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THE PLACE TO BE SEEN AUGUST 2023 • vol. 17 no. 8 TOPS
Make every night a special occasion. Reserve your experience at m 101 West Vine Street • Lexington, KY 40507 • 859.554.7000 • U.S.D.A. Prime Steaks | Seafood & Sushi | Live Entertainment
| August 2023 362 E. MAIN ST LEXINGTON, KY 40507 3450 TODDS RD LEXINGTON, KY 40509 ARTIST RENDERING* Second Location. Same Great Food. Same Great Hospitality. • COMING 2024 • CARSONSFOODANDDRINK.COM
AUGUST // VOL.17 NO.8 28 Living: 10 Things Southerners Simply Can Not Stand 32 Cuisine: Malone's Celebrates 25 Years 37 Beauty: Summer Hairstyles 42 Local Spotlight: Solutions IV 44 Beauty: Bette Davis Eyes
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| August 2023 TOPS Horses. Bourbon. Community. Renders. 3191 Beaumont Centre Circle | Lexington, KY 40513 859-533-9777 | The very BEST SOUTHERN FARE! when it comes to

129 Living: Let the Games

134 Local Spotlight: Little English

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144 Local: Downtown Details

154 Feature Section: BEST of LEX

172 Cuisine: The Wine Down

183 Cuisine: Summer Casseroles

192 20 Questions with Paul Chartier: Melisse Brunet

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226 TOPS | August 2023 p
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226 TOPS | August 2023 Mini burgers. Big milestone.

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212 Photos: LexArts Grantees Reception

214 Photos: 100 Women of Lexington 10th Anniversary

216 Photos: Chevy Chase Street Fair

218 Photos: Holly Hill Cooking Studios

220 Photos: Thursday Night Live

222 Photos: Pattie A. Clay Auxiliary Ball

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photo taken by Stephanie Gilmore
on Main restaurant.
hammered silk halter gown was provided by Carl Meyers and designed by Tom and Linda Platt. Crystal drop earrings are by Beje Designs, also available at Carl Meyers.

Editor’s Picks

Hello Friends!

While we still have many days of hot steamy weather ahead of us here in the Bluegrass, once August rolls around, we can’t help but think of football season. YES! Football season, and all that comes with it; tailgating, post-game parties, new gameday attire. Here are some ideas to help you kick off the season in style while cheering on our CATS!

For Your Gameday

Charcuterie: Kentucky Wildcat Cheeseboard

Violets Lexington

For Your Toes: Tailgating Socks Kentucky Fun Mall Fly Your Flag!: UK Car flags | Kentucky Branded

Keeping Those Adult Beverages

Cold in Style: Portable Insulated Football Cooler

For the Lady Cat Fan: Beaded Blue Football Earrings | Peggy’s Gifts

Fun and Games: Kentucky Wildcats Pickleball Paddle Set

For Your Wardrobe: Blue Tiger Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt | Henry Dry Goods

The Ultimate Tailgate Organizer: Kentucky Wildcats Tailgate Caddy

Must-Have Chili: Sawyer’s! Sawyer’s Downtown Lexington

Before it Sells Out: Ivory Corded Crew The Kentucky Shop

August 2023| TOPS 25

BringingintheGreeniskeyto oursuccess!Thereisnotasktoo small,toolarge,ortoo“outof thebox”forDebbieandher team.Ifshedoesn’tknow,she willfindout.Debbie’swillingness toaskquestionsandchallenge ourthinkinghasledtoincreasing ourownknowledgeandskillsin marketingouruniqueservices.I trulydon’tknowwhatwewould dowithoutDebbieandEmily!

26 TOPS | August 2023 Foracomplimentarymarketingconsultation,contactDebbieGreen. p Can’tsayenoughgood thingsaboutDebbieandher team.We’vebeenworking withherforseveralyears.I loveherenergy,attentionto detailandprofessionalism. Ifyou’relookingforhelp withyourmarketing,give themacall. JTMarshall,Owner TravisClarkPhotography
859.536.7863 859.536.7863
DebbieGreen andherteamof marketingprofessionalshavenearly25 yearsofexperienceinstrategic marketing,mediabuying,andtracking returnoninvestment. JenniferHall,Exec.Director KeyAssetsKentucky



For more than a century, the Kentucky State Fair’s World’s Championship Horse Show has attracted the most illustrious horses to Louisville. Our upcoming 120th anniversary August 19–26 at Freedom Hall will be no different. More than $1.5 million in awards will be on the line as an international gathering of world-class athletes compete for the largest purse in the Saddlebred industry –and the title of World’s Grand Champion.

AUGUST 19–26 • FREEDOM HALL Visit us online at Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.
Photo by Doug Shiflet.

Folks in the South are known for their genial demeanor; after all, “Southern hospitality” is a phrase that just about everyone knows and a creed we strive to abide by. But cross a Southerner, and you’ll find out just how deep our grudges can go – Heaven help you if it was a Sugarbaker woman! Here are 10 little things that rub Southerners the wrong way. From the simple misuse of a Southernism to acts of outright condescension, this is a quick guide to what burns our biscuits and gets us madder than a wet hen. by


Disrespecting Your Elders


Good manners are the cornerstone of Southern hospitality. So it really burns us up when we see someone not giving their elders the respect they’re due. A little patience and kindness go a long way when dealing with anybody, but it’s important to honor and value those with more experience in this world. (That said... if they’re downright rude to you? Take the high road and instead offer them a sugary sweet – if a little fake – “Bless your heart.”)

It Ain’t Soda


We’ll accept some friendly debate about what to call it, as folks in the south sometimes alternate between “pop” and “Coke.” But what we don’t say is “soda,” “soda pop” or “soft drink.” That’s just ridiculous.

Returning a Dish Empty


If someone goes to the trouble of baking you a cake, casserole or batch of cookies, never return the dish unfilled. While technically no gift should require anything in return, many feel that returning a dish empty is actually bad luck. If a friend makes you a covered dish as a kindness, return the vessel with something you made to thank them for their thoughtfulness.

That said, many of these cakes and casseroles are delivered during times of stress, such as following a funeral or the arrival of a new baby. No one expects you to make a cake from scratch in this hectic time! Instead, wash the dish and place a thank you card in the dish. If you want to add veggies from your garden, store-bought sweets or a handwritten recipe, that’s even better.

Disrespecting the SEC

Southern sports are sacred. Days of home games are reserved for tailgating or filing into Rupp Arena, not whatever little social event you were trying to throw. You might not “get” our dedication to college sports, but you’d best keep your mouth shut on the subject; smack talk about the BBN is tantamount to fightin’ words.

August 2023 | TOPS 29 LIVING

Hollywood’s “Southern” Accents 6

Patronizing Southerners

Who in the world do they have voice coaching these actors?! Half of them sound like they’re not even from this planet, never mind the American South. There’s nothing worse than sitting down in a movie theatre to watch the latest Oscar contender only to hear the verbal equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for two hours (and yes, the lead actor will invariably win for their supposed “realistic portrayal of southern life.” Ugh!) It goes without saying that if you’re not Southern, we’re not interested in hearing your attempt at our accent. Especially not “as a joke.” Which leads us to…

Can’t Drive in the

There is a certain contingent that truly believes anyone with a Southern accent must be dumb. There are so many stereotypes about the South. One that remains is the idea that we’re all just little copies of Gomer Pyle; at best, naïve and at worst, bumbling fools. The truth is that we’re all just people. So stop calling our accents “quaint” and start respecting us, dagnabbit!

Bad Attempts at Southern Cuisine

Look, we’re sorry you came from the Arctic tundra of wherever and got bitter that all of us in a more moderate climate struggle to acclimate to winter road conditions. But odds are good that you simply don’t understand the challenges our dedicated, hardworking road crews face when things get treacherous out there.

How about instead of griping, you slow your hind end and let us all get home safely? Enjoy the scenery, for Pete’s sake!

We try to be gracious when it comes to other folks’ cooking, we really do. But lumpy, flavorless gravy on dry biscuits is a vexation upon our souls.

There’s something especially egregious about somebody trying to make Southern food more “elevated.” Pardon?! Let us save you some time: you’re never going to make a biscuit better than Mamaw’s, your entire audience is split down the middle about how dumplings ought to be made and there ain’t a single thing wrong with fried chicken exactly as it is – it certainly doesn’t need to be “deconstructed.” Let our food alone, y’all!

There are few things as galling to a Southern cook as letting good bacon grease go to waste. Strained and refrigerated, this stuff is as good as gold; it adds so much flavor to dishes, and it’s economical, to boot.

Not sure how to make use of this commodity? It’s the cornerstone ingredient in Kill’t Lettuce Salad; you can also shake up a killer bacon grease vinaigrette! Love a little excess? Use bacon grease as the fat in a chocolate chip cookie.

30 TOPS | August 2023
Snow!” 8

“I’m Not Hungry...”

“Y’all hungry?” We get that it certainly sounds like we’re asking you a question... but in fact, we aren’t. We’re telling you it’s time to eat. We will feed you. You will be eating. Just wash your hands, sit down and say grace already.•

photos courtsey BHG

Malone’s Celebrates 25 Years in Lexington!

but when Malone’s opened in 1998, its exceptional food and service was actually panned by a food reviewer in the Herald-Leader. The reviewer felt that the experience simply couldn’t justify the food prices. (To be fair, the newspaper recently poked fun at its own blunder. After all, hindsight is 20/20.) Now, 25 years later, the locallybeloved steakhouse has expanded into a restaurant group that includes six unique concepts with locations in multiple states... and is clearly going strong.

Co-Founders and Kentucky natives Brian McCarty and Bruce Drake met at L&N Seafood. Their friendship blossomed into a business partnership. The duo knew that there was space in our city for a premier restaurant that offers something for everyone.

They focused on offering hand-cut USDA Prime steaks and delicious bottomless Lexingtonian salads – alongside bread with their signature boursin-butter. All these years later, their friendship is still going strong. And they’re so thrilled to share this milestone with their guests.

Malone’s now has three locations in Lexington and one in Louisville. A part of the Bluegrass Hospitality Group (BHG), Malone’s is a sibling restaurant to Drake’s, Harry’s, Aqua Sushi, OBC Kitchen and Malone’s Prime Events & Receptions. While the group has locations in or coming to Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Alabama and beyond, it’s still based right here in Lexington, Kentucky. Though each concept is unique, the motto remains the same: “100% guest satisfaction, 100% of the time.”

And it’s that guest satisfaction that has helped Malone’s stand the test of time – and silence the doubters. Their over-the-top hospitality has earned the eatery some big-name fans, from LeBron James to Jay Leno, whose autographs decorate the dining room. But perhaps more importantly, it has earned the love of the community they celebrate with every day.

Cheers to the next 25 years!

August 2023 | TOPS 33
It’s hard to imagine now...
36 TOPS | August 2023

In the heat of the summer, sometimes all we want is comfort and ease when it comes to getting ready. Ever had a morning where you wanted to pull your hair out because it was sticking to your neck or your bun wasn’t giving stylish it-girl? We’ve all been there, and now it’s time to combine style with functionality. Not only will these hairstyles withstand summer’s high temps and intense humidity, but they’ll also have you looking and feeling as cool as a crisp cucumber.


Chic Chignon


Live out your thirty, flirty, and thriving dreams this summer by rocking bubble braids! Perfect for a day by the pool or a night out with your girls, this fun hairstyle is easy to achieve, great for when you’re pushed for time. GET

1. Part hair and pull back into a ponytail - this will be the base of your braid

2. Take another elastic and tie it a few inches down your ponytail, then tease the hair between the elastics to create a bubble shape

3. Repeat each step until you reach the bottom of your ponytail

4. Tease each bubble until you get the shape you want and voila! You have an upgraded everyday pony!

One of my favorite summer looks, an effortlessly chic chignon can make it seem you just stepped off the streets of Paris. For a more formal look, try a slicked-back chignon, or a natural, undone chignon for a touch of glam in your everyday style. GET

1. Part your hair and gather it at the nape of your neck into a low ponytail

2. Create your low bun by looping the ponytail under itself, then use plenty of bobby pins to keep the bun in place

3. If you want to go a bit more formal, when parting your hair, leave the hair from your ear to your face out so you can later wrap it around the base of your chignon

4. Secure with more bobby pins and lock in your look with some hairspray - au revoir, you’re off to France!

38 TOPS | August 2023
via Emily Flatt via Days Inspired via The Zoe Report via Real Hairstyles via @caraleestyles via @verafursova

Beachy waves are a go-to summer hairstyle, and you can master these perfect curls without leaving the comfort of your home - no salt water or sand required. The perfect day to night look, beach waves add volume and movement to your hair; plus they look great on everyone! Using a curling iron is the best way to achieve this natural look, but you can also use a straightener or even go without heat.


1. Spritz your hair with heat protectant (gotta protect those ends ladies!)

2. Hold the curling iron upright and place a one to two inch section of hair into the clamp, leaving your ends out

3. Twist the iron away from your head, hold for about 4 seconds, and release your curl

4. Once your curls are cooled down, spray a bit of flexible hold hairspray onto a brush and brush out your waves

5. Tame any flyaways with a finishing cream and enjoy your perfectly natural beach waves

Beachy Waves

The chignon’s distant cousin, a top knot is as versatile a hairstyle as they come. Not only is a top knot effortlessly stylish, it’s also functional; Kentucky’s August heat can be brutal, and the higher the hair on a hot summer day, the cooler you stay!


1. Split your hair into two sections at the top of your ears, tying the front section at the crown of your head, then secure with an elastic

2. Brush the rest of your hair up to the top ponytail, combining all of the hair together. This technique will give you more control over how tight or loose the knot is

3. Spray your ponytail with texture spray to create a soft, airy texture and split your ponytail into two sections

4. Twist the two sections together, then twist the ponytail down into a knot. Secure the bun with pins, letting a few strands stick out for a carefree look

Top Knot

August 2023 | TOPS 39
via @kelsrfloyd via via The Stripe via Love Hairstyles via Lauren Conrad via Lauren McBride via Camille Styles

While summer has endless perks, there’s no denying the irritation when your perfectly styled hair turns into a massive ball of frizz. There may not be a one-size-fits-all product or solution to frizzy hair, but we have a few tricks hidden up our sleeves that we use to avoid that humidity-induced frizz ball, even on the steamiest summer days.



I know every girl needs her scalding hot shower, but the high temps can be draining your hair of moisture. This doesn’t mean you have to freeze though, just enough where your water is warm instead of steaming.


Some hair products have alcohol, which can further dry out your hair. When shopping for shampoos and conditioners, look for hydrating ingredients like glycerin and jojoba oil. We love the Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo!


If you’re using heat on your hair, you need to be using heat protectant! Not only will this reduce the heat damage to your hair, but many heat protectants have anti-humectants built in. The Color Wow Coat Supernatural Spray is a great option for all hair types and textures!


The final key to glossy summer hair? A lightweight finishing spray or oil mist that will act as an extra barrier to the heat and humidity. The Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield is the perfect protection against pesky flyaways and frizz!

40 TOPS | August 2023
August 2023 | TOPS 41 BridalBoutique Evergold Checkoutourmonthlymembership foronly$70 LOOK WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU! C Choosefrom5 treatments: CustomFacial MicrodermabrasionFacial DermaplanePlus HydroGlow ChemicalPeel CallorBook Online! (859)576-9962

Older, Wiser and Hotter

The Guide to Surviving Menopause

with Solutions Functional & Hormone Medicine

Brain fog, anxiety, depression, hair loss, weight gain, poor memory, insomnia, hot flashes, and fatigue…especially fatigue!!

Ladies, do these symptoms sound familiar to you? If they do, chances are, you’re experiencing the symptoms of hormone decline, something every woman has dreaded since they had to help their mom rip her jacket off before she died of heat stroke. “Mom is being so dramatic” you may have thought, until you wake up in the middle of the night, skin and internal organs ablaze. When it hits, it hits hard, ladies: Menopause.


While menopause can create some of the most uncomfortable times of your life, you don’t have to let it rule your life. Luckily, Mandi Snell, nurse practitioner and owner of Solutions Functional & Hormone Medicine/IV Vitamin Bar, is here to give us the inside scoop on how menopause affects your body, and how she can help you get your life back!

“Our mission is to offer an alternative and highly effective solution to the human condition to which we are all appointed: hormone decline,” says Mandi. “Symptoms of hormone decline are vast for both men and women and can begin as early as the 3rd decade of life.” Oftentimes, these symptoms are misunderstood and treated ineffectively with measures such as antidepressants, sleeping medications, and anti-inflammatories to name a few.

Menopause is associated with estrogen hunger, which causes the cessation of menstrual cycles, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and many of the other typical symptoms a woman experiences in her 5th decade. Although, what most people don’t know, is that estrogen is actually the last to go in a series that begins with a decrease of testosterone in the 3rd decade, followed by the decrease of progesterone production in the 4th decade. Mandi explained to us that these declines can be incredibly disruptive to the lives of women, being responsible for poor mental health, poor libido, joint pain, severe fatigue, and so much more. And that is even before you actually enter the stage known as menopause!

Progesterone is our “happy hormone” and without it, you can feel crabby and neurotic. Though it’s associated largely with pregnancy support, progesterone is a great fix for insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety, and so on. “We include ourselves as progesterone-loving, middle aged ladies whose lives (and households, and workplace, and relationships) benefit from daily, superaffordable, oral-available, bio-identical progesterone!” explains Mandi. Plus, progesterone is anti-aging, so we see no cons to all these pros! Next, on to Testosterone, or “the male hormone.” A widely misunderstood hormone, many women going through menopause don’t recognize how lifechanging it can be. Men we can do without, but give us all the testosterone! “Testosterone, when given in healthy, trace doses, is a life-giving mental health manager and menopausal friend,” says Mandi. “Around our office, we refer to these benefits as “The M’s”: Mood, Motivation, Memory, Mental Focus, Mojo (for the next time you need a more lady-like libido reference), and is a Malaise (fatigue) reliever!”

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a treatment used to relieve the symptoms of menopause, but has an unnecessarily bad rap surrounding it. You may be saying, “But wait! Doesn’t HRT cause breast cancer and blood clots and strokes?!” Well, under the caring hand of Mandi, you can learn the truth about HRT and how it can help you during menopause. “In our clinic, we are an academically-driven, fact-checking, fact-finding think tank,” laughs Mandi. “We won’t offer you botox for anti-aging, but we will share our passion for getting your life back.”

To learn more about menopause, HRT, functional medicine, and how to get back to living your life, give Mandi a call!

The team at Solutions Functional & Hormone Medicine/IV Vitamin Bar is eager to help!

Visit or call (859)251-6220 to connect today!

August 2023 | TOPS 43


As the saying goes, eyes are the window to the soul - so why not make them pop? With the toasty temperatures, the last thing you want to do is apply your entire face just for it to melt off when you step foot out your front door. Summer is the perfect time to put the focus front and center on your sexy, smize-y, or even simple eye makeup looks, perking up your peepers for the world to see! Now, get the 4-1-1 on helpful tips and tricks to make your eyes the star of the show.



We recommend the Tarte Fake Awake Eye Highlight for bright, bigger eyes!



