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16 Regroup with the Girls BY BOBBIE SHUNNARAH

22 22 Things BY ANITA OLDHAM


28 Girls Want To Have Fun BY TORIE TEMPLE


40 Wellness Watch BY TORIE TEMPLE

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C E L E B R AT I N G 2 2 Y E A R S

Volume 24 8 Number 7

Get Your Girlfriend Fix “I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh. “There there,” said Piglet. “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.” — A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

A college friend and I recently texted across states about raising teenagers — just enough to offer support and understanding. A friend from high school and I texted about some ideas we were trying concerning our new healthy diets. These friends and I rarely see each other in person, but we make time to reach out digitally — at least we have that! The important thing is to stay connected with your girlfriends no matter what’s happening in your life. Girlfriends are the lifesavers you need when things feel like they are spinning out of control, but they can also be the added ray of sunshine in your happiest moments. This July issue is full of ideas you and your friends can try together. Make the time, and let the fun begin! — Anita Oldham

Madelyn Blue isn’t letting anything slow her down. The marathon runner is participating in one of the most challenging races ever. Find out more about what she’s doing on page 38. — Tiffany White PHOTO: Melissa Donald MAKEUP: Denise Cardwell, Blades Salon & Spa STYLING: Alissa Hicks

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artist. Owner and founder of Star Bird Pottery


“Nature and my own whimsy.” NEIGHBORHOOD:

East Louisville HOMETOWN: Lake Charles, La. HOUSEHOLD:

Husband Stephen Hanson, daughters Camille, 14, and Lena, 7.




Nature and whimsy, combined artfully. INSPIRATION IS ALL AROUND Caroline Zama’s clay creations are functional pieces to which she gives a punch of personality. She draws or carves an image of a bird or sheep or cottage on the flat clay and imprints the background of the piece with stamps of her own making — an end of stiff rope, a tab of bubble wrap, a slice of netting, the texture of a leaf or fern — and then turns the clay into a bowl or platter or pitcher. Sometimes her whimsy inspires her to create a bird with an attitude or a box to store tiny treasures. “I search for images in nature to inspire me,” she says. “Even when relaxing on a walk with our dog Penny or on a recent day spent hiking at Bernheim Forest with my daughters, I am on the lookout for an unusual leaf or blossom or seedpod.




Caroline is a self-professed night owl and admits it is hard for her to get up early, but her day starts at 6:30am. “Stephen takes the girls to school, and before I can even think of heading to my studio, I spend time doing domestic goddess duties — emptying the dishwasher, or sorting the piles of stuff that accumulate on the kitchen island. I feed the cats, poke around in the yard, and think about what I need to get done that day. I am not ready to deal with the clay until 9:30 or 10.” She works from about 10am until 2pm, when it is time to pick the girls up from school. She is back in the studio in the late evenings for a hour or two. “That’s when I load the kiln or finish putting handles on the mugs I made that morning. Then I like to read before I go to sleep. I read a lot of fiction. I want a book to take me to another world.”

One of the job benefits of being an artist, Caroline says, is the chance to meet so many creative people at art shows and fairs. “We sometimes trade pieces with each other. I have a great collection of 30 or so pottery mugs made by other artists. Each week I pick a different mug to use for my morning cup of coffee. This week it is a mug with a bamboo design that was fashioned by Matt Gaddie of Bardstown. I love being able to connect with other artists in this way.”






MELINDA SPALDING, 61 Retired in 2013 after 24 years as a house parent with St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities’ home for pregnant teenagers in New Albany Hometown: Ramsey, Ind. Neighborhood: Ramsey, Ind. Household: Husband, Donnie; horses, Chance and Saddle




We never know when an invitation, a chance remark, or an unsought career opportunity will send our lives off in an unexpected direction. That’s why it helps to remain positive and open to new experiences. For Melinda Spalding, a turning point in her life came 14 years ago when her sister invited her to join a group of women for a weekend of horseback riding. “My uncle had horses when I was growing up, and we would visit his farm near Indianapolis,” Melinda says. “Then, I didn’t like the horses at all. They were big, and I thought, ‘Oh, they stink.’” But just like discovering that a certain food you couldn’t stand when you were a child has now become a favorite, the grown-up Melinda has come to know and love horses. And that has led to opportunities and outdoor adventures that have brought her a true appreciation of Mother Nature. “That first ride was so wonderful,” Melinda says. “Just to be outside and smell the pine trees, the beautiful rivers, hear the waterfalls, and see the stars.” The Spaldings live on a two-acre farm known as Little Rock Ranch with a “big ol’ barn” for their two horses, Chance and Saddle. When not riding every day at home, Melinda and her husband Donnie travel in a self-contained horse trailer with living quarters for themselves and the horses. Their greatest adventures have come on camping/riding trips in Indiana and through the mountains of Tennessee. “We like to go maybe every other weekend,” Melinda says. “We have seen some wonderful sights. I am pretty high-maintenance — I like my hair and nails just so — but you should see me after a ride. I have leaves and twigs in my hair, and I just love it.” TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




Erica’s Survival Tips on Opening a Business:

Survival Skills


1. Set up your online and

social media presence first. “People go online and see where they can buy this or get that treatment. I made my online presence known before I opened, saying, ‘Skyn Lounge is coming.’ I created accounts for Facebook and Twitter. I did everything myself at first. Now I have a social media marketing company that I hired.”

2. Create a niche. “All my

services are 30 minutes to an hour. No other spa has that.”

 . Be prepared to work 3

long hours. “At the beginning, I worked about 70 hours a week.”

4. Build a network. “I’m

also highly involved in the community with GLOW and on the board of the Younger Woman’s Club of Louisville. Those ladies supported me. It really helps to have that support in the community.”

5. Invest in your business. “The income for the first months — well, even today, you have to funnel back into inventory and marketing to grow the business.”

Erica McDowell Owner of Skyn Lounge

6. Create a budget.

Comfortable in Her Own Skin “I wanted to have a spa that catered to clinical skin care treatments. We don’t do hair and we don’t do nails — we only do skin care,” says Erica McDowell, owner of Skyn Lounge, a clinical day spa in St. Matthews. “We cater to professional women who have to go back to work or on about their day. All of our treatments take 30 minutes to an hour. So you can get an effective skin care treatment for brown spots, acne, texture and tone in a [short] period. None of our treatments create any downtime.”




Making the move from employee doing skin care to entrepreneur was one of the scariest things she’d ever done, Erica says. “But I felt like I had enough experience that it would work and that people would come.” Did she have help opening her business? “I had to figure it out on my own, just trial and error. I’m a huge risk-taker. I didn’t know if it was going to work, but I was confident it would.”

