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Photographer: Morgan Marie Photography

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Breanna, a Registered Nurse, grew up in Eddyville, Murray and Bowling Green after moving from Mississippi as a child. Seung (who goes by Sinj) came from a small island in the Pacific called Saipan. He moved to Pennsylvania for school and ended up working as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Bowling Green. Despite their very different backgrounds, when a mutual friend set them up, the two had so much in common, including a passion for travel. Breanna said, “The world really is a small place!” The couple wanted a simple, traditional wedding ceremony. The bride’s uncle served as officiant and they played Christian and contemporary music throughout. In her bouquet, the bride carried a photo of her late cousin, who had been a close friend: Breanna also wore one of her cousin’s gold bracelets to help celebrate her memory.

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The couple decided to get married at Cason’s Cove because it offered a mix of Kentucky beauty and European countryside flare. “Cason’s Cove is beautiful and quaint without any decorations: we went to see it in the dead of winter and still fell in love,” Breanna recalled. “Aside from the beauty, the owner, Gabrielle Bush, made the whole process seamless. I gave her some ideas and let her run with it. She’s so easy to work with and a talented woman. She made our day perfect and not once did I stress about her decisions and organization.” “Simple, but elegant was the goal,” the bride explained. “I wanted earthy, but light and breezy.” Eucalyptus greens were a fragrant and beautiful touch. White, blush pink and gold accents helped carry the theme. Guests were given succulents as favors, reminding guests to nourish their own relationships and pray for Breanna and Sinj’s future together. With the changing leaves outside, natural green foliage and swaths of fabric were all that was needed to make the outdoor spaces at Cason’s Cove truly magical. Hand painted wooden signs helped direct traffic around the grounds. Inside the barn, string lights, fabric and chandeliers gave the rustic reception space a soft, romantic feel. Bouquets and table swags had a loose, natural look that was perfect for the setting: little touches of deep red coordinated perfectly with the bridesmaids’ dresses. One of the bride’s favorite memories of the day was taking pictures with her groom just after the ceremony. “The few moments we had to just take everything in were so sweet as a freshly married couple,” she remembered. “We also just enjoyed the fact that our family and friends who were so geographically far from each other were in one place to celebrate us.” To celebrate Sinj’s Korean ancestry, the couple had a separate reception in Saipan the following February. The bride wore a Hanbok and they participated in traditional Korean customs. Breanna shared some advice that her wedding planner offered her, “When you are standing there with your dad and about to walk down the aisle, just stop and breathe and take in all the faces there to support you–don’t forget those people and the view you’re looking at–then walk down to the love of your life!” Breanna suggests brides remember to spend time with out of town guests as much as possible. She also recommends carving out a little time alone with your new spouse during the wedding day. She says that what she remembers most about her big day is being genuinely happy and soaking in all the love from her guests being gathered in one place.

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WEDDING STYLE An eclectic and woodsy feel fills the s p a c e a t t h i s f a l l w e d d i n g. T h e c o u p l e decorated with an abundance of lush greener y and foliage paired with e l e g a n t g o l d d Ê c o r. T h e y p a i d h o m a g e t o t h e g r o o m ’s m i l i t a r y b a c k g r o u n d with his attire and the overall color scheme.


Ta l k to your florist about incorporating a lot of greener y into y o u r d e c o r. W h e t h e r y o u u s e m o s s , e u c a l y p t u s o r v i n e s, t h e m o re yo u have, the big ger impact it will make.


If your venue lacks the natural wood look you desire, you can incorporate it u s i n g d e t a i l s l i k e w o o d e n s i g n s, t w i g t a bl e s c a p i n g d e t a i l s o r a h a n d m a d e w o o d e n a r c h f o r y o u r c e r e m o n y.


One popular way to create an eclectic and romantic ambiance at your wedding is to have string lights hung throughout your ceremony and/or reception space. It immediately sets the mood for a night ever yone will r e m e m b e r.

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PHOTO Morgan Marie Photography VIDEO Jo h n M ye rs Nashville, Tn VENUE C a s o n’ s C o v e Alvaton, Ky FOOD Jimmy Diemer BBQ Bowling Green, Ky FLOWERS Deemers Flo wers Bowling Green, Ky BRIDAL GOWN Glitz Nashville, Tn


SWEETS D e n i s e Pa y n e ( c a k e ) , Jimmy Diemer (pecan pies)

T H E C O L O R PA L E T T E A balanced mix of military navy and burgundy with natural hues of g r e e n e r y, g o l d a n d w o o d .

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Nick and Kristen met in college at Morehead State University. They formed a friendship during their first year, but didn’t begin dating until they were both seniors. The two Kentucky natives made Louisville their home together. They had attended several events at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center and loved the unique, eclectic space, so it made a natural choice for their special day. The couple chose a palette featuring purples and greys. Lace accents mirrored the bride’s Maggie Sottero gown and kept the day’s theme light and soft, in contrast to the industrial brick and wood of the event space. The couple chose to have a first look moment, finally seeing one another after hours of anticipation. “I don’t think we realized until we were in the moment how much we cherished that small bit of time with just the two of us that day,” Kristen explained.

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Kristen wore a pearl bracelet that was a gift from Nick at the start of their relationship. She added a white rose charm to the bracelet, which was given to her by her grandmother who had worn it when she was a bridesmaid in her great aunt’s wedding. She wrapped her bouquet with a handkerchief that had belonged to her greatgrandmother. Keys with handwritten names served as the seating chart. Guests took the keys home as a favor at the end of the night, since they cleverly double as bottle openers. A sprig of lavender rested atop a grey napkin at each place setting. Lavender represents devotion, a cool emotional touch that seemed fitting for their nuptials. The color also helped tie the palette together in a fun, romantic way. A friend created the couple’s signature cocktail recipe, which they called the “Fall Old Fashioned”. It featured bourbon mixed with simple syrup and garnished with a cinnamon apple. Nothing Bundt Cakes created the wedding cakes, a fun alternative to the traditional cake that offered guests a variety of flavor options. The soft, pastel florals in purple, green and white were beautiful set against the vintage chic lace table linens. Edison bulbs illuminated the dance floor and helped define the space, a romantic touch that was perfect for the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center’s rustic aesthetic. Kristen and Nick both agree that getting out on the dance floor was the best part of their wedding day. “Everyone says to just enjoy the day—and we did that to the best of our ability—but there are still nerves that take over,” the bride explained. “To know that we made it through and simply could enjoy the rest of the night was a great feeling.” One of their guests, a friend from college, started a Spin the Bottle dance circle that kept the party alive and encouraged everyone to get in on the fun—so much so, in fact, that the groom actually lost his wedding band! Luckily, a cousin found it that night, saving the day. One of the couple’s only regrets was not getting to enjoy a special treat that they planned for everyone. “We should have taken time to enjoy the Taco Bell we had delivered at the end of the night,” Nick explained. “Neither of us even noticed that it had come and gone, but many of our guests still tell us that they thought it was a nice touch.”

