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APRIL 2021 • vol. 15 no. 4

AMANDA HARPER Vice President of Production

HALEY NORRIS Creative Director

Filler Finesse

cannula causes less pain. In our experience, both advantages have rung true. The biggest benefit of a cannula, however, is safety. Vascular occlusion, when a filler is inadvertently injected into a small blood vessel, is an exceedingly rare, yet feared complication. The JAMA article found the rate of vascular occlusion was lower with the use of cannulas, and lower for injectors with more experience. Cannulas may not be useful in all areas, so needles must still be used for many injections.


They are a mainstay of the techniques to fight aging and keep a youthful appearance. More and more of these products have come to market, and if Europe is an indicator, that trend will continue for a long time. Patients and their injectors now have access to products specifically tailored to individual areas or applications. In the human face, a one-size-fits-all approach is never the best choice. Some products are designed to be injected very shallow and fill small lines in highly mobile areas, consider vertical upper lip lines. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are fillers used to volumize larger areas where natural plumpness has been lost.

MICRO CANNULAS USED FOR FILLER INJECTION ARE ANOTHER TECHNOLOGY WHICH HELPS IMPROVE QUALITY AND SAFETY. Although our practice has been using micro cannulas for many years, a recent article in the JAMA Dermatology journal added scientific documentation to the benefits of cannulas. A cannula is basically a blunt needle with the exit hole located on the side instead of the end. Cannulas offer several theoretical advantages. First, the risk of bruising is decreased since the blunt tip is more likely to push a small blood vessel out of the way instead of puncturing it like a sharp needle. The second theoretical advantage is that the

THE PRODUCTS ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE SKILL, ARTISTIC VISION, AND TECHNIQUE OF THE PERSON INJECTING THEM. Learning to inject safely is a matter of anatomic knowledge and training. Achieving a good clinical result repeatedly is a function of experience and having a good aesthetic sense. The latter cannot be taught, rather it is an intrinsic quality of the injector. Dr. David Kirn is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who is devoted to advanced techniques in Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breast, and Body. Dr. Kirn, Carey Sanders, RN, Shirley Ramsey DNP, APRN, and Tara Smith APRN offer a full spectrum of non-surgical treatments such as Botox®, Dysport®, Dermal Fillers, & Laser.




Hello again Dear Reader, It is so good to see you! Back in my classic radio days, one rite of passage every Spring was playing The Beatles’ “Here Come’s The Sun.” It’s a fantastic way to officially mark the end of a long, cold winter and welcome the joyful promise of spring. It was just a few weeks ago we had an ice storm! Bring on The Beatles! It’s time to break out that classic and finally welcome spring back to Kentucky. It just couldn’t come soon enough. As of press time, we have some wonderful news and trends regarding Covid-19. Cases are down, vaccinations are up, and our positivity rates are at a several-month low. It seems that we have the virus on the run. If this were a basketball game, it’s heading into the 4th quarter, and we’ve got the lead. Let’s not blow it! This issue is our annual Home and Gardens salute. You’ll find terrific articles on how to renew, refresh, and re-energize your castle. One of our new features is “Obsessions,” a curated glance at beautiful home décor you can find locally. Take a tour of two beautiful homes without leaving the comfort of your sofa. One house is “French and Fabulous,” while the other is a Jessamine County charmer just for “Modern Living.” You’ll love the interiors and exteriors. The real estate market continues to be hot, hot, hot! You will meet many TOP Real Estate Professionals who can help you navigate this exceptional market. These are super pros whose advice will help you minimize your stress and maximize your transaction. After all, buying or selling a home is no time for amateurs. Remodeling? Spring Fashion? Inspirations? And did we mention Keeneland and the Derby? Yep, sounds like spring has really, truly arrived! Finally, it’s time to get out to see and be seen! The “TOPS-ARAZZI” photographers will be out and about to snap a pic or two of you in your fashionable best. It’s good to be back. Look for those pics next month in our May issue. And once again, thank you for being a loyal reader. As always, please make an extra special effort to patronize the businesses you see featured in TOPS. They are the reason this is a free publication and not a $6 retail price. Tell them you “Saw Them in TOPS!” It will mean the world to let them know you appreciate their support.

r e b r a Y Keith Until next month,

Editor’s Picks Our homes. Our outdoor space. Both things we love and treasure! Every year we all get that “itch” to add a little something new and fresh to our surroundings. I hope you enjoy these fun items that caught my eye this month as we all begin to enjoy warmer temperatures and longer days! Happy Spring friends!

Fran Elsen, Editor-in-Chief of TOPS

For Your Entertaining: Bamboo Bourbon Glass or Melamine Plates, Available at Pomegranate Inc.

For Your Porch or Deck: Tower Candle Holder, Available at My Favorite Things

For Your Senses (and to support a cause we love): SCOUT Antique & Modern Custom “Adopt Love” Scented Candle in Bluegrass, Available at Scout Antique & Modern or the Lexington Humane Society *A portion of all proceeds benefit your Lexington Humane Society

For the Kentucky Proud in You: Bourbon Q Kentucky Derby-Inspired Barbecue Sauce Trio

April 2021 |

For the Gardener in You: The NEW Southern Living Garden Book:



As businesses start to reopen and we edge closer and closer to getting back to our normal routines, digital marketing plays a key role in your business’s future success. At TOPS Digital Solutions, we work with our clients to customize a marketing strategy that drives impactful results. Digital marketing is data-driven, so the results are measurable. This ensures that you get the best return on your investment (ROI). Here are a few tips to get you started:

through awareness campaigns and testimonials can help establish a strong reputation.

Define Your KPIs

Get Social

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are metrics used to define the success of a campaign. KPIs can include anything from page views to click-through-rates (CTR), new subscribers, and more. It’s important to establish which metrics matter most to your overall business goals. Build Brand Awareness Without brand recognition, you can easily lose sales to more established competition. Consumers buy from the brands they trust, so building that trust

Create Helpful Content Most people head to Google to get questions answered. Rather than create a site that reads like a catalog, create a knowledge base where people can find the information they’re looking for. Building a strong social media presence is a major component of digital marketing. You don’t need to have a presence on every platform but know which networks make the most sense for your brand. At TOPS Marketing Group, we consider ourselves an extension of your team. We strive for success and want to help achieve your goals. Stay ahead of your competition and reach out to for a free digital consult and let us customize a digital marketing plan for your business.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Must-Read List APRIL 2021

Cookin’ Up Something Good?

It might surprise you to learn that this is Chef Ouita Michel’s first cookbook. The James Beard award nominee has been regularly featured in national media and honored by countless organizations for both her food and her commitment to sustainability. But she’s never written a cookbook until now. Just a Few Miles South: Timeless Recipes from Our Favorite Places features recipes from Ouita’s restaurants that have been adapted for the at-home cook. She shares the stories behind each recipe and a little about the staffs that cook and serve them. From her inspirations to the people who enjoy each dish, this book is as much about people as it is food. Available at $24.95


We all know the panic of trying to recall the name of an actor in a movie, or walking into a room and forgetting why you got up in the first place. Neuroscientist and novelist Lisa Genova explores memory in Remember: the Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting. We promise it’s a compelling read that will make you feel better whenever you have a “duh” moment.



Sharon Stone suffered a stroke that cost her more than her health: her career, her family, her fame. This candid autobiography isn’t your typical Hollywood tell-all. Instead, it shows strength, humor and the journey of a women seeking wholeness and health. Fans of Stone will still find plenty to pore over, however!

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Ready to Cry?

Lauren Hough grew up in an infamous, abusive cult. Since then, the has seemingly rebooted her life over and over again. She served in the US Air Force. She worked as a cable guy. She was a bouncer at a gay club. This collection of personal essays is alternatingly brave and silly, dark and funny. You’ll love going on this wild journey with her. Available April 13.

April 2021 |


WE’RE GIVING BACK! “In looking back at the last year and how it has affected my family, my work family, and my personal life, it is a little staggering to see how we are all surviving these difficult times,” says Clay Leavell, Owner and Founder of Kitchen Concepts. “As a family man and business owner, it did not take me long to see how many companies and lives the pandemic has hurt. Numerous times I have prayed about and talked with my wife and co-workers on how we could somehow help those affected much worse than us during this national crisis.” Jarrod Gabbard, founder and President of Boone Contracting in Lexington, concentrates his work on residential and multi-family remodeling and design & build construction. Jarrod and Clay have been friends since high school and attended the University of Kentucky together. However, It wasn’t until they reconnected later in life that they realized both had grown to be men of faith in similar lines of work. “Clay and I happened to get reconnected through a men’s conference at our Church, and began doing projects together,” says Jarrod. “We kicked around the idea of being able to use what we did in our professional lives to make an impact. We considered ourselves blessed to be working, and yet utterly saddened for those whose lives had been turned on end.”

Clay Leavell, Founder and Owner of Kitchen Concepts and Jarrod Gabbard, Founder and Owner of Boone Contracting

With that in mind, the idea for the Dream Kitchen Giveaway was born. “Together with our friends at Tops and the amazing team at Pieratt’s, we proudly and sincerely hope to provide a life changing opportunity for a family in a moment of great need.


$35,000 Do you or someone you know deserve a dream kitchen makeover? Tell us your story. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, the place you go to get away from the outside world and enjoy meals with your family. A kitchen needs to be functional and stylish. Wouldn’t it be amazing to surround yourself with luxurious touches like custom cabinetry, sleek gorgeous countertops, high tech appliances and amazing lighting? We want to work with you to bring your dream kitchen to life for you and your family. Tell us your story or nominate someone that you know is deserving of a kitchen renovation.

Accepting entries April 1- June 30th


Education Equals Empowerment With her organization, Dreams of My Homeland, Kaite Beatrice Mbayo is providing educational opportunities to children both at home and abroad. by Donna Ison | photos courtesy Dreams of My Homeland

The name Beatrice means ”bringer of joy,” so Kaite Beatrice Mbayo felt destined to enrich the lives of others. She says, “I can’t take what I have with me, so I should give back by helping others. I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference in another’s life.” Mbayo’s global nonprofit organization, Dreams of My Homeland (DOMH) provides education to children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with a focus on learning, the environment, health, and young women’s rights. The ultimate goal is “making the world more sustainable.” DOMH is also dedicated to addressing the needs of immigrants and resettled refugees in Lexington to ease the transition into our complex culture and educational system (a service often overlooked by other social agencies). Mbayo states, “I believe an educated nation is an empowered nation. Without education, people are unable to sustain themselves and provide for their families.” The school, in Kinsevere, Lubumbashi, opened its doors in September of 2018 with 180 students; it now has 21 staff and

teachers and provides education to 500 students. Along with learning, DOMH ensures clean water is available to the children and the community. However the journey was a challenging one. According to Mbayo, “It took five years to build the six classrooms we have now, because it was built from my paycheck. But in 2018, our school opened.“ Mbayo grew up as one of 17 siblings in the DRC in a time when girls were often married extremely young and received minimal, if any, education. However, thanks her mother and Mbayo’s impressive entrance exam scores, she was able to attend one of the best schools in her region. Mbayo says, “My mother never quit when she wanted to accomplish something. She insisted I obtain my education. Otherwise, I could have been married at 12 years old, but she persisted and said ‘Go to school.’ I walked six miles to attend primary school, with one book for all subjects and a pencil or pen that I could not lose.” After the war broke out in 1997, Mbayo, who was then married with a family, was forced to flee to a refugee camp in the desert area of

April 2021 |


Zimbabwe with over 200 families sharing one well as their water source. “I would get up at three a.m. to get ten gallons of water for our family each day,” Mbayo recalled. After her husband passed away, Mbayo reached out to officials to help get her family to a safer place. Instead of assistance, her requests were met with “unspeakable abuse.” However, in July of 2006, Mbayo and her family finally arrived in Lexington, Kentucky to start a new life. But Mbayo was still haunted by her experiences. She says, “After coming to the U.S., I suffered PTSD for many years. In 2011, I decided to return to the Congo to face my fears and seek healing. It was exceedingly difficult to return to my homeland and visit.” This visit changed the trajectory of Mbayo’s life, and in turn the lives of so many others. “During my visit, all I could see were the children who did not have educational opportunities. One night, during my visit, I lay awake thinking of all the children who were not attending school. I decided right there to stop focusing on myself, past pain, and abuse, and to move forward to helping others. “DOMH was born that night. In 2013, I was able to save enough money from my nine dollar an hour caregiver paycheck to return to the Congo and start building the school.” From this

time forward, Mbayo has not suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Annually, Mbayo takes trips back to the Congo to help build and improve the school. Next on the agenda is to provide supplies, such as clothing, food, and textbooks, to students as well as clean water to other areas in need and farming trees that will produce fruits. DOMH also plans to improve the school itself. According to DOMH Director Sara Kauffman, “We have over 500 students enrolled in our school in the DR of Congo. These children walk over an hour each way to school and sit on the floor to be educated. Our 2021 goal and vision is to provide these students with a generator, benches to sit on, and a wall around their school for security. These needs will cost around $68,000 to implement. We’ve raised $25,000 so far through local businesses and churches.” In closing, Mbayo offers this inspiration to others: “Don’t let your fear get in the way of doing great things. Don’t let anyone’s words change who you were created to be. When I started DOMH, I was a single mom raising three kids and working full-time with a mortgage. I knew my calling was to help people in need. Providing education and resources to the U.S. and children in the Congo is one of the things I am called to do. I know I am gifted to bring light to others.”

“I would get up at three a.m. to get ten gallons of water for our family each day.”


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

“I believe an educated nation is an empowered nation. Without education, people are unable to sustain themselves and provide for their families.”

