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Temple Israel Memphis, Tennessee Winter Issue 2020/2021 Volume 75; No. 2


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Reflection By Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein

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04 Donor Spotlight Melisa & Steven Weisman By Sarah Rushakoff

Mazel Tov! Congratulations to our congregants on their lifecycle events!


05 Eight Nights of Chanukah Candlelighting

Donations August 2020 through Mid-November 2020

06 The Mystic By Sarah Rushakoff

10 ConnecTI Leadership Team

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Fall is a season of change, as evidenced by the breathtaking and dazzling leaves on display last month in Memphis. Spring and summer are for sunshine and growth. Winter, however, is uniquely the time for increasing the light. Especially when it is darkest, Chanukah arrives to remind us that it only takes one candle to dispel any darkness, including feelings of aloneness and distance during these colder COVID-19 days. I am writing this column as Temple co-leads a special 2020 Thanksgiving Interfaith Food Drive for the Mid-South religious community, since food scarcity is now at an all-time high. Our neighbors may walk different paths to God, but we are demonstrating that

By Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein we are also one community of faith in action. With Chanukah upon us—and 2021 in sight— hope is on the horizon for the revival of our city, nation, and world. Gratitude undergirds it all—not only on Thanksgiving but also on Chanukah, when we add the special words “Al Hanisim” in our gratitude prayer for the miracle of our survival. “We thank You…” is the constant Jewish refrain—for our continued existence as a people, and during this COVID-19 year, as survivors of a global pandemic. From The Green Room beside TI-Crosstown where we partner with Church Health and saxophonist Kirk Whalum on “Into the Mystic,” to the myriad of ways Temple offers members of all ages to show

gratitude through gemilut chasadim, deeds of lovingkindness, no matter what the season or the year, to be a Jew is to think and thank. Gratitude is giving, not getting, especially during these cold winter months when our people—and all people—need it most. Faithfully yours,



From the directors to the teachers and everyone in between, you could tell that they all loved being around the children

DONOR SP O TLIGHT Melisa & Steven Weisman By Sarah Rushakoff

4 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 2 0 / 2 0 21


When it was time to choose a preschool for their children, Melisa and Steven Weisman found it a very easy decision. “We were both working full-time, so child care was definitely something we were going to need. There was no question that we were going to find a Jewish place for them,” says Melisa, who grew up at Temple from kindergarten through high school. “Rabbi Greenstein did my bat mitzvah and my wedding,” she laughs. “My husband grew up the same way that we did, so we didn’t have to have the conversation of how we were going to raise our children.” The Weismans knew the Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center would help their kids build a strong Jewish foundation for their education. “It’s just nice for children to know who they are, to have an identity early on,” Melisa says. “They know more Hebrew now than I can remember! Especially in the South, it’s important to have a Jewish identity and to have a community where there are like-minded families and children to grow up with.” They were also impressed with the atmosphere. “We walked into Temple and just knew right away. It was such a loving environment, and we knew the teachers would treat them like their own.” Between their two children, Max and Dahlia, the Weismans

were at the ELC for a total of seven years. “From the directors to the teachers and everyone in between, you could tell that they all loved being around the children,” Melisa adds. “They’re family, we saw them every day for seven years. We were sad to graduate out of the program because we were in such a loving and nurturing environment.” Melisa believes her children have also built likely-lifelong friendships with classmates from the ELC. “My son Max, who is now in the third grade, and his friends from preschool are still very close,” she says. “He’s excited to go to Sunday school because it’s a chance to be with his close friends. They do everything together.” Melisa and Steven are also happy with the foundation the kids received at the ELC for their secular education. “Our children got a Jewish part of their education, but were also very well prepared for their current school. Learning in a fun environment where they didn’t even realize they were learning,” Melisa explains. Both Max and Dahlia now attend Richland Elementary together. How are they doing in their virtual classes? “The children are adapting. The teachers are saints,” she acknowledges. “They’ve done an excellent job of getting the children engaged.” Above all, the Weismans appreciate feeling like part of a family that extends past the ELC walls. As Melisa says, “Even though they aren’t the kids’ teachers anymore, we still go and have conversations about our children and their lives,” adds Melisa. “It’s just a family and a community.”

Eight Night s of Chanuk ah Candlelighting Join your Temple Israel family with your Chanukah Menorah for Eight Nights of Candlelighting between December 10-17, 2020. Check the calendar at timemphis.org for ways to join virtually! Chanukah Music, Midrash, and Candlelighting With Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein and Cantorial Soloist Happie D. Hoffman Thursday, December 10, 2020 • 6 pm via timemphis.org Shabbat Chanukah Service & Consecration With Rabbi Bess Wohlner and Cantorial Soloist Happie D. Hoffman Friday, December 11, 2020 • 6 pm via timemphis.org Chanukah Havdalah and Candlelighting With Rabbi Bess Wohlner and Rabbi Jeremy Simons Saturday, December 12, 2020 • 6 pm via Zoom Chanukah Candlelighting With Music & Education Specialist Carly Abramson Sunday, December 13, 2020 • 6 pm via Zoom Chanukah Candlelighting With Cantorial Soloist Happie D. Hoffman Monday, December 14, 2020 • 6 pm via Zoom Chanukah Candlelighting With Rabbi Bess Wohlner and Rabbi Jeremy Simons Tuesday, December 15, 2020 • 6 pm via Zoom Chanukah Candlelighting With Cantorial Soloist Happie D. Hoffman Wednesday, December 16, 2020 • 6 pm via Zoom Chanukah Candlelighting With Rabbi Bess Wohlner and Rabbi Jeremy Simons Thursday, December 17, 2020 • 6 pm via Zoom


The By Sarah Rushakoff Tell me about the Mystic and why it’s a unique program. Micah Greenstein: Scott Morris, Chris Miner, saxophonist Kirk Whalum, songwriter Rev. John Kilzer, and I met for months creating the Mystic in Dr. Scott’s small office following deep dialogue, prayer, and still vivid memories of silence. In the Mystic, the world is far better served by a multiplicity of beliefs than rigid uniformity. The goal of the Mystic is not to feel better, but to get better at feeling.

Kirk Whalum:


Memphis has been starving for a forum where religious and non-religious Memphians can mix it up with folks who are just curious about spiritual things, with no agendas. Where all of the above can feel free to hold our doubts, suspicions, deep questions, and deep convictions in our hands and hearts together. All done in a safe and non-judgmental space.