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WEDDING STYLE A balanced mix of glamour and industrial elements created the unique s p a c e t h i s b r i d e w a s g o i n g f o r. T h e soft color combination mixed with touches of lace and vintage elements created an overall romantic scene.


To c r e a t e a r o m a n t i c a n d v i n t a g e look, you wouldn't immediately think o f a n i n d u s t r i a l v e n u e . H o w e v e r, t h e r u s t i c, e x p o s e d b r i c k , l a c e d e t a i l s a n d pastel color palette helped achieve the l o o k b e a u t i f u l l y.


White lace is the perfect touch to s o f t e n a n y s p a c e. U s e i t o n t a bl e t o p s or tie it around your bouquet. T hese subtle touches are all you need!


Fo r a u n i q u e l o o k , m i x a n d m a t c h b r i d e s m a i d s d re s s e s, C h o o s e a c o l o r that compliments the overall style of the wedding and incorporate different tones and shades to create a one of a k i n d b r i d a l p a r t y.

C O L O R PA L E T T E A soft, romantic palette of var ying shades of lavendar and gray with pops of natural tones like green and tan.

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PHOTO Je f f + M i c h e l e P h o t o g r a p h y VENUE Mellwood Art & Entertainment Center FOOD M o r r i s ’s D e l i L i q u o r & C a t e r i n g SWEETS Nothing Bundt Cakes FLOWERS Flourish R E N TA L S / D E C O R R e l i a bl e R e n t a l s BRIDAL GOWN B r i d a l a n d Fo r m a l W E D D I N G PA RT Y T h e D e s s y G r o u p, T h e B l a c k Tu x HAIR/MAKEUP Karyssa at Nova Salon, H a n n a h Pa t i e r n o, Chelsey Lambert S TA T I O N E RY / CALLIGRAPHY Haley Michelle Designs A LT E R AT I O N S N e e d l e ’s E ye MUSIC R a n d y E m b r y a t Tr i a n g l e Ta l e n t DAY O F C O O R D I N AT O R Kayla Hinrichs

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“I have always been interested in history and my dad and Poppy had taken me to some Civil War reenactments as a kid,” DeLaney explained. “I have always thought Middle Creek Battlefield was breathtaking. The trees, the hills, the handmade fence… I love it all!” She always wanted an outdoor wedding, so when she was able to reserve the battlefield, she was thrilled. DeLaney grew up in Magoffin County on a farm while Will grew up in Lawrence County running a general store. The two of them are students with can-do attitudes, so DIY was a major component of their wedding day. The couple hauled, cut, sanded and stained all of the wood for their bench seating and made all of the floral arrangements except the bride’s bouquet. The dance floor was even handmade and the father of the bride helped set it up the day before the wedding.

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DARRELL LEWIS or call 859.523.3464 319 Cedar St | Lexington, KY

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DeLaney wore a lace Jovani gown with bell sleeves that gave an elegant, yet boho look. Her chignon incorporated her wedding florals. She wore her grandmother’s gold hoop earrings and a bracelet that she wears every day, a gift from her father. The bride loved her first look moment. “It was probably the most intimate part of the day, just us and the photographer/videographer,” she recalled. “The rest of the day, you're under pressure and being pulled in 10 different directions. During the first look, you get a chance to just breathe and take in the fact that you finally are about to become husband and wife.” DeLaney had both her father and her Poppy walk her down the aisle, lined with ferns and whiskey barrels. “I always knew this is how I wanted to do it,” she said. “These two men have been with me through absolutely everything. They've always been my strength and my heart. I couldn't make the walk without either of them.” Before the ceremony, she gave them embroidered linens that were handmade by her late greatgrandmother. Will and DeLaney stood in front of grapevine wreaths they cut, gathered and arranged themselves. They were thrilled to have their dogs there with them on their big day as their best man and maid of honor! During the ceremony, the couple planted a succulent to have something strong that would grow and thrive with them. The table belonged to Will’s late great-grandmother. The guests signed a watercolor painting of the high school sweethearts in their wedding attire. The couple’s table was handmade by DeLaney’s uncle. Globe lights cast a romantic glow from the trees overhead. Cut wood, eucalyptus and metallic accents perfectly complemented the natural beauty of Eastern Kentucky. The cake table was a vintage buffet that belonged to the mother of the bride. The couple wove songs by The Beach Boys into their special day because Will and DeLaney share a love of the group. She walked down the aisle to “God Only Knows” and they shared their first dance to “Forever”, singing every word to one another. It was a fun way to bring the personalities into the celebration. “You only have one big day. Make it special and unique, something you will always be proud of and happy with,” DeLaney advised. “Stay true to yourselves as a couple and be sure that your day represents you both!”

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WEDDING STYLE T his intimate wedding included n a t u r a l d e t a i l s w i t h a v i n t a g e f l a i r. T he DIY elements allowed the couple and their family to bond while filling t h e d a y w i t h r u s t i c, ye t e l e g a n t t o u ch e s.


Choosing a natural, woodsy space o f f e r s p e r f e c t b l a n k c a n v a s t h a t d o e s n’ t n e e d m u c h d e c o r a t i n g. G o r g e o u s g r e e n elements and the lovely sur roundings c a n s p e a k fo r t h e m s e l v e s, c re a t i n g a simple and romantic atmosphere.


What bride doesn't love delicate lace? A showstopping gown like DeLaney's c a p t u r e s a r o m a n t i c, o l d - t i m e f e e l , but the moder n silhouette helps her style show through.


To c r e a t e a v e r y n a t u r a l d é c o r, t r y t o k e e p t h e f l o r a l s s i m p l e i n c o l o r. Incorporate abundant greener y in the c a k e , t a b l e d é c o r, c h a i r s , c e r e m o n y area and styling to car r y the woodland feel throughout the celebration.

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PHOTOS A m y Wa l l e n P h o t o g r a p h y VENUE Middle Creek Battlefield Prestonsburg, KY FOOD B r i d e ’s Fa m i l y SWEETS Connie Dillon FLOWERS B r i d e ’s B o u q u e t - W i l l i a m ’s F l o ra l , Pa i n t s v i l l e, K Y BRIDAL GOWN Jo v a n i G RO O M / G RO O M S M E N Village Boutique, Prestonsburg, KY HAIR N a n c y Wa t k i n s MAKEUP Madison Ratliff and Brooklyne Lowe S T A T I O N E RY VistaPrint

C O L O R PA L E T T E Let nature shine with a soft palette of white paired with deep greens and w o o d s y a c c e n t s o f b ro w n a n d bl a ck .