“Calculate how much money you are going to need each month to run the business. Budget for what you are going to purchase the first month, the second month.... Make sure you are not overspending or underspending. It’s a scary process, but you have to scale down and maybe not operate at 100 percent. I didn’t have 100 percent of my inventory at the beginning.


Listen to your customers. “They will tell you what they want. They will ask for certain things. They will expect certain treatments and products.”

Professional Connections


Networking and careerbuilding opportunities for women around town

Athena’s Sister Every 2nd & 4th Mon. • 6-8pm 1741 Frankfort Avenue Marlene Aldrich Perry 502.322.4135 BPW- Business and Professional Women- New Albany Every 3rd Mon. • 5:30pm Contact for info & reservation. Tuckers, 2441 State St. Nadine Wilkinson 502.523.1698 BPW- Business & Professional Women- River City Every 2nd Wed. • Noon Lunch and Program noon-1pm The Bristol-Downtown 614 West Main Street 502.499.4420, CBPW - Christian Business & Professional Women Every Second Thurs. (Odd months only) • Noon Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Sharilyn Unthank 502.417.5481 Distinctive Women, Entrepreneur Women Making a Difference Every 1st Mon • 6:30-8pm Republic Bank, 10100 Village BrookRidge Blvd, Fern Creek Deleskia Butler 502.509.5521

JULY 2014 2014 JULY

Legal Secretaries of Louisville Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30am Bristol Bar & Grille 614 West Main Street Elizabeth Harbolt 502.568.5446 MLWPC - Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus Every 4th Mon. • 5:30pm Olmsted Bistro at Masonic Homes 3701 Frankfort Avenue Sherry Conner 502.776.2051 National Association for Professional Women Every 3rd Thurs. • 6:30-7:30pm Heyburn Building 332 W. Broadway, Suite 801-M Hazel Parrish, Chapter President 502.417.2566, Call to reserve for security. NAWBO - National Association of Women Business Owners Every 3rd Tues. National Association of Women in Construction Every 2nd Mon. • 5:30pm Call for meeting location Patty Stewart 812.288.4208 #121 NEW - Network of Entrepreneurial Women Every 2nd Wed. • 6-8pm Location varies. See for details.

EWI - Executive Women International- Kentuckiana Every 3rd Tues. • 5:30pm Contact for information & reservation Dotty Wettig

Network Now Every 2nd Fri. • 11:30am Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Lee Ann Lyle 502.836.1422

The Heart Link Network Every 1st Wed. • 6:30pm Inverness at Hurstbourne Condos 1200 Club House Drive Barbara Madore 502.377.8625

Southern Indiana Women’s Networking Group Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30am Holiday Inn-Lakeview 505 Marriott Drive, Clarksville

IAAP - International Association of Administrative ProfessionalsLouisville Every 2nd Thurs. • 6pm Location Varies – See website for details.

14 12

presented by

League of Women Voters Every 3rd Mon. • 6pm Lang House, 115 S. Ewing Ave. Pat Murrell 502.895.5218

WIN - Women in Networking II Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30am Holiday Inn Louisville East 1325 Hurstbourne Pkwy Kim Fusting 502.267.7066 WIN- Women in Networking III Every 2nd Tues. • 11:30am Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Mary Elliott 502.931.2906 WIN- Women in Networking IV Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30am Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Wendy Manganaro 502.310.0025

WIN - Women in Networking V Every 2nd Thurs. • 11:30am Buca di Beppo 2051 S. Hurstbourne Parkway Lee Ann Lyle 502.836.1422 WOAMTEC - Women On A Mission To Earn Commission Every 2nd & 4th Wed. • 11:30am The Village Anchor 11507 Park Road Charlene Burke 812.951.3177 Women’s Business Center of KY funded in part by a cooperative agreement with the SBA

Every 1st Fri. Roundtable • 8:30am Location – TBA Sharron Johnson, 502.566.6076#104 center.html Women’s Council of Realtors Every 3rd Thurs. • 11:30am Big Spring Country Club 5901 Dutchmans lane Elizabeth Monarch 502.551.1286

Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. Every 2nd Fri. • 6:30pm Hotel Louisville, 120 W. Broadway, Suite 930 Mamie L Maxwell 502.767.4180

ZONTA- Advancing The Status of Women Every 1st Thurs. • 6pm Logan’s Steakhouse 5005 Shelbyville Road Joyce Seymour 502.553.9241

WIN - Women in Networking Every 2nd Wed. • 11:15am Oxmoor Country Club 9000 Limehouse Lane Laura Ridge 502.491.7877

Listings are on per month basis. To list your meeting for free, email your meeting date, time, location, contact info and website to or call 502.327.8855 ext. 14. Deadline for inclusion in next issue is 7/8. TODAY’S WOMAN WOMAN TODAY’S

Susan Jamison, Elain Ford, and Shelly Pinnick count on each other for exercise accountability and good times.

REGROUP with the




hether you’re 20-something, single, married, a stay-at-home mom or a busy professional working your way up the corporate ladder, you never outgrow the need for close friendships and good times with the girls. For those of you wanting to establish

meaningful friendships with other women, we’ve found several examples of women’s groups. Though each of these groups organizes different types of events, the purpose is the same: creating a forum for women to come together, a support system, and an opportunity to develop deep, lasting relationships.

NashVegas Anyone? Elain Ford knows the importance of girl time better than anyone. After going through a divorce, she and her friends Susan Jamison and Shelly Pinnick decided they needed to get out of town and headed to French Lick Resort in Indiana. But they all love to dance, and for the next trip, they decided to grab their dancing shoes and head to Nashville, Tenn. And they’ve gone back twice a year for four years since.