Scot t Morris: It’s not about preaching, not about trying to win anybody over to a particular point of view. There is no sermon, there is no collection, but it is an hour once a month that just invites people across various theological perspectives to find a way to be together. It’s about engaging all of us in matters of the spirit. We use the spoken word, music, and the opportunity for meditation, all to hopefully bind us closer together.

Joshua Narcisse: I think the great thing about the Mystic is that, before I ever went to one, I heard about it from folks who I went to church with at Mississippi Boulevard. They’d say it was almost like worship for them because of the depth of the discussion, the ideas, and 6 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 2 0 / 2 0 21

the vulnerability that is lifted up during that time. The Mystic invites us deeper into that unknown, deeper into the uncertainties, as we truly move deeper into faith and connect with ourselves, connect with God or a higher being or nature, that which is beyond us.

How does the Mystic make its space welcoming to people of all ages, backgrounds, faiths, and sexual orientations?

MG: The Mystic attracts not just people of different faiths and races. It may be the only place where older retirees and younger hipsters converge in the same space! The music is Memphis’ finest, and in recent years, it has expanded to younger voices Joy Marseille and Joshua, and the wisdom of Rev. Sonia Walker, too. While we cannot eliminate illness and disease, we can still heal each other. While we cannot repair the entire world, we can still paint our corner of the world with light, acceptance, and love. We cannot eliminate


Daily Memphian and the University of Memphis but is based here at Crosstown in a Church Health space. I just went to them and said, “Look, let us do this over the radio.” The point of the first radio episode was ‘How Has Covid Affected You Spiritually?’ We wanted to talk about how COVID affected us personally, not necessarily as the leader of a congregation. It airs live the first Thursday of every month at 9 am and will be archived by WYXR so people can go listen to it anytime. Church Health will also have a place on our website where people can listen to it.

JN: It’s been great to be able to get back with the group and to ponder who we are, and truly, how we are, as we’re living through this pandemic. How are we caring for ourselves and for one another, even when we’re forced to be physically distant? I think going deeper into faith is critical as we disabuse ourselves of this false control we thought we had. As we reorient ourselves to a world that is prayerfully more concerned about caring for others and allows for the ego to drop away. I think the Mystic is a good place to begin that journey.

Is there a memorable past topic or guest that stands out to you? JN: Right before the pandemic, we talked about intergenerationalism. For folks my age, our foundational moment when we became politically alive was 9/11. For others, it was Kennedy’s assassination. So being able to expose those kinds of touchstones in a society that’s structured in a way that doesn’t easily allow for intergenerational communication helps us better learn how to talk to one another.

MG: One of so many I could write about was the one following the sudden death of Mystic co-creator, musician, and minister, Dr. John Kilzer.

SM: Originally the music was going to be Kilzer and Whalum, it would have been like nirvana listening to them. For all of us, the Mystic has been really helpful in dealing with John’s death, because we were all very close to him.

MG: It was my turn to host, so I planned the theme loneliness, but we can hold each other, even from a distance. We cannot eliminate the pain people are experiencing, but we CAN model lives of compassion.

SM: The point of the Mystic is to recognize there is this deep spiritual dynamic in all of our lives. How, collectively, are we moving forward with that? What can we do to support each other in this? The very fact that we have that conversation should tell you that it’s anything but a closed-minded approach. A lot of Temple folks have come regularly when we were meet-

ing in person. Part of meeting in Midtown is that I believe young millennial Jewish groups would hopefully find it fascinating. And every last person in the mix is gonna tell you that God is fully open and embracing of the LGBTQ community.

How has COVID affected the Mystic? SM: I think the last time we did it in person was February. At the same time, WYXR was getting started, the radio station that’s under the umbrella of the

on the theology behind John’s lyrics, including the album he released only months before his passing, entitled ‘Scars.’ John learned to love the scars looking back on his own life, and I posed to Kirk, Scott, and the other panelists how we all have suffered moments of pain and tremendous challenges we have endured. In the midst of those moments, without even anticipating the harsh COVID year we are in, it is hard to love a fresh wound, much less the scar it leaves. But with time, just as Joseph did in the Torah and John Kilzer did in his own life, it’s possible looking back to even love the scars for the good that followed them. TIMEMPHIS.ORG • 7

SM: One time we had a young guy who’s a Muslim Syrian, who was actually held captive for a year in Syria. Having him on, talking about dealing with this, that’s not something we would normally do at a place like St. John’s on a Sunday morning. Shaila Karkera came and brought to us a Hindu perspective, especially related to issues of nurturing children, since she had written a children’s book, and that was a really strong conversation. And then Sonia Walker, who is a true woman of great wisdom, led an intense conversation around her own personal experience of racism during her long life. Addressing the racial issues that are always just below the surface. We live in Memphis and we can’t back away from that.

K W: The Mystic has an inherent focus on issues of social justice and racial equality and empowerment, about which we are all passionate. These are the same issues which we have all seen diminished and discounted in an existential environment of austerity and outright selfishness. I experience the Mystic as a recurring, exhilarating opportunity to listen, share, contemplate, and be inspired to live more deeply. There seems to be one thread that weaves through them all, and that is the common-unity we experience when we “zoom out” from our particular religious, doctrinal, or cultural perspectives

8 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 2 0 / 2 0 21

long enough to truly see each other. To lean into the richness of our special and diverse Memphis ethos, which is its own spiritual reward. This, especially when viewed through the prism of faith, whatever that word may mean to each attendee.

grounding in front of me as I navigate the different brands of Christianity, Judaism, and all those different faith traditions that we partner with. Being a part of the Mystic helps me to understand more what I believe as we navigate those different partnerships.

How has the Mystic affected you personally?

K W: Personally I find it meaningful to enter a space

SM: Truthfully, what I needed was a way to feed my own soul, my own spirit. What I decided to do was just invite my friends, to have a conversation with them, and intentionally look at people who have different theological perspectives at some level.

JN: In one sense, it allows me to bring my theological imagination to the spiritual care work I’m doing with Church Health, and into my daily life as a person of faith. On a personal level, it keeps that theological

where my fundamentalist background is laid bare, and yet I am invited to delve more deeply into it. I get to view my personal faith in Christ as viewing a diamond, but perhaps from other angles. I am inspired by deep insights and wisdom from other faith traditions. And from the broader perspectives of guest panelists who are, for instance, agnostic but deeply spiritual, which challenge and many times resonate with and affirm my faith. Green Room photos by Sarah Rushakoff



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A native Memphian, Lulu Abdun is a public interest technologist who works at the intersection of technology and social change. Whether it’s creating lesson planning software for educators or developing a form automation system for federal government documents, she enjoys using technology to make the world a better place. Lulu also loves being involved in the community through volunteering with local nonprofits and enjoying public nature spaces.


