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WHAT TO DO FEBRUARY 2021 • vol. 15 no. 2

For Love and Money! Local Finance Pros, Dream Weddings plus Singles in the City

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Hello again Dear Reader, It’s so good to see you again. And just like that, it’s February already! Valentine’s Day is right up on us. Officially, this is the “Publishers Letter,” but let’s just call it a “Love Letter to You.” Our theme is For Love and Money – two topics sure to ignite a lively conversation between many couples! About your money: There’s a new administration, which always comes with uncertainty about taxes, inflation, the stock market, 401ks, spending, and a host of economic factors that make our heads spin. What is certain is that seeking advice from a finance professional may be one of the most important decisions you will make this year. TOPS is pleased to introduce you to accomplished local financial experts that can give you peace of mind, as well as develop a plan to achieve your goals. TOPS will help you get on track and stay on track. About your love life: Are you clicking on all cylinders? Or do you need a tune-up? We will get you in the fast lane in no time at all. Check out a preview of our TOPS Singles in The City event, plus the Five Love Languages, What You Need to Know About Dating Right Now, the Wow Weddings Special Section, TOP Honeymoon Destinations, Shades of Red Lingerie, and more. Don’t miss our Love Outlook for the Year horoscopes so you can know what’s in store for you! Our Inspirations are incredible reads this month. Learn what Director Ja’Mahl McDaniel and UK’s Martin Luther King Center are doing to keep Black History Month alive all year long. Meet Nettie Cohen of The Changing Room Boutique and UK’s Comeback Player, Kenneth Horsey. February is also Heart Month. We are proud to bring you a special feature on the Lexington Chapter of the American Heart Association, and special spotlight feature on my good friend Joey Maggard. Learn how you can save your own life, and those close to you. Thank you for being a loyal reader, and as always, please support the local businesses you see in this magazine. They need your support now more than ever, and they are what makes TOPS magazine possible. Let them know you appreciate them!

r e b r a Y Keith Until next month,

Editor’s Picks Hello Friends! We all love a thoughtful Valentine gift from that special someone. I hope this month’s picks will spark your creativity and inspire you to shop for the perfect gift. Be it small or large, yummy or beautiful, remember it’s always the thought that counts. Enjoy!

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February 2021 |

For Mom: This Just Speaks to Me: Words to Live by Every Day by Hoda Kotb with Jane Lorenzini



MONEY! This month is our For Love and Money issue and what better way to showcase our love and passion for digital marketing than to outline key statistics and facts that highlight the Return on Investment (ROI) you receive when your company invests in digital marketing. Companies generate an average of $2 in earnings for every $1 they spend on Google Ads If you’ve been hesitant to embrace Google Ads because you’re not certain of its potential, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s pretty rewarding. For every $1 that your business spends on Google Ads, you’re guaranteed of doubling your investment. 72% of marketers improve their engagement through content marketing This proves that an effective way to increase traffic to your website and get a higher ROI from your online activities is to prioritize your content marketing efforts.

Seamlessness plays a vital role in customer engagement 60% of customers expect brands to provide consistent and precise information across online platforms- be it their website, third-party sites or social media platforms. Let us Show you the Money... Regardless of how big or small your business is, the secret to improving your ROI is to keep abreast of the latest digital marketing trends. Brands that focus on just one strategy year after year experience very slow progress. To avoid this, dedicate some time each month to review the latest trends and statistics relating to digital marketing.

For every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses get an ROI of $30 According to Smart Insights, email marketing has one of the highest ROIs, yielding $30 in revenue for every $1 spent. By comparison, the ROI for SEO is $22 and $10 for mobile marketing.

At TOPS Digital Solutions, our team conducts monthly Strategy meetings with every client to review campaign performance, new strategies and content to keep our marketing efforts fresh, current and delivering the best ROI possible for our partners.

Mobile marketing dominates the digital landscape One-third of Internet users access it via smartphones and other mobile devices. This reveals that companies should make their channels as mobile-friendly and responsive as possible.

To learn more or schedule a free digital consultation, reach out to us at and let us show you the money. BY CHAD HOWARD


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

February 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

Ja'Mahl McDaniel

FROM AWARENESS TO ACTION, EDUCATION TO EQUITY UK’s Martin Luther King Center and a new documentary film each promote deeper understanding of and action toward racial equity and social justice.



February 2021 |

Since 1976, February had been dedicated as Black History Month to celebrate the role of Black Americans in our history and bring long overdue recognition to their achievements, with this year’s theme being, “Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.” The University of Kentucky’s Martin Luther King Center fosters education, equity, and empowerment yearround.


“MY MISSION IS TO TRULY ADVOCATE FOR THE STUDENTS AND COMMUNITY I SERVE AND TO PUSH FOR MORE EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS ACROSS BACKGROUNDS.” Heading up the center is Director Ja’Mahl McDaniel, who says, “My mission is to truly advocate for the students and community I serve and to push for more equitable opportunities for students across backgrounds. I am blessed by the opportunity to work with an amazingly diverse group of students and staff who truly support the mission and guide a collaborative vision for change.” McDaniel, a Louisville native, received his bachelor’s degree in community & leadership development from the University of Kentucky in 2015 and went on to a masters in higher education student affairs from Ohio State University. After serving as program coordinator for the Intercultural Center at Wake Forest University, he returned to UK as the associate director for the Martin Luther King Center. In September 2020, he took his place at the helm as director. He adds, “I know I am the director but really my team and colleagues help make everything happen.” According to their website, the Martin Luther King Center’s mission is “to empower University of Kentucky students from ALL communities to improve their college experience by increasing access to academic, civic leadership, and cultural exchange opportunities.” The center facilitates a multitude of campus and community programs, as well as annual retreats, summits, symposiums, and conferences, with the goal of being “the state’s leading learning laboratory on multiculturalism, social justice, and pluralistic behavior.” McDaniel sees one of the center’s primary functions as promoting open communication around the subject of racial equity. He states, “Based on the current climate of our country, I believe our most important service is to provide authentic opportunities for community dialogues and discuss ways to better understand our differences and ways to navigate through them together. I also think we must become more comfortable talking about race, racism, and class.”

A RECENTLY RELEASED DOCUMENTARY FILM BY LOCAL FILMMAKER JOAN BRANNON SPOTLIGHTS THE ISSUES AND SERVES AS A PERFECT CATALYST FOR THESE CONVERSATIONS. In the wake of COVID-19 concerns about holding the traditional commemorative program in Heritage Hall, Lexington’s MLK Holiday Committee co-chairs approached Brannon about


producing a documentary film as an alternative. The result was Fire and Heart: A Blueprint for Liberation, which premiered on YouTube on January 18, following Lexington’s downtown Freedom March. Brannon says, “I care deeply about the freedom and liberation of Black people in this country. So I proposed this concept to respond to the urgency of the times we are living in. And to extend the voices of the people doing powerful work in Kentucky” Brannon goes on to explain, “The documentary speaks to racial justice and healing discourse for Black people in Kentucky. It includes clips from past MLK Holiday celebrations and reminds viewers of the radical thought of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The film features the stories of activists in Kentucky who have been recently involved in direct action, protest, and creating change through legislation.” In addition to being a filmmaker, Brannon is a percussionist and teaching artist with a focus on healing and social change. One of her favorite aspects of filmmaking is its collaborative nature. For this project, Brannon deliberately gathered a multigenerational team to ensure varied viewpoints were reflected in the production. Among the dedicated crew were Director of Photography Brelin Tilford, Production Coordinators Meredith Crutcher and Christie Welch, and MLK Committee Co-Chair LeTonia Jones. Brannon’s deepest aspiration for the film’s future is that it will lead to both action and healing. She states, “I hope viewers will come to this film with their hearts and minds open. I hope they will see the courage and compassion that drives activists to take a stand. I hope by the closing credits, anyone who has witnessed this film will be thinking about how they can contribute to making this country a better place for us all.” If you are inspired toward action, Ja’Mahl McDaniel offers this as a starting point: “Believe people when they tell you about their experiences with racism. We are still in a moment of time where people refuse to acknowledge the realities of racism and how it continues to impact many of our systems. We cannot move towards any equity if folks cannot acknowledge the ways racism has established an unequitable system in the first place.” He adds, “Becoming more active in social justice is going to involve being uncomfortable, learning things about yourself and close others that you may not like, and being committed to action. I also believe there are multiple forms of activism and you have to be able to identify which ones work best for you.” •

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021




February 2021 |


Nettie Cohen


TOPS in Lexington | January 2021


Nettie Cohen is the founder of The Changing Room Boutique, an online shopping experience that is unlike any other because of the foundation it is built upon. Nettie knew from a young age how empowering the right clothes could be. She was raised by her grandparents in North Carolina. She says, “Most of our clothes were from yard sales. My grandmother worked at a crab factory and my granddaddy was a fisherman. They worked hard for what we had.” With her family’s encouragement, she pursued her undergraduate degree in the criminal justice field and went on to earn her Master’s degree from Liberty University. During that time, she also became pregnant with her son. She was a single mother for most of his childhood. When he was 10, he contracted Meningococcal Meningitis and was hospitalized for months. Nettie says, “With the help of Ronald McDonald House Charities, our basic needs were met daily.” This experience later shaped the Changing Room Boutique’s mission to give back to nonprofits who help children and youth. After overcoming that medical challenge, a woman she called Momma Dot took Nettie and her son in to help them get back on their feet. “She taught me how to be a lady. She taught us how to pray. To this day, I still hear her voice.” While living with

Momma Dot, Nettie met her husband and moved to Kentucky. Here she opened her own private investigation business and began contracting capital murder cases for the Department of Advocacy. Until the spring of 2020, business was flourishing. When the world shut down due to COVID, cases for Cohen Investigations slowed to a halt. With an empty office suite and extra time on her hands, it was time to bring her dream business to life. She opened the Changing Room Boutique last June. Since announcing the opening of her boutique, she has had orders every single day. Most of her initial support came from people in her hometown in North Carolina. Now that the buzz has grown, she’s filling local orders for strangers and even shipping across the country. Nettie calls her shoppers “Changers” and says they take their confidence and spread joy to others, uplifting women of all shapes and sizes (they offer styles in size 3 - 6x). Though not originally from Lexington, Nettie calls this her “Blessed Place,” since she found a faith community and friendship, and started two successful businesses here.


February 2021 |



Kenneth Horsey bbn’s comeback player

by Larry Vaught

Kenneth Horsey knew way too much about mental and emotional pain before Kentucky even had to deal with a COVID-19 stress-filled football season. The sophomore offensive guard from Florida had open-heart surgery in the spring of 2018 before he even graduated from high school. At age 18, he didn’t know if he would be able to head to Kentucky to play football, where he had signed a full scholarship just a few months earlier. He worried if he would ever play football again — some doctors told him that he would not — but his surgeon assured him he could and would play football again. He redshirted at UK during the 2018 season as his health was closely monitored. He played in four games in 2019 but then became a starter at left guard this year. He helped UK rank among the SEC team rushing leaders again. Since his 2018 surgery, he has lost about 50 pounds from his rehabilitation to continued work/training at Kentucky. He broke his left hand before this season started, but the surgery during preseason camp did not slow him down. His inspirational story made him one of the three 2020 Mayo Clinic Comeback Player of the Year Award winners. The announcement was made at the Fiesta Bowl, but Horsey was not there; he was helping UK beat North Carolina State in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl the same day. “This award meant a lot to me because at times during my recovery, it felt like not only was it taking a huge toll physically but also a big toll mentally and emotionally,” Horsey said. “There was a time I had to sit back and pray to come to terms with the fact that God was using me for something. I just didn’t know then what it was. To receive this award feels good because it’s like I am … really, I don’t even know how to explain it. That what I went through can motivate and inspire others is a blessing. “I know that God didn’t put me in the position and give me this platform just for football. I am more than an athlete. But to know this award can help me reach out and inspire people across the nation is an amazing feeling that I don’t take lightly.”


He has volunteered with the American Heart Association and spoken at Heart Walk. He wants to do anything he can to help inspire others the same way former UK offensive line coach John Schlarman did before his death in November from cancer. “I think of Coach Schlarman all the time. It didn’t take getting this award for me to think of him. Getting the award did make me feel good for him because — and I told him this before he passed — that if anybody could come back strong from what he was going through, it would be him and that inspired me. He was always motivation for me. No matter what I was feeling, I knew what he was going through and his positive energy and motivation always made me feel good. “Sometimes I press my [surgery] scar just to remind myself of the things I went through and to remind me to be grateful for everything I have and be blessed with the opportunity that I’ve been given,” Horsey said. Horsey has big goals for himself — more leadership, earning allSEC honors — as well as his team in the 2021 season. Kentucky got a big boost when All-American tackle Darian Kinnard decided to return to UK rather than goal to the NFL. More good news came when guard Luke Fortner and tight end Justin Rigg both opted to take the extra year of eligibility to play another season. Same with 2020 leading receiver Josh Ali. “Any time you keep that continuity in the line, that is always good for chemistry. Now we have plenty of experience coming back. We won’t have Landon [Young] and Drake [Jackson], but new guys who play will have experienced guys to help them. I can now increase my leadership role in the line,” Horsey said. “We have guys coming back that know how to win but want to win even more games and do bigger things. We have guys on both offense and defense waiting for a chance to have bigger roles. I really like what I think our team can be next year and just glad I get to be part of it again.” •

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021


T R A E H Did you know that February is American Heart Month?

It’s not just about the candy kind... it’s about saving lives! Each year, the American Heart Association helps the nation turn its focus on heart disease.