April 2021 |



UK Swimmer Lauren Denham Gives Back This 2020-21 SEC Community Service Team selection understands the importance of service. by Larry Vaught | photos courtesy UK Athletics

Being a student-athlete at the University of Kentucky provided an opportunity for swimmer Lauren Denham that she was not necessarily expecting: she has amassed over 200 hours of community service in her first 3 1/2 years at UK. “Community service is something I developed a passion for at UK. I had a platform where I could give back and have really enjoyed it,” said Denham, a Lexington native. “I was not nearly as active in high school [at Paul Laurence Dunbar,] but all the resources you have as a student-athlete at UK have been amazing. I have got to share some great experiences with others during my time at UK.” She’s volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, where she has cleaned and cooked meals for families. “I do enjoy cooking and it is something I am passionate about doing to help those families,” Denham said.


She’s spent time crafting with senior citizens at Hometown Manor Assisted Living. “I really enjoy making a difference with the elderly and putting a smile on their face. Sometimes it can be the simplest thing like just writing a card with them,” Denham said. She also went to Harlan with a group of UK athletes to clean bleachers, paint walls, help children from a Harlan County school with school work and play sports with children. A large portion of her volunteer time has been serving the last 2 1/2 years as a mentor at Amachi Central Kentucky that assists children impacted by incarceration by engaging them in consistent mentoring relationships. Denham has spent time with the same 10-year-old girl to provide a constant mentorship.

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

“Mentees can range in age from 6 to 16,” Denham said. “This is something I really enjoy doing, and make it a priority to fit into my schedule to spend time with my mentee. We have about 12 swimmers on the team actively involved in this program. Pre-COVID, we would get together and make it a really fun gathering for the mentees.” “I try to focus on life skills and confidence building with her. We made Valentine cards to send to a nursing home. I like teaching her to give back, but we also like to have fun. We bake, go to the park a lot. Just spending one on one time talking with her is really fun.”

“Community service is something I developed a passion for at UK. I had a platform where I could give back and have really enjoyed it.”

Denham plans to stay in Lexington after graduation and plans to continue her relationship with her mentee. “Some of my teammates who move away after graduation can’t do that, but I want to continue to be her mentee until she is 16 and be in her life as long as I can,” Denham said. “One of the reasons I love doing this is that young kids give me a different perspective on life and teach me different things. She is always so excited even to just go on a walk. She might be my mentee, but she shows me how to take life with a great attitude.”

Combining her community service work with her swim schedule and academic obligations makes time management difficult. Denham admits there have been times at UK where it was “overwhelming” for her. “But it is not stressful when you enjoy what you are doing,” she said. “I enjoy going to practice with my teammates. I enjoy being a mentee. Things I do I like to do with a purpose. You find a way to make time for things you like to do. Same with studying. It’s not hard because I enjoy it.”

April 2021 |


Castellano’s 2016 Kentucky Oaks victory


Jockey Javier Castellano By any measure, Javier Castellano has already won. He has reached the top of his profession, has three children with his wife Abby and has achieved, even surpassed, the American dream. So, what drives the 43-year-old Hall of Fame jockey to stay in the race? by Peter Chawaga | photos by Mike Cyrus or courtesy Javier Castellano Castellano is one of the greatest thoroughbred horse racing jockeys in history and was definitively the best jockey for a four-year consecutive stretch — he won the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Eclipse Award for Outstanding Jockey, taking home the highest purse winnings of any such athlete in those years. He has won more than 5,300 races and netted more than $354 million in earnings over a quarter-century career. In 2017, he was inducted into Saratoga’s National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. “That’s the best thing that can ever happen to any athlete in any sport, when they call you and give you the news that you’re going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame,” Castellano recalled. “When


you start, you never realize you’re going to the Hall of Fame… Great memories go through your mind, and you never forget that phone call.” Some of us might be content to rest on our laurels after reaching a summit like that, but Castellano is still competing at the top of his sport. At the time of this writing, he was racing at New York’s Aqueduct Racetrack, winning a $250,000 purse on a horse named Search Results. And, what’s more, he is doing so despite significant setbacks, including three weeks of quarantine following a positive COVID-19 test in March 2020, and a three-month recovery from surgery on his right leg late last year.

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Castellano, a Catholic who frequently retweets Pope Francis and Spanish Bible verses, explained that he is propelled by a faith that’s derived from his “great, great family,” as is his passion for horse racing. He was born in Maracaibo, a shoreside city in Venezuela, where his father, Abel Castellano, and uncle on his mother’s side were both jockeys. The younger Castellano began his career there as well, racing at Maracaibo’s Santa Rita and Caracas’s La Rinconada race tracks in the late ’90s. “The way I grew up, what I saw in the beginning of my life, I saw my dad ride horses,” he said. “I feel proud that my family chose to be in our industry of horse races. I feel like that’s where I’m meant to be… [And] I feel proud to be part of Venezuela… My people in Venezuela, when they are behind you and support you, they give you more motivation to keep going.” But his promise as a jockey quickly brought him to the U.S.. He earned his first win at Florida’s Calder Race Course, later renamed Gulfstream Park, in July of 1997. In 2001, Castellano moved on to the New York State racing circuit, then quickly began racking up careerdefining wins, including a wire-to-wire win at the 2004 Breeders’ Cup Classic while riding Ghostzapper (a “special horse” that “put me on the map,” he said) and the 2006 Preakness Stakes on Bernadini. In 2013, he broke the record for most purse earnings in a single season by any jockey, earning more than $26.2 million. In 2017 he scored a second Triple Crown win at Preakness riding on Cloud Computing. In 2019 he earned his twelfth Breeders’ Cup win. Naturally, a career like Castellano’s has meant success at Keeneland, where he first won in 2002. He is the seventh-leading jockey of all time by stake wins at the track, including eight such wins as recently as 2019. He finished on the board in the Toyota Blue Grass last year on Vekoma.

Javier Castellano (right) with John Velasquez and Mike E. Smith

“To me, it’s a really wonderful track,” Castellano said of Keeneland. “I’m very fortunate to be riding that track, it’s very competitive. It has the best horses, the best jockeys. It’s unique and one of the most beautiful tracks in the country — good grass, good dirt and good horses.” Though he’s pressed for time whenever he’s in town, Castellano does his best to explore Lexington when races bring him here. Despite his athletic determination and lithe build, he enjoys all types of food and always makes sure to visit his favorite local restaurant. “In between the meet, absolutely, I’m able to enjoy the city,” he said. “Especially Jeff Ruby’s, one of the best steakhouses in the country… Lexington is one of the best towns in all of Kentucky, the food, the people, the atmosphere, everything.” There may not be any one thing that is pushing Castellano to compete with jockeys who are half his age, despite injury or any other setback. He seems to derive his enduring passion innately, from an upbringing that instilled it within him and a drive to work harder than anyone else. But through it all, it’s clear that an appreciation for all that he’s had — a Hall of Fame career, a loving family, even great steak — is central to his race for more. •

Javier Castellano (left) at the 2015 Breeders’ Cup at Keeneland

April 2021 |


PRO to KNOW 42

Joey’s Carpet Care TOPS in Lexington | SPONSORED CONTENT

Lexington native Ben Pickett knew at the early age of five that he wanted to continue what his parents started with Joey’s Carpet Care. Established in 1980, Joey’s was Kentucky’s first internationally certified firm. They provide a wide range of expert cleaning services, including residential/commercial carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, wood floor and area rugs. They also provide odor removal, fabric protection and 24-hour emergency water removal and structural drying services. Ben received his first certification at age 12, and now, 23 years later, he takes great pride in being a second-generation owner and operator. It gives him great joy to bring his own boys to “Daddy’s work,” and he looks forward to the chance to teach them the same way he was taught. At Joey’s Carpet Care, each team member strives to treat their customers the same way they want their own family members to be treated. When Ben sees a customer outside of their home, he wants them to be excited and appreciative of the personal service they received. Ben’s father, Joey, was managing a local carpet cleaning franchise when the opportunity came to buy his own franchise. When he consulted with his father, Joey’s father suggested he start his own cleaning company rather than buy a franchise. The first Joey’s truck was a Volkswagen bus with a portable cleaning unit in the back. With a desire to become the very best, Ben’s father became one of the first master certified cleaners in the world. By the late ‘80s, he became an instructor, teaching the certification courses throughout the US and Canada. Still instructing to this day, he has trained thousands of individuals in this industry. Ben benefited from his father’s knowledge at a young age, hearing

him instruct many employees. Over the years, Joey’s Carpet Care has kept education and training as important pillars to their business as they continued to add new services. Over the last ten years, as hardwood floors have become increasingly popular, Ben and his father saw a new demand for the ability to deep clean synthetic and natural fiber area rugs. Today, their rug washing plant is a busy part of the company as they help restore rugs with the best products and processes available. Newer fibers, such as viscose for rugs and upholstery, have become increasingly popular with designers and shines a bright light on the importance of making education a priority. These fibers require different chemistry and procedures to produce the best results. Ben and his team are never satisfied with being as good as they are; they want to be the best. While Ben has been greatly influenced and trained by his father, his mother was also a great source of inspiration. She was a partner in the business from the very beginning and was also a mastercertified cleaner. “She always told me to do everything in life as if I had to write my name on it,” Ben says. She was an example of hard work and generosity. One of the most repeated phrases at Joey’s is, “Anything you tell someone beforehand is education, but anything you tell them afterwards is an excuse.” This idea sits at the center of their communications with clients. Aside from the business, Ben is most passionate about his family. When not working, he spends time at home tinkering with home projects, doing yardwork and just enjoying the chaos of young children at home. One hobby Ben enjoys is bourbon collecting; he loves attending barrel picks. Ben says, “For me, I love all the things that define Kentucky; our heritage, bourbon, horse racing, and college sports.”



Detailed in-plant rug washing process from Ben’s perspective: When a rug comes into our facility there is a particular process we follow. Depending on the composition of the rug, the process may vary.

Step 1: Inspect the rug. We want to identify the fibers the rug is made of, as well of how the rug is constructed. The inspection may find issues like damage to the structure of the rug (dry rot in the foundation, moth damage, excessive wear etc.) The structure of the rug will determine how we proceed.

Step 2: Dry soil removal. We will vacuum the surface of the rug, then continue the “dusting” process. Structurally sound rugs can be run through our automatic rug duster; this machine feeds the rug in face down and beats the back of the rug with nylon straps. The straps are gentle enough not to damage the rug but forceful enough to knock deeply embedded soil free from the rug’s foundation. If the rug can not be run through our automatic duster, we have other equipment to help with this embedded soil removal – on even the most fragile rugs – such as compressed air.

Step 3: Washing. This step is also dependent on the information we learned in the pre-inspection. A rug that has urine stains may be treated with an enzyme, but this same rug could have color bleeding, which requires us to have other specialized treatments ready. We wash the rugs on our wash floor, agitating the chosen rug shampoo with the appropriate hand brush or machine. After the detergent has been worked in, we will rinse the rugs with clean water. We will apply additional conditioners to the fringe and repeat the rinsing process as needed.

Step 4: Centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the rug, removing the remaining soil and water from the rug. During this step, we can continue to rinse more clean water through the rug while watching a clear sight tube, so that we know when the rug is fully clean.

Step 5: Groom the rug and brush the fringe, then hang in the in our climate-controlled drying room to dry. Step 6: Final inspection. We dust it again and re-inspect for any additional treatments that may be needed. Call Joey’s Carpet Care at 859.223.8630 for a free consultation on your rugs, or visit their website:


PrettyPaper What’s covering

your walls? by Fran Elsen

April 2021 |

Thibaut | Palm Botanical


Farrow & Ball | Helleborous


is all the rage right now with bold, vibrant patterns that make us all want to smile when we enter a room. You know the saying “Everything Old is New Again...” well, it surely is! Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone. From traditional florals and trompe l’oeil to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs... and beyond. The progress made recently in new printing techniques and finishes makes it even more exciting. Gone are the days of just printing a pattern on paper; you can now have embellished corks, grass-cloths, and silks in pretty much any design you want. If you have the confidence to coat your walls with these new beauties, the possibilities are endless!

Graham & Brown | Harmony

Phillip Jeffries | Marbelous

Thibaut | Connell

Tip 46

Ready to remove old wallpaper? Give Dif Wallpaper Stripper a try! It comes in a ready-mixed spray or in a concentrated form for bigger jobs.

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


We love a beautiful new wallpaper, but wallpaper “borders” have not yet made their comeback. Borders were a decorating essential of the ‘80s and ‘90s. While there’s definitely something to be said for personal taste, wallpaper borders are a line in the sand that we’re comfortable drawing. Please take down your borders... please! If you’re looking to create an interesting edge, the more modern approach is to go a little simpler. Stop wallpaper at natural breaks in the wall with a smooth, clean line. A coordinating paint color will do all the work for you. Another idea would be to use crown molding, chair rails and other wall trim to create the edge you’re seeking.


It doesn’t have to be a wall! Use wallpaper – or even peel and stick temporary wallpaper – elsewhere in your home décor! Cover the back of a bookcase, the sides of your desk, the bottoms of drawers, stair risers... the possibilities are just about endless!

Scalamandre | Zebras

York Wallcoverings | Fiji Garden

Ralph Lauren | Erin Line Herringbone

Thibaut | Sachon Basket Paperweave

Schumacher | Imperial Trellis

York Wallcoverings | Tibetan Tigers

April 2021 |


S PRING S CENTS Springtime means opening the windows, soaking in that warm sunshine with the relaxing breeze and, of course, lighting our favorite spring scented candles. There’s just something about the perfect candle to start the day off right or make your home feel crisp and clean on a spring day. Whether you’re preparing for a brunch on your screened in porch or maybe you just finished cleaning your house top to bottom... there’s nothing better than releasing that special scent from a beautiful lit candle. Here are some of our picks to get you started:

Voluspa Macaron Candle Collection


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

for the

BAT H RO O M We all want our bathrooms to feel super clean but also inviting as this is one of the most common rooms in the house.