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Many brides-to-be couldn’t imagine choosing their event venue before it’s even open, but for Alyson and Austin, it was an easy choice. They pre-booked Limestone Hall, the event space located inside Lexington’s Historic Courthouse, knowing that it would be the perfect site for their celebration. “We fell in love with the historic appeal,” Alyson explained. “We also loved its proximity to the ceremony venue and hotel accommodations.” The Historic Courthouse was constructed at the turn of the 20th century in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. The building’s exterior is constructed of limestone, which comprises more than half of all surface rock in Kentucky. As Kentuckians, born and raised, this space was a meaningful choice for the couple. Limestone Hall is located in the top floor of the building, offering views of the recently remodeled interior.

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The bride carried her grandmother’s ring tied to her bouquet, helping keep her close throughout the special day. Alyson also wore a UK temporary tattoo above her garter as her something blue because she loves Kentucky basketball. The bridesmaids wore blush pink dresses while the groomsmen wore navy tuxes with funky socks, helping their personalities shine through. The ceremony was held at the Second Presbyterian Church. The day’s florals featured a mix of white and blush roses, white hydrangeas, green cabbage, astilbe and seeded eucalyptus, offering a bright, fragrant accent for the warm woods of the church. The couple exchanged handwritten vows during the touching nuptials. Guests moved to Limestone Hall for the reception, where they were greeted with a bright, clean décor that served as a perfect complement to the venue’s architecture and the building's stone accents. Tone-on-tone grey linens and napkins served as a soft backdrop for the beautiful florals. The bridal party’s bouquets doubled as accents to the table arrangements, which were created in bowls for guests to take home and enjoy. Each place setting featured the guests’ favors: a bottle of Ale-8-One, hand tied with a ribbon and paper straw. The head table was set apart with blush linens and cut-out wooden “Mr. & Mrs” signs. The couple shared their first dance to a mash-up of fun songs. The music transitioned from Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” to “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz. They stole a moment together during the reception, going to take stunning sunset pictures atop a nearby parking garage. Because shoes are their favorite accessory, both Alyson and Austin changed their footwear; she donned sparkly Keds and he slipped into blush pink Nike tennis shoes. “Take time during the ceremony and reception to sit back and take it all in,” Alyson advised. “It goes by so fast. Take time to enjoy your friends and family being all in one place.” Alyson learned that lesson the hard way: she and her groom barely had time to eat between greeting their guests, dancing and taking photos. Fortunately, they have many incredible memories of their special day. From seeing their loved ones boogie on the dance floor to laughing and crying through the speeches, it was a day that perfectly captured the high school sweethearts’ romance. Surrounded by the cheers and support of their loved ones, the couple exited the reception through a glittering shower of sparklers.

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WEDDING STYLE Yo u c a n’ t g o w r o n g w i t h c l a s s i c b l u s h for a Souther n wedding! Florals in a simple, air y color palette create a traditional look that's perfect for a b r i g h t , l i g h t v e n u e . Tr y p a i r i n g i t w i t h g o l d a c c e n t s a n d g r e e n e r y.


W hite bouquets and flo wers create a traditional, classic look. Blush bl o o m s a n d f ra g ra n t e u c a l y p t u s m a k e the perfect accent.


Tr y i n c o r p o r a t i n g s i m p l e g o l d a c c e n t s throughout your dĂŠcor to keep the a t m o s p h e r e v e r y cl e a n a n d cl a s s i c. T h i s c o u l d b e o n yo u r c a k e, ch a i rs, place settings or wedding signage.


To g e t t h i s a i r y l o o k , g o w i t h a s o f t t a bl e cl o t h i n w h i t e, i v o r y o r gray and then dress it up with a simple gold charger and white plate. Minimalistic designs are beautiful and can go a long way to making your event dazzle.

C O L O R PA L E T T E A classic and traditional palette of white and ivor y with soft touches of bl u s h , g re e n fo l i a g e a n d g o l d a c c e n t s.

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PHOTO Seriously Sabrina CEREMONY VENUE Second Presbyterian Church RECEPTION VENUE Limestone Hall FOOD S e l m a ’s C a t e r i n g SWEETS Tink ers Bak e Shoppe FLOWERS We d d i n g s b y h o u s e PLANNER j . s t u a r t h u r t , We d d i n g s b y h o u s e BRIDAL GOWN B r i d a l a n d Fo r m a l W E D D I N G PA RT Y B r i d a l a n d Fo r m a l G RO O M / G RO O M S M E N M e n’ s Wa r e h o u s e MUSIC CYOS oLu nOd sRD J P A K


A classic and traditional palette of

V w hIi tD e Ea nO d G i vR o r yA P w iH t h Ys o f t t o u c h e s o f Sb lcuostht aHn da ygerse e Pn rfoo dl iuacgtei owni st h g o l d d e c o r.

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Gold Leaf Dinner Plate, Gold and White Flatware, Bryant's Rent All

Photo via Simply Done Invites TOPS Weddings | 48

Lace Kentucky Agate Pendant, Meg C Jewelry

18K Gold Diamond Petals Bracelet, Roberto Coin Monogram Heart Drop Guest Book, Cathy's Concepts

Blush Embellished Pumps, Badgley Mischka

L O C A T I O N Keeneland F L O R A L S Sun Kissed Blooms R E N T A L S Bryant's Rent All M E N U Hank + Doodle Designs I N V I T A T I O N Simply Done Invites D R E S S Twirl Boutique G L A M Very Mary Hair & Makeup M O D E L Maria Montgomery TOPS Weddings | 49

Austrian Crystal Rose Silver Hair Comb, Martha Rose Boutique

Nayla Just Married Metallic Flip Flop, Kate Spade New York, Dillard's Fayette Mall

VENUE/FLORALS/STYLING Cedarwood Weddings C A K E Patty Cakes I N V I T A T I O N Designs in Paper D R E S S White Dress Nashville G L A M Jessica Langford TOPS Weddings | 50

Casablanca China Dinner Plate, Green Vintage Goblet, Bryant's Rent All

Keds x Kate Spade New York, Macy's

TOPS Weddings | 51

Tall Gold Candlestick, H&M

Copper Moscow Mule Glass, Bryant's Rent All

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Burgundy Acrylic Table Numbers, Color And Cake Invites on Etsy

Mimosa T-Strap Heels, BHLDN JardiniĂŠre Diamond Wedding Band in 18K Yellow Gold, Brilliant Earth

L O C A T I O N War renwood Manor P L A N N E R / F L O R A L S Epoch Affairs D R E S S Twirl Boutique G L A M Cha Cha's Salon C A K E Cindy's Sweets S W E E T S Spots Gelato I N V I T A T I O N Haley Michelle Designs TOPS Weddings | 53

Faux Fox Fur Shawl, Kama Bridal

Rania Hair Comb, BHLDN

Pearl and Feather Stilettos, Farfetch Casadei

V E N U E Distilled at The Sire P L A N N E R / F L O R I S T Zachary Brady Designs D R E S S Twirl Boutique I N V I T A T I O N Haley Michelle Designs R E N T A L S Bryant's Rent All TOPS Weddings | 54

Eirini Crystal Drop Earrings, Baublebar $36

Charcoal Velvet Napkin, Bronze Flatware, Bryant's Rent All

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When your brother owns one of the premier wedding venues in Lexington, the location of your own big day is pretty much a foregone conclusion. But that doesn’t mean that the event won’t be without its share of decisions and surprises. That’s why Stoll Vaughan and his bride, Elizabeth Hendrix Vaughan, turned to Stoll’s mother Neal Vaughan and Shelly Fortune to help plan the details. “The Apiary is a beautiful space and it was the perfect spot for us. We were able to have the ceremony and the reception there, all in one,” Elizabeth explained. “The gardens were beautiful and the tent was amazing for the ceremony. There was no other space that compared.” Having their celebration at The Apiary was already a personalized touch, given the groom’s connection to the owner, his brother Cooper Vaughan. But the details created an event that was incredibly personal and a visual treat.