Applying nude or flesh-toned eyeliner to your waterline can make signs of tired eyes vanish, giving you an instant pick me up. While dark shades are great for a boost of drama, tightlining with these hues can actually make your eyes look smaller. White eyeliner has also made its way onto the scene recently, thanks to our MUA friends on Tik Tok, and is great for an eye-opening effect.


To create a well-rounded look on your lids, your under eye area may need a little TLC, too! Say goodbye to dark circles that can set off your look by adding a brightening concealer to even out your skin tone. A good brightening concealer will make your entire eye area appear brighter and everyone will be begging for your secrets!

PRO Tip: Choose one shade lighter than your foundation for the best under eye coverage.

We recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow, just remember to use eye primer!


We recommend the Kosas Revealer Concealer for a creamy formula that blends like a dream!



For the days when you want to rock the no-makeup makeup look, a sheer eyeshadow is the perfect trick. The opposite of a smokey eye, a sheer look will illuminate your lids and give you an effortlessly sun-kissed eye, perfect for a summer day to night transition. Whether doing a sheer or smokey look, we always recommend adding a hint of shimmer to the inner corner of your eye and brow bone for that extra pop!

August 2023 | TOPS 45
p h o t o v ai eirelaG stnirP hp o t o v a Fa n Fare


We recommend Kevyn Aucoin’s Eyelash Curlerthe tried and true!


Such a simple step, but such a huge difference. Until I started using an eyelash curler just recently, I didn’t realize how much volume and length my lashes were missing, even with mascara on! Curling your lashes will instantly open up your eye area and when you apply your mascara, you’ll feel, and look, like you’ve just put on a pair of falsies. To take it up a notch, heating up your eyelash curler can act as a curling iron for your lashes, making them stay in place all day and all night.


If you have hooded eyes, making your eyes look larger is sometimes a daunting task. One of our favorite techniques when craving the illusion of bigger eyes is to bring our eyeshadow close to the brow, which will make your lid space appear larger. When it comes to eyeshadow shades, tones can have a big impact on how much your eyes pop. Using light to medium tones, such as pastels, light browns, shimmer shades, and more can help you create the perfect doe-eyed, sparkle in your eye look


Miss Marilyn’s Secret Eyeliner Trick

Getting Marilyn Monroe’s famous sleepy eyes is easier than you might think, thanks to a simple beauty hack! Using eyeshadow and white eyeliner, the cat flick on the top lid elongates the eye and makes for a fuller lash line, while the bottom creates a shadow to draw the eyes down - the key to the ultimate sleepy look.

We recommend the Patrick Ta Major

46 TOPS | August 2023
Dimension Eyeshadow Palette for light, dark, and shimmer shades. photo via GlamourUK

Proudly serving our communities

At Wells Fargo Advisors we strive to make a difference in our local communities – both through philanthropic giving and the volunteer efforts of our team members.

This year we contributed to Kentucky’s well-being with Wells Fargo Foundation grants to One West (Louisville), Clark County Homeless Coalition (Winchester) and Junior Achievement (Owensboro). And our team members are lending their time and talents to support Habitat for Humanity, including three home builds scheduled this fall.

We do better when Kentucky does better.

The Lexington Branch of Wells Fargo Advisors

Justin Schappe, Managing Director – Market Leader 333 E. Main Street, Suite 120 • Lexington, KY 40507 Office: 859-233-0321

August 2023 | TOPS 47
Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. ©2023 Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC. All rights reserved. CAR-0723-00780
Investment and Insurance Products: NOT FDIC Insured / NO Bank Guarantee / MAY Lose Value
Jeremy y Gray
NMLS 826245

In a groundbreaking announcement, First State Bank proudly announces Jeremy Gray as its Senior Vice President/Senior Commercial Lender. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the banking industry, Jeremy's exceptional track record brings an unmatched level of passion, commitment, and reliability to every client interaction.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Founded in the quaint town of Pineville, Kentucky, back in 1899 by the visionary George H. Reese, First State Bank has carved a name for itself with its unwavering dedication to high character and reputable conduct. Customers of the early days fondly referred to it as 'Mr. Reese's Bank,' a testament to the close bond between the bank and its founder.

Empowering Financial Success for All

As Jeremy Gray leads the way into the Lexington Market, he continues to uphold its founder's vision, keeping its customers' needs at the heart of everything it does. "At First State Bank, we believe in empowering individuals from all walks of life to confidently manage their finances," says Jeremy. "Our clients' success is our success, and that's what drives us."

Personalized Service at Its Finest

Distinguished by its unwavering commitment to its six core

values: passion, accountability, commitment, empowerment, integrity, and reliability, First State Bank has earned a reputation for providing unparalleled personalized service. Clients are not just names on paper; they are our communities and partners for a better tomorrow.

A Suite of Innovative Financial Solutions

With a rich history spanning more than a century, First State Bank has continually evolved to meet the everchanging financial landscape. Today, it proudly offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge financial products and services, tailored to cater to the unique needs of its clients.

A Promising Future

Under the visionary leadership of Katherine Reese, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer, First State Bank is poised to redefine the way banking is done. The combination of leaders like Jeremy and the bank's commitment to innovation ensures a future where clients will have even more reasons to rely on this cherished institution.

Sponsored Content | TOPS 49
State Bank is a Member
and Equal Housing Lender. Institution NMLS 452380. All loans are subject to credit approval.
Photos taken by Keni Parks, Stephanie Gilmore, and Carmen Siguenza.

meredith turk

The Wildcat Group

Meredith Turk was hired as Director of Marketing in 2019 and given two different but equally important objectives. First, spread the word that Wildcat Moving shares common ownership and management with the 11 other Wildcat Group businesses: Wildcat Van Lines, Wildcat Mini-Storage, Wildcat Clean Team, Ladycat Packing and Organizing, Wildcat Pressure Washing, Wildcat Home Inspection, Wildcat Gutters, Wildcat Carpet Cleaning, Wildcat Dog Retreat and Wildcat Auto Repair.

This was obviously no small task but through Meredith’s tireless networking and strategic advertising, The Wildcat Group is becoming just as much of a household name as Wildcat Moving.

Meredith’s second objective was to get involved with and give back to the community as much as possible. “We are a strong community partner. The most rewarding part of my job is the work we do with charitable projects, fundraisers and community events,” Turk said. “Our goal is to support and bring awareness to charitable organizations throughout Kentucky.”

The Wildcat Group donated more than 1,000 hours of labor in 2022, plus trucks, equipment and capital. “The Wildcat Group is not just a synergy of local service providers. We are a true neighbor.”


236 Big Run Rd, Lexington, KY

Beth Bell Brown

The Bells Group at Rector Hayden

Raised by a mother in the real estate industry, Beth Bell Brown watched her grow and enjoy her business and was inspired to do the same. Today, working alongside that role model everyday at The Bells Group and Rector Hayden Commercial Division, Bell Brown finds her own rewards in guiding clients to achieve their investment goals.

“I am uniquely qualified to assist my clients in many aspects of real estate investing, both residential and commercial,” Beth explained. “It’s important to me to be able to offer diverse perspectives so that I may tailor my expertise to every client’s needs. I want to always be capable of assisting a client in need of a bigger house in the suburbs, or an investor expanding their medical office. I also enjoy how different each market is. It keeps things interesting and exciting.”

Even as Beth embraces new challenges of her own and continues to drive success for her clients, she always remembers the foundational lessons that got her into this field in the first place.

“One of the very first things my mom taught me is that if you provide an extraordinary experience for your current clients, the rest of your business will be just fine,” she recalled. “I’ve focused on that from the very beginning.”


dr. Rhiannon Mayes

Lexington Women’s Health

Rhiannon Mayes, D.O. was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a proud graduate from the University of Kentucky where she completed a B.S. in Biology. She earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from the University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency at the University of Kentucky-Bowling Green.

Dr. Mayes is the newest provider at Lexington Women’s Health, an Axia Women’s Health care center. This partnership is a dream come true, allowing her to provide care to women in Kentucky and the community where she grew up. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling with her husband who also works in healthcare as a clinical pharmacist.

Dr. Mayes is committed to women’s preventative health services, preconception counseling, general gynecology, contraceptive management, abnormal uterine bleeding, pregnancy care and delivery and has a special interest in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.

“My favorite aspect of OB/GYN is getting to know patients and their families and caring for them throughout all stages of their lives. It is truly a privilege to be able to do so.”


Tami Kozanecki

The Blinds Man

The Blinds Man strives to meet the needs and wants of its customers, even beyond its own sales goals or preferences. It ensures customers feel valued from the beginning of the intake relationships all the way until years after its job is done.

“I believe that the relationships we build with customers is the reason why we are one of the only non-franchised custom window treatments businesses that has flourished for almost 20 years now,” said The Blinds Man’s Tami Kozanecki. “Our customers become our friends and are each seen as important blessings to our business.”

Kozanecki began her career in the fabrication industry, working as a seamstress on soft treatments for residential products. But her favorite jobs were always the ones that let her take a customer’s interior design dream and make them realities. Since 2016, she has been doing just that as a part of The Blinds Man. Throughout that journey, she attributes all of the business’ success to God.

“As long as I am taking care of others, I will be taken care of,” she said.

“Every time I focus on myself and what I want, I end up dissatisfied. But when my first priority is serving others, I find contentment. My advice would be to humble yourself daily, and instead of asking, ‘How will this benefit me?’ ask, ‘How can I benefit them?’”


melia hord

MELIA Realty Group

Melia Hord was inspired to enter the real estate industry after experiences working in public accounting, leading a division in corporate America and owning a nationally-acclaimed gift company. Like many of her peers in the industry, it took a pivotal moment to discover her niche and passion was always real estate. “When you watch your family’s demise in a real estate transaction, you understand the importance of partnering with the right people to help you and also realize you could be the positive difference for others to help them succeed, not fail, with their real estate goals.”

For Melia, “Real estate was always a dream job, but in many ways it was the ‘last stop’ to find myself, find my purpose and earn my potential that other industries failed to recognize or compensate for my worth.”

One of the ways that Hord is making such a difference for clients and her team is through her partnership with PLACE, where the top 1% of agents across the country partner and collaborate together to leverage systems, tools and processes to offer a higher level of service, benefits and value. She extends that commitment outside of the office as well, serving on multiple boards within the community.

“The magic of Lexington is the people and their stories. When you invest in the people and connect with our community, they invest back into you,” she said. “I want to be a part of making Lexington the best place to live, work and raise a family, rather than just telling people that’s what Lexington is.”


Leigh morgan

Envision Remodeling

Through Envision Remodeling, Leigh Morgan and her team offer fast and efficient full bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodels, helping clients achieve the home of their dreams at the lowest possible cost and highest possible quality of materials and labor.

“I’ve always loved helping people and art, so designing projects for people and seeing their happy reactions when a project is completed is the best feeling ever,” enthused Morgan.

In addition to leading one of the area’s most successful businesses, Morgan is also a mother of three incredible children. And while all of this can be a handful for a small business owner, running her own company has been full of rewarding moments. Morgan explained that many people are genuinely excited to work with Envision Remodeling because it is woman owned, and added that working in a traditionally male-dominated industry may be a challenge, but should not be a deterrent.

“The best advice I’d give to other women would be to do what you love to do, even if it may be a career that is male dominated,” she said. “Do what you love and don’t be scared to try something new.”


Debbie Mossbarger

The Front Porch

Across 4,500 square feet, The Front Porch combines a boutique within a gift store, offering shoppers apparel and accessories that are an incredible blend of classic style and on-trend items. They’ll find presents, tabletop and children’s items, wedding registry gifts and much more in an atmosphere curated by a team of women who love what they do.

“Our client service is more of an experience, whether you purchase or not,” explained The Front Porch’s Debbie Mossbarger. “It is all about remembering how you feel when you leave. We strive to put a smile on your face.”

Outside of work, Mossbarger is focused on giving back to our local community. Debbie is a co-owner of the Keene Trace Golf course with her focus on Caddie127. Caddie127 consists of many people and companies that give donations to numerous charities.

“The most important lesson I have learned is to prioritize in your life,” she said. “That is always inclusive to being kind. People may not remember what they purchase, however, they will always remember how you make them feel.”


Cristy Sharp

LadyCat Packing & Organizing

Cristy Sharp co-owner of LadyCat Packing & Organizing offers professional packing, unpacking, organizing, decluttering and moving supplies to clients in a professional, efficient and organized manner.

Cristy said “We are focused on our mission to provide excellent services to our customers and to establish a collaborative work environment.”

Cristy taps into an innate ability to bring order to chaos and takes pride in the company that she has built from ground up. Her partnership with the Wildcat Group allows them to offer a one-stop shop for all moving-related services. She maintains success across it all by remaining personally involved in everything LadyCat does, every step of the way.

“LadyCat employees are personally trained by myself,” she explained. “I ensure they provide attention to the smallest details, organizing and/or packing our customers’ belongings.”

She has utilized her business model to partner with multiple WildCat affiliated moving companies to expand services to other areas.

Cristy feels it is important to balance the many duties to manage her business with her family life and the things that bring her relaxation and joy. She has found balance creates peace.

Cristy finds personal gratification when she is able to help others clear the clutter and clear the mind.

859-948-3397 210 Big Run Road, Lexington, KY

Lisa Girouard

PNC Bank

At PNC Bank, Branch Manager Lisa Girouard and her team serve as the definition of “client obsessed,” striving to empower customers with the solutions they need to move forward financially.

“I grew up on Lane’s End Farm in Versailles, the town where the branch I manage is located,” Girouard explained. “Having already established deep roots within our community, our clients are like family. When they win, we win.”

Today, Girouard is also committed to serving her customers as a PNC-Certified Women’s Business Advocate. She is a member of Women of Woodford, which provides opportunities for women professionals. Her role with PNC allows her to locally advance its Project 257 initiative.

“Project 257 was inspired by the World Economic Forum’s 2020 ‘Global Gender Gap Report,’ which said that it would still take women 257 years to catch up to men economically unless more was done,” said Girouard. “That’s why supporting women clients and women-owned businesses through my work at PNC is so important to me.”


Elizabeth Elkinson, m.d.

Bluegrass Gynecology & Wellness

Dr. Elizabeth Elkinson’s Bluegrass Gynecology & Wellness has set itself apart as Lexington’s first Concierge Practice dedicated entirely to women. Bringing over 15 years of experience to her new concierge practice, coupled with her recent North American Menopause Society Accreditation and board certification in obesity medicine, Dr. Elkinson will now be able to thoroughly address patients’ concerns and tailor treatments to their personal needs.

“When patients don’t get time and attention, they just feel lost,” Dr. Elkinson explained.

“My new practice model solves this by combining a focus on health and wellness, evidence-based medicine and alternative therapies, bio-identical hormonal therapies and state- of-the-art, minimally-invasive pelvic floor therapies for women. But more than anything, it involves listening, and just spending time together working through problems in a methodical fashion.”

Dr. Elkinson’s broad range of professional experience guides the way she practices medicine, but equally important, she draws from her deep well of life experiences such as being a multi-lingual mother of teenage daughters, volunteering, and traveling. Ultimately, her commitment to patient care defines her the most. “I believe in listening to people more than talking. I have learned so much from my patients over the years, and in this new venture, there have been so many experienced, kind people who’ve given me advice in getting started. To all of them, I am most grateful.”


megan holleyslaughter

Sutherland & Associates

At Southerland & Associates, Megan Holley-Slaughter and her team tailor their highly comprehensive approach to the unique requirements of each organization they partner with, maintaining a commitment to having no pre-determined outcomes and ensuring the results are innovative and effective. And now, with the addition of their newly-launched “Secrets Of InfluenceTM” product, the firm teaches invaluable skills of influence through experiential learning exercises.

Holley-Slaughter earned her degrees in political science and philosophy before gaining extensive experience as the director of operations and client services for a prominent firm in Los Angeles. She found that she thrives in developing systems for success and helping clients achieve their goals. Taking over at Sutherland & Associates as its owner and president in 2019 has been the perfect fit.

“Leadership is centered around leveraging your strengths and discovering and enhancing the talents of the teams and organizations you manage,” Holley-Slaughter explained. “Embrace your authenticity above all else. People trust and follow genuine leaders and will work hard for shared goals if they are inspired by your example.”


Lindsey Guzman

Bluegrass Marble & Granite of Richmond

After essentially growing up on a car lot, Lindsey Guzman always knew she would spend her career in the sales field. Upon meeting her husband, she knew they would become a power couple in any venture they pursued.

“At Bluegrass Marble & Granite, we try to stay ahead of the game,” Guzman explained. “I am always looking for new products to expand options for my clients. I train my sales team to provide the best customer service possible.” Guzman also stays ahead of the game by continuously pursuing her own education and staying involved in the community. She has put her skillset to use by serving as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and is currently a nominee for the board of the National Stone Institute.

To maintain the success of her business while doing so much herself, she relies on an impressive ability to manage her schedule and maintain a positive outlook.

“I find balance through using timemanagement skills and working with my husband to coordinate drop off and pick up for our kids,” she said. “I have learned to never stop trying to improve my mind, body, and income. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t get upset with things that are out of your control.”


215 Big Hill Avenue Richmond, KY 40475

Jeannine Petell

Community Trust Bank

After 36 years in the banking industry, Jeannine Petell understands the importance of forging genuine connections with her staff, team members and clients.

“The important lesson I’ve learned in my career is that building and maintaining relationships are key,” Petell reflected. “I truly love learning about and helping people. I am still in contact with people who I’ve met throughout my career.”

As a Vice President, Branch Manager and Lender with Community Trust, Petell helps her clients access tailored products and services that meet their needs with a commitment to the highest standards of customer service.

Following stints at Key Bank, Fifth Third, National City and PNC, she knows what separates good service from great service. And, with decades of success, she has demonstrated the power of hard work and optimism.

“When I entered the world of banking 36 years ago, it certainly was a male-dominated industry, but because of my driven nature, competitive spirit and positive attitude, I was able to quickly earn the respect of all of my coworkers,” Petell recalled. “I also had the opportunity to be mentored by both men and women in this industry.”


Cindy Duerson

Lexmark International Inc.

Recognized around the world as the leading provider of secure and reliable printer solutions, Lexmark International Inc. has deployed millions of printers across more than 170 countries. As a Territory Sales Manager for Lexmark, Cindy Duerson advances that mission every day, relying on her corporate sales technology expertise to serve her community and loved ones with passion and dedication.

“There will always be a need in the market for women who know how to sell, because we are instrumental to the top and bottom lines of any organization,” Duerson explained. “My corporate technology sales career, from IBM to Lexmark, has provided me the opportunity to make a big difference for my clients, my community and for my family, thereby allowing me to enjoy the American dream!”

Duerson has put those same skills to use as she served on the boards of the Red Cross in Lexington, the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) in Jackon TN, a marketing adviser to Coleman Crest Farm, and many other community organizations. As she inspires her neighbors and friends, she credits her mother, Cecil Duerson, as a constant source of motivation.

“My mother’s advice during my early years has been a major contributor to my overall success as a professional woman in the corporate technology sector,” she recalled. “Today, my mother still serves as my shining example of the power of resiliency, focus, professionalism and commitment to personal growth.”


