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Carson’s Seasonal Cocktails • Make Your Reser vation Today •


“You are not broken, you never were. Let’s work together to define and create the life you want and deserve. We do nothing alone.” Heather Kimberling, CSW The Mindful Advocate Holistic Life Coach

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Gated Community Maintenance Free Living Private Outdoor Patios Access to Private Boat Dock

ROBERT MILAM 859.421.1712

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Each office is independently owned and operated. BECKY REINHOLD

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HALEY NORRIS Creative Director

Mommy Makeover


Of course, procedures to enhance other areas may also be included. The exact operations are tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Combining operations offers the advantages of a single recovery period, a single anesthetic, and generally a lower cost than two separate procedures. Conversely, disadvantages may include a longer recovery time and possibly a higher risk of complications.

IN DESIGNING OUR SURGICAL PROCESS, WE SEEK TO MAXIMIZE RESULTS WHILE MINIMIZING PAIN, RISK, AND RECOVERY TIME. Our practice discontinued use of drains for tummy tucks more than a decade ago. Not only has this been more comfortable for our patients but it has, thus far, completely avoided fluid collections (seromas) under the flap. For pain control, we utilize a long-acting numbing medication, Exparel,® during the surgery - both for the breast augment and tummy tuck. In addition, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology is used to decrease inflammation and further enhance recovery. Adequate pain control allows patients to be more comfortable at home, so all our Mommy Makeovers are performed as outpatient procedures.

Breast lift (mastopexy) is designed to address shape changes in the breast. Breast augmentation uses an implant to change breast size. The two procedures may be used independently or in combination. Augmentation alone will not usually correct breast drooping, it just makes a bigger, droopy breast. How do you decide which operation to have? The choice is best made in concert with your plastic surgeon.

Our version of the tummy tuck, the iTuck®, includes the pain control techniques identified above while avoiding drains. The foundation of the iTuck® procedure is repair of the separated abdominal muscles, returning them to their pre-pregnancy configuration. Significant amounts of extra skin may be removed along with the stretch marks in those areas. Contouring of the hip and flank area via liposuction is a standard part of the procedure. We usually advise patients to allow six months or so following pregnancy before seeking this kind of surgery. If pregnancy has resulted in body changes which have failed to respond to time, diet, and exercise, a Mommy Makeover may be the answer. Dr. David Kirn is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who is devoted to advanced techniques in Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breast, and Body. Dr. Kirn, Carey Sanders, RN, Shirley Ramsey DNP, APRN, and Tara Smith APRN offer a full spectrum of non-surgical treatments such as Botox®, Dysport®, Dermal 859.296.3195 Fillers, & Laser.

HEART CARE, CENTERED ON YOU, HAS ITS REWARDS. From long-term support to the best possible outcomes for heart patients, our comprehensive heart care centers deliver the expert diagnosis and treatment necessary for the best outcomes. We are pleased to announce that we’ve received nationwide recognition for the patient centered care our team provides on a daily basis.

Receiving recognition such as this — and the accolades below — means a lot to Baptist Health Lexington because it reflects the hospital’s constant and consistent commitment to quality. Our patients deserve safe care, and we’ll continue to make it our No. 1 priority.

ACCREDITATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS American College of Cardiology HeartCARE Center™ National Distinction of Excellence American College of Cardiology Atrial Fibrillation with Electrophysiology Services Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for Vascular Testing (Peripheral Arterial, Peripheral Venous and Extracranial Cerebrovascular) American Association of Cardiovascular and

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Certification

Center with Primary PCI and Resuscitation

The Joint Commission and American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, Advanced Certification for Comprehensive Stroke Centers

Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for Echocardiography Laboratories (Transthoracic, Transesophageal and Stress Echocardiography)

American College of Cardiology Cardiac Cath Lab Accreditation with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)

American College of Radiology Accreditation for Nuclear Cardiology

American College of Cardiology Chest Pain

American College of Cardiology Transcatheter Valve (TAVR) Certification

AWARDS American Heart Association Get With The Guidelines® – AFib Gold Recognition, 2020 American College of Cardiology CP-MI Registry™ Silver Performance Achievement, 2020 Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Distinction Center+ Cardiac Care (2018-2021)

American Heart Association Get With The Guidelines® – Heart Failure Gold Plus Recognition and Honor Roll, 2020 American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Get With The Guidelines® - Stroke Gold Plus and Honor Roll Elite Plus, 2020 Healthgrades Vascular Surgery Excellence Award, 2021

To learn more, visit



Hello again Dear Reader, It is so good to see you! Events and gatherings are back! It is an exciting time for us at TOPS. We are now once again sending our “TOPARAZZI” out to photograph high-profile events and people in the Lexington area. Yes, some of our photographers had to dust off their equipment but quickly got back in the swing of things, as you will see in this issue. Covering these events helped make TOPS famous early on, and we can’t wait to showcase all the great happenings once again. One of my special dear friends is Ann Bakhaus. Ann and her family own Kentucky Eagle Distributing and were an important early supporter of TOPS way back in 2005. Ann has spent the last few years developing a property in the Bahamas called “YellowBird,” and we are proud to bring you a pictorial of this stunning property. While Ann built it for her family to enjoy, you can also experience this amazing getaway. Perfect for large family and friends gatherings, retreats, or destination weddings. Just visit One of our favorite features is “50 Under 50”. You’ll meet fifty accomplished professionals that help make Lexington special. We love bringing you their stories and backgrounds. And as you will see, there is a vast variety of expertise that would love to assist you. There is an old saying in business; “If you think professionals are expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” My strong advice is go with an experienced professional. They will save you significant time and money. Fran Elsen, our Editor-In-Chief, just returned from a “bucket list” trip to Greece. She has written about her adventures called “Greece is the Word.” Our inspirations include Amy Daughtery, Attorney specializing in Eldercare Law. A growing and important topic for many of us who are helping take care of our aging loved ones. You’ll also meet Leese Del Rio, of Nightlite Christian Adoptions. You’ll be inspired by this organization. As always, there’s fashion, fun, dining, getaways, health, beauty and home tours. Its summertime in the Bluegrass and TOPS is all over it. Thank you for being a loyal reader of TOPS. And as always, please tell the great businesses you see in this magazine you “SAW THEM IN TOPS!” They would greatly appreciate it!

Until next month,

r e b r a Y Keith

Southern Comfort Burger Harry’s Hamburg

Mark your calendar and bring your appetite! Lexington Restaurant Week: July 22- August 1

JULY 5-11

CRAVE Food & Music Festival: August 14-15 Santa Fe Burger Drake’s Brannon Crossing The Big Easy Burger Drake’s Hamburg

All “B” It Burger Drake’s Lansdowne


$ A

Ham & Brie Burger Harry’s Palomar





July 2021 |





ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SEO SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most popular inbound digital marketing strategies. SEO marketing is the process of improving or optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Google holds the market share by a long shot, so we’ll focus on them. The way search engines work is by crawling your site. First, Google sends a crawler bot to your site, and this bot looks at many different aspects and indexes this information. Then the next time someone searches for a query or keyword on the search engine, Google uses an algorithm to go through all the sites within its index to find the best ones to return as a result for that specific search.

Different Types of SEO SEO breaks down into three main types: Technical SEO, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.


Technical SEO refers to the nuts and bolts of your website. It’s all the bits you can’t see happening like meta tags, site maps, HTTPS, and more. All these things signal to Google what the overall health of your website is. On-page SEO, as the name suggests, refers to everything you can see on a page. This includes images, copy, header tags, and more. Google “reads” all this to figure out what a page is about. Off-page SEO is everything that happens away from your website that affects how Google views it. The biggest factor of off-page SEO is when other sites link to your own. These links – when they come from authoritative sources – signal to Google that other sites think you’re trustworthy. A site with lots of quality links is more likely to be ranked higher than a site without.

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Technical SEO Best Practices For technical SEO, you should, as a minimum: •


Only allow Google to index one version of your site

Find and fix crawl errors

Improve your site speed

Fix broken internal links

Use permanent redirects

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

Use an SEO friendly URL structure

Add structured data

opportunities to build natural links if the brand mention is unlinked. You should also have a review-building strategy in place. This means asking customers for reviews through email, social media, in-person, and on your site. Often companies incentivize customers to leave reviews with discounts on future purchases.

On-Page SEO Best Practices

There are so many great tools to help with technical SEO. Google provides many of them completely free of charge. That includes Google Search Console and the Google Mobile Friendly test. You can use Search Console to find and fix crawl errors on your site. This ensures Google can crawl and index the parts of your site you want it to, so it can later serve them up in the search engine results pages. Google also took a mobile-first approach to indexing way back in 2018, so you should be doing the same. The mobile version of your site should get just as much attention as the desktop version. This includes ensuring a good user experience with load times, usability, and functionality.

Off-Page SEO Best Practices A huge amount of off-page SEO revolves around links. But there’s good and bad link building. Google will penalize you for the latter. To ensure you follow best practice link building, you should never pay for links. You can – and should – reach out to other authoritative, relevant sites with guest blogging opportunities and great content (more on this shortly) to build organic links.

As I mentioned above, Google serves up a page of your website within the search engine results page whenever it matches that page to a user’s search query. These queries are what are known as keywords for marketers. They’re what rule on-page SEO. Optimize your on-page SEO for keywords potential customers will be searching. You can conduct keyword research by using free tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner. As a best practice, each page should have a primary target keyword. This is often the most obvious phrase, like a product or service name. To target keywords on-page and optimize for search engines, you’ll want to add your primary keyword to your metadata, header tags (where appropriate), and throughout your copy. A word to the wise, though; this should read well for users, not just Google. Keyword-stuffing won’t help you rank higher. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to figure out when it’s being done and will rank sites lower for lowquality content, written for search engines instead of humans. You’ll also want to use high-quality images that are as small as possible in file size for load speeds. Your file names and alt tags should also be optimized with your keyword and readability in mind.

Other off-page SEO ranking factors include social media marketing, brand mentions, influencer marketing, and reviews. You should be monitoring brand mentions. You can do this by using Google alerts and setting it up to alert you whenever your brand is mentioned. These represent great

I hope this was a helpful overview, giving you additional insight into the big world of SEO. If you would like to learn more and see how your SEO is stacking up against your competitors, feel free to reach out for a free digital consult at:


July 2021 |


Must Read, Must Stream Suzanne Powell’s fascination with all things related to wealth started at 13 when she noticed that her single mom had no knowledge of money concepts. Suzanne – who is a Vice President at Meridian Wealth Management – will tell you that her singular motivation is to make a difference in people’s lives. Often, she works with women who are suddenly widowed or divorced, so she conceptualized a book that educates and empower women as they manage their finances. Suzanne is on a mission to engage women in a meaningful process of connecting their financial resources with their goals for the future and as their financial advisor, over the course of the relationship, she takes the time to educate clients in areas related to investing, insurance, credit, and debt. This is an intentional part of her process, as she knows that comprehending and acting on financial decisions is a significant part of a client’s long-term success. Recently, Suzanne was featured in an article published in CNBC, Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC, FOX, USA Today, and MarketWatch. Suzanne currently serves as trustee and treasurer of the AEPhi Foundation and is the board chair of Arbor Youth Services. Suzanne resides in Lexington with her husband Chris and their six children. The book hit #1 best seller during its pre-launch and is available to buy at Sexy Beasts Streaming on Netflix July 21st Yes, this looks like an actual nightmare. That’s why everyone you know will be talking about this incredibly weird reality dating show. Just don’t watch it right before bed.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Streaming on HBO Max July 16th

Summer of Soul Streaming on hulu July 2nd

LeBron James stars in this animation/live action hybrid film that will definitely delight children, but might just be a fun watch for parents, too.

Hey, music lovers! Questlove’s filmmaking debut looks at the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, which featured greats like Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and B.B. King.

July 2021 |


Toast to a Good Cause Grammy-nominated rap group Nappy Roots is pairing up with Georgetown-based Country Boy Brewing to create a beer for a great cause. The Backroads Blackberry Berliner will debut at Louisville’s Kentucky Craft Bash. It will be available at both the Lexington and Georgetown Country Boy Brewing taprooms afterwards. Proceeds will benefit the Kentucky Institute for Music Industry Development. Nappy Roots founded the non-profit to help inspire and empower music industry creatives. The rap quartet met while attending Western Kentucky University and three of its members are Kentucky natives. They’re best known for their single “Po’ Folks.”

Local News

Saluting Locals’ Contributions to the Arts


The first-ever Lexington’s Arts Awards will honor locals who have made significant contributions to our city’s unique arts scene. Honorees include LaVon Van Williams, Jr.– a former UK basketball player who creates stunning wood carvings and sculptures – and Arts Benefactor Award recipients Jennifer Mossotti and Kathy Plomin, who were instrumental in constructing Lexington’s only monument to honor women. The awards will be held July 22nd at The Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center. To learn more, visit

“The Piano Teacher” by LaVon Williams, Jr.

Pappygate Coming to the Small Screen A six-episode series that tackles Pappygate – the theft of thousands of dollars of Pappy Van Winkle and Wild Turkey – will premier on Netflix July 14th. The documentary show “Heist” tells the story of three of America’s biggest heists. Two episodes focus on the infamous Kentucky Bourbon scandal.

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Restaurant Quick Bites Coming Soon: Selma’s Kitchen - Cornerstone Exchange Kenwick Table - Owsley Avenue OMG Donuts - Buckhorn Drive Tropical Smoothie Cafe - Coliseum Plaza Agave & Rye - Broadway and Short Kung Fu Tea - Limestone Hub Condado Tacos - The Summit at Fritz Farm Buzzed Bull Creamery - The Summit at Fritz Farm Bad Ass Coffee - Limestone Hub The Local Taco - Hamburg El Azteca Mexican Grill - Chinoe

Now Open: The Saucy Crab - Richmond Road Roosters - Richmond Road Sonny’s BBQ - Frankfort El Cid - National Avenue Belt Line Southern Grill + Gumbo - NoLi (formerly J. Gumbo’s) The Grove - Downtown Biscuit Belly - Downtown

Moved: Sorella Gelateria - Jefferson and Short Street

Reviving a Pre-Prohibition Local Bourbon Plans are in motion to revive Kentucky Bourbon brand E.J. Curley & Co. The new distillery will be built on the site of the 1860s original at Camp Nelson. Production is expected to begin in May 2022, but tours may begin later this year.

July 2021 |



Amy Dougherty

Bluegrass Elderlaw’s Amy Dougherty Was Called To Serve A Vulnerable Community. by Peter Chawaga | photo by Christopher Michael Images

July 2021 |


As the plethora of lawyer jokes in circulation demonstrate, not every legal professional has the chance to use their skills face-to-face with clients, help them navigate the system or make positive differences in the lives of everyday people. Many lawyers prefer to work exclusively with corporations, regulators or legal texts. But some time ago, Amy Dougherty realized that she was not one of these lawyers — to the great benefit of a notably vulnerable community in Lexington. “I spent 22 years working in the General Counsel’s office,” Dougherty explained. “It was a job I loved, but I finally realized that I would regret reaching retirement without ever having actual human clients.” When she became eligible for early retirement, Dougherty used the opportunity to continue her legal career — arguably make it even more challenging — by seeking out ways to fill that need. She found Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, a local civil legal aid office, and during an interview was asked if she could fill a need it had in elder law. “At that moment, I recalled the vulnerability of my grandparents as they aged,” she said. “I realized immediately that this would be an area of interest for me.” She spent three years practicing at Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, before moving to Bluegrass Elderlaw, a private practice that focused on her newfound passion for the field. Now, she helps elderly clients prepare for their futures, establishing estate documents, outlining the legal details of financial and healthcare decision making and composing wills and trusts. “Clients come to me with problems in their lives that they do not know how to fix,” Dougherty said. “There is nothing quite so heartwarming as understanding what their situation is and being able to rearrange things in their lives to alleviate the stress or concern...

As I imagined private practice, I thought it would be very fulfilling as a career. I never imagined how fulfilling it is to help clients in their time of greatest need.” Dougherty has had a client seek out her help over a fear that her husband’s dementia and the struggles of caring for him at home would leave her destitute. And she has helped two married clients establish a will that left money to their disabled daughter, while still protecting the government benefits she required. In addition to the memory of her own grandparents and a strong faith tradition, Dougherty seems to gather the needed resilience for this new calling from her own experiences with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a condition that required a series of surgeries when she was just six years old. Though she can walk short distances, Dougherty prefers the use of a power wheelchair and maintains inspirational independence and flexibility. Still, it’s a daily reality that can’t help but have informed her own dedication to serving others. “Because of my disability, I understand the importance of special needs planning to enable people with disabilities to reach their fullest potential,” she said. “I also think that I have gained patience and understanding for those who must depend on others for their daily life.” Dougherty also draws strength from Lexington, which she has called home since her family settled here in her last year of high school. She highlighted live musical performances at the University of Kentucky and the Lyric Theatre Cultural Arts Center, as well as visual arts exhibitions at the Artists’ Attic, as things that fuel her love for this community. And she is grateful for Fayette County’s Wheels Program, which provides door-to-door transportation for people with disabilities. “I love Lexington,” she said. “I am inspired by and grateful for my community.”