A graduate of the University of Alabama, Matthew is a born and raised Memphian and could not be happier that he has been back since graduating in 2017. This past summer Matthew was the Director of Camp Dream Street at Henry S. Jacobs Camp. He is currently a case clerk at Baker Donelson. He is a proud member of our ConnecTI board and is also involved in the ambassador program for Facing History and Ourselves. On top of these organizations, he calls himself lucky to serve as a Hebrew School teacher at Temple.



Sarah Besser is originally from Memphis and is a graduate of Boston University School of Hospitality Administration. She recently returned to Memphis from an internship at Disney World. She works as the Material Manager at her family business, West Memphis Steel Corp. Sarah volunteers as a local BBYO Advisor. In her free time, she is either baking or planning her next big adventure. 10 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 2 0 / 2 0 21

Benjamin Friedlander hails from Mobile, Alabama, and is a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Benjamin is an alumnus of Teach for America and spent three years in North Carolina teaching science and math. He moved to Memphis in 2019 for a fellowship with the Memphis Education Fund, where he continues to fundraise for nonprofits while researching new innovations in public education. When he’s not volunteering at schools and mentoring students, Benjamin enjoys running, weightlifting, and joining more book clubs than he can keep up with.




Leila hails from Massachusetts and was delighted to join the ConnecTI community when she moved to Memphis. She loves reading and co-hosts the ConnecTI Book Club. She spends much of her time gardening at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She also enjoys music, animals, and arts & crafts. She is thrilled to be part of the ConnecTI Leadership Team.

Jackie moved to Memphis in 2019 to begin her graduate optometric studies at Southern College of Optometry. She has special interests in providing low vision and pediatric vision care in the future. While Jackie was born and raised in Dallas and is a proud graduate of Southern Methodist University in Texas, Memphis now feels like home! ConnecTI and Temple Israel are a major reason why. Outside the classroom and clinic, Jackie enjoys singing, attending art festivals, eating tacos, and walking along the Mud Island Greenbelt at sunset.

A born and raised Memphian, Lee moved back to Memphis in 2017 to work for Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor. He graduated from the real UT (The University of Tennessee) in 2014 and moved to Nashville for a couple years before coming back home. Lee is an avid sports fan, loves being outside, and you can catch him at most concerts.



Baylee Less currently serves as the Grants and Development Writer for Youth Villages. As a native and proud Memphian, Baylee returned home after four years at the University of Maryland. Prior to her work at Youth Villages, she worked at Temple Israel and the Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation. Baylee serves on the Board of Directors for Music Export Memphis, on the Leadership Team for ConnecTI, and as a local adviser for the youth organization BBYO. She also contributes to the I Love Memphis Blog as an arts & culture writer. While she’s not working or out enjoying live music, Baylee enjoys traveling to places with no cell service and cooking delicious vegan food.

Paige is Temple Israel’s Community Engagement Director, where she oversees Temple’s new Crosstown space as well as ConnecTI. Paige was born and raised in Memphis and after graduating from Tulane University in 2017, she returned to Memphis as a Teach for America Corps Member where she taught 6th grade math. In her free time, Paige enjoys doing yoga, reading, running, going to concerts, and being outdoors.

Carrie is a Junior at the University of Memphis studying Earth Sciences and Music, and is the Assistant Store Manager and Coffee Master for Starbucks at Residence Inn downtown. A native of Louisiana but raised in Memphis, Carrie is a cellist in the Germantown Symphony and a member of Hadassah Memphis’ young adult initiative. At Temple, Carrie volunteers for the Sisterhood gift shop, participates in Purimspiel, Music Sharing, and ConnecTI, and attends Torah Study as often as possible. In their spare time, Carrie enjoys swimming, biking, running, indoor rock climbing, yoga, meditation, exploring nature, reading, listening to and playing music on one of several instruments, hanging out with friends, and studying Hebrew and ASL, as well as learning Talmud, Zohar, and various other Jewish subjects. T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 11

HIGH HOLY DAYS 5781 Our outdoor Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services perfectly complemented our virtual offerings this year during the High Holy Days. Photos by Paige Miller Photography

12 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 0 2 / 2 0 21

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 13

CHALLAH PROJECT Temple Volunteers delivered over 500 challot to members before Rosh Hashanah. Photos submitted by Temple volunteers

14 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 0 2 / 2 0 21

JYG JYG had their first in-person event of the year at the Jones Pond Pavilion in Shelby Farms. Twenty-five students came out and reunited as they tie-dyed their brand new JYG t-shirts and played a competitive round of human bingo! Photos submitted by JYG participants

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 15

BKL ELC BOOK PARADE We had a blast dressing up as characters from our favorite books and taking a stroll outside during our Book Parade! Photos submitted by BKL ELC staff

16 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 0 2 / 2 0 21

CONNECTI ConnecTI has gathered safely and in creative ways in person the past few months. We went apple picking for Sukkot at Jones Orchard, volunteered and formed community relationships at the JUICE Garden in Orange Mound, and enjoyed a havdalah down by the Mississippi River! Photos submitted by ConnecTI members

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 17

BROTHERHOOD CLOTHING DRIVE Thank you to everyone who supported Temple Brotherhood’s clothing drive benefiting First Presbyterian’s clothes closet! Because of your generosity, Temple was able to deliver loads of new clothing items to keep Memphians clothed and warm this winter season. Photos submitted by Brotherhood

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T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 19

Mazel Tov!


B ’ N A I M I T Z VA H

Son of Brian & Stephanie Eisenstatt. Grandson of Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt and Donna & Andy Poarch. Great-grandson of Carole & Charles Plesofsky.

LOGAN H ANOVER Son of Kalyna & Charles Hanover, Logan became a bar mitzvah on September 12, 2020. He is an 8th grader at Riverdale Middle School and the grandson of Sandy Grissom and Jerry Hanover* and Halyna & Dmytro Hrushetsky.*

EMME T T O ’ RYAN LICHTER M AN Son of Ruthie & Blake Lichterman. Grandson of Sara and Emmett O’Ryan*, Peggy Lichterman, and Barry Lichterman.


KAITLYN GRUBER Daughter of Brandi & Gregory Gruber, Kaitlyn became a bat mitzvah on October 10, 2020. She is a 7th grader at Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, AR, and the granddaughter of Lynn Gruber, Isaac Gruber*, and Pauline Talley.*

Son of Jennifer Gurevitz & Jay Brown. Grandson of Rose Merry Brown & Aron Livnah and Marti & Richard Gurevitz.


