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TravelPro Schiphol: 52,5 miljoen passagiers ''Trots op 2014-product de Jong Intra Vakanties'' "SUNEO CLUB zal goed bevallen"










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09 JANUARI 2014

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T&S Productions P.O. box 120 6500 AC Nijmegen Tel: 0031 (0)24 8200203


The readers profile of TravelPro consists of: all employees and owners of travel agencies, management of touroperators, airlines, shipping companies, hotels etc. and everybody related to the travel industry and we can guarantee a 100% coverage of the Dutch travel agents.


26 times a year

Deadline reservations Deadline material

7 days 5 days

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EUR 95,- ex. BTW


5.250 copies


Publisher: Tom van Apeldoorn E: Account Manager: Tj van Apeldoorn T: +31 6 11 335016 E: Airline Acquisition: Léon Jansen, LJ Company T: +31 6 52 666186 E: Chief Editor: Tom van Apeldoorn Final Editor: Arjen Lutgendorff Editor: Judith Buitenhuis E:


SIZES Bleed Size









2/1 page 1/1 page (with 5 mm overfill)

480x340 240x340

5.580 3.060

5.400 2.895

5.220 2.755

4.920 2.595

4.630 2.450

4.305 2.290

3.910 2.140

Trim size 1/2 page horizontally 1/4 page horizontally 1/8 page horizontally

WxH 214x152,5 214x76 214x38

1.920 1.170 625

1.805 1.090 555

1.700 1.010 510

1.600 945 480

1.490 895 455

1.355 855 430

1.295 805 405

1/2 page vertically 1/4 page vertically

103x305 103x152,5

1.920 1.170

1.805 1.090

1.700 1.010

1.600 945

1.490 895

1.355 855

1.295 805

1 column advertisement 47,5x305 IM/block 103x94

1.220 510

1.140 480

1.060 455

995 430

945 405

905 355

855 330

Job advertisements 1/1 page 1/2 page 1/4 page

1.445 795 450

240x340 214x152,5 214x76

Infotorial (incl. editing and formatting) 2/1 page full colour (all-in) 1/1 page full colour (all-in) 1/2 page full colour (all-in)

· The above rates are based on ready print material and excluding VAT. For media agencies, the standard discount is applicable. This discount hasn’t been applied yet in the rates mentioned above. · Manufacturing printing equipment is charged at cost.

5.925 3.410 2.435

Online Website

You can place your banner on Our website attracts an average of 22.000 visitors, purely working in tourism, every month. These visitors generate 3,5 pageviews on average every month. The main advantage of our website is that the banners are visible and clickable on every page within the website. This means that your banner will get 22.000 X 3,5 = 77.000 impressions every month.

On our website there are two possibilities to place your banner with a link to your website. 1. The position right next to the logo of TravelPro is the most prominent place for your banner. The size of this banner: 486 pixels - 60 pixels. File Type: JPEG, GIF or Flash Rate: 1 week = € 400, 1 month = € 1250, 2. In the sidebar on the right side of our website, you can place your banner with a link to your website. These banners are visible and clickable on every page within the website. The size of this banner: 309 pixels - 85 pixels. File Type: JPEG, GIF or Flash Rate: 1 week = € 250, 1 month = € 895, -

Banner in the newsletter

TravelPro sends a newsletter four times a week to 7.900 email addresses that are all subscribed to the newsletter. In this newsletter you have two options to communicate your message. 1. There is the possibility to place a banner in the newsletter in between the articles, of course with a link to your website. If you wish we can send you an example of the digital newsletter with banners. The size of this banner: 600 pixels x 95 pixels. File Type: JPEG or GIF Rate: 1 time = € 325, 4 times = € 1.000,2. We can offer you the space to communicate your product toward the travel agent in the newsletter. You can place a message in the newsletter and include a link to your website.You are completely in charge of the editorial content of this message, we will give it a good place in the newsletter. Also, you can choose to publish the rest of your message on our website Rate: € 200, € 300, - for also publishing your message on Would you like to combine this with a banner in the newsletter: € 450, € 550, - for also publishing your message on

