make this recipe, but most are actually more sweet than sugar. Adjust the recipe to use about 3/4 the sugar or add more lemon juice to build tartness. Instead of boiling the sugar substitute and water together, simply mix carefully into the water to ensure it is dissolved. Watermelon Salad 2c seedless watermelon, cut into small cubes 4c salad greens 1c blueberries 1/2c thinly-sliced cucumber 1/2c diced red onion 1/4c feta, crumbled Lime Toss fruits and veggies together. Squeeze juice of the lime over the salad. Top with crumbled feta. This is a really refreshing salad with a sweet side that will surprise everyone at the picnic. It’s also a great way to make use of watermelon! For a slightly dressier take, use a melon baller to scoop the watermelon. Sprigs of mint in lieu of cucumber and blueberry is a great alternative. Just toss the salad in a bit of olive oil as you go. Carolina-Style Coleslaw 1 head cabbage, shredded 1 green bell pepper, chopped 1 small white onion 2 carrots, grated 1 c apple cider vinegar 1 c granulated sugar 6 T vegetable oil 2 1/2 tsp dry mustard 1 tsp celery seed

In a sauce pan, bring the vinegar, sugar, oil, mustard and celery seeds to a boil. Cool completely, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Add the cabbage, pepper, onion and carrots to the mixture and toss to coat. Refrigerate at least a few hours before you’re ready to serve. Smoothie Popsicles 2c fresh fruit (berries & bananas work well!) 2c plain yogurt 1/4 c granulated sugar Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour mixture into popsicle molds and freeze until firm. Obviously, your popsicle will be different based on the fruit combination you choose. If you’d like to take a shortcut to great flavors (and who wouldn’t?) simply use a flavored or fruit-filled yogurt. You can separate fruits out to make singlefruit flavored popsicles, or go wild mixing up flavor pairings that suit the crowd. What are some yummy combinations? - Strawberry and banana - Blueberry, raspberry and strawberry - Mango and peach - Strawberry and kiwi - Coconut and mango - Watermelon and blueberry

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Events Calendar Due to the changing nature of events, please contact the hosting organization to verify event dates and information. Want to submit an event to our calendar? Visit and click Submit Your Event! April 20th

Lexington Ballet: Cinderella 8PM Lexington Opera House LexArts Gallery Hop 5PM-8PM 161 N Mill pARTy 5PM-10PM Cheapside Park Jockey Autograph Signing 11AM-12:30PM Keeneland

April 21st

10th Annual Defender Classic 5K 8:30AM Bryan Station High School Breakfast with the Works 7AM-8:30AM Keeneland Keeneland Presents: Photos with Bucky 11:30AM-12:30PM Keeneland Winner’s Circle Fayette County 4-H Festival 10AM-2PM Masterson Station Park Wellington Spring Carnival 10AM-2PM 3280 Keithshire Way

April 24th

Born This Way Fashion Show 7PM The Thoroughbred Center

April 25th

United Way Day Keeneland

April 26th Akhil Reed Amar: America’s Symbolic Constitution 6:30PM-8PM Transylvania University 2012 Rolex Kentucky ThreeDay Event Kentucky Horse Park The Black Jacket Symphony: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon 8PM Lexington Opera House Grey Goose Bewitch Stakes Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

April 27th Fifth Third 4th Friday 6PM-9PM Loudon House Keeneland Concert on the Lawn 7:30PM Keeneland Eric Church: Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour 7:30PM Rupp Arena The Midtown Men 8PM Lexington Opera House

April 28th Urban Dare Lexington 12PM Lynah’s Irish Pub

The Midtown Men 2PM & 8PM Lexington Opera House Expecting Great Things Maternity Event 11AM-1:30PM Keeneland Entertainment Center

April 29th YMCA Healthy Kids Day 2PM-5PM UK Nutter Field House The Midtown Men 2PM & 7PM Lexington Opera House