16 14



“Nashville has good shopping and allows us to walk, talk, and shop during the day and hit the nightlife in the evening,” Elain says. “It’s a time for us to get away, be ourselves, and not worry about anything. We all have children, and this is our time to regroup and reconnect with each other, to figure out what’s going on and catch up without distractions.” Elain, Susan, and Shelly were members of the same gym, and Elain feels their meeting was a divine thing. “We all met at the

right time,” she says. “We needed each other.” They have also started including their daughters in their girl time. “We want to teach our daughters the importance of having girlfriends and making it a strong part of their lives,” Elain says. “I don’t know what I’d do without these women. They go through some of the same things I do. It’s just nice to have girlfriends to call up. It’s not always your husband who can give you what you need.” TODAY’S TODAY’S WOMAN WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




Can I get an AMEN?


orri Malone moved to Indiana 15 years ago with her husband and son. As social people, Lorri and her husband wanted to meet friends with common interests. She began to connect with other women in their neighborhood and found that some of the women attended the same church as her family. Referring to themselves as The Church Ladies, Lorri’s small group of nine has been meeting for more than five years, coming together both individually and with their families. Monthly events include Bunco, Craft Night, or dinner at a new restaurant. Family events such as weekend cookouts and potlucks provide opportunities for the members’ spouses and children to connect. Every Halloween, the women dress up like witches and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. “We don’t act perfect,” Lorri says. “Our husbands and kids are great, but it’s still good to have another woman to talk with. We can be ourselves and share what we’re going through as mothers, as women. And the other women are there to reassure us, to guide us.

“I had surgery a few months ago. When my husband had to return to work, some of the women stayed with me at the hospital, took me to the grocery store, came and sat with me. We are here to celebrate the good times and hold each other’s hands through the not-so-good times. These girls are my family. Their children are like my own. Their husbands are like brothers to me.”

(l-r) Krista Yankey, Julie Reising, Lisa Easton, Lorri Malone, Amy Romines, and Pam Goodman have a great time together. This afternoon it was a backyard cookout complete with a Twister board spray-painted on the lawn by a helpful husband, but they are just as likely to help each other out with child care and carpool duties.

and try on clothes without fear, but they provide honest feedback in a supportive, fun atmosphere. “The truth is, you want women of different sizes, and you want to invite new people who bring a new style,” Patty says. “If someone doesn’t like what they took from one swap, they can bring it to the next one.” The core group includes six members that meet in the spring

(l-r) Patty Payette, Amy Fitzgerald, Nisha Gupta, Lindsay Peters, Theresa RenoWeber, Laurie Naiser, Lynn Greene

I’ll have what SHE’S wearing, please!


f you grew up with sisters, you’re probably used to the idea of swapping clothes. If the swapping involved sneaking items of clothing without permission, then sneak no more. We found a group of women who welcome the idea of swapping clothes and will even bring their closets to you. “I heard about the concept of the clothing swap online and suggested the idea to my sister and some co-workers,” says Patty Payette. “It started small, with just myself, my sister, and a couple of friends. Membership grew by word of mouth. Colleagues invited friends. Friends invited neighbors.” The clothes swap started two years ago as a way for the women to get together socially while providing a practical opportunity to clean out their closets and recycle clothes. Members not only encourage each other to step out of their comfort zones

18 16



and fall. They take turns hosting and mingle over food and beverages. The largest participation at a swap involved 15 to 20 women. At one swap, the women took turns telling the story behind one item of clothing with prizes awarded for the best story. TODAY’S WOMAN WOMAN TODAY’S / / @todayswomannow




Bourbon: Women don’t just pour it.

I Bourbon Women board members Jamie Estes, Peggy Stevens, and Cynthia Torp. To join this group, go to

nterested in connecting with confident, well-traveled, professional women? Allow us to introduce to you Bourbon Women, a group whose mission is to educate women on the culture, heritage, and lifestyle of bourbon. Founder Peggy Noe Stevens, image and brand consultant, spent 17 years as a master taster with Brown-Forman. She noticed when she conducted tastings that the audience was mostly male. Following her seminars, the few women attending would approach her seeking to learn more about different bourbons and distilleries. Bourbon Women hosts eight to nine “edu-tainment” classes and programs per year, with educational and entertaining events at distilleries, private homes, restaurants, or other venues.

Seventy-five charter members attended the group’s first meeting in 2011 at the Kentucky governor’s mansion in Frankfort. Membership has since exploded to more than 650 women who pay a $50 membership fee that covers access to all events throughout the year. Note: Members must be of legal drinking age. The group will host its first educational women’s overnight stay at French Lick later this year. This event will offer speakers from the bourbon industry, authors of cocktail books, tastings, and evening entertainment. “We are incredibly proud,” Peggy says. “We have a great time and have developed a camaraderie and created networking. It’s been a win-win all around.”

Make Your Own Group


ew to the area? Single and seeking other single gals to pal around with? Consider a night out with Ladies Optimizing Life, which was founded by Wa’Shara Wallace and created for women to extend their social circle, establish sisterhood, and have fun. Wa’Shara, a 20-something accounting administrator at Premier Packaging Inc., found herself in a relationship with someone who didn’t care to go out as much as she did. Her closer friends lived in other cities, and she was tired of sitting at home on the weekends. “This is the problem most of the women in the group are facing,” she says. “Many of their friends are in different stages of their lives, getting married or having kids.” Wa’Shara realized she and some of her friends didn’t have much in common any longer. Wa’Shara heard about, an online social resource for creating or joining groups. When she couldn’t find a group that interested her, she created one herself. The day after she started

20 18

JULY JULY 2014 2014

the group, she had four members. Her initial plan was to start small, but the group grew quickly and now has 51 members. The women of L.O.L. represent many backgrounds but have one thing in common: they want to create friendships. L.O.L. welcomes women from ages 20 to 39. Contact them at

The ladies of L.O.L. (Ladies Optimizing Life) recently met to visit and catch a Saturday afternoon matinee at the Mall St. Matthews movie theater. (l-r) Lauren Ferguson, Venetta Smith, Wa’Shara Wallace, Hema Patel, Tiffany LeMay, Tianna Thompson, Jenette Mitchell


22THINGS Why 22? Because we are 22 years old!

Happenings, news, celebrations, and tidbits that caught Today’s Woman’s eye this month. By ANITA OLDHAM

FUN More Places for

We featured nine places (page 26) voted on by our Girls Want to Have Fun Advisory Panel, but here are a few more immediate things you could do with your girlfriends. 1. Iroquois Amphitheater Free Monday Movie Nights 2. July 4 First Friday Trolley Hop (downtown) 3. July 18-20- 7th Annual Jane Austen Festival 4. July 25- FAT Friday Trolley Hop (Frankfort Ave.) 5. Get active at the Parklands of Floyds Fork

Cool off with your more adventurous girlfriends by paddling down Floyds Fork in a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard. Assistant editor Jessica Alyea (middle) tested the newly available rental kayaks from Green Earth Outdoors in May at the Parklands of Floyds Fork, and she reports that the paddling creek was easy and fun for beginners but still provided enough twists and turns to engage more advanced paddlers. Once you've completed your paddling, you can bike back to your car on mountain bike trails. Visit for rental reservations. Photo courtesy of 21st Century Parks

22 20

JULY 2014 2014 JULY


robably p l l i w friends ood ones. l r i g r u find g er: Yo d o S n i . d m Re usban h r u o y outlive


HOW CAN YOU HELP? Stop by the showcase of smaller nonprofits in Beckley Creek Park at the PricewaterhouseCooper Pavilion on July 11 from 5-7:30pm to find out more about the organizations.