L AUREN PAZ Daughter of Louise & Meir Paz, Lauren became a bat mitzvah on October 24, 2020. She is a 7th grader at Homeschool and the granddaughter of Leah & Uri Lichtschein and Shirley & Joseph Ostrovitz.*

DYL AN SPIEGEL Son of Melinda & Michael Lejman and Eric Spiegel*, Dylan became a bar mitzvah on November 7, 2020. He is an 8th grader at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy and the grandson of Linda Shaw and Dick Shaw*, Lauren Spiegel and Arthur Spiegel, and Elizabeth & Stanley Lejman.

H ANN AH AND WILL DUNL AP Daughter and Son of Trudi & Alex Dunlap, Will and Hannah became b’nai mitzvah on November 14, 2020. They are 8th graders at Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal School and the grandchildren of Rhoda & Norman Shapiro, Alix & William Dunlap, and Diane Santiago. *of blessed memory

Daughter of Lihan & Barry Frager. Granddaughter of Natalie & Jerry Frager.

GEMM A FARGOTSTEIN Daughter of Rebecca Belz & Sam Fargotstein.Granddaughter of Ron & Anise Belz, Shep & Margaret Fargotstein, and Kay Abernathy. Great-granddaughter of Joyce Lansky, Marilyn & Jack Belz, and Virginia Hess.

JERO ME LEO N FULLER Son of Amanda & Jeff Fuller. Grandson of Leigh Goldstein McLean and John McLean and Kris & Henry Arcolesse. Great-grandson of Sandy Goldstein.

CH ARLIE JACOB EP STEIN Son of Jennifer & Andrew Epstein. Grandson of Cathy Poulin and Jon Poulin* and Susie & Allan Epstein. Great-grandson of Lynn Kline and Ann & Marty Epstein. *of blessed memory


N E W M E M B E R S* We welcome the families of:

Brittney Echels and Zach Zalowitz

Dolly & Steve Bromberg

Lenore Greenstein

Atlee Silk

Gina Zalowitz and David Tenenbaum

Jill Brooks & Jeffrey Hammond

Lauren Isaacman & Paul Darga

Brad Snyder

Gabby McGaughy and Zach Kisber

Tikvah Carter & Ezra Riggins

Jenna Kaufman

Emily & Scott Weaver

Andrea & Ted Cohen

Rachael Kester & Evan Sander

Carrie Webb

Louis Connelly

Jackie Malish

Laura & Brad Zinker

Edie & Eric Efron

Elyssa Pfeffer

*Through November 20, 2020 2 0 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 2 0 / 2 0 21

ENGAGEMENTS Spencer Glaser and Kelsey Buchbinder

Donations According to the Talmud, giving is as important as all of the other commandments combined. Thank you to those listed below who made donations to the following funds from August 2020 through Mid-November 2020: Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center, Beulah R. Vosse Library, Brotherhood, Cemetery, Clergy’s Discretionary, ConnecTI, General, Grounds & Beautification, Mary Shainberg Archives, MeFTY, Museum, Music Program, Service to the Blind, Sisterhood, Rabbi James A. Wax Fund for Social Justice, and the Wendy & Avron Fogelman Religious School.

FOR THE RECOVERY OF Patty & Lee Abraham Sondra Abraham Andrew Boshwit Louise & Jerry Sklar Trudi Evensky Carole & Robert Pinstein Mark Fogelman Jeri & Mitch Moskovitz Marilyn Haas Curt Ward Mark Halperin Judy & Nick Ringel Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Thomas Howard Carole & Charles Plesofsky Shara Lehman Lynn Kline Sondra Price Susan & Raymond Evans Barbara Towbin Dee & Stewart Cannell Marsha Underberg Andrea & Brian Barrach Leslie & Bill Fargotstein and Family

IN HONOR OF Carly Abramson Barbara Mansberg Rabbi Jeremy Simons Barbara & Bob Blumenthal Special Birthday of Bert Barnett Meryl Rosen Connie & Mike Sherman Rabbi Katie Bauman Myreah Moore

Waynette Besser Debbie Jackson Lynn Owen Marion & Alan Suekoff Birth of Great-Grandson, Liam Jace Boyle Roselyn Graff Engagement of Rachael Brill & Jeff Dreifus Birth of Meira Riva Frager Jennifer & Joe Roberts Birth of Abe Jacob Brown Judy Royal Engagement of Kelsey Buchbinder & Spencer Glaser Sherri & Marty Kooperman and Family Dale & Richard Caen Rochelle & Frank Perlman Dee & Stewart Cannell Diane & Irwin Evans Wedding of Rachel & Richard Corby Melissa Faber Rabbi Harry Danziger Sean Alpert Birth of Elise Winter Edelson Birthday of Judy Edelson Anniversary of Esther & Ronny O’Mell Ed Wise Leslie & Bill Fargotstein Marcy & Randy Kahan Laurie & Neal Price Anniversary of Cindy & Mark Finestone Eileen Finestone Mark Fogelman’s Term as President of Temple Israel Jill & Scott Notowich

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Jackie Malish Michelle & Bob Malish

Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein on Being Elected to the U.S. Delegation Assembly of the World Zionist Congress Rae Jean & Sandy Lichterman Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein and Temple Israel Staff Denise & Jeffrey Kerlan Logan Hanover on Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Lynn Kline Sarah & Tony Heard’s Wedding Pat Lichterman Rabbi Martin Hinchin Phyllis & Jack Selber

Installment of Laurie Meskin as President of Temple Israel Arlene Averbuch Myra & Mel Meskin Jill & Scott Notowich Linda & Edward Young 50th Birthdays of Laurie & Jeff Meskin Anonymous Stacy & Art Canales Michelle & Bill Dunavant Tara & Jeff Engelberg Cindy & Mark Finestone Susan & Jay Lindy Lisa Menuskin & Neil Gibson Sally & Michael Pelts Debra & Alex Saharovich Betsy & Andy Saslawsky Kimberlee & Scott Strome Melody & Greg Usdan Molly & Jason Wexler Barbara & Lewis Williamson Anniversary of Mary Lynn & Arnold Perl Caleb Radtke on Starting High School Dolly & Steve Bromberg Rabbis and Teachers at Temple Israel Bob Harmel Birthday of Judy Ringel Anise & Ron Belz

Cantorial Soloist Happie Hoffman Brett Barenholtz Melanie & Ricky Fine

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80th Birthday of Howard Horn Barbara & Norman Towbin and Family