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The gorgeous outdoor tent area served as the ceremony site. The chandelier was decorated with greenery and flowers. Mirroring its shape, guests were seated around the space, circling the couple as they exchanged the vows they’d written. The ceremony was officiated by their dear friend, who introduced the pair. Tedrin Lindsay, UK Opera voice coach, arranged and played the music. Elizabeth wore a floral lace Lazaro gown. The flower girl wore the same dress that Duchess Kate Middleton’s flower girls wore, designed by Nicki MacFarlane. Stoll wore a Luigi Bianchi Mantova suit from Stuart Mercer Gentleman's Shop. The couple wanted to keep their special day light, fun and full of love. One of their best moments was entirely unplanned. Because they chose not to have a rehearsal and the ring exchange wasn't a part of the vows, the couple nearly forgot them! The officiant was about to pronounce the couple man and wife when Elizabeth realized that the rings were missing. Stoll’s brother handed them the rings, the couple put them on and said, “Okay, we’re ready now!” Stoll’s mother, Neal, helped devise the reception décor. She had antique Japanese obi made into table runners for the long tables in the reception space. Additionally, each place setting at the round tables had an obi, adding stunning color to the decor. Opaque chargers with gold trim allowed the intricate patterns to show through. Other gold and transparent accents helped tie the palette together. From a custom monogram wax seal to the guests’ place cards, which were calligraphied on vellum, every detail was coordinated to offer a personal touch. Patrick Howard created the florals, making use of bold hues and a variety of blooms artfully arranged to offer a carefree, yet elegant look. Delightful details helped bring the fun into the décor. For instance, the table arrangements included sliced papayas, which added both visual interest and a tropical scent. Elizabeth loved that their friends from California and her family from Indiana were able to experience Kentucky hospitality with Stoll’s family from Lexington. The groom, who is a singer-songwriter, took the stage for an acoustic set during the reception. One song in particular, he wrote about his bride! The wedding cake was a stunner. The lifelike flowers were handmade of sugar by artist Deb McKnight. Rather than cutting the cake for everyone, they handed out little mini cakes at the end of the night, leaving them with a sweet memory of this beautiful day.

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WEDDING STYLE A p e r fe c t bl e n d o f l u s h s u m m e r florals with a whimsical garden feel. T his bride incorporated ethereal elements throughout the space that truly transfor med the venue and atmosphere.


Some brides are afraid of playing w i t h c o l o r, b u t t h i s b r i d e i s a p e r f e c t example of doing color just right. Incorporating bright summer tones into the flo wers allo wed the space to come to life and really capture that whimsical garden feel.


A fun way to add character to your decor is to play with textures in just t h e r i g h t p l a c e s. A dd fl o ra l s t o t h e cake or incorporate non-traditional t e x t u re i n t o t h e t a bl e s c a p e, l i k e Elizabeth + Stoll's gorgeous plates and napkin rings CANDLES ON CANDLES A great way to create that perfect etheral feel throughout the reception space is to not shy away from a dd i n g c a n d l e s. I n c o r p o ra t i n g t h e m at different heights and sizes will b r i n g yo u r t a bl e s t o l i fe w i t h a g ra n d whimsical romance that your guests w i l l s w o o n o v e r.

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PHOTOS Melanie Mauer VENUE + FOOD Apiary SWEETS Debra Mcknight PLANNER S h e l l y Fo r t u n e FLOWERS Pa t r i ck H o w a rd BRIDAL GOWN Lazaro G RO O M AT T I R E Stuart Mercer Gentleman's Shoppe HAIR Connie Hawkins MAKEUP Vicki S T A T I O N E RY Cardinal and Straw Fine Pa p e r G o o d s DECOR N e a l Va u g h a n

C O L O R PA L E T T E A summer color explosion with a touch of whimsical romance. Pops of fuschia and coral with touches of greener y and g o l d d e t a i l s.

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Elle met Suzy seven years ago through mutual friends while Elle was visiting her sister in Los Angeles. “Between Suzy not feeling well and my already being half asleep with my PJ's on, it is safe to say that neither of us expected to meet our future life partners that night when Suzy walked into the room,” Elle remembered. Yet, something clicked. They knew their crushes could have easily been short-lived when Elle returned home to Kentucky, but that wasn't so: “Our mutual adoration, curiosity and yearning for one another only grew stronger with distance and time.” Elle is a Louisville native. She attended college in California and now works in human resources for a technology company based in San Diego, CA. Suzy is a San Diegan, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Social Work at Boston College. As fate would have it, at the beginning of their relationship Suzy received an opportunity that allowed her to live in Louisville for a year, during which the two were able to make memories together in the town they enjoy calling their second home.

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Their wedding venue, the Lincliffe Estate, is the residence of close family friends who graciously offered to let the two use the property for their special day. The couple toured the grounds and immediately knew what a perfect venue the property would be for their celebration. The wedding flowers were designed to complement the manicured gardens of the estate. Guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the rose garden and fragrance garden. Everyone was more than happy to carry their conversations into the reception tent at the back of the historic house when a thunderstorm rolled through. Greenery, candles, and white linens gave the celebration a light, elegant feel, allowing the beauty of the grounds to shine. Guests were treated to a menu of dishes that reflected some of the couple’s favorite meals, paired with an open bar of signature drinks, wine, craft beers and bourbon from the family’s Louisville distillery, Rabbit Hole. Elle wore a Couture Closet gown and carried her late grandfather’s handkerchief wrapped around her bouquet of white blooms. Instead of having traditional flower girls the couple enlisted their two grandmothers to line the aisle with rose petals. A close friend carried their rings down the aisle in a handmade box from another friend who could not be in attendance. The couple waited until the ceremony to see each other for the first time. When Elle made her way down the aisle, Suzy immediately took her hand and twirled her around, tears running down both their faces. During the ceremony they incorporated a modern version of the Jewish “Seven Blessings” tradition, rewritten to reflect the core values they strive to maintain in their marriage. The couple shared their own vows and upon completion immediately embraced one another and kissed before they were officially announced, prompting the officiant to throw her arms up and join the guests in laughter. Suzy’s father, who adored the couple, passed away just over a year before the wedding date after battling multiple myeloma. A teddy bear that Suzy’s mom handmade using some of his favorite shirts, “Daddy bear,” was present throughout the celebration as a symbol of his presence on their special day. Suzy also wore his watch as an accessory to her custom navy and black tuxedo. Elle and Suzy opened a bottle of bourbon that was buried at the ceremony site just before cutting the cake, an old Southern tradition that is believed to ensure great weather on the wedding day. For the two, they were so wrapped up in the magic of their moments throughout the evening, they hardly noticed the rain that fell anyway.