Dianne Turner

Bourbon Jam Festival

Following a career path that she described as a “wild ride,” Dianne Turner is the leading lady behind Richmond’s Wild Huckleberry Boutique, the AmeriFest National Pageant series and the annual Kentucky Bourbon Jam Music Festival. Through it all, she’s focused on fostering connections to her community and uplifting those she works with.

“Through 25 years of event production and over 20 years of retail experience, I’ve always tried to tie each event to either a community outreach, charity or special organization,” Turner said. “My mama always taught me to use whatever position you’re in to try and lift others up or help whenever possible.”

Through a career marked with monumental success — including work with some of the region’s best-known festivals, such as the World Chicken Festival, The Black Gold Festival and The Spoonbread Festival — Turner has learned invaluable lessons about resilience and perseverance, which helps bring her such success today.

“I’m not afraid to hear no, I’ll just think of another way to ask,” she explained. “The most important lesson I’ve learned not only in my career but in general at this point in my life is that I would rather say I tried, even if I failed, than to sit and wonder, ‘What if?’.”

859 625 8490

Patty Smith

Commonwealth Credit Union

Patty Smith began her credit union journey as a part-time teller while she was attending college. Since then, Smith has been a trailblazer in the industry, advocating for credit unions and forging meaningful relationships between Commonwealth Credit Union and the community.

“Luckily, I’ve always been surrounded by strong female leaders and role models — most notably, my mother, who was the CEO of a credit union,” Smith said. “I’m proud to be part of a credit union today that embraces diversity, which is seen throughout our leadership team. Celebrating our various backgrounds and experiences fosters a culture of success.”

At Commonwealth Credit Union, Smith maintains a commitment to her community and embodies the business’s mission: to better the lives of those it serves. It’s the culmination of a long and successful career that has taught her the importance of putting people first and always focusing on what matters most.

“The best advice I can give other women is to work towards making an impact,” Smith added. “Don’t worry about the next role or the next title change. When you’re focused on the right things, everything else will align.”


Janice Leake

Syers Browning

Even as maintaining brick and mortar locations becomes more competitive than ever and online businesses fuel ever-changing lifestyles, Janice Leake of Syers Browning is able to deliver pleasant shopping experiences to her customers and become a part of their journeys as they experience life.

“I stay current on trends with trade publications and by attending markets and seminars that are led by the finest members of the retail industry,” Leake explained. “When a challenge arises for me, I use my resources. I find people with the answers and implement their advice or strategies for a successful way forward. Flexibility to evolve with those challenges makes greater success for my store and my customers.”

Leake has had a lifelong passion for perfecting home decor and spent 15 years honing her product developing, buying, marketing, merchandising and customer service skills, forming her own “doctorate in couture lifestyle.” Opening Syers Browning as a culmination of that passion and experience in 2020, she encourages others to follow their own passions and always keep in mind what’s most important to them.

“I am blessed to know my passion in life which came from a lot of support from my family,” Leake said. “Find and do your passion, the rest will fall into place.”


Lesley Fluke

Field & Main Bank

“I knew I wanted to be a banker from the time I was seven years old,” explained Lesley Fluke of Field & Main Bank. “It was always my desire to one day lead a regional team for a large community bank. My past work experience in almost every job there is in retail and commercial banking gives me a unique understanding of daily operations. Together, with my team, we strive to serve the needs of our clients and our surrounding community every day in hopes of building something that will far outlast our tenure with the organization.”

To do so, Fluke and her Field & Main team members focus on reintroducing long-forgotten values and return to banking basics with the support of cutting-edge tools. They offer a personal touch that no other banking entity can by creating a simplified banking experience that customers crave. Put all together, it creates something they call “modern craft banking” — steeped in purpose and driven by a strong desire to leave a meaningful and lasting mark on the world.

“At Field & Main, we are driven by the needs of our customers, motivated by their success and committed to working alongside the members of our community to craft the experiences, the lives and the futures we all desire and deserve,” Fluke concluded.

859-554-9663 NMLS #1553970

Jordan Martindale

Keller Williams

After earning her degree in psychology from the University of Kentucky, Jordan Martindale realized she was seeking a different path, one that would give the opportunity to meet new people and put her best skills to work helping them. Soon afterward, she received her real estate license and joined Keller Williams Bluegrass, where she takes pride in advocating for clients as they make the biggest investments of their lives.

“Buying a home will be one of the most important decisions a person will make in their lives and they are putting their trust in me as a realtor,” Martindale reflected. “My main focus will always be the client and to make sure they are prepared, well informed and comfortable through the entire process.”

Martindale leans on her love of meeting new people, passion for serving others and ability to balance work and home responsibilities to drive successful transactions. And she also counts on an open mind and healthy self confidence to find success in whatever she does.

“Advice I would give to other women is to always welcome feedback and criticism from others,” she said. “This is how you will grow your business and make the necessary changes. It is also important to know you are good enough in your field and to show it. Use that confidence to your advantage.”


the ladies of tops

Allyson Mattingly Administrative Coordinator

Haley Norris

Vice President of Production

Fran Elsen


Jayme Jackson President

Megan Martin Director of Operations

Jennifer Baker Account Executive

Amanda Harper

Vice President of Production

Vicki Evans

Vice President of Community Relations

With over 125 years of total experience in marketing and advertising, the ladies of TOPS pride themselves on being the experts in building relationships, increasing brand recognition and generating business for their clients.

“We truly have created a sisterhood environment in our office. We celebrate each other’s success and lift each other up when we need a laugh. In TOPS’ 17 year history, we pride ourselves on being the ones who know who’s who, what’s new and what to do in Lexington,” says President Jayme Jackson. “We have more ways than ever before to help your business grow not only through print but with our digital marketing division.”

TOPS offers full in-house AD design and photography as a complimentary perk. Jackson says, “We are a one-stopshop for all things marketing.”

“When you can’t hire a full-time marketing team member, you hire us and we do all the ground work for you! It all comes down to strong relationships - we consider our clients personal friends,” states Jackson.

Featured Left to Right:
859-543-8677(TOPS) • 465 E High Street, #201, Lexington KY 40507
We truly have created a sisterhood environment in our office.”
- Jayme Jackson, President
76 TOPS | August 2023 Independent Living | Personal Care | Memory Care 3051 Rio Dosa Drive | Lexington, KY 40509 | Call 859-681-6711 to learn more and schedule a tour today. THERE’S SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT PERSONAL CARE. Your loved ones will age gracefully with 24/7 licensed nursing, medication management, and more benefits with this unique offering INSURED BY NCUA All loans subject to approval. LEARN MORE AT CCUKY.ORG/HELOC HELP YOUR HOME LOOK ITSWITH A HELOC! Best

Clothing can be complicated, especially when it comes to the barely-there clothing of summer days like backless dresses, cool cutouts, and the recent revealing trend of so-called “napkin tops.” While every respectable lady needs her favorite go-to strapless bra, there are times when a traditional strapless bra just won’t cut it. With plenty of innovative undergarments on the market that will actually stay hidden under even the trickiest of clothing, this means less tugging and frustration for you, and more support for your girls! So, follow us on our mission to find the best strapless bras and their alternatives to get the job done, all summer long.


strapless saviors

Take the plunge with the plunging neckline of this functional, flexible strapless bra from Cosabella. Thanks to boning and silicone nonslip grips at the top of the cups, this bra actually stays where it belongs. While this is a great choice for tops and dresses with low necklines, we wish the size range was a bit more extensive.

For the ladies that are more well endowed, the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra is a game changer! This full-coverage bra was designed with large busts in mind, with sizes ranging from 28D all the way up to 40L. Though it’s on the higher priced side at $77, we definitely recommend splurging on this pick.

When searching for a simple strapless bra that offers subtle lift, curve-conforming support, is lightweight, and comes with convertible straps, look no further than the Spanx Up for Anything Bra. Reviews say that this bra fits like it was designed by a woman, so obviously, it has to be fantastic! Though the sizing is a bit limited, we recommend this option for A cups through DDD.




Cosabella Never Say Never Plunge Strapless Bra Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra Spanx Up for Anything Strapless Bra

strapless alternatives

Breast Tape

This truly impressive tape has the power, when applied correctly, to stay in place all day long and give you the incredible lift same as a bra does. Hypoallergenic, latex free, and waterproof, this product is incredibly versatile, whether your girls are big or small. Simply cut off the amount of tape you need, place it in your desired area, and you’ll be set!

Adhesive Bras

NOOD’s Game Changer Lift & Shape Bra is a ready-to-wear, backless strapless bra that lifts, shapes, and supports tatas of all sizes. Similar to breast tape, this “bra” takes the lift and support that the tape provides and turns it into one large sticker to cover all the bits. Guaranteed to stay on no matter the temperatures, we love that this product comes from female engineers and is ready to use out of the box.

Nubra adhesive bras receive rave reviews from women no matter the style they need, and for good reason. With a ton of options ranging from the feather-lite barely there, everyday bra to the silicone push-up perfect for some extra lift and confidence, Nubra has you covered - literally and figuratively! Many of Nubra’s options come in extensive sizes, colors, and with clear lift straps for a bit of oomph!


When you decide against a bra but still need a minimal, subtle amount of coverage, pasties are a great option. These little contraptions are often reusable, if not washable, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and some of the designs make me want to purchase a pair, just because! Great for everyday wear or a special occasion, you can wear convenient pasties under sheer fabrics, thin tank tops, satin, v-necks, t-shirts, and more. They come in both silicone and fabric options so you can keep covered at all times.

August 2023 | TOPS 79
Booby Tape in Nude, $16 | Booby Tape Silicone Push Up Bra, $68 | Nubra
| August 2023
Kentucky-Inspired Handbags VISIT OUR NEW BOUTIQUE IN MIDWAY!
August 2023 | TOPS 81 Hand-crafted from Italian leather BAGS | BELTS | SMALL LEATHER GOODS 206 N. Gratz St., Midway, Ky | (859) 846-9674 |


When it comes to warm weather style, nothing beats a cute little sundress. They’re light, loose and show just a little more skin to keep you cool even during the Dog Days of Summer. Embrace this timeless style with these stunning picks from local boutiques and online.

82 TOPS | August 2023 FASHION
August 2023 | TOPS 83
Mint Multi Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress (Peggy’s Gifts & Accessories) The Emma Dress (The Front Porch) Hathaway Halter Dress (Carl Meyers) Arlette Dress (Peplum)

thank lilly

What does a socialite have to do with the history of the sundress? Almost everything!

In 1959, Lilly Pulitzer opened a juice stand in Palm Beach. She asked her dressmaker to create an everyday dress she could wear in the heat – that would hide splashes of juice!

The comfortable shift dress in printed cotton became her signature look. And eventually, it became the cornerstone of her fashion brand.

While the term “sundress” was certainly used in the 1950s, it was really Lilly who helped make this breezy summer dress style a wardrobe necessity.

84 TOPS | August 2023
Maribella & Harleigh (Lilly Pulitzer) Nikole Dress (Lilly Pulitzer)
August 2023 | TOPS 85
Alora Tiered Dress (Magnolia & Fig Boutique) Kenzo Dress ( Lively Sundress (Carl Meyers) Pop Rocks Sunday Dress ( Isla Linen Sundress (Urban Outfitters) Beth Dress (That Cute Little Shop)

style it!

Sundresses are almost universally casual. While it’s definitely possible to dress one up, the whole point is for everything to be loose and flouncy. So be sure that your styling leans toward understated classics and comfort, above all else.


Your usual pumps and stiletto heels will look a little out of place here. Instead, steer toward flats, mules and beachy sandals. When in doubt, espadrilles are the unofficial shoe of summer! Since sundresses are so casual, this is the perfect time to try out the sneaker-and-dress trend.


Keep it simple. A loose braid, an unfussy bun or natural waves will bring the seashore vibes.


The feminine flare of a sundress means jewelry is more than welcome to the party. Natural textures, such as pearls, agate, raffia, coral and wood, will always pair nicely here. Layer delicate gold chains for an understated boho look. Since your dress is most likely sleeveless, don’t be shy about stacking bracelets. Just be conscious that you’re not overaccessorizing; simpler sundresses are easily overwhelmed while sundresses with bold patterns do all of the talking on their own.


A simple clutch or crossbody is the way to go. If you must carry a tote, go with a market bag, canvas tote or clean, classic leather tote. Again, aim for natural fibers and textures, such as woven straw, cane, wicker or canvas. •

86 TOPS | August 2023
Vineyard Tile Smocked Midi Dress (Vineyard Vines)
August 2023 | TOPS 87
88 TOPS | August 2023

An Experience You Deserve:

Breaking barriers and reshaping the fashion landscape in the Bluegrass, Albert Lukonga, designer and founder of Albert Couture, proudly opens his doors as the first couture house in the state of Kentucky. This momentous occasion marks a significant shift for the region, elevating its image from a land of bourbon and horses to a global fashion destination.

July was a month of celebration for Albert as anticipation swelled for the grand opening of Albert Couture at the end of July, just a few days after his wedding in Mexico. Kentucky is undergoing a sartorial revolution, thanks to Albert Lukonga’s unwavering determination and passion for redefining the essence of luxury clothing.

Founded in 2018, Albert Couture Fashion House has quickly risen to prominence as one of the leading bespoke designers in the south. Nestled in the heart of Lexington, the new store serves as the epicenter of style and sophistication for the ladies and gentlemen of the Commonwealth.

Albert Lukonga’s vision is simple yet revolutionary - to redefine luxury clothing through experience. By offering a personalized shopping journey, Albert Couture ensures that each customer receives not only the highest quality garments, but also a tailor-made experience that caters to their individual preferences. The flagship store carries ready-made clothing and accessories designed by Albert, while still offering the unmatched experience of private appointments.

Focused on commitment to quality, creativity and attention to detail, Albert Couture crafts every garment with meticulous precision. From the stitching to the carefully chosen fabrics, each element reflects the brand’s dedication to excellence, ensuring that their creations stand the test of time.

Albert Couture welcomes you to visit 12-4 Monday-Saturday or by appointment.

Sponsored Content | TOPS 89

Ol’ Sport

Sweatin’ it? Whether you’re hitting the links or hitting the gym, you can still look cool – even though it’s hot out. We’ve pulled some athleisure inspiration to help you keep it polished, from poolside to the streets. After all, you may be a gym rat, but you don’t have to look like one.

90 TOPS | August 2023 FASHION
Peter Millar, available at Logan’s of Lexington and Howard and Miller

Smathers & Branson Caddyshack Needlepoint Flask (Logan’s of Lexington)

Golf Pro

Get Out of Jail Free Driver Headcover (

August 2023 | TOPS 91
Vuori Pebble Short (
Rhoback The Lobstah Performance Polo ( Rhoback The Pickleball Performance Polo ( Puma Dealer 8” Short ( Peter Millar

Pool shark

Chubbies Gym Swim Hybrid Short (

92 TOPS | August 2023
Pedal Runner Pool Lounger ( Peter Millar Shark Bait Swim Trunk (Logan’s of Lexington) Vinyard Vines Swift River Cooling Rash Guard (
Pedal powered fun!
YETI Camino Carryall Tote 35 ( Nike UK Slides (
UA Tech Printed 10” Short ( August 2023 | TOPS 93 Johnnie-O Runner PREP Performance Tee (Logan’s of Lexington) Fast and Free Armband (lululemon) On Cloud X3 ( Under Armour Work it out Vuori Venture Track Jacket ( Ph e c zie!


94 TOPS | August 2023
Altra Olympus 5 Mid GTX (J&H Outdoors) Ripstop Pant (
a hike
Under Armour
Shirt ( Red River Gorge Patch (KY for KY)
L e
Osprey Daylite Plus (J&H Outdoors)
is pr t!
Merino Wool Lightweight Hiking Crew Socks (

Save the Date: The Kentucky BASH

September 1 | 6:30pm

1900 Richmond Road

• Southern tailgating menu + open bar

• Live and silent auctions

• Jim Beam Quarterback Challenge

• Tons of entertainment

• Sponsorship opportunities available

To learn more, visit:

96 TOPS | Sponsored Content

We are stronger, together.

Easterseals Bluegrass seeks to change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives, every day. Offering programs for both children and adults, we pave the way by opening pathways to opportunity and creating a more inclusive world.

Disabilities touch us all, and we work with all members of the community to achieve extraordinary results. This year, Easterseals Bluegrass invites you to the 50th Annual Kentucky BASH, where we will celebrate our new facility and five decades of serving our community! To continue doing what we love and helping members of our community, all proceeds from our annual Kentucky BASH will support Easterseals Bluegrass signature programs.

Jenny Goodpastor and many other parents and caregivers are thankful that Easterseals Bluegrass can help them navigate challenges so that children, like her daughter, Penny, can thrive. Penny was born wtih spina bifida. Her chances of walking, running and doing the fairly normal activities that most children can do were low. Jenny says, “We were hopeful that there would be a childcare facility that could take care of her. We were nervous because of her medical needs, but they have been amazing every single day. Without Easterseals of the Bluegrass, Penny would not be as successful as she is today.” Learn more about Creative Beginnings and our other programs:

Creative Beginnings

Our Creative Beginnings Child Development Center provides high-quality child care and education to families in the community, first and foremost. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe environment where children receive love, security, acceptance, values, self-control, independence,

and guidance. Through interactions and activities with peers, and play of course, we joyfully prepare children for the next step of development.

Pediatric Therapy

Our pediatric therapy program includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy for children of all ages, from infancy to adolescence. Addressing cognitive, physical, communication, and developmental needs of each child, our therapists work collaboratively with the child’s family, medical team, educational team, and other support systems to ensure a well-rounded program.

Adult Day Health

For adults 18 and older with disabilities or significant health issues, our Adult Day Health (ADH) program is uniquely designed to provide medical and social services to individuals with birth disorders. We specialize in providing services to those who need medical supervision but also benefit from group interaction, offering personalized nursing care, frequent community outings, and fun activities like pet therapy, reading and writing groups, trivia, and much more.

Adaptive Recreation

Adaptive Recreation promotes healthy and active lifestyles with the goal to improve the overall quality of life for people with physical disabilities through education, exposure to adaptive equipment, and adaptive recreation experiences in the community. This program includes exciting activities such as kayaking, wheelchair basketball, adaptive golf and bowling, skiing at Perfect North Slopes, fishing, and so much more! •

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1900 Richmond Rd. | Lexington | (859) 554-8185 |

6 Amazing Projects!

August 26-27, 2023 | 12-5pm

Admission $15

(Ages 12 and Under FREE)

August 2023 | TOPS 37 Learn More at
Media Partners Premier Sponsor

ATTENTION TOUR TAKERS! Some of the remodeled projects showcased this year may still have areas of work in progress. Work force shortages and supply chain issues have presented Industrywide, unavoidable challenges. We respectfully request your patience as you enjoy the Tour!