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

UNDERSTANDING ELDER LAW Courtesy of Bluegrass Elderlaw To learn more, visit the National Elder Law Foundation: What is Elder Law? Elder Law specializes in several legal issues that affect aging adults, persons with disabilities, persons facing healthcare issues, relatives, and caretakers. There are several sectors within Elder Law, including estate planning, probate and estate settlement, asset preservation, Medicaid, trusts, guardianship, special needs planning, and veterans planning. How can an Elder Law attorney help me? Attorneys specializing in Elder Law are advocates for the elderly and their families. They take a holistic approach to common legal issues that people may face as they age, including issues regarding health, financial well-being, housing, and long-term care. Some basic Elder Law planning resources include Powers of Attorney, health care documents, a Last Will and Testament, and Trust agreements. When should I speak with an Elder Law Attorney? As you grow older, your health care and financial needs change. Planning for the future makes transitioning to those changing needs easier for you and your loved ones. Elder Law attorneys can help make sure you have a plan in place to meet those changing needs. There is no age requirement to speak with an Elder Law attorney. Elder Law attorneys help families of all ages. It is best to talk about aging while you are young so that you can be prepared for it.

July 2021 |


h t i a f g n i r e t s o f

Nightlight Christian Adoptions’ Leesa Del Rio, Mother To 14, Helps Lexington Grow Its Families by Peter Chawaga

The process of adopting and fostering children is one rife with challenges and inspirations — from the hardships imposed on children and prospective parents, to the miraculous forging of family among those who have found each other in this serendipitous way. Nightlight Christian Adoptions, which has offices in ten locations around the country, seeks to support families taking on this unique and


rewarding challenge by counseling parents facing unplanned pregnancies as well as offering domestic, international and embryo adoption services. Leesa Del Rio, who works as an administrative assistant and post-adoption coordinator in Nightlight’s Lexington office, is a uniquely inspirational part of this support team, as she has forged a personal connection to this work through. “I was directly impacted by adoption for the first time

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

21 years ago, when my sister adopted a baby boy after having several miscarriages,” Del Rio told TOPS. “The birth mother in their story made a selfless and loving decision when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to provide her baby with the life she wanted him to have. My sister has since adopted four daughters internationally. Each of their stories are equal parts brokenness and beauty, and stirred in me an intense passion for orphan care.” Del Rio is uniquely positioned to help others on their challenging and rewarding path toward adoption and foster care — the experiences of her sister inspired Del Rio and her husband to foster 11 children over the past 12 years, adopting three of them and providing for them as they do their three biological children. In this way, Del Rio sees her role at Nightlight as a calling. She can offer firsthand perspective on overcoming the many challenges involved in the process, and remind prospective parents of the worthwhile light at the end of the tunnel. “Paperwork, financial sacrifice, court hearings, emotions, time, so many unknowns, saying goodbye and parenting kids from hard places doesn’t come without struggle,” Del Rio said. “But we also have to consider what it’s costing these kids when we say no to the hard things. The joy and blessings for our family truly outweigh the costs and I didn’t expect that to be the case... I would say [to prospective foster parents], hold on for a wild ride. The rewards are going to be amazing!” Building Families Through Faith To many, it may be hard to imagine finding the time and patience to serve as a mother to 14 children while helping others on their paths to becoming parents at the same time. In fact, it was something that Del Rio herself struggled with at first. But she found that her faith in God and a deeper perspective about the things she wants to impart to her children gave her an infinite supply of the one thing she wants her family to always have more than enough of: love. “The truth is, our kids don’t need or even want perfect parents,” she explained. “What they really want is love and there is never a shortage of that. I’m not saying it’s always easy or that we don’t have our moments, like every other family. There are days when my patience is thin and my energy seems nonexistent. But we always get through those days

and again, the rewards outweigh the costs by far.” Nightlight operates with a similar emphasis on Christian faith, leaning on a cornerstone belief that, as members of God’s family, Christians have an instilled example for adoption. However, it does not discriminate among those who seek its help on their parenting journeys and Del Rio emphasized that there is a potential role for anyone, anywhere with the desire to play in helping children find the family support they deserve. “I think it’s important for people to understand that although not everyone is called to adopt, everyone can do something,” she said. “If you can’t adopt, you can foster. If you can’t foster, you can mentor, advocate, educate or donate your time or finances to help a family that is in the process.” A State Of Loving Families Nightlife’s office in Kentucky recently obtained a foster care license and wants more families in the state to open their homes to local and international children. Del Rio said that Kentucky has the highest rate of child neglect and abuse in the country, and that with 140 million orphans worldwide, there is a great need that this state can work toward filling. But despite the daunting challenge, she’s confident that there are more than enough loving families to help children from all around the globe and that the Lexington area is an ideal place to continue that work. “When adopting a child of an ethnicity different from your own, it is extremely important to know that they are going to want to connect with their race, ethnicity, country and culture of origin,” Del Rio explained. “It takes some work to preserve elements of their culture and the city of Lexington offers many opportunities to do that.” But as Del Rio has learned and demonstrated herself, love is the one thing that is needed to overcome the many challenges in becoming a foster or adoptive parent. “The need is great, but we believe there are more than enough loving families, and many right here in Kentucky,” she concluded.

July 2021 |


We Follow We’re always looking for new creators to follow. If you have a local blog, podcast or social media account that you think we should follow, let us know over on the TOPS in Lexington Facebook!

Gathered Living

Albert Couture

Julietta Market




Emily is the owner of The Amsden in Versailles as well as her own décor service. Her posts are all perfectly Southern!

The styled shots of Albert Couture’s impeccable suiting pieces are a huge style inspiration for just about anyone.

If you’re wondering what’s happening down on Limestone, following this account is the easiest way to stay in the loop.

July 2021 |


Kentucky for Kentucky

Dan Wu

Fabulous in Fayette




Everyone loves this wild, silly, creative brand’s hijinks. And Cocaine Bear. You can’t forget about Cocaine Bear.

Dan loves Lexington’s food scene, and his posts are bursting with color and life. And ramen, of course!

Whitney has great local guides to help you discover our city from a whole new perspective.

Eleanor Clifton James

The Lexington Podcast

Leela Atchison




Eleanor is a Kentuckian transplanted in South Carolina. Her OOTD posts are airy and always on-point.

Aside from their irreverent investigations into the history of the Bluegrass, their vintage posts are total eyecandy.

Leela loves making the foodie life approachable. She blogs about restaurants, Kentucky Proud products and recipes!


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

teggy french! ON THE COVER:

How does a girl from New Jersey become a Southern style icon? “I am obsessed with 1960s Palm Beach, which is the inspiration behind many of my outfits,” the blogger, actress and fashion maven explains. From her blog and Instagram, it’s easy to see that inspiration. Pinks, lush greens, electric turquoise and just about every pattern imaginable are some of the hallmarks of Teggy’s style, both in fashion and home décor. Add to that the fact that she truly loves the South – check out her photos from her trip to The Graduate hotel or her Derby inspiration posts – and it’s kind of a no-brainer. Teggy’s style may have lots of retro inspirations, but her aesthetic definitely mirrors what Lexington women are loving right now. As a mama, a fashionista, an entrepreneur and basically a virtual friend, Teggy is one to watch! Teggy so loves ‘60s style that she designed her own line of kaftans – something we also happen to adore. “I love the way women put themselves together during that era (even whilst lounging at home), so you will often see a nod to that time in my designs,” she says. “When I first started my blog, it was always with the intention of one day having my own line and I’m truly thrilled to now be creating Teggy French Kaftans.” Visit or shop her online boutique:!

Staffordshire Dogs (from $118)

Topiary Hook Pillow ($46)

Hand-Woven Strawberry Clipon Earrings ($52)

July 2021 |

Needlepoint Pillow ($102)

The Brenda Kaftan ($248)


Seal It Once...








must mention TOPS



Better than pressure washing!

Our Trucks carry state-of-the-art restoration systems that clean & permanently seal all the way through.


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021



July 2021 |


Party Idea: Ice Cream Social

7/8, 7/15 & 7/22 • Southland Jamboree


2 5

Kick off your summer fun with a party at your house! There’s nothing better than a cool treat on a hot day. Host your own ice cream social. Include decadent toppings, fun pops for floats, hot espresso and more. Want to make it even more exciting? Make it an ice cream potluck: invite your friends to bring their favorite ice cream to share with the group!

Listen to free live music MOST Thursday evenings. Be sure to check out all of the Southland Drive area while you’re there! Moondance Amphitheatre

4 6

Day Trip: Berea

If you love antiques and artisan crafts, Berea is a wonderful place to spend a day. Or, attend the Berea Craft Festival July 9-11 at Indian Fort Theater! Berea, Ky

Cycling Through the Centuries


Take this bicycle tour of downtown, created by the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation. You can find the map at Best of all, this is totally free and at your own pace! There are more stops and sights to see beyond the mapped route, so plan to linger and explore while you’re out.

7/11 • Taste of Congo

Join Dreams of My Homeland for this evening of poetry, fundraising and food. Heritage Baptist Church

7/13 - 7/18 • Barbasol Championship

Kentucky’s stop on the PGA Tour is an event that any golf lover shouldn’t miss! Visit for tickets and more information about this signature event. Keene Trace Golf Club

Day Trip: Louisville

The “big city” offers tons of arts, entertainment, eats and culture. Pick up a copy of TOPS Louisville for the scoop on the best places to eat, shop and explore!

Big Band & Jazz Pack a picnic and head to Ecton Park 7-8:30pm each Tuesday through August 17 and experience a free, live big band or jazz concert. Get the schedule at Ecton Park


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

7 8

7/16 • LexArts HOP


9 12

Love art? The LexArts HOP is a great opportunity to experience Lexington’s art galleries up close and personal. Visit for a map and more information. Downtown

7/17 • Keeneland Concours d’Elegance

Carry on the tradition of summer car shows and drives. If you’re a gear head or you just love the look of classic cars, the Concours is custombuilt for you! Wrap up the day with a long drive through Lexington’s many horse farms in the nearby area. Keeneland


Party Idea: Local Dinner

Head to one of the local farmer’s markets and let the seasonal produce inspire you. Sample local wines, beers and teas, or taste products produced by Kentucky culinary artisans. If you really want to go all out, buy local pottery, honey, wine or flowers to give your guests as party favors. However you celebrate local, be sure to write down where you sourced all of your goodies – your guests will definitely want to know!

7/17 • Harvest and Hear





Join LexPhil on a musical and culinary scavenger hunt through three of Seedleaf’s community gardens. Admission is FREE, and this event is definitely kid-friendly fun! Seedleaf Gardens

Tour the Lexington Visitors Center

Many locals haven’t ever stepped foot in our visitor’s center, and it’s a shame! There’s plenty to learn and the friendly staff can suggest more ways to celebrate summer in Lexington. Be sure to snag a selfie with the giant LEX sign! 215 W. Main St.

7-18 - 7/20 • It’s a Grand Night for Singing! The UK Opera Theatre will be a welcome sight (and sound) after a year without live performances. This night is always a treat for fans of musical theatre. Lexington Opera House

Splash Pad Kiddos will love the interactive splash pad at the Y in Hamburg. You will love the chance to unwind. It’s a win/win. Join as a member and you can take advantage of seriously cool perks. Whitaker Family YMCA

Northside Nights Enjoy R&B, soul, funk and dance music live in Douglass Park, 7-8:30pm each Thursday in July. Douglass Park

July 2021 |


, If youve never... done the “tourist thing” in town, this summer is the perfect opportunity. Get out and see the big attractions that you’re always telling out-oftown guests to check out. The Kentucky Horse Park, horse farms, Thoroughbred Park, Red Mile, Gratz Park... there’s tons of fun out there waiting! 44

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Day Trip: Bernheim Forest


Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is one of the coolest natureal areas in our state. With 16,137 acres of beauty, there’s tons to see. There are also some incredible selfie opportunities, from the Forest Giant sculptures to the tree-top Canopy Tree Walk. Clermont, Ky

Julietta Market Many local still haven’t stopped by to check out all that the Julietta Market has to offer. Grab a bite, browse some shops and learn more about this great local place. The Greyline Station

Day Trip: Bourbon County There is so much to see and experience in central Kentucky. Paris has a little taste of it all. There are great antique shops, restaurants and B&Bs to enjoy. You can go to a drive-in, tour a horse farm, visit a distillery, play a round of golf or go kayaking. Paris, Ky

7/23 • Summer Nights in Suburbia

22 21

This free live music concert is a great way to unwind from the work week. Moondance Amphitheatre

7/24 • Raven Run Night Hike Let’s face it: the days are HOT. Why not get your hike on safely at night in one of Lexington’s most beautiful natural spots? Get details at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

7/25 • National Wine & Cheese Day Celebrate with an at-home wine and cheese pairing party, or head to a local restaurant, like Carson’s, for a special bite.

Artful Endeavor


The arts scene in Lexington is bright! Take a tour of local galleries.

7/14 & 7/28 • Sunset Yoga Streeeeeetch out as the sun goes down. Get details at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary (If you like this sort of thing, the Kentucky Castle also hosts Sunset Rooftop Yoga, so check that out, too!)

Wine Down There are so many wineries in central Kentucky that we’re sure you haven’t seen ‘em all. Find a guide at

July 2021 |

17 19 20 23 25 45

26 28

29 46

Party Idea: Camp Lexington Take over your own backyard. Set plants outside, lay down picnic blankets and start up the fire pit. Make S’mores, roast weenies, tell ghost stories. If you’re feeling super plucky, serve as Camp Coordinator and plan games, crafts and other fun camp-inspired activities. If you don’t have ample space, consider renting a natural area, such as Coleman Crest Farms.

Central Bank Thursday Night Live It’s Lexington’s signature summer fun! Listen to live music and mingle in the heart of Downtown. Fifth Third Bank Pavilion

7/31 • Concert with the Stars The Lexington Theatre Company will host this cabaret-style concert of show tunes with guest stars from Broadway and beyond! Lexington Opera House

Party Idea: Book Club Select a book to read with a group of your friends, then plan an evening to discuss it over food and drink. Tailoring your menu and décor to match the book is always a treat.

8/3 - 8/8 • Ballet Under the Stars Bring lawn chairs or blankets and see a professional ballet performance live in the park. The youth performance begins at 8pm and the main show with Kentucky Ballet Theatre dancers begins at 9pm. Woodland Park

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021



? e r o m Want

Find even more summer fun at, or follow us on Facebook!

July 2021 |



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Keni Parks and Mike Cyrus

July 2021 | Sponsored Content


RYAN MILLER Martian Courts The diverse businesses within the portfolio of local entrepreneur Ryan Miller may seem difficult to connect, but there is a single thread that runs through them all: a successful mindset. “I’ve been able to help bring a business mentality and a different perspective to our projects,” Miller explained. He owns and operates Martian Courts, a manufacturer of maple hardwood basketball courts that are portable and employ state-ofthe-art technology. “Tony Delk, Tom Bower of the Kentucky Basketball Commission and myself own Martian Courts,” Miller said. “Our floors are scientifically-tested, NBA-quality floors and are FIBA certified.” The same group also owns The Virtus Brand, a public relations, branding and business management firm for athletes and entertainers. In addition to all of this, Miller is also the local owner of popular pizza restaurant Mellow Mushroom on Lexington’s Upper Street. It may seem like a lot, but focusing on a simple edict has allowed him to find success through it all. “Serve others to the standards you would want to be served,” Miller advised.