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WEDDING STYLE T his couple kept the décor very elegant and minimal, allowing their love and personalities to shine through. It also allowed the natural beauty of the venue to take the spotlight.


To a c h i e v e t h i s c l e a n l o o k , b e j u d i c i o u s a b o u t w h a t d é c o r y o u u s e . Tr y t o p p i n g yo u r t a bl e s w i t h i v o r y l i n e n s a n d a s t r a n d o f d e e p, c o n t r a s t i n g g r e e n e r y. Yo u ' l l b e s u r p r i s e d h o w e l e g a n t t h i s easy look can be, especially when illuminated by candlelight.


With a clean, ele gant theme, you’ ll want to continue the same look through the attire. Consider having your bridesmaid dresses stay within a m o n o t o n e c o l o r f a m i l y, l i k e h o w this couple chose to keep ever yone i n g ra y s. I t w i l l e n h a n c e t h e o v e ra l l effect and look more cohesive. NAT U R A L V E N U E A wedding with such a minimal look n e e d s a n a t u r a l b a c k d r o p. W h e n searching for a venue, tr y finding an outdoor space that is open, with sweeping vie ws of nature. T his w i l l s a v e t i m e o n p l a n n i n g d é c o r, as the scenery will be completely breathtaking on its own.

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PHOTOS Sarah Katherine Davis VENUE + FOOD Linclif fe Estate C AT E R I N G F a r m t o Fo r k CAKE P l e h n’ s B a k e r y PLANNER We e k e n d We d d i n g Wa r r i o r s FLOWERS Ja i m e Fa i r m a n o f S t a t e & A r r o w B R I DA L AT T I R E Couture Closet M e n ' s We a r h o u s e HAIR & MAKEUP Carley Randall Rick Bancroft R E N TA L S R e l i a bl e R e n t a l s S T A T I O N E RY Pa p e rs o u rc e VIDEOGRAPHER W h i t e O w l We d d i n g s

C O L O R PA L E T T E A ra n g e o f b e a u t i f u l n e u t ra l s, set against a backdrop of verdant g re e n s w i t h g o l d a c c e n t s.

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Jenna and Nathan first met in their high school history class in Flemingsburg, where they grew up. Their first date happened in Maysville, so they wanted to reflect its importance on their special day. Jenna explained, “We made our choice of venue less about the buildings themselves, and more about downtown Maysville as a whole!” This approach resulted in a wedding that was as much a celebration of their love as the city itself. From their name on the Russell Theatre marquee to details that perfectly complemented their venue’s romantic, historic style, everything about Jenna and Nathan’s day was a reflection of how special Maysville was to them.

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The bride’s Stella York gown featured a full skirt of light, airy layers. The bridesmaids were bedecked in draped gowns in a soft, minty green. One of the bride’s most important pieces of advice? “Have fun with the process and don’t let anybody tell you that you can ever have too many bridesmaids!” The ceremony was held at the First Presbyterian Church of Maysville. Nathan cried as he saw his bride walking down the aisle. All of the bridesmaids noticed this touching moment and started smiling and crying, too. The couple especially loved their recessional. Greg Lee, lead singer of the Chuck Taylors and Nathan’s cousin, played “You Are the Best Thing” as they walked away from the altar. Jenna remembered, “His music struck the exact thrilled tone we felt in that moment!” One of the bridesmaids bought the couple a wedding planner early in the planning process. The couple took the planner and filled it with pictures and stories from their relationship. They set it out for guests to flip through and read. This special touch let guests feel even more connected to the couple’s love story. Prior to the wedding, they had custom signs made by Haley Michelle Designs and Grace Johnson. From directing guests through the day to inviting them to dig into dessert, the signs helped set the pace and tone of the celebration. Greg Lee surprised the couple with a custom letter D that he used to project the couple’s monogram on a wall of the reception. This custom touch helped personalize the space in a subtle way. “If we had to do it over again, we definitely wouldn’t stress so much over the tiny details,” Jenna explained. “Before the wedding, we tried to plan everything out perfectly, but at the end of the day, you’ve just got to let go and realize that everything will work out in the end!” The florals perfectly accentuated the natural beauty of both the ceremony space and the reception site. The bouquets featured blooms in white and cream with abundant greenery. For the reception, peach peonies were incorporated into the arrangements to bring a pretty, playful feeling. In addition to their cake, the couple offered “Sweets & Treats”, including cupcakes and brownie bon-bons topped with fruit. The adorable arrangement let guests savor the sweet memory of this special day in Maysville.

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WEDDING STYLE Whimsical fun details paired with light and air y summer tones created t h i s p e r f e c t l y p l a y f u l J u l y w e d d i n g. T his bride really played off the small town feel. T he beautiful venue space offered a lot of style on its own, even before the bride's dĂŠcor was added.


Fo r a b r e e z y s u m m e r p a l e t t e , l u s h and crisp g reen foliage is all you need to really bring it to life. Having greener y incorporated throughout the ceremony and reception space will continue that summer feel throughout t h e e n t i r e d a y.


Step outside of the traditional tiered c a k e a n d g o fo r a f u n d e s s e r t t a bl e with different options for your guests t o i n d u l g e i n . T h i n g s l i k e c u p c a k e s, pies and donuts are becoming the new t re n d i n w e dd i n g d e s s e r t s.


Fo r a l i g h t a n d r e f r e s h i n g v i b e , c h o o s e soft colors to play with in all the d e c t o ra t i o n s a n d d e t a i l s. T h i s b r i d e chose mint green bridesmaid dresses and peach peonies that lent a lot of personality without ov erwhelming a n y o f t h e o t h e r d ĂŠ c o r.

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PHOTOS Created With Grace Photography VIDEOGRAPHY Wo o d l a n d a n d I v o r y VENUE First Presbyterian Church T he Cox Building, Maysville, KY FOOD D&D Catering SWEETS Kim Mineer FLOWERS Sunkissed Blooms R E N TA L S / D E C O R G r a c e Jo h n s o n BRIDAL GOWN Tw i r l B o u t i q u e B R I DA L PA RT Y D a v i d ’s B r i d a l G RO O M / G RO O M S M E N M e n’ s We a r h o u s e HAIR + MAKEUP Shelbi Lawhor n S T A T I O N E RY / S I G N A G E Haley Michelle Designs AC C O M M O DAT I O N S Fo r e s t R e t r e a t B e d & B r e a k f a s t

C O L O R PA L E T T E Light and airy summer palette filled with mint green and splashes of soft o ra n g e a n d bl u s h t o n e s t o p p e d o f f w i t h t o n e s o f c r i s p g r e e n a n d n a v y.