Second Chances Wildlife Rehab • Hand In Hand Ministries • Dogs helping Heroes • New Roots Produce • The Little Loomhouse • Elderserve Telecare • Louisville Timebank • 21st Century Parks

8. Another reason to take photos Head to Blackacre with your digital camera (no smart phones) to win a cash prize in their photography contest. Deadline: August 29.

Another great way to have fun with your girlfriends! Women 4 Women's Golf Tournament is August 25. Sign up to raise money for our community at / / @todayswomannow





22 THINGS Kentucky’s Own

SHARK TANK Imagine having 10 minutes to pitch your business idea to a group of investors who could make your dream come true. Kentucky’s Office of Entrepreneurship is hosting eight regional pitch competitions similar to Shark Tank. Winners will receive


A new furniture store, Nadeau, opened in the Shelbyville Plaza in late June.

cash prizes and the opportunity to present their business plans to the entire Kentucky Angel Investors Network. Louisville’s is July 23 at Greater Louisville Inc., 614 West Main St., Suite 6000, 4-5:30pm.

THIRTEEN Look for the

MEN August 2013




C E L E B R AT I N g 2 1 Y E A R s


















spicY guYs oFFering WorKouts and recipes



Best Husbands




21 Men You sHould KnoW

WHat it Means

Books by Louisville Women


How to Raise a Husband by Tonilyn Hornung Louisville native Tonilyn interviewed married couples and wrote about situations that made a difference in helping couples communicate pre- and post-marriage. It is fun to read and offers a “whole bunch of ways to build a strong and healthy marriage.”


P o w e r

S t y l e

n n e c t i o n s


Man Issue


ve Lo WoMen

Legendary Locals of Louisville by Kris Applegate The title says it all, and it is full of facts about what and who made Louisville.


MeeT your


The furniture is solid wood and comes in a variety of styles, and most pieces are under $500.

12 24 22

JULY 2014

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All Aboard! by Marie Bradby Marie's new picture book about The Belle of Louisville has been selected as the one book to represent Kentucky at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C., in August. Each state selects one book.


Marie Bradby is a writer for Today’s Woman. See this month’s article on page 10. 12. TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




22 THINGS What’s happening on

twenty .com

17 Win Great Prizes

At you can win prizes this month for Girls Want to Have Fun. Surprises are coming, but one of the prizes is from Zishi. This boutique offers hair removal and skin care treatments and will give away a party for eight women. The winners will receive a Zishi Facial with a cucumber mask, and the host will receive a $100 gift certificate. (This prize is worth $420!) Another prize is a gift basket from Evan Williams Bourbon.

MAKE OVER A T-SHIRT CONTEST: Send a photo of a T-shirt you have made over — either into a differentlooking shirt or even a different use — and you can win a great prize. To enter, send us a photo of the new object on Instagram @BeTodaysWomanNow, Twitter @TodaysWomanNow, or You can find ideas for T-shirt makeovers on Pinterest and other DIY websites. Deadline: July 20.

18 Let Your

Voice Be Heard You have until July 31 to nominate a Best for You Business at

19 Win a Makeover

We’re giving you a chance to transform your look with our annual makeover contest. You have the option of requesting a makeover for one of the following categories: Make Me Look Professional, Glamorize My Gray (how to make gray hair look great), and Un-Mommify Me. Tell us in 50 words or less why you think you deserve a makeover and send us a recent photo along with your clothing and shoe sizes. DEADLINE: July 16 @ noon. Enter at Todays Woman 26 24


2014 2014

21. Move Live On Tour Siblings Julianne and Derek Hough of television’s Dancing With the Stars fame bring their all-new dance production Move Live tour to the Louisville Palace this month. The Houghs describe this production as “a cross between a Broadway spectacular and the hippest, coolest dance party you’ve ever been to.” Along with a cast of talented dancers, five-time Dancing With the Stars champion Derek and two-time champion Julianne will headline in solo, duet and group performances in styles ranging from ballroom and tap to salsa, hip-hop, and everything in between.

Take a Walking Tour WHAT: 90-minute PossibiliTours Walking Tours provide historical and architectural anecdotes while exploring the heart of downtown Louisville on foot. You'll tour Fourth Street, Whiskey Row, Museum Row on Main, and the civic district (about 10 blocks).

To read Gioia Patton’s Arts Insider phone interview with Derek Hough, go to


WHEN: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30am and Fridays and Sundays at 2pm through September. WHERE: Meet at the Louisville Visitors Center, 301 South Fourth Street. Reserve your spot by calling 502.379.6109 one day in advance. TODAY’S WOMAN WOMAN TODAY’S / / @todayswomannow




The Girls Want To Have Fun Awards were selected by the Today’s Woman panel of experts.

Summer is the right time for you and your girlfriends to seek out a good time — and we’re giving you some ideas about where to start with our Girls Want to Have Fun awards feature. We asked our panel of experts to share their top picks for shopping spots, spas, and local and regional getaways. See who made the list, and see photos showing our staff’s personal experiences with each place. PAGE 30




TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow





Z’s Salon & Spa

There is always something extra in each appointment at Z’s Salon & Spa. A haircut is more than just sheers to strands, it also includes a scalp massage, hand massage, and makeup retouch. Enjoy a foot soak and scrub before the already luxurious massage appointment or a neck and shoulder massage while waiting for your hair to arrive at that perfect sun-kissed look. “We are departmentalized,” says Denise Zeydel, Z’s general manager. “The technician working on you only does that service.” Z’s unexpected extras go further than the familiar 9407 Shelbyville Road location; a second location offering $25 haircuts that includes the complementary massage component is rooted in the Highlands at 2401 Bardstown Road. “I have been at the salon for 30 years and we have always had a $25 haircut, but most people don’t know about it,” explains Zeydel. or 502.426.2226.