NEST New York Bamboo Reed Diffuser | Sephora

Natural and clean scents make for the perfect “gotta-go” space.

NEST New York Bamboo Candle | Norwalk

Eucalyptus and Spearmint Stress Relief candle | Bath & Body Works

Voluspa Lemon Coco candle | Voluspa

for the

White Barn Sweet Rosemary Vanilla candle | Bath & Body Works

K I TC HE N A lot happens in the kitchen and it’s safe to say there’s a plethora of smells that fill this area every day. It’s important to find a candle scent that doesn’t just mask the odors, but absorbs them, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

April 2021 |


for the

BED ROO M Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Your place to unwind and end your day with a little relaxation. Whether you’re a fan of clean linen scents or something more fruity, you should fill the space with scents that make you happy and feel good.

Honeysuckle Bouquet Candle | Bath & Body Works

Capri Blue Volcano Aqua Signature Candle | My Favorite Things

Celebration Macaron Trio Candle Set | Voluspa

Black Cherry Merlot Candle | Bath & Body Works


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

There’s an answer that fits, and we’ll help you find it, with resources and insights that illuminate your personal care and memory care search. Ready to listen, we’ll meet your sense of urgency with calm clarity.

Sharpen your planning.

Download 5 Steps for Evaluating & Choosing the Right Senior Care Community at

Our commitment to you:

The search is hard. The answer, freeing. Help begins now. CALL (859) 349-1273

to schedule an in-person or Zoom conversation. 1165 Monarch St. • Lexington, KY 40513 •

April 2021 |

The Cedarhurst PromiseTM We promise. If you’re not satisfied and decide to move out within your first 60 days, we’ll give you a complete refund.* Safety. We follow strict COVID protocols ( and offer vaccine information when requested. *Cedarhurst Promise™ program is only available at advertised community. Not applicable for respite or other short-term stays. Refund is available only if move out is a result of dissatisfaction with Cedarhurst community as documented throughout stay. Complete refund includes base rent, level of care charges, and community fee. Ancillary services fees (ex. additional transportation, pet fees and laundry charges) do not qualify for refund. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Please contact community for additional details. Void where prohibited.


kin’ in Cabine t r y Coo T r t’s e n ha d s W


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


there is one spot in your home that will show its age before anywhere else, it’s the kitchen. The ways we use our kitchens are constantly evolving. So it just makes sense that the look of one of the most important rooms in your home gets an upgrade now and again, too! After more people found themselves cooking at home in the last year, it became clear for a lot of homeowners that their kitchens needed a refresh. Fortunately, the cabinetry trends for 2021 are endlessly adaptable, making it easy to find the perfect look for your space and needs.

Blue Mood

Blue cabinets have been on-trend for a while now. Navy can function as a neutral that lets a beautiful stone backsplash take the spotlight. A perfectly picked navy hue looks great with any metal. With a lighter wall and flooring, blue cabinets look incredibly dynamic. Sherwin-Williams

Naturally Neutral

For many of us “beige” may as well be a four-letter word. Bad news to those of us with horror flashbacks to stained carpeting in our first apartments: beige is back, baby! Before you throw this magazine across the room, know that modern beiges are decidedly more chic than their poorly-aged cousins. It’s a classic color that will always be around, adding subtle warmth. Mixing creams, beiges and tans with classic wood cabinetry is a natural fit. More muted woods and stains will subtly pick up on the beautiful tones found in your stone accents.

Tip: Hardware

If your budget doesn’t have room for new cabinetry right now, replacing hardware can be a less expensive way to make what you’ve got look a lot more modern. Satin brass and matte black are very current options. Keep hardware in the same general style, but select a few different types of knobs and pulls for a custom look.

April 2021 |


Green Envy

Green can be soothing or invigorating, bold or soft. This eucalpytus-inspired hue (below) is a charming way to offset all of the white on the wall and add color without overwhelming the eye. Emerald (left) is far more dramatic. It’s wonderful when balanced out with simple, modern lines and minimalist décor. Looking to get in on this green trend? Tack samples up in your kitchen. You want a color that looks beautiful in any light: green is a color that can look very different in different lighting situations.

Benjamin Moore

Tip: Beautiful Bibs

When you’re choosing your cabinetry, something to bear in mind is the style of sink you like. If you like the look of farmhouse or apron-front sinks, consider choosing one with a textured bib (that’s the front part that’s exposed.) Textured bibs bring a lot of visual interest. From hammered copper to carved stone, it’s a cool way to make your sink stand out. Some brands are even offering apron-fronts with special inserts that you can swap out as your style evolves! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the classics. Plain porcelain or stainless steel can be beautiful. Just be mindful of the corners you choose: if your hardware has hard, clean lines, choose rectangular edges to match.



TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Tip: Haute Hoods

An oft-neglected area of kitchen design is the range hood. It’s a functional part of your space, but it can also be an opportunity for bold expression. It takes up a significant footprint in your kitchen, so why shouldn’t it wow? Decorative metal trims, exposed hardware, live edge wood, bold colors and stunning silhouettes are showing up on range hoods across America. Renovating your space on a shoestring budget? Consider working your kitchen’s range hood into your plans. It’s a high-visibility space that could make a huge impact on the overall look, even if you don’t end up replacing other cabinetry or fixtures.

Benjamin Moore

Dramatic Neutrals

Black cabinetry has been a mini-trend for a few years now, but more homeowners are jumping on board with the monochromatic look. It’s also a great way to highlight stone countertops. Natural woods are a smart way to offset the high contrast of black cabinets. This kitchen (right) has a bold center focus with a black island and uppers while the wood stool seats and lower cabinets offer a modern touch. Traditional hardware makes this a really dynamic look that still feels cohesive and cool. Sherwin-Williams

April 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

French & Fabulous N

estled on 10 acres inside one of Lexington’s most sought-after gated communities, The Grange, this home was designed by the renowned Frank Tidwell. With a stunning bell-shaped roof and quaint Juliet balcony, this French-influenced home is a true masterpiece. This two-story chateau is situated on a beautiful lot with sweeping views. The circle front drive is surrounded by carefully-considered landscaping. It leads you to the inviting front door, which is surrounded by charming shutters that perfectly complement that French country feel.

April 2021 |



tepping inside, it’s apparent how much attention was paid during the design process to the interplay of architecture and natural light. The home’s layout was planned with flow and function in mind, making the home as perfect for relaxing after work as entertaining friends on the weekend. The dining room is a prime example of this. Huge windows and French doors let the sunshine in. The incredible wallpaper is trimmed with green for a visually arresting twist. The room doesn’t feel too heavy, however; the cream rug brightens the space up from below. An acrylic bar cart contrasts the traditional furniture in the space, seamlessly bringing together the modern and classic. The breakfast nook is bathed in light from French doors that line the hallway, providing stunning views of the backyard.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


he formal living room is a light and bright contrast to the dining room. Sturdy leather armchairs are offset by couches and armchairs with soft lines and classic upholstery. The family room’s three sets of French doors allow light to pour in from the covered porch. Custom upholstery picks up on the colors used throughout the home, and mismatched prints bring tons of visual interest to this otherwise serene space.

April 2021 |



he home’s six and a half baths continue the theme of playful patterns. Here, the homeowners paired the wallpaper with bold crown molding and interesting light fixtures.

Decorating Tip Choosing unique, bold wallpapers for bathrooms and powder rooms is a fun way to express a creative flair without the commitment a larger space might bring. If you’re afraid that a pattern will overwhelm your space, wallpaper a single wall to serve as a focal point. Wide mopboards, window trim and molding can help anchor large prints. Be sure to choose accessories that can pop, like these thick-framed mirrors.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

April 2021 |


This 5,997 square foot, 5-bedroom home located at 701 The Grange Lane opens up to a lovely view of some of Kentucky’s most beautiful countryside. The covered back porch looks out on a firepit area with firefly globe lights. This exquisite home is currently for sale. Contact Whitney Durham with Bluegrass Sotheby’s International Realty: 859.983.9500. photos courtesy Whitney Durham

April 2021 |


Modern Living


ustom homes are as much a reflection of the family within as it is the craftsmen who created it. This exquisite 9,873 sq. ft. home situated on 5 acres in Walden is a prime example of meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of modern life has been thought of and prepared for, making it both livable and beautiful. The details are luxurious. From a rain showerhead and heated floors in the primary bathroom to a coffee bar and kitchenette in the primary suite, this home is a marvel. It was built by Bluegrass Fine Homes in 2017.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


he heart of a home is often its kitchen. This home’s gourmet kitchen is spacious and functional. The Thermador stainless steel appliances and U-line ice machine and drink fridge offer a setup that any cook can appreciate. The oversized island is perfect for both food prep and entertaining. Custom-designed Barber cabinets offer a classic “Lexington” feel while the designer lighting and backsplash bring a note of elegance. The primary bedroom features a floor-to-ceiling double sided stone fireplace. The tray ceilings make the space grand. Electric controlled window blinds offer privacy. A comfortable sitting area is the perfect spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and look out over the beautiful Kentucky landscape. A large walk-in closet features custom-built shelving and its own laundry room, for convenience.

April 2021 |


Entertaining friends and family was at the forefront of this home’s design. The Anderson window and door frames collapse to turn the patio into an indoor/outdoor space that is perfect for gatherings of all kinds. The Gunite heated saltwater pool can be enjoyed during all seasons. This home is currently for sale. Contact Tanner Napier with The Brokerage: 859.317.0115 photos courtesy Tanner Napier


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

K I S M E T • BA C
























ER • S H



Spring Home Palettes








S 70












Color is back folks, and we’re not afraid to use it! After a long cold Winter, we’re all ready for some gorgeous new paint colors to bring our walls (and us) back to life. From Spring greens to beautiful blue hues, decorators and homeowners alike are finding joy in new color palettes offering a welcome renewed energy in 2021.

MUST HAVE | Lacquered Furniture and Accessories Lacquer (pronounced lac-ker) - Decorative objects made of wood coated with lacquer. That’s right, you CAN in fact paint your furniture any color you fancy. Side chairs, tables, mirrors…anything goes when you want to breathe new life back into a dull room. Lacquering is one of the least expensive and easy projects that will ever pack such a punch!

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

DESIGNER T IP Paint the back of your open bookshelf walls for a fresh splash of color!

DESIGNER T IP Incorporate accent furniture like a beautiful lacquered chair to add a pop of color to your home!

April 2021 |


In Hamburg behind Forcht Bank 2721 Old Rosebud Road 859.264.0923 |

STORE HOURS: Tuesday - Friday 10AM - 6PM Saturday 10AM - 4PM Sunday & Monday - Closed


Sophistication WALK-IN CLOSET


Call (859) 277-0277 for a free Virtual or In-Home Design Consultation or visit us online at 246 Walton Avenue, Lexington, KY 40502 the art of organization ©2021 Closet Factory. All rights reserved.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

spr g editiо

OBSESSIONS a curated glance at beautiful home decor

Nantucket Rattan Lounge Set | Society Social

Shop our obsessions at some of our favorite local home stores like My Favorite Things, House by JSD and Norwalk Furniture.

April 2021 |


Napa Floral Print, $98

Quarter Foil Gray Mirror, $170

White Ceramic Carnation Vase, $50

Yellow has a way of brightening any indoor space in all the right ways. Go bold with your paint colors or add a splash of this vibrant hue with fun wall art, a table lamp or even a gorgeous vase of fresh tulips. You can’t go wrong with any of these fresh spring looks! O U R O B S E S S I O N S : Napa F loral Print, $98 | W hite Ceramic Carnation Vase, $50 | Quarter Foil Grey Mirror, $170


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Napa Wall Candle Sconce, $80

Large Black Outdoor Lanters, $280

Large Boxwood Wreath, $225

Talk about patio inspo! As the weather gets nicer we’re all ready to enjoy some patio sittin’ and iced tea sippin’. For all of your perfect spring patio decor, visit My Favorite Things showrooms! O U R O B S E S S I O N S : Napa Wall Candle Sconce, $80 | Large Boxwood Wreath, $225 | Large Black Outdoor Lantern, $280

April 2021 |


Navy Chinoiserie Ginger Jar with Lid, $39.95

Bamboo Silver Picture Frame, $57.95

Life-Like White Rose Stems, $4.95

Chinoiserie Shop our obsessions heaven! House at somebyofJSD ourisfavorite your go-to loallocation home stores for alllike things My Favorite spring decor Things, and House interior by JSD novelties. and Norwalk Get your Furniture. decor and create a stunning floral arrangement all in one place! O U R O B S E S S I O N S : Bamboo Silver Picture Frame, $57.95 | Nav y Chinoiserie Ginger Jar with Lid, $39.95 | Life-Like W hite Rose Stems, $4.95


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Bee Jar, $447

Botanical Pillow, $175

Oval Cocktail Table, $1299

When designing the interior of your home for spring, don’t be afraid to go with statement peices to transform a room! Norwalk Furniture has the perfect pieces to complement any dining or living room space for the spring season! O U R O B S E S S I O N S : Botanical Pillow, $175 | Oval Cocktail Table, $1299 | Bee Jar, $447

April 2021 |


Don & Mira Ball present

Hear Stories of Inspiration and Courage

with support from Cathy Jacobs & Don Jacobs Sr. Charitable Foundation

One Parent Scholar House is a program for 80 single parents who are full-time students in a postsecondary educational institution. The primary purpose of this comprehensive program is to help parents and their young children develop the educational and family life skills needed to achieve self-sufficiency.

To Benefit One Parent Scholar House

Growing Strong Families May 27 l 5 to 7:30 pm (passed hors d’oeuvres, beverages, & jazz)

Keene Barn at Keeneland

Title Sponsor:

Presenting Sponsor:

Open Air Venue Change For 2021!

