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EMBRACE RED THIS HOLIDAY SEASON WOW K re Kim Coutu ss re D e g Banda 0 79.0 RM 2

Checkmate Contr asted Two Pocket Short Sleeve Check Sh irt RM 69.00

HOLIDAY WITH THE FASHIONISTA This holiday, embrace the colour of red to the max, you can put on a dress from various style and materials, from lace & cotton to printed dress - you can never go wrong with these two looks. Add on few accessories, you will absolutely look radiant and outstand everyone.

ZIP Lace & Cotton Sleeveless Dress RM 71.20

Love by Z Ethnic Print Sleeveless Dress RM 69.00

Be Inspired! POTS-1 Flower & Leaf RD Short Sleeve Blouse

Jessica Alba

RM 44.72

Bijoux by Z Egyptian Triangle Necklace RM 39.0

Bijoux by Z Milly Ring RM 29.00

Monday to Sunday Solid skinny color Pants RM 119.00


RED To be or not to be the question now is to be brave with colour. Get smart by mix up red colour on your daily style. If everyone look at you, just remember that you did something right and be proud of it. Pull off one of these looks and you will instantly wants to get more colourful with your wardrobe.

Cupcakes & Hammers Bermuda Shorts RM 89.00

Pestle & Mortar Cream Pocket Tee RM 50.00

Be Inspired!

David Beckham

Hellbent Skateboarding Co. Hellbent HBC Snapback Cap RM 89.00

Checkmate Long Sleeve Flannel Check Shirt with Corduroy RM 59.00

The Square Root of Z Fun Coloured Leather Belt RM 59.00

Z Homme Suede Chukka Boots RM 169.00

GREENROOM136 Junk Monkey Messenger Red RM 249.00

Area 27 The Beatl es Printed T-Shirt RM 120.00

Hi Lo Musso irt Sk Rayon 0 .0 1 8 RM


Embrace Red


Embrace Red