April Allman, senior graphic designer

Do you recognize Cathy Zion, owner of Today’s Woman? Kathy Bolger, senior graphic designer

Joseph’s Salon & Spa Imagine the stress melting away with a deep massage in a room filled with the scent of lavender. The stress-fix massage at Joseph’s Salon and Spa was designed to do just that. The spa offers more ways to relax, such as the hydro/expectant mother massage, where water-filled cushions cradle the body throughout the experience, or the seated massage that works on the shoulders and neck. No matter which service you choose, Aveda products can be found in the experience. “Joseph’s is an Aveda lifestyle spa and salon,” says Kelli Campbell, owner of Joseph’s. “This means we exclusively use Aveda products, which are 95 percent naturally derived.” Try Aveda’s latest advancement in the non-invasive, skin-renewing dual exfoliation treatment or a customized facial based on your skin’s needs. You can expect much of the same in the salon, including a team-based environment and mimosas for an experience you can toast to. 3938 Dutchmans Lane,, 502.897.5369. 30



Jillian LeMaster, office administrator.

Teri Hickerson, account executive.

Polished Salon & Spa “We are a full-service salon that is small enough to keep things personal. This is something that we strive for — we want everyone that comes in to feel like they are the only clients we have,” explains Elizabeth Banks, co-owner of Polished Salon and Spa. The intimate salon consists of five stylists, a nail technician, a massage therapist, and an esthetician. Not only can Polished Salon and Spa offer enhanced beauty on the outside with hair and nails, but it can also enlighten the beauty on the inside with aura cleansing and chakra balancing. While at peace and well balanced, continue the relaxation with a bamboo massage. The menu continues with services that cater to the mind and ensures that no part of the body goes neglected. “We also offer packages for people to purchase,“ says Banks. “For example, we have a Bride To Be Package that includes a mini manicure, mini pedicure, bridal hair, and bridal makeup as well as a 30-minute massage and lunch for $245. 502.290.3900,, 152 Chenoweth Lane.

J Michael’s A retreat is just around the corner with one of J Michael’s Spa and Salon spa packages. The Escape package features a 60-minute massage, facial, pedicure, and a complimentary lunch, or get pampered for the day at J Michael’s package that includes full body exfoliation, 60-minute massage, pore cleansing facial, manicure, pedicure, and a complimentary lunch. The relaxation goes even further with peace of mind knowing that the products used at J Michael’s are eco-friendly — products such as Eufora, Jane Iredale, and Babor that use organic ingredients. If a full day at the spa isn’t in your schedule, J Michael’s offers 30, 60, or 90-minute massages, including a deep tissue massage to soothe tension and pain. The menu continues pampering with cellulite treatments, an anti-aging hand treatment, and a deep pore cleansing facial. Along with cut, color, and styling, the salon offers keratin straightening treatments and makeup lessons., 502.742.8790.

Suzy Hillebrand, account executive. PAGE 32 / / @todayswomannow





GETAWAYS Huber’s Winery Each summer month bears fresh fruit for picking at Huber’s Winery in Starlight, Ind. Blackberries and blueberries are the fruit for July, to be followed by peaches and apples in August. The month’s harvest often makes its way into the Farm Market where it is combined to make fruit-infused bread in the bakery and ice cream at the ice cream shop. At Huber’s winery, reservations can get you into the tableside testing room to learn about wine and the Huber family. “Our Sangria is the most popular over the hot summer months,” says Dana Huber. “The winery also features a wine of the month that can be viewed on our website.” Take the sweet-tasting wine to the patio on Saturday and Sunday when live local musicians play from 1 to 5pm. Huber’s appeals to the whole family with the Family Fun Park. With all the fresh fruit and activities, you can’t forget to eat lunch at the Starlight Cafe which is now serving artisan pizzas., 812.923.9463 Tiffany White, editor, and Jessica Alyea, assistant editor and designer.

French Lick Tomato juice as a breakfast drink originated at French Lick Resort after the chef ran out of oranges and had to improvise. This is just one of the many facts you can learn when taking a historical tour of the early 20th century hotels located in French Lick, Ind. ”Both French Lick Resort and West Baden Springs are historically beautiful but have all the modern amenities travelers need,” explains Dyan Duncan, public relations manager. These 70-minute tours are just one of many activities French Lick has to offer. “French Lick Resort is more of an activity-rich property with casinos and kid-friendly attractions. West Baden is laid back and remote. It’s more for people looking to relax,” says Duncan. Though the hotels are different, they each have a spa that offers mineral baths. Mineral water was the original reason people visited French Lick — believing the water had healing properties. After a long soak, enjoy a meal at one of the 12 venues on the property. From there, the day could be spent golfing, horseback riding, or lounging by the pool., 1.888.936.9360 Melissa Donald, photographer.

Bernheim Forest

Anita Oldham, editor-in-chief, and Tiffany White and Jessica Alyea, editors.

Bernheim Forest is one of the largest privately owned protected forests in the eastern United States that is actively managed for conservation and education. With more than 40 miles of trails, a lake, and a calendar full of events, you never get bored at Bernheim. Just 25 miles from downtown Louisville on I-65 off exit 112 sits the main entrance to the forest. Before entering, get the most out of your journey by visiting Forest Edge Winery or Jim Beam Distillery, which is located just beyond the main entrance. After entering, expect free admission on the weekdays or $5 admission on weekends (members are always free). Depending on the month, you could be entering into one of the many events Bernheim hosts. “CONNECT is one of the largest, most well-known events,” says Margaret Zurkuhlen, development director at Bernheim. “Beginning two hours before sunset and ending two hours after, this event combines art, science, nature, and technology around Lake Nevin.” On top of the many activities, you can also expect food and beer to be served at the event. The next one is August 23. PAGE 34 32 JULY 2014 / / @todayswomannow




21c Hotel The grand, red penguins that garnish the exterior of the building are a statuesque hint that 21c Museum Hotel is more than just plush robes and comfortable beds. This hotel features contemporary art exhibitions from living, wellknown international and emerging artists. Each month, 21c highlights special events including concerts, film screenings, and poetry readings as well as weekly yoga classes. Many events are free and open to the public. The artistry flows into the hotel restaurant, Proof On Main, where the commitment to local farming reflects in the menu with many of the fresh ingredients picked from the restaurant’s own garden at Woodland Farm. Art transforms into relaxation in the spa at 21c that offers services such as a Swedish massage, sports massage, and aromatherapy massage. It isn’t a surprise that 21c was voted among the top 10 hotels by Conde Nast Travelers magazine Readers’ Choice Award in 2009, 2010, and 2011. 700 West Main Street or

Tiffany White, editor.