Tickets: $40 each including tax. | Register online at

Think no one‘s lending?


Coby Adkins 386 Waller Ave., Suite 110 859-223-0170


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

These real estate professionals are experienced and ready to help with all of your home buying and selling needs!

April 2021 |


CHRIS JOHNSON Plum Tree Realty 859.382.9398 YourProp


hris Johnson of Plum Tree Realty approaches real estate the way that his father approached his own profession of carpentry. “As I was growing up, he taught me some skills of the trade,” Johnson recalled. “Taking a piece of raw material and finishing with a useful product always gave me a sense of satisfaction and pride. When I see the ‘finished product’ of helping a seller or buyer achieve their goal, it gives me this same sense of pride. It drives me to be the best that I can be and improve my skills as a real estate professional.” It’s an approach that has served his clients well for years, even as the Lexington housing market has surged. Today, he recommends that real estate buyers and sellers do their due diligence when it comes to picking an agent, making sure that they pay close attention to communication style, organization and marketing ability as they interview candidates. And, above all, he strives to go above and beyond for those clients who trust him with their listings. “A great agent does more than just stick a ‘for sale’ sign in the yard,” Johnson said. “They know how to market, negotiate for the best deal, they know the ins and outs of contract law and they know how to properly price a home.”


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

161 N Eagle Creek Drive, Suite 200, Lexington 859-948-1985 • cwdkycom • sigkycom

KAREN ANGELUCCI The Agency 859.338.7857


aren Angelucci of The Agency considers the pleasures of serving this real estate market, like driving around central Kentucky backroads and helping clients call some of the world’s prettiest locales home the perks of her job. But she also knows that it can be a field full of challenges, especially now. “The market can be heartbreaking,” she said. “With low inventory and multiple buyers navigating the process, the home buying scene can be rough... The main thing is to be ready.” That’s why she emphasizes customer service and professional knowhow in her practice — those attributes make a huge difference in such a competitive market. “When you work with a real estate agent, you not only get someone to walk you through a very stressful process, but a realtor will help you net the most money for your property,” she explained. “When buying, if you love the property, then the offer must be strong.” With Angelucci’s expertise on their side, buyers can close on their dream homes and sellers can bring in the maximum price. She’s a strong negotiator for her clients, whichever side of the table she is on.

April 2021 |


RACHEL CRABTREE , CARTER ROWLAND AND LIZ HODGE Winners Circle Realty Group with Lifstyl Real Estate 859.333.9933 | LizHo


ith a combination of professionalism and “all out hustle,” the team members at Winners Circle Realty with Lifstyl Real Estate complement one another and offer buyers and sellers the smoothest transactions possible.

Team Leader Liz Hodge specializes in marketing and selling properties, Carter Rowland helps to educate clients on the process and leans on his background in construction to navigate obstacles in home purchases while Rachel Crabtree offers a strong set of negotiation skills to ensure her clients secure the homes they set their minds on. Together, this circle covers all of the bases and makes a clear case for professional service. “You would never try to operate on yourself, you would get the best surgeon,” as the team explains. “This is not the time to YouTube ‘how to buy or sell a home.’ You need a professional team with heavy negotiating power and strong communication skills to be able to get you what you want. We are ready to be your winning team!” With a team like this backing them up, clients of Winners Circle quickly realize the meaning behind the name.


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161 N Eagle Creek Drive, Suite 200, Lexington 859-948-1985 • cwdkycom • sigkycom

The Bells Group at Rector Hayden REALTORS® 859.321.7753


e pride ourselves on our ability to find innovative solutions for our clients,” said the Bells Group at Rector Hayden Realtors, made up of Beth Bell Brown, Nancy Bell and Lauren Bell. “We always come to our clients with a solution-focused mentality. When someone embarks on the purchase or a sale of a house, they need someone in their corner, who is looking out for their best interest.” Those creative solutions can help their clients buy new homes before selling their current ones, simplify preparations for putting a house on the market or finding new ways to manage inspections, secure financing or otherwise complete closings. In a market that might seem daunting to buyers and sellers, this creative mentality has given the Bells Group the chance to remain more than effective for clients. “Real estate itself hasn’t changed much this year,” they said. “It’s the way we practice our business that has adapted. Our technologies allow the market to move so quickly now and, because of those available technologies, we’ve been able to manage our business pretty much seamlessly. We’ve sold more houses through Zoom, FaceTime, electronic signature applications and so much more this year. This has enabled us to not miss a beat and continue to provide exemplary service to all of our clients.”

April 2021 |


LYNDI HUDDLESTON Lifstyl Real Estate 859.539.1761


t its core, success in realty is a matter of marketing — one skill that Lifstyl Real Estate’s Lyndi Huddleston has mastered (just ask her 11,000 social media followers). “I specialize in marketing — whether it be marketing my listings in order to receive thousands of views or marketing for my buyers’ needs in order to find that perfect home that isn’t even on the market yet,” she explained. “In this market, it is so important to have an agent who is knowledgeable and up to date with technology and social media because 90 percent of home buyers search online. My marketing techniques, along with genuinely caring for my clients’ best interests, are just a couple of the many reasons that I am in the top 10 percent of realtors, year after year.” With eight years and hundreds of contracts under her belt, Huddleston brings a wealth of experience to every listing. And beyond this practical knowledge, she also brings a homebrewed passion for this market. “I was born and raised in Lexington, there is nowhere else that I would rather raise my family,” she said. “Whether I am working with firsttime home buyers, move-up clients or downsizing clients, finding the perfect home in central Kentucky is always so rewarding.”


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

TERESA BLAKEMAN The Brokerage Real Estate Advisors 859.619.9069


or so many of us, real estate is central to our hopes and dreams. The perfect place to run a business, raise a family or lay a head is integral to the rest of our lives. For Teresa Blakeman of The Brokerage Real Estate Advisors, making those fantasies into actualities for clients is a driving motivator. “Finding out what my clients want and helping them design a plan to make those dreams a reality is my specialty as a real estate agent,” she said. “If we work together, we can make it happen.” Of course, turning dreams into realities is no easy task, which is why Blakeman stresses that buyers and sellers should work with professionals who know the ins and outs of the business and have their best interests at heart. Working with a successful agent like Blakeman makes all the difference. She had over 17 million in sales in 2020 as a single agent and is in the top 1% of LBAR. “As more people move into Lexington and interest rates remain low, there is more competition for available housing,” Blakeman explained. “Which is why my biggest piece of advice for prospective clients is that they should have a plan and find people who will help them reach their goals.” For clients in this competitive market, an agent like Teresa Blakeman can be a dream come true.

April 2021 |


MELIA HORD MELIA Realty Group at Keller Williams 859.517.5900 |


ELIA Realty Group serves its clients with an understanding that real estate is one of the most important investments they will ever make, and that it requires a top-to-bottom approach from the professionals who are trusted to help them. “Our approach to each and every client is simple — yet not easy: We are the one-stop, full-service concierge team that holds your hand and manages every step on your behalf throughout the process. Every day at MELIA, we provide solutions and answers to the real estate questions, concerns and goals of local and future residents to empower them to make smart real estate decisions for themselves and their families,” explained the group’s Leader, Melia Hord. The approach pays dividends to clients, whether they are first-time homebuyers, selling their empty nest, investing in a rental property or anything in between. With historically-low inventories and an unprecedented average home price in Kentucky, MELIA Realty Group’s approach is needed now more than ever. “As the nation went into lockdown, homeowners took the opportunity to reassess their personal homes, investment inventories and real estate goals,” Hord said. “The realty industry was reminded that nurturing strong relationships is the industry’s number-one asset, at the family level, the client level and within each individual company and brokerage.”


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LYNNE SNEED Lynne Sneed Real Estate 859.983.9339


or Lynne Sneed of Lynne Sneed Real Estate and the clients who have had the chance to work with her firsthand, the case for utilizing a professional in what will probably be the most important negotiation of one’s life is open and shut. “It’s important to work with a seasoned agent on one of the most expensive transactions you will ever make,” Sneed explained. “A good agent will know how to negotiate, market and many other things. There are so many things in selling and buying that go on ‘behind the scenes’ that are never seen. It really does take a village.” The benefits of working with a professional in buying and selling real estate have grown even more clear in the last year, as low inventory has made the market challenging — for both buyers and sellers. “Our job is even harder now,” Sneed said. “Things are selling quickly if they are priced right, but it definitely is not easier. Even if a property sells for higher, there still can be issues with appraisals and more. A transaction still has to get to closing. Working with a seasoned agent will put their strengths to work for you.”

NEW condos: 369 E Main St. | 40507 Starting at $334,000 April 2021 |



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hen the team members of The Real Estate Company describe themselves, it becomes clear that they’re the types of professionals who any home buyer or seller would want to have by their sides. “Anyone in our brokerage is a mover and a shaker,” the team said. “We chase deals — we don’t wait for them to appear. The only way to be ahead of the market and on top is to have knowledge, contacts and a strong work ethic. We have that, and more.” The Real Estate company specializes in residential and multi-family realty and also offers services in investment real estate, development and new construction throughout central Kentucky. It has seen the inventory in this market dry up remarkably, with a large portion of even new construction being pre-sold. Success in such a hot market for this firm has been a matter of years of experience, professionalism and insider industry know-how. “You need to work with someone that has access to deals as they come available in a hot market like this, that knows the market, that has influence, that understands the process and can get the job done in an effective manner,” The Real Estate Company explained. “Who wouldn’t want to sell real estate in the horse capital of the world? It’s gorgeous, it’s growing, it’s booming, it’s beautiful. What’s not to love?” Operating in this market, the Real Estate Company is able to sell houses in a matter of hours, not days (it even sold a home within 30 minutes last month). And, when it comes to buying a home, it makes sense to leverage the expertise of a group that operates so quickly around listing and selling this scarce inventory. “We get calls monthly from people who didn’t hire us, wishing they had, who want our advice, our help or just end up hiring us after all,” the team said. “Who you work with matters just as much as who you hang out with matters — you better make sure your real estate brokerage is experienced, educated, savvy, hard working and has lots of marketing knowledge in this market. If not, you are only going to hurt yourself and your chances of getting what you want when selling or getting the best deal when you are buying.”

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BROOKE OTIS Otis&Co 859.432.0820


rooke Otis has been a Realtor nearly three years and it is abundantly clear she has found her absolute passion. You won’t find her thinking small as she has big goals for herself and her team, Otis&Co. She has been surrounded by small business owners her entire life and her dad, Steve, and grandfather, Archie, taught her the core values of running a successful business from a very young age. With a heart full of southern hospitality and an eye for interior design, she loves helping her clients find their perfect property, then helps to make it into their perfect home. In only three years in real estate, she has earned Rookie of the Year 2019 for Keller Williams, joined the Top Producers Club, received awards both locally and nationally for production within Keller Williams and is one of the top agents in LBAR. Otis says “I’ve never been an agent that just hands the keys over. I knew from the beginning I wanted to make sure my clients felt my genuine appreciation for them well beyond closing day. I have such a clear vision for Otis&Co. and I am so excited for our future.”


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

For years the team at Apiary considered themselves Lexington’s best-kept secret — tucked behind vine-laden brick walls, lush magnolia, and ornate iron gates along an otherwise unremarkable strip of Jefferson Street. But times are changing, and so are they. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 pushed them, like so many others, to reevaluate and redefine. They knew it was time to integrate more fully into our community as a place to let art, culture, and cuisine shine. By midsummer, it felt like the heartbeat of Lexington was fading, and the backbone of human connection — gathering around the table — was weakening. The reality of the pandemic seemed to be settling in for the duration of the year, and fall and winter loomed on the horizon. They looked around at their team and Apiary’s lofty sunlight-filled space and knew it was time: they had all the ingredients to create something beautiful, safe, and delicious to offer the community during what was proving to be a very difficult year.

A Garden e c n e i r e p x E

So in August of 2020, at the height of the world-wide pandemic, Apiary did the unthinkable and opened a restaurant. The concept: bring the garden indoors. Create a space of safety, something full of life. The citrus trees, ficus, and all manner of lush tropical plants transformed Apiary’s central indoor space, the Orangerie, into an intimate and magical garden.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

By day, sunlight pours in through the central skylight and 15-foot windows, and by night, lanterns glistening with candles hang from the branches of clusters of trees. When people come for dinner, they tell the staff they finally feel safe, like they are somewhere exotic and far away… transported. The masterfully executed food, the warm candlelight, the music, the plants — it’s meant to be more than dinner, but an experience; something to take with you.

April 2021 |


Spring is once again emerging in the bluegrass, and with it hope. 2021 is promising to be a year in which the new and the old can integrate into something more dynamic than was ever possible before. Weddings, dinners, and special events for the Culinary Club are rounding out their calendar in what looks to be a year filled with connection and creativity. The tulips are starting to peek through the soil, and Master Gardener Neli Dimitrova is busy at work raising her seedlings from the seeds she saves from the garden every year. Many of the plants she cultivates each year have been propagated from plants she brought with her from her home country of Bulgaria many years ago. It’s a special place, one that feels like home. They can’t wait to welcome you to their garden. photos courtesy of Apiary


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

April 2021 |


The Big ! w o h S

The gardens at Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate have been maintained by the Garden Club of Lexington since the 1950s. From darling alliums to budding trees, it’s always fun to take a leisurely stroll and see their handiwork up close. A local early May tradition in Lexington is to visit their collection of peonies, which will bloom in a riot of pinks, reds and whites. Don’t miss this year’s show!


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

April 2021 |


Providing the highest quality decorative concrete solutions to enhance the appearance, functionality and value of residential and commercial properties. 2901 Richmond Road Suite 140-340 Lexington, Kentucky 40509



Decorative Concrete Edging

833-CURBLEX (833) 287-2539

Keeps the mulch material inside. Keeps grass roots out.

for a FREE Estimate at

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Gardening... By the Foot!