38 TOPS | August 2023 REMODELER ENTRY ADDRESS CITY ZIPTYPE OF REMODEL l J&R Construction 1445 Tates Creek Rd.Lexington40502Kitchen l Crawford Builders 328 McDowell Road Lexington40502Addition l Bluegrass Builders and Remodel, LLC373 Corral Street Lexington40508Whole House l Mulberry Builders 3200 Cherry Meadow PathLexington40509Outdoor Living l BACK Construction Inc. 25 Mentelle Park Lexington40502Addition l TJH Construction 316 McDowell Road Lexington 40502Addition Color indicates type of Remodel Project: l Whole House l Kitchen l Addition l Outdoor Living 4 2 5 3 6 1 1 2 3 4 5 6
98 TOPS | August 2023
August 2023 | TOPS 99 COME SEE OUR AMAZING SHOWROOM FEATURING WINDOWS, DOORS, MOULDINGS, DECKING, SHUTTERS, COLUMNS AND MANY MORE!! Always working to meet the needs of architects, builders, interior designers, remodelers & homeowners since 1905. 1260 Industry Road (859) 254-2371


Todd Johnson, Executive Officer

Tom Miller, Membership & Education Director

Brenda Vance, Finance and Operations Manager

Bruce Maybriar, Building Institute of Central KY

Alli Brummer, Event Coordinator

See You on the 2023 Tour of Remodeled Homes!

The Building Industry Association of Central Kentucky (BIA) Remodelers Council is proud to present the 32nd Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes! Along the tour you will have the opportunity to view six exceptional remodels constructed by local professional members of the BIA. We encourage you to visit all of the projects this year’s tour has to offer. Take in the latest industry trends, speak to local experts, and develop ideas for your next project!

3146 Custer Dr. Lexington, KY 40517

phone: (859) 273-5117


Graphic Design by RVGP Ginger Goetz, President (859) 431-8400

Contributing Photographer Mahan Multimedia (859) 621-9526

On the tour you will find a variety of project types including: kitchens, bathrooms, whole home remodels, and exterior spaces. The tour participants are ready to fill you in on all of the project details and answer any questions you may have. Some example questions to help you would be: What areas of the home create the most value? What does your company process look like for a project and/or client? What other industry trends are you noticing?

The tour is self-guided so please take your time along the tour while viewing these fantastic projects! Please be respectful while you are on the tour and remember that not only have the BIA members taken the time to show off their hard work, but their clients have also allowed you into their home.

Ultimately, the goal for the tour is to give BIA members an opportunity to showcase their beautiful projects and to give our community the chance to view in person. Whether that is simply appreciating the work performed on the project, gathering ideas for your next project, or vetting a remodeler - we are grateful for your interest!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, homeowners, and volunteers for their contributions to this year’s tour - without you, the tour would not be possible! I am honored to serve as the 2023 Tour of Remodeled Homes Chair, and I look forward to viewing some fantastic projects!

See you on the Tour!

Chris Mulberry, Mulberry Builders 2023 Tour of Remodeled Homes Chair

100 TOPS | August 2023
Chris Mulberry, Mulberry Builders 2023 Tour of Remodeled Homes Chair SPECIAL THANKS TO THE 2023 REMODELERS COUNCIL CHAIR David Atchison, Atchison Construction Media Partners
100 TOPS | August 2023
Premier Sponsor Silver Sponsors Gold Sponsor 2023 BIA OFFICERS Joe Palumbo – President Brent Anderson – President Elect
20 23
Bronze Sponsors

Tour of REMODELED Homes


1445 Tates Creek Rd. • Lexington 40502



Before the remodel, this galley kitchen did not have adequate storage space or enough room for two people to cook in. Removing a wall made this kitchen twice as big, with plenty of storage, seating, and cooking space for multiple people to use at once. Below are some of the main features of the kitchen:

• Open concept

• Floor to ceiling cabinets

• Custom glass cabinets

• Custom cooking station

• Unique island layout

• Ample amount of added storage

• Specialty outlet for European countertop appliance

• Instant hot water faucet

• Suede finished granite countertops

• Mixed metal finishes


For 2 decades J&R Construction has served clients through long-lasting relationships with vendors, trades, and community partners. We provide the best Customer Service in the industry and focus on Quality First. We have received several awards over the years for unique design build projects. We work directly with our clients to bring their ideas to life, so they enjoy their space for years to come.

859-225-0162 | WWW.JRCSI.COM

102 TOPS | August 2023 102 TOPS | August 2023
No. 1

Let’s Go!

Directions for purchasing 2023 Tour of Remodeled Homes Tickets

Scan this QR Code.

If successful, you will see this logo.

Click the button titled “Tickets”.


Complete all fields of requested information (First name, last name and email address).



Beginning Monday, August 28 you can view each of the homes virtually via our website. See these projects in great detail with gorgeous photos – all from the comfort of your own home.

Click the drop-down menu to the righthand side of “general admission” to choose the number of tickets you would like to purchase. Click the button for payment type.

When complete, check your preferred payment method and check out.

8. 9. 10.

You will be brought to a confirmation screen and will receive an email with your ticket purchase.

Your choice! Print your ticket or show your ticket from your mobile electronic device at the entrance of the first home you choose on the tour.

At this point, you will receive a wristband to wear while on Tour, validating you as a ticket holder. The wristband allows you to attend both days! Enjoy the Tour!

Tickets available on the Eventbrite website or at each location for $15. All ticket sales are final – no refunds. QUESTIONS? Call Alli Brummer at 502-614-9828.

1. 2.
4. 5.

Tour of REMODELED Homes


328 McDowell Road • Lexington 40502



• Addition that looks appropriate for the neighborhood.

• Front façade finished to mimic the existing home.

• New Porch & primary entry

• New concrete driveway

• New rear deck connecting to existing deck.

• The addition exterior has an ”economical finish” on rear & sides.

• Primary suite with laundry & walk-in closet

• Primary bath with custom tile shower

• Powder room relocated to addition –existing became a pantry.

• Kids TV & Game Room


For 50 years our award-winning construction and design team will work with you to create the living space of your dreams. From a gourmet kitchen to a spacious outdoor living space…or a new custom-built home! Crawford Builders is a complete design-build company. Crawford Builders is known for exceptional quality and attention to details… our commitment to your satisfaction is our top priority!

Experience the Crawford Difference – It’s in the Details! 859-621-6648 | WWW.CRAWFORDBUILDERS.COM

104 TOPS | August 2023 104 TOPS | August 2023

Whole House

373 Corral Street • Lexington 40508 by Bluegrass Builders and Remodel, LLC


• Single Family Residence with a classic charm

• Built in 1870

• Cooling Feature Electric

• 1,780 sq ft

• Appliances included: State of the art dishwasher, microwave, oven, range, refrigerator, washer and dryer

• Laundry features on main level

• 2 bedrooms

• Window features: fully isolated

• Interior features:dining area, attic

• Flooring: Gleaming Concrete and Original Hardwood

• Picturesque Porch

• Architectural style: Contemporary, Ranch

• Construction Materials: Hardiplank type, Solid Masonry

• Foundation : Slab, Stone

• Roof: Dimensional Style


Lauren Geiger and her team at Bluegrass Builders and Remodel, LLC specialize in residential work, including new construction, home additions, and interior remodeling rounding all back to custom work for each client. Lauren Geiger is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship to our clients. Her promise is to perform all work with the highest level of integrity from start to finish. Our team takes time to understand each client’s unique demands and motivations for their desired project. We work with you to customize your home that perfectly fits your style and needs.


106 TOPS | August 2023 106 TOPS | August 2023 Tour of REMODELED Homes
No. 3
Home Theater Smart Home Automation Home WiFi Network Outdoor Audio & Video Projectors We bring your home into the 21st century. Technology for your home OUR SERVICES 859.788.4600 46Solutions .com 161 Lexington Green Circle

Outdoor Living

3200 Cherry Meadow Path • Lexington 40509 by Mulberry Builders


• Red grandis tongue and groove ceiling treatment

• 2-story tall vaulted ceiling

• Timber Frame Style beams and collar ties

• Gas fireplace with stone surround

• Reclaimed Wood mantle

• Trex decking and railing

• LED stair lights

• Epoxy floor below

• 500 SF



Mulberry Builders is one of Lexington and Central Kentucky’s premier general contractors and home builders for over 2-decades. We offer a wide range of services from remodels, new home construction, roofing, restoration, and commercial construction. Your home is one of your greatest investments - so you can rest assured that when hiring Mulberry Builders as your contractor, you are getting a team of hardworking professionals with years of experience who are true experts in their fields. From designing to building - our team will be with you every step of the way.


108 TOPS | August 2023 108 TOPS | August 2023 Tour of REMODELED Homes
August 2023 | TOPS 109


25 Mentelle Park • Lexington 40502

by BACK Construction Inc.



The team at BACK Construction worked closely with this client to design and build an addition that matches the historic nature of the home as well as provide a state of the art kitchen with professional grade amenities. A few of the feature items of this home include a new first floor bathroom with a custom tile shower, small sitting room with custom dry bar, and a remodeled sunroom. The unique features of this kitchen include commercial grade appliances, semi-custom Mouser brand kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, updated lighting, and custom windows and doors.

• Quartz Countertops

• Custom Mouser Cabinetry

• Updated Lighting

• Custom Walk-In Pantry

• Custom Windows & Doors

• Structural Wall Removal

• New First Floor Bathroom

• Custom Tile Shower

• New Rear Porch with Portico


BACK Construction is a Full-Service Design-Build Remodeler proudly serving Central Kentucky for over 42 years. We have several divisions to service our valued clients: Architecture & Design, Roofing, Windows & Doors, Handyman and General Remodeling. We take great pride in providing Professional Design and Remodeling Services to those that value the investment they have made in their home. Our mission is simple: To provide unparalleled service to our customers. 859-225-2225 | WWW.BACKCONSTRUCTION.COM

110 TOPS | August 2023 110 TOPS | August 2023
Tour of REMODELED Homes

It all starts with proper planning and following a tried and true process. With 42 years of proven service around Central Kentucky, BACK Construction has a wealth of knowledge and experience with design build services. Their team of professionals are ready to serve your home needs in five different areas, including architecture and design, general remodeling, handyman services, roofing, windows and doors.

The team at BACK Construction always uses a team approach when dealing with sales, design, and production, and has experienced in-house craftsmen and tradesmen who will stand by your side until the very end. When hiring a professional remodeler, the team at BACK recommends asking questions such as:

Are they known for being ethical and reliable?

Are they able to walk you through the entire process from first phone call to final clean up?

Are they a trusted and reputable member of your community?

August 2023 | TOPS 111
ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN REMODELING WINDOWS & DOORS HANDYMAN ROOFING 5 DIVISIONS OF SERVICE With a motto like “We build it BACK better” you can be sure the quality you’re expecting for your dream home is guaranteed. | 859.225.2225 965 Contract Street | Lexington, KY 40505 | 859.225.2225 965 Contract Street | Lexington, KY 40505 We Build It BACK You Expect Quality. We Guarantee ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN REMODELING WINDOWS & DOORS HANDYMAN ROOFING Proudly serving our clients 5 DIVISIONS OF SERVICE | 859.225.2225 965 Contract Street | Lexington, KY 40505 You Expect Quality. We Guarantee ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN REMODELING WINDOWS & DOORS HANDYMAN ROOFING 5 DIVISIONS OF SERVICE

Tour of REMODELED Homes


316 McDowell Road • Lexington 40502



A small, unused backyard has turned into an indoor and outdoor living space with a detached garage. Our client never used his backyard for anything due to trees and shrubs being overgrown from the previous owner. He wanted a garage to park in and a space he and his friends could use to hang out. With the help of Gibson, Taylor, Thompson Architecture, we built a dreamy outdoor living space and a fun and inviting indoor living space for friends and family to visit and hang out.

• Andersen windows and doors

• Steam Shower

• Wet Bar

• Techo-bloc paver patio

• true masonry fireplace with real stone

• timbertech decking



TJH Construction, lead by Tyler Hughes and Mike Asay, have been renovating and building custom homes for over a decade. With a team of experienced craftsman, TJH takes the extra step in building and remodeling each project they touch with pride, catering to each and every client’s wants and needs.


112 TOPS | August 2023 112 TOPS | August 2023
August 2023 | TOPS 113 113 TOPS | August 2023 Call Kristin today! (859) 469-7410 Kristin Tarrence, NMLS #422304 REDOAKOUTDOORLIGHTING.COM YOUR VISION BROUGHT TO LIGHT
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Abby Vaughn Business Development Director Angela Coleman Fiduciary Investment Advisor
Sandy Merrick Senior Trust Administrator Elizabeth Brown Client Administrative Specialist
outdoor kitchen
He Up

So hot!

Rethink how your heat sources work into your outdoor kitchen’s overall design – and while you’re at it, rethink your heat sources!

More and more outdoor kitchen designs start with the grill and work their way outwards. It makes complete sense, since this is where you will be doing the majority of your work! But for a long time, outdoor designs simply worked whatever grill they could into what space was left over. Doesn’t that just seem backwards?

Tabletop grills are allowing designers tons of flexibility – and homeowners more storage space in their outdoor kitchens! While smaller portable ones may be a staple of your tailgate, we’re thinking of more permanent gas grills. Your designer will most likely steer you toward thick natural stone slab countertops if you go this route. But many homeowners are rethinking their cooking apparatus altogether. While grills will always be a backyard staple, more people are adding pizza ovens and griddles to their arsenal. This offers tons of culinary possibilities.

118 TOPS | August 2023
Ooni Karu Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven ($399, Lynx Grills Blaze Prelude Built-In Propane Gas Grill ($1,569.00, Blackstone Tabletop Griddle ($129, Tractor Supply)
RTA Outdoor Living


Real or faux? The material is almost immaterial! Wood textures are on-trend in outdoor spaces! Stainless steel has reigned supreme in outdoor kitchens for a long time, and for good reason; it’s nearly indestructible. But more and more homeowners are returning to their roots – so to speak – with wooden cabinetry and façades for appliances. The resulting look is more warm and homey than cold steel.

Ready to branch out and try this woody trend? Your designer will likely encourage you to seek out either stainless steel that has been finished to resemble wood or a strong plastic faux wood that will better withstand the elements. That said, we know that some woods, like teak, stand up to patio living quite well. Just be conscious of the heat tolerance of your materials when choosing! Utilizing wood on cabinet doors or other accessories is an easy way to try out this woodland-inspired trend.

120 TOPS | August 2023
Arhaus Pro-Fit 8-Foot Outdoor Kitchen Island ($13,019.99, Cuisinart 13-Piece Grill Tool Set ($70, LifeSmart Kamado Grill ($419.97,

Turning Your House into a Home with

Bluegrass Builders and Remodel


Bluegrass Builders and Remodel, LLC has a passion for building beautiful homes and creating memorable spaces. Whether your dream is of a new custom home or a remodeled space in your existing home, with their team of skilled professionals, they can bring those dreams to life.

Bluegrass Builders and Remodel’s website offers online pricing as well as free phone consultations with clients to make the buying experience as stress-free as possible. Their team of architects, designers, and skilled tradespeople make the path to your dream home streamlined and efficient. Let their experts show you why they are the premier choice for custom-built home and remodel services in the area!

At Bluegrass Builders and Remodel, the team believes in using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure your home looks and functions at the highest level possible. They take pride in their workmanship, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond for their clients. The team’s commitment to high standards of excellence and integrity sets them apart from the competition.

When it comes to remodeling and building your home, you can count on Bluegrass Builders and Remodel for quality work that’s done right the first time. The experienced team, led by Lauren Geiger, will ensure your project is completed with precision and purpose.

“The mission at Bluegrass Builders and Remodel is to provide our community with beautiful, high-quality homes that will last and bring joy to the families who live in them. They believe in preserving your investment while creating beauty in Lexington, KY and helping families create new loving memories. Their promise to you is to perform all areas of the project with integrity and create lifetime-lasting relationships with all of their clients for years to come...

During the remodeling process, Bluegrass Builders and Remodel focused on preserving the original features of 373 Corral Street while bringing modern elements to create a tasteful living space. They always take extra care to ensure that materials used for any of their clients’ renovations are of the highest quality and will last for years to come. From ensuring energy effciency using spray foam insulation and adding new HVAC, plumbing, and electric, to installing new Marvin windows and doors and energy saving appliances, the team worked hard to ensure the house was safe and ready for the new buyer. They also added a vaulted ceiling addition to give the place an extra touch of charm while enjoying the indoor/ outdoor open-concept view.

The team is proud of what they have accomplished with this project and cannot wait to see the joy it will bring to the family that calls 373 Corral Street home! They wholeheartedly believe in preserving our city’s beauty, and their commitment to helping families maintain their homes is unwavering.

They look forward to continuing their mission of reviving old-world charm with modern-day amenities for many years to come.

Who’s ready to build their next dream home or envision their newly-remodeled space?

Sponsored Content | TOPS 123
(502) 338-5235 | |

Lauren Geiger, Owner

Lauren has over a decade of experience in the construction industry, serving Lexington. With a background in architecture, Lauren leads her team of knowledgeable experts who will always take care of you and your family. Lauren’s biggest joy is making a house a home for her clients. Seeing their faces and hearing their reactions when they see the finished product is really what started her love for this business in the first place.

Lauren is very involved in the community she calls home. Giving back to the Lexington community – especially programs that support our youth – is very important to her. Lauren is an annual child sponsor for the Angel Tree, a sponsor for the LaFayette dance team, Frederick Douglass Cheer team and Palomar swim teams, and she donates classroom supplies to Meadowthorpe Elementary each year. She is also a member of the BIA and the Better Business Bureau.

Lauren says, “At the end of the day, when it comes to running a business, doing right by my clients, workers, and staff – no matter the cost – is what is important to me.”

124 TOPS | Sponsored Content

286 PAYNES DEPOT RD • Brickhouse Real Estate

$995,000 • 5 BED • 4 BATH • 4,700 SF | LEXINGTON,


Million dollar views, plus with only ten minutes to Lexington, Midway, or Georgetown, you couldn’t pick a better location. Over five acres of beautiful rolling bluegrass, nestled among dozens of horse farms. The elusive ranch has a perfect layout with walls of windows and the kind of natural light that you dream about. Designed by a former builder, you can be sure that everything was intricately planned with design, space, and efficiency in mind. The entire home is wired with top-of-the-line whole home audio. The home’s main floor is open and gorgeous with cathedral ceilings, custom chef’s kitchen, dining and breakfast nook, oversized laundry/mudroom, a theater room in the basement and so much more!

2668 LUCCA PL • Keller Williams Bluegrass Realty

$799,900 • 3 BED • 4 BATH • 2,717 SF | LEXINGTON, KY

Welcome home to your very own brand new executive oasis. From the moment you step into the two story foyer you are surrounded by luxury. The warm wood floors and abundant natural light play off the neutral color palette throughout the home. The kitchen with custom cabinets, quartz countertops, gas cooktop w/hood (let’s not forget the large walk in pantry) make cooking a joy, while being open to the greatroom with beam accents on the vaulted ceiling it’s perfect for entertaining or a quiet evening in front of the fireplace. This beautiful home offers an oversized garage plus an upper level loft that is fantasitic ‘flex’ space. Lastly, enjoy the outdoors on your covered oversized deck for that ‘zen’ feeling we are all looking for.