The Seelbach Hotel The Seelbach Hilton Hotel was constructed by Bavarian brothers Otto and Louis Seelbach. The Beaux Arts Baroque-style building opened its doors in 1905 to imported marbles and hardwoods that welcomed legends like Al Capone and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Today, the hotel continues to play host to celebrities and offer them some of the best fine dining in Louisville. The Oakroom has been Kentucky’s only AAA five-diamond awarded restaurant since 1998 with their consistent combination of Kentucky produce and international ingredients. Guests can also dine in a small alcove located in the Oakroom where Capone would play cards. This alcove is furnished with a large mirror Capone had sent from Chicago so he could watch his back and two secret passageways for his escape. Gatsby’s On Fourth also adds locally grown ingredients as a dining option at the Seelbach, or eat, drink, and be merry at the Old Seelbach Bar, which offers single barrel bourbons and Kentucky-inspired desserts. or 1.800.333.3399. 34



The Chocolate Bar

Cathy Zion and Anita Oldham. Teri Hickerson and Suzy Hillbrand.

The word ‘chocolate’ can make the ears of any woman perk up, but add martini and you have her undivided attention. The Chocolate Martini Bar located at 1106 Lyndon Lane has the perfect combination of chocolate desserts and martinis to make a memorable girls night out. Start by trying a chocolate mint or orange chocolate martini. The extensive menu carries a variety of beverages including spiked dulce de leche, mojitos, beer, and wine. The Chocolate Martini Bar wouldn’t be complete without dessert. The girls can look forward to a banana, Baileys, and chocolate crepe or a slice of raspberry ruffle truffle. The bar features specialty desserts such as dip-your-own berries and make-your-own s’mores. or 502.384.1384. PAGE 36






Market Street was home to many retailers during the early part of the 19th century. With the first Market house built on Fourth and Market in 1804, this was an area destined for shopping and fine dining. With its revitalization, the Market Street area was named Nulu, a portmanteau meaning New Louisville. Stroll down Market today and find restaurants such as the Bluegrass Brewing Company Taproom, Garage Bar, and Decca, which supports locally farmed ingredients. The extensive shopping includes Gifthorse, offering many locally and regionally sourced, hand-selected pieces as well as Rellek, which offers fine consignment/retail home furnishings. Other unique shops include Canoe — a boutique specializing in Asian rugs, artifacts, and jewelry, and Hyland Glass — a family-owned hot glass shop. Take advantage of the free parking at Slugger Field and see all of what Nulu has to offer by catching the trolley hop the first Friday of each month.

Susan Allen, advertising director, and Dodie Holderfield.

Bardstown Rd. Often called The Highlands, the Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue area is known for its shopping and nightlife. Bardstown Road is home to several bars and pubs including The Holy Grale, originally built as a Unitarian church and now serving a variety of beers from all over the world. Find entertainment at the Laughing Derby or The Bard’s Town, which feature live theater and food. Keeping up its eclectic, historical theme, Bardstown Road is home to several antique and vintage stores. Bordering the crowded streets is the peaceful Cherokee Park, offering an escape from the hustle of Bardstown Road. After your respite, visit Carmichael’s Bookstore, an independent bookstore in business for more than 30 years, or one of the 140 places to shop, most of which are independently owned. For a complete list of stores, restaurants, and events, visit Alissa Hicks, media associate.




Alissa Hicks and Jessica Alyea.

Westport Village Located at 1315 Herr Lane, Westport Village is an outdoor specialty shopping center that is more than just a place to browse. Westport Village features all types of shops and boutiques such as Apricot Lane Boutique, which is a supporter of charities that encourage the success of girls and women: Chuck and Mike’s Tennis Shop, Closets By Design, and Playthings Toy Shoppe, a family-owned toy store. Curves Fitness and Pure Barre, an exercise technique utilizing the ballet bar, can also be found at Westport Village. Rest your mind at Elements Therapeutic Massage, or fill your stomach at Wild Eggs, Napa River Grill, or Jade Palace. After a satisfying meal, go for dessert at The Comfy Cow or Ghyslain Chocolatier. After shopping, dinner, and dessert, enjoy the free summer concert series every Thursday through July 31 from 6:30 to 9pm. Another unique feature includes the Westport Village Farmers Market every Tuesday through October from 2 to 6pm. / / @todayswomannow




She Kicks It!


Madelyn Blue


ompeting in the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run on June 28-29 seems like a difficult feat, but for Madelyn Blue, this race is another notch on her impressive racing history. “It’s a challenge,” Madelyn says of the race that takes up to 30 consecutive hours on trails and covers a total of 18,000 feet in elevation. “I’m always looking for the next race, the next big challenge.” With 32 marathons in her history and a current daily routine that includes teaching at St. Francis School in Goshen and training for her upcoming run, it is easy to question where her motivation comes from. She ran in the Boston Marathon four times, including the year of the bombing in 2013. Madelyn says she has found her motivation in “running for those that can’t. I’m lucky to even walk, so I do it. I put one foot in front of the other and run. I think of all the people that were injured, and it powers me through.” Madelyn is one of 400 runners in the Western States Endurance Run out of 2,500 applicants. After the Endurance Run, Madelyn will be training for qualifications for the Olympic National Triathlon on August 9 in Milwaukee. Nominate a woman for Today’s Woman Kicks It at 38







ccording to Dr. Mohamed Saad, medical director of UofL Physicians Sleep Center, it is best to have a fixed sleep time and fixed wake-up time. Sleeping in on the weekends and naps could hinder your sleep pattern during the weekdays. If weekend naps are a must, keep them under 20 minutes; anything more could delay your sleep time.

Nap Time

“We get 25% of our sun exposure by the time we are 18,” says Dr. Melissa Wise, dermatologist at The Skin Group. “Men older than 40 have the highest amount of sun exposure. This could be from outdoor activities such as biking or hiking to improve health.” For more information about how to spot skin cancer in men, watch the Academy of Dermatology Youtube video, Lawn.


She Lowered Her Stress


Businesswoman Cathy Leet sought hormone help at Your Community Pharmacy, 3922 Willis Avenue or 9407 Norton Commons Boulevard. She was looking for a way to feel better and relieve stress.

What were you surprised to learn about hormone treatment?

We simply need to be educated and address our hormones at this stage in our lives. It’s really important to talk to somebody who knows about it and has done all the research.

“I’m a very typical business woman playing multiple roles. When we get into our 40s, what I learned through pharmacist Chris Harlow (who owns the pharmacy with Max Eiler) was that we’re not making our hormones like we used to due to things like the busyness and added stress in our lives. Chris looks at the whole person and things like diet and lifestyle. He didn’t just throw a bunch of hormones at me, but instead helped me to identify stress and handle that by helping me create hormones my body wasn’t creating in a healthy way.”