The first American Heart Month was declared in February 1964, just nine years after the sitting President, Lyndon B. Johnson, suffered and survived his own heart attack. Curious how you can lend a hand to support this important cause? Learn more about the American Heart Association’s initiatives to help central Kentucky stay heart healthy. by Julie Lay, Regional Communications Director of the American Heart Association

Go Red for Women Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women. It claims more women’s lives than all forms of cancer combined. Go Red for Women – sponsored nationally by CVS Health and locally by CHI Saint Joseph Health and Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital – is the American Heart Association’s signature women’s initiative to end heart disease and stroke in women. Go Red for Women is working in communities around the world to help women understand that cardiovascular disease is their greatest health threat and that they should take action to lower their risk. Heart disease is not just a problem for “old” people. Women – especially Black and Hispanic women – are disproportionately impacted by heart disease and stroke. Research shows heart attacks are on the rise in younger women and new data from a study published in Circulation suggests younger generations of women, Gen Z and Millennials, are less likely to be aware of their greatest health threat, including knowing the warning signs of heart attacks and strokes.

That’s why it’s important for all women to take charge of their heart health and encourage others to do the same. As the trusted, passionate and relevant force for change to eradicate heart disease and stroke in women, Go Red for Women remains steadfast and committed to meeting the comprehensive health needs of women at every life stage. Grounded in science, Go Red for Women creates powerful solutions that ensure all women are aware of their leading cause of death and provide the tools and resources to treat, beat and prevent cardiovascular disease. Over the past 17 years, Go Red for Women has funded life-saving women’s research, advanced public health policy, championed closing gender gaps in research and STEM, and created a platform for women to address their greatest health risk: cardiovascular disease. Go Red has had a profound impact on women’s health and will continue to remove the barriers women face to achieving good health and well-being and continue to be a champion for women and women’s health. Go Red for Women empowers women to take charge of their physical, mental and maternal health through Research Goes Red – an initiative with Verily’s Project Baseline that places women in the driver’s seat to accelerate scientific change through equitable representation in clinical trials and health research. Go Red for Women inspires women to get healthy through “Watch Me Go Red” – a campaign designed to engage women to show others what they do to experience good health and wellbeing, while inspiring others to do the same. Because together, there’s nothing women can’t achieve. It’s no longer just about wearing red; it’s no longer just about sharing heart health facts. It’s about all women making a commitment to stand together with Go Red and taking charge of their own heart health as well as the health of those they can’t bear to live without. Making a commitment to your health isn’t something you have to do alone either, so grab a friend or a family member and make a Go Red Healthy Behavior Commitment today. Learn more at

Central Kentucky Go Red for Women Experience Over the past 13 years, the Central Kentucky American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women events have raised over $2,000,000 for life-saving research and education. Go Red for Women encourages women to make their health and wellbeing a priority – which is why the Central Kentucky Go Red for Women Luncheon will be a digital experience again this year. “Like so many organizations, we’re working to navigate a ‘new normal’ amid COVID-19 and have adapted our annual luncheon to a digital format,” said Mike Turner, senior social events director in Central Kentucky. “Despite the devastating toll of COVID-19, heart disease remains the No. 1 killer of


women. We’ll continue to fight to end heart disease and stroke – just from the safety of our own homes.” This year’s Go Red for Women event, which will take place on Friday, April 23, is chaired by Kathy Love, vice president and chief strategy officer at CHI Saint Joseph Health. Kathy is a passionate advocate for women’s heart health and uses that passion to drive positive change as a volunteer leader for the Central Kentucky American Heart Association. “I’m so honored to be the chair of the Go Red for Women movement because it’s all about empowering and motivating women – and the entire community – to take charge of their health and their futures,” said Love. “As the longest standing cause-level partner of Go Red for Women in the nation, CHI Saint Joseph Health has proudly supported the American Heart Association on programs throughout central and eastern Kentucky to prevent heart disease and stroke, promote healthy lifestyles, and raise critically needed funds for over 13 years.” CHI Saint Joseph Health is the local cause sponsor for the 2021 Central Kentucky Go Red for Women Experience alongside local Together to End Stroke sponsor, Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital and national Go Red for Women sponsor, CVS Health. Along with their support of Go Red for Women, CHI Saint Joseph Health has supported the American Heart Association’s Have Faith in Heart initiative since 2012. Have Faith in Heart helps empower communities that are affected most by heart disease by offering educational materials and programs to predominantly African American churches in the Lexington community. The program provides over 200 heart health screenings each year to Lexington residents. CHI Saint Joseph Health also supports STEM Goes Red in Central and Eastern Kentucky, a heart health initiative aimed at empowering middle school girls to improve the health of Americans through careers in science, technology, engineering and math. STEM Goes Red programming teaches participants how the heart works, how nutrition impacts the heart and the importance of creating healthy heart habits early in life. The program focuses on helping young women become more involved in STEM fields, as currently only 20% of cardiologists in the country are female. By empowering young women to explore careers in STEM, the American Heart Association seeks to address the region’s STEM workforce inequities and impact innovation and economic development. This year’s event will honor Carol Barr, who passed away last June due to a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse (see Honoring Carol Barr). Like in years past, the Central Kentucky Go Red for Women event will include stories of survival and highlight the many advancements in cardiac science and research. Discussions will include the American Heart Association’s increased focus on

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

COVID-19 and health equity. “The American Heart Association has invested $2.5 million to investigate the cardiovascular implications of COVID-19,” said Turner. “Our goal is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, language, sexual orientation, national origin, and physical or cognitive abilities.” For Love, innovation is dependent on a diversity of ideas and diversity of people. “CHI Saint Joseph Health isn’t just passionate about women’s heart care, we’re working to redefine it,” she said. “We’re dedicated to our patients and all the communities we serve.” To learn more and reserve your spot for the Central Kentucky Go Red for Women Experience, visit

Circle of Red The Circle of Red is a society of women who join the American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease. Located in communities throughout the United States, Circle of Red members use their infuence, generosity and ambassadorship to help increase awareness of heart disease—the leading cause of death for women—and to inspire women to take charge of their heart health. Many members have lost dear friends and loved ones to heart disease. They know what’s at stake. As front line advocates for the cause, Circle of Red members not only help save lives, but give meaning and fullfilment to their own lives and those they touch. Circle of Red Members are a catalyst for real, positive change for women’s heart health in their community and beyond. Members of the Circle of Red earn the opportunity to attend special events and VIP experiences where they learn, lead and advocate for heart health. They also mentor students and raise funds for lifesaving science and community-changing programs. Members of the Central Kentucky Circle of Red Enjoy: • A welcome Box • Recognition at Go Red for Women Events • Networking opportunities • The opportunity to participate in advocacy activities at the State Capitol • Invitations to Go Red for Women Events Team up with other passionate leaders in your community who are on a mission to flatline heart disease by joining the Central Kentucky Circle of Red. In addition to our traditional Circle of Red membership, we have created the Carol Barr Circle of Red in collaboration with the Carol Barr Advisory Team to honor Carol’s dedication to the American Heart Association and women’s heart health.

Central Kentucky American Heart Association Circle of Red Members • Kathy Love - Go Red for Women Chair • Dr. Sylvia Cerel-Suhl - Circle of Red Co-chair • Sheila Griffeth - Circle of Red Co-chair • Ty Slone McBrayer - Carol Barr Circle of Red Member • Carol Russell - Heart Ball Chair • Jill Bell • Jan Cerel • Janet Craig

• Melissa Dickey • Don Fishback • Mary Lynn Garrett • Karen Harbin • Dr. Andy Henderson • Meg Jewett • Lindy Karns • Patty Smith • Bruce Tassin • Keith Yarber • Andy Shea

Honoring Carol Barr Carol Barr was just 39 when she unexpectedly and tragically passed away last June due to a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse. Mitral valve prolapse is a condition in which the two valve flaps of the mitral valve do not close smoothly or evenly, but bulge (prolapse) upward into the left atrium. When the heart pumps, part of one or both flaps collapse backward into the left atrium, sometimes causing a small amount of blood to leak backward through the valve. Carol was a natural leader whose magnetic personality was a light that guided her daughters, her community and her family. To honor Carol’s legacy of work with Go Red for Women, the American Heart Association is working with Carol’s husband, U.S. Congressman Andy Barr, on an initiative created in Carol’s name to fund research on mitral valve prolapse, and STEM programs and scholarships for young girls in Eastern Kentucky. To learn more and support the Carol Barr Initiative, contact Mike Turner at or 859-227-4006. Thank you to the Carol Barr Advisory Team, who are working with the American Heart Association to honor Carol’s memory and further her legacy: • Andy Barr, honorable chair (non-voting) • Colleen Barr • Nancy Boatman • Jenny Carman • Jennifer Harris • Sarah Leavell • Ty Slone McBrayer • Emily Richards • Caroline Ruschell •

To learn more and join, contact Mike Turner at 859-227-4006 or

February 2021 |


Joey Maggard retires from the American Heart Association after 15 years of service courtesy of the American Heart Association Joey Maggard, executive director for the Central Kentucky Division of the American Heart Association, announced his retirement, effective Jan. 31. During Maggard’s 15-year tenure, the local division has made great strides in visibility, fundraising and outreach. Under Maggard’s leadership, the local division staff and volunteers have set numerous National Benchmarks in fundraising, with the local Heart Ball being among the most recognized in the nation. The local Heart Walk is the largest fundraising walk in Central Kentucky. And the local Go Red for Women Experience is one of the most important women’s events in our community. “I was fortunate enough to meet Joey when he first started with the American Heart Association,” said Keith Yarber, founder and CEO of TOP Marketing Group, and former chair and current trustee of the association’s local board of directors. “I consider Joey a great friend and business

February 2021 |


Joey with Mike Turner

Joey with Keith Yarber associate. Joey has taken the Lexington chapter of the AHA from good to great. The Board of Directors are key leaders in the Central Kentucky area, and the staff is terrific. Under Joey’s vision and leadership, the AHA has grown into a dynamic organization making substantial financial and advocacy impact on our community. I believe Joey will be remembered most for all of the friends and relationships he brought to the AHA.” “The AHA will truly miss having Joey at the helm,” echoed Houston Hall, market president at Forcht Bank and the association’s local board chair. “His insurmountable contributions over the last 15 years, to not only the AHA but the Lexington Community, will have a lasting impact for years to come. We wish him the very best in his retirement and all of his future endeavors.” Prior to his career at AHA, Maggard worked for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of the Bluegrass for 12 years. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Kentucky’s


College of Social Work. Maggard has helped to bring local prevention, research and advocacy efforts of the American Heart Association more into the public eye. He has helped promote CPR efforts locally, and has helped to bring attention to congenital heart defects, the number one birth defect in children. The 2020 recipient of the Midwest American Heart Association Leadership Award of Excellence has been passionate about bringing the work of the American Heart Association to the Appalachian counties of the Commonwealth. Maggard has been battling colorectal cancer for over two years and is leaving his position in order to focus on his health. He has become an advocate for preventive colonoscopies. In addition to focusing on his treatment, Maggard intends to spend time with family and friends, fly fish, and cheer on the Kentucky Wildcats in whatever way he can. Maggard and his wife, Sara, have been married for 34 years. They have two children, Lindsey and Andy.

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

American Heart Association®

Heart Walk




Heart Walk Chair

Karen Harbin President and CEO, Commonwealth Credit Union

Central Kentucky Heart Walk

May 8, 2021 Healthy for Good Sponsors For more information, call Lisa at 859.317.6885 © Copyright 2021 American Heart Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. All rights reserved. Heart Walk is a registered trademark of the AHA. Unauthorized use prohibited.

Meet Local

Professionals in

FINANCE profiles by Donna Ison | photos by Christopher Michael Images special thanks to The Bell House

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Much like wiring electric, DIY financial planning can prove dangerous. According to David Smyth, a senior partner with Family Financial Partners, “People have the misconception that you can get the same results from a Google search and investing without professional guidance. There’s a lot of nuance to this business, and we focus on this all day, every day. I know I need professional guidance when it comes to legal advice, so I hire the professional who fits my needs and personality best. It’s the same with financial planning. It’s not something everyone can or should DIY.” Family Financial Partners is a full-service financial planning firm, focused on multigenerational families, that works to develop a financial plan tailored to each client’s specific needs and dreams. As a fee-only fiduciary, the firm ensures complete transparency and holds the responsibility to always act in the client’s best interest. Their dedicated team of industry professionals will ask questions, listen to the client’s concerns, and work behind the scenes to find solutions. With the client’s permission, they will also reach out to other professionals, such as accountants or attorneys, to “provide an integrated approach and attempt to ensure maximum benefit.” Family Financial Partners provides

Representatives are licensed to offer insurance and annuity products in CO, FL, GA, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NH, OH, SC, TN, TX, WV, VA and WA and are licensed to offer investment products in AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NH, NM, NV, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, WA, and Washington DC. This website and its content are not intended for residents of other states. Securities offered through: The O.N. Equity Sales

retirement planning, lifestyle planning, estate planning and wealth transfer goals as well as insurance and tax planning. The financial advisors at Family Financial Partners share the belief that “professional management of your finances is the driving force behind long-term financial stability. Your hard-earned assets exist to provide a safety net and income for the rest of your life, and if you wish, an income stream for generations to come.” On why he loves his role, Smyth says, “I help people sleep at night. I help people determine their priorities and values, and then help them align their spending and saving to those priorities and values throughout their lifetime. I help people make good decisions for themselves and their families. I help people enjoy life, now and decades from now. There’s nothing like seeing the look on a client’s face when they’ve met a goal, or hit a savings milestone. I’m not just a financial planner—I’m a financial therapist.” Family Financial Partners offers this advice as we move into 2021: “Think long-term. 2020 was a roller coaster of a year for everyone, but staying focused on a long-term plan instead of reacting to the short-term is the best advice I can give for starting out this year.”