Mary Galus - Rector Hayden

$250,000 • 3 BED • 2 BATH • 1,278 SF LEXINGTON, KY

United Real Estate

$624,500 • 3 BED • 3 BATH • 3,208 SF LEXINGTON, KY

Lindsey Bivens - Berkshire Hathaway

$675,000 • 4 BED • 4 BATH • 4,134 SF LEXINGTON, KY

Tom Harper and Associates

$259,000 • 3 BED • 2 BATH • 1,550 SF LEXINGTON, KY

Lynn East Ransdell - Re/Max

$359,900 • 3 BED • 2 BATH • 1,500 SF LEXINGTON, KY

Lifstyl Real Estate

$609,900 • 4 BED • 4 BATH • 3,876 SF LEXINGTON, KY

April 2023 | TOPS 127
128 TOPS | August 2023

Let the Games Begin!

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of summer. With back to school season comes an end to beach vacations and lazy days by the pool. But sticking close to home can still provide hours of enjoyment. Your own backyard practically offers a blank canvas for fun. Whether you’re entertaining friends or a gaggle of kiddos, these exciting game ideas will help you make the most of these final long summer evenings... by Amanda Harper

August 2023 | TOPS 129 ENTERTAINING

Freeze Dance

Equipment Needed: a phone and bluetooth speaker or outdoor sound system

One person plays as the “DJ” and judge. The DJ plays music while all of the players dance – the wilder, the better. When the DJ stops the music, everyone must freeze; anyone who moves is “out.” Keep going until one person wins. Be sure to hand out awards for wackiest dance to keep your players moving. For an added challenge, have the DJ call out a dance that everyone must perform.

Ladder Toss

Equipment Needed: ladder, bean bags, paper

If you have a leaning ladder, set it up against an outside wall; if you have a free-standing folding ladder, set it up wherever you like! Use paper to mark each rung with points. To play, have players line up a short distance away and toss cornhole bean bags through the ladder. Whoever scores the most points wins!


Equipment Needed: tomato cage, dowel rods, water balloons, plastic wrap

Wrap the top of the tomato cage a few times with plastic wrap. Thread the dowels crosswise through the middle of the tomato cage. Place the water balloons in the top of the tomato cage, resting on the dowels; you want enough dowels that the balloons can stay put! Take turns pulling dowels from the tower. Whoever causes the water balloons to fall loses. (Balloons will pop along the way. That’s part of the fun!)

For an added challenge, write numbers 1-6 on the ends of each dowel (repeating as necessary). Each player must roll a die before their turn and pull a dowel with the corresponding number. This forces players to pull dowels that might look a little risky...


Water Gun Cup Races

Equipment Needed: string, plastic cups, water guns

Cut matching lengths of string for each player. Punch a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup, near the edge. Pull the string through the cup, then tie the string up between evenly-spaced posts or stakes. Players stand at one end of the string with their water guns; when you yell “go,” they try to push the cup along the string with the water. Whoever gets to the end first wins.

For an added challenge, use powerful water guns and have players stay put, forcing them to aim more accurately. This works best with adults!

130 TOPS | August 2023

Not Into DIY?

Croquet Set ($100, Target)

YardGames Tumbling Timbers ($50, Lowe’s)

Personalized Giant Four-Across ($250,

UK Quoits Game ($66,

Kan Jam Illuminate ($60,

Giant Parachute Game ($10, Target) ApudArmis Kubb Game
August 2023 | TOPS
tailgate ready!


Equipment Needed: chalk, a rock

If you have a concrete patio or sidewalk, you’re ready for hopscotch. Seriously, when was the last time you played this classic game? Kids love it, but it’s a fun, nostalgic activity for adults.

Splash Pass

Equipment Needed: sponges

Divide everyone into teams of two, and stand them facing two feet apart. Give each team a sponge soaked in water. Player one tosses the sponge to player two. Player two tosses the sponge back, then both members take a big step backwards. The teams keep tossing the sponge until they drop it. The last team standing wins!

Beach Ball Bowling

Equipment Needed: beach ball, empty bottles, pool noodles (optional)

Set up empty bottles to serve as bowling pins. Players bowl with the beach ball. You can set up pool noodles to serve as bumpers.

Flamingo Ring Toss

Equipment Needed: glow necklaces, lawn flamingos

Set up the flamingoes on your lawn (or in flower pots, if you don’t want to mess up your turf). Players try and toss glow necklaces onto the neck of the flamingoes. This game is a ton of fun to play after dark! •

DIY Mini-Golf

Equipment Needed: golf balls, golf clubs, cardboard, duct tape (and more)

This can be a two-part activity! First, challenge your guests to build their own miniature golf course. Use whatever craft supplies (or building materials) you have on hand, and get wacky with it. Offer awards for best course design, creative playing, weirdest hazard and more... this will encourage your guests to really go all-out.

Then, putt-putt away! Sure, some of them will immediately fall apart or be impossible to win, but that’s beside the point.

TOP Tip: Don’t have putters – or don’t trust your guests not to wreck your set of clubs? You can almost always grab some used ones from Goodwill. Or, embrace the DIY spirit and make your own putters!

132 TOPS | August 2023
eHow Play & Go
August 2023 | TOPS 133 Don’t Forget the Classics: • Cornhole / Toss-Across • Croquet • Frisbee Golf • Badminton • Volleyball • Bocce • Horseshoes • Shuffleboard • Four Square • Conkers • Tug of War • Water Balloon Fights • Red Rover • Dodgeball

A Legacy of Classic Style: LITTLE ENGLISH

There’s a reason why classic children’s clothing never goes out of style, and at Little English, you can shop for your little loved ones to your heart’s desire. From details like hand smocking to vintage jumper silhouettes, your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew, will be voted ‘best dressed’ this school year when you shop with Little English.

Founded in 2004 by Shannon Latham, Little English was founded on the belief that children should be welldressed as children. So many times we see children that are dressed in clothing that is trendy for adults, but you won’t find that here. “We believe in producing forever quality garments that are meant to be worn by more than one child,” explains Shannon. “Through our use of high-quality fabrics that are ready to wash and wear, we have earned a ‘tried and true’ status from our customers around the world.”

Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Shannon got a taste of true southern style, and was especially inspired by the exceptional quality of hand-sewn clothing from generations past. “Living away from Memphis, the nostalgia of my childhood and memories of family dressed in their finery at social gatherings inspired me to start Little English,” smiles Shannon.

After moving to Lexington with her husband, Davant, Shannon made the decision to open Little English, starting out by offering cotton nightgowns and matching pajama sets. After many requests, Shannon decided to expand, and now, Little English offers clothing size newborn to 14, sells to over 400 stores in the US, overseas,

as well as online, and dropships for various large retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Maisonette, and so on.

As the owner of a large family brand, Shannon wanted to get her own family involved with the business, too, to keep tradition at the heart of the company. “As head of design, I work side-by-side with my daughter, Dunn, to create seasonal collections that are made up of timeless styles, well-made products, and garments that can be passed through generations” Shannon explains. “What started as a beautiful baby line defined by hand-smocking has flourished into a full apparel line with accompanying accessories, outerwear, gifts, and bedding!”

As Little English comes into its 20th year in business, Shannon reflects on how grateful she is to have created a life of many passions, all while being a successful business woman. “I have many passions which include entertaining, gardening, fox hunting, and travel,” says Shannon. “But what brings me the most joy is entertaining family and friends at home, with a bourbon in hand, doors open with dogs running about, and laughter echoing from the porch.”

Dressing well is not only a form of self-expression, but also a lovely way to represent your family - so why not buy your little ones clothing that they can not only enjoy while they’re small, but can pass down when they’re grown? To shop the timeless styles that Little English carries, visit Disclaimer: We can’t promise that you won’t want to add everything to your cart!

Sponsored Content | TOPS 135 LOCAL SPOTLIGHT

Let’s Go!

Your Journey Starts Now
Customize your in-person or online learning at Asbury University, and take your career to new heights. Study in high demand fields like: Asbury’s Christian liberal arts education is designed to cultivate whole person growth and prepare students for their best future. Learn more today at •Instructional Design •Exercise Science •Media Communication •Equine Assisted Services •Business Administration • Computational Mathematics •Education •Digital Content Creation •Accounting


Sunshine approved must-haves for your furry friends!

August 2023 | TOPS 137 PET CARE

If you’re taking your pet for a walk or activity outdoors, dressing them for the weather can help tremendously in keeping them cool. Get them ready in a hat or cooling harness and they’ll be ready for fun in the sun!

It’s important to keep your furry friends hydrated during those fun summer activites. Having easy, portable water bowls makes water breaks a breeze!


138 TOPS | August 2023
keeping it cool
Sun Shield Hat in ‘Pink Tie Dye’, $25 | Canada Pooch Swamp Cooler™ Dog Cooling Harness, $69.95 | Ruffwear
Boots &
Collapsible Dog Bowl,
| Target Get a
Pet Life PYURE Handheld Travel Filtered Pet Water Bottle, $25 | Walmart
Chill Seeker Cooling Hat in ‘Hot Pink’, $25 | Canada Pooch
matching set for food
Leashboss Splashless Travel Dog Bowl, $23 | Amazon

Puppers need a little fun in the sun too, so don’t forget about packing for them as well as your kids!

If your pet is a big fan of water there are many fun water toys that allow them to have a blast all summer long!

Gotta keep the piggies cool on the pavement!

August 2023

2023 | TOPS 139 n the sun
Hot Pavement Pawtector Dog Shoes | Spark Paws Pet Soft Splash Sprinkler Pad, $15.99 | Amazon The Wild Duo, $36.99 | Wild Dogs Tropicana Lady Bow Collar, $47 | The Foggy Dog One in a Melon Collar Walk Set, $99 | The Foggy Lemon Zest Dog Collar, $35 | The Foggy Dog

Chasing Waterfalls

Though TLC warned us not to, we can’t help but seek out the incredible beauty of these natural water features... Did you know that our natural area is home to over 800 waterfalls? If you’re looking to take a hike through our state’s natural splendor, plan to visit one of the seventeen most spectacular waterfalls along The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail.

140 TOPS | August 2023 LIVING
Kentucky Tourism | Cumberland Falls

The most famous waterfall in all of Kentucky is probably Cumberland Falls (pictured on previous page). Known as the “Niagara of the South,” this impressive sight is absolutely unforgettable—every second, over 3,600 cubic feet of water spills over the edge. Aside from the remarkable power of the falls, the natural beauty surrounding it is worth seeing. The falls are also home to the rare phenomenon known as a “moonbow,” a rainbow created by moonlight. Only two sites in the world naturally create this impressive effect. Special hikes happen on the nights of moonbows, so be sure to visit for more details.

The state’s tallest waterfall is Yahoo Falls in the Big South Fork area. This narrow waterfall cascades down one of the area’s largest rock houses. You can walk all around the falls and take in some impressive views. The moderate hike is fairly short, making it a great trek for anyone who wants a little challenge. While you’re in the area, check out the Big South Fork Scenic Railway.

Arguably the most beautiful one in Kentucky is located in

the Red River Gorge area. Creation Falls features a stepped waterfall that spills into a shallow pool that families love to wade in. You’ll see the famous rock bridge and some spectacular natural areas along the trail. Red River Gorge offers tons of hiking, history and outdoor fun.

Want to go chasing waterfalls? They tend to be most impressive a day or two after a steady rain. This will mean that the trail may be slick or muddy, and tree limbs may have fallen. Hiking during the rainfall poses a bit of danger; water levels may rise unexpectedly, even flooding some low-lying areas of the path.

Research any trail before you attempt it. Even some short, relatively easy trails could present challenges for someone in your party. Be sure to note the GPS coordinates of the trailhead and get a map of the trail if one is available. Bring lots of water and a snack. Always wear footwear with good traction, as waterfall trails tend to be slippery. If you’d like to bring your dog, be sure whether that’s allowed. Never jump off of waterfalls and don’t leave marked trails.

August 2023 | TOPS 141
Dog Slaughter Falls

ANGLIN FALLS | Mount Vernon | Rockcastle County

Moderate 1.7-mile out-and-back hike, mostly uphill

BAD BRANCH FALLS | Whitesburg | Letcher County

60-foot waterfall, moderate one-mile trail

COPPERAS FALLS | Clifty Wilderness | Wolfe County

40-foot waterfall, challenging 3.1-mile out-and-back trail


Family-friendly plunge pool, moderately challenging 1.4mile out-and-back trail

CUMBERLAND FALLS | Whitney and McCreary Counties

68’ tall and 125’ wide, easy access from parking lot, site to one of two moonbows in the world


Moderately challenging 2.4-mile out-and-back trail

EAGLE FALLS | Whitley City | McCreary County

44-foot waterfall, 1.5-mile trail

FLAT LICK FALLS | Gray Hawk | Jackson and McKee

33-foot waterfall, wading pool, easy 1-mile loop trail

JENNY WILEY FALLS | Staffordsville | Johnson County

0.9-mile trail, lots of history

LICK FALLS | Grayson Lake State Park

3-mile looped trail, accessible by paddling

MILL SPRINGS FALLS | Mill Springs | Wayne County

Double falls, fully operational mill, paved but steep trail


Double waterfall, 1.4-mile trek

PRINCESS FALLS | Whitley City | McCreary County

Relatively easy trail


Clinton County

Well-maintained trail


5-mile out-and-back trail, several waterfalls along trail


Easy 5.25-mile out-and-back trail, walk behind the falls, natural arch

YAHOO FALLS | Whitley City | McCreary County

113-foot waterfall (state’s tallest), moderately easy 5-mile out-and-back trail

142 TOPS | August 2023
Pine Island by Steve Poynter, courtesy Kentucky Wildlands Jenny Wiley by Nathan Frisby, courtesy Kentucky Wildlands




Joseph-Beth at Lexington Green 161 Lexington Green Circle, Lexington KY 40503 (859) 273-2911

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 9pm Sunday, 10am - 6pm Thank

August 2023 | TOPS 143
Learn More:
locate the beautiful waterfalls along The Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail, visit!
you for supporting Joseph-Beth, your local, independent bookstore.
Yahoo Falls by Greg Davis, courtesy Kentucky Wildlands


Every August, we bring you the latest on what’s going on in Lexington’s bustling downtown. From updates on long-awaited projects to the scoop on the latest up-and-coming developments, there’s always something new and exciting to share with our readers.

While the scope of these projects may change, it’s clear that the future of downtown Lexington is looking bright! by Amanda

Town Branch Park | SASAKI

The Town Branch Park project has been in the works since around 2006. In that time, it has raised over $34.7 million in funds and progress has been made toward its completion. Overseen by a committed group of civic leaders, philanthropists and professionals, the board and staff have worked to transform this area into a community-friendly greenspace that reflects the spirit of Lexington.

The 9+ acre former parking lot will be a part of the larger Town Branch Commons project, which includes pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and trails that help bridge a connection between previously unlinked downtown areas. Town Branch Park will serve as the connection point for the Legacy Trail and the Town Branch Trail, linking 22 miles of bike and pedestrian paths. When

completed, visitors and locals alike will enjoy a walkable downtown experience full of character and fun.

The planning committee has intentionally prioritized community access, function, beauty and inclusiveness. Final plans include an amphitheater, splash park, dog park, playground and more. Free city programming will welcome people from all walks of life.

One of the benefits of the park is the restoration of Town Branch Creek. Stormwater systems will help improve the health of the city’s main waterway. This includes bioretention area rain gardens with native plants, making the park more sustainable. The projected date of completion for Town Branch Park is sometime in 2025. That said, the park’s initial construction is already underway on Manchester.

August 2023 | TOPS 145


146 TOPS | August 2023


What can a developer do with a parking lot? An 18-acre site in the heart of downtown is slated to become something exciting within the next few what do you need to know?

The parking lot across from Rupp Arena on High Street will be a mixed-use development featuring housing, retail and entertainment venues. Lincoln Property Company and The Webb Companies are behind this development, which they hope to have completed within three years. Construction isn’t slated to begin until after the end of the next UK basketball season.

Announcements regarding specific retailers are forthcoming. But currently, the plans include restaurants, a grocery store and 800 apartments. Webb reportedly envisions a 400-room hotel for the entertainment venue,

which will seat 4,000+ people. All told, the development is expected to be a $350 million project.

“We look forward to further improving our city’s urban core, building upon the tremendous momentum that the renovated Rupp Area, the Convention Center, and the highly anticipated Town Branch Park have given this part of town. This project will be a game-changer for our great city,” said Dudley Webb, Chairman of the Board and CoFounder of the Webb Companies.

One of the biggest concerns regarding this project was parking. The Webb Companies estimates that the project will actually add about 1,600 parking spaces in that prime location. Construction will also occur in stages, allowing the parking lot to stay open while the parking garage is built.

August 2023 | TOPS 147
The Webb Companies | Lincoln Property Company | Arcadis


The $310 million Central Bank Center expansion helped make one of Lexington’s most storied landmarks even greater. With 100,000 square feet of exhibit space and more, Central Bank Center offers tons of amenities alongside a sleek, contemporary feel.

The pedestrian-friendly walkways surrounding the venue make it even more accessible while helping connect it to nearby businesses and the future Town Branch Park. The expansion also helped shape guest experiences at Rupp Arena. New upper arena seats, the Catwalk and added hospitality clubs, including the Rupp Club Experience, make attending games and concerts even more enjoyable.

“This project is critical to the future of tourism in our community and an important economic development project. Lexington would have lost more than $13 million in economic impact as fewer and fewer conventions would have been able to use our old convention space, which was too small compared to competitor cities,” explained Mary Quinn Ramer, VisitLEX president.

“In addition, private investment will follow the public’s investment in the convention center — spurring new hotel developments and other business investment in Lexington.”

Over 10 years of planning and construction was concluded at the Central Bank Center’s grand reopening in April 2022. This June, the facility played host to its first citywide festival, the 2023 Lexington Pride Festival, with thousands in attendance. From top-billed concerts to conventions and beyond, the Central Bank Center is a cornerstone of the downtown Lexington experience.

148 TOPS | August 2023


Back in June, the Lexington city council voted to move forward with a plan to expand the city’s urban service boundary in hopes of lowering housing prices – while still protecting farmland. That said, a group of concerned community members (including the Fayette Alliance) has challenged this decision “in an effort to ensure that the elected officials of Lexington-Fayette County base future growth decisions on research and data, and adhere to the legal process when finalizing the city’s Goals & Objectives of all future Comprehensive Plans.”

The urban service boundary is a line that attempts to contain land development, encouraging developers to make better use of the space within our city. This helps protect central Kentucky’s beautiful farmland while keeping the cost of city infrastructure in check.

This expansion – the city’s first since 1996 – would add between 2,000 and 5,000 acres to the urban service area. There are areas that were included in that 1996 expansion that haven’t been developed, and it may be years before developers can make use of the new boundary.

According to the Fayette Alliance, the majority of US cities facing the worst housing shortages have no growth boundaries. The city of Lexington has aimed to lessen the shortage by funding the new construction and preservation of over 3,000 affordable housing units.

This comes in the midst of the early implementation stages of the Imagine Lexington 2045 visionary plan. One of the core tenets of the plan was urban and rural balance; the plan calls for accountability and stewardship alongside any future growth. Many feel that this is best achieved through infill development and redevelopment, often utilizing mixed-use plans like the ones slated for downtown’s future. The status of this plan remains in flux at the time of press. •

August 2023 | TOPS 149
150 TOPS | August 2023
August 2023 | TOPS 151 DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES... YOU ARE AN MVP. WGMVP.COM SCAN TO LEARN MORE Become a WGMVP By starting your orthodontic treatment with us now through October 15th, you’ll become an official member of our WGMVP family. REED SHEPPARD


White, Greer & Maggard

Orthodontics has joined forces with the incredible University of Kentucky athletes Reed Sheppard, Isabella Magnelli, and Deone Walker to create an exclusive opportunity just for you!