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JUSTIN TAYLOR Evolve 2 Perform Basketball Training Academy Justin Taylor decided to launch a mobile basketball training service 15 years ago out of a passion for helping players develop into the best versions of themselves. Today, his brick-and-mortar Evolve 2 Perform Basketball Training Academy serves as a skill development and training facility providing group classes, private lessons, speciality clinics, film breakdown and camps for athletes of any age or skill level. “The focus is to help athletes excel both on and off the court,” Taylor explained. “The academy offers a one-stop shop for both fitness and basketball training.” Taylor has been a professional basketball player for teams around the world, and found his passion once he retired from his own playing career and began training full time. Since then, he has seen clients grow from as young as five years old to college athletes. It’s this dedication to the personal success of those he works with that fuels Evolve 2 Perform moving forward. “I have trained kids from when they were in elementary school and seen them all the way through their success in obtaining a scholarship to play basketball in college,” he recalled. “It is truly a rewarding experience to help them grow and evolve.” 859-309-3816

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JOHN CIOCI WesBanco Bank Though its founding goes back to 1870, customers of WesBanco Bank know that it has kept up with the times, evidenced by a full range of online and mobile banking options to complement its suite of commercial products and services. Today, it provides trust, wealth management, securities brokerage and private banking services to customers in the Lexington area and beyond. “WesBanco’s customer-centric service culture is focused on growing long-term relationships through a consultative approach that services all of the customer’s needs,” said John Cioci, a commercial banker at the firm. Cioci has been in the banking industry for 25 years, starting with an entry-level job collecting overdue invoices and holding a range of positions at a few different banks in his career so far. But if there’s any advice he’s learned in that time, it’s that banking is all about relationships. “When you connect with a business or commercial banker, you are engaging in a relationship to help you grow that business,” he advised. “Make sure that you establish a good rapport with that person and that you communicate well with each other, as you’ll be interacting a lot.” 859-244-7206



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BART DAILY MetroNet MetroNet recently welcomed Bart Daily to the Lexington team as Market Leader, supervising the Gigabit City’s fiber optic infrastructure and continued development. Daily has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, including corporate sales and marketing. His expertise will help guide MetroNet to providing unparalleled internet speeds and exceptional customer service. MetroNet is committed to bringing state-of-the-art telecommunication services to communities — services that are comparable or superior to those offered in large metropolitan areas. In 2020, Lexington became the nation’s largest Gigabit City, which brought 100 percent fiber optic to our citizens. “As a Lexington native, I am excited to be a part of the opportunities that MetroNet is unlocking in our area,” says Daily. “I am looking forward to bringing this future proofed service to more of the Lexington community while ensuring that residents, schools, and businesses have access to the fastest internet speeds available.” In addition to his experience in the industry, Daily is heavily involved in the Lexington community serving on the Downtown Lexington Partnership Board, member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Ambassador for the Barbasol Championship. 859-255-0200


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DR. KARLA STEPHEN Center for Anti-Aging At the Center for Anti-Aging, Dr. Karla Stephen’s vision is to help others feel confident and beautiful. Dr. Stephen has been an aesthetic injector since 2007. She has mastered the clinical skills needed to achieve natural youthful results without surgery. She and her team of experienced medical professionals at the Center for Anti-Aging use an innovative approach to surpass the expectations of their patients. The practice offers many aesthetic services, such as neurotoxin injections, dermal fillers, Sculptra, HydraFacial, chemical peels and laser body sculpting. Dr. Karla Stephen is continuously improving herself and her business. With safety as a priority, patients can feel confident they are receiving the best quality care. Dr. Stephen holds weekly meetings at her business where she encourages her team and fosters an environment of growth and empowerment. “As a team of growing professionals, we are excited about the future.” Dr. Stephen explained. “We have some big news coming, and we cannot wait to share it with our patients. We are striving to bring a unique and amazing experience to our area, unlike anything our patients have ever experienced.” Baily, Lexi and Izzy




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KAITLIN CHAMBLIN K Chamblin Design After studying interior design at the University of Kentucky, Kaitlin Chamblin spent years working as a private chef in some of the most finely-appointed homes in Los Angeles, an environment that resparked her passion for visual composition as all aspects of design are creative outlets to her. Today, she operates the full service design studio K Chamblin Design, which she moved from L.A. to her hometown of Lexington last fall. “My design style is a minimal and modern approach to traditional design, specializing in a curated look with eclectic touches,” Chamblin described. “I have streamlined the process for transforming interior spaces by putting together amazing craftspeople, vendors and resources to efficiently execute projects from initial concept to installation.” This combination of style and work ethic have quickly made K Chamblin Design a favorite among many regional and national clients — as has a unique and clientfocused approach. “I approach my design intuitively with methodological problem solving, I work fast, I am a natural collector and curator and I have an intrinsic sense of space and proportion,” she explained. “In the end, interior design is a service industry where I spent many years offering concierge-level service to many high-end clients. All of these qualities are why my clients choose me for the job.” 310-801-6781

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MEREDITH TURK The Wildcat Group Meredith Turk was hired as Director of Marketing in 2019 and given two different but equally important objectives. First, spread the word that Wildcat Moving shares common ownership and management with the 11 other Wildcat Group businesses: Wildcat Van Lines, Wildcat MiniStorage, Wildcat Clean Team, Ladycat Packing and Organizing, Wildcat Pressure Washing, Wildcat Home Inspection, Big Blue Painting and Handyman, Wildcat Gutters, Wildcat Carpet Cleaning, Wildcat Dog Retreat and Wildcat Auto Repair. This was obviously no small task but through Meredith’s tireless networking and strategic advertising, The Wildcat Group is becoming just as much of a household name as Wildcat Moving. Meredith’s second objective was to get involved with and give back to the community as much as possible. “We are a strong community partner. The most rewarding part of my job is the work we do with charitable projects, fundraisers and community events.” Turk said. “Our goal is to support and bring awareness to charitable organizations throughout Kentucky.” The Wildcat Group donated more than 1,000 hours of labor in 2020, plus trucks, equipment and capital. “The Wildcat Group is not just a synergy of local service providers. We are a true neighbor.” 859-948-3553



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ANDREA BIRKMAN Boulevard Home & Concierge Visitors to Lexington’s Boulevard Home in Chevy Chase will find a unique collection of home furnishings, decor, linens, gifts and accessories, reflecting the California style of proprietor Andrea Birkman. From bespoke gifts, to custom linens, to wardrobe consultations and event planning services, Andrea offers personalized services to suit each client’s individual needs. Andrea leans on her experiences as a sales and marketing director in the apparel industry, and as a partner at a real estate firm for insight into the fashion and decor that compliment each project’s specific style. But it may be the example that her father set that has influenced Boulevard Home & Concierge the most. Her father is hall of fame thoroughbred horse trainer, Richard Mandella. “He has worked seven days a week for the last 50 years,” Andrea said. “The lesson that I learned from him is to do what you love. He works very hard, but he gets to do what he loves — and that’s a luxury most people don’t have. I’ve always remembered that, and when the opportunity to pursue something I’ve always wanted presented itself, it made my choice easy.” 859-407-1559

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JENNIFER PARSONS RE/MAX Elite Realty Jennifer Parsons was first inspired to enter the real estate industry by her aunt, who was in the business for more than 30 years. Now, with 15 years of realty experience herself, Parsons works full time as a realtor and co-owner of RE/MAX Elite Realty, helping clients through the most important transactions of their lives. “In this current market, the key to success is to be immediately available for your clients, because homes sell so fast that they may lose out on a home if you are not,” Parsons said. “Anyone interested in buying or selling a home should look for someone with experience, dedication to their needs and integrity.” Parsons, a Lexington native and University of Kentucky graduate, is regularly the top producer within her office and hit a career high of $12 million in sales last year. With that success under her belt, she offered some words of wisdom for those entering the incredibly competitive housing market. “For buyers, it’s very important that you’re working with someone who is experienced. Ask an agent to be honest with you about what it takes to win,” she advised. “And as a seller, you need someone that can interpret offers to determine which is the best fit for your needs.” 859-351-1747


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MATTHEW WHITE Peoples Exchange Bank At Peoples Exchange Bank — a business offering a full scope of banking services, particularly smarter and more efficient lending — market president Matthew White leverages more than 25 years of experience to help families, businesses and real estate operators. When describing the success that Peoples Exchange has had, White, describes their bank as “locally-owned, hard-working and committed to Lexington.” “Banking local means that your money stays close to home and is invested locally to support our community,” he said, “For us, doing the right thing isn’t just about banking smarter, it means supporting our neighbors when they need some extra help.” As the market president for Lexington for over 12 years, White leads his team in providing targeted banking solutions for all of their clients.

859-269-0235 NMLS# 580177


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GARRETT COATS Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse Garrett Coats, the general manager at Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, has been instrumental in establishing the company’s eponymous restaurant as a bonafide Lexington institution. As he explained to TOPS, the key to this success has been integrating excellence into every aspect of the diners’ experience. “It is captured in the quality of the food, the energy and elegance of the atmosphere, the impeccability of service and the overall dining experience,” Coats said. “When you dine with us, you are our guests and we do everything possible to treat you to a show unlike any other.” Since he was 16, Coats has worked in every conceivable role in the restaurant industry — from washing dishes at a Pizza Hut to bartending while in college. But throughout that time, he’s found no better place than right here to serve diners. “The city of Lexington and its surrounding cities have really welcomed Jeff Ruby’s and are genuinely cheering for our success,” he said. “Collectively, we can help Kentucky grow its economy and provide jobs and opportunities for the amazing people who live here.” 859-554-7000



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BRIAN LYKINS AnnieMac Just like AnnieMac, Brian’s team approach with his clients and agents is always hands-on. “My mission is simple: for my team to deliver an honest, wellcommunicated, knowledgebased lending experience to all my clients and realtors,” Brian shares. Brian personally closed over 102 million dollars in new home loans for 2020, serving a truly remarkable 435 families. Brian is a genuine national player, and the industry has taken notice. It’s all in a day’s work and a real labor of love. “Helping families achieve their dream of homeownership is something that I take great pride and true joy in doing,” he says. Brian has been named one of the Top 1% Purchase Originators in the United States, as well as one of the Top 1% in his field in 2020 and 2019. Brian also received the Scotsman Guide Awards for 2019 and 2020, a national recognition. He was also one of the Tops’ Top 50 Under 50 in 2020. 502-773-4834


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JENNY MILLEN, D.C. Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness is a family-based practice that serves patients of all kinds, from one day olds to 100 year olds. “We absolutely love providing that genuine feel of compassion, family and friendship while providing the best chiropractic care, education and promotion of proper mobility as you age,” said Triple Crown’s Jenny Millen. “We know with chiropractic care, it is very personal and, most likely, a last resort to feel better. From scheduling, to the first day, to maintenance appointments, we try to be fast, seamless, cost effective and transparent.” Millen herself has been seeing a chiropractor since she was two years old, an experience that showed her how transformative the practice can be for patients. It’s a lesson she’s learned many times over and hopes to pass on to more in the area. “It is estimated that 12% of the population use chiropractic care,” she explained. “The most common thing we hear is, ‘I should have done this sooner.’ My staff and I work for the dream to get 80% of our community under chiropractic care.”



Sponsored Content | July 2021

MATT GALBRAITH Community Trust Wealth & Trust Management Community Trust and Investment Company, which can trace its roots back more than 100 years, has become one of the most reputable trust companies in Kentucky through sound investment strategies and highquality client care. Its Wealth and Trust Management team in particular has earned a reputation among the Lexington community for its investment management, retirement, financial planning and life insurance services. As part of this team, Matt Galbraith demonstrates the things that set it apart. “I believe that finding the right team of experts can be a challenge sometimes, but I think you will find that at Community Trust, our team has a tremendous amount of expertise that can handle any financial need that may arise,” Galbraith said. Through professionals like Galbraith, Community Trust has built a wealth and trust team that is personally dedicated to the higher values of the company. “I have a passion for helping people reach their financial goals and we do a wonderful job of making that happen through our customized, tailored approach,” he concluded. 859-389-5300


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DAMION SCOTT Graze at the Woodlands Lexington’s Graze has grown in a mere seven years from a small, farm-to-table restaurant of just 14 seats to one of the city’s premier locations for quality fare. Still, the mission of its co-owner Damion Scott has not changed. “We have grown over the years, but our goals remain the same: to bring innovation and comfort by way of food to the Lexington community,” Scott explained. Despite this focus and success, Scott came upon the restaurant industry somewhat by happenstance. “Honestly, I flipped a coin,” he said of his decision to enter the business. “When the economy stalled in 2008, I moved to Kentucky and wanted to do something different. So, I decided to work for a restaurant and I never looked back.” It’s clear that Scott’s journey, no matter how it started, offers lessons to anyone who wants to find success in whatever they do. Though he’s hesitant to see himself as a role model, he shared some wisdom that is clearly beyond his years. “I’m not known for giving advice but I do believe that in business, you have to give your all to be successful,” he said. “I don’t believe in backup plans because with one, you won’t give 100% to your first plan. It’s okay to go all in!” 859-309-2490


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LES OLSON JRA Architects At Lexington’s JRA Architects, Les Olson has been a pivotal part of its most recent revitalization. A fourth generation of ownership took over the firm in 2013, overseeing refocusing, retooling and 30% growth to date. “The firm has adopted a hands-on, interactive design process that works in tandem with our partners, yielding ever better results and design solutions,” Olson said. “Our longevity, our large number of repeat clients and our recent awards for design excellence are all indicative of our success for the 75 years we have been in business.” Of course, the growth of JRA would not have been possible without the foundation laid nearly a century ago. And Olson’s own trajectory was similarly guided by his mentor, Mark O’Bryan. This appreciation for tradition has given JRA and Olson a holistic view about what is most important in architectural services. “Whether it’s quality of construction or design, cost, ethics, a certain design style, expertise or leadership, your values will drive how you select the best architect for you,” Olson said. “Look for an architect who fits you and what you want.” 859-252-6781 |


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LAUREN HAGGARD The Brokerage Having been born & raised in Lexington, there’s nowhere else The Brokerage realtor, Lauren Haggard, calls home. She began her career in real estate assisting some of the top producers in Central KY. After learning the ins & outs of the business, Lauren pursued getting her real estate license. Since then she has built a business based on quality customer service, integrity, and hard work. “I spend each day building and nurturing relationships with people who are looking for a personal approach when it comes to real estate buying, selling and investing,” Lauren explains. To her, being their REALTOR® means more than putting up for sale signs: it means being their trusted advisor, advocate and friend – not just during the transaction, but for a lifetime. “My business goals are never set based on production levels, income or status, but rather my effectiveness when helping a client achieve their dreams,” she says. “I want them to have a happier, fuller life.”



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CHRIS SCHENK Handyman Connection Chris Schenk of the locallyowned Handyman Connection grew up working with his father and picking up skills as they remodeled their home together. He moved on to work for different contractors and, after college, started in home maintenance, repair and remodeling. “We are committed to providing a brand experience that starts with customer support,” Schenk said. “We have multiple, highlyskilled craftsmen dedicated to completing projects in a timely manner and with proper supervision and support.” Handyman Connection is focused on communicating with customers regarding appointments, pricing and scope of work. Their team will provide a written proposal that includes a detailed look at the scope of work and pricing. “Our skilled craftsmen are capable of completing multiple home repairs, and we have office staff to help coordinate schedules and supervise our craftsmen working on projects,” Schenk added.


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JAYMESON JONES Granite Guys, LLC Jaymeson Jones’ local business, Granite Guys, is aptly named. Their services extend to marble and quartz, too, with specialties in working on kitchen projects, vanities, and fireplaces. The majority of Jones’ employees have at least ten years of experience in the field and they treat each project like it will be on display in their own homes. This dedication to craft and service stems from Jones’ experience, who has been working with the material since he was a teenager. “I worked for a similar company while going to school, and found I was good at it and enjoyed doing it,” he explained. “So, I saved up and made a plan to open my own shop, and did six years ago. We have almost doubled our sales each year since that opening.” According to Jones, he attributes the young business’s remarkable success to treating its employees well, remaining patient and emphasizing quality over quantity. “I never set out to be the biggest, I want to be the best,” Jones said.

502-542-8075 108 Bradley Dr | Nicholasville 3519 Main St | Stamping Ground


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CHASITY HESTER Be Medispa Physician Assistant for over 25 years, Chasity is a favorite at Be Medispa, Lexington’s award-winning aesthetic practice. “Dr. Hester and I decided many years ago that health is more than the absence of disease,” says Chasity who has a background in women’s health and functional medicine. Be Medispa focuses on the advanced application of non-surgical services to the face and body, achieving natural results that improve their patients’ sense of confidence and well-being. Injectable fillers are wildly popular, as they can be artistically placed to enhance features or address common signs of aging. Beyond cosmetic applications, laser and energy-based technologies can provide life changing results for concerns including bladder incontinence, vaginal laxity and sexual health. “Our specialty is constantly expanding, so we depend on journals, scientific meetings, and global networks of specialists to keep us informed.” she said. “Dr. Hester and I are very busy, but we make time to teach other medical professionals the skills they will need to safely achieve superior results.” Chasity credits the Lexington community for her success. “The best thing a business owner can do is to get connected. Network with other businesses, go downtown, support local charities, and share.” When asked what’s next, Chasity simply states she is excited to provide solutions that matter to her patients.



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NICK WOLTER Entrepreneur Nick Wolter is a local businessman who seems to find success in everything he touches, from full-service home remodeling company Frequent Flippers Remodeling, Lexington’s Harry Potter themed Airbnb, long-term rental firm Calendula Properties, to certified organic CBD company Midnite Rooster CBD and parkour obstacles gym Ultimate Ninja Athletics. “I am an entrepreneur that enjoys trying new things,” Nick explained. “Each business has it’s own story, but they’ve all been unique opportunities that have presented themselves as genuinely good ideas that needed some hard work behind them to make them go.” With such a diverse and effective portfolio, Nick offered some advice that could help nearly any professional in the area. “Whatever idea you have, try it,” he recommended. “Central Kentucky has the ability and resources to be a business hub, but we need business people trying everything they can to make things work. There is a long list of business advice I could give, over a couple glasses of bourbon.”



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BRAD OAKLEY Jackson Kelly, PLLC Jackson Kelly is a unique law firm in that it has the national reputation and expertise of a much larger practice, while maintaining the personal attention and service of a local one. In Lexington, it has established itself as a legal leader in the construction, healthcare, equine, energy, environmental, alcohol, tax and complex transactional fields. Like all businesses following the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackson Kelly was forced to adjust. Brad Oakley, an attorney with Jackson Kelly since 2005, has seen that adjustment propel the firm to grow in ways that will benefit clients of all kinds. “As a firm, Jackson Kelly transitioned to remote utilization of technology that we already used,” he said. “We have continued to invest in and improve our remote capabilities, and we did not miss a beat in serving our clients. And as the pandemic restrictions have eased, we’ve learned the importance of having the flexibility to address our clients’ needs both in person and remotely.” This proven ability to adapt, and thrive, under any condition is one that those who choose Oakley and Jackson Kelly will doubtlessly come to appreciate. 859-255-9500

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KAELYN QUERY Lexington Event Company Based in Central Kentucky, Lexington Event Company and LexEffect Venues plans, manages, promotes and produces events of all kinds, both locally and across the nation. Its founder, Kaelyn Query, may have had an inauspicious start to becoming such a holistic events services provider, but it’s one that sparked a lifelong dedication and set her on the path to remarkable success. “I entered this industry by accident, in high school,” Query explained. “I had an internship with a local caterer — food service and hospitality run in my family, but this internship ignited a passion for the business inside me, and helped teach me the ins and outs of catering, food service, event logistics and more.” Today, Lexington Event Company and LexEffect Venues have a hand in unforgettable conferences, trade shows, weddings, festivals, concerts, fundraisers, social events and more. And after gaining this much experience, Query has some advice for those seeking event production services. “You get what you pay for,” she cautioned. “Are you getting just one planner or multiple? How long have they been in the field? How much time do you get before and during the event? A ‘cheap price’ doesn’t always mean it’s the ‘best deal.’” 859-230-5365


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PATRICK B. PARKER Thoroughbred Solutions Patrick is an award-winning product creator and passionate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) entrepreneur serving as both the Chief Executive Officer of Thoroughbred Solutions and the Co-Founder of venturebacked health and wellness startup, SPRNG. After spending a decade as a consultant with large organizations across private and public sectors, Patrick understands exactly how to identify and overcome the complex challenges and pain points that prevent businesses from becoming major players. Anchored in the new Greyline Station development, Thoroughbred Solutions helps small businesses connect with their ideal customers in order to drive sales and scale operations.