Kyrk Davis Alex Roig David Smyth Ryan Petrunyak Wealth Advisor

Senior Partner

Senior Partner


Company, Member FINRA/SIPC, One Financial Way, Cincinnati, OH 45242. 513.794.6794 Investment Advisory Services offered through O.N. Investment Management Company. Estate Planning Services provided in conjunction with your licensed legal advisor. Sponsored Content

Traditional Bank John Reynolds Vice President & Loan Officer

The focus at Traditional Bank is simple: to hire and develop exceptional people and equip them with the tools and resources they need to build strong relationships and meet the unique financial goals of every customer. Formed in 1902 this flexible, “people-first” approach has been key to the bank’s sustainability as well as its growth. Today it serves as the fifth largest bank by market share in Fayette County. Vice President John Reynolds relishes his relationships with his clients. He says, “I have the pleasure of working with both business and personal banking customers. Whether I’m helping my client buy a home, grow their business, or both, it’s an amazing feeling when they’re able to reach their goals.” Reynolds began his career with Traditional Bank over two decades ago. He states, “I have always been a numbers guy and knew I wanted to go into accounting or banking. I started my work as a teller at Traditional Bank and never looked back. I’ve been here ever since.” As a career banker John offers this guidance: “My number one piece of advice is to live below your means and save as much as you can. You never know what lies ahead, so being financially prepared can make the stumbles in life a little easier to handle.”

3353 Tates Creek Road


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Citizens Commerce Bank Mark Yates

Market President Banking is in Mark’s blood. He explains, “My dad was a banker for over 40 years and I learned so much from him. He taught me to surround myself with experts— bankers, attorneys, and CPAs— and ask questions.” Being part of the team of experts at Citizens Commerce, a local community bank serving Fayette, Jessamine, Franklin, and Woodford counties, Yates is now the one with the answers. He readily uses his education and experience to help his customers find the perfect product to meet their banking needs. Yate’s says, “The most rewarding part of my job is helping customers meet their goals for their businesses and families.” Yates, who has been with Citizens Commerce since 2011, realizes different clients prefer different types of banking, so Citizens Commerce offers options. He says, “We realize that while many prefer to come inside the bank, several prefer to do everything online.” To those asking for basic financial guidance, Yates replies, “The most important advice I would give is to set a budget and try to stick to it. There are always uncertainties and emergencies but having a budget and staying on track can help prepare for those unexpected occurrences.”

4097 Nichols Park Drive, Suite 100-200

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Rowena Ruff Managing Partner


Christian Erickson Managing Principal

Ashwood Wealth Management, LPL When it comes to investing, Rowena Ruff advises, “Try to not let either fear or greed direct your investments—keep your emotions out of investing.” And, Ruff should know. She has been in the finance field for over 25 years and interested in investing since her teen years, Ruff, who serves as a managing partner at Ashwood Wealth Management, says “In 1997, a mentor encouraged me to apply to be a investment consultant and that was a eureka moment! I got licensed and have been in the investment industry since then.” Located between Chevy Chase and downtown, Ashwood Wealth Management is a boutique, independent advisory and investment firm. The team provides personalized investment advice, brokerage services, individual retirement accounts, 401k distribution education, business retirement plans, wealth transfer, trust services, annuities, college savings plans, social security planning, and long-term care planning. Ashwood’s primary purpose is to help clients who have a wide variety of needs as they maneuver through a complex financial-services world. Ruff reminds us that all financial advisers are not the same. “Not all financial advisors are held to the same rigorous fiduciary standards, some are just sales people, explains Rowena. “I genuinely care about my clients and have many long term relationships where they have shared their life transformations with me. This makes for a deeply abiding relationship.” After working in the commercial real estate industry, Christian felt compelled to change careers and enter the investment advisory arena. “It was the best professional decision I ever made.” Erickson is now the managing principal at Ashwood Wealth Management, Inc. For him, his job holds numerous rewards, some surprising. Erickson explains, “Believe it or not, some of the most beneficial parts of the job occur when markets go south. I help my clients see through the darkness of market downturns and keep a long-term positive perspective. Twenty-eight years of good... and bad... markets teach you a lot.” “My friend, Kenny McPeek tells me he doesn’t buy a young horse to be a good twoyear-old racehorse. He’s buying the yearling to become a great older athlete. I build my portfolios the same way.” Despite complications of the Covid pandemic, Christian Erickson recommends optimism. He says, “Build your portfolios for the long term and be positive. Seek financial advice from a financial advisor who has seen good and not so good markets. The future looks bright.”

195 Kentucky Avenue //

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Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisor offered through Independent Advisor Alliance, a registered investment advisor. Independent Advisor Alliance and Ashwood Wealth Management are separate entities from LPL Financial.

Dave Harris MCF Advisors

Chief Executive Officer In these uncertain times, Dave Harris, CEO of MCF Advisors shares this wisdom: “Acknowledge that predicting the future is challenging, yet know that being prepared for it is within your grasp.” Harris sees himself as a builder with the mission of “assisting others to be successful and helping them cross the finish line.” Today, MCF employs 24 professionals serving clients through their Wealth Management Division (including individuals, families, and business owners) and the Institutional Division (which offers defined contribution plans, pension plans, endowments and corporate funds), representing more than $2 billion in investable client assets. By offering transparency, a tested four-point investment philosophy, and intellectual capital paired with technical ability, MCF’s aim is to instill confidence and help each client reach their unique financial goals. The firm believes that “successful outcomes are the result of a disciplined and prudent approach.” According to Harris, “Most think it’s always about numbers, but to be truly successful, empathy becomes the difference.” MCF has assembled an excellent team of professionals having advanced degrees and designations to achieve this. “Someone once asked me, ‘what if you invest in your people and they leave?’ I then asked, ‘what if we don’t and they stay!’” Harris explains.

333 West Vine Street, 17th Floor 56

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Alyssa Potter MCF Advisors

Director of Institutional Services To say these are complicated and chaotic times for employers may be an understatement. According to Alyssa Potter, director of institutional services at MCF Advisors, “The employee benefit landscape is complex with ever-changing legislation. 2020 was a great example where employers had to very quickly understand and implement new regulations. Given this chaotic backdrop, executing your fiduciary responsibilities for your employees can be challenging and stressful.” Luckily, the MCF Institutional team is there to help. With a commitment to delivering the highest level of consulting services to retirement plans and institutional investors, MCF’s focus in on reducing risk for client organizations while simultaneously improving outcomes for both employees and employers. Potter says, “Plan sponsors need a retirement advisory team, with bench-strength, that can provide real knowledge of ERISA laws, plan design, fiduciary governance, investment guidance, and hands-on assistance for the retirement planning needs of their employees, now more than ever.” Potter adds, “MCF partners with our clients to help optimize their retirement plan to not only achieve their organizational goals, but most importantly to help employees achieve a meaningful retirement. Our focus is to ensure your participants have all the necessary information and confidence to make their retirement goals a reality.”

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Brittany Manning MCF Advisors Director of Wealth Management Services Just as bodily health is increased through holistic medicine, financial health requires holistic financial planning. As Director of Wealth Management Service at MCF Advisors, Brittany Manning provides just this. Manning says, “We tailor our planning and investment strategies to the needs of each client. Helping someone be able to achieve a dream is the ultimate reward for me.” After earning a Masters in Accountancy and then practicing public accounting, Manning realized she wanted to use her education and experience to help individuals find greater financial freedom and security. Manning says, “I wanted to integrate myself more into helping clients with their financial endeavors. Working at MCF with our clients has allowed me to marry my tax background to my desire to continue to help people with their finances and goals.” She adds, “I love seeing a client’s face when we show them their financial plan, including all the things they had hoped to be able to do in the future. And, as a native Lexingtonian, I truly love our city. It brings me so much joy to be able to help friends, neighbors, and long time acquaintances in achieving their financial dreams and seeing continual growth and reinvestment in our community.”

333 West Vine Street, 17th Floor 58

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Scott Downing MCF Advisors Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) According to Scott Downing, “If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the value of building in room for error in your financial life. Instead of talking about how to achieve higher investment returns with your advisor, spend some time asking what could go throw you off course. If there isn’t a clear answer, then your time and efforts need to go to preparing now before it’s too late.” When seeking financial guidance, Downing suggests, “People should look for an advisor who asks a lot of questions and listens before providing advice. Much like a doctor must understand your health history before prescribing a treatment, your advisor should get to know what is important to you before recommending a course of action. Clients of MCF Advisors can rest assured knowing a dedicated financial advisor will collaborate with MCF’s internal CFPs, CPAs and accountants, tax and estate professionals, certified financial analysts, and retirement planning experts to help them achieve their financial goals. Downing states, “My work removes financial stress for a client with clarity and a plan, allowing them to focus on what’s most important to them. Since no two people or families are the same, the job is different and exciting each and every day.”

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Jeff Jennings MCF Advisors Financial Advisor Jeff Jennings’ current career is rooted in his childhood. He explains, “Growing up on a farm finances were difficult for our family and community. I believe I took an early interest in finance to find out why it caused anxiety for so many around me. My curiosity led me to focus on tax and estate planning in law school, and then led me back to the community to help with personal financial planning.” Jennings is now a financial advisor with MCF, a fiduciary only advisor; what clients pay is structured so MCF does better when the client does better. Jennings believes you cannot help the client without first thoroughly knowing the client. He says, “Investment risk cannot be budgeted based on age or ‘how would you feel’ questionnaires. The correct amount of risk in your investments can only be budgeted after an analysis of your entire financial situation.” To that end, Jennings adds, “Make sure your advisor is talking about you, not 2021. Make sure your tax advisor, investment advisor, and estate advisor are collaborating. Make sure they know your family’s entire balance sheet and expected future income and expenses. Make sure your investments and plans are tailored to your needs, not 2021’s predictions.”

333 West Vine Street, 17th Floor 60

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Coby Adkins South Central Bank City Executive

In his role at South Central Bank, Coby Adkins focuses on the commercial side of lending. He says, “After several years in retail banking, where the majority of my clients were consumers, I found myself gravitating to the commercial side. I found the complexities of the lending needs interesting. Every client is different and the lending relationship and structure unique.” South Central Bank, itself, focuses on local service, personal relationships with clients, and empowering their employees to make decisions and implement solutions while leveraging modern banking technology. On the commercial lending front, they provide a wide array of products, including the financing of the purchase or refinance of both commercial and residential investment properties as well as owner occupied commercial properties, equipment lending, operating lines of credit, construction lending, development loans, and business acquisition. As a commercial lender, Adkins most values the customer relationship. He states, “With commercial lending, you spend a lot more time talking to your customer and, more times than not, become friends.” When asked what financial advice he would lend, Adkins says, “Be prepared to make changes. There’s a lot of uncertainties out there right now, so I would prepare to be flexible.”

386 Waller Avenue, Suite 110

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Hallmark Home Mortgage Brian S. Volz Branch Manager NMLS ID: 395731

According to Brian Volz, “In my opinion, the biggest misconception about the finance field, especially mortgage lending, is that we look for reasons to deny borrowers from home ownership when in fact it is just the opposite. We are always working to find ways to make the American Dream come true for everyone.” Hallmark Home Mortgage offers first-time homebuyer, new construction, specialty, and traditional loans, including FHA, USDA, VA, and conventional. Volz personally specializes in all aspects of residential lending with a focus on new construction and purchase transactions. He states, “I pride myself in creating an experience beyond the sale and hope to create lasting relationships. In residential lending you meet so many people. Being able to share in their story and help them achieve their goals is an experience like no other.” For those considering home ownership, Volz offers these encouraging words: “Don’t be afraid to apply for a mortgage. So many people believe owning a home is an unattainable goal. They assume they won’t qualify for a mortgage and as a result are hesitant to try to buy a home. There are so many loan programs available, and my purpose is to help make home ownership a reality.”

859-444-1410 Hallmark Home Mortgage, LLC, NMLS #53441, is not licensed to originate in all states. Visit for complete licensing information.


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VFG Wealth Management & Benefit Solutions Kevin M. Kitchin

Partner, Investment Advisor Representative With nearly 20 years of experience in financial planning, Kevin Kitchin, CFP®, AAMS® has seen his share of market fluctuation and economic uncertainty. He advises, “Turn the noise off and focus on you. Obviously there are so many distractions in our world right now, and it is very easy to get emotional with our finances. Be careful, stay disciplined, and stick with your financial plan. If you don’t have a plan or are not comfortable with your current strategy, seek the help of an advisor and get on track.” That is where Kitchin comes in, as a partner, planner, and investment advisor with VFG Wealth Management and Benefit Solutions, a full service independent investment firm that provides financial and benefit solutions to individuals and businesses throughout Kentucky. Kitchin prides himself on providing comprehensive financial planning, including ongoing investment portfolio monitoring and review, estate planning and trust services, and retirement and insurance planning. He says, “Gaining the trust of an individual or business to help improve their financial strengths and implement a plan to solve their financial weaknesses is very rewarding.”

131 Prosperous Place, Suite 14A 859-263-2304 Securities and investment advisory services offered through Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. (RAA), member FINRA/SIPC. RAA is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of RAA.