Can you grow your own vegetables in just one square foot of dirt? You bet! by Amanda Harper Many of us will be growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in our gardens this summer. But I’ll wager that the vast majority of us probably won’t be growing those fresh veggies on a plot of land even remotely resembling a farm. For urban “farmers” like us, it’s essential to build a solid game plan that ensures we’re making the absolute most of what little space we’ve set aside for our gardens. That’s where square foot gardening comes to the rescue. The idea is simple: section your raised garden bed (no wider than 4 feet) into 1’ x 1’ squares. You plant one kind of plant per square, and appropriately spaced for the plant’s future growth and needs. This will be easy to remember because each square can accommodate either 1, 4, 9 or 16 plants, depending on their size. Why go to the trouble? Aside from the easy math, this method was designed to eliminate the need for paths, which compact your soil. The smaller size means it’s easier and more comfortable to reach your plants when you tend them. This method also makes it simple to rotate crops as the season wears on. You can plant seeds or transplant seedlings, just like any other garden. There are drawbacks to square-foot gardening. For one, it’s difficult to accommodate larger plants, like melons. The setup can also be a bit costly, though this can be true of just about any garden plot. Some farmers will find it too small for their grand plans, or on the flip side, it could be too cumbersome for someone who just wants to grow a couple containers of strawberries. Finally, it’s important to remember that this is a raised bed garden, and it

comes with the same drawbacks, like more frequent watering than a ground plot. Not sure where to put your bed? Start by thinking about your sunshine! Most vegetables need around 6 hours of direct sun per day. Next, consider overall drainage. If water tends to stand in spots of your yard, those aren’t ideal spots to place your bed. Easy! Not sure what to plant? Consider what you, your family and your friends love to eat. Lettuce, green beans, radishes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, carrots and peas are common garden staples. Culinary-minded gardeners might add herbs like chives, basil and parsley to the mix. Not sure where to plant each kind of vegetable? Be mindful that your plants might cast shade in the morning and evening hours. The plants that will grow the tallest should be positioned on the north end. While square foot gardening might not be for everyone, it’s a great option for central Kentuckians who want to dip their toes into at-home vegetable gardening. However you do it, I encourage you to get out and grow this summer!

April 2021 |

Recommended Reading: All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew, the gardening expert who first popularized this method. Learn from the best! 99


hen it comes to home inspiration, why not start with your porch? This is the space that sets the stage for your personality as a homeowner while providing a glimpse of your inside home style as well. Maybe you prefer a more traditional style, or you might be a true Southerner who dreams of a porch Reese Witherspoon would be proud to call her own. Perhaps it’s a boldly painted door with modern details or a giant porch swing overflowing with colorful pillows! Your porch can add valuable square footage and expand your living space while setting the tone for relaxation and conversation with loved ones. We’re here to break down a few different porch “personalities” and hopefully spark some inspiration as we approach the spring season, which really means….PORCH season.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

“Hi Ya’ll, Come Sit for a Spell!”


The perfect setting to invite all of your guests and make them feel like family. Envision a classic set of rocking chairs, ceiling fan, a couple of hanging ferns and of course don’t forget a cozy porch swing. THE ESSENTIALS Haint Blue Roof Ceiling Fan Rocking Chairs Hurricane Lanterns Southern Sign Decor Gas Lantern Decor Ferns Porch Swing Wood Flooring

Home Sweet Home Wooden Serving Tray with Metal Handles | Kohls

28’’ Live Fern Plant in Basket | Joss & Main

April 2021 |


Boxwood Double Ball Topiary In Beaded White Pot | Overstock

Safavieh Dragon’s Breath Chinoiserie Garden Stool in Blue | Bed Bath and Beyond

“Welcome Home”


A classic porch can make anyone feel at home. Picture a gorgeous white palette with a classic navy door paired with traditional columns for the front and cushioned wrought iron seating area to create an inviting oasis for family and friends. THE ESSENTIALS White Columns Topiaries Classic Navy Front Door Wicker Chairs Layered Doormats Chinoiserie Garden Stool Brick or Stone Flooring House Mounted Mailbox 102

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

“Hey Neighbors!”


Do you consider yourself the spunky kind? You’re the type that doesn’t shy away from color and you might get referred to as “the fun one” often. Your porch is filled with creative elements that makes everyone feel welcome!

Glitzhome Set of 2 Modern Farmhouse Wooden Lantern | Overstock

THE ESSENTIALS Vibrant Front Door Colorful Flags Planters Full of Flowers Playful Door Sign Comfy Porch Swing Candle Lantern Decor Quirky Sculptures

Welcome Door Sign | KristiesRustique Etsy

April 2021 |


“Come On In”


This porch belongs to those who appreciate a minimalistic approach to design and love clean lines. Think modern black details and geometric elements to create a stunning entrance and porch area. THE ESSENTIALS Sleek Front Door Geometric Railing Modern Wicker Furniture Black Trimmed Windows Geometric Lights “Plant Mom” Plants Large Rug Stone Pavers Modern House Numbers

Candor Single Light 11 Wide Cage Pendant |

Mkono mid-century modern plant stand | Amazon

Graywashed Acacia Marciana Outdoor Chair | World Market


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

HOT in


Outdoor Kitchens It’s easy to think of an outdoor kitchen as a luxury. But even if you have your great uncle’s rusty Webber grill parked on top of two concrete blocks in your backyard, you’ve already got the beginnings of a fine outdoor kitchen. Everyone wants their outdoor space to feel like their own little piece of paradise. Whether for entertaining friends after work, sharing dinners with family al fresco or simply relaxing after a long day, our backyards are our personal retreats. If you’re looking to make yours even more incredible, we’ve rounded up the latest trends in outdoor kitchens and dining spaces to help you picture your backyard oasis. photos by Shaun Ring


Countertops Most people prefer stone countertops for their outdoor kitchens. Granite and soapstone are popular, durable options. Tile is a less expensive alternative that can allow some creative freedom. If you’re considering other materials, speak to an expert about how much maintenance and what potential problems you’re looking at down the road.

Cabinets Hands-down, the most popular choice for outdoor kitchen appliances, drawers and cabinets is stainless steel. It can stand up to outdoor conditions and it’s fairly easy to clean. It’s also easy to match to upgraded appliances and features you might add on later. But if you want a custom look, stainless steel can offer that too: with powder coat finishes, the cabinets can be any color or mimic a number of natural textures, including wood. Marine-grade polymers are gaining in popularity as an alternative. However, it may not be as longlasting as stainless steel. And there’s the fact that it’s combustible. If you go this route, talk to your installer about what precautions you need to take.

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Some people like the look of masonry or stucco outdoor kitchens because it offers them the ability to completely customize their space. The downside to this option is that all that stone can be a real bear to install, and the setup will take up a lot of space in your yard.

Connections While it would be nice if we were talking about friendship, we’re actually getting a little more practical: you want your devices to work out there. Bluetooth speakers, projectors, TVs, phones and more will need lots of ports and electrical outlets to keep working out there all summer long. If nothing else, you’ll probably want to plug in the margarita machine now and again.

All Seasons Fire pits, gas heaters and fire tables can help you stay outside even when the temperature dips. Many families are turning to multiple sources of heat outdoors to ensure that everyone stays cozy all year long.

Made in the Shade For most of us, a dinky patio umbrella just ain’t gonna cut it. Safely covering your outdoor kitchen area means that not only can you grill in any weather, but also that your setup is just as protected from the elements. More people are building permanent gazebotype enclosures that often serve to section off the kitchen and bar area. These Pergolas are popular options for people who want to add a little shade to a large area of their patio space. These structures don’t offer the same protection from rain, but they’re lovely and allow you to use vining plants to create a natural roof. Canvas is another great cover option!

It’s Not Delivery Pizza ovens are a hot trend right now. Compact stainless steel units have hit the market, making wood-fired pizza as close as your backyard.

April 2021 |


It’s All About YOU! The old thinking about outdoor spaces was a focus on entertaining first: amenities were built for the enjoyment of friends and colleagues rather than the family living there! According to a houzz survey, nearly 4 out of 5 homeowners were focusing their home project plans on what would help them enjoy their own home more. And outdoor spaces were no exception. While it’s nice to dream about 4th of July barbeques and graduation parties, that’s really a fraction of the time you’ll be spending in your outdoor space. So instead of thinking how you’ll accommodate your guests, think first about how you and your closest loved ones will be using the space most often. If you’re thinking about your own use first, one thing you might downgrade right away is your grill space. Why sacrifice the space all year long to accommodate a monster grill that would serve maybe two or three parties a year? When the party rolls around, call a friend to bring over a backup grill, or rent one from a local party rental company. Also consider whether you really need a lot of seating space. Put it like this: would you rather have quantity or quality? Many homeowners are opting for more comfortable, luxurious seating over plentiful seating that’s not something they could really relax on when guests aren’t over.

You really can have it ALL!

No Need for Debate... It used to be that you had to pick a side: gas or charcoal? Well with the new class of grills, you no longer have to choose. Hybrid grills allow you to cook it your way. Add a smoker to your setup and everyone will come to the table smiling. If you are previously committed to a grill, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding a second grill to the lineup. People who own ceramic charcoal grill/smokers already know this well: variety is the spice of life!


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


While at-home bars have always been a popular feature of outdoor kitchens, homeowners are definitely investing a little more in these spaces. Personal kegerators, ice makers, wine fridges and more are making outdoor bars a little more swanky.

It’s Personal When you’ve gone through the process of designing and installing an outdoor kitchen, you want the space to feel like it’s finally, truly your little piece of paradise. So it’s natural that you’d want to put your personal touch into the design. Many homeowners are incorporating a pop of color into their outdoor kitchens (and yes, Kentucky blue is a popular one ‘round these parts.) From stool cushions to custom knobs, the possibilities are just about endless. A word of caution: if you plan on selling your home down the road, refrain from making these little personal touches too permanent. •

Commerce Lexington’s leadership during this time of crisis has been so helpful to me as a business owner. It is my one source for correct information. CLX is a true partner to me and my business.

Bar’s Open

- Gwyn Everly, Co-Owner of J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar

Find out more about how Commerce Lexington can help you grow your business in Central Kentucky. For more information or to join, visit Commerce

April 2021 |


Everyone wants their outdoor spaces to be beautiful. However, over the last year, the trend has shifted dramatically toward yards, patios and gardens that are just as functional as they are eye-catching. More than ever, people are finding ways to make their homes’ exteriors feel like an extension of their living space. If you are considering some upgrades to your landscaping, consider these up and coming trends to help guide your choices. Open yourself up to a world of possibilities in your home’s great outdoors... by Amanda Harper


TOPS in Lexington | March 2021

April 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

ROOMS to grow! One of the most interesting trends right now is the idea of a backyard “room.” Rather than thinking of the backyard as one, big expanse, think of it with an architect’s eye. You have a blank canvas that could solve any number of needs. A hammock for working on your laptop. A little pergola or gazebo for sitting with a cup of coffee and the latest issue of TOPS in the morning before work. An outdoor living room, complete with all-weather sofas and a TV. There are any number of ways to achieve separated spaces in your yard. Planting tall shrubs or trees can offer privacy. Build roofs and structures to offer permanent shelter from the elements. Sail shades can provide colorful temporary cover. Vertical gardens, fairy lights, bamboo poles, garden walls and more can offer visual separation as well as beauty. Of course, this could also be a literal room: some people are adding small buildings to their backyards as a little getaway space. Think beyond the typical garden or potting shed and envision something grand. An at-home bar? An artist’s studio? A guest cottage? A super fun She Shed? If you want to go this route, just be sure you’re in compliance with your HOA and city ordinances.

April 2021 |


Terraces Xeriscaped gardens often make use of rock-lined, sloped areas and terraces to maximize water efficiency. Even if xeriscaping isn’t for you, this trend is perfect for just about any garden. It creates tons of visual interest by putting your plants at stepped levels. Plants that you might otherwise not see will be on full display. The biggest benefit, of course, is that it prevents erosion and captures water that would otherwise run-off and be lost.

What the heck is

Xeriscaping? Want to water your lawn less often? Xeriscaping might be the perfect solution for you! This landscaping concept primarily uses droughttolerant plants that need less water. Also known as water-conserving landscapes or smartscaping, the idea is to strategize your lawn and garden design to avoid run-off and evaporation. It’s often promoted for areas that don’t have access to plentiful or reliable water for irrigation, but it’s just as beneficial here in Kentucky as it is in Arizona. Because it’s used often in desert areas, xeriscaping has gotten a bad wrap as being a bunch of gravel and cactuses. In Kentucky, that couldn’t be further from the truth: our natural rainfall supports a multitude of shrubs, trees, grasses, plants and flowering perennials. And to dispel another myth, no, you don’t have to give up your entire lawn! If you’re curious how your landscaping could be more water smart, contact a gardening professional with expertise in xeriscaping. Water-wise can be beautiful: Russian sage is a great xeriscaping plant!


TOPS in Lexington | March 2021

April 2021 |


Win dow B


Okay, so window boxes are nothing new (in fact, we think the original window boxes were probably grown in ancient Rome). But many homeowners are discovering the joy of this delightful form of container gardening for the first time. And we couldn’t be happier!

Box Bets Sweet potato vine White caladium Gardenias

One thing to consider is what kind of window box you’d like to add onto your home. While the blooms will be the main attraction, the box itself (and to some extent, the plants within) should still match your home’s overall aesthetic. Many people choose to pick up on the home’s trim or accent color with the window box. Others still choose a metal box that coordinates with the fixtures. Of course, window boxes don’t have to be purely decorative. Many home cooks put a window box of fresh herbs outside their kitchens. When you want fresh basil, just reach out and snip! Other homeowners fill their boxes with fragrant flowers so that when they open the window, the breeze brings in the beautiful scent.