In a world where some people may try to bring you down, we want to shout from the rooftops that YOU are incredibly valuable! So, let’s rise above the noise of social media and the world around us, because you are truly remarkable in countless ways. Join our family of MVPs by starting orthodontic treatment now through

Unique UK Experiences

October 15th. As a WGMVP, you will have one-of-a-kind access to interact with Reed, Isabella, and Deone, as well as the opportunity to win one of several unique UK experiences and memorabilia.


MVP Kentucky football experience for up to 5 total people at the Missouri home game on October 14th. This includes pre-game on-field access.

Excite Night MVP

Chance to win an MVP experience at 2024 UK Gymnastics Excite Night.

Ball Kid Experience

A “ball kid” experience at a home UK basketball game. Includes tickets for the ball kid and one adult.

152 TOPS | August 2023

Us at TOPS love our local businesses and want to highlight some of the BEST out there!

Ta a look!

154 | August 2023
Photos taken by Keni Parks, Stephanie Gilmore, and Carmen Siguenza.


Dr. Amy Luley and the Tongue and Lip Tie Center at Pediatric Dentistry of Hamburg provide treatment for children experiencing tethered oral tissues and associated problems. Tongue and lip ties are common in infants and young children and can cause issues with nursing, speech, and sleep if not treated properly. After experiencing this with her own children, Dr. Amy discovered her passion for freeing these ties, therefore improving the lives of children and providing mothers with the proper support they need.

“It is my mission that no mom feels the way I did: unable to feed my baby and unheard by medical professionals,” explained Dr. Amy. “I began countless hours of continuing education to become fully educated on the diagnosis, treatment, and postoperative care of tethered oral tissues and now deliver that expertise to patients every day.”

By working with a team of local speech therapists, occupational therapists, international board-certified lactation consultants, and more, Dr. Amy is able to achieve unparalleled success in feeding and speech for patients after frenectomies. This procedure is nearly painless and is completed in under 30 seconds. Afterward, children can recover in the comfort of our private nursing rooms, where they are also reunited with their mother.

Dr. Amy Luley concludes.

859-543-2456 •

2517 Sir Barton Way, #200 Lexington, KY 40509

155 BEST of LEX: Dentistry
“I believe the key to happiness is being passionate about your job and loving what you do,”
| August 2023 BEST of LEX: Local & Interstate Moving


With a focus on conservative results and a nurturing process, 4esthetics Lounge is a unique medspa for the Lexington area’s residents, offering a range of services that can help clients of any age or race look and feel their most vibrant.

“We always put our clients first,” explained the 4esthetics Lounge team of co-owners, including Krystle Baylon, APRN; Emilee Evans, RN; Corie May, APRN; and Katie Robinson, APRN. “We tell our staff daily: Do what is right for the client, above all else.”

This dedication to clients’ interests is apparent in the team’s approachability and down-to-earth vibe, as well as its enthusiasm for the community where it lives, works and serves. But perhaps more than anything, this focus on care for clients informs the lounge’s emphasis on safety, professionalism and innovation.

“We want all of our clients to feel like they are family,” added the 4esthetics team. “We value safety and education to the highest degrees. We educate our clients until they are 100% comfortable with treatment decisions.”

171 West Lowry Lane, Suite 132 Lexington, KY 40503

157 BEST of LEX: MedSpas


As a family- and woman-owned winery in the heart of horse country, Talon Winery creates an unforgettable experience for guests with wine tastings and live music, all hosted among the vines. Behind this curation, third-generation marketing and public relations professional Lauren Rutherford welcomes visitors from near and far to partake.

“We love meeting people from all over the world,” Rutherford said. “Whether it be people who have lived in Kentucky their whole lives or maybe they’re first-generation Kentuckians or people just traveling through, the multitude of attractions in the Lexington area really brings a unique mix of people constantly coming through our doors.”

With four generations of family currently involved in Talon Winery’s success, building on its 20-year legacy into the future, Rutherford underscored the close, personal connections among staff that drive its success.

“Though not all of our team is family, we like to operate as if they are,” she explained. “We have many wonderful employees who have given us over 10 years of their hard work and time. I’ve seen just how important it is to have a team of people who share the vision of the business and want to work together to build the best experience for customers.”

| August 2023 BEST of LEX: Winery
859-971-3214 • • 7086 Tates Creek Road, Lexington, KY


Celebrating a decade of beauty and style at their Aveda salon in Lexington, Lux Hair Bar invites clients to commemorate 10 years of excellence in providing fresh new colors, revitalizing styles, hair extensions and precision haircuts from their team of talented stylists.

“Our salon was founded by two passionate individuals who share a deep love for beauty and a commitment to providing top-notch customer care” Nikki Paley-Bakehorn and Justin Vaughn-Greer noted. “As Aveda enthusiasts, we have infused our salon with the brand’s natural and sustainable philosophy, creating an inviting and environmentally conscious space for our valued clients.”

As a way of giving back to the community that has fostered ten years of success, the salon is offering a range of exciting promotions, exclusive deals and special events in honor of this milestone. “We value every client who has been part of our journey and look forward to welcoming new faces to experience the artistry and creativity that define our salon,” the duo explained. “Together, let’s create more vibrant and confident looks for the years to come! It’s our way of thanking you for being a part of our story.”


3070 Lake Crest Circle, #200, Beaumont Center, Lexington, KY

159 BEST of LEX:
Hair Salon
| August 2023 BEST of LEX: Gift Shop
TOPS 161 BEST of LEX: Flooring


For over 40 years, Republic Bank & Trust Company has helped our clients, associates and communities thrive. Republic Bank was founded in Louisville in 1982, and just two years later entered the Lexington metropolitan statistical area with a banking center in Frankfort, followed by another in Lexington in 1985. Republic Bank has operated in the area continuously since that time and has six banking centers in the community.

One of Republic’s strengths is its localized management and decision-making, led by Todd Ziegler, Central Kentucky Market President. Todd and the team of more than 40 professional banking associates living in and serving the community offer a full array of business and consumer deposit and loan products, mortgage, and home equity products to their clients.

Republic creates an environment where its associates can thrive, and the Bank has been recognized as a Best Place to Work in Kentucky for seven consecutive years by the Kentucky Chamber.

162 | August 2023
859-266-3724 •

Republic’s best-in-class digital banking app and online banking at provide 24/7 access so clients have the ease and confidence they can access what they need, whenever and wherever they are. And Republic’s Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) offer extended hours for clients to talk to a live banker, before and after normal working hours and on weekends.

As the industry has gone through recent challenges, our continued focus on safety and security has allowed our clients to ‘rest easy’ (to borrow from our long-standing tagline). A primary measure of strength for a bank is its capital levels, and Republic Bank is strong. Republic Bank’s capital ratios continue to place it among the top of the best capitalized banks in the U.S. with total assets ranging from $3 billion to $10 billion*.

Republic Bank knows that a healthy, strong community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive is essential to the company’s future. To that end, over the years the Bank has donated millions of dollars, and Lexington-area associates have volunteered thousands of hours at hundreds of local organizations such as Children’s Advocacy Center, The Well, Big Brother Big Sisters of the Bluegrass and the Urban League of Lexington and Fayette County.

As it nears its 40th year of serving the Lexington area community, Republic is well positioned to continue providing the best service and banking products possible.

*Peer data obtained from the FDIC December 31, 2022, Uniform Bank Performance Report.

163 BEST
of LEX: Banking


At Oliver Winston Behavioral Urgent Care Center, patients can count on transitional care that fills the gap between inpatient and outpatient services, whenever access is needed most.

“Our vision is to be an industry leader in mental healthcare delivery through improved access to lifesaving treatment,” the center’s team explained. “We strive to be available when you need us most. For many, finding a mental health provider is a challenge due to long wait times, insurance coverage, or other barriers, such as location or hours of operation. Through our urgent care model, we strive to provide access to care within 48 hours of your initial phone call, sometimes even the day you call us.”

Patients benefit from the care center’s two-appointment process, which consists of an initial intake evaluation and care coordination on the first day, then medication management with a provider on the second visit. For ongoing psychiatry and mental health needs, the team refers patients to long-term care that will continue their therapy.

“Oliver Winston’s staff has a passion for giving back to the Lexington community and we are proud to be the only behavioral urgent care center in the Bluegrass State,” the team concluded.

| August 2023 BEST of LEX: Mental Health Resources
859-444-5790 • 2220 Executive Drive, #102, Lexington, KY • 1618 Harrodsburg Road, Lexington, KY
165 Chiropractic is more than just a solution for back pain, it’s key to helping manage your overall health and well-being. Whether you are seeking relief from everyday aches and pains or looking to maintain a healthy, active life, we can help you, do you. Scan to learn more† Walk-ins Welcome. Open Nights + Weekends. No Insurance Hassles. †Visitthejoint.comforofficialprivacypolicy,termsandconditions.Messageanddataratesmayapply.©2023TheJointCorp.AllRightsReserved. BEST of LEX: Chiropractic Care


With a resort-style atmosphere unlike anything else in the area, the Signature Club of Lansdowne helps members and their families create memories that will last a lifetime.

“Just a few of the amenities our members enjoy are a state-ofthe-art pool, diving boards, water slides, a poolside bar and grill; pickleball, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts; and a complete workout center with complementary classes, steam rooms and saunas,” explained Signature Club owners Troy and Ron Turner. “We are at a sweet spot now in our membership base where several of our members actually grew up coming to the Signature Club and now are choosing to come back to us with their young families — truly something we are very proud of!”

This genuine pride in serving its membership, and being a place that enriches their lives forever, is something that drives the Signature Club to serve the Lexington community as a whole.

“We love and adore our Lexington community and take great pride in offering an amenity that so many in our area want to be a part of,” the Turners said. “Seeing our members cultivate friendships, make connections and support each other in their businesses brings us so much joy.”


3256 Lansdowne Drive Lexington, KY 40502

| August 2023
167 BEST of LEX: Country Club


At local gift boutique Ada & Lo, customers find a combination of quality and individuality in every offering, giving them the chance to celebrate life’s special moments with the perfect, heartfelt presents, from jewelry to handbags and local artwork to home decor — and they’ll likely run into the most precious store dog, Dixie, while they shop.

“Follow your passion with a commitment to excellence, and good things will follow for any business,” explained Ada & Lo’s owner, Carol Worsham.

“With that philosophy, we’re able to pay personal attention to everyone who walks into our door and maintain the happiest staff in the industry.”

That commitment is also what has also allowed Worsham and her team at Ada & Lo to become staples in Lexington and a group that is central to countless celebrations, lasting memories and the revitalization of one of the area’s most celebrated neighborhoods.

“The community is the thing I love most about living and working here,” Worsham reflected. “As a native Lexingtononian, I love seeing the revitalization of the Southland Drive area and being a part of that success.”


390 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY

| August 2023
BEST of LEX: Boutique Shopping
169 MaryP. ROOFINGGUTTERSSIDING *Upto$500,cannotbe combinedwithother offers 5% Off Lexington GerryD. CentralKentucky'sMostTrustedRoofer AICROOFING.COM 500+customer reviewsspeakfor themselves! 859-243-0015 Richmond Louisville 859-972-7340 502-308-4427 "Thecrewshowedupbrightandearly andfinishedthejobthesameday...." "Professional,responsive,excellent communicationthroughouttheprocess..." "Theyareverycompetitivelypriced,do outstandingworkandtheirfollowup andassurancesaresecondtonone..." RebeccaS. Callorgoonlinetoscheduleyourfreeroofinspection! Financing options available! BEST of LEX: Roofi ng
cirebg com

The Wine Down

Toast the Dog Days of Summer with Great Wine Selections

August’s long evenings practically beg for a perfectly chilled bottle of wine. Selecting a wine for these lazy, hazy days means finding something refreshing, bright and uplifting. We’ve shared some delicious picks that will have you lingering around the table just a little longer...

Summer Fruits

August 2023 | TOPS 173
Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine ($15) West Virgina Fruit and Berry Mountain Blackberry ($17) Carlson Vineyards Peach ‘22 ($18) Chateau Fontaine Cherry ($16) Talon Strawberry Moscato ($14) Schnebly Winery Carambola [Starfruit] ($23)

$15 and Under

Pairing Wine with Your Summer Salad...

Salads and wine go together quite naturally; after all, the words “bright, crisp, fresh and refreshing” could be used to describe both a perfect salad and a good summer wine! So how could pairing wine with your salad possibly be tricky? Many mistakenly pair the wine to the salad’s protein, forgetting completely the more overwhelming note in the salad’s composition: the dressing!


Vinaigrettes tend to be tart and acidic, which would easily overwhelm a more subtle wine. The perfect pairing should match that energy! A super-tart Sauvignon Blanc will actually read as more fruity and enjoyable on the palate.


Love this creamy classic? Look for a wine with a little body and acidity to balance out the heaviness of the dressing. Think Pinot Gris or Chardonnay.


Like ranch, this creamy dressing poses some obstacles your wine will inherently have to overcome. With the anchovy note, you should reach for a dry French Sauvignon Blanc.

Bleu Cheese

Sacré bleu! The powerful flavors of this creamy dressing actually need something with a little hint of sweetness and a fruit-forward taste; this will balance everything perfectly. Think quirky picks like Vinho Verde or Vermentino here.

Sweet Dressings

From honey mustards to raspberry balsamics, sweeter dressings should have sweeter wines. Reislings, sparkling rosés and Moscatos were made for this moment!

International Flavors

Try experimenting with wines that come from the home country of your salad! Greek salads with Greek wines, Italian dressing with a bright Italian wine, sesame Nori salad with a sake... the possibilities are delicious!

174 TOPS | August 2023
Chenault Bovine Blush ($15) Talon Coyote Red ($15) Bogle Family Petite Sirah ($12) Bodegas Nekeas Vega Sindoa Tempranillo ($14) Espiral Vinho Verde ($6) Kendall-Jackson Vitner’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc ($15)

Trendy Selections

From a Sommelier

For summer wines, I would definitely recommend the crisp refreshing Picpoul de Pinet from Languedoc, which is available in the $14.95-$18 range in Lexington (Wine+Market, Vine and Branch or even Trader Joe’s). It tastes like lemon lime with a little white peach and hint of herbs and goes well with fish and chips or any light meal.

Another fabulous choice? Provence or Rhône Rosé, always dry with red berry, citrus and melon flavors. Don’t hesitate to put ice in it!

Another great summer pick: New Zealand Sauvignon blanc with its distinctive ripe grapefruit flavor; Cloudy Bay put it on the map, but Kim Crawford is good value for money.

If you’re not into grapefruit, Albariño from Northern Spain – which features peach and citrus, often with a sea spray aroma – is a good option.

Unoaked Chardonnay like Chablis is great, but keep the alcohol under 14% to keep it refreshing. Vermentino, Soave and PG from Italy, can be good, but boring if you don’t get a good producer – ask your wineshop for recommendations!

Most reds are chillable, especially Beaujolais, Valpolicello, Lambrusco, Côtes du Rhône and Pinot Noir. If you don’t like it chilled, just let it come to room temperature!


Red wines are traditionally served just a bit cooler than room temperature. To get your wine there, place it in the refrigerator about two hours prior to serving. White wines, on the other hand, love to be just a bit above fridge temperatures. So chill your bottle for around three hours before serving.

Need to speed things up? You can use your freezer. Red wines should stay in about 40 minutes while white wines should hang out a full hour.

August 2023 | TOPS 175
Domaine Houchart Rosé 2018 ($17) Talon Moondance ($22) Field Recordings Skins ($20) Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Zero Alcohol Reisling ($17) Freixenet Alcohol Removed Sparkling ($12)
No-Alcohol Wine? Yep!
La Crema Los Carneros Chardonnay ($40)

Tomato Time

In Season and Perfectly Ripe for Enjoying

Kentucky Tomato Sandwich

• Tomato

• Salt

• White bread

• Mayonnaise

Slice tomato nice and thick, then lightly salt.

If you haven’t already eaten the slice of tomato, set it aside while you spread mayonnaise on a slice of bread. Build a sandwich with a second slice of bread and as many slices of tomato you can fit.

Eat on the front porch in abundant sunshine.

Note: This works best with a meaty tomato with tons of flesh, such as a beefsteak variety. Juicy, wetter tomatoes can soak through your bread.

A Slightly Better BLT

• Bacon

• White bread

• Mayonnaise

• Tomato

• Salt

• Pepper

• Green leaf lettuce

• Dijon mustard

Cook bacon according to package instructions in a skillet, and set aside on a paper towel to drain. Drain skillet, but don’t dry (see notes!)

Spread mayonnaise on one side of each slice of bread. Place mayonnaise side down in skillet and toast heavily. Toast one side only!

Slice tomato nice and thick, then lightly salt and pepper. Build sandwich using strips of prepared bacon, slices of tomato, lettuce and Dijon mustard.

Notes: Yes, the mayo goes on the outside. This gives a wonderful golden brown with a little tanginess, but none of the heaviness of butter.

When you drain your skillet, be sure to strain the grease and reserve it for later use. You’ll thank us.

Caprese Sandwich

• Ciabatta bread

• Basil leaves

• Mozzarella slices

• Tomato, sliced

• Sun-dried tomatoes in oil, chopped

• Balsamic glaze

Lightly toast Ciabatta. Build your sandwich with your desired amount of basil, mozzarella, tomato and sun-dried tomatoes. Drizzle with balsamic glaze. (Adapted from Eating Well)

Notes: Putting basil on both sides closest to the bread will prevent the Ciabatta from becoming soggy.

Thick slices of tomato and mozzarella are key here. If big leaves of basil aren’t your thing, chiffonade it for a more appealing texture.

August 2023 | TOPS 177

Classic Tomato Pie

• 5 Roma tomatoes, sliced

• 10 leaves basil, chopped

• 1/2 c. red onion, chopped

• 9” pie crust, blind baked

• 1 c. shredded mozzarella

• 1 c. shredded cheddar

• 3/4 c. mayonnaise

• 2 T freshly grated Parmesan

• Salt

• Pepper

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Spread tomatoes out in a single layer on paper towels and lightly salt. Allow them to rest for 10 minutes. Use paper towels to pat the tomatoes dry, pressing lightly to expel excess moisture.

Layer tomato slices, basil and onion in pie crust.

In a medium bowl, fold together shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheeses with mayonnaise. Spread on top of the tomatoes, then sprinkle Parmesan on top. Lightly salt and pepper.

Bake for 30 minutes until lightly browned. Allow to rest at least 15 minutes before cutting. (adapted from Tastes Better From Scratch)

Note: if you’d like to use other plum, globe or cherry tomatoes, they’re more than welcome here! You may need to experiment with the number of tomatoes to get a similar volume, however.