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Stinson Miller WesBanco: Private Client Services Group Assistant Vice President & Private Banker

For Stinson Miller, banking runs in the family: “Both my dad and uncle were in banking when I was young. They always emphasized that building trust and developing and maintaining relationships are important parts of banking. My strong background in sales coupled with my MBA have provided me with the tools to help my clients.” As an assistant vice president and private banker with WesBanco, Miller works with clients and their families “to help deliver insightful banking solutions.” He elaborates, “Whether complex lending solutions or day-to-day banking needs, I help provide a personalized experience to provide financial peace of mind. My goal is to understand my clients’ shortterm financial needs and help them reach their long-term financial goals. Most days I consider private banking a career in building relationships and helping people.” Founded over 150 years ago, WesBanco is a diversified financial services company that prides itself on “delivering large bank capabilities with a community bank feel.” In 2020, Forbes magazine ranked WesBanco as 7th on their list of “Best Banks in America,” based on high scores in the categories of customer services, financial advice, satisfaction, and digital services. Miller’s simple financial advice is “find a banker you know and trust.”

400 East Vine Street


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Brittany Lawson Thrivent Financial Consultant One of the misconceptions Financial Consultant Brittany Lawson would like to dispel is “that you have to be rich to get good help.” Lawson says, “At Thrivent, we see money differently: we recognize money is a tool, not a goal. With our unique structure and perspective, we’re on your side—advocating for you and helping you navigate your financial future. You can feel confident that you have a partner who prioritizes your needs and values.” Thrivent is a a diversified financial services organization, providing financial advice, investments, insurance, banking and generosity programs to help people make the most of all they’ve been given. Brittany specializes in retirement income planning, tax-efficient strategies, helping clients develop an investment portfolio, planned giving strategies, and optimizing estate/wealth transfers. Lawson believes there is no time like the present to gain financial confidence. “This is the year to build on your support system. Develop, deepen, and foster those relationships with CPAs, attorneys, financial professionals, mortgage bankers; lean on their expertise to help answer questions and lead you down the most appropriate path for your unique needs. That’s why I got into finance—to help people feel comfortable about money and to help instill confidence in their ability to make wise choices with what they have.”

859-303-5139 brittany-lawson Thrivent and its financial professionals do not provide legal, accounting or tax advice. Consult your attorney or tax professional. Thrivent is the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Insurance products issued by Thrivent. Not available in all states. Securities and investment advisory services offered through Thrivent Investment Management Inc., a registered investment adviser, member FINRA and SIPC, and a subsidiary of Thrivent. Licensed agent/producer of Thrivent. Registered representative of Thrivent Investment Management, Inc. Advisory services available through investment adviser representatives only. 3425110-012721

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Marc Cobane Alpha Financial Partners

Co-Founder, Partner From the moment a college professor introduced Marc Cobane, AWMA, CEPA, CRPS, CRSP to options trading, he knew he wanted to manage money for people. Cobane says, “As a financial advisor, I am able to combine my affinity towards math/finance and my passion for helping people.” The co-founder of Alpha Financial Partners feels, “it’s truly a blessing to be able to do what you love everyday and to help people set and achieve their life goals as their personal CFO.” Formed in 2020 by three industry veterans, Alpha Financial Partners is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm that takes fiduciary responsibility for their clients’ wealth management and corporate benefit needs. They offer guidance on wealth management, employee benefits, business owner services, institutional services, and advisor succession. According to Cobane, “Helping people achieve financial freedom is what we are all about. We take care of their money as their named investment fiduciary so they can focus on their family, career, and non-financial goals.” One piece of advice Cobane offers pertains to patience: “I commonly run into investors who think they can ‘time the market’. History—and the power of compounding—has shown that investor success is most commonly a result of ‘time in the market’ not ‘timing the market’.” Alpha Financial Partners’ “Stock Market Seatbelt™” can mitigate market fluctuations and helps them stay on track.

710 East Main Street Suite 110 66

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Joe Kenney Community Trust Bank

Vice President Commercial Lending For more than a century, Community Trust Bank has been committed to providing the highest standards of customer service. Founded in Pikeville in 1903, Community Trust fulfills the personal and business banking needs of people and communities of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee, including providing customized mortgage and commercial loans.* Vice President of Commercial Lending Joe Kenney says, “I love helping my clients navigate through their options. At times, commercial lending can be complex, and my goal is to provide the best options. Being creative, crunching numbers, and analyzing businesses from all sides to find a great solution excites me.” Kenney also encourages clients to envision their financial future. He advises, “Get to know and understand your goals and implement a plan to achieve them. I see a lot of people extend themselves without stopping to realize their goals first. I like to approach both my customers’ and personal finances with goals in mind, and then analyze to find the best way to achieve them.” For those considering a career in the field, he offer these words of wisdom: “Finance takes time to learn and grow. This isn’t an overnight career, but if you are committed and dedicated, success will follow.”

100 East Vine Street #100 *subject to credit approval

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J. Taylor Davis Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor

“It is so inspiring to hear the personal stories from our clients – what they hope to accomplish in life, how their past impacts their current views and their dreams for the future. They are all so different and we learn more with each new relationship,” says Taylor Davis, Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual. Taylor and his team work with families and professionals across Kentucky and the country to develop a definitive, actionable financial roadmap to accomplish their short and long term goals. “Our clients are putting one of their most precious assets in our hands – their dreams – we take that job very seriously,” he explains. “We honor that privilege by listening, communicating, and at times, having the hard conversations that are needed to give the clients what they are seeking – a life of financial abundance and security, customized to their unique needs. It starts with helping our clients align their financial habits with their version of their American dream,” Taylor says.

330 East Main Street Suite 300


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Andrew Windsor Community Trust Wealth & Trust Management Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Andrew Windsor has been in the financial industry for two decades. He says, “I had an opportunity to work for a sizable financial firm for my first job and jumped at it. It was at the height of the dot-com era and a fun time to work in the industry. Fast forward twenty years, I’ve learned a lot, been humbled a few times, and still like working in the industry as much as I did back then.” Currently, Windsor serves as Vice President and Portfolio Manager for Community Trust Wealth & Trust Management. Headquartered in Lexington, Community Trust Wealth & Trust Management is a business unit of Community Trust and Investment Company. Their services include investment management, retirement services, trust and estate services, life insurance, and more – all with the goal of improving clients’ financial futures. Windsor explains, “I think there is the perception that the industry is driven by greed. While that can be the motivating factor for some, much of our industry is there to help people achieve financial success and independence. Helping people is by far the most rewarding part. Knowing that you make a difference in allowing people to achieve their financial goals is what it is all about.”

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Chad Rudzik Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co.

Vice President-Wealth Management Advisor “The pandemic has given us all a chance to pause and look at both our finances and life situation,” Chad Rudzik states, “Take advantage of this opportunity to define what you want now and what you want as your legacy. There is planning to be done now in order to achieve both.” Rudzik relishes his position as vice president and wealth management advisor at Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co.. “The opportunity to work as a trusted advisor to clients and their families to achieve their long term goals is what drives me. Wealth management gives me the opportunity to help clients achieve both financial and life goals. Multigenerational planning provides much needed clarity for everyone.” Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust, a locally owned and independent community bank, works with clients on estate and business succession planning as well as investments, insurance, and financial planning. For over 40 years, they have provided Lexingtonians with wealth management services using a coordinated approach along with world-class investment research. Rudzik explains, “People often don’t realize how important it is to have coordination between their advisors, such as their attorneys, CPAs, and wealth management advisor. Everyone serves a role and should work together for the best client outcomes.”

101 East High Street Products are not insured by the FDIC. Products are not deposits or other obligations of Bank of the Bluegrass and are not guaranteed by the Bank. Products are subject to Investment risks including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.


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Cindy C. Burton Bank of Lexington President

Of the term “banker’s hours,” Cindy Burton, president of Bank of Lexington, says, “That doesn’t really exist anymore, if it ever did. I put in a lot of 10 hour days.” This commitment has led to significant success. The bank opened in 2006 with the mission of creating a true community bank and with assets of just $14 million. By the end of 2020, these assets had grown to $289 million. Despite this growth, you can still expect to receive big bank services with community bank touches. When you call Bank of Lexington, you will be talking to a person on the other end of the line who can assist with services that include free checking, savings, money market accounts certificates of deposit, loans, and mortgages—all customized to the specific client. Burton says, “We advise clients when discussing their needs; we are not just order takers.” For Burton, the most rewarding part of her job is helping fill an individual’s needs. She states, “You might be helping a growing family get a larger home or helping an empty nester downsize so they can travel. Lately we have been guiding a lot of our business clients through COVID-19 and all the challenges it has presented.”

761 Corporate Drive

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February 2021 |



Love Forecast AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18) Two cosmic powerhouses, Jupiter and Saturn, are hanging out in your sign for most of the year. They bring luck and ambition. After a few years of working on your self-confidence, you’re finally ready to share your sparkling self with the world! If you’re single, expect to find admirers everywhere you look, especially in June. Your standards may be higher than usual, which is fine: you can be choosy. Just because someone isn’t the right fit for your love life doesn’t mean they’re not a potential friend for life. Already spoken-for? The lunar eclipse in November might bring big changes at home and in love. Discontent may be stirring for you, so be ready to make a positive change. PISCES (February 19 - March 20) 2021 will be more about focusing on yourself than on your love life. Your confidence will grow and you’ll feel like moving forward. This will be especially true from mid-may ‘til August.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) After the wild ride of 2020, you’re probably hoping for more stability. Sorry to disappoint. Changes are coming. The question is: will you let yourself get tossed around, or are you going to ride this wave? Shake off things that aren’t working for you and say “yes” to the unexpected this year. If you’re single, that could mean some very thrilling dates and exciting new people in your life. If you’re partnered, it might mean a major shakeup. Either way, you’re the one that’s in charge. So take the bull by the horns (so to speak). You’re in rare form this year, so be sure the choices you make are grounded in your real wants and desires, and not just a need to rebel. GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

From July onward, it may be a time for saying “buh-bye” to what doesn’t work for you. This may mean the end of an important relationship or even building a new role for yourself inside an existing one. “Out with the old,” will be your mantra.

This year’s lesson for you: take inventory of what your real needs and wants are, and stay true to your heart. 2021 will bring many opportunities to make big changes, so be sure of the outcome you want.

If you’re in a steady relationship, the June 10th solar eclipse may have a big impact on the domestic side of your relationship. You may move in together, move or even become parents. Whatever this means for you, this year is challenging you to be mindful of your work-life balance.

March presents a unique opportunity to meet new people. When thrilling situations come your way in April, think before you leap. If you’re dating, this might be the right time to take things to the next level. A June solar eclipse in Gemini will invite you to take initiative and find your independence. Venus goes retrograde at the end of the year, so your romantic energy may fall into a lull: be sure you’ve made the most of the year ‘til then!

ARIES (March 21 – April 19) The year will begin in a good place for you, Aries, so harness that energy to build stronger connections with everyone around you… especially yourself. A big theme for you in 2021 will be cultivating your personal identity, whether you’re single or partnered. Your ability to communicate should be heightened until Mercury goes retrograde in late September. Take that lull to focus on healing yourself from any hurt still lingering from past relationships, or any wounds to your self-esteem.


Your birthday should feel full of romantic possibilities this year thanks to Venus hanging out in your sign for most of the month. Let yourself be open to love in all its forms – from partners, from friends, from yourself.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22) 2020 placed pressure on your partnerships. Fortunately, this year, the pressure is off. Jupiter is hanging out in your intimacy sector for most of the year, which could boost your relationships. Uranus will be influencing your social side for the next couple years. Singletons will find themselves in the company of some of the most – uh – interesting potential partners they’ve ever

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

had the pleasure of meeting. While it may feel contrary to your nature, take some chances and enjoy the fun (especially this summer!) For those who are partnered-up, you’ll find yourselves in uncharted waters this year. You’ll feel a different energy in your relationship. Explore new ways to connect. Now is the time to evaluate how you share your intimacy. LEO (July 23 – August 22) Ready for a challenge? Of course you are, Leo! Your professional life will be in conflict with your “you” time, especially romance. Being present in your love life might take a great deal of focus and determination. For single Leos, this might mean feeling hot and cold on some of your prospective partners. For couples, it could mean feeling out of sync for much of the year. Either way, this might feel like a bit of a buzzkill, but it’s a secret blessing in disguise: you’ll feel pushed to step outside of your comfort zone and into something even more exciting. For partnered Leos, things might get very serious this year. You’re being invited to grow: be sure you’re building on a partnership that will help you both enjoy life. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22) Not feeling focused on love? You’re probably not imagining it: your 2021 is emphasizing work, health and routines. You may feel more inclined toward working on your New Year’s resolutions than opening up your Bumble account. But lucky you, Virgos are notoriously strong multitaskers! Singles will find connections through their work network or wellness centers, even gyms. People will certainly notice your charms in July and August. For Virgos who are already in a relationship, take stock of what you have and where you’d like to see improvements. March will be a good time to learn to better accept one another while communicating more about the things that you each need. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22) You’re ready to open up to something new this year. You’re starting off the year with a little more joy and confidence, so harness that energy to start fresh. You may feel drawn to new hobbies, new people or new ways of experiencing life. There is the hint that some things may be opening up and expanding while others are becoming more serious or simple. That’s okay! Let changes in your romantic life come.