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KATIE FINNELL Bluegrass Elderlaw, PLLC While maintaining an individual approach and holistic perspective, Bluegrass Elderlaw has been serving the community’s aging population with planning for personalized estate, special needs and long-term care. Maintaining this methodology while working with such clientele requires a special touch, one that the firm’s Katie Finnell — who holds special certification for working with those diagnosed with dementia — has mastered. “I use a person-centered, compassionate approach in working with those with dementia,” Finnell said. “My office is proud to support and be a part of the Dementia Friendly Lexington community to help increase dementia awareness and make those living with a diagnosis feel welcomed, understood and supported by the community.” Before joining Bluegrass Elderlaw, Finnell was working at a practice focused on estate planning, which showed her how fascinating and rewarding the challenges of elder law could be. After returning to school to receive a legal masters in estate planning and elder law, it seems she has now realized her calling.




Sponsored Content | July 2021

MARY ELLIS PATTON Bluegrass Elderlaw, PLLC Mary Ellis Patton, a partner at Bluegrass Elderlaw, spends her days helping clients with estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, special needs planning, guardianship, estate planning and long-term care planning — all of the legal services that are required by one of our most revered, yet often overlooked, communities. “We take a holistic approach to estate planning and often work with other professionals in the client’s life, from financial advisors to CPAs and beyond,” Patton explained. “We provide our clients with customized plans — because each client is unique and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ estate plan or solution to their problems.” Bluegrass Elderlaw is uniquely owned by all female attorneys, and Patton credits her law partner and mentor Amy Dougherty for helping her career trajectory. The firm’s ability to collaborate gives it a unique ability to help clients at these crucial times in their lives. “In our office, we collaborate. We discuss our clients’ needs and often discuss possible solutions together to come up with the best plan,” Patton said. “We are often dealing with clients going through some of the hardest times of their lives and we try to provide them with relief and peace of mind.”



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ANDY SHEA Lexington Legends Andy Shea, the president and CEO of Lexington’s professional minor-league Legends baseball team played baseball himself in college, until an arm injury pushed him to find another way to contribute to the sport he loves. “I thought working in baseball would be a great way to enjoy still being around the game and an opportunity to be involved in the community,” Shea recalled. “Not everything sounds awesome or even is awesome at first, but there is a way to figure everything out, and that is awesome. My first couple of years working for the Legends certainly were not glamorous, but I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world now.” Today, the Lexington Legends roster offers some of the highestlevel baseball in the region. But the franchise and its home are for more than just die hard baseball fans. “We always have games, contests and promotions going on, so there is always something for everybody,” Shea said. “We have so much going on at the ballpark!”



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KASEY McCARTY 5.23 Real Estate 5.23 Real Estate is a brokerage serving clients in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and coming soon, Georgia. Kasey McCarty’s cloud-based brokerage model utilizes technology and communication to connect her team and clients all across the south. Kasey says, “5.23 has a southern style to selling houses. We believe everybody deserves a safe home to call their own and we take seriously our ability to help make it happen. Whether you want a home with a big front porch in Eastern Kentucky, a lake house in Tennessee or an oceanfront property in Florida, our agents have the knowledge and resources to help you make it happen.” In a fast-paced market, you need an agent who cares about your property goals and uses modern techniques to help make you reach them. “Being a nine-to-five realtor, with fancy signs, is a thing of the past. Signs do not sell houses anymore, technology does.” she said. Gaining hands-on experience from four generations of business owners in Eastern Kentucky, she says, “The basic principles of building a company remain the same: just be good to people.” 859-428-7960

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GREG REPASS, MD Baptist Health Lexington Since 1954, Baptist Health Lexington has served patients in Central Kentucky through its main campus on Nicholasville Road as well as numerous outpatient and diagnostic centers in Lexington, Georgetown, Nicholasville and Richmond. With more than 400 beds at its magnet facility and countless additional infrastructure across its other locations, it takes a deep roster of professionals to provide the high-quality care that Baptist Health Lexington has become known for. Dedicated to that mission is Dr. Greg Repass, VicePresident of clinical support and physician speciality services. “Service is a core value of healthcare delivery and leadership,” Repass explained. “Focusing on the needs of your consumers is so important for business leaders in our community. Baptist Health Lexington strives to place the patient as central to all of our initiatives and decisions.” Repass derives this focus from the mentors he’s had throughout his career, who instilled in him a passion for care that mirrors the mission of Baptist Health Lexington. “The important lesson they taught me was to focus on a patient’s individual needs and to listen to them,” Repass recalled. “This valuable lesson plays a central role in how I approach decision making at Baptist Health Lexington.” 859-260-6100


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DEE BECKMAN, DNP, RN Baptist Health Lexington Baptist Health Lexington, a tertiary care hospital with over 400 beds, depends on an incredible staff of dedicated and selfless nurses, headed by Chief Nursing Officer Dee Beckman. This staff has cultivated a reputation for patient care and compassion in the region, and has earned the hospital a fourtime magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center for nursing excellence. “Caring for others is a gift,” Beckman explained. “I have been grateful to have had a career where I can be a servant to others. As a nurse, you care for individuals from birth until death. We walk beside our patients, participating in the healing process to celebrating a life well lived. It is an honor to lead the nursing staff at Baptist Health Lexington.” After a year that has spotlighted the incredible devotion of nurses like no other, Beckman serves as an example of the leadership that can be borne of lifelong dedication to a field — a mainstay of the Baptist Health model. “The senior leadership continuously focuses on the development of staff while mentoring future leaders. Patient care is always a priority,” Beckman, who has 25 years of experience in nursing at the facility, said. “My mentors have always put patients at the center of all decisions.”


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KENNY R. SCHOMP Longship Longship is a third-party logistics company with specialty in overthe-road full truckload shipments of fresh, frozen and dry products across the U.S. Its founder, Kenny R. Schomp, has overseen the growth of the company to reach 35,000 loads per year, and a recent move to a 30,000-square-foot facility in Hamburg. “I have been in the trucking industry my entire life,” Schomp said. “As a business owner, I want to surround myself with people who I can trust, count on and are often smarter than I am. We’ve created a team mentality for this business and provided a clear-cut road map for success each and every day. Nothing makes me prouder than seeing our new salespeople find success in a career here at Longship.” Next up for Longship? Staffing the new facility. And with a 24/7, stateof-the-art fitness center, 120-plus power-raise work stations and two conference rooms capable of streaming to its Nashville satellite office, the stage is set to do so. “Those who are self motivated, goal oriented, focused, energetic and also work well in a team environment — these are the exact attributes that make a very successful team member at Longship,” Schomp said.



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CHRISTOPHER COLSON Fowler Bell, PLLC Christopher Colson, a member of Lexington’s Fowler Bell PLLC law firm, is a second-generation lawyer whose interest in the field was cultivated during family dinners and gatherings, where his father would gauge sentiment about hearing or trial issues. “I was fascinated by the issues and fact patterns over the years, and I wanted to assist individuals as they worked through their legal problems and present those issues to juries,” Colson recalled. Today, Colson has accumulated 12 years of legal experience, practicing in areas like bankruptcy, civil litigation, trusts and estates, all while solving client issues and representing them wholeheartedly in court when resolutions cannot be reached. “In my experience, striving to be honest and fair with everyone you work with is so important,” he said of his secret to success. “Over the long term, I have found that it is easier to reach your client’s goals where all parties involved in the process trust and are honest with each other. Building a reputation for being truthful and reasonable allows you to achieve better results which increases client’s satisfaction, and ideally, repeat business and referrals.”

859) 252-6700

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NICOLE NEWSOME Community Trust Bank, Inc. Community Trust Bank, which was founded in 1903 in Pikeville, has grown to serve its community through six locations in Lexington as well as 21 locations in the Central Kentucky region — not to mention 70 locations total across this state, West Virginia and Tennessee. Mirroring this consistency and longevity has been Community Trust’s Nicole Newsome, who started with the bank as a parttime teller in college, before becoming a full-time teller, then entering the bank’s management trainee program and finding her current role as a commercial loan officer. “My advice: Never stop building meaningful relationships with customers and other people within your industry and community,” Newsome said. “At Community Trust Bank, we understand that businesses are not all alike. We know that different businesses have different needs, and we will tailor a financing plan to fit the needs of your business, regardless of your size. Whatever your needs, we can fashion a financing plan to help your business grow.”




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DAR ZARTOSHTY Lifetime Family Dental Care Dr. Dar Zartoshty has been providing services that his neighbors depend on through Lifetime Family Dental Care, a single-doctor practice that provides nearly every service in the field, including Invisalign, esthetic crowns, veneers, implant restorations and Botox. Though he has become remarkably successful in a seemingly short time, Zartoshty relies on a respect for dentistry and deep familial roots. It was a summer spent at a pediatric dentist’s office that sparked his interest, and then dental school that finally solidified his passion. And ultimately, two personal role models have helped to shape Lifetime Family Dental Care into what it is today. “My father is the person who has taught me the most in life and who I always ask when I need advice,” Zartoshty said. “But, in dentistry, my mentor is Brad Frey, who taught me the most important thing isn’t what I do with my hands, but instead, it’s having great communication.” Those lessons have resulted in a practice Lexington/Georgetown and surrounding counties can rely on. “Patients dental health and their experience are both extremely important to me. In my practice, we focus on our patients main objective and provide treatment that is meant to last. I strive to not only meet my patients expectations but to surpass them and provide the most enjoyable experience possible.” 502-570-8778

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JESSICA DURPHY Williams Agency, Inc The Williams Agency, Inc is an independent insurance agency, partnering with more than 10 different companies, giving the agency the ability to serve their customers with the best options for each customer’s specific needs. The agency has roots going back decades, however, Jessica Durphy launched a Winchester branch in 2015. Since coming into Winchester, The Williams Agency, has been known as a community partner. “I jumped at the opportunity to open a branch in Winchester, and we have been fully relying on the leading and direction of God to take the agency into new places,” Durphy said. “Growth has been incredible and amazing. I look back at where I once was to where I am today and I can only say that we’ve been blessed and that hard work pays off.” Durphy can trace this astounding growth back to several basic principles that she has followed, and she advises anyone else looking to run a successful business to do the same. “Be available, be transparent, be honest, have integrity and make sure your character speaks so clearly about the person you are! Let it be, that even if someone accused you of something and it was true, no one would ever believe them because that’s simply not the character you display!” she said. 859-759-0181



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CASEY WEESNER Weesner Realty Team @ Weesner Properties Weesner Realty Team @ Weesner Properties, two family businesses run by Casey Weesner, his mother Vicki and sister Crystal, have proven that boutique-sized real estate companies can provide results that are anything but small. Speaking with TOPS, Casey offered some insight into the values that have allowed the businesses to consistently exceed client expectations. “We pride ourselves on our communication and attention to every detail,” he said. “We believe a business must maintain a good reputation and treat others the way it would want to be treated. I’ve followed this mindset from the beginning, and it hasn’t failed me yet. My job is real estate. My business is about building relationships.” Operating in an incredibly competitive housing market like Lexington’s today, Weesner Realty Team @ Weesner Properties are demonstrating the value in a business operated with this attitude, now more than ever. “In this seller’s market, you want a professional by your side who has the experience, communication and reputation among peers to get the job done,” Casey explained. “In this low-supply market with high demand, it’s helped our clients tremendously.” 859-621-4222

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LAWRENCE WEEKS Honeywood Restaurant With its contemporary architecture, modern sensibility, extensive cocktail selection, outdoor seating and, oh yeah, unforgettable menu, Honeywood is a must try for any Lexingtonian looking for great food. This chef-driven bistro emphasizes local products and produce, along with fresh seafood and local fish offerings, with the majority of its center-of-the-plate products coming from local farms in the region. And ultimately, the menu is the vision of executive chef Lawrence Weeks. “I loved the idea of being a jack of all trades,” Weeks said. “Through cooking, you pick up so many skills and so much cultural dialogue, and you are able to create, all while making people happy.” But as we all know, it’s becoming more and more difficult for establishments like Honeywood to offer innovative and high-quality cuisine. So in addition to thinking creatively about the dishes he serves, Weeks also wants to remind diners of their role in ensuring Lexington’s culinary scene remains vibrant. “The hospitality industry is changing and the framework of low wages and tipped employees is changing,” he said. “Dine mindfully and know that it takes many hours of work to bring that meal to diners consistently.”



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TYLER McNABB Holly Hill Inn Holly Hill has been a Lexington area dining staple for nearly 50 years, operating in a historic, two-century-old farmhouse and serving up local produce and meats through unforgettable dishes. While the restaurant is known for its multi-course menus of expertly-prepared dishes, unique wine pairings and vast bourbon collection, Culinary Director Tyler McNabb is known for his own wide-ranging impression on Lexington’s dining landscape. “When I was nineteen years old, I enrolled in the culinary arts program at Sullivan University in Lexington,” McNabb explained. “Within my first few months of schooling, I applied for my first restaurant job as a dishwasher at Windy Corner. I’ve since worked my way up to become the culinary director for the Ouita Michel Family of Restaurants.” The Ouita Michel group’s eponymous founder is a legend in the local culinary scene, not least because of a longevity that mirrors Holly Hill’s own. In McNabb’s own ascension, her mentorship has been invaluable. “Ouita has taught me many invaluable lessons throughout the years, perhaps the greatest of which is that of perseverance,” he said.


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LOGAN FLYNN Decisive Action After serving with a Marine Corps Anti-Terrorism unit, Logan Flynn is now the Owner and Operations Director of Decisive Action, LLC; Kentucky’s premier executive protection and security agency. “We’ve grown so successfully from the ground up in a very relational industry. Clients quickly realize our value and professionalism beyond basic security services. Our differentiation shows immediately.” Uniquely skilled individuals, with specialized backgrounds, cultivate Decisive Action’s decade-long reputation of exceeding the industry standard. “We know organizations have intricate operations and schedules. The stresses we remedy regarding crisis management or even operational security, allow our clients to focus more energy on business development and performance,” says Flynn, “We’ve proudly accomplished that for corporate executives, highnet worth individuals, politicians, and businesses of all sizes.” Business is fluid. Decisive Action serves a need many organizations struggle to navigate. “We want people to know we can help. Proactively addressing concerns or knowing our team of dedicated professionals can greatly shield your reputation and save significant amounts of time and cost compared to reactionary efforts.”



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DR. JESSICA KING M.R. Bishop DMD & Associates M.R. Bishop, DMD & Associates has served the Lexington area with advanced and state-of-the-art dentistry for more than three decades, with a talented team providing health and wellness options that are tailored for each patient. The services range from basic to advanced oral care, to same-day crowns, whitening solutions and the latest injectable facial rejuvenation options. A leader among this talented team has been Dr. Jessica King, who fell in love with dentistry due to an interest in healthcare and admiration for her own orthodontist growing up. “I love the instant ‘before and after’ that my dental work provides for my patients!” King enthused. King is a native of Glasgow and graduate of Western Kentucky University, as well as the University of Louisville College of Dentistry. She and her husband, Manuel, are parents to newborn Camila, as well as their goldendoodle Hudson. Her Kentucky upbringing and bountiful personal life help King bring remarkable enthusiasm and joy to her work at M.R. Bishop DMD & Associates. “I love helping patients with their dental needs, but especially with cosmetics,” King said. “I am so excited to offer the newest neurotoxins and dermal fillers to help my patients enhance how they look and feel.” 859-887-1094


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JAMES FRANKLIN Franklin Roofing “First and foremost, I’d like to thank God for getting me here in my life and career path as an entrepreneur,” says James. After several years of working for another company, James took a bold leap and started his own business. “I learned years ago I was built for sales and heading operations,” he explains. “It has been nothing but blessing after blessing since I made that leap.” James loves spending his free time with his high school sweetheart, surrounded by animals on her families’ farm. 859-314-5345



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SUZANNE POWELL Meridian Wealth Management, LLC Beginning her career as a bank teller, Suzanne Powell has had a lifelong interest in all things financial. That passion drove her to become an assistant branch manager, then to obtain her investment license. Since, she has served as a vice president for JPMorgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Advisors and, now, Meridian Wealth Management, where she builds long-term relationships with clients in Lexington and across the country. “Relationships matter, and every relationship is valuable,” Powell said. “Financial advisors should always treat their existing clients and customers like they are new to them. And never let the relationship get complacent, or they will go somewhere else.” Powell listed financial luminaries like Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Stanley and Suze Orman as her mentors, and highlighted the greatest lesson she’s taken away from a lifelong zeal for personal finance. “The most important lesson I have learned is to diversify your sources of income and your assets,” she shared.