Bronze cordyline Creeping Jenny Petunias Salvia Euphorbia Dusty miller Licorice plant Short ornamental grasses A good rule of thumb: your window boxes should be the width of the window and 1/4 the height of a standard window (go a little shorter than that for very tall windows).

TOPS in Lexington | March 2021

Variegated ivy Coral bells heuchera Asparagus fern Million bells

It’s Lit! What’s new and now in home lighting solutions is evolving, seemingly by the day. There are always new technologies to make it more energy efficient, more seamless and more beautiful. So if it’s been a while since the last time you gave your exterior lighting any thought, maybe this is your sign. “Moonlighting” places lights high up in trees, casting light down on the yard, imitating natural moonlight. As it filters through trees, it creates a subtle, elegant ambiance. Other types of downlighting are just as popular. With lights mounted on soffits, gazebos, arbors and more, you can illuminate large areas or your home’s siding. This is a more elegant solution than the sometimes-harsh uplighting of years gone by. Light color/warmth, lumen-rating and wattage are important considerations. Work with a lighting technician to choose just the right mix to create the look, visibility and home safety that you’re after.

April 2021 |





Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated.


ROBERT MILAM 859.421.1712

JENN PULLINS 859.582.5695


Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated.

Whether it’s a backyard makeover or a master bath renovation, these home and garden professionals have the experience to bring your home project to life!


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As a remodeling company specializing in bath renovations — with expertise in siding, kitchen design, decks and windows, as well — Envision Remodeling may be best known for the exclusive, acrylic/tile hybrid bathrooms it creates for clients. But that offering is merely emblematic of the customized, handcrafted approach that the company brings to all of its work. “Our installation experience is second to none with our handpicked team of experts in their respective fields,” said Leigh Morgan, Envision’s founder. “We guarantee that all of our work and that your experience will meet or exceed expectations.” That type of guarantee is becoming all too rare in a line of work that has suffered from the tremendous volume of new homeowners, rising costs of materials and erosion of community-based service. Envision Remodeling is one business that is doing more than its part to maintain the level of service that homeowners deserve. “Personally, I would like to bring back trust and integrity to the industry, as opposed to the dread and fear of hiring someone to do work in your home,” Morgan said. “As a woman, I understand the hesitation of bringing strange people into your home. That’s why I specifically chose the employees that I have and trust them with my own home.”

“Our installation experience is second to none with our handpicked team of experts in their respective fields.” -LEIGH MORGAN Founder, Envision Remodeling

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A&B CONSTRUCTION & Remodeling, LLC 859.519.7715 |

As a local, family owned, and operated business, we truly understand how meaningful project details can be to our clients. Bryant Banados founded A & B Construction & Remodeling LLC in 2003. A Central Kentucky based residential & commercial design/build/remodel company. His wife Leslie & son Oscar are his world. We have a passion for craftsmanship that resonates in our projects. “Growing up around construction gave me the ability to understand and appreciate how structures are built from the inside out.” “I’ve learned to be humble, take pride in your work, and to treat each project as if it’s my own.” We use our knowledge for design and construction to think outside the box and push boundaries. Understanding clients ideas and goals allows A&B to customize designs around their needs. Having great relationships with local and national manufacturers and suppliers gives A & B Construction & Remodeling LLC access to limitless resources, allowing it to implement a variety of salvaged materials and historical elements in a not so traditional way.

“I’ve learned to be humble, take pride in your work, and to treat each project as if it’s my own.” -BRYANT BANADOS Founder, A&B Construction & Remodeling, LLC


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Example: installing 100 year old barn timbers, using live edge slabs for a wow factor, or creating a custom recessed niche that would otherwise been wasted space. “People are spending more and more time at home and want the best possible space to enjoy it.” reflected Banados. “Homeowner’s are looking for ways to make their home’s more energy efficient and functional to their needs. As growing families’ needs change, so do their habitats. We believe this trend will continue as there will always be a need for quality, detailorientated contractors.”

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DESIGN LINK 859.225.0310 •

The goal of this project was simple – to create a space that was at once sophisticated, stylish and serene. Design Link Interiors Co-owner and Designer Nancy Elam states, “My goal with any project is to create a space that looks and feels like my clients. I don’t ever want the house to be a reflection of who I am, but rather, a reflection of who my clients are and how they live. I have known the Colliers for many years, so it was easy to understand their goals and help translate them into a home that was not only beautiful, but also inviting and relaxed.” The end result is a residence that strikes the ideal balance between luxury and livability. Warm tones and stunning navy accents create a sense of calm that is perfect for a family home. Unique casings add texture and depth, bringing visual interest to the space. Even the accessories feel like an organic part of the space. This timeless design is functional without sacrificing its quiet elegance or charm. Design Link Interiors is an interior design firm that has been serving central Kentucky since 2007. They create a unique plan for each project, clearly outlining the scope, cost and timeline, accommodating projects of all shapes and sizes. Their services include interior space planning, CAD layouts, finish selections, project management, furniture procurement, installation and more. They have expertise with both residential and commercial projects. The Design Link Interiors team has over 60 years of combined experience, as well as NCIDQ and LEED AP Certifications.


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“All projects have their challenges. We minimize the impact on you by using our experience to find creative solutions.” -NANCY ELAM Co-Owner & Designer, Design Link

“All projects have their challenges. We minimize the impact on you by using our experience to find creative solutions. And because we work with the very best vendors out there, most problems are avoided in the first place,” Nancy explains. “That said, we make sure you’re aware of the progress and the timeline. Our goal is that you should never feel out of the loop.” Nancy was the lead interior designer for this project. The team worked with builder and homeowner Tony Collier and his wife, Debbie, selecting everything from finishes and fixtures to furniture and accessories. This project went on to win every award in its category for the 2019 Tour of Homes!

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In 2017, insulation contractor John Galluzzo and his crew found themselves working on a custom remodel in Lexington for William Nudd’s contracting business. Working together, Galluzzo and Nudd applied an innovative combination of spray-foam and fiberglass insulations to achieve superior thermal and acoustic results in the project. The work was so fruitful that the two were inspired to form a partnership that eventually became Thermapro Insulation, one of the area’s most comprehensive and innovative insulation businesses. “This unique combination of industry expertise and attention to detail has proven to be a recipe for success,” the Thermapro team said. “Thermapro has experienced consistent growth in new residential and commercial construction markets, but has truly excelled in residential retrofits.” The company offers retrofit work in three critical areas — attics, crawlspaces and exterior walls — to give existing homes much-improved insulation against the elements. Ultimately, the service will enhance comfort and yield a recuperable investment within three years. Plus, there are innumerable environmental advantages to conserving energy through these insulation strategies. For those who have been served by Thermapro, it’s clear that Nudd and Galluzzo were brought together for a reason.

“Thermapro has experienced consistent growth in new residential and commercial construction markets, but has truly excelled in residential retrofits.” -JOHN GALLUZZO Owner, Thermapro Insulation


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Outdoor spaces are more important than ever to families in central Kentucky. This project’s owner wanted to update their current landscape to make it more visually appealing, as well as functional. “We love using natural stone and boulders in our designs. Once I approached the customer about using natural boulders and step tread, they loved it from the onset,” explains Jason Stanfield of Red River Landscape Services. “From there it all fell into place, from lighting to irrigation. to walls and walkways, it came together. From top to bottom, we designed it all and installed. The final outcome is a mixture of a natural design with a symmetrical flow incorporated into it.” Red River Landscape Services has a team of professionals who can provide landscaping design services for projects of just about any type or size. “We have skilled design experts who are ready to assist you with your landscape design,” says Jason. “Our goal is to create a beautiful garden area that you will never want to leave!” Located in Winchester, Ky, they can provide landscape and hardscape design and installation services for commercial and residential properties all over central Kentucky.

“We have skilled design experts who are ready to assit you with your landscape design. Our goal is to create a beautiful garden area that you will never want to leave!” -JASON STANFIELD Owner, Red River Landscape Services

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· Beautiful Views of Lake Ellerslie · 3 miles from I-75 and shopping · Less than 5 miles to downtown Lexington

Reece Miller 859.948.1985 128

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

pastels g for spr By Haley Norris


The sun is starting to shine which means we’re all ready to jump into our sandals and our favorite floral midi. So, you’re probably thinking... pastels for spring.. groundbreaking! But, there’s just something about that perfect pink pout and soft eyeshadow hues that complement every skin tone!

Morphe Sweet Oasis Artistry Palette

Buxom Plumping Lip Polish

Essence Cosmetics AIR Eyeshadow Palette

Bless Beauty Bath Leahlani Skincare

April 2021 |


savin’ face


Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy… Nothing makes me feel as happy to be alive as the warmth of the sun on my face. Granted, in my 40’s I’m lathered in SPF 1,000 everywhere. Since I am a Gen-Xer that is paying for her past sun worshiping sins by getting new age spots every day, let me be the first to recommend my favorite sunless tanners. I still suffer from a case of Tanorexia (where you are never tan enough) and although I know that skin as brown as a biscuit is not in style, I personally think I never look better than when I am appropriately baked. Here are a few faves to achieve that bronzed look and save your skin in the process.

Tan-Luxe The Body | You drop this serum into your daily lotion and apply as usual. It’s not the greatest smell and I do feel a tad sticky (I put it on every Monday morning- maybe that is why no one sits too closely to me in our morning meetings?) Although I may be socially distanced from my colleagues, I am always a glowing shade of brown. $49 |

Pradas Glow | I just bought this and it may become my new obsession. Developed by one of the gals who originally invented the same spray tan they use in the professional booths, this is a quick dry, non-tacky feeling tanner that will have you looking like a spray tan goddess at home. Bonus points for it smelling like yummy coconuts. $33 | St Tropez Gradual Tan | A new twist on the St Tropez franchise. A one minute tan. You rub this sunless tanner everywhere right before you hop into the shower. Yup, put it all over and wait one minute and then rinse it off. It’s the latest in the “pre-shower” tanning game leaving no streaks or smell. This goes on as a foam and turns into a sleek gel. It is the winner of several “Best of Beauty” awards- possibly a game changer? $20 |

Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask | Apply this face only sunless tanner at bedtime. Rumor has it you wake up looking fresh off of a plane from the islands. Guaranteed not to cause breakouts. $55 | Don’t forget to wear plenty of sunscreen especially on your face. I’m loving Elta UV Daily Broad Spectrum SPF 40 it comes tinted or clear. $29.50 | Prive Now, get out all of your gold accessories. Nothing looks better with a tan than gold hoops, necklaces and bracelets. It’s our secret that you didn’t spend hours getting that glow on! Remember Ross’ spray faux paus?

Happy sunless sunning you little summer bunnies!

Pro tip: Test the tanner on your legs before your big debut, a tangerine tan is not sexy.



TOPS in Lexington | February 2019

Such a great boutique! I wanted to buy everything... so many cute items to choose from!

712 HENRY CLAY BLVD LEXINGTON (859) 523-1966

April 2021 |



TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Keep your luggage light by packing versatile pieces like this gorgeous layering necklace by Julie Vos. Julie Vos Colette Delicate Station Necklace

We’re all itching to travel and experience some new scenery. Olive You Boutique has exactly what you need to pack for your next getaway!

It’s important to be stylish while also staying safe by bringing your own shade with a trendy hat and oversized sunnies. Classic Fedora by Gigi Pip Tortoise Shell sunglasses by Diff Eyewear

Vacations are the perfect chance to break out those flowy and fun pieces like these tropical print tops and colorful tote bag. Farm Rio Banana Bunch Blouse, Mixed Scarves Kimono Un Pueblo Medium Open Tote

All available at Olive You Boutique 118 Meridian Way #1, Richmond, KY


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

g n i r Sp n o i h s a Suitcase F Your


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Clove Multi Strand Necklace | Kendra Scott ($58) Gabrianna Bucket Bag | Calvin Klein ($138)

On to the Next

Lakeline Popover Shirt | Madewell ($72)

Adventure! Ready to head for the horizon? Whether you’re going on a weekend day trip or a weeklong journey, here are some essentials to get you there in style!

No -ir on Fres


ic L

in e



r t|

Ch ’s ($ ico

99 )

Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30 | Convenience Stores

preneLOVE Just Your Phone Bag | Violets Boutique ($48)

Original Universal Sandal | Teva ($50)

Mid-Rise Chino Shorts | Lands’ End ($44.95)

April 2021 |


l ic e






| Lil


rap na W Sien

S urp


it |

ly P u

Sw im s

r ($9 litze

uit s for A


ll ( $ 8








p | Lilly Pulitzer ($119) Natalie Shirtdress Cover-U

Ke y







Quatro Coin Earrings | Cotton Patch of Kentucky ($95)

Making Waves

S ofi



2 r $4 osBa e|C rem lk C


n Si


al Su

gi e


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TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


Beachy Stripe Knot Headband | Vineyard Vines ($24)





Itching for boat season? Whether you’re stuck by the pool or sitting on the beach, say “Ahoy!” to these styles and soak up the sunshine.

Jaclyn Wedges | Dolce Vita ($150)


April 2021 |



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f fy Fl a m in g o


Elodie Sunglasses | Lilly Pulitzer ($48)

Merge Shoulder Bag | HOBO ($298)

Aubrie Sneaker | Sam Edelman ($99)

Daytime Cutie

Reece Gold Small Hoop Earrings | Kendra Scott ($48)

Hit the streets in trendy sherbert-inspired hues. From “pistachio milk” to “desert sunset pink,” spring’s hot color palette is decidedly darling!

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S part Canopy Geo Bow Headband | Vineyard Vines ($24)

Central Shirt | Madewell ($72)


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

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3 8) Catalina Small Link Necklace | Cotton Patch of Kentucky ($325)

Jute Totebag | Fluffy Flamingo ($36)

Embroidered T-shirt Dress | Draper James ($78)

Tie F





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Paperbag Shorts | Madewell ($75)

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Go Bold!