Summery Tomato Tart

• 1 sheet puff pastry

• 1 egg, beaten

• 1/2 c. basil pesto

• 8 oz. farmer cheese or ricotta

• Tomatoes, sliced 1/2” thick

• 2 T olive oil

• Salt Pepper

Preheat oven to 400°F.

Unfold thawed puff pastry onto a lightly floured surface. Gently pinch any seams together. Roll dough into a rectangle. Score about an inch from the edge of the puff pastry on all sides to create the crust. Brush the crust ONLY with beaten egg wash.

Spoon cheese evenly on the inside of the scored rectangle. Drizzle half of the pesto over the cheese. Add sliced tomatoes, gently pushing them down into the cheese and ensuring that the edges overlap slightly. Drizzle with olive oil, then salt and pepper to taste.

Bake 25-30 minutes until puff pastry is dark golden brown on the bottom. Drizzle tart with remaining pesto. (adapted from Midwest Foodie)

Notes: Add fresh chopped basil or a drizzle of olive oil, if desired.

This dish is something of a showstopper, and no one will know just how easy it was to make. Using multiple varieties of tomato will make it absolutely stunning. Put down slices of your largest tomatoes, then fill in with smaller varieties.

Cherry Tomato Cobbler

2 c. cherry tomatoes

2 c. Bing cherries

1 T. lemon zest

• 1/2 c. water

• 8 T butter

• 1 1/2 c. self-rising flour

• 2 c. sugar, divided

• 1 1/2 c. milk

Preheat oven to 350°F.

In a saucepan, combine tomatoes, cherries, lemon zest, 1 c. sugar and water, mixing well. Bring to a boil and simmer 10 minutes. Remove from heat.

Place butter in the bottom of a 3-quart baking dish. Melt in oven.

Meanwhile, mix remaining sugar, flour and milk, combining slowly to prevent clumping. Pour mixture over melted butter; do not stir. Spoon fruit over top, then gently pour in syrup. Bake 30-45 minutes, until cobbler is golden brown and fruit is bubbling. (adapted from Southern Living)

Notes: Yes, we know this sounds wild. But if you can get your hands on a basil-infused ice cream, this dessert might just surprise you!

178 TOPS | August 2023
August 2023 | TOPS 179

Air Fryer “Fried” Green Tomatoes

• 3 medium green tomatoes, sliced 1/2” thick

• 1/2 tsp. salt

• 1/2 c. all-purpose flour

• 1 c. buttermilk

• 1 c. yellow cornmeal

• 1 c. plain breadcrumbs

1 1/2 T Creole seasoning

Cooking spray

Preheat air fryer to 400°F for around 10 minutes.

Pat tomato slices dry with paper towels. Season heavily with salt.

Set up your dredge bowls. Place flour in a shallow dish. In a separate shallow dish, add buttermilk. In yet another shallow dish, combine cornmeal, breadcrumbs and Creole seasoning.

Dredge each tomato slice in flour, shaking off excess. Dip in buttermilk, allowing excess to drip. Then dredge in cornmeal mixture. Set aside on a sheet of parchment paper or plate.

Place slices on a single layer in the air fryer basket (it may be necessary to work in batches). Lightly spritz the top of the tomatoes with cooking spray. Cook for about three minutes, then flip, spritzing again with cooking spray. Cook again for 3 minutes, then serve immediately. (adapted from Southern Living)

Note: Serve with remoulade or Comeback Sauce.

180 TOPS | August 2023
August 2023 | TOPS 181

Aged perfectly. Great at forming relationships. Always leaves you satisfied.

These are just a few of the ways customers describe their experience with South Central Bank.

182 TOPS | August 2023

Summer Casseroles

From potlucks to weeknights, these dishes are here to save you time.

August 2023 | TOPS 183 CUISINE

Strawberry Dump Cake

• 21 oz. canned strawberry

pie filling

• 1 1/2 c. strawberries, sliced

• 1 box white cake mix

• 1/2 c. cold butter, sliced

• 1/4 c. butter, melted

• Fresh mint

Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease a 11x7 baking dish. Spread pie filling at the bottom of the pan. Top with sliced strawberries, and gently mix to coat strawberries.

Evenly spread dry cake mix on top. Evenly cover with slices of butter. Drizzle melted butter over areas of cake mix not covered by slices of butter.

Bake for 35-40 minutes until top is golden brown and filling is bubbling around the edges.

Allow to rest for at least 20 minutes before cutting. Add mint to top just before serving. (adapted from Olives + Thyme)

Street Corn Casserole

• 2 T canola oil

• 4 c. corn

1/2 c. mayonnaise

1/4 c. sour cream

3 cloves garlic, minced

3/4 c. cotija, divided

1/4 red onion, diced

• 1/2 c. cilantro, diced

• 2 T lime juice

• 1 tsp. tajin

Preheat oven to 400°F. Grease a 2-quart casserole dish, set aside. Heat a large skillet over high heat. Add oil and allow to spread. Then add corn for about 5 minutes, until browned. Remove from heat.

Thoroughly combine mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic, cotija, onion, cilantro, lime juice and tajin in a large mixing bowl. Add corn.

Transfer to casserole dish. Top with additional cotija and tajin, if desired. Bake for 20 minutes, until bubbling. (adapted from Weekday Pescatarian)

Notes: It’s perfectly fine to use fresh corn, just remove from cob. If you prefer to grill the corn, even better! Simply skip the oil and skillet step. If you want to use frozen corn, thaw it completely and drain, patting dry with a paper towel before adding it to the skillet. Serve as a side, or eat with tortilla chips.

Shrimp and Pasta Bake

• 1 package pasta

• 6 T butter

• 3 cloves garlic, minced

• 6 T flour

• 1/3 c. dry vermouth

• 2 3/4 c. half-and-half

• 1/2 c. clam juice

• 1 T tomato paste

• 3/4 tsp. salt

• 1/4 tsp. pepper

• 1 lb. medium shrimp, peeled and deveined

• 2 T dill, chopped

• 3/4 c. fresh Parmesan, grated

Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease 2-quart casserole dish. Cook and drain pasta according to package directions. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cook garlic in butter for about 1 minute, until fragrant. Stir in flour. Cook, stirring constantly with a wire whisk, until smooth and bubbly.

Stir in vermouth. Then add half-and-half, clam juice, tomato paste, salt and pepper. Cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring constantly.

Fold in shrimp, dill and 1/4 c. of the cheese. Stir in pasta.

Pour into prepared casserole. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake 35 minutes until light brown. (adapted from Betty Crocker)

Notes: If you don’t have vermouth handy, use chicken stock. This dish is inifinitely adaptable with whatever dry pasta you have on hand. You could even experiment with other types of seafood – just be sure it comes to a safe temperature!

August 2023 | TOPS 185

Classic Succotash

• 2 c. baby lima beans

• 4 strips bacon

• 1 c. sweet onion, chopped

• 1 c. okra, chopped

• 1 clove garlic, chopped

• 3 c. corn kernels

• 1 1/4 tsp. kosher salt

• 1/4 pepper

• 3 T butter

• 1 c. cherry tomatoes, halved

• 1/4 c. fresh basil, sliced

Bring lima beans to a boil until tender, about 8 minutes. Drain and set aside. Cook bacon in a cast iron skillet until crisp. Transfer to a paper towel to drain, then crumble and set aside. Reserve drippings.

Add onion, okra and garlic to skillet over medium heat. Cook about 6 minutes until tender, stirring frequently.

Stir in corn, salt, pepper and beans. Cook, stirring frequently, until corn is tender, about 5 minutes. Add butter and cook until melted. Remove from heat.

Stir in tomatoes and basil, sprinkle with crumbled bacon. Serve immediately. (adapted from Southern Living)

Zucchini & Squash Skillet Strata

• 1/2 loaf baguette, sliced 1/4” thick

• 3 T butter, divided

• 1 lb. yellow squash

• 1 lb. zucchini

• 1 1/3 c. shallots, sliced

• 1 clove garlic, minced

• 1 tsp. salt

• 1/2 tsp. pepper

• 1 c. heavy cream

• 3 eggs

• 1 1/3 c. cheddar, shredded

• 1/3 c. Parmesan, shredded

Preheat oven to 400°F.

Melt 2 T of butter. Arrange baguette slices on a baking sheet, and brush both sides with butter. Bake until well crisped, about 10 minutes.

In a large skillet over medium heat, melt remaining butter. Add squash, zucchini, shallots and garlic. Cook without stirring for 4 minutes, then stir and cook while stirring occasionally for an additional 5 minutes. Transfer mixture to a colander over the sink and allow to drain for 10 minutes.

Whisk together heavy cream, eggs, salt and pepper. In a small bowl, toss together cheeses.

Cover the bottom of a 10” cast iron skillet with an even layer of the vegetables. Sprinkle with half the cheese mixture. Shingle the remaining zucchini, squash and baguette slices over the top in circles. Pour heavy cream mixture over casserole, soaking bread slices. Top with remaining cheese.

Bake 30 minutes, turning halfway through. You want the center to be set and cheese to be bubbly and golden. Let rest at least 10 minutes before serving. (adapted from Southern Living)

Pineapple Casserole

• 2 20-oz. cans pineapple chunks in juice, drained (reserve 6 T juice)

• 1/3 c. sugar

• 5 T flour

• 1 c. cheddar, shredded

• 1 sleeve Ritz crackers, crushed

• 1/4 c. butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350°F.

In a medium bowl, combine sugar, flour and reserved pineapple juice. Add chunks, and toss to combine.

Spoon mixture into an 8x8” casserole dish. Top with shredded cheddar. Combine crushed crackers and melted butter. Spread evenly on top of pineapple. Bake for 30 minutes until bubbly. (adapted from Southern Living)

186 TOPS | August 2023
August 2023 | TOPS 187
188 TOPS | August 2023

Cheesy Zucchini Casserole

• 3 medium zucchini, sliced 1/4” thick

• 3/4 tsp. sea salt

• 1 1/2 c. shredded sharp cheese, divided (see notes)

• 1/4 tsp. pepper

• 3 oz. Brie, trimmed of edges

• 1/3 c. heavy cream

• 1 T butter

• 2 cloves garlic, minced

• 1/2 T Italian seasoning

Toss zucchini with sea salt. Place in a colander over the sink and allow to drain for 1 hour. Pat dry with a paper towel. Preheat oven to 400°F.

Begin arranging zucchini slices in overlapping rows at the bottom of a 1.5-quart casserole. Sprinkle lightly with some of the cheese. Add another layer of zucchini slices, followed by another sprinkle of cheese; continue until you fill the dish. You’ll use about 3/4 c. of the cheese. Sprinkle black pepper over the top.

In a small saucepan, combine Brie, cream, butter and garlic. Heat over low, stirring constantly, until melted and smooth. Pour evenly over zucchini.

Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning. Bake for 25 minutes until cheese is golden brown and zucchini is tender. Allow to rest 15 minutes before cutting. (adapted from Wholesome Yum)

Notes: The recipe’s author used a Swiss and Gruyere blend, which frankly sounds amazing. That said, any shredded sharp cheese will do; just know that harder cheese may not melt smoothly here.

If you’d like a little crunch, sprinkle on some panko breadcrumbs with the Italian seasoning. Adding chopped parsley just before serving will give this dish a little color and freshness.

August 2023 | TOPS 189
Meet the Elevate Cabins, LLC Family

Red River

Gorge Treehouse Cabin Rentals

Red River Gorge

Treehouse Cabin Rentals

xperience unforgettable moments at our family-owned Red River Gorge Treehouses! Located in the tranquil forest on private land, our four distinct treehouses offer an escape from everyday distractions and a chance to reconnect with with loved ones and nature.

EExperience unforgettable moments at our family-owned Red River Gorge Treehouses! Located in the tranquil forest on private land, our four distinct treehouses offer an escape from everyday distractions and a chance to reconnect with with loved ones and nature.

The treehouses offer a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, including the internet, and fully immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the Red River Gorge. We designed these Treehouses with the purpose of providing an opportunity for people to reconnect with each other and build relationships with our guests.

The treehouses offer a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, including the internet, and fully immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the Red River Gorge. We designed these Treehouses with the purpose of providing an opportunity for people to reconnect with each other and build relationships with our guests.

Each treehouse has thoughtfully designed features such as a 15-foot paneled glass door opening up to a screened-in porch, various star gazing decks overlooking a stream, the opportunity to stay up to 18 feet off the ground, and combined with all the comforts of a traditional vacation rental. These inlcude hot showers, private toilets, electricity, and air conditioning to name a few.

Each treehouse has thoughtfully designed features such as a 15-foot paneled glass door opening up to a screened-in porch, various star gazing decks overlooking a stream, the opportunity to stay up to 18 feet off the ground, and combined with all the comforts of a traditional vacation rental. These inlcude hot showers, private toilets, electricity, and air conditioning to name a few.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway or a family adventure, we have a treehouse to suit your needs. Just a minute’s walk away are exciting hiking trails that lead to Grey’s Arch and Natural Bridge. Wake up to the sound of birds and streams and relax under the stars by a warm fire surrounded by those you love. Scan the provided QR code for more details on each treehouse. Book your unique treehouse getaway today. Availability is limited.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway or a family adventure, we have a treehouse to suit your needs. Just a minute’s walk away are exciting hiking trails that lead to Grey’s Arch and Natural Bridge.

Wake up to the sound of birds and streams and relax under the stars by a warm fire surrounded by those you love. Scan the provided QR code for more details on each treehouse. Book your unique treehouse getaway today. Availability is limited. | g: RRGElevateCabins | g: @rrgtreehouse | g: RRGElevateCabins | g: @rrgtreehouse

What is your name?

Melisse Brunet

You have a lovely first name, how is it pronounced?

Melisse, pronounced ‘Ma lease’

Where were you born?

Paris, the other one

Who are your mom and dad?

My Mom is Carmen and my Dad is Patrick.

Favorite memory of your parents?

Going on vacation, singing in the car, and every time my Dad would sing he’d crack the windshield.

Do you have any siblings?

I have a sister, Adrienne.

As a child growing up, what was your favorite kind of music?

I love Pink Floyd, Queen, Jazz, Bach, ecletic music. As a child, I’d play tapes over and over again.

Do you like sports?

I am obsessed, it’s better to ask what I don’t like! I like climbing, mountaineering, track & field. Unfortunately, in France when I grew up, my generation couldn’t participate in sports because they were for men. I would liked to have played soccer.

192 TOPS | August 2023 1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8

20 questions with Paul Chartier

Where did you go to college?

University of Michigan is where I earned my PhD.

How many degrees do you have?

I think I have eight, maybe nine. I don’t think I have one diploma hanging on the wall.

What was your first job?

I was a banker, carrying boxes all day.

At what age did you want to become a conductor?

About 13, 14 or 15...I was playing the chello in the orchestra and I had that light that I wanted to be a conductor.

What instruments do you play?

At first I wanted to play the drums and my parents said ‘no’, but I did play the Chello, trumpet, and French Horn.

To relax, what music do you listen to?

Eclectic, electronic, hip hop, French and American.

Favorite band?

Pink Floyd.

What surprises do you have in store for Lexington (collaborating with other genres, including local ‘celebs’)?

Surprises are surprises! We have a team of forward thinking and open-minded people, working really intensely to form new collaborations.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love exercising, learning languages, food, watching sports, spending time with friends and going out and meeting people.

meli e brunet

What was your incognito disguise when you came here last July?

At the Patrioric concert at Gratz Park, no one recognized me. I had on American flag shorts, an American flag shirt, a big hat and sunglasses.

I have many single socks, and, to work out, I don’t care if they match. Have you lost shoes causing you to wear two different shoes when you go out?

It’s just easier sometimes to grab shoes and go. As a kid, my best friend lived on an island and we’d go to the beach and the sea would wash up shoes, I’d keep them and wear them.

What would you like people in Lexington to know about you? i.e some hobby that would surprise people. I juggle, with life and with objects. I can do 3 objects, 4 requires more work...and I’ve tried surfing!

August 2023 | TOPS 193 LOCAL SPOTLIGHT
11 12
16 17 18 19 20 13 14 15
9 PAUL CHARTIER, REAL ESTATE ADVISOR 505 Wellington Way, #125, Lexington, KY 859.312.0313 •

Local Name to Know:

Nanci House

Asa Southeastern Kentucky native who has lived in Lexington for 27 years, Nanci has made a legal career of helping members of her community through some of the most personal, vulnerable and critical stages of their lives. She is a partner at White, McCann & Stewart, PLLC, in Winchester, Kentucky, where she has practiced for 20 years as a trial attorney, handling every aspect of family lawincluding custody arrangements and disputes, divorces, adoptions, separations, post and prenuptial agreements, child support matters, grandparents’ visitation, paternity, termination of parental rights and abuse neglect and dependency defense.

Nanci practices in Fayette, Clark, Madison, Montgomery and Powell counties on a regular basis. She is available for her clients’ questions and concerns; she helps her clients understand the legal process, make thoughtful, informed decisions and implement realistic and reasonable solutions.

Just as she is with representing her clients, Nanci is dedicated to improving her community. She is committed to improving the lives of children in foster care, working closely with and as a board member of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) in Clark and Madison counties. Nanci has represented hundreds of children in foster care and is dedicated to ensuring they have a voice, the basic items they need, making real changes to the shortfalls in the system affecting their lives, as well as bringing more recognition, volunteers and funding to CASA.

Nanci is past president and current board member of Chrysalis House - Kentucky’s oldest and largest licensed residential treatment program for women with substance use disorders that allows them to bring their children with them to treatment. She is a past president and sustaining member of the Junior League of Lexington, board member of The Well of Lexington, member of the Women’s Club of Central Kentucky and friend and former board member of the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky.

Nanci loves spending time with her friends and family, including her rescue cats, Lizzie and Leo.

CASA? What is

The National CASA/GAL Association supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy so every child who has experienced abuse or neglect can be safe, have a permanent home, and the opportunity to thrive.

CASA/GAL volunteers are appointed by judges to advocate for children’s best interests. They stay with each case until it is closed and the child is in a safe, permanent home. They serve children from birth through the age defined by state statute as the limit to youth remaining in care.

Volunteers work with legal and child welfare professionals, educators and service providers to ensure that judges have all the information they need to make the most well-informed decisions for each child.

Their best-interest advocacy is driven by the guiding principle that children grow and develop best with their family of origin, if that can be safely achieved. Most of the children they work with are in foster care, but some are with their family of origin. And, most children who leave foster care do so to return to their family.

They seek opportunities, embrace challenges, and accept changes that will improve their work supporting the network. They are willing to adapt thinking and behavior to address the changing conditions around them. They do this by:

• Maintaining productivity despite the occurrence of unknown situations

• Thinking innovatively and outside perceived boundaries to solve a problem

Making quick and effective decisions when confronted with challenges and crises •

August 2023 | TOPS 195 INSPIRATIONS
photo by Keni Parks


People from Lexington’s History That You Should Know...

William McConnell

If we’re talking about famous figures in Lexington’s history, it’s only fair to start with the guy who (arguably) started it all!

In 1775, Pennsylvanian William McConnell and a group of pioneers (including his brother) were exploring the Virginia territory wilderness, mapping the land around Elkhorn Creek. Under Virginia law, they were able to stake claim to a plot of land surrounding a spring where the party had set up camp to survey. The “sinking spring” became known as McConnell Springs, which today has been reclaimed as a park.