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KYLE ZIMMERMAN Carson’s Food & Drink As the general manager of Carson’s Food & Drink, Kyle Zimmerman says, “From the host stand to the dish tank, I am involved at every step. My goal is to ensure that all guests have the extraordinary experience that they deserve and expect from Carson’s.” Carson’s offers the perfect blend of “a rustic, yet refined concept with chef-driven recipes paired with prohibition cocktails, hand-selected wines and craft beers” making it the perfect fit for Lexington’s love of casual, yet upscale dining. After being in the city for a decade, Zimmerman states, “Lexingtonians have come to expect elevated food and drinks and actively seek that out.” Carson’s bar also boasts the best bourbon selection at the best prices in town. For Zimmerman, it’s all about giving customers an unforgettable meal every time. He says, “We give people an experience that they won’t soon forget. From the moment they walk in our doors, they feel at home. From our uniue decor, using leather, wood, brick and elegant chandeliers balanced with industrial materials, to our outstanding food and perfectly prepared cocktails, you’re sure to become a regular.” 859-314-5345



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DR. NICOLE FREELS Lexington Podiatry Dr. Nicole Freels, FacFAOM, C.Ped, the found and CEO of Lexington Podiatry as well as Modern Podiatrist (ModPod), is reinventing a traditional medical practice into a one-stop-shop for every service related to feet and ankles. As many Kentuckians know, growing up on a horse farm is hard work, especially in the middle of summer. At 12 years old, Freels found her passion for helping patients (in the air conditioning) while shadowing her grandfather who was a podiatrist. The rest is history. Her woman-owned, multi-doctor practice has received multiple “Top Doctor’s Office” and Best Podiatry” awards while she has earned numerous “Best Podiatrist” and “Top Women in Business” accolades herself. Patients receive “Delta Sky Club” style experience, and appreciate the relaxed caring environment of her office. The practice utilizes the building blocks of traditional podiatric medicine, while incorporating realistic treatment plans that help patient recover more quickly, and maintain their daily lifestyle commitments. Her motto is “a body in motion, stays in motion” and she works to minimize downtime as much as possible. Freels plans to expand the company by adding four new doctors in the near future.


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BEN HAYDON Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc. As the Community Engagement Coordinator for Goodwill, Ben builds relationships with external partners – think of him as an ambassador for Goodwill’s mission, which is to help people with barriers find work and achieve selfsufficiency. This means attending chamber events, SHRM’s, conducting news interviews, traveling and putting on events (remember those?) Ben was born and raised in Springfield, Ky and is a graduate of UK. You’re likely to run into him riding his bike to meet friends on one of the many great patios downtown!



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NETTIE COHEN The Changing Room Boutique Nettie knew from a young age how empowering the right clothes could be. She was raised by her grandparents in North Carolina. She says, “Most of our clothes were from yard sales. My grandmother worked at a crab factory and my granddaddy was a fisherman. They worked hard for what we had.” With her family’s encouragement, she pursued her undergraduate degree in the criminal justice field and went on to earn her Master’s degree from Liberty University. After moving to Kentucky, she opened her own private investigation business and began contracting capital murder cases for the Department of Advocacy. When the world shut down due to COVID, cases for Cohen Investigations slowed to a halt. With an empty office suite and extra time on her hands, it was time to bring her dream business to life. The buzz has been growing and The Changing Room Boutique just celebrated it’s first anniversary this June!

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MEGAN MARTIN TOPS Marketing Group Megan Martin is the Director of Operations at TOPS Marketing Group after joining the team three years ago as an Account Executive. In an industry full of passionate professionals, Megan takes a personal and approach. She said, “Before TOPS, I worked in the nonprofit and hospitality sector, with a bit of event planning thrown into the mix. I loved the creativity, fast-paced environments and community-focus of those industries, and I am so glad to have found a career that combines all of those elements. I love when my clients tell me that something we did for them had a big impact on their business.”



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RYAN KEY Bank of Lexington As a locally-owned, relationshipbased business that has grown with its community, Bank of Lexington offers services from business accounts to personal financial services. “We offer a full range of consumer and commercial banking products and services, from home mortgages, construction loans and commercial real estate mortgages, to free checking and mobile/internet banking,” explained Senior Vice President, Ryan Key. “We love what we do and strive to be the best bank in Lexington.” Key has been an integral part of the Bank of Lexington team, which has seen the company grow from its first branch on Harrodsburg Road to three locations throughout the area. He credits his grandfather’s wisdom for his own success in leading Bank of Lexington, particularly the lesson of being a great listener. Leveraging that wisdom, Key shared some advice for those who might be seeking banking services today. “Get to know someone where you bank and build a relationship — find someone you trust and who does more than just take orders,” Key recommended. “Find a financial partner who is knowledgeable, responsive, adds value and enjoys helping you reach your short- and long-term financial goals.” 859-219-2900


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KELLY KING Pour Decisions Social Bar Kelly King is no stranger to the Lexington business world. A lifelong resident and graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Kelly opened her first of seven venues at age 26. Kelly has received many business awards during her career including but not limited to the Nation Association of Women Business Owner’s Rising Start Award and Eastern Kentucky University’s International Alumni Association Professional Achievement Award. “My parents are my mentors,“she said. “They taught me my determination and work ethic. Without them I would not be the businesswoman that I am today.“ Kelly brought her vision to life by co founding one of the very first businesses in the now thriving Distillery District, the Venues of The Grand Reserve. After owning and managing these venues for 10 years, King sold the company and set her sights on retirement. Retirement was not a place where she was prepared to stay. Kelly is elated to be coming back to the downtown entertainment scene. With her experience and previous successes, there’s no doubt this next business venture will become another Main Street staple. Kelly plans on opening the doors to her newest bar & social club in late July, calling it Pour Decisions. Pour Decisions will offer a casual speakeasy ambience. “We will cultivate a sultry, yet comfortable atmosphere where customers will be surrounded by friends. My goal is that each patron will feel welcome and will find that Pour Decision is a place they won’t want to leave,” King said. “We will be offering hand selected, locally sourced appetizers and charcuterie boards in addition to live entertainment, rotating beer taps and specialty cocktails.” 859-475-3305


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CHAD HOWARD TOPS Marketing Group Chad Howard has seen both sides of the marketing spectrum, with experience from the client perspective working in the New York offices of Abercrombie & Fitch and JetBlue Airways, and from the agency perspective, working for brands like Lexus and Marriott. In that time, he’s gained a perspective for what the latest strategies and platforms can deliver to businesses. “Digital marketing is the best way to get your product or service offerings in front of your target audience at the right time,” Howard explained. “And with digital marketing, you are able to gauge your efforts and track your overall ROI efficiently and accurately.” Today, Howard delivers those returns to a wide range of regional and national clients as the Vice President of the TOPS Digital Solutions team, a full service agency specializing in customized digital campaigns that drive impactful results. “Reach out to someone on my team,” he advised those who have been seeking to grow their business. “We would be happy to analyze your web and social presence, give you an overview of what your competitors are doing and customize a digital plan that will help you achieve your business goals.”


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Hair Today...

At-home hair loss treatments if you’re worried your mane might be gone tomorrow. 100

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Hair loss, among men or women, can truly cause a frustrating and stressful feeling. Whether hair loss is due to genetics, age, or hormones, it is hard to control from happening. However, there are ways to improve hair growth with various products. Products can help stimulate growth within hair follicles and target individual needs. Many companies sell items that can help with growth, but which ones actually work? We have compiled a list of products that have proven to show improvement in hair growth. Along with these products assisting with thickening and growing hair, they can also help bolster your confidence!

Pure Biology Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo ($27.99)

Keranique Shampoo and Conditioner Set ($39.97)

Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Shampoo ($9.99)

Men’s Rogaine Foam ($23.40)

by Stephanie Long and Amanda Harper

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Many essential vitamins and minerals help support hair growth. Some fight off free radicals that may damage hair folicles. In general, most oral supplements will not totally reverse hair loss. However, many can encourage remaining hair to grow thicker and stronger.

OTC Shampoos and Creams Hair loss treatments like Rogaine have been on the market for several years. Most users find that the rate of hair loss slows while others see hair regrowth.

Massage Scalp massage may help stimulate new hair growth and improve thickness. Massage in aloe or coconut oil for added benefits!

Subscriptions Subscription options have popped up in recent years that send whole kits to help you take care of hair loss at home. Do your research before you dive in!

Nioxin Trial-Size System Kits Shampoo, Conditioner & Scalp Treatment, For Progressed to Advanced Thinning Hair ($29.99)

HEETA Scalp Care Hair and Shampoo Brush with Soft Silicone Scalp Massager ($7.98)


Platelet-rich plasma injections into the scalp area seem to encourage natural hair growth. Local health care professionals are seeing great results with PRP treatments in restoring hair loss, especially in spots where there is minor thinning.

Laser Therapy The FDA has approved a laser device treatment for heriditary hair loss. Studies have shown that it helps improve hair density.

Hair Transplant Hair restoration surgery comes with some potential risks and healing, but the end result is often impressive.

Prescription Treatments Many strong hair loss drugs and treatments require a prescription. See your doctor to discuss your options.

July 2021 |


NailIt! In order to nail the perfect summer manicure (or pedi!), you need to know what’s HOT right now. The trend is definitely leaning towards more unique, personalized looks. But most of us prefer a more natural, wear-anywhere look. We’re all about striking a smart balance between cool and easy. So here are our picks for the best summer nail looks!

July 2021 |





The Bold Pedi

Colorful French Tip

Happy Colors

A lot of people prefer to keep their fingernails more on the subtle side. That’s fair, but that doesn’t mean your pedi has to be muted, too! Go for a bolder color or design on your tootsies. Match your favorite sandals, or pick a hue you’d normally never rock. It’s a fun way to express yourself this summer.

Using a pop of color just at the tip of the nails is a way to make this classic look completely modern. Some people choose to change colors for each nail while others are keeping the look consistent. Either way, make sure that it somewhat mirrors the shape of your nail bed for a more “polished” look (pardon the pun.)

Bright colors are a prennial summer fave, and it’s easy to see why! Happy hues are here because everyone’s excited to be out and about after the year that wasn’t. Seen here? OPI’s classic “Cajun Shrimp” shade, available as a polish or in press-ons. Stick to shorter nails or use brights as an accent so the effect isn’t too overwhelming.



Static Nails

Abstract Art

Subtle Gradient

Blended French

Abstract nails are all the rage right now! People are giving their nail techs much more freedom to be creative. Abstract nails can really have any kind of design, whether geometric or freeform – that’s the whole point! And tiny details and fun embellishments are definitely in for summer, so play around with your accents!

Want something wearable for whatever the summer brings? A subtle gradient look is clever way to add a little fun to your mani/ pedi without looking too over-the-top. This ombre press-on look would seamlessly transition from the office to after work drinks, wedding weekends to birthday brunch mimosas!

Rather than sticking to the sharp line of a traditional French mani, a lot of nail techs are experimenting with more subtle, blended looks. This offers a sweet look that can be worn absolutely anywhere. As a bonus, it’s easier to grow out than a typical French mani. Win/win! This is cute for pedis, too.


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Haute H ues!

OPI: Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants ($10.50)

Butter London: Hottie Tottie ($18)

Essie: Tangerine Tease ($9)

JINsoon: Daisy ($18)

July 2021 |

Zoya: Echo Easy Neon ($12)

Sally Hansen: Jazzy Jade ($4)



20% OFF ALL PRODUCTS TUESDAYS IN JULY Some exclusions apply

2424 Harrodsburg Road, Suite 201 • Lexington, KY • 40503 859.977.0141 •

We all love the moment when summer arrives after what seems like a longer winter than the year before. We’re ready to put our swimsuits on, step out into the sun and feel the warm breeze on our faces. Even though that sunshine feels good to the soul, we have to make sure we’re keeping our skin safe at the same time. There are so many amazing products out there to protect your face and that summer glow while looking and feeling gorgeous at the same time.


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021








EIGHT PRODUCTS ONE Aquaphor Lip Protectant + Sunscreen Lip Balm, $3.99. TWO Laura Mercier Illuminating Pure Canvas Face Primer, $39.00. THREE L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Waterproof Mascara, $9. FOUR Evian Mineral Spray Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray, $19. FIVE Morphe Continuous Setting Mist, $16. SIX Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick with SPF, $20. SEVEN it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, $39.50. EIGHT Supergoop PLAY Lip Balm SPF 30, $9.50.

July 2021 |


LINKS Looks for the

Men’s golf style has changed a lot over the years. Gone are the days of stuffy, stiffy golfwear. Hitting the greens in 2021 means feeling comfortable in high-performance fabrics. The overall look is more casual than ever, but it’s still essential to look ready for any l possible business networking that might happen in the clubhouse. Polished doesn’t have to mean boring, however, and we think this great golf gear will prove it.

July 2021 |


RHOBACK The Rockaway Men’s Polo ($79

Smathers & Branson Gopher “Caddyshack” Flask ($65

Peter Millar Hales Performance Polo in Guava Pink ($94

Callaway Weather Spann USA Gloves ($10.99+

UnderArmour Spieth 5 Spikeless Golf Shoes ($200

Puma Jackpot Golf Pants ($80

Howard & Miller – Clothier to Gentlemen has lots of gear that would be perfect for the clubhouse or the greens. Visit them at 400 Old Vine St #102 in Lexington!


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

er: Lil ly P ulit m zer UPF litze 50+ L u p y lill uxletic Sil via Dress ($178

FootJoy Originals ($89.99

PGA Tour Belts Webbed Belt ($24.99

rH Fo

RHOBACK The Daddy Visor ($29

l Po olf eG abl Fo eath r H d Br im: L acoste Men’s SPORT Texture

Team Golf Kentucky Wildcats Contour Headcovers ($49.99

oS hir t ($ 98 lac oste .com )

July 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

baroque pearls The perfect neutral statement piece to pair with any outfit. The white and gold details give off beautiful, beachy vibes for the summer season.

2 1

1. 12-13mm Baroque Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings by Saachi, $48 | Saks Fifth Avenue 2. 8-25mm Cultured Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings in 18kt Gold Over Sterling, $48 | Ross Simmons 3. Womens Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings, $38 | J.Crew


colored beads 1


Talk about a fun statement and the perfect summer accessory. Beaded earrings in all the bright hues are the go-to choice for earrings in the summer season.

1. Frida Hoops, $25 | Revolve 2. Blue Multi Seed Bead Hoop Earrings, $25 | INKALLOY 3. First Sunrise Multi Color Beaded Earrings, $31 | Lulus


July 2021 |


gold chain links


The trend that we’re hoping is here to stay! Gold chain link earrings have a way of being modern while still giving a nod to the classic gold earring. We can’t get enough of them!


1. Harris Bold Chain Earrings, $345 | Mejuri 2. Chain Earrings, $52 | Uncommon James 3. Parker Link Hoops, $55 | Gorjana Jewelry




mismatched pairs Talk about a fun trend to really play up your personality and spice up your summer style. Maybe they’re different sizes or two designs that cohesively go together. Either way they’re a winning look!

2 1. Betsey Johnson Lemon Mismatched Earrings, $58 | Dillards 2. 14K Gold & 0.09 TCW Diamond Mismatched Earrings, $275 | Saks Fifth Avenue 3. Color Block Geometric Mismatched Drop Earrings, $5 | SHEIN


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

ss ra eg lu B e th in k as B at The JC Butler House This Bluegrass Trust Home was built in 1848. Within walking distance to Downtown, Jefferson Street, Manchester Music Hall, and more this dream home makes the perfect getaway, sleeping eight!

It features private parking and a hidden courtyard.

find us on @jcbutlershouselex July 2021 |

719 W Main Street Lexington, KY 117


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Beachgold Coco Handmade Coconut Shell Top Handle Clutch ( $78)

? e m a G h c Clut HOW’S YOUR

Clutches are the perfect summer accessory. They’re easy, lightweight and as colorful as you like. Think of them like little drops of personality that you can add to your outfit in a snap. Just drop in your MILK – mobile (phone, that is, for the Gen Z kids), ID, lipstick and keys. Wicker, straw and raffia clutches are perpetual summer fashion favorites. This year, cute fruits have certainly caught on with watermelon, lemons, peaches, pineapples and cherries popping up on plenty of purses. Huge bags are another “big” trend that you’ll want to try out. However you choose to up your clutch game, be sure to walk into the room purse first!

Half Barrel Beaded Monogram Clutch ( $195)

Cathy’s Concepts Personalized Straw Clutch Set with Tassel ( $51)

Spartina Clutch ( $128)

Soft Faux Leather Oversized Clutch ( $99) July 2021 |

btb Los Angeles Riley Clutch ( $84) 119

Binge Knitting Sophia Clutch ( $130)

Colorblocked Straw Clutch ( $185)

Vince Camuto Harlo Washable Pouch ( $48)

Palm Leaf Beaded Clutch (TwineandLove on etsy, $59)

Tequila Gold Beaded Pouch ( $18)

Rebecca Minkoff Ruched Clutch ( $148)

! t i e l y St

@PeplumLexington 120

@PirieBoutique TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


July 2021 |



s r e t l a W E S T.