Step out with confidence in these powerful colors, whether it’s a date night, girls’ weekend or any ol’ time... you’ll always stand out!

Evie Gold Hoop Earrings | Kendra Scott ($68) Serrano City Slide | KAANAS ($109)

April 2021 |


What’s Your


Ahoy! Boy

Keeneland King

Big Blue & Cool

Classic Gent

Ready to hit the water hard this season? You love easy tees and board shorts. Perfect for going from your favorite watering hole to an actual watering hole in 30 minutes flat.

A sharp suit looks good on you, but you know it’s really all about the details. You get down with Vineyard Vines. You own multiple Croakies. Needlepoint belts, wallets, flasks and more...

Do you own anything that isn’t blue? Well, as long as it’s not red...

You’re as at home in a t-shirt and shorts as you are a sharp button-up and a tie.

But that doesn’t mean you never dress up. You’re just strategic about when.

Suffice to say, you know how to coordinate.

Couches beware: there is no “off-season” for a diehard fan like you. You sometimes spell C-A-T-S in your sleep. You obviously dress the part.

Your style is so timeless that you hardly even bat an eye as trends come and go. You’re always appropriately dressed, no matter the occasion. Bravo!

Your spring must-haves: Your spring must-haves: • Patterned trunks • Vintage-look t-shirts • A pullover because the nights are still chilly


• A brand new tie (with matching pocket square) • Suede wingtip Oxfords • Kooky socks to show everyone you’re still fun

Your spring must-haves: • A needlepoint UK flask • A blue tie or bowtie • Dressy sneakers to help you look a little more put together, even when we’re down 14 points

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Your spring must-haves: • Perfectly-pressed slacks • A linen blazer • Colorful chinos to add a twist to your look

Get the Look No matter your style, you’ll find just the perfect thing at Logan’s of Lexington: 161 Lexington Green Circle, a14 (859) 273-5766 |

April 2021 |



The Little Things D

They say the clothes make the man, but we think it’s the accessories that make him stylish! While tried-and-true classics are always a safe choice, picking something with a little more panache can really elevate your look. This spring, give the little things all your attention and see if you don’t come out looking like a big deal!

Downing sunglasses | Warby Parker starting at $95



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rap b

ra cele t | M V M T


Smathers & Branson Derby needlepoint flask | Logan’s of Lexington $65

Italian woven rayon elastic belt | Howard & Miller $90

Silk Tie | Albert Couture $120


Sli lassic

| $55

C Vans

HIgh Cotton Cocky Jockey bow tie | Logan’s of Lexington $65

Peace Sign crew sock | Urban Outfitters $10 Painted calf briefcase | Albert Couture $780.21


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Glazed kipskin double buckle option belt | Howard & Miller $80


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


I T A L L S TA RT E D A T TA B L E 3 1 0

Michelle and Greg

story by amanda harper photos by keli lynn photography

On a random Wednesday night, Michelle and Greg were having dinner at Table 310 in Lexington. There was an instant spark and the conversation was easy. They ended up shutting the place down that night, and they knew something special was happening. Greg was born and raised in Lexington. He moved away for undergrad, then returned to Lexington for law school. Michelle moved to Kentucky from Wisconsin to attend UK and to be closer to her horses, stabled in Versailles. She decided to move to Lexington after becoming enamored with the city when competing at the Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show each year. After attending a friend’s wedding at The Apiary, the couple knew it was the perfect spot for their own wedding day. Because they were getting married in 2020, they wanted a subtle roaring ‘20s theme. From the classic black and white attire to the lounge furniture at the reception, those nods gave the evening an air of elegance without being over-the-top. Their wedding planner helped weave those hints of art deco glamour throughout the venue. “Getting a wedding planner is worth every cent,” Michelle said. “It relieves so much stress and decision paralysis.” While the bridal party was getting ready, Greg slipped a hand-written note to Michelle’s best friend to deliver to the bride. The two-page letter is something she will treasure forever. She slipped on a pair of shoes that were a gift from a mother-daughter trip to New York the December before the wedding, another sentimental detail that made the day special. When the father of the bride passed Michelle off to the groom, Chuck Krentz said to Greg, “Good luck!” It was a moment that had everyone in the venue laughing.

April 2021 |


If Michelle and Greg had it all to do over, their one regret is very relatable: “We would have eaten more of the delicious food!” Michelle added, “It was so easy to get caught up talking to our guests, that we missed some of the food.” In order to help set their wedding apart, they skipped the traditional cake cutting and opted instead to pop a bottle of bubbly together to start a champagne tower. This very Gatsby detail helped cement the evening as something uniquely theirs.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Snoring is an Alarm! Something is Wrong with your Breathing!

Snoring or apnea may be linked to: • Stroke • Heart Attack • Type 2 diabetes • Depression

A Custom Oral Appliance is an alternative to CPAP therapy.

Central Kentucky’s Leader in State-of-the-Art Dentistry

Schedule your consultation today

859.887.1094 |

SRK1002-8.02x3.03-Tops.Ad.indd 1

3/18/21 11:00 AM

April 2021 |



P L A N N E R S h e l l y Fo r t u n e

F L O W E R S Rose & Honey Floral B R I D A L G O W N Relix Bridal B R I D A L P A R T Y Relix Bridal

P H O T O Ke l l i Ly n n P h o t o g ra p h y

V E N U E The Apiary

C A T E R I N G The Apiary

C A K E Martin e’s Pastries

e vendor team F U R N I T U R E Mayker Creative

S T A T I O N E R Y Haley Michelle Designs

H A I R + M A K E U P Blow Dry Bar

T U X E S Jameson Douglass Clothing


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

April 2021 |


LIFESTYLE Weddings Unveiled









n os e g ay

or gani c


ov ersized

Are you looking for something simple and traditional? Then a nosegay bouquet is for you. These little cuties feature a cluster of flowers all cut to the same length and wrapped tight creating that symmetrical round shape. The perfect compliment to any classic wedding vision.

For the whimsy at heart, an organic bouquet embraces the assymetrical and loose aesthetic, which can be very beautiful and unique. If you’re hosting your wedding outdoors or at a more non-traditional locatoin, this might be the style for you.

If you’re looking for something with a little drama, then a cascade bouquet might be your choice. Imagine a waterfall-like “spill” of blooms draping down the front of your dress.

These are not for the shy brides. If you’re a fan of an abundance of lush florals and making a statement, then go more oversized with your bouquet. As long as your designer is aware of your size and body shape, they will be able to create something not only grand, but proportional to your frame.

If you find yourself unsure of the style you want don’t be afraid to ask questions! Talk to your wedding planner and florist on what style bouquet they feel would compliment you best as well as your overall wedding vision. They will work with you and be honest with you in their opinion. Based on the sizing of florals and how they all work together play a big part in the overall look and design of your bouquet so it’s best to leave it to the pros when you’re stuck!


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

A BANK THAT’S BUILT FOR AN EVERCHANGING WORLD CAN MAKE 9 photo credits 1 | Elizabeth Anne Designs 2 | Kevin Glaser Photography 3 | Sophie Epton Photography 4 | Erin Wilson Photography 5 | Jonathan Wherrett Photography 6 | Landon Jacob Photography 7 | Brancoprata Photography 8 | Alison Conklin Photography 9 | Sophie Epton Photography


WesBanco Bank, Inc. is a Member FDIC.

by haley norris Owner of Haley Michelle Designs

We’ve seen a lot the past 150 years and through it all our commitment to serving our neighbors and their businesses has never wavered. Rest assured, we’ll always be here to help you navigate ongoing change. While providing thoughtful solutions that guide you toward success. Learn more at

P E R S O N A L • M O R T G A G E • B U S I N E S S • W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T

April 2021 |


At Home DIY

As the days get warmer, I can hardly keep my boys inside! Spring is one of my favorites. I love to see the landscape change and see my kids appreciate the little things that we all missed during the winter season. This month I’m sharing two sensory bins you can throw together quickly, both that fit within a budget, but are sure to be a hit- one of them for inside, and one for those warmer days outside! There’s also a fun activity to do outside on a sunny day! These are great things to have prepared ahead of time so that you get to enjoy all of the other things you like to do in the spring too! For me, it’s working in my yard. Now to wait for all of the pretty spring blooms…

Outdoor Spring Fun!


Spring Sensory Bin My boys are 4 and 2, so finding a bin that is still exciting for my four year old, but not too complicated for my two year old can be a challenge. I’ve learned through experience that sometimes this means separate bins, but I also want them to be able to share successfully. For this bin I literally ran into the Dollar Tree, bought some Easter grass, some spring creatures, etc. I added a tub of water (because it’s always a hit) and made an outdoor scene- grass, dirt (dry beans), and water. When they finished, the bin looked nothing like what it started as, but that’s okay because they had a blast. One thing to note about sensory bins- you can not mess these up! It’s all about exposure to different textures for your littles. While it’s fun to make them look pretty too, that’s not what it’s all about!

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

DIY with Kids


Wormy Sensory Bin This one is FUN, but meant for outside. Take some dirt (I used some cheap potting soil) and mix in some cooked spaghetti noodles in an old bin. I added tweezers for the boys to have some fine motor practice while searching for the worms, but let’s be real… they got DIRTY! My two year old tends to veer away from touching unfamiliar things that leave a mess on his hands, so I was thrilled to see him with his hands in the muddy soil! My four year old ended up turning it into a competition to see who could find the most worms!

Chalk Shadow Art All you need is sunshine and chalk for this activity! Simply trace the shadow of a person or toy animal...or whatever, really! My big boy wanted to be a superhero with big muscles. He said he had a “giant coloring page” on the driveway when we finished tracing!

JESSI TURNER Fruitful Phases Blog @fruitfulphases

Looking for something to do with all of those leftover plastic easter eggs? Have an Egg Bath! Trust me, your little ones will beg for it every night!

April 2021 |


Contact a lender to get started today. 154

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Member FDIC

l Loca: is Back! Eats Epping’s (and better than ever) After more than a year in quarantine, we’re all ready for a little less cooking at home and A LOT more dining out with friends. That’s just what Executive Chef Cole Arimes and business partner Richard Turnbull, owners of Epping’s on Eastside, are hoping. Epping’s – a popular downtown restaurant in The Warehouse Block – has reopened for business after closing in December 2020 due to the strain of Covid restrictions. While the restaurant’s stylish interiors and contemporary vibes are the same, the reopening updates include a refreshed menu with an emphasis on sharable small plates and a new wine shopping experience. “Our small plates menu is fantastic for showcasing more of what Chef Nate and our kitchen can do, but it also makes the dining experience a little more fun,” said Arimes. “After such a long time isolated from others, we thought small plates would be a great way to bring people back together.” The restaurant’s reopening also introduces an in-restaurant wine store. Guests are encouraged to explore the hundreds of wines featured and select their own bottle for their meal, with Epping’s staff always on-hand to offer suggestions. The wines will be offered at competitive retail pricing, with a 20 percent discount for takeout bottles. Sharing a fabulous meal over a glass of hand-selected wine, all at a local restaurant? Sign us up for a reservation, ASAP!

April 2021 |


Riders Up! You’ve seen them all over town. Learn more about how artist Katy Jones is taking plain concrete and making colorful home décor and celebrating Lexington’s equestrian culture.


Brightly painted cavaliers at Jeff Ruby’s, Keeneland, or at the iconic 21 Club in New York City have been welcoming guests for years, but have you ever seen one in a store? Probably not. Cavalier statues are available as raw concrete statues, but it takes an artist like Katy Jones to turn them into gorgeous equestrian decor. Jones grew up in western Kentucky and began riding horses at five years old. She moved to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky, and has spent the last decade collecting historic racing memorabilia. She always wanted a cavalier for her home, but didn’t know where to find one. She started painting statues in September of last year. Jones says, “When I saw a local business selling the raw concrete statues, I knew I had to get one to paint! I wanted to create the silks of Mike Manganello and Dust Commander, the 1970 Derby winner.” She shared the process on social media, and when she was finished, had several people interested in commissioning their own custom cavalier.

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Pretty quickly, it became clear that her artisan statues were going to be in high demand. She came up with a name, refined her craft, and the rest is history. Starting with a plain concrete statue, she takes great care to repair imperfections before she paints. Jones even adds custom molded collars and boot pulls which set her cavaliers apart. She uses weather-resistant materials and protects the finished product with a waterproof UV coat. Since founding Riders Up Custom Cavaliers, she has stayed busy with custom orders. For Jones, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, moving the 200-pound jockeys is no small task. She insulated her garage to create a year-round workspace which has allowed her to scale up production. Jones doesn’t plan to grow too quickly though, because attention to detail is at the heart of her craft. Jones says, “I believe that working with the jockeys has helped me immensely to keep active mentally and physically during the isolation of the pandemic. I am honored to be trusted in creating these forever pieces for families and businesses across the Bluegrass. I take pride in my attention to detail as I work to honor the tradition of horse racing and its importance across Kentucky.” (270) 625-2421

April 2021 |


Spring Cakes ls

it just us, or does spring make you think of cakes, too? Okay, fine, we’re thinking about cakes all year long, but there’s something about springtime that calls out for a delicate cake. Maybe it’s the warmer weather, beckoning us out into Mother Nature for a picnic. Maybe it’s the return of celebrations that call for darling confections. Or maybe it’s just another excuse to have sugar! Whatever the reason, we’re itching to bake. So join us in the kitchen this month to whip up one of these spring cakes.