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Aly Kahan & Max Fargotstein Marcy & Randy Kahan Allyn Kantor’s 80th Birthday Stephanie Holtzman Conversion of Gabby Kisber Janet Kisber

Birth of Dylan Jay Steinberg Kelsey Buchbinder & Spencer Glaser Betsy & Ron Gilman Temple Israel Clergy and Staff Louise & Mike Ellis Lisa Usdan & David Portnoy and Abby Portnoy and Paige Portnoy Wynne & Barry Wilder

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IN MEMORY OF Rosa Weisberger Abraham Sharon Gadless Jake Alabaster Sam Alabaster Bertha Alabaster Rosenthal Arlene Sharfman Alfred Alperin Patrice & Jim Marks Jerry Averbuch Arlene Averbuch Barbara Bearman Eugene Bearman Betty Robinson Golden & Steve Bearman Joy & Leo Bearman Tina & Troy Barber Norma Stricklin Leo Bearman Patty & Lee Abraham Penney & Dan Alabaster Jane & Moses Alexander Jeanne & Bruce Alpert Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Joan & Stanley Baker Jean & Buddy Ballin Golden & Steve Bearman Ben Beatus Anise & Ron Belz The Belz Foundation and Belz Family Sharon Berman Dot & Stanley Bilsky Blankenau Wilmoth Jarecke LLP Doris Bodan Nancy & Louis Brenner Maury Bronstein Rose Merry Brown & Aron Livnah Beverly Buchalter Kelsey Buchbinder & Spencer Glaser Daneel Buring & Laurie Robinson Mickey & Arthur Buring Felix Caldwell Karen & Phil Campbell Stacy Canales Paula & Avrahm Cohen Brenda & Mark Curland Barbie & Ray Dan Hermine Davidson Jane & Gene Eckstein Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Susan & Raymond Evans Trudi & Reid Evensky Judy & Peter Felsenthal

Fredrika & Joel Felt Constance & Theo Folz Yvonne Fournier Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Lisa & Jeffrey Fuerst Carol Geller Ed Gentry Julia & Bill Gibbons Shayna Giles Martha & Jerrold Graber Bettye Gronauer Skip Gronauer Mimi Grossman & Alvin Franklin Lynn Gruber Diane & Mark Halperin Iris & Ronald Harkavy John Heflin, III Leigh & Rob Hendry Jenny & Larry Herman and Family Carol & Joel Hertz Marci & Geoffrey Hirsch Janice Holder Andrea Holley Lynn Isaacs Natalie & James Jalenak Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. JNJ Express Ellen & Herb Kahn Linda Stone Kaplan Millie & Alan Katzen Lynn Kline Karen & Michael Koplon Ray Ann Kremer & George Shapiro Debbie & Sidney Kriger Barbara Lapides Debbie & Ron Lazarov Eve & Craig Lazarov Marian Levy Myrna & Joe Levy Shelley & Don Levy Shira & Alan Levy Gail & Myron Lewis Rae Jean & Sandy Lichterman Judy & Jim Lindy Jan & Jack Magids May Lynn Mansbach Linda Kay & Rev. Randy McCloy Norris McGehee Leigh McLean Memphis Symphony Orchestra Board, Trustees, Staff, and Musicians Diane & Paul Mendelson Laurie & Jeff Meskin Alice & Henry Miller Linda & Bruce Miller and Family Jeri & Mitch Moskovitz Marilyn Notowich Beth Orlansky Sally & Michael Pelts Deedee & Ron Perel Janice Pierce Margaret & Clifford Pierce

Carole & Charles Plesofsky Susan & Abe Plough Viki Poole Gayle Powelson & Martin Grusin Libby & Howard Pritchard Nancy & Gary Raileanu Jan & Marc Reisman Sandy & Webster Riggs and Family Judy & Nick Ringel Karen & Gordon Robbins Jennifer & Joe Roberts Nancy & Richard Robinson Meryl Rosen Rose & David Ross Judy Royal Cheryl & Michael Rubenstein Sherry & Alan Samuels Myrna & Alan Salomon Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Lauren & Daniel Schwartz Amy & Tod Singer Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar Louise & Jerry Sklar St. Mary’s Episcopal School Jamie & Donald Stafford Maddison Stafford Jan & Lee Stein Jill & Ken Steinberg Harriet & Lou Strasberg Sally & John Thomason Paul Valentine and David Mika of KCP Advisory Group Gary Veazey Joan & James Vogel Jonathan and James Wax Marcia Ann & Mike Weiss Deb Weisshaar & Jonathan Ringel Alice & Maurice Wexler Marilyn & Bailey Wiener Ed Wise Mike Wood Linda & Edward Young Stanley Zitron Arthur Ira Berman Rhoda Augustine Deborah & Harry Berman Sharon Berman Jacqueline & William Bernatsky Michelle & Mark Heiss and Family Lester Bernstein Jane & Gene Eckstein Marie Beyer Leonard Beyer Leon Shahun, Jr. Debbie Smith Meryl Rosen Ivan Frank Binder Stacey Frank Binder Irma Binder

Jerome Binkowitz Jay Binkowitz Rosene Bloom Toba & Leslie Kornberg Herman Bluthenthal Rebecca Kohn Ruth Toff Buck Boshwit Sally & Michael Pelts Rebecca Nickol Brackstone Karen & Gordon Robbins Jan & Lee Stein Michael Stein Mary Bronstein Diane & Mark Halperin Arthur Brueck Janet & Jerry Lang Aileen Burson Paula & Alan Auerbach and Family Karen Mountcastle Celia Ray Burson Judi & Joe Bonacorso Maury Bronstein Gloria & Eddie Felsenthal Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Elaine & Robert Kaufman Melanie & Rob Mann Viki Poole Jan & Marc Reisman Rose & David Ross Sara Beth & George Silverman Jan & Lee Stein Marcy & Dave Wolf Leon Burson Leslie Burson Anne Rosen Butcher Samuel Arthur Butcher Lynn & Vic Butcher Allete & Jerome Caldwell Chris Caldwell Eddie Ceitlin Margaret & Steve Biller Elliot Chaum Ira Shaw Anonymous David Cohen Esta & Max Fargotstein Emily Fargotstein Poe Leslie & Bill Fargotstein and Family Edith Cohen Harriet Mintz Goldie Richman Anna Schultz Ellen & Herb Kahn Irving Cohen Sondra & Myron Sokal TIMEMPHIS.ORG • 23