10 02 20


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


Sarah Al

I T A L L S TA RT E D W I T H A D A T I N G A P P. story by amanda harper photos by mothwing photography

When social media manager and blogger Sarah took notice of an insurance agent on Bumble, she decided to break the ice with a little humor. She messaged him with a line from the commercials: “What are you wearing, Alan from State Farm?” Alan knew he wanted to keep that ice broken. So when he took her to Merrick Inn for their first date, he insisted she order the fried chicken and that they eat it with their hands so they would be totally comfortable. “That set the tone for his attention to detail and learning each other’s love languages,” Sarah says. The venue the couple selected for their wedding day is one that holds a special place in their hearts. “Harkness Edwards Vineyards was one of the first places to make Winchester feel like home after we relocated for Alan’s job. We had my 24th birthday celebration there with all of my closest friends. After we got engaged, it was our first choice of venue for our wedding, but they were not holding large events at the time,” Sarah explains. After COVID changed all of their plans, they opted to do a smaller, intimate event with fewer than 20 people – which put their dream venue back on the table. Because the day naturally became more simplified with the smaller guest list, the couple chose to make the venue, flowers, and paper goods the stars of the show. “For Your Party, a woman-owned small business, designed all of our details and favors including cups, napkins, drink stirrers, can coolers, and more,” Sarah says. “Alexandra Pallos truly captured our bright and bold, yet whimsical goal for florals with a stunning ceremony arbor in addition to bouquets and centerpieces for the reception.” The bride tied a pearl ring that both her mother and grandmother wore for their own weddings into her belt. The couple had handkerchiefs embroidered that they will one day pass on as heirlooms. From a live painter capturing the day to seeing their dogs after the first look moment, the couple made sure to include heartfelt moments into their day. “Don’t cut corners on things you feel are sentimental to you, Sarah advises. “Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate exactly the way you want to because of pressures from others. At the end of the day, marriage is about you and your partner – no one else.”

July 2021 |


For other brides, Sarah suggests knowing your strengths and wants. “If planning isn’t your forte or causes you stress – hire help! Hiring month of and day of coordinators with Bourbon City Events changed my whole mood towards the final weeks of lining up our day,” she says. “There are no rules for weddings; make your own. Create a day with no regrets.”


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

July 2021 |



PHOTO Mothwing Photography VIDEO Reel Special VENUE Harkness Edwards Vineyards C AT E R I NG C i t y B a r b e q u e C A K E C a k e s b y To s h a PLANNER Bourbon City Events

F LOW E R S A l e x a n d r a Pa l l o s F l o r a l R E N TA L S W h i t e B r i c k M a r k e t R e n t a l s , B r y a n t ’s R e n t A l l B R I DA L G OW N B l u s h b y H a y l e y Pa i g e B R I D A L B O U T I Q U E Tw i r l B o u t i q u e B R I D A L PA R T Y A z a z i e GROOM/GROOMSMEN Brooks Brothers

e vendor team HAIR Bri Swain, Glam Lex MAKEUP Caroline Lee Makeup S TA T I O N E R Y / S I G N A G E Fo r Yo u r P a r t y MUSIC SkyMyles Entertainment L I V E PA I N T E R R a e P a w l e y A r t T R A N S P O R TA T I O N T h o r o u g h b r e d L i m o u s i n e AC C OM MODAT ION S 2 1 c L e x i n g t o n


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

July 2021 |



r e m m u S t h g Li s r e z i t e p p A

It’s hard to find an appetizer that you know will please everyone, so it is nice to have a healthier option for your guests mixed in with the comfort foods. Whether you choose a cucumber roll up or tofu skewer, your guests will appreciate your diet-friendly options!


Owner of Haley Michelle Designs

Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastries

Cucumber Feta Rolls Garlic and Herb Zucchini Roll Ups

Left: Watermelon Feta Blackberry Skewers Below: Grilled Tofu Skewers

Cranberry and Prosciutto Crostini

Loaded “Faux-tato” Skins

reach out to these local caterers... Lundy’s Special Events • Bayou Bluegrass Catering • Apiary Fine Catering + Events • Ranada’s Bistro + Bar Dupree Catering + Events • DaRae & Friends Catering • Season’s Catering • Selma’s Catering + Events • Type A Catering & Events


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021



photos by Keni Parks


Next Century Technologies



I have cybersecurity insurance, so I have nothing to worry about. “Nothing is further from the truth – cybersecurity insurance does not guarantee you will receive the key to unlock your data, or that stolen data will be deleted. Hackers are download your data and going through it to see if they can extort money from YOUR clients as well. This is disastrous to any company’s reputation,” Tracy says. “Also, most cyber policies now require certain security standards to be met on the network in order for a claim to not be denied. In other words, you cannot turn a blind eye to cybersecurity and expect your policy to cover everything.”


My IT person/company has me covered. “No, they don’t. No one has a 100% effective defense against hackers.” Tracy explains, “If you have hired an IT firm to manage your IT, look closely at your support contract. You will likely see verbiage excluding the hours spent recovering from an attack and nowhere does it guarantee one will not happen.”

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts or locks files and demands payment to get them released.

As a small business owner, why should you be worried about ransomware?

Ransomware has been making headline news lately and interrupting millions of American lives. The Colonial pipeline shutdown affected far more than the southeast when Americans all across the country panicked and rushed to fill their gas tanks, causing gas shortages in areas not even served by Colonial. Ransomware has been around for a long time with the past few years seeing an exponential growth both in the number of attacks and in the ransom amounts. The hackers have finetuned ransomware into a successful business model, complete with mortar-and-brick office buildings, staff, human resources, everything you would find in any successful business endeavor. What does that mean for you? Ransomware is a lucrative business and is not going away anytime soon.

3 Common Myths About Ransomware: 1.

My company is too small to be a target. Do you have money? If so, then you are a target. “As an IT consultant, I’ve seen the damage hackers can do to businesses that are ‘too small’,” explains Tracy Hardin, founder and President of Next Century Technologies. “Most ransomware attacks go unreported and the small company attacks are not sensational enough to make the headlines. Don’t be fooled – it’s a big threat to the business owners’ livelihood when their IT assets are under attack.”

What can you do today?

There are things that you can do to make your company less of a target for ransomware: •

Backups: Do you backup all critical information? Are the backups stored offline? Have you tested your ability to revert to backups during an incident?

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): Have you implemented MFA on your email, cloud systems and remote access?

Password Management: Do you utilize a password management system so that employees can easily keep all passwords unique?



Staff Training: A big one here because employees are THE WEAKEST LINK. Have you trained staff on cybersecurity best practices? Do you have an ongoing program to keep cybersecurity top-of-mind? Phishing simulations put staff to the test. Can they pass?

Vulnerability Patching: Have you implemented appropriate patching of known system vulnerabilities? Do you do this on a regular basis?

Incident Response: Do you have an incident response plan and have you exercised it?

Business Continuity: Are you able to sustain business operations without access to certain systems? For how long? Have you tested this?

Next Century Technologies can help! They love helping people secure their IT against hackers! Next Century Technologies offers several free resources that you can take advantage of right now: For more great cybersecurity news and tips, sign up for their newsletter at Grab a free cybersecurity check-up from one of their experts! Sign up at Next Century Technologies has experts available for public speaking and training events. Call them at (859) 245-0582 or visit their website at •

About Tracy: Tracy Hardin is a long-time trusted IT advisor and partner that businesses have counted on for 20 years. She is the founder and President of Next Century Technologies, the only 100% womanowned IT firm in the central Kentucky area. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of KY. After graduating, Tracy spent over 10 years doing IT in the corporate world before striking out on her own in 2001. Last year, Tracy and her team helped transition over 200 users into work-from-home scenarios to keep them operational, productive, and secure as well as helping hundreds more through free webinars. Over the span of 20 years, Tracy has managed and supported IT for all types of businesses and industries. Clients include companies that don’t need a fulltime IT person, or don’t want the hassle of hiring an IT person. Tracy’s clients include firms with internal IT that need assistance with special projects or wish to partner with Next Century Technologies to co-manage IT with their existing staff.




Sophistication HOME OFFICE


Call (859) 277-0277 for a free Virtual or In-Home Design Consultation or visit us online at Showroom: 246 Walton Avenue (inside WillisKlein), Lexington, KY 40502 the art of organization ©2021 Closet Factory. All rights reserved.


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


For Ann Bakhaus, creating a beautiful retreat on this small island was a lifelong dream. She visited Eleuthera many times as a young girl. She fondly remembers her father tipping Dr. Seabreeze, a local musician, $20 and saying, “Please play ‘Yellow Bird’ for me, friend.” Now, three generations of her family listen to the strains of that Caribbean song. And the family is inviting guests to come experience this stunning getaway in the Bahamas.

July 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

The home in Double Bay was completed on April 20, 2020. It sits on 2.3 acres nestled between a 20-acre pond and the pristine private pink sand beach. j. stuart hurt of House flew all the way to Eluthera to serve as the interior designer, and the team was thrilled with his work. The main house has four en suite bedrooms with a separate main suite with private entrance. At 8,400 sq. ft., the spacious house has everything guests could need. That includes a chef-inspired kitchen with a custom rock wall with lots of amenities. The spacious living room boasts soaring 28-foot ceilings and a bar. It’s a multi-use space that’s perfect for families or entertaining. The many windows offer glimpses of the sunset cocktail space, large pergola, attached infinity pool and more. The detached guest casita overlooks the pool. With a large living space, eat-in kitchen, three en suite bedrooms and an additional bunk room, it’s perfect for hosting family or bridesmaids. The large covered cabana – affectionately known as “The Office” – faces the private beach and can be used for yoga, cocktails, coffee breaks, massages or a quiet sunset dinner. One thing the family is most proud of is the fact that all of the YellowBird facilities are environmentally sustainable with solar power and a rain harvesting system. The staff is comprised of locals, including a yoga instructor, a chef, tour guides, comfort specialists and more. This property is available for rent. Pricing available upon request. Learn more: July 2021 |


You can stay at YellowBird! Learn more about this stunning property at:


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

July 2021 |


From the chef...

What makes Eleuthera so special compared to other islands? Eleuthera – which means freedom – is where I would start. No other island in the Bahamas means that. But more than that, Eleuthera brings a balance to the concept of tourist destination. The island attracts a lot of tourists, but it’s not a touristy place! I think that is very special. What does YellowBird offer visitors that no other property does? Amazing views, the most knowledgeable staff, and access to the best that Eleuthera has to offer in a brand new home on a private beach. No other property offers all of those things at the same time. Also YellowBird is the definition of sustainable and local. The home has multiple environmental features and the people who built it and work there can all be traced back to Eleuthera. YellowBird invests in the island and in the people of the island to ensure that this paradise will be here to stay. In three words, how would you describe the spirit of Eleuthera? Free, natural, and magical. -Horatio Smith, Personal Chef and owner of Da Perk

For rental info, email: 140

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

h th t

f y


July 2021 |



th y 141

What I’m Loving. . T H E PERF EC T H OSTES S

BY JAYME JAC K SON Photo by Allison Kuhn Photography


ONE Embroidered Linen Hemstitched Cocktail Napkins Available at Hair of the Dog Etsy Shop

TWO Paige Gemmel Assorted Dessert Plates Set Available at Violet’s Gifts

THREE Mini Patron Bottles Available at your local liquor store

FOUR Paper Bathroom Guest Towels Available at Teggy French



Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles


Available at Macy’s

SIX Rose Noir Liquid Hand Soap & Candles


Available at Norwalk Furniture




TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

STORE HOURS: Tuesday - Friday 10AM - 6PM Saturday 10AM - 4PM Sunday & Monday - Closed

In Hamburg behind Forcht Bank 2721 Old Rosebud Road 859.264.0923 |

Think no one‘s lending?


Rebekah Welch 386 Waller Ave., Suite 110 859-223-0170

July 2021 |


· Beautiful Views of Lake Ellerslie · 3 miles from I-75 and shopping · Less than 5 miles to downtown Lexington

Reece Miller 859.948.1985 144

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

dream home BLUEPRINTS

Is there anything better than daydreaming about your perfect house? It’s just so much fun to imagine all the possibilities. Whether you’re in the market and ready to build or just living vicariously through other people’s journeys, these blueprints will undoubtedly inspire you to dream BIG!

July 2021 |



Key Specs Square Footage: 2,536 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 4.5 Floors: 2 Garages: 3

courtesy Builder House Plans | to purchase blueprints, visit | plan 892-11


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


Key Specs Square Footage: 2,742 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3.5 Floors: 1 Garages: 2

courtesy Builder House Plans | to purchase blueprints, visit | plan 430-165

July 2021 |


Key Specs Square Footage: 3,043 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3.5 Floors: 2 Garages: 2


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

country luxury

Almost every room opens to outside on the main floor of this award-winning home from Visbeen Architects. A covered patio unites the living room, dining room, and master suite, with all of them opening to this outdoor space via French doors. Inside, the kitchen’s layout is made for socializing, with a cooktop island with room to seat six guests. The serene master suite features a large window to the rear, a luxurious bath, and two walk-in closets. Other special areas include the optional guest apartment upstairs and the flexible “brew pub and bike shop” in the garage. This design earned the Grand ARDA in the Model Homes category at the 2015 American Residential Design Awards.

courtesy Builder House Plans | to purchase blueprints, visit | plan 928-13

July 2021 |



*Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change and vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications and collateral conditions. All loans subject to approval. Must meet membership eligibility requirements. INSURED BY NCUA


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


e s u o H e k a L Lovely TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Before This nearly 100-yearold home had incredible potential, but it just needed someone with the right eye to come along and help it shine. The Willow Homes team saw its beauty hiding in plain sight. photos by Chloe Olliges

“Everyone called this Herrington Lake house a ‘tear down,’ but our team saw her potential,” explains Jessica Phillips of design build firm Willow Homes. “To be honest, the existing windows were hook, line and sinker for us all!” This house has beautiful views of the lake it sits beside. The Willow Homes team knew that relocating some windows, opening up a few walls and raising the ceiling would create an open floor plan that would allow its new owners to fully enjoy the natural splendor. Because it is a lakehouse, Phillips wanted to focus on what she calls “Kentucky Coastal” style: “a laid-back vacation kind of home with great water vibes,” she elaborates. “I didn’t want this to feel like a beach house, because it isn’t that. We were able to deliver a great summer cottage, grounded in nautical roots.” It was important to the team to preserve as many of the original features as possible. It was essential to them to keep and restore the windows with transoms that they so fell in love with. The side porch still sports Herrington stickers that date back to the 1950s, and it was something they simply couldn’t imagine losing in the process. They also loved the two-story wood burning fireplace that extends from the basement up through the family room.

July 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

In every design Phillips approaches, livability is at the forefront of her design process. “As a working mom of four with a large farmhouse and lots of pets, I understand the importance of ‘efficiency’ in a home,” she explains. “Every time I design a new home or take on an existing one my number one goal is to find reason and function alongside the beauty I create.” You can see that focus play out in the swinging daybed in the foyer. “It is not only a showstopper to all who come through the front door, but it also serves as the perfect spot to read a book and take an afternoon nap. It can also double as extra sleeping for overnight guests.” They also built an adorable golf cart garage for future owners to enjoy. Phillips founded Willow Homes, and the team specializes in custom house planning, luxury construction and high-end interior designs. From the Bahama mounted, louvered shutters to the charming nautically-inspired touches, this lake house brings a ton of coastal charm to a stunning lake view in Kentucky.

Kentucky Coastal July 2021 |


Paint Exterior:

Bejamin Moore Pashmina


Bejamin Moore Rockport Gray


Bejamin Moore Swiss Coffee


Farrow & Ball Blue Gray


Farrow & Ball Pigeon


Farrow & Ball Light Blue


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

July 2021 |


Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. a look at the perfect summer wreaths 158

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

When you hear the word “wreath” you probably picture that perfect holiday decor piece you can’t wait to pop on your front door come December every year. There’s just something about a wreath with poinsettas or holiday berries to really get into the Christmas season. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can have those perfectly curated pieces all year round, especially for the summer season! Summer door wreaths are the perfect accent piece to add beautiful texture and pops of color to your curb appeal during the warm months. Maybe you enjoy the farmhouse trend and opt for a simple boxwood wreath with a burlap ribbon or you feel like making lemonade with lemons and create a wreath full of gorgeous yellows. Any way you go, a summer wreath is the perfect welcome piece to greet your guests all season long!

Photo via Wreath Inspirations Etsy Shop

Faux Plum Blossom Wreath, 24”, $99 | Pottery Barn Savory + Marjoram Wreath, $100 | West Elm

July 2021 |


Fourth of July Wreath, $45 | Dare To Gift Creations Etsy

Lemon Wreath, $120 | Crafty MK ByMichelle Etsy

Red Welcome Wreath Arrangement, $99.95 | House by JSD

Sullivans Artificial Wildflower Wreath, $50 | Target


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Photo via Winton Farms, LLC Etsy

July 2021 |


We’re back to

Scratch cooking dine at Graze at the Woodlands

111 Woodland Ave., Lexington | 859-309-2490 |

Contact a lender to get started today. July 2021 |

Member FDIC


s a m t s i r h C in July ! You don’t have to be a Hallmark fan to know about Christmas in July. Once a summer, the Hallmark Channel spends a whole month getting into the holiday spirit. This year, Hallmark hit a different level with a packed schedule of 105 Christmas love stories. Christmas in July enthusiasts can download the Hallmark Movie Checklist app to create a watchlist and even set reminders for when their favorites are going to be shown! I don’t know about you, but I think this is the perfect opportunity to make some popcorn and maybe even some cookies (okay, definitely some cookies) and kick back on the couch. by Elizabeth Abel


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Is Christmas the most romantic time of year? It gets everyone into the loving spirit and it is the perfect time to rekindle an old flame. When Jesse comes home, Averie remembers she loves a little competition and finds her groove again. We love A Christmas Duet because the music gets you in the holiday spirit, even in July.