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“Marrying a Texan, I wanted to be sure our wedding was a true taste of the Kentucky I am so proud of,” Paige, who was born and raised in Frankfort, explained. A big part of that was selecting the right venue. “I grew up going to Keeneland. It is the perfect distance between my home church in Frankfort and downtown Lexington, where all my guests would be staying. It is a true Kentucky landmark and a gorgeous place we knew all our guests would love.” Part of welcoming their guests included a bourbon tour on the Friday before the wedding and accommodations at 21c Museum Hotel in Lexington. Welcome packages included custom maps, a Blue Monday, kettle corn and a horseshoe, allowing guests the opportunity to get familiar with all that Central Kentucky has to offer.

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The ceremony was held at the First United Methodist Church in Frankfort. The white florals helped achieve the bride’s vision of a very classic and timeless wedding. The church offered rich woods and stained glass, making a beautiful and meaningful site to exchange their “I do’s”. Paige and Kelly opted not to have a first look moment, which made their ceremony very emotional. The couple most remembers the moment when the sanctuary doors open and they saw one another for the first time, surrounded by their loved ones from near and far. The bride carried her late grandfather’s monogrammed handkerchief wrapped around her bouquet and her lace gown was a touch of Southern elegance. The bridesmaids wore blue while the groom and groomsmen wore classic tuxes. The groom made a fun wardrobe switch for the reception, opting for a cream jacket. Carol Mitchell of Midway helped transform the Keeneland Entertainment Center with white and light pink flowers. The beautiful arrangement that hung over the dance floor offered a focal point while chandeliers provided a classic, elegant touch. An archway that mirrored the building’s natural structure provided the architecture to hang the lighting while helping define the space. The tables were set with metallic accents. Arrangements of roses, hydrangeas and white florals ran the length of the center table with votives providing a romantic glow. Round tables around the arch featured gold, glass and white accents with bowls of hydrangeas. The Keeneland bugler played “My Old Kentucky Home” during the cocktail hour. He also heralded the couple into the reception before the band kicked off a night of lively dancing and excitement. Light-up glasses and flip flops brought the party mood, letting guests really get into the spirit. The groom’s grandfather even joined the band onstage to play drums! The bride advised, “Invest in great music and everyone will have a ball!” For a late-night snack, guests were given Jimmy John’s sandwiches from the shop owned by the bride’s uncle. The wedding cake featured alternating layers in a classic style, with real roses on two layers and rosettes and pearl decorations on others. The groom’s cake was fashioned like a Yeti cooler with a faux fish, beer bottles, ice and fishing tackle. The couple exited along an illuminated walkway. Guests cheered and held up light-up batons, sending Paige and Kelly on to the next happy chapter of their lives.

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WEDDING STYLE A perfect mar riage of grand romance and glam, the décor incorporated lush white florals and chandeliers while k ee ping the palette v er y clean and cl a s s i c. T h i s w e d d i n g w a s f i l l e d w i t h sentimental, hometown touches that m a d e i t t r u l y h e a r t w a r m i n g.


To c r e a t e a t r u l y g l a m o r o u s s p a c e , a cr ystal chandelier is a must. T hey bring an ele gant ambiance anywhere.


Any traditional wedding deser ves the g room to look his best in a classic bl a ck t i e t u x e d o. T h i s g ro o m d e c i d e d to get playful with his style by s w i t ch i n g h i s bl a ck j a ck e t fo r a c re a m o n e f o r t h e r e c e p t i o n . Yo u c a n’ t g o wrong with either!


T his couple incorporated so many fun and unique hometown elements into their wedding, from the welcome bu ck e t fo r g u e s t s t o t h e K e n t u ck y bl u e b r i d e s m a i d d r e s s e s . D o n’ t b e a f r a i d t o w o rk i n t h o s e s p e c i a l t o u ch e s, e v e n i f t h e y d o n’ t f o l l o w y o u r t h e m e t o a t e e . Yo u r g u e s t s w i l l a p p r e c i a t e seeing your personalities sho w!

C O L O R PA L E T T E C l a s s i c bl a ck t i e w e dd i n g w i t h w h i t e florals with splashes of lush g reener y a n d g i l t a c c e n t s.

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PHOTOS Kelli L ynn Photography VIDEOGRAPHY Alyson Biggs Films VENUE First United Methodist Church Keeneland Entertainment Center FOOD Keeneland Hospitality SWEETS Cakes by BeBe PLANNER Carol Mitchell of Midway C O O R D I NATO R Kim Bell, Frankfort, KY F L OW E R S / R E N TA L S Carol Mitchell of Midway BRIDAL GOWN Justin Alexander Tw i r l B o u t i q u e B R I DA L PA RT Y Alfred Sung G RO O M / G RO O M S M E N M e n’ s We a r h o u s e HAIR Steel Magnolias Beauty Salon MAKEUP Hollyhill Makeup Artistry S T A T I O N E RY Daffodils Fine Stationer y Sarah Bohl Designs BAND M u s i c a l F a n t a s y, M o b i l e , A L AC C O M M O DAT I O N S 21c Museum Hotel Lexington T R A N S P O RTAT I O N G o l d S h i e l d Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n

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a truly unique Kentucky wedding at

TAYLOR MADE FARM Taylor Made Farm was established in 1976 by the Taylor brothers; Duncan, Ben, Frank and Mark Taylor alongside longtime friend Patrick Payne. With the help of their father, Joseph Lannon Taylor, they have successfully grown the family farm into a driving force in the Thoroughbred horse industry. In 2018, the Taylor Made team, which now expands to over 100 employees, achieved a goal of breeding and raising 100 Grade 1 Winners and selling over $2.35 billion horses at public auction! In addition to this, Taylor Made has an impeccable stallion roster which includes 2014 Kentucky Derby Winner and 2x Horse of the Year, California Chrome! Now, for the first time ever, you can be a part of the history of Taylor Made! New in 2017, Taylor Made launched its Hospitality Department which caters to guests wanting a truly unique Kentucky experience! Join the Taylor Made team for weddings and private events on the expansive 1,100 acre farm located just minutes from downtown Lexington! With multiple open-air venues, countless event enhancements, and endless possibilities… Taylor Made is sure to offer an experience you and your guests will never forget! Taylor Made also offers event space at their sister property located at Thoroughbred Golf Club at Highpoint! This venue offers newly renovated indoor and outdoor dining options overlooking the 18-hole public golf course! In addition to your event, indulge in one of our specialty crafted enhancements! Imagine a guy’s day on the links before walking down the aisle, your rehearsal dinner at Daddy Joe’s Bar and Grill, cocktail hour during a private stallion parade, or a farm tour to wow your guests during your wedding weekend! The Hospitality team is here for you and will ensure your experience is tailored to fit your needs, budget, and Laura Richard, of course compliment your event! Experience Director