Isaac Cohen Jennie Cohen Ida Kaplan Joseph Kaplan Barry Jay Underberg Joe Underberg Lillian Underberg Ray Underberg Ronald Underberg Wim Mendel Cohen Leslie Fargotstein Howard Cohn Susan Cohn and Matthew Cohn Joel Martin Cook Raymond Buring Cecile Coonin Johanna & Dan Hawtof Meriam Cohen Cooper The Ronnie Cooper Family Meriam & Harry Cooper Family of Meriam & Harry Cooper Jack Croner Jo Croner

Mindy Lipson Rick O’Leary Carole & Robert Pinstein Carole & Charles Plesofsky Sondra Price and Scott Price Amy & David Rea Jan & Marc Reisman Betsy & Andy Saslawsky Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Jan & Lee Stein Natalie & Nathan Epstein Rae Epstein William Epstein Judy Royal and Family Lieselott Rosenberg Esser Genie & John Esser Rose & Harry Evans Irwin Evans Sam Faber Carolyn & Joel Mizne Gayle Fargotstein Leslie & Bill Fargotstein and Family Laura Riskind

Sam Dattel Rosemarie Dattel

Bess Feinstein Harold Feinstein Jean Efron

Joseph Davis Bettye Gronauer

Barbara Fields Margie Snetman

Gerald Dortch Kay Dortch Missy & Chuck Noon Courtney & Aaron Shemper and Family

Rita & Howard Fine Shirley & Bernie Freeman Melanie & Ricky Fine

Mayme & Milton Dortch Kay Dortch Courtney & Aaron Shemper and Family Leona DeMere Dwyer John Dwyer, Jr. Helen Eichenbaum Elizabeth Ford Hohenberg Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Ina Plesofsky Eiseman Isabelle Lewis Isaacs Mildred Barnett Isaacs Jacob Plesofsky Carole & Charles Plesofsky John Eiseman Inky & Philip Aronoff Joann Eisenstatt Judie Ashkenaz & Bruce Kahn Jean & Buddy Ballin Carol & Bert Barnett Randi & Mark Bernsen Edie & Eric Efron and Family Dick Eiseman Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Bettye Gronauer Leigh & Rob Hendry

2 4 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 2 0 / 2 0 21

Cornelia Freudberg Jean & Buddy Ballin Leon Friedlander Yetta Friedlander Susan & Sam Keith and Family Shirley Conroy Frisch Glen Frisch Ellen & Herb Kahn David Goldin Barry Goldin Elvis Ginsburg Goldsmith Beth & Steve Brown and Family Sarah Goldstein Sam Goldstein Harry Mansbach Marie Mansbach May Lynn Mansbach Gerald Jonathan Goldwin Melanie & Ricky Fine Jamie & Glenn Goldring Dana & Jeff Gross Elaine & Robert Kaufman Shelley & Irwin Knopf Debbie & Ron Lazarov Leigh McLean

Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Jan & Marc Reisman Caren Lynn Goodman Judie Ashkenaz & Bruce Kahn Carol Geller Shelley & Irwin Knopf Jerome Gottlieb Audrey Crowe Harold Greenberg Julie & Lawson Arney Judie Ashkenaz Jean & Buddy Ballin Andrea & Brian Barrach Marcy & Michael Blen Brenda & Mark Curland Susan & Raymond Evans Juli Falkoff & Brian Sherman Julie & Ellis Falkoff Carol Geller Roselyn Graff Jenny & Larry Herman Barbara Hermann David Hirshberg Shelley & Don Levy Sally & Michael Pelts Carole & Robert Pinstein Jan & Marc Reisman Myrna & Alan Salomon Stacy & Jerry Siegler and Family Sharry & Steve Solomon Bette Greene Marilyn & Harvey Cook Adele Kisber Sandy & Clifton Lipman Jan & Marc Reisman Evelyn & Martin Snyder Sandy & Mark Tanenbaum Rabbi Howard R. Greenstein Lenore Greenstein Donald Ike Gronauer Bettye Gronauer Pamela Hill Albert Morris Harmel Bob Harmel Roger Hirsch Arlene Averbuch Joan & Stanley Baker Rose Merry Brown & Aron Livnah Dale & Richard Caen Carol Geller Susan Hamby Miriam Hasson Jenny & Larry Herman and Family Jan & Jack Magids Terry Orgel Susan & Abe Plough Joan Weiss Lena & Joseph Isaacson Martin Isaacson

Louis Jacobson Emily & Denny Baer Dot & Stanley Bilsky Deborah & Sam Brackstone Maury Bronstein Dale & Richard Caen Nell Cahn and Family Dick Eiseman Ilene & David Friener Phyllis Groskind Debbie Jackson Gina Jolly Millie & Alan Katzen Racelle Mednikow and Michael Mednikow Nancy & Gary Raileanu Jan & Marc Reisman Barbara & Leonard Richman Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar Jan & Lee Stein Barby Watson Edna Weiner Reha Jalenak Daniel Lichterman Natalie & James Jalenak Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Kate Marie Joseph Susan & Larry Weiss Jay Kahn William Sternberger and Family Maxine Meyer Kahn Sidney Kahn, Jr. Susan Kahn Truman Kahn Stanley Rosenblum Susan Dreyfus Louis Kashdan Jay Kochman Bonnie & Mike Kochman Jacquelyn & Morris Kaufman Harry Krieger Kathy Krieger Joan & Kenneth Goree Edward Israel Kessler Laverne Needleman Kessler Sandy Kessler & Michael Woolsey Joe Kirsch Eugene Zuckerman Ronni Kirsch Louis Kisber Louis Klein Adele Kisber Kohl and Rosenbusch Families Andrew Inglis Sheldon Korones Stephanie & Chuck Sarasohn Dorothy Kirschner Less Vicki & Stanley Less

Peggy Levenson Marilyn & Harvey Cook

Fannie Mednikow Betty & Robert Mednikow

Harriet Levine Virginia Webb

Bettye Rhea Angel Neuwelt Racelle Mednikow and Michael Mednikow

Joseph Lewis Gail & Myron Lewis Ollie Brown Lewis Hale Boswell Barbara Lipman Jill & Scott Notowich Barbara & Ira Lipman Stephen Kasloff Gail & Myron Lewis Ruth Friedman Loewenberg Fredrika & Joel Felt Arlyne Angel Lovett Sharlyn Lovett & Robert Dirolf Racelle Mednikow and Michael Mednikow Charles Wexler Ann Magnus Edward Magnus Marilyn & Alan Magnus Jeff Manis Bayla & Arnold Manis Shirley Manis and Family Charles Mansbach Gail & Myron Lewis May Lynn Mansbach Margie Margolin Judy Kriger Susie Margulis Sharon Berman Jeffrey Margulis Jan & Marc Reisman David Marks Rose Merry Brown & Aron Livnah Marilyn & Harvey Cook Nancy & Sheldon Dan Jeffrey Hanover Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Steve Kisber Lynn Kline Racelle Mednikow Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Sally & Michael Pelts Deedee & Ron Perel Viki Poole Jan & Marc Reisman Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Evelyn & Martin Snyder Marcia Ann & Mike Weiss Samuel Marks Helen & Henry Samuels Lesley & Sam Marks Dorothy Mednikow Racelle Mednikow