Left with their uncle Max, Emma, Henry, and Abby were desperate to have a somewhat normal Christmas. Without their parents the holidays were especially challenging, but maybe Jessica could help. Christmas with the Darlings really emphasizes the value of family, and it shows different ways people can become family.

Margot trained for a long time as a pianist in Chateau Neuhaus to become the world famous pianist she is today. Jackson trailed there, too, but didn’t go as far. Home for the holidays, Margot could be exactly what the Chateau Christmas needs, but she’s on break. Can Jackson convince her to give it a go... with the piano, and with him?

Sometimes it can be hard to get the whole family together for the holidays. All the Mitchells want is their children home for the holidays. To do it, they enlist their sons to help recreate The Christmas House in an effort to bring everyone back together, but an awaiting adoption phone call and reconnections from the past can make it difficult.

LA TV producer Maggie falls for Danny, the son of a popular Christmas special star. Maggie plans to reunite the family during a live broadcast and learns that family and friends are what truly make the merriest Christmas. Road to Christmas is a family-and-food-focused film brings its own star power with actor Chad Michael Murray.

Erin is a classic perfectionist in desperate need of the most perfect Christmas tree for the town holiday celebration. Kevin happens to be the owner of THE tree. Erin is willing to do anything to get that tree, but he can’t be persuaded. Somewhere along the way in A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado, her determination starts to win him over...

July 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


It’s easy to say “great design doesn’t have to break the bank,” but it can be hard to know where to splurge and where to be thrifty. Here are some ways we’d improve these spaces with budget in mind.


ADD COLOR: SW 6684 Brittlebush

The Brief: This open floor plan feels a little piecemeal. Adding an accent color would help bring in some cohesiveness while small touches make it feel more current and fun!

Heron Couch Lamp ( $199)

Hearth & Hand Dotted Wave Stripe Throw Pillow ( $24.99)

Splurge: Fiddle Leaf Fig, or another tall live plant for height ( $260)

Society6 Marbled Canvas ( $99)

Black Picture Easel ( $24.95) July 2021 |

Mango Wood Wall Sconce with Shelf ( $25) 167

The Brief: This bedroom is like a bowl of oatmeal... it needs a little something extra to make it truly delicious! While our first advice would be to save up for a flooring change, we can still work around it!

Porcelain Pagoda Soy Candle 34oz ( $40) 168

i ap

:C Splu

rg e





Create drama with a focus wall or bold ceiling!


ie h a n d e l r ( w e st e l m .c o m


SW 6789 Blue Mosque

C nd

Brass Art Deco Peacock Table Lamp Base ( $59.99)

Hammered Brass Wall Sconce ( $54)

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

“Peacock Feather Nouveau” Fabric or Wallpaper (

Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw ( $39.95)

SW 6730 Romaine

The Brief: This kitchen is basically a blank slate. The pendant lights definitely need to be swapped, but everything else is ready for a simple injection of personality. Adding more traditional décor will help balance out the modern lines and make this space more timeless.

For cabinets, the island or a focus wall

Duncan Metal Shade Pendant ( $98)

Sage Metro Rug (

Brass Taper Holders (

Large Hand-tied White Drop Bouquet ( $44.95)

Cabbage Earthenware Bowl ( $51) 169


CALL OR TEXT (859) 697-0637



MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS ADVANTAGES! But, Don’t Take Our Word For It... Lexington:

Beaumont Circle 997 Governors Ln


Harrodsburg Rd 104 Springdale Dr *Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum deposit of $100 required to open account. To qualify, you must make 10 debit card purchases of $5 or more each statement cycle, receive monthly eStatements & have one direct deposit or automatic payment each statement cycle. Tiered account. If you do not meet qualifications, you do not receive interest or ATM fee refunds. Rates subject to change without notice.

Commerce Lexington’s leadership during this time of crisis has been so helpful to me as a business owner. It is my one source for correct information. CLX is a true partner to me and my business.

- Gwyn Everly, Co-Owner of J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar

Find out more about how Commerce Lexington can help you grow your business in Central Kentucky. For more information or to join, visit Commerce

July 2021 |


Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 25-30 minutes Ingredients: 4 (4-ounce) boneless, skinless chicken breasts ¼ cup light Italian dressing 3 Roma tomatoes, diced ½ yellow onion, diced 3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil 1 teaspoon dried oregano ¼ cup reduced-fat shredded mozzarella cheese ¼ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon black pepper ½ teaspoon garlic powder ½ cup Italian panko bread crumbs


Skinny Bruschetta Stuffed Chicken Preheat the oven to 375° F, and lightly coat a 13x9” baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Place the chicken breasts in between 2 pieces of plastic wrap, and using a meat mallet, pound them out to about ¼-inch thick. Place the pounded chicken breasts in a gallon-size resealable bag with the Italian dressing, and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. While the chicken is marinating, make the Bruschetta topping: In a medium mixing bowl, combine the tomatoes, onion, basil, dried oregano and cheese, then set aside. When the chicken has marinated, allow the excess Italian dressing to drip off each chicken breast back into the bag, and then lay the chicken out flat on a large cutting board. Evenly season each side with the salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Spoon the Bruschetta mixture on the short end of the chicken, then tightly roll each breast and secure with a toothpick. In a shallow baking dish, or on a large plate, spread the panko breadcrumbs out and roll each Bruschetta chicken in them to coat. Transfer the coated chicken rolls to the prepared baking dish and top each one with the remaining Bruschetta mixture, then bake for 25-30 minutes, until done.

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

NUTRITION FACTS Yield: 4 servings Nutrition Facts based on 1 chicken roll Calories: 216 Calories from fat: 43 Fat: 5g Saturated Fat: 2g Cholesterol: 69mg Sodium: 770mg Carbohydrates: 17g Fiber: 2g Sugar: 5g Protein: 28g SmartPoints: 4 is the nation’s go-to source for all things pop culture and speaks to fans that eat, sleep and play amidst today’s prevailing trends and provides an authentic, one-ofa-kind view of the contemporary landscape.

July 2021 |


Hawaiian Pork and Pineapple Kabobs Prep Time: 15 minutes + 1 hour | Cook Time: 6-8 minutes Preparation:


1 pound pork tenderloin, trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces In a large resealable bag, add the pork, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brown sugar, lime juice, sriracha, sesame oil, ½ cup less-sodium soy sauce garlic, and ginger. Seal and shake it up to combine well. 2 tablespoons rice vinegar Refrigerate for 1 hour, turning occasionally. 2 tablespoons brown sugar If using bamboo skewers, pre-soak them in water for about 20 minutes prior to using them. This will help the 1 tablespoon lime juice skewers to not burn up when exposed to the flame. 1 teaspoon sriracha hot sauce Heat an outdoor grill (or indoor grill pan) and lightly 2 tablespoons sesame oil grease the grates with a small amount of vegetable oil or nonstick cooking spray. 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon ground ginger 3 cups fresh pineapple cubes (need 20 cubes) 2 red bell peppers, cut in cubes

Thread the skewers with the marinated pork, fresh pineapple, and red pepper, alternating back and forth; discard the marinade.

3 green onions, thinly sliced

Grill for about 2-4 minutes on each side, getting grill marks, until fully cooked.

1 teaspoon sesame seeds

Garnish with the green onions and sesame seeds.

10 skewers is the nation’s go-to source for all things pop culture and speaks to fans that eat, sleep and play amidst today’s prevailing trends and provides an authentic, one-of-a-kind view of the contemporary landscape.


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

10 servings | Nutrition Facts based on 2 kabobs Calories 251 | Fat 8g | Fiber 3g | Cholesterol 59mg | Sodium 886mg | Carbohydrates 23g | Sugar 17g | Protein 22g | Smart Points: 4 July 2021 |


y s Ea

Perfectly Smooth, Sweet Southern Tea 8 tea bags 1 cup granulated sugar A pinch of baking soda 2 large lemons or peaches, sliced 2 cups water, plus more to fill pitcher 3 cups ice In a saucepan, bring sugar and 2 cups of water to a boil. Add pinch of baking soda and tea bags. Take off heat and allow to steep for 1 hour. Add ice and sliced peaches or lemons to a gallon pitcher. Pour in tea. Top off with water. Keeps for up to 1 week in the fridge.

Fragrant NoHeat Lemonade 8 large lemons 2 cups granulated sugar 8 cups water Wash lemons thoroughly with soap and water. Roll the lemons in between your palms, pressing down. Slice lemons and place into a bowl with the sugar. Mash lightly, blending the lemon and juice together. If liquid was released onto the cutting board, add it to the bowl. Store in the refrigerator for at least half an hour, allowing the lemons to macerate. Strain mixture. You are aiming for around 2 cups of the juice/sugar mixture. You may need to add the juice from more lemons. Pour the mixture into a pitcher, and mix with water. When serving, drop a slice of lemon into each glass before pouring in lemonade, or add to rim. Adapting this recipe for Meyer lemons: use 10 lemons and reduce the sugar to 1 ¾ cups.


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


s e p i c e R

Watermelon Margarita De-seed and chop watermelon into cubes. Blend and strain through a fine mesh sieve. In your mixer, blend 3 cups of watermelon juice with 1/2 cup of lime juice, 1 cup of tequila blanco and 1/2 cup of ice. Blend until smooth. Optional: freeze cubes of watermelon to use as “ice.”

July 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Come visit us at our new location. Visit our new Lexington Banking Center, located in The Fountains at Palomar at the intersection of Harrodsburg Rd and Man o’ War Blvd. Your financial future starts here. 3880 FOUNTAINBLUE LN, SUITE 120 LEXINGTON, KY 40513




Looking to cool off this summer? Stop by one of Lexington’s fantastic local restaurants or bars and grab an ice-cold drink this month. It’s the best way to beat the heat! We’ve selected some of our favorites for you to savor through the summer swelter!


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


en tch i K

OBC Kitchen Oh, Behave! : Tropical martini with house-infused cantaloupe vodka, guava juice, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, sugar and dusted with aleppo pepper $10

Drake’s Patio Punch : Vodka, strawberry pucker, tropical pineapple, lemonade, strawberries, apples $5

Malone’s Carson’s Food & Drink Watermelon Martini : Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka, fresh squeezed lime juice, watermelon purée, and simple syrup shaken over ice and strained into a chilled martini glass; garnished with a cucumber slice $10

El R an

Pixy Stix Martini : Vodka, triple sec, island blue pucker, grape pucker, sour and Sprite


apatio T o

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse Red Sky at Night : Zaya 16 Year Rum, lime juice, pink peppercorn syrup, pineapple, cranberry bitters, orange and lime slice $15

Epping’s on Eastside Poppy’s Paloma a Fuego : House-infused grapefruit tequila, agave jalapeno syrup, Campari, fresh lime juice, spicy habanero & Tajin rim $13

Graze at the Woodlands GLI : Tito’s vodka, Sauvignon blanc or Moscato, fresh muddled strawberry, strawberry lemonade topped with Canteen strawberry seltzer $14

J. Re nd er ’

House Margarita : In classic, mango, peach, strawberry, blue Hawaiian, red raspberry and watermelon, in addition to specialty margaritas!


ern Table & uth o B sS

El Rancho Tapatio

J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar Caught Looking : Tequila, lime juice, sweet & sour, butterfly pea flower tea $11.95

Tony’s of Lexington Ranada’s Kitchen Lemon Lavender Martini : Grey Goose, fresh lemon juice, lavender syrup, fresh lavender flowers $10

teakhouse S s ’ by



Killer Colada : Sugar Island coconut rum, Myer’s dark rum, Lunazul blanco tequila, cream of coconut, orange juice and pineapple juice $12

Honeywood Jelly : Broken Shed organic vodka, Hotel Tango limoncello, local strawberry, mint $9

July 2021 |


VS-2199 TOPS HP July 2021 8.06 x 4.68.pdf



2:17 PM

We’ve Got Something for Everyone at


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

It’s safe to say we’re all itching for that weekend getaway in the sun. Things are finally opened up and getting back to normal, lucky for us, right in time for summer! As you start packing for that much needed trip away, be sure you’ve included these vacay staples to ensure you’re styled and ready for the heat!

July 2021 |


S ha d y C ha r a c te r Pa c k a b l e Wi d e Brim Hat, $68 | Fr e e Pe o p l e

UP TOP What’s a vacation without the perfect sun hat? It’s important to not only be styled to perfection, but to keep your face out of the direct sun; especially on those long beach days!

Her r ingbo ne St r a w Fedo r a , $59.50 | Ba na na R epublic

M a i s i e S tr a w V i s o r, $ 2 4 | Ur b a n O u t f i tt e r s

S t r a w Fr i n g e B e ach H a t , $ 3 9 . 9 9 | B a n a n a R epublic


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Da il y S h irt in Tex t ura l S t rip e, $ 7 8 | Ma dewel l

Ro ll Ta b Sleev e Twis t Cr o p To p & Pa l a z z o Pa nt s Set , $2 3 | SH EIN

Ma rva Emb ro i d e r e d Bel t ed Ma x i Ca f t a n b y A l ice + Ol ivia , $ 8 9 5 | S a ks Fif t h A v e n u e

T he Pe r fe ct Pal az z o Pant, $8 0 | Summe r salt

Whether it’s a pair of palazzo pants , a patterned caftan or a beachy button-up blouse, the key to the perfect getaway suitcase is bringing pieces that are breezy and comfortable.

FEELIN’ BREEZY July 2021 |


JUST FOR KICKS A vacation is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your shoes, but to also keep comfort in mind. You’ll want something that’s cute but will also support those kickers during all of that walking and sight-seeing!

C h a mbr a y Ank le-wr a p E s p a dr ille Wedges , $ 4 9 | J .Cr ew Fa ct o r y

Gemma Slides, $50 | Tk e e s

Poe tic Justice Sand al in nud e , $38 | Calypso Boutique

UO M i m i S u e d e E s pa dr ille S a n d a l , $ 4 9 | Ur b an Out fit t er s


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Ev e ryw he r e Be lt Bag, $38 | Lulule m on

T h e 2 6” Ch eck-In R o ller Suit ca s e, $2 58 | BEIS

L o cket S tr a w L a rg e F l a p S h oul d e r B a g , $ 37 8 | K a t e S p a de

Straw Tote Bag, $32 | Gap

A perfectly styled getaway starts with the luggage. Pack in style and bring accessories that are helpful and stylish. You can’t go wrong with a crossbody purse while you’re on vacation!

PA C K IT UP July 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

July 2021 |



Summer is here and everyone is itching to hit the road and travel to our favorite weekend getaway destinations. Whether that’s a trip to downtown Nashville, near the water in Charleston or down by the smokies in Gatlinburg, there are so many fun-filled locations just a short road trip away!


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

July 2021 |


Nashville A trip to Nashville never has a dull moment and with it being only a short three hour drive, it’s the perfect weekend getaway for some good food and music. Book a stay at the Graduate Hotel to experience Nashville the right way... the Dolly way. Sleep in a Dolly-fied suite and then make your way up to the roof for a cocktail at the White Limozeen bar! Once it’s time to head out on the town, you must stop by Alan Jackson’s bar, AJ’s Good Time Bar for some drinks and, of course, a good time! You might even get lucky and catch AJ himself there! In addition to good food and good music, one of the must-do things in Nashville is heading to Fifth and Broadway for entertainment for everyone!


must stay

must eat

Graduate Hotel Nashville


must drink

must do

AJ’s Good Time Bar

Fifth & Broadway

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

must stay

must eat

Aloft Newport on the Levee

Pepp & Dolores

must drink

must do

Igby’s Bar

Buried Secrets Ghost Tour

City lights, history and so much to see. Cincinnati is the perfect weekend getaway with being just an hour and half drive from Lexington! Experience all this city has to offer by booking a stay at Aloft Newport on the Levee that has beautiful views and attractions within watlking distance. You must stop and eat at Pepp & Dolores for a chic Italian cuisine experience and locals say Igby’s Bar is the go-to spot for the perfect cocktail! Looking for something else to fill your time? Take a walk on the scary side with the Buried Secrets Ghost Tour and learn all about some spooky Cincinnati history!

Cin cinnati July 2021 |



Talk about a stunning getaway destination! The colors, the nature, the architecture... there’s beauty everywhere you turn in Savannah, Georgia! This gorgeous destination is about a nine hour drive, so for those who love a good road trip.. this one is for you! It’s far enough to feel like your truly getting away, but still close enough to make it a long weekend escape! Experience the historic homes by booking a stay at The Kehoe House and reserving dinner at The Olde Pink House. This adorable restaruant was originally built in 1770 and is known for it’s eye-catching pink exterior. It started out as a red brick building with white plaster that caused the original owner frustration in order to try and keep it white. Later in 1920, a woman bought the mansion to open a tea room and stopped fighting the red brick and decided to paint the entire building pink, which we all can see today. Looking for a more eclectic experience? Then you must stop by the Electric Moon Skytop Lounge for a cocktail and amazing panoramic views! Plus, you can’t miss out on shopping and sight-seeing down on Waterfront River Street. There’s something there for everyone!


must stay

must eat

The Kehoe House

The Olde Pink House

must drink

must do

Electric Moon Skytop Lounge

Waterfront River Street

TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

must stay

must eat

Two Meeting Street Inn

The Ordinary

must drink

must do

Little Palm

Middleton Place

Charleston Similar to a trip to Savannah, Charleston, SC is about an eight hour drive from Lexington making it a great long weekend getaway destination! Take in all of the gorgeous, coastal surroundings by staying at the adorable Two Meeting Street Inn and then make your way to Little Palm for a cocktail in the sun. Their retro-inspired patio is the perfect vibe! The one thing to make sure is on your Charleston bucket list, is to go see the pineapple fountain! You can find pineapple motifs all throughout the city, which represent hospitality. The fountain has become a must-see attraction since its’ opening in 1990 following Hurricane Hugo. No matter where you wander, you’re sure to see and experience beauty all throughout the city!

