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EXPERIENCE THE BEST GOLFING IN LANGKAWI Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Gunung Raya, resides one of the most refreshing and scenic golf resorts in Langkawi. Sprawled over 300 acres of former rubber plantation land, Gunung Raya Golf Resort boasts an intriguing international-standard golf course designed by renowned American golf architect Max Wexler. Within its lush landscapes, you’ll encounter beautiful rolling greens, panoramic tees, and impeccable fairways, magnificently contoured with sand traps and water hazards. Hence, Gunung Raya Golf Resort is an exhilarating golfing venue that will whet any avid golfer’s appetite!


In line with our aim to providing you the best in your golfing experience, Gunung Raya Golf Resort provides you with all the golfing facilities you need for a hassle free and enjoyable game. Golfing facilities include:

Shower Rooms Storage Lockers The Pro Shop Golf Buddy Rentals Club Cafe Information counter and Service Executives 2


Hole 1, Par 4, Index 11, 343 meters

Hole 2, Par 5, 499 meters

Hole 3, Par 4, 354 meters

A cluster of trees and the OB marker

Although marked Index 1, this does

In this opening hole, preference

on the left can be intimidating and

not seem to be the most difficult hole

should be on the left of the fairway

a drain and two hazards on the right

on the course and a review of its

to avoid the two bunkers and series

tends to narrow the landing area for

index is underway. Picturesque with

of mounds on the right. Further down

the big hitters. The approach shot

colourful flowerbeds, golfers have to

a pond lurks on the left with swaying

need to take into consideration the

avoid the hazards on the right and

coconut palms at its perimeter.

two bunkers guiding the green on

the fairway turns into a bottleneck

A generous green to catch the

the right.

just before the green which is flanked

approach shot.

by bunkers.

Hole 4, Par 3, 194 meters

Hole 5, Par 4, 360 meters

Hole 6, Par 4, 307 meters

A valley hole where the distance

The bunker on the right and the

Aim towards the tree in the center

markers may not seem true but

short trees on the rough to the left

of the fairway and hope not to hit it

a relatively easy hole for low

calls for a straight shot. The water

nor land behind it. More trees flank

handicappers. Need to head for the

hazard encroaches 50 meters from

the fairway which can cause trouble

pin, failing which the sloping green

the green requiring a full carry. Over

to wayward shots. The colourful

would result in an uphill putt with

clubbing may land the ball in the

bougainvillas near the longish green

undulations along the way.

sand trap beyond the green.

adds beauty to the hole. 3


Hole 7, Par 3, 207 meters

Hole 8, Par 5, 460 meters

Hole 9, Par 4, 383 meters

Watch out for wind conditions and

Steer clear of the drain that cuts

The dogleg left hole has a stream

pin position for a good score on this

across the fairway about 20 meters

running across at the 180 meter mark

long par three. The bunkers flanking

after the Ladies’ Tee. Three bunkers

while the series of mounds on the

the green and the two-tiered

on the left and the long bunker on

both sides of the fairway can trouble

layout can pose problems to high

the right can add strokes while the

the stance. The uphill approach shot


larger green in the course needs

to an elevated green needs to have

close scrutiny during putting.

enough spin to land and keep it close to the pin.

Hole 10, Par 5, 500 meters

Hole 11 Par 3, 158 meters

Hole 12, Par 4, 397 meters

The dogleg right hole has water

The shortest par three on the course

An exciting hole to play with the tee

running the entire length on the left

has a lake protruding into the fairway

shot needing to head over water to

while a hill serves as an obstacle to

which can be intimidating for some

a large landing area although balls

choose the tiger line towards to right.

while bunkers flanking the green

veering right may find another pond

Littered with bunkers the fairway

lurking while the OB marker is not too

leads to a huge green which is fairly

far away. The second shot has to


clear the drain that runs across the fairway between the 150 and 100 meter markers. Hazards on both sides poses problems.