What is your course of treatment? “First, identifying the cause. My hormones are changing. We began trying to figure out why they were depleting, so to say. Instead of making reproductive hormones, I






was making more stress hormones, so Chris helped me identify the stress. We started with a cortisol stress management treatment, and I take the supplements to help me sleep better. Also, I do bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. I truly believe in it over the other kinds. It’s more natural to our bodies.”

Do you have any advice for others?

“I lived with a fibroid the size of a cantaloupe for a while. I had to alter what I could wear because it was so large. I knew I was under a lot of stress — moodiness and just not feeling good. We’re running marathon lives. We have to fuel our bodies to be able to run this marathon. Stress isn’t always nailbiting, and as women, sometimes we need help. It can be both physical and mental demands. I have been on a campaign to help women understand this. Sometimes other people can identify our stress better than we can.”





She Found Energy


Allow at least five hours between eating or exercising and going to bed. Exercising in particular raises the body temperature, making it hard to sleep. Body temperature must drop in order to fall asleep.

Karen Waiz needed help desperately. She was looking for energy and found Dr. Lori Sweat of Integrative Hormone Specialists, 7505 New LaGrange Rd.


Why did you look for help? “I had a hysterectomy when I was 32 due to endometriosis. I had tried regular premarin before, but I had no energy at all, night sweats, foggy thinking, and I just wasn’t functioning well. It was get up, take the kids to school, go back to sleep, then get up and pick the kids up from school and go back to sleep again. I saw a commercial about bioidentical hormone treatment, so I did some research on the Internet and came across Dr. Lori Sweat’s name. She then prescribed me progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone.”

SOURCE: Dr. Mohamed Saad, Medical Director of UofL Physicians Sleep Center

It’s more than just energy; it affects your hair, your skin, weight, and all sorts of things.

How has your treatment worked thus far? “Dr. Sweat replaced the hormones that my body wasn’t making itself. She does blood work before your appointment to see where your levels are, and I had very little of the hormones I needed due to my hysterectomy. Basically, I went from not functioning to playing tennis six days a week. I feel better, I feel younger, I feel really good! It’s been a really good thing.”

FIGHT BUG BITES Dr. Erica Labar, medical director at the UofL Department of Pediatrics at Kosair Charities, says, “Bug spray with DEET provides about six hours of protection. Repellents made from oils like citronella, eucalyptus, cedar, and soybean are much less effective, lasting only two hours, and should be avoided in children younger than three due to allergic reaction.” SOURCE: Dr. Erica Labar, Medical Director, UofL Department of Pediatrics Kosair Charities




What types of things had you tried? “I tried premarin that the doctor gave me before, but it didn’t seem to work very well. It only took care of the estrogen, so I was still out of balance. [At that point] I was desperate. I was a little skeptical at first, but after a few weeks of taking it, I knew that’s what I needed.”

How is your hormone therapy working now? “I saw Dr. Sweat about every six months for tests, and she’ll adjust your prescription until she feels you’re where you need to be. After that, I see her about once a year.”

Has Dr. Sweat helped you with anything else? “She does other supplements too. She put me on iron after she noticed I was low for a while. My husband sees her for a thyroid issue as well. “


s g n i n e p p a H



what’s going on in the month of July.

Mary Poppins




Siblings Julianne and Derek Hough of television’s Dancing With the Stars fame bring their all-new dance production Move Live Tour to the Louisville Palace this month. The Houghs describe this production as “a cross between a Broadway spectacular and the hippest, coolest dance party you’ve ever been to.” Along with a cast of talented dancers, fivetime Dancing With the Stars champion Derek and two-time Dancing With the Stars champion Julianne will headline in solo, duet, and group performances. To read Gioia Patton’s Arts Insider phone interview with the uber-creative dancer/choreographer Derek Hough, go to


This iconic and Grammywinning rock band’s 2014 summer tour will feature their 1971 groundbreaking album Fragile. The band will also perform their 1972 album Close to the Edge, followed by an encore of their greatest hits. Founded in 1968, YES has created some of the most important and influential music in rock history, i.e., Close to the Edge, I’ve Seen All Good People, Roundabout, and Owner of a Lonely Heart. WHEN ~

July 29 @8pm

WHERE ~ Louisville Palace, 625 4th St. TICKETS ~ $25/$49.50/$75 CONTACT ~ the box office, or

WHEN ~ July 2-August 16,

evening performances and Wednesday and Sunday matinees

WHERE ~ Derby Dinner Playhouse, 525 Marriott Drive, Clarksville. TICKETS ~ $32-$45 Includes buffet meals. CONTACT ~ 812.288.8281 or



Move Live On Tour

Based on the books by P.L. Travers and the classic 1964 Walt Disney film (starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke), this musical includes a score filled with timeless classics such as Feed the Birds, Jolly Holiday, Step in Time, and the Academy Award-winning ChimChim-Cher-ee. In the role of Mary Poppins is actress/singer Sara King, who’s scene-stealing performances in DDP’s Boeing Boeing and Don’t Dress For Dinner are amongst some of my favorite DDP memories.

Forecastle Festival

WATERFRONT PARK Founded in 2002 by Louisville native JK McKnight, Forecastle has grown from a neighborhood event to one of the country’s most anticipated summer festivals, drawing tens of thousands of fans from across the world to Louisville’s scenic 85-acre Waterfront Park. This three-day fest features a who’s who of musical acts, and the 2014 lineup includes Outkast, Nickel Creek, Beck, Jack White, Dwight Yoakam, Band of Horses, the Replacements, and the Louisville-based band Slint. July 18-20




Rick Springfield

With 25 million albums sold, 17 top-40 hits, including Don’t Talk to Strangers, An Affair of the Heart, Love Somebody and Human Touch, as well as a 1981 Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal win for his No. 1 hit single Jessie’s Girl, the singer/songwriter has more to say with his latest release, Songs for the End of the World (Universal Music Enterprises). The Australian native with the leading-man good looks is also a successful actor, first gaining fame in America to viewers of the daytime soap opera General Hospital, where he played Dr. Noah Drake from 1981-’83 and again off and on from 2005-2013. Most recently, Springfield has spoofed his image by playing a sleazy, drugcrazed version of himself on Showtime’s dark comedy Californication. WHEN ~ July 13 @ 8pm WHERE ~ Louisville Palace, 625 4th St. TICKETS ~

$37.50/$47.50/$75 CONTACT ~ the box office, or

Waterfront Park


WHEN ~ July 6 @7:30pm WHERE ~ Louisville Palace TICKETS ~ $41.40-$101.50 CONTACT ~ the box office, or




TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




Best Bite Take a break for a sweet treat with your best friend at The Comfy Cow this summer and order the BFF Ice Cream Pie. This pie is created with chocolate and vanilla ice creams, drizzled with hot fudge and caramel sauces, and topped with whipped cream and Heath bar chunks.