Taylor Made Farm 2765 Union Mill Road | Nicholasville 859-885-3345

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the venue with a view at

THE MANE ON MAIN The Mane on Main is Lexington’s premier event space, created by the professionals of Dupree Catering + Events. Located downtown in a 12,500-square foot space on the 15th floor of the Chase Bank building, this great venue provides sweeping views of the Lexington cityscape that no other venue can provide, all with unparalleled food and service. Opened in October 2017, The Mane on Main was designed with flexibility in mind. Several separate rooms allow for brides to host everything from bridal showers to rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and receptions. The space can accommodate groups of any size – from 50 to 500! Floor to ceiling windows line each wall, boasting a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Lexington skyline. The space opens up into a foyer and lounge area with furniture perfect for cocktails and mingling. The East Room features a built-in bar while the West Room is able to seat up to 200 guests. A conference room offers a smaller space that can be converted into a cozy bridal suite. Lighting, AV setup and monitors are all built into the space. The venue also has attached covered parking in the Chase garage. With its convenient downtown location, out-of-town guests can easily walk to your event from many of Lexington’s downtown hotels. From enticing appetizers to sweet finishes and everything in between, the culinary staff at Mane on Main will coordinate the perfect menu from their extensive repertoire of foods and beverages, all designed within the parameters of your budget. Dupree Catering + Events has a long history of exceptional service to Central Kentucky brides. As Lexington’s premier caterer for over 30 years, they have cemented their reputation for complementing great events with food prepared by hand by Executive Chef Janey Thompson, using the best farm-to-table ingredients available, always served Heather Martin, Venue Coordinator with gracious hospitality. The Mane on Main

The Mane on Main 201 East Main St., 15th Floor | Lexington (859) 231-0464 |

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dance the night away with

ARTHUR MURRAY DANCE STUDIO Imagine your wedding day, surrounded by family and friends watching as you share your first dance. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, their goal is to make it easy for couples to share their first moments as man and wife. Couples remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives. The first dance is one of the most cherished shared moments of the day. Years down the road you will take out a video and experience that moment all over again. Traditionally, the most popular dances are slow dances, but it has become common for couples to incorporate faster songs into their first dance. More and more people are interested in hybrid dances, which start out fast and end slow, or vice versa. It creates a much different experience. The first dance is an important moment, and couples are often nervous. Fear should not prevent you from enjoying your special time together. The biggest fear couples have is that they will not be able to learn. Arthur Murray instructors put students at ease. The hardest part is walking through the door; the rest is easy. Once couples get out on the floor, they think it’s great. Arthur Murray Dance Studio recommends starting lessons 3–8 months before the wedding, but they will help meet your needs regardless of the timeframe. The first step a couple should take is starting private lessons. It gives couples their own stress-free place. Lessons start by choreographing the first dance, and the instructor can also help choreograph other dances, such as the father-daughter dance. After private lessons, couples are encouraged to transition into group lessons. Arthur Murray Studios have taught over 10,000 couples to dance, and the Lexington studio is one of the Top 10 in the world.

Hunter Lisle, Owner Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Owner Hunter Lisle and the amazing staff strive to make every couple feel comfortable for their big day! The best part of their job is seeing smiles beaming across the dance floor as the couples are done and ready to take their first step!

Arthur Murray Dance Studio 1801 Alexandra Dr., Ste. 132 | Lexington (859) 278-7711 |

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a wildcat wedding at

HILARY J. BOONE CENTER at the University of Kentucky

There is nothing like a Wildcat wedding in the heart of UK’s campus. At the Hilary J. Boone Center, alumni and friends know very well the special feeling of saying “I do” at one of the best-loved spots on campus. The Boone Center’s wedding coordinators boast years of experience and long-time relationships with the area’s most trusted vendors to deliver creative indoor and outdoor weddings. Couples can enjoy up to eight Private Rooms and an outdoor space. The charming Courtyard features a lighted fountain, and the lovely Terrace is lined with gorgeous rose bushes. Special amenities include a double fireplace in the Library/Bar, grand piano in the Reception Area and exceptional décor. Members regularly comment that they especially enjoy the consistently delicious cuisine offered by their award winning chef and culinary team and service team. For every event from the rehearsal dinner to wedding day, wedding coordinators are on hand. On the initial visit, they offer tours for the couple and their families. With 20,000 sq. ft. of meeting and dining space, the Boone Center offers a warm and functional atmosphere, seating up to nearly 600 guests. The Boone Center’s number one goal is to provide the perfect wedding experience for the couple and their guests. They offer on-site, complimentary parking and multiple options for set-up. Perfectly situated in the heart of a campus, yet a leisurely walk to downtown and eclectic Chevy Case, Kroger Field and Chandler Hospital, the Boone Center is located at the corner of Rose Street and Columbia Avenue in Lexington.

Hilary J. Boone Center at the University of Kentucky 500 Rose St. | Lexington (859) 257-1133 | TOPS Weddings | 92

Contact their wedding coordinators, Linda Russell and Rachel Norris, today to begin planning the most memorable day of your life right in the heart of Wildcat Country.

romantic elegance at

The Club at UK’s

SPINDLETOP HALL “The staff at Spindletop helped create the perfect setting and experience for our May wedding. From our first consultation to the wedding day, the logistics of “planning” were smooth and stress-free. From selecting the buffet menu, cake options and room designs, I was given expert advice and assistance. I highly recommend Spindletop and the wedding coordinators if you are looking for a memorable event,” says Margaret, a happy Spindletop bride. At The Club at UK’s Spindletop Hall, an elegant and romantic wedding is exactly what you get. The exquisite southern mansion sits on 60 beautiful acres in the heart of the Bluegrass. The tree lined drive offers a grand entrance to the mansion. Once inside, your breath will be taken away at the sight of the lovely spiral staircase and opulent chandelier in the grand entrance hall. The Club is listed as one of the Top 25 Must-See Buildings in Kentucky by the American Institute of Architects and is on the National Register of Historic Places. When touring the mansion, you will see why. When you choose Spindletop Hall, you are not simply choosing a wedding venue; you are becoming a Member and a part of the Spindletop family. Wedding Coordinators Caitlin Gilliam and Elizabeth Sharp, along with the Club’s service team, work hard to ensure every need is met so that your day will be stressfree, fun and just as you imagined! Your onsite wedding coordinator will assist you with every detail, including choosing a menu from the award-winning chef and culinary team, working with other vendors and being at your side throughout the event. All you will need to do is sit back and let the professionals do the work. Call today to begin planning for a lifetime of memories!