Marie Stuart Newman Debbie & Stephen Newman Fannie Delugach Notowich Michael Gryll Dorothy Elkas Orgel Maja Leroy Skaller Terry Orgel Rose Lasnick Orgel Ann & Julius Lasnick Terry Orgel Freida Usdan Penchan Lisa Usdan & David Portnoy Bailie Levy Perlman Rochelle & Frank Perlman Helen Rose Pesses Carole & Stephen Angel Elaine Phillips Sherry Isaacman Jan & Marc Reisman Liz & Milton Picard Tammy & Matt Dannheisser Frank Leon Prins Harry Blumenthal Walter Reinhardt Carol & Bert Barnett Bettye & Neal Berlin Barbara & Jim Bongard Dale & Richard Caen Hal Fogelman Betsy & Ron Gilman Carol & Joel Hertz Myrna & Joe Levy Susan Reinhardt Susan & James Robinson Caren Yarmuth Stephanie Richman Elizabeth & Scott Richman David Rosenberg Susan Levy Albert Henry Rosten Jill Graflund Nancy Rosten Joseph Rubert Karen & Stephen Moss Mary Toys Salky Peggy & Sidney Evensky Alvin Salomon Myrna & Alan Salomon Liliane Clairette Samuel Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt

Honey Scheidt Stacey & Michael Alpert Judie Ashkenaz & Bruce Kahn Suzanne & Arthur Back Jenny & Larry Baer Joan & Stanley Baker Susan Balogh Jean & Buddy Ballin Andrea & Brian Barrach Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog Anise & Ron Belz Greg Belz Sharon Berman Waynette Besser Dot & Stanley Bilsky Dee Dee & Larry Bryan Dale & Richard Caen Susan & Neil Cohen Jay Cox Brenda & Mark Curland Hermine Davidson Duncan-Williams, Inc. Jane & Gene Eckstein Edie & Eric Efron and Family Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Susan & Raymond Evans Trudi & Reid Evensky Dot & Dick Fisher Marcia & Tommy Fisher Fogelson Family Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Sandra & Harvey Gandler Carol Geller Julia & Bill Gibbons Eden Gilbert Joan & Kenneth Goree Teri & Larry Graber Bettye Gronauer Skip Gronauer Diane & Mark Halperin Jenny & Larry Herman Pamela & Al Hill Monique & Charles Jalenak Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Ellen & Herb Kahn Linda Stone Kaplan Cathy & Richard Kessler Ronni Kirsch Steve Kisber Debbie & Sidney Kriger Judy Kriger Janet & Jerry Lang Barbara Lapides Debbie & Ron Lazarov Eve & Craig Lazarov Monica & Bert Less Bari & Keith Levingston Myrna & Joe Levy Shelley & Don Levy Shira & Alan Levy Rae Jean & Sandy Lichterman Jan & Jack Magids Bayla & Arnold Manis

Shirley Manis Sally & Herman Markell Lisa Menuskin & Neil Gibson Laurie & Jeff Meskin Carol & Michael Mittel Jeri & Mitch Moskovitz Ochstein Family Betsy Olim & Steven Levy Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Linda Pelts Sally & Michael Pelts Carole & Charles Plesofsky Viki Poole Sondra Price and Scott Price Nancy & Gary Raileanu Amy & David Rea Jan & Marc Reisman Judy & Nick Ringel Jennifer & Joe Roberts Nancy & Richard Robinson Judy Royal Rose & Dick Rubin Dessie Sewel Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar Louise & Jerry Sklar Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Irene & Fred Smith Evelyn & Martin Snyder Jan & Lee Stein Harriet & Lou Strasberg Wilkinson Family Linda & Edward Young Honey & Rudi Scheidt, Sr. Barbie & Ray Dan Melanie & Ricky Fine Janet Glazer Paula Greenberg Mimi Grossman & Alvin Franklin Natalie & James Jalenak Henry Rothenberg Melinda & Stuart Rothenberg Betsy & Andy Saslawsky and Family Walter Wills Rudi Scheidt, Sr. Shelby & Lee Baum Billie & Barry Pelts Linda Stone Kaplan Sally & Michael Pelts Irene & Fred Smith, Jr. Bertha Schneider Michele & Martin Pinstein Norman Schuman Laura Schuman Gertrude Serenco Charlotte Levitch Deanna & Irvin Serenco Kathy Shainberg Wayne Snyder Lynn Kline


Raymond Shainberg Robin & Andrew Shainberg and Family Frieda & Norton Sharfman Anonymous James Silberman Hermine Davidson Jan & Marc Reisman Gerald Slavney Jeffrey Paul Slavney Susan & David Slavney Daniel Smilowitz Eva & Hector Smilowitz Stanley Smilowitz Amelia Smith Dick Eiseman Anne Smith Ken Levi Lawrence Soifer Anonymous Joan Spector Elaine Millen Ellen Miller Sterman Myron Julian Sterman Barbara & Norman Towbin and Family Thomas Neuton Stern Alexandra & David Stern Belle Angel Wagner Louis Wagner Reva Cook Racelle Mednikow and Family Rabbi James A. Wax Jonathan and James Wax Alice Bamberger Weil Nancy & Jerry Ballin Mary & Hyman Weinberg Diane & Paul Mendelson Pauline Weinberg Lynn Gruber Allan Jay Weiner Edna Weiner and Family Everard Weisburd Mary Jane Potash Merle Goldsmith Werner Richard Werner MaryAnne Wiggins Shirley Wexner Arlene Averbuch Emily & Denny Baer Anise & Ron Belz Greg Belz Aimee Bennett, Marty Cooper, and Leslie Smith Sheri & Ron Bishop Dolly & Steve Bromberg Maury Bronstein 2 6 • V O I C E • W I N T E R I S S U E • 2 0 2 0 / 2 0 21