Text and photograph by MELISSA DONALD

The Comfy Cow

Five locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana: • Frankfort Avenue in Clifton • Westport Village • Cardinal Towne at UofL • Bardstown Road in the Highlands • Market Street in New Albany HOURS:

Check for location hours. 46






In relationships…play…community


Sticky Chicken With butter and good fats back on the “good” food list, Back to Butter: A Traditional Foods Cookbook by Molly Chester and Sandy Schrecengost reintroduces you to some of the food your grandmother used to make. This dish was first named Maple Dijon Chicken, but you’ll see why it quickly became Sticky Chicken! Perfect for a cookout, football game, or casual dinner, it is delicious whether hot right from the oven or sliced cold and stuffed in a sourdough sandwich the next day. The sauce is rich and flavorful, and the meat is fall-off-the-bone moist. Kids love this meal. ½ cup butter ½ cup maple syrup ½ cup Dijon mustard 4 teaspoons curry powder 2½ teaspoons sea salt, divided ¼ teaspoon cayenne 4 b one-in chicken breast halves, skin on (2 whole breasts, split) ½ teaspoon freshly cracked pepper


hristy McBride gets a lot of surprised reactions from people who see her jewelry for the first time. “I get an enormous amount of positive feedback,” she says, as she describes a typical response: “‘Mom, come here! You’ve got to see this. You won’t believe what it’s made of!’” Christy creates hand-painted earrings, bracelets, and necklaces out of things the rest of us throw away. And it all came to her out of the blue. “Years ago, I had an enormous amount of Diet Coke cans, and I thought, ‘What can I make out of these?’” she says. It was autumn at the time and to coincide with the season, she started with decorative leaves, cutting the shapes out of cans, priming the aluminum, then painting them red, gold, and brown. When she saw two of the leaves side by side, she thought they’d make attractive earrings. She wore them out that




evening. “Everybody just went crazy over them, and a friend said, ‘I could sell these in my shop.’ And that’s how it started,” she says. Since then, Christy has used cola and beer cans, plastic water and shampoo bottles, and similar items to create her eco-friendly jewelry in an array of designs and colors. “I prime them with a metal primer, and then I use different kinds of paint and mediums. I use alcohol ink, permanent markers, paint, etc.” She says she’s long had a burning desire to create and sees inspiration everywhere. “I’m very passionate about creating wonderful works of art and jewelry from up-cycled materials…turning trash into treasures,” she says. Plus, it helps the environment. “I’m reducing my carbon footprint one pair of earrings at a time.” You can see her jewelry at

Remove the pan from the oven and whisk the ingredients to combine. Allow to cool for 5 minutes, then liberally dredge each piece of the chicken in the sauce. Gently slide your fingers between the skin and the flesh of the chicken, being careful not to tear the skin. Using a pastry brush, coat both the flesh and the skin thoroughly with sauce. Gently pull the skin back into place. Arrange the chicken in a single layer in the pan, skin-side up. Sprinkle with the remaining ½ teaspoon sea salt and the pepper. Bake, uncovered, for 30 minutes. Remove and baste with the pastry brush using the pan sauces. Bake, uncovered, for an additional 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and preheat the broiler. Baste the chicken one final time, then broil for 2 to 3 minutes, until the chicken skin browns nicely. Be careful not to burn. Cool for 10 minutes, then place on a serving platter. Whisk the pan juices and pour over the chicken. Serve! YIELD: 4 servings

“My long-time boyfriend will not pop the question. I wasn’t the one who hinted engagement initially — he was. But once he mentioned marriage, he whetted my appetite. His excuse has been that he’s saving his money, but it’s been three years, and I have yet to see a ring. Lately, he has suddenly dropped all talk about tying the knot and gets really snippety when I inquire. How can I get him to pop the question without feeling like I’m nagging him into it?”


Find the



Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Combine the butter, maple syrup, mustard, curry powder, 2 teaspoons of the sea salt, and the cayenne in a 9 x 13-inch glass baking dish. While the oven is preheating, place the dish in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes or until the butter fully melts but does not brown.


at TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow







NAME: Natalie Daniels AGE: 36 JOB: Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist LIVES IN: Prospect Dermatologist Natalie Daniels says she wouldn’t use the word ‘job’ to describe what she does. “One of the best parts of this is the relationship you build with your patients,” she says. “As much as I’m helping them, they bless me right back. ‘Job’ isn’t the right word for this.” Natalie, who recently opened her own practice in Springhurst, also considers her dermatology work second to being a mom of three. Though it might look like she has it all figured out now, Natalie wasn’t so sure a few years ago. “In med school, I thought I was going to be an OB-GYN, so dermatology was a 360-degree turn for me,” she says. “God definitely took me on a different path to get here, but it’s been really good. “It’s just a blessing. Derm is a really good specialty — it’s a happy specialty. For the most part, a lot of what we do is making the skin better or keeping it healthy. You practice your art of medicine, but you do it in a way that is not emotionally draining. It fulfills your artistic side — every patient is a different canvas.” Natalie graduated from medical school in 2003 and spent a year in Boston with her husband and kids doing a fellowship focusing on non-surgical procedures. “It was well worth a sacrifice of another year for extra training,” she says. “It was irreplaceable. I’m the type of person that if I’m going to do something, I’m going to give it my best. Patients deserve our best. They deserve our best source of knowledge.”

YOUR SUMMER GO-TO LOOK? “T-shirt dresses with a belt or pixie skirts. I think I’m kind of a girlie girl.”

Before I Go... “I always kiss my husband and kids

goodbye. You have to cherish life. I think a proper goodbye to them is most important. I always pray every morning before I go. What you want to leave behind is good memories.” 50



THE NUMBER ONE SKINCARE PRODUCT YOU RECOMMEND? “I personally use a skincare product called Journee. Sunscreen plus anti-aging in one. During the day, sunscreen is huge. It’s a number one must-have. Use it year-round, and use at least SPF 30. Retinol (for both regular and cosmetic dermatology) at night.” TODAY’S WOMAN

Today's Woman July 2014  
Today's Woman July 2014  

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