Here, the pioneers learned that the first battles of the American Revolution had been fought at Lexington and Concord. In honor of the event, the group named their settlement “Lexington.”

The settlement would later be contested by Native peoples who had long used the land as hunting territory, and the British encouraged these attacks. In spite of this, permanent structures were built, and what would become the city of Lexington grew in the area. While McConnell was a relatively unimportant figure in America’s history, he did have a big hand in our history!

196 TOPS | August 2023


This year would’ve been the 100th birthday of celebrated Kentucky artist and poet Henry Faulkner. Born in Holland, Kentucky, Henry attended the Louisville School of Art before adopting a bohemian lifestyle of moving here and there, as his mood suited. He continually returned to Lexington, however, and Kentucky remained an important influence.

It is estimated that Henry completed over 5,000 paintings in his lifetime. His work is colorful, playful and often exhibited a sense of humor; he often painted his bourbondrinking pet goat, Alice. Faulkner’s work ended up in the collections of Bette Davis and Vincent Price; Henry’s painting of Ernest Hemingway hangs above the writer’s bed.

Faulkner was a close friend – and rumored lover – of playwright Tennessee Williams.

What is known is that Faulkner was one of the pioneers of Lexington’s LGBTQIA+ culture. He often dressed in drag and as a well-known associate of Sweet Evening Breeze. Tragically, Faulkner was killed in a car accident in 1981. The Faulkner Morgan Archive, Inc. was created to help preserve the artist’s work, as well as to help share Kentucky’s LGBTQIA+ history.

Save the Date:

September 8Opening of a Henry Faulkner 100-year exhibition at the Headley Whitney Museum

A more recent notable name is a character actor (as well as musician) whose career spanned more than six decades. Appearing in some of the most influential films of all time, even if you don’t know his name, his face is surely familiar.

Born in West Irvine, Harry attended Lafayette High School and the University of Kentucky. His director at the Guignol Theatre encouraged him to leave school to become an actor.

Harry Dean Stanton

Wondering where you’ve seen him? His acting credits include Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Repo Man, Red Dawn, Pretty in Pink, The Green Mile, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Bonanza… to name a select few. Roger Ebert was a fan of HDS’s work. He famously wrote that “no movie featuring Harry Dean Stanton… in a supporting role can be altogether bad.”

It’s less commonly known that Harry was just as passionate about singing as he was acting. He occasionally toured as a singer and guitarist and worked with a number of artists. Funnily enough, the actor – famous for his gruff, homespun looks – served as the singing voice for Brave Heart Lion in 1985’s The Care Bears Movie.

To commemorate this Lexington actor, the Lexington Film League created the annual Henry Dean Stanton Fest in 2011, screening select titles from the actor’s lengthy career.

August 2023 | TOPS 197

Sweet Evening Breeze was born as James R. Herndon in Scott County to formerly enslaved people in the late 1800s. She became a Lexingtonian as a child when her uncle abandoned her at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Living in a segregated city where homosexual acts were illegal, “Sweets” as she was known, was a pioneer of both the LGBTQIA+ community and the Black community. In her lifetime, she helped channel funds from her events into these communities. Scholar Jeffery Alan Jones notes, “Sweets was visible within white [Lexingtonian] society in few ways that African Americans of the period could be.”

While the culture at large wasn’t accepting of queer identities, Sweets was for the most part embraced by Lexington society. Sweets began hosting public drag performances as early as the 1920s. She appeared in newspapers, cheering at UK games in uniform and walked the streets in her finery relatively unbothered. The rumor mill held that this was due in part to Sweets holding the secrets of many locals’ proclivities.

That said, life wasn’t all wine and roses for Sweet Evening Breeze. She was arrested in violation of Lexington’s anticrossdressing ordinance. She was once severely beaten, and her home was often vandalized.

In spite of all of this, Sweet Evening Breeze was known around town for her unflappable humor. As one of the first “out and proud” figures in Lexington’s history, Sweets remains a legend – just ask anyone who lived here in the 1970s or before!

Sweet Evening Breeze

Southern society loves a good scandal, and there’s none more saucy than the keeper of the “most orderly of disorderly houses.”

Belle Brezing was born Mary Belle Cox, the daughter of Sarah Cox, a dressmaker and part-time prostitute. When her mother married, Belle adopted her stepfather’s last name. Belle’s scandals began when the girl was just twelve years of age (the age of consent at the time). She took various lovers, including cigar maker Johnny Cook – who was rumored to be the father of her child – and who she may have murdered.

At nineteen, she began her first job at a brothel in the former residence of Mary Todd Lincoln. She became a top earner, and in 1881, she rented and served as madam of her own brothel at 156 North Upper Street. She was arrested for “keeping a bawdy house” in 1882 but received a pardon from Governor Luke P. Blackburn – ostensibly to relieve prison overcrowding. Within two years, she had upgraded her accommodations to a house she purchased at 194 North Upper.

Belle Brezing

In January 1889, the Lexington Daily Press published a “Petition of Citizens” that called for the closure of three notorious “houses of ill fame.” With the help of a Philadelphia millionaire, Brezing relocated to the red light district, remaining open through the Temperance Movement and World War I. It wasn’t until her partner’s death in 1917 that she finally retired.

When Belle died in 1940, Time magazine published the obituary of the “famed Kentucky bawd.” Brezing is perhaps best known as the supposed inspiration for Belle Watling, the madam in Gone With the Wind (Mitchell denied the inspiration, but her husband was a former Lexingtonian who certainly would’ve heard of our Belle!) •

198 TOPS | August 2023
“Mother of Us All” by John Ashley (1972) Collection of the Faulkner Morgan Archive

At KU, we’re empowering possibilities for everyone in the communities we serve by taking part in efforts to help bring lasting change with diversity, equity, and inclusion across Kentucky.

Our efforts include spending over $185 million with 113 diverse businesses last year and donating $100,000 to help lower the education gap among students of color.

There’s still work to do, but we’re proud to continue fostering a better, more inclusive environment within our organization and our communities. Visit to learn more.

TOPS | August 2023
empowering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion for a brighter Kentucky.
Danielle G. Environmental Coordinator III Vivian M. Senior Customer Representative Antoine T. Team Leader, Engineering Design Services Tiffany T. Senior Administrative Assistant

Coen’s Offensive Return

Despite losing quarterback Will Levis and running back Chris Rodriguez, two premier offensive weapons off last year’s seven-win team, Kentucky has received a lot of national respect going into this season and has been a trendy top 25 pick.

Several preseason polls have UK in the top 25 including Pro Football Focus that has Kentucky as one of nine Southeastern Conference teams in its poll. The Cats are 19th ahead of Florida, South Carolina and Mississippi State and behind Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Much of the optimism centers on the return of offensive coordinator Liam Coen, who was at UK in 2021 when the Cats won 10 games before returning to the NFL in 2022. Quarterback Devin Leary, a transfer from North Carolina State, has turned heads and seems a perfect fit in Coen’s system based on the success he had at NC State before an injury sidelined him last year.

But Coen made it clear that two other transfers, Vanderbilt running back Ray Davis and Northern Illinois offensive tackle Marques Cox, could be the X factors for the Cats.

Davis played two years at Temple where he accounted for almost 1,500 yards rushing and receiving. He has also had 11 touchdowns. He transferred to Vanderbilt in 2021 and had over 1,000 yards rushing in 2022, including 129 in a 24-21 win over UK.

“He is a kid who is extremely intelligent. Good runners make great blockers and that’s what Ray Davis does. He knows all the schemes. He loves football and is a playmaker,” Coen said. “It’s in his DNA to help others. When he came into our building this winter all he wanted to do was dive into schemes. When a player does that, you can coach him on a different level.”

The 6-foot-6, 310-pound Cox made 33 straight starts at Northern Illinois before an injury in a loss at Kentucky last year ended his streak. But he still has over 2,000 snaps at left tackles and gave up just three sacks in 1,052 pass plays at Northern Illinois.

Coen said Cox earned immediate respect from UK teammates with his actions.

202 TOPS | August 2023
Offensive coordinator Liam Coen likes the parts he has to work with his season. (Vicky Graff Photo) STORY BY Larry Vaught Quarterback Devin Leary and running back Ray Davis are two transfers who could make the UK offense very potent this season. (UK Athletics Photo)

“He walks into the building with a big smile on his face. He is high-fiving and talking to everybody. You want people like that. That attitude is infectious,” Coen said. “And by the way, he’s a house. He’s a great kid and a big, big kid. We could not be more thrilled to have him part of the program and think he’s going to do some great things for our offense.”

Two returning players have Coen excited, too. He was a major reason receivers Barion Brown and Dane Key both signed with Kentucky expecting to play in Coen’s offense. They both had terrific freshmen seasons — Brown set freshman records with a team-best 50 catches for 628 yards along with a 100-yard kickoff return while Key had 37 catches for 519 yards and a freshman record six scores — but the return of Coen to direct the offense should help both players.

“They are two kids you love to be around. They are in the offices every day. They are positive influences. They are happy kids and they are talented,” Coen said. “We will see some peaks and valleys this season. Dane and Barion have to learn how to become more consistent receivers in the SEC week in, week out. Are they talented? Absolutely. But we have to get rid of some of the peaks and valleys.

“But Dane is a straight A student and might have been really ticked off that he got a B+. He is an unbelievable kid. Barion is a freak athlete that is still learning the techniques and details that go into playing receiver. I can’t wait to teach them some of the things I learned from being around great receivers with the (Los Angeles) Rams and I think both could have really special seasons for us.”

August 2023 | TOPS 203
Transfer Marques Cox is being counted on to help anchor the UK offensive line this season. (UK Athletics Photo)
State @ Kentucky
EKU @ Kentucky 9/16 : Akron @ Kentucky 9/23 : Kentucky @ Vanderbilt 9/30 : Florida @ Kentucky
season sneak peek 9/2 : Ball
9/9 :

CALENDAR of Events


2023 Lexington Challenger Tennis Tournament presented by Meridian Wealth Management

Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex


2023 Lexington Challenger Tennis Tournament presented by Meridian Wealth Management

Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex

Ballet Under the Stars

8pm Woodland Park


2023 Lexington Challenger Tennis Tournament presented by Meridian Wealth Management

Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex

Ballet Under the Stars 8pm Woodland Park

Lexington Theatre Company: Memphis 7:30pm Lexington Opera House


2023 Lexington Challenger Tennis Tournament presented by Meridian Wealth Management

Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex

Walk to Defeat ALS Kickoff Party 4pm 33 Staves

Lexington Theatre Company: Memphis 7:30pm Lexington Opera House

Ballet Under the Stars 8pm Woodland Park


2023 Lexington Challenger Tennis Tournament presented by Meridian Wealth Management

Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex

Lexington Theatre Company: Memphis 1pm & 7:30pm Lexington Opera House

Are you interested in supporting nationally ranked pediatric orthopedic care right here at home? Partner with one of the most trusted brands in pediatric health care and join Shriners Children’s Lexington in our 31 Days to Amaze program! Thanks to the power of philanthropy, which funds 70% of our local budget, we are able to help more than 16,000 patients each year!

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Ballet Under the Stars

8pm Woodland Park


2023 Lexington Challenger Tennis Tournament presented by Meridian Wealth Management

Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex

Lexington Theatre Company: Memphis

1pm Lexington Opera House

Ballet Under the Stars

8pm Woodland Park

First Sundays at Julietta Market 1pm Greyline Station


WLK Networking After Hours 4:30pm Melia Realty


50th Anniversary Block Party 6:30pm Norton Center for the Arts


Picnic with the Pops: An Evening of Symphonic Disco Keene Meadow

A Midsummer Night’s Run

6pm Downtown

Summer Lawn Fest 2023

3pm Coleman Crest Farm

Mary Chapin Carpenter Lexington Opera House


The Price of Progress: A Live Theatrical Experience

Lexington Opera House

Roy Wood, Jr. Comedy Off Broadway


The Bluegrass Bash benefiting Arbor Youth Services

7pm Mane on Main

Woodland Art Fair

10am-6pm Woodland Park

All Elite Wrestling Rupp Arena

Roy Wood, Jr. Comedy Off Broadway

Tina Turner Tribute

8pm Manchester Music Hall

Doggie Paddle

9am Southland Aquatic Center

Chamber Music Festival

7:30pm Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center


Woodland Art Fair

10am-5pm Woodland Park


Jared Freid

Comedy Off Broadway

WLK: Lunch with a Purpose 12pm Signature Club


Jared Freid Comedy Off Broadway


Kentucky Bourbon Jam Richmond Mall

BIA Tour of Remodeled Homes 12pm-5pm

The Turn Up Jam Rupp Arena

Jared Freid Comedy Off Broadway

Walk to Defeat ALS Lexington 9am Kentucky Horse Park


Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons Rupp Arena

One Night of Queen Lexington Opera House

BIA Tour of Remodeled Homes 12pm-5pm


The Kentucky BASH

6:30pm 1900 Richmond Road

Ann Wilson of Heart and Tripsitter

7:30pm Norton Center for the Arts

Carlos Mencia

Comedy Off Broadway


UK vs Ball State

12pm Kroger Field

Carlos Mencia Comedy Off Broadway


Disney Junior Live: Costume Palooza Lexington Opera House

Guns n’ Roses

Rupp Arena


The Robert Cray Band Lexington Opera House

Dale Jones Comedy Off Broadway


Opening: Henry Faulkner Exhibition Headley-Whitney Museum

Dale Jones Comedy Off Broadway


UK Football vs. EKU

3pm Kroger Field

Dale Jones

Comedy Off Broadway

Water Lantern Festival

Kentucky Horse Park

Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers

Lexington Opera House


Nimesh Patel

Lexington Opera House


Dave Chappelle Rupp Arena


Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Lexington Opera House

WLK: Lunch with a Purpose

12pm Signature Club

David Koechner

Comedy Off Broadway


David Koechner

Comedy Off Broadway


UK vs Akron

7:30pm Kroger Field

David Koechner

Comedy Off Broadway

Henry Rollins

Lexington Opera House


Brothers Osborne

Lexington Opera House


Tim Dillon

Lexington Opera House


UK at Vanderbilt

TBA Away

Black Jacket Symphony

Lexington Opera House


UK vs Florida

TBA Kroger Field


Go Red for Women Luncheon

11:30am Central Bank Center

While we make every effort to ensure accuracy of the information presented, some listings may be out of date. Before attending any event, please check with the hosting organization for the latest updates.

out & about!

Central Kentucky Riding for Hope BIA Networking After Hours Barbasol Championships Keeneland Concours d’Elegance 2023
208 TOPS | August 2023
Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show Picnic With the Pops Sponsorship Reception
“ “ Within our circles, we welcome ALL who are shaping our economy. JOIN TODAY! Commerce Lexington Inc. 330 E. Main Street, Suite 100 Lexington, KY 40507 859-254-4447
connects people who may not typically run in the same circles. Most importantly, people have to plug into the organizations that are close to their heart. So many people are doing so many powerful things for the community from all walks of life.
Carol Taylor, Tanya Torp and Sharon Murphy at the Lexington Black Prosperity Initiative
Commerce Lexington
of Common Wealth August 2023| TOPS 209
Salvador Sanchez, Owner

TOP events!

ashland lawn party

June 24 • Ashland • photos by Woody Phillips

Paul Chartier and Natalee Chartier Stuart Mercer, John Stewart and Rebecca Mercer Margaret Cowgill, George Brooks, Kathy Brooks and Peggy Grossman Mike Cooper, Judy Cooper, Greg Jenkins and friends Buddy Cowgill, Judy Cowgill, Melanie Dowell, David Dowell, Laura Lewis and Brien Lewis
210 TOPS | August 2023
Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate Jim Coleman and Cindy Duerson John Rasnick, Carolyn Rasnick, Jim Elliott and Suzanne Elliott Jim Clark and Linda Breathitt Ron Mitchell, Vickie Mitchell, Margo Miller and John Winn Miller Carol Russell, Melanie Terrell and Carolyn Rasnick
August 2023| TOPS 211
Dorothy Van Meter and Fran Taylor

TOP events!


antees reception

July 21 • LexArts • photos by Woody Phillips

Sheila Farrell and Ame Sweetall Charmayne Brown, Phil Jun, James Brown and Di Boyer Kay’mon Murrah and Mia Isaac Jennifer Mattox, Rachel Ray and Lucy Jayes Greg Padgett, Christine Kuhn and Nathan Zamarron
212 TOPS | August 2023
Alex Chadwell and Yajaira West
August 2023 | TOPS 213

TOP events!

100 women of lexington 10th anniversary

June 28 • Home of Carol Behr • photos by Woody Phillips

JoEllen Wilhoite, Suzanne Elliot and Florence Hu man Shari Stewart, Jane Fergus, Holly Bandoro , Kathy Plomin and Jane Harris Shaun Denney Alison Justice, Kama McKinney and Sherry Jackson Amy Hogg, Latona Gamble and Robbie Pentecost
214 TOPS | August 2023
Jackie Banahan, Danielle Dennis and Annie Papers Lenore Cole and Kathy Plomin Terri Harper and Mindy Towles Host Carol Behr and guests
August 2023| TOPS 215
Joanna Rodes, Andrew Shayde and Jane Higgins


Chevy Chase street fair 2023

July 22 • photos by Woody Phillips

216 TOPS | August 2023


Holly Hill cooking studio events

June 29 & July 6 • Holly Hill Cooking Studio • photos by Woody Phillips

218 TOPS | August 2023


We pride ourselves on our Mount Sterling location just 25 miles east of Lexington, where “Small Town America” is still alive and well throughout the community. We want to extend an invitation to individuals 65 and over that are interested in experiencing an exceptional lifestyle to stay in one of our beautifully decorated apartments, receive a relaxing manicure and

and enjoy delicious meals and scheduled activities tailored to them.

August 2023 | August 2023 TOPS 213
1. Reduced Rates for a limited Time 2. $500 Referral Fee 3. Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Assistance 4. All-Inclusive Welcoming Community 5. Only 25 min from Lexington in Historic Mt. Sterling 6. Spacious Ballroom to/for Rent/events 7. On-Site Salon 8. Physician Practice on Premises 9. Studio and One Bedroom Apartments with spacious private baths 10. Three Home Cooked meals cooked daily.


Thursday NighT Live
220 TOPS | August 2023
Tandy Park • photos by Carmen Siguenza
August 2023 | TOPS 221

TOP events!

pattie a clay auxiliary ball

photos by Ron Morrow Suzanne Gerard and Greg Gerard Robby Robbins and Alyca Minter Reagan Taylor and Kelly Taylor Jill Williams, Goldrena Butler, Amy Masters and Shane Masters Jayson Arnold and Lindsey Arnold
222 TOPS | August 2023
Katie Stallons, Bobbie Brandenburg, Meredith Meeker, Madeline Meeker, Lisa Meeker and Kelly Taylor
August 2023 | TOPS 213 Now in businses for 24 years, Hensley / Elam is one of Kentucky’s oldest managed IT services and managed cyber security services provider. Our team has built thousands of solutions that include networking, cyber security, business telephone systems and help desk support. Call or email us today for a consultation on how we can be on your team. | 859 389.8182 | Email - |

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