Beverly Buchalter Raymond Buring Deanna Burson Dale & Richard Caen Doris & Irvin Califf Debbie & Robert Campbell, R.R. Campbell Contracting Co., Inc. Brenda Dattel Hermine Davidson Judy & Michael Edelson Dick Eiseman Janis & Pat Finan Ilene & David Friener Janet Glazer Phyllis Groskind Myrna & Ron Halpern Debbie & Ron Jackson Millie & Alan Katzen Renee & Howard Karchmer Elaine & Robert Kaufman Lynn Kline Debbie & Sidney Kriger Judy Kriger Janet & Jerry Lang Barbara Lapides Debbie & Ron Lazarov Elaine & Leonard Lurie Jan & Jack Magids Harriett Marcus and Family Sarah & Frank Ognibene Marcia Pear Deedee & Ron Perel Billie & Barry Pelts Nancy & Gary Raileanu Jan & Marc Reisman Nancy & Richard Robinson Meryl Rosen Judy Royal Cheri & Henry Rudner Marcia & Seymour Sabesin and Family Susan & Charles Schadt Lynn Schweig and Family Debbie & Howard Segal Connie & Mike Sherman Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar Jan & Lee Stein Mary & Corey Trotz Barby Watson Linda Brooks Whitehead Nora Boone Bluma Fertel Wolfson Deborah & Sam Brackstone Mary & Charles Wurtzburger Lin Turner Roberta Yuspeh Brenda & Mark Curland Carol Geller Elaine & Robert Kaufman Shelley & Don Levy Sally & Michael Pelts

Amy & David Rea Jan & Marc Reisman Betsy & Andy Saslawsky Lance Zitron Inky & Philip Aronoff Lawrence Beck Rose Merry Brown & Aron Livnah Deanna Burson Michelle & Paul Clein Brenda & Mark Curland Madelyne Daneman Dick Eiseman Peggy & Sidney Evensky Susan & Jerome Franklin Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Judy Gerber Bettye Gronauer Lynn Kline Racelle Mednikow Marcia Moskovitz Barbara & Max Ostrow Natalie Ostrow Lyda Parker Jan & Marc Reisman Judy & Nick Ringel Marcia & Seymour Sabesin and Family Stacy & Jerry Siegler and Family Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Sandra & Robert Spielberger Edna Weiner Stanley Zitron Mavis Zuckerman Joan & Phillip Baum

ADDITIONAL D O N AT I O N S Anonymous Helen Baum Jessica Birnbaum Benita Blachman William Bosher Bobby Brochin Ellen Pincos Cobb Alene & Stuart Davidson Hal Fogelman Cindy & James Forman Gregory Frank Cindy Gallagher Jeri & Robert Galperin Michael Gilbert and Family Jason Goldberg Beth & Russell Graber Dana & Jeff Gross Arnold Himelstein Gabriel Katz Suzie & Joel Kronenberg Tamah Kushner Stephanie Leventhal & Greg Bitner

Beverly & Joe Lowenthal Ruth Miskis Harris Nagelberg Lee Olswanger Viki Poole Susan & Jerry Rosen Nancy Sayer Carolyn & Adam Schrier Lyn & Tom Shapiro Lori & Jason Solinger Sandra & Jeff Spielberger Glory Stainbank Temple Israel Brotherhood Sharyn Tritsch Muriel & Craig Varon Laura & Paul Yacoubian

O U R S Y M PAT H I E S August 1, 2020 - October 15, 2020 Leon Shelton Cohn Louis Jacobson Harriet Levine Milton Israel Markowitz Shirley Feinstein Wexner Phillip Linnick James “Jimmy” Silberman Harold Greenberg Don Baker Lance Gregory Zitron Amil Ben-Yizhak Elaine “Lainey” Phillips Joann Solomon Eisenstatt Gerald Jonathan Goldwin Roberta C. Yuspeh Helen “Honey” Scheidt Leo Maurice Bearman Stanley Rosenblum Elizabeth Ford Hohenberg David Joseph Marks Paul Bray Isidor Brucker Bette Greene Walter Reinhardt Paula Bauer Susie Margulis Roger F. Hirsch

SUPPORT THE URJ During this most unusual time that we are all living through, we all want to feel connected—to each other, our community, and our world. Temple Israel, as a member congregation of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), provides us the opportunity to do just that, to be part of something larger than ourselves—a movement that educates our beloved rabbis, cantors, and educators (through Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion); sustains 15 overnight Reform summer camps (including URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp) and Israel youth programs; and supports temple leaders all across North America as they strive to build transformative communities able to meet the challenges of our times. Temple Israel is the special place that we love, in part because of our connection to the URJ. As an integral partner of this community of congregations, Temple Israel strives with the URJ to welcome seekers from diverse backgrounds to engage in Jewish life, to create a more inclusive Jewish community, to foster meaningful connections to Israel, and to create a more whole, just and compassionate world. Through our Reform Movement Affiliation Commitment (RMAC) we help to make all of this possible and ensure that the sacred traditions and values of Reform Judaism will endure today—and for our children and grandchildren.


MITZVAH DAY 2000 Temple kids make sandwiches for the afternoon school program at St. Mary’s and MIFA. Names from left to right: Zach Rubnitz, Jeremy Boshwit, Rachel Pelts, Sarah Eckstein, Lacey Chaum, Dani Chaum, Michelle Clein, Josh Clein, Megan Singer, and Carly Singer. Photo provided by Temple Israel Archives

Temple Israel is a sanctuary for prayer and inspiration, a vibrant center for Jewish learning, and a congregational home for living Torah. We are a source of strength and a force for good for Reform Jews, the greater community, and the world. RABBI MICAH D. GREENSTEIN Senior Rabbi

JOHN M. KAPLAN Cantor Emeritus


MARK FOGELMAN Immediate Past President




WAYNETTE BESSER Sisterhood President


LEIGH BAIM MANSBERG Senior Vice President


MARC B. TAUB Brotherhood President

HAPPIE D. HOFFMAN Cantorial Soloist

WENDY T. ROTTER Vice President


STACY CANALES Executive Director

HARRY K. DANZIGER Rabbi Emeritus

Temple Israel • 1376 East Massey Road • Memphis, Tennessee 38120 • 901.761.3130 • timemphis.org Temple Israel is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. • reformjudaism.org • urj.org

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TI Voice | Winter 2020/2021  

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TI Voice | Winter 2020/2021  

We are thrilled to share the Winter 2020/2021 issue of the Voice with you! See the full schedule of Eight Nights of Chanukah Candlelighting,...

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