May 3rd The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Other Tales 7PM Lexington Opera House 2012 Kentucky Bluegrass Wine Auction & Derby Gala 6PM Donamire Farm Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

May 4th The Links Inc Derby Eve Gala 6:30PM Embassy Suites The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Other Tales 7PM Lexington Opera House Godsmack & Staind 6:30PM Rupp Arena

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Martinis on the Lawn Keeneland Oaks Day Keeneland, Churchill Downs

May 5th Derby Day Stakes 5K/10K/15K 8:30AM Coldstream Research Park Derby Bash Keeneland

May 7th Portland Cello Project 7:30PM Norton Center

May 8th Big Band & Jazz 7PM-8:30PM Moondance at Midnight Pass

May 10th Women in the Woods: Spring Hiking Series 6PM-8PM L&H Outdoor Store Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

May 11th An Evening with Joe Bonamassa 8PM Rupp Arena Kentucky Magic Dinner Theatre 6PM deSha’s

Dancing with the Lexington Stars 6:30PM-12AM Griffin Gate Mariott Resort & Spa dancingwiththelexingtonstars. com

Woodford Humane Society’s Woodford Wag 7:30AM Woodford County Park

Decorators Showcase 2012 Highland Hall, Old Richmond Road

Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival 9AM-7:30PM Masterson Station Park

May 12th Mayfest Arts Fair 10AM-6PM Gratz Park

May 13th Mayfest Arts Fair 11AM-5PM Gratz Park

May 15th Big Band & Jazz 7PM-8:30PM Moondance at Midnight Pass

May 17th Education Builds Hope Luncheon 11:30AM-1:30PM Carrick House Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

May 18th Women in the Woods: Spring Hiking Series Big South Fork Taste of the Bluegrass 7PM-11PM Keeneland Alzheimer’s Assocation Making Memories 2012 7PM-10PM Carrick House 2012 Fountain Films Dusk Triangle Park

May 19th

Founder’s Day Celebration McConnell Springs Kentucky Wine & Vine Fest 12PM-7PM Nicholasville Hepcats Swing Dance 8PM-12AM Arthur Murray Dance Studio

May 20th Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival 9AM-7:30PM Masterson Station Park High Hope Steeplechase 11AM-6:30PM Kentucky Horse Park

May 22nd Big Band & Jazz 7PM-8:30PM Moondance at Midnight Pass

May 24th Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

May 29th Big Band & Jazz 7PM-8:30PM Moondance at Midnight Pass

Southland Jamboree 7PM Collins Bowling Center

May 31st

Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

June 1st

American Cancer Society Relay for Life 7PM-1PM SAT Masterson Station Park Free Friday Flicks 7PM Jacobson Park 2012 Fountain Films Dusk Triangle Park

June 2nd

Swingin’ on Main 7PM-11PM Main Street at Triangle Park

June 3rd

Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater 6PM deSha’s

June 5th

Big Band & Jazz 7PM-8:30PM Moondance at Midnight Pass Southland Jamboree 7PM Collins Bowling Center

June 7th

Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

Festival of the Bluegrass Kentucky Horse Park

June 12th Big Band & Jazz 7PM-8:30PM Moondance at Midnight Pass Southland Jamboree 7PM Collins Bowling Center

June 14th Central Bank Thursday Night Live 4:30PM-7:30PM Cheapside Park

June 15th LexArts Gallery Hop 5PM-8PM 162 N Mill Free Friday Flicks 7PM Jacobson Park 2012 Fountain Films Dusk Triangle Park

June 16th Night of the Stars 6PM Keeneland Dads and Grads Car Show 9AM-4PM Valvoline Headquarters Ashland Lawn Party 5:30PM-9:30PM Ashland the Henry Clay Estate

June 19th

Free Friday Flicks 7PM Jacobson Park

Big Band & Jazz 7PM-8:30PM Moondance at Midnight Pass

Egyptian Event Kentucky Horse Park

Southland Jamboree 7PM Collins Bowling Center

June 8th

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