July 2021 |


Gatlinburg For those not seeking the big city lights or palm trees, Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the perfect weekend getaway to truly escape and relax. Plus, it’s only a short four hour drive from Lexington! Book a stay at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek for that perfect cabin experience and beautiful panoramic views of the Smokies. Everyone knows that when you travel to Gatlinburg, you’ve got to eat a good breakfast. Look no further than The Pancake Pantry with it’s adorable cottage architecture and homey atmosphere. Looking for something to do? Then Anakeesta is your must-visit attraction! It has something for the whole family and views that you’ll never forget!


must stay

must eat

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

The Pancake Pantry

must drink

must do

Tom & Earls


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

must stay

must eat

The Omni Grove Park Inn

Chestnut Restaurant

must drink

must do

Pillar Rooftop Bar

Biltmore Estate

With only a short four hour drive, Asheville, North Carolina is the perfect weekend getaway. This beautiful city has something for everyone with unique mix of hipster coffee shops, award-winning restaurants, outdoor activities, and more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the US! Book a stay at The Omni Grove Park Inn to experience beautiful views and top notch hospitality. For good eats and drinks you must stop by The Chestnut and Pillar Rooftop Bar. You wont’ be disappointed with either. Plus, the most-visited attraction and what draws in tourists is the Biltmore Estate. It’s a must-see for yourself!

Asheville July 2021 |



Escape toke the La


CASA DI MARIA AL LAGO “Maria’s House at the Lake”

Settled at the waters edge, Celli (Chelle) Mowery has redeveloped two stunning lake properties perfect for those seeking to get away from the stress of everyday living! “The summer of 2019 led us to Wood Creek Lake while seeking the perfect retreat where you could relax, rejuvenate your mind & most importantly, walk onto your dock, sit on the edge and dip your toes in the water,” Celli says. Just a few short months into the renovation, Celli’s mother Maria, a champion of the project, was diagnosed with bladder cancer and passed away in December 2019. “Our team is amazing. With the help of Joe Martin (JM Construction) we were able to renovate what was a mess of a property and save it so my mother can shine from the heavens watching the kids swim, play and enjoy the beauty of this area.” “I’ve watched some great family memories in the making. From a birthday celebration of our Queen of Clean Team Lead (Xochitl Cordero) where her children & their cousins jumped hand in hand in the water from Wood Creek’s amazing swimming holes, to groups of young cousins playing while their mothers and grandmother prepare a family meal in our expansive kitchen. Knowing these kids are catching fireflies, making s’mores and enjoying the outdoors is exactly what my mother would have wanted.”


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


“Grandparents House” Just after opening Casa di Maria, Celli had an opportunity to purchase a second property, also along the lake. This property had been empty for years and it was dilapidated. The agent had told her that the owner (who also was Italian) had attempted to do some renovations in hopes that his grandchildren would come to visit. “During the escrow period I discovered he passed away on the same day as my Mother; I knew then that the house must be called Casa dei Nonni (Grandparents house) for him, and all grandparents who seek that special bond with their grandchildren. A luxury treetop paradise, all on one level, we hope that families and friends will enjoy memory making along the waters of Wood Creek.”

“We’ve been so blessed to have the welcoming of London & its tourism division,” Celli says. Kelly Burton, Executive Director is an amazing resource in providing our guests with so many wonderful recommendations around London. What a welcoming committee to help our families feel right at home along our very special lake” Those who book from their favorite vacation rental site (VRBO, Airbnb, Evolve, etc) should mention “TOPS” in their booking memo to receive a special welcome gift at the lake.

Please visit -

July 2021 |


Editor’s Pick : ! d r o W e th is e c e e r G

Aahhh… Greece! Yes, the proverbial “bucket list” vacation for so many. I recently made this trip a reality after years of planning, saving, and preparation.

Fran Elsen, Editor-in-Chief of TOPS

The perfect girls’ trip with my daughter and sister was met with much anticipation and excitement. I feel fortunate that I was able to witness such amazing beauty while spending time in a culture known for its laid-back atmosphere, rich history, and ultimate culinary dining experience. We began planning the trip back in late 2018, and the original date was set for June 2020 until Covid hit. We moved everything to this year and I have to say, it was absolutely worth the wait! May and June are the ideal travel times to this glorious country, as the daytime temps are in the low 80s and nights are just cool enough for a very light jacket – if anything at all. It’s also the least crowded, since many Europeans vacation in July and August, making booking excursions and dinner reservations a bit challenging. We knew we wanted to spend the majority of our time on Santorini and experience the lovely white hillside buildings overlooking the dark blue Aegean Sea. There are many villas available for rent, and lots of them have private balconies and pools, like ours did. Book early, as there is a limited number and they fill up quickly. If you want the perfect picturesque views of Greece that you see in all of the photographs, stay in Oia (pronounced Ee-yah). Restaurants and shopping are all within walking distance, and there’s no shortage of either. Oia is considered to be the more “upscale” of the cities in Santorini, and it’s easy to take a short excursion or day trip if you want to visit another nearby city on the island. Once you fly into Athens, you’ll need to arrange to get to Santorini, which you can do by ferry or plane. We opted for the 7-hour ferry for the trip there, so that we could relax and enjoy seeing the other islands along the way. While 7 hours sounds like a long time, it’s truly enjoyable if you book the Business Class option, which will put you on the top floor with lovely comfortable seating and full bar/food service. The price is roughly the same for the flight or the ferry, about €100 (approximately $120 USD). Your luggage stays with you the entire time. Everyone should do this at least once, and then take the quick 35-minute flight on the return trip to Athens. Once on Santorini, we were met by a driver sent by our villa team almost immediately. The 30-minute drive up to the top was easy. When we arrived at our villa, our luggage was quickly whisked away by the staff at Marizan Caves and Villas. We were led to reception, where we got the “lay of the land” and asked to select our 5-course breakfast choice and time of delivery for the next morning. We did this every day, and the food was amazing and delivered with a smile on our balcony overlooking the sea. Be prepared to do A LOT of walking and stair-climbing. Santorini is largely hillside, and walking is the main way to get around. Besides, it’s great exercise, and you’ll be in awe at the beauty everywhere... so you won’t even think about it! Must-Do’s While staying in Santorini: • Book a day or evening boat excursion. Enjoy the day on a semi-private giant catamaran while visiting the Hot Springs, Red Sand Beach, and island volcanos. The


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Good to Know!

Travel Tip! Wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be doing LOTS of walking and stair-climbing, so this is a must! Greek “Must-Know” Words: Yamas! (Cheers) and Efharisto (Thank You!) Must-Do Restaurant in Oia: Sunset Restaurant at Amoudi Bay. Enjoy stunning views of the hillside while dining directly by the water. Watch the boats and ships come in with twinkling lights and savor the culinary delights of fresh-caught seafood. This is a 20-minute walk all the way down to the bottom of the city. Your villa hosts can make reservations for you.

crew is there to provide drinks and a full gourmet lunch or dinner while you take in all the glory of the Aegean Sea and sites. Towels are also provided and swimming is encouraged (although the Hot Spring is not really “hot”). The cost for this is only €100 – totally worth it! • Get your Euro change together and hop on a bus to Fira, a short 30-minute ride to a nearby city that has its own sites, shopping, and dining. While there, make the climb to see the infamous “Three Bells of Fira” for breathtaking views and photo ops. €1.60 each way is a deal, and you can always find someone who speaks English to point you in the right direction. We had a fantastic lunch at the top of an old castle overlooking the entire city and sea. Lots of small, local shops offer a plethora of handmade goods. Also, Fira is the closest city to Oia where you can make an exchange for more euros if you run out during your trip. • Once in Fira, take the next short bus ride to the city of Pyrgos, and visit Santo Winery for wine tasting and lunch. Take a little extra time to explore this charming little area and visit nearby local shops. Also, you’ll still have gorgeous water views of the Agean Sea everywhere you turn! • Take advantage of the tantalizing tastes of Greece at every restaurant and enjoy freshly made salads, breads, and dips, including feta cheese, tomatoes, olives, Tzaziki and fava beans. As an added bonus, Greek wines don’t contain sulfites like most American wines, so you’ll never have a headache or feel sluggish the next day after imbibing! • Shopping in Oia. Don’t miss an opportunity to walk the beautiful shopping area on top of Oia where you’ll find lots of local stores and quaint boutiques full of handmade goods from Greece. This is also where all of the restaurants and bars are located. Again, amazing views of the hillside and sea abound! • Athens! You can’t go to Greece without visiting the Colosseum and the Parthenon. This is your opportunity to visit all things “ancient” Greece dating back to 3,000 BC. A €30 ticket will get you into all of the entry points to see these amazing artifacts. There’s also a museum you can visit for an additional €10. There’s lots of excellent restaurants in Athens also, and many have rooftop views of the Parthenon at sunset. Where to Stay Recommendation: There are lots of luxury villas once in Oia where you can enjoy your stay. We chose Marizan Caves and Villas, where we had our own private infinity pool overlooking the Aegean Sea. The staff is available 24/7 and always offering to help with anything you might need. We were also served a 5-course breakfast of our choice each morning which was delightful! The villas and suites in Oia can be a bit pricey, but honestly, well worth every euro!

July 2021 |


The Grove

The heart of downtown Lexington has been home to Harvey’s Bar for 15 years. In the midst of the pandemic, Harvey’s closed temporarily, but reopened the doors with a new vision. The Grove now blends experiences from Harvey’s Bar and other local businesses such as Fable Charcuterie and Wine, Luna’s Vintage Food Truck, The Melodeon event space, and the outdoor beer garden. With a new name and alluring ambiance, The Grove is certain to become the new spot for drinks after work or for a fun date night. The Grove has an ambiance that is hard to beat. The décor offers comfortable seating and a mural which makes for quite the view. Wylie Caudill created an eye-catching mural which is inspired by Irish folklore and Aesop’s Fables. It has a whimsical and outdoorsy feel that hints at what’s inside. If the atmosphere isn’t enough to lure you in, the selection of drinks may do the trick. There’s something for everyone with the wide range of signature cocktails, curated wines, and local brews on tap. To pair with one of the many drinks, they also offer savory foods in perfect portions. Fable offers takeout and delivery for their wine and charcuterie boards. After a long day, you want a place to relax and hang out with friends and unwind. Next time you are planning happy hour or an event, try The Grove. You’ll keep coming back. Located on the corner of Main and Upper Street, it is in the heart of the city. We all know how important it is to support local businesses, and the Grove gives you the opportunity to support more than one. By Stephanie Long


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Fantastic Football... ! y n by Larry Vaught

photos courtesy of UK Athletics


TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

Sometimes coaches might want to downplay how good they think a team could be. Vince Marrow is not that way. Instead, the Kentucky associate head coach/ recruiting coordinator is hyping the expectations for the 2021 Kentucky football team. “We have been to five straight bowls and won the last three,” said Marrow. “We are at the point in the program now where it is time to go to Atlanta [to play in the SEC championship game]. We should now be able to get Georgia [to win the SEC Eastern Division]. In 2018 we were in position, but were not ready for that moment. The way our roster is now, we are ready for that moment. I really do believe Kentucky football is at the point where there ain’t no jokes anymore. The days of jokes about Kentucky football are over.” Kentucky has a lot of key returning pieces this year: — Running back Chris Rodriguez ran for a team-high 785 yards and 11 touchdowns last season. He scored on runs of 79 and 74 yards and ran for 480 yards and seven scores in UK’s last four games. No other SEC player with 50 or more rushing attempts averaged more than his 6.6 yards per attempts. — Offensive tackle Darian Kinnard earned AllAmerican honors last season and was graded as the nation’s best run-blocking tackle by Pro Football Focus. Luke Fortner also opted to take an extra year to give UK another stabilizing veteran. — Safety Yusuf Corner had 74 tackles in 2019 and came back with 77 last season. He also picked off two passes and had 2.5 tackles for loss and should be one of the SEC’s better defensive backs and playmakers this season. — Josh Paschal is the inspirational leader of the defense. He had 32 tackles in 11 games, including 6.5 tackles for loss, last year and had his first career interception that he returned 76 yards. The defensive

lineman missed most of the 2018 season due to skin cancer but is the player others follow because of his courage and tenacity. The biggest “if” is at quarterback, where new offensive coordinator Liam Coen has three options: former Auburn transfer Joey Gatewood, redshirt freshman Beau Allen or recent Penn State transfer Will Levis. Gatewood and Allen both went through spring practice with Coen while Levis arrived on campus in June. Kentucky had the SEC’s least-efficient passing game last season. UK has not averaged seven yards per pass the last two seasons, and Coen knows that must improve. Levis threw for 644 yards and three touchdowns last season and ran for 473 yards and six scores. He has more playing experience than Allen or Gatewood but less time in the offense. Coen’s offense will be more a pro-style attack, and the quarterback will have two proven targets in Josh Ali — 54 catches for 473 yards and one score last year at UK — and transfer Wan’Dale Robinson — 91 catches for 914 yards and three scores and 134 rushes for 580 yards and four touchdowns in 18 games at Nebraska. “We’ve got some big losses to the draft on both sides of the ball,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said. “But we have a lot of players that have just been waiting for a chance to show what they can do and a lot of players who have already proven what they can do.” The one game that might define UK’s season could be the SEC opener on September 11th against visiting Missouri. Kentucky’s five-game win streak against the Tigers snapped in a 20-10 loss last season. To contend for the SEC East as Marrow believes UK will, this is a must-win.

“I really do believe Kentucky football is at the point where there ain’t no jokes anymore. The days of jokes about Kentucky football are over.” - Vince Marrow

July 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | July 2021





The Silvestri Real Estate team has sold over 8000 Apartment units. If you are considering selling your multifamily investment property, please contact us for a confidential opinion of value.

Investors: Sign up for the newest listings and opportunities on our website: We welcome your call 859-263-2300


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TOPS in Lexington | July 2021

The Lexington VA Health Care System supports women Veterans with programs designed with their needs in mind. VA provides training to equip VA providers and nurses to better support women Veterans’ long-term health and well-being. Unique needs and exposures that impact women, such as the burdens of deployment, physical demands of heavy gear, combat exposure, military sexual trauma, breast and cervical cancer are all apart of training. Programs, like Nutrition, Whole Health, and Maternity Care are provided to women under 50 with their needs in mind, while specific clinics, like the Women’s Health Clinic serve and coordinate the care of women of any age on any gender-specific issue. The Women’s Health Clinic also treats all women who served -- straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender -- and the LGBTQ+ program offers support and services to this specific community. The Lexington VA Health Care System also offer services for women who have experienced trauma through our Military Sexual Trauma (MST) program, and our Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) program, Suicide Prevention program and Mental Health Service. The VA Maternity Care Program helps support pregnant Veterans from the first positive pregnancy test through delivery and followup appointments. Prenatal educations, exams, tests, ultrasounds, and genetic tests are all covered. Other benefits pregnant Veterans receive include: nursing bras, breast pumps, and lactation consulting. Infants are also covered for 14 days following their birth. The VA also provides infertility evaluation, management and treatment services to Veterans who are enrolled and are eligible for VA health care. Infertility services include infertility assessment and counseling, hormonal therapies, surgical correction, fertility medications and genetic counseling. Lexington VA patient and Army Veteran, Laura Sallee, is a Lexington VA success stories. Ms. Sallee and her husband, Korey Sallee, heard about the VA IVF program when it was first offered, and through care in the community program, she was able to stay with her OB/ GYN. The same doctor provided her IVF care, prenatal care and delivered her daughter.

Lexington VA: Proudly serving military women Veterans

Laura, her husband and their 17-month old daughter, Ayn, are currently waiting for the arrival of their son / brother, Milton, due in October. “We are very grateful for the VA to offer such a program for couples that are looking to have a child or expand their current familial situation,” Laura said. “Male or female Veterans having reproduction concerns: reach out to your VA primary care physician about this program!” The Lexington VA Health Care System serves all who served in the military and has a program or clinic to meet your specific health care needs. To discuss further or to find out how to enroll, call Jimalee Ross, Women Veterans Program coordinator, at 859-2813888 or email at


Events KET SUMMER CELEBRATION Donamire Farm | June 12 Photos by Woody Phillips







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July 2021 |




Events KET SUMMER CELEBRATION Donamire Farm | June 12 Photos by Woody Phillips







TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


Events ALBERT COUTURE FASHION GALA The Kentucky Castle | June 4 Photos by Woody Phillips







TOPS in Lexington | July 2021



Events GREENBRIER WHITE PARTY Greenbrier Golf & Country Club | June 12 Photos by Danny Pendleton







TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


Events HEART BALL WATCH PARTY The Home of Jack & Carol Russell | June 10 Photos by Woody Phillips







TOPS in Lexington | July 2021




July 2021 |



Events EDUCATION BUILDS HOPE LUNCHEON Keeneland Entertainment Center | May 27 Photos by Woody Phillips






TOPS in Lexington | July 2021


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July 2021 |


Make Every Night A Special Occasion Enjoy The Jeff Ruby Experience!

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