The Club at UK’s Spindletop Hall 3414 Iron Works Pike | Lexington (859) 255-2777 | TOPS Weddings | 93

get gorgeous




COOLBLULEX Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. While proper diet and exercise are key in achieving and maintaining a fit appearance, there are often areas of stubborn fat that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how much work you do. Sound familiar? With CoolBluLex, you can get rid of those stubborn areas permanently and allow you to truly shine in your wedding photos–and on your honeymoon! CoolBluLex is setting a new standard in patient care for non-invasive fat reduction. They have one of the most experienced CoolSculpting teams in the area, allowing them to offer a level of expertise and knowledge that is unmatched. As a board-certified plastic surgery office, patients can rest assured knowing that their care providers are the best. Curious about CoolSculpting? This innovative procedure is a smart addition to your diet and exercise regimen. The quick procedure can reduce problem areas by up to twenty-five percent. CoolSculpting is the safest FDA-cleared non-surgical treatment for more areas of the body than any other fat-freezing treatment on the market. It can be used on back, bra and armpit fat, the abdominal area, upper arm, inner and outer thighs and more. When is the right time to get CoolSculpting? Some patients see results in as few as three weeks, but for best results, allow three months before the big event. Brides may wish to factor in their final dress fitting. Fortunately, there is no downtime, so the procedure won’t slow down the wedding planning process!

Stephen A. Schantz, MD Founder, CoolBluLex

Amanda Jo Harms, MS Co-founder, CoolBluLex

CoolBluLex clients will receive a complimentary, personalized consultation. Mention the TOPS Weddings magazine at your appointment and receive the second most popular pre-wedding beauty treatment–Botox–for free.

TOPS Weddings | 94

Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery Center 3288 Eagle View Ln #300 | Lexington (859) 254-5665 |

celebrate with style with

SHAKESPEARE AND CO. How do you picture your dream wedding? If you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated atmosphere, search no further than Lexington’s own Shakespeare and Co. Shakespeare and Co. was established with the Kentucky Proud spirit in mind. Providing customers with quality service and delicious dishes has always been at the heart of the restaurant. The business revives 18th century culture with deep cushioned style couches, smooth leather barstools and colorful dining chairs. You may choose from a large drink and food menu and enjoy your meal as your surroundings take you back in time. Before the big day, gather with family and friends in the renowned Juliet Room at the downtown location. Enjoy upscale comfort and excellent service as you choose from the Shakespeare and Co. menu, which has just been updated and features new items. If catering is more convenient for your party, choose from the variety of catering packages available to you and leave the stress of planning behind. With two exquisite locations, one being in the heart of downtown, Shakespeare and Co. offers a large event space and banquet hall that has been used for showers, rehearsal dinners, catering, and parties of all kinds. Now it’s time for you to experience a wedding of your very own creation in this unique yet traditional setting. One of the marvelous features that cannot be ignored in a venue like Shakespeare and Co. is the vintage theme. Imagine columns of old books stacked up the walls as the happiest day of your life unfolds before you. Colorful fabrics cascade from the ceiling while your family and friends smile at you from their classic, cozy seats. Various prints and patterns decorate the floor as you walk down the aisle, and elegant flowers and accents surround you, all contributing to a masterpiece of love and intimacy. Shakespeare and Co. would love to host of your big day. The hospitable staff, array of menu choices and beautiful venue combine for what is sure to be a dream wedding come true. For more information on the W. Short Street and Hamburg Shakespeare and Co. locations, please contact or call the downtown location.

Shakespeare and Co. | Downtown 367 W. Short Street Lexington (859) 367-0413 TOPS Weddings | 95

Hamburg 1908 Bryant Road Lexington (859) 447-8230

► AC C O M OD AT IONS 21c Museum Hotel Lexington 167 W. Main St. • Lexington 859.899.6800 •

► CATERING/DRINKS Dupree Catering 201 E. Main St. #1500 • Lexington 859.231.0464 •

Embassy Suites Lexington Green 245 Lexington Green Cir. • Lexington 859.271.4000 •

J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar 859.533.9777 •


DoubleTree Hilton 2601 Richmond Rd. • Lexington 859.335.4368 •

Marriott Griffin Gate Resort & Spa 1800 Newtown Pike • Lexington 859.231.5100 •

► APPAREL Bella Rose 126 W. Maxwell St. • Lexington 859.255.2565 • Carl Meyers 111 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.252.2004

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Logan’s of Lexington The Mall at Lexington Green 859.273.5766 • Logansof


Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery 3288 Eagle View Ln. #300 • Lexington 859.254.5665 •

Monkee’s of Lexington & Louisville 116 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.253.0427 • Monkeesof 3264 Old Brownsboro Rd. • Louisville 502.897.1497 • Monkeesof Stuart Mercer Gentleman’s Shoppe 119 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.309.0357 • Twirl Boutique 121 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.309.2493 •

► BE AUT Y Susan E. Neil, MD Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness 2101 Nicholasville Rd. #206 • Lexington 859.278.6345 •

Arthur Murray Lexington 1801 Alexandria Dr. #132 • Lexington 859.278.7711 •

► DJ/EN TERTA I N MENT Triangle Talent 502.267.5466

► FLOR A L Best of Flowers 807 Chevy Chase Pl. • Lexington 859.266.4682 • Bestof Carol Lynn Originals & Events 645 E. Main St. • Lexington 859.253.0545 • house by JSD Designs 1148 Industry Rd. • Lexington 859.523.3933 •

► GI FTS & REGI ST RY Cameo Glass Prints 859.317.9881 •

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Peggy’s Gifts & Accessories 112 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.253.3188 • Linens Limited 114 Clay Ave. • Lexington 859.233.1061

► I N F OR M ATION Kentucky Proud

► MAKEUP Blush + Glow


► VEN U ES 21c Museum Hotel Lexington 167 W. Main St. • Lexington 859.899.6800 • Bodley-Bullock House 200 Market St. • Lexington 859.252.8014 • Chenault Vineyards 2284 Barnes Mill Rd. • Richmond 859.328.7773 Copper Fox 616 University Shopping Ctr. Richmond • 859.230.5365

LexEffect 859.230.5365 •

Embassy Suites Lexington Green 245 Lexington Green Cir. • Lexington 859.271.4000 •

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1. One-of-a-kind Step Cut Hexagon Diamond Set | Alexis Russell 2. Horizontal Emerald Cut Diamond Ring | Brilliant Earth 3. Platinum Nouveau Diamond Ring | Brilliant Earth 4. Flower Frame Vintage Style Rose Gold Diamon Ring | Zales 5. Simply Tacori Horizontal Pear Cut Ring (Style 2654PS) | Tacori

6. Camellia Petal Ring | Anna Sheffield 7. Black Diamond Hazeline Suite No. 12 | Anna Sheffield 8. Gray Diamond Hazeline Suite No. 35 | Anna Sheffield 9. Emerald and Diamond Ring | Blue Nile 10. Custom Blue Solitaire Engagement Ring | Joseph Jewelry

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