Venus is in your romance sector for the month of February. Love will come easily to you as long as you let yourself be open to the new energy that’s surrounding you. You’ll be absolutely magnetic in the late summer. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21) You’ll need to be more flexible this year, which may feel like a tall order after the chaos of 2020. But if you’re able to be adaptable, this year might bring some real joy your way. Your relationship “rules” are one area that may need to be flexible. If you’re single, let yourself be open to more dreamy, artistic types and get comfortable with keeping it casual for the time being. If you’re in a relationship, conflict may arise: downtime and self-care might be what saves it. Things will feel lighter in late May and June. Take some time to focus on you. You’re learning a lot about how to be more in control of yourself, even when you can’t control what’s external. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21) Last year was a tight focus on your career or comfort. This year is all about relationships. The Archer is a famously independent type, but 2021 is begging you to rely on others. Work on overcoming your deepseated fear of relinquishing freedom. It’s a great time to grow beyond your old habits and stale ways of thinking. Problems may jump to the forefront of your mind, but always be looking for patterns you could be breaking. The solar eclipse on June 10th could be a game-changer in terms of your relationships. For singles, this could bring along someone new and exciting. For those who are partnered-up, it could mean things could get even more serious. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19) Much of the cosmic pressure that was bearing down on you in 2020 has moved on, which can make you want to break out. You might find yourself drawn to people or situations that aren’t your normal type. Your values might be front and center this year, making you feel particularly picky about who you spend your time with and how. It’s important to remember that a shakeup may just be what you need, especially with the November 19th lunar eclipse. If you’re coupled up, June will bring lots of warm fuzzies. Take this month to take your connection to a deeper level. That’s great, because late April through June will bring some serious spark, whether you’re in a relationship or dating. •

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savin’ face


Number 1: L’Occitane Crème Mains 20% Shea Butter. When your hands get that Winter, scratchy and dry feeling nothing will heal them faster than this cream. It’s a bit pricey but a little goes a long way, making it worth every cent. You can always find a tube on my desk. Number 2: Skin Medica – HA. This little jewel plumps and hydrates with hyaluronic acid and although it doesn’t feel like lotion, you will be surprised at how well it works to hydrate skin, shrink pores and minimize fine lines. TIP- use what is left on your hands on your lips.

Number 3: Brazilian BUM BUM crème. I use this over my entire body every morning and it smells like a beach vacation. Get the original in the yellow tub, it smells the best and not only hydrates skin but it has a tightening factor. I’m not so sure about the tightening factor but I definitely feel better when I wear it, placebo effect?

Number 4: Aveeno Restorative Therapy. One thing I cannot stand is the feeling of lotion

on my body when I go to bed but when winter dry skin hits and I need an extra boost, I turn to Aveeno. It provides ample hydration but doesn’t make me feel sticky.

Number 5: CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This also ranks up there with my favorite

Wintertime body lotion but there is a trick: apparently, the European version of the very same lotion is far better than what we can buy in the states. Head to Amazon and look for one that claims to be from across the pond and don’t forget to get it in the pump!

So, take the extra 5 minutes a day to love on your skin. Skin that is hydrated will age at a much slower pace. Pay attention to your neck, chest and hands as they are the first places to reveal your true age.


February 2021 |


FEB February is the month all about love and the gorgeous shade of red. Now, there’s no denying the thought of red makeup can be super terrifying, but if applied correctly and in the right places, it can create a stunning beauty look. ColourPop M ain Squeeze Eyesh adow Palet t e, $12

B E ST DRU GSTOR E F I ND M aybelline Superst ay M atte In k in sha d e Pion eer, $6


Na r s Sem i Matte Li ps ti ck i n s ha de J ungl e R ed, $ 26

M e lt Co sm e t i c s Baby G i r l Ey e sha d ow P al e t t e S tack , $ 5 8

NYX Profession al Sweet Ch eeks Soft Ch eek Tint in sh ade Almost Famous, $9

Huda B eaut y Gemst on e Obsession s Eyesh adow Palet t e, $27

Some tips to follow when planning for a bold red look - be sure to swatch the colors in the store before buying. Red tones can vary depending on skin tone. Also, when it comes to shadow and cheeks, be soft with pressure. Start light and work your way up to the desired color. A l l p ro d u c ts a va i l a bl e at S e p ho ra o r y o u r l o c a l d r u g store.

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

February 2021 |


Soma Intimates Embraceable Signature Lace Balconette Bra, $49

Aerie Waffle Triangle Bralette in color Turnip The Beet, $20

you r little Having comfortable, yet sexy lingerie is important to feeling truly confident in your own skin! That’s right ladies, you can be both comfortable and sexy! Whether it’s going to dinner with your best Gal-entines or surprising your significant other with a romantic night, stepping into something that you love is the winning ticket to feeling like your most beautiful self. Here are a few pieces that are raved about by women of all shapes and sizes!


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

In Bloom by Jonquil Lace Thong Bodysuit, $44 Available at Nordstrom

visible p ty l e Aerie Waffle Triangle Bralette in color Chilly Red, $20 and Waffle Bikini Underwear, $8

“I love my visible panty line”, said no woman ever. It seems everytime us ladies get dressed, the first question that pops into our mind is, “what underwear should I wear?” Some outfits require a high-waisted spank, some go best with a thong and then sometimes nothing at all is the way to go! Calvin Kelin Invisibles Thong in color Nymphs Thigh, $15

That’s right... commando! Reports say that up to 60% of women choose to go commando on an everyday basis, no matter the occasion. Panty lines seem to always be a thing, no matter how hard we try to get rid of them. So for the other 40% of women who still like having a little something on down there, here are a few top rated choices to avoid that dreaded VPL! Yes ladies, it is possible!

Aerie No Show Cotton Thong Underwear in color Heather Gray, $8

Victoria’s Secret No Show Mesh High-waist Thong Panty in color Pale Berry Dot, $10 Urban Outfitters Out From Under Luxe Lace Thong, $8 and Triangle Bra, $24

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Do you consider yourself an outgoing local professional who is also single and ready to. . . . Meet and Clink?

Get excited! Our first Singles in the City event is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to host this highly anticipated matchmaking event! As we begin our countdown to February 18th, we thought we would highlight some of our singles who will be participating!

let's meet and clink


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

alexis morgan Age: 30 Hometown: Danville, CA Occupation: 8th Grade Science Teacher Fun Fact: Plays co-ed rec sports and currently plays flag football and indoor soccer. Biggest turnoff: A man that cannot commit.

br ke otis Age: 32 Hometown: Mount Sterling, KY Occupation: Realtor Fun Fact: Go-to karaoke song is Gangster’s Paradise or Rich Girl by Hall&Oats Biggest turnoff: Someone with bad hygiene or is messy. Not having a sense of humo!

paul miller

swati yalamanchi Age: 38 Hometown: Chicago, IL Occupation: Hematologist/ Oncologist for Baptist Health Fun Fact: I love getting to explore the world - 60 countries and counting! Biggest turnoff: Lack of communication; disrespect for other people’s time.

Age: 43

joseph caldwell

Age: 27

Hometown: Harlan, KY

Age: 32

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Hometown: Mount Olivet, KY

Occupation: Personal Trainer/ Wellness Coach

Occupation: Professional Engineer, Director of the Division of Water

Fun Fact: Also works for Harley Davidson and makes motorcycle reviews.

Fun Fact: Has been a groomsman and or best man in over 20 weddings.

Fun Fact: Has been to 17 different countries!

Biggest turnoff: Someone who is high maintenance.

Biggest turnoff: Someone who is shallow or a smoker.

dil n haughton

February 2021 |

Occupation: Nurse Anesthesiologist

Biggest turnoff: Dishonesty, disloyalty, arrogance, and lack of ambition.


SALE SALE 50-70% OFF OFF 50-70% All Fall & Winter Items!

Dressing Kentucky for Over 35 Years. (859)259-3926 | 400 Old Vine St. #102 | Lexington, KY

(859)259-3926 | 400 Old Vine St. #102 | Lexington, KY

February 2021 |


Dating sites have an incredible amount of dating data available to them. The nerds at OkCupid and Bumble love filtering through their sites’ success stories to help users better understand what works, what doesn’t and what’s trending. Both sites saw huge shifts in how users are approaching dating last year, and they’re predicting that even as vaccines roll out, people will still be taking the COVID-era approach with them into the rest of 2021.

Daters Without Borders The pandemic changed the way people think of dating, making dating from afar seem more possible than ever. More than 1.5 million OkCupid users say they’re now open to long-distance. And while you may have looked only within Lexington for dates, why not open that up to surrounding counties? Users also reevaluated what cultural “borders” they had previously built up. By casting a wider net, more people found love where they had previously said “no thanks.”

Selfies Matter

With more people on dating apps than ever, your selfie is your first impression. Find ways to not only convey your stunning outer self, but also your beautiful inner self. OkCupid offers this helpful tip: “95% of daters think smiling selfies are best.” The folks at Bumble agree, adding that eye contact is another important aspect: “Our data shows that profiles with four or more photos receive the most matches,” they explain. “The best photos are recent and also show a slice of your actual life; if your dog is the center of your world, include a cute snap of you and the pup.”

Slowwww Downnnnn

“Among 1 million respondents during lockdown, 84% of people on OkCupid think it’s important to have an emotional connection before a physical one,” the report states. So rather than scheduling a first date right off the bat, try messaging first. In fact, 46% of Bumble users reported that they actually preferred virtual dates to meeting up in person right away.

Adventure Time

We’re all ready to get outside. That means that you might be trading cute heels in for hiking boots. Grab a picnic, load up your bike and get ready to get active!

“New Dawn Daters”

Bumble is expecting that nearly a quarter of their new users will be people who ended long-term relationships during COVID. According to the report, “They’re now single and ready to start dating again, but many are entirely new to dating apps and understandably anxious about dating right now.” This means they’re not as familiar with “the game” of online dating… which could mean a refreshing change of pace for you!


What’s Your Sign?

When Bumble added a zodiac badge to profiles, they noted that people who shared their signs saw up to a 60% increase in matches. Astrology is more popular than ever, so even if you think it’s a bunch of hooey, it’s worth putting your sign out there.

When to Get Social

According to a survey, the majority of people wait to hit “friend” until they’ve been on a few dates. At least three seems like a good rule to institute. Any earlier and you may appear to be trying to get too many details too soon. It also prevents any awkwardness if things should happen to not work out between you. There are always exceptions to the rule. If the person is very public, their personal bubble is probably a little wider. But as a person trying to schedule a date, hitting the “Friend” or “Follow” button could still feel like a weird overstep.

Which App or Site?

Tinder has 57 million users, so using it will definitely mean the biggest pool for potential matches. One of the drawbacks of Tinder is that it tends to keep things on a very superficial level. Users often swipe based on photos rather than bothering to read profiles. Many users view it as a casual dating (or hookup) app. While your matches are based on the preferences you enter, those too are pretty surface-level. Bumble is a close second in number of users. It offers more personalized matches based on slightly deeper metrics. Users also tend to report an overall better experience. has over 35 million users and its unique matching algorithm matches you on some unique aspects. It can exclude people who you might’ve otherwise chosen. The paid aspect of may help offer higher-quality potential matches, and more users will be interested in Long Term Relationships. eHarmony is similar in that respect. They have a reputation as the “serious” dating site, and it’s well-earned. Their algorithm actually steers you away from matches you might otherwise pick for yourself (their logic being that your best match is going to be compatible on deeper levels than some of the snap judgements you might make on, say, Tinder.) No matter which service you select, our only rules are these: be honest, be open, be up front and be safe. Beyond that? Get out there and make some connections!

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

What to Know About Dating Now In many ways, COVID has flipped the script on online dating. Whether you’re a long-time singleton looking to mingle or someone looking for true love, here’s what you should know! by Amanda Harper February 2021 |




“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.” - Mother Teresa

“stupid.” She marched back in and demanded the judge grant them a divorce on the spot.

One of the oldest living married couples resides in Austin, Texas. To put things in perspective, they began dating towards the end of Prohibition, and they have both been retired since Watergate. This precious couple has spent 85 years together (80 of them married), and their relationship advice is very simple: “Enjoy each other.” They drink a glass of wine together every night and still continue to write love poetry for one another.

Why do some relationships last while others fail? Perhaps it is as simple as being in touch with our own needs and those of our partner.

A (former) couple in Kuwait is said to have been married for three whole minutes: the bride tripped on her way out of the ceremony, and rather than helping his new spouse, the groom called her

One tool for better understanding our partner – and ourselves – can be found in Gary Chapman’s book series, The Five Love Languages. According to Chapman, there are five general ways that romantic partners express and experience love: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. While you may have more than one “Love Language,” most people find that one resonates most strongly.

Words of Affirmation: People with words of affirmation as their primary Love Language value verbal acknowledgements of affection. They need to hear those three little words, “I love you.” They value words of appreciation, compliments, and frequent communication like texting. These expressions make them feel appreciated and understood. If your partner experiences love through Words of Affirmation, be sure to speak your appreciation and admiration. Leave love notes for them, even if it’s just a Post-It on the mirror in the morning or a quick text before you head home. The words don’t have to be complicated; even the simplest expressions can be effective. • “You know how to make me laugh.” • “That shirt looks amazing on you!” • “I just want you to know: I’m really proud of you.” • “Thank you for taking out the garbage. I appreciate you.” Quality Time: These people feel most adored when their partner spends meaningful time with them. They value interpersonal connection. They especially need active listening, eye contact and full presence.