Classic Hummingbird Cake

While it’s practically a southern food group, the Hummingbird Cake actually has its origins on the island of Jamaica. Despite lots of lore to the contrary, the cake takes its name from their national bird. (They also call the cake the Doctor Bird cake, as that’s another name in Jamaica for the hummingbird.) This cake hit our shores in 1968 when the Jamaica Tourist Board sent a press kit of Jamaican recipes to media outlets all over the US. Southern Living printed a version by L.H. Wiggins in 1978 – the same recipe that won the Favorite Cake Award at the Kentucky State Fair the same year. It remains one of the magazine’s most popular and beloved recipes. Ingredients: 3 c. all-purpose flour 1 c. brown sugar (packed) 3/4 c. granulated sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. baking soda 1 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp. allspice (can be left out) 3 large eggs, beaten

1 1/2 c. vegetable oil 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract 8 oz. can crushed pineapple, in juice (undrained) 3 bananas, chopped 1 c. chopped toasted pecans (feel free to add up to 2 cups!) Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour three 9-inch round cake pans.

Whisk together flour, sugars, salt, cinnamon and allspice. Add eggs, vanilla and oil, stirring just until combined. Fold in banana, pineapple and pecans. Divide batter evenly among prepared pans. Tap bottoms gently on the counter to burp out any air bubbles.


To make pineapple “flowers”: Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Cut off pineapple shell. Slice very thinly, with a mandoline if you have one. Press with a paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible, then transfer to a baking grid. Place in the bottom of a baking sheet and cook until the edges begin to crisp, about 2 hours. Carefully drop each pineapple slice into a muffin tin cup and let cool. Experiment with layering pineapple slices as they cool for more complex “flowers!”

Bake 25 to 30 minutes. Cool in pans for 10 minutes. Remove from pans and cool completely. Assemble on a cake tray, layering with cream cheese frosting. Top with toasted coconut, dehydrated pineapple “flowers” and/or more toasted pecans. (adapted from Southern Living)

April 2021 |



(Strawberry or Otherwise)


Sweet biscuits are a must for spring celebrations and summer picnics. It’s an easy dough to make, and it works for just about any fruit filling, whether fresh, macerated or turned into jam. (And yes, strawberries are usually the fruit of choice, but give peaches, blackberries, cherries or blueberries a go!) Whatever fruit you choose, be sure to dollop on plenty of whipped cream.

powder. Add softened butter to mix, and rub with your fingers into the dry ingredients (if your butter is too cold, work with a pastry cutter at first.) Gradually add cream and mix to form a soft dough. Dough should cling together but slightly resist sticking to the sides of the bowl.

Ingredients: 4 c. flour 3 T granulated sugar 1/4 tsp. salt 5 tsp. baking powder 3/4 c. butter, softened 1 1/4 c. cream 1/4 c. butter, melted

With a floured rolling pin, roll out to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut an even number of rounds with a biscuit cutter (roughly 2-to-3 inches in diameter).

Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Pull shortcakes apart while still warm. Feel free to brush the insides with more melted butter.

Sift together flour, sugar, salt and baking

(adapted from The New York Times)

Turn out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead gently until manageable, about 10 strokes.

Place half of the rounds on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Brush with melted butter. Place the remaining rounds gently on top. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until shortcakes are golden brown.

TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


Macerating fruit: Wash and clean your fruit. Remove stems, seeds or peels wherever appropriate, and chop as you like. In a glass bowl, toss with sugar (around 1/6 c. per pound, depeding on the fruit) and a little lemon juice. Cover and let sit at room temperature for an hour. Transfer to refrigerator until serving. Be sure to use that sweet syrup at the bottom as a drizzle on your shortcakes.

Lemon Bundt

Who doesn’t love a Bundt? Straight out of ‘50s kitchens, these were the original “naked” cakes. Bundts always feel incredibly special. The more complicated your mold is, the more potential for disaster – but the lovelier the result!

In a separate bowl, beat butter and sugar together with a mixer on medium-high until you get a light, fluffy consistency (about 5 minutes). Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each. Mix in lemon juice.

This lemon cake brings its own tartness, so serve it gently dusted with powdered sugar or alongside some macerated (there’s the word again!) blueberries.

Set mixer to low and alternately add 3 batches of dry mixture and 2 batches of sour cream. Mix until just incorporated.

Ingredients: 1 c. butter, softened 3 c. all-purpose flour 2 T finely grated lemon zest 1/3 c. lemon juice 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 2 1/2 c. granulated sugar 6 large eggs 1 c. sour cream Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees (if using a dark coated Bundt pan, drop to 325.) Butter and flour your Bundt pan well, being sure to get down in those nooks and crannies. Whisk together flour, zest, baking soda and salt.

April 2021 |

Transfer batter to your Bundt pan. Smooth top and tap the pan firmly once on your counter. Bake for about 60 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool in the pan on a wire rack for 30 minutes, then remove from pan and let cool completely. Using a wooden skewer, poke holes in the cake. Brush the cake with lemon syrup (recipe follows), allowing it to absorb into the cake. (adapted from Martha Stewart Living) Lemon Glaze Ingredients: 1/2 c. lemon juice 1/2 c. granulated sugar Directions: Combine in a saucepan over medium heat. Whisk until the sugar has dissolved completely.


All stories begin somewhere. For Tower Hill Sports, it begins in a barn. At its core only a few things were needed: The leadership and support of the Shively family, the drive of elite coach Michelle Rayner, a couple kids with great passion for the game, a ball, and a patch of temporary turf. When Bill Shively sat down with Michelle for the first time, the two discussed the need for a premiere sports facility in the Lexington area. The conversation molded into a vision, and the vision soon transformed into what is now Tower Hill Sports, two indoor sports complexes. “The idea behind the Tower Hill Sports brand was to bring Lexington and the soccer community an amazing place to compete and spend time,” says Tower Hill Sports General Manager Michelle Rayner. “We wanted to incorporate everything under one umbrella for families, with the mindset of come play and stay.” Our Blake James Drive location opened in January 2019 and has become a hotspot for teams across Central Kentucky. With three different field configurations and vertical dividers that can separate the fields, Blake James accommodates some of the state’s largest soccer clubs, university teams, and most recently the National Women’s Soccer League newcomers, Racing Louisville Football Club. The professional team drove over an hour away to train at the Blake James facility during frigid weather in February. Blake James is also home to our three TOCA machines, the highest technology in the game that allows for specialized training to kids of all ages and levels. TOCA means “touch” in Spanish, the perfect title for the emphasis of such training. TOCA machines are programmable devices that allow our trainers to determine the speed, direction, and delivery of the soccer ball. This provides a fast-paced, highly efficient training environment.

Here’s a look at our Spring/Summer Schedule! Adult and Youth Pick-up Soccer | March 19th Yoga for Youth | April 18th Corporate League | April 25th Youth Street Soccer Tournament | May 23rd-27th Adult Street Soccer Tournament | May 28th-30th Farm League Tournament | June 6th-12th Street Soccer Leagues for Youth & Adults June 14th Yoga for Adults | Begins in June Future Stars Kids Camp (ages 3-6) | June 21st-25th Youth TOCA Camp | June 28th- July 1st and July 19th-22nd Fourth of July 3v3 Tournament | July 3rd Tower Hill Sports Olympics for Youth & Adults | July 24th Both facilities are open for rentals and TOCA trainings are available throughout the week! Check out our website and follow us on social media to stay updated on all of these events and more! | (859) 447-8270 Follow Us! @towerhillsports

“The TOCA machines are game changers,” says Morgan Proffitt, who is the Tower Hill Sports Project Manager as well as a TOCA trainer. “The equipment offers a whole new dimension to one-on-one training.” Proffitt worked with TOCA machines during her time as a professional soccer player. Now that she’s a trainer, she enjoys coaching sessions and witnessing the growth of dedicated players. Long-time Tower Hill Sports player, Jose Flores, 12, is always looking for high-level training. He finds it in the TOCA studios with resources only a select number of facilities in the nation can offer. “I love how Tower Hill Sports has great coaches that push me to train hard and awesome facilities,” says Flores. Elite players like Flores who are committed to progress are in the TOCA studios weekly, taking advantage of every opportunity to improve. Across town is our newest facility at Sporting Court, which opened in January 2021. This facility has been an indoor soccer staple for over a decade. With major renovations still in the works, we take great pride in the responsibility of carrying on the soccer legacy. We have hosted a multitude of sports this season, including soccer, flag football, lacrosse, volleyball and ultimate frisbee. We look forward to bringing even more opportunities to Lexington with this facility in the near future (stay tuned…). It’s incredible to reflect on the past year and realize how far Tower Hill Sports has come. In March 2020, the fields emptied and the familiar sounds of play faded into silence. Since then, our company has witnessed the resilience of the sports community all over Kentucky. Families, teams, and entire organizations have returned to both facilities in 2021 with great enthusiasm and respect for the COVID guidelines in place to keep everyone safe. Tower Hill Sports has progressed through several stages of reopening and we continue to lift restrictions as we are able. The chaos of the last year is followed by a renewed sense of appreciation for the care and dedication of the Shively family ownership, our staff, partners and customers alike. The company culture is rooted in team and community, just as it’s been since the barn days. This humble spirit continues to guide Tower Hill Sports to new heights; the same spirit that motivates the mission of bringing the highest quality experience to customers in our state-of-the art facilities. This summer, we are hosting numerous events, camps and leagues. Additionally, Tower Hill Sports recently kicked off its first-ever adult spring league along with pick-up soccer evenings at both locations. There is so much happening now and so much more to come at Tower Hill Sports. The best part? It’s just the beginning. We welcome customers to visit our website to learn more about our Tower Hill Sports and to follow us on social media to stay up to date!


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

April 2021 |


Lexington VA Health Care System Cares for Veterans During Pandemic The Lexington VA Health Care System (LVAHCS) is the provider of choice for Veterans in Central and Eastern Kentucky – 92 percent of our Veterans say they trust LVAHCS with their care. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the LVAHCS team ensured Central Kentucky’s Veterans and non-Veterans were cared for by: •

Being the first site in Lexington, and among the first VAs in the country, to stand up drive-through COVID-19 testing.

Being one of only a few sites in the country to analyze COVID-19 tests in the first weeks of the pandemic.

Deploying employees who volunteered to hotspots throughout the US to assist with the pandemic as part of VA’s Disaster Emergency medical Personnel System (DEMPS).

Deploying several hundred masks to the State’s Veteran Centers.

Providing consultation in epidemiology and infectious disease education to the staff of the State’s Veterans Centers.

Sourcing critical medical supplies to other VAs and community sites of care, to ensure the medical community was able to care for patients – Veteran, and non-Veteran alike.

Holding the first mass walk-in vaccine clinic in Kentucky and one of the first in the country, over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, vaccinating 4,000 Veterans in three days.

The Lexington VA Health Care System currently offers enrolled Veterans of all ages walk-in COVID-19 vaccines at the Troy Bowling Campus (1101 Veterans Drive), Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Veterans wishing to enroll may bring their DD-214 to the Health Benefits Office located at both the Bowling Campus and the Sousley Campus on Leestown Road to speak with an enrollment specialist about their eligibility. Stay abreast of LVAHCS operations, including COVID-19 news, by liking the Lexington VA’s Facebook page @VALexington.



April 2021 |



Photos you submitted to show us how you spent your March... and you look great doing it! photos courtesy of YOU!







TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Love shaving? We didn't think so.



April 2021 |

KENTUCKY'S LASER HAIR REMOVAL EXPERTS 2720 Old Rosebud Rd Suite 280 Lexington, KY (859) 263-2155




Photos you submitted to show us how you spent your March... and you look great doing it! photos courtesy of YOU!






TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

CHOOSE YOUR DATE: APRIL 13, 15, 27 or 29 1:00 p.m. Enjoy a delicious meal created by our Culinary Team and tour our beautiful community.

Social distancing and COVID safe atmosphere.

1825 Little Herb Way • Lexington, KY 40509

Space is Limitied!

PAUL MILLER MAZDA GROUNDBREAKING Paul Miller Mazda broke ground on a new dealership... and a whole new experience for customers! photos by Woody Phillips


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

Ask a Builder:

Lexington is unique in the amount of older neighborhoods that are still vibrant and thriving. One of the most important things we can do to protect our home investment is install new windows.

Vinyl replacement windows: myth vs. reality

1.) While vinyl replacement windows have their place in the renovating and remodeling market, they aren’t always the best option when energy efficiency, longevity and increasing the value of your home investment are the goals. 2.) Vinyl replacement windows aren’t “true” replacement windows. e old window sash is removed, the existing frame wrapped in aluminum and a new vinyl window inserted into the remaining space. is always results in a reduction in natural light, a less energy efficient installation and limited color options. 3.) A “true” replacement window removes the existing window, including frame, all the way back to the house framing and has a new pre--nished wood window installed in its place. 4.) A “true” replacement window results in a fully operable, energy efficient, durable window with limitless grill paaern conngurations and many beautiful colors to choose from. If you think your home may be a candidate for new windows, give me a call and I can make a recommendation.

859.621.4104 Building the Future Restoring the Past April 2021 |


KENTUCKY EAGLE, INC. DONATES EMERGENCY WATER Helping communities impacted by natural disasters is a top priority for us at Kentucky Eagle. That is why we’re partnering with @anheuserbusch and @ americanredcross to deliver more than 2,250 cans of emergency drinking water to those impacted by the recent flood in central and southern Kentucky. photos courtesy Kentucky Eagle, Inc.


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021


More entertainment is waiting for you downtown with the opening of LexLive... bowling, dining, drinks, movies and more! photos by Woody Phillips


TOPS in Lexington | April 2021

April 2021 |


TOP Shots! The Queen’s Gambit has been just about everywhere you turn in Lexington. After 21c Museum Hotel installed their time capsule Harmon Room in honor of the show, photographer Lily Cruse did a retro-themed photo shoot there. photos by Lily on Film Photography

April 2021 |


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