Dedicated newsletter

TravelPro offers you the possibility to send a fully dedicated newsletter and communicate whatever you like to the travel agents that receive the newsletter. At the moment, we have 7.900 subscribers to the newsletter. You can place any content, even banners and we will develop the newsletter for you and eventually send it to the subcribers. This way of communication is perfect for promoting a workshop, an offer especially for travel agents or other kinds of important news. You decide what you communicate and when you communicate it! Rate: € 1.150,- for one dedicated newsletter € 3.000,- for three dedicated newsletters

Social Media

TravelPro is active on several social media-channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. We use these channels to spread our newsarticles which are published on our website. We would like to offer you the possibility to use these channels and send one or more messages with a certain frequency towards all of our followers. There is only a maximum amount of characters on Twitter (140). On every channel, a weblink and a picture can be included in the message. For the most recent total amount of followers, please contact us. Rate: We charge a rate per message based on 7% of our total amount of followers. For example: when we have 5.000 followers, the rate per message will be 5.000 X 7% = € 350,-

Your own magazine? Reisburo Report

Your version TravelPro, both in print and digital? It’sReisburo possible Report! with the TravelPro Report! Uwown eigen editieofvan Reisburo Actueel? Het kan met de TheDe TravelPro Report is aisspecial editioneditie of TravelPro, whereActueel, you arewaarbij in complete Report contain Reisburo Report een speciale van Reisburo u aan control. het roerYourTravelPro staat. Alleen uw input,will uwonly beeld en uw yourwensen input, your images you wish for. Our team, with all ouraanwezige present knowledge and expertise, theuwwork zijn terug te and zieneverything in de Reisburo Report. Wij nemen, met onze kennis en expertise, al hetdoes werkalluit handen! for you! The process is quite simple: an appointment will be made with our team to visit you in your office. Then we will discuss all the regarding your TravelPro that, youmet deliver the content youons would seekantoor in your TravelPro Dedetails werkwijze is als volgt: er wordt Report. After een afspraak gemaakt onzeusredactie, waarna teamlike bijto u op langskomtReom de portdetails and our team goes to work. will receive a PDF-file of each levert page tou check if thisaan page to your wishes. After rondom de invulling enYou indeling te bespreken. Vervolgens de content dieisuaccording in uw eigen Reisbur Report terug all ofwilt thezien PDF-files agreed your TravelPro is ready be published. Herepagina you see aboutter en onsare team gaat on, voor u aan de slag.Report Er worden PDF’stogestuurd van iedere en the een TravelPro PDF van de Report gehele uitgave Macedonië, by De Corendon, which wasvan made in 2011over whenMacedonië TravelPro kunt was titled Reisburo goedkeuring. Reisburo Report Corendon u HIER online Actueel. doorbladeren.

Rates & specifications Kosten & Specificaties

Here you find the rates and for the TravelPro Report. Report. Hieronder de kosten en specifications specificaties voor de Reisburo 16 pages = € 15.500,16 pagina’s = € 15.500,20 pages = € 17.000,20 pagina’s = € 17.000,24 pages = € 18.000,24 pagina’s = € 18.000,These rates are without VAT, but include the complete editorial work, the designing of the pages, the printing, sending together Deze kosten zijn exclusief BTW, inclusief de redactie, opmaak, drukwerk en verzending met Reisburo Actueel. with our magazine + pubishing and promoting your magazine online! Om een voorbeeld van een Reisburo Report te ontvangen of als u vragen heeft, kunt u contact opnemen met Tj van Apeldoorn. To receive an example /of024-8200203 a TravelPro Report or when you have any questions, please contact our account manager TJ van Apeldoorn. Tel: 06-11335016 Tel: 06-11335016 / 024-8200203 E-mail: E-mail:

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