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

If your partner values Quality Time, know that it’s all about undivided attention. Yes, you can curl up on the couch and binge-watch your latest Netflix obsession together, but the time must be undistracted. Put your phone away! One way to “speak” this language is to develop a routine together. Spend fifteen minutes alone together each morning to talk about the day’s plans. Take a walk together in the evening. Call each other every day at lunchtime. Receiving Gifts: This is pretty straight-forward. It is not necessarily about the monetary value, however, behind the gesture. People with this style recognize and value the gift-giving process, the careful reflection, and the deliberate choosing of a personal gift. If your partner’s Love Language is Receiving Gifts, be sure to mark every holiday and anniversary on your calendar, and don’t forget to celebrate small victories and “just because” days, too. Select gifts that are meaningful to your relationship or your partner’s interests. Acts of Service: These people believe actions speak louder than words. They like to be shown how they are appreciated through their partner’s actions. Cooking a meal, doing the laundry, and walking the dog are all acts of service. After a long, busy day at the office, these acts performed with positivity provide ultimate happiness. If you’re with an Acts of Service partner, think ahead. At times when they will be tired or stressed, be ready with their favorite comfort food. Offer to take over tasks that might be a burden to them. Trade home responsibilties so that each of you is working to your strengths. Physical Touch: These people feel most loved when they receive physical touch from their partner, including kissing, hugging, holding hands, and making love. These people feel unloved without physical touch. All of the gifts in the world won’t change that. If you’re partnered up with a Physical Touch person, find ways to incorporate touch into your everyday tasks. As you pass your partner in the house, lay a hand on their shoulder. Say “goodbye” and “hello” with a quick kiss or a hug. When you’re vegging out on the couch, sit close enough to touch, or give your partner a foot rub.

What is the most popular Love Language? In the book, Dr. Chapman analyzed the results of 10,000 people who took the online quiz in 2010 and found that Words of Affirmation was the most popular Love Language. In 2018, the dating app Hinge analyzed their app and discovered the most common Love Language was Quality time, by far. Why the change in 8 years? Perhaps it is because we have grown increasingly farther apart due to cell phone usage, social media obsessions, work schedules, and the numerous other aspects of modern life that seemingly take us away from our significant others. It makes perfect sense that we are longing and yearning for undistracted time together. It’s time to put down the cell phones, log out of social media, and tune in to our partner.

What is your Love Language? Now that you know a little bit about the Five Love Languages, you should have a good idea which one is your primary language. To find out for sure, you can take a quiz at This is an ideal activity for date night! The site offers a couples’ quiz: take it together with your partner and hone in on what it is you each really need to be romantically fulfilled. Many unhappy couples find they’re having a Love Language “miscommunication:” one is expressing love through a language that isn’t the other partner’s main Love Language. Love is within reach of every hand. It’s time to discover your Love Language and use this knowledge to grab ahold!

February 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

LOVEk s! c a Sh


kay, a $300k home in Lexington is by no means a shack. But when we were thinking about our For Love and Money issue, it was a tune we just couldn’t get out of our heads.

We kept thinking about our favorite homes we shared with loves... past and present. It’s such an incredible feeling to find the right home for where you are in life. Ah, memories! So many couples get engaged in the stretch from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. They’ll be looking for love nests of their very own. Even more couples will be looking to settle into a home that’s juuuust the right size as their families change.

4724 Windstar Way | 40515 This classic ranch home features lots of upgrades. The beautiful great room features this cool, rustic bar. The black granite countertops are beautiful. The bathroom has a corner whirlpool tub, two vanities and a separate shower. $285,000 | 3BR | 2BA | 1,716 sq. ft.

If you’re feeling the love for a new home this month, take a look at some LBAR listings that caught our eye. Maybe it’ll be the perfect love getaway for you and your honey. Sold before you got to go see it? Don’t worry: just like momma said, there are plenty of fish in the sea (at least in the central Kentucky market!)

February 2021 |


2021 Williamsburg Road | 40504 Sitting on the edge of Beaumont, this beautiful brick home has lots of upgrades throughout, including custom cabinetry and a home office space. The back yard has this awesome firepit, a handyman’s shed and tons of space to play (the lot is half an acre!) $299,900 | 4BR | 2BA | 2,352 sq. ft.

1072 Taborlake Drive | 40502 Affordable homes in the 40502 are like unicorns. Beautiful greenspace makes this townhome well worth the sticker price. Enjoy living in a location that’s convenient to just about anywhere you want to go in Lexington... with recently updated fixtures! $274,900 | 3BR | 2.5BA | 1,749 sq. ft.

648 Sheridan Drive | 40503 If houses had cheeks, we’d be pinching this one’s! This little Southland charmer has been completely renovated. A private master suite upstairs would make the perfect little love nest. The dream comes complete with a white picket fence out front. Aww! $249,000 | 3BR | 2BA | 1,376 sq. ft.


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

381 Bob o Link Drive| 40503 This beautifully renovated, cozy home is minutes from the heart of downtown. The open-concept floorplan makes it easy to personalize your space. Love to entertain your closest friends? You’ll love living here! PS: the drool-worthy bathroom is an absolute stunner. $289,900 | 4BR | 2BA | 1,434 sq. ft.

1026 Griffin Gate Drive | 40511 Look out over the golf course while you enjoy this end-unit townhome in the gated Griffin Gate community. It’s in need of some cosmetic updating, but it has buckets of potential! Two covered porches, two master suites and a nice driveway. $250,000 | 2BR | 2.5BA | 1,907 sq. ft.

3136 Blackford Parkway | 40509 This house is the definition of “warm and inviting.” From craftsman built-ins to the gorgeous granite countertops, no detail has been forgotten in designing this lovely family home. So much potential for summer entertaining fun! $299,000 | 4BR | 2.5BA | 2,200 sq. ft.

February 2021 |



Starting from Seed BY AMANDA HARPER

Want to try your hand at growing vegetables this year? It’s a fun project that can produce delicious results. The key to getting the absolute most out of Kentucky’s growing season is to start your seeds indoors. If you’d like to give it a try, here are some tips to get you growing! Why Seeds? Many people wait until later in the season and purchase young plants – known as transplants – to grow at home. And for someone without much gardening experience or time to devote, this is a great option. But per plant, seed packets are usually significantly less expensive than transplants. You also are stuck with the young plants your grow shop has in store, generally just one or two varieties of each vegetable. The same store might have five or more varieties of seeds available for the same veggie! There are also a lot of vegetables that grow best from seed. When? Refer to your seed packet, but most plants should be started sixto-eight weeks before the last frost of the season. For Lexington, the average predicted last light freeze is around April 20th, but old folks’ wisdom is to never count on planting anything before (a normal year’s) Derby day. For most of us, we’d be preparing our seedlings between March 6th and 20th. February may be too early to start the process, but it’s exactly the right time to gather your materials. A very big step is to get any seeds you haven’t already purchased or gathered. Look for local seed swaps to learn more about plants that thrive in our local climate, or consult a pro at your local gardening shop. This is especially important if you have questions about your soil!


How? The first thing you’ll need is a seed-starting mix, or special seedstarting plugs. This ensures that your plants germinate in a diseasefree setting that drains well. Place the seeds in clean containers that have drainage holes in the bottom. And from experience, be sure to label each and every container. You’ll thank me! One easy way to up your chance of success is to plant the seed at the correct depth. Your seed packet should include instructions. If you’ve gotten your seeds second-hand or from last year’s harvest, a good rule of thumb is to plant a seed 2-to-3 times deeper than the seed’s width. Be sure to plant more than you need: some will never germinate while others may come out a little shrimpy. You can cull the spares later. Set your containers in a warm (but not hot!) location where they won’t be disturbed by pets or kids. Keep the seedling mix moist – but not saturated – with water. Once the seedlings emerge, it’s time for a move. They will need bright light, whether from a sunny window or a fluorescent light. Rotate plants periodically to be sure everyone’s getting equal time in the spotlight. You should also consider placing them in a spot that’s a bit cooler, around the upper 60s. This results in stronger seedlings. If you plan on fertilizing, wait until your plants have a couple sets of leaves. Use a fertilizer at half-strength weekly. This is also the time to start thinning. Well Then What? We’ll talk about “hardening off” and transplanting your seedlings closer to the right time. In the meantime, enjoy this time with your new babies! •

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

February 2021 |


EMERGE Conference 2021 Tuesday, March 9th Full day of virtual programming for emerging leaders! KEYNOTE SPEAKER:


The Harmon Room: A Queen’s Gambit Experience When The Queen’s Gambit premiered on Netflix, the fictional story of a Lexington chess master was the talk of the town. Rife with references to local spots – from Henry Clay High School to New Circle Road – the stylish series was giving us all the throwback vibes. VisitLex partnered with 21C Museum Hotel to create an exclusive experience inspired by The Queen’s Gambit. The Harmon Room features a retro, mid-century feel that hearkens to days when travel was a pleasure. Details throughout the room call back to points of the series, from copies of The Chess Review to Beth’s giant chess board on the ceiling!


Here are some of our favorite glimpses of The Harmon Room, courtesy of VisitLex, brought to life by some of Lexington’s incredible creatives. To learn more about The Harmon Room or to book a stay, head to And if you still somehow haven’t seen The Queen’s Gambit... it’s your move!



TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

February 2021 |




TOPS in Lexington | February 2021




W hat Bride Are You? M A RKETPL ACE





Planning Checklist 132

Madison and Zach RE A L W E DDI NG


Vivian and James



TOP Honeymoon Destinations

Carrie and Mike RE A L W EDDI NG


Wedding Vendor Guide

Wedding Vendor Guide RE A L W EDDI NG


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021


February 2021 |


what kind of

Cla ic/Traditiоal Imagine lush bouquets of ivory and blush paired with a classic black tux. A classic bride will always stand the test of time.

I N G R E D I E N T S : Ballroom Venue, Blush Florals, Nude Heel, Church Ceremony, Monogram Crest, Sleek Updo


You’ve found your knight in shining armour, he popped the question and of course you said “Yes!” So now you find yourself asking, “where do I even begin?” The first step to any bride’s wedding planning journey is to find out what kind of Bride they are. Yes, there are different types and trust me, it’s not as difficult as it sounds! Details like color palette, your favorite wedding gown silhouette and even floral design style all work together to create an overall theme and aesthetic. So you can start by asking yourself, are you a classic and traditional bride, or a boho bride? Do you love the idea of a barn wedding or prefer a romantic garden setting? Once you determine these things, then all the pieces will magically fall into place. With the help of Pinterest and a wedding planner, of course!

left to right, top to bottom: Alicia Lacey Photography, Jessica Grazia Mangia, Lulus (heels), Madeleine Collins Photography, Asher Gardner Photography, Heart and Colour, Alexa Kay Events, Alicia Lacey Photography

February 2021 |


Boho/V tage Talk about a trend takeover! The boho wedding scene has taken brides’ hearts by storm. Imagine organic bouquets and pampas grass literally everywhere. Shades of rust and burnt orange paired with a neutral palette and vintage decor details.

I N G R E D I E N T S : Dried Flowers, Pampas Grass, Macrame Decor, Wind-blown Beach Waves, Off-the-shoulder Gowns, Terracotta Palette

left to right, top to bottom: LIlly White Photography, Melanie Casey (ring), Melissa Marshall, Kathi and Chris, LittleMissPrintCo on Etsy, Melissa Marshall, Hipster Wedding, Betsy Johnson Kyla Bootie, AshGabes Photography


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

Mod /Eclectic Think jewel tones, but in the right way. Deep and moody palettes with tastefully placed geometric decor creates the perfect eclectic wedding day.

I N G R E D I E N T S : Mixmatched Bridesmaid Attire, Geometric Shapes, Sleek Pony, Acrylic Signage, Embellished Gown, Unique Wedding Band

left to right, top to bottom: Ryan Shedrick Photography, Emily Tyler Photography, Andy Hardy, Honesty Flora, Party Squared, Young Glass Photography, Andy Hardy, Brilliant Earth (ring), Into the Light, Terrace Press

February 2021 |


Garden/Rom tic Like a scene straight out of Romeo and Juliet. Romantic mauve orals and dancing vine decor have a way of transforming a space into a love-ďŹ lled garden perfect for any summer wedding.

I N G R E D I E N T S : Whimsical Up-do, Dusty Rose and Pastels, Loose Chiffon Skirt, Rose Gold Wedding Ring, Umbrella Cameos, Colored Tux

left to right, top to bottom: Amanda Castle Photography, Organic Flora, Badgley Mischka Embellished Sandal, Briawna Meier, Catherine Langlois Bridal Design, Landon Jacob Photography, The Ganeys, Brilliant Earth (ring), Storme Makeup and Hair, The Ganeys, Melissa Atle 102

TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

Rustic/Sou For all of those southern belles who love a good lace overlay and shades of burgundy. Imagine an outdoor horizon with natural wood chairs and string patio lights. Just the right touch of country with some southern air that will have you two-steppin’ all night long!

I N G R E D I E N T S : Bourbon Barrells, Wedge Heels, Burgundy and Navy Florals, Barn Venue, Natural Wood Signage, Lace Gown Details

left to right, top to bottom: Michelle Warren, Sarah Maingot, Melissa Atle, Stephanie Brauer, Lings Moment, Sarah O Jewelry, Rad Red Creative, Betsy Johnson Alisa Wedge, Caroline Lima Photography, Jasmine Lee Photography

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Now Booking Weddings for 2021 and 2022!


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Creating the perfect bespoke arrangements for your alexandrapallos

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

catered to YOU. No matter the event, we work with you one-on-one every step of the way. Your special day should be beyond your wildest dreams, from service to the last bite. We create your vision and make the process easy so you can enjoy your celebration.