Hole 13, Par 4, 366 meters

Hole 14, Par 4, 358 meters

Hole 15, Par 5, 489 meters

A tough hole with the border fence

A scenic hole with a view of the

A snaky hole with mounds on the left

running all the way on the right and

rolling hills and hazards on both

and an undulating fairway. A stream

the hazard creeping into the fairway

sides emerging just after the tee box

cuts across the fairway at the 300

on the left. Safe play with irons and

calling for a conservative tee shot

meter mark while a series of bunkers

fairway woods may be the secret to

and an accurate approach shot to a

are on the left. A pond on the right

a low score.

small green guarded by two bunkers.

adds to the difficulties requiring some safe shots to the green.

Hole 16, Par 4, 359 meters

Hole 17, Par 3, 213 meters

Hole 18, Par 4, 423 meters

Pond on the left and bunker on

Surrounded by deep bunkers and

A challenging closing hole which is

the right calls for a fairway splitting

water coming into play from the left

tough to hit on regulation because of

shot from the tee box in this dogleg

and closing in on the ladies’ tee box.

its uphill layout while two bunkers side

left hole. The fairway narrows as it

The uphill long par three could be a

by side on the right can add to the

approaches the green. A three-toe

toss between a driver and three-

strokes. The elevated green calls for

paw print like bunker on the right is

wood for the high handicappers

a lofted shot to seek the pin.

set to swallow shots that misses the

while long irons would be the


order of the day for others. The smallish sloping green needs careful steadying before lining the putt. 5

GETTING HERE Cave of Legends

Temurun Waterfall

Langgung Island

AYER HANGAT Cave of Bats


Mount Mat Cincang Seven Wells Waterfall Cable Car

Crocodile Farm

Eagle Feeding Durian Perangin Waterfall



Mount Raya

Galeria Perdana

Field of Burnt Rice



Mahsuri Mausoleum


Eagle Square

KEDAWANG Rebak Besar Island


Underwater World


Timun Island

Langkawi Fish Farm

Tuba Island Beras Basah Island Singa Besar Island

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden




For those travelling anywhere

For those of you travelling in by

The Langkawi International

from the mainland to

road, there are 2 ferry terminals

Airport at Padang Matsirat is

Langkawi, you should head

available for you to make the

about 20km from Kuah Town,

over to the ferry jetty terminal

crossing to the island, Kuala

air travel provides a fast and

in Kuala Kedah or the one in

Kedah and Kuala Perlis. There

convenient way for you to get

Kuala Perlis. Exit at Alor Setar

are also terminals in Thailand at

to the island.

Selatan if you’re on the North

Satun and Penang.

South Expressway and follow the ample signages along the way. The journey from Kuala Lumpur will take approximately 6 hours. 6

Dayang Bunting Island


OPERATING HOURS 7.00am first tee-off and 3.30pm last tee-off for 18-holes 7.00am first tee-off and 5.30pm last tee-off for 9-holes RATES Green Fee 9-holes RM 150.00/pax 18- holes RM 200.00/pax BUGGY RENTAL RM 40.00 per unit for 9-holes RM 80.00 per unit for 18-holes GOLF INSURANCE RM 3.00/pax GOLF DRIVING RANGE Daily Operating Hours from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm RM 5.00 for 50 balls RM 10.00 for 100 balls GOLF EQUIPMENT RENTAL Golf Sets at Price range from RM 50.00 to RM 200.00 Golf Shoes at RM 10.00 (Per Pair) *3 pcs golf clubs at RM 15.00 for driving range usage ** Price subject to change without prior notice


Club House:

Sales & Marketing Office:

Jalan Air Hangat, Kisap 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia Tel: 604-966 8148 / 604-966 4578 | Fax: 604-966 8149

11-D Wisma Boon Siew, No 1 Jalan Penang, 10200 Penang, Malaysia Tel: 604-263 2706 / 604-263 7462 | Fax: 604-263 0513


Website: Email:

Gunung Raya Golf Resort  

Club House: Jalan Air Hangat, Kisap 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia Tel: 604-966 8148 / 604-966 4578 | Fax: 604-966 8149

Gunung Raya Golf Resort  

Club House: Jalan Air Hangat, Kisap 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia Tel: 604-966 8148 / 604-966 4578 | Fax: 604-966 8149