[859] 971-2763 • 720 Henry Clay Blvd. | Lexington • Over 20 Years of Excellence

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

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TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

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BY AMANDA JO HARMS COO, CoolBluLex | Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery Center

Weddings and CoolBluLex go together just like you and your beloved. Why? At CoolBluLex, we address the concerns or trouble spots that are unique to you so you can be the best version of yourself on the big day!

Till death do us part: CoolSculpting®, otherwise known as fat-freezing or cryolipolysis, is the safest & most proven technology on the market to nonsurgically target unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting candidates are wanting to target one specific area from neck down (like double chin, arms, bra, or back fat) or desire a more transformational approach for an entire region, which is where I specialize in looking at the area at a 360 degree view (like the entire midsection or thigh & butt area). The best thing about CoolSculpting is that you’re investing in yourself and your future. Fat cells that are killed during treatments do not come back, so once they are eliminated from your body they will be gone for good! Till death [by CoolSculpting] do us part!

Something old, something new: If you want to leave behind old body aesthetics that have outstayed their welcome, you should be thinking about the new you, today! I tell brides who want to feel a bit more confident in their gorgeous gown, or grooms who want to show off a toned stomach during a beach honeymoon, to plan early. That includes the proud parents, too! My patients love most that there is no downtime after the procedure so it won’t slow you down while you’re busy wedding planning. Three to six months before your wedding is the minimum time needed to treat an area and see end results. That final transformation can often include multiple rounds of treatment (sometimes 2-3) spaced 6-8 weeks apart. I remind everyone that you’ve waited to find ‘Mr. or Mrs. Right,’ so you know good things take time... just like CoolSculpting results!


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Soulmates: Though CoolTone & CoolSculpting were made for each other, the two procedures are different. CoolTone, our newest FDA-cleared device, doesn’t actually kill fat cells. Instead, it uses magnetic muscle stimulation to create better muscle definition than what you could achieve in the gym leaving you with a more toned abdomen, lifted glutes, or firmer thighs. I educate my patients about how these devices do not compete with each other, but only complement. Body contouring has evolved from 1D to 3D targeting muscle, fat, & skin totally non-invasively with zero downtime. By combining the two treatments, I love that I can help many achieve the shape they’ve always dreamed of and feel stronger than before, too!

Saying Yes to T HE one: CoolSculpting works on a tried-and-true scientific level, however, having a provider who can apply the scientific process with an artistic eye… now that’s what makes CoolBluLex so elite! Sometimes, people assume that all CoolSculpting is the same. NOT TRUE. CoolSculpting and CoolTone machines, while the best of their kind, is still just a tool for me. The placement of the handpieces, along with the customized treatment plan to your anatomy, will determine how satisfied you are with your results. You should seek a provider that is an expert in body contouring and has honed their aesthetic craft over the many years. At CoolBluLex, I can confidently say we’ve performed many successful treatments, received the highest training, and are someone you can trust with your transformation before you walk down the aisle and say, “I do.”

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Now open in Greyline Station. Timeless charm with a modern twist. 1 0 1 W E S T LO U D O N AV E N U E , L E X I N GTO N @oldnorthbar


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Carrie and Mike story by amanda harper photos by keith & melissa photography Some couples take the long way ‘round. Carrie and Mike met in high school, when he sat in front of her in geometry class. “I always remembered he had a big smile on his face,” Carrie recalls. As Lexington natives, they saw each other out and about over the years, but didn’t really reconnect until 2017. The couple had a big celebration in mind for their 2020 wedding… but we all know that the world had other plans. They postponed the wedding and downsized the guest list. Their church and The Lexington Club worked out perfectly for both their new date and more intimate feel. For this couple, the day was all about relaxing and letting the day unfold. “God put us all right where we needed to be at the right time in our lives. Since Mike and I are both 40 and it was our first marriage, we were not stressed at all about any of the details,” she explains. “We just let things flow naturally. We knew we were in love, and that this was a celebration of us.” The Maid of Honor, Haley Williams, tucked a picture frame into Carrie’s bouquet 10 minutes before the bride was to walk down the aisle. One side featured a photo of Carrie’s 95-year-old grandmother, who couldn’t attend due to her health. The other side featured a photo of Carrie’s late brother. “It was such a thoughtful gesture of her to think of that detail, and nice that they were there in spirit on our big day.” Mike stepped in to ensure that the details were meaningful. “Mike is very sweet and sentimental, so he took all of the little things in the wedding very seriously,” Carrie says. From the brass quintet to soloist La’Shelle Allen singing a Kenny Chesney song to a drum roll before Carrie walked down the aisle, every note of their ceremony was pure perfection.

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A week before the wedding, Carrie’s mom asked her how the couple planned on getting from the wedding to the reception. The bride simply replied that they’d ride with someone, which shocked her mom. So Carrie worked with her friends to devise a silly, homespun getaway. Her friend escorted them away in Mike’s late mother’s pearl white Cadillac. Her friends had painted tin green bean cans white and tied them to the bumper, and wrote “Just Married” in shoe polish on the back window -- a very retro look! For fun, they had a flashing caution light on top, which made them laugh all the way down to The Lexington Club. “With the smaller crowd, we decided we would get really tasty wine and have a nice, seated dinner,” she explains. The couple chose navy velvet tablecloths, blush napkins and beautiful tableware. The vintage wedding bells the couple used for their cake topper came from Carrie’s parents’ wedding 45 years ago. Carrie’s friend, j. stuart hurt of house by JSD was in charge of the florals. “When you have a best friend in the flower business, you don’t even have to ask what it’s going to look like; they just know how to reflect you!” “I would not do a single thing differently,” Carrie explains. “Be thankful for having your parents and grandparents there, if you are fortunate, and if you are blessed enough to have a handful of diehard friends by your side, then you are one lucky couple.”

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PHOT O Keith & Melissa Photography CEREMONY V ENUE Centenary United Methodist Church RECEPT ION V ENUE The Lexington Club CAT ERING The Lexington Club W EDDING PLANNER Bride along with Stuart House with house by JSD F LOW ERS house by JSD RENTALS Bryant’s Rent All BRIDA L GOW N Italian Handmade GROOMS AT T IRE Jos A Bank and Logan’s of Lexington HAIR Prive Hair Salon JEW ELRY Joe Rosenberg

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Madison andZach story by amanda harper photos by abigail e photography Like so many couples today, Madison and Zach first “met” through a social media message. Zach took her on their first date to Grey Goose, and they hit it off. Zach’s family is from Frankfort while Madison is from Lawrenceburg, so they both love bourbon and exploring Kentucky’s beauty. When it came to choosing a wedding venue, they wanted something that offered stunning views of the gorgeous scenery. Ashford Acres Inn offered a bed & breakfast with a beautiful white reception barn. It served as a perfect backdrop for their nuptials. “Our favorite moment was finally getting to marry one another. With a stressful year, it was amazing to be able to marry the love of my life,” Madison reflects. “I love getting ready with all of my family and best friends, and really soaking in the day.” The couple’s pup, Dakota, served as the flower girl. The couple stood in front of a wooden archway, decorated with pampas grass and florals to exchange their vows, letting their guests enjoy the beautiful November day. For other couples about to get married, Madison suggests, “Invest in your vendors. My day went so smoothly because I had the best vendor team out there! I have no regrets with anything from my wedding day, just that I wish days lasted longer. It truly was the best day of my life.” She also adds, “Take your time! Enjoy being engaged: it all happens so fast!” The reception brought out dark, emerald green tones and soft pinks in the decor. Gold and black accents added a classic twist to the bright, modern elements. A remembrance table dedicated to the couple’s heavenly family members and friends was a heartwarming touch. “We love having all of our friends and family (mostly… thanks, COVID) in one space, and being able to celebrate and dance the night away,” Madison says. For the couple, the (bad) dancing was a favorite funny memory. “Our family and friends sure know how to get down!”

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“If we could do anything differently, we would spend more time talking to our guests,” Madison explains. “It all happens so fast, I wish I could have spent a little longer seeing each and every one of our guests. Other than that, it was the most perfect day and I wish I could relive it over and over.” Madison’s best advice for couples struggling with how to spend their wedding budgets? Two trade-offs she would have made: “Less money on decor and lots on flowers. A smaller cake, more money for alcohol and late-night snacks!”


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PHOT O Abigail E Photography and M o r g a n Ta y l o r s P h o t o g r a p h y (2nd Shooter) V IDEO Happy Camper Films V ENUE + CAT ERING Ashford Acres Inn CAKE Martin e’s Pastries W EDDING PLANNER Haley Michelle Designs F LOW ERS I n B l o o m F l o w e r Fa r m RENTALS Bryant’s Rent All BRIDA L GOW N Tw i r l B o u t i q u e B R I D A L PA R T Y S h o w M e Yo u r M u m u GROOMS AT T IRE G e n e r a t i o n Tu x a n d A S O S MAKEUP LaShira Davidson HAIR Leann Durr STAT IONERY + CALLIGRAPHY Haley Michelle Designs DJ Allstar Entertainment

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Vivanian d s e m Ja

story by taylor riley photos by we choose the moon

After meeting on the first week of graduate school, Vivian Doyle Mason never knew Dr. James Mason would eventually be her husband. Like many students, Vivian wanted to pinch a penny, saving $300 in parking fees to park a mile from the University of Kentucky’s campus. As Vivian looked for a shuttle, she stopped and asked a handsome man for directions. From their conversation, she learned the man was in the same master’s program, in all the same classes together (ones he slept through), and that he didn’t know the directions to the bus stop. As the conversation came to an end, Vivian jokingly said, “If you sit next to me in class, I’ll make sure you stay awake.” James sat next to Vivian, who still hadn’t found the bus stop, the following day giving her a gap-toothed smile. The rest was history. Vivian grew up in Versailles, eventually going to Centre College and grad school and medical school close to home. James, born into a military family, traveled and lived in many places until his parents retired and settled in Lexington where the couple would eventually meet. In March, the couple married at Passalino’s on West Market Street in Louisville--they were attracted to the modern and urban look of the venue. “It was the perfect space where it was small enough to have an intimate feel but large enough for all of our families and friends to enjoy the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception in the same space comfortably,” Vivian, who graduates medical school in May 2021, says. The decor was inspired mostly by Pinterest, says the bride; she loved the glamour and uniqueness of geodes and crystals. Most of the centerpieces and decor were DIY (Do It Yourself) projects finished by the bride and bridal party. “I specifically loved the way the amethyst crystals added extra ‘sparkle’ to our mauve color theme,” she says. Vivian had her seamstress cut pieces from her mother’s wedding dress into her veil. “My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and it was really special to have a piece of a strong, inspirational woman incorporated into my wedding look,” she says.

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Some of the couple’s favorite moments included Jumping the Broom, which is a ceremonial aspect of the vows that symbolizes settling down into a marriage relationship. The couple decided to write their vows, creating a special moment to “speak from the heart to each other,” Vivian says. She also loved the father-daughter dance she shared with her dad; they even went to private dance lessons to conquer the moves. Vivian says she wishes she would have asked someone to save the couple’s cake. By the time she and James, who is currently in residency training in Anesthesiology in Miami, Florida, had time to sit down and take a breather, the wedding cake was gone. It must have been a hit because the guests ate most of the geode cake and the Pokemon ball grooms’ cake. To other couples, Vivian gives this advice: Breathe. “Even if you think things aren’t going according to plan, don’t worry,” she says. “No one will ever know. Just enjoy the night as much as you can because it’ll fly by quicker than you know.”


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PHOT O We C h o o s e t h e M o o n P h o t o g r a p h y V IDEO Nikia Dickerson Film + Photo V ENUE Passalin o’s CAT ERING Events by Southern Sparkle, LLC CAKE Baked by Qureshi W EDDING PLANNER Esther Bak F LOW ERS Boston’s Floral Couture RENTALS All Occasions Event Rental BACKDROP Wa r f o r d & C o . BRIDA L GOW N Glitz Nashville B R I D A L PA R T Y AT T I R E David’s Bridal GROOM + GROOMSMEN AT T IRE M e n ’ s We a r h o u s e HAIR Prime Beauty Studio MAKEUP N o Fa c e L e f t B e h i n d b y Shikeera Keith CALLIGRAPHY Jessica McAlpin

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Honeymoon s n o i t a n i Dest by Patti Nickell

February is the month for romance, and if you are planning a wedding, thoughts of a honeymoon can’t be far behind. In the era of COVID-19, it’s more difficult to find a destination that is both romantic and safe. Here are three options designed to please the most discriminating bride and groom.

Nassau, Bahamas Less than 300 miles from Florida, the Bahamas are a perennial favorite for honeymooners. Whether it be the pulsating calypso rhythm of Nassau or the pearl pink sands of Eleuthera; the shoppers’ paradise of Grand Bahama or the laid-back atmosphere of Abaco, these islands are meant for the honeymooning couple. They can dive on Andros; snorkel on Green Turtle Cay; go big game fishing in the Biminis or enjoy the protected Land and Sea Park on Exuma (pigs may not fly, but they swim here). Eventually, most make their way to Nassau, the islands’ intoxicating capital. Whether it’s basking on the white sands of Cable Beach, shopping for that special memento at the Straw Market, booking a candlelit dinner at 19th century Graycliff, once a pirate’s manor, or hitting one of the glitzy casinos, the fun is non-stop. And just across the causeway is Paradise Island. ROMANTIC PLACE TO STAY: Paradise Island is home to the Atlantis Resort. Like its mythical namesake, Atlantis promises a wealth of otherworldly experiences. Chief among them is The Dig. Located just off the lobby of the hotel’s Royal Tower, it is a recreation of the submerged lost continent of Atlantis. Here, you can wander through a series of maze-like passageways lined by glass-walled aquariums. Marvel at colorful marine life showcased against a backdrop of reconstructed temples, columns, cenotes and statues. For their accommodations, honeymooners may opt for The Cove at Atlantis, a quieter, more secluded tower a short walk away from all the glitz and glamor of the resort’s main attractions. Here, you’ll get an open-air lobby cooled by island breezes, stellar service and adults-only stretch of beach.


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photos courtesy of Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board

Riviera Maya, Mexico Mexico’s Riviera Maya is fast becoming North America’s version of the French Riviera, albeit a more casual, laidback and accessible version. Riviera Maya is located on the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, one of the country’s most scenic areas. If you choose to honeymoon here, there is no shortage of adrenaline-boosting activities: eco tours to Xel Ha and Xcaret; guided tours to the Mayan ruin at Tulum perched on its rocky outcrop overlooking the sea; snorkel expeditions to an underground river beneath a canopy of stalactites at Labna Ha Cenote and Eco Park, or a ferry to nearby Cozumel for some of the planet’s best scuba diving. Or simply relax on the spectacular sweeps of white sand beach.

Jamaica This island of yellow birds, reggae and rum punches is not just a generic isle, but a remarkable country, with its own food, music, art and culture. True, its beaches are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean – just check out Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay or Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

ROMANTIC PLACE TO STAY: El Dorado Casitas Royale is a tropical oasis for adults only, making it a perfect choice for honeymooners. In your overwater bungalow you will be pampered by your very own butler who is only too happy to fulfill your every request – whether it be champagne for breakfast or an en suite massage for two. If you want to ramp the luxury up an extra notch, book the Casita Suite where the balcony double bed allows for your own private celestial show. Wishing upon a star has never been more romantic.

But there’s so much more to Jamaica than beaches, beautiful as they are. Honeymooners can climb Dunn’s Rivers Falls; raft the Martha Brae or Rio Grande rivers, or take a candlelight tour of Rose Hall Great House and look for the ghost of the notorious White Witch said to haunt it. The last not sound romantic enough? For a kinder, gentler experience, there’s Greenwood, built in 1790 by a relative of English poet Elizabeth Barrett whose love affair and marriage to fellow poet Robert Browning beats anything the Hallmark Channel has to offer. Whatever you choose, spend one evening toasting the sunset at Rick’s Cafe on Negril’s cliff end (if you’re an adventurous pair, you can jump off the 35-foot cliff into the cove below.) ROMANTIC PLACE TO STAY: Goldeneye. It seems James Bond loved Jamaica. He began his cinematic adventures here in 1962 with Dr. No, and it’s here that Daniel Craig’s turn as the suave spy comes to an end with the 25th film, No Time to Die, due out later this year. It’s no coincidence that 007 loved Jamaica as his creator, Ian Fleming, lived here at a secluded property fittingly named Goldeneye. Now an intimate boutique hotel, Goldeneye offers a 4-night package which includes accommodations in a garden hut, waterside villa or private cottage. The package also includes a guided snorkeling expedition through Fleming’s favorite reef; a visit to Firefly, the former estate of Fleming’s friend, playwright Noel Coward, and a bottle of Bollinger champagne (which Bond was known to pop the cork on.)

courtesy of Alice Marshall PR

• Finalize guest list • Mail save the dates • Research hotels near venue and reserve room blocks • Choose bridesmaid attire/accessories • Register for gifts • Book florist

• Choose a wedding date • Plan out wedding theme/style • Choose/ask wedding party • Schedule engagement photos • Start compiling guest list

• Order invitations • Order wedding cake • Book your wedding night hotel • Work with florist to decide on floral decor • Plan welcome bags for out of town guests • Schedule dress fittings • Decide on playlist (including a "do not play" list) for your DJ or band • Order favors

Photo by Jessica Janae

Blush & Glow

Determine your budget

Lexington, Ky

Photo by Christina Karst


Research florists

Research hair/makeup; book stylist

10-12 MONTHS

Research venues and wedding dress styles Photo by Jeff + Michele Photography


• Create a wedding website • Create/order save the dates • Book ceremony/ recpetion venue • Book officiant • Purchase wedding dress/veil (will take 6-8 months to arrive)

Alex Rose Gold Drop Earrings

Available at Kendra Scott

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens Louisville, KY

Air of Romance Dress

Available at



• Decide on wedding cake style/flavor • Research wedding favors • Meet with officiant and plan ceremony • Start planning honeymoon • Choose groom/ groomsmen attire • Book transportation • Purchase wedding bands • Book rehearsal dinner venue • Research wedding invitation designers

Hayley Paige

Available at Twirl Boutique

Bow Tie by R. Hanauer

Available at Logans at Lexington Green


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Book honeymoon flights and hotels

Dupree Catering

• Follow up with any guests who haven't RSVP'd • Give a final head count to caterer • Make sure DJ/band have playlists and timeline • Have final payments/tips ready for vendors • Deliver "musthave" image list to photographer/ videographer

Lexington, Ky

• Start organizing RSVPs • Write wedding vows • Review ceremony details with officiant • Apply for marriage license • Work with wedding planner on finalizing day of timeline; distribute to vendors

Finalize menu with caterer

by haley norris Owner of Haley Michelle Designs

Sleep Mask by Kate Spade

Available at Dillards Fayette Mall

Get your beauty sleep Attend final fitting






Get final haircut/color • Finalize timeline for ceremony and reception • Purchase wedding decor/rentals • Order gifts for bridal party, parents and each other • Order menu cards/ day of stationery • Order rehearsal dinner invitations • Mail invitations

Finalize seating arrangements

Photo by Esther Sun Photography

• Pick up wedding rings • Confirm honeymoon reservations and start packing • Check in with wedding planner to confirm details with other vendors • Pick up marriage license • Order thank you notes • Finish any last minute DIY decor • Confirm delivery/ pick up of all rentals

• Make sure everything is laid out/packed for the big day (Essentials include: dress, rings, marriage license, shoes, etc.) • Deliver welcome bags to hotels • Get mani/pedi • Attend rehearsal and dinner

You're getting married tomorrow!! Haley Michelle Designs Lexington, Ky

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At Home DIY

For the Love of Crafts After taking down my Christmas decorations shortly following the holidays, my four year old asked me what we would get to decorate for next. Like his Mama, he was missing the coziness that the decorations brought into our home. When I told him that there really wasn’t anything until we switched our decor to spring, he cried actual tears. I told him the next holiday was Valentine’s Day but that we didn’t usually put much out for that, and he said, “Well we can this year!” That was all I needed, a reason to go to TJ Maxx. We bought a little Valentine garland and decided we would stat on some crafts to decorate with. Other than the obvious handprint crafts, we mixed it up a bit and put a boy spin on it and here’s what we came up with:

Paper Plate Valentines Dinos These turned out pretty cute! All we used were paper plates, toilet paper rolls, paint and glitter. The boys each chose a color (well, my two year old actually chose several colors to mix!) They painted their dino parts (which I had pre-cut) until there was no white left to paint. [TIP: I almost always tape down what the boys paint. This keeps it from sliding when they’re painting.] We glued the heads and tails on, cut slits in the toilet paper rolls, and slid the plates in. As a kid, I loved glitter, but as a mom...not so much! So, with (lots) of help, we added some glittery touches! They’re not what I would have pictured as mantle decor five years ago, but to me today they’re pretty perfect.

Painted Hearts I cut out some cardstock hearts on white paper, but these could be painted on any color. We paint with a paint brush all the time, so we stuck with our dino theme. We used toy dinosaurs and Crayola washable paint and the boys covered their hearts in dinosaur footprints. They loved that they were getting to paint with their toys, and thought it was so silly! I also let my two year old wash the dinosaurs in the sink and that bought me a solid twenty minutes after painting!

Valentine’s Soup Okay, so this one isn’t a craft but talk about easy! I’m a teacher, and while most days my boys are at the school or our sitter’s, there are some days they are at home with me while I work, and having planned activities for them to keep them busy is a must! I simply used $1 dish tubs, dropped a few drops of red food coloring into warm water, added some foam hearts, and pom poms and let them play! The separate tubs were a game changer too, because let’s face it- toddlers don’t share very well. Water tubs are always my favorite because you don’t have to add much to them...most kiddos love some time with their hands in the water.


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

DIY with Kids


JESSI TURNER Fruitful Phases Blog @fruitfulphases

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Kentucky Concrete Coatings

Boosting curb appeal with attractive upgrades to your garage and patio. by Megan Martin



Scott and Heather Ferguson and their sons, David and Robert, founded Kentucky Concrete Coatings after realizing that there were high-end upgrade options for nearly everything in your home except concrete coatings. The products that were available were not built to last and had few options for customization. They wanted to provide a solution for homeowners dealing with cracked and stained garage floors and patios, and business owners considering expensive options that would still need frequent sealing or deep cleaning. Kentucky Concrete Coatings partners with Penntek™ to offer a durable and attractive coating that can be installed in a single day. For businesses, that means a minimal disruption in service, and for homeowners, that means the boxes from the garage won’t be in your way for too long. Your new floor will be completely dry and ready the next day. Scott says, “Our polyurea coating makes for simple cleanups in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or pet areas. Just to name a few. For your patios and garages, the coating stays cooler longer, so in the summers you don’t have to worry about scorching your feet on the hot wood or pavement.” Commercial clients like churches, farms, and salons count on the Kentucky Concrete Coatings team because the final product has an anti-slip texture, can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and it is easy to sanitize—leaving bacteria with no place to linger. Whether you want to create a floor with a showstopping custom design or you are just looking for something cleaner, safer, and more durable than what you have, they can help. Their family owned and operated business is built on quality, hard work, and professional service. Kentucky Concrete Coatings backs up their work with a 15-year warranty for residential customers and a 5-year warranty for commercial businesses. If your floor is fresh concrete, damaged, stained, or even has an old coating on it—they are up to the task. • (859) 705-1619 •



For us, doing the right thing isn't just about banking smarter, it means supporting our neighbors when they need some extra help.

901 Richmond Road | 3101 Clays Mill Road #100 | | 800.364.3631


TOPS in Lexington | February 2021

dining out

p U e l d d u C some

e s i u C y z o C Recently, TOPS had a chance to sit down with Jillian Richards, the Director of Marketing of Bella Note Restaurant Group to get the inside scoop on their latest culinary venture Bella Café & Grille. Here is what she had to say.

but i H @ e t s u M

It is such a mix of different flavors that work so well together. The raisins, mushrooms, and balsamic brown butter, this flaky fresh Halibut is just over the top delicious!

Bella Cafe and Grille came along for a couple of different reasons. Kuni Toyoda, owner, has always wanted to be in the Chevy Chase area and has had a friendship with Le Matin’s owner for years, so when Abbas decided in 2019 to retire he reached out to Kuni because he knew Kuni wanted to be in the Chevy Chase area. This opened a new door for Bella Notte Restaurant Group. We decided to step out of the “Italian” umbrella and branch out to new genres of cuisine. We did want to keep the most important element of our kitchens by continuing the focus on the scratch made, fresh ingredients, and locally purchased as much as possible. So with that said, our menu was developed with the tag “Everyday Dining You Deserve”. Because that is exactly what we believe. Our menu has started with what we believe will be great staples for the community but we are not going to stop there. We will be evolving our menu as we meet and interact with our guests. We have already introduced a vegetarian Marinated & Grilled Portobello Burger substitute option just from the feedback we are receiving from the neighborhood. Absolutely keep an eye out for our next phase of menu items. Our restaurant’s ambiance is also an important feature. We have designed this to be cozy and inviting as if you are at home enjoying dinner among friends and family. As the spring time approaches we will also be adding to our front outdoor dining to execute the same feeling. We want each and every guest to feel right at home at Bella Cafe & Grille! Also because we know how important Le Matin’s Bakery was to the neighborhood, we have been keeping the tradition by making fresh baguettes from Abbas’ very own recipe. Also for all our guests that are not ready to come out and dine yet, we are offering Free Delivery through our website at


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Love The Skin You’re In! Marsha Clubb Auton 14 Years Experience

Aesthetic Skin Care Center 2376 Alexandria Drive | Lexington 859-278-0996

Karen L. Sims, RN, BSN 29 Years Experience

Open: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

clothing | accessories | jewelry

Unique Styles & Trends for Follow us on

February 2021 |

“all of you”

& come see us in Richmond!








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TOPS in Lexington | January 2021

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Freedom March Downtown | January 18 hosted by Lexington MLK Holiday Committee Photos by Woody Phillips


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eat. shop. visit.






11:00 AM—11:00 PM DAILY



Sugar Pie. Honey Bunch. Apple of my Eye. Let me call you sweetheart... in honor of Valentine’s Day, we looked into what couples’ pet names are most popular in our state. As it turns out, y’all love your “babes!” It was the most popular pick in a poll by Next up was variations of “honey,” which doesn’t surprise our Southern hearts at all. Bad news for BAEs... only about 4.4% of you use that acronym of endearment. Millennials and Gen X’ers are more likely to call their sweetie “babe” while Boombers keep it classic with “hun!” Way to bee sweet, Kentucky!

Babe or Baby - 32.6% Honey - 19.2% Dear - 15.